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SECONDNIGHTERS MAGAZINE - The Entertainment Magazine by - #15 May-June 2012

COVER by Dafne Watanabe



A SUNNY WELCOME FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF YOU! As the weather warms up in the northern hemisphere, we’ve got some hot, hot goodies for you to enjoy in this month’s issue!

Eithne McBride



Simone Peterman


Dafne Watanabe PR Manager SebCaen Neox Programmer


Eithne McBride Be sure to read newcomer, Maya XuanXang’s article about Madpea Productions’ most recent hunt mystery, Sanity Falls. You’ll also love the photos of the always-fab UKD Project’s burlesque review, held right here at our own SecondNights Ultra Lounge! Hacsa guides you through a visually stunning tour of a commemoration dedicated to Kelley brings her fresh perspective to the DJ and Club of the month and Charmer, once again, delivers his review with punch! Sadly, we’ll have to say good-bye to DjNight Fhang due to RL - we’ll miss his fantastic articles and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Thankfully, we got one more fantastic review of the Flying Tigers from him before he headed out the door! These are just a few of the highlights we have in store for you this month. We’ve also got hunts, photographs, fashion, music and more.

You know what to do, readers! Grab yourself a cup of iced-coffee, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy all we have in store for you then be sure to share with your friends. And, as always, stay tuned for next month’s issue! We’re glad you’re here! Send us your opinions about Secondnighters! We want to know what you think is good and what you think isn’t so great. Tell us what you’d like to see and where we can improve. Your suggestions are important to us we want to be the very best we can for yoU!

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Events, parties, hunts... An eye on what happens in SL and a quick look to the upcoming events

by the Secondnighters Magazine’s Scouters






It’s summer time, summer time, sum-sum-summertime and that means a fresh new round of warm-weather hunts for SL’s huntaholics to enjoy! Let’s take a look and see what’s going on!


Starting Point: Website: mooltosistershunt

MOOLTO has one of the best, most active hunts on the grid, no doubt about it, but to get the most out of this one, you’ll definitely want to join their active (and fun!) group: secondlife:/// app/group/2886a109-3971-1962-b6ef65caeddbae83/about (paste into local chat, click on it, then hit JOIN). In order to see the gift bags, you’ll need to pick up a pair of MOOLTO MAGIC GLASSES and be sure to wear them (some residents get pretty creative in how they go about wearing their glasses - as long as they’re attached to your avi, you’re wearing them!). And what kinds of gifts does Moolto have in store for you? Well, with sponsors like Akeyo, Morea, and Gizza, you can rest assured, you’ll be hunting for some top quality goodies!

Calling all summer love birds - this hunts for you! This hunt has prizes for the romantic in everyone, including designs from Cake du Jour, The Hitchin’ Post, Virtual Impressions (one of our favorites!) and many, many more. To take a look at all of the goodies you can find and for more information, be sure to visit the website!

Starting Point: secondlife/Saint%20Tropez/183/192/22 Website: http://idoweddingnetwork.blogspot. de/p/i-do-wedding-expo-wide-hunt.html


GET THE NEWBIE HUNT (3 June - 30 June)

This one’s for you, new resident readers! Or, if you’re not new but maybe you know some, poor, unfortunate (and *cough* not-quitetogether-yet) newbie who could use a little help? Either way, this hunt is for new residents to the grid. 61 generous designers such as SHEY, *~Just Take It~*, and Cupcake Clothing, are offering everything from swimwear to formalwear to new Second Life residents. This is a unisex hunt and gifts cost 1L. Visit the hunt website for more details.

Starting Point: Website:


NOW THAT YOU’RE MINE HUNT (1 June - 31 - July)

The“Now That You’re Mine”hunt is another wedding themed hunt (hey, it’s June after all - the most popular wedding month of the year). Prizes include just about any gift you can imagine that are themed around weddings, from engagement rings to bachelorette party gifts, right on up to goodies for that special day. For more information and a list of hunt hints, please visit the website

Starting Point: Website:


ENDLESS SUMMER FLOWER HUNT(23 June - 22 July 2012)

For this hunt you will need to buy a HUD at the starting point for 26L. The Endless Summer Flower Hunt will lead you through 10 well-known stores; in each store, you will look for 3 flowers. Once all 30 flowers have been found, return to the starting point and trade in your HUD to receive all of the gifts from the participating stores (they’ll be delivered straight to your inventory). Each gift comes from each store’s newest collections. After finding all the hunt items you will receive a total of 30 high quality gifts (You will receive both versions of gender specific gifts) All of these gifts come straight from the new collection of each main store participating in the hunt. More information will become available at the website as the hunt date gets closer.

Starting Point: Website: html





BY UKD PROJECT Y B ou know, I’ve often and rightly been called a bit of a prude in world. My friends tease me because I’m usually that-one-girl-who-keeps-her-private-bodyparts-private. So it’s probably an understatement to say that I balked with slight hesitation when my boss told me, “Eithne, we’re hosting a burlesque show and I need you to be there!” But, hey, I’m a big girl so I sucked up my polly anna attitude, put away my nun’s habit (just kidding - I’m not quite that conservative) and headed out the door to the SecondNights Ultra Lounge for an afternoon of debauchery.

oy, was I in for a surprise! The UKD Burlesque Show (presented by the well-established UKD Project) was outstanding! Were the ladies scantily clad? Yes. But it was TASTEFUL! And ladies they were - well spoken, sweet, and slightly outrageously naughty - but in a really fun way that truly held the integrity of classic burlesque style. I was impressed! And as if the entertainment itself wasn’t simply fabulous, let me tell you something - lead singer, Rola Hykova has a powerful voice that shakes the rafters! If you get a chance to check out the UKD Burlesque Show, do - you’ll have an absolutely wonderful time, I promise!

