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Which Canadian won the second-ever Boston Marathon in 1898? (Answer on page 7) 250-342-7260 or 250-342-7656

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Ants There were two ants having an argument on the edge of my toilet seat. You can bet they were pissed off.

Pint Count The Station Neighbourhood Pub is continuing to raise money for new audio-visual equipment in the multi-use community centre. They donate $1 for every pint sold and $3 for pitchers. The owners then actually match the total amount.

Volume 15 Issue 7 The goal is a total of $25,000 and we are getting close. As of this past weekend they are just over $20,000. Head down to the Station and enjoy a tasty pint while supporting the arts.

Rockies Hockey The Columbia Valley Rockies are hosting the Creston Valley Thunder Cats this Saturday, February 18 at 7:30 pm. It is the last home game of the season for the Rockies and will be a playoff preview game The Rockies have ended up in fourth place in the division meaning they will start off the playoffs against Creston, the top team in the division. The best-of-seven series will begin in Creston and return to Invermere on Monday, February 27 and Tuesday, February 28. Come out and cheer on the Rockies. They can play some great hockey and good loud fans are always an inspiration. There are always lots of prizes for fans including pizza, Timbits, 50/50, puck drop and more. It is a fun evening.

Appreciation Thanks for reading The Valley Peak.




10 PM

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DCS Plumbing For repairs or service call:

250-341-8501 Seniors’ Discount

24 Hour emergency service

Weekly in-store winners Congratulations to last week’s winner of a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker: Darcy Oliver! This week’s prize is a 60-second/$500 Shopping Spree



Lambert-Kipp Pharmacy

HOME SUPPORT SERVICES In the Columbia Valley

NURSING PERSONAL CARE HOMEMAKING and More! Flexible schedules, diverse. Call 250-426-9066 for Information or FREE In Home Assessment.

J. Douglas Kipp, B.Sc. (Pharm) Laura Kipp, Pharm D. Irena Shepard, B.Sc. (Pharm)

2. Nectarine

Try our

Medicine Centre App and refill your Prescriptions on the go. Phone 250-342-6612 or fax 250-342-6574



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February 16-22, 2017

Great Grocery Giveaway We are down to the final week of the AG Valley Foods Great Grocery Giveaway contest. Congratulations to last week’s winner of a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker, Darcy Oliver. The in store prize this week is a 60-second ($500 maximum) shopping spree in the store. That would be a fun adventure. Also, enter online to win Free Groceries for a Year. That would be a wonderful prize.



Eggzactly. Which is the correct phrase, “The yolk of the egg are white,” “the yolk of the egg is white” or “the yolks of the eggs are white”? See page 9.

There’s the Puck!

3. Africa

Found at: AG Valley Foods Smaller Footprints Fairmont Pizza Windermere Family Pantry Canal Flats Family Pantry Canal Flats RV

CUSTOM ORDERS 250-341-5185 Sponge Toffee, Chocolate-dipped Sponge Toffee, Peanut Brittle, Chocolate-dipped Brownies, Chocolate-dipped Caramels

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Hall rental and catering. Royal Canadian Legion, Invermere. Reasonable rates. 250-688-0640. ______

Hot Tub Rentals, Diamond Heating & Spas, 250-342-7100. _____

Congratulations to Kim Cerny for winning this week’s edition of the ‘Where’s the Puck?’ contest on page 8. Kim wins two passes to Creekside Golf in Fairmont and 2 Rockies hockey tickets. Great job Kim.

Windermere Community Hall. Upgraded. Lots of features. Call 778-526-0092.

Feeling Wise


If you are having second thoughts, you are probably 2 thoughts ahead of most people.

Grand Prizes As we near the end of the hockey season we come to the end of the ‘Where’s the Puck?’ contest on page 8. Depending on the Rockies playoff performance, the Grand Prize draw will be happening in the next few weeks. First prize will include golf passes at The Ridge at Copper Point, Fairmont Mountainside/Riverside, Windermere Valley Golf Course and Coys Par 3. Second prize will include restaurant gift certificates for The Station Neighbourhood Pub, The Horsethief Creek Pub, Rocky River Grill and Fairmont Pizza & Ice Cream Parlour. All entries from all season are eligible for the grand prize draw. Get your entries in this week to qualify.

Nothing is Trivial Apparently my knowledge base is very small. This past week at Wednesday Night Trivia was even more humbling than usual. For me anyways. Some teams were very strong. It is always a great time. Lots of people, some great prizes and lots of fun. It is only $2 each to enter and your team can consist of up to six players.


Hot Tub Rentals. Valley Spas. 250-342-3922.

