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What’s On? Susan Calman brings comedy and a splash of colour to the capital this winter

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01/02/2017 10:28:21

The Winter’s Tale

By William Shakespeare Directed by Max Webster

10 FEBRUARY – 4 MARCH 2017 Tickets:

0131 248 4848 | Sponsored by:

Royal Lyceum Theatre Company Ltd is a Registered Company No. SC062065, and Scottish Charity Registered No. SC010509

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Editor’s letter







n the fi rst issue of 2017 we have taken something of a walk down memory lane, focusing in particular on two glories it ’s all of the city’s past. The fi rst concerns a facet of Edinburgh about the that is still very much with us: the New Town. This year diamond marks 250 years since little-known architect James Craig won a competition to design a New Town north of the Rock so that the city’s grander residents could escape the Old Town stench which gave the city its very apt nickname of Auld Reekie. We look at how this world-famous area of the city has developed. Our other backwards glance in this issue is towards an event which has sometimes been in danger of fading into the mists of history. For anyone with a genuine interest in the development


What’s On?

F O R D I A M O N D S , F O R WAT C H E S , F O R YO U


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Susan Calman brings comedy and a splash of colour to the capital this winter

05/01/2017 16:53

19/01/2017 17:00:16

‘It was a seminal period, a high water mark in Edinburgh’s evolution’ of the capital, the Edinburgh International Exhibition of 1886 was a seminal period, a high water mark in the evolution of the city. It was at the height of Edinburgh’s Victorian prosperity, when the benefits of the Union and the Enlightenment had been reaped and the city was one of the most remarkable in the world. If you’re not familiar with the story, I’d commend it to you – it makes for a fascinating read.





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Edinburgh’s leading building and renovation company

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I want one of those The ultimate angling accessory for Bentley Bentayga owners


A day in the life of There are strange goingson in Edinburgh according to this paranormal investigator

.28 New in town Edinburgh’s best new restaurants under the spotlight

.32 Food of love Love is in the air with our round up of the city’s most romantic restaurants – just in time for Valentines Day


Iconic boozer

Leith’s Shore Bar is a winter winner


Fashion icon

Ruth MacGilp’s ethical fashion blog Urbanity is going from strength to strength


Street style

.16 What’s new? Edinburgh’s New Town is a masterpiece of city planning

As Coco Chanel once said – fashions fade, only style remains the same

.36 Katie Webb has transformed an old shop on Comely Bank Avenue into a light and stylish apartment


Best foot forward

Keep your toes toasty in these beautiful Harris Tweed boots from Snow Paw


Top of the world


In 1886 Edinburgh hosted an international exhibition of epic proportions on the Meadows


New year, new skin regime – it is time to put down the red wine and hydrate!


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Contents .59



Join the free-runners rolling, vaulting and climbing the city’s urban obstacles

Out and about at Edinburgh’s hottest social events


What’s on Make the most of all Edinburgh has to offer with our guide to the best events in town



The movers and shakers in the city’s property market

City social


My Edinburgh

Hollywood actor Emun Elliott is happiest at home in Portobello

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In 1886 Edinburgh hosted a world’s fair to showcase the best of Scottish design on an international stage W O RDS BY HERMIONE LISTER-KAYE


t seems appropriate, in Scotland’s designated year of history and heritage, to reflect upon the International Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art held in Edinburgh 130 years ago. On 6 May 1886, more than 40,000 people flocked to the Meadows to behold the wonders of the age, art and other curiosities from around the world. The international fair grounds covered over half of the Meadows, but today only a few relics of this colossal expo exist. In 1851 Prince Albert organised the first Great Exhibition in London. Thousands of exhibits from home and abroad were housed in a vast cast-iron and glass hall known as the crystal palace, in Hyde Park. It was a huge success and immediately had a positive effect on the development of international trade and relations, as well as inspiring the country’s greatest creators. It is a tradition upheld to this day – this year’s world’s fair will be held in Kazakhstan. Scotland had enjoyed over a hundred years of enlightenment, leading the fields of science, architecture, mathematics, literature, economics and all other academic subjects, so it was fitting that the next Great Exhibition should be held in Edinburgh. 8 |

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This 1886 lithograph shows an aerial view of the impressive structure which once stood in the Meadows.


19/01/2017 16:51:02


Top of the world


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As in London, a grand hall was constructed with a 120-foot high dome and ornate Beaux-Arts facade on Brougham Place. It was flanked by large courts extending eastwards either side of the main central corridor. The entire structure, designed by architect John James Burnett and engineer Charles C. Lindsay, held over 20,000 exhibits. It was a triumph of modern engineering with over 3,000 electric lamps making it the most expansive and fashionable building of its kind in Scotland.

A grand hall was constructed with a 120 foot high dome and ornate Beaux-Arts facade on Brougham Place Exhibitors from across the world gathered to show off the material progress of the age including Italian marble and furniture, musical instruments from Prague, Persian textiles and French photographic inventions. Among the most notable exhibits was an electric railway that ran from the main entrance to the middle of Meadow Walk, demonstrating the current rail technology, and a model home for the working man boasting the latest appliances for sanitation and hygiene. The east wing held an Old Edinburgh exhibition which contained a replica street of the Royal Mile. There

10 |

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was a market place, two closes, the Mercat Cross and a copy of the Old Tolbooth. The ground floors comprised 44 shops in which attendants dressed in 17th century costume sold souvenirs. A Women’s Industries exhibit displayed the finest Fair Isle and Shetland knitwear, alongside Irish linen, ladies’ Belgian silk gloves and even finely crafted flies for fishing. The exhibition ran from 6 May until 20 October and welcomed almost three million visitors. The impressive structure was intended to go on to house further exhibitions and events. However, an Act of Parliament saw


19/01/2017 16:52:04


Left: A replica of a typical Old Town street with 17th century shop fronts selling Edinburgh souvenirs. Right: Two 26 foot high pillars erected to commemorate the 1886 Exhibition still flank Melville Drive to this day.


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‘The exhibition welcomed almost three million visitors’

Above: The Prince Albert Victor sundial still stands in the Meadows as a reminder of Edinburgh’s royal visitor.

the site and its remaining contents dismantled only a few years later. Today, evidence of the expo can still be found, such as the famous whale Jawbone Archway, currently being restored by Edinburgh World Heritage. It was brought from Shetland by the Fair Isle knitting exhibitors as part of their display and was left behind. Flanking Melville Drive, the Mason’s Memorial stone pillars were erected by the Master Builders and Operative Masons of Edinburgh and Leith as a monument to the exhibition. The pillars are constructed using stone from 17 Scottish quarries and display shields of the Imperial, Scottish, English and Irish arms, as well as the coats of arms of 19 Scottish burghs and the crest of The Edinburgh Masons. Designed by Sir James Gowans, the pillars were intended to demonstrate the variety of stone and finishes used by Edinburgh masons. 12 |

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Prince Albert Victor, Queen Victoria’s grandson, opened the exhibition. To commemorate his royal visit a sundial was erected at the west end of the Meadows. Prince Albert Victor died of influenza several years later aged only 28. Designed, once again, by Sir James Gowans as a contribution to the Edinburgh and Leith Brassfounders exhibit, the Brass Founders column, topped with a bronze brass worker, now stands in Nicolson Square. Tiles painted by John Eyre for the Lambeth Doulton exhibit now adorn the walls of the Cafe Royal pub. The tiled mural depicts six celebrated inventors of the era: civil engineer George Stevenson, inventor of the daguerreotype Louis Daguerre, Benjamin Franklin, the first man to use a printing press in England William Caxton, scientist Michael Faraday and founder of the modern Conservative Party Sir Robert Peel.


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What’s new? Plans to expand Edinburgh 250 years ago set in motion an era of enlightenment for Scotland’s capital city. W O RDS BY HE RMI O N E LISTER-KAYE I L LUS T RAT I O N BY AL ISON HOGG

St George’s Church in Charlotte Square was converted in the 1960s to house the National Records of Scotland and is now known as West Register House.

16 |

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INSIDE EDINBURGH Clockwise from top: The Assembly Rooms on George Street, built in 1787; the Scottish National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street was the first purpose-built portrait gallery in the world; James Craig’s original plan for the New Town; shortly after the sudden death of Prince Albert an equestrian sculpture was commissioned to commemorate the prince in Charlotte Square.


heltered and protected by steep volcanic rock on three sides, the crag and tail topography of Edinburgh’s Old Town was the perfect location for a safe and secure settlement. But by the 18th century, having been occupied for almost 1,000 years, Edinburgh’s Old Town was bursting at the seams. Living conditions were grim and, with several devastating fires and tenement collapses, unsafe. It is estimated that by 1750 there were 1,750 people per square hectare housed in the city’s tenements, some of which were up to fifteen stories high. For Edinburgh’s wealthy and middle classes, the situation was intolerable and after several prominent families decided to up sticks and move to spacious townhouses in London,

For Edinburgh’s wealthy and middle classes the situation was intolerable Edinburgh’s Lord Provost, George Drummond, approved plans to expand the city northwards. or Edinburgh to join the ranks For of other European cities such as London and Paris it needed new 18 |

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19/01/2017 15:25:44


George Drummond George Drummond served five two-year terms as Lord Provost for Edinburgh between 1746 and 1762. He was the driving force behind the building of the New Town on empty farmland north of the castle. He felt that in order for Edinburgh to prosper there had to be an expansion from the overcrowded and unsanitary medieval Old Town. In 1759 Drummond ordered the filthy Nor’ Loch, where Princes Street Gardens now lie, to be drained in a bid to tackle the spreading of disease that was rife in the unhygienic medieval town. Then in 1766, shortly before his death, he persuaded Edinburgh council to launch a competition for the design of this New Town, which was won by young architect James Craig. Sadly Drummond did not live to see much of the New Town, but he laid the foundation stone for the new North Bridge, which would form the link between the old city and its new district.


