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Merry Christmas from Mike, Brenda, Elle, Connor, Ian, and Lily McCollum

The McCollum Family Merry Christmas! Blessings We have been blessed in many ways this year but all blessings pale compared to the gift of salvation through Jesus! May 2012 be a year when you are blessed beyond measure!

Our Family Mike and Elle

Lily and Ian

Elle and Brenda

Elle and Connor

Jake and Elle Jake is Elle's Boyfriend

Blessing of Friendship We are thankful to be blessed with you in our lives, even if we don't get to spend the time with you that we would like!

Blessings of Home We were blessed this year with moving to a home that is very conveniently located for us. Please update your records with our new address: 144 Spruce Drive Apple Valley, MN 55124

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2011 Christmas  
2011 Christmas  

2011 Christmas Letter