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it as well. And just we want to nurture that relationship. And then meet them in person. We’ve been to London and we’ve been to Arizona to meet people as well. I love it. But I don’t get as much time as I’d like to. I keep thinking I should be in there more often. But people say, “Oh, you’re in lots of times.” But, to be honest, I’d love to be in more just to help out. Melissa: Well, you are in there a lot more than other groups I’ve been in. So I think that’s amazing. And I can’t wait to go to the next live event. I don’t know what you’re having in the U.S. again but I do plan on making a big effort to go to that. Steven: Oh, it’s going to be brilliant to see you in person. Melissa: I agree! Hey the other thing is that, you have a massive Facebook page and I believe you show how you built that as part of the YDF program but did you strategically plan that or was it just sharing other people on your Facebook page? Steven: It was planned. At the very beginning, Melissa, I think I had 30,000 followers. But that was way back when you could get 30,000 followers in a few weeks or a few months or something.



But it was a strategic plan I said to myself, “Right, I’m going to master it.” And I reversed engineered paying attention to what the other pages were doing. Asking okay, what’s sharing? What did Facebook want? What do the readers want? And what do I want? If you answer those three questions, then you’ve got something kind of golden that you can work with. People want quick information in within the space of ten seconds, so I thought, finished quotes are going to be brilliant. So, they’re going to scroll through the newsfeed, quick information, they get an ah-ha moment sometimes, not all the time, and then you go, “Oh that’s brilliant. I’m going to like that page.” So, that’s when the image quotes started. And then the videos came in. And then the live shows came in. So, it just gets kind of added on to all the time. But was a plan to grow the page and become an influencer on Facebook and it’s been amazing. I didn’t expect it to be so successful. I was growing it more from no one knowing me… no trust, credibility, all those things too then being well known.

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Shining Mentor Magazine | Issue 6  

Shining Mentor Magazine | Issue 6