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Travel ideas... exploring SL

Costa Rica Sims The Explorer


On the other side Quinty would bolt out numbers like “Ironic” or “River Deep, Mountain High” and so many others. The backing tracks that Yip/ Quinty uses are first quality and as she sings from her own recording studio which was refurbished notEithne long ago, she can reallyZeebster, let her energy McBride-Ferreira: thank get you directly to you. so much for joining me today! Tell me how Byyou thefound way, Yip is Dutch andofperforms in real the pixel world Second Life! as well, she studied at the Rotterdam School of ArtsZeebster and for Colasanti: example she was Well.. at theback last Admire Haha! in 2004 real life encounters of SL aMusicians. you search I think, I was playing different Ifonline game in my blogI met you amight even find a picture of the where friend. real That reminds me ofgot thebored doubleofstream AtYip. some point we both it and, concert did with out Xander another while she she ventured to tryNichtig, new games and Dutch musician, plays to antake electronic virtual worlds,heI chose a breakviolin. from What a superb complicity between these two

artists. If that happens again, dont miss it. So next time you think SL is boring or you feel you need some dancing action and real good music, search for either, Yip Jannings the Diva or Quinty Munroe the rocker the online world. girl, oh… and you might even bump into me at oneLife, of those She found Second fell inconcerts! love with it and tried to convince me to join but I resisted. ToFinally sample her voice you canyears check: I gave in a couple later and here I am. in retrospect, I only wish I listened to her earlier. Until wishesRica youSims, a happy EMF:next Ha! month, If I askMelissa about Costa am SL experience, hugsHow anddidinvites I getting ahead sends of the her story? you you check work her nearly starttofinding in SL? daily French blog at

ZC: Yes, Costa Rica sims is actually our new baby; well... a toddler now! My first gig in SL was scripting a radar HUD which I then began selling through different mall outlets and eventually I opened a store on a parcel I rented from someone. When I bought my first sim, my intention was to simply reduce the operating costs of my store by renting out those parts of the sim

that I did not use. Encouraged by the success of my first region, I slowly started to reinvest generated profits and add new regions. As time went by, we have faced numerous challenges. Increasing competition and dwindling demand put negative pressure on profit margins. Then homestead regions were created which massively moved demand away from full prim regions.

Then prices of homestead regions were increased which moved demand away from the homestead regions. Then the decision to further increase the prices was reversed and people once more moved from full prim to homestead regions. Then the global crisis came, devalued the Euro which sharply increased effective costs to any Europeans. People started losing jobs and demand once again dwindled. And so on, and so on. Every time when we’re faced with a challenge we take it head on and emerge stronger on the other side. We take advantage of times of weakness in the market to either refocus on our organization and infrastructure so we are better prepared to handle the next boom period, or to buy struggling estates at depressed prices.

This is how we have come to acquire Costa Rica Sims as well as some other estates. Acquisition of Costa Rica Sims exposed us to the fashion community and larger events, which is really what allowed us to become engaged with events such as Relay For Life or the Second Life 9 Birthday. EMF: Is this now your RL work? ZC: Yes, I do consider it RL work, although I do also have another RL job. EMF: Where do the Costa Rica Sims fit into the Dream Seeker Estates profile? ZC: Costa Rica Sims grew completely separate from Dream Seeker Estates. I knew about them but we played in entirely different market segments so although technically CRS and DSE were competitors, we didn’t actually compete in the same market. I bought CRS in January of this year when the owner of CRS approached me with an offer as he was no longer able to support it going forward. Costa Rica Sims is really a small portion of the Dream Seeker Estates family, making up less than 10% of the total land holdings but it has a very special appeal because of its themed continent and community focus. EMF: Okay. One thing I ask - and do please feel free to decline - is for whatever RL info you’re comfortable sharing. It makes the stories more relatable to our readers because, no matter how you slice it, we’re all real people behind these avis. ZC: we operate as a corporation, registered in the province of Alberta, Canada under the name of Dream Seeker Estates Corporation. I’ve got that shared right on our website because I truly stand by our ethics and business principles and want to make our residents feel more comfortable knowing that they are dealing with a real corporation and not just another avatar. my RL career has been in the field of IT Security, with nearly two decades of experience in large networks, servers, databases and application development.

EMF: How many are on your team? ZC: We have somewhere around 30 on staff right now. I’ve got a general manager with support, sales and engagement teams reporting to her. Support and sales are managed by an operations manager. The engagement team makes up people who

organize community events, manage our involvement in charitable events, develop graphics and websites, etc. Part of the challenge as we were growing was for me to remove myself from daily operations of the estate. We would not have been able to face the different challenges and adapt our strategies

if I had to be involved in daily operations so EMF: That actually brings us to my next question very few people contact me directly and those - tell me a bit about Costa Rica. What makes it who do are referred to the appropriate team different and desirable? members. ZC: Costa Rica Sims were developed as an elite This also allows us to provide a 24x7 support community. The effort went beyond renting model - no way we could do that if people had land - there’s also a strong focus on fashion so to wait for a response to an IM to me! although not everyone in Costa Rica is involved

