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We are pleased to be a leading supporter of Seeds of Peace’s efforts to educate and empower young people throughout the Middle East and South Asia. Through this important partnership, we are building Seeds of Peace’s capacity to equip young people with the skills necessary to advance to leadership positions in gover nment, institutions of higher-lear ning, and the corporate and non-profit sectors. – Ken Cohen Vice President of Public Affairs for ExxonMobil Corporation


SEEDS OF PEACE A Message from the Chairman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 2008 Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 PROGRAMS International Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 COVER PHOTO CREDIT: CHIN WON LEE

Middle East Programming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 South Asia Programming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Seeds of Peace Graduate Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 FINANCIALS Financial Statements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20


DEAR FRIENDS, Every day at Seeds of Peace, we attempt to transform the landscape of conflict by equipping young people with the tools they need to become leaders in their communities and bring about positive change. In 2008, we saw hundreds of young leaders stand up to the hatred and mistrust that shroud their regions in order to live up to their commitment to be leaders and peacemakers. Nearly 4,000 Seeds around the world generate success stories each day – and these are the stories that inspire and motivate all of us to continue our pursuit of peace. In 2008, we welcomed 338 campers from the Middle East, South Asia and the United States to the shores of Maine for the 16th season of our International Camp. For most campers, it would mark the first time each had ever met someone from the “other side” of their respective conflict. Through our unique dialogue program, Seeds confronted the fear, misunderstanding, anger and pain in each other – and in themselves. Led by facilitators trained through the Seeds of Peace Conflict Management and Mediation Training Program, these dialogue groups helped Seeds overcome boundaries they once thought impossible to break down and open their minds to the possibility of peace. This year, Seeds of Peace continued to expand with the introduction of new programs through effective partnerships, such as with the Interfaith Youth Corps as well as Ashoka’s Youth Venture, which trained Seeds from South Asia to apply the leadership and

problem-solving skills learned at camp to launching their own business ventures in their communities. With field offices in Amman, Cairo, Gaza, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Lahore, Mumbai, and Kabul, Seeds of Peace continues to pursue unique and innovative follow-up programs to support young leaders as they return home to the conflicts in which they live. These critical programs give Seeds the support and tools they need to share their insights and skills with their own communities, thus multiplying the impact of each program. Our partnership with USAID in the Middle East allowed us to continue training adult educators to create more peaceful learning environments in public schools. Many of our earliest Seeds are now entering the work force as leaders in business, the nonprofit community, government, education, media, medicine, and politics. In 2008, we made a significant effort to engage Graduate Seeds in meaningful and powerful programming that leveraged their maturity, creativity and accomplishments into dozens of community service initiatives that continue to have a positive impact. Our mission is to inspire young people to be future leaders with a new vision of the path forward. None of our work would be possible without the support of our partners and individual supporters. Thank you for being our partner in peace.

Richard Berman Chairman, Board of Directors Seeds of Peace

2008 Annual Report



Ivanka Trump hosted the annual Peace Market in February 2008 on behalf of Seeds of Peace. Over 800 young professionals from New York City attended the special event to support critical leadership and conflict resolution programs in the Middle East and South Asia. And in May, Seeds of Peace presented Yoko Ono with the John Wallach Humanitarian Award in New York City. Yoko Ono is a strong advocate for peace and has supported programs that encourage youth to participate in peace-building activities. Over 125 volunteers from Toll Brothers Inc. arrived at the Seeds of Peace International Camp to participate in the tenth annual Toll Brothers Day, an event focused on clean-up and rebuilding activities to help prepare the Camp for opening. Families and friends of Toll Brothers Inc. employees headed to Maine with their hand tools and power tools, paint cans and paint brushes, rakes and shovels, to prepare the Camp for the arrival of young people from around the world. Toll Brothers Inc. is America’s leading luxury home builder and Bob Toll, Chairman & CEO, is a member of the Seeds of Peace Board of Directors. In July 2008, Seeds of Peace was featured on CNN International. Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan commended Seeds of Peace, saying it is an example of programs that are “trying to bring down the mental barriers we sometimes have towards people who are different from ourselves, whether they come from a different religion or different ethnic background or a different country altogether.” Later in July, ten NBA stars arrived at the Seeds of Peace International Camp to participate in the Seventh Annual ‘Play for Peace’ basketball clinic. They were welcomed by 160 Egyptian, Jordanian, Israeli, Palestinian and American youth