Travel ideas... with Turistas do SL

by Hacsa Karillion


Welcome to Ypres Relive World War One! 30



press is a battlefield of 1917. Do you dare to visit this place? The dry and hot climate contributes to an incredible landscape, simple but rich in detail and destruction! You will see some great camps and observation balloons that are waiting for the enemy to continue this war that seems endless ... Be careful when walking, because there are mines with bombs scattered everywhere, guns and weapons. Enjoy!


em-vindo à Ypres – Reviva a Primeira Guerra Mundial!

Ypress é um campo de batalha do ano de 1917. Você tem coragem de visitar esse local? O clima seco e quente colabora para uma paisagem incrível, simples, porém rica em detalhes e destruição! Você irá ver alguns acampamentos e grandes balões de observação que estão a espera dos inimigos para dar continuidade a essa guerra que parece não ter fim... Tenha cuidado ao caminhar, pois existem minas com bombas espalhadas por todos os lados, canhões e armas! Divirta-se!




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and the SL Music...

by Melissa Islander


THEY’RE HOT THEY ROCK THEY’RE HOTSROCK! Normally, I only attend and write about live music concerts when I’m in Second Life but I just saw this group and I really thought they deserved a few words. So who am I talking about? None other than an all-female team of performers called Hots Rock!


45 secondnightersMagazine





ots Rock prepares their tunes in advance and play them (similar to what you would expect from listening to a DJ) and then they perform them in world as a virtual cover band. There are five band members plus two dancers. The lead singer and head of the band is Cheliux Aero who is from France. Aero is joined by two other vocalists, Fay Valentine from Germany and Devyn Ruby. Bellaa Mckeenan on the drums is from Italy. Macc Marama, keyboards and vocals, and Astarte Artuad on bass, are both from the UK. The two dancers are Barry and Sharna. This fabulous team of performers met in Second Life and primarily keep their friendship and working relationship in world. As for their music style, they will render unique versions of covers from artist like Perry, Rhiana, Eurithmics, Cher, Natalie Umbligia, B. Tyler, Heart, The Eagles, AC/DC, and Guns and Roses, to name a few.

I’m told that they intend to continue to grow their repertoire. I caught their show recently at Eternal Dreams and these ladies did rock the place! To prepare their recording, two of the band members meet in the UK and record tracks together. Once they’ve completed their portion of the recording, the tracks are then sent to the others to complete, one by one. I am no techie here and, to me, it sounds a lot of work but the result is cool and completely worth a visit if you like to be rocked silly. If you would like to hire Hots Rock to perform for an event, contact their manager: Anasofia Aboma

Links Be sure to stop by Lindi’s website or see her performances (RL and SL!!) on youtube: FpCMPFi90&feature=related


Showcase Live music news...

by Sandy Demina



GUSTAFSON Andreus Anj Gustafson is born and raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee - USA and he started playing the piano at about age 7, played brass instruments in school, picked up an electric guitar at 14, a flute at 20 and haven’t looked back since! “Those have been my main instruments,-he says- though I’ve been known to play drums, bass, mandolin, saxophone, clarinet and penny whistle on occasion.” So he’s definitely been playing some form of music longtime actually! “I started playing the piano at about age 7, played brass instruments in school, picked up an electric guitar at 14, a flute at 20 and haven’t looked back since! Those have been my main instruments, though I’ve been known to play drums, bass, mandolin, saxophone, clarinet and penny whistle on occasion.” He has been performing in RL for many years: one band he was in did a tour of Japan and South Korea as well as all over the southern USA.” I don’t really want to say exactly what year this was,-he says- but I can tell you that Prince, Madonna and Huey Lewis and the News were staple entries in the top 40 during this period.”

Somewhere amidst all this madness, he learned how to program a sequencer and have been doing live gigs aided by computers for several years now. Anj’ now brings a collection of his original tunes and songs that he likes in to Second Life in hopes of finding others who also enjoy the same sort of popular, though slightly eclectic, tastes as he does. His current Second Life rig consists of five keyboards, a guitar, a vocal mic, a flute and two computers; one for running the sequencing software and one for streaming music into and monitoring Second life. At a typical Anj performance, one just might hear songs by artists such as The Beatles, Coldplay, Radiohead, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Willie Porter, Matchbox 20, Sting.... etc. There is sure to be a little something for everyone... I asked Anj how did he discover SL and what did bring him inworld.Sort of ironically,Anj learned about SL from his RL employer. ” He knew that I liked computers and technology and one day asked me if I had ever heard of Second Life.-he says- I had not but when he left my office, I googled it immediately, downloaded it to my work computer and rezzed in the same day. That was June 22, 2007” Anj if he did not ever thought to use his real name for what he usually does in Second Life. “Not really. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I created my SL account. I just picked a last name at random and picked Andreus, which is another form of my real given name (Andrew). I do use my RL nickname “Anj” in Second Life, though it is not part of my official account name.” When he’s not playing inworld he loves to hang out in caves, space stations, hot tubs and dense forests ...with certain people who have come to be very important to him... and of course he also enjoys taking in live performances when his schedule permits. Then I asked Anj what has influenced him to get him where he’s today musically. “Mainly it has been the desire to create music that is not... typical. I have my influences that have aided in the creation of my ‘style’ but i am always keen on creating new sounds that will inspire me to write songs that are unlike the ‘mainstream’ music