in fashion, many residents are. They tend to follow fashion blogs and enjoy staying in touch with current styles, etc., and this is reflected in everything from their personal attire to how they develop their land. The result is that the parcels are well maintained, the residents are engaged, and they are aware of and have contacts with the fashion community. The fashion community itself is connected to events, charities and media so acquisition of CRS opened up certain doors for us. There are many open places in Costa Rica. In fact, we have a few entire sims reserved as community spaces and developed in the image of the RL national parks of the country of Costa Rica. The other aspect of Costa Rica Sims is sailing. The sims are connected by water so you can sail from one end of it to the other. This appeals to many people. Also, most of the sims have open community areas - mostly sailable water - which leaves a lot of room between parcels, making them more appealing to residents.

EMF: I have to ask - what keeps you here, investing your and energy time into such a large effort in SL? ZC: The challenge is what keeps me here for the most part, and an opportunity to learn something that I have become quite passionate about - business. If someone told me 5 years ago that I would become a business man, I would tell them they have me mixed up with someone else. I could barely do basic accounting and didn’t even aspire to become a manager. I was perfectly fine doing my IT gig but in doing this, I have discovered that I actually get business, and I’m good at it too, haha! I find running this business far more challenging than a RL business would be. There are so many unknowns - so many variables change all the time! We are affected by everything from a Euro crisis to change in price structure to a sale offer from Linden Labs - you name it, it’s probably going to have an impact.

EMF: Are there any other things that We have actually started building Dream Seeker does that sets it apart from an extension to CRS. It is still under the majority of estates out there? development but the idea is to develop a new section of sims that look like a Costa ZC: Absolutely. From the very beginning Rica countryside. Again, we want to take when we only had a handful of sims the concept that has been developed we already were involved in charitable in Costa Rica Sims and enter with it into activities. We started off by organizing ada new market segment to appeal to hoc events in support of medical research people who want high quality parcels but or natural disaster response. As our estate prefer country roads and meadows over grew, so did our charitable engagement. waterways This year we have decided to get involved

in the Second Life Relay For Life and have been the major sponsor underwriting the cost of all regions used in both Fashion For Life and the Home & Garden Expo. We have always believed in giving back to the community.

on our part, aimed at engaging new Second Life residents to help rejuvenate Second Life with new members. It will in fact be probably the largest single project we have undertaken so far.

EMF: Speaking of giving back to the EMF: Why? Why not divert these energies into community, is Dream Seeker not also involved supporting your existing customers? with the Second Life 9 Birthday celebration coming up next month? ZC: We already have one of the best support teams in Second Life, if not the best one. ZC: We certainly are. This year Dream Seeker And as we grow, we continue to expand it. Estates turns 5 and it just so happens that our But we also have a responsibility to the rest own birthday falls on the same month as the of Second Life. For the past few years we’ve Second Life birthday. been growing while the Second Life grid So we have decided to celebrate our own has been shrinking and smaller estates have major milestone together with the Second Life been dropping around us like flies. That is not Birthday event and take that as an opportunity a healthy market and I believe that we have to give back to the community that has been the responsibility to do our best to turn that supporting us for so long. around. So starting this fall we will begin investing more into new residents. But, more EMF: If you could tell newcomers who’ve never on that in the next few months! heard of Costa Rica Sims one thing about the place, what would it be? EMF: Zeebster, thank you again for taking a little time out of your busy schedule to chat ZC: Good question! How do you summarize with me about Costa Rica Sims. I look forward everything that is so great about CRS into to sharing your fascinating story with our just one thing? The Costa Rica Sim group is readers! a tranquil community, an SL paradise. It’s the perfect home away from home. For more information, visit Costa Rica Sims Welcome Centre in-world at http://maps. EMF: Ok, one last question. Could you share s e c o n d l i fe. c o m / s e c o n d l i fe / Co s t a % 2 0 with us any plans or new ventures that Second Rica/210/216/22 Life might see come out of Dream Seekers Estate over the next few months? ZC: LOL, we are indeed cooking something up right now that should materialize over the next few months. All I can tell you right now is that it will be a very significant involvement

Showcase Live music news...

by Sandy Demina



CURTI CORTES He’s been playing music since 1977, even if he considers himself mainly a singer and a performer. Was born in Rome, and he now lives in Turin.

First of all I asked Cortes how did he discover SL.” I am in SL since 2006 , when I found an article about it on a newspaper that intrigued me so much:definitely curiosity brought me inworld.

listening to others play in here before I decided it might be something for me. Soon I got the desire to perform in front of such a world-wide audience that only SL can provide to an artist! It’s really amazing to to get in touch with so many people from all over in the world!”

Which kind of music it’s possible to enjoy during a Cortes’ gig?

What prompted Cortes to start singing in “ Blues, jazz and funky tunes are among my favouritesSecond Life?

