Shopsys - výroční zpráva / annual report 2022

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Výroční zpráva 2022 | Annual report 2022

Tato výroční zpráva zachycuje činnost Shopsys Group SE za fiskální rok 2022, tedy období

od 1. 4. 2021 do 31. 3. 2022. Informace ve výroční zprávě jsou aktuální k termínu jejího vydání, tj. 31. 9. 2022. Pro přepočet částek z Kč do EUR byl použit kurz 1 € = 25,42 CZK.

19 800+ 80+


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Petr Svoboda Founder


Kapošváry Generální ředitel

Vlastnická struktura


Reflex Capital SE

Investiční fond Reflex Capital Ondřeje Fryce, zakladatele, do Shopsysu investoval již třikrát. Kromě Shopsysu v minulosti investoval napříkladdo Brand Embassy, Apify či Product boardu.

Shopsys Group SE (mateřská spol.)

Shopsys s.r.o. (CZ) (dceřiná spol.)

Shopsys Slovakia s.r.o. (SK) (dceřiná spo)


Zaměstnanecké akcie

Zakladatel Petr Svoboda v roce 2017 představil plán zaměstnaneckých akcií, 15% svého podílu dal k dispozici zaměstnancům s cílem je motivovat a zapojit do budoucího úspěchu firmy. Dalších 10% svého podílu dal k dispozici zaměstnanců v roce 2022.

Petr Svoboda (zakladatel)

Výroční zprávaShopsys6 2022
50 %

Vedení společnosti

Juraj Bútora

Finanční ředitel

Matěj Kapošváry

Výkonný ředitel

Vašek Macíček

Projektový ředitel

Petr Kadlec

Technický ředitel


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Omnichannel řešení a strategie Zvyšování obchodní výkonnosti 8 2022
Co-development a budování týmu Digitální transformace B2B prodeje 92022

Novinky na platformě Shopsys Framework

Shopsys Framework

10 2022 3 6 400+ 160+


Framework → Shopsys Commerce Cloud → API → JS Storefront Shopsys Framework Spokojený nakupující Shopsys Commerce Cloud API React Storefront Mobilní aplikace Kiosky 112022

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The Business, Tiësto, 2020


Naše nejnovější projekty

Nové e-shopy, které jsme spustili ve fiskálním roce 2022 14 2022


rok 2022

výsledky za fiskální
45 000 000 CZK 50 000 000 CZK 55 000 000 CZK 60 000 000 CZK 80 000 000 CZK 100 000 000 CZK 40 000 000 CZK 35 000 000 CZK 30 000 000 CZK 25 000 000 CZK 20 000 000 CZK 15 000 000 CZK 10 000 000 CZK 5 000 000 CZK 2008FY 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 99 2 mil. CZK 4.1 mil EUR 87.2 mil. CZK 3.6 mil EUR VÝNOSY NÁKLADY ZISK 12 mil. CZK 490 k EUR


6 6
z isků a ztrát v r or o Výr r16 2022


v r or o 172022

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Omnichannel report

CX výzkum

EXEC #13 EXEC #14 18 2022

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192022 3 000+ 3. místo


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Výroční zpráva 2022 | Annual report 2022

This annual report describes the operation of Shopsys Group SE during fiscal year 2022, which is April 1 2021 - March 31 2022. All data in this annual report are as of the publication date, which is 31th September 2022. The exchange rate used is 1 € = 25,42 CZK.


We have
on the market for 19 years. From the development of custom e-commerce sites, we have reached the sales digitization of the largest B2C and B2B clients, whom we help to succeed in the omnichannel world. For our clients, we provide reliable and comprehensive services with the best technologies and many years of know-how. 19 years of experience 800+ e-commerce employees sites built 80+ employees

Opening remarks

Ownership structure

Content 25 27 28 29 31 33 35 36 37 38 39 41
Company management We help our clients to grow A year for the Shopsys Framework Company values Our latest projects Financial statements Profit and loss account Balance sheet Community education Contacts

Dear business partners, friends of Shopsys, colleagues, you have a summary of the activity results for the past fiscal year of Shopsys right in front of your eyes. The year of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic for both consumers and traders and therefore the increased online sales. Our clients were relying on our technology, as well as on our employees who take care of the operation and the development of their e- shops.