Shuttle Service. Blazin’ Trailz. Travel safely in the Valley. 250-688-6135. _____

LIVELAUGHLASH, Certified Eyelash Artist. Affordable lashes- Classic, Volume, Coloured sets. _____

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REGENCY 3100 Large Stove Near New Fire Box 21 inch log length

$475 OBO 250-345-6450

WE SELL, CONSIGN & BUY Antiques ☺ Rarities Boutique ☺ Vintage Home Décor ☺ Upcycled Junk Jonny & Teresa 778-526-5117 4730 Government St. Windermere

February 16-22, 2017




Call 250-341-7243



One of my first ever Robservatons. Learn to listen. Hearing is a beautiful sense but many of us do not use it nearly enough. Once a day, be still, close your eyes, and listen (my fridge is sure loud). Try to do this at different times, in different places, and experience a whole new world that has always been there. Hear the birds, the wind, the garbage truck, the airplane, the waves, the laughter, the voices (hopefully the real ones), the dogs barking, the music playing and the infinite other sounds around you. Bask in the rhythm of the world. Learn to listen to each other as well. When someone is telling you a story, they will undoubtedly trigger a memory of yours that you desperately want to tell. You can’t wait for them to finish so you can jump in with your ‘better’ story. Try a different approach. Try actually listening to their whole story. If you do speak, say something regarding what you just heard, show them you were listening. Show them that their experiences are important. Do this with your family, friends and strangers. You will find that your world grows around you. You will find that more and more people will respect you and your opinions and experiences as you have shown them that you respect them. Be a pleasure to be with.





Kinsmen Beach Friday, February 24 1-9 pm Plunge by Donation Funds to Adaptive Ski Equipment Event Includes: Fully Licensed Beverage Area Hot Tub for Rewarming Fire Pits, Concession, Swag Email Or call 778-678-5568 even Polar Bears Suffer shrinkage!

Most people cry when they are slicing onions. For me it is not the onions. I cry just from being in the kitchen.

Small Effort, Huge Results Last week I decided to spend a day telling people what it is that I appreciate about them. I managed to keep that plan together for most of a day and chatted up 20 or so people. It was an incredible adventure. It is amazing how that felt and how happy people were to hear it. Everyone wants to be appreciated and nearly everyone feels very underappreciated (myself included). The way that one simple sentence, “Hey Joe, I really appreciate the way you give me a welcoming smile whenever I bump into you” (for example) or anything like that will make Joe’s day. Give it a try.

FREE LOTTO 649 With 5 Fills. Skookum Inn 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Will you be the next Multi-Millionaire?

Which sign of the Zodiac spans July and August? Which fruit is a cross between a peach and a plum? On which continent will you find Mount Kilimanjaro? What is the first book of the Gospel in the New Testament? On the human body, what is the common name for the pollex? What is the French word for ‘Monday’?

Answers are hidden within ads in this issue. Enjoy your search!

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SUPPORT the NEW HALL We are donating $1 from every Pint & $3 from every Jug ordered until $12,500 is raised for Arts Equipment for the New Columbia Valley Centre CHEERS TO THE ARTS $20,560

$25k $20k $15k $10k $5k

Then we will match the total donations to $25,000.

8,357 pints 641 jugs $10,280 $20,560 Matched

250-342-5557 Open Monday 12-5pm Tue-Sat. 10am-5pm

St. Patrick’s Day Supplies. Art, Party & Office Supplies’, Household Items, Gift Wrap & Bags Giftware & Toys, Books & More. New Stock Daily, Special Orders. Across from the Invermere Post office

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February 16-22, 2017

Watson’s Waddle I get to for a lot of walks. It has helped me trim down a bit and has been great for Rob’s health. We are both as healthy as we have ever been. I don’t think that Rob has quite figured out that a one hour walk for him is like a seven hour walk for me haha. I am seeing a lot of crap out there these days. Literally. Lots of dog poop. Personally I take a lot of pride in seeing Rob pick up after me. And I am sure that your dog does also. I am surprised at how much mess I see down around Kinsmen Beach and other common walking areas. It makes me understand why non-dog owners prefer that there are no dogs in the area. So please pick up your game and clean up after your pets. The messes left on the lake or the beach area end up in the lake where we swim and can eventually end up in our tap water. Thanks to all the dog owners who do get their animals out for lots of fresh air and exercise. It really feels great for us dogs and it is doing you some good as well.

Tough Teaching

When someone I know has suffered a loss, what can I do or say to help? Ask how they are doing and wait patiently until they answer you. Talk about the person who died by name…it is comforting, even if it brings tears. Ask them what they have been thinking about, particularly concerning the person who died. Allow them to repeat a story you have heard them tell before. Sit with them quietly and let them take the lead. If you are unsure of how to support a friend or family member who is grieving a loss give us a call or attend an information session, we can help.