Cortes says-I’ve been inspired by such artists as “Since the very beginning I learned there was live Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson, George Benson, Ella music, so I started going to shows. I spent a long time Fitzgerald, Tom Jones, Anita Baker, Robert kelly, Etta James, Riccardo Cocciante and Lucio Battisti.The song I would have written is “N’oubliez jamais” by Joe Cocker:of course I never forget to sing it during my gigs!”

I asked Cortes In what is his RL job similar to what he usually does in SL, and his answer is astonishing:he’s now an engineer and he has also been an officer of the Italian Navy. By the way since music has always been for him a real passion he travelled the world with his own musical group . It’s really amazing how SL can be a valid showcase for our passions, giving to everyone the chance to express them without any filters at all! It’s the RL without limits. You can most certainly launch a career and start building a fan base and make real world connections with people who you can network, gig


secondnightersMagazine swap, or perform with in the RL. There is so much possiblity that its staggering.

Cortes also uses other kind of digital promotions:he has his own website:http://curticortes. ,his Youtube Cortes loves to change often channel and his Facebook page. and he continuously adds new songs to his repertoire in order My last question as usual to avoid to bore those who has been:”Where do you attend his shows.

see yourself a year from now:will Second Life still I asked Cortes if he thinks exist?” that SL can be a valid showcase for his music:” Cortes: says “I think yes, Well I published my first Secondlife is not just a game or CD “I can fly”, which is just a virtual world... Secondlife available on Itunes (http:// is a place where it’ possible to get the chance to give and receive good emotions!” i-can-fly/id530357664 ) and I got some flattering sales results after the I started performing inworld!” 45

Exclusive presentation of the industry leaders in television, radio, magazines and media...

by Christiana Wycliffe



secondnightersMagazine Editor’s Note MadPea Productions( is a real-time game design company whose efforts are focused in Second Life. This fantastic team’s primary objective is to create challenging and imaginative games for resident players that will get them thinking. MPP puts a solid focus on creating amazing and immersive settings for game. As stated on their website at, “ Most of all, we enjoy pushing the envelope even further and challenge the limitations that previous gaming companies have struggled with.” Although the Sanity Falls mystery/ hunt has officially ended, there is always something intriguing, fascinating, worth exploring at MadPea. With plenty of games to choose from in several genres,Madpea Productions has a solid staff that works diligently to provide innovative game experiences that will perplex your mind, drive you crazy and then reward you for your efforts. Please enjoy writer Maya Xuanzang’s review of Sanity Falls and visit Madpea soon - this is one sim you do NOT want to miss!


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arely do you see something last for a long time on SL, but the Giant Snail Races have defied the odds and are still going strong since 2004!


hey were originally created by RacerX and appear to have started as an entry in a giant avatar contest! According to Tindallia Soothsayer and Safra Nitely, two of the four hosts of the Giant Snail Races, the secret to SL success is finding what you enjoy doing, and doing it as well as having fun! I have to say that while I agree, I can’t help but think that having these two dynamic and incredibly exhilarating women as part of the races has something to do with it too!


had the pleasure of seeing the RFL 2012 Snail Races Build and it was amazing. Visitors had the opportunity to choose from a selection of tiny snails and race around a track similar to one they would encounter for the Giant Snail Races. It includes bridges, underwater mazes, bouncing mushrooms, and checkpoints to record your time for the leaderboard. What a wonderful build for RFL and a lot of fun. In fact, yours truly can’t wait to go try on her new blue tiny snail avi and run the track herself!


t’s important to gain an understanding of how giant snail racing works, but to put it into perspective, each giant snail is approximately 45 feet tall. That’s enormous! The names


of the racers are on the sides of the shell, but everyone wears a hud as well as different colored scarves to keep track of where they are on the track, what checkpoint they have and need next, and which lap the racers are on. There are usually between 4 and 8 racers per race.


ow if you’re wondering about training, that too is available to those who are new at Giant Snail Racing. Once a newcomer arrives at the track, there are tutorials and even a video tutorial to watch in order to get acclimated to snail racing. Those sessions give you the basics of what to do and what to expect. Both Safra and Tindallia quickly pointed out that there are often seasoned racers there as well who are more than willing to help a newbie out with learning the ropes of racing.


ree snail AVs are also provided for newcomers with modify permissions to personalize their snails. At the time of the interview, Tindallia said she had created a new AV for every race she was part of and currently had 96 Giant Snail AVs! I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the imaginative Snail Avatars and the intricate details on them! In fact, imagination

53 secondnightersMagazine

secondnightersMagazine myMagazine

Additionally, the Giant Snail Races are recorded and broadcast on Treet TV each week and they are always experimenting with filming and streaming technologies so the TV show keeps up with the developments on SL. and creativity can be rewarded as handsomely as winning the race with a “Best in Show” prize provided for the best themed snail of the week including L$350!


indallia also happens to be one of the designers and decorators of the tracks for the Giant Snail Races. Those tracks change themes nearly every week and require revamping and redecorating every time! Safra attributes this to their success as well, explaining that “if things stay static in SL for any amount of time they die, so we’re always looking to fresh, new, innovative ideas.” This coming week’s theme is going to be Alice in Wonderland, and while Tindallia says it is a relatively easy build, it can take several days to decorate for it, with Tindallia creating many of those decorations herself.


