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First Publication: October 1981

For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

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e are blessed to be a part of a Catholic school system that has a deep history within Fremont and the neighboring communities of Sandusky County. As time goes on, however, things change and a “new beginning” is required. We also know the phrase “the only thing constant is change.” This statement is true when we recognize and address the changes that have occurred over the past 30 years within Catholic schools across the country. We can linger in the past and have the world pass us by, or we can plan and move forward as other successful and creative organizations do. We need you to help us with this work to “tell our story.” There was a time when the majority of our teachers were nuns and priests. The percentage of lay teachers in relation to religious teachers has completely shifted in the opposite direction. There was a time when a Parish may have had two or three priests. We now have two Pastors in Fremont, one at Sacred Heart and one for both St. Ann and St. Joseph and one Associate Pastor who also serves as the BHCS Chaplain for all three campuses. There was a time when a high percentage of Catholics not only attended Mass every weekend but they also sent the majority of their children to the Catholic schools. The percentage of attendance for Catholic Mass and school is somewhere under 30 percent. There was a time when parents had large families … I was one of seven children, but my wife and I have a family of three beautiful daughters. There was a time when we had stand-alone schools that, even though they succeeded for a long time, became a contradiction of our beliefs as we competed with each other for students, fundraising, sports, etc. It took over 30 years to move from competition amongst ourselves to collaboration for a PreK -12th grade system. We are in our 3rd year of consolidation, and we are building a system that requires faith, hope, dedication, collaboration, innovation, and flexibility as part of our “new beginning”. We need you to help us tell our story. We provide a quality education where children are safe and the focal point of all we do. Our culture and climate is solid and real and based on Christ’s teachings; it is not a program or product purchased to fix schools without faith. We provide opportunities for 8th grade students to earn high school credits, high school students to earn college credits, and students to earn flex credit through on-line courses. We use technology to engage students and enhance learning. We believe in and cheer for our student-athletes who are not only successful as athletes but also outstanding students. We support students with learning needs and academic strengths. We provide service to our community and our students are recognized for their kindness, manners, and work ethic. Yes, we carry on the “old” traditions of our Catholic school heritage and blend new ways of teaching and learning to prepare our students for a world that will challenge them in many ways including their faith and relationship with God. We thank you for all of your prayers, volunteerism, donations, and other support. We hope you will contact us when you need or want information about what we are doing and where we are heading. We ask that you “tell our story” so we can reach those families that do not know who we are and the excellent experiences we offer students. We ask you to join us during this time of change, our new beginning. Your passion for our schools will make a difference and allow us to continue to grow and nurture and serve God’s children as that has always been the purpose of our Catholic schools … this is something we all agree should never change.

A Fresh New Look!

Many changes have taken place throughout the building throughout the year! In early spring new scoreboards were installed in the gym thanks to the generosity of Rick Frank and the support of the SJCC Booster Club, SJCC Alumni and Friends, and the Sacred Heart Mens Association. The majority of the building was also brightened up with a fresh coat of paint. The cover of The Voice highlights Zach Wonderly ‘95 painting one of the many hallways at SJCC.


Fall 2012


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For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

IN THIS ISSUE Thank You for Your Support!



SJCC Soup Stop

Serving Our Community

The SJCC Soup Stop provides dinner in the SJCC cafeteria twice a month to the less fortunate of our community. The project was the idea of several seniors from the class of 2009. The seniors began the service as a temporary relief for people needing food during the winter months. The students advertised the service throughout churches and organizations in Fremont. The students also began fundraising to pay for the food served. After serving many hungry people, the students realized the service should continue. As this important mission continues at SJCC, the Soup Stop has been blessed with donations of food and money. Soup Stop is an opportunity to directly help the needy in our community especially when many are suffering during these difficult economic times.

2013 Calendar Drive begins November 20

The IN Box

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Fall 2012

Contact any SJCC student or the office to purchase yours! St. Joseph Central Catholic High School A Bishop Hoffman Catholic School 702 Croghan St. Fremont, OH 43420 419-332-9947 Fax 419-332-4945 www.bishop-hoffman.net Advancement Office 419-332-5124 The Voice is published four times a year for the alumni and friends of SJCC. Direct all comments to: The Voice, 702 Croghan St., Fremont, OH 43420 Director of Advancement Angie Ritzman (O’Neal ‘93) Copy Editors: Mary Ellen Leite (Hughes ‘53) Sarah Pietrykowski ‘02 Mary Luc (Mayle ‘63) SJCC Faculty: Amy Ronski (Spieldenner ‘80) Liz Pietrykowski Cori Foos (Bruchs ‘97)

