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Letter From Melissa


Dr. Nandi Interview: Be Your Own Health Hero


Brand, Interrupted: Coming Back Home To Who You Were Meant To Be


How To Create More Passion And Profit In Your Heart-Based Business


Cravings Zapping Your Productivity + Energy?


Want To Get Your Message Out To The Masses? Change Your Mindset First


Soul Filled Recipes For Busy Entrepreneurs


Dream Incubation for Business-Centered Insights


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Why Your Shift Won’t Stick Your Mindset is the Key 7 Steps to Break Your Biz Blocks

46 Cover Photo by Mary DuPrie Studios Editor In Chief Melissa Zoske



Copy Editor Silvia Bianco

L E T T E R from M E L I S S A I love the fall; the warm autumn colors and the cozy feeling it inspires. I especially love how it feels to know we are heading into a time of hibernation and all the good things that go with this time. One of my favorite things is to light the fire, have a simmering pot of clove, cinnamon and orange brewing on the stovetop and snuggling into a big fluffy sweater. During these moments, I feel safe and all is well in the world. Even if I know it isn’t I like knowing that my feelings of calm are being put out there, helping to inspire peace in ways I can’t possibly know. During this time of year, I like to shed the old to make room for change and the new to grow which nature so gloriously demonstrates during this time of year. This season allows us the physical and spiritual space to finally let go of old patterns, beliefs and past traumas that have been holding us down for generations. I believe we aren’t born an empty slate. I believe we inherit more than hair and eye color, but also the memories, emotions, and beliefs from our ancestors. This is why we often feel a certain way about things, yet there’s no reason for it in our experience.

Just like a tree can shed its old leaves to make room for massive growth in the fall, you can too. Take this opportunity to settle into that cozy sweater and be open and aware of the things gripped by deep roots that are ready for change. Awareness is always the first step. Look for the signals for what is asking to be transformed today by simply being open to listening to your body, spirit, and mind. Allow whatever needs to surface to come forward and drop off, simply, naturally, like one of the autumn leaves. You really don’t need those old outdated thought patterns right? What good do they have to offer you if they only hold pain and fear? It’s time to say goodbye. You are preparing for the beauty of a new way of thinking and feeling…. A new way of being. It’s time to shed the old and make room for a new vibrant way of life. xx

Melissa 2017 FALL EDITION



Dr. Nandi


PHOTOGRAPHY BY Kristi Gnyp Photography Steve Ragland Mary DuPrie Studios

When I first saw one of Dr. Nandi’s

Facebook live streams, I was blown away by

how kind and helpful he was to everyone. It

was quickly apparent that he was passionate

about his mission to make the world a better place by inspiring a change in how we all

look at health. He advocated for a more well rounded lifestyle by including western and

alternative medicine; mindset; exercise and

more. He specifies 5 key steps to becoming your own health hero.

His wife, COO of their company, Kali Nandi also impressed me with the endless love and support she pours into their shared mission. It is truly a labor of love and I’m so very

grateful to have met them both and feature their work on this month’s cover.

I’m so excited to be introducing the Nandi’s

work to all of you. I think it will change how you approach your health. I know it’s already had such a positive effect on mine! I’m my

own #HealthHero and I hope you’ll become one too!

SMM: Hi, Dr. Nandi thanks so much for being

with us today. We’re honored and excited

to have you as the cover of Shining Mentor Magazine. 6


DR. NANDI: Well, hello to everyone, it’s so nice to join all of you health heroes today and share a little

bit about myself and the concept of becoming your own health hero.

SMM: I can’t wait to hear more about it. I see how important your work is and how passionate you are about helping others. Can you tell us about how the concept of becoming

Your own Health Hero was born and the

community and programs you’ve created to support that?

Dr. Nandi: It was actually born out of necessity. I was a

practicing physician for many years and nine years ago my dad had a devastating stroke. He was such a strong influence in my life,

and he embodied all the principles that we

all loved as a family. When he became ill, I

realized that even though I thought I knew

a lot as a physician, I didn’t know a lot about the other side, which is to be a patient and a

caregiver. I learned that in order to thrive as a patient, and even the family of a patient, that you needed to do more.

I decided then that I would help people learn to become their own health hero. I



would help them learn what I learned from

experience. Basically that you need to do more and be an advocate for yourself. Not just in times of catastrophe, like with my dad, but

rather, also in times where you’re healthy, so paying your health forward.

We started a movement, which was my family along with our community, in the great state and city of Detroit, Michigan. We then

began a television show on one station in

Detroit. Now it’s reaching 215 million homes throughout the world. Really amazing. We

want to have a community of health heroes

throughout the world, talking about how to

make their health their number one priority. And that’s what a health hero is. Somebody who really makes their health their number one priority and really thrives because of it.

SMM: I love how you took your own experience and

did something special with it to benefit people all around the world. Your concept of paying your health forward and not just for your

own health but to help others… That feels amazing!

So what made you decide to take your health crusade global instead of staying on the path like a standard physician?