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20 |

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THE NEW TOWN Main image: Northumberland Street is part of the northern extension to the original New Town, often referred to as Edinburgh’s second New Town.

public buildings such as law courts, galleries and museums, wide streets and garden spaces. The cramped medieval style of the Old Town was depressing and backward; it was felt that in order to encourage excellence, the New Town must reflect these

The New Town must reflect these aspirations with an equally grand architectural style aspirations with an equally grand architectural style. Since the 1707 Union, an elite middle class had emerged in Scotland comprising lawyers, clergymen, doctors and scientists, intellectuals and architects. A great change was afoot. In April 1766, a competition was launched for Scottish architects to submit plans for this New Town. A little-known architect, just 26 years old, called James Craig was chosen. Craig’s simple axial grid plan comprised two garden squares (Charlotte and St Andrew squares) connected by three wide boulevards (Princes, George and Queen streets) in celebration of the Hanoverian monarchy and the union between Scotland and England. The design was an instant success and the New Town grew rapidly between 1767 and 1890, SF EDINBURGH

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19/01/2017 15:28:17

Assembly Rooms Edinburgh 54 George Street Edinburgh EH2 2LR

Situated in Edinburgh’s prestigious George Street, amidst the city’s New Town, the Assembly Rooms combines history and heritage with contemporary facilities and state-of-the-art technology to create truly memorable events. 0131 220 4348

With a rich and diverse background in hosting public and private events, join the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh this year as we celebrate our 230th anniversary.

22 |

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creating seven identifiable areas to the district as we know it today. The Age of Enlightenment had reached Scotland and at last Edinburgh was a real contender in the great European race for scholarly achievement in the sciences, industry and arts. Edinburgh’s nickname ‘Auld Reekie’ was soon replaced by the far grander epithet ‘Athens of the North’ for its humanistic rationale and the vast intellectual contribution Scottish thinkers made to the British Empire. Many of Edinburgh’s leading societies and organisations saw an opportunity to expand and upgrade from cramped Old Town digs. The Commercial Bank of Scotland moved their headquarters to a grand GraecoRoman building on George Street, now called The Dome, and The Royal College of Physicians commissioned Thomas Hamilton to build their new hall at 9 Queen Street. The Assembly Rooms opened its doors for the first time in 1787 to host the Caledonian Hunt Ball. Designed by John Henderson, the

At last Edinburgh was a real contender in the great race for scholarly achievement

Henry Dundas Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville, was a highly influential Tory politician and the first Secretary of State for War. He was nicknamed ‘King Harry the Ninth, Grand Manager of Scotland’ due to his power and sway over Scottish politics. Dundas also played a key role in establishing Edinburgh’s New Town and encouraged Scotland’s growing reputation as a country of great intellect and learning. However, in 1806 Dundas’ political career came to an abrupt end when he was accused of misappropriation of public money and became the last person in the United Kingdom to be impeached. He was later acquitted but never held public office again. Dundas has remained a controversial figure. He strongly opposed William Wilberforce’s movement to end slavery and managed to halt the abolition for more than 20 years. He was a pivotal figure in the expansion of British trade in India and the West Indies by means of, what fellow Tory politician George Canning called ‘pillage and patronage’.

building was for public use, funded by public subscription, and remains so to this day. Charlotte Square, designed by Robert Adam, is considered an architectural masterpiece. Completed in 1820, it was the last part of Craig’s original plan to be finished. Adam died shortly before


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INSIDE EDINBURGH Image: The Scott Monument on Princes Street is the largest monument to a writer in the world.

Lost streets In the 1960s plans to tear down areas of the New Town to make way for more modern and practical spaces were proposed. Thankfully few of these demolition projects ever materialised, but there were some casualties. The Georgian townhouses and tenements of St James Square were flattened to make way for the brutalist St James Shopping Centre. The top of Leith Street also suffered great losses. A charming street of Victorian shops and dance halls, it did not match up to the Edinburgh Corporation’s modern vision. One side of Picardy Place was bulldozed, which included the home of Sherlock Holmes’ creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Charlotte Square, designed by Robert Adam, is considered an architectural masterpiece the building work began, but the final outcome remained true to his initial design. Now home to a cluster of highend financial institutions, the square was once home to the Marquess of Bute, several Lord Provosts, Queen Victoria’s dentist Robert Nasmyth, Sir William Fettes (whose bequest led to the foundation of Fettes College) and the controversial First World War commander Field Marshal Lord Haig, to name but a few. In 1995 the 3,228 hectares which are identified as the New Town were made a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the remarkable concentration of noteworthy ashlar-faced, neo-classical buildings by the most celebrated architects of the era, such as John and Robert Adam, Sir William Chambers and William Playfair. 24 |

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19/01/2017 15:29:51

A professional, highly organised construction company that specialises in converting underpavement cellars in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties. We provide impeccable service and standards, ensuring consistency, reliability and superiority in the specialist field of cellar conversions. 07752 816 616








Scottish Rural Awards


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26 |

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A day in the life of... Paranormal investigator Frank Keddie has spent the last thirty years hunting the ghosts of Auld Reekie



f you watch television shows such as Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted, then that is basically what my job entails. I go in search of the ghosts that haunt Edinburgh, such as ‘Bluidy Mackenzie’, the poltergeist of Sir George Mackenzie which haunts his mausoleum in Greyfriars Kirk. Sometimes I will also investigate other unusual goings-on, such as UFO sightings. It really is the best job in the world because you never know what you are going to come across. Every day is different. I am a pagan, which definitely helps when you are searching for ghosts. I think it makes you more open to paranormal activity. Some very cool stuff has happened over the years. I often lead ghost hunting tours and on five different occasions women in my

I am a pagan, which definitely helps when you are searching for ghosts groups have been inexplicably scratched on the face. It was in the same spot each time and they all said it felt like fingernails. A few years ago one woman was even choked by an invisible presence. It was all caught on camera and is very spooky to watch back. When I am ghost hunting I use an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector and a spirit box which uses radio frequency, or ‘white noise’, to communicate with spirits. But for those who don’t have this equipment, the recorder and camera on an iPhone can be just as effective at picking up strange background sounds and light orbs. There is never a dull moment in the life of a paranormal investigator.


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Forage and Chatter 1a Alva Street, EH2 4PH Sourcing local produce is something many restaurants may aspire to, but Forage and Chatter really walk the talk. The West End restaurant serves up food from within a 25 mile radius – even the plants are from a local nursery – including seasonal delicacies like mushrooms and seaweed gathered by their forager. The space which once housed The Larder bistro now has an airy Mediterranean ambience with lots of snug corners in which to enjoy an intimate dinner. This includes a covered raised area in what was formerly an outdoor space, which is where we dined. South African-born chef, Nicholas Lang (pictured right), immediately captured my taste buds with his pre-starter, a creamy yoghurt butter sprinkled with mushroom pepper, although my dining companion preferred dipping the large crusty dough balls into the herb pesto. The salmon starter was tasty while the BBQ pork shoulder enlivened by crispy squid, cauliflower and radish made for an unusual but winning combination. The meat is butchered on the premises, something of a novelty these days, but it made a noticable difference to the main courses. All the different parts of the animal are put to good use such as the featherblade – the muscle under the shoulder of the cow – which was served with the aged Borders beef sirloin along with cavolo nero (cabbage meets kale) smoked bacon and celeriac. This was a sensational fusion of flavours whilst the tender and slightly pink venison loin simply melted in the mouth. The dishes were beautifully complemented by mellow Vranec wine from the Macedonian Stobi vineyard, a spot-on recommendation by our engaging and informative waiter. Pudding was a tough choice: for me the delicious lemon curd and Douglas fir didn’t need the flaky pastry shards and being quite replete, we were unable to do justice to the Scottish cheese board – perhaps next time. SN 0131 225 4599 |

Wahaca 16 S St Andrew St, EH2 2AU The most northerly branch of the Mexican street food chain was packed to the rafters as we arrived. The menu contains lots of tempting tapas-style dishes but we plumped for the Mexican Feast for two. Billed as a menu for adventurers and including deliciously fresh scallop and shrimp ceviche, flavourful pork pibil tacos, cactus and courgette tacos (decidedly meh), pea and mint empanadas, cornbread with chipotle honey butter (which I could have eaten until the cows come home) and sumptuous chocolate churros to finish. MB 0131 202 6850 | 28 |

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30/01/2017 14:20:00


The newbies

Reviews of six of the best new restaurants on the capital’s dining scene

Reviews by Richard Bath, Morag Bootland, Susan Nickalls and Hermione Lister-Kaye

Topolabamba 93 Lothian Rd, EH3 9AW Following the success of their flagship restaurant in Glasgow, Topolabamba have come to the Burgh. On the advice of our friendly waiter we chose a selection of Mexican street food classics – everything from tostadas to taquitos, tacos to quesadillas – and oh boy it was good. My dining partner went on to gleefully devour a vast chimichanga stuffed with shredded chicken and salsa rojo as I indulged in a bowl of churros and a digestif of tequila reposado. I will definitely be revisiting Topolabamba very soon. HL-K 0131 228 6863 | SF EDINBURGH

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| 29

30/01/2017 14:20:17


The Refinery 5 St Andrew Square, EH2 2BD We loved the energy of Dishoom’s neighbour, and it’s clearly a popular watering spot for shoppers and office workers. The food is mixed though: starters of meatballs with cannellini beans, feta and pine nuts, then Scotch egg with chorizo and paprika mayonnaise, were fantastic, but the braised beef shin rendered inedible by a supersalty reduction and salmon-free hot smoked salmon salad were truly horrible. Pudding was the same: the creme brulee was tip-top, the dry-as-dust chocolate jaffa cake an all-time pudding nadir. RB 0333 210 0017 | 30 |

