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Letter From Melissa


Interview with Steven Aitchison


3 Quick Shifts That Turn Your Home Office Into A ClientAttracting Super Magnet


4 Ways To Leverage Facebook Live Power In Your Online Coaching Business


I am Woman


Soul Filled Recipes for Busy Entrepreneurs


3 Keys to Sacred Writing for Creating Change


The Superhero in Your Business You’re Probably Overlooking


Your Superpower Team

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Copy Editor Silvia Bianco

L E T T E R from M E L I S S A As we move quickly into the powerful shifts expected in 2018 and the one year anniversary of Shining Mentor Magazine there are many things I’ve reflected on. And the more I reflected on an assortment of things, the more inspired I was to make space for them. I realized I needed to make space in my life for what I want to achieve, in both my business and personal life. I wanted to grow and feel empowered and I needed the space to do that. I bet you do too. And so a strong inspiration to declutter in all areas of life was born. Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked to many people that were in the process of decluttering, downsizing, organizing, buying fewer things that didn’t have a purpose, stepping away from toxic people and relationships and even groups they were once involved in… basically letting go to make space. Letting go of things, people and situations makes room for new, more expansive, healthier things to come…in many ways, small and large and these changes, change lives. Creating physical space, I find, leads to a more peaceful outlook (clutter brings chaos and discordance to our wellbeing) while having room allows us to bring in more high-quality experiences and even material things that are

more in alignment with who we are and what we need. And new thoughts, beliefs, healthy habits and relationships are allowed in… and that’s always a good thing! There are no limits! We can learn so much from our past history even if it was painful. Sometimes those periods carry the most gems that help us positively grow in ways we couldn’t otherwise, yet so often we run from those lessons. Don’t. They’re helpful so learning them willingly is wise advice I give myself and if you are so willing…now pass onto you. Everything is energy and making room for that energy to grow and expand should be first on the list for 2018. Allow your energy to gain strength and expand to new heights that take your life, business and even health to levels you’ve never dreamed of. So for the next few weeks focus on clearing out what you no longer need. Place your intention on expansion and growth and live in a new energy infused space that will support and offer you a safe, secure, sacred space for your growth, your development and your beautiful being.




Alexander Fraser Photography



I’ve had the pleasure of using his programs and being a member of his vibrant online community. His teaching style is fun and inspiring as well as clear, informative and hugely helpful for anyone wanting to build and monetize their online business.

I was younger, I remember reading one of my Dad’s books and thought I could be a writer because I loved the books. When I was 13, 14, I loved the books by Harold Robbins and used to write these synopsis for books. I wrote loads of them when I was younger. And I thought one day I’m going to be a writer. And so, I used to love writing but I never really found the proper outlet for it. I went on to university and got my psychology degree and interviewed authors and various websites and decided I’m going to start my own blog and write myself.

Melissa: Hi Steven, thanks so much for being here on Shining Mentor Magazine. We are so excited to have you as the cover for this issue. I’ve been involved in many of your groups and you’re doing amazing work in this entrepreneurial and self-development world. Thank you so much for being here.

So, back in 2006, that’s what I did. I started a blog and wrote about what helped me in my life and things I had overcome, and thought might help other people. It just grew and kind of exploded after that, and I thought, “Oh, this is cool. This is a good opportunity.” And it was.

Steven: Melissa, thank you for inviting me. I really appreciate it. I’m excited to do this with you.

Melissa: Amazing! Did you go into it thinking you were going to start a business with your blogging? Or did you just go into it because you were passionate about it or both?

We’re honored and excited to interview Steven Aitchison who is the creator of Your Digital Formula, Instant Articles Success, Co-creator of Guided Mind, The Magic and Positive life affirmations Plus has over 3+ million FB followers.