DR. NANDI: I often get questions from patients and

families throughout the world about how they can make impact in their lives, and

I decided that we need to do more. With

the technology we have and our ability to

communicate with people, I felt like there was really a need to be able to do more than just tow the line.

I think practicing medicine is an amazing thing. I’m going to continue to do so. I’m

able to have a one-on-one connection with someone who’s actually down and really

suffering from their health. To be able to meet those people at that time and really change their lives is phenomenal. When I was six years old I almost died of a disease called

rheumatic heart disease. My parents took me from doctor to doctor, and even alternative

medicine doctors and they were not able to

find out what was going on. I nearly died… until I met this amazing physician, Dr.

Chandrasekhar, and he actually changed my life… he saved my life. I wouldn’t be here without him.

That feeling that I received really helped me to understand what it is to be a practicing

physician, to be somebody who can actually help you in the times when you need it the



most. That’s what I love about practicing

medicine. But if we can reach even more,

hundreds, thousands, even millions. How

wonderful would that be? I think it’s such a

privilege. That’s why I’ve taken the television

show and made it global, as well as our digital and social media. We also now have a book

called Ask Dr. Nandi: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Health Hero, for Longevity, Wellbeing, and a Joyful Life.

You want to talk about happiness. You want to talk about well-being. You want to talk

about longevity. Here’s the thing, if you don’t pay your health forward and you don’t make the changes now, it’s not going to happen.

That’s the reason why I want to help people

understand the basics of what it takes for you to be an advocate and become a health hero.

SMM: How do you take your ideas and make them real? …. What is your process?

DR. NANDI: I think the first thing needed is a strong belief in what you’re doing. You need an idea. What is it that you have to offer? Then secondly ask yourself, “How do I put this in place?” You

have this great idea, be passionate about it,

and you really have to be honest with yourself 10




and say this is really what I want to do. When you do that, you’ve got to give it 110%. You can’t just go halfway.

Once you have that you need a plan. Do

you want to do something online? Do you

want to do something on print? Maybe you might want to write blogs or write articles

or editorials. Whatever you want to do, have a plan. Then see if you’re able to get others to collaborate. Like-minded people like

yourself that say, “I believe in what you’re

doing. I think what you’re saying is absolutely amazing.” Then invite those like-minded

people to support you and your mission. That’s the key.

In addition, try to develop a team if you

can. If you have the resources, find people to

help you so that you can actually do better at

those things, because you can’t do everything yourself. In the beginning, you often have to as you are your best advocate. But what you want to do is have a team in place and try

to do as much as you can to get that team organized and efficient.

I’m blessed to have my wife as the Chief

Operating Officer, and we have a team of

people that are dedicated to this brand, and

we really go at it every single day. And that’s 12


what gets me going… is that every single

morning we jump right out of bed because we know that what we’re doing is actually going to help people. It’s actually going to make their lives better. It’s awesome.

SMM: I agree having a team in place has made the biggest difference in my business as well.

Who is your biggest well-known inspiration. The person who made you want to take your message and business to the next level?

DR. NANDI: That’s the people who have made me the

person I am today, and I would have to say

my parents, and especially my dad. I lost my dad just recently, and he’s been such a hero

to me. The reason he’s such an inspiration is

that he taught me what it is to be dedicated, to be selfless, and to be of service to others. He taught me that charity begins at home

and how you can reach people in such unique ways. My dad was my inspiration for this book. As I said, when he had the stroke

nine years ago, I realized all the things that I did not know and all the things that others

could benefit from it, so I dedicate this whole movement to my parents and my dad, Dr. Nandi. It’s really been amazing.

And of course, all the people that work with

us, especially my wonderful partner in life,

The key is that when you have an opinion

do and has helped me throughout.

bring an authentic message. When you’re true

Kali, who is such an amazing part of what we

SMM: That is beautiful. What a tribute. To have that kind of support and inspiration is priceless. Thanks so much for sharing it. If you could

give one piece of advice to other people trying to spread their message to a wider audience what would it be?

DR. NANDI: I would say authenticity. You want to be true.

and it’s true to what you believe in, you really to yourself and your beliefs, what happens is that whether people agree with you or not, they’ll respect you for it. Then the people

who agree with you, of course, will follow you. But the key is that you want to be authentic and you. The other part is you want to be

vulnerable. Meaning that all of us know that

at the end of the day, we’re all human. When

you show that humanity, it’s such a critical part of it. Authenticity and being vulnerable is so important.



At the same time, you want to be able to really person as well as Mentor. So tell us how can

accentuate your strengths. If you’re great on

people find out more about your work?

can on camera. If you’re great at writing, then


the things you aren’t the best at, but really play

The number one way to find us is our website,

camera, then do videos and do as much as you do more blogs. Don’t shy away from video or

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

towards your strengths, to make sure you’re Our television show in

effectively giving the message that you want to give.

SMM: Well I have to say that is great advice and I hope many people reading this will take it.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing your amazing story. You truly are an incredible 14


the United States is through Direct Dish

TV and we’re also on Comcast and AT&T

U-verse. It’s on almost every cable system and some broadcast stations, The show is on at approximately 1:00 every day.

