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VIEW FROM THE TOP Celebrating 10 Years of Showhouse Design

From the first Cotswolds Cottage showhouse to last year’s Glam Farmhouse, Serenbe and Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles know how to put on a beautiful designer showhouse both inside and out. Much of Serenbe’s architecture is inspired by English villages and Scandinavia, and each of the past nine showhouses hosted in the community have taken on distinct architectural personalities. This year’s 10th anniversary Serenbe Designer Showhouse features two attached cottages on Lupo Loop with exteriors influenced by Southern Europe.

“We were inspired by Italian hillside architecture for the pleasing use of scale and massing, and also for the warmth of authentic materials such as natural wood, stacked stone, and stucco masonry,” said Steve Dray of Serenbe Planning & Design.

Built by South Haven Builders, the 2023 Serenbe Designer Showhouse celebrates the work of 15 of Atlanta’s top interior designers, whose talents transform nearly 5,000 square feet of interior space to reflect that natural warmth of the exterior surroundings.Visitors can tour two large kitchens with bespoke cabinetry, quartz countertops, and elevated finishes chosen by lead designer Pamela Stakemann of South Haven.They’ll also see six bedrooms and bathrooms, multiple living spaces, and a gorgeous and unique garden room, plus incredible hilltop views from four covered porches off the back of the Showhouse.

The front of the home is equally warm and welcoming with a dramatic entryway foyer featuring 19-foot vaulting ceilings. In fact, soaring ceilings can be found throughout. “By securing all of the bedrooms to one side, we had the advantage of creating dramatic spaces in the main living rooms with varying ceiling heights to enhance the open floor plan,” said Steve Dray. “The concept was to maximize the use of space on a modest-sized footprint while taking full advantage of the incredible rear views afforded by the steep topography on Lupo Loop.”

Hope Austin plans to take full advantage of that open floor plan for the Living and Dining Room in House 2. “I’m drawn to the idea of not being locked into the typical,” said Hope. “The plan incorporates a comfortable banquette in the dining room with stools that can easily make their way to the living room for extra seating.” This seating will join a grouping of four swivel chairs that can be directed toward the lively back porch to take in the

views through floor-to-ceiling windows that open beyond the dining and living spaces and face west, allowing for a plethora of sunlight and a gorgeous view of the sun setting over the Mado treetops.

“The moment I walked into the Showhouse, I was captured by the abundance of natural light,” said Emily Dunn, who is designing the Living Room in House 1. “I envisioned creating a tranquil space that seamlessly connects with nature and captures the essence of minimalism bringing the outdoors in.”

Lanada Chanel Duncan, who is excited for this to be her first showhouse, has plans to make the Terrace Porch another perfect spot to take in those incredible views with a “holistic biophilic design” aesthetic. Upstairs on the main level porch June Chamberlain wants to take a natural approach to her first Serenbe showhouse space, with plans to “use materials like plants, pottery, and wood species that are indigenous to the area.”

The pr imary bedroom of each home is located at the back of the house on the main level, which means owners will get to wake up to the same amazing light and views. Buffy Ferguson, who has worked on three Serenbe Designer Showhouses before this year and will design the primary suite in House 1, already has a vision to take advantage of that feature. “With the natural light and unique millwork detail, immediately I’m dreaming of creating an environment that feels serene and inviting.”

Steve McKenzie, another returning Serenbe Showhouse designer, also has serenity in mind for the bedroom and bath on the terrace level of House 1. His plan for a “masculine, comforting, escape” will “acknowledge the beauty of nature…and bring those colors and shapes into the bedroom.” Speaking of shapes, that bedroom will open up to the terrace level living room designed by Ashley Miller, who is excited by the trend of curves and arches in architectural elements that “bring a softer, organic, and overall lightness to a space.”

Overall that seems to be the theme for this year’s designers. Incorporating light and natural elements that evoke the same sense of serenity one will feel as they take in the hilltop views from the Serenbe Designer Showhouse.

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Buffy Ferguson Elizabeth Ferguson Design Beverly Baribault Beverly Baribault Design Loren Taylor Loren Taylor Interior Design Pamela Stakemann South Haven Builders Lucinda Bray Floralis Garden Design Ashley Miller Ashley Miller Design Beth Kooby Beth Kooby Design Lanada Chanel Duncan b.e.decors Hope Austin Hope Austin Interiors Emily Dunn Emily Dunn Designs Calvin Watt The C’VION Company Marlee Vlasiss Balance Design Melody Richardson Balance Design June Chamberlain Chamberlain Interiors Chaz Easterly Linen and Flax Steve McKenzie McKenzie Design


Tours of the Serenbe Designer Showhouse are available four days a week, September 29-October 22, Thursday-Sunday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tickets, $35, are available online at, or will be available at the door to purchase with credit card only. Private group tours for 10+ guests are also available Mondays-Wednesdays when booked in advance. Email

Proceeds for the 10th Annual Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Serenbe Designer Showhouse benefit the Decorative Arts Fellowship, awarded by Art Farm at Serenbe’s Special Projects Council. This year’s recipient is Thomas Jackson, environmental artist and photographer, who installed multiple pieces in the woods that he photographed while in residency at the Art Farm cottages. Represented by Jackson Fine Arts, his artworks will be featured in the house, at Art Over Dinner and a gallery show during the showhouse run and are for sale with 10% of proceeds going to support the Art Farm.

Pictured interiors from the 2022 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Serenbe Designer Showhouse. Den & Library by Kristan Moore of Kristan & Co. Dining Room and Kitchen by lead designers Mister + Mrs. Sharp Living Room by Lorraine Enwright of Intuitive Dwellings Guest Bedroom by Joy Williams of Joyful Designs Studio Primary Bedroom by Hope Austin of Hope Austin Interiors

(Opposite) Les Farfadais’ Serenbe show, Serenity, will be an original, family-friendly performance. The first event being held “Under The Tent” is Art Farm’s inaugural fundraiser Soirée at Serenbe. (Above) Art Farm’s Big Top Tent will be in the Wildflower Meadow for 9 evenings of entertainment. The five former Idols performing Mashup in the Meadow are Ace Young, Alexis Grace, Brandon Rogers, Diana DeGarmo, and Melinda DoLittle. Jon Goode returns with friends for Voice: A Night of Spoken Word.