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30/01/2017 14:19:44


Dishoom 3 St Andrew Square, EH2 2BD

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten in a restaurant as packed, noisy or downright atmospheric as Dishoom’s first venture outside London. The first-floor dining room of this three-floor gastronomic emporium is a high-ceilinged, wooden-clad former warehouse for Forsyths department store, and if you were being uncharitable you could say its colonial signposting verges on kitsch, but the overall effect is instead evocative and memorable. Dishoom is based on the faded elegance of the Bombay cafes that were opened in the last century by Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran (quick fact: Freddy Mercury was a Zoroastrian). At one stage there were 400 such cafes welcoming everyone from rich businessmen to sweaty taxi-wallahs and courting couples, although only 30 now remain. Chef Anand Ghotikar, pictured, is in charge of food and does a fantastic job of churning out over 30 dishes. Many of these are authentic Bombay dishes, such as pau bhaji or bhel, others are Dishoom’s Irani-influenced and subtly spiced take on Indian dishes like mahi tikka, lamb raan or mattar paneer. We loved the keena pau, a classic Irani dish of spiced minced lamb and peas served on a toasted bun, and the magnificent murgh malai, which are chicken thighs prepared overnight in garlic, ginger, coriander stems and cream. We were mildly underwhelmed by the masala prawns and chicken berry britannia biryani, but the restaurant’s dark, rich, deeply flavoured signature dish of house black daal was sumptuous. Also, make sure you try the chocolate pudding or the gadbad mitha (fresh fruits layered with pureed mango, custard and cream) and don’t miss the cocktails and lovely lassis. Highly recommended. RB 0131 202 6406 |

Taisteal 1 Raeburn Pl, EH4 1HU This reincarnation of the fab Field Grill offers the same quality Scottish produce, but with a distinctly global feel. The scallops with satay sauce, black pudding and pomegranate perfectly illustrating the new order. Singapore squid with squid ink risotto provided the perfect juxtaposition of crispy fried squid and creamy risotto. The mains were just as impressive, with roast hake and grilled venison disappearing like snow off a dyke. Desserts were stunning too, the coconut and pineapple panna cotta creating a tropical paradise in Stockbridge on a cold January night. MB 0131 332 9977 | SF EDINBURGH

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03/02/2017 14:37:16


Romantic restaurants With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why not kindle that loving feeling with a meal at one of Edinburgh’s most passion-inducing eateries

The Witchery by the Castle A friend who once worked here as a waiter reckoned that a clear majority of diners at this restaurant with (lovely) rooms arrived with the sole aim of getting engaged. It’s easy to see why because this gloriously over-the-top and luxuriously gothic Old Town restaurant is a pleasure palace that stimulates the senses and pleases the palate. You suspect that when Andrew Lloyd-Webber asked ‘Is this the prettiest restaurant ever?’ it was meant as a rhetorical question.

0131 225 5613 | Castlehill, The Royal Mile, EH1 2NF |

21212 All four of Edinburgh’s Michelin-starred restaurants have something unique to recommend them as a Valentine’s Day venue, but there’s a flamboyance and playfulness about chef-patron Paul Kitching’s New Town restaurant that makes it perfect for romance. The five-course menu is light and breezy, and quite unlike anything else you’ll find in the city. If you stay over, its four rooms have views over the Forth and decor-wise are a racy mix of James Bond and Belle Du Jour.

Rhubarb at Prestonfield House There are few more evocative, elegant and downright romantic venues than James Thomson’s incredibly refined boutique hotel overlooking Arthur’s Seat (which Tatler described as having the ‘Triple A-rated spoil me factor’). The decor in its Rhubarb restaurant is sumptuous; all lush velvet and deep colours. But it’s lounging in front of the fire in the Tapestry and Leather rooms upstairs which really complete the vision. If you really want to go upmarket, stay over.

0131 523 1030 | 3 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB |

0131 225 1333 | Priestfield Rd, EH16 5UT |

32 |

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19/01/2017 16:01:28


Monteiths This is a slightly off-beam choice, but this subterranean cocktail bar and restaurant on the Royal Mile is one of those comfortable, yet dark, spaces where confessional conversations can happen. The experience starts with a long entrance under a tunnel of briars studded with fairy lights, and continues with a contemporary interior full of character. The menu is a good mix of heavier options such as daube of beef and lighter, often fishy, choices like whole lemon sole with cockles and seaweed. It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s definitely worth checking it out.

0131 226 7614 | 4th Floor, 33 Castle St, EH2 3DN |

Chaophraya Edinburgh boasts several restaurants with amazing views – I’m thinking particularly of The Tower, Kyloe, Harvey Nicks’ Forth Floor bistro, the Boathouse in South Queensferry, and The Pompadour – but if you can get a table in Chaophraya’s glass extension, then there is no better outlook than that from this bustling Thai restaurant. Look one way and you are overlooking the castle to the south, look the other and you have a great view of the Forth to your north. The food is good, the place is always lively, and the cocktails are definitely worth exploring. If you’re not the sort of couple who need peace and quiet to whisper sweet nothings, then this is the place for you.

0131 557 0330 | 61 High St, EH1 1SR |

Dalkeith Water Tower Restaurant One of the most romantic gestures I’ve ever heard of is that of the man who hired the whole of this place for a dinner for two with his beloved on Valentine’s Day. Normally this quirky one-table restaurant, run by architect and former Masterchef winner Gerry Goldwyre, is booked by 12 friends, but if you’re looking to provide the ultimate token of your affection why not take all of this former water tower? The food is excellent and it’s BYOB so you can bring nice wine or champagne. It’s £55 per person, inclusive of all canapes, three-courses and coffee etc, so £660 for the night. 0131 660 4865 | The Water Tower, Dalkeith EH22 3DL


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| 33

19/01/2017 16:01:50


Iconic boozer THE SHORE BAR, 3 The Shore, Leith Roaring open fires, original wood panelling, cask ales, a surprisingly good wine list and expansive whisky selection make this compact Leith establishment the perfect winter boozer. A live jazz band plays to punters on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, while on Sundays the bar serves up a hearty roast lunch that will not disappoint.

34 |

034-035_sfe01.indd 34


19/01/2017 11:39:13



034-035_sfe01.indd 35

| 35

19/01/2017 11:40:02


Image: Katie Webb and Sid, the French Bulldog, strike a pose on the sofa.

A little decorum Katie Webb has transformed an old alterations shop in Comely Bank into a stylish one-bed apartment WORDS BY HERMIONE LISTER-KAY E PHOTOGRAPHS BY A NGUS BLA C KBURN

36 |

036-039_sfe01.indd 36


19/01/2017 12:50:10



036-039_sfe01.indd 37

| 37

19/01/2017 12:51:06



nce an alterations shop on the corner of Comely Bank Avenue, this unusual space was bought 11 years ago by Edinburgh locals Ian Bell and Katie Webb. Five years ago it was partially converted into a two bed apartment, and now, having been almost completely gutted, has been transformed into a light and spacious one bedroom apartment. ‘We look for interesting commercial buildings, like this one, and convert them into homes,’ says property developer Katie. ‘We like houses that are unique and different, and a bit more challenging.’ Katie and Ian’s own home is the old Taylor’s Bakery in Canonmills, which was derelict before they converted it into a residential apartment with a retail unit below. With a glass, shop-like frontage the Comely Bank space benefits from day-long natural light. The lower panes have been frosted to provide privacy for the occupant. The main door opens into a full height reception area, with stairs to the right leading up to the bedroom mezzanine. Neutral walls and light wooden flooring from Egger encourage light through the apartment to the kitchen.

We like houses that are unique and different, like this one The addition of colourful artwork injects a splash of vibrancy to this otherwise muted, but stylish apartment. Katie bought three mannequins at a junk sale and had them fitted as lamps and painted by local artist Lynsey Jean Henderson. One stands in the apartment, whilst Katie has kept the other two. ‘It’s funky and a little bit different and that is what we like,’ says Katie. ‘They are a talking point!’ Another local artist whose work adorns the walls of this apartment is Mark Rice. His bright, pop art-style paintings of famous icons are a perfect contrast to the grey walls. ‘Mark did a really colourful painting of Karl Lagerfeld and we liked it so much we asked him to do another of Marilyn Munroe, which hangs in the bedroom,’ says Katie. Currently on the market at 38 |

036-039_sfe01.indd 38


19/01/2017 12:51:54


Clockwise from top: Neutral walls and clever lighting bring light to the kitchen; the area leading into the kitchen is perfect for a small table and chairs; the bedroom benefits from the light of the glass frontage, but still maintains privacy from passersby; light spills in from the street; vibrant artwork throughout the apartment brings a splash of colour.

Decorum Decor | 46 Granton Road, EH5 3QS | Tel: 0131 332 5000 |


036-039_sfe01.indd 39

| 39

19/01/2017 12:53:09

FASHION ICON Ruth sits at the edge of Edinburgh Quay, amongst Shona Kinloch’s bronze swan sculptures emerging from the Union Canal.

40 |

040-041_sfe01.indd 40


19/01/2017 11:43:52


Out of the blue Blue-haired beauty Ruth MacGilp is the pen behind Urbanity, an acclaimed blog focusing on ethical fashion and mental health WORDS BY HERMI O N E L I S T ER- K AY E PHOTOGRAPHED BY AN G US B L AC K B URN


uth began her blog Urbanity in the summer of 2015. ‘I was feeling a bit frustrated with life and wanted a creative outlet,’ she explains. ‘‘II didn’t have a plan at all – I wrote about things I was passionate about and the blog grew organically from there.’ Having worked in fashion for several years, Ruth had witnessed a dark side to the industry and

Last summer Ruth applied to the Herald Fashion Awards on a whim. To her shock she was short-listed for Blogger of the Year, and come November was awarded the accolade at the ceremony in Glasgow. It was perhaps her unusual combination of ethical fashion and mental health issues that saw her win. ‘Mental health is something I feel very strongly about,’ says Ruth. ‘I write from a personal perspective because I want to

‘I didn’t have a plan at all – I wrote about things I was passionate about and the blog grew from there’ felt compelled to aid the movement towards change. ‘We live in a throwaway culture – clothes have no value anymore,’ she says. Urbanity focuses on ethical and sustainable fashion, with a particular interest in Scottish designers and retailers. ‘For me it is about the brand itself; their values and how their clothing is produced.’

show that it is no longer a taboo subject.’ Since its creation, Urbanity has built up a following of over 1,000 subscribers and 16,000 views per month. It is a very time-consuming hobby and Ruth has only just started to see results for her efforts. ‘I am starting to make money from it by sponsorship and awards, as well as receiving experiences and products,’ she explains. ‘It is an extremely competitive industry.’


