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For Alumni, Friends and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

Rusch , Setzler Lead Class of 2005 By Kathy Boukissen The St. Joseph Central Catholic class of 2005 said good-bye to the school during commencement ceremonies Sunday, May 29 at St. Joseph Church. A total of 67 seniors made up the 107th graduating class. The 2005 valedictorian was Kevin Rusch and the salutatorian was Brian Setzler. Rusch The next five highest ranking seniors were Marcus Lehmann, Ashley S t a n l e y , R y a n Rodenhauser, Megan Kosta and Brenda Gutschalk. The Bishop’s Cross Awards, which are considered the most prestigious awards of the evening and Setzler are given to one female and one male, were awarded to Kosta and Rodenhauser.

Student Council Students of the Month

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Andrea Sauber and Anthony J. Coleman won the Michael Root Scholarship to Robby Roth, the Ethel and Robert Smith Outstanding Ath- and the Sara Barbour Scholarship to Gutschalk lete Awards, Alison Kusmer the Alumni & and Rodenhauser. The Achievement Award was earned by Friends Award, Johnathan Carroll the Honor Award for Outstanding Loyalty and Service, and Billy Pietrykowski and Brenda Gutschalk the Excellence in Religion Awards. The students earning the highest subject averages were Amanda Hensley (Art), Carroll (Band), Rusch (English), Pietrykowski Jennifer Ogron, Brad Frederick, and Brigid Reilly read a poem (French), Setzler at graduation that mentions each class member (Spanish, Science & Math - tie), Rusch (Math - tie), Rodenhauser (Social Stud- Jacqueline Seikel and the Perfect Attendance ies). Award by Joe Auxter. The Don and Jane Paul Scholarship was The Class of 2005 was offered $2.27 milawarded to Danielle Dickman and David Rice, lion in scholarships.

One student from each class year was chosen monthly by faculty and staff for their hard work and effort in and out of the classrooms. October February Mindy Young, Megan Casey, Nick Berryman, Robby Roth, Andrew Adams, Katie Jenkins, Alex Reineck Libby Engeman November March Megan Kosta, Derek Sponseller, Katie Darr, Marcus Lehmann, Alisson Wasserman, Nick Hoffman Sondra Beaschler, Kyle Snyder December April Ryan Rodenhauser, Brooke Roth, Kyle Lauren Overmyer, Cory Swaisgood, Alison Chudzinski, Chris Ronski Miller, Ali Woodruff May January Katie Miller, Curtis Ochs, Grant Barbour, Dudley Singer, Brittney Luc, Antonia Alcala, Zachary Hampshire Mini Kanakaraj

“SJCC exists to educate the mind, nourish the soul, train the body, inspire the heart, and in so doing, build the Kingdom of God.”



From the Principal Greetings, On Sunday, May 29th, 67 seniors graduated from St. Joseph Central Catholic. They are a fantastic group of young people and they will be missed very much. Congratulations to them and their families! There will be some major renovations at SJCC this summer. A new concession stand is being built in the cafeteria and the development and guidance counselor

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School 702 Croghan St. Fremont, Ohio 43420 (419) 332-9947 (419) 332-4945 fax www.fremontstjoe.org Mike Gabel Principal

Kathy Boukissen Director of Development

Editor Kathy Boukissen Copy Editors: Ellen Leite Sally Daubel Contributors: Journalism Class Students The Voice is published four times a year for the alumni, families and friends of SJCC. Direct all comments to The Voice, 702 Croghan St., Fremont, Ohio 43420.

Prefer The Voice on Website Only? If you would prefer not to get the hard copy of The Voice in the mail, but would like to be notified by email that it is posted on the website on pdf format, please email Kathy at kboukiss@fremontstjoe.org

offices will be relocated in the building. A new heating and ventilation system will be installed and ready by the start of the 2005-06 school year. This was made possible due to the success of our capital campaign. The capital campaign also allowed us to assist over 40 families with scholarship money. Our goal is make sure all who truly want to attend SJCC will have the opportunity to, no matter what their financial situation is. On the next page you will read about the option we now have for students who would like to play hockey and also attend SJCC. These students will be included in pep rallies and allowed to wear their team jerseys on game days. We continue to do our best in making options available to fit each child’s interests. Congratulations to our Hall of Fame recipi-

ents, Mike Jay, Carrie Arizpe, and Jay Overmyer! They are all great role models for our children to look to. Thank you to all of our benefactors. With your investment in SJCC we continue to move forward with our mission as a Catholic secondary school. We couldn’t do it without you! On August 5, we will be hosting our first Alumni and Friends Golf Outing at Sycamore Hills Golf Club with a party at SJCC that evening. An entry form is located on page 12 of this issue. If you would like more information on this event, please call the school. It should be a fun time! GO STREAKS!!! Mike Gabel

PK’s now Crystal Arbors ....All in the Family By Haley Beier Saint Joseph Central Catholic has always been touted as a family atmosphere, and it has been the generations of students and faculty members that have made up that dynamic family. In families, it’s common to hand possessions down to younger generations, and that is the case with the former PK’s Catering and Banquet Hall, now known as Crystal Arbors. PK’s Catering was started by Mary (Darr ‘58) Pfefferle and Carolyn (Kupka ‘58) King in 1990. Pfefferle and King were close friends throughout their childhood, and first began cooking together at age six. They often took recipes out of their parents cookbooks to make just for fun. Their catering careers began in 1980 when the two catered a wedding for the son of King’s boss. They continued to cater from different locations until they settled in the current building on Hayes Avenue in 1990. After 15 years of catering Pfefferle and King decided it was time to bow out of their business. As of the first of the year ownership of PK’s Catering was passed on to an SJCC alum, Deb (Golamb ‘75) Herb and the name was changed to Crystal Arbors. Herb decided to call the hall Crystal Arbors because it fit well with all of the greenery inside it. She said it was also a nice name for a wedding reception hall. The only real change that has taken place since she bought it was the addition of an 8 foot high by 9 foot long mirror wall. Herb said that the wall added to the crystal theme. Another mirror wall has yet to be added. No other changes

have been made and the business still offers all of the same great services. The former PK’s Catering has done a lot for SJCC over the years, and Pfefferle and King said they both enjoyed helping out their former high school. Their employees enjoyed helping out the school as well. Some of those employees include SJCC alums Regina (Sattler ‘84) Harger, Marcia (Binsack ‘85) Cleveland and Julie Kupka (‘98). Pfefferle and King also said it was important to sell the business to someone who was a SJCC alumnus, and hope that Herb will continue to support SJCC. Although Pfefferle and King don’t miss the work that came along with their catering business they do miss their wonderful employees and customers.