2012 Monthly Calendar Winners January

Carol Steinhauser


Jaime Roberts


Robin Clair


Dennis Ardner


Stacy George


Mary Ann Wensinger


John Werling


John Werling

Daily winners can be found @ sjcc.bishop-hoffman.net


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are most appreciative for your support for last year’s Annual Fund Campaign. As we kickoff our 19th appeal, we must acknowledge the tremendous generosity bestowed on us by our many supporters. We raised $126,825 (a 45% increase over the prior year’s fund)! We also had an increase in donors by 53%! We have been blessed by your support. We are proud to have Jim Yeager ‘70 as Chairman of this year’s Annual Fund. Jim has served on the committee since its inception in 1994 and was the Jim Yeager Chairman for the 94-95, 95-96, 06-07, 08-09, and now the 12-13 Campaign. Catholic schools have always faced the challenge of “taking care of their own” and finding ways to fund the staff and activities that allow Christ to be the focal point of all that is taught. Even during times when the economy has been poor and everyone is struggling, supporters of Catholic education have stepped up and given. In addition, most Catholic School donors also contribute to public schools through real estate and income tax in addition to the many charitable acts they sponsor or contribute to throughout the year. This is recognized, real, and respected. It is always difficult to ask for continued support and a risk to ask for increased support, but the children we serve each day are counting on us to ask and to pray and to give thanks for any and all donations that support our school system. We need your support through this drive as it is a primary source of revenue. These monies allow us to provide for and serve our entire consolidated school system. All students benefit. As we enter our third year of consolidation we have a balanced budget, we are working toward retaining and increasing enrollment, and we remain vigilant in our goal to provide the best educational program that focuses on Christ and His teachings. We are excited about our “new beginning” and where it will take us in the future. So please read the information that you will be provided about the Annual Fund, and we hope you consider giving. We hope that many will choose to give more than their last donation. We hope you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily, during our weekly school Mass, and during weekend Masses. May God bless you this day and each day we are given. Our students are being prepared for their future, and your investment in them is truly priceless. Sincerely, Tim Cullen & Jim Yeager

Annual Fund Donor Recognition These are our final donors for the 2011-2012 Annual Fund Campaign

++++St. Joseph Society $5,000 and above +++Crimson Charter $1,000 - $4,999 ++Gray Guild $500- $999 +Streak Supporter $100- $499 §Legacy Donor (Annual Fund 17 and 18 Donor) Class of 1948 Mr. & Mrs. David Haynes+§ Class of 1953 Lt. Col. & Mrs. Richard Marshall (Phyllis Vanscoy) Class of 1954 Dr. Ron Borer+ Class of 1964 Mr. & Mrs. David Daoust


Class of 1965 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Whittaker+ Class of 1967 Mr. & Mrs. James Hoffman+§ Mr. & Mrs. James O’Brien+§ Class of 1968 Mrs. Mary Horton (Golden) Class of 1972 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hoelzle+

Class of 1974 Mr.& Mrs. William Barbour (Susan Moyer) ++ Class of 1976 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boukissen (Kathy Reineck)+ Mrs. Susan Brett Class of 1979 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gillmor (Kathleen Naderer)

Class of 1981 Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Wurzel Class of 1983 Mrs. Therese T. Martin (Cimini) Class of 1988 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Urig (Kristine Kashmer) Class of 1989 Mr.& Mrs. Sean Garry (Melissa Hoch)

Class of 1992 Dr. Nate Dixon Class of 2000 Mr. Gregory J. Darr§ Matching Gift Companies Abbott Laboratories H.J. Heinz Co. Progressive Insurance

Fall 2012

Meet Mark Molyet, ‘90 Choosing to serve his country


ark Molyet, Class of 1990, felt the call to be active in the military at an early age. He enlisted in the Army in April of his Senior year. He is currently a Sergeant First Class in the 1st Regiment of the 148th Infantry Battalion. His first deployment was aborted in 1991 due to the swift end to the Gulf War. Since then, he has been deployed three times. Molyet’s first deployment was in 2005. He was stationed in Baghdad. His primary role on this mission was searching for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). While in Baghdad, they lived in two man trailers. His next deployment was to Kuwait in 2008. Each mission was different and this one was no exception. He served on a convoy security team traveling from Kuwait to any point in Iraq. This time he lived in a giant building with 58 men stationed together with their rooms divided by wall lockers. On Molyet’s last mission, he proudly served in Afghanistan, returning in August of this year. He was assigned duty as a member of the Security Force Advisor Team mentoring the Afghan Police. Molyet recalls, “this was very dangerous as you did not know whom to trust and were constantly on alert.” He resided in a 10 man tent. He has many memories of his tours, but the most memorable was meeting the Chairman of theJoint Chief of Staff, General Richard Myers. He also treasures the bonds he shares with his fellow servicemen. The most difficult aspect of his tours was being away from his family and normal life. Molyet comments, “When you are home and have a bad day at work, you simply go home. While on tour, you are surrounded by everyone 24 hours a day. You can never get away.” Mark is happy to be home with his wife, Becky (Wethington ’93) and four children: Andy (Freshman), Elizabeth (8th), Madeline (6th), and Sarah (4th), all students at BHCS. He follows in the footsteps of both his father (Ron Molyet-National Guard), and his brother Chad (’88-active in the Marines). He has been employed by Crown Battery Mfg. since 1999 and is grateful they work around his military commitment.

