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Choose a Water Treatment Company If you’ve made the wise decision to hire a water treatment company, you’ve made a valuable choice in ensuring the water you drink, cook with and bathe in is pure and healthy. There are many factors that can influence a home’s water supply and affect the taste, smell and feel of your water. The quality of water from wells, as well as the plumbing within both distribution systems and the home can make a difference in your water. These impurities can affect your drinking water as well as the water you use to work in and around your home, leading to hard water spots, iron stains, dry skin and more. Public water systems contain impurities or chemicals that can affect taste and your enjoyment of water by itself or with other beverages. Tap water with high levels of calcium, other­ wise known as hard water, forms deposits in pipes. Hard water requires more detergent for laundry, and leaves unsightly

spots on your dishes and silverware. Water treatment comp­ anies can remove or reduce these unwanted minerals. Your water will taste better and your glasses will be spotless. Purified water is passed through a series of filters that remove sediment and minerals. These minerals are not always bad. Actually, some minerals are required to keep the body functioning properly. Your body needs sodium, calcium, magnesium, copper, sulfur and iron. When water is over filtrated, it removes both the good and bad minerals. It is essential that your drinking water has the proper balance. Think about how you will use your purified water. You will likely be cooking and cleaning with it as well. Consider how much you’ll use for these purposes. Cost is an important consideration. Some comp­ anies might be expensive, while others may not give you the highest quality of water.

Research various comp­ anies to compare pricing, quality, purity and healthfulness. It will take some work to find the right water treatment that meets your needs. People who live in an area with high mineral content in the water will likely have neighbors who have found an alternative. Ask them for recommen­ dations. Businesses in your community may already be assisting people with better water options. You can also find excellent water treatment companies via the internet and phone book. Look around, do some research and even taste samples of the water treatment system you’re considering. A quality water treat­ ment company can analyze your water and offer multiple solutions to meet your needs and fit within your budget. After purchasing a water treatment system, it is important that the company you choose can service what they sell, should any problems arise.

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Family owned & operated since 1973, Martin Water Conditioning has been providing homes and families with safe, clean water utilizing Kinetico’s advanced home water systems. As an Authorized, Independent Kinetico dealer, Martin Water provides on-site testing to evaluate the quality of water coming into your home, determining the whole house water system that is right for your family’s needs.




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Choose a Plumber Plumbing problems mostly happen by surprise and at the most inopportune times. A clogged sink or toilet. A malfunctioning water heater. Correcting these problems requires quick action and swift decisions. Making a mistake can cause even more disruption. While most tackle these issues themselves, not all plumbing problems can be solved with a plunger or a drain snake. Clogged or loose pipes can create a major home or business nightmare, so if you’ve exhausted your do-ityourself options, it’s time to bring in a professional plumber. A competent, experi­ enced plumber will ensure your house or business stays comfortable and sanitary by diagnosing problems and determining the best available fix. Here are some tips to help you find the best plumber: Choose Ahead of Time First and foremost, don’t wait until you have a plumbing emergency to start finding a good plumber in your town. Waiting until you have an urgent need is a common mistake. Emergencies

leave you open to dealing with unscrupulous people. There is also a good chance that you will pay too much for their services. As soon as you can, begin your search for a plumber to service your home. Ask for Recommendations Friends and family mem­bers may be able to refer you to an excellent professional. Good wordof-mouth recommenda­ tions are the best way to find excellent service. Look for people in your local area. Sometimes, plumbers may charge extra if you are not in their designated service region. Newspaper Ads and Online Search Consider looking in your local newspaper for ads. Many local companies advertise the number of years they’ve been in business and a description of their services. An online search is also helpful. Just remember the information on the internet is not always correct. When looking at online reviews, one person’s bad experience may not accurately reflect what you can expect. Look for multiple reports from

different sources before drawing a conclusion. Compare Prices Cost should always play a role in picking a plumber. Contact at least three different plumbers to get an idea of the differences in labor and material costs. They should be able to provide you with estimates for different services. It is vital that you find a professional who knows what he is doing. Whatever you save up front could turn into extra expenses down the road if the work isn’t done correctly. Ask Questions Asking questions is the best way to form expectations. Not only should you understand labor rates, but you should also know if there are any guarantees on work. Find out how long the plumber has been in business and where he received his training. The bottom line is that you need to hire someone who cares about their customers and their homes. Conducting a thorough search before an emergency will prevent you from being disappointed.

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Choose an Orthodontist Visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings and fillings is just one aspect of maintaining healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Many people also require alignment of their teeth and jaws, this requires the specialty of orthodontics. When most people think of orthodontics they most likely think of braces. But braces are just one option used by these dental specialists trained in straightening and aligning your teeth, bite and jaws. They use braces, aligners, and other appliances such as orthopedic alignment correctors such as MARA, Herbst, Forsus etc. These processes take time, but the result of their treatment will be a healthier bite and a more attractive smile! If you think an orthodontist could help you improve your bite and smile, here are some tips for picking a good one. Service Quality orthodontists perform most of the work with a highly trained staff. The best orthodontist see you as a valued patient and treat you as an individual. You also need a doctor who can communicate well, listen to questions and answer them clearly. Orthodontic technicians are part of the treatment team, so it is wise to form good relationships with

them. They have undergone rigorous training, and will contribute during all phases of treatment. Look for an orthodontist who knows the value of time. You should not have to wait a long time in the waiting room. The waiting area should be comforting and soothing. Focus on how the staff treats you and others. As children represent a large portion of patients for orthodontists, watch their reactions closely. If they seem relaxed and comfortable, then you might be in the right place. You may also experience some anxiety while receiving treatment. That is expected. It is how this professional treats you, and the environment around you that will make a difference. Because treatment takes time, you should develop a good rapport with your orthodontist. Technology Ask each prospective orthodontist about the technologies they use. There are several systems, each quite different one from the other. Each professional should explain the tradeoffs between systems. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Have the orthodontist explain why he or she prefers one over the other.

Clear Braces Clear braces are a very common choice for people who care about their appearance. Adults, professionals, and children can receive treatment without having it hinder their appearance. Orthodontists will also have suggestions on which braces might work best for your situation. If you are interested in clear braces, ask your orthodontist why he or she uses a particular type. It will guide your choice in which system you choose. Orthodontists have at least 6-7 years of education after college. There is not just emphasis on tooth movement= orthodontics, and bone movement/ development=orthopedics. Therefore the specialty is now referred to as Orthodontics and Dentofacial orthopedics. Early treatment is more and more requested to improve boney relationships while the young patient is pliable and growth can be directed to improve occlusion and space needed for the secondary teeth. Orthodontic treatment is a significant investment. The right mix of education, certification, experience and personality should make all the work worthwhile in the end.


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Help Seniors Stay in Their Homes Health care providers have often spoken of the incalculable benefits of healing in a positive, loving environment. Statistics show that people live longer, get through serious illness and show more positive outcomes in familiar surroundings where they can maintain some independence over their lives. Medical providers know, in fact, that allowing seniors to stay in their own homes does much for both their physical and mental health. Here are just some of the options available to aging seniors: Assisted living is a fantastic option for seniors who need help with routine tasks, such as cooking and washing. It offers them a sense of independence, while helping them stay in their comfortable, familiar surroundings. Adult care services employ professionals who make scheduled visits to help seniors with basic chores and laundry. They will also assist with minor medical needs, run errands

and buy food at the grocery store. Performing these tasks allows elderly people to remain in their own homes. There is no task too big or small. Adult care employees may help with personal hygiene and dressing. Not only will the elderly person receive help, he or she will also appreciate having company each day. Oftentimes, nursing homes and other living facilities are clinical and impersonal. The aging process brings with it enough difficulties without the additional stress a radical change in lifestyle can bring. Remaining at home surrounded by beloved personal belongings can stave off depression and sadness, and offer a sense of comfort. It provides a feeling of friendship and companionship that might otherwise be unavailable. Receiving help from a trusted friend would brighten anyone’s day. Another consideration to utilizing home care option is that moving

comes with both physical and emotional stress. Leaving behind neighbors and a family home full of memories can be overwhelming for a senior. And with today’s technology, seniors can live independently and still stay very connected with family and friends. The first step is to consult with the senior who is contemplating an assistance arrangement of any type. Meet with local home care companies to get a feel for their services. Some home care companies can assist with the process of a family member or close friend becoming a caregiver if they are qualified. Also, there are governmental programs available to assist some seniors. Discussing these options with a home care company professional may bring surprising and helpful results. Making the decision on whether to stay in one’s home or move into a facility is always difficult. However, the range of options available should make it easier for seniors to enjoy being home for as long as possible.

Patriot Home Care will help you with your personal & household needs so you can stay comfortably at home.

If you are lower income, this service is provided at no cost to you.