2008 Annual Report

participating in the Camp’s second session, focused exclusively on the Arab – Israeli conflict. The NBA players included top draft picks Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls), Brook Lopez (NJ Nets), Robin Lopez (Phoenix Suns), Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder), DJ Augustin (Charlotte Bobcats), Anthony Randolph (Golden State Warriors), along with NBA ‘Play for Peace’ veterans Brian Scalabrine (Boston Celtics), Jordan Farmar (LA Lakers), and former WNBA star Sue Wicks (NY Liberty). Bulls great BJ Armstrong helped to lead the clinic. During the event, players worked with campers on basketball fundamentals and teamwork drills that help them understand the value of cooperation, as enemies become teammates on the basketball court. For each player, it was an opportunity to understand the structured interactions that take place during the Camp and how the conflict in the Middle East region has affected the campers. The relationships and respect that have grown between the Seeds was shared with the players and the desire for peace and coexistence was expressed through their dialogue. The event was covered by ABC, MSNBC, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Sun-Times and The LA Times. In December 2008, Seeds of Peace officially opened an office in the West Bank town of Ramallah, strengthening the organization’s ability to conduct effective Palestinian programming on the ground in the Middle East. The office opening was attended by local NGO leaders, diplomats, USAID officials, and Palestinian Authority representatives, as well as by many Palestinian Seeds. Two younger Seeds presided over the ribbon cutting ceremony, while Seeds of Peace Global Programming Director Paul Mailhot delivered the keynote address.

Seeds of Peace Ramallah Office Opening Day



In the summer of 2008, 338 young American, Egyptian, Indian, Israeli, Jordanian, Pakistani



and Palestinian leaders joined together on the scenic grounds of the International Camp

As Maine's immigrant population continues its boom, local communities are facing their own ethnically based tensions. For the ninth year, 30 Maine teenagers confronted the specific problems they face, deconstructing stereotypes and misconceptions in daily life. The goal of the Maine Seeds Program is to create a powerful force of young leaders who can affect change and raise tolerance in their communities.

The adult educators from regions of conflict who travel to Camp with the Seeds each summer participate in their own intense dialogue and coexistence program. At Camp they engage in workshops and create partnerships in order to determine how best to educate the Seeds as well as others back in their communities.

in Otisfield, Maine as Seeds of Peace began the 16th season of its Camp program. Delegates participated in two three-week sessions where the foundation for reconciliation and coexistence was built. As always, numerous camp graduates returned as counselors and facilitators, bringing vitality and a sense of cohesion to the camp experience. Campers left behind communities torn apart by conflict to wake up amid the tranquil surroundings and gossamer beauty of cold Maine mornings next to their supposed enemies: teenagers who are just like them, but from the other side of the conflict. Together these youths face the day, speaking seriously about their hatreds and fears in intense daily dialogues. After examining what divides them, they emerged to find common ground in games, shared meals, laughter and good fun. PEER SUPPORT PROJECTS In 2008, Seeds of Peace added a new component to the Peer Support program to better connect the Camp experience to the post-Camp reality and to empower these returning campers (PSs) as young leaders. Each PS designed a community action project for implementation in their home communities. Ranging from combating drop out rates in Jenin to establishing a dialogue between Jewish and Arab youths in Haifa, the programs allow the participants to create change back home. DIALOGUE SESSIONS Grouped by conflict region, campers sat together in daily 90-minute sessions to get to know their peers on the other side. Confrontations often centered on some of the most contentious issues of a conflict, including borders, religion, and the media. Guided by professional facilitators, many of whom were trained by Seeds of Peace through the Conflict Management and Mediation Training program, campers learned communication and negotiation techniques that allowed them to listen to unfamiliar viewpoints and develop respect and understanding. Campers were