Aware of the importance of our employees for the growth of our company, I decided to expand the package of employee shares from the previous 15% to 25% company shares. That way we can reward this benefit to new employees.

Petr Svoboda Founder

A significant step was also the appointment of the eight years ago as a part-time worker and worked his way up to the highest position with his diligence. My role remains active in the strategic and tactical management of the company as well as in mentoring members of top management.

I thank all employees, clients, and partners for their trust, thanks to which we were able to achieve record sales of almost 100 million and a profit of 12 million CZK, which we decided to use for our future development and growth.

Matěj Kapošváry

Dear readers,

allow me to welcome you to the pages of the annual report, which summarizes the fiscal year 2022. I am happy that the hard work of our entire team last year

year in a row grown by more than 20%. For the first time, Shopsys reached almost 100 million CZK in sales. The stability of the company proves the record profitEBIT (prev taxes and depreciation) that reached 12 million CZK.

Behind the increase in sales in the past year is the care of existing clients who needed our above-standard attention in another covid year, further launch of two new large e-shops (Mountfield and Prusa Research) and the acquisition of three new contracts which we will implement in the fiscal year 2023 (among them, for example, Tescoma).

CEOour Shopsys Framework, and the growing experience of our 80-person team had the biggest impact on the increase in profitability.

As Petr Svoboda already mentioned, I moved to a new position from which I will strive to achieve the planned growth, increase the quality of technology, and care or our existing clients. I want to continue to strengthen our position as a leader in the market for the construction and development of complex e- commerce projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And finally I will also focus on the satisfaction of our employees. They are the ones who are on the front line at work with clients and have the greatest impact on the success of all of us.


Ownership structure

Reflex Capital SE

Investment fund Reflex Capital founded by Ondrej Fryc, the founder of, has already invested in Shopsys three times. Brand Embassy, Apify, and Productboard are just some of the other investments they've made.

Shopsys Group SE (parent company)

Shopsys s.r.o. (CZ) (subsidiary)

Shopsys Slovakia s.r.o. (SK) (subsidiary)

Stock Appreciation Right Plan

Petr Svoboda, the founder of Shopsys, introduced Stock Appreciation Right Plan in 2017, making 15% of his shares available to employees to motivate and engage them in the company's future success. He made another 10% of his share available to employees in 2022.

Shopsys27 2022 Annual report
50% 25%25%

Company management

CFO 28Shopsys 2022

We care about the success of our clients

Omnichannel solutions and strategy

Business strategies focused only on single-channel or multi-channel sales are no longer able to keep up with current and future retail trends. Retailers must move to omnichannel sales to provide their customers with the best shopping experience.

Increasing business performance e-shop. Take advantage of our comprehensive range of services and top experts under one roof. Pre-implementation analysis, design of web information architecture, and graphic design should precede the development of every e-commerce project. Increasing the commercial success of a new e-shop requires continuous work with data and campaigns. Our performance marketing, graphics, and UX specialists help clients with the optimization of their projects.

Shopsys29 2022 Annual report

Digital transformation of B2B sales

In practice, this means enabling online shopping for business customers via B2B e- shops. Its creation leads to streamlining processes within the company, improving customer experience, and increasing profitability. During the digital transformation of the customer, we act as a technological and consulting partner.

Co-development and team building

We believe that in order to become a leader in omnichannel sales, it is appropriate to build a team composed not only of e-commerce specialists but also of technological experts. Our experience shows that the development of new e-commerce solutions in the for of co-development is the best way to train your programmers or the agile development of e-shops on our platform.

30Shopsys 2022

News on the Shopsys Framework platform

fiscal year 2022 in numbers

Shopsys Framework

The most important innovation of the year is the new JavaScript Storefront on the Shopsys Commerce Cloud, an extension of the Shopsys Framework platform. JavaScript Storefront uses modern but market-proven technologies, namely React, Next.js, TypeScript, and others. To be able to adapt these technologies as best as possible, we have strengthened the development team primarily with Frontend Developers.

in hand with the new storefront, we also focused on tuning the Shopsys Framework frontend API for use in a real environment. We subsequently checked this when launching the new e-shop for Prusa Research. In addition, thanks to this, we can use the full potential of API first access.