Melissa: Thanks. This is so great. So, one of the things I was following in your online trail was that you started with self-development then began a blog early on in 2006. What was it that made you decide to start a blog? Steven: Well, I always loved writing. When

Steven: It was a passion and then I thought this could be useful for a lot of people so it was about helping people in the beginning. But then as it started to grow I thought, “Oh, there’s a wee business idea here. So, I



thought, “Is there a way to monetize this but still give great value to the readers and still interact with them? So, I think one of the first things I did was to think about growing the email list, and selling affiliate products, doing Google Adsense, and seeing how it works. So, that’s how I first started monetizing it. And then I thought in 2008, 2009 “I wonder if I could do this as a full-time business?” just wasn’t making quite enough. That’s when the business ideas started around the blog. Melissa: Right. Because if you want to do what you’re passionate about you have to figure out a way to monetize it or it just stays a very small part of your life like a hobby. Because then you’re spending most of your time in your day job doing things you’re not as passionate about. It’s amazing how you’ve kind of merged those things together so you could be doing both which is what I love about being an entrepreneur and this online world… We have freedom. We can be anywhere in the world and share the things that we’re passionate about. So, one of the things I noticed about you was that you naturally freely share so much knowledge. People were asking you questions online like, “How are you successful with your blogging? How are you making this work? Because all of a sudden, you were being seen all over the place and you so generously offer your help. And then I heard you on one of your webinars 6


say that after a while, you were having so many people ask for help that you needed to figure out a way to help more people at once through a group program. And that’s where your YDF (Your Digital Formula) was born. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Steven: Yeah, so after the blog, I started a Facebook page but I’d never done anything with it at all. I just kind of posted my blog posts on Facebook. It was just a plugin I had and I just posted it organically. But then in 2013, I thought, “Right, I’m going to master Facebook. It’s getting more popular, it’s getting bigger. I’m going to master it before it just explodes.” So, I started doing that and I quickly got to half a million followers. It sounds like it was easy to do. But there was loads of work involved, reverse engineering, stuff like that. And then people were writing to me and saying, “How are you growing your page? Are you making any money from it? Are you getting money from your blog? And stuff like that. So, I wrote back to them and said, “This is how you do it. It’s dead easy. Follow these steps and you’ll be fine. You’ll be golden.” And just sent them on their way. But then literally I was getting hundreds of messages a month. “So, how are you growing your blog?” So then I wrote a PDF file. I just thought, “Okay, anybody that writes, I’m just

going to send over a PDF kind of e-book. It was only 19 pages. So, anybody that wrote to me, I just said, “Here you go. This is how I did it.” And just sent them on their way and went on with my Facebook page. And then, more and more people were writing and I thought, “Oh shit, there’s a business idea here.” I would teach people how to do this in a program and then they can buy the program. So, anybody that wrote to me I said, “This is how you do it… this is the basics. But if you want more, just buy the program.” And it just took off. And that’s how YDF started because people were asking. But, I think Melissa, the important thing is if you give away your information for free, people want to start talking about you and say, “Oh, I spoke to this guy, he gave me all this information. It was brilliant.” And then, they’re naturally going to be attracted to you first of all and you give them the free pre-information that wasn’t the complete content from the full program, your offering starts to flow… That’s how it came about. But I think starting with a free model that’s definitely the way to go. Just be genuine, be honest, and just give away information for free. Because no matter how much information you give away for free, people have always got questions. So, questions beget questions and lead to sales for the full program and that’s a great way do an online business. Melissa: So great! And then you turned 2018 WINTER EDITION


something that you were also excited about and people really needed and giving it away for free and then offering more in-depth in your program. One of the things that I really appreciate and love about your program is the community. It’s so uplifting. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of competition. People are so willing to help each other. I’ve never been in a group that has been that well supported by each other and I have to say, wow, thank you so much for putting this together because I feel like for me, being in the program is like coming home. The more I get to know people, they’re really genuine. And you’re in there a ton which is incredible. I don’t know how you do it but that is priceless. Your community is priceless. So, I wanted to thank you for that. Can you tell me a little bit more about the community? Did you ever expect that community to be what it is, or did you always have that intention? Steven: No, if I’m being really honest, I didn’t have that intention. I thought I’d start a Facebook group for people who’d buy that kind of program and I’ll help them in there. But the people that you attract in your life, this goes to personal life as well as business life, the people you attract will be your tribe. And the people that are not right for it, they’ll leave anyway. They’ll either ask for a refund or they’ll just kind of drift away. 8