UNDER THE TENT Serenity Cirque Show Premiere

Serenbe’s natural beauty has inspired many works of art over the years. “Serenity For Shango,” a metal sculpture depicting a deity of the Yorube people of Nigeria, can be found in the woods of Deer Hollow. “Boudica,” a one-of-a-kind porcelain dahlia blossom by Rachel Garceau, was assembled and photographed by the waterfall before the petals were gifted to individuals. Serenity, the enchanting new show created by French-Italian cirque troupe Les Farfadais, is the latest work to find inspiration at Serenbe. Set within the beauty of Serenbe’s wildflower meadow where it will hold its world premiere performance.

“The idea was to bring something really big and exciting back to the arts at Serenbe,” said Madalyn Mentor, Art Farm Operations Director. “We wanted something that was inclusive and a spectacle that would excite the community.” Program Manager Brandon Copeland knew a cirque show was exactly what Art Farm needed to fulfill both the desire for spectacle and to provide a show that the area hadn’t seen before. “I’d worked with Kyle Kier before, who’s the Artistic Deputy Director for Les Farfadais, and encouraged Madalyn to go to New York to check out his show. Needless to say we were impressed,” said Brandon. So they brought Kyle to Serenbe to brainstorm what the performance would be.

“Dur ing my visit to Serenbe I learned about Marie [Nygren] naming the community by combining a ‘serene’ place to ‘be,’ and it manifested from there,” said Kyle. “The cohesion of the name Serenity felt perfect.”

Once they had a name they had a vision, drawing inspiration from Serenbe’s natural beauty to design a full original show that combines extravagant acrobatics and captivating narrative. “Serenity is created exclusively for this place. We have an international acrobatic team that will represent the elements of nature through floor acrobatics and gravity-defying aerial feats like flying through the air and over the heads of guests,” said Kyle. Founded by brothers Stéphane Kier and Alexandre Haffner in 1998, Les Farfadais’ performances are renowned for their imaginative characters and larger-than-life inflatable creatures, the latter “worn” by the acrobats like costumes as they interact with the audience, a feature of the show Kyle said kids especially enjoy.

The troupe’s awe-inspiring choreography will center around a live singer, Broadway performer Ta-Tynisa Wilson, to weave a captivating story full of imagination, whimsy, and illusion. Ta-Tynisa has worked with the cirque company before on multiple performances, and will take on the persona of an ethereal and mystical character. “We don’t want to say too much about Ta-Tynisa’s role so audiences have the full magical experience of discovery,” said Kyle. “Her voice adds an enchanting dimension to the show.”

Another element that will add spectacle to the show is that it will be performed under a huge, climate-controlled Big Top Tent, the likes seen during the traveling circus era. “We’re in Georgia, so rain and excessive heat were factors we wanted to consider during our planning,” said Brandon. The tent will sit in Serenbe’s wildflower meadow for two weeks that include Art Farm’s inaugural fundraiser Soiree at Serenbe,Voice: A Night of Spoken Word, a concert with five former Idols, and seven performances of Serenity. The perfect setting for a magical experience in nature.

Art Farm at Serenbe’s “Under The Tent” events take place in the Serenbe Wildflower Meadow September 21-October 1, 2023. Purchase tickets at



New Condo Building Breaks Ground

Anew condo building will soon be tucked behind The General Store with views looking out to tranquil Grange Lake. The Grange Lake Lofts is a 12-unit condo building, built by 10/23 Construction with interior finishes selected by Mister & Mrs. Sharp, that will join the Grange Textile Lofts as the two condo options in Serenbe.

“We’re excited to add more diverse housing to Serenbe,” said COO, Garnie Nygren. “We’ve seen such a high demand for apartments and condos, especially for two-bedroom units, and the location is great because people love the Grange neighborhood for all its gathering spots.”

Andrew Kelly, Principal Partner at 10/23 Construction, saw that same demand, noting how quickly the Grange Textile Lofts sold. “It’s a niche for Serenbe, and that shows us the market is there and it makes sense.The Textile Lofts were designed to fit in that neighborhood, and we looked to the same Southeastern, agricultural-type warehouse buildings for the Grange Lake Lofts.”

The demand for smaller homes and multi-family buildings is happening across the country, bucking the suburban trends of the 20th century, according to Brave New World by Diana Lind. In her book, she breaks down these trends and shares how suburban life changed the way we interact with our homes, neighbors, work, and communities. Once cars became more prevalent and affordable, people could move to the suburbs, away from where they worked. City planners then moved residential areas away from restaurants, retailers, and other commercial services, focusing on parking lots instead of parks.

Serenbe has sought to change community planning since its inception. All of Serenbe’s

homes have direct access to green space, and visitors will find single-family homes alongside townhomes, commercial retail, and now two condo buildings. Wooded and meadow trails connect homes and businesses in each neighborhood hamlet, so it’s faster to walk between them rather than drive.

“Serenbe is an ongoing experiment in embracing modern wellness and improving suburbia,” said Diana Lind in Brave New Home. “It is as if the developer, Steve Nygren, was seeking to prove that the premise of suburbia still had merit, even though its execution is often deeply flawed.”

The Grange Lake Lofts will have “character with simplicity,” according to Andrew. “The floor plans, which include back decks on some, and design options from Mister & Mrs. Sharp will allow each unit to feel very individualized”

“Could a world with community-centered life and without ugly development, rampant disregard for the environment, and the sense of alienation created by chain retail make us all feel better?” asks Diana Lind in Brave New Home. “Serenbe is betting on it.” The new condos in Grange offer the best of urban living while connected to nature and a thriving community.

