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Stories of Support Sarah Sladen is a 2003-04 Seeds of Peace Camp counselor who is running the Boston Marathon to raise funds to send a Seed to Camp. Q: Why are you running the Boston Marathon? In light of the violence at last year’s marathon, supporting an organization that is dedicated to peace-building is how I choose to respond. I qualified in 2012. Boston is the world’s oldest annual marathon that brings together elite runners (and non-elite regular folks like me) from around the world. Running the marathon in April is a chance to experience a bit of history and take part in a celebration of something I love in a great city. Q: How much do you hope to raise? This is my second marathon and my first major fundraising effort. As a counselor, running this marathon is a great opportunity to support an organization I love, and contributing to Seeds of Peace’s mission felt like the best way for me to respond to last year’s events in Boston. My baseline goal is to raise $2,000, with an overall goal of $6,000, enough to fully sponsor a Seed at Camp this summer. Q: Will you be wearing a Seeds of Peace shirt when you run? I have about 25 green shirts in my closet, so ... Q: How are you fund-raising? Friends, family and former counselors have been incredibly generous. I’ve also received donations from fans of Seeds of Peace whom I’ve never met. One of the best messages came from a counselor [at a neighboring camp] who had visited Seeds of Peace. He wrote, “We had sports days with Seeds and attended Muslim services. I loved getting the chance to see the Camp spirit in action.” This emphasizes for me what a lasting impact Seeds of Peace has on those who’ve been there, and why I’d like to help send another Seed to Maine next summer. No donation is too small, and every donation is added motivation in these dark, snowy, Polar Vortex-ridden days of winter training.

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