I’ve offered so many people a refund because they were complaining so much and I just said, “Well the answers are there, everything’s there,” and they still weren’t willing to do the work. I wrote back to them and said, “Here’s a refund. There’s no point being in the program when all of it’s there.” So, I’ve done that with three or four people to be honest, and people have asked for a refund. Melissa: That’s not very many people. Steven: It’s not. I know, because to me, I think, I don’t want anybody to refund because I want them to think the program is that good that they’ll never want a refund. But I have refunded people before. Melissa: Yeah, I agree. Steven: So, it’s not that much, you’re right. But the tribe, they stayed because of the live Facebook shows. They’re naturally healing empaths and they want to help other people. And truly, honestly, I think the group has been part of the biggest success of YDF. Because they’ve been ambassadors for the YDF program, they help everybody when they come in. And just the way we run it as well. Just welcoming everybody new that comes in there. We welcome them and everybody welcomes them straight away. So, I think that’s part of



it as well. And just we want to nurture that relationship. And then meet them in person. We’ve been to London and we’ve been to Arizona to meet people as well. I love it. But I don’t get as much time as I’d like to. I keep thinking I should be in there more often. But people say, “Oh, you’re in lots of times.” But, to be honest, I’d love to be in more just to help out. Melissa: Well, you are in there a lot more than other groups I’ve been in. So I think that’s amazing. And I can’t wait to go to the next live event. I don’t know what you’re having in the U.S. again but I do plan on making a big effort to go to that. Steven: Oh, it’s going to be brilliant to see you in person. Melissa: I agree! Hey the other thing is that, you have a massive Facebook page and I believe you show how you built that as part of the YDF program but did you strategically plan that or was it just sharing other people on your Facebook page? Steven: It was planned. At the very beginning, Melissa, I think I had 30,000 followers. But that was way back when you could get 30,000 followers in a few weeks or a few months or something.



But it was a strategic plan I said to myself, “Right, I’m going to master it.” And I reversed engineered paying attention to what the other pages were doing. Asking okay, what’s sharing? What did Facebook want? What do the readers want? And what do I want? If you answer those three questions, then you’ve got something kind of golden that you can work with. People want quick information in within the space of ten seconds, so I thought, finished quotes are going to be brilliant. So, they’re going to scroll through the newsfeed, quick information, they get an ah-ha moment sometimes, not all the time, and then you go, “Oh that’s brilliant. I’m going to like that page.” So, that’s when the image quotes started. And then the videos came in. And then the live shows came in. So, it just gets kind of added on to all the time. But was a plan to grow the page and become an influencer on Facebook and it’s been amazing. I didn’t expect it to be so successful. I was growing it more from no one knowing me… no trust, credibility, all those things too then being well known.

Enjoying the Interview so far? To watch the full video Click HERE.

Steven Aitchison is the creator of Your Digital Formula, Instant Articles Success, Co-creator of Guided Mind, The Magic and Positive life affirmations Plus has over 3+ million FB followers. He originally started his business in personal development and his expertise in social media, blogging, coaching, and growing an online business was highly sought after, leading him to create YourDigitalFormula. com and for online entrepreneurs looking to live their passion, share their message and grow a business. You can learn more about him by visiting his website at www.stevenaitchison.









There’s no denying that your home has a power all of its own. You can feel it settle over you the second you step through the front door. But we’re not the only ones our home is communicating with. It’s actually sending out its signal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — and that signal can be the biggest ally in your business, calling in more clients, money, and success straight to you or it can be your biggest enemy, pushing the things you want even further away. My clients often say that Feng Shui is the missing piece of their business puzzle. Once they learn that their home’s energy plays a role in the size of their bank accounts, they’re quick to take action and use the magnetic force of Feng Shui to their advantage. Feng shui isn’t about painting your house white, knocking down walls, or arranging pretty trinkets. It’s about creating a fertile environment for your success to grow in.

So how do you intentionally set up your home office space for more



success in your business? 1. First, tune in and ask yourself how it feels to be in your office space right now. Does your office feel open and expansive, like it’s supporting your vision for a bright and abundant future? Or does it feel closed off and cluttered, like there’s no room for any new opportunities to come in? Your home office is a mirror, reflecting back what’s showing up in your business, so it’s important to make sure the energy of your environment matches the energy of what you want.

2. Then, it’s time to clear out your space, removing the things that are acting as barriers to more clients, more money, and more abundance. Your office should be a place of creativity, flow, and profitability not a dumping ground for stuff that has nowhere else to go.

Clutter not only increases your stress levels and affects your focus and clarity, but it also causes you to feel stuck professionally, spiritually and financially. Every piece of broken furniture, every spare child’s toy, every stray book, and every bit of storage is actively blocking your blessings, so get it out of there!