Quiz Bowl Team has great year The 2004-05 team finished 6-0 in Sandusky County regular season matches. The team finished 5-1 in Ottawa Area Academic Challenge regular season matches. The team was invited to the regional tournament at Tippecanoe High School in Tipp City, OH where it was eliminated by Bluffton and Oakwood in double elimination play. The team was advised by SJCC faculty member Nancy Risner. Much thanks to Gary Finke for helping to transport the team and to Brenda Baker for her accompanying the team to Tipp City.



Hockey for SJCC students With the building of the Fremont Recreation Center several years ago, a unique opportunity became available for the young people in Sandusky County — a chance to play ice hockey. Now, students who wish to continue playing hockey at a high school level competition — along with attending St. Joseph Central Catholic High School — can do so. The organization, Fremont Youth Hockey Booster Association, FYHBA, has been formed. The goal of this organization is to promote and develop the youth ice hockey program into the premiere hockey program in the region. FYHBA successfully petitioned the Cleveland Suburban Hockey League and is presently a full member of this large league. What does this mean for students who play in this program? It means more hockey and balanced competitive hockey as well as opportunities for players to graduate beyond into elite travel programs.

Here is what a player in the FYHBA program can expect for the 2005-06 season. * Playing in the range of 25-35 games in the 2005-06 season. * Participation in at least three and likely five hockey tournaments not only in Ohio but also regionally. The Midget team is expected to return to Danville, Ill., and Troy, Ohio, to defend their championships. Additional tournaments in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and even Ontario, Canada, are being explored. *Top-notch coaches, including one with NHL expereince. *An earlier start to the season. FYHBA teams will be on the ice beginning in late August, more than two months before other local programs. In fact, most of the teams will have played in several games and likely one tournament before our traditional start up date. For SJCC students, their parents and families interested in ice hockey, these are exciting times. For the first time hockey will be available while receiving a Catholic education in Fremont. Team members will be included in school sports pep rallies. The FYHBA team is looking to add new members. If you have any question about Fremont youth hockey, please call Rick Frank, FYHBA president, at 419-332-8481 or 419334-8680. Dr. Marc LeDuc, midget hockey head coach and FYHBA board member, contributed to this article.

Durnwald-led Rebels win state title By Jake Streacker Brandon Durnwald, a 1997 SJCC alumni, recently finished his third year as head coach of the Sandusky County Rebels, and took the team to a state championship. The Rebels are a basketball team comprised of School of Hope/ Sandco attendees, age 13-42, the oldest being Jay Cullen. Playing against counties all over northwest Ohio, the Rebels’ regular season record was 18-2 . Last year, the team reached the state tournament, but lost two games away from the championship. This year, Durnwald said, defense was the key to their success in the tournament. “Last year, we were playing well, but in those last couple of games our defense let up. This year, they just kept pressing on and we wound up with a championship,” he said. Durnwald attended Bowling Green State University after his graduation from SJCC, where he played on the Streaks’ bastketball team. He sometimes finds himself wanting back

on the court. “You’ve always got those competitive juices running,” said Durnwald. “We have a few games that allow coaches and assistants to play along with the players, and I always run against them in practice.” Durnwald’s job, aside from coaching, also deals with many of the same people. He visits mentally handicapped people who are living on their own to make sure they have everything they need to live and that they are taking all the pills or medicine they should be. Three of Durnwald’s clients also played for the Rebels. The trophy, representing the Rebels’ first ever state championship, is being kept in the School of Hope trophy case. Durnwald said he couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the season. “They’re just a bunch of guys who like to have fun, and this year they worked hard and got far,” said Durnwald.

Catholic schools benefit from generous couple By John Carroll The last wishes of Paul and Anne Parks were that the money from their estate be given “to the greatest amount of people over the longest period of time.” Because the Parks never had children, they asked long-time friends Peter and Elaine (Swint ‘59) Dye to be their estate trustees. The Dyes began making a list of prospective benefactors, including Catholic schools. “We had a great deal of money to divide up so we decided to give most of it to the Catholic schools in Fremont,” said Peter Dye. SJCC was given a monetary gift to be used specifically for its technology program. Additional terms of the gift Paul and Anne Parks stipulated that the money be invested for five years during which time only the interest could be used. “We wanted the money to affect children at SJCC in the future, not just right now,” Dye said. Sacred Heart school used some of the money to replace their computer lab and purchase new windows for the preschool. Other expenditures will be for future building projects, new equipment, and classroom aides. Saint Ann grade school also received money for their computer lab and future technology upgrades. In addition to the Catholic schools other local, state, and national recipients include: The Liberty Center, The Heart Fund, The Cancer Fund, Smile Train, and the Weimaraner Rescue Fund. All of these organizations, especially the Catholic schools, are very grateful for the generosity of the late Paul and Anne Parks.

Peter and Elaine Dye, principal Mike Gabel, and technology coordinator Tim Burns



CEDF unites with SJCC Office of Instituitonal Advancement Everything changes with time, and CEDF’s visionary founders have to be pleased with its growth and development over the last 16 years. The perpetual fund now holds assets valued at over $650,000, and more than $350,000 has been gifted directly to SJCC. This $1,000,000 landmark is a tribute to the many benefacBob McCartney tors who have conCEDF President tributed to the success of CEDF. CEDF took part from the beginning as plans were discussed for the first capital campaign at SJCC. During the planning process, it became apparent to all that there needed to be a unified focus for all development efforts for SJCC, and that the Office of Institutional Advancement

(OIA) was best suited for that task. CEDF therefore merged its operations into the OIA with Kathy Boukissen as Executive Director and Sue Berryman as Administrator. CEDF remains a separate endowment fund, and will continue to sponsor the annual 309 Reverse Raffle. This year’s raffle will will be Friday evening, October 7th. The grand prize will be a two year lease on a 2006 car from The Baumann Auto Group, or $10,000. More prizes have been added for more chances to win. Mark your calendars now and make plans to attend this fun event. Ticket information will be mailed early in August. Early August also marks the first annual SJCC Alumni and Friends Golf Scramble and Party. CEDF will be the beneficiary of the outing, thanks to the coordinating efforts of the SJCC OIA. The outing is at Sycamore Hills on August 5th; please see the registration info elsewhere in this issue. If you are unable to attend, please consider a hole sponsorship. Thank you for your continued support of CEDF, as CEDF continues its mission to help SJCC provide a quality Catholic education.