Our book is available at, or on Amazon. I think you’ll enjoy our book.

it’s the culmination of my life’s work, and it gives you steps in which you can live your

best life. The book’s name is Ask Dr. Nandi: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Health Hero for Longevity, Wellbeing, and a Joyful Life. It’s a culmination of all of the research that

I’ve had in the last 20 years, all my experience in patient care, as well as what we’ve done for our community and my family.

On social media, we’re on Facebook at Dr.

Partha Nandi or Partha Nandi, M.D. as well as Instagram and Twitter. You can reach us

there, or on our website, For those of you international, please check your

own listings in your country, but we’re in over 95 countries right now and really proud of that.

I Really appreciate the opportunity to speak to all of you on Shining Mentor Magazine.

Please take care, and hopefully, I’ll be able to spread the best things that we have in this

new book, as well as our television show. On this day, remember to make healthy living a part of every day. Thank you.

Dr. Partha Nandi M.D. is a practicing physician and host of the Emmy award-winning internationally syndicated medical lifestyle show “Ask Dr. Nandi”. Known as the UnDiet Doctor, Dr Nandi travels the globe speaking about his no nonsense approach to food & fitness, how he combines Eastern & Western philosophies and the science behind the amazing health benefits of spirituality, mindfulness and community. Find articles, recipes, videos and more to support your Health Hero journey at and join our Facebook community of over 700,000 at AskDrNandi 2017 FALL EDITION




PHOTOGRAPHY BY Nicolas Colombi Photography & Helena Ahonen Photography

1998: The year I accidentally allowed others to define me. It all started the day my girlfriends and I created a “Spice Girls Group,” and they labeled me “Creative Spice.” Everything was great until one day one of the girls decided someone else was more creative than I was and they kicked me out of the tribe! I was devastated!! For years the sting of rejection and confusion stuck with me like a tattoo gone bad that I couldn’t erase. I would spend many painful years trying to be good enough, interesting enough, creative enough in everything from how I dressed to what I said and did. I was willing to try almost anything in order to be accepted again. But I never was and I suffered dearly for it. It got worse! From then on, I subconsciously let others define my identity. I was completely thrown off my path and out of alignment with my purpose and my passion. It became my version of what I began referring to as my Brand, Interrupted…the time in my life when I allowed others to tell me who I was because I didn’t think I was enough…good enough, smart enough, worthy enough…to decide that for myself. 18


WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE A STRONG SENSE OF SELF...YOU LET OTHERS DEFINE YOU. I spent years experimenting with all types of artistic mediums, trying to find myself: drawing, writing, dancing, singing, and acting. And yet, the other girls would never acknowledge me or praise me for who I was and what I was accomplishing. I wanted their attention and approval and I didn’t get it! After a while I let their denial slowly lead me to begin denying myself. After a while I no longer put myself center stage in my own life. It took me many challenging and painful years to make my way back to the woman I was always meant to be. And it didn’t begin until I began to reclaim my power, my worthiness, to be myself and begin to accept that I was indeed enough! This journey back to myself inspired my love and knowledge of personal branding, which, in essence is a quest of self-discovery. It’s about reclaiming who you are, identifying your wow-factor, and defining what personality traits you need to leverage into your authentic brand persona.


In my case, schoolgirls threw me off my path. Maybe for you it could be your family, your parents, your siblings, your colleagues or even your friends. Is their perception or expectations of you preventing you from really being yourself and being truthful to your brand?

CRAFTING A POWERFUL PERSONAL BRAND REQUIRES FULLY ACKNOWLEDGING AND LOVING ALL PARTS OF YOU. Breaking out of my cage and becoming the “untamed” version of me has taken years of work and it started with this 4-step process I want to share with you. Asking yourself these questions will start empowering you to curate a personal brand that truly represents who you truly are as a person. You control your image and how you choose to show up in the world!

4 Questions to Ask When Branding Yourself as A Public Figure

1) Can you look back in your life and make

a list of 10 things that make YOU unique and that showcase how you are amazing, and a qualified, talented leader or expert in your field?

2) How do people perceive you and your

personality? How have people misunderstood you? Make a list, and then self-evaluate. Is 2017 FALL EDITION


this really true and accurate?

3) It is time to take control of your public

persona: what false-perceptions of yourself do you need to eliminate? How can you do so?

4) In which ways can you start living more

“on brand” and emulate who you truly are? How can you emphasize and leverage certain qualities, personality traits, talents or skills in your brand and business?

Brittany Hammond is the founder of Untamed

Lifestyle & Business. She is a Filmmaker and a

Personal Brand Strategist. Toronto-born and currently living in Paris, she helps a variety of business owners locally and internationally from writers to actors to

coaches/consultants and product-based businesses. She helps her clients infuse their personality into their business + brand and craft their brand story in a

powerful way that connects and inspires. She’s also an award winning filmmaker and the co-founder Le Showcase à l’Américaine, a powerful training program for actors to master their emotions and

leverage their personality on stage and on screen.