A family member or friend can be your caregiver and receive full benefits from us! Services Include: • Company, conversation and companionship • Ensuring the medications, etc. are taken on time • Fun activities and community engagement • Light housekeeping and similar household tasks • Personal care, bathing and related support


• Preparing meals and ensuring proper nutrition • Shopping, laundry and similar errands


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We all have that Hollywood-version vision of an auctioneer, speaking in indecipherable words at a rapid speed behind a podium with a gavel. In this case, that image is mostly correct. The type of auctioneer most are likely to encounter perform in exactly that manner. If you’re planning any sort of sale that features large quantities of items, whether it’s livestock, furniture or vehicles, you might find yourself in the market for a quality auctioneer. The right auctioneer can be the key to hearing that magic word: Sold! If you are selling off an estate or raising money for a good cause, this is especially important. Auctions are mutually beneficial for participants and the host. They’re also fun and a great way to make a healthy profit. Choosing the right auctioneer can be a challenge in itself. The best auctioneers have well-honed skills and years of experience getting results for clients. Auctioneers are specialists and you want to be sure find the right one to fit your needs. For example, if you’re having an estate sale with a loved one’s valuables and antiques, you probably wouldn’t

get the best results with a commercial or business auctioneer and vice versa. Some auctioneers will post “sold” prices on their website so you can gauge how much a particular item or piece of real estate brought at one of their sales. Auctions are personalitydriven events, so be sure you select an auctioneer who is gregarious and personable. This person must have the gift of speech, a touch of humor and the ability to develop a rapport with the audience. The success of your auction will depend on how much the auctioneer can establish a relationship with the audience. The auctioneer will show your products off in the best light and entice participants to bid. If they have been in business for a while, they will likely have a following that will come to your auction just because of the auctioneer’s reputation. Use the internet or your local newspaper to find a qualified auctioneer. Most newspapers have an auction section in their advertising section. If you use the internet, be sure to visit the website of a certified institution. Not every site lists credentialed auctioneers.

If you’ve exhausted these sources, contact the National Auctioneer Association or visit its website at www. Many auctioneers belong to professional organizations. Both the National Auctioneer Association and the Pennsylvania Auctioneer Associations hold their members to higher standards to make sure your auctioneer of choice is the professional you are seeking. When speaking to candidates, be sure to ask for references and work history. Verify licensing and check that they are actively working auction events. Once you have a list of finalists, attend an auction and watch them perform. Pay attention to how they handle attendees and the pacing of the event. Take notes on each auctioneer. Once you have narrowed your list to one or two candidates, perform a background check and obtain reliable references. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Know that your goods will be professionally described and displayed and more often than not, sold for the highest price possible. The auctioneer you choose will make sure of this.

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HOW TO... Choose a Massage Therapist Massage therapy is a special experience designed to ease stress and sore muscles, whether brought on by daily life or as a result of injury. In the hands of an experienced professional, the benefits can be extraordinary and life-altering. There are many different types of massages, ranging in intent from stress relief to healing. But even if you have an understanding of the type of massage you want, a good massage therapist can build on that by showing you new techniques that can help you achieve the best results from your session. A good massage can turn around your day, week or even your month. So consider these tips as you look for a massage professional: Training Proper licensing is a requirement for massage therapists in most states. Other

states have no requirements. Check regulations in your state along with a therapist’s background and experience. Qualified massage thera­ pists have undergone pro­ fessional training. It is an accepted medical practice, so finding a professional is a must. This is particularly important if you have a muscle injury or back prob­ lems. If you have medical issues, consult a doctor to find a massage therapist who can meet your needs. Specializations With several hundred kinds of massage therapies at your fingertips, it is important to research your options. Knowing the types of therapies you can receive will help you understand which is best for you. Maybe you are looking for a deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, Swedish mass­ age or hot stone massage.

Therapists use lotions, powders and oils to increase or reduce the friction of their hands. Talk to your massage therapist. Many of them have personal specialties. They can help you decide what is best for you. References If your friends or family receive massages regularly, ask them for recom­ mendations. Good massage therapists will leave a trail of happy customers. Reputation is often the best way to determine if someone’s services are helpful. You could also request references from massage therapists. Speak with previous clients to see if their techniques are effective. Pricing The cost of massage therapy can vary dramatically. It will all depend on the type and

Choose a Tree Service Trimming and caring for trees so they continue to thrive can be hard work. Branches can become overgrown, interfering with power lines. Tree rot can spread and inhibit healthy

growth. But not everyone can provide welcome relief has the time to ensure trees from this laborious chore. on their property maintain Follow these tips to find a their natural beauty. qualified, professional tree Finding a reliable, service in your area: professional tree service • Ask friends, family and

• Tree Removal by Crane • Stump Grinding • Tree Trimming

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717.354.5939 Choose Kitchen Cabinets If you’re updating your kitchen, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing kitchen cabinets. Cabinets can make or break the style and functionality of your kitchen

and are the focal point of any kitchen. They set the tone for the rest of the room and come ahead of only flooring as the defining feature. Choosing the right cabinets isn’t easy, but with

some thought and research you can be certain you’ve unlocked the key to a great looking kitchen design. If you’re looking at replacing you cabinets, don’t skimp on cost. Many experts

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A WellSpan Partner Practice Porch & Rail Shoppes including... Hot Stone Massage 918 N. Reading Rd. Rt. 272, Ephrata Reflexology • Thai Yoga Massage Migraine Treatments • Lymphatic Drainage (717) 335-2338 duration of the massage, the therapist’s training and even the business location. Your health insurance might cover a portion of the bill. Some insurance providers require a prescription from an osteopath or chiropractor before providing coverage. Personality Massage therapy is very personal. It requires inter­

action between people for long periods of time. Your therapist’s personality should be a good fit with yours. It will determine the quality of your experience. You should always feel comfortable with the person performing the massage. Location The location will tell you plenty about the massage

services. The office should be neat, clean and professional. You might see other elements in the space to help you relax. Pleasant music, water fountains, and special lighting enhance the experience. Choosing a therapist with a convenient location will also help you. Nothing feels better than relaxing after a short trip home.

neighbors. You may know someone who has used a tree service in the past. They can tell you who does the best work. Also, check newspaper, phone and internet listings. • Find out how long each company has been in business, their experiences, references and whether they are licensed and insured. Check with the Better Business Bureau for outstanding complaints. Even reliable companies may have a few problems. It is how they resolve the issue that counts. • When requesting an estimate give the company as much information you can about the trees, access to the location and work you would like done. It’s always a good idea for the homeowner to mark the trees before contacting the company for an estimate. Marking the trees may also help if a neighbor thinks the tree may be his or hers, and

a conversation can occur before the estimator arrives. Don’t choose a company strictly based on cost. Tree work is dangerous. Proper equipment, well-trained employees and insurance coverage add to operating costs. It is worth paying a little more for peace of mind and excellent service. • Look at a copy of their insurance policy. Coverage should include personal liability, property damage coverage, workers’ compensation and damaged vehicles or home coverage. • Inspect their previous work by looking at their portfolio. Each tree service company has a work style. Verify that it suits your needs. Photos of past work might also be on their website. • Get a detailed written estimate of any work to be performed before signing a contract. Responsible companies will provide detailed descriptions,

along with the time and cost for your records. This estimate should also offer information about cleanup expectations. Are logs to be cut up or left for firewood? Will the company haul everything away or leave it for you to manage? Will leaves and twigs be raked up or run through a chipper? If they are removing an entire tree, what will happen to the stump? • Verify the workers wear property safety gear. They should be wearing helmets at all times. In addition, they should use face shields or protective glasses and steel-toe boots. The person who climbs the tree should have arborist climbing ropes, specialized safety and climbing gear, the proper saddle, helmet and safety glasses. If you find they aren’t wearing safety gear, contact the company to discuss the matter.

recommend spending up to 20% of your home’s value on any remodeling project. For a home valued at $100,000, for instance, homeowners might spend up to $20,000 on updating the kitchen. Of that money, about 40% should be spent on cabinets alone. Why spend so much money on cabinets? Because not only are they the focal point of your kitchen, they must also be attractive and useful. And if you’re planning on selling, highquality cabinets will appeal to a wide selection of buyers. If you plan on staying put, they will bring you years of function and use. Custom Cabinets Custom-built cabinets are an excellent choice because they allow you to choose any style you want. You’re only limited by imagination. You can specify the color, hinges, pulls, rollers and even have a special finish applied to the cabinets. It is essential to work with a professional. Ask your friends and family

if they know experienced cabinetmakers. Tradesmen in your area will likely know cabinetmakers. If you are using a contractor, solicit him or her for recommendations. Take a look at special finishes. Some people adore the antique or distressed look. Other people prefer to have the cabinets match other colors in the kitchen. Your custom cabinet builder should apply the finish himself. Check the quality of the materials the builder is using. Hinges, heavy duty slides and ¾-inch solid wood should have a lifetime guarantee. Get everything in writing. Most cabinetmakers are honest and hardworking people, but a contract should stipulate what is expected of both parties. Do not sign anything until you understand the contract and have read it completely. Pre-Built Cabinets When you are on a tight budget, consider pre-built cabinets. You can still

receive quality for a little less cost. First, look for pieces made with real wood. Particle board is not as durable. The cabinets must also feature solid construction. There should be warranties on the hardware, slides and other components. Choose a company that has a long track record. You should be able to find them if the need arises. Quality companies will also allow you to order special sizes. They will be slightly more expensive, but you will appreciate the results. Regardless of the choices you make, always choose to purchase cabinets from a company that has been in business for a long time. They should be good at what they do. Look at their previous work and get in touch with previous customers. Once you do this legwork, there is no doubt you will be happy with the results.