3. Finally, declutter the digital. Keep your computer’s home screen clear. Delete desktop icons that you don’t use, empty your recycle bin, and tidy up. Download a motivating background or create your own digital vision board to keep you inspired. Go through your computer files and email inbox. Delete anything that is unwanted or unnecessary, and use to unsubscribe from email lists you no longer want to be on. Even small changes to your environment can make a big difference to your business, freeing up space and shifting the energy so that success can flow in. And we could all use more of that, couldn’t we?



Patricia Lohan, helps female entrepreneurs

accelerate success through creating powerful

environments. She shows you what they don’t

teach in business school, what lies between the lines, your top secret tool for success. She is a

Feng Shui expert, a healer and passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband.

She is has seen first hand the power of the mind, surroundings and inner healing, clearing and aligning everything so it works holistically.

An incredibly spiritual person but also highly

practical too. She loves entrepreneurship with 15 years of experience running and growing three successful start ups of her own.

If you’d like to turn your office into a magnet for money, clients & success you can download my

free ebook - Feng Shui for Female Entrepreneurs, click HERE




It is your Birthright TONI EAMES

“ 4 WAYS




Photography by Robin

Following your big dreams, and building your passion-based online coaching business is beautiful. Yet, dreams alone are not enough, nor is passion. You need a strategy that brings you coaching clients who are happy to work with you. There’s nothing more powerful than leveraging social media, especially Facebook live stream, as your main marketing tool. If you are a coach who is on a journey building her online coaching business to attract clients internationally, but you are not using the Facebook live stream in your marketing strategy, you are missing out big time. Implementing Facebook live strategies in your coaching business quickly takes you from waiting to celebrating. Here are my best strategies to leverage this powerful tool:

1. TEST THE QUALITY BEFORE YOUR LIVE STREAM Your live stream represents your brand, so always pursue quality. You can use your own phone for your live streams. Be sure to test your sound and video quality before going live. It is recommended that



you position your phone horizontally for streaming, so you can repurpose the video later by uploading it to YouTube. One of the best ways to practice live streaming is to create a secret Facebook group where you can practice on a daily basis and test before going live.

2. NOTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE AHEAD OF TIME TO HAVE A BIGGER IMPACT Let your audience know when you’re going live, and why they need to join you. A catchy headline is an absolute must. Using a Facebook built-in scheduler makes it convenient for your audience to get a notification when you go live. Be brave and ask people to join your live stream.

3. ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE AND ADD A CALLTO-ACTION Greet your audience when they join you and thank them for it as well. Give them something to do, such as share your live stream or ask for hearts and likes if they find your content valuable. Ask simple questions so your followers can comment with a word or two because most people watch the live





streams from their phone. Simplicity is the key. Always end your live stream with a call-to-action. You can ask them to sign up for your webinar, download a freebie, or book a clarity call with you.

4. USE CAPTIONS TO INCREASE THE IMPACT OF YOUR MESSAGE Eighty-five percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. You can fasttrack your visibility by adding captions to your live stream. You can use YouTube to do it for free or use a third-party option like Since most people decide whether to watch it or not during the first five seconds or less, make sure you start talking instantly when going live. Start your live stream with a powerful question or statement that gives your audience an instant reason to join—one that makes them stay.

Reelika Schulte is an international business and success coach who helps new female coaches launch a successful coaching business online, automate their marketing systems, and set up passive income streams while creating a freedom-filled lifestyle for the entire family. She is giving away her workbook “17 Ways to Stand Out Online as the Go-to Coach without Selling Your Soul.”

Live video is the most powerful marketing tool to connect, build relationships, add value and spread your message when building an online coaching business. It builds instant familiarity, like and trust factors, and makes your ideal clients line up behind your virtual door.



There’s something powerful happening

No, you’re not imagining things. The

It’s inspiring and igniting a flame inside

of it!

and you know you can feel it within. you as women across the globe are

coming together sharing their collective experiences and speaking their truth.

Where has it been all these years?