instructed to avoid personal attacks, respect each other's beliefs and listen with an open mind. Through hard emotional work, the campers grew to value each other as individuals. This extraordinary process can only happen in the neutral, supportive environment that the International Camp provides. CAMP ACTIVITIES Bonds were built as campers spent time together playing sports, creating arts and crafts, swimming, and socializing with one another. These seemingly run-of-the-mill activities become emblematic of cooperation and tolerance across conflict boundaries. As is tradition, each session concluded with three days of Color Games. Campers were divided into two teams, Green and Blue, and competed in a variety of events, ranging from soccer to art to cooking. As campers learned to depend on both themselves and one another, team spirit triumphed over allegiances – national, political, or religious. Campers from formerly adversarial backgrounds were teamed with one another in order to discover common joys and overcome challenges in a fun atmosphere.

% Change in Attitude Towards Friendship with People from Different Groups, First-Year Palestinian Seeds (from Refugee Camp)


% Change in Attitude Towards Friendship With People from Different Groups, First-Year Campers, Israelis







Jewish Israelis





10.87% Americans











Percentage Change in Possibility of Friendship







60% % Change in Average Level of Trust of Different Groups, Indians and Pakistanis

% Change in Critical Interests of Seeds from the Middle East by Pakistanis


by Indians Israelis


4.11% More Committed to Working for Peace


17.98% 2.90%

17.98% 44.38%

Arabs 12.50%

Pre-Camp Hopes

More Committed to my Community

Post-Camp Feelings


9.84% 51.69%

Afghans 7.41%

Convinced my Opinions Matter


59.44% 59.44%

21.54% 50.56%


More Confident

6.94% 74.44%


2008 Annual Report














Leadership development that started at Camp in Maine continued through 2008 as new Seeds returned home. This year, Seeds of Peace built upon its many programs that have proven so effective in reinforcing friendships, fostering leadership skills and developing community outreach. New programs, like the Music Program which provides Israeli and Palestinian Seeds with a creative outlet, have also proven extremely successful. With continuing dialogue sessions, language courses, community presentations and SeedsBook, Seeds of Peace continued its drive to motivate the leaders of the future after they leave Camp. DIALOGUE PROGRAMS The Dialogue Programs are a pillar of support for Seeds as they return home and are again confronted with the bitterness of conflict. Faced with considerable obstacles—suspicion, intolerance, war, poverty, military occupation, terror—Israeli and Palestinian Seeds met throughout 2008 in small dialogue groups to continue the difficult conversations begun at Camp. Under the professional guidance of Seeds of Peace-trained facilitators (many of them older graduates of the Camp), Seeds once more listened to the opinions of people on the other side of the conflict, and continued the lessons in tolerance and respect that began last summer. During the largest session of 2008, 140 Israeli and Palestinian Seeds met for a day of dialogue near Jerusalem in August.

series sponsored by USAID which reaches out to a broad cross-section of interested Israelis and Palestinians from the local community. Speakers included NGO leaders, educators, policy-makers, and journalists. This rare occasion of cross-cultural networking in a neutral setting allows for deeper understanding and opportunities for cooperation by providing a place to people interested in meeting those from “the other side.” In 2008, eight Seeds Café gatherings were organized around topics like Media and the Conflict, 60 Years of Different Historical Narratives, and Striving for Peace in the Shadow of Loss. The series was once again hosted by two older Seeds, an Israeli and a Palestinian. MUSIC PROGRAM