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HOW TO... Choose an Insurance Company Insurance is one product you purchase and hope to never use. But when disaster strikes, you want to know your family, home, auto and business are protected. Choosing the correct agency, company and policy are vitally important to ensuring you are pro­ tected. Especially impor­ tant, should the need arise, is the ability for the company and agency to offer a smooth claims pro­ cess. You shouldn’t pick a company based on their marketing hype alone. Customer Service Quality customer service can set one company apart from its competitors. Do your research. Review agency and company

websites. What is their mission, vision and values? How long have they been in business? How do others rate them? Ask family and friends about their experiences with their agency and company. When considering a particular insurance com­ pany, inquire as to you would contact should a claim need to be filed. Some insurance com­ panies expect individual agencies to be involved in the claims process, while others work directly with the client from the beginning. Sometimes it will be a combination of both. The local agency may provide a 24­hour phone number for emer­ gency situations, while

handling questions them­ selves during normal business hours. Know Your Policy Premiums can vary from company to company, as can the type of coverage they offer. Expect your agent to explain all the options. A good agent will explain the coverage clearly and allow you to make an informed decision. You should look at the coverage details and premium for each policy. If you’re unfamiliar with or are new to buying insurance, your agent should be acting more like a teacher than a salesperson. Your choices may be diverse, with many coverage

Choose an Auto Repair Shop Everyone seems to know someone who’s good at auto repair – a relative, friend or neighbor who has experience fixing cars. For most simple fixes, that might work. But often the complexity of

modern vehicles surpasses even the knowledge of the best backyard mechanics. That’s when owners begin the search for an auto repair shop. Some new car owners may

naturally gravitate toward their dealers to follow scheduled maintenance to keep their vehicle in top shape. Older cars will likely need more attention. That’s why it pays to develop a

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can make it tough to find the right speed and plan. While some communities have little choice in providers, others have many. Either way, it’s good to know the basics before you buy.

Making the wrong choice can mean the difference between satisfaction and frustration. Whether you are moving into a new home or dissatisfied with your current service, keep in mind these factors


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options, deductibles and exclusions. You shouldn’t purchase a policy based on price alone. Many factors, such as a high deductible or other limitations, affect the bottom­line price. Some companies may offer more coverage options or offer discounts for purchasing multiple types of coverage

from the same company. Financial Strength The financial strength of an insurance company is very important to a policyholder. Every insurance company is rated based on their financial strength and size, and your insurance agent can explain the rating

of a particular insurance company. While your insurance premiums are an important factor, it is just one piece of a complicated puzzle. Choose a company that will not only give you fair prices, but who will also be prompt, courteous and financially stable.

relationship with a qualified, reliable and professional auto repair shop. Developing a relationship with an knowledgeable mechanic or auto repair shop early on in your vehicle’s life can prove invaluable. Talented, honest mechanics can extend the life of your car and help you avoid costly repairs. And if the unexpected occurs — an accident or a major malfunction — that relationship can be the difference between hundreds and thousands of dollars. Even if your car is new, at some point it will need tires, oil changes or even a new engine. If you have a relationship with a good auto repair shop, you won’t sweat it when these things come up. If you haven’t had a regular mechanic is recent years, now is the time to find one. Here are a few points to consider: • Less than 40% of new customers in auto shops

are walk­ins. That means word of mouth is still king in the industry. Find a shop that gets rave reviews from family and friends, and you’ll be in good hands. • The Better Business Bureau can inform you about the repair shop’s performance and reliability. • Ask about the shop’s range of services. They will need the latest technology to diagnose problems with newer cars. For example, can your prospective shop handle brake systems, electrical components and warranty repairs? Does the shop provide a loaner, rental car or shuttle service while your car is being repaired? • Look around the shop. Is the equipment in good condition? Is it clean, well­ lit and organized? These factors all contribute to a level of professionalism. • Look for brand names and proper certification. Does the auto repair shop use brand­name parts? These parts are engineered to meet the manufacturer’s

specifications and will likely come with a warranty. Shops may use remade or generic brands, which your insurance policy may not cover, so be sure to check. • Are the auto technicians certified by a specific car manufacturer, the National Institute for Automotive Services or Automotive Sci­ ence Excellence? Is the shop approved by the American Automobile Association? If so, this indicates a customer approval rating of 90% or higher and the ability to adequately perform the services advertised. • Compare the services and fees of each shop in the area to find out the average price ranges. Once you have found a shop you trust, establish a good working relationship and try to use the shop for all of your automotive needs. Your mechanic will come to know you as a dependable customer and always be sure to provide you the highest level of service.

Finally, there is dial­up connection. While it was very popular years ago, only a few places still have dial­ up services available. Dial­ up speeds are very slow by today’s standards, but these connections may be the only option in some rural areas. Purpose of Connection Make a list of what you need to accomplish on the internet. If you want to stream movies, study online or tele­ commute, you will need the fastest connection possible. However, if you simply want access to email or basic websites, you might be able to settle for a slower, cheaper service. Determining the purpose of your connection will prevent you from being disappointed in the service or your bill. Specials Many internet providers offer specials or bundles to new customers. They may give you free service for the first few months, free equipment or upgrades. Bundles package internet with phone and cable TV

services. Look closely at providers in your area to find a package that suits you. If you have cable or satellite TV, you might be able to get a special discount if you purchase your internet service from the same company. Also consider your cell phone provider. Sometimes, your mobile phone company might have a package deal for residential internet service. It is all about figuring out what’s best for you. Customer Service Last but not least in your choice is customer service. Read reviews of each company. Find out how long each company keeps their customers on hold. Also, look at how many outages they have. Does the company fix problems on a timely basis? How do they handle defective equipment? Studying each company will ensure that you will have no surprises after signing a contract. Once you have conducted the proper research, you will have a better idea of which company will meet your needs.

Choose an Internet Service Provider We’re a digitally connected society, so internet service is vital to everyday life. But choosing the right provider can be confusing. Wading through the prices, packages, bandwidth and installation


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when choosing an internet service provider: Price Cost is an important consideration when selecting a provider. Most companies charge in monthly increments, so decide what price range best fits your budget. Faster service will cost more money. Compare prices from several different providers to get the best deal. You should know the upload and download speeds for each price point. The higher the speed, the better the service. Type of Connection Types of connections play an important role in selecting an internet service provider. Broadband connections are the most popular types of connectivity. It allows you to receive high­speed service by using a modem, mobile phone or a coaxial cable. Satellite and fiber optic connections are also making headway in some cities. DSL is another kind of connection that uses a landline phone.

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HOW TO... Choose a Private School The benefits of private schools are well-documented. Smaller class sizes, individualized attention, advanced curriculums and a focus on specific arts, sciences and athletic interests. They are model institutions where children can develop intellectually, emotionally and socially. Some parents turn to private schools out of personal experience and pride; others, troubled with the state of public education, opt for private schools to provide a more personalized or values-based upbringing. Still others value learning with an institution that shares specific religious values or beliefs. If you’re considering doing the same, follow these steps to make sure you pick the best institution for your children. First, evaluate your child’s educational goals and needs. Does he have natural gifts you are seeking to nurture? Are there physical or learning disabilities or behavioral issues that should be addressed? Has your child voiced an interest in science, math, sports or music? Referrals from your child’s current school, teachers, guidance counselors, family and friends can be a good place to start in creating a list of potential private schools. You should also consider what you believe an ideal

school should offer. Make a list of these features. Will your child attend a local day school or boarding school? Are there travel or budgetary restrictions? Are extracurricular activities, such as sports, band, art or debate club important? Conduct some research on the internet for schools that have these features. Most sites will have plenty of information as well as policy summaries. Look at photo galleries and videos. Some sites may even give virtual tours of the facilities. Think about your child’s daily commute to school. Are there suitable transportation options? After looking at these considerations, you can now make a “short list” of schools. It will consist of institutions that fit your criteria. Ask your child for his or her opinion about these schools. Talk it over to decide which ones are best. When the list is complete, it is time to narrow it down even further. Determine entrance requirements and ensure your child meets them before contacting a particular school. Make a list of general questions along with a subset of specific questions for each school. Then start contacting the institutions. If their answers are satisfactory, make an appointment to visit them. While there,

inquire about the enrollment paperwork and any testing your child will have to complete. Check out the atmosphere of the school. Is it relaxed or competitive? Is there structure and discipline, or is it more free-flowing? Most importantly, will your child feel comfortable there? Be aware of how you are treated by the staff members. They will be dealing with your child throughout the day. Are they friendly, helpful and respectful? Try to meet as many of the staff and teachers as you can. Imagine your family engaging in school activities. Is it easy to picture your child spending time there? If your child accompanies you to these appointments, ask him or her about the school. Children often have special insights and reactions to environments. After all tours are complete, review your findings. You should be able to start eliminating schools. Now that you have seen the school, asked questions and met the staff, you can also develop a better understanding of the financial cost of each school. Ask about financial aid, if needed. With diligence and forethought, you should be able to apply to the school of your choice and have your child happily accepted.

Give your child the gift of a solid foundation rooted in faith-filled Gospel values! OMPH School serves students in Preschool (ages 3 and 4) through 8th Grade • Balanced approach to learning through work and play • Outstanding Academics • Safe, nurturing environment • Behavior and discipline expectations

NEW THIS YEAR! FULL DAY PRESCHOOL PROGRAMS Our Preschool programs help our littlest learners make a successful transition to our FULL DAY Kindergarten program! SEATS ARE LIMITED, CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION!


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Appliances are so-called big-ticket items – expensive purchases expected to last a long time. Because they are such a major investment, it’s wise to carefully consider which store you choose to purchase them at. You might be lulled into a store after seeing advertisements and sales featuring new appliances with all the latest features and technology. Or you may just need to replace an aging appliance on its last legs. Either way, it’s smart to figure out what you really need, how much you can afford, and which stores offer the best quality and deals. Chances are you’ve already done some research or quizzed friends or family about their own experiences with various appliances. While shopping for one can be daunting, it can also be fun. These days, appliance manufacturers produce items that have every conceivable feature to make your life easier. Exploring these innovations in home appliance technology can be an enjoyable and eyeopening experience. We’ve put together some tips that can help you narrow your search and find exactly what you need. First you’ll have to determine your budget and requirements — what you need, what you want, and what you’re willing to pay for it. Now, it’s time to go shopping.