Fall 2012


Memor ial s CEDF In Memory of Richard Chamberlain Class of 1954 In Memory of Thomas Foos Class of 1954 In Memory of Deb Haslinger Mr. & Mrs. Vince Snyder In Memory of Bill House Class of 1954 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Courtney Mrs. Jan Denman Ms. Terri Haven Mr. & Mrs. James Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Allan Rellinger Ms. Sue Sellands Mr. & Mrs. Vince Snyder In Memory of James Walter Class of 1954 Football Program In Memory of Deb Haslinger Mr. Tom Knisely Coleman Wrestling Building In Memory of Ed Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Coleman SCHOLARSHIPS Agnes & Frank Borer In Memory of Pat Gabel, Bob Smith, Fr. Loeffler, Tom Foos, Bill House, Jim Walter, Richard Chamberlain, Dorothy Dalton, Anny Winton Dr. Ronald Borer Rob & Kathy Boukissen In Memory of Ed Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Rob Boukissen James & Barbara Haubert In Memory of Bill House Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gabel In Memory of Ed Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gabel Tom & Ellen Leite In Memory of Ed Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Tom Leite Thomas Swint In Memory of Ed Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Swint Don & Jean Wasserman In Memory of Ed Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harman Mrs. Jean Wasserman Weickert Family In Memory of Bill McKinney Ms. Judith Weickert In Memory of Ray Barbour Ms. Judith Weickert Tuition Assistance In Memory of Ed Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Ron Autullo Mrs. Eileen Bauer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beck Mr. & Mrs. James Beier


Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bertsch Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Bowden Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carmack Mr. Edward G. Celek Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corthell Mr. Thomas L. Dalton Mr. Ken Damschroder Mr. & Mrs. James Fleckner Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Foos Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Freeh Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred Mrs. Marylou Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Halm Mr. & Mrs. James Hammer Mr. & Mrs. David Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hershey Mrs. Margie Hofelich Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Klisz Mr. Thomas Knisely Mrs. Leona M. Laurer Mr. & Mrs. Gary Logsdon Mr. & Mrs. John Lonsway Mr. James A. Mayle Mr. & Mrs. John Mayle Mr. & Mrs. Bill McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Philip Mosser Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moyer Mrs. Norma R. Ochs Mr. Gerald Porczak Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Price Mr. James Quaintance Mrs. Joyce S. Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Stan Root, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Saller Mr. & Mrs. Richard Setzler Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Snyder Mr. & Mrs. John Spield- enner Mrs. Pat Spieldenner Mr. & Mrs. Burkhart Tischler Mr. Kenneth Weickert Mr. & Mrs. James C. Wendt Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm Mr. & Mrs. Dave Winters Mr. & Mrs. C. W. ‘Bill’ Yeager Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig Yeager In Memory of Bill House Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ackerman Mr. & Mrs. David Batey Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Bowden Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burns Mr. & Mrs. James Burroughs Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Byers Mrs. Peg Celek Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Colston Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Corwin Mrs. Pam Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cronin Mrs. Geraldine Daiber Mr. Thomas L. Dalton

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Tom Drusback Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dubielak Mr. & Mrs. Dan Duling Mrs. Pat Durnwald Mr. & Mrs. Richard Faist Mrs. Jill M. Fick Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Foos Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Foos Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Freeh Fremont Country Club Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Furlong Mr. Ken Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gonya Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gottron Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hal- beisen Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hamons Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hershey Mr. & Mrs. Kennard Hirt Mr. Jack House Mr. & Mrs. Ron House Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hrupcho Mr. & Mrs. James Kettner Ms. Mary Ellen Kettner Mrs. Marian Kindred Mr. & Mrs. Robert Klingman Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Klisz Mr. Thomas Knisely Mrs. Marilyn Knopp-Siler Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Kusmer Mr. & Mrs. Mark LeJeune Ms. Geri Long Mrs. Anne Marquis Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Militello Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Militello Mr. & Mrs. August Miller Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Miller Mr. & Mrs. Richard Miller Mr. & Mrs. James Person Mr. & Mrs. Jon Peters Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pickett Mr. James Quaintance Mrs. Eileen Randolph Mrs. Joyce S. Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Russell Mrs. Barb Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Richard Setzler Mr. & Mrs. Ron Shawl Mr. & Mrs. Dale Solze Mr. & Mrs. Paul Spriggs Mr. & Mrs. Tim Stewart Ms. Carol Swint Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Szy- manowski Mr. & Mrs. Burkhart Tischler Mrs. Jeanine P. VanderLaar Mrs. Sharon L. Walby Mrs. Jeanne Walter Mrs. Mary Kay Walter Mrs. Nathalie R. Walter Ms. Susan Walter Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wammes Ms. Norma Wanamaker

Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig Wendt Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm Mr. Tom Wilhelm Mr. & Mrs. David Wilson Mr. Donald P. Wurzel II Mr. & Mrs. C. W. ‘Bill’ Yeager Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Yeager In Memory of Bill McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Leo Bundschuh Mrs. Lou Chamberlain Mr. & Mrs. Craig Chlosta Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Rod Cutcher Mr. & Mrs. Edward Daniel Mrs. Jean Dickman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Esker Mrs. Marylou Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Haaser Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Hill Lt. Col. & Mrs. Thomas Hoffert Mrs. Beverly Hossler Mrs. Lisa Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Kusmer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kusmer Mr. & Mrs. John Lauer Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lenhart Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Manahan Mrs. Judy McKinney Mr. & Mrs. John Molyet Mr. & Mrs. John Rizzardi Mr. & Mrs. James Ronski Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rug- giero Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Saller Mr. & Mrs. Ramiro Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Snyder Mr. & Mrs. John Swint Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Swint Mr. & Mrs. Burkhart Tischler Fremont Federal Credit Union Undesignated In Memory of Bob Chudzinski Dr. & Mrs. Walter Oxley In Memory of Fred Durnwald Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Esker Mr. & Mrs. Donald Haynes Mrs. Dorothy Brudzinski In Memory of Mary Ellen Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Joe Eberly Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Fisher Ms. Debbie Koebel & Mr. Bill Keating Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Saller Mr. & Mrs. James Yeager In Memory of Ed Guyer FFCU & Herman Kinn Golf Leagues

In Memory of Deb Haslinger Mr. & Mrs. James Miller In Memory of Mary Smith Mrs. Paula Barbour Mrs. Mary Barrington Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Bowden Ms. Joan G. Bowden Mr. Jim Bruggeman Mr. & Mrs. Gary Chudzinski Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cronin Mr. & Mrs. James Eberly Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hampshire Lt. Col. & Mrs. Thomas Hoffert Mrs. Norma L. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. George Kertz Ms. Mary Ellen Kettner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Manahan Mrs. Judith Rooney Mrs. Judith C. Sevitts Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Schwag Mrs. Rachel Shearon Mrs. Anna E. Shetzer Mr. & Mrs. George Ward In Memory of Florence Reardon Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Freeh Class of 1944 In Memory of Frances Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Miller In Memory of Genevieve Thomsen Mrs. Roberta Esker Mr. & Mrs. Norb Widman In Memory of Joan Sabastiano Class of 1955 In Memory of Joan Zilles Class of 1964 In Memory of Joe Hagerty Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Saller In Memory of Larry Rulman Mr. Rick Rulman In Memory of Margaret Woessner Class of 1949 In Memory of Ray Barbour Mrs. Pamela Hite Mr.& Mrs. Wallace Ronski In Memory of Roselyn Fisher Mr. Gerald Fisher In Memory of Elaine Rudes Molyet and Herm Kanan Mr. & Mrs. James Miller

Fall 2012

Gif t s Tuition Assistance Ms. Sue Borkovich St. Casimir Church Foundation St. Joseph Church Sacred Heart Church Pickett- StoutDumminger Scholarship Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pickett Reunion Expenses Class of 1952 Class of 1954

Trophy Fund Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Gonya CEDF Mrs. Mary Barrington Mr. & Mrs. Michael Haaser Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Shondell Mrs. Virginia Valle Mr. George Widman Natatorium Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boukissen Junior High Football Jerseys Anonymous

In Memoriam

Casimir Dorobek ‘33 Mary (Welker) Smith ‘33 Alvin Darr ‘40 Robert Toeppe ‘40 Frances Golembiowski ‘41 Frances (Foos) Miller ‘41 Bill Snyder ‘43 Sr. Margaret Marie Wagner ‘46 Norma “Jeannie” (Binder) Price ‘47 Joe Hagerty ‘48 Mary Ellen (Hughes) Fisher ‘48 Margaret (Macielewicz) Woessner ‘49 Fred Durnwald ‘50