dditionally, the Giant Snail Races are recorded and broadcast on Treet TV each week and they are always experimenting with filming and streaming technologies so the TV show keeps up with the developments on SL.



asked them what the rules were for Giant Snail Racing, and the rules were rather telling of why it is such a successful venture and here is what they responded:

10:38] Safra Nitely: 1) Have fun [10:38] Tindallia Soothsayer: There are only a few actual rules. [10:38] Safra Nitely: 2) Always run [10:38] Tindallia Soothsayer: No jumping [10:38] Safra Nitely: 3) No flying [10:38] Tindallia Soothsayer: No flying. [10:38] Safra Nitely: 4) no jumping [10:38] Tindallia Soothsayer: lol [10:38] Tindallia Soothsayer: that’s about it. [10:38] Safra Nitely: that’s about it really [10:38] Safra Nitely: or and 5) No calling safra cute! [ [10:39] Tindallia Soothsayer: run the track, go through the checkpoints, be sure to wear your hud and scarf.


f you want to come down and try snail racing, please go to the Devon Dream sim, every Saturday starting at 11am. If you wish to race, it would be a good idea to get there by

10:30 to sign up and prepare. If you find out the theme in advance, try to come up with a themed snail AV so you can be filmed with it for Best in Show! But most of all, have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself. What could be more fun than racing as a Giant Snail, going through mazes, and seeing how creative and imaginative SL can really be every week! As for me, see you at the races!


secondnightersMagazine myMagazine


personally can’t wait to try it myself. I’m going to head over for some practice time before Saturday’s race and hopefully make a dash for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or to fall down the rabbit hole! It just sounds like so much fun that I can’t resist wanting to go and try it myself.

Explore the world of clubs and disco, find the best places for your parties!



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Club Retro

rock & roll all the night by Kelley Blackheart Ladies, run to your bathrooms and start hair-spraying your hair as high as you can and adorn your feet with some high top tennis shoes; Gentlemen, throw on your tightest leather pants and stroll on down to Club Retro and get ready to head bang your hard out to the rocking tunes provided by this amazing venue. 80’s rock not your thing? The venue also features a number of different live DJ’s to fit all of your rocking needs, besides their specialty 80’s tunes. The club provides live DJ’s who range from classic to hard rock, some even dipping into the disco and pop scene. Starting on New Years Eve 2011, the astounding Club Retro was born. Created and currently owned by Cherish Baron and James Diamond, the duo transformed a once empty SIM to a flourishing SIM filled with a classy club, a few stores for the “shopaholics”, and a beautiful outside area completed with a romantic gazebo, gorgeous lake, and a waterfall that will melt your heart with its magnificent beauty.


I had a chance to speak with owner Cherish Baron who had a lot to say about her wonderful venue and the DJs they employ. Says Cherish, “We are mostly an 80’s Rock Club but we play dance and even disco. We are quickly turning into a 24/7 club with events held all through the day but we leave them up to our DJs and hosts/hostesses. All of the DJs employed here are live.” If you’d like to find out when the next event is being held, you can check the Second Life events website, as the venue posts there upcoming events there: community/events/ Cherish Baron states that creating and opening this club was a huge undertaking but she’s happy with the way everything has turned out. “New Years Eve was our grand opening. It has been an awesome experience with a lot of hard work put into it, and we could not have done it without our wonderful VIPs and staff,” she stated. Cherish prides herself on having a fun loving club for everyone to enjoy without rules hindering people from having a blast.

secondnightersMagazine “In my opinion,” she said, “I would say that our club stands out from the rest because we don’t bug our patrons with a lot of silly rules. It’s a mature sim and people can feel free to be adults; however, however, we do not allow nakedness here at all. We do not mind people cussing at a minimum. I mean, we don’t let it get out of hand. We just have fun is all.” Another great aspect of this club is that the outside area is also a place to have a fun and interesting night. Equipped with a romantic gazebo to bring your special someone to, it is the perfect night out for lovers. There are also free jet skis and bumper boats to use, as well as seven seas fishing on the marina. Enjoy a fun night on the jet skis while you tune into the rocking tunes provided by the excellent DJ’s employed at Club Retro. After I met with some of the staff members who instantly captivated me by their kindness and open arms while rocking to the tunes of GarnetSiofra, Cherish had this finishing statement to share with me about Club Retro. “I would just like to add that this has been such a rewarding place for Joey(James Diamond) and I, and we can’t thank everyone enough for making our dreams come true here in Second Life.”



dGarnet Siofra j


f you are looking for a rocking DJ who excels in the areas of Classic Rock, Blues, and Country with an incredible passion for music, then live DJ GarnetSiofra is exactly who you are looking for. Garnet Siofra joined Second Life in November 11th, 2011 and she quickly dabbled into the DJ lifestyle. She has quickly become a well known DJ in her genre with plenty of reoccurring listeners who enjoy her music greatly.


