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Season’s Greetings, Secondnighters, and welcome to this month’s issue of your Magazine! First, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to our newest contributors: writers DJNight Fhang and Medeena Resident, and travel guide Hacsa Karillion. We’re excited for you to see what they’ve brought to the team - we think you’re going to love them as much as we do! Second, and equally important: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For the first time in SecondNighters history, we have more than 12,000 readers and we’re still growing! So what’s inside our pages this month? Beautiful photos from Hacsa; Sandy interviews musician/ poetess, MommaLuv Skytower who has a unique and dynamic style all her own, plus Melissa chats with vocalist, Wytchwhisper Sadofsky. Ever wondered what it’s like to roleplay on a post apocalyptic sim? DJNight will tell you all about it. And Medeena has you covered with everything you want to know about buildable bots. “What’s that?” you say? Check out her article in this month’s issue and prepare to be amazed! We also have interviews with Skip Oceanlane, CEO of the Capital Exchange and professional wrestler, Loody Graves, the outrageously naughty, German Sensation from Munich who tells us about his latest venture, New Blood Wrestling! Plus, we have news of new clubs, fashion show photos, great hunts,

The Avi Choice Awards results, places to explore and much, much more… Tis the season to be jolly, readers, so you know know our rule: grab yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy this issue of SecondNighters then be sure to share with your friends. Whether you’re a new reader or someone who’s been with us from the beginning, we are so excited you’re with us - and, as always, be sure to stay tuned for next month’s issue where we’ll bring more music, machinima, and interviews galore!

Our best to you… Simone, Eithne and the SecondNighters Team Send us your opinions about SecondNighters! We want to know what you think is good and what you think isn’t so great. Tell us what you’d like to see and where we can improve. Your suggestions are important to us - we want to be the very best we can for you!

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176 FASHION WORLD 184 SL LITERATURE COMMUNITY 186 Donjuan Writer- Author


80 The Rock

192 The Capital Exchange 196 FISH HUNT by 200 Buildable Bots 204 - SlBLog Advertising



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Events, par ties, hunts... An eye on what happens in SL and a quick look to the upcoming events

by the Secondnighters Magazine’s Scouters

Eithne McBride

A Hunting We Will Go SL Hunts news

THE NATURE’S HUNT WHIMSICAL & MYTHICAL (23 December 2011 - 23 January 2012) Fire Beach presents The Nature’s Hunt Whimsical & Mythical, a magical and mysterious hunt - a hunt for everything whimsical and mythical in SL such as fairies, elves, legends and much more! This fantastic hunt provides hunters with the fun challenge of searching for some wonderful prizes AND a change to explore some amazing, nature-themed sims while they’re at it! *This hunt will have a $L1 charge for each hunt item. Starting Point: Website: Info: CHRISTMAS HUNT 2 (10 December 2011 - 10 January 2012) The Christmas Hunt is back with Christmas Hunt 2 - yay! Who doesn’t love the festivities of the season? This year’s gifts are brought to you from many wonderful designers, including some of our favourites: Sassy!, and Duh!, to name a few. Go to the website to see a preview of some of the (really cute and well made) gifties that are being offered this time around! Starting point: Website:

GOTHMAS BY GASLIGHT (15 December 2011 - 15 January 2012) Now, here’s a unique hunt for the season if you’re into the gothic side of your second life! The Gothmas By Gaslight hunt brings you an array of darkly, delicious gift items, including a full avatar of “The Ghost of Gothmas Yet To Come,” a Gothmas Sleigh (pulled by a skeletal Rudolph, natch), and more! Macabre! And a little FYI - if you visit the website, you can see previews of many of the designers’ gifts; trust me, with more than 100 designers contributing, there’s something for everyone on this hunt! Starting point: Eternity/50/141/21 Website:

ONCE UPON A TIME HUNT (18 December 2011 - 18 January 2012) Do you dare to dream of knights and princesses and fairytales come to life? Then the Once Upon A Time Hunt is the hunt for you! After you’ve found your goodies donated by the more than 75 participating stores, you’ll be living happily ever after in no time at all! Look for items from Sephora, Pretty Kitties, Wicked Needs to name a few! Starting Point: Lam/109/24/21 Website:

Saffia Widdershins, Elrik Merlin, MamaP Beerbaum and Dwen Dooley

Avi Choice Awards On Saturday, December 10, 2011, the ever-exciting Avi Choice awards were held in Second Life. This event, held during the Winter Expo, honours some of the very best of the best artists in world for their efforts based on votes cast by residents. Designers, builders, musicians and a host of SL celebrities were on hand to enjoy the event. Among the performances during the ceremony was an awe-inspiring performance of The Nut, presented by Ballet Pixelle, a virtual ballet company that is comprised of many RL dancers from around the world (! And here they are, ladies and gentlemen - your winners of the 2011 Avi Choice Awards!

Favorite Dance Animations: Craig Altman – Bits and Bobs Animations

Favorite Formal Venue: Nanceeee & Gymmy Sinatra – Frank’s Elite Jazz Club

Favorite Female AO Creator: Vista Barnes – Vista Barnes Animations

Favorite Live Music Venue: Reborn Wingtips & Mara Menges – RMS Titanic

Favorite Male AO Creator: Vista Barnes – Vista Animations

Favorite Country Singer: Savannah Coronet

Favorite Shopping Region: Agtaope Carter – Rodeo Drive

Favorite Pop Singer: Antonio Galloway

Favorite Jewelry Store: Abraxxa Anatine – Earthstones Jewelry

Favorite Rock Singer: Skye Galaxy

Favorite Skin Designer: Mallory Cowen – LAQ

Favorite SL Musical Group: Powers Avon – The Follow Favorite Singing Duo: Erin68Frogg & Satin Galli

Favorite Hair Designer: Truth Hawks – Truth Favorite Shoe Designer: Claire Messenger – N-Core

Favorite Female Musician: Noma Falta

Favorite Holiday Store: Minke Bailey – MB-Creationz

Favorite Male Musician: Russell Eponym

Favorite Furniture Creator: Winter Thorn – What Next

Favorite Women’s Apparel: Sascha Frangilli – Sascha’s Designs

Favorite Home Builder: Winter Thorn – What Next Favorite Breedable: Moxie Polano – Meeroos

Favorite SL Radio Station: Frolic Mills – BOS Favorite DJ: Oshee Yumako Favorite Rock Club: Lacey Milestone – Sanctuary Rock Club

Travel ideas... with Turistas do SL

by Hacsa Karillion

Hacsa Karillion

THE NORTH POLE Experience all fantasy Christmas!