(250) 688-1143. CRANBROOK - INVERMERE

I bought a book about obedience a couple of years ago. It turns out that Watson is a very slow reader.

What Year Was It? Yellow Cab was founded, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were formed, the electric washing machine was patented and the first Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington. People panicked as the Earth passed through the tail of Halley’s Comet, the Boy Scouts were founded, the Royal Canadian Navy was created and steel shafted golf clubs were introduced. What year was it? See page 10.

Wood Stove For Sale John has a large (21” logs) model 3100 Regency wood stove with a near-new fire box. The asking price is $475. Call 250345-6450.


CHICKEN BUDDY BURGERS Starting at $2.50 Open Daily 6 am - 8 pm Downtown Invermere 250-342-9661

Daily Lunch Specials

STOP IN FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 5. Thumb 417-10th Avenue 250-342-1242

DEAN HUBMAN 1346 Industrial Rd #3, Bay #3, Invermere, BC

Full Deli, Fresh BBQ-Ready Meats, Salads, Light Lunches. In-house made Sausage & Bratwurst Monday-Saturday 9 am-6 pm.


February 16-22, 2017


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40-75% Off! Until Saturday, February 25 From Conception to Kindergarten! MATERNITY & CHILDREN’S GEAR TOYS & CLOTHING STROLLERS, CARS SEATS & ESSENTIALS RENTALS AVAILABLE! Parkside Place #112, 809 7th Ave, Invermere

“Putting a ‘Thank You’ in the Valley Peak sure worked!!!! People are coming in with flowers or cards and driving from far away just for a coffee and to say ‘good-bye’ Clients are calling from Victoria, Phoenix, etc. (wherever they winter) to say kind things. Even emails from Mexico. Lots of phone calls. A bit overwhelming. I did not think this would happen. All good!” Cindy. The Valley Peak reaches a lot of readers and fits into everyone’s budget.

Twins I just realized that most people’s hands are twins. But the strong and smart one gets all of the important jobs.

The Thrifty Reporter Cheers goes out to a special Thrift Store volunteer, Jo Wilkens. Besides volunteering at the store she has been knitting hats for premies and burn victims. She knits about 30 or so a week. These hats are very much appreciated by the hospitals. She uses the very soft babies wool that is dropped off at the store. If you have any of this wool and no plans for it please drop it off at the back of the store. The volunteers will make sure she gets it and she really appreciate all donations of baby wool.

Great Breakfasts Looking to get a good start to your day? Try breakfast at the Rocky River Grill. They have a great breakfast menu with bacon and eggs, bowls of fruit and pretty much everything in between. Their lunches and dinners are also very delightful. The owners are hard-working and proud of what they do and the servers are very friendly and efficient, always making your meal a pleasant experience.


The Columbia Valley Rockies are playing their final regular season game this weekend.

CRESTON VALLEY THUNDER CATS Saturday, February 18 Game time 7:30 pm. We will be facing Creston in the first round of the playoffs. Games 3 and 4 will be here on Monday & Tuesday, February 27 & 28

Active Aging Workshop Feb 18 Occupational First Aid Level 3 Feb 20-Mar 3 Spanish Level 2 Feb 20 – Mar 8 Best of Excel Feb 21 Red Cross Babysitter Course Feb 24-25 Foodsafe Level 1 Feb 25 Graduated Licencing Program Feb 25 – Mar 12 Home Alone Mar 3 Clear the Chaos Mar 4


PASTORS: Lead: Trevor Hagan Associate: Matt Moore

Sunday, February 19, 10:30 am ‘PRACTICAL FAITH-True Wisdom’

Pastor Trevor Hagan ministering “K.I.D.S.” Church available during the Morning Service (age 3 to grade 7)


UPCOMING EVENTS Friday, February 17, 6:30 pm CHICKEN PARMESAN DINNER Cribbage, Thursdays, 6:30 pm. Darts, Saturdays, 2-6 pm. Texas Hold-Em, Thursdays at 6:30 pm 250-342-9517

ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION Branch 71, Invermere



Call 250-341-7243

February 16-22, 2017

Sunday Chili Dinner


MEMBERSHIPS ON SALE NOW! Golf Shop Open Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm

The Edgewater Legion is hosting a Chili Dinner this Sunday, February 19. The cost will be $12. Dinner includes chili, bun, Caesar salad, dessert and a beverage. The doors open at 5:30 pm and the dinner runs between 6 pm and 8 pm. Enjoy!

Inevitable “They say two things in life are inevitable. Death and taxes.” “That may be true, but death doesn’t get worse after every election.”

