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First Publication: October 1981

For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

BHCS launches meaningful service program

Serving our... Children & Youth Elderly Infants & Unborn Environment Hungry

“...love one another; even as I have loved you.� (Jn 13:34)

Fall/Winter 2016


“Life happens every day – so live it!” This is a phrase I think of and share often because it reminds me to appreciate each day we are given. When I was younger, adults would tell me to enjoy each moment because it will all go by so quickly. As many calendar pages have flipped over the years this has been true. Even during times that required extra patience, life continued to roll along and the roller coaster continued to follow the track it was meant to take. The Bishop Hoffman Catholic School system is in its seventh year as a consolidated school system. We still are “young” compared to some other area Catholic school systems that decided to combine several years before we did. Time has flown by and we are proud of the work that has been done and the future that lies ahead. As we enter the next stage of our growth, we focus on meeting the needs of the students we have but must also plan for the students we have yet to meet. We appreciate and need your prayers. We appreciate and need your generous donations. We appreciate and need your input and involvement as we continue to build the future. Our Catholic school system has changed over the years and it continues to be the only educational system that truly reaches the heart, mind, body and soul of each child. So I ask you to consider offering your thoughts, ideas and expertise. Whether you still live in Fremont, Ohio or somewhere far away, you have so much “life experience” to share and can make a difference in the lives of the students we serve. Please contact me by email at tcullen@bishop-hoffman.net if you would like to hear more about our current and long range plans or if you would like to share one of your life lessons with us. We need to explore and tap into the vast resources of our alumni and friends so I reach out to you now. Life does happen everyday. We learn its lessons as we move along because we can’t buy experience; we earn it each day. As said before, we always need your prayers, we appreciate all you have done for our schools and we ask you to share your gifts with us as we choose to live each day fully with God’s love and grace. Thank you, Tim Cullen BHCS Superintendent/SJCC Principal

On the Co ve r.. .

The goal of the meaningful service program is that students will deepen their understanding of the Catholic social teaching of solidarity through application of Gospel teachings in a meaningful service program.

The pictures on the cover of The Voice represent some of the service provided with the launch of the “meaningful service program”. The program is intended to help students inculcate a charitable heart towards their fellow “neighbor” in the area of service, develop a closer relationship with our Lord, gain knowledge of the different human “needs” in our local and global community, and gain the skills needed in carrying out effective and efficient service. In the high school, students have chosen service groups that reflect their currrent and personal interests. Each group researches and works on a plan that can be implemented and carried out throughout the year. In the Junior High and grade school, the students serve the areas as classes, so when they enter the high school, the students are very familiar with the needs of the community and have a willingness to serve.


Vo i c e

For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

Fall/Winter 2016

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Calendar Winners 2016 Monthly Calendar Winners January

Leo Bundschuh


Sarah Zimmerman

1948 69th Reunion, June 7, 2017, Anjulina’s Catering & Banquet Hall, noon. Contact Ray and Jane Grob 419-355-9227 1952 65th Reunion, August 6, 2017. Brunch at Fremont Country Club.


Mel Shell


Jim & Amy Sprenger


Patti Inks


Marlene Downs


Dillon Drown


Tom & Judy Drusback


Tom & Ellen Leite


Molly Yeager


Mary Barrington

1963 54th Reunion, Annual Luncheon, August 13, 2017, noon,


Aaron Zetzer

Fremont Country Club. Please contact maryeluc@hotmail.com.

Yearly Winners


Kurt Harrison Dylan Filliater Laurie Harman

1953 64th Reunion, July 9, 2017. Brunch at Fremont Country Club. 1957 Meets the third Wednesday of each month, Big D’s Pizza. 1961 Meets the second Tuesday of each month, Fremont Eagles, noon. 1962 55th Reunion, September 15-16, 2017. More information to follow.

1965 70th Birthday Party! September 9, 2017. 1967 50th Reunion, September 8-10, 2017. Saturday evening mass at St. Joseph Church followed by dinner at the Fremont Country Club.