The North Pole is an amazing place and perfect for a family outing! It’s fun for everyone! Take the sled at the entrance and be enchanted by the landscape around Christmas. The noise of the wind shows that the cold is getting stronger ... Smile with Santa’s helpers in the funniest situations! The lights and bells make the place a cozy corner where you can sit to take a hot chocolate, sit beside the fire to chat with friends or enjoy the balls of houses scattered in the land. Every Sunday with live music at 6:00 SLT HPM. Schedule this time for you to enjoy a unique climate and live a very important time in second life! Merry Christmas! Teleporte:

Hacsa Karillion


Anyway it’s Christmas!

A beautiful time to celebrate the good things in life and make special thanks for all that passed. To celebrate, we brought a very special and warm place for you to spend an unforgettable time this Christmas. Check this out! Glandiun is a beautiful land for its simplicity and whimsy in every piece we observe. The atmosphere of the place is magical and makes us want to spend hours and hours walking quietly and playing in the snow. You can make beautiful photos for your scrapbook. The quiet animals coexist with ice in a beautiful way. The budding romance is right and you will find many couple dances and balls of the most varied. Will enjoy a sleigh ride or skating and good fun! Teleporte:


and the SL Music...

by Melissa Islander

The Fairy

Wytchwhisper Sad

I have been following Wytchwhisper Sadofsky most of my time these past several weeks (when SL would let me in that is) but she is so busy, too; she can have as many as 6 or 7 gigs in a day! There are too many places to list but you should be able to find her at the Bella Vida, The Kickin or at the Lost Lover’s dancing club, to name a few venues.

She not only sings but also participates in other activities in SL like an actors studio for example. She also writes so check out her blog, too (http://

The other evening, Wytchie performed at the Oceanus and it was a fun hour as always. Wytchwhisper not only sings in English but she can Wytchie, as she calls herself sometimes, is a witty cover songs in “domestic cat” language, as well something you have to hear! She will cover artists girl from Canada with a lot of humor.

dofsky from The Beatles to Lady Gaga, not forgetting She then came to SL to do the same thing but then Madonna and Prince, two artists she admits she has she met a few of the SL singers like Franklee Anatra, been influenced by. She’ll also sing a mellow “Ain’t HatHead Rickenbacker and Zerbie Magic. No Sunshine” from Eva Cassidy, a stormy “Great Balls of Fire” from Jerry Lee Louis and so many others. She was then gently nudge into singing as well. In fact, it’s almost as if she always knew she should I had the opportunity, between a concert and a she once was in a choir as a kid and she told me that photo shoot, to chat with Wytchwhisper for a few often when she was sad or wanted to escape, she minutes. She explained that she was first designing would go outside and sing; that would help her and stuff in 3D in the Sims2. change her mood.

She really believes that singing does bring happiness and I am sure she makes her followers happy! Also she believes that artists in SL, and real life for that matter, do not compete but complement each other, improving themselves by participating in the community. She says it so well: “I wish we would accept each other and build each other up, not tear each other down.” Singing in SL has built Wytchie’s confidence she said and she thinks eventually she might consider singing in RL, too. Her fans would love that. By the way, speaking of her fans, Wytchwhisper says that she wishes them all the best and that she hopes they all follow their dreams like she does, finding a way to be happy every day! So the next time you see her name on a concert ad, hop in a cab and join her fairy world.

Showcase Live music news...

by Sandy Demina


MOMMALUV SKYTOWER Mommaluv Skytower is an electronic artist/poetess who uses her voice as a pen and her music as paper creating globally fused artistic musical compositions that invite you into her mind. She’s from Philadelphia in the USA where she attended and graduated from a magnet music school. She has been playing music for a really long time, mainly violin, guitar, and piano. She has been in several bands since the age of 14 and, after a seven year hiatus, she got back into it when she was 27. However, her medium now is sound design with the invention of computers. “I have stayed faithful to this method,” Mommaluv says. “Over the years, as I like to make my own sounds from loops I make using my Pro88 & Roland keyboards, which I then bring into my production program. I also use my vocals and make them sound like instruments- tweaking them with plug-ins. And when I want a more traditional sound, I collaborate with people who are much better at playing instruments than I am and then apply the same method so I can stylize the sound as I want to hear it.”

When I asked her to describe her style, she told me how she arrived, in 2005, to self-proclaim it as (a) VANTRONIK (m)AYHEM : “I was having a conversation with a friend as we were trying to figure out how to market my songs on the net so they would stand out from the rest. As we spoke, we looked at the genres that formed my style - electronica, acoustic, the avante guarde, psychedelia, spoken word and chaos. And then I took the genres and tried to mesh all the words together and decided on (a)(m) mews – which had more flexibility to play with. Shortly after, I saw music sites coming up with similarly named genres & thought that was cool as the standard genres now had expansion for those of us who do not fit into any, one genre!” Mommaluv says that she considers herself a songstress, not a singer, since she likes to use her voice in more theatrical than traditional ways, floating her music around her written poetry. Furthermore, she always hated being called a singer; her earlier years involved with music were quite traumatic and frustrating, due to the fact that record labels and mainstream producers she worked with always tried to make her sound like the famous singers at the time, quite nerving definitely! Taking her own inner cues, she decided to refrain from anything remotely “mainstream,” producers, and labels, etc.

I asked her how long it takes to write a song or a piece of music. “Some of my songs I have written and composed in lightening flash speed and others I have grueled over as I wanted them to sound a particular way and evoke a certain emotion. Also, depending on what part of the composition we are talking about, the timeframe changes as practically all of my lyrics are pretty much written in a matter of minutes. It’s when I add the musical composition that it begins to mutate and the time then is spent on how I will deliver them as a song and what musical bed it will lay in. I often feel as I am being used as a tool and I become inhabited by some unseen force that wants to use me to say things they haven’t and that force won’t stop nagging me until I write down the words; I’ll often wake up from a sound sleep with a song in my head so I have to keep a book and pen next to my bed. Since I haven’t done any great things that have helped humanity, I sometimes see this

force as something/someone that didn’t have the chance to say what they needed on the physical grid and I don’t mind the intrusion. Sometimes the words I write aren’t always from my experiences or what I particularly believe in.” I asked her what she spends the most time on, music or lyrics, and she responded, “the lyrics usually come pretty much in the cadence of a conversation. The music, however, takes a little longer unless it is a melody – those I just bang out on the keys then mutate with the programs I use.” At my question about which acts have most inspired her, she responded, “In the earlier development of my music, the “acts” that inspired me were the not so famous artists of the time when I was listening to them…Coil, Legendary Pink Dots, Erasure, Moby, Diamanda Galas, Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits, Aphex Twin, Trisome3, 808, Philip Glass, Depeche Mode, the Roots, q-tip,