HONORARY CONSUL GENERAL FOR THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Poland has created the position of Honorary Consul for the Republic of Poland in San Francisco and has appointed to this position Christopher A. Kerosky, an attorney at law and a 1977 alumni of St. Joseph’s Central Catholic. Mr. Kerosky, an attorney in San Francisco, was recently installed as Consul by the Polish Ambassador to the United States (see photo, Kerosky is on the left) and his office was opened as the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in San Francisco. Mr. Kerosky is former counsel for the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, DC and the founder and partner in the law firm of Kerosky & Associates in San Francisco.

Former Streak FBI Agent By Melissa Hoelzle “If I told you, I’d have to kill you,” is not what anyone wants to hear when interviewing a former FBI agent about his experiences, but John McGinnis, a former St. Joseph High School student, wasn’t kidding. McGinnis, who left SJHS in 1955 to become a priest, entered St. Meinrad Seminary in Indiana. He continued his seminary studies until his junior year at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Maryland, but realized that God was not calling him to serve as a priest. McGinnis then attended the University of Detroit for his undergraduate degree in political science. He entered the Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI and spent three years in active duty. Once discharged, he worked as a park ranger at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. He entered law school at the University of Arizona in 1966 where he met his wife, Cheryl, and was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His career with the FBI included hunting for fugitives in Texas, handling theft of government property cases at the NASA Space Center, and conducting investigations on Indian reserves, National Parks and other federal land in Oregon. He was then given the opportunity to learn Russian and worked on foreign counterintelligence cases until he retired in 1990. McGinnis looks back on his career with the FBI and is proud to have been involved in work

that was “concerned with making the world a better place in which to live.” “Every day was exciting because you just looked forward to what new twists in an investigation were going to challenge you and where it was going to take you,” he said. After his retirement, McGinnis worked in nuclear security, conducting background checks on those who needed access to a nuclear power plant. In addition, he volunteered to teach English to Russian immigrants. He currently owns “Travel Investigators, Inc.”, a travel consulting business, plays tennis, sings in his church choir with his wife, and is a competitive bridge player. In 2003, he joined the audit team with the Charter for the Protection of Youth and Children, sponsored by the U.S. Catholic Bishops. The team worked to investigate the sexual abuse accusations of clergy. McGinnis said he was “impressed with the caliber of people” whose devotion was to see that “such a thing never happens again in the Catholic Church.” McGinnis now lives in the Portland, OR area and has three children and one grandson. He believes that the spirit of St. Joseph High School accompanied him through his life, even though he was a student there for only two years. “It was like a family in a lot of ways. It is comforting to know that the spirit and tradition of that little school in that small Ohio town is still going strong.”

Mr. Kerosky represents the Polish Government vis-a-vis other Consular officials in San Francisco, the U.S. State Department office in San Francisco, the State of California, the Mayor’s Office of the City of San Francisco and other governmental entities, and in other official capacities. Information about the Consulate and this position is available on the website: www.polishconsul.com

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Deadline for the inaugural “300” Club is December 31, ‘05

November 6-9 Kairos Retreat for Seniors 10-11 Parent-Teacher Conferences 24-25 Thanksgiving Vacation

Attention 1962, 1963, and 1964 Football Teams Mark your calendars for this year’s 2005 Homecoming events on: Saturday, October 8, 2005 The Alumni and Friends Association will be honoring these teams for their three-year undefeated seasons going 27-0, and three years of being the SBC Champs. The teams will be honored in the parade, introduced before the football game at the stadium, and invited to the Alumni and Friends Association Homecoming Party after the game. Class years for the football teams include 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967

Lottery For $5 a month, or $50 a year, buy a ticket to win $100 based on the nightly Pick 3 number from the Ohio Lottery. If you would like a ticket contact Mike Gabel at 419-332-9947 or send a check to SJCC with this clipping. Name:____________________________ _____________________________ Phone #:_________________________

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Join us for the 13th Annual “309” Reverse Raffle which features a two-year lease on a 2006 Chevy Equinox or a cash prize of $10,000. You make the choice when you win! Purchase your ticket before September 19, 2005, to be entered in our Early Bird Drawing for $100 gift certificates from Beck Supplies/Friendship Food Stores . Don’t delay, send your check today with the form below. Sales are limited to 300 tickets. The odds of winning are 1:309 – much better than the Ohio lottery – and you will be supporting the education of students at St. Joseph Central Catholic High School now and in the future. The dinner party at Ole Zim’s Wagon Shed on Friday, October 7, begins with a cash bar at 6:00, followed by a prime rib dinner for two at 7:00. The raffle follows dinner and we’re hoping you will be able to join us for an evening of fun! You do not need to be present to win (it’s more fun if you are), but you DO need a ticket! For more information, contact Sue Berryman or myself at 419-332-5124. Thank you for supporting the Catholic Education Development Fund. We look forward to seeing you on October 7! Kathy Boukissen CEDF Executive Director Please send in the clip-out form and mail in with your check _____ Yes, I’d like to attend the dinner & raffle - $150.00

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From Development Director Kathy (Reineck) Boukissen

Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire. William Butler Yeats

Congratulations to our graduating seniors and their families! As a former parent of SJCC students, I can relate to all the emotions that go with having a child graduate pride, excitement, and relief! I hope that we as faculty and staff have helped “light a fire” for every student who leaves the halls of SJCC. Though we know we are not perfect, our intent is to give each student a strong foundation in faith, academics, values, and help them find a rewarding career. By the time our seniors graduate they will have each given a minimum of 80 volunteer service hours to our community. Our hope is that they continue to “give back” to whatever community in which they live. Our hope also is that through the religious education whether in the classroom, Masses, retreats, speakers, etc., that our former students will always have their faith to fall back on when times get rough. Thank you parents for trusting us with your children. You have made a wise investment in SJCC for them. Your sacrifices will not go unnoticed as you watch your children grow into wonderful adults. As we look to our future students, we are fortunate to be able to help over 40 families with financial tuition needs for the 2005-06 school year. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible with your gifts to the Capital Campaign and establishing Named Endowed Scholarships. In the coming months we will be keeping those who have donated directly to scholarships informed of how their gifts have helped SJCC students. Our building will be under construction this summer with the installations of a new heating/ ventilation system. As of this printing, we are still raising monies for the other parts of the renovations which include new windows. Please consider a gift to this drive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Remember to keep in touch kboukiss@fremontstjoe.org / 419-332-5124

Thank you....