Inside ICAN 4. Mattew

Freddie Mercury, reporting for the ICAN Rescue and Adoption Facility. Are you looking to add a companion animal to your family? Well there are many animals at ICAN looking for their forever family. Every companion animal has his or her own story, and personality to go with it. There are high energy, chill, older, younger, and even bonded pairs of companion animals looking for that purrfect home. When adding a new companion animal to your home, be sure to look within your own family to see what kind of companion would be the best fit. To learn more about all the different companions waiting for their forever home, please visit our website or call ICAN at 250-341-7888.

Enjoy our Sports Lounge or Family Dining Area FANTASTIC FRESH FRUIT BREAKFASTS Lunch & Dinner Specialties Great Gluten-Free Menu Options


Sunday 8 am-9:30 pm, Monday-Thursday 9 am-9:30 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am-10 pm. (Limited menu for last half hour)

Call 250-342-8885

Moving Snow and Water There is a lot of snow on the ground in the valley. It is very scenic and wintery. But we do have to be careful as the weather warms up. There is going to be a lot of water running around. Canadian Tire has the things you need. They have sump pumps, hoses, squeegees, generators and more. It is best to ‘always be prepared’ (Boy Scout motto).

Quality Workmanship

Fair Prices


Crazy Canadian Weather As I write this on B.C. Family Day, the weather in the Maritimes is going crazy. The whole area is getting hammered, quite a bit worse than how we got it. It has snowed 70 cm in less than 9 hours in Halifax so the city is completely shut down. We were pretty lucky out here. Last week all the roads from the Coast were shut down and drivers were playing road hockey on the Coquihalla. Be careful driving around here. It is a bit tricky peeking around snowpiles at some intersections.

Upgrade your small sundae to a mini blizzard for only $1 on any $6 or $7 meal deal. Try our new honey bbq glazed chicken strip basket. Royal blizzard treats: Ultimate chocolate brownie.

Taking action to stop Child Sexual Abuse Little Warriors invites you to attend a Prevent It! Workshop. Tuesday, February 28, 6-9 pm Eileen Madson Primary School To register visit:

250-342-9933 Drive Thru until 9 pm

Enjoy a Strawberry-banana premium fruit smoothie. WHERE WAS I?

Answer on page 11

Can you guess where this photo was taken?

Treat yourself to a great deal on a good meal.

February 16-22, 2017


Call 250-341-7243


Polar Plunge


There is a RAD Polar Bear Plunge coming up on Friday, February 24 between 1 pm and 9 pm. Entry is by donation towards adaptive ski equipment. It will be located at Kinsmen Beach and there will be a hot tub and fire pits for rewarming plus the concession will be open. There will also be a fully licensed beverage area. This will be a really fun adventure for everyone and it is for a great cause. Email or call 778-678-5568.

Canadian Sports Trivia Answer Ronald J. MacDonald was the first Canadian to win the Boston Marathon. He won it in 1898, during only the second ever Boston Marathon. He was 23 years old at the time and defeated 24 other runners. Canadians have won the Men’s Open Division of the Boston Marathon 16 times, the last of which was Jerome Drayton in 1977.

SNOW REMOVAL Here’s how you can help... Be a good neighbour. Clear snow and ice from sidewalks as soon as possible after a snowfall to ensure that they are safe for all residents. Lend a hand to those who may not be physically able to shovel. Do not park on the street during a snowstorm or while snow clearing operations are underway. Parked cars make plowing difficult, and sometimes impossible. Keep children safe - don’t let them play in snow piles, or build snow forts in the snow banks at the side of the road. Snow plows have no place to push the snow except to the curb or shoulder of the road. Sometimes this happens just after you have finished shoveling. We appreciate this can be frustrating; however we ask your cooperation in clearing this snow without placing it on the roadway. If you hire a private contractor to clear your driveway, make sure the contractor does not push snow into the travelled portion of the roadway, or fill in sidewalks.

A True Giver When it comes to advice, I’m a giver.

Prevent It! Little Warriors is a national charitable organization, based in Canada, committed to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of child sexual abuse. The Prevent It! workshop was developed by researchers at the University of Alberta. It is a free three-hour training session for adults who are interested in learning about child sexual abuse. Little Warriors invites you to attend a Prevent It! workshop Tuesday, February 28 from 6-9 pm at Eileen Madson Primary School, 2001-15th Ave. To register visit:

LET US PROMO YOUR LOGO! Coats, shirts, hats, bags, mugs, pens, lighters, candy, chocolate and more! See what we can do with your logo. PROUDLY PRINTING THE VALLEY PEAK email: OPEN Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm ►CUSTOM EXHAUST SYSTEMS ►WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT ►TIRE SERVICES ►Brakes, mufflers, suspensions, air conditioning,

propane conversion, fuel injection and more!