secondnightersMagazine styles. I have never been one to enjoy the top-40 scene, or the very popular styles that come and go. I tend to stay in my own little realm which puts my own music in sort of an eclectic genre that doesn’t really have a name!” Anj absolutely thinks that SL is valid showcase for his RL works.“ As for my own experiences in the RL music scene, as it pertains to the southeastern USA, I very rarely had the opportunity to present my own original songs to the public and as a result, never had much inspiration to publish a CD. Now, in the last four years since I’ve been performing live in SL, I have written, performed and produced TWO CD’s of my own original songs and perform selections from them regularly in my SL concerts.” About describing his style he told me that he leaned toward electronica mixed with progressive new age but with a lot of regard for past influences. “ I draw inspiration from many different sources, both in and out world. Mostly, I sit down at a synth keyboard and just play whatever I feel at the moment and hope that it evolves itself into some presentable form of music. As far as influences go; I have always

been more interested in music that takes an effort to understand and enjoy... which incidentally tends to breed songs that don’t often find their way onto the radio airwaves. I like music that showcases the artsts virtuosity. My influences.. to name a few: Keith Emerson, Steve Howe, Steve Morse, Ian Anderson, Ritchie Blackmore, Aaron Copland, Donald Fagen, Larry Carlton... the list goes ever on and on!” Anj has a website that he uses to promote both his music and his SL Finally I asked him where does he see himself a year from now and if Second Life will still exist. “I believe that SL is here to stay and that it will only get better. I hope that in a years time, the technology will have advanced far enough to allow several performers within Second Life to be able to perform together in real time. There are ways to get close but the technology is not quite there yet to make it a genuine ‘real-time’ musical experience. When that day comes, watch out! There will be some AMAZING collaborations going on with musicians from around the world”


Sports, RPG games and and more, followed for you each month...

by Maya Xuanzang

Flying Tigers





lose your eyes for a moment and imagine you are in mainland China during World War II, and the Japanese are attacking. Your under fire, you don’t know what to do and then you hear it. Your confidence begins to grow as you hear the its not of the enemy.... not yet, but of the P-40 Exterminator and P-51 Mustangs of the Flying Tigers coming to save the day. 55

secondnightersMagazine myMagazine

OFF WE GO INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER... The Flying Tigers were a group of airmen recruited during WWII to defend Mainland China from the Invading Japanese. They are one of the few organized groups still in existence today.

Bringing this amazing piece of history to sl is Commanding Officer Guarocuya Giano. This interactive memorial to the men and women of the Air Force, was all started in July of 2008, after Guarocuya and some buddies, who had been flying in the old 1944 sims decided it was time to branch out. With the aid of several different builders they set out to recreate the dogfights and missions that might have been flown back in World War II. They have even gone so far as to have actual dogfight competitions. Yeah, I didnt misstype it, you can actually go up in a vintage or even modern warplane and learn to fly like a fighter pilot and even participate in the dogfights, and true to the perils one might better have a parachute. If you have ever wanted to fly or love flying in real life this is a remarkable chance to live out some that here in SecondLife.

With a working Academy in place and instructors available, you can sign up for classes on how to fly (properly, not hurdle through sl space out of control), to dogfight and even get courses in being a fight pilot. In an effort to bring fairplay into the game the group has spearheaded an effort to classify the different types of fighters, so as to not give one a specific advantage over another. Boys and Girls, this is all about whether your Snoopy or the Red Baron. No faking here. As with many things in SecondLife, what you participate in here is gaming. There are teams and winners and losers. In these sims for instance they have a policy that all combat is to be between axis and allied forces, so planes would be marked appropriately and also must fly the appropriate team. The group is made up of the American Volunteer Group, or AVG, which consists of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Pursuit Squadrons as well as Civil Air Transport and the 11th Bombardment Group. The WWII themed era uses primarily the NexGen P-40 Tomahawk and the P-51 Mustang. In the Modern Wing they have the 23rd Wing which is made up of the 38th, 74th, 75th and 76th Tactical Fighter Squadron and they fly the NexGen A-10 Warthog, the F-15 and F-16 and 18’s. Still not sure about all this...well you’re in luck they even have demo rezzers you can try out to find the one that fits you best. One of the things that impressed me most about this group is that they are just a bunch of guys and gals out flying around. While they are here to enjoy flying they are also very concerned with the preservation and passing down the knowledge and history of not only World War II but also with military aircraft. So you’ve looked around and while impressed the actual flying isnt your gig but you want to be involved or learn more, then you need to find Jessii Warrhol. She is in charge of Non-Military Events and also runs Amelias Pilot Lounge. Currently she is heading the Military Expo going on and in the coming months she will be having an airport expo highlighting the airport owners of sl.


secondnightersMagazine myMagazine Jessii is a wealth of knowledge and is the catalyst behind all the noncombat events, which usually still have a military / aviation theme to them, that occur on the base. Heard enough and you want to stop reading and go get airbourne. Just go to your seach and look up Flying Tigers or check out one of these links to enjoy the world of the Flying Tigers and their memorial to the men and women of combat aviation and World War II..