In Our Prayers Esther Barbour Norman Fisher ‘52 Jerry Freeh

Use your Kroger Card, Help SJCC

Sign-up your Kroger Plus Card online at www.kroger.com/communityrewards. SJCC /BHCS PTOwill receive a donation from Kroger based on the total sales generated each quarter. We earned $1370.94 in the first quarter! Peg and Ron Autullo Brenda Baker Bill & Sue Barbour Duane & Nanci Barry Sue & Jeff Berryman Eric & Kristen Black Marcella Breyer Michael & Brenda Burkett Chad & Tracy Collins Larry & Karen Cronin Annette Cronin Rod & Pat Cutcher Jennifer & Paul Daubel Patricia Diaz Elaine & Mark Dickman Tony & Tonya Emrich Larry Faist Elaine & Larry Fisher Jennifer Floriana Deanna & Steve Foos Tony & Cori Foos Linda & Chris Fox Jody Frampton Jody Frank Kathleen Frank Kathleen Freeh Jerry & Rosie Freeh Matt Gabel Shirley Haaser Norb Halbisen Tom Halm Muriel Haynes Matt & Stephanie Hirt Cheryl Hossler Jim Hotz Chris House Dave Humberger Thomas Ingles Lisa Jackson

Fall 2012

Joan Knight Kathleen Koch Sue & Rick Kusmer Kevin Kwiatkowski Ellen & Tom Leite Amy Long Ken & Danielle Luc Sandy Magnuson Robert Mayle Jenifer & Greg Michael Patty & Tony Michael Jane Moyer Dianna & Kevin Nevius Beth & Mike Paeth Beth & Doug Pearson Pam & Bryan Pendleton Patricia Picciuto Mark & Linda Pickett Angie Ritzman Ruthann & Tony Ruggiero Melvin Shell Lorie Sherman Margie Slatter Scott Smith Kelly & Gene Snyder Marion Souders Lisa & John Spader Howard & Kay Stierwalt Paul & Pat Szakovits Patricia Thomas Jean Wasserman Kathy & Mike Wasserman Janet Watruba Karen Wetzel Joan Wizgird Amy Weickert Judy Weickert Michelle Widman

Claudia (Wolfe) McFann ‘51 Marvin Wasserman ‘52 Marcella (Macielewicz) Auserwald ‘55 Joan (Bergefurd) Sebastiano ‘55 Bill McKinney ‘56 Nancy (Klos) Tallant ‘56 Charles “Buck” Van Natta, Jr. ‘56 Kathleen (Schrickel) Kanyuh ‘70 Barbara Chudzinski ‘74 Madeleine Ochs (former faculty) Msgr. Edward Dunn Fr. Omer Rethinger

Maggie Hershey Birdie Laurer Harold Laurer

Anne Marquis Jim Mayle Tom Lochotzki

In Thanks To Ken Dumminger ‘64 for fall sports pictures. For Soup Stop food donors: Dick and Cindy Reineck, St. Bernadine Home,Kim Cope and Judy Good To Jimmy Bukketts Workers: John Lauer, Marcia Cleveland, Tyler Halbeisen, Cheryl and Tim Colston, Amy and Jim Ronski, Gary Geller, Bill Bork, Jean Wasserman, Sue Berryman, Brandi and Carlos Baez, Amy and Don McFarland, Tina Bohannan, Carla Williams, Courtney and Mick Warner, Cori Foos and Sue Kusmer For proofing our yearbook: Cindy Bork For Assistance in Development Office: Lisa Spader

The SJCC Boys Basketball 4th Annual “Alumni Preview” Game

Join us as we celebrate our SJCC Boys Basketball Program on November 21! We will be hosting games all night long starting with our Junior High playing at 4:30pm. The main event will feature our 2012 Varsity and JV teams against our alumni players who started our rich tradition. The cost for any basketball alumni to play is $15 and each player will receive an SJCC Alumni Basketball T-shirt. We are looking for 12-15 SJCC friends (not alum) to play versus our Freshmen. Registration has begun and we will take registrations until November 13 in order to get all orders on shirts processed. Please complete the registration below and mail to SJCC. We look forward to seeing many of the faces once again that have helped make SJCC Basketball the proud tradition that it still is today!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------REGISTRATION FORM Player Name: ___________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________Year Graduated:_________ T-Shirt Size: _____Phone#: ________________________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________________ Preference of game to play in (circle one): JV Varsity Freshman We will try to keep all alumni from the past 8-10 years in the varsity game unless you prefer to play in the JV game. Mail checks, payable to SJCC Boys Basketball, to 702 Croghan Street, Fremont, OH 43420.