The Grange Lake Lofts are each 1,400 square foot units with two bedrooms and bathrooms with spacious indoor and outdoor living spaces. The condos are breaking ground in September and will be move-in ready Fall 2024. Contact Serenbe Real Estate to learn more about the Grange Lake Lofts.

Photo by Bob Lederman Artist renderings of Grange Lake Lofts show the front and back of the building. Aerial photo of the Grange neighborhood.


Danny Seo first visited The Inn before the Serenbe community was springing up at its edges. In the years since he’s returned to celebrate his birthday, enjoy trips with friends, and film season three of his television show Naturally, Danny Seo. He put together the first Naturally House in 2018, with gorgeous interiors by Rebecca Cartwright, and recently curated a RUE magazine Model Home built by 1023 Construction. RUE is returning for the RUE Designer Home in Summer 2024, which is breaking ground this fall and being built by Vincent Longo Custom Homes.

Danny thinks of Serenbe often when it comes to showcasing beautiful homes and delicious food. “Serenbe has always had a special place in my heart,” he remarks. He is in awe of the community’s design, common greenspaces, trails, as well as efficient and sustainable land planning, so it only made sense that when he was looking for a cover shot for his latest cookbook Naturally, Delicious Dinners, Danny would return to The Inn grounds.

After six years and over 1,000 recipes in his namesake magazine, Danny said “we found a happy place where the cooking is easy, healthy, delicious, and foolproof.” As he shares in his cookbook’s introduction, “Gone is the romantic idea of…presenting an impressive main course that took hours to prepare…gone is the idea that fast food is sufficient for sustenance.” In creating this cookbook, he curated recipe ideas that found a “happy middle ground.”

“Fir st, everything has to be wholesome, healthy, and vegetarian,” he said. “Second, the number of ingredients had to be kept to a minimum, but not so stripped down that the ideas felt silly or basic.”

His last stipulation was that the recipes did not take a long time to prepare. “Leaving a one-pot dish in the oven to bake for an hour? Sure, that’s fine because I can walk away and entertain myself with a game of Scrabble on my phone. Hand spiralizing vegetables for fortyfive minutes straight? No, we need to find an easier way.”

His latest cookbook recipes rise to the occasion with gorgeous food you not only can’t wait to eat, you can’t wait to cook.

Find Danny’s cookbook on the shelves at Hills & Hamlets Bookshop, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter at to be the first to hear about tours for the Rue Designer Home coming Summer 2024.

Moroccan-Spiced Chickpea Skillet Bread

From Naturally, Delicious Dinners cookbook

What could be easier? Toss the ingredients into a blender and bake in a sizzling-hot cast iron skillet. Not only is this gluten-free skillet bread delicious, it’s impressive when sliced hot at the table, too. If you don’t have harissa, switch to one teaspoon each of sage, garlic, and nutritional yeast, and it’ll give you a fun play on traditional garlic bread.


1-1½ cups chickpea flour

1-1½ cups filtered water

1 3/4 teaspoons sea salt, divided

6 tablespoons olive oil, divided

¼ cup za’atar

1 cup chickpeas

1 teaspoon harissa


• Preheat oven to 450ºF.


½ cup plain yogurt of choice

½ cup mint leaves

1 seeded pomegranate

Makes 8 Slices

• In a blender, process flour, filtered water, 1 ½ teaspoons sea salt, and 4 tablespoons of olive oil, until smooth. Stir in za’atar. Allow batter to rest for 5 minutes.

• Drain chickpeas and gently pat dr y. Heat up 12–15-inch cast iron skillet over medium heat. Add remaining oil and chickpeas and crisp for 5 minutes on high heat, stirring occasionally. Transfer to bowl and season with harissa and remaining salt.

• Pour batter into same hot cast iron pan and transfer to oven for 15 minutes or until golden and the center is cooked through.

• Top with crisped chickpeas, yogurt, mint leaves, and pomegranate seeds, to taste.


RUN BANANA, RUN An A-peel-ing Trail Race

Serenbe is full of runners, so when Dr. Kate Edwards opened a second location of her PT practice Precision Performance & Physical Therapy, it was welcomed with open arms. And knees and hips.

If you’re a runner or exercise regularly, it’s inevitable that an injury occurs, whether it’s a twisted ankle or achy joints. In Kate’s work with professional runners and collegiate and high school athletes, she started to notice trends as to why people were getting injured. “A majority of the injuries runners sustain are from over training or training errors,” said Kate. “A lot of those that show up are preventable. In fact, most in the clinic were preventable. [But] the biggest problem in healthcare is that physical therapy is usually the fifth or sixth doctor our clients have seen.”

So she star ted Fast Bananas, a running company providing “a place where [runners] can come and get any information they absolutely ever needed to run.” There’s so much advice available online, and Kate realized if people were going to go there first for diagnoses there needed to be a platform with all the resources athletes at any level would need to stay healthy. Fast Bananas’ platform, RunSource, is just that and the only one like it on the market. RunSource members can join tracks tailored to their specific needs – Banana Bump for pregnant or new mom runners, Bruised Banana for injured runners, Green Banana for new runners, Banana Smoothie for adolescent runners, etc. – but it’s not a social platform. Fast Bananas is expert driven. They’ve brought together more than 30 experts, from across the country and also from Precision Performance. “Some of Precision’s DPTs are experts for Fast Bananas because they ARE the experts for running in Atlanta,” said Kate. “The companies are separate but they intersect, and Precision uses RunSource for clients that have injuries or ailments that aren’t necessarily PT related.”

The RunSource experts provide knowledge, tips, and support on sports psychology, sports medicine, sports nutrition, and strength training. There are coaching, medical, and performance perspectives, and even professionals guiding you in yoga, meditation, and breathwork. “The body is the dumping ground for our thoughts and emotions. So if we don’t address our mental and physical health it’ll show up in our physical selves,” said Kate. One way Kate likes to take care of her mental and physical health is by running the trails, so it only made sense for Fast Bananas to host this year’s Fall Trail Race at Serenbe to celebrate their 1st birthday.