Amelia’s Pilot Lounge Flying Tiger HQ WWII Memorial Park




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Exclusive presentation of the industry leaders in television, radio, magazines and media...

by Christiana Wycliffe



secondnightersMagazine Editor’s Note MadPea Productions( is a real-time game design company whose efforts are focused in Second Life. This fantastic team’s primary objective is to create challenging and imaginative games for resident players that will get them thinking. MPP puts a solid focus on creating amazing and immersive settings for game. As stated on their website at, “ Most of all, we enjoy pushing the envelope even further and challenge the limitations that previous gaming companies have struggled with.” Although the Sanity Falls mystery/ hunt has officially ended, there is always something intriguing, fascinating, worth exploring at MadPea. With plenty of games to choose from in several genres,Madpea Productions has a solid staff that works diligently to provide innovative game experiences that will perplex your mind, drive you crazy and then reward you for your efforts. Please enjoy writer Maya Xuanzang’s review of Sanity Falls and visit Madpea soon - this is one sim you do NOT want to miss!


secondnightersMagazine myMagazine

IT BEGINS WITH A FALL! You step through a door. And then you fall. There is a flash of vertigo and you land (thump!) on a bridge on a lonely road, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, dazed and confused, bruised and battered, next to a pool of blood.


ysterious music plays in the background and words on the screen give you the basics: You don’t remember anything about the last day. You do remember your name, Alexander Blackwell. And you do remember you were on vacation “in beautiful Sanity Falls” with your wife, Livea. You also know she is now gone, abducted by someone, though you don’t remember who. You are almost immediately contacted by phone. If you want to see you wife again, you must collect a million dollars to buy her back. You will be given a series of clues on posters of your wife that are hidden around the environs. To find her wife, you must gather these clues and collect enough money to free her. In the meantime, Livea’s captors will continue “to play“with her. Her muffled sobs in the background of the call make it quite clear how these men “play.” Welcome to Sanity Falls, the inaugural production of MadPea Games, a company that exists both in SL and IRL. It’s a combination of a hunt and interactive suspense filled thriller it is the brainchild of MadPea, the founder is Kiana Writer.


“I came up with the idea together with Zachh Barkley,” Writer explains. “We were working on a bigger game, but then the Alex [Blackwell] character started living his own life in my head and I decided that [his story] would make a truly interesting and unique hunt concept.” Once she roughed out her story, Writer brought in a team of designers to make it a reality, builders to create the terrain and the many structures on the sim, scripters, and sound designers, to create the spooky music, all working together to create a nourish virtual world within our virtual world. In all, 9 designers are credited with putting Sanity Falls together, and another 18 are given special thanks for their contributions. The result, a dark, threatening world. A world of deserted streets, decaying motels, and shadowy corners where anything could happen -- and probably has. Writer credits her team with most of final look, feel, and ambivalent ambiance of Sanity Falls Writer, who is a RL journalist, loves to create games in her second life. “I love the possibilities that SL offers,” she tells me.

71 secondnightersMagazine

secondnightersMagazine myMagazine

“You can do anything here. The only limit is truly your imagination.” “I worked with each designer together explaining what happens in the story where,” Writer explains, adding that then she gave them “a lot of creative freedom to express themselves the best way they could.”

I think it works the best that way,” Writer continues. “When you find people who see your vision, you can truly just let them go mad. Naturally the people I picked for this project I totally adored for their skills and style, and I just must say... they totally blew me away. It went beyond anything I had imagined. I think Harter went crazy.” Harter is Harter Fall, a German SL designer, responsible for many of the visuals in Sanity Falls, including two nightmare environments. In those rooms the player literally walks through two of Blackwell’s terrifying dreams. When asked to explain what he based these dream sequences on Fall says, “Personally I like surreal art. Like the classics, such as [the paintings of Salvador] Dali, and of course M.C. Escher. He’s my hero.”


uch of this twisty, complicated game resembles, in look and spirit, the tessellated, illusion-filled worlds of M.C. Escher’s work. Fall clearly put many of his own likes and obsessions into his design work for Sanity Falls. “I only take jobs where I’m allowed to work as free as possible,”


Fall adds. Writer clearly had done the same. Parts of Sanity Falls owe more than a little to the crazy erotic, neuroticism of David Lynch’s work, especially his groundbreaking TV series, Twin Peaks. “I used to love Twin Peaks. I was young then and I was just mesmerized by Laura Palmer,” Writer notes.