Welcome...Father Jacob Gordon Greetings to All in the Crimson Streak Nation, I pray that you all enjoyed a blessed summer and that your families are flourishing in the life of the Holy Spirit. It is with great joy that I begin ministry for Bishop Hoffman Catholic School as Chaplain. My name is Fr. Jacob Gordon, and I have been assigned to help in the following ministries: Chaplain for Bishop Hoffman Catholic School, part time Associate Pastor to St Ann and St Joseph parishes and the Island parishes of Kelleys, Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass during the summer months. I was born August 31, 1974, in Paulding, Ohio, to Raymond and Brenda. With the help of God, they brought five children to this world--Tess, Matthew, me, Sarah and Rachel. I thank God for my family; I would not be a priest today if it were not for their witness and faith. My mom Brenda and sister Sarah have gone home to God. I miss them very much and wait in hope for the day when we will be reunited in the presence God. My dad is remarried to a great woman named Barbara. By the grace of God, I graduated from Wayne Trace High School in 1993 and then served four years in United States Marine Corps. I entered the seminary in 1997 at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus and finished studies in 2006 at Mt. St. Mary’s, Cincinnati. I was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Leonard Blair on June 3, 2006--a very happy day :). My previous assignments have been Associate Pastor to Toledo St Patrick (Heatherdowns), Delphos St John’s and Landeck St John the Baptist. Whenever we speak about the Gift of Family, these words of Fr. Michael Seger, who taught me in the seminary, come to mind: “To participate in God’s gift of life and bring children into this world is the greatest act of hope that parents offer.” Pope John Paul the Great often said: “We find ourselves by giving of ourselves for God and others.” Yes, the Gift of Family is hope for the future as we seek to build up the community of life that God has begun. Our thanksgiving for the gift of life is most powerfully expressed in the worship of God on the Lord’s Day during the weekend Masses and Worship Services. This living prayer of faith is vital to receiving the Life of Christ in our families, our parishes, and our school. As we begin the Year of Faith on October 11th, let us ask the Lord to strengthen our families and continue to seek ways to build up the faith of our children. May we continue to go to Jesus in faith and receive His grace, love and peace—gifts which the world can never give. And may our witness in Christ bring hope and joy to our families and all the people we serve. God bless you, Fr Jacob

BHCS Financial Results (fiscal year ending June 30)


Fall 2012

The IN Box

Keep SJCC updated with what is “in the news.” E-mail your news:aritzman@bishop-hoffman.net or send it to SJCC 702 Croghan St., Fremont, OH, 43420, ATTN: Voice

In the News

1940’s Mary Ann (Recktenwald ‘49) and Glenn Halm ‘45 celebrated their 60th anniversary, June 14. 1950’s Phyllis (Diedrich ‘51) and Bud Frampton celebrated their 60th anniversary, July 12. Carolyn (Tight ‘58) and John Spieldenner ‘53 celebrated their 50th anniversary, June 16. Karen and Earl Wammes ‘55 celebrated their 50th anniversary, July 21. Rosanne (Harrison) and Ronald Fisher ‘56 celebrated their 50th anniversary, August 11. Shirley (Gabel) and Jerry Miller ‘59 celebrated their 50th anniversary, May 5. 1960’s Ray Rendon ‘61 and Greg Gerber ‘64 were among the first inductees into the Fremont Elite Runners Hall of Fame at this year’s annual Camelback Race. Ray and Greg helped found the Fremont Elite Runners club in 1979 with Greg serving as its first president. 1970’s Cheryl (McKinney ‘78) Hill has been named the new Executive Vice-President/Chief Financial Officer for the Fremont Federal Credit Union. 1980’s Cori (Bruchs ‘97) and Tony Foos ‘87 welcomed daughter, Lillian Josephine Foos, June 17, 2012. Darcy (Liwaj ‘93) and Tim Woolf ‘87 welcomed son, Ashton Robert Woolf, June 30, 2012. 1990’s Sharon (Burkett) Smith ‘91 has been named the new manager at Old Fort Bank’s Fremont Financial Center. She and her husband Chris live in Fremont with her two children, Maurene and Jared. Tony Halbeisen ‘91 graduated with a law degree from Seattle University. Julie Nieset ‘92 and George Hardebeck welcomed daughter, Novah Catlin on November 3, 2011. Julie Nieset ‘92 accepted a position as a Wetland Ecologist with the Illinois History Survey, University of Illinois-Urbana Campaign in May 2012. Darcy (Liwaj ‘93) and Tim Woolf ‘87 welcomed son, Ashton Robert Woolf, June 30, 2012. Mariette and PJ Keating ‘94 welcomed son, Nathanael Bradley Keating, February 7. Susan (Wurzel ‘94) and Bobby Frye were married June 8, 2012. Louis Gabel ‘95 has been selected by The Department of Justice Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training as a Resident Legal Advisor for a position in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is there to increase the Bangladeshi justice sector’s capacity to investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate criminal activity, with particular emphasis on crimes involving money laundering, terrorist financing, and acts of teroirism. Louie, his wife Gina, and their two daughters moved to Bangladesh in mid-September. Cori (Bruchs ‘97) and Tony Foos ‘87 welcomed daughter, Lillian Josephine Foos, June 17, 2012. Dr. Timothy Mead ‘98 of the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute has been awarded a post-doctoral fellowship by the Arthritis Foundation for his research titled “Sox 9 Regulation of Articular Cartilage Development and Maintenance.” This is a two-year award in the amount of $50,000 each year. Natalie (Wise ‘98) and Nick Muccio were married December 30, 2011. Keisha and Roger Kuns ‘99 welcomed daughter, Bayah Victoria Kuns, June 26, 2012. Ashlee and Tim Mischler ‘99 welcomed daughter, Rylee Lynn Mischler, December 29, 2011. 2000’s Rebecca and David Kistler ‘00 welcomed daughter, Olivia Ann Kistler, March 10. Scott Knisely ‘00 and Melissa Marvin were married June 29, 2012. Sean Roschie ‘01 and Kimberly Thomas were married June 23, 2012. Elizabeth (Halm ‘03) and Christopher Jude were married May 11, 2012. Shellie (Eakin ‘04 ) and Jason Lawrence welcomed son, Elijah Ray Lawrence, June 11, 2012. Cory Miller ‘05 and Amber Morgart were married on June 22, 2012. Michelle (Kosakowski ‘05) and Dudley Singer ‘05 were married June 10, 2012. Jamie (Bork ‘06) and Justin Terman were married June 9, 2012. Kyle Miller ‘07 graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and from the ROTC Program as a Second Lieutenant in the Ohio Army National Guard. He is employed by ODOT as an Engineer.