asked Garnet to name her favorite band and why. Garnet: “Oh that is a tough call! There are so many eras. Boston simply because I grew up listening to it and the music they play is a good mixture of tempo and instruments. Not to mention the lyrics strike a chord with my real life. Nickelback I also enjoy as it is a band that has songs that have meaning and a beat that you can get into and understand where their emotions are coming from behind the songs.�


secondnightersMagazine myMagazine


arnet is a fascinating live DJ with a profound passion for music, and she enjoys spreading her musical ear around Second Life. If you’d like to hear her live, you can find her at Club Retro every Monday from 5-8PM SLT and on Fridays from 8-11PM SLT. Garnet is very fond of all of her listeners and is extremely happy to have a phenomenal host by her side, Gunner Jinx. Of Jinx and her fans, Garnet had the following to say. “Basically, a set isn’t just about the DJ, it is about the host/hostess too and I happen to work with one that rocks! Sounds a bit corny, but sharing my love of music and the emotions that come from it is what I love about DJing.


t connects people in both worlds in ways that sometimes spoken or written words cannot! I would like to say to my re-occurring listeners that without them I wouldn’t have a reason to DJ. They really are why I do what I do and I thank them for putting up with my craziness both musically and verbally/typed!”


STREAM RENTALS Details about these service can be taken up with Sascha Laval (Stream Rentals). This service may be essential needs for beginning club owners that need a house stream (for DJs that don’t have their own streams and need to connect to a server to stream their music in via their software). A new and very simple way to rent a stream directly. With DJ World’s “Speedy Stream” you will get an object called payment device. you can take it with

you and can rent a stream whenever you want. Streams for 100 listeners and 192 kbit. You can rent the streams for 1 day, 7, 30 or 60 days. Now in the group: about 200 DJ’s and about over 110 Club Owners. If you want to be a member of the group send an IM to Sasch Petrov, InsyX Piranha Kaj Juutilainen, MountainBear Botanical, Jacki Jayaram or Sascha Laval. For more info on the group, DJ Nights, services, or whatever: then please contact the necessary

people below. Also, thanks for showing interest in DJ World. DJ MEETING POINT A space with a lot of advertise boards for DJ’s. A cheap possibility for DJ’s (groupmembers of DJ World) to show their pics and give their notecards to inform interested people who are looking for DJ’s for their events.


DJ WORLD OWNER (english, german)


DJ WORLD OWNER (english)


DJ WORLD STREAM OWNER (english, german)












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This button allows you to choose your dance animations when you are at your best party night. you can also put your favourity dance animatons on it and create your best dance HUD combinations. 68

HOW TO ADD YOUR DANCES Adding dances to the HUD is really simple. 1) Rez it on the ground 2) choose your dances from your inventory 3) Drag it on to the HUD 4) Take the HUD and Wear again. With a click on the central button a men첫 will appera. You can turn the dance mode ON and OFF and you can set the time for dance changes by clicking on the button "Timer".


A special gift for all the Secondnighters... A special HUD to keep in contact with your favourity community of the net. With this fantastic gift you will have all the nightlife entertainment world in your hands.


With this new version we add an amazing function to our HUD. Now you can post your event message directly on the site from SL. Click on the icon and follow the instructions in the local chat. Your message will appear directly on the Secondnights home page with the SLURL link too!


Now by clicking on the Heart icon you can create your accound in World in a simple and quick way, be a secondnighter today...


This functions send you a message in Open Chat with the events of the day with: * Title * Time * Genre * Venue and SLUrl











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sl photographer Alia Qunhua How did you discover Second Life and what made you create an account? I discovered SL accidentally, a friend had spoken to me about it and I wanted “to test” . I have create my account and I became hooked very fast :) And when did you discover the virtual photography art, what made you start taking pictures ? For a very long time I visited SL without taking photos but by discovering very surprising, unreal, sometimes magic places I began to say to myself that I should immortalize them to have a memory of it. And very fast I began to arrange them, to change the light, to add textures, sometimes to stage my avatar.

The daily life, an image, a movie, a landscape, and also the sometimes magic places discovered on SL. What have you been doing in SL ? Tell us your story and what other interests in SL you ( may ) have I met adorable people there with whom I spent a lot of time. I visited sim, I sometimes exposed my photos. I also adored discovering artists, musicians, people of all the continents... Have you some beautiful places to suggest, your fav places of SL ? I have less and less time to visit new places on SL. My preferred stay: Embryo, World’s end garden, Misali, Chouchou, The Abyss, Gilmour... Anything else you´d like to share?

How would you describe your Photo style ? What kind of subjects do you like ? My photos are rather “tortured”, dark, melancholic... The subject which returns constantly, birds... Birds in cage, the free birds, birds living in accordance with the human beings... What inspires you for your works ?

To finish I can say that it is SL who made me like the photo, that Sl tempted me to amuse me with my images, to transform them, to tell a story. Today I do not really have any more of time to walk there but I keep my account and from time to time I sometimes make for it a small tour...