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AND FACILITATION TRAINING COURSES Seeds of Peace offered an 18-month training course to young professionals who want to develop skills as conflict-resolution facilitators. On June 5, 2008, the Seeds of Peace Facilitators Course graduated 15 participants, ten of whom are alumni Seeds. Two of the graduates, Bashar and Lama, facilitated at Camp in 2008. SEEDS CAFÉ The enlightening Jerusalem Seeds Café Forum continued its success this year. The Café is a public speaker

The Seeds of Peace Music Program has helped many Seeds deal with the sparks of violence in the Middle East over the past year by giving the Seeds a forum through which they can creatively express themselves. On December 26, 2008, the Israeli-Palestinian Music Ensemble held its first meeting at the Hadar Community Center in Haifa. Six Palestinian and five Israeli Seeds began a six-month exploration of music’s power to foster understanding and trust between the two nations. The group studied the use of music as a means of communication through improvisational activities, as well as listening to one another’s favorite music from their 2008 Annual Report



respective nations and around the world. By the end of the meeting, the Ensemble had composed three original songs as a testament to their newfound connection. ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CROSS BORDER EVENTS Eighty Seeds and 20 Seeds of Peace staff members, Delegation Leaders, facilitators and volunteers gathered in the Negev/Naqab Desert for a bi-national event focused on strengthening relationships with “the other side” through facilitated advanced dialogue. From April 10-12, 35 Israeli Seeds and 45 Palestinian Seeds from the West Bank and Jerusalem from the 2005-2007 Camp sessions spent three days discussing recent developments in the conflict and how to create mutual trust and understanding in their communities by leading projects and initiatives of their own. More than 140 Israeli and Palestinian Seeds and 10 Delegation Leaders from both sessions of the 2008 Camp year met for a day of skill building activities, including advanced dialogue, at Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam near Jerusalem on August 29. This was the first reunion since the end of Camp earlier that month and served to reunite our newest Israeli and Palestinian Seeds and provide critical follow-up support as they return to their home communities. The event was led by key staff members of the regional field offices and critical support was provided by over 20 Seeds from earlier Camp years who served as volunteers. This important event gave participants the opportunity to build on the training and skills they acquired at the International Camp and begin thinking about how those methods could be applied at home. In August, 15 Israeli and Palestinian Seeds participated in a day-long basketball clinic run by Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar. The NBA player, who has been a

regular participant in the Seeds of Peace NBA Day in Maine, taught the Seeds basic dribbling, shooting and passing skills. He was later the guest of honor at a dinner in Jerusalem where he and the Seeds discussed the value of sports as a way to break down barriers, build trust and foster mutual understanding. In December, over 100 Palestinian and Israeli Seeds participated in Haifa's annual Holidayof-Holidays event. The Seeds organized workshops at the street festival, which symbolizes the coexistence between the city’s Jews, Christians and Muslims. One group led art projects like face-painting for festival participants, while another handed out information about Seeds of Peace and answered questions about the organization and their experiences as Seeds. MODEL SCHOOLS INITIATIVE As part of a partnership with USAID, Seeds of Peace has designed a number of different programs aimed at nurturing an environment of tolerance, dialogue, respect, and civic engagement. As these concepts must be encouraged particularly among youth, Seeds of Peace has geared many of its efforts toward teaching tolerance in Israeli and Palestinian schools—a “Model Schools Initiative.” The objective of this project is to increase the number of educators in the region who support incorporating dialogue, peaceful learning environments, respect for the opinions of others, non-violent resolutions to conflict, and civic responsibility into their everyday lesson plans. Seeds of Peace chose a select group of 20 Israeli and 20 Palestinian educators who are committed to introducing these ideas and methods into their school system and are committed to training their colleagues in these concepts. This project started with a seven-day seminar in the spring of 2008 and continued with a year of follow-up, including site visits.

As part of a partnership with USAID, Seeds of Peace has designed a number of different programs aimed at nurturing an environment of tolerance, dialogue, respect, and civic engagement. As these concepts must be encouraged particularly among youth, Seeds of Peace has geared many of its efforts toward teaching tolerance in Israeli and Palestinian schools – a “Model Schools Initiative.”