Fall 2012


Class Reunions

Planning your class reunion for 2013?

1944 69th Reunion, July 10, 2013 at the Fremont Elks Club, Noon. 1956 57th Reunion on July 9, 2013 at the Fremont Moose, Noon. 1957 Meets the third Tuesday of each month, 1pm at Hoch’s 818 Club. 1961 Meets second Tuesday each month, Noon at Fremont Moose 1966 Meets first Monday each month, nombl@ yahoo.com 1978 35th Reunion, August 17, 2013 at the Fremont Yacht Club.

SJCC Athletic Booster

It is Membership Renewal time for the SJCC Booster Club. A $10 Family Membership gives support to the 19 varsity sports the Booster Club supports. In 2011-12 the Booster Club provided $46,872.25 in funding, thus helping to free up money in the schools budget for use in academics. In the past nine years the Booster Club has provided over $453,118 in funding. To continue the proud tradition of SJCC Athletics, we need your help so please consider becoming a Booster member. 2012-13 Fund raisers include: September 19 December 5 February 3 March (TBA) April 1

Golabki (Cabbage Roll) Dinner Transportation Raffle Super Bowl Pancake Breakfast Las Vegas Night 200 Club Drawing

Meetings are open to both men and women and are held at 8 pm on the first and third Mondays from August thru first Monday in June. The SJCC Booster Club is located at 308 Jackson Street in Fremont. To become a SJCC Booster Member, please send a $10 check payable to the SJCC Booster Club: 308 Jackson Street, Fremont, Ohio 43420 The 2012-13 Officers & Trustees are: Trustees Rick Frank, Chairman John Lauer Jim Ronski Tom Light, Jr. Denny Otte

Officers Tim Luc, President Jorge Baez, V-President Amy LeJeune, Secretary Steve Verock, Treas

2012 Alumni and Friends/CEDF Golf Outing

Saturday, August 4 was a great day for golf as SJCC alumni and friends participated in the 6th annual Alumni and Friends/CEDF Golf Outing. Green Hills in Clyde hosted the event with 22 teams competing. Over $5,000 was raised and will be split between the Alumni and Friends Association and CEDF. Congratulations to the winning team of Rick Frank, Jordan Frank, Mark Miesle, and Jim Ronski! We would like to thank the golf committee members Rick Frank, John Lauer, Al O’Neal and Al Schabel for the time and expertise in planning the outing, and to the sponsors listed below.