lackwell’s missing wife, Livea, is indeed a kind of Laura Palmer. And as with Laura Palmer, the mystery surrounding Livea is the MacGuffin that drives the story. “I definitely wanted to have the atmosphere like in Twin Peaks and I think these amazing builders really succeeded.” Writer continues. “But the storyline is also influenced by one of my favorite movies, The Game, starring Michael Douglas. In the movie and in Sanity Falls the players believe they’re doing something, while in reality, something totally different is happening and the ending is a nice shock to them.” To view the trailer, visit: watch?v=v1AgNMmOQzw

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75 secondnightersMagazine

Explore the world of clubs and disco, find the best places for your parties!

by Kelley Blackheart



79 secondnightersMagazine



ROCK & ROLL ALL THE NIGHT by Kelley Blackheart Ladies, run to your bathrooms and start hair-spraying your hair as high as you can and adorn your feet with some high top tennis shoes; Gentlemen, throw on your tightest leather pants and stroll on down to Club Retro and get ready to head bang your hard out to the rocking tunes provided by this amazing venue. 80’s rock not your thing? The venue also features a number of different live DJ’s to fit all of your rocking needs, besides their specialty 80’s tunes. The club provides live DJ’s who range from classic to hard rock, some even dipping into the disco and pop scene. Starting on New Years Eve 2011, the astounding Club Retro was born. Created and currently owned by Cherish Baron and James Diamond, the duo transformed a once empty SIM to a flourishing SIM filled with a classy club, a few stores for the “shopaholics”, and a beautiful outside area completed with a romantic gazebo, gorgeous lake, and a waterfall that will melt your heart with its magnificent beauty.


I had a chance to speak with owner Cherish Baron who had a lot to say about her wonderful venue and the DJs they employ. Says Cherish, “We are mostly an 80’s Rock Club but we play dance and even disco. We are quickly turning into a 24/7 club with events held all through the day but we leave them up to our DJs and hosts/hostesses. All of the DJs employed here are live.” If you’d like to find out when the next event is being held, you can check the Second Life events website, as the venue posts there upcoming events there: community/events/ Cherish Baron states that creating and opening this club was a huge undertaking but she’s happy with the way everything has turned out. “New Years Eve was our grand opening. It has been an awesome experience with a lot of hard work put into it, and we could not have done it without our wonderful VIPs and staff,” she stated. Cherish prides herself on having a fun loving club for everyone to enjoy without rules hindering people from having a blast.

secondnightersMagazine “In my opinion,” she said, “I would say that our club stands out from the rest because we don’t bug our patrons with a lot of silly rules. It’s a mature sim and people can feel free to be adults; however, however, we do not allow nakedness here at all. We do not mind people cussing at a minimum. I mean, we don’t let it get out of hand. We just have fun is all.” Another great aspect of this club is that the outside area is also a place to have a fun and interesting night. Equipped with a romantic gazebo to bring your special someone to, it is the perfect night out for lovers. There are also free jet skis and bumper boats to use, as well as seven seas fishing on the marina. Enjoy a fun night on the jet skis while you tune into the rocking tunes provided by the excellent DJ’s employed at Club Retro. After I met with some of the staff members who instantly captivated me by their kindness and open arms while rocking to the tunes of GarnetSiofra, Cherish had this finishing statement to share with me about Club Retro. “I would just like to add that this has been such a rewarding place for Joey(James Diamond) and I, and we can’t thank everyone enough for making our dreams come true here in Second Life.”





f you are looking for a rocking DJ who excels in the areas of Classic Rock, Blues, and Country with an incredible passion for music, then live DJ GarnetSiofra is exactly who you are looking for. Garnet Siofra joined Second Life in November 11th, 2011 and she quickly dabbled into the DJ lifestyle. She has quickly become a well known DJ in her genre with plenty of reoccurring listeners who enjoy her music greatly.


asked Garnet to name her favorite band and why. Garnet: “Oh that is a tough call! There are so many eras. Boston simply because I grew up listening to it and the music they play is a good mixture of tempo and instruments. Not to mention the lyrics strike a chord with my real life. Nickelback I also enjoy as it is a band that has songs that have meaning and a beat that you can get into and understand where their emotions are coming from behind the songs.�


secondnightersMagazine myMagazine


arnet is a fascinating live DJ with a profound passion for music, and she enjoys spreading her musical ear around Second Life. If you’d like to hear her live, you can find her at Club Retro every Monday from 5-8PM SLT and on Fridays from 8-11PM SLT. Garnet is very fond of all of her listeners and is extremely happy to have a phenomenal host by her side, Gunner Jinx. Of Jinx and her fans, Garnet had the following to say. “Basically, a set isn’t just about the DJ, it is about the host/hostess too and I happen to work with one that rocks! Sounds a bit corny, but sharing my love of music and the emotions that come from it is what I love about DJing.


t connects people in both worlds in ways that sometimes spoken or written words cannot! I would like to say to my re-occurring listeners that without them I wouldn’t have a reason to DJ. They really are why I do what I do and I thank them for putting up with my craziness both musically and verbally/typed!”