“We’re aware of the connection of research around the benefits nature has on the mind and the body. The Fast Bananas Trail Race at Serenbe is a celebration of that,” said Kate. “It would be silly for us to have a road race, trails make more sense.” Fast Bananas are all about the silly though. They’re encouraging people to run in banana costumes, and even want to break a world record in 2024 for the most bananas running a trail race.

It’s also important to Kate to have the whole Serenbe community involved. Precision Performance & Physical Therapy and the Gym at Serenbe are hosting two 6-week training

sessions that will pair strength training with RunSource tips to keep runners injury free. Big Peach Running Company and Fleet Feet will also come in for shoe fittings, running form clinics, and informational sessions. And after the race, Serenbe Yoga will do an outdoor recovery class after the race.

After all, “it’s Bananas not to take care of yourself!”

Listen to Kate’s story on the Serenbe Stories podcast, Season 5, Ep 9, and visit to sign up for the Fast Bananas Trail Race on Saturday, November 11.

(Above) Runners from past tailraces in the woods and the Wildflower Meadow. (Opposite) Ready, set, go bananas. Kate’s husband and son get in on the fun.

SATURDAY 9AM-1PM | SELBORNE GREEN Vendors vary weekly and include organic produce, cold pressed juices, grass fed beef, wild seafood, jellies, jams, pastries, coffee, peaches, blueberries, popsicles, salad dressings, and more!

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RECYCLED TIRES Where The Rubber Meets The Road

The first step to building a new neighborhood is building the road to get there. Well… not the FIRST first step. A lot of planning, infrastructure, and design work goes into it. But once the building is ready to begin, there needs to be a road. And if you’re breaking ground on Serenbe’s newest neighborhood, Overlook in Coweta County, you want the best and most environmentally-sustainable roads out there. So you look to where the rubber meets the road. Literally. Serenbe will be the first residential location in Georgia to pave a road with rubber-modified asphalt (RMA) and other recycled materials.

“Allie Kelly [Serenbe resident and executive director of The Ray] brought the idea to us as a way to continue to minimize our carbon footprint,” said Matt Collins, Development Director for Serenbe. “As the developer we are always trying to find new and innovative ways to build with a smaller impact on the environment.”

According to Allie Kelly, Executive Director of The Ray, there haven’t been any innovations to roads since President Eisenhower built the interstate system in the 1950s. “How do we get to zero carbon, zero waste, and zero deaths on our roads?” Allie asks during her TEDxAtlanta talk in 2019. “They’re still made of concrete, rock, petroleum, and tar. [But] we have the technology at our fingertips right now to make a road that is safer, smarter, and sustainable.” That technology is SmartMIX™ patented by Liberty Tire, who partnered with Serenbe and The Ray for this project. “By incorporating recycled tire rubber into the pavement, we not only create a smoother and longer-lasting road, but we also reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint,” said Doug Carlson,Vice President Asphalt Products at Liberty Tire.

Smar tMIX™ is more durable than traditional asphalt, extending the lifespan of the road because of its enhanced resistance to cracking. In fact, Liberty Tire estimates that the delay in cracking equates to a 30-50% reduction in cost for the road’s life cycle. Also, including rubber particles enhances road safety by improving skid resistance, particularly in wet conditions, and reducing noise pollution. Liberty Tire typically incorporates SmartMIX™ as an overlay on traditional asphalt, yet in the Serenbe project it was their first opportunity to use recycled rubber throughout the road construction process. “In the end we will have an asphalt road that is made up of around 50% of recycled materials,” said Matt.

The Smar tMIX™ technology used in the Serenbe paving project has helped divert 1,291 tires from Georgia’s landfills. “The stretch of Serenbe Lane being paved with RMA begins at the intersection of Magnie and Mado Lanes and continues through Overlook to Cedar Creek, approximately a quarter of a mile,” said Matt. With that many tires recycled for a quarter mile stretch, imagine how many tires could be diverted from landfills once this technology becomes widespread. The Ray is using this project as evidence to the transportation industry to scale these types of circular economy practices.

The road to Overlook is paved with good intentions, and great results.

Two aerials of Overlook during the installation of the rubber road, Summer 2023.


The historic Inn at Serenbe has been a memorable wedding backdrop for more than 20 years, and we are sharing a few of our favorite images of those priceless moments. Our first wedding was even featured in Martha Stewart Weddings

Photo credits: Aline Marin Photography Wisdom & Stature Photography Southern Orchards Weddings Hannah Michelle Photography Komich Photography Aline Marin Photography Hannah Michelle Photography


Elle Decor

Where Are New Yorkers Moving To? “As the saying goes, I love NY. The wonder of the city never leaves you, but we discovered a sixth borough in Serenbe – 750 miles south. Here, skyscrapers are pine trees, subway maps are trails and museums are art exhibits in the woods. The only thing left to nail is the bacon, egg and cheese,” [Vanessa Guthrie] shares.

Newnan Times Herald

Serenbe Expanding Into Coweta. “Any families in [Coweta] school districts who have been interested in living at Serenbe can now move [here] with all of the wellness lifestyle components and still enjoy their Coweta County public schools,” said Garnie Nygren. In all, Serenbe has about 300 acres in Coweta County.


Tour an Atlanta Showhouse with a Glam Farmhouse Vibe. “This five-bedroom, Western inflected farmhouse adds a serious shot of style to any previous ideas of American farmhouse style. It’s a throwback to Serenbe’s roots,” explains Patrick Sharp


10 Best Spas in the USA. Serenbe is a peaceful community on the outskirts of Atlanta committed to land preservation, energy efficiency, holistic living, wellness, and self-care. The Spa at Serenbe features rejuvenating treatments and state-of-the art devices…and also presents the mPulse bELIEVE, the world’s first and only 3-in-1 full-spectrum infrared sauna.