Jill Scott, Danny Tenaglia, Yello, Blanc Mange and many others that would take up most of this interview if I listed them all. Pretty much anyone who someone never heard of! The more popular artists who pretty much have been household names since their onset into the music realm are Nina Simone- first and foremost, Blondie- although I found her last album a little short, Earth Wind and Fire, Donna Summer, Linda Ronstadt, David Bowie, Patti Smith, and pretty much anything my mother played on the ginormous stereo console that took up half the living room and 8 track,” she says laughing. Since I’m always very interested in the “creation process,” I asked her where she gets her ideas for songs and pieces of music.”Like I said, I pretty much feel as though I’m being “used” by an unseen force and still have no idea why and for what,” she says. “I do, however, also write songs from my own experiences. I don’t always release those right away as they are sometimes very revealing; people tend to ask a lot of questions and sometimes they are about people or situations I did not like. So they are sort of my way of dealing with the anger or anguish that resulted- giving me retribution, so to speak.” Of course, many are the sources of inspiration for an artist, many songs come from a real experience of life or from the persons we meet; Mommaluv told me she has been fortunate to have some very positive people in her life and, not so fortunately, there have been some extremely negative, damaging people as well. It’s those negative people who pretty much have inspired her music, as she needed an escape. Over the last several years, her music has evolved more from her found connection with God and witnessing many miraculous things in her lifetime and her own evolution from a very dark and lost being who felt trapped by others’ temptations, as well as her own. “I no longer feel this way,” Mommaluv say, “and I spend a lot of time reflecting on the old me, still

working to abolish fears that once enslaved me. I try to be inspirational to others who may feel they too are trapped and attempt to write songs that may set something off that will help them escape the perceptions of others that may cause them to feel powerless. We are all special; unfortunately, we don’t always see that so easily, especially if someone is telling you that you are not.” There have been some pivotal moments in Mommaluv’s life. Once was in 1988when she was to be signed to a major record label. “They did not want the band that came with me,” Mommaluv says, “and they invested a lot of time in vocal lessons and radio play, which I thought was for all of us. Eventually I was told I was the only one being signed. I found that really horrible for my fellow band members as in my eyes they used them so I told them I wasn’t interested if the band didn’t come with me.” Another pivotal moment was in 1993 when she was in an industrial band and relied on the members to make the music, as she was just singing and writing and contributing creative input. “When the CD was finally produced I was not mentioned so, at that point, I decided to learn computers and software and produce my own music.” Then in 1999 she had the opportunity to work for a major recording studio. She got the job because of her years working on her own music and working with some famous DJ/producers to write some club songs. Having pretty much established herself in Philadelphia as a responsible artist, the owner of the studio thought she would be good as an assistant. “However as my destiny would have it we didn’t see eye to eye and he told me electronica music didn’t have a chance – he had produced a lot of Motown artists and won a lot of Grammy’s for his work,” she says. “It was a constant struggle and a few other things happened that just made my time there awful.

So I left. I immediately had the opportunity to be in some “b” rated movies and from there found myself working with a DJ/Producer friend of mine and had a deal in the making to work with a very famous artists who I will leave unnamed, which fell through. Then in 2004, I found myself on ACIDplanet, using the artist name inFareDHaZe. I was well received there and many artists there helped me learn things I didn’t know about the internet which helped me branch out onto several other sites, eventually getting my songs on iTunes, which was not so easy to do back then! I produced several albums of my work, which are all available on my websites. Had a few disappointments on the way, but also had a few great moments. All and all establishing myself there led me to doing things on my own. This way, if anything fails or doesn’t get done, it’s on me and I no longer have my destiny in the hands of others who may be a little clumsy or lazy!” Then I asked her which song she would most like to have written. “What song would I have liked to have written???” Momma smiles. “ Hands down… Wild is the Wind….I love that song and the way Nina Simone sings it is like no other. I believe David Bowie also did it but it’s just not the same. She owns that song! It was perfect for her voice and the way she delivers her lyrics.” Then we started speaking about SL. I asked her how she discovered the grid. “Ahhhhh…the infamous how did you discover SL??? Well, I had been working with artists on ACIDplanet. Some I became really good friends with produced a song and submitted it to Indiespectrum Radio and were performing already in SL as DeepskyTravelers. Apparently the song did really well so they kept telling me I had to get into SL - that I would do really well. So after several months of them telling me, I decided to check it out and created MommaLuv Skytower. At the time I was performing in RL and traveling. I must admit I didn’t stay too long.

My brain couldn’t adjust to how this was going to work, nor did I have the knowhow and, no matter how much they tried to explain, I couldn’t see how it would work for me as I in RL am pretty much an “in your face” kind of person and not knowing who I was dealing with kind of freaked me out as in SL it’s more interpersonal, unlike the other sites I already belonged to. Somehow the idea of looking at a person- you want to make sure the avi’s puppeteer was a legitimately sincere individual- and the fact that sex is an aspect here- that in my opinion leaves room for major dishonesty and people’s intentions even if they are ‘only’ an avatar.” “So,” she goes on telling, “I ignored their requests and kept telling them it was silly. Then I had a RL scare while traveling to a show and couldn’t get back to my children so I decided I would put future travel on hold and researched the SL music scene and what was required to make this work. I also tried to find anything written or discussed about SL from a non-in world resident. I then found an article about a band that was signed with Universal I think. They decided to scrap their contract and only release their music in SL, giving them full control over what they did. This I liked!!! As I am somewhat of a control freak with my own music endeavors based on my history. SO I popped back in and they were constantly poking fun at me since I still didn’t quite understand the whole thing. I quickly learned about huds, skins, xstreet, excite and hair!!! So I began the search for the things I needed that would allow me to make my avi as close to the real me as possible. I think I have succeeded. However Momma is much more glamorous than I am in RL, LOL! Possibly richer too!” However, once I committed to SL, the people I met along the way have kept me here. And there are a lot of people to thank as they took me under their cyber wings and helped me a lot.” I asked her if she ever thought to use her real name for what she usually does in Second Life.”Actually I do.

People love the ‘Mommaluv’ name so my friends call me Momma or greet me with ‘MommaLUV!!!’” she smiles. “I love it of course and they do their own on-the-spot commercials for me sometimes, using phrase and quotes I use on my websites. It’s really only been since 2005 I started using Mommaluv.” “What you like to do here in Second Life when you are not playing?” I asked her. “I pretty much look at this like a job. I devote the necessary hours and I’m not sure how to not work in here. I attend live shows, art exhibits, and anything that perpetuates creative RL interaction. I do regular searches for sims I have heard about to see the expressions of others’ creativity. I also work on my own land as I have a stage, a beach, and office, where I practice so I can get the most out of my own shows, I do also shop and I’m always impressed by the creativity and dedication exercised by the designers here in SL.” Mommaluv definitely thinks that SL can be a valid showcase for her RL works. “Besides my friends’ influence, Claus Uriza, who owns POPARTLAB gave me my first opportunity to perform and was responsible for my very first interview here in SL with TreetTV. He and Persia Bravin pretty much paved my way here who then introduced me to Sabrina Nightfire who run the Caerleon art Collaborative. Not to mention my friends of DeepSky Traveler, who are constantly promoting me and who introduced me to Starys Sands of Shooting Star Entertainment, who has been very instrumental in getting me paid gigs and gigs where people are actually there. She is my manager pretty much and had schooled me of the do’s and don’ts of the SL music scene. I feel very grateful to have met these people and it is because of them I have decided to stay in SL and continue. I asked her if she uses other kind of digital promotions. “I have and some have been instrumental and some have been pretty much just part of the growth as I’m not sure what purpose they actually served. I agreed several months ago to offer my music for free download as I didn’t make much money with monetary downloads.