Shopsys31 2022 Annual report 3 versions released 6 400+ hours of work done 160+ closed issues


Framework → Shopsys Commerce Cloud → API → JS Storefront Shopsys Framework Happy customer Shopsys Commerce Cloud API React Storefront Mobile app Kiosks 32Shopsys 2022

Company values

We are constantly improving

Every day we strive to do things better. Even if it means sometimes having to step outside of our comfort zone.

Soundtrack: Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen, 1978


We always receive and give feedback with respect. We share inside and outside. We pass on the information in context. We are listening.

Soundtrack: Hey Brother, Avicii, 2013

Shopsys 2022 Annual report

Company values

We are stronger together

We are a team where we trust each other and where we can help each other.

Soundtrack: Livin' On A Prayer, Bon Jovi, 1986

We work hard

We are hardworking and know how to prioritize. We do what has benefits and value. You can count on us to deliver quality.

Soundtrack: The Business, Tiësto, 2020

34Shopsys 2022

Our latest projects


In the fiscal year 2022, we launched several large B2B and B2C e-shops. In addition to the new projects mentioned with it on their profile, in reviews, in discussions, or in the drawer of pleasure.
that we launched in the fiscal year 2022 35 Shopsys 2022 Annual report

Fiscal year 2022 financial statements

The following scheme represents the approximate financial results of Shopsys in the fiscal year 2022 (April 1st 2020 - March 31st 2021). The exact results can be found on the next page. 45 000 000 CZK 50 000 000 CZK 55 000 000 CZK 60 000 000 CZK 80 000 000 CZK 100 000 000 CZK 40 000 000 CZK 35 000 000 CZK 30 000 000 CZK 25 000 000 CZK 20 000 000 CZK 15 000 000 CZK 10 000 000 CZK 5 000 000 CZK 2008FY 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 99 2 mil. CZK 4.1 mil EUR 87.2 mil. CZK 3.6 mil EUR REVENUES COSTS ZISK 12 mil. CZK 490 k EUR
Profit and loss account Shopsys37 2022 Annual report Shopsys Slovakia s.r.o.Shopsys s.r.o.Total Sales revenue Consumption from products Personal costs Operating part adjustments Other operating revenues Other operating profit/loss Operating profit/losss Adjustments and provisions in financial part Other financial revenues Other financial costs Profit / loss from financial operations Profit / loss of accounting period Net turnover of accounting period 99 561 39 870 44 484 2 874 114 499 11 137 38 0 6 -44 11 093 99 675 3 982 422 1 594 784 1 779 345 114 960 4 560 19 940 445 474 1 520 0 228 -1 748 443 726 3 986 982 91 690 39 815 37 797 2 874 114 444 10 874 38 0 0 -38 10 836 91 804 3 667 600 1 592 600 1 511 880 114 960 4 560 17 760 434 960 1 520 0 0 -1 520 433 440 3 672 160 7 871 55 6 687 0 0 55 263 0 0 6 -6 257 7 871 314 822 2 184 267 465 0 0 2 180 10 514 0 0 228 -228 10 286 314 822 (K) (K) (K)
Balance sheet Shopsys Slovakia s.r.o.Shopsys s.r.o.Total 38Shopsys 2022 56 044 53 848 (K) (K) (K)

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This time, EXEC prepared a comprehensive study of 60 selected sellers who grew up online and in-store and now operate in both parts of the market.

to find out the situation in the Czech Republic, where omnichannel has been talked about for years.

CX research

This time, EXEC magazine conducted a survey on customer experience (CX) among the largest online retailers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We looked at how sellers perceive the topic of CX, how they manage it, how they evaluate themselves, and what they perceive as the biggest barriers to a better customer experience.

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Since the beginning of 2020, we have been sending out EXEC Fresh newsletter every Wednesday. Through it, we bring the most up-to-date news from the Czech and global e-commerce scene to more than 3,000 subscribers.

40Shopsys 2022 subscribers 3 000+ Newsletter category 3rd place QR code for subscribing to EXEC Fresh
Kontakty Head Office address Shopsys s.r.o. 70200 Ostrava CzechRepublic +420 595 177 177 Identification number: 27790487 VAT ID: CZ27790487 Shopsys s.r.o. is registered in the Commercial Register with the Municipal Court in Ostrava, Section C, File No. 51890

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