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An eye on the best Italian talent in SL. Builders, designers, stylist, musicians... really italia’s do it better ?



fashion designer

Tell us somenthing about yourself, how long have you been in SL ? This is your first avatar ? I am in SL since the march 2007. And this is my first avatar, yes. How did you discover the Second Life World ? It was my husband. We both have been using internet since a long time, but it was him who started to take a look inside SL, and convinced me to follow. He was having fun, and we both started using SL just as a fun area, wandering around places and doing thigs like improving our avatar appearance, meeting people and building a home place. And it was still him who convinced me to start trying making skins and turning to a more “professional� approach to SL. How has been your experience so far ? I shall say great. I sometimes have been a little bored, or simply too busy in real life to log often, but I have always returned, missing the SL after a little I was absent. Do you think that working in SL for an italian could be harded ? And if you do, what kind of difficulties you encountered ?


secondnightersMagazine No, I don’t see any difference being italian. But my husband talks a good English, and I improved mine, so I can imagine that in different situations it can be more complex. Remaining just in places where Italian is spoken makes the whole experience much less interesting and fascinating. Our column is called ?Italians do it better?, so what kind of added value you think we can bring in this Virtual World ? Our taste. When italians really put their skills into SL, they make top quality items. Just think of Naiman Broome and his wonderful work, to name one who’s been in SL since a long time. Why did you decide to start creating in SL ? As I said, it was my husband who insisted, knowing I had some graphic skills and experience. A friend who made shapes (my actual shop partner) kept asking me to try making skins and work together,

but I was in doubt. In the end he convinced me and I accepted the proposal from our friend, so it all started. Can you tell us how you start your designing job ? Well, I already was experienced in computer graphic, so I just started to make tests, spending more and more hours till my first skin was ready. It was terrible, looking at it now, but I was quite proud of it when I saw it on my avatar. What made you decide you wanted to be a skin designer ? As I told above, my husband and me were spending a lot of time on our avatars. And spending a lot of lindends ‌ so, when my friend started asking me to work with her trying to develop a skin/shape matching, my husband



insisted it would have been a great idea, fun, and very useful to save our credit cards lol. But apart from jokes, I was fascinated by the idea of trying to make “my” skin and achieve a look for my avatar that was really matching my idea of beauty. Where you get inspiration from ? The kind of skins I make are inspired by RL. I notice details on some faces, in pictures on magazines or on the internet, and I try to spot the detail that catched my attention and to transfer it on a skin. I made a “fantasy” skin line too, once, but unluckily I have too little time on SL, having a full time job out there, and I could not going on develop that idea. How would you define your style ? How can you describe your experience in the fashion world of a virtual platform ? I think this is a question to be asked to clothing creators: skins are a very specific item, the besis for the avatar together with the shape, so I don’t think of them like “fashion” items, it’s much more like looking for yourself, for what you like to be on SL. Our fashion readers are always curious about new products, can you tell us something about you last creations ? Weel,, there is a new skin line nearly ready, a new face I was developing and I like it very much. I made a preview copy in a fair just before summer, but real life kept me terribly busy and I haven’t been able to finish out all the make ups and versions … buti t will be out quite soon ? Do you have a blog or a website where our readers can go to be updated on your work ? Yes, being fond of fashion I have a blog and a flickr stream, to show both my work and the items I find more interesting. But as I told you, real life have been really busy last months so they are not updated right now. Do you take part in some of the many fashion events that are going on in SL ?



Yes, when we have time we always accept and take part to fashion events. At this point we are sure our readers wants to know where they can go to buy your amazing creations? Beautiful/102/150/22 And for those too lazy to teleport, are you listed on Marketplace too ? stores/13353?id=13353



Is it Legal to be Insane? LEGAL INSANITY goes to Graffiti Club By Genevieve Kamala

I am pleased and excited to join Trend Magazine with my first fashion spread. I want to thank Leandra Breen and Florentine Rau Offcourse for giving me this chance. Some time ago I went to one of Mankind Tracer great concerts and and idea came out of it, I immediately contacted Kalli Birman, Mankind’s manager and co owner of the Graffiti Club, the result is this article accompanied by a fashion spread all shot on location. The clothes shown here are all from Legal Insanity, a brand started by Datrip Blackbart who was kind enough to find some time for a pleasant conversation about his passions in sl: music and his brand. Datrip started in sl about 4 years ago and he soon realized that it was easy for him to create his own clothes, since he found male fashion in secondlife a bit boring and too conventional.


