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Seeds of Peace

Ways to Help Spread the word/raise awareness: • Make a presentation at your school, place of worship, workplace, etc. • Sign up for our E-Newsletter and forward it to friends and family. • Pass along Seeds’ YouTube videos – • Send/post links to our website – • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. If you are organizing an activity, contact the news department.

Help raise funds: At work • Find out if your company has a corporate giving program and if they may be interested in supporting Seeds of Peace. • Seeds of Peace is a United Way sponsored charity. Organize a presentation about Seeds during your company’s fundraising drive and suggest that they designate Seeds of Peace as their sponsored charity.

With friends • Throw a Peace Party! A fun and socially responsible reason to bring people together for a good time. Remember to have literature available and the video or slideshow playing to help people remember they are celebrating with Seeds of Peace. • Hold a community garage sale where a percentage of the proceeds support Seeds of Peace. • Send friends and co-workers to our online store – – to purchase Seeds of Peace merchandise.

Be creative! • Use your imagination to get others involved.