Research Online First, do an internet search for appliance stores in your area. Local stores are easier to work with and you will likely be able to get your appliance much quicker than if you had to go out of the area or order it. If your refrigerator has stopped working, this is especially important. Many appliance stores also offer free delivery in the local area. You can get a good idea of the services offered by various companies via business review sites. Don’t dismiss negative reviews, but keep in mind that customers who have good experiences are less likely to crow on the internet. Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau are also great resources for finding reputable businesses. To qualify for listing on the Better Business Bureau site, the business must be reliable and honest. Many stores also have review sections for customers to leave comments, reviews and ratings for the services and the products they sell, which can give you some insight into the business and their products. Finding a store with knowledgeable and reputable salespeople that can answer all of your questions will help make the process easier and more enjoyable. Advertisements For most of us, getting a good deal is probably a top concern when shopping for appliances. Check your local newspaper and your mailbox for circulars announcing

the latest, greatest deals on appliances in your area. Many stores will use pricematching to stay competitive. Not all stores have policies on price-matching, so be sure to ask first. If you can find a lower advertised price on the exact same product and model elsewhere, many stores will sell you the product for that price. As always, conduct research on the appliance you need to make sure you are spending money wisely. Not all appliances are the same; just because one manufacturer was excellent two decades ago doesn’t mean the quality will be the same now. Store Policies Review the store’s policies about warranties and repairs. If the appliance comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, you might not need an additional warranty from the store. Appliances have a yearly sale-price cycle. Washers and dryers usually go on sale during the winter. Refrigerators are often discounted in the spring, with stoves and ovens dropping in price during the fall. If you don’t need it right away, consider shopping seasonally for the best deal. Consider these questions when you’re looking for an appliance store: Do they have a delivery window, warranty options, repair services and range of products? Answer these questions, and know that you’ll purchase appliances with confidence.


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Choose a Window Treatment Store Window treatments aren’t simply just “window dressing.” When considered thoughtfully, window treatments not only bring beauty and value to a home, but can affect the longevity of your furniture, the quality of your sleep and the amount of energy you use. Window treatments from shades to draperies come in a wide variety of styles, colors and textures designed to suit any decor or personal style. You can shop online for window treatments, but nothing beats visiting a store to see and touch treatments presented to give you the best idea of how they’ll look in your home. Follow these simple guidelines to get the best results when looking for a window treatment store: Window treatments come in a variety of price ranges. If you are outfitting multiple windows with blinds, valances and draperies, budget can play a key role in your selections. The best window treat­

ment stores offer quality products at varying price points. Do you want your window treatments to last for decades or do you like to change up your surroundings and plan on replacing them within a shorter time frame? Look for decorating ideas in magazines, on TV or websites. You will likely find many suggestions that will work in your own home. Keep in mind that large prints and bright colors will overpower smaller spaces. Sample books in stores will also give you a good idea about the finished products. The store’s staff can help guide you to specific product price ranges if necessary. Anyone who has tight finances should concentrate on rooms that you and your family use the most. Less expensive treatments will work fine in rooms that are not used as often. Conventional shaped shades and blinds, such as square or rectangular, are often less costly than

specialty shapes. But if you need a trapezoid, triangle or semi-circle shape and it works well with your decor, then investing in those is money well-spent. Heavy-duty, quality components are extremely important when it comes to blinds, shades and drapery hardware. Durability is a main concern when the window treatments will likely be used frequently, perhaps opening and closing several times a day. This construction should withstand years of use. Using a certified installer is highly recommended. Property installation is critical to insuring all mechanisms will operate properly. Professionals should guide you on trends that will remain stylish. There are a many choices of fabrics, textures, finishes and product features and capabilities to consider. Having a knowledgeable and helpful staff will save you time and money. Locally owned window treatment stores usually

have more experienced and specialized staff available to discuss your likes and dislikes in person. When dealing with and shopping at a “big box” store, you may encounter sales staff

without design experience resulting in costly errors and much frustration. In addition, a local business may offer more than just window treatments. Design staff

may be able to guide you through a complete room makeover. Take the time to research all your options, After all, you will live with the results for many years.


We can coordinate everything for a complete home look including room, walls and windows or just give you a few ideas.

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HOW TO... Choose Cremation Services Considering cremation? Choosing your final disposition and letting your loved ones know your end-of-life wishes is very important. Whether considering cremation for personal beliefs, economic benefits, or environmental views, you will want to be comfortable with your cremation center choice. A trusted, licensed funeral director is your best resource. When searching for a cremation center, you should review cremation options with a licensed funeral director. It is important to note that many people select viewings, memorial services, and life celebrations as part of the cremation process. A creative funeral director or certified celebrant can plan unique life tributes and meaningful events. Talk to a funeral director about having your cremation, your way. Once you have narrowed your choices, consider how you feel about the staff of the cremation center. You

should feel comfortable asking questions. It is acceptable to ask your funeral director for a General Price List (GPL) so you can see the details for yourself. Your funeral director should be able to articulate their cremation process, the associated options, and prices. You will also want to explore the cremation center’s merchandise. Cremation caskets and urn options are endless. Caskets may be of wood, fiberboard, or even rented and urns vary from traditional brass, wood and marble urns to bio-degradable urns and scattering urns. You may choose to bury the urn at a cemetery, entomb the urn into a columbarium (nitch), keep the urn at home or scatter the cremated remains. Some even like to wear cremated remains in a pendant on a neckless or have their loved ones cremated remains blown into glass art. Cremated remains, also called cremains, can be placed into deep sea

One Answer.

coral reefs or outer space. When families are separated by great distance, cremation is sometimes chosen for ease of transport to a final disposition. Some families divide the cremated remains among themselves and these are kept in keepsake urns. If choosing cremation, you should let your family know if you approve of separating your cremains or if you wish that they all remain in one place. By doing a little research and choosing wisely, you can make the process a little easier for loved ones during a difficult time. And you can feel confident that your endof-life wishes will be fulfilled. Discuss with your loved ones and family members their preference for when they pass. Talk with them and explain your own end-of-life plans so that there will not be any misunderstandings or second-guessing after the fact.

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Choose a Real Estate Agent Choosing a real estate agent is a lot like choosing an employee. You’ll want to know about their professional background, successes and how they can best represent your interests. To do away with any confusion, first consider this: A real estate agent may or may not be a Realtor, but every Realtor is required to be a licensed real estate agent. A Realtor is simply a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). This allows him or her to attend industry meetings and access software and educational tools. Realtors adhere to a strict code of ethics and have solid knowledge of the real estate business. Finding a reliable, reputable real estate agent is essential when you are considering buying or selling a home. These professionals can guide you through complicated negotiations and contracts to secure you the best deal you can get. They’ll also be able to inform you of the precise steps you need to take just before buying or selling. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t make any property decision under the advisement of an agent you don’t trust. So, do your homework and pick an agent you can have faith will get the job done right. Here’s some guidance in helping you choose the best agent for your situation.

Where To Start Looking Recommendations are one of the best ways to find a qualified real estate agent or Realtor. Ask people in your social network for referrals. Sometimes agents are good at helping clients purchase homes, but not as skilled at selling them. Keep that in mind when searching for the right professional. You might also contact local brokers or search the NAR directory online. Always work with credible, responsible agents. Otherwise you are wasting your time. Comfort Level At the initial consultation with a prospective real estate professional, focus on your comfort level while interacting with them. Do you get the feeling they are genuinely concerned about your needs? Or are they focused on their commission? Do they know the current housing market? Can they negotiate a contract? It is important that you feel comfortable with the agent. You must trust that this person can behave ethically and help you secure a good deal. Communication And Planning Your agent should be an effective communicator. If you are selling your home, your agent should develop an effective marketing plan, explain it to you and respond to any questions or concerns you have.

The marketing plan will probably involve placing advertisements and conducting open houses to invite the public for home viewings. If you are purchasing a home, the agent should listen to your guidelines and price ranges. Above all, your real estate agent needs to provide updates on progress. Do not work with someone who does not return phone calls or emails. More Resources To get a better idea about the process of buying and selling a home, conduct some research on your own. Real estate magazines contain good information and can be a great way to start your research. There are also a lot of good resources on the internet, such as, which is associated with NAR and which contains free, useful information. You may find housing statistics, market forecasts and tips, but nothing beats the power of networking. You need to find people with similar interests who will help you in your endeavor. Upon successfully buying or selling your home, keep your real estate agent’s contact information on hand. You may want to refer other people to him or her. You may also need their services again someday.

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HOW TO... Choose a Mattress Let’s face it: We spend a lot of time in bed. And a great night’s sleep is vital to our physical and mental health. So, choosing the right mattress to help you achieve the sleep you need to awake rested and ready to confront the day is absolutely essential. Buying a new mattress is no longer a one-stop proposition. The mattress industry has boomed with the introduction of memory foam, sensoractivated comfort control and firms that sell quality products online easily delivered to your home. But don’t lose sleep over shopping for a new mattress. Sure, the number of options can be as daunting as the wide range of prices, but selecting the right mattress for your needs at the right price really is pretty simple. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, and then start browsing. You can also scour the internet for information and start narrowing your choices. Purchasing a mattress is a long-term investment in your health and self-esteem. Don’t be afraid of looking at pricier options. Often, expensive mattresses may be on sale or part of a closeout event. Quality mattresses last longer, so you will not have to go through the trouble of buying another mattress in a year or two, or worry as much about the mattress sagging and breaking down.