040-041_sfe01.indd 41

| 41

19/01/2017 11:44:51


Street style Fashions may change but style is unique – so where did they get that look...? PHOTOGRAPHED BY A MAN DA RI C H ARDS O N

SANDRA HARRISON FROM CARLISLE Jacket: Topshop. Boots: River Island. Dress: House of Fraser. Bag: Michael Kors.

42 |

042-043_sfe01.indd 42

SCARLETT CARRUTHERS FROM PRESTWICK Skirt: Laura Ashley. Scarf: ASOS. Jacket: ASOS. Shoes: New Look.


19/01/2017 12:42:59


DAYANA PETRICHEVA FROM BULGARIA Coat: Superdry. Dress: Urban Outfitters. Shoes: Dr Martens. Scarf: ASOS. Sunglasses: Accessorize.

HOLLY CASE FROM EDINBURGH Coat: River Island. Jeans: Zara. Boots: House of Bruar. Bag: Harris Tweed.


042-043_sfe01.indd 43

| 43

19/01/2017 12:44:32


Best foot forward Keep those toes cosy this winter with these stylish sheepskin and Harris Tweed designs from Snow Paw

Over the knee Harris Tweed boots, £190.

44 |

044-051_sfe01.indd 44


19/01/2017 16:37:56


Block heel ankle boot in Navy, £120.


044-051_sfe01.indd 45

| 45

19/01/2017 16:38:25


Block heel ankle boots in Black Dogtooth, £120.

46 |

044-051_sfe01.indd 46


19/01/2017 16:38:57


Block heel ankle boots in Navy, £120, Harris Tweed large moon bag in Navy Herringbone, £65.


044-051_sfe01.indd 47

| 47

19/01/2017 16:39:13


Harris Tweed back pack in Grey, £75; Harris Tweed classic sheepskin boots in Black, £140.

48 |

044-051_sfe01.indd 48


19/01/2017 16:39:34


Harris Tweed knee high boots in Black, £190.


044-051_sfe01.indd 49

| 49

19/01/2017 16:39:51


Established over 30 years, Cameron Interiors, Scotland’s premier kitchen design studio is expanding: New Design Studio Opening Summer 2017 – 280 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow We look forward to welcoming all our clients to our new home in Glasgow or you can visit our exclusive bulthaup Edinburgh studio. A new contract design studio, located at our new larger head office and warehouse facilities coming soon.

expansion summer 2017

Cameron Interiors 458-462 Crow Rd, Glasgow G11 7DR. 0141 334 9532 bulthaup by Cameron Interiors 31 Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 6QQ. 0131 556 2233

Cameron Interiors.indd 50

18/01/2017 11:12:43


Harris Tweed kids sheepskin boots in Grey, £70, Harris Tweed kids sheepskin boots in Coffee, £70.

The Hebrides Shop, 10 Advocates Close, EH1 1ND SF EDINBURGH

044-051_sfe01.indd 51

| 51

19/01/2017 16:40:11


Detox Spring is upon us and the party season is well and truly over, so it’s time to put down the red wine and get back on the water to rehydrate your skin

Former supermodel and celebrity facialist Charlotte Connoley has some advice on January skin detox and how to rid your face of puffiness and toxins.


pring is the time for new routines – changes that will stand you in good stead throughout the year. A detox mask containing clay will draw out impurities, and I recommend Caudalie’s Instant Detox Mask. If you are going for a mask with oil, thermals or clays, then massage it into your skin to warm up your muscles. A facial scrub, such as Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub, will remove dead skin cells and help to brighten complexions. Avoiding the eye area, massage well into clean, damp skin, concentrating on the nose, chin and forehead. When it comes to moisturisers, look out for ingredients such as rosehip oil and vitamins E and C.

52 |

052-053_sfe01.indd 52

My best advice to anyone is to massage your face every evening. This will get rid of puffiness and toxins and give your lymphatic system a real boost. For the body, Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil will lock in moisture and replenish dry winter skin. Take this opportunity to restore and refresh your skin and get yourself into a good skincare routine for the coming year. It’s time to get glowing! Follow Charlotte on Instagram, @charlotteconnoleybeauty


19/01/2017 16:48:05


#1 Beatitude Skin Salvation Facial Oil, £38

#2 AS Apothecary Profoundly Soothing Body Butter, £43

#3 Alpha-H Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream, £51

For him

#4 Neom Tranquility Bath and Shower Oil, £40

#6 Lab Series Age Rescue + Densify Shampoo, £23

#7 Endure Men’s Face Oil with cedarwood and vetiver, £25


052-053_sfe01.indd 53

| 53

19/01/2017 16:48:56


Image: Access Parkour coach David Bharrat.

54 |

054-055_sfe01.indd 54


19/01/2017 11:34:21


Parkour Parkour (or freerunning) emerged in France in the 1980s and is a training discipline in which participants aim to cross complicated urban spaces by means of running, swinging, vaulting and jumping in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Access Parkour offer classes for beginners, starting indoors to develop the basic movement patterns, then moving outdoors to overcome urban obstacles in what is a physically demanding but exciting workout. Classes start at ÂŁ9 for adults and ÂŁ5 for children.


054-055_sfe01.indd 55

| 55

19/01/2017 11:35:21

Murray Beith Murray 3 Glenfinlas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6AQ Tel: 0131 220 8915

Legal – Property – Tax

Greenfield Lodge Offers Over £1.1 Million

Home Report Value £1.25 Million Viewings by apt through Murray Beith Murray 0131 22058915 or Elegant 19th Century Georgian gem occupying a stunning countryside location, only a short distance from the City. Greenfield Lodge is a grand, historic C-Listed country house with 6 bedrooms, 6 public rooms, spacious driveway and garage, located off a private lane in the semi-rural conservation village of Lasswade. Extending over 1.6 acres, the spectacular mature garden features formal lawns, rhododendrons, shrub and herbaceous borders, woodland paths, fruit and vegetable allotments, 2 ponds and a former 19th century bowling green. The garden was opened under Scotland’s Garden Scheme and is very well-known. Of special interest, there is an original 2nd World War air raid shelter which has been converted into a wine cellar. Wrought iron gates provide access to the single car garage, a spacious driveway and turning area allowing parking for several cars.

Antique Auction Antique & & Decorators Decorators Auction Antique & Decorators Auction February 2017 February 2017 Further Entries

Further Entries Invited InvitedScotland Valuers throughout

Valuers throughout Scotland

Tel 0131 553 7000 EmailTelinfo@ramsaycornish 0131 553 7000 Email info@ramsaycornish 56 |

056_sfe01.indd 56


18/01/2017 11:25:03

Home report Average selling prices in Edinburgh in the last quarter of 2016 are up compared with the same time period in 2015


4.3% The average selling price in east central Scotland in the last quarter of 2016 has increased by 4.3% when compared to the same time period in 2015.


The number of homes sold in east central Scotland between Sept and Nov 2016 decreased by 11.7%compared to the same period in 2015.

In the final quarter of 2016, house prices in Edinburgh averaged £231,601, up 3.7% on the final quarter of 2015.



Three-bedroom houses in Blackhall, Davidson’s Mains and Silverknowes showed one of the highest year-on-year increases, with a 14.7% increase in average selling prices in the last quarter of 2016 compared with Q4 in 2015.

Selling property in east central Scotland was 31.9% faster in Q4 of 2016 at 25 days, down from 36 days in Q4 of 2015.

Source: ESPC. Information correct at time of going to press.


057_sfe01.indd 57

| 57

19/01/2017 12:59:00

Clinically Proven Fat Melting Award Winning Skin Tightening Non Invasive, No Pain, No Downtime What are you waiting for? Exilis Elite led by Dr Clara Russell- 1st in Scotland to use Exilis for enquiries Shape & Rejuvenate.indd 58

18/01/2017 11:30:34


ON Whether it be music, theatre, film or exhibitions, make the most of all Edinburgh has to offer


059_sfe01.indd 59

| 59

19/01/2017 16:53:07

30 January-5 February NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE SCREENING: AMADEUS 2/2, Edinburgh Festival Theatre Lucian Msamati, of Game of Thrones fame, plays Salieri in Peter Shaffer’s award winning play about musical genius Mozart, accompanied by the Southbank Sinfonia Orchestra, broadcast live from the National Theatre.

A HOUSE IN ASIA 3/2, Traverse Theatre This satirical play set in the decade following 9/11 explores three different story strands: a man in hiding in Pakistan, a film set in Jordan and a military base in North Carolina.

FUN LOVING CRIMINALS 4/2, Queens Hall The cousins from The Big Apple are Edinburgh-bound and celebrating their 20th anniversary as one of the finest mixes of hip hop, rock ‘n’ roll and blues-jazz. Not to be missed.