I’m guessing because there is software by which people can by-pass that and I consider what I have online as promotional material and being that most of the avenues I have used is for free, I justify the free downloads as advertisement. If people want to contribute monetarily they can donate to my sites or see me in world”. “Where do you see yourself a year from now; will Second Life still exist?” I finally asked her. “I will still be doing music, as I have too and have been doing it for over 30 years so I don’t see myself ever giving it up ever,” she smiles. “I believe SL will still be around and will adjust itself to the trends that change to satisfy their own financial needs. I myself have altered, rearranged, and adjusted to the changes I have seen and will continue to do so, as it is a matter of my own survival. Things do change so if you don’t have that ability you cannot succeed. I’m also guessing eventually I will stream my performances live as well while in world. I just don’t have the pc/man power as of yet to do that. As I sing and animate and stream and would probably need a group of people to do the video stream part- not to mention a bigger studio. Eventually I will perform in RL again, I’m just waiting for my kids to get a little older and for certain fears to subside. In the meantime I will embrace my time on Second Life and bask in its beauty and opportunity.”

The values of sport

fair play, comradeship and spirit of self-improvement.

Enjoy the SL Soccer game!

Explore the world of clubs and disco, find the best places for your parties!


The Rock


“Are you afraid? *evil girl giggles*”

The DJs are extremely professional.

This is what I remember from my very first foray into “The Rock” almost two years ago. I had been wandering the grid a few days, found a job, and was looking for a place that was NOT my work to relax in. DJ Azaryel Greyskin was on the stage, talking and playing with her audience and the music was a pulse pounding rock beat. I had found my place to hide and relax! I remember thinking to myself that they were as professional as any radio crew I had heard. As it turns out I wasn’t far wrong.

They all use voice in world and, according to staffing manager Sweetkiss Vyper, some have recently been contacted to do RL voice-over work as well. It’s easy to see from the start that everyone works hard to keep guests happy. There is no “phoning in” your work with this establishment.

The club is a part of an online radio station staffing network, TurboDJ, that uses a pool of nearly 50 DJs and a single management team to staff and entertain multiple clubs across the grid, as well as streaming live 24 hours a day on the web. For more information, please visit The Rock has changes a bit since my early SL days. It’s larger, more open and has much more art on the walls. While I suppose one could complain about the change of a beloved venue into something you can barely recognize the simple truth is SL is ever changing. The fact they changed, and matured verses just falling off the map (insert heartfelt longing for Club Pandora) is an accomplishment in and of itself.

The hosting staff are engaging and entertaining as well. It’s always nice to see parity with your DJs and hosts - it gives the show a much better vibe and at The Rock, a high-quality, hard rocking vibe is what it’s all about!

Club Owners

Jernae Sweetwater xxDexterxx Dagger (club coowner and tech lead)

DA Boss

MoonKiss Unplugged

General Manager SweetKiss Vyper


Hope Serande

Schedule Manager DarkDiva Mystiere

One thing that has remained constant, is that this club is a ROCK only club. You won’t catch a pop song sneaking in on their watch!



We are an organization dedicated to bringing the public a great time. We believe in outreach and variety. DJs and Live Musicians in the group will have easy access to help if need be, but also to be amongst peers to share their music and beliefs amongst others within their same trade.

Club owners in the group will have quick and easy access to a wide variety of DJs and Live Musicians for whatever needs they may have. Club Owners can post notices on what they need reguarding music. PLEASE DO NOT POST EVENTS... ONLY DJ NEEDS!!! Please make sure in your notice you list.... »» Where and when you need a DJ or Live Musicians »» 100% tips and /or salary pay amount »» Contact info for who the DJs and Live acts need to respond to »» What type of music you are looking for (we have DJs and soon Live Musicians that are in many and every genre...this will help narrow down to good replies)

THE DJ NIGHT Besides these great benefits, DJ World provides a showcase of DJ talent by having a monthly showcase called DJ NIGHT. This is like a 12 hour marathon of 12 different DJs in the group, going for a set an hour each. This showcase is bought to you by AQUA LOUNGE, ARSENAL, BEYOND OBSESSIONS, IRONWORKS and a guest club. This event gives the DJs exposure to an audience that they might not have DJ-ed for before. Same as stated above, club owners and people planning parties will be able to view some of the talent in the group if they need them for further use.

STREAM RENTALS Details about these service can be taken up with Sascha Laval (Stream Rentals). This service may be essential needs for beginning club owners that need a house stream (for DJs that don’t have their own streams and need to connect to a server to stream their music in via their software). A new and very simple way to rent a stream directly. With DJ World’s “Speedy Stream”

you will get an object called payment device. you can take it with you and can rent a stream whenever you want. Streams for 100 listeners and 192 kbit. You can rent the streams for 1 day, 7, 30 or 60 days. Now in the group: about 200 DJ’s and about over 110 Club Owners. If you want to be a member of the group send an IM to Sasch Petrov, InsyX Piranha Kaj Juutilainen, MountainBear Botanical, Jacki Jayaram or Sascha Laval.

For more info on the group, DJ Nights, services, or whatever: then please contact the necessary people below. Also, thanks for showing interest in DJ World.

DJ MEETING POINT A space with a lot of advertise boards for DJ’s. A cheap possibility for DJ’s (groupmembers of DJ World) to show their pics and give their notecards to inform interested people who are looking for DJ’s for their events.


DJ WORLD OWNER (english, german)


DJ WORLD OWNER (english)


DJ WORLD STREAM OWNER (english, german)










YOU ARE A DJ ? SECONDNIGHTS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Promote your DJ set on our system, invite friends, Get your DJ page and deliver your events over 400 HUD in SL. And with our EXCLUSIVE partnership with the DJ World Group, be a member of the Most Important SL DJ group today

YOU HAVE A CLUB ? SECONDNIGHTS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Promote your Events on our system and get your FREE CLUB PAGE and banner, deliver your events over 400 HUD in SL, on 35 social network on the web and on the MAJOR SL Blogs. What are you waiting for ? it’s totally FREE..

GET FOR FREE FROM THE MARKETPLACE OR FROM OUR INWORLD KIOSKS THE DANCE MACHINE This button allows you to choose your dance animations when you are at your best party night. you can also put your favourity dance animatons on it and create your best dance HUD combinations.