Shape of Style. The owners got to work reimagining the home, aiming for a warm, modern, and textural interior. Moving from room to room, you’ll spot unique features. Still, there’s a sense of clear cohesion thanks to a set color palette and an expert selection of furnishings.

Design Milk

Serenbe: The Biophilic Community That Wants To Change How We All Live. “Biophiliacs believe we’ve evolved as a species to be our happiest, healthiest, and most productive surrounded by nature, so why not design our communities to tap into that deep seeded wellspring of good vibes?”

Atlanta Magazine

How interior designer Emily Dunn put together this Serenbe sanctuary. “Kasia was raised in Poland and fell in love with Serenbe because it reminded her of Europe,” says Emily Dunn. Serenbe’s wildflower meadows, walking trails, and organic farmers markets were just the sort of thing this family of three was seeking.

Well + Good

Meet Labyrinth Walking, the Ancient Practice That Imparts Major Mindfulness Benefits. For centuries, labyrinths have served as a tool for guidance, centering, and calm. Many labyrinths echo sacred geometry, or patterns that appear in nature. Following this pattern is thought to be the path to some greater understanding. “It is opening up the creative and intuitive part of yourself,” says Jeny Mathis, certified labyrinth facilitator at Serenbe Yoga.

Senior Housing News

Pioneering Wellness Community Serenbe Plans Innovative Aging-in-Place Campus. In the last two decades, Serenbe has gained a reputation as a pioneering wellness community, incorporating intergenerational living as a key principle. Now, plans are in the works to develop a seven-acre campus within Serenbe to more intentionally enable aging in place, putting the community at the forefront of several trends in senior living.

Spa Business

Serenbe spa more than doubled in size to accommodate boom in demand. The Spa at Serenbe has grown from eight treatment rooms to 12 and expanded its footprint by nearly 60 per cent (from 1,900sq ft to 3,198 sq ft). “The increased demand for signature wellness services at Serenbe that guests have come to know and love, especially post-pandemic, fostered the need to grow our space and expand our offerings.”

Urbanize Atlanta

For next phase, Serenbe looks to Inman Park – and San Francisco. A nod to San Francisco’s Painted Ladies is bound for a bucolic, growing New Urbanist community outside Atlanta. Serenbe…shared a first glimpse at the project’s latest residential section to break ground, one that draws inspiration from iconic San Francisco home design and big-porch,Victorian charms found around the South, notably in places like Inman Park and nearby Newnan.

Rue Magazine
(Opposite) The Spa’s renovated outdoor lounge; a new and expansive relaxation lounge with views of Mado Pond and two luxury skincare products, Osea and Laurel. (Above) Another view of the relaxation lounge showcasing artist Rachel Garceau’s porcelain wall installation, the interior of the new sauna, new lockers, and guests in the steam room.

SPA EXPANSION More Services, Amenities, & Wellness

Four years ago, the Spa at Serenbe announced a move from Selborne to Mado that meant a larger space with more treatment rooms, indoor and covered outdoor lounges, and new amenities. Having that bigger space led to more bookings, and now they’ve expanded again to accommodate a “boom in business.”

“Over the last two years, our business at the spa doubled and we’re sold out every weekend,” said Garnie Nygren, owner of the Spa at Serenbe, shared with Spa Business magazine.

It’s no surprise that bookings have increased. Recent research from the International Spa Association (ISPA) found the US spa market is in its strongest-ever position and worth over a record-breaking $20.1 billion, according to Spa Business. That demand for wellness services coupled with Serenbe’s bucolic resort setting turns any spa experience into an unforgettable getaway, where guests can have a massage and grab a cold pressed juice before taking a relaxing walk in the woods. And with all the Inn at Serenbe packages that include Spa treatments, that walk could even lead to a luxurious overnight stay.

“These new offerings are encouraging guests to book additional services and stay longer for a more relaxing full spa experience versus our historical single service bookings,” said Garnie.

The Spa at Serenbe now has 12 treatment rooms across 3,000+ square feet, with new

amenities including a walk-in sauna, large steam room, a second expansive indoor lounge, an updated outdoor relaxation porch, lockers for guests to store personal items, and a private couples lounge and treatment room that guests can book, with premium couple’s spa packages also available. Other new treatments include an expanded ashiatsu barefoot massage, cosmetic injectables, and updated products such as Osea Malibu, Luk Beautifood, Naturopathica, and the farm-to-face line, Laurel Skincare. They also carry Bathorium and an expanded line of clean makeup with Sappho.

A Serenbe expansion wouldn’t be complete without the gorgeous interior design standards the community is known for. Mister & Mrs. Sharp provided the original interior design, and the tranquil look was continued throughout the expansion with additional furnishing and selections by J. Layne Designs and stunning ceramic wall artworks by local artist and resident Rachel Garceau.

The Spa at Serenbe is open for appointments 7 days a week.Visit to book services, and to book an Inn at Serenbe package email and The Inn concierge will coordinate a wellness stay.


Things To Do When You Stay at The Inn at Serenbe


Included in your stay as an Inn guest is Southern-style breakfast served each morning in the Farmhouse dining room.



Choose from a range of yoga practices and reformer pilates at the studios located in the community. Outdoor yoga options, including goat yoga.


Take a 1 hour tour of Serenbe Farms on Saturdays at 3:00pm for $15 per person. For reservations or to schedule private group tours, please contact


The labyrinth is located by the lake and available any time to enjoy its energy, grace and meditation.


Experience Serenbe on Horseback. Our skilled staff and gentle horses ensures you to have a comfortable and relaxed ride, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Serenbe.


Hayrides are offered Saturday and Sunday at 10am for Inn guests upon request.