250-342-9424 or

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Pile snow on the right side of your driveway (when facing the road) if possible when shovelling. This helps reduce the amount of snow created by the snowplow at the end of your driveway. Remove snow from around fire hydrants on or near your property to enable quick access by emergency personnel if the need arises. Do not place your garbage cans on top of snow banks. If possible place them on your driveway near the edge of the road. The District thanks you for your co-operation!


Find us at Contact us at 250-342-9692 or email




Call 250-341-7243

February 16-22, 2017

WHERE’S THE PUCK? Draw in where you think the puck should be for a chance to win hockey tickets and other great prizes! Drop entries off at ‘Smaller Footprints’ in downtown Invermere or at ‘Fairmont Pizza and Ice Cream Parlour’



PHONE ____________________

Coys Par 3 Rocky River Grill Copper Point Golf Club The Station Neighbourhood Pub Fairmont Pizza & Ice Cream Parlour Fairmont Hot Springs Golf Windermere Valley Golf Course Horsethief Creek Pub & Eatery

All Entries will be placed in a monthly draw to win 2 Golf Passes at ‘The Ridge at Copper Point’ The Columbia Valley Rockies are hosting the Creston Valley Thunder Cats this Saturday, February 18. Creston will be their first-round playoff opponents so this game will be a hard-fought playoff preview. Playoffs begin in Creston and come back here on Monday, February 27 and Tuesday, February 28.



Puck was here

Winner: Kim Cerny 2 Creekside Golf passses & Rockies hockey tickets


February 16-22, 2017


Call 250-341-7243


Hip Hop Studio


There is a new Hip Hop Dance Studio opening up in the valley. It is located next to the Base Camp Coffee Shop in Canal Flats. All ages and skill levels are welcome. They will be holding an Open House on Monday, March 6 with free classes for anyone. Kids (grades 4-7) class is at 4 pm, teens (Grade 8-12) are at 5 pm and the adult class begins at 6 pm. Regular classes will begin on Thursday, March 9. Get more information at

Gel & Pedicures

Judy 250-341-5245 Days, Evenings and Weekends

Riddliculous Answer (From page 2) You’re yolking. None of the statements are correct as egg yolks are yellow not white.

Green Peak Dispensary

Open Monday-Friday, 7 am - 4 pm. Saturday 8 am - 4 pm. Sunday 9 am - 4 pm.

DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS Grilled Reuben/Soup-Mondays Baby Back Ribs/Baked Beans/Soup-Tues Prime Rib/Yorkies-Thursday Wed/Fri.- Changes each week

The Green Peak Medical Cannabis Dispensary is opening softly this week. If you have paperwork or a membership at Tamarack you are invited to come in and check it out. It may save you a trip to Kimberley. If you are new to this and are looking for a consultation or more information, they will be fully open this coming Tuesday, February 21. Tentative hours are planned as 9:30 am to 3 pm.

Fairy Tale What did Cinderella ask the gentleman at the photography store? “Do you know when my prints will come?”

Birds Yesterday I walked out of the Post Office and all I could hear was the beautiful sounds of a flock of birds singing loudly. It was wonderful. It reminds me of the birds around my place who are enjoying the feeders. It has been a much quieter year this year but I still see a few varieties. They are so fun to watch. Take a breath and enjoy nature. It is good for you.

BOX 2228 742 - 13 STREET INVERMERE, B.C. V0A 1K0 PHONE 250-342-3031 FAX 250-342-6945 EMAIL

BOX 459 7559 MAIN STREET RADIUM HOT SPRINGS, B.C. V0A 1M0 PHONE 250-347-9350 FAX 250-347-6350 TOLL FREE 1-866-342-3031

CRESTEEL HVAC (’81) LIMITED Furnace and Heat Pump Installation Service and Repair

250-342-6312 6. Lundi


CURLING ROCKS Call 250-342-3315 to find out more

Visit The Magnificent

COLUMBIA VALLEY The Ultimate All-Season, All-Activity Natural Playground. Radium Hot Springs, Edgewater, Invermere, Brisco, Canal Flats, Windermere, Fairmont Hot Springs, Panorama & much more! Exit south at Castle Junction, 15 minutes west of Banff for a short, scenic drive to the

beautiful Columbia Valley!

I was lucky enough to attend the live comedy show, ‘Yukyuks on Tour’, at the Horsethief Creek Pub last weekend. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment. The pub was very busy and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Watch for the next show coming up in March. ‘The Horse’ is a happening place.