STREAM RENTALS Details about these service can be taken up with Sascha Laval (Stream Rentals). This service may be essential needs for beginning club owners that need a house stream (for DJs that don’t have their own streams and need to connect to a server to stream their music in via their software). A new and very simple way to rent a stream directly. With DJ World’s “Speedy Stream” you will get an object called payment device. you can take it with

you and can rent a stream whenever you want. Streams for 100 listeners and 192 kbit. You can rent the streams for 1 day, 7, 30 or 60 days. Now in the group: about 200 DJ’s and about over 110 Club Owners. If you want to be a member of the group send an IM to Sasch Petrov, InsyX Piranha Kaj Juutilainen, MountainBear Botanical, Jacki Jayaram or Sascha Laval. For more info on the group, DJ Nights, services, or whatever: then please contact the necessary

people below. Also, thanks for showing interest in DJ World. DJ MEETING POINT A space with a lot of advertise boards for DJ’s. A cheap possibility for DJ’s (groupmembers of DJ World) to show their pics and give their notecards to inform interested people who are looking for DJ’s for their events.


DJ WORLD OWNER (english, german)


DJ WORLD OWNER (english)


DJ WORLD STREAM OWNER (english, german)












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YOU HAVE A CLUB ? SECONDNIGHTS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Promote your Events on our system and get your FREE CLUB PAGE and banner, deliver your events over 400 HUD in SL, on 35 social network on the web and on the MAJOR SL Blogs. What are you waiting for ? it’s totally FREE..




This button allows you to choose your dance animations when you are at your best party night. you can also put your favourity dance animatons on it and create your best dance HUD combinations. 88

HOW TO ADD YOUR DANCES Adding dances to the HUD is really simple. 1) Rez it on the ground 2) choose your dances from your inventory 3) Drag it on to the HUD 4) Take the HUD and Wear again. With a click on the central button a men첫 will appera. You can turn the dance mode ON and OFF and you can set the time for dance changes by clicking on the button "Timer".


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Art & Culture in SL

by Charmer Dreadlow



93 secondnightersMagazine

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In the world of art galleries, Alemzi Gallery stands out. It is very bold on the horizon. However, it is not because it’s a huge facility with the world’s masterpieces hanging within it, nor is it for its pristine look or high-class clientele, but what this wonderful gallery does bring to you and I is the ability to focus in on the artists’ works and not the building they are housed within. What makes that different from others, you may ask...well, just take a step inside and you don’t feel like you have to be quiet and reserve, or that you have to say or do anything special or be anyone special..simply relax and enjoy. Ever been to one of those little mom and pop shops in your town, where they just made you feel comfortable and you wanted to come back again and again.... then you will enjoy Alemzi, just as I did. Three levels, a handful of artists and a whole bunch of, what feels like, true understanding of what the art world should be all about and what we as art lovers are looking for. So, if you will indulge me a little here, I will gladly take you on a guided tour through the gallery using this article and accompanying pictures, to give you some insight about Alemzi and show you just why this little place, brings a whole lot of impact into the art scene.


By: Charmer Dreadlow Let’s start off this tour of the gallery with the first of three artists that I plan to talk about, and one that I personally have some knowledge about...Mathilde Vhargon. In owning a few of her pieces, I can definitely say that this is an artist of high caliber and one that I recommend to each of you to seek out.

home, comfortable places that pulls you in and never lets go.

What she offers up, at least in the series that I captured for this article, is a grouping of 5 pieces, all digitally designed and created that show off what appears to be an abstract, almost folk art take on city life and the structures within that setting, called...Dwellings.

With the works of Lolli Sapphire, you will find yourself being twisted and turned in many varied directions from calm to laughter and from comfort to confusion. We start off with an abstract work, called....Path Through Dreams, that I found myself just kind of standing there staring at, not consciously thinking about the piece but some how lost within it.

The bright colors and bold design of these pieces drew me right in and toward them, giving a shock to my senses and yet making me curious to find out exactly what she was trying to say. Even though these pieces may be bold and a bit edgy in their styling, I still found myself looking around, feeling at ease and like I wanted to be right there in that moment to soak it all in, one exhibit and moment at a time. That is due in part to the artist and her works, but also to this continued idea of Alemzi being one of those places down

Turn the corner and what you see is the complete opposite of the previous exhibit, something that is not a series of common theme, nor is it a cohesive technique or media used for all of the pieces.

Maybe that is the point, hence the name, to find the path in which you work your way through thoughts, dreams, daily life overall. Then I strolled over and found a cute pop art piece that gave me quite a chuckle, which she calls....Les Pieds. This is a poke at what each of us has done at least once in our life, when we look at that scale as it haunts us, step up on it and brazenly peer down at the

secondnightersMagazine numbers after a few deep breaths and then completely frustrated as the scale is obviously so very wrong its assessment of our weight, that we throw it away and declare that we will find one a better one, one that works properly. After that light-hearted piece stopped me for a bit, I once again began to stroll around and was immediately haulted by a third piece done by Lolli, and this one, just as the others, was so far different that I could not help but to stop and ponder its meaning. The piece is called... Good Girl, but in examing the work, you really have to wonder, was she really good and if so, at what? This is not one of those cutesy, whimsical, tongue-in-cheek works that makes you smile and feel happy. Instead, its one that pulls you into the darker side, makes you feel a bit heavy hearted and

concerned for this girl and her well-being. With each of these works, Lolli takes Us on a rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings, one ride that this writer would gladly take anytime in the exploration of art and the community as a whole.