The Spa at Serenbe offers a range of services including massages, facials, peels, reflexology, couples massage with private lounge, steam room, infared sauna and a relaxation room between services. 770.463.0880 |


Golf carts are available to rent per day at Guest Services. Rentals are based on a first come, first serve basis.


Our fully stocked bonfire is located near the Lake Pavilion, complimentary for Inn guests. S’more packets are available for purchase at Guest Services.


Join us for lunch or dinner at the critically acclaimed Farmhouse Restaurant and enjoy seasonal cuisine of locally grown ingredients. Plus enjoy Happy Hour from 4 – 6 Daily.


From sun up to sun down, Inn Guests can feed our friends in the Animal Village. Animal feed is available at Guest Services.


Relax and cool off at one of our Pools or enjoy the Hot Tub. The Primary Pool is all ages and the Main House Pool is for adults only. Ask about our seasonal Pool Bulter.

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SHELF AWARENESS What We’re Reading Now

Looking for a thought-provoking and perspective-expanding book? Settle in with one of our four picks for the season. Whether you’re looking to cultivate awe, connect with nature, explore spirituality, or appreciate inspirational spaces, these four new releases offer something for every reader. Dacher Keltner investigates the transformative power of wonder in Awe, while Maria Rodale shares her magical shamanic journeys communicating with plants and animals in Love, Nature, Magic. For spiritual guidance, Rainn Wilson brings humor to the pursuit of wisdom in Soul Boom. And for an architectural perspective,

Serenbe resident Dr. Phillip Tabb examines extraordinary places that renew the soul in Thin Places. With the peaceful Serenbe setting and these engaging books, you’ll find both physical and mental restoration.

The Treat Yourself Package at The Inn at Serenbe includes a book pick from Hills & Hamlets, contact to book your stay. Or go directly to the source at Hills & Hamlets Bookshop, located in iGrange. Hours vary by season, currently Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm.

Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life

Penguin Press, $28

Awe is mysterious. How do we begin to quantify the goose bumps we feel when we see the Grand Canyon, or the utter amazement when we watch a child walk for the first time? How do you put into words the collective effervescence of standing in a crowd and singing in unison, or the wonder you feel while gazing at centuries-old works of art? Dacher Keltner presents a radical investigation and profoundly personal inquiry into this elusive emotion. Revealing new research into how awe transforms our brains and bodies, alongside an examination of awe across history, culture, and within his own life during a period of grief, Keltner shows us how cultivating awe in our everyday life leads us to appreciate what is most humane in our human nature.

Love, Nature, Magic: Shamanic Journeys Into The Heart Of My Garden

Chelsea Green, $28

Maria Rodale combines her love of nature and gardening with her experience in shamanic journeying, embarking on an epic adventure to learn from plants, animals, and insects including some of the most misunderstood beings in nature. From Thistles to Snakes, Poison Ivy to Mosquitoes, these nature beings convey messages that are relevant to every human, showing us how to live in balance and harmony on this Earth.

Through journeys filled with surprises, humor, and foibles, follow Maria’s evolution from being annoyed with to accepting and even falling in love with our most difficult neighbors (including human ones). Along the way, she tells her own story of how she learned about shamanic journeying and its near-universal manifestation in traditional cultures worldwide.

Soul Boom: Why We Need A Spiritual Revolution

Hatchette Books, $26

Comedic actor, producer, and writer Rainn Wilson explores the problem-solving benefits that spirituality gives us to create solutions for an increasingly challenging world. For Wilson, this is a serious and essential pursuit, but he brings great humor and his own unique perspective to the conversation. He feels that, culturally, we’ve discounted spirituality – faith and the sacred – and we need profound healing and a unifying understanding of the world that the great spiritual traditions provide. Wilson’s approach to spirituality – the non-physical, eternal aspects of ourselves – is relatable and applies to people of all beliefs, even the skeptics. Filled with genuine insight--not to mention enlightening Kung Fu and Star Trek references – Soul Boom delves into ancient wisdom to seek out practical, transformative answers to life’s biggest questions.

Thin Place Design: Architecture of the Numinous

What makes the places we inhabit extraordinary? Why are some urban spaces more vital and restorative? Beautiful landscapes, inspiring works of architecture and urban design, and the numerous experiences that accompany them have been an integral dimension of our culture. Up-lifting spaces, dramatic use of natural light, harmonic proportional geometry, magical landscapes, historic sites, and vital city centers create special, even sacred moments in architecture and planning. This quality of experience is often seen as an aesthetic purpose intended to inspire, ennoble, ensoul, and spiritually renew. Architecture and urban spaces, functioning in this way, are considered to be thin places.


(Opposite) The resort-like backyard features a dark bottom pool and an inviting pool house surrounded by lush landscaping. (Above) The Scrivens commissioned Serenbe resident and artist Kristin Genet to create the wood sculpture hanging above the great room fireplace, made with fallen branches found on the Serenbe trails.The owner’s suite is particularly bright with a wall of windows looking out toward the backyard.The kitchen is the dominant piece [in an open living concept], definitely the star, so we went with the Calcutta tile,” said Patrick. “Meghan wanted to do one pendant over the island to contrast the 3-picture light over

the kitchen window, making it feel more like a dining table than an island.” “It’s important in designing for the kitchen to relate to the primary bathroom finishes, so we went with the same marble tile,” said Patrick. Blackout drapery in the cozy den at the front of the house make the room perfect for movie nights. This retreat is available for lease October 2023 to March 2024, contact Serenbe Real Estate and view at


WOODED RETREAT When Home Feels Like A Getaway

The first time Tyler and Faith Scriven visited The Inn at Serenbe, they didn’t know there was an entire community just beyond the rolling hills and wooded trails.The gorgeous scenery and quiet atmosphere was plenty to draw them back for another escape, which gave them time to wander into the community. “That evolved into spending some weekends, which then evolved into renting a bit longer. And eventually, we decided to buy something,” shared Tyler on the Serenbe Stories podcast.