To all who gave scholarships to our graduating seniors. With your help the class of 2005 was offered over $2.27 million. Bill House for 30+ years of volunteer service to SJCC! This will be his last year of helping in the financial office. John and Jamie Gilbert, Tim Burns, Mike Jay, and Jeff Streacker for making the video message from Jake Hay’s father who is in Iraq, possible for the graduation ceremony. Greg and Mary Kuns, Bruce and Carol Wobser for decorating the church for commencement. Fran Gonya, Nathan Herb & St. Joe Choir as well as the Quartet for the gorgeous music at commencement. John Lauer for helping organize the senior sports banquet Dan Henning of Everyday Productions for providing DVDs of commencement to all the seniors. The following people who helped judge the senior project: Dave Cope Karen Darr Gary DeLong Frank Kohler Rick Kusmer Marianne La Fountaine Ellen Leite Mick Lento Nina Mangan Anne Marquis Mary Anne Mosser Charlie Nopper Al O’Neal Mayor Terry Overmyer Delphine Peto Mike Piero Dr. Mark Reineck Dick Ross Kathi Schell Ed Smith Chris and Mary Vandersluis Scott and Anne Warner Roger Wise Thank you to everyone else who might not be mentioned. SJCC appreciates the support from so many individuals and businesses.

Alumni & Friends Association Officers for the 2005-06 year are: Pres. - John Lauer Vice-Pres. - Joanne Busold Treasurer - Jerry Freeh Secretary - Kathy Boukissen *Thank you to outgoing treasurer Wanda Eberly

Dues Reminder If you haven’t sent in your dues for 2005 yet, please do so. Your dues help support the The Voice, The Heritage Award, The Homecoming Party, and The Easter Egg Hunt.

$10 Single, $15 Couple Send to SJCC, 702 Croghan St., Fremont, OH 43420 Attention: Alumni & Friends Assoc. If you would like to be an active member of the assoc., contact Kathy Boukissen

Extra Yearbooks Available We are reorganizing storerooms, and have found extra yearbooks from the early 70’s 2003. If you would like one, free of charge, contact Kathy.

2005 Class Reunions Class of 1938 Friday, September 9, 12:00 noon. More information to come. Contact Rody Reineck or Rita Hershey at 419-734-1951 Class of 1949 Wednesday, July 13, 12:30 at Wichita Bar and Grill. Contact Birdie Laurer at 332-3134 Class of 1950 Saturday, August 6, 6:30 at Mon Ami. 4:30 Mass at St. Joseph Church. Contact Don Haynes 757259-9689 or bhaynes @aol.com Class of 1954 Thursday, September 15, 11:30 at Holiday Inn, Fremont. 1st Annual Luncheon. Contact Gary Godfred 419-332-6671 or Carole Klingman 419-332-6125 Class of 1955 Saturday, September 17, Crystal Arbors. 4:30 Mass at St. Joe Church. Friday evening cookout at DeMars Hunt Club, Sunday buffet breakfast (TBA). Contact Marilyn House 419-332-8354 Class of 1960 Saturday, June 25, at the Fremont Country Club following 4:00* Mass at St. Joseph Church. Contact Dee Dee (Havens) Wadsworth 419-332-4364, gbsmart@nwonline.net *Mass is at 4:00 because of parish festival. Class of 1965 Saturday, September 10, at SJCC cafeteria. More information to follow. Contact Sherry (Wilhelm)

Weiker 419-639-2139 or Carolyn (Smith) Hollingsworth 469-443-0826 crh@lennoxintl.com Class of 1965 Sat. July 23, at the Fremont Yacht Club. Father Ron Brickner will celebrate Mass at the YC at 5:00 pm. Contact Jim Yeager at 334-2444 / jamesly52@yahoo.com Class of 1975 Saturday, July 30, at the Fremont Yacht Club. 4:30 Mass at St. Joe Church, 6:00 dinner. Contact Rick Jenkins 419-332-1447 / Tom Hoelzle 419-332-1116 Class of 1980 Saturday, August 13, at the Fremont Elks. More info to come. Contact Amy (Spieldenner) Ronski 419334-3992 jmr@ezworks.net. Class of 1995 Saturday, July 23, at Mr. Ed’s on Lakeshore Dr. in Port Clinton. More info to come. Contact Andy Mayle andymayle@yahoo.com *Dumminger Photography does group photos for class reunions for $10 each / includes mailing. If interested call 419-332-8814 or Photopro@dumminger.com Chairpersons: Call or email Kathy Boukissen if you want class lists, address labels, door prizes, “It Happened In” (senior class year), and a power-point presentation on SJCC. Everything is FREE.


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---------------------------------------------------Memorial Undesignated-------------------------------------------------Undesignated Alice Beatty** M/M Bob Mosser Dennis Gabel** Marjorie Hrupcho** In Honor of Mary Ellen and Joyce and Joel Arredondo Dr./Mrs. Walter Oxley Bernadine Bringman Norman and Therese Gabel’s Janet Celek M/M Albert Wagner Bill, Pam, Aaron, and Jane Birch 50th Anniversary M/M Richard Celek Staff of RC Waters Ann Clark Paul Krofft M/M Joseph Garanata M/M Jeff Good Sylvia Celek Class of 1944 M/M Timothy Collins Golf Bags for SJCC Team Jean Dickman M/M Eugene Courtney M/M Tom Horvath John Fey Alice Frederick Angela Biehler** Steve Beatty** Band Joyce & Joel Arredondo M/M Joe Gottron Dr./Mrs. Mark Hablitzel M/M Joseph Kuzma M/M Pumphrey Tom Haslinger M/M Jack Merkel Dr./Mrs. Walter Oxley Whirlpool Foundation M/M Roger Haynes Bernadine Blodgett** Wal-Mart Foundation M/M Tom Herb Dolores Schade** Bob Held** M/M Brian Hassan SJCC Athletic Boosters Wal-Mart Foundation Tuition Assistance Whitey’s Diner Mark Boukissen School Facilities Anonymous Virginia Mosser** M/M Donald Kiser Mosser Construction M/M Robert Moyer Dennis Murray, Sr. Florence Reis M/M Clyde Solander School Facilities -Windows Dolores Schade** Kathleen Bundschuh M/M Ed Burmeister M/M Tom Busold Rita Busold M/M Glen Decker Janet Diab M/M Larry Dickman M/M Mark Diels M/M A. E. Dudley Jane Dudley Mary Dudley M/M Dennis Dumminger Deborah Farkas Marilyn Frederick M/M Scott Hart M/M Allen Helle Harry Heyman Mike Heyman Kathy Holcomb M/M Eric Jones M/M Jeff Jones M/M Kenneth Novitski M/M Richard Novitski M/M Herb Redding M/M Mark Reilly Rita Reinhart M/M Ron Rodenhauser Margaret Subleski Joan Shaffer M/M John Wasserman M/M Bill Yeager Gale & Clair Yount

