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Number of project (please leave empty, will be filled by BCP)

Name of organization or group – the applicant for a microgrant: The Kuki Students’ Democratic Front (KSDF) Address: W Z-87A, Budella Market, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018 Telephone: +91-9971912240

E-mail (if any):

Name of chairperson, president or coordinator: Luntinsat, General Secretary Name of project: “Making and Selling Momo” Name of person who will be responsible for the project implementation: Sei Gin, Secy. Information

Telephone: +91-9971912240


Amount of requested grant (max 35,000 Indian rupees): Rs. 35,000/- (thirtyfive thousand rupees) Timeframe of activities from: 01 /09 / 2011

To: 21/12 / 2011 (at the latest 31/12/2011)

INFORMATION ABOUT THE APPLICANT 1. Please describe briefly the aims and activities of your organization or group, including the date of foundation:

The KSDF was founded on December 12, 1993 at Moreh, (an Indo-Burma border town in the Manipur state of India) by exiled Kuki students with the following aims: i) To work for restoration of democracy in Burma. ii) To train and empower the Kuki youths for widespread awareness campaign on human rights. Iii) To protect and restore the Kuki peoples‘ collective rights. 2. Information about funding in the year 2010 and expected funding for the year 2011, and your experience handling funds and implementing projects:

We neither received any funding from any organisation in 2010 nor do we expect it from any other souce so far.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROJECT 3. Why? Please describe in a few sentences why the proposed activities are necessary and what are the problems that you want to solve.

Honestly, our organisation sits idle without activity due to lack of funding. Our community back at home in Burma has been so far unaware of human rights or their rights and they are badly in need of awareness training on it. Besides, the jobless Kuki refugees here in New Delhi need help and support. In order to solve both these problems, we need start a self-income generation project. 4. Aims and expectations? W hat do you expect to improve by your activities and what will be the results?

By carrying out the proposed income generation project of “making and selling Momo“ we expect to earn enough profit. The result will be that those employed in the project will get their share of profit. Besides, the organisation will be financially sound to implement some of its plans laiddown in the Aims and Objectives. 5. For w hom? Please tell us which group of persons will benefit from your project. Try to estimate their number. How will you inform them about your planned activities?

Certainly, about seven of the jobless Kuki refugees will get the benefit of employment from our project. We will inform them by calling a meeting at our office at WZ-87A, Budella Market, Vikaspuri, New Delhi.. 6. How? Please describe what exactly you plan to do and how this will help to achieve your aims.

We will plan as follow: First, recruit seven people from among the Kuki refugees. Secondly, we will rent a room and buy equipments, furnitures, cooking accessories, etc. required for the project. Thirdly, we will purchase the raw food items including the spices. Fourth, we will start making and sell it at two different locations in the Vikaspuri, New Delhi. 7. Where? Please tell us where the project will take place (town, institution etc.)

The project will take place here at Vikaspuri, New Delhi.

8. When? If your activities are made up of several steps, please describe when you plan to do each step. No. Of Steps 1 2 2 3 4

Name of the Activities to be undertaken

Timeline (On or before)

General Meeting and Recruitment of persons for the project Advertisement To buy the equipments including cooking accessories To find a rented room for the project Making and Selling Momo Starts

August 1, 2011 August 5, 2011 August 7, 2011 August 10, 2011 August 12, 2011

9. Who and w ith whom? Please tell us how many persons will help implementing the project and, if applicable, with whom you will cooperate (other organization or institution).

Initially, as many as seven persons will be required for the income generating project. 10. Do you plan to continue with these activities even after this project is completed? W hat can help you to accomplish that?

Yes definitely since our plan is to continue as long as possible.

11. Project expenses: Items (like salaries, purchase of material and equipment, rent, electricity, transport) Refrigirator

Expenses (please give amounts in rupees.)

8000/ -

Food items crushing machine


Gas cylinder – 2 nos. (1 for use at Kichen & 1 for use at the shop)


Steamer 2 nos (1 for vegetable & 1 for non-vegetable)


Strong table for use at the Kichen


Rent for the first 3 months @ Rs.2000/-


Alluminium pot for mixing masala 2 nos @ Rs.400/-


Roller stick for making paste of flour 4 nos @Rs.50/-


Raw food (flour, oil, vegetable, meat, spices, etc.) for starting



(not more than 35,000 Indian rupees. Applications that exceed 35,000 rupees will be rejected.)

12. Name, function and telephone of persons w ho can recommend your project: (this must be somebody w ho is not involved in your organization, who has not yet made a recommendation for any other project, and w ho is not submitting a project himself/herself.) Name


1. 2.


I declare that all information above is true and complete. First and last name of person representing the applicant: Lun Tin Sat, General Secretary Date:


First and last name of person who is responsible for project implementation: Sei Gin, Secy. Information Date:


Contact person in Czech Republic Ms. Reena Sattar Burma Center Prague, o.p.s. Dělnická 54, 170 00 Prague 7 Czech Republic Tel: +420 266 710 045 Email:

This project is supported from the resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within its Transition Promotion Program.

BCP Microgrant Application Form 2011  
BCP Microgrant Application Form 2011  

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