My journey of entrepreneurship has been

on self-care. So let me ask you, how long

about creating a freedom filled business

have you been putting everyone else

while making a big impact in the world

above your own needs? What are the

with my gifts. I am sharing with you my 3

things that you used to love doing and are

specific shifts that changed my profit

not making time for? What nourishes

trajectory to triple my income while

you and brings you a feeling of joy? It’s

increasing my passion. These could

time to do more of that and fill your cup

change everything for you too.

before filling everyone else’s! When you feel abundant inside you will naturally

Making these shifts have created a

create abundance in other areas.

powerful impact on my business, profit, and my life. My business no longer feels like an energetic drain and instead an expansive space of creativity and growth.......sound good? Read on.

You can’t serve your clients or your business if you are not first serving yourself. Duh, right? But, if you are anything like me you likely started your business with a desire to help, serve, and make an impact doing the work that you love and perhaps over time felt a slow steady drain of your energy. Statistics indicate most women believe that self-care is selfish! That’s because societal “norms” (taught when we are young) don’t focus 24


When you say NO to the things you don’t like doing it prepares you for the inevitable arrival of better things. It’s truly time to clear your mind and your business of all the tasks that are no longer serving you. Honestly, are you doing things that you can’t stand in your business and life? Time is your only nonrenewable resource and awareness of what is draining your time and sucking your energy is all that you need to take the next step and just say no. NO is a powerful word which makes space for more YES! More YES in your life

is the powerful energy of expansion that takes you to the next level of allowing your bigger vision to unfold.

The world mirrors back to you not what you are DOING but how you are BEING. Your BEING is where it’s at! Do you feel rich and abundant? Juicy and happy about life and how your business is going? Do you have a plan and are you feeling supported? If not, you may be on a hamster wheel re-creating cycles of lack and limitation. Your business is simply mirroring back how you are showing up in the world. Taking notice of how you are BEING is one of the biggest game changers because when you shift this everything shifts around you. When you feel amazing inside while seeing abundance and opportunity, you will begin to see that everywhere, especially in your business. This shift helped me to triple my sales in 60 days. It is powerful and can work for you too.



If you are here for bigger things and are ready to create a lasting impact in the world with your gifts and your talents I invite you to step into these 3 keys and examine how they could change your reality. You can begin to create your #newnormal today and in a short period of time, everything could be different. Take incredible care of you, fill your cup, say no more often, and step into BEING the powerhouse that you are. I am completely committed to success with #heartoverhustle. If I can do this, you can too! To find out more about how to create more profit from your passion visit

Cameo Gore is the Lifestyle and Business Success Coach (and modern intuitive) that you need on your team if you’re a creative, conscious woman ready to make great money from your spiritual gifts on your terms. A certified energy healer and business coach with 15 years experience making millions for others, Cameo both brings razor-sharp intuition and solid business acumen to the table to help her clients create thriving businesses with soul-driven business strategy and spiritual alignment. When she’s not Skyping with clients or hosting beautiful retreats around the globe, you can find Cameo soaking up the sun on the beach, booking a midday massage, hiking on the trails or hanging with her husband and kids. Learn more about building a business that makes bank from your natural gifts at

C r av i n g s Z a p p i n g Y o u r

Productivity + Energy? Written by

Jenn Edden S u g a r C r av i n g s E x p e r t & E m p o w e r m e n t C o a c h

Photography By Jennifer Vacca for Zoot Shoot Photographers

Who hasn’t had cravings? Seriously. The ones I’m talking about are when you start to obsess about food, you crave junk in the evening and you feel like you aren’t the one in control of what you eat or drink anymore. Your thoughts and energy are quite unproductive and you don’t know what to do about it. After all, you’re a successful gal, your life is great and you have a career you’re passionate about so what gives?!

Here's my list of the top 4 reasons cravings might be zapping your productivity and what to do about it. 1. Fatigue. When I’m tired everything

goes out the window that day/week. My eating habits are off and I’m reaching for junkier-than-usual stuff marketed as food. THE REMEDY: Take breaks during the day to rest the body so it’s not looking for sugary snacks as its source of fuel. I find 10 minutes midday with your feet up produces amazing results. And make sure you’re getting your ZZZ’s before 10 pm works wonders!

2. Too many chemicals in your diet. No one realizes this but trust me

when I say that chemicals cause cravings. It’s true.

THE REMEDY: Read labels. If you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it. This is a biggie for women. They are so used to believing that protein bars are food that they forget to read the labels. Most of them are filled with chemicals and sugar. Best bet is to reach for a one ingredient food for a snack- organic apple, pear or handful of raw nuts! Just watch how you feel later that day.

3. Not enough FUN built into your day. Did you know that a life that

is lacking fun can make you feel, well… tired?! Yeah. Too much of anything is not a good thing including your ROUTINE. Yup. It’s time to switch it up.

THE REMEDY: Give yourself permission for a routine hack. If your life lacks fun it just might be time to start breaking some rules you’ve created. Go ahead and eat that food on your “no” list. Buy yourself that something special you’ve been denying yourself. Take a midday break from work and do something out of the ordinary. Take a pole dancing class. Do anything to shake it up and watch your energy shift and those cravings reduce.