2008 Annual Report


INDIA/PAKISTAN HOMESTAYS PROGRAM The India/Pakistan Homestays Program is an intensive and rewarding week of workshops, facilitated dialogue and educational visits to historical and cultural sites and the Indo-Pak border. In August of 2008, the program brought 18 high school-aged Indian Seeds and seven Indian Delegation Leaders to Pakistan’s cultural capital, Lahore, where they stayed with their Pakistani friends from Camp. Workshops led by Delegation Leaders taught leadership skills and explored attitudes toward key conflict issues, like the Kashmir dispute. In total, 43 Seeds participated in the Homestays Program, funded by the U.S. Department of State. All participants from both countries participated in the Seeds of Peace International Camp program in Otisfield, Maine, between 2004 and 2007. Having returned to their home countries, they frequently participate in programs on the ground aimed at furthering their education and training as peacemakers and leaders. The annual South Asia Homestay Program is the centerpiece of this training following Camp. The Seeds were then given an opportunity to use their skills during school visits, during which they gave talks about Seeds of Peace and answered questions about their thoughts on the Indo-Pak conflict. Despite rising tensions between India and Pakistan, Seeds of Peace completed a week-long program in Lahore, Pakistan aimed at empowering young people with the skills to resolve conflict. No other organization in the world conducts this kind of Homestay Program on the subcontinent. For these young leaders, this was their first opportunity to collaborate faceto-face on peace issues in nearly two years. In


2008 Annual Report


2007, Seeds of Peace was unable to complete the program due to intense political unrest in the region, including the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Program activities included professionally facilitated dialogue sessions focused on key issues in the India-Pakistan relationship, such as security, economic cooperation, political unrest, and the ongoing conflict in Kashmir. The Indian and Pakistani Seeds also took their skills into Pakistani school districts, where they gave presentations to nearly 400 high school students about Seeds of Peace and the critical role of young people in resolving seemingly unending conflict. In addition, they participated in cultural, sporting and religious activities that allowed each side to gain a richer and more tolerant understanding of supposed historic enemies. While speaking to a delegation of Indian and Pakistani Seeds during their July 2008 visit to Washington, DC, Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte said: “I encourage you to continue seeking out opportunities at home to support tolerance and understanding. Your dedication to religious and cultural tolerance, coexistence, and dialogue is important to achieving lasting peace … By participating in Seeds of Peace, you have shown that you have the imagination and dedication to help give your societies the precious gift of peace.” BRING-A-FRIEND WORKSHOPS Graduate Seeds in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan met with their friends as well as professionals to discuss community-building, volunteerism, leadership skills and other topics. These three-day workshops allowed Seeds to spread the message of Seeds of Peace within the community as well as

continued to prepare Seeds for leadership roles in business, government, health care, and the nonprofit world. SEEDSBOOK In order to maintain bonds between Seeds separated by vast distances, Seeds of Peace uses the Internet as a means of

communication. The SeedsBook website includes a chat room, which allows Seeds to speak daily with one another as well as share photos, film, and music. A neutral moderator hosts weekly discussions. Similar to Facebook, each member has a registered profile that he/she can edit at any time.


The Graduate Seeds Program aims to reunite Seeds who attended Camp prior to 2000 and are starting, or have already started, their professional careers. GRADUATE SEEDS SUMMIT IN AQABA, JORDAN | APRIL 24-27, 2008 Forty-four Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, Jordanian and American Seeds, spanning Camp years 1993-2000, attended the four-day Seeds of Peace summit in Aqaba in order to adopt a proposal for launching the Seeds of Peace Graduate Association. The Seeds also participated in workshops on community organizing, working with the media, and using business and entrepreneurship to build understanding. At the Summit’s conclusion, the Seeds proposed the Association's structure and its relationship with the larger Seeds of Peace organization.

examine the role of community service in graduate-initiated actions. During the Summit, Afghan, Indian, Pakistani, Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian and American graduate Seeds participated in intensive workshops, seminars, and discussions. They also adopted a mission statement for the Graduate Association. Additionally, Seeds met with seven Seeds of Peace board members, including Board Chairman Richard Berman. MISSION STATEMENT


The Graduate Association serves as a vehicle for all Graduates, in their diversity, to network, encourage and create local and regional initiatives to end conflict and promote cross-border opportunities.