Jake’s Auto Services Grund Drug Al Schabel Primerica Fremont Federal Credit Union Wonderly Horvath Hanes Funeral Home and Crematory Erie Shore Propane John T. Halm Mayle, Ray, and Mayle


CEDF Chud’s Grille Fremont Federal Credit Union Green Hills-River Cliff andWoussickett Golf Courses Hoch’s 818 Club


John and Alison Lauer SJCC SJCC Alumni and Friends Sycamore Hills Golf Course Terra Community College Henry Valle Whitey’s Diner Bill Wingard Jim Yeager


Advanced Plumbing Doris Amidon Automatic Fire Protection Baumann Auto Group Beck Suppliers Beer Port Rob Boukissen-Wendt KeyTeam Realty Burns Iron & Metal Carbo Forge and Machine

Chud’s Grille Huntington Insurance Clyde Findlay Area Credit Union Ideal Bakery Croghan Colonial Bank Jake’s Auto Services, Inc. Crown Battery Mfg. Co., Inc. Knights of Columbus Dairy Queen East John and Alison Lauer The Depot Lesher Printers Diversified Insurance Services Linke’s Wheel Alignment Erie Shore Propane Luc Ice Eye Centers of Northwest Ohio Mayle, Ray, and Mayle Foster Auto Body Inc. M. Scott Mead, DDS Fremont Auto Sounds The McCue Family Fremont Country Club Memorial Hospital Fremont Federal Credit Union Nagy Orthodontics Fremont Flask Company The O’Neal Family Fremont Floor Covering Double O’s-Al O’Neal & Jim Fricker’s O’Brien Karen Gabel Pfefferle Family Grund Drug Co. Primerica-Al Schabel John T. Halm, Progressive Iron and Metal Herman Kinn Funeral Home Rick Frank Insurance Hoch’s 818 Club Tim and Deb Sauber House Family of Clyde Sorg Graphics

Spader Freight Services Dr. Howard Stierwalt Subway Sycamore Hills Golf Course Terra College Foundation The UPS Store United Insurance Service Walt Rusch Plumbing & Heating Jim Weaver-Fremont City Council Whitey’s Diner Tommy Wolf ‘69 Memorial Wonderly Horvath Hanes Funeral Home & Crematory World Wide StationeryJerry and Sandy Yeager Young’s RV Center

Fall 2012

Congratulations, Tom Beier ‘63! On Friday, October 5, Tom Beier’s ‘63 # 32 football jersey was retired by the SJCC Football Team and Coach Scott Knisely. Tom was an All-Star player at SJCC, playing three years for Coach Bob Smith. He played on the 60-62 football teams with years 60 & 62 being undefeated seasons. He still holds the SJCC record of “Most Touchdowns in a Season” with twenty-two in the 1962 season. He was also named First Team All-SBC and the team MVP in the ‘62 season. Beier was inducted into the first SJCC Athletic Hall of Fame in 1986. He has since been joined by six of his brothers. After high school, Beier played football at the University of Detroit for two years (the school dropped the football program). He was recruited by the University of Miami (Florida) where he played two seasons. To this day, Beier still holds the record for most career tackles by a defensive back (177) at the University of Miami and is a member of their Athletic Hall of Fame. In 1966, the Associated Press named him a First Team All-American. After his successful collegiate career, Beier was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the 11th round. This was the first combined draft for the newly combined football league. He played for three seasons (1967-1969). In 1970, he was traded to the San Francisco 49er’s and played in the preseason for one year. He is retired and currently resides in Coral Gables with his wife Lynn. He enjoys spending his time with his three daughters and eight grandchildren. Thank you to this issue’s sponsor:

OHSAA Foundation Event SJCC is proud to participate in the OHSAA Foundation game

SJCC Crimson Streaks vs

Bellevue Redmen

Thursday, November 15

All proceeds from the this game will benefit the charity of each school’s choice. The evening begins with a spaghetti dinner in the SJCC cafeteria 4:00 -6:00pm Donation $7.00 (tickets available at either school office)

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WEICKERT INSURANCE AGENCY Agency Address: Kent Weickert Mike Weickert Class of ‘79

Additional Info:

Class of ‘83

(419) 332-6423

2274 West State Street Fremont, OH 43420

The Central Insurance Companies are comprised of Central Mutual Insurance Company, All America Insurance Company, and CMI Lloyds (Texas).

Varsity Girls begin play at 6:00pm followed by the Varsity Boys $5.00 Admission Fall 2012


If you would like to sponsor the winter Voice issue contact aritzman@bishop-hoffman.net



o i c e V

Non-Profit Organization US Postage PAID Fremont, OH Permit No 40

Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School 702 Croghan St. Fremont, OH 43420 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Introducing the 2012 Homecoming Queen, Leah Binsack!

Crimson and Gray Days!

November 9 CEDF Reverse Raffle 20 Calendar Drive Begins 21 Alumni Basketball Games

December 21 Reach Out 23 Christmas Vacation Begins

2011 Queen Emily Ronski crowns our 2012 Homecoming Queen, Leah Binsack, during the half-time celebration at the varsity football game.

Visit us on the web at www.bishop-hoffman.net

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