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Fall/Winter 2016

Members of the Class of 1959 celebrating their 75th birthday party 3

Co m ing H o m e

Reprint Courtesy of the Fremont News-Messenger Fans of Eshleman Fruit Farm will be glad to know the business is in hands that can take it through the next couple of decades. Jeff Eshleman ‘92 recently retired after 21 years in the U.S. Air Force and has returned with his wife, Laura, to help his parents run the business. Rich and Betty Eshleman (Dumminger ‘66) began farming nearly 40 years ago. They first started selling their produce from the back of a truck, and today they own Eshleman Fruit Farm on Ohio 101, where they sell a wide variety of homegrown fruit, including apples, peaches and cherries. “I remember working when I was 11 or 12, helping them sell fruit out of the back of a truck, before we had a market,” Jeff said. “It was an old box truck we set up on Route 20 near Clyde (McPherson) cemetery.” Rich and Betty are ready to slowly make the transition to retirement and hand the operation of the business over to Jeff and Laura. It was good timing for the family, as Jeff and Laura had to make plans for their future after his Air Force retirement. “I had to find something else to do after the military. We faced different choices, but this one had added positives,” he said. The biggest benefit was living near relatives. As a military family with two children, they have moved a lot. Their grown son lives in San Antonio, and their 14-year-old daughter, Olivia, moved to Clyde with them and is attending Bishop Hoffman Catholic School. Giving Olivia a settled life with family nearby influenced the decision to move to Clyde “ W e ’ r e looking forward to not moving so much. We’ve lived many places since Olivia was born,” Laura said. The biggest influence on Jeff’s decision to return to his hometown was the opportunity to continue the business his parents started so long ago. “My parents have grown it for 40 years,” Jeff said. “They’d like to slow down a step or Laura & Jeff Eshleman two, and this will give them some financial security after they retire.” Although Jeff grew up on the farm, the business is new to Laura, a nurse. She is enjoying the work and has learned a lot about growing crops. “I was surprised at how hard it is, how much work is really included, and how busy it is around here,” she said. Jeff said he doesn’t plan to make any changes to the farm market right away. For now, he wants to focus on learning the business. “We’re not going to change anything major for a year. I think we would make naïve decisions, probably,” he said. “We want to take it all in for a year and then regroup. Starting next year, you’ll probably see some changes. It will take many years to learn how to grow fruit well. I have to learn plant physiology, farm science and growing systems.” In the meantime, Jeff and Laura are building a home on the edge of the orchard, and Olivia is making new friends and getting involved in sports at school. The family plans to spend some time traveling in the off-season this winter, and Jeff hopes to reconnect with old friends when things slow down. “I hit the ground running when I came on July 20. We were in cherry harvest the day I arrived,” he said. “But finding my old friends is on my to-do list.”


Fall/Winter 2016

T he G if t o f L ife

By: Christine (Engeman) Pokryfky ‘07

In February of 2015, while at home in Fremont with his wife Rita (Hrupcho) Engeman ‘77, Dave Engeman suffered a massive heart attack. Thanks to the tireless work of Sandusky County Emergency Responders, he was stabilized and transferred to Sandusky Firelands. Doctors realized his condition was much more grave than they had initially anticipated, and they explained that Dave had been born with a defective aortic valve that was now badly damaged and torn. His risk for death increased with each passing hour. Our family prayed. We gave Dad Last Rites. We waited. And when his heart continued beating, against all odds, he was flown to the Cleveland Clinic. On February 16th, six days after his heart attack, Dave underwent a 10 hour surgery, and was placed on a Total Artificial Heart-- a machine that functions as a patient’s heart, while they wait for a transplant. There have only been roughly 500 total artificial hearts placed around the world since 2010. He waited on the transplant list at the Cleveland Clinic for six long months, pushing around ‘Big Blue” the washing machine sized driver for his artificial heart, exercising, and getting beat at Yahtzee by his wife Rita. On August 6th, 2015, Dad got his long awaited heart transplant. He spent three months recovering at the hospital, and had to relearn how to walk, how to breath on his own, and how to feed himself. But through it all he fought back with his family, and he came home a year ago on November 13, 2015. My parents have lived in Fremont for over 35 years. We have Dave exercising at the Cleveland Clinic with his been a part of the Catholic Community there for as long as I can total artificial heart, the “big blue” driver. remember. We feel so fortunate to have had the prayers and support that we’ve received over the last year from our BHCS Community. We are grateful everyday that Dad is still with us, and we thank God for his donor, their family, for the medical professionals at the Cleveland Clinic, and for all who lifted us up in prayer when we thought there was no hope. Organ Donation has given our family such an amazing gift. If you have ever considered becoming an organ donor please visit http://www.donatelifeohio. org/​to register. Thank you again for all the prayers and support! It has meant more to us than I could ever say.