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Reach your Business Potential! Advertising in The Valley Peak is so affordable and so effective that you will wonder why you didn’t try it earlier.

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Call 250-341-7243

February 16-22, 2017

Closing Out Sale There are less than 2 weeks left to get into Smaller Footprints for an amazing deal. The final day of sales will be next Saturday, February 25. The deals are amazing, 40%-75% off everything in stock. The racks have been clearing out but there are still lots of great stuff in the shop. So if you have young children or grandchildren or run a day home or daycare, you must get into Smaller Footprints now.

The Year It Was

AMBIENTE IS 3 YEARS OLD! We are truly thankful to this community for the ongoing encouragement and support of our store. CELEBRATION SOON!

926 7th Ave, Invermere (Frater Landing) 250-342-4406 or 1-800-433-3606

AUTO REPAIRS TIRE SALES & REPAIRS, 4-wheel drive repairs, Air conditioning repairs, Engine & transmission replacements, Vehicle inspections



(From page 4) In 1910, the first commercial air freight was transported, the first 2aircraft collision happened, the first neon lights were introduced (Paris) and the Great Idaho Fire burned more than 3 million acres.

Putting on the Ritz As we travel through our lives in this world we see a lot of people doing a lot of different things. We develop thoughts and opinions about most of them. We compare ourselves to nearly everyone. Please remember this: everyone has issues. Lots of them. We all try to put on a good show. Some folks actually think that I have it together. Believe me, I don’t. No one does.

Borrower “My son,” said a friend, “would like to borrow your kid’s Toy Story costume.” “Oh,” I asked. “Woody?” Were you too late to find The Valley Peak on the racks this week? They do seem to disappear quickly these days. Are you going out of town and worried that you won’t see the next issue but you want to stay in touch with the Columbia Valley? Don’t forget that you can find The Valley Peak online at Enjoy a chuckle, solve a riddle, check on birthdays and more from your own computer.

Big Changes


Kidz Outlet (below Lambert-Kipp) is planning some major changes in April so they are discounting everything by 40% until the end of March. Rose will not be accepting consignment items for a while but there is still a lot of stock on hand. Stop in and check it out.

Modern Times require Modern Marketing Techniques.


The Valley Peak reaches 2,000 Readers every week! That is a lot of ‘Friends’.

Peanut Butter Canned Fruit Canned Tuna or Salmon Spaghetti Sauce Canned Tomatoes Pork and Beans Boxed Cereal Tomato Sauce Canned Soup Canned Vegetables

Get more information by emailing or call 250-341-7243


Open Late Mon-Fri 8 am-7:30 pm Saturday 8 am-6 pm Sunday 9 am-6 pm When the snow melts trust us to be there!

Sump Pumps ◘ Hoses ◘ Squeegees Totes ◘ Generators

We have you covered! The multivitamin that is taking the mental health world by storm! High success rate for ADHD, anxiety, stress, headaches, low energy, PTSD, sleeplessness, bi-polar, depression, obsession, substance abuse, autism, fibromyalgia etc. Made of a chelated micronutrient all natural formula.


Contact: Dorothy Isted 250-342-3826

Sales ♠ Service ♠ Solutions

“FINISH UP WINTER VIRUS-FREE” 250-342-9800 Friday: 9 am-5 pm Saturday: 10 am-3 pm Sunday: On Call


Julie St.Amand 250-688-5564

February 16-22, 2017

Live Music Mondays There is great live music at the Horsethief Creek Pub every Monday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm. This coming Monday, February 20 brings ‘Dos Equis’ to the stage. Scott and Kathleen are very talented. Enjoy great food, smooth beverages and a wonderful atmosphere every week. Or stop in Tuesdays for ‘Fun & Games’ or Thursday for Karaoke. You will always have fun at The Horse.

Where I Was The photo on page 6 shows a room that is very busy. It is from a Monday Night Live at the Horsethief Creek Pub. It is a great way to enjoy an evening out with lovely live music.

Prescriptions On the Go Lambert-Kipp has a new ‘Medicine App’. It allows us to get our prescription refills ready in advance so we just have to pick them up. Ask about it the next time you are in the store.


I keep proving that there is no limit to what you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.

Treasure Hunting I found a neat little story about a place in Nova Scotia called the ‘Oak Island Money Pit’. It is the site of the world’s longest running lost treasure hunt. For hundreds of years people have tried to recover the treasure, which is protected by a series of ingenious traps. Many strange man-made artifacts have been discovered in the pit over the years but the main treasure still remains buried. Book your flight soon.