You desire your freedom, feeling alive

For lifetimes feminine energy has been held

again and ready to join the movement as the energy builds.


feminine is rising and you, my love, are a part


captive and treated more as an object than

the sacred source of transformative energy it

I am Woman; The truth about feminine power and how you can use it

KATIE KOZLOWSKI Photography by Timothi Jane Graham

is. It has been invalidated and controlled, and collectively women have felt pinned

down, imprisoned and minimized at home, in religion and the workplace.

But not anymore… The secret is out and the real truth is that the feminine is an incredibly powerful,

much-needed force and responsible for so

much more than pleasure and childbirth. And it’s time to celebrate!

So what is the feminine really about? Creativity and imagination. Yes, just

like when you’re a child, the feminine is about the power to go beyond

limitations and believe in possibilities



Katie Kozlowski is dynamic speaker and healer and an advocate for love and feminine Being. After her own personal awakening when she was hit by a taxi, Katie uses her life experience and spiritual tools to help deliver truth and freedom to all those ready to find their own awakening and joy. Katie holds certifications in NLP, Reiki, Rising Star, Mindfulness & Meditation and has spent the past decade studying and practicing energy healing, spiritual coaching and creating programs that provide lasting transformation and deep change. She is also a professional actress, voice-over artist, and writer and loves using her array of creative gifts to reach others and inspire them to express their true selves inside and out. Her first co-publishing book project Simply Woman will be released on International Woman’s Day 2018. Visit Katie at www. and join her in #breakingfreedaily.

so we can bring them to fruition. Coming from your heart and choosing love over fear.

Strength and wisdom. Compassion and empathy.

Your intuition, your emotions, and your feelings all which make up your divine intelligence.

Using what’s inside you to co-create the life you want.

So what can you do to tap into your own feminine power now that it’s waking up and free? 1. Get comfortable in your body. Not just your sexual

body, but your everyday presence. Remind

yourself daily that your soul lives inside you by making contact every day. Take 5 mins

to sit down, put your hands on your heart, close your eyes, breathe and say “soul, be with me now”.

2. Be mindful of the things you can’t see or touch. Most of us are so focused

on things we can measure, that we forget

there’s a whole other world waiting for us.

The feminine is entirely based on the unseen magic that we carry within, so be conscious

of those feelings, emotions and intuitive hits. The more you acknowledge them, the more they’ll respond.

3. Play more and do the things you love. The feminine

is an energy made up of joy and expression.

Things like art, movement, and music are all born of the creative energy we carry within

and the more we tap into it the better we can express ourselves and our truth.

4. Protect yourself. While

the feminine is free-flowing and constant,

it’s not so good without boundaries which

mean it can easily be given away or taken for granted. To help maintain your connection and value, create guidelines for what you

are willing to accept and what you’re not. If something crosses that line, speak up. Do-

ing this creates a loving container where the

feminine can thrive, grow and never run dry.



Soul Filled Recipes for the Busy Entrepreneur Chicken and Dumpling Soup By Silvia Bianco Chicken soup, the classic symbol of the healing kitchen gets even more comforting when it’s chicken and dumpling soup. The broth is thicker and richer and instead of noodles, it’s loaded with soft dumpling that grow in the rich chicken broth and become infused with its wonderful flavor. 28


Ingredients 6 to 8 chicken legs or thighs 1 quart (.94 liter) of chicken broth *see below 3 to 4 carrots peeled and cut in small or medium pieces 3 to 4 celery stalks chopped Garnish fresh flat leaf parsley and or slivers of parmesan cheese Note: I start my soup with enough water to generously cover the chicken and then I add spoonful of chicken base (a concentrated chicken paste) to flavor the water as needed. Makes making soup so much easier. Much like bouillon but better! Called…Better than Bouillon. Available online as well as stores almost everywhere.

For the Dumplings 1 cup unbleached white flour 1/2 cup of buttermilk 1 beaten egg 2 teaspoon of melted butter 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt Pinch of black pepper 1 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley

Instruction Usually I start my soup with sautéing carrots, celery and onions but not in this case for two reasons. First I don’t like little chunks of onions in my brothy soups and next I like to add carrots and celery much later so that by the time the soup is done they’re not total

mush! Place the chicken and enough water to generously cover it in a large stock pot and place it on medium heat. Simmer for about an hour until the liquid is reduced and the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Remove the chicken from the pot and when cool enough to handle, separate the meat from the bone and set aside. To thicken the broth add about 1/4 cup of broth to a separate small bowl. Add 1/4 cup of flour and stir to make a paste. Slowly add additional broth, stirring to incorporate into the paste, adding enough broth until it’s a thick, smooth liquid. Pour back into the pot of both. Add the carrots and the celery. Season with salt and pepper. Make the dumplings and drop by tablespoons into the pot. Cover and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes until the dumplings are fully cooked. Add the chicken meat back to the pot, warm for a few minutes, check the seasoning and serve. Garnish with fresh parsley and slivers of parmesan if desired. For the Dumplings Combine the flour, salt, parsley and baking powder to a small bowl. Add the beaten egg, the butter and the buttermilk and stir gently until it’s all mixed. Don’t over mix since it will make the dumplings more dense and not as light.


Sacred Writing





As a strong, powerful female entrepreneur, I know you want to have a positive impact on others. How you communicate will determine your effectiveness and writing is a huge component of your overall mission to create a successful business. Words have impact and how they’re used is an important factor in building a relationship with your tribe.



The first thing you need to decide when

stepping into sacred writing for creating

change is who the writing is for. Are you

writing for you - your eyes only? Or, are you

writing for others? Do you want to write down your past, and then move into rewriting your

Words can express your intentions, goals, feelings, passions, ideas in all you bring forth in: emails, blogs, social media posts and more. The integrity of your words can do much to build trust and community as well as give you a sacred forum to crystalize your deepest truths, garnered from experience and deep introspection that in turn allows you to pass your wisdom and insight on to others.

story? That may very well be for only your own

However, many balk at writing. Fear crawls to the surface and can stop you in your tracks. Knowing the following 3 keys to sacred writing for creating change will open the door to touch lives, enliven your readers, and inspire others.

really want to take before you sit down to write


eyes and heart. If you want to share your story, a part of it or a full-blown fiction with others to help them change and grow, then clearly you’re writing for more than just yourself.

Who do you want this to most impact - you or them?

2. To Write Fiction or Non-fiction?

Both fiction and non-fiction can come from a

sacred space and create transformation - even if only temporarily. Consider what direction you

each time you prepare to sit at the keyboard or pick up a pen.

3. Discover Your Sacred Author Archetype™ Discovering your Sacred Author Archetype™ will help you capture your readers’ attention. You’ll be able to connect with them through

unforgettable writing that they’ll want to share, and you’ll inspire them to take action that will create positive change.


Jaguar - The Advocate Eagle - The Teacher

Butterfly - The Transporter Dolphin - The Performer

Understanding your Sacred Author

Archetype™ helps you reveal the writing style that’ll best fit you. That’s when you can step

into creating writing that is highly sought after by loyal, raving fans and/or clients. That’s when you’ll fit the amazing puzzle piece into place

that helps set you apart from others and create far more success in your business and in your

life. It becomes your sacred writing that creates change.

Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. is a the Writer’s Shaman for women writers, who feel the call to make a real difference & have a bigger impact, but they don’t know how to start. She helps them create a doable plan that fits their lifestyle, so they can create personal freedom while doing work that feeds their soul. While she uses a blend of body consciousness, spiritual psychology, transpersonal counseling, animal energy and spiritual connection, she also uses very practical and downto-earth approaches. Discover your Sacred Author Archetype™ by taking the quiz HERE







R e Pro BU ba SI

You’r ST





N verl ESS oo

bly O









Photography by Rae Images & Treffeisen Media



Have you ever thought about who is the most

important person (or people) in your business? If you answered you, you’re wrong.

If you answered your clients,’re also wrong.

people they know and trust. Why? Because

not only is their reputation on the line but they ultimately want to help the person they know

needs it. How you maintain relationships with your referral sources is critical to your referral success.

The most important person in your business

2. Referrals aren’t about you.

you. This person is called the referral source

the referral process. The referral source (aka

is the person who refers prospective clients to and they are like gold for your business. In fact, the referral source is your ultimate superhero.

You can tell a lot about a business based on the number of referrals the business receives a year in and year out. It is easier to receive referrals from clients if you have built connections and

There are three main players or characters in the hero), the prospective new client and you,

as the service provider. Referrals are about the

referral source helping their friend or colleague who has a problem and they believe you can

solve the problem. Their friend or colleague is about to become your prospective new client.

relationships with them before they became

3. You cannot ask for referrals.

building sales – meaning a prospect has to

referral all about you. That puts the focus

clients. In fact, if you are in relationshipknow, like and trust you before they will do business with you – you are uniquely

qualified to generate referrals better than other businesses.