Consider your bed size. Is it time to buy a bigger bed? Perhaps you would like to sprawl out and relax. Here are a few other things to keep in mind: • Do you need a firm or soft mattress? People with a bad back, neck or leg pain, or other circulatory problems might require firm support to keep their spines aligned. Other people prefer flexible support that fits the contours of their bodies. • Do you sleep with another person? Mattresses made of memory foam might be beneficial, as it will give you a personalized experience without disturbing the other person’s sleep. • Standard mattresses can exacerbate allergies if you are sensitive to lint, cotton, dust or dust mites. If you or your partner have allergies, consider getting a latex, foam or water mattress. You might also think about getting a hypoallergenic mattress cover. When you are looking at actual mattress options, the following are popular choices: • Pillow-top mattresses are famous for their softness; however, they do have levels of firmness. They also require a larger bottom sheet because the pillow-top adds to their extra thickness. • Coil spring construction is a great choice for people who want a firm mattress.

This option has the ability to keep your spine aligned. Most mattress stores can show you samples of their product lines. Choose the best construction you can afford. • “Memory” or high-density foam or latex mattresses are helpful if you have physical issues, such as skeletal pain or circulatory problems. This mattress conforms to the shape of the body. It also minimizes pressure points from the head, shoulders and hips. • Adjustable air mattresses allow each person to change the firmness through electronic and mechanical devices that control air chambers. This is an ideal choice for partners who have different mattress preferences. You can also alter firmness for yourself, depending on your physical condition. When shopping for a mattress, don’t be afraid of lying down and trying it out. Roll over and pay attention to how your body feels. Are you comfortable? Inquire about the mattress guarantee or warranty. A standard warranty is 10 years. If the warranty is shorter or non-existent, look elsewhere. Some online companies allow you to return the mattress if you’re not satisfied. Remember, your mattress is a long-term investment. Choose wisely and you will be rewarded with years of restful nights and energetic days.


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While there are some reputable online services that offer people the ability to complete simple legal tasks without hiring an attorney, most Americans at some point will need the services of a professional lawyer. For many, the search for an attorney almost never begins under positive circumstances. Choices made during periods of duress can result in poor outcomes. No matter what your legal issue, it always pays to find a quality, professional lawyer before you need one. Choosing the right attorney can mean the difference between freedom and a criminal conviction, losing significant money and assets in a divorce settlement or ensuring you don’t get taken advantage of in a business deal. Opting to represent yourself under these circumstances is often a costly mistake. Attorneys know the laws and legal nuances that may help your case. They know how to work with other attorneys and can recommend the best legal strategy for your case. They also understand how to properly fill out the correct files, forms and paperwork. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer: Affordability Settling for inexpensive legal representation can be a big mistake. Quality should always come first when it comes to attorneys. If you’re facing a criminal case and cannot afford an attorney, you have the

right to a court-appointed lawyer. Taxpayers pay these representatives to help people in need. A courtappointed attorney can provide you with invaluable assistance. Also, never hire an attorney who has been disbarred in any state. And be wary of those who have been sanctioned by their state bar. Experience When selecting an attorney, be sure to find one who is experienced in the area in which you need assistance. For example, people who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated will require a criminal lawyer who concentrates in traffic law. Real estate transactions are best handled by a lawyer concentrating in that field. Many lawyers have extensive experience in a variety of legal issues. It is vital that you hire a lawyer who practices the type of law you need. References Finding a quality attorney can often be as simple as asking your family or friends for referrals. If you are getting a divorce, look for people in your social network who have been through a divorce who were pleased with their representation. You can also ask attorneys for references. A true professional should be able to provide you with recommendations from previous clients. Case History Check your attorney’s case history to get an understanding of the legal

professional’s competency. Websites will help you determine a lawyer’s success rate. You can also find out if an attorney you are considering has a high settlement rate. Ask attorneys directly about their case histories. Any lawyer with a good track record will readily provide the information. Online Ratings Some websites rate attorneys. They are also a great resource for client reviews. Don’t give positive or negative reviews too much credence, however. They can be subjective. Some of the comments are not truthful. Focus on comments about a lawyer’s skill, client courtesy and results. Consultation Schedule an initial consultation to meet an attorney and review your case. The meeting will allow you to discover if the lawyer is a good match for you. If not, schedule a consultation with someone else. You should not hire an attorney until you are satisfied that they have the experience and skill that you are looking for, that their personality and demeanor are a good match for you, and that you know what you will be charged or how you will be billed. Ask questions during your consultation. Expect forthright answers. If you don’t feel satisfied, find another person to represent you. There are plenty of qualified local attorneys who will be willing to help.

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HOW TO... Begin a Career in Cosmetology Cosmetology offers those with a creative passion for make-up, styling and a vibrant atmosphere interacting with others who share your desire to make people look their best a path to a rewarding career in salons or even self-employment. Besides making people look their best — a reward in itself — you’ll encounter a vibrant atmosphere with co-workers who can help add to your skills and talents to keep you on top of all the trends. Before you head down to the local salon and ask for a job, you’ll need to learn the requirements for becoming a licensed cosmetologist in your state. Here’s what you need to know: State Requirements The legal requirements you must meet before you can work as a professional cosmetologist vary from state to state. Some areas of the country have strict rules and training requirements, so it is important to have a clear understanding before you commit to pursuing this career. It is likely you will have

to attend some mandatory training in a cosmetology school, and then pass an exam to get a license. You will have to prove that you can help your customers and meet all of the legal requirements. A Good School The training you receive will affect your career, so pick a good school. The best cosmetology schools have a reputation for preparing their students for the job market. Meeting the requirements set by the government is really just a bare minimum. After all, you want to succeed at your new career. You will have to learn how to provide the best customer service, communication skills and how to work well with others. Look for a school with a training environment that replicates what you will expect to find in the real world. This includes dealing with customers that ask for popular hairstyles and beauty treatments. It’s also important to consider other programs such as Esthetics and Nail Technology, which require their own independent licenses and are only

taught at cosmetology schools. Also, ask about career placement services and financial aid. A Long-Term Plan Like other careers, cosmetologists generally start at an entry-level job and work up to more responsibility and better paying positions. You might also choose the path of an entrepreneur. The most financially successful people in the field are also smart business people and decide to start their own independent business. Take a look at your path and where you want to be 10, 15 or even 20 years into your career. But it all starts with finding your passion. If cosmetology seems like a good fit for your personality and interests, then visit your local cosmetology school to see what it will take to get started on your new career. Make sure you keep upto-date on all of the newest hairstyles, make-up and other fashion trends.

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Just because you can assemble furniture yourself doesn’t mean you should. While a desk or shelving unit from a big box store may work in the home office, the spaces you dine, relax and entertain in should be filled with quality, well-made furniture crafted of solid materials and fabrics that will last. Choosing the right furniture for your home means choosing a furniture store. You may be able to get some ideas of what you’re looking for online, but you’ll always want to see, try out and imagine what those pieces will look like in your home. Because you won’t always find furniture that suits your tastes or style, or works for your budget, the process can be challenging. But it can also be fun. Here are some things to look for in a quality furniture store. Quality That Lasts Look for a store that sells quality, long-lasting furniture. While inexpensive acc­ ess­ ories can be bought cheaply and changed often, big furniture invest­ ments — sofas, dining tables, and the like — need to be purchased for the long term.

That means putting solid construction before a pretty style. Solid construction isn’t always apparent at first glance. It should feel solid, not flimsy, of course. Beyond that, find out as much information as possible about the frame, materials and what kind of warranty it comes with. A well-trained staff can inform you about their furniture, how they’re built and why the construction matters. The best stores have employees who act as guides and teachers, not pushy salespeople. Value, Not Just Price It is best to pay more for a quality piece than to try to save money on something that will not last in the long term. The bigger the investment, the more important the design and quality become. Concentrate on finding the best value. An inexpensive sofa will not be a good value if it is built with cheap and weak materials. Likewise, the most expensive love seat will not be a wise investment if the frame is not built solidly. It’s best to look for brands with a long track record and good reputation. Service and Delivery Every store has a different customer service policy. Choose a store that

is well-known for being loyal to its customers. Inquire about return policies. Some furniture stores will allow you to exchange an item within a certain time limit if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Learn what fees are involved if you have to return an item — if that is allowed at all. Also, be certain to ask about the store’s delivery policy, including how much it costs, how far they’ll deliver and how quickly your furniture will arrive. If you are comparison shopping, factor in the delivery cost when considering different stores. A low-priced couch will not save you money if it comes with an expensive delivery fee. It may be worth it to pay a little more for the couch if free or reduced cost delivery is available. The bottom line is that there are only two things that matter: the quality of the furniture you are purchasing, and the level of service you receive. Once you discover them both, furniture shopping can be a fun experience that that will beautify your home for many years, and you can be happy and comfortable with the furniture for generations to come.