HOW TO ADD YOUR DANCES Adding dances to the HUD is really simple. 1) Rez it on the ground 2) choose your dances from your inventory 3) Drag it on to the HUD 4) Take the HUD and Wear again. With a click on the central button a men첫 will appera. You can turn the dance mode ON and OFF and you can set the time for dance changes by clicking on the button "Timer".

A special gift for all the Secondnighters... A special HUD to keep in contact with your favourity community of the net. With this fantastic gift you will have all the nightlife entertainment world in your hands.


With this new version we add an amazing function to our HUD. Now you can post your event message directly on the site from SL. Click on the icon and follow the instructions in the local chat. Your message will appear directly on the Secondnights home page with the SLURL link too!


This functions send you a message in Open Chat with the events of the day with: * Title * Time * Genre * Venue and SLUrl


Now by clicking on the Heart icon you can create your accound in World in a simple and quick way, be a secondnighter today...

Exclusive presentation of the industry leaders in television, radio, magazines and media...

by Christiana Wycliffe

Designing Worlds!

By a show of hands, how many of us are addicted to home decorating shows? I can almost hear the echoing chorus of “Me! Me! Me!” coming from readers as I ask the question… Oh wait! That’s the sound of my own voice echoing in my ears. Needless to say, chances are many of us watch home decorating shows, especially of the reality variety, quite regularly and today you can add another to your list of “Must see TV” by virtue of Treet TV’s Designing Worlds.

Designing Worlds is hosted by Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin on Treet TV. You can watch the show in world on a variety of Television Screens and you can see it again on the Treet TV website ( What is especially incredible about a design show on Second Life is that it isn’t relegated to a room in a house; rather it can range from a one house build to an entire themed sim or even an entire group of sims to demonstrate the reach of creativity throughout Second Life. Recently, Saffia and Elrik went to the SL Mainland for a series of episodes and introduced viewers to sights and builds they may not have even known existed. I myself saw things I never knew existed and can’t wait to see on SL in person now that I have seen them on the show! (Bet you can’t do that so easily in a RL Decorating Show!) The “Rails & Trails” episode of Designing Worlds aired on Treet TV on November 7, 2011. It was the 142nd episode of the show – a feat within itself in Second Life. This particular episode featured a trip to the mainland of Second

Life which, as was pointed out by the hosts, constitutes 20 percent of the Second Life land mass. The trip they took led them to the Northern Continent, or Atoll Continent, of the mainland and an incredible transportation system that was truly amazing. I have seen a lot of things on SL, but I had no idea that there was an actual railway system connecting more than 80 regions and incorporating 20 branches into other areas. According to the hosts, in 2005 and 2006, a contest was held requesting proposals for train stations with very specific limitations regarding prim count. Builders submitted their designs and the winners were selected. Many of the spectacular train stations were created by residents whose designs were chosen and some were made by the SL Department of Public Works. Other stations along the way were private stations and railroad lines. In addition to this incredible railway system, there is a beautiful trail running through several regions known as “High Mountain Trails,” which

Saffia and Elrik took a lovely ride through on their various horses, guided by Simple Wunderlich. What was really impressive about the show was that they pointed out a variety of builds along the way and showed viewers a great variety of possibilities within SL. The trails they rode on horseback were beautiful and featured everything from spiders in the great SL wall to rats running across the path and lovely landscaping - even the occasional wall graffiti! Saffia and Elrik were extremely knowledgeable about the structures they pointed out and the videography was spectacular. While watching the show, you almost forget that you’re watching a decorating show in SL, until you realize that one of the horses is of the Steampunk variety and the house being pointed out is floating in the sky. In this particular episode, not only were the railway system and the trail featured, but also the work of Simple Wunderlich through his home and art gallery. Simple also designs books of the coffee table variety and they are beautiful meditative pieces. His home includes a zoo of an incredible variety of things and an area known as Lythria where he builds a variety of things and puts art, etc. which are open to the public. Additionally, he points out the airports on the mainland which would constitute a whole different episode altogether! The episode concluded with a tour of the Snowlands which started as a privately owned railway and is also the home of Winterfest now. It is also a place which is now on top of the list of places I would like to visit as it has an incredible winter games and sports area to include skiing, tobogganing, sledding, and anything else you can think of.

The ski lift, as pointed out by Saffia and Elrik, even has amazingly realistic sound effects like the squeaks and rumbles of a RL ski lift. Never having seen anything like these places on SL, I was awestruck by the talent and ingenuity of builders throughout SL. The show is put together extremely well and demonstrates not only the talent of designers from all over the world, but also the talent of Saffia and Elrik as they bring viewers pieces of SL they may never have seen or heard of before. After all, SL is a constantly changing, amorphous place and we tend to visit places we are familiar with but thanks to Designing Worlds, we can see places and things that we can also experience first hand and increase our enjoyment of Second Life. Be sure to catch the show on Mondays on Treet TV and learn about the incredible things SL has to offer so you can broaden your horizons and gain a new appreciation for the world of Second Life.

Sports, RPG games and and more, followed for you each month...

by DjNight Fhang

Interview With Loody Graves

NEW BLOOD WRES Alright, show of hands: who here is a fan of prowrestling? *raises hand* I know I’m not the only one in Second Life and guess what! Your dreams of sitting ringside while watching the wrestling drama and top-notch fighting can come true, right here on the grid! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen - professional wrestling, complete with good guys, bad guys and LOTS of smacktalk, props happen every weekend, courtesy of New

Blood Wrestling! The other day, I got the chance to sit down and talk with the baddest bad guy in Virtual Wrestling himself - the Five-Time World Heavyweight Champion German Sensation from Munich, Loody Graves (ooooooooh!). Graves is also, coincidentally, chairman and co-owner of the new and exciting, New Blood Wrestling organization (also known as the NBW). Graves’ RL fascination with pro wrestling began at a

STLING very young age, when he began watching recorded matches of the old WWF Wrestlemania events with his dad. By the time he saw “The Big Match” between Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant, he was hooked! Eventually, Graves went on to become a RL certified pro wrestling referee and he now brings his experience, business sense and a whole lot of smack down fun to SL in the form of virtual professional wrestling. Loody first joined Second Life in the winter of 2007.

By early 2009, he’d found virtual wrestling in world and, shortly after that discovery, he cofounded the XWA (Xtreme Wrestling Action). After more than two years with that group, Graves decided to branch off on his own and, together with reliable friends, Ted Alter, Vicious Sion and Stuart Warf, the concept of New Blood Wrestling was born. Knowing that his talents lay mainly in character development, marketing and the general action of wrestling itself, Graves relied heavily on Alter for

his building and scripting talents and then turned to Warf for his A/V abilities. “I don’t know where I’d be without Ted, Vicious and Stuart,” stated Graves. “I gave them a task list, left them to it and, before I could blink twice, they had it all done. ALL done. As the person behind the concept, it’s my job to have a working knowledge of what these guys do - and I do - but the credit is all theirs. Ted probably built and scripted 80% of everything we use. Stuart takes care of all of the sounds and lighting for the shows plus he does all of our videotaping and edits for our YouTube channel videos. And then, bringing it all together, Vicious manages talent relations and line-ups.”