To generate referrals well you must understand 4 key pieces of how referrals work.

When you ask for a referral you make the in the wrong place and commoditizes the

relationship with your referral source, a big no no. You can generate referrals without asking – you just have to know what to do, what

language to use and follow a plan so you can be consistent with your outreach to your referral sources.

1. Referrals come from relationships.

4. You cannot violate or break the trust factor.

one refers people to a stranger. They refer

they show up ready to “buy.” Their need has

Referrals only come from relationships – no people they know and care about only to

A referral is like gold to your business because been identified by the referral source and since 2018 WINTER EDITION


they trust the referral source to help them find the person who can solve their issue (you) –

that trust they have with the referral source is

transferred to you…before they have even met you.

The ultimate superheroes in your business are your referral sources – the ones who bring

prospective new clients to you. Your job is to take wonderful care of your referral sources

(in addition to taking wonderful care of your

clients) and provide them a referral experience

that builds the habit of referring people to you. How can you thank one of your superheroes today?

After continuously generating 100+ referrals in her business year over year, clients started

asking Stacey Brown Randall to share how she

was able to generate referrals successfully. When she started sharing her 5-part process her clients

started having great success as well. Now Stacey offers online programs and live VIP sessions to

teach others her blueprint to take control of your

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By Megan

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I truly believe most entrepreneurs begin their journey with the intention of having an empire. You define empire. But generally that means multiple dollar bills in your bank account with a team taking care of things --and freedom.

solo’preneurship can be one of the most difficult transitions, but also one of the most beautiful if you allow it to be.

I started my company, Hello Life Academy, with the intention of growing a team. I had a strong desire to give women the opportunity to make a little money or a lot whatever that meant for them.

A company with a team, a strategy, a structure & with job descriptions. (I just felt a few freespirited entrepreneurs cringe.) But the truth is companies, successful ones, build up other people.

But building your empire takes a lot of work...

Step 1:

All of a sudden you, the ambitious passionate motivated woman that you are, looks around and you have no one on your team, and you’re somehow doing the work of 10 different people. Lonely. Overworked... and maybe even underpaid. Because at that rate, your salary should be that of 10 people.


It’s time to start thinking of YOURSELF as a COMPANY.

Think of your position right now and all the things you do. Write them all down from delivering your social media posts to scheduling the meetings with the clients, to accepting and scheduling payments. Maybe you have products you create, is there someone who can do the painting, packaging or Instagram posting for you? Those are all ROLES within your company that can and will eventually be given to your new employees.

At home, you sit there, and process that maybe it’s time to hire people but the concern creeps in, who will do it? What position could you really hire out? The sales funnel expert? The Website developer? A business coach? Wait, who are you hiring that will have a good ROI?

Step 2:

Hiring and moving past the world of

Reflect on ALL the things you accomplish in


Trust that even if the person you hire doesn’t work out, you’ll learn from each and every single one of them and GROW from it. You’re not going to quit because one person doesn’t agree with you or leaves you, right?

Step 3:

a day and quite honestly don’t accomplish. And turn those into roles and responsibilities, start keeping a list, because creating roles for everyone will create balance and organization.

Step 4 (and my favorite):

Grab some wine & remember that you are the CEO of your life, only you decide to ALLOW people to make you feel little big or anything in between. xo, YOU are doing a great job, entrepreneur. I know it and I believe you can grow a wonderful team of beautiful people who believe in you sometimes more than you believe in yourself. xo

Lots of love

Megan Lockhart Megan Ann Lockhart is the founder and CEO of Hello Life Academy. She is a Canadian mom to

two young kids under 6, a wife, and a dog owner. She founded HLA to change the world of business

coaching - offering all the things new entrepreneurs

needed: websites, marketing strategies, branding and

hand holding in those first few years that are vital to

success. Her work has included online course creation, running several companies and hosting entrepreneur networking events in her community of Airdrie,Ab. She works with clients internationally, travels

often and enjoys nothing more than seeing others

follow their passions. You can find her most recent

adventures and get free business resources at www.



I like who I am,

but I love who I am becoming. ~ J a n i c e W ay n e

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