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Choose the Right Wood Flooring for Your Home If you’ve noticed wood flooring has made a “comeback,” that’s because they’ve never really gone out of vogue. Wood floors are durable, develop more character with age, and possess a natural beauty that never truly goes out of style. Wood floors are traditional and modern, practical and trendy. You literally can’t go wrong with hardwood floors. Wood floors are appropriate for any room, although kitchens and basements should be considered carefully beforehand. If you’re considering buying wood flooring for your home, there are many varieties, options and price points to consider. Here’s some information to get you started. Solid Wood Solid wood can make a room cozy or lush, depending on the type of wood you select. You can purchase it unfurnished or finished, though most people prefer to select one of the many

striking finishes on the market. Oak, maple, walnut and cherry are some of the most durable woods available. They give the room a clean, luxurious look. Softwoods such as southern yellow pine and fir give a homier feel. Engineered Wood Engineered wood is another viable option. It has an authentic appearance that is perfect for slab construction. Most kinds are prefinished in an array of colors. They offer features such as tongueand-groove construction. This wood is fantastic for homes and other buildings that aren’t appropriate for wood flooring. It is an especially good choice for areas that get lots of foot traffic. Its flexibility in challenging environments and durability make it popular in the West and Southwestern United States. Exotic Wood Exotic wood flooring can make your home or

business memorable. Natural exotic woods are usually rich in color. Laminate, solid and engineered versions come in teak, bamboo and more. Teak, mahogany, and other trees are raised on plantations. Using these types of wood cuts down the number of trees being harvested in the wild. That makes exotic wood a strong choice for people who care about the environment. Reclaimed Wood Another environment­ al­ ly friendly option is reclaimed wood. Mater­ ials from old barns and other buildings can provide a rustic look when installed properly. The wood has a straighter, tighter grain rarely found in modern harvested wood. Recycling old wood eliminates the need to cut down trees. It can also give your room an elegant, rustic look. Laminate While it is not a wood product, laminate can give your room the look of wood for less money.

Better yet, it’s durable, water resistant and can stand up to lots of use by children and pets. It is also a common choice among do-it-yourselfers. Considerations When Buying Look for a company with a large and diverse selection of flooring. Many companies will

have samples that can be viewed in your home or office to get a better idea of what the finished product will look. Professionals in the industry will be able to discuss all types of flooring including the availability of specialty products such as medallions, border inlays,

marble or cork inlays. It’s also important to discuss the wood hardness scales so you’re sure to choose a hardwood that will be appropriate for the intended use. A reputable company will offer warranties for a variety of years depending on the type of flooring purchased.

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Choose a Heating Oil Provider Oil prices The company with the cheapest oil prices may have a lot of extra delivery and service fees that add to your cost. They also might have poor service, low-quality oil or unreliable trucks that will let you down when you need oil the most, so you’ve got to look at more than the oil cost alone. Another thing to consider is what kind of contracts the provider allows. They may charge: — Market price, which is whatever the price of oil happens to be on the day of delivery. This is how it works when you buy without a contract, leaving your family budget subject to the sometimes wild fluctuations in oil prices from day to day. — Fixed price, which lets you lock in your price of oil for a period of time. This

Many might think that using heating oil to warm a home is an old-fashioned or outdated system, but that’s not true. People in many parts of the country use heating oil to warm their homes — and those numbers are growing. According to recent statistics, 350,000 new homes were built in the United States with oil central heating instead of natural gas. Once you’ve chosen the system, you’ll need to locate a reliable oil provider. When it comes to heating oil providers, price isn’t always the best factor in deciding who to hire. At first glance, all heating oil providers can seem alike. But lower prices won’t matter much if your home is freezing in the middle of the night. Here are some factors to consider that can help you make your choice:

is a good option when you think oil prices are likely to rise or if you want to avoid surprises in your budget. — Capped price, which protects you from large price increases. This is a good option when you think a price drop is likely in the future. A good heating oil company can provide you with several options to fit your needs. Financing Some heating oil companies will give you the option to finance your oil deliveries, which is perfect for customers who need financial flexibility. While some operations may require cash on delivery, other companies will let buyers have the standard 30 days to pay their fuel bill. If you want to spread your costs out throughout the

Choose Garage Doors If your garage faces the front of the house, a new door could dramatically improve your curb appeal and change the overall look of your home. If you’re selling, worn or dated doors tend to say a lot about the con­ dition of the rest of the home.

Few exterior-facing seg­ ments of a home are more noticeable than garage doors. Attractive, well-designed and well-made garage doors extend the character of a home and provide a necessary function.

A garage door is also an excellent security asset for your home, allowing you to secure your vehicle inside. If you’re thinking about installing a new garage door, you may be surprised at just

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Choose the Right Landscaper Landscaping is all about beautifying property. Choosing the right types of grass, bushes and flowers, as well as functional details, will enhance your outdoor experience and bring curb

appeal and value to your home. But an attractive lawn and landscape are often difficult to achieve on your own, so enlisting the aid of a professional landscaper can

make the project and upkeep much more practical. Consider the following tips if you’re looking to hire a landscaper: Types of Landscapes Different landscape styles

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year — avoiding the giant spike in winter heating costs and making your budget easy to manage — look for a company that will let you finance your oil purchases over a full 12 months. Services Some oil providers are also capable of servicing your home’s heating system when it needs repairs or

maintenance. You should ask what services are available other than simply delivering oil, because you never know when you might need it. You should also know whether the company offers 24-hour emergency service and automatic deliveries to keep your tank stocked. Quality Finally, the quality of the

service you get can vary greatly from company to company, and you can really see the difference after a cold snap hits your region, when heating oil providers are stretched to the max. You want to find one that can provide your heating oil in a timely, professional way, even in the busiest times of year.

how many options are on the market — and how affordably they can be installed. The Look Garage doors have seen an explosion in styles, materials and colors that are designed to match the architecture of any home, from rural barns to craftsman bungalows or sleek urban getaways. If you thought your choices were limited to simple sheet metal styles, think again. Some garage door retailers will be able to help you visualize what the different doors would look like — complete with color and material samples, and perhaps even software that will show a picture of what your home would look like. You should also pay close attention to the materials. Today’s garage doors can be made from expensive hardwoods, textured vinyl, fiberglass or basic aluminum, all of which will have a big impact on the look and longevity of your doors. Pay close attention to the maintenance needs of whatever material you

choose. Some will hold their color longer than others, and real wood doors can require regular staining and sealing every few years to keep them looking spectacular. Insulation Depending on climate, the insulation of your garage door can be an important factor to help reduce your energy bills. Just like windows and insulation in your attic, garage doors come with an “R factor” rating that tells you how well they insulate your home from outside temperatures. This is especially important in heated garages. Even on unheated garages, an insulated door can make a positive impact on your energy usage if it can keep the hot and cold weather away from the interior of your house. In general, the higher the “R value,” the better off you’ll be. Local Requirements Before you make the pur­ chase, you should also check to see if your city, county or homeowner’s association has any special requirements for garage doors.

Homeowner’s associations, in particular, may have very picky requirements about what materials and styles can be used in your neighborhood. Make sure your choice meets with the approval of any local authorities or boards that control their use. Safety A garage door is typically the largest moving object installed in any home, and safety should be a consideration. Ask your garage door retailer about any special safety features on the door you select. Make sure it will be installed according to all applicable safety codes in your area. Opener Finally, when you install a new garage door it’s usually a good idea to install a new opener, too. Make sure you factor this into the cost and explore all your options — including the latest models that can be closed remotely via smartphones and operate very quietly and efficiently.

require landscapers to have different skill sets. A formal garden uses many geometric shapes in its design. Plants provide a focal point, making the yard appear balanced. To achieve this design, a landscaper will need to carefully prune hedges. An informal landscape looks like organized chaos. Plants appear to be placed randomly. Landscapers who use this design should be skilled at working with planters and urns. The English garden landscape uses the house as its focal point. All aspects of the yard will flow together. Professionals who use this design should be skilled at working with climbing vines, critical to this style. Oriental designs use rocks, mosses and evergreens. Calm, quiet minimalism tends to be the effect of this style. To create a woodland design, the landscape must have great knowledge of native plants and making them look their best.

Set Your Budget Cost is always a concern when hiring a home improve­ ment specialist. Set a budget and stick to it. Understand what you can afford and are willing to spend annually on your landscaping. You might need to make sacrifices. If you need a new landscaping wall, you might have to delay getting a sprinkler system. On the other hand, if irrigation is a must, then you might need to cut back on how often your lawn is mowed each month. Even if your budget is tight, don’t get discouraged. Some landscapers may charge less in order to get your business. Prioritize Your Needs Determining what you need will help you decide which services you require from a landscaping company. Most professionals offer the following: weekly or monthly lawn and garden maintenance, weed control, tree pruning and shaping, garden install­ ations, inspection and maint­ enance of irrigation systems and possibly even the construction of retaining walls or other structures.

Get Referrals Neighbors are sometimes the best way to get referrals. If you like what you see in their yard, ask them for their landscaper’s name. Discuss the pros and cons of the service as well. You can even watch the company perform work. It will give you an idea about their employees and work habits even before contacting them. You could also ask your prospective landscaper for referrals from their current clients. Consider Availability Availability is another factor when looking for a landscaper. One of the first questions to ask is how often the company will be available for maintenance. Also consider community regulations. For example, if your town has noise regulations, ask each landscape company what they will do to adhere to them. Once you find a landscaper that meets your needs, you can sit back and enjoy your bountiful reward.

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HOW TO... Select the Right Caterer Great food and attractive presentation are a highlight of any event. People choose to cater events because they can tailor food to many guests. It also removes the biggest burden to hosting a party, wedding, special event or business luncheon. Caterers ensure the food and dining experience will be memorable and take considerable burden off the shoulders of the host. They offer planning advice and other valuable information in addition to their culinary expertise, and can help turn any event into a magical occasion. To put it succinctly, the right caterer means you will have time to enjoy your party instead of fretting over minor details. Here’s what to look for in a good caterer. Event Information Note everything you know

about your event before calling a caterer. Details like date, time, location, number of guests and budget will help prospective caterers create a good plan for you. If you have a theme, be sure to say so. Also, tell the caterer about the type of event you are planning. If this is a formal affair such as a business party, your menu will differ from that of a more casual gathering. Suggest certain types of foods and get feedback from the caterer. And if you already have a venue, fill the caterer in on its décor so she can focus on what will match the surroundings. Interview Friends, family, and other members of your social network may have used a caterer in the past. You can also check the the internet for local caterers.