On 15 October 2011, the NWB was born. That month was completely dedicated to developing the concept, building the arena and the surrounding sim, creating the website, starting the YouTube channel, developing the concepts for the organization and deciding who would be brought on board as wrestlers. By the time November arrived, the team was ready to begin their test runs. Major glitches could have been disastrous so nerves were a bit on edge as Graves set up the first exhibition match for the first weekend in November. The big day arrived - three matches in one hour - and 45 guests showed up! To everyone’s happy surprise, there was only one technical issue

that was quickly resolved. The feedback was extremely positive. The second scheduled event took place a week later - most of the people who’d been at the first event returned and brought friends with them! Testing continued through the first half of December and went exceedingly well. So what’s up next? The NBW team is now preparing for “The Proving Ground” (“Grand Opening” for those of you who aren’t in the know. And by “those of you who aren’t in the know,” I mean me. I’m not exactly the most knowledgeable when it comes to sports lingo but I’m working on it!), which will take place on 8 January 2012 at 2:00pm SLT in a three-hour long event at the SecondNights Ultra Lounge, located

at the SecondNights Arts Foundation (http://maps. There will be a six-sided, outdoor ring for the matches and seating is limited so get there early - Graves promises excitement, fun and a whole lot of smack. Believe me, you will NOT want to miss this! The free-perview event will also be televised and broadcast the following Saturday at 6pm SLT courtesy of MetaMix TV for those who can’t get into the sim. In the weeks following the proving ground, the NBW will alternate their schedule between wrestling at home and going on the road, bringing their events to a wide variety of sims around the grid. All freeper-view shows will be streamed live on MetaMix TV

- televised dates will be published at the NBW website: To attend a live show on the road, click on “Touring” for SLURL information. There are approximately 25 wrestlers in the NBW organization. If you’d like to fulfill your fantasy of becoming a pro wrestler, contact Loody in world for an interview - and ladies, this is not restricted to male wrestlers! Have you ever dreamed of being that sexy badass girl who can take someone out with a well placed clothesline? Contact Loody. If you’ve got what it takes, he’ll train you and help you develop your pro wrestling character. Speaking of that, I couldn’t resist asking him - if he was going to help me become a pro wrestler, what sort of character would he create for me? Oh that’s easy - obviously you’re stunningly beautiful, brilliant, and everyone loves you so you’d be the goddess wrestler with a lovely ethereal air about you that no one could touch. Women would all want to be you and the men would fall at your feet in adoration. Okay. In the interest of full discloser, that is NOT what Loody said, even though it’s what I wanted to hear. The truth is, he nailed my persona perfectly: “Eithne, I think I’d start you out as a back stage interviewer,” (what?? I don’t even get to wrestle in this pretend scenario??) “After interviewing some superstars, maybe we’d develop some sort of character through a love triangle who’s brought into a wrestling situation” My immediate thought was, “well, now we’re talkin’!” but please don’t look for me to be donning spandex any time soon - I think I’m better suited to the VIP ringside seats, where I can safely interview amazing people like Loody Graves and the rest of the team at the New Blood Wrestling organization!

We create men and women clothes, with a fresh and colorful style. We offer Low Prices and good quality Clothings, leggins, jeans, tops, dress. clothing Casual. Guinevere Silverfall Monique Congrejo

Website: SL Group: 443243b7-34c1-4e55-1c6a-84fe5ff3d727 CumBia Team Email:

By DjNight Fhang


THE WASTELANDS Shrouded in a cloud, you slowly feel your senses come to life as you awaken to this new world around you. You begin to open your eyes, their focus slow, the surroundings begin to reform. You make your way out of your little hovel only to see the devastation. Your city, in ruins, is no longer a place where you feel at home. This is all so very new. Looking around, the landmarks that guided you on your daily treks are no longer there. The banks, shops, stores‌ all gone. You try to decipher this new

world around you and realize that what once was has changed into something dramatically different. It’s time to stop living and start surviving. As you look across the landscape, what was once a vibrant prospering city, complete with magnificent buildings and awe inspiring natural beauty, is now nothing more than sand and ruins. In all your time in school, and even in church, they never told you the apocalypse would be like this. You scavenge

around finding bits and pieces of clothing. Looking more like a character from Mad Max, you head out in search of.......anything. Broken cars, broken dreams, broken spirits are what you have to look forward to. The occasional random passerby no longer feels like an average Joe walking the streets; he is like you, a scavenger. A sense of danger invades your being like never before. You come across a stranger obviously looking for anything of use. After pleasantries are exchanged and he doesn’t try to kill you, it becomes

apparent, you’re gonna have to trust someone so it might as well be him. This amazing adventure didn’t happen in the future or in some distant world. You can experience this and so much more as your explore the Wastelands on the Lost Fissure sim group. Complete with torn down buildings, destroyed cars and lots of sand, this post apocalyptic sim is perfect for the role player looking to test his or her mettle in surviving

the end of the world. As you TP in, you find yourself secure and safe (for the moment) in a little shack. It’s from there that your adventure begins. As you look around, the scenery is jaw dropping. Done with a certain artistry, the landscape transports you visually to a place that is no longer familiar or safe. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. The beauty of this design is how it heightens your senses in a very real, RL manner. I found myself looking around, my guard up for what might come. My pixels were scared! In retrospect, what a perfect feeling to walk away with. A virtual world, designed with such care as to engulf your mind and emotions and excite with the feelings of peril and adventure, this is the post apocalyptic role players dream. If you are THAT role player you would do yourself a great injustice by not taking your friends and enjoying all this world has to offer. In the Wastelands of the Fissure Sim Group, the apocalypse is here....Do YOU have what it takes to survive? ...See ya on the scavenger hunt!

Winter Dreams SL Christmas ART

by Carlotta Ceawlin

Winter Magic *This month we take you to winter wonderland with wonderful artwork from some of SL`s finest artists! Enjoy!!* *Thanks to the artists: Aelin Quan, Cala Rossini, Eves Rodenberger, Karro Lean, Kira Westland*





Ariel Brearly SL Photographer

AVATAR NAME ariel Brearly NAME AND SLURL OF YOUR GALLERY: 13 Gallery but it’s on ‘hiatus’ at the moment FLICKR STREAM (or another site where your works are displayed):

1) How did you discover Second Life and what made you create an account? I arrived in Second Life in 2005 - honestly can’t remember how I discovered it now :-) 2) And when you discover the virtual photography art ? I’d always taken snapshots, and always had an arts background, but it was probably about 2 years later that I became interested in digital manipulation using graphics software. 3) How you describe your Photo style ? and what kind of subjects you like ? Surreal, Fantasy, Expressive. I’m fascinated in the ‘form’ of the avatar and what it can represent for us within a virtual environment. 4) You took inspiration by RL and by famous Artist ? All kinds of things inspire me - music, literature, mythology, Art both virtual and real 5) What have you been doing in SL? Tell us your story: what have you been up to or what have you created. I’ve been around for some time now in Second Life, I love the ‘Serendipity’ of Second Life, the weird and the random, that springs from the imagination and creativity of others. Due to the length of time I’ve spent here, I’ve been an elf, a vampire, amongst other things - but I’m a very lazy role-player :-) I enjoy observing and exploring far more. I love to shop for clothing and knick-knacks - most of which never see the light of day from my inventory - it’s enough for me to know they’re there :) I love the Avatar itself as an artform and form of expression.