4. Dehydration. You probably know that our bodies are mostly made of water. What most don’t think about is what that means when we don’t drink enough water. THE REMEDY: Make it a goal to drink at least ½ your body weight in ounces (140 pound woman should shoot for 70 ounces each day). I carry around a stainless steel water bottle and make it a goal to fill it 4x/day. Feeling like you drink a lot of water but never feel like your thirst is quenched? Add a pinch of celtic sea salt to your water to help it absorb better. Sea salt gives your body the electrolytes it just might need to better absorb it.

Jenn Edden is a sugar cravings expert, empowerment coach & recovering sugar a holic for over 12 years. Jenn Edden has dedicated her life to helping other women, especially women entrepreneurs, who feel like sugar has taken over their lives. She helps them to restore their power not through denial or dieting but by learning new ways to eat, work and think- no more guilt!! Jenn understands what it’s like to feel drained and unsure of the next steps. She is a wiz at simplifying all the noise out there about dieting to keep one’s health and waistline in balance while living a life you truly love. Come check out Jenn’s new book: Woman UnleashedThe Highly Sensitive Woman’s Guide to Radiant Energy, Unstoppable Confidence + 21 Day Plan to Kick Sugar by visiting



You don’t have a monopoly on what you do, but you do have a responsibility to express your authentic version of it. L A U R A


WANT TO GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT TO THE MASSES? Change your mindset first.


Ever wonder how some people are just so skilled at getting their message out there? You watch them and wonder, Is that ever going to be possible for me? The answer is yes. But first, you need to change the one thing that’s getting in the way of you making it possible—your mindset. Think back to a time in childhood when you created something amazing and wanted to share it with the world. It may have been a school painting, science project, or the best damn lemonade on the block. You showcased your creation to anyone who’d listen…and you did it with utmost confidence. That confidence comes from a place of fearlessness where self-defeating thoughts like: “Is this even good enough? What if what I created is already out there? Who’s going to want what I’m offering?” don’t exist. To get your message out to the masses, start by adopting the mindset of a child and radiate that same fearlessness in your actions. Here’s how: 1. Believe your message is amazing. The minute you start doubting yourself 34


or your message, stop and say, “I have a choice: I can either feed the doubt or feed my confidence. I choose to feed my confidence.” Then, go back to what got you so excited to share your message in the first place. 2. Assume people are going to love what you’re sharing. Children don’t ask someone if what they created is amazing. They tell you it is and why you should love it! The same goes for your message. You have to speak with the enthusiasm of a child and the graceful wisdom of a savvy business woman. The confident energy you radiate when you assume people will love what you’re offering is magnetic. 3. If someone doesn’t like what you’re offering, go tell your mom. Fear of rejection is a big reason people don’t share their message to the world. When it happens, it hurts. Prepare to be rejected along the way and have a trusted person you can go to whenever you need a comforting hug and boost of confidence to stay the course. 4. When you fall down, get back up. Children are incredibly resilient. After being consoled by mom, they wipe their





tears and get back up. Do the same. Give yourself some time to bounce back from any rejection or self-doubt. Re-strategize how you’re going to keep putting your message out there. Then go do it. Whether you’re a one woman business or leading a team of 100, your message is important because it comes from you. To get your message out to the masses, remind yourself why you bravely created a message that the world needs to hear. Then, share it with the fearless confidence of a child. As the founder of Bridging Consciousness and author of the book, The Good Goodbye, Dr. Gladys Ato empowers you to rise above life’s challenges, step into the limelight of your life, and achieve your aspirations by designing a lifestyle of love. She was recognized as a Latina Leader by Hispanic Executive Magazine and a Women Worth Watching in Education winner by Profiles in Diversity Journal. She’s been featured in NPR, Thrive Global, Harness Magazine, ABC 7 News, KRON 4 News, and Action Alameda News. After burning out from a successful career as a psychotherapist, consultant, and university president, she created her own business. Today, she works with clients through private and group mentoring, online courses, and speaking engagements. Visit her online at Photography by: Thomas Rohner Photography, & Kat Nelson Photography



Soul Filled Recipes for the Busy Entrepreneur

Asian Chicken Salad w/ Sautéed Veggies & Udon Noodles By Silvia Bianco ingredients with raw ingredients to add

to fresh, crisp greens. Hot over cold;

Just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we

different textures and a mix of flavors. The

entrepreneurs (or anyone really) are ones

some of the most creative and fuss-free

can’t eat well. The best recipes for busy

possibilities are endless so salads can be

that not only can be made with little

meals one can make.

for lots of variations to accommodate our

And then there are the dressings! Every

meets this criteria and then some.

true alchemist in the kitchen. This dressing

I’m a big fan of big, flavorful, meal-in-a-

happen with a few turns of your whisk…

preparation and fuss, but ones which allow individual tastes and needs. This recipe

bowl salads. I also love combining sautéed 38


time I whip up a new dressing, I feel like a

is a perfect example of the magic that can orange ginger vinaigrette.