Your local newspaper will likely have advertisements from local caterers. This is also a good resource to find coupons and special deals. Compile a list of possibilities, schedule a meeting and prepare your questions. Be sure to ask about delivery, time frames and budget. If the caterer has ideas for your event, listen with an open mind. These professionals are in the event business, and will have ideas from their past experiences. References You should receive a list of names and contact information of previous customers for reference. Don’t be shy. These references can tell you a lot about the company’s work. See if the caterer has a book of food and dessert pictures. Look at their work. Be sure it pleases you.

Choose a Physical Therapist Recovering from an acci­ dent and injury is hard work. Slowly building back strength and mobility can try the patience and tolerance of even the best of us. Fortu­ nately, physical therapists

can help guide you through this transition in the healthiest way, while also providing much-needed encouragement and inspiration. A good physical therapist will help you better

understand your body and offer advice and guidance on routine exercises and lifestyle changes that could help relieve your pain. But because physical therapy is a combination

We pride ourselves on providing not only top-notch patient care, but also unparalleled customer service. • Orthopedic Clinical Specialists (OCS) • 1-on-1 Care in Professional Setting • Physician’s Referral Not Necessary • Appointments Within 24 Hours • Private Patient Rooms • Dedicated to our Community

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Choose a Sewing Machine Some take up sewing as a hobby or even a business. Many creative people like to design and create their own clothes and accessories, choosing quality fabrics and threading of their own fancy.

Being handy with a sewing machine also means you can make quick, simple repairs to worn clothing. No matter what your motivation, choosing a sewing machine is a more

complex decision than it used to be. Modern sewing machines are not simply the needle and spool-wheel of old. They come in all shapes and sizes, capable of large and small sewing

PFAFF owners simply LOVE their sewing machines.

Stop in and find out why. PFAFF IDT Dual Feed; with feed dogs on both the top and bottom of fabric for precise sewing with no more puckered or mismatched seams. PFAFF Automatic button holes: I t’s even easier than 1-2-3! 1. Insert your button. 2. Press start PFAFF Invisible Zipper Foot; The fastest and easiest way to install invisible zippers; without puckers! Ambition™ 620

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Let Eby’s General Store provide guidance for your catering needs. We have a variety of options for most any event, including:

Church Socials • Sporting Events Birthdays • Anniversaries Weddings & more! Offering many options to fit your event needs: Premium Catering Menu • Appetizers, Entrees & Desserts Party Trays • Subs/Wraps, Fruit & Veggie, Deli Salads Bar Service, Table Service & Linen Rentals Available!

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Scheduling Communicate clearly about timelines and sched­ uling. Caterers who have packed schedules are a risky propo­ sition. Use a company that can spend time and effort on your event. Sample Sample the food before your big event. It’s common practice for caterers to bring

selections from their menu to an initial interview. If they don’t offer you samples, request them prior to paying deposits or advancing funds. Some caterers specialize in elaborately themed parties. These companies will offer suggestions on food that will complement your celebra­tion. Other caterers have expertise in crafting menus that are customized to your guest list.

Caterers who can help you with the entire planning process of your meal ranging from hors d’oeuvres to desserts are well worth the money. They can guide you through the whole process with professionalism and confidence that your event will be a hit. If you’ve thoughtfully chosen your caterer, your special occasion will be a rousing success.

of science, experience and art, it’s important to choose the right physical therapist. While the majority have the proper training and offer good care, most specialize in specific injuries using a variety of healing techniques. People with back pain, for instance, can receive physical therapy to strengthen the core muscles in their back. Not only will they feel better, patients may also emerge from physical therapy with a restored, functional body. If you think you could benefit from physical therapy, first talk to your doctor. Insurance companies often agree about these benefits. Most companies require patients to try physical therapy before turning to expensive surgery to fix the problem. In fact, physical therapy can actually negate the need for surgical treatment. After surgery, physical therapy might serve as part of the aftercare and recovery process. For example, when you have surgery to repair a rotator cuff, a therapist

can play a huge part in a successful recovery. People with degenerative disc problems in their backs will benefit from a physical therapy regimen. It can help ease pressure and pain in their lower back. Normally, a problem like this requires surgery, but physical therapy can help patients regain a full range of motion. Physical therapists also provide the best remedy for other injuries. Someone with a reattached finger will need to practice with a physical therapist to regain feeling and movement. Once you have narrowed your search to a few potential candidates, inquire about the physical therapist’s previous work history. Don’t be afraid of asking directly about their success rates and potential problems. The best physical therapists will provide emotional support as well. Treatment and recovery is very hard work, especially for patients in severe pain. When you feel exhausted, the physical therapist will provide

motivation. She will not allow you to make excuses. Instead, a physical therapist will push you to your limits, which will aid in your full recovery. The therapist will inspire you to regain your full independence. This is especially important for elderly people who have problems getting around on their own. It is important that you feel comfortable with whichever physical therapist you choose. This professional may have to examine sensitive areas of your body to check for swelling or heat. She may also massage your muscles as part of therapy. You should feel at ease and safe during this process. The physical therapist will likely provide you with follow-through exercises to do at home. It is very important you act on her recommendations. It will help you recover faster. With the assistance of a good physical therapist and your own hard work, you can often recover fully and enjoy life again.

jobs and include the kind of computerized systems that make prices comparable to larger home appliances. Here are a few tips to help in your search for the perfect sewing machine: Sewing magazines and websites offer detailed customer reviewers. Internet forums and blogs will also offer evaluations of major brands. You will find positive and negative comments so you can make your own choice. Consider what you need and want in a sewing machine, including musthave and preferred features. Remember that accessories and attachments will add to the overall cost of the machine. Take care not to go over your budget. On the other hand, a cheap, off-brand machine will give you a false savings. Inexpensive products may not last long. If you use your sewing machine frequently, buy the best product you can afford. Perhaps it means

purchasing a very basic machine. Don’t worry, as many manufacturers sell attachments and accessories separately. You can always buy them as you need them. The purpose of the machine is another factor. Are you using it to sew clothes, make alterations, quilt or for embroidery work? Is upholstery part of your repertoire? Compare various brands’ and models’ ability to meet your needs. Compact models are convenient for lightweight work and you may be able to sew on the dining room table. Complex machines might require a dedicated area in your house. Never buy a sewing machine unseen. Visiting a store and trying a few different models will allow you to build a relationship with a store owner or employee that you like and trust.They will give you an honest assessment of features and benefits. Your machine will likely need repair and maintenance periodically, so choose a sewing center you like.

Make a list of features before you go shopping. Note brands and models that interest you. Carry around swatches of cloth and a spool of thread so you can try out various machines. It is the best way to evaluate a product’s performance. Ask yourself if it was easy to thread and adjust the tension on the machine. Ease-of-use is going to be an important factor. Your personal comfort comes into play as well. Does the machine hum along or does it make an irritating noise? Always check on the warranty and maintenance schedule, which should be included in the price of the machine. Look through the owner’s manuals of each machine. Finally, look at the accessories and attachments that come with your machine. Some shop owners might be able to let you swap one attachment for another, or purchase a group of them as a package deal. Communicating with the retailer will help you get the best bargain for your preferred machine.

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Choose the Best Cuts of Meat As the old commercial implores, “Beef — it’s what’s for dinner.” And for many Americans, this is true. We love meat. More, we love a great cut of meat. It makes for a special meal and the taste is noticeable. Gazing at the meats available at your local grocer, you may be able to identify the simpler choices (hamburger, certain steaks). They’re all labeled of course, but there’s no real guide to which are the best cuts of meat. If you don’t have access to a local butcher, the following tips can help you through the process of finding those cuts. 1. Choose the right cut of meat for your recipe. Consider how you are cooking the meat and what you want your result to be. Traditional barbecue uses cheap, tough cuts and cooks them slowly until they become soft and tender. On one hand, a barbecue brisket is chewy and tough because if is cooked quickly over a full blast of heat. But that same meat can become delicious and smooth if you smoke it slowly over low heat for hours. Other cuts of meat will become tough and flavorless if you grill them too slowly. For example, Porterhouse or T-bone steaks are best

cooked over high, direct heat for a short time. 2. Consider the density or toughness of the meat and its fat content. Density can be hard to ascertain, so usually the cut indicates the density or toughness. Meats culled from different areas of an animal tend to be more or less tender. Marbling — small streaks of fat running through the cut — can sometimes tell you about the fat content. Many people think marbling gives meat its best flavor. However, the quality of the marbling is important. Big veins of fat don’t cook very easily, so thick and consistent cuts of marbled meat would need to be slowcooked to release the flavor. Small, thin ribbons of fat are usually excellent for a traditional steak cooked over high heat. 3. Examine the color of the meat and ask whether carbon monoxide is used to keep it looking red. Meat browns quickly when exposed to air. If you find bright-red meat without additives used to preserve that vivid color, then it is an ultra-fresh cut. Novice cooks might start with a cheaper cut of meat, such as sirloin steak, for grilling. Once

you have practiced your grilling skills, work your way up to expensive meats such as New York strips, T-bones, filet mignon and Porterhouse. Ultimately, it is the quality of your cooking skills coupled with your selection of meat that will make a great meal. Consult With Your Local Butcher Sometimes shopping for meats can be made much simpler by getting advice from a local butcher. Important things to ask include where the animals are raised and the butcher’s standards for handling the meat in a safe and timely manner. You can also ask how to best prepare a particular cut of meat or what’s the best storage method to ensure your meat is preserved until it’s cooked. It’s no shame to admit your lack of knowledge about meat. Butchers might not know how to repair cars or build computers, so they visit experts for help. They, however, are experts in their own field and you should use this expertise to get the best quality meat possible. Good butchers will understand their customers and will readily offer their assistance.