6) How SL let you improve your know how or skills ?* I enjoy the Art installations in SL - for example, Immersiva, Delicatessen, UTSA Artspace, and some of the thematic places too, Wastelands, and Insilico, but sadly some of my favourite thematic places inworld are no longer around. 7) Are there any famous/or not so famous RL artists that inspire you? I love Art in general - I also Paint and occasionally Sculpt in real life. I love the work of Zdzisław Beksiński, Bader Mahasneh, Giacometti, to name just a few . Thanks

Eithne McBride

FASHION SHOWS IN SECOND LIFE! One of the most wonderful things about Second Life is, say it with me: FASHION. Our avatars can be whatever we wish them to be and, chances are, there are designers out there who will cater to your look. And just as in real life, in SL, this means………………… shows! As a fashion writer in world, I have the honour of being invited to shows each week and, every, single time, I never cease to be amazed at the hard work that goes into designing an outfit down to the last details to styling the entire look and producing an entire virtual runway show. This month, I decided to feature two of my favourites. First, BoHo HoBo presented the Meena show, featuring designer, Trill Zapatero’s new shop and line, Meena, named for the founding member of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan runway show on November 13th, as Part of Peacefest 2011 (RAWA, which has been fighting for the rights of women in Afghanistan since 1971). Guests sat on big, fluffy pillows under brightly coloured canopies as we watched the models strut across a natural desert rock background, complete with mountain goats. The designs were what Zapatero calls ‘Afghanistan Bohemian,’ which is more or less a blend of traditional Afghan styles and western fashion concepts. Tajik, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Kuchi nomad, Indian, Turkish and Persian styles are all influencing factors in the style of traditional Afghan clothes and as well in this collection of Afghanistan Bohemian wear and the overall effect is beautiful and wearable. I would GLADLY buy practically everything from this line if Trill was a RL fashion designer! To shop Meena in world, click here: Four%20Bridges%20Exhibit/46/18/2

The next show I happily attended featured high-end style straight from Europe: DK Designs, Countdown, and Lipstick Fashion presented their latest offerings on the France 3D - Marseilles sim on November 20th and let me tell you, these designers know fashion. Talk about haute couture! The models’ looks were polished from head to toe with sleek, sexy fashion that any woman would feel utterly sexy and stylish wearing around the grid, from the cute and casual daywear ensembles and the bold, sexy clubwear curves to the evening gowns that looked as though they belong on the Miss Virtual World runway! No detail was spared, right down to the diamond studded fingernails! The overall feel was high volume flash and glamour that left us all thinking, “oooh, I want that! No, that! Oh, and that! and that… and that!” DK Designs owner, Dexter Kaupas, has this to say: “I don’t take RL existing clothing and just copy them. I make each item and each curve to fit perfectly. If you have any item you can’t find, let me know and we will discuss making it for you.” Sound enticing? It should! Click here to shop in world: DK Designs: Montliard/118/216/131 Lipstick Fashion: FRANCE3D%20Alma/207/128/27 Countdown: Blossom/172/246/2003 If you’ve never been to a fashion show in SL, I highly recommend that you check one out. They’re a lot of fun, you get to see some gorgeous styles and, yes, you do feel just a tiny bit like a VIP! A little advice: it IS a fashion show so do wear something appropriate when you attend and, of course, there will be many, many other avatars there for the show, too, so the lower the ARC, the better! Enjoy, fashionistas!

The Writing community of SL by EmmaQilz

DonJuan Writer

The talking Pillow

Once, to a crash slumber on my bed, so late, I learned that my pillow could actually communicate. As I lay my head of lead at the head of the bed, my talking pillow said, “Let me be the foundations for the constructions of your dreams, I shall bear the burden from and for your neck. Close your eyes, banish the moonbeams, I’ll free your worries with a rain check. Allow the cloak of closed-eye, minds-projector dark enforce neuron pathways for inner quests on which you’ll embark. Here is your chance for the mighty mind molecules to do their sleep dance. For every trial you face, every care, I am placed just in case here, to be there. So, come rest you weary traveller you hunter-gatherer, of confusions, bring your seclusion’s; rest, for you know it’s best, to accept the night of deep...” I said, “Will you shut up pillow, I’m trying to get to sleep!”

Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! This month we’ll discover....

Interview with CEO, Skip Oceanlane

THE CAPITAL EXCH The Capital Exchange (CapEx) is a stock market simulation game that operates within Second Life. Through their website (, the Capital Exchange is a game that provides a platform for trading stocks of virtual companies conducting business within Second Life. SecondNights recently had a chance to sit down and chat with CapEx’s CEO, Skip Oceanlane. First, Skip gave me a little history on investing

simulations and banking in Second Life. “SLCapEx. com was started in 2007 and connected to a “bank” that operated within SL,” he began. “In 2008, when banking was banned, depositors lost $750,000 US in deposits. Many listed companies also failed and the owners disappeared. Many people, myself included, lost lindens through stock scams. One of the reasons I decided to take over Capital Exchange was to right many wrongs of the past, and to show that this place can be successfully operated with honesty and integrity. So from the

HANGE ashes of 2008, we have all worked together to have a whole new place - an example of ethical standards in SL finance. I’m not afraid to talk about the terrible past of SL stock markets and banking. It’s well documented, and I know that many people shy away from investing here because they don’t realize how drastically things have changed for us in 2011.” Skip went on to explain some of the practices he’s put in place to protect the integrity of the new

Capital Exchange - a task he takes very seriously. “I also created the Capital Exchange Regulatory Commission - today it’s a nine-member board that helps enforce the rules, and make decisions to run the exchange. This place isn’t about me it’s about everyone working together. I also try to be in-world daily. Customer service was always lacking with all the exchanges so I always try to be available via IMs, and they go to my BlackBerry, so I usually respond within an hour of getting a message,” said Oceanlane.