Just a hop, skip and TP upto the second floor of the gallery, leads you to the third and final artist that I will be covering in this article..Alcibides Zemenis. The black and white pieces that I will be discussing do share a common technique and similar styling but that is where it stops, because in content and theme these works could not be further apart. The first of these is called.




97 secondnightersMagazine



99 secondnightersMagazine


Mark My Words, and while it may seem very simple and kind of curious at the same time, I believe that its a very telling piece. It seems to me, that this lil kid, while being on the short and pudgy side, is letting those that might pick on him know, by the look on his face, his stance and the chosen clothing...that he is not to be messed with and will get his revenge. Now, I have not spoken to the artist to ask their intention with this piece, it is simply a guess on my part, but is that not what art is for, to put our own spin on it and allow us to make it whatever we might want it to be or see within it. The second piece that I made my way over to is one that looks to be a mix of things, graffiti-like in design. What appears to be some faces, objects and creatures that one might see in their dreams, and need to interpret their meaning, during those times, In the Shadows of Silence, as the artist

names this piece, and in those times when we sleep and these images come to light. Finally I made my way to a third piece in his collection and this one gave me a bit of a laugh with the cute little baby, seeming to pry open the monster’s mouth but then I stopped and he opening it to escape or is he hanging on as the monster tries to consume him. It is called, Mask 3 and maybe its a play on the idea of each of us having that child-like way about us, that never wants to grow up and yet the world around us, being harsh and difficult, trying to take us over. Either way, these pieces provoke thought and like the others that I have mentioned, keep you wanting more. In the end, the world may be chaotic, the people around you may be frustrating and what to do next with your life may be confusing...but in the mean time, why not take a little trip to Almenzi Gallery. Let it whisk those thoughts away, wrap around you and make you feel at home, while you explore it’s offerings and learn why its not so bad to go off the beaten path and find those hidden, local joints. Because sometimes, there is a gem, laying right there in plain sight, if only you take the time to really look at it, wash the dirt off and take good care of it. So I hope to see you around the grid, stopping into those little mom and pop type galleries and giving them a chance to show you the quieter, less publicized side of the art world, one that makes you feel like they really get it, they understand what artists want and need and we, as the consumers and art aficinados, are looking for, when we try to dip our toe into the art world experience.




umbers after a few deep breaths and then completely frustrated as the scale is obviously so very wrong its assessment of our weight, that we throw it away and declare that we will find one a better one, one that works properly.

After that light-hearted piece stopped me for a bit, I once again began to stroll around and was immediately haulted by a third piece done by Lolli, and this one, just as the others, was so far different that I could not help but to stop and ponder its meaning. The piece is called...Good Girl, but in examing the work, you really have to wonder, was she really good and if so, at what? This is not one of those cutesy, whimsical, tongue-in-cheek works that makes you smile and feel happy. Instead, its one that pulls you into the darker side, makes you feel a bit heavy hearted and



















secondnightersMagazine myMagazine

secondnightersMagazine myMagazine

SL PHOTOGRAPHER DAFNE WATANABE How did you discover Second Life and what made you create an account?

How you describe your Photo style ? and what kind of subjects you like ?

A few years ago everyone was talking about Second Life, it

My favourite subjects are clearly portraits, tho i indulge in

was the new “cool thing”, even my husband could not wait

the occasional landscape now and then.

to try it... At first i resisted, but at some point curiosity took

At first i started with portraits because my laptop’s graphic

over and i created my first avatar, Dafne.

card didn’t do justice to the beautiful landscapes you can see in SL, while a more focused subject was way easier to

It was love at first sight, a totally new experience for me, so

work with.

much that my husband joked about my initial skepticism

Now it is just for my passion for the incredible beauty and

for a while :)

emotion that an avatar can communicate, almost as it has a life on its own.

And when you discover the virtual photography art ?

Most of my pictures are actually self portraits, but only because when i started i was too shy to ask others to pose and now i’m used to control every aspect of the picture,

In RL photography has been my greatest passion for many

appearance of the avatar included...

years, but at first i didn’t realized i could translate such

My style? I try to explore new techniques, so i haven’t a

passion somehow in SL.

precise style, anyway i like simplicity, clean lines and in my portraits the eyes are often the protagonist.

It was when i discovered Flickr and the amazing community

The most important aspect is that all my pictures reflect me

that found there its home that i went from taking random

in so many ways...

snapshot to really focus into the image creating process. Of course it took me some time and the help of a wonderful

You took inspiration by RL and by famous Artist ?

artist and friend like Sebcaen Neox (who was the first to reach out for me and make me feel welcomed in Flickr) to

I love art, but i don’t take inspiration by RL artists, it is more

find the courage to show my pictures to others.

like a spontaneous act. I start with a snapshot and i see where it will takes me, not really planning ahead.














secondnightersMagazine What have you been doing in SL? Tell us your story: what have you been up to or what have you created.

Have you some beautiful places to suggest our friends to explore and take pictures ? Uhm...let me think... like i said i’m not exploring sims so much

A few years ago i would have answered you “i spend all my

lately. I always loved Straylight, Empress and Hyerophant, Lost

SL time talking with my great friends, exploring sims, taking

World, Tableau and all the sims made from AM Radio, tho i don’t

pictures and dancing at the Village” but sadly very few of my

know what is still open right now.

friends still log in and exploring sims is not so funny if you do it alone...and the Village doesn’t exist anymore (i still miss our evenings there so much!)...