60 |

060-083_sfe01.indd 60


19/01/2017 16:00:10




30/1–4/2, Edinburgh Playhouse Bringing the razzmatazz of the 1967 Academy Award-winning film to Edinburgh, this fun show will transport you back to New York City at the height of the jazz age. A fun-filled musical, suitable for the whole family. www.edinburghtheatreguide. com/playhouse

1/2, Traverse Theatre Part of the Visual Theatre Festival produced by Puppet Animation Scotland, leading Quebecois company, La Pire Espece, has brought a creative alternative to the challenges we face in our burgeoning cities. www. whats-on/eventdetail/1040/cities

Top picks

DANCING A WALTZ: LORENZO BARTOLINI’S MARBLE SCULPTURE 31/1, Hawthornden Lecture Theatre Holly Trusted, Senior Curator of Sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum tells the remarkable story of the life-size marble figures of Emma and Julia Campbell. whatson

ART MAKERS THE LARK ASCENDING 3/2, Usher Hall Vaughan Williams’ classic never fails to impress and regularly features on the Classic FM Hall of Fame. The lark in this instance is the RSNO’s Principal Flute Katherine Bryan who also takes centre stage in the première of Martin Suckling’s Flute Concerto. The concert ends with Ravel’s ravishing pastoral suite Daphnis et Chloé.


060-083_sfe01.indd 61

5/2, Scottish National Gallery The National Gallery welcomes children between the ages of 4-12 to join their Art Maker Club to create masterpieces with artists Tessa Asquith-Lamb and Louise Fraser.

SCOTTISH OPERA: THE TRIAL 3-4/2, King’s Theatre Adapted from Franz Kafka’s 1914 novel about a man arrested and persecuted for a crime he did not commit, this new operatic adaptation captures Kafka’s dramatic paranoia and dark humour.

| 61

19/01/2017 16:02:48



Top picks

9/2-3/3, Across Edinburgh ESAF17 welcomes students from universities across the country to perform, exhibit, express and showcase their work against an Edinburgh backdrop. This year is set to be the best festival yet after ESAF were named one of Scotland’s top 10 most innovative social enterprises. www.edinburghstudent



12-13/2, Edinburgh Playhouse In their first tour since 2012, American indie folk band Bon Iver will be in Edinburgh playing hits from their new album 22 and a few old favourites such as Skinny Love and Holocene – this is their only Scottish tour date.

7/2 – 12/2, Playhouse Following the success of the smash hit run in London’s Dominion Theatre, Bill Kenwright’s production of this Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice Argentinian political masterpiece is set to tour the UK once more. shows/evita-2017/ edinburgh-playhouse

THE BURROW FAMILY CLUB FRENCH CLASSES Every Thursday, Dean Bowling Club The Burrow Family Club will host French song and play classes for children under five – £40 per child for a five week course, or £9 for a one off booking.

THE CLASSIC ROCK SHOW 10/2, Queens Hall The world famous classic rock travelling tribute show is flying into Edinburgh like a bat out of hell for one night only.

62 |

060-083_sfe01.indd 62


19/01/2017 16:04:11

6-12 February CIRQUE BERSERK 7/2–12/2, Festival Theatre A mix of contemporary cirque-style artistry with adrenaline-fuelled stunt action, this is a show like no other. The 30-plus strong band of superbly talented entertainers will astound you with their repertoire of traditional circus craft.

SAY IT AIN’T SEW 7/2, Cabaret Voltaire The last five years have been extremely successful for one of Scotland’s most popular sewing classes, giving people the opportunity to try their hands at crafts for free. Runs every Tuesday from 6.30-8.30pm.

RSNO TCHAIKOVSKY FOUR 10/2, Usher Hall Tchaikovsky’s emotional rollercoaster, Symphony No.4, is full of soaring melodies and there is further romance in store with Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini featuring the Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski as soloist.


060-083_sfe01.indd 63

| 63

19/01/2017 16:05:49



BATHROOM PERFECTION For massive bathroom savings visit the Edinburgh Bathroom Company. You’ll find great service and low prices on all products. Visit our showroom or website for more information. • 50 Bathroom Displays • Tiles & Accessories • Free Design Service • Free Parking

161 BONNINGTON ROAD, EH6 5BQ OPEN 7 DAYS | TEL 0131 297 2895

Edinburgh Bathroom Company.indd 64

18/01/2017 11:36:37

13-19 February WINE UNEARTHED: VINE TO WINE WORKSHOP 18/2, Apex Hotel With two workshops to choose from in Vine to Wine and World of Wine, this is a highly suitable course for everyone from novices through to the connoisseur. Perfect your skills in tasting, identifying grape varieties and understanding key wine regions in the depths of the historic Grassmarket.

CAPITAL SCI-FI CON 18/2 – 19/2, Meadowbank Sports Centre This not-for-profit convention returns for a second year with high hopes of surpassing 2016’s total of £37,680. All profits will be donated to the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland’s Rachel House Hospice in Kinross.

VALENTINE'S DAY ON THE ROYAL YACHT BRITANNIA 14/2, Royal Yacht Britannia This Valentine's Day you could have exclusive use of Her Majesty's former floating palace for £250,000. The offer includes a chauffeurdriven Rolls-Royce, the ultimate dining experience on board the yacht which will include rare white caviar paired with fine wines and vintage champagne. You will also receive a diamond suite of jewels from Hamilton & Inches, a private jet transfer and over night stay at the Balmoral Hotel.


060-083_sfe01.indd 65

| 65

19/01/2017 16:07:15

Gardenlife Log Cabins.indd 66

18/01/2017 11:48:20


A JUDGEMENT IN STONE 13/2 – 18/2, King’s Theatre Ruth Rendell’s novel, which demonstrates a keen social examination of the differences between classes in 1970’s Britain, is adapted for the stage. www.edinburgh theatreguide. com/kingstheatre

Top picks OMID DJALILIOMID DJALILI 18/2, 18/2, Queens Queens Hall Hall The The eccentric eccentric comedian comedian brings brings his his nationwide tour to Edinburgh nationwide tour to Edinburgh for for a a night night of of side-splitting laughter laughter and and dry dry wit. wit. side-splitting shows/omid-djalili-schmuck-for-ashows/omid-djalili-schmuck-for-anight-2017 night-2017

'WATER' WHISKY! TASTING THE SOURCE... 16/2, The Vaults Graeme Lindsay of Uisge Source will discuss the importance of water and whisky whilst leading a tasting pairing different spring waters and whiskies.

CHICAGO BLUES BROTHERS 18/2, Edinburgh Playhouse Jake and Elwood are back with a new production for 2017. Their legacy has jump-started interest from a new generation in this show featuring over 40 hits from the 1980's Palace Ballroom Hotel.

RSNO JARVI’S 80TH BIRTHDAY RENT 14/2 – 19/2, Festival Theatre The eleventh longest running Broadway musical tells the story of a group of impoverished artists struggling to make a life in New York City’s East Village under the shadow of HIV/AIDS.


060-083_sfe01.indd 67

17/2, Usher Hall Join the RSNO to celebrate the 80th birthday of their conductor laureate Neeme Järvi, which will see him conduct two of Tchaikovsky’s often neglected masterpieces; Hamlet Overture and Manfred Symphony. www.

| 67

19/01/2017 16:08:46

SF Edinburgh Jan17.qxp_Layout 1 20/12/2016 16:26 Page 1

Award winning Beauty in the heart of Edinburgh




0131 516 0577

0131 516 0551

0131 516 0586 18 National Beauty Awards

Zen Lifestyle.indd 68

18/01/2017 11:55:13

20-26 February BUSTED 25/2, Usher Hall British pop band Busted, consisting of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson, are in town to relive some of their chart-toppers from the 2000s as well as a few new tunes from their new album Night Driver. artist/busted-tickets

SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME 20-25/2, Festival Theatre After a successful visit in 2015, the National Theatre’s hugely popular play returns to Edinburgh once again. At seven minutes past midnight Mrs Shear’s dog is found dead, impaled by a garden fork. The number one suspect is a fifteen year old boy called Christopher.


060-083_sfe01.indd 69

20/2, Queens Hall Sophie is back on the road to promote her sixth album, Familia which revolves around the theme of love.

| 69

19/01/2017 16:09:47

Whether Whetherit’s it’saalazy lazylunch lunchwith withfriends, friends,aaromantic romantic dinner dinnerfor fortwo twoororaaMother’s Mother’sDay DayororEaster Eastertreat, treat, award-winning award-winningluxury luxurybrasserie brasserieand andcocktail cocktailbar bar Dine Dineoffers offerssomething somethingfor foreveryone. everyone. Menus Menusare aredesigned designedby byMichelin Michelinchef chefStuart StuartMuir Muir using usingfresh, fresh,local localand andsustainable sustainableproduce producewith with fine finewines, wines,champagnes champagnesand andseasonal seasonalcocktails cocktailsavailable. available.

DINE DINEWITH WITHWINE WINEWEEKENDS WEEKENDS Saturday Saturday1212noon noon– –3pm 3pm/ /Sunday Sunday1212noon noon– –4pm 4pm 22people people/ /33course coursemeal meal/ /1 1bottle bottleofofhouse housewine wine/ /£42.50 £42.50 44people people/ /33course coursemeal meal/ /22bottles bottlesofofhouse housewine wine/ /£85.00 £85.00

VALENTINE’S VALENTINE’SDAY DAYAT ATDINE DINE Come Comeand andcelebrate celebrateSt. St.Valentine’s Valentine’sDay Day with withthe theone oneyou youlove loveatatDine! Dine! AAromantic romanticfour fourcourse coursemeal meal Including Includingaaglass glassofofsparkling sparklingRose RoseProsecco Prosecco Only Only£49.50 £49.50per percouple couple Or Orwhy whynot notindulge indulgeinstead insteadwith withaaglass glassofof Charles CharlesHeidsieck HeidsieckRose RoseChampagne Champagne percouple couple Only Only£59.50 £59.50per

RESERVATIONS RESERVATIONS- -0131 0131218 2181818 1818

DD IN IN EE EE DD IN IN BB UU RR GG HH .CO.U .CO.U KK Dine, Dine, Saltire Saltire Court, Court, 1010 (1F) (1F) Cambridge Cambridge Street, Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH1 EH1 2ED 2ED

Dine.indd 70

18/01/2017 11:57:26


PET SHOP BOYS 22/2, Playhouse The Pet Shop Boys will be in Edinburgh for one night of their worldwide Super Tour, promoting their latest album Super.