M/M Tom Kirwen M/M Gary Zimmerman M/M James Freeh

M/M Doyle Kusmer Leona Laurer Vincent Celek** Tate, Debbie and Jay Linder Joyce & Joel Arredondo

Class of 1944 Don Stricker** M/M Jerry Freeh

----------------------------------The “Light of Christ” Faculty & Staff Endowment---------------------------------Phyllis Meyer Harding** Dolores Schade** Thomas Knisely M/M Eugene Calmes Esther Barbour Alice Frederick M/M Jerry Freeh M/M Norman Gabel Bernadine Meyer Margaret Mosser Norma Ochs M/M Francis Staib Joneal White Joanne Young

Catherine Beier M/M Rob Boukissen Eileen Gabel M/M Thomas Peiffer Marge Hrupcho** Jean Bernard Mary Beth Binsack Ethel Burkett M/M Randall Darr Kristine Devine

Marcia Cleveland Fremont City Employees M/M Dave Engeman M/M Don Engeman M/M Tom Harman M/M John Hoffman Susan Hollyday M/M Tom Kiser M/M James Klos Elly Kramb

M/M Leo Mapus Kathleen Meyer Margaret Mosser Glenna Quaintance M/M Norman Selvey M/M Gene Snyder Dr. and Mrs. James Stierwalt Betty Szymanowski M/M James Wagner M/M Mike Wasserman

--------------------------------------------------------------CEDF-------------------------------------------------------------Mary Barrington Fr. Mark Herzog Louise Stout Ethel Burkett Larry Kramer Dolores Schade ** Virginia Valle Joan Collins Betty Meyer Dr./Mrs. J. Tom Reineck Clara Wesolek Jeanne Darr Tom Ochs Judy Weickert George Widman M/M Gary Godfred Mary Ottney M/M Michael Haaser M/M George Pickett Julie Rowe** Vincent Celek** M/M Terry Hasselbach M/M William Raubenolt Martha Saner Dr./Mrs. J. Tom Reineck Janet Hazen M/M Gerard Shondell ---------------------------------------------Mary Rettig-Irish* Student Center-----------------------------------------for Language Arts and Journalism M/M Bob Allen III McElroy, Deutsch, M/M John Dooley M/M John Sheedy Gary Bannister Mulvaney & Carpenter M/M Ruben Escobedo Mary Rita Sheedy M/M Pat Bolger The Parkhurst Family M/M George Garner M/M Michael Sheedy M/M David Burkett III M/M Dennis Purdum Thomas Gilman M/M Charles Silverman M/M Christopher Casey Anne and Barron Hobbs Dr./Mrs. Peter Schubel Joanna Strauss Charles Cheever, Jr. Andrea Sheedy John Howe III Michael Young Dr./Mrs. Jon Daniell M/M Christopher Sheedy Douglas Zemke Science Olympiad M/M Gary Finke Grund Drug Co. Rexam BCA M/M Ralph Staib Thomas R. Swint Warner Mechanical Concession Stand and Development Office Construction Supplies U.S. Gypsum Co.

----------------------Naderer Sports Complex - 300 Club---------------Wilfred and Philip Mosser M/M Bill Boyd John Daniel Fremont Fence & Guard Rail M/M Glenn Halm M/M Hal Hawk Craig Hilty *UPS Maching Gift Music Dept. Student Keyboards M/M Eugene Miller

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SJCC MILESTONES Little Streaks From the Stork

**Sophia Elizabeth, daughter of Susan (Magnuson ‘88) and Ken Beech **Emily Mae, daughter of Mandy and Mike Kerr (‘93) **Mason Richard, son of Angela (Reineck ‘98) and Brandon Durnwald (‘97) **Alex Joseph, son of Melissa (Naderer ‘84) and Edmundo Trevino **John David, son of Kim and Dave Batey (‘85) **John Edward, son of Cindy (Peiffer ‘90) and John Connell **Jake Michael, son of Kelly (Lotycz ‘96) and Michael Gelinas **Alyse Marie, daughter of Sara (Burns ‘99) and Mark Hicks **Benjamin Francis, son of Deb and Greg Kohler (SJCC Faculty) **Ailey Elizabeth, daughter of Abby (Reardon ‘94) and Ben Carr **Michaela Marie, daughter of Michelle (Michael ‘96) and David Hahn

**Kaitlyn Christine, daughter of Laura (Mehalic ‘91) and Daniel Kenaan **Reagan, son of Jennifer (Hoffman ‘92) and Rick Geyer **Marissa Grace, daughter of Brandi (Hetrick ‘88) and Randy Wammes (‘86) **Katelyn Marie and Kevin Michael, twin daughter & son of Kelly (Engler ‘93) and Mike Fought **Makenna Marie, daughter of Michelle (Bauer ‘87) and Mike Gonya (‘87) **Molly Estelle, daughter of Laura and Michael Mead (‘96) **Samantha Grace, daughter of Pamela (Setzler ‘90) and Chris Dahlhauser

Melissa Koebel (‘99) graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor of science in business administration in ISAC and MIS. She is employed at Shared Logic in Holland, OH. David Miller (‘04) is currently in the United State Air Force, stationed at Sheppard A.F.B in Texas. David is in the aerospace medicine field. His next duty station will be at Wright Patterson in Dayton, OH. Craig Gabel (‘91) recently took a position with Oak River Church in Solon, OH as their ministry development coordinator. He has also enrolled at Liberty University to complete his degree in multi-disciplinary studies, which will prepare him to attend the seminary. Craig hopes to be an ordained minister when his studies are completed. Andrew Wetoskey (‘03) graduated from AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in New York, NY, in February, 2005. He is currently auditioning for stage, screen (feature & short films), tv, and commercials. He shot a promotional commercial for Lifetime Entertainment for a new reality show called “Not the Man I Married”. This is to be aired nationally but no date has been set. Andrew is currently a waiter at Planet Hollywood in Times Square, NY. Christina (Schmidt ‘85) and Perry Eads’s son Joshua, graduated in March, 2005 from the Naval Nuclear Program in Goose Creek, SC as an EM3. He will be stationed in Groton, CT on the NUSS Groton Sub. Tom Myslinski (‘61) wrote a short story on his deceased father, Edward “Muzz” Myslinski which has been accepted for publication in a book entitled “Our Fathers Who Art in Heaven” which will be out this summer. Tom is donating copies to SJCC and Birchard Libraries in his father’s name. Anyone wanting their own copy can send Tom $17.95 plus $5 postage and handling to 3 Andrews Farm Rd., Boxford, MA 01921.