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tools, old toys and rarely used sports equipment. One day it fills a closet, the next an entire room. Soon it overtakes your garage. If you find your living space has become an extended storage facility, it might be time to choose a storage building. Small, affordable out­ door buildings can be picked up at most home improvement stores and assembled either by yourself or by experienced staff at the store. Larger buildings will likely require some assistance in installing, especially if you wish to add a foundation. Before you hit the market for a new building, keep these tips in mind. Construction Quality material and construction is a must. The building might be more expensive, but it will be worth it. While many companies use solid materials, others are out to make fast money. Their reputation means little since they don’t plan to be in business for long. High-quality storage buildings are similar to a well-built home. The walls are sturdy; the decking and roof trusses are solid. A well-made roof will keep out the

will not leak, so your possessions will be safe. Don’t overlook the flooring. It should consist of solid joists and decking thick enough to prevent sagging. The flooring should meet or exceed your expectations. Pay more to get better flooring. Design Another important factor is functional design. Purchase the bestdesigned building that you can afford. Your unit should have plenty of room for shelving and adequate floor space. Think of everything you will need to put inside the building. People use these units for a variety of reasons. Some people need room for a tractor while others might keep small gardening equipment on the shelves. You might need more windows, skylight or electrical lighting. Maybe you need a wide door or one that opens in a particular direction. If you hang things, then look for a building with space for hooks. Units with an attractive exterior will complement your home. You can choose from a wide array of siding, trim, and roof shingles without overshooting your budget.

you might not think much about the appearance of the building, it is worth it when you consider that it could add to the appeal of your house and property. The Retailer A superior retailer will help you find a unit that offers you the best value for your money. A company that con­ structs the building for you is often the best option. Misinterpreted blueprints and gouges from a screwdriver can have an impact on the overall appearance of the unit. It might even make it impossible to put together. Let a professional handle this job. If you are on a tight budget, you might inquire about a payment plan. It will likely be cheaper than the monthly rental expense of a commercial storage facility. That’s money that stays in your pocket. Buying a unit that features quality construc­ tion and design from a top-notch retailer makes good sense. It is a great way to gain a durable and functional storage space. Let a professional handle this job while you admire the view from your kitchen window.

HOW TO... Choose Home Decor Everything about your home says something about your style, tastes and preferences. Choosing furnishings and decor for your home is perhaps the most enjoyable part of moving into a new home. From couches and chairs, tables and bookcases to selecting art and other decorative elements, choosing your home decor is an act of self-expression. But obtaining advice and the opinions of others you are close to can also aid you in decorating. Here are some things to consider when decorating your home: Match Your Personality Home decor should be a reflection of who you are. Don’t think you have to follow the herd. You’re unique, and your home should be, too. Whether you like excitement and adventure, which translates into bright colors and bold patterns in your home, or you prefer the calm, peaceful feeling of clean lines and muted tones, the right home decor will match your individuality.

Make a Statement It’s important to find a few bold items that make a statement and set the stage for your room’s feel. Throw pillows on the couch or new artwork on the wall are simple ways to start. Pick a few items that create a visual or stylistic theme for your room. Then look for accessories that fit the theme. The theme could be as simple as a color palette or something more literal, like a seaside-inspired room decorated like a beachfront getaway. Really, it’s up to your imagination. Make You Feel at Home The perfect home decor will just make you feel right. When you mix and match the right items and create a space that matches your lifestyle, it’s easier to relax and unwind in a room that makes you feel comfortable. Design trends can be fun to follow, but a comfy, cozy feeling that’s unique to you — well, that’s timeless.

Seek Help If You Need It! If choosing your own home decor seems like a daunting task, there are professionals that can help! Blending colors and patterns to introduce a new feel to your room or house is their forte. A locally owned furniture and home decor store always has sales persons and designers that can provide advice. Sometimes they will visit your home to help with tasks such as color matching, fabric designs, space planning and furniture layout. Visiting their store can give you many ideas as to what’s available and what brands that particular store carries. The sales/design person will gladly assist with meshing your current furnishing and decor with what you’d like to purchase. A design professional will listen intently to your wishes and provide you with a style that’s personalized to exactly what you want. After all, building a lasting relationship to earn your repeat business is their goal.

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Coin collecting has a long history as both a fun and interesting hobby and often a pursuit that develops into a business. But coin collectors all point to the joy of discovery and then holding something historic, rare and beautiful in their own hands as the main reason they are drawn to coins. Coin collectors come by their hobby through different routes. Some inherit collections, allowing them a head-start on their new pursuit. Others become fascinated when they find a rare coin mixed in with their normal currency. But no matter how they came by their collections, the hobby can prove addicting. Adding to the collection involves some investment, tenacity and research. Buying and selling coins is great fun but not simple or easy. There are several factors that affect a coin’s ability to go up in value, including its history, quality and scarcity. You’ll also encounter many obstacles with dealers and other sellers. If you are considering starting a coin collection, here are some things to keep in mind: Know What You Have Research is key. There are a lot of resources that can help you understand what you are buying or selling. It is important to discover everything you can about a coin before purchasing it. If you have inherited coins, or have received them as gifts,

educate yourself on their background and value. Coin shops likely have books that can help you get started. You can also find information at the local library and on the internet. Once you have completed your research, you can start buying and selling with confidence. Understand Coin Grades Knowing coin grades is essential if you collect coins. This system assigns a value based on the coin’s condition. The grading process is pivotal. You could have the same two coins — same year, same mint, same design — and they could be worth drastically different prices based on the score they received when being graded. Coins in near-perfect condition are very rare and are more valuable than modified or damaged coins. Don’t Clean Coins Never clean your coin collection. Novices are often tempted to give their coins a polish. Shinier coins must be worth more, right? Cleaning or polishing a coin can destroy its worth. It removes some of the original finish, rendering the coin far less valuable as a result. Real collectors prize coins that are in their original condition. Ask Questions Ask questions, no matter how trivial you think they

might be. It is the only way you will learn and grow as a collector. Look for more experienced collectors in your area. You can find them at coin shows and shops. There may even be clubs in your community. Ask them about the best coins to buy. Find out about their successes and failures. It will help you avoid pitfalls. It is hard to know what is reputable online. That’s why networking in your area and finding people with great reputations is a better way to get your questions answered. Spend Time at a Coin Shop Develop a relationship with your favorite coin shop. Once a dealer knows your interests, he can alert you with information about the coins you are seeking. Networking with employees may also help you develop new friendships that come out of common interests. Doing these things will help you avoid wasting time and money on bad purchases. It will also pass the time, as you accumulate more knowledge. Soon you will be on your way toward becoming a seasoned collector. But once you become familiar with collecting, don’t keep the knowledge to yourself. Give back to the coin collecting community. Help others develop in interest in the hobby as well.

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HOW TO... Choose Metal Roofing Versatility, unrivaled protection and variety are the defining characteristics of metal roofing. No other roofing material comes close to the long-lasting sustainability of a metal roof. While the initial cost of metal roofing may be more expensive than ordinary roofing materials, a property installed standing seam metal roof virtually never needs to be replaced. Here are some things to consider when choosing metal roofing. Style In the past, metal roofs were often synonymous with shiny tin roofs. But these days, metal roofing consists of many styles and colors. You can find matte finishes and textured designs in just about every color imaginable. Of course, you can also find the traditional silver if you want. It’s all about functionality and making a design statement. Find a style that will match the architecture of your building. Online

software can help you visualize how different metal roofs will look on your house or commercial building. Choose a handful of textures and styles, and request samples to see how they will look against your brick or siding. The best roofing companies will give you design advice about how to realize your vision. Materials Metal roofing comes in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, zinc or an alloy of multiple metals. There are also varying grades and thicknesses. Some materials have longer lifespans and are suited to regional weather variations. You can choose between different stages of prefabrication. Some styles come press-formed and full-painted while others require more on-site work. It’s important to get advice from a company you trust, one with deep roots in your community. Local companies will

understand which materials and brands perform best for your area. Be sure to do business with a company that has a long track record of happy customers. Warranty As with any product you purchase, it is important to understand what the warranty covers. Find a company that offers warranties that will give you peace of mind for many years. Look over the specifics of the warranty to learn what is covered, any possible out-of-pocket costs for material, labor or both. Energy A properly designed and installed metal roof can help you save money on your energy bill. Compare different materials and styles for any factors that will provide energy efficiency. Some metal roofs can include insulating underlayment and special reflective coatings to deflect solar radiation. These heavy-duty and long-lasting materials can keep your attic cooler in

the summer and warmer in the winter, thus resulting in more energy savings and greater comfort. Shop Local While


box” stores carry metal roofing, a local company can be a better option when looking for residential, commercial and agriculture roofing “big and siding. Many times

local companies have an experienced sales team to assist customers with not only purchasing the correct product, but also in getting referrals for a quality roofing contractor.

CHOOSE METAL! Long Lasting. Energy Efficient. Beautiful.


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