SLEEPING BEAUTY 24/2 – 25/2, Playhouse The jewel in Moscow City Ballet’s repertoire – the story of a handsome prince and a beautiful princess set to Tchaikovsky’s ravishing score – is a magical experience for people of all ages. www.atgtickets. com/shows/ sleeping-beauty

LIZ LOCHHEAD ON JOAN EARDLEY 20/2, Scottish National Gallery Scotland's former national poet, dramatist and broadcaster, Liz Lochhead, explores the life of the celebrated painter Joan Eardley and her influence on female painters in Scotland.

BBC SCOTTISH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - RACHMANINOV PIANO CONCERTO NO.2 26/2, Usher Hall Join Russian concert pianist Yevgeny Sudbin as he brings to life one of Rachmaninov’s most popular concertos, with a preconcert discussion at 2pm with Edinburgh University’s professor of music Peter Nelson.

JOHN WILLIAMS AND FRIENDS 24/2, Usher Hall The soundtracks from films such as Star Wars, The Patriot and Raiders of the Lost Ark will have you humming in no time. To experience the thrill of hearing the music from some of the best-loved film soundtracks live, don’t miss this event.

THE PULL OF THE POLES 22/2, Appleton Tower The Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s Inspiring People programme of talks and lectures, continues with Polar Medal winner Kim Crosbie discussing the challenges and opportunities for tourism in Antarctica.


060-083_sfe01.indd 71

| 71

19/01/2017 16:11:49

27 February-5 March SUSAN CALMAN: THE CALMAN BEFORE THE STORM 1/3, Traverse Theatre Ninety minutes of pure comedy where she is attempting to set the records straight after ten years in the business. whats-on/eventdetail/1070/susancalman-the-calmanbefore-the-storm

BEETHOVEN’S EROICA 3/3, Usher Hall The explosive nature of Beethoven’s revolutionary Eroica Symphony is a perfect contrast to Vaughan Williams’ radiant Oboe Concerto played by the RSNO’s own principal Adrian Wilson.

RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC 3/3, Queen’s Hall If you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac then this is the show for you. On their global tour, this tribute band will play some of the original group’s timeless classics. concert-dates

72 |

060-083_sfe01.indd 72


19/01/2017 16:13:26


BARBARA DICKSON 27/2, Queens Hall The Dunfermlineborn multi-million record selling and Olivier Awardwinning singer and actress Barbara Dickson will perform hits old and new. www. barbaradickson. net


NATIONAL THEATRE SCREENING: SAINT JOAN 27/2, Festival Theatre Broadcast live from the Donmar Warehouse, Gemma Arterton is Joan of Arc in George Bernard Shaw’s play which follows the life of a young country girl who threatens the very fabric of the Catholic Church in France.


5/3, The Meadows Marathon in the Meadows hosts a range of different marathon types, designed to accommodate everyone from the most serious runners to those who just fancy a walk in the park with friends , all for good charitable causes.

27/2-4/3, Playhouse Roddy Doyle’s award winning West End musical celebrates soul classics such as Night Train, Try A Little Tenderness, In the Midnight Hour and I Heard it through the Grapevine. www.thecommitmentsontour.


060-083_sfe01.indd 73



5/3, Playhouse Back again by popular demand this musical show will see legendary pop veterans Paul Young, Martika, Toyah and China Crisis perform 80’s hits such as Come Back And Stay, Toy Soldiers and It's a Mystery in this trip down memory lane.

28/2 – 4/3, Festival Theatre A fabulous cast of incredibly talented actors and actresses bring to life the work of 1950's rock and roll superstar Buddy Holly and his rise to fame. Featuring Holly classics such as That’ll Be The Day and Johnny B Goode, this show promises to be Peggy Sue-perb!

| 73

19/01/2017 16:14:58




1903 Subscribe to Scotland’s quality lifestyle magazine

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN WORKING FOR SCOTLAND’S LEADING LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE? SCOTTISH FIELD IS RECRUITING! If you are a motivated, self starter with a talent for persuasion then we would like to hear from you. Working as part of our advertising sales team based in Edinburgh you will get to know existing customers as well as identifying new ones, selling advertising in magazine and online at Key requirements: driving licence, a good knowledge of Scotland and an ability to work well under pressure. Experience in a sales environment would be an advantage however full training will be given. • Advertising sales executive Good basic plus bonus and other benefits

INTERESTED? Please apply enclosing your CV and a covering letter via email to or call on 0131 551 1000 for further details.

74 |

074_sfe01.indd 74


19/01/2017 09:14:20


RBS 6 NATIONS With victories over Italy and France in the 2016 RBS 6 Nations Championship, Scotland came out in fourth position. Hopes are high for 2017 which will see three home matches for the Scottish team.

SCOTLAND V WALES 25/2, BT Murrayfield Scotland haven’t beaten Wales since 2008. This year the Scots will be looking to turn the tables on the Welsh side.



18/3, BT Murrayfield The final weekend of the championship will see Scotland take on Italy at home. Statistically Scotland do well against Italy, winning 18 of 26 matches played since 1996.


SCOTLAND V IRELAND 4/2, BT Murrayfield In the opening match of the 2017 championship we meet our Celtic brothers at home. Scotland have won 66 out of 132 games played against the Irish, but have struggled in recent meetings, while the Irish are fresh from their first win over the All Blacks. Who will take home the Centenary Quaich this year?


060-083_sfe01.indd 75

Stade de France 12/2 at15:00, BBC Tune in to the BBC from 3pm to see Scotland take on Les Bleus in Paris. Last year the Scots ended a ten-match losing streak with a strong 29-18 victory, but can we do it again?

ENGLAND V SCOTLAND Twickenham Stadium 11/3 at 16:00, ITV The penultimate weekend of the tournament will see Scotland and England battle it out for the Calcutta Cup. After their disastrous World Cup campaign last year England fought their way to a 15-9 victory in the 2016 match.

| 75

19/01/2017 16:17:57


Top picks

MUSEUM LATES: MONKEY BUSINESS 10/3, National Museum of Scotland Museum Lates are back by popular demand and this spring there is monkey madness in the air. Explore the museum by night, with live music, pop-up bars, talks and an old favourite, the silent disco.

WEDDING OPEN DAY 12/3, The Royal College of Surgeons See the stunning rooms set up for a wedding and visit our 4-star Hotel offering great rates for your guests and a complimentary skyline room for the bride and groom on the night of the wedding.

INTO THE ABODE OF DEATH 9/3, Appleton Tower British explorer Mark Evans talks about his 49 day expedition crossing the 1300km Rub Al Khali desert as part of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s programme of Inspiring People. talks-and-events

LA CAGE AUX FOLLES 07/3 – 11/3, Playhouse Will the power of love stand in the way of Albin fulfilling his dream role in this West End and Broadway hit? la-cage-aux-folles/edinburghplayhouse

76 |

060-083_sfe01.indd 76


19/01/2017 16:19:38

6-12 March EDINBURGH YARN FESTIVAL 10/3 – 11/3, Corn Exchange The UK’s premier urban handknitting show will be open from 10am on the Friday and Saturday but workshops will run from Thursday till Sunday. www. home-2017

THE WEAVER’S APPRENTICE 10/3-1/7, Dovecot Studios This exhibition tells the story of the importance of apprentices at the Dovecot, from the founding weavers who lost their lives in World War I 100 years ago, to the current apprentice who builds on the legacy of six generations of weaver’s apprentices before him.

BENEDETTI PLAYS BRUCH 10/3, Usher Hall Scotland’s best-loved violinist plays Bruch’s Violin Concerto No.1, one of the most romantic concertos with the RSNO, conducted by Peter Oundjian, along with Debussy’s sensuous Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune and Beethoven’s Symphony No.5. This dazzling concert is a prelude to the RSNO’s five-date Spanish tour.

ROCK CHOIR 08/3, Assembly Roxy Everyone is welcome to join the Edinburgh Rock Choir to sing out pop, rock and Motown hits, no singing experience necessary and the first taster is free.


060-083_sfe01.indd 77

| 77

19/01/2017 16:20:35



JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOUR DREAMCOAT 14/3 – 18/3, Playhouse A sparkling and colourful production led by Joe McElderry continues to enjoy standing ovations around the country and it is sure to receive a warm welcome in Edinburgh.

19/3, Playhouse A highly acclaimed and accomplished comedian, Carr has graced the nation’s television screens and comedy stages for more than ten years, earning his place among the very best of British comics. www.jimmycarr. com/live

17/3 – 25/3, Various Venues This popular festival returns once more to the capital for an evening of entertainment, raffles, concerts and general merriment. The blend of Celtic traditions from both sides of the water should once again ensure this is a hugely successful and fun event. www. edinburghs festivalof

ST PATRICK’S FESTIVAL COWGATE 16/3 – 19/3, The Three Sisters Edinburgh’s Cowgate certainly knows how to put on a party and they are inviting you to pick their headline acts for 2017. www. thethreesistersbar.

78 |

060-083_sfe01.indd 78


19/01/2017 16:36:46


SEAN LOCK 16/3, Festival Theatre Nationally acclaimed and awardwinning funny man Sean Lock returns to Edinburgh with a new show. Known for stints on Have I Got News For You and 8 Out of 10 Cats, an evening with Sean is sure to be a laugh. www. edtheatres. com/ seanlock

LIFE DRAWING 13/2, Scottish National Gallery Whether you are a beginner or a veteran there is no better way to practise your art than in a life drawing class. Artist Graham Flack leads the classes. www. nationalgalleries. org

MIKE + THE MECHANICS 19/3, Festival Theatre This English rock super-group, formed by Mike Rutherford of Genesis, are back in Edinburgh for their Word of Mouth Tour 2017 performing their own chart-toppers such as Silent Running and All I Need is a Miracle, as well as selected Genesis hits.