The Spader Brothers, Steve (‘75), Dave (‘77) and John (‘84), of Spader Freight Services, were presented the Patriot Award for their company’s countless hours supporting one of its employees while he served in Iraq. They made sure their employee’s family had everything they needed. The award is distributed through the Department of Defense. Dave started the company in 1990, and by 1995, his brothers both joined him. Kurt Steinberger (‘89) graduated from Tiffin University with a master of business administration degree in management in May 2005. He is currently employed at the Eaton Corporation Technical Center in Maumee as the Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) Engineer. Eric Steinberger (‘88) is a staff sergeant serving in the 612 Engineering Battalion, Bravo Company. He was half way to completing his MBA when he was called into duty. He was hoping to graduate with his brother Kurt this past May. Eric Hirt (‘93) is in sales for Nellcor Division of Tyco Heathcare and was awarded “Rookie of the Year” and “President’s Club Member” this past February. Eric was promoted to regional sales manager for the Rocky Mountain region of Nellcor. He has relocated to Denver, CO with his wife Rachel. Steve Sondergaard (‘76) received recognition from the Ohio Association of Community Colleges at their Excellence Awards Luncheon in May in Columbus, OH. As an attorney and associate professor at Defiance College, he has written policy manuals, presented sexual harassment workshops, lectured on probate court investigative skills and organized professional seminars. Mark Molyet (‘90) is a sergeant serving in Iraq with the 612 Engineer Battalion, Bravo Company. He has been in the unit since graduation. He is married to Becky (Molyet ‘93) and they have four children.

Weddings **Amy Lenhart (‘92) and Michael Hines

Anniversaries 40th Mary Ellen (Griffin ‘62) and Dave Miesle (‘59) 50th Therese and Norman Gabel (‘48) 50th Janice (Shondell ‘49) and Leo Lehman 55th Kathleen (Chudzinski ‘49) and Stanley Root (‘49) 55th Jean and John Kowaleski (‘43)

------------------------------------Deaths-----------------------------------**Donald Peltier (‘34) **Ritalou Wolf (‘37) **Martha (Dorobeck) Schabel (‘39) **Bernadine (Meyer) Blodgett (‘41) **Carl Poorman (‘42) **Phyllis Bruggeman, wife of Art (‘45) **Edward Haaser (‘46)

**Merlin Hughes (‘46) **Gerald Toeppe (‘46) **Elizabeth (McGrady) Donaldson (‘52) **Lawrence McGrady (‘53) **Joan (Unverferth) Hoffman (‘55) **Annette (Bintz) Huffman (‘60) **Julie Rowe (‘96)

------------------------------------------------Achievements/Updates-----------------------------------------------Thomas Kerr (‘97) received his juris doctorate degree from the University of Toledo on May 7, 2005. Rosie (Montes ‘83) Miller’s 12 year old son Kyle has made the Pittsburgh Penguins AAA amateur hockey team. This is the highest level of hockey for his age. They reside in Pittsburgh, PA. Linda Montes (‘84) received her PhD in education and resides in San Juan Batista, CA. Jim Walter (‘54) received the 2005 Book of Golden Deeds Award from the Fremont Exchange Club. He also received the Liberty Bell from the Sandusky Co. Bar Association. These awards are given for outstanding community service. Ruthie (Hershey ‘64) Caputo earned Quality Service Certified Gold status in recognition of 100 percent client service satisfaction. It is the only service recognition in the real estate industry based upon independently validated, measurable service results. She works for Jack Bradley Realty GMAC in Port Clinton. Thomas Van Dorn, Jr. (01) graduated in December, 2004 from Michigan Technological University with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering. He is employed by Centex Homes in Orlando, FL. Julie (Wasserman ‘87) Honaker and Josef Wasserman (‘83), brother and sister, merged their two business under one address on Stone St., Fremont, OH called Bella Cosa. Julie has a hair salon and Josef has a floral studio. Joseph Hoffman (‘80) was inducted into the Vanguard 2005 Alumni Hall of Fame. Hoffman is vice president and regional director of operations for Burger King. He completed the accounting/data processing program at Vanguard. Hoffman resides in Elmore, OH. Michael Mead (‘96) is currently practicing dentistry in Tipton, IN. He and his wife Laura and daughter Molly reside in Indianapolis IN.

PAGE 9 GUEST COLUMN Sending children to Catholic Schools worth the effort and sacrifice Roy Wilhelm Associate Editor The News-Messenger

Since I didn't grow up in the Fremont area, it's obvious that I never attended SJCC. The fact is I never attended Catholic school at all, although my mother, a long-time Cleveland area public school teacher, occasionally said that she regretted not sending me to one. I don't think she thought I needed a steady string of nuns and priests - there were plenty on the faculties at that time - to keep me in line. Rather, she saw Catholic Schools as offering the challenges that would help me to better develop whatever God-given talents I had. Despite my lack of connection to or familiarity with Catholic Schools in my early years, there was never any doubt that our four children would go to Catholic Schools in Fremont. My wife, Marty, had attended St. Ann and St. Joe and our four children - Ken (88), Amy (91), Emily (‘94) and Ryan (‘98) - would follow that same path. From my perspective, it was a clear choice even though I did not have the Catholic School tradition. I started to become familiar with St. Joe immediately after moving to Fremont. Becoming friends with several graduates, volunteer coaching and attending numerous events at the school provided all the insight needed. Have you ever talked to a SJCC teacher or coach? The dedication and commitment are obvious.