He then added, “People can see the entire history of a company, with news releases, forum discussion, price history, past dividends paid, and everything else. We currently have more than 50 companies listed to choose from to invest in, with new companies listing with us every day.” “I wanted this to be a ‘new’ exchange when I took over in January 2011. Since then, I have strived to make the exchange a better place for investors,” stated Oceanlane. “I lowered the transaction fee charged to sell stock from 2.50% to 1.75%. For larger transactions, the transaction fee can now be as low as .99% So that means more lindens are kept by traders.” For the year 2011, companies on Capital Exchange have paid out more than L$12,000,000 in dividends! Oceanlane explained, “Dividends are paid from company profits. About L$85,000,000 in stock has been traded since January 2011. People have come back, and are trusting again. Our new open and honest way of operating the exchange has resulted in about 6,000 new accounts being created in 2011. We have gone from only having about 20-25 active traders a month to having hundreds. Capital Exchange stock CAPX has paid over L$1,000,000 in dividends to shareholders since January 2011. Skip Oceanlane: I’m very proud of this accomplishment. Before I took over, CAPX didn’t pay any dividend. Traders can go onto the website at and see the dividend history of all companies. We want them to have all the resources to study to see which investment is best for them.” So, how does it all work? Simple. Virtual companies in SL need Linden dollars to function.

Sometimes they don’t have enough Lindens of their own to get started. One excellent option is for them to offer shares of their virtual company through the purchase of virtual stock. Residents can buy shares, sell shares, and even receive dividends from companies that pay them. Yes, really! Just like in real life, it’s wise to spend a little time researching the companies you’d like to invest in. First, deposit L$1 or more into your account through an official CapEx ATM, or click on one of the Affiliate ATMs located throughout Second Life. Once a deposit has been made, a resident’s CapEx account becomes active. The ATM briefly beeps before giving the buyer a notecard and a password. The password is necessary for log-in purposes on the CapEx website. When you receive your password, visit the website at , enter your information and create your portfolio. The website is full of information: news releases, active forums, trader information, and much, much more. Even though the CapEx is an investing game simulation, it’s a great tool for learning the basics of how investing works in the real world. Oceanlane offers excellent final words of wisdom to our readers: “Only invest what you can afford to lose. We hope you enjoy this stock simulation. Have fun and make a few Lindens profit while you’re at it!” For more information about CapEx and how you can become a part of it, please watch this video of Skip’s RL presentation given at the 2011 Second Life Community Convention this past August: recorded/16618205

Buildable Bots

built friends and, while there is a maintenance fee in the form of fuel, the costs are just about where they need to be.

HOW TO BUILD NEW FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE The set up is similar enough to the other breedables PROGRAMMING that you won’t have any problem learning the ins Occasionally, as you wander the grid, you find and outs of your new friends. After doing a bit of things that make you rub your eyes and mutter to research, I noticed a lot of people complaining over the heavens “why?” At other times, albeit far more very minor inconveniences that were completely rare, you come across something so ingenious and optional. You can choose to do step so interesting that you can’t believe it didn’t exist before. It is to my great joy that I am having one A to get OPTION B. With as much work, and obvious love put into creating these little miracles of the latter types of days. it seems fairly cruel to cause a fuss when they It started as I went to visit my friend, Shane Neilson, offer something that will increase your enjoyment at her store, co-owned with Batrastard Panthar but that isn’t required. and Aries Westland. I had just rezzed in, and was saying hello to her when I noticed someone talking to me in bright green text. Now, as a veteran of many club runs, I have seen talking objects before so, at first, I dismissed this novelty. I started to speak again, and this cute little pink robot kept butting in! I would have been annoyed if it weren’t so endearing.

The advertisements alongside the bots promise a myriad amount of possibilities. What you build depends on what level xp and materials the bots have that you use to build with. This makes tedious genetic research a bit less of an issue. You also have the options for different styles and types of bot. If you had a mind to, I would bet you could make a fairly good SL living just making I asked Shane about it and she said they were new friends. the newest thing in breedable pets. I could barely contain my excitement as I scurried from one Couple that with the interactive nature of the bots, robot, to the next. They were interesting and and you have entertainment covered for quite engaging. It was a nice change from horses that a while. In fact the advertisement claims 280k whinnied and stamped their hooves. These little different responses will trigger them to speak, and guys had so much personality that it was hard not that they learn to react to their specific user’s way of speaking. to fall immediately in love. My heart did crash a little when I saw the $2499 Linden price tag. A girl does have other obligations after all, but seeing the happy little guys running around, I immediately set my mind towards saving up! Your initial starter kit comes with all the bits and bobs you need to get the most out of your newly

That turn of phrase only your close friends get? Well, now you can make a few new friends that get it, too! Little things like learning your name may seem simple, but once your new robotic friend learns it, so does every other bot on the grid!

As I try to bring this review to a close, a robot name Dos Equis has rolled up to me, smiling as he happily waves. Immediately endearing and with the potential to be a revenue generator for you, there is no reason to pass up the chance to create your very own Buildable Bot. Once you’re done breeding your bot, you can choose to retire it. This will save you the cost of food and let you keep your friend with you as long as you like. As a side note, from one of the design team, try asking your new friend about the theory of relativity at some point. I plan on doing so as soon as I post this article, after all I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you! For now, this is Medeena wishing you all happy shopping and may all your clothes fit you right off the rack!

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The Lastest and the Most viewed slurls posted by our members on Secondnights. A great way to explore new lands, stores and clubs...


#1 _Forgotten City A once great city where the prosperous residents were served by the miraculous mechanical automatons. The people have long since disappeared, but the automatons remained and still take care of the crumbling stone walls, abandoned halls and rusty fences.

#2 _Venice Venezia Venice Venezia Showcase Italia Italy Milano Firenze Roma Lombardia Toscana Sicilia Napoli PRADA LUV SIM LUV Chance Rose’s Doll Tokyo JAPAN Romance Carnival Masks Costumes Gadgets Bars & Pubs Cinema Culture community



#3 _La Perla II La Perla II have Reopened. We are very proud to present you a beautiful italian village with its own unique mediterranean style.

#4 _Zigana To the Looking-Glass world it was Alice that said “I’ve a sceptre in hand, I’ve a crown on my head. Let the Looking-Glass creatures, whatever they be Come dine with the Red Queen, the White Queen and Me!”


Your world, your style



_Glitterati GLITTERATI, gay poses, couples poses, friends poses, group poses, model poses, singles poses, male poses, wedding poses, photography poses, photography, photographer, poses, pose props, props.

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_Lost World Poses A large choice of poses in the all new, large shop in the heart of the sim !! Male, female, unisex, duo and couples. Action, emo, and a bit of fashion style for all your great pics or games !!

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Secondnighters Magazine Available online on and is delivered in World by our kiosk, subscribers and partners network. Secondnighters is also available on our website For editorial content submissions and press releases, please email to


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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine by - #12 Holidays 2011

Secondnighters Magazine #12  
Secondnighters Magazine #12  

So what’s inside our pages this month? Beautiful photos from Hacsa; Sandy interviews musician/poetess, MommaLuv Skytower who has a unique a...