DB: When my friends started to ask me where I bought the clothes I was wearing, I realised that I could start designing clothes. His lines show different influences ranging from punk and rock, with a misture of

Above all, I gather the impression that Datrip is working towards creating non conventional clothing, since sl is ideal for this experiment, both in the male and female lines. His lady clothes are feminine, sensual and make any woman feel special, I would say intensely so. Legal Insanity men and women always leave an impression. He believes that the first goal of fashion is to help people find a style that matches as much as possible with each unique personality. DB:When I create items, I never think “Oh this will sell a lot” , I just think “Jeez I wanna wear this!” Here Datrip describes his brand for our readers: DB: Legal Insanity is me. It’s aggressive like me, it’s crazy as I am and I hope it’s a bit shocking too (I love to shock people). Most of all I wish it never to be boring (don’t tell me I’m boring or I’m gonna kill you!......) Legal Insanity fashion is aggressive and intense, just like his creator, who wants to become the best sl designer, nothing less! He is doing this little by little, one step at a time, without much support from the fashion world. Datrip has also other interests besides fashion, since his first passion in sl was music, he is also dj for fun. He likes to spin tunes mostly at the club he owns with some friends ( Thlemaxos Rewell, Manon Clary and Solostah Arabello), so very often you can catch him at the Energy Club enjoying music with his friends. Some of the events at his club are streamed live in rl clubs accross Greece, possibly in more locations later on, music is available there 24/7 with djs from all around the world, a global community indeed. His club also hosted events for the Hope for Emilia fund raising, since Datrip is from Bologna, the capital city if Emilia, therefore he accepted very gladly to help Anna Sapphire, our graceful MVW, to support this campaign. Flamboyant, aggressive, intense, sexy, generous, full of spunk and extremely funny, all these adjectives I can use both to describe Datrip and the friendly conversation with me. We talked about freely about many topics, ranging from clothes and trends to our Italian favourite food and wines, as well as his ever changing fashion brand.

Just like Makind Tracer, aka Seth Regan has been doing in sl since 2006. After touring professionally for over 20 years with original and cover projects, Seth Regan now performs regularly in Second Life. For the past 5 years under the name of Mankind Tracer, Seth has become known by many as the most popular and well known Live Performer and has received prestigious Awards including “Best Live Performer”, “Best Musician”, “Best Singer/Songwriter”, among others. He is the performer called on by Second Life founding company, Linden Lab, to headline their more widely known events such as the SL Birtdhay Parties and the Second Life equivalent of the Burning Man events.


preppy style as well. Datrip feels that his inspiration also comes from Vivienne Westwood, but most of all he likes to mix styles and ideas, since what he creates in sl is pretty much what he also wears in rl. At the moment he is interested in working with patterns from the 70’s.

Seth also presently holds the record with the most simultanous locations carrying his live Video Stream Broadcast during his 5 annual “Peace, Love and Belief V” on November 6, 2011. Seth is an entrepreneur owning and operating two real life businesses. Even with his busy real life schedule, Seth has made time to devote to performing at charity and fundraiser events for Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Awareness, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), among others. After reading and being really impressed by such a full bio, I managed to have a brief conversation with Mankind and Kalli. GK: How did you get the idea of opening this club? MT: Club Graffiti is my home venue! Owned by myself and Kalli Birman. This underground rock venue, is inspired by one of the most famous clubs in Greenwich Village, CBGB’s. Artists such as David Bowie, The Ramones, Blondie, The Talking Heads and many others made their way through CBGB’s to begin the “PUNK” revolution in music. I was fortunate enough to have played the real CBGB’s in RL a few times. I perform regularly at CG weekly and many other artists also perform. GK: what are your interest besides playing and managing? MT: I also own two real life businesses and have a 4 year old little boy, Aden, who I love to death. Brandy is more than my manager though; she is also my best friend and business partner. KB: I have 3 kids in RL and they are my world. In Second Life I enjoy shopping and the live music scene. On top of managing Seth, I also work for Solace Beach Estates. GK: How has success in sl influenced or touched your rl lives?

I believe that Datrip has the drive and determination needed to achieve great results.

MT and KB: Well, if it was not for SL, we would never have met. Here we love to be part of a global community, where our work has an immediate result, so we always know where to correct our course or recognize that we are on the right track.

Mankind Tracer and The Graffiti Club

Thank you for your time and attention Mankind and Kalli

First of all I want to thank Mankind Tracer and Kalli Birman for letting us shoot in the Graffiti club, everybody loved the environment, so that we were inspired to give our best.

Genevieve Kamala Thank you


Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! This month we’ll discover....



Brain & Creator First, lets try to know you a little better. Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? You don’t need to talk about your RL if you don’t want, but it would be nice to know how Groll Greggan was born. I´m a freelancer in my early 30s from Germany. Thanks to my older brother I had the pleasure to grow up with all generations of computer systems, starting from the old Atari Videogame Console in the 80s, the C16, C64, Amiga 500, the Nintendo Gameboy and (S)NES and Playstation era and finally the PC. Videogames have always been a huge hobby of mine. On the other side I always loved to be creative and liked to draw. These two points together are explaining my passion for creating in Second Life pretty well.