Ingredients 4 cups of mixed greens 2 per person or thereabouts Cooked chicken tenders or any cooked chicken 1 zucchini cut in half moon 1/4 in slices 1 carrot spiralized or cut in very thin strips (I used a gourmet yellow carrot above) 1/2 small red bell pepper cut in thin strips 4 oz or so shiitake mushrooms sliced 4 oz of udon noodles cooked and drained 1 scallion diced 1 few grape tomatoes cut in half Olive oil for sautĂŠing Salt and pepper to taste

Dressing 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons rice vinegar 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon dijon mustard 1 small garlic clove finely chopped 1 teaspoon dijon mustard 1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger 1 tablespoon fresh grated orange zest 1 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley Juice of 1/2 lemon

Instruction Add your choice of greens to a large salad bowl and toss with a bit of the dressing. Don’t overdress. A little goes a long way. Season with

salt and pepper. Place a medium skillet over high heat and lightly cover the bottom of the pan with olive oil (about 3 tablespoons) and heat until hot but not smoking. Add the zucchini and cook until tender and brown on both sides. About 2 to 3 minutes. Add the zucchini to the greens. Add more oil to the pan (a little more than before) to cover the bottom of the pan. Heat until hot but not smoking. Add the mushrooms and cook until browned and tender but crisp followed by the chicken to warm (about 3 minutes). Add the garlic and cook for about 30 seconds, just until it starts to color, remove the pan from the heat, season and add the mushrooms and the chicken to the greens. In the meantime, cook the noodles according to package directions. Rinse with cold water to stop the cooking. Drain and set aside. Add to the salad along with the carrots, the scallions and the bell pepper strips.


for Business-Centered Insights

By Kelly Lydick

Photography By Charles Ruscher

Entrepreneurship is the hardest job you’ll ever love. It’s challenging, enlightening, self-sacrificing, and exceedingly rewarding. With advancing technologies, new avenues for marketing, and even new business structures, it can be a challenge to devise successful strategies while navigating the way through a changing marketplace. Business strategy comes very easily for some, but not for others, and having a solid business plan and strategy can make or break a business. Dream incubation is a technique that has been used by ancient peoples for thousands of years. The Egyptians and the Greeks used dream temples, designated places for dream incubation, as a way of devoting time and intention to the dreaming practice. Native American elders—particularly the Iroquois—relied heavily upon the content of dreams to guide decision-making for their entire tribe. Modern dream practitioners also know the value of dreams to provide depth and insight into questions and problems. Scientist Niels Bohr reported dreaming of the structure of the atom, and Albert Einstein discovered the speed of light through a dream. Paul McCartney regularly used dreams to help his music 42


compositions, and inventor Elias Howe conceived of the sewing machine after having a revelatory dream. The dream incubation technique can be used for all areas of life, and in particular to help support decision-making around business and its strategy. Dream Incubation asks specific questions to the higher self and the subconscious mind to allow dreams to provide answers to these questions. Then, working with the content of the dream in a focused way can increase self-awareness, and provide new insights into problems or questions. The technique works best when practiced regularly, and takes just a short amount of time each night. Only a few simple things are necessary to begin your dream incubation practice: some paper, a pen, a journal, and a small container with a lid. Use your journal for recording your dreams upon waking in the morning. Then, begin to implement the dream incubation process each night.

The Dream Incubation Process 1. Carefully craft a question, and write it on a small piece of paper. 2. Read the question, silently or aloud, at



least three times. 3. Fold the paper neatly, and place it in the small container. Replace the lid. 4. Sit at the edge of the bed with eyes closed and feet flat on the floor. Concentrate on the question that was written and placed in the container. Do this for at least 5 minutes. 5. Immediately retire to sleep. Some report that beginning the Incubation process is slow, and others yield results immediately; however, all are capable of utilizing this technique to gain accurate insights and help accelerate business growth. A space of allowing is the key to allow the perfect answers to arrive.

business strategy? Are there any partnerships that need an investment of my time?

Tap into the Future. Ask: Where should I next focus attention and energy to market my business? Are there untapped markets that I should be investigating? What technologies can I use to create more efficiency in my business?

Tips & Questions to Begin the Dream Incubation Process for Business Insights Start with Where You Are. Ask: Where in my business am I currently succeeding the most? What aspects of my business are wellreceived by my clients?

Look for Opportunities for Growth. Ask: Where do I need more insight into my



Kelly Lydick received her M.A. in Writing and Consciousness from the New College of California, San Francisco (now at CIIS). Her writing has appeared in Natural Awakenings, Java, Western Art Collector, Santa Fean, and True Blue Spirit magazines, as well as on the home page of Her work has also been featured on NPR’s The Writers’ Block. She is the author of the experimental work Mastering the Dream. Kelly holds certifications as a Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Past Life Healer, Animal Reiki Master, and Gateway Dreaming™ Coach. She teaches writing and metaphysical workshops, and offers private consultations through her company Waking the Dream. She holds professional memberships with the International Association for the Study of Dreams, where she has presented her work on dream studies, the Academy of American Poets, and the Arizona Authors Association. You can learn more about her work at

“Listening and speaking from your heart is the only true form of communication. The language of love transcends all else.�

Sarah Capehart


By Elizab Intuitive Alignme


beth Pfeiffer ent & Energy Coach

Mindset blocks are not created equal and the more you go looking for them the more you will create.