Could you share a funny or awkward story that happened to you inSL?

So now i take pictures and do a lot of shopping!!! For the desperation of my poor husband that has to provide me the

Just when i was going to enter SL for the first time, i read an

lindens :)))

article about it on a magazine where, talking about virtual friendship that take to real friendship, they made an example of

How SL let you improve your know how or skills ?*

two people meeting in SL and becoming close friends even if they had never met in RL ...until one of them traveled across the

I can play all i want and no matter how much i mess it, no one

world to live for a while in the other’s house.

has to see what i do. So i suppose SL gives me the freedom to try

I remember thinking “wow this is surreal! It could never happen

whatever my creativity suggest me to try.

to me!” Then, more or less 3 years later, i met in SL a very special girl that

You work for magazines ?

became a dear friend...and a little later she traveled across the world to meet me in RL and ended living with my family for a

Nope :P

little while. ...and this will ever be one of my most beautiful and loved

You do works for single people ? how can we get your photo shots ? I don’t do this as a work, too much pressure.


memories. Sometimes life, real or virtual, can really surprise you.






secondnightersMagazine myMagazine

















Eithne McBride


NAILED IT! Nails and Hands in Second Life


o, last issue, I made a confession: I’m not the fashion maven you all thought I was. Not to worry, however! I’m a smart girl and I surround myself with people who DO know the ins and outs of what’s hip, gorgeous, and cool on the grid.

Not too long ago, I was at a fashion show and, as I was nosing about back stage (as a writer is wont to do), I couldn’t help gawking at the manager’s incredibly long, diamond studded, blood red nails. In fact, I probably included a photo of said nails in one of our past issues, I was so impressed. Now here’s the thing: my computer isn’t the greatest and I don’t have the steadiest hand so I’m well aware that if I tried to apply these prim nails to my own avatar, you can bet at least one nail would wind up forever lost on one of my neighbors’ parcels in my lame attempt at editing - true story! Since I had so much success learning about mesh from my husband, I thought, well, why not ask a few of my girlfriends about fingernails in world? And ask I did. First, I went to my friend, hope Sewell, a well-known DJ on the grid. “Hope! Help! You wear those long nail things, right? Tell me all you can about them!” came my plaintive cry. “Eithne, Eithne, Eithne… silly girl. How long have you known me? I don’t wear prim nails, sweetheart. I wear sculpted hands!” Sculpted hands, she said! Sculpted hands! And so hope told me about the awesome hands she bought from Mz Real a year ago. In short, she loves them.


And who wouldn’t? With an easy-to-use HUD that includes preset and made-to-match skin colours, a variety of hand poses and more than 100 nail colours to choose from, what’s not to love? I might have to give these lovelies a try myself!

What about me? Did I try any new nails? Traditionally, I’ve been a “natural nails” girl and I’ve never bothered til now. At first, I didn’t think I was ready for individually adjustable nails so I decided to play it a little safe and tried a pair of nails that you just wear as a glove layer. I found a lovely set by RezIpsa and I tried a few sets (I especially liked the V-Day Nails pack). Up close, they look painted on (which is fair - since that’s essentially what they are) but from a distance, they look really cute!


The next girlfriend-target on my list was Destiny Evans. Destiny claims she can’t edit prim nails if her life depends on it but, if you take a look at the photo she submitted, it certainly looks like she did a great job with her hands! These highly detailed nails from Mandala include rings and, as you can see, Des’ nails are gorgeous! I’m told they were pretty much made “ready to wear” with absolutely no adjustments needed. Nice, eh?

Eventually, though, my curiosity got the best of me. I spoke with Mekkie (123Go Mekanic ), owner of Life Of Me, an incredibly quirky little store that’s right up my creative alley. As she puts it, “I have lots of crap for those moments where you’re thinking, ‘I need more crap!’” And included in her array of items for sale are the cutest fingernails. My personal favourites are the Space Monster nails (complete with a little glowing/orbit thingie around the ring fingernail on the left hand). And, to be honest? I kinda like the way they look…..a lot! So here’s the rub on the subject of hand care in Second Life: whether you’re a full-on fashion maven, a girl who believes in sticking to the basics, or anywhere in between the two extremes, there’s a designer on the grid who can help you achieve the look you love. Happy shopping, everyone!


Explore the world of clubs and disco, found the best places for your parties! This month we’ll discover....



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The Lastest and the Most viewed slurls posted by our members on Secondnights. A great way to explore new lands, stores and clubs...




TOP SLURLS PHOTO INSPIRATION Aliquam ac erat at neque accumsan tristique. Praesent id tempor nisl. Curabitur sed nulla at magna venenatis cursus vitae nec tortor. Maecenas elit nunc, porttitor non tincidunt nec, scelerisque vel dolor. 142












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Your world, your style...






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Secondnighters Magazine #15  

Be sure to read newcomer, Maya XuanXang’s article about Madpea Productions’ most recent hunt mystery, Sanity Falls. You’ll also love the ph...

Secondnighters Magazine #15  

Be sure to read newcomer, Maya XuanXang’s article about Madpea Productions’ most recent hunt mystery, Sanity Falls. You’ll also love the ph...