When did you first discover Second life and what brought you here? That was in autumn 2007 when a german online magazine wrote a story about a virtual world with a weekly diary of the writers avatar. I always loved to create characters in videogames so of course I had to go and try it, not knowing how much it would change my future. When you discover your 3D modelling passion, it was after you joined SL or did you have it from before? The only experience with modelling that I had before Second Life was with the level editor of Doom 3, but that´s hardly worth to mention, so basically all I learned about modelling I learned when I started using SL.

secondnightersMagazine What are the softwares and tools that you prefer to use for your work, and how did you learn to use them ? Did you take courses or did you learn to use them by yourself ? I like to use free software. That´s Gimp for all the textures and pictures and Blender for all the modelling work. Gimp was pretty much self-explaining, but to get used to Blender with all its complexity I used video-tutorials on YouTube. From your flickr stream i had the impression that you get some of your inspiration from games. Is it true ? And if so, can you tell us more about them? That´s totally true. Like I said before I grew up playing videogames and especially after I started working with Second Life I saw these


games from another point of view regarding design and inspirations. Have you any other source of inspiration ? (Art, movies, literature, for example) Yes, I´m getting influences from many different sources. Reality for example. I like to study anatomy or new technical designs for certain projects. Then there´s the science fiction part with lots of inspirations from Star Wars and other movies and the Warhammer 40k universe with their heavily armored soldiers. As a contrast to this there are fantasy inspirations, mostly from novels like Terry Pratchett´s Discworld, Tolkien´s Lord of the Rings and Andrzej Sapkowski´s Witcher Saga. Also I´m a lover of horror, dark arts and the occult, so there would be novels from H.P. Lovecraft for example and a range of visual artists for horror, science fiction and fantasy. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start creating in SL? Most important: Be patient! Passion and talent are helpful of course and video-tutorials on YouTube are a very good source to gather knowlegde. Many of your creations,like warriors, demons and even buildings shows a very dark nature. Does this reflects somehow your character or is it just an artistic preference ? This is an interesting question and it makes me smirk because the dark nature in my creations rather shows the complete opposite of my personal character. I´m not a dark person at all.

How did the new mesh feature changed your design process? It was a huge and needed step for SL. I was finally able to work on models freely without any restrictions from the old sculpty system. Its like playing with lego bricks. Imagine you only have a few bricks to build one day your parents are coming with boxes full of new bricks for you. While being undoubtedly a collection of amazing works of art, the most interesting part of your creations is that they are weareble ones. So i would like you to tell our readers what kind of items they can find in your shop and how to reach it? I´m focussing on fantasy and science fiction armor and outfits. Sometimes its very heavy, sometimes its very sexy.


secondnightersMagazine But I don´t limit myself and I doesn´t have a strict line up for my store. I just create what comes on my mind, so beside the armors and outfits there are full avatars, sculptures or other wearable accessories like cybernetic bodyparts or some special kinds of jewelry. I also like to do objects for sim design like the newly released old Wizard´s Tower. There´s more object´s like that I´m working on on my sim “Grollwerk Island” already. Do you have a blog or a website where our readers can go to be updated on your work ? Since there are many people from SL on Flickr I´m mainly using this to keep people updated ( photos/groll) but I´m planning on starting a Facebook page soon too.

Are your products on Marketplace too ? Yes, the marketplace nowadays is just as importand as inworld stores in my opinion. Last question! SecondLife is a very complex and fascinating world, what is your favorite feature ? That´s (not very surprising) the possibility to create in Second Life. There is somenthing you would change, given the chance, in SL? Generally I´m pretty fine with what SL has to offer, but I´d like to be able to pose the avatar directly inworld and save these poses. Thank you very much for your time and your availability and congratulations for your great work, we are sure our readers will loveit as we do. You are welcome and thank you for this interview.

Groll Greggan



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The Lastest and the Most viewed slurls posted by our members on Secondnights. A great way to explore new lands, stores and clubs...


1old europe village 2forgotten city

5am radio surface 6 roma

TOP SLURLS PHOTO INSPIRATION Aliquam ac erat at neque accumsan tristique. Praesent id tempor nisl. Curabitur sed nulla at magna venenatis cursus vitae nec tortor. Maecenas elit nunc, porttitor non tincidunt nec, scelerisque vel dolor. 120



4 am radio the ferry

7am radio super dyne

8 am radiothe far away 9 lost world







TOP SLURLS REAL LIFE PLACES Aliquam ac erat at neque accumsan tristique. Praesent id tempor nisl. Curabitur sed nulla at magna venenatis cursus vitae nec tortor. Maecenas elit nunc, porttitor non tincidunt nec, scelerisque vel dolor. 122



4mont st michel



9new england


Your world, your style...






TOP SLURLS FASHION STORES Aliquam ac erat at neque accumsan tristique. Praesent id tempor nisl. Curabitur sed nulla at magna venenatis cursus vitae nec tortor. Maecenas elit nunc, porttitor non tincidunt nec, scelerisque vel dolor. 126














TOP SLURLS SKINS & ACCESSORIES Aliquam ac erat at neque accumsan tristique. Praesent id tempor nisl. Curabitur sed nulla at magna venenatis cursus vitae nec tortor. Maecenas elit nunc, porttitor non tincidunt nec, scelerisque vel dolor. 128





9prime optics



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