They believe in what they are doing and, more importantly, they believe in the young people they are working with. Have you ever attended an open house? You'd think someone was giving away money. In reality, it's something more important to those who attend - it's an inside look at their children's education. You have to get there early to get a good seat in the bleachers for the preliminary program and the halls are crowded between "classes." That kind of support system is as amazing as it is crucial to the success of the school. Do you know a student at the school? Virtually everyone of them is involved in some positive activity or another beyond traditional school work. From community reachout programs to sports, from music groups to senior projects that provide real-life experiences, these young adults are busy learning valuable lessons outside the classrooms as well as getting their formal education. These are among the things that made it clear to me that sending our children to Catholic Schools in Fremont was worth the effort and financial sacrifice. Now that they have graduated, I still believe I was right. They had a string of excellent teachers at St. Ann and a mountain of excellent experiences at SJCC, socially, academically and athletically. I know that they'll always feel like a part of the SJCC family. But I'm compelled to add that I also think it's important that those of us in the family continue to work hard at building and maintaining those relationships. Sometimes, although some choose to deny it, it's more difficult for some students who didn't attend St. Joe Elementary to get comfortable at the high school and I wonder if that doesn't have an impact on enrollment. Having viewed this as someone without a

Catholic education who has been involved in many ways at both SJCC and St. Ann, I've seen that no one really wants this to be the case. And, I've seen that efforts to bring students together from the various elementary schools are valuable and helpful. The reality is, however, that the proximity of the high school to St. Joseph Church and School and the shared name have contributed to an unintended complication for some who come - and some who choose not to come from other schools. As alumni and friends of SJCC, we need to recognize and admit that this is a problem for some students (and some who choose not to become SJCC students) and work to find ways to convince all Catholic School family members that no one is the "favorite." Better yet, that they all are. Roy will retire after working at The NewsMessenger for 40 years on June 17, 2005.

Update Starting in the fall of 2004, all the principals along with one or two school board representative from each of the six Sandusky County Catholic school have been meeting on a monthly bases and have formed a Marketing and Recruitment Committee. Through the efforts of this committee this past year a 5th and 6th Grade Student & Parent Day at the high school and an all Catholic Schools Mass during Catholic Schools Week were initiated. The schools are also working together in their advertising/public relations efforts. All of these events have been very successful in unifying all Catholic schools in Sandusky County. There are additional events planned for the 2005-06 school year. High school principal Mike Gabel also hired an assistant for SJCC Director of Development Kathy Boukissen. This will enable her to work more closely with the Catholic grade schools and utilize her department as a central office.

Keep these people in your prayers National Youth Leadership Forum Alessandra Braun, a current SJCC sophomore, has been nominated to attend the 2005 national Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine held in Washington, DC for 10 days. She is one of a select group of high school students chosen to participate. This forum on medicine is dedicated to honoring our nation’s most promising future physicians and preparing them for the wealth of opportunities and responsibilies that lie ahead. Alessandra is the daughter of Penny (Mullins) and Tim Braun.

John Kowaleski (‘43) who has been in poor health for years and is living at Valley View Care Center. His home address is 1018 Hazel St., Fremont, OH 43420 Paul Streacker who is struggling to recover from an illness. His address is 910 Putnam St., Findlay, OH 45840

For all service men and women Aaron Autullo (‘01), Pete Bush (‘02), Justin Fraley (‘02), Jerry Freeh (‘01) Joe Gooslin (‘02), Adam Jenkins (‘99) Nathan Jenkins (‘04), Brian Lenhart (‘00), Tony Lenhart (‘99), David Miller (‘04), Mark Molyet (‘90), Tyson Root (‘94), Bill

Smith (‘97), Eric Steinberger (‘88), Mark Szymanowski (‘00), Kevin Wagner (‘97), Douglas Young (‘87) Rosanne (Gabel ‘72) Walker - she is terminally ill. Her address is 3785 Bozeman Lake Rd., Kennesaw, GA 30144 **We would like to continue listing names of our alumni and friends that are in the service. Please send in their names for our next issues. Each week at the school Mass we pray for those who might be suffering and we ask that you let us know about anyone who is in need of our prayers.



Baseball wins Lady Streaks win first ever 2nd straight District Championship MAL title By Jake Streacker & Greg Kohler The SJCC baseball team finished with an overall record of 18-7, 9-1 in the MAL, good enough to win its second consecutive league title. Despite their disappointing loss in the district tournament to Gibsonburg, 6-5, the Streaks still had a stellar season. The team was led by standout senior pitchers Cory Miller and Kevin Wammes. Miller was 2nd in the league with a 1.84 ERA, and led the league in wins with eight. Wammes, who will play baseball at Eastern Michigan next year, was 3rd in the MAL with a 1.85 ERA, and led the league with 78 strikeouts. Senior Robby Roth was 5th in the league with a .467 batting average, and led the league in triples with three. Miller and Wammes tied for 5th in RBIs with 27. The key win this year was an 11-9 seesaw victory over Calvert in the final week of the season. Both teams entered the game with one league loss. SJCC took a 5-1 lead into the fourth inning, but Calvert scored five runs to take the lead. The Streaks responded with four runs to regain a 9-6 advantage. But the resilient Senecas tied the game at nine in the top of the sixth. Again, SJCC responded, scoring two runs in the bottom of the sixth and held on for the big win.

By Jake Streacker & Greg Kohler The Lady Streaks softball team wrapped up their season with an overall record of 15-14, and MAL record of 5-5. The team’s “nevergive-up” attitude turned a disastrous start into a respectable finish, which included the program’s firstever district championship. The team started out with seven losses in their first eight games, and the season seemed to be all but lost. However, the team pulled things together, going 14-7 for the rest of the season. The Streaks knocked off Calvert, Old Fort, and St. Wendelin on their way to their first district crown. The team’s Cinderella run came to an end in a 7-2 loss to Gibsonburg in the regional semifinals. Junior Alyssa Dickman proved to be the team’s top standout this year, leading the team in most pitching and hitting categories. She was 8th in the MAL with a 1.98 ERA, and tied for third in the league with 14 wins. Dickman also finished third in the league in hits (49), doubles (12), and batting average (.527). She led the team with 37 RBIs. Junior Jamie Bork was second on the team with a .467 batting average and led the team with 23 stolen bases. Senior Katy Hasselbach was second on the team with 31 RBIs and third on the team with a .364 batting average.