DANZA CONTEMPORANEA DE CUBA 14-15/3, Festival Theatre Cuba’s leading contemporary dance troupe are visiting Edinburgh for the first time with their signature style taking inspiration from Afro Caribbean dance, American jazz and ballet. danza


060-083_sfe01.indd 79

| 79

19/01/2017 16:37:30

20-26 March NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 22/3, Edinburgh Zoo Award-winning wildlife photographer Laurie Campbell will be running nature photography workshops at the zoo in March and April. Budding photographers will get the chance to go behind the scenes and photograph a variety of different animals, big and small, fluffy and feathery.


LORD OF THE DANCE: DANGEROUS GAMES 24-26/3, Edinburgh Playhouse Michael Flatley’s famed Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is returning to Edinburgh on its global tour. This exciting blend of traditional and contemporary Irish dance will blow your Irish socks off. www. lordofthedance. com

NORTHERN BALLET: CASANOVA 23-25/3 Festival Theatre Follow the extraordinary tale of Casanova, who enjoyed a life of sexual scandal and excess in this vibrant dance work choreographed by Kenneth Tindall with beautiful sets and costumes designed by Christopher Oram.

80 |

060-083_sfe01.indd 80


19/01/2017 16:27:14


BRENDAN COLE: ALL NIGHT LONG 26/3, Festival Theatre Brendan Cole, of Strictly Come Dancing fame, is coming to Edinburgh with his sell-out tour, All Night Long. Any fan of Strictly will love this show.



JONATHAN MANSON AND TREVOR PINNOCK 25/3, St Andrew's and St George's West Church Harpsichord wizard Trevor Pinnock and Jonathan Manson on viola da gamba perform Rameau, Couperin, Marais and Bach. www. thequeenshall. net/elsewhere/ shows/jonathanmansonand-trevorpinnock-2017

20/3 – 10/4, Arusha Gallery The award-winning Argentinian photographer is exhibiting work from her Renaissance-influenced series at Arusha Gallery on Dundas Street. This will be Romina’s first solo exhibition in the UK and not one to miss. hide-and-seek

RUDDYGORE 21-25/3, Kings Theatre The Edinburgh Gilbert and Sullivan Society's spring production is Ruddygore, a comic opera following the tale of cursed baronet Robin Oakapple and his comedic quest for the love of Rose Maybud before she marries the devilish sailor Dick Dauntless or Sir Dastard Murgatroyd.

STAND UP FOR ST COLUMBA’S HOSPICE 24/3, Prestonfield House Join comedians Des Clarke, Stuart Mitchell and Worbey & Farrell for a charitable evening of laughter, dinner and dancing, as well as an auction of amazing prizes.


060-083_sfe01.indd 81

26/3, Usher Hall World-renowned Latvian violinist Gidon Kremer presents a seasonal programme of works by Glass, Piazzolla and Kaskatov in this Sunday Classics concert. sunday-classics-kremeratabaltica

| 81

19/01/2017 16:29:42

27 March-2 April ELLEN KENT’S AIDA 1/4, Playhouse The grandest of Ellen Kent’s productions, this new and spectacular interpretation of the doomed love story between Aida and Radames is set to some of the greatest music Verdi wrote. One of the most impressive sets on an operatic stage but will there be elephants? playhouse

EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL HARP FESTIVAL 31/3 – 5/4 Merchiston Castle School Started in 1982, the EIHF has gone from strength to strength and now welcomes harpists from across the globe for a week of concerts, courses, workshops and exhibitions in the beautiful setting of Merchiston Castle School.

ANITA AND ME 28/3 – 1/4, King’s Theatre The stage adaptation of the semiautobiographical coming-of-age novel by Meera Syal – which won the Betty Trask Award – is set to tour in 2017 with the Touring Consortium Theatre Company. www.edtheatres. com/anitaandme

EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FESTIVAL 1-16/4, City Arts Centre and Summerhall This spring the Edinburgh International Science Festival will explore the intersection of science and technology within digital and creative industries through the programme theme Our Connected World.

82 |

060-083_sfe01.indd 82

REEL FOLK 30/3, National Portrait Gallery Live Music Now Scotland invite anyone affected by dementia, and their relatives and friends, to join this free Reel Folk participatory workshop-based music. www. nationalgalleries. org/whatson/ events-calendar/ reel-folk-30thmarch/ date/2017-0301/interval/0/


19/01/2017 16:31:36


MOTOWN’S GREATEST HITS: HOW SWEET IT IS 29/3, Playhouse Outstanding performances played by an amazing band, plus slick choreography will deliver the best of Motown.

ELLEN KENT’S LA BOHEME 30/3, Playhouse Opera & Ballet International present Ellen Kent’s production of repertoire favourite La Bohème, a tragic tale of the doomed, consumptive Mimi and her love for a penniless writer Rodolfo set to music by Giacomo Puccini.

THE SCIENCE OF PANDA BREEDING 29/3, Edinburgh Zoo Edinburgh Zoo is home to the UK’s only giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang. Director of Giant Pandas, Iain Valentine, leads a discussion on Edinburgh Zoo’s breeding programme from conception to birth, the science of hormone analysis and their contribution to panda research. www. edinburghzoo. march/ the-scienceof-pandabreeding


060-083_sfe01.indd 83

CHESS THE MUSICAL 30/3 – 1/4, Festival Theatre With music written by ABBA’s Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus and lyrics by Sir Timothy Rice, the West End and Broadway smash hit is coming to Edinburgh. Against the backdrop of the Cold War, two grandmasters compete for their beliefs and the love of a woman.

ALL TIME LOW 27/3, Corn Exchange The successful punk rock band hailing from Maryland in the United States are back on tour in the UK off the back of their highly successful sixth studio album, Future Hearts.

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Capture your day against the magnificent backdrop of Scotland’s iconic capital. Luxury wedding and bespoke pre-wedding packages available. Tel: 0131 220 6666

G&V Royal Mile Hotel Edinburgh.indd 84

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#1 Stand out from the crowd with a limited edition metallic leather evening bag from Dunmore Scotland. Made in Scotland from dazzling gold or silver soft calf leather, prices from £165-£295. Tel: 01968 660078,




The Big Day #3


Everything you need for the perfect capital wedding #2 Laing Edinburgh’s in-house designed Family range, inspired by the ladies of the Laing family, has been lovingly crafted to offer bridal jewellery that perfectly complements their exclusive engagement rings. Tel: 0131 225 4513,


#3 The White Label Collection has been created by craftsman David Miracca and designed by designer Guy Robertson. This refreshingly new offering of fine jewellery, engagement and bridal collections and show-stopping, one-off pieces features rare and important stones. Tel: 01738 634196, #4 Marina Rinaldi, a ready-to-wear plus size brand, has a real understanding of what women desire when it comes to the way they dress, and provides stylish clothing in sizes 14-28 for any occasion. Tel: 0131 225 8566, #5 Looking for an unusual engagement ring? Sheila Fleet’s Swirl ring made in nine carat white gold with a handset diamond and enchanting tanzanite, code TDR245, is priced at £675. Have your ring made-to-measure in Sheila’s Orkney workshop. Tel: 01856 861203, SF EDINBURGH

085-087_sfe01.indd 85

| 85

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J7540 THE SHOP Wedding ListWEDDING Solutions.indd 86 AD SCOTTISH BLUE-JUG SCOTTISH FIELD 165x210mm.indd 1

28/12/2016 10:59 18/01/2017 12:01:33

Pho tog rap hy

#6 G&V Royal Mile Hotel – capture your day against the magnificent backdrop of Scotland’s iconic capital. Luxury wedding and bespoke pre-wedding packages available. Tel: 0131 220 6666,

Tony Marsh



#7 Exclusive to McCalls, the Granite Pride tartan is a striking tartan made in various shades of grey which compliments any colour of outfit. Hire from £80, packages available from £1,049. Find McCalls at 21-22a Haddington Place. Tel: 0131 557 3979,

#7 #9 #8


#8 For the ultimate gift list, it has to be The Wedding Shop. With a portfolio of over 350 brands, plus options to include cash, honeymoon vouchers and even experiences, this really is the best in bespoke service. Tel: 0131 558 7755, #9 Classic cuts in classic colours make shopping for wedding outfits all the easier! This Cabotine two piece gives a lesson in effortless style. Available at Kudos Bridal Boutiques, Edinburgh and Dunfermline. Tel: 0131 447 8800, #10 Traditional Scottish artists for all occasions from John Mackintosh, 2a Warriston Crescent. Tel: 0131 556 4342,


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We offer a Chauffeur Driven Service at less than Taxi prices • BUSINESS OR PLEASURE • CONTRACTS WELCOME • LONG DISTANCE HIRES AVAILABLE Tel: 07525493313

39-41 WILLIAM STREET EDINBURGH EH3 7LW 0131 220 2908

D E S I G N E D & M A D E I N O R K N E Y, S C O T L A N D

Rowan in Frost enamel for brides We can match our enamels to the bride’s chosen colours for her special day.