The Scrivens knew they wanted more land, so their home would have a “secluded vacation feel, like a getaway.” The Prom Field lots were that opportunity. “Those lots were brand new and not even plotted quite yet,” said Tyler. “Still very much connected to the community in a way we value, with more space and privacy.” They chose 10/23 Construction as their custom builder and asked Mister & Mrs. Sharp to choose finishes and curate the furnishings. “We wanted to create a space that was first and foremost very inviting and grounded,” said Tyler.

Their beautiful house in the woods is a single-story on a single-grade, with 14-foot ceilings in the open-concept kitchen, dining, and living that give the smaller footprint a light and airy feel. At the back of the main living area is a screened patio accessed through large sliding glass doors providing an even larger living space when opened. “I love how it just flows through,” said Tyler. “When the weather is nice, it feels like one big room and everyone can find their little nook, even in the living room with the large double sofas. I was inspired by a hotel lobby, with separate space within a bigger space that maximizes the room and gives you a lot of options for where to spend your day.”

“We both take credit for the back-to-back sofas,” laughed Patrick as he talked about how they’ve become good friends during the design process. “I think it’s wonderful when a room is big enough to create multiple seating spaces. We love the idea of having a place where it just couldn’t be better even if you went to a Four Seasons.”

In contrast to the open main living, the TV den at the front of the house incorporates a deep-colored paint on the walls and ceiling with gold hardware holding light neutral blackout curtains. “That place is particularly cozy. Even in the daytime, you can go in there, close the curtains, and turn out the lights and pretend like it’s nighttime. it’s just another great space in the house, another place where one can go and just have their space and feel a lot of peace.” said Tyler.

After the main areas, they went to work on the guest rooms.The Scrivens love to entertain and wanted a house that could accommodate several house guests if needed but wasn’t so big it felt overwhelming with fewer visitors or just the two of them. To accomplish this, Mister & Mrs. Sharp created a junior bedroom suite and a bunk room, the latter making the most of the

space with two queen beds on the bottom with twins above.

The backyard oasis also offers even more options for entertaining, be it swimming, cooking and dining, or an overnight stay in the pool house, which has its own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. “The tiled wall [in the kitchen] with the chaise lounges - is one of my favorite things we did,” said Patrick.You can sit and enjoy the view and the pool while in air conditioning.” Patrick also enjoyed the pool umbrellas, which weren’t part of their curation but rather something Tyler found and brought home. “I saw them at one of Faith’s music dinners we attended. They’re so whimsical.”

Another outdoor feature Tyler was glad to include were two outdoor showers, one off the primary bathroom with a stone wall surround and the other off the back of the pool house for a post-swim rinse.”They feel very private and rustic. It was important to make the outdoor spaces as useful as the indoor spaces.” This is evident, as they have a large open-air grill and dining space by the pool house, plus a small dining and lounging area under the screen porch along with an outdoor fireplace.

“It’s a great house for entertaining, which is what we built it for.”


Year Built: 2023

Home Designer: Serenbe Planning & Design

Home Builder: 10/23 Construction

Interior Designers: Mister & Mrs. Sharp

Square Footage: 2,710 Main House, 500

Pool House

Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 3/2 Main House, 1/1 Pool House

Tyler’s Favorite Spot: Oh, that’s a tough one, it depends on the time of day. Probably the fireplace in the great room. I just love being able to open the

doors in the morning and let the cool air in while the wood-burning fireplace is going. Another cool space I’ve found is in the pool at night. It’s more or less pitch black out there, and it’s quiet. It just creates this beautiful space with the stars and the trees and all the sounds of Serenbe.

Faith’s Favorite Spot: Faith enjoys cross-stitching when we’re visiting the house, so her favorite spot is “to cuddle up on the sofa and do her thing,” according to Tyler.