To follow up on the Aqaba Summit, a Graduate conference was held in Rabat, Morocco. During the four-day Summit, 50 graduate Seeds met in order to further develop the Graduate Association and

We act in service of our communities to respond to their various needs. We support the Seeds of Peace community by mentoring younger Seeds and helping to shape the future of the organization.

2008 Annual Report






Years Ended December 31, 2008 and 2007

Years Ended December 31, 2008 and 2007




Unrestricted: Contributions (non-event) Government grants Contributions in-kind Camp fees & misc. program services Investment and other income Release of restricted assets

$1,878,740 $450,868 $126,968 $538,661 $240,619 $193,784

$3,774,290 $400,462 $147,133 $520,112 $142,410 $251,709

Total before special events



Special events: Auction sales Event related revenue and support Less: related direct costs Net special event income and support Temporarily Restricted: Contributions (non-event) Release of restricted assets Permanently Restricted: Investment and other income Total support and revenues












Prepaid expenses



Property and equipment, net









$78,980 $1,891,392 ($490,768)

$123,580 $2,269,989 ($726,028)



Cash and cash equivalents Grants and pledges receivable, net Other receivables Inventory Investments

Intangible assets, net Security deposits Total assets

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $876,687 ($193,784)

$76,042 ($251,709)





Liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued expenses Loans payable Due to grantors Deferred income

$309,390 $1,505,833 – –

$386,768 $1,510,000 $15,133 $35,882



($124,985) $928,957 $342,834

$964,929 $246,054 $364,271

Total net assets



Total liabilities and net assets



Total liabilities EXPENSES: Program Expenses: International camp MiddleEast/Multinational Education/Public relations South Asia (SA) Program administration Total program expenses Supporting Services: Management and general Fundraising Total expenses Increase/(Decrease) in net assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Increase/(decrease) in net assets Net assets, beginning of year Net assets, end of year


2008 Annual Report

Commitments and contingencies* $1,778,754 $1,861,485 $255,470 $134,604 $269,108

$1,722,624 $1,231,910 $336,967 $133,327 $353,146



$1,366,072 $333,665

$1,659,858 $431,215



($1,089,914) $682,903 ($21,437)

$1,034,610 ($175,667) $18,839



$1,575,254 $1,146,806

$697,472 $1,575,254

Net assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

*Independent Auditors’ Report – We have audited the accompanying statements of financial position of Seeds of Peace, Inc., (a not-for-profit organization) as of December 31, 2008 and 2007, and the related statements of activities and cash flows for the years then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Organizations’ management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits. We conducted our audits in accordance with U.S. generally accepted auditing standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform our audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatements. An audit includes examining on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for our opinion. In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Seeds of Peace, Inc. at December 31, 2008 and 2007, and the results of its activities and its cash flows for the years then ended, in conformity with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles. Skody Scot & Company, CPAs, P.C.

2008 Annual Report



$100,000 AND ABOVE Mrs. Kathryn W. Davis Edmond J. Safra Foundation ExxonMobil Corporation


Avenue Capital Management Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. and Regina Biederman

The Gould-Shenfeld Family

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$5,000 - $9,999

Peter F. Brown

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Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Rhona Lubner

Ms. Carolyn Altieri

The HealthCentral Network, Inc.

Rational Games, Inc.

Mr. Joel Altman

Herrick Feinstein, LLP

Red Sea Venture Partners

Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP

Dr. and Mrs. Allen I. and Valerie Hyman

Mr. and Mrs. Israel and