THERE. I SAID IT. Mindset work is huge in the coaching industry right now for two reasons. 1. 2.

It can create quick results and People want to create more money.

...BUT HERE’S THE TRUTH. Being in alignment with your essence and moving into greater vibrations of allowing and receiving without limitation and selflimiting beliefs– is what creates more money. 48


“MONEY BECOMES A SECONDARY BENEFIT TO YOUR ALIGNMENT.” Let’s take a moment here and go back to mindset blocks for a moment. It would make sense to think, that if I want to receive, I have to clear the self-limiting beliefs around why I’m not receiving, right? Not necessarily. You see the Universe will ALWAYS give what is asked for. It’s Universal Law. Ask and it is given.

HERE’S THE THING… The Universe responds to every vibration you offer. If you think you have a block to

receiving? Then BOOM – you have one… and the more you keep looking for them – the more the Universe will send you to find.

That’s not their job. That’s your job. You and your alignment with your essence are your sources of money.

At this point, you might be asking “Ok, Elizabeth, I see what you’re doing here but… I’ve been clearing and shifting all kinds of mindset blocks and it hasn’t been sticking. Why is that?”

Money does come from other people, but only as a reflection of your own internal alignment with your Inner being.

There are two reasons for this. One is the scenario we described above. Ask and it is given. The second is that your blocks aren’t mindset blocks at all. They’re energetic misalignments.

LET’S EXPLORE. Let’s say you come to my office and you say, “Elizabeth, No one wants to hire me.” Now you might think you have a block that says “no one wants to hire me” and you might – but you shifted it and nothing has changed. Why is that? Because your internal world creates your outer reality. You see, sometimes it all depends on how you hold your energy. In this scenario, you might have been energetically attached to other people being responsible for being your source of money.

When you give other people energetic responsibility and become attached to them being, doing or treating you in a specific way – you’ll always experience the opposite. In this case — this would be an Energetic Re-calibration of how you hold the source of your money internally (alignment) and not on anyone else being responsible for creating it for you. Releasing the attachment from others and retrieving the responsibility for them being the source of your own money will create the shift and money you’re looking for. So, Next time you hit a wall and you start digging for those self-limiting beliefs – ask yourself… is this a Mindset issue or is it Energetic? Elizabeth holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Temple University along with over 20 Metaphysical certifications in Energy Work. She currently practices as an Intuitive Alignment & Energy Coach for Awakened Souls seeking to create greater alignment with their Inner being for the purposes of Greater Health, Wealth and Happiness! Visit her at 2017 FALL EDITION







by Catherine Roy

Photography by Majda Balic

“If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.�

~ Buddha

Very often, people ask me: “How have you managed to succeed in so many areas in your life?” Except for hard work and dedication, let me tell you how. The words that we speak are a manifestation of our thoughts and our thoughts can create the world around us. Words that we reserve within our thoughts can create us. Often, we don’t pay attention to what we think about. It’s important sometimes to stop and be aware of what you’re thinking about. If it feels good, continue to think about that. If it doesn’t, stop. You can control your thoughts. You can be the conductor of this orchestra. You simply have to focus on your desires, not on the barriers to those desires. Your focus can allow you to control the flow and content of your thoughts and prevent them from creating bad emotions. You need feel good emotions. Good emotions lead to satisfaction and satisfaction leads to happiness and success. You are the Majesty of your life. You just have to let your beautiful qualities become dominant and fill your thoughts. Words define your mindset. Your mindset defines your life.

Pause for a moment and say these words out loud:

Life Love Happiness Forgiveness Tenderness Attention Desire Value Faith Notice how all these words awaken a positive side of your thoughts and soul and light up your day. We must learn to balance our thoughts with our feelings, and our feelings with the words we speak. We need to remember that words are things which have an impact on others and that we need to desire to always have a positive impact 2017 FALL EDITION


on others. We might also remember that scene from the Bambi cartoon when bunny Thumper says: “If you don’t have something to say that’s nice, better don’t say anything at all.” So let this be the moment when you tell yourself that you will stop thinking about bad things and events, and find something good in every situation.