Individuals on boys and girls track teams advance to regionals The SJCC boys and girls track teams both finished 5th in the MAL meet this season. The boys were paced by Andrew Adams, who was first in the 110M hurdles and second in the 300M hurdles. Aaron Lewis placed second in both the 100M dash and in pole vault. Drew Dudley added a second place finish in the 800M event. On the girls side, Brenda Gutschalk was second in the pole vault and Emily Overmyer third in the discus. The 4 X 200M relay team of Jenny Kusmer, Emily Light, Haley Beier and Molly Wise also finished third. At Districts Adams qualified for Regionals in the 110M hurdles and Dudley qualified in the 800M. For the girls, Jessica Merrill qualified in the 1600M run, Brittney Luc and Overmyer both qualified in the discus event and

Luc also advanced in shot put. Gutschalk advanced in the pole vault. The girls relay teams really excelled in the District meet. All four relays (4 X 100M, 4 X 200M, 4 X 400M and 4 X 800M) all advanced. Joining Kusmer, Light, Beier and Wise on the relay teams were Merrill, Jen Ogron, Dana Culbert, Candace Miller, Kelsie Bowling and Kali Dudley. At Regionals, competitors needed to place in the top four spots to move on to the State Championships. Unfortunately, Gutschalk was SJCC’s highest finisher with fifth in the pole vault. Despite the season ending without a trip to State, coach Paul Grahl said he was very pleased with the way his teams battled in these meets and is optimistic with over two-thirds of his squad returning next spring.

With Dickman and Bork each returning to the team, next season shows some distinct promise. The team hopes to get off to a better start next year, and hopes to compete for the league title.

Young tennis team gains key experience The boys tennis team finished the season with a record of 4-11 under new head coach Kelly Hrupcho. Despite the losing record, Hrupcho is very upbeat about the future as the team had no seniors and many new unexperienced players. “All these boys have a great work ethic and they really came together as a team this year,” said Hrupcho, “so I expect many great things from them in the future.” The Streaks were led by freshman Eric Barbour, who had the top singles record at 10-4, and the doubles combo of juniors Mike Hrupcho and George Hossler, who went 4-0. At the sectional tournament, Barbour (No. 1 singles) and Hossler (No. 2 singles) both won their first two matches, but were ousted in the third round. “This past season was kind of tough because we had a new coach and no returning seniors, but next year with having more seniors and we will be more prepared for the season,” said Barbour Hossler says, “Next year is going to be a good year. This was a learning year because we had a lot of new players.”



2005 Hall of Fame Inductees By Kathy Boukissen The St. Joseph Central Catholic High School Athletic Hall of Fame added three new members during the induction ceremony on May 15 at Crystal Arbors. Michael Jay, Carrie (Guyer) Arizpe and Jay Overmyer became the 60th, 61st and 62nd inductees into the SJCC hall. Jay, a 1977 SJCC grad, was arguably one of the finest heavyweight wrestlers and offensive linemen in school history. In wrestling, Jay had an outstanding senior season. He won three individual titles, was undefeated in the regular season, third at sectionals, first at district and runnerup at state. During his football career, Jay enjoyed even more success. As a sophomore, he was a member of the Class A state runnerup team. He went on to become a two-year starter as an offensive tackle and in 1976 earned first-team all district, second-team UPI All-Ohio and honorable mention AP All-Ohio. He was also voted to the alltime SJCC team of The News-Messenger. He went on to play football at Ashland College where he was a two-year letterman. Jay is 46 years old and is the economic de-

velopment director for the city of Fremont. He is married to Mary Lou (Schmidt, ’77). They have three children: Erika, Kyle and Allison. Arizpe, 34, a 1989 grad, is one of the most decorated women’s cross country and track stars at SJCC. She was a four-year letter winner in each sport. She led SJCC to Midland Athletic League titles all four years in cross country. The Streaks advanced to state twice with her as the top runner. The SJCC track team enjoyed equal success during her career. She was a three-time MAL champion in the 300 hurdles and won district and regional crowns in the 300 hurdles and 1600meter run. In 1987 and 1989, she finished second in the state in the 300 hurdles. She moved on to Ohio State and lettered in indoor and outdoor track her freshman year. She has competed in the Hawaii Triathalon and was an Olympic torch bearer leading up to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. She lives in Texas with her husband Jorge and their two children: Sebastian and Avery. She is a stay-at-home mom.

She joins her brother Joe Guyer (’75) in the SJCC Hall of Fame. Overmyer, a 1991 SJCC grad, earned his induction by being a top-notch star in three sports — football, basketball and baseball. In football, he was voted All-MAL three times. He holds the SJCC record for receptions and is tied in interceptions. In his senior year, he was first-team All-MAL, All-District and All-Ohio. SJCC was 11-1 that year. In basketball, he was first-team All-MAL his junior and senior years. His senior year, he was first-team All-District and honorable mention All-Ohio. In baseball, Overmyer started three years at shortstop and centerfield, leading the Streaks to regionals in 1991 while being voted team MVP and first-team All-MAL and All-Ohio. He is one of the truly outstanding all-around athletes in SJCC history. He went on to play football at Adrian College where he was a three-time AllAcademic and AllMIAA performer. Overmyer, 34, is a successful scientist and teacher in Georgia. He is married to Amanda and they have two children, Greta and Ava.

Early 1st Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Scramble & Party Bird Registration

Friday, August 5, 2005 - 12:00 Shotgun - Sycamore Hills Golf Course

$200 per team includes: √ 18 Holes √ 2 golf carts √ 11:00 lunch (hotdogs, chips, lemonade/ice tea) √ Field prizes on every hole √ 2 Closest to the pin ($100 winners) √ Door Prizes √ SJCC athletes assisting with golf bags from cars Contact: Tony Michael 332-5716 (Pro Shop) John Lauer 332-0178

Party after the tournament Sponsored by the SJCC Alumni & Friends Assoc.

♦SJCC cafeteria ♦Immediately after scramble ♦Spouses/guests invited ♦Free will offering ♦Sandwiches, appetizers & refreshment ♦50/50 Raffle

Entry Form: Please fill out completely and send with your check by

Send in entry by July 1st for a special drawing

July 22, 2005 to CEDF, PO Box 1302, Fremont, OH 43420 Checks payable to:CEDF Player #1 _____________________________ Phone: _______________ Email_________________ Player #2 _____________________________ Phone: _______________ Email_________________ Player #3 _____________________________ Phone: _______________ Email_________________ Player #4 _____________________________ Phone: _______________ Email_________________ Total number of people who will be attending party (including spouses/guests):__________________ “Hole Sponsor” opportunity for personal or business - $50 per sign posted on golf course Sponsor#1 _____________________________ Contact & Phone: ____________________________ Sponsor#2 _____________________________ Contact & Phone: ____________________________ Sponsor#3 _____________________________ Contact & Phone: ____________________________ Sponsor#4 _____________________________ Contact & Phone: ____________________________

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