How Are the Roads? It is winter folks. How are the roads? They are wintery and treacherous. They are not bare and dry. Do not expect to walk out to your vehicle, get in and drive away without any delays. Expect snow and frosty windows. Expect



Short Resolution I thought that I would take a moment every day this year and write down something that I am grateful for. I just found the piece of paper that I started that with. I made it to January 2. Haha. Strangely, I am working on more gratitude and I do feel grateful for a lot of things. I guess I am grateful for too many things to keep track of.

Power of Music ‘I love rock and roll’ and a few other songs. I definitely love it when one of those songs from my past comes on the radio. You know, the ones that you know every single beat and every single word. It just makes you feel so good to hear it. Studies show that music is very helpful for memory improvement and recovery as we age as well as for learning and happiness with young children. Enjoy music whenever you get a chance.

Hwy 93/95

OPEN at 5 pm Wed. to Sunday

250-345-2166 Thursday Night Jams

Wednesday-Wing Night! Friday-Fish & Chips! Sunday-Prime Rib! See what WE DO at HOODOO!

Names We’ve Heard

16 John McEnroe, Ice-T 17 Michael Jordan, Paris Hilton 18 Vanna White, John Travolta 19 Copernicus, Lee Marvin 20 Charles Barkley, Cindy Crawford 21 Jennifer Hewitt, Kelsey Grammer 22 Drew Barrymore, Dr. J (Julius Erving) Local Celebrities

16 Mary Smith, Pam Frocklage 17 Kevin DeMan, Kim MacKay 18 Trevor Reid 19 Mary Tristram, Dave & Barb Fassnidge anniversary 20 Bernie Evans, Judy Pocha, Angel Christensen 21 Patricia Sam, Jackie Speta Submit your free birthday or anniversary greetings to or call 250-341-7243







Call 250-341-7243

slow travel and slippery roads. Leave early and travel safely folks.

The Annual General Meeting for Columbia Valley Arts Council is this Thursday, February 16 at 5 pm at the Pynelogs Cultural Centre. Everyone is welcome to attend and find out what the Arts Council is up to. What does Art mean to you?



H 2O uzz




FILL THIS SPACE! With your ad, not mine. 250-341-7243

Winter Specials Buy 1 at Regular Price & Get the 2nd for 1/2 price Sunday - Sundaes Monday - 8” pizzas Tuesday - 10” pizzas Wednesday - Wraps Thurs. - 10” or 14” thin crust pizzas



Call 250-341-7243

February 16-22, 2017 Lunch ’til Late Kitchen Open to 10 pm Daily, 11 pm Fri/Sat

Dos equis

1. Leo

Monday, February 20, 7-9 pm

Valley forged

FREE LISTINGS FOR COMMUNITY EVENTS Columbia Valley Food Bank Hours Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1-2 pm. 3rd Wednesday, 5:30-7 pm. Located in Library Basement. Museum Hours Tuesday 10 am-4 pm. Thrift Store Hours Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10 am-4 pm. Invermere Library hours Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-5 pm. Wednesday, 10 am-8 pm. Radium Library Hours Tuesday, 6-8 pm. Wed, Thurs. 1-4 pm Saturday, 10 am–1 pm. Purcell Mountain Painters On Facebook Invermere Camera Club On Facebook Every Thursday Senior Walking, Edgewater Hall, 9 am. Storytime at Invermere Library 10:30 am. 342-6416. Carpet Bowling & more. Radium Hall, 1:30-4 pm Jiu Jitsu, 7-9 pm, next to Vet, 250-341-7113. Crib, Drop-in, Invermere Legion, 6-10 pm. Texas Hold ’Em Invermere Legion, $35, 6:30 pm. Columbia A.A., Women, Fairmont, Lion’s Den, 7:15 pm, 688–6050. ‘Name That Tune’, Copper City Saloon, 8 pm. Karaoke at the Horsethief Creek Pub, 8 pm. 2nd Thursday of Every Month Invermere Senior’s Lunches, 342-9281 ext 1232. 3rd Thursday of Every Month Parkinson's Disease Support Group Meeting at Heritage Inn in Cranbrook at 7 pm. Every Friday Senior Walking, The Bakery, Invermere, 9:30 am. Senior Walking, Radium Community Garden, 11 am. Aqua-Fit, Radium Pools, 11 am. 270-0456. Duplicate Bridge at Invermere Seniors’ Hall 1 pm. Family History Help, Fairmont, 3-5 pm, 250-270-0299. Dinner at Invermere Legion at 6:30 pm. Bingo, Shuswap Band Hall, 7 pm. Alcoholics Anonymous at Radium Catholic Church. 8 pm. 342-2424.



Last Friday of Every Month Soup & Bun Luncheon, Edgewater Legion, noon. Every Saturday Lego Club, all ages, Radium Library, 10 am-noon. Storytime, Invermere Library 11 am. 342-6416. Darts, Drop-in, Invermere Legion, 2-6 pm. Climbing Wall, Laird School, 5-8 pm, 250-688-5228. Edgewater-Horsethief Creek Pub shuttle, 6 pm to close. Crib, Edgewater Legion, 7:30 pm. Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 pm. 250-342-2424. Every Sunday Latter Day Saints’ Service, Fairmont, 10 am. 270-0299. Worship & Fellowship, Alliance Church, 10:30 am. Caesar Sunday at The Station Neighbourhood Pub. Lutheran Service, Christ Church Trinity, 1:30 pm. Carpet Bowling & more. Radium Hall, 1:30-4 pm. Climbing Wall, Laird School, 5-8 pm, 250-688-5228. Jiu Jitsu, 7-9 pm, next to Vet, 250-341-7113. Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 pm. 250-342-2424. Every Monday Senior Singalong, 10 am, Columbia Gardens. Aqua-Fit, Radium Pools, 11 am. 270-0456. Invermere Seniors’ Carpet Bowling at 1:30 pm. Bereavement Support Group, Hospice Office, 6 pm. Army Cadets, Invermere Legion, 6:15 pm, 688-5266. Live Music, Horsethief Creek Pub, 7-9 pm. Al-Anon, Inver. Catholic Church, 7:15 pm. 342-8255. Aqua-Fit, Radium Pools, 7:30 pm. 270-0456. 3rd Monday Every Month Inv. Caregivers Support, 1-3 pm, Hospital Boardroom. Every Tuesday Card Games & more. Radium Hall, 1:30-4 pm. Drop-in curling, 2-4 pm. Pasta Night, Best Western Invermere Inn. Meditation, 6:30 pm, Allison, Mountain Om Yoga & Wellness Studio, by donation. Cubs & Beavers, 6-7 pm, J. A. Laird. 341-3983. Jiu Jitsu, 7-9 pm, next to Vet, 250-341-7113. Games Night, Horsethief Creek Pub. Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 pm. 250-342-2424. 1st Tuesday of Every Month MS Support Group, 7 pm, Christ Church Trinity. 1st and 3rd Tuesday Each Month OPTions for Sexual Health. Confidential low-cost birth control, STI tests. 6:30-8:30 pm. 688-6787. Every Wednesday Aqua-Fit, Radium Pools, 11 am. 270-0456. Rotary Club of Invermere, Curling Centre, 11:45 am.

Monday, February 27 Duplicate Bridge at Invermere Seniors’ Hall 1 pm. Junior Curling, 4-5 pm. Ladies Curling, 6:30 pm. Trivia Night, Station Pub, 7 pm. Aqua-Fit, Radium Pools, 7:30 pm. 270-0456. Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 pm. 250-342-2424. 1st and 3rd Wednesday Each Month Radium Rotary, Meet on Higher Ground, 8 am. February 14, Tuesday Valentine’s Day. Rocky River Grill. Hoodoo Grill. February 15, Wednesday Trivia Night at The Station. February 16, Thursday CV Arts AGM, Pynelogs Cultural Centre, 5 pm. February 17-19, Friday-Sunday Men’s Skins Cash Curling Bonspiel. February 17, Friday Chicken Parmesan Dinner, Invermere Legion, 6:30 pm. February 18, Saturday Rockies host Creston Valley Thunder Cats, 7:30 pm. February 19, Sunday Chili Dinner, Edgewater Legion, 5:30 pm. February 20, Monday ‘Dos Equis’, Horsethief Creek Pub, 7-9 pm. February 24, Friday Soup & Bun Luncheon, Edgewater Legion, noon. Polar Plunge, Kinsmen Beach, 1-9 pm. Shepherd’s Pie Dinner, Invermere Legion, 6:30 pm. February 25, Saturday Smaller Footprints final day of opening. February 27, Monday Valley Forged, Horsethief Creek Pub, 7-9 pm. Rockies playoffs, Creston Thunder Cats, 7:30 pm. February 28, Tuesday Prevent It! Eileen Madson, 6-9 pm. Rockies playoffs, Creston Thunder Cats, 7:30 pm. March 3, Friday World Day of Prayer Radium Christian Fellowship, 2 pm. Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church, Invermere, 7 pm. As an event organizer, don’t forget to contact The Valley Peak with your information. Improve local awareness and increase attendance by emailing

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO WINTER RENOVATE! Stop in and chat today. Call 250-342-6226 or 1-877-342-6226 Email

North Star Hardware & Building Supplies Ltd.

Conveniently located in Athalmer

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