In fact, it is an old and well-known philosophy: “What you give, that shall you get.” “What you sow, that shall you reap.” “What you think, you become.” This is one of the most powerful tools that I use. It helps me in every area of my life: Just follow these steps. 1. Think about what you feel. 2. Think about what you think about. 3. Think about what you talk about. Be the creator of your own life. There has never been a better time and greater opportunity than right now to become a creative force in this world and achieve true success and happiness in your life. 54


Catherine B. Roy is a Bestselling Author, Heart and Mind Coach, Human Potential Thought Leader, MENSA member and award-winning artist and scientist whose stimulating, upbeat and inspirational writings have helped countless people in the world. Catherine enjoyed the distinction of receiving the 30 Under 30 Young Leaders award and is also an experienced linguistics researcher, with published scientific works in the fields of pragmatism, communication and psycholinguistics. She is also, certified in the fields of positive psychology, assertive behavior, emotional behavior, emotional intelligence (EQ) and intelligence (IQ). As the author and founder of the “Live from Your Heart and Mind” (LHM) community, Catherine is the guiding force behind the LHM system for increasing a person’s emotional and intellectual capacity and inspiring them to positive change and accomplishment. You can learn more about her at






When I first entered into the online world I was beyond excited with the idea of being able to work from anywhere and reach across oceans to people I knew I could help. I loved helping people up-level their wealth and health mindset and I knew entrepreneurs needed my work. I knew it could help them get unstuck and break through their sabotaging blocks and reach the success they worked so hard to achieve but that kept alluding them. But that excitement soon vanished after I realized how much work, time, and tech-savvy skills it seemed to take to bring recognition to my work and attract the new clients who would benefit from it. The added stress of putting myself out there in videos and podcasts was almost a deal breaker. I came face to face with the fear of being rejected and ridiculed and suddenly this fear was very real. What if I just didn’t know enough, even though I took years of courses and certifications? I became aware of all the ways I kept sabotaging my own efforts: trying to do everything myself; trying to be everywhere all the time in an endless networking effort; and making excuses for why nothing ever seemed to work the way I wanted it to. My dream plan of working 3 days a week was NOT happening! I was putting in 13- hour work days and my self-care routine went

down the tubes. I felt fatigued, unhealthy and disappointed. My brand is based on self-growth and wealth alignment so this was not a good place for me to be in more ways than one. It became obvious that things had to change. It has taken me years to zero in on what worked, what didn’t and find the balance that my business and life needed. When I recognized the fears that needed to be cleared out once and for all everything blossomed. When I learned how to keep my Divine connection flowing and how to work smarter - repurposing content and outsourcing the help I needed - everything started rapidly shifting. And most of all I was having FUN again! I was working in my zone of genius and working with people I loved. I had time for my family again, and most important, my own self-care. I began each day with meditation and energy work that fortified my sense of purpose and kept uncovering and clearing out generations of beliefs and patterns that threatened to weaken me. This whole process has been one of the biggest gifts that have molded my beautiful life and I’m happy to share it all with you: 2017 FALL EDITION


what worked and what didn’t; how I dialed in my business to create more freedom, money and time for things that feel good, really matter, and supports a life of purpose.

MY STEPS TO SUCCESS. 1. ALIGNMENT: Clear out the old outdated

beliefs patterns and programming that keep you stuck in fail cycles. Clear out all your fears keeping you from being seen and sharing your light with the world.

2. CREATE A CLEAR PLAN: Zero in on what

you want to create and provide. Learn who your ideal client is; what their needs and wants are; and how to speak directly to them.

3. FIND YOUR TRIBE: Connect with like-mind-

ed people on a similar path; help each other move up and have fun doing so. Many hands make light work!


THE PAST: Freeing up time for reaching out to

new clients and program creation.

5. HIRE HELP & OUTSOURCE: Outsource what

you aren’t an expert in or have time for; tech stuff, social media, administrative tasks; leaving you time to shine in your zone of genius. There are endless possibilities here.



6. LET PERFECTIONISM GO: Don’t get stuck in

perfectionism; take one step at a time; you can always go back and fine tune everything later.

7. HAVE FUN AGAIN: Make time for you and

your family; add yourself to your to-do list. It’s where the magic in all this is. I’m so excited to be offering my signature program Breaking Biz Blocks, with its newly updated content, to help you take your business to the next level of success. If everything I talked about above resonates with you please check out the info page and get the special pricing before it ends. We cover so many ways for you to work through your blocks and learn the action steps needed to finally reach your goals. I have many extras in there this run, like creating 2 weeks worth of content from a 3- minute task… talk about a time saver and stress reliever. Hope to see you there.

Melissa Zoske is an Energy, Wealth and Business Alignment Mentor, specializing in moving entrepreneurs out of their success blocks and aligning to their natural abundant state once and for all. Her Signature Program Breaking Biz Blocks helps uncover, clear and take action steps forward to achieve your lifelong success goals. Her passion is helping you feel the freedom, joy and inner alignment that being an entrepreneur should bring, while letting go of the hustle, working smarter not harder and incorporating strategy and actions steps that feel right to each individual. We are not one size fits all… She’s the owner of and creator of The Zoske Method. Melissa is also the creator of Shining Mentor Magazine a heart-centered publication, where entrepreneurs can gain valuable knowledge and wisdom from leading experts. She has been a featured guest on worldwide summits, podcasts, radio, and blogs. You can find her at




I would have loved myself sooner. JAYLEEN HAYDEN

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“You are NOT Your genes, Your health fate is NOT sealed at any age!” - DR. NANDI