FALL/WINTER 2023 22 FRIDAYS Farmhouse Wine Tasting 4pm, The Farmhouse $ Live Music On The Porch 5:30-8:30pm, The Farmhouse $ SATURDAYS Farmers Market 9am-1pm, Selborne Green Goat Yoga 10am, The Inn $ Open Model Home Tour 11am-3pm, Lots 460 & 461 Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ Farm Tour 3pm, Serenbe Farms $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store $ Sundays Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ WEDNESDAYS Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 3-6 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ THURSDAYS Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 7-12 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ 5 Fall CSA Begins: Tuesday Pickup 4:30-7pm, Serenbe Farms $ 9 Fall Gardening Class 9am, Serenbe Farms $ Fall Plant Sale 10am-3pm, Serenbe Farms $ 15 Chatt Hills Artist Co-op Gallery Opening 5-7pm, 9057 Selborne Lane 16 Johan & Cowhorn Vineyard Wine Dinner 6:30pm, The Farmhouse $ 21 Fall Open House: Workshops, Events, Treats 11am-7pm, Creek Retreat Sommelier Guided Wine Education Class 5:30pm, The Wine Shop $ Art Farm Soirée 6pm, Wildflower Meadow $ 22 Mashup In The Meadow 7pm, Wildflower Meadow $ 23
A Night of Spoken Word 7pm, Wildflower Meadow $ 26-Oct 1 Les Farfadais 7pm, Wildflower Meadow $ 28 Serenbe Showhouse Preview Party 6:30pm, Lupo Loop $ 29 Serenbe Showhouse Tours Thurs-Sun, 10am-4pm, Lupo Loop $ Art Over Dinner: Thomas Jackson 6pm, Gainey Hall $ 30 Thomas Jackson Gallery Opening 6pm, Gainey Hall $ Healing at Home Tinctures Workshop 2pm, Serenbe Farms $
FRIDAYS Farmhouse Wine Tasting 4pm, The Farmhouse $ Live Music On The Porch 5:30-8:30pm, The Farmhouse $ SATURDAYS Farmers Market 9am-1pm, Selborne Green Goat Yoga 10am, The Inn $ Open Model Home Tour 11am-3pm, Lots 460 & 461 Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ Farm Tour 3pm, Serenbe Farms $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store $ SUNDAYS Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ WEDNESDAYS Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 3-6 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ THURSDAYS Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 7-12 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ 1 Serenbe Showhouse Tours Thurs-Sun, 10am-4pm, Lupo Loop $ Wholesome Wave Potluck 2pm, The Inn Pavilion $ 2-4 Nygren Placemaking Conference The Inn $ 5-8 Serenbe Showhouse Tours Thurs-Sun, 10am-4pm, Lupo Loop $ 6 Tertulia Music: Wine & Design 6pm, Lupo Loop $ 12-15 Serenbe Showhouse Tours Thurs-Sun, 10am-4pm, Lupo Loop $ 15 Modern Architecture Tours 10am-4pm $ Ray Day 2pm, The Inn 19-22 Serenbe Showhouse Tours Thurs-Sun, 10am-4pm, Lupo Loop $ 19 Sommelier Guided Wine Education Class 5:30pm, The Wine Shop $ 20-21 Dad’s Garage: Sneak Peek 8pm, Wildflower Meadow $ 28 Trick or Treat Serenbe Market 9am-1pm, Selborne Green 31 Murder Mystery Dinner + Stay The Inn $ NOVEMBER FRIDAYS Farmhouse Wine Tasting 4pm, The Farmhouse $ Live Music On The Porch 5:30-8:30pm, The Farmhouse $ SATURDAYS Open Model Home Tour 11am-3pm, Lots 460 & 461 Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store $ SUNDAYS Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $
SATURDAYS Open Model Home Tour 11am-3pm, Lots 460 & 461 Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store $ Sundays Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ 2-3 Holiday Bazaar 10am-4pm, The Inn Pavilion 16-17 The Nutcracker Suite, Terminus Modern Ballet 3pm, The Inn Pavilion $ 24 Christmas Eve Dining 25 Christmas Day Dining 31 New Year’s Eve Dining FALL/WINTER 2023 23
$ = Ticketed Event Listings accurate as of printing. Visit Subscribe to our newsletter at for weekly Events, Inn Specials, Serenbe Farms, and Serenbe Real Estate updates, and never miss an issue of The Serenbe Hamlet! Get social with @Serenbe on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook to stay up to date on all happenings at Serenbe. The Hamlet is printed on recycled paper that is FSC Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified. Editor-in-Chief: Monica Olsen; Managing Editor: Janet Marie Gunnels; Photography Editor: Quinn Nygren. Photos by J. Ashley Photography unless otherwise noted. Layout Design by Judy Walker. Advertising Inquiries: Quinn Nygren. Contact The Hamlet at thehamlet@ 1 Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 3-6 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ 2 Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 7-12 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ 4 Farm Tour 3pm, Serenbe Farms $ 8 Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 3-6 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ 9 Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 7-12 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ 10-12 Cash + Cohen Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre 7pm, The Inn Pavilion $ 11 Fast Bananas Trail Race: 5k, 10k, 1-Mile Fun Run 8:30am, Mado $ 15 Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 3-6 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ 16 Kids Fall Gardening Program: Ages 7-12 3:30pm, Serenbe Farms $ Sommelier Guided Wine Education Class 5:30pm, The Wine Shop $ 17 Chatt Hills Gallery Opening 5-7pm, 9057 Selborne Lane 17-19 Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre 7pm, The Inn Pavilion $ 23 Thanksgiving Dining DECEMBER FRIDAYS Farmhouse Wine Tasting 4pm, The Farmhouse $ Live Music On The Porch 5:30-8:30pm, The Farmhouse $ JANUARY 1 New Year’s Day Dining $ FRIDAYS Farmhouse Wine Tasting 4pm, The Farmhouse $ Live Music On The Porch 5:30-8:30pm, The Farmhouse $ Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ Wine Tasting 4pm, The General Store $ SUNDAYS Wine Flights 1:30 & 3:30pm, The Wine Shop $ s


1259 Lupo Loop, L518 10/23 Construction

Open kitchen, dining, and living on the main level of this light filled home. All bedrooms upstairs with a back patio off a secondary bedroom.

1121 Lupo Loop, L588 Vincent Longo Custom Builders

Stunning and spacious home with 5 beds, 5.5 baths. Huge covered outdoor living off kitchen plus private patio off owner’s suite on main. Terrace level includes 2-car garage and plenty of storage.

1168 Lupo Loop, L535

South Haven Builders

Open kitchen and living plus two bedrooms on the main level, including the primary suite that opens to a covered porch. Space for another 2-bed, 2-bath on terrace level.

10875 Serenbe Lane, L567

Brightwater Homes

Street level entry of the Rock Garden townhomes leads to the downstairs bedroom suite. Upper level has primary suite with access to open air terrace looking out over Mado. Private rear courtyard off the back enjoys wooded views.

11583 Serenbe Lane, L740

McKinney Builders

This Overlook attached cottage features an open floor plan with an entry foyer connecting you with the living room and eat-in kitchen as well as an office or guest suite. Upper level features the primary suite, a second bedroom and bathroom as well as a loft.

11509 Serenbe Lane, L713

South Haven Builders

Main level has open living and dining looking out on the street through a beautiful bay window, with kitchen toward the back of the house featuring island with sink and seating. All bedrooms upstairs, including huge primary suite, along with loft living and laundry.

Make Your Dream of Living at Serenbe a Reality

Whether you are in the market for a weekend retreat or year-round home, Serenbe offers single-family homes, townhouses, live-works, condos and apartments. Or choose a wooded lot and build your dream home. Explore architectural floor plans and pick your finishes or choose a move-in-ready home today. All homes are EarthCraft certified for sustainability with geothermal technology for heating and cooling.

For a complete listing of all Serenbe properties visit, call 770.463.9997 or stop in the office located at 9055 Selborne Lane, just up the street from the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop. *All plans are subject to change.

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