Made to Measure Rings


0 1 3 1 2 2 5 5 9 3 9 |

88 |

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18/01/2017 12:16:54



Let the stirring sound of the Highland bagpipe add to the excitement of your big day


NEW YORK 13TH EAST 6 T. 212 734 4


Tel: 0131 556 4342 Mob: 07774 889 931 Email:


NEW YORK EDINBURGH 13TH EAST 69TH STREET 17 STAFFORD ST T. 212 734 4333 T. 0131 225 8566

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh OPEN DAY - 12 MARCH 2017 Come along and see what we can offer for your special day

”‡ƒ–‡›‘—”’‡”ˆ‡…–‘—–ϐ‹– ™‹–Š‘—”—–ϐ‹–‡•‹‰‡”ƒ–

Book for an appointment

™™™Ǥ……ƒŽŽ•Ǥ…‘Ǥ— 0131 527 3434


088-089_sfe01.indd 89

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18/01/2017 12:20:40


Meet the Designers Meet some of the most talented designers in and around Edinburgh. A449 ARCHITECTS A449 Architects love projects that allow the story of a building to continue and are enthused by the challenge of working with an existing form. Every architect should be making an appropriate response to the site and context, but because they really focus on simplicity of form, utilise aspect, light and volume to maximise internal spatial qualities, detail carefully, and use a restrained material palette, the company are distinct from other practices. Many of A449 Architects’ projects lie within conservation areas and clients value their experience in dealing with the complexities and indeed opportunities that this presents. Beyond Edinburgh the company have successful projects in the Scottish Borders and East Lothian, and now have commissions in the Highlands and Islands on the back of clients seeing their completed work. Their project at Blakeburn (shown) recently won the 2016 RIAS Award and the prestigious Saltire Medal. Tel: 07809 243388, BRIC INTERIORS Bally Taylor is the founder of BRIC Interiors based in Edinburgh’s West End. The company was established following a twenty-year career jetsetting around the globe for a British airline; it was this career that laid the foundation and gave inspiration for their designs. With the world as her oyster, an international outlook truly inspired Bally’s passion for interior design. She was enthused by many ideas, which still excite her today, resulting in an approach that encapsulates elegance and luxury lifestyles by means of textured wallpapers, luxurious fabrics, iconic lighting and bespoke furniture. At BRIC Interiors they offer a highly personalised and dedicated service, placing great importance and commitment to building strong client relationships. They endeavour to tailor their approach to meet individual client needs, delivering on time and on budget. Each project is seamlessly executed from design through to decoration, no matter how large or small. Tel: 07734 688691,

90 |

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19/01/2017 10:27:19

City Brands #2 #1

#1 The Edinburgh Bathroom Company offers an extensive range of bathroom products from a large number of leading brands. The showroom showcases the best in bathrooms and the highest standards of service. Tel: 0131 297 2895, www. edinburghbathroomcompany. com #2 Brian Henderson’s fantastic ‘Two Eggs’ (acrylic on card), £195, is part of Morningside Gallery’s latest collection of mini masterpieces, which can be found in the gallery and online. Tel: 0131 447 3041,



#3 If you’re looking for a garden makeover then how about creating some outside space to work, rest or play in? Gardenlife offer standard and bespoke garden buildings, summerhouses and games rooms. Buildings can be supplied in kit form or a full construction service is available. Tel: 0131 660 6333,

#4 Zen Lifestyle has collaborated with global nail experts CND™ to create Zen Signature Nails, a new and exclusive nail design offering. Elegant, understated yet nonetheless striking, Zen Signature Nails is a collection of Shellac™ manicures with 18 bespoke colour combinations and effects. Tel: 0131 225 7009,


091_sfe01.indd 91

| 91

19/01/2017 10:54:19

In brief Fine Dining Looking for some relaxed brasserie-style dining without the hefty prices? Then make award-winning Dine on Saltire Court top of your must-visit list. With inventive menus created by Michelin-starred chef Stuart Muir, their acclaimed Dine with Wine experience at weekends with three courses plus a bottle of house wine is just £42.50 per couple. The midweek set lunch menu is just £13.50 for two course including tea or coffee and the pre-theatre menu is just £14.50 for two courses.

Summer Expansion Cameron Interiors are expanding with a new studio at 280 Dumbarton Road in Glasgow. Opening this summer, the studio will include the addition of a new Glasgow warehouse which will incorporate the head office and contract kitchen displays. The two new premises will not only allow the company to showcase more of their contemporary Bulthaup kitchens but also their Silenia bedroom range, Carl Hansen furniture and Gaggenau and Siemens appliances. Find Bulthaup Cameron Interiors, Edinburgh at 31 Dundas Street.

Gifts Galore The Wedding Shop have opened their latest showroom at 25a Dundas Street. Beautifully designed to resemble a real home, the showroom displays a vast selection of brands including products from Le Creuset to Riedel crystal glassware, allowing you to indulge in the luxury of enjoying a glass of champagne while compiling your dream list with your personal advisor. If choosing from their portfolio of thousands of products wasn’t enough, you can also add honeymoon vouchers, cash contributions, experiences and anything else you like. Photo kindly provided by Oka, one of The Wedding Shop’s suppliers. 92 |

092_sfe01.indd 92

Capital Opening Denmark’s premier interiors brand BoConcept has launched their latest store at 19 Rose Street. This follows on from the success of their existing showroom on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. Scottish Director Adam Davidson has stated that the addition of the capital store is a natural progression for the company.


19/01/2017 09:56:21


Scene in Edinburgh EVENT: French Film Festival. LOCATION: Filmhouse Cinema. Photographed by Ludovic Farine






#1 Ilona Morison, Anoushka Schellekens, Saskia Cameron #2 Médéric Tampellini, Ally Lee, Hanna Russo #3 Pamela Morrison, Irvine Allan #4 Hanna Russo, Federico D’Accinni, Ross Wallace, Gregorio Paz Iriarte #5 Ilona Morison, Richard Mowe


093-097_sfe01.indd 93

| 93

19/01/2017 13:49:24


EVENT: The Annual Edinburgh Movember Ball. LOCATION: The Caledonian. Photographed by Ben Glasgow









#1 Sophie Macrae, Iain MacAulay #2 Amber Shepherd, Roddy Low #3 Graham Wilson, Stuart Edwards #4 Kit Gammell, Russell Nimmo #5 Samantha Finlayson, Ashley Davidson #6 Rosie MacHarg, Ross Whittley, Sophie Porter #7 Molly MacLachlan, Jamie Cuthbert #8 Thomas Palmer, Emma Winterschladen, Kit Gammell

94 |

093-097_sfe01.indd 94


19/01/2017 13:50:56


EVENT: Christmas Sparkles Party. LOCATION: Zen Lifestyle. Photographed by Kieran Fowley






#6 #1 Fiona Fowley, Rachael Mclean, Christine Fourie #2 Hermione Lister-Kaye, Rachael Dunbar Nasmith, Charlotte Bushby #3 Nicola Wood, Fiona Fowley #4 Christopher Grierson, Fiona Wheater, Claire McDowell #5 Angela, Harjit Boparai #6 Rebecca McCosh, Nicky Murdoch SF EDINBURGH

093-097_sfe01.indd 95

| 95

19/01/2017 13:52:18


EVENT: Edinburgh Craft Beer Revolution Festival. LOCATION: Assembly Roxy. Photographed by Gary Anderson






#6 #1 Allan Thomas, Rachel Lillywhite Bridges #2 Karen Steven, Daisy Porteous #3 Robi Lambie, Henri James #4 Dan Quille, Richard Servranckx #5 Sharon Aitken, Kev Marko #6 Ross Aynsley, Silvia Manzoni

96 |

093-097_sfe01.indd 96


19/01/2017 13:55:14


EVENT: Jaeger-LeCoultre Evening of Fascinating Women. LOCATION: Laing Edinbrugh. Photographed by Gerardo Jaconelli








#1 Belinda Robertson, Roz Taylor #2 Holly Russell, Angela Casey #3 Flora McDonald, Lee Miller #4 Karen Turner, Richard Laing, Nicola Rutherford #5 Susanne Tanner, June Gilchrist, Aliston Melton #6 Liz Dean-Stevens, Tari Lang #7 Hazel Shepherd, Naomi Shepherd SF EDINBURGH

093-097_sfe01.indd 97

| 97

19/01/2017 13:59:31


My Edinburgh Hollywood actor best known for his roles in Prometheus and Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an Edinburgh boy through and through WORDS BY EMUN EL L I OT T

I have many fond memories of growing up in Portobello – walking along the promenade, playing in my parents’ back garden and feeding the ducks with my sister in Figgate Park. My parents and sister all still live there.

speaking part was the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. I was seven and I wanted that part in particular because the costume looked amazing in the sketches they showed to us before we began rehearsals. As it turned out, they ended up just wrapping me in a big green sheet! My mum and dad still have that performance on tape somewhere. There is a bakery I always go to on Portobello High Street called 12 Triangles. They do the best coffee and all sorts of floury delights. I also make a point of climbing Arthur’s Seat at least once whenever I am in town.

As a child I was obsessed with Edinburgh’s history – like the body snatchers Jekyll and Hyde and ‘Half Hangit Maggie’. To a child an ancient castle that looms over the city centre and an extinct volcano is pretty magical.

I make a point of climbing Arthur’s Seat at least once whenever I am in town

I went to George Heriot’s School and always enjoyed it, unless I had a maths class! Taking part in the school plays made me want to be an actor. My first

98 |

098_sfe01.indd 98

I’ve just finished a new BBC drama series called Clique which was shot in Edinburgh and soon I start a new BBC series called Trust Me. We’re shooting that in Edinburgh and Glasgow so I will be able to spend some time in the city I love.


19/01/2017 13:01:52

In with the new. January is a time for new beginnings – and where better to feel fabulous in 2017 than the uniquely tranquil One Spa? Join us in January and not only will you get two months free, but we’ll also give you three extra guest passes. Now there are no excuses!

Sheraton Grand Hotel.indd 1

01/02/2017 10:26:21

it ’s all about the diamond

F O R D I A M O N D S , F O R WAT C H E S , F O R YO U

Laing the Jeweller Edinburgh.indd 1 11336_LE_SF Edinburgh_0601.indd 1

01/02/2017 10:27:09 05/01/2017 16:53

SF Edinburgh - Issue 8  

Your free local lifestyle magazine for Edinburgh, committed to quality coverage of the best the city has to offer.

SF Edinburgh - Issue 8  

Your free local lifestyle magazine for Edinburgh, committed to quality coverage of the best the city has to offer.