L-R Sarah Engeman, Libby Engeman, Rita Engeman, Dave Engeman, Jack Pokryfky, Christine Pokryfky, and Ian Pokryfky

Fall/Winter 2016



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IN Box

In the News

Please send your pictures and captions to share with our SJCC family. We would love to help you celebrate your anniversaries, weddings, births, reunions and accomplishments. Please send to: thevoice@bishop-hoffman.net.

1940’s Betty (Cronin) ‘42 and Ted Sheehan celebrated 70 years of marriage at the San Mateo Elks Lodge in San Mateo California with 80 friends and family on July 23, 2016. They met at a USO dance in Ohio and were married July 20, 1946. They moved to Belmont California in 1947 and still reside there. They have six children, 15 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. 1950’s Millie (Spieldenner) ‘54 and James Fleckner celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary June 2016. For the first time ever, all of their children, 15 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren were able to celebrate together. Their grandchildren traveled from China, Los Angeles, Florida, Michigan, Indiana and Tennessee. 1960’s Marcia (Marinis) ‘63 and Jim Beier ‘60 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary September 24, 2016. Marie (Nieset) ‘61 and Bob Arend celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary July 23, 2016. Joan (Lindenberger) ‘63 and Gerald Johnson ‘63 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary October 1, 2016 in Congers, Georgia. Mary Ann (Foos) ‘65 and David Young ‘65 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary November 5, 2016. 1970’s Joe Keegan ‘73 was inducted into the Fremont Speedway Hall of Fame July 11, 2016. He raced late models and sprints at Fremont Speedway and

SJCC Alumni & Friends Heritage Award Update The SJCC Alumni & Friends Heritage Award Induction Ceremony will be held

April 1, 2017

In the next issue of the Voice, we will introduce our 2017 inductees! Reverend Richard Wurzel ‘51 Mary Ellen (Hughes) ‘53 & Tom Leite ‘52


Betty & Ted Sheehan

Marcia & Jim Beier

Mary Ann & Dave Young

SJCC Hall of Fame The SJCC Hall of Fame Award Induction Ceremony will be held

other area tracks and was Fremont’s rookie of the year in 1973. He broke the late model qualifying record at Fremont in 1976. Joe was instrumental in creating the 305 spring division in 1988 and won the first division feature at Fremont and the track championship at Attica Raceway Park. He owned spring cars driven by Jim Linder in 1981 and 1982. Patricia (Fleckner) ‘76 O’Brien graduated from Indiana State University with a major in East Asian Languages and Culture (Korean) and a minor in history. In September, she flew to Thailand for a one month class to earn a Korean teaching certificate. She has accepted a position teaching English in the public school system in Jeollamando Province, South Korea this will start in November 2016. 1990’s Merideth and Ryan Wilhelm ‘98 welcomed daughter Madeline Winkler Wilhelm August 12, 2016. 2000’s Kylie (Lunsford) ‘00 and Jack Ferguson welcomed son Noah Wayne Ferguson November 13, 2015. Stephanie and Zach Jenkins ‘01 welcomed son Mathew Zachary Jenkins September 11, 2016. Anita (Miller) ‘00 and Nate Moffett welcomed daughter Abigail Rose Moffett March 23, 2016 joining brothers Luke and Garrett. Shellie (Eakin) ‘04 and Jason Lawrence welcomed son Abram Donald Lawrence August 23, 2016 joining brother Eli. Melissa (Mead) ‘06 and Steven Plogsted were married December 13, 2013. They welcomed daughter Kennedy Elizabeth Plogsted March 11, 2014 and son Lincoln Mathew Plogsted July 7, 2016. Candace (Miller) ‘06 and Cory Swaisgood ‘06 welcomed son Beau Allen Swaisgood July 16, 2016. Jeana and Nick Berryman ‘07 were married September 24, 2016. Katie (Jenkins) ‘07 and Nick Myers ‘07 were married August 6, 2016. Jenny (Kusmer) ‘07 and Derek Sponseller ‘06 welcomed son Gavin Michael Sponseller October 8, 2016. Barbara (Miller) ‘08 and AJ Cox welcomed daughter Madalyn Jean Cox May 14, 2016 Gavin Michael Sponseller joining brother Wyatt. 2010’s Maddison Filliater ‘12 graduated from Ohio University in April 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration majoring in Accounting Management Information Systems and Business Prelaw. She worked the summer of 2015 as an intern at Ernst & Young in Chicago and began her career with them in July 2016.

Bishop Hoffman Catholic School Dinner Auction Committee Is proud to announce the 2017 auction theme:

April 2, 2017

And invite you to save the date to attend our premier fund-raising event on

In order to be considered for this award, the alumni must be formally nominated. We are looking for alumni or coaches who had an outstanding athletic career. If you know anyone deserving of this award, please contact Gary Geller @ 419-332-9947. Forms can also be found at sjcc.bishop-hoffman.net under the Alumni tab.

Fall/Winter 2016

April 8, 2017

For an invitation, donation opportunities, and general information contact a committee member at: 419.332.9947 bhcsauction@bishop-hoffman.net

Fall/Winter 2016


It s’ C a le n da r Ti m e ! tholic 2017

Saint Joseph Central Ca


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Please help SJCC by purhasing a 2017 calendar $25.00 each Please contact the SJCC office 419-332-9947, contact any SJCC student, or mail this form to the school with your check Don’t miss your chance to win over $15,000 in cash prizes!!! Drawings take place daily, monthly, and yearly Name________________________________________ Address______________________________________ Phone Number ________________________________ Please mail your ticket and $25 to: SJCC Calendar 702 Croghan Street Fremont, OH 43420

Success returned to the golf team this season, led by seniors Austin Underwood and Daniel Foos. Throughout the season the boys worked with second year coach TJ Schulte to earn an overall record of 10-4 and 8-3 in the league. At the SBC Championship match, the team placed second in the River Division for the tournament. This solidified their hold on second place in the league for the season. The team had two players receive league honors. Seniors Lauren Klaege, Gianna Cullen, Sophie Militello, Allie Barrett, Briggs Wonderly, Audra Zetzer, Morgan Collins, and Katlyn Rhineberger rounded out the entire varsity tennis team, led by coach Samantha Lagrou-King. Throughout the season they were much improved and very consistent. With a final record of 11-5, the girls placed 4th in the league and 4th at Sectionals. Both the boys and girls cross country teams were very young. The boys’ team was led by seniors Tyler Nason and Sam Reiter, and the girls’ team by Elizabeth Molyet and Lexie Steinberger. Under second year coach Adam Miller, the teams were said to have had their “best season in a while,” according to Tyler Nason, and were led by several All-League runners. Nason ran the fastest time the school has recorded since 2002 and Nate Vasquez advanced to Regionals at conclusion of the season. First year football coach Brian Spicer and seniors Nathan Burns, Jordon Hartley, Ben Mancha, Eric Fulwider, Derek Rosengarten, Johnny Moreno, and Zach Militello completely changed the mindset of the team coming into the season. The boys had much more fun and wanted to be there. The first major high point of the season was a win against Danville, which had not been a competitive game the year before. The team went on to win three more games, finishing 4-6. The team was much improved from the previous season, and the guys had a lot of fun bringing home the four wins. Starting earlier in the season with more camps and practices, first year coach Katie Larson brought many changes to the girls’ volleyball team. Seniors Natalie Zyski, Molly Swint, Ava Stepanic, Blair Wonderly, Makenzie Reiter, and Hannah Riehl led the team to an enjoyable and also successful season. The girls were much improved from last season as they had a record of 13-9, losing only three league games. Their record earned them second place in the league. The team also advanced to Sectional Finals for the first time in four years.

2016 Alumni and Friends/CEDF Golf Outing CORPORATE Sponsors

Al Schabel

Friday, August 5, was a beautiful day for golf as SJCC Alumni and Friends participated in the 12th annual Alumni and Friends/CEDF Golf Outing. The Fremont Country Club hosted the event with a record 31 teams competing! Over $6,650 was raised and will be split between the Alumni and Friends Association and CEDF. Congratulations to the winning team of Marc Schulz, Henry Valle, Jerry Yeager and Jim Yeager! We would like to thank golf committee members Rick Frank, John Lauer, Al O’Neal, Al Schabel, and Dudley Singer for their time and expertise in planning the outing. Thank you also to the sponsors listed below. Mark your calendars for next year: August 4, 2017 at Sycamore Hills Golf Course. Prize Donors

Chud’s Grille The Depot Fremont Federal Credit Union Hoch’s 818 Club Al Schabel-Primerica Whitey’s Diner Willard Golf Course-Bill Pfefferle Jim Yeager

hole sponsors

Special Tournament Workers: Thank you... Daniel Foos, Merrick Hirt, Derek Ritzman, Caden Spader


Advanced Plumbing and Heating Automatic Fire Protection Baumann Auto Group Beck Suppliers Bobby’s Truck & Bus Repair Rob Boukissen-Wendt KeyTeam Realty Burkett Industries Capitol Aluminum & Glass Corp. Carbo Forge and Machine Class of 1960 Class of 1966 Tom Haslinger Dan Lee Tom Lesavage Jim Weaver Croghan Colonial Bank Crown Battery Mfg. Co., Inc. Dairy Queen East The Depot

D. Frederick Singer & Associates Diversified Insurance Services Eaton INOAC Foster Auto Body, Inc. Fremont Federal Credit Union Fremont Flask Company (2) Fremont Floor Covering (2) Fremont Golf Shop Gabel & Associates Realty Karen Gabel Team Jim Hoffman Mark Hoffman Jack Hoffman Karen Gabel Green Hills Golf Course Grund Drug Co. John Hall & Phil Wylkyn Attorneys Hoch’s 818 Club Holland CPA House Family of ClydeJeannine’55, Heather ‘83, Haley ‘86, Heide ‘87 Jake’s Auto Services, Inc. KeyBank Kuns Northcoast Security Center John and Alison Lauer Chris Liebold for Commissioner Linke’s Wheel Alignment M. Scott Mead, DDS The McCue Family (2)

Audrey Heschel-McCue ‘41 Cathy McCue-Perry ‘66 Susan Mc-Cue-Harris ‘73 Mary McCue-74 Jim McCue ‘79 McDonald’s The O’Neal Family Double O’s-Al O’Neal & Jim O’Brien Pert Family Pfefferle Putters Prairie Market Primerica-Al Schabel Rick Frank Insurance Dr. Timothy Sauber, DDS Sorg Graphics Spader Freight Services John Spader FamilySJCC PROUD Sprouse Insurance Agency Dr. Howard Stierwalt Subway The UPS Store Time Staffing, Inc. VFW Fremont Post 2947 Village Toggery Wedding Express Walt Rusch Plumbing & Heating Whitey’s Diner Wonderly Horvath Hanes Funeral Home & Crematory Young’s R.V. Center

Fall/Winter 2016

Fall/Winter 2016



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Non-Profit Organization US Postage PAID Fremont, OH Permit No 40

Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School 702 Croghan St. Fremont, OH 43420 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Crimson and Gray Days! February 5 Booster Club Pancake Breakfast 15 Booster Club Transportation Raffle April 1 Heritage Award 2 Hall of Fame 8 BHCS Dinner Auction 15 Easter Egg Hunt Sophomore Madalyn Stierwalt helps Sacred Heart student Zach Krumnow during the annual Reach Out program. Additionally, the SJCC community was able to feed 100 families in our community.

August 14 CEDF/SJCC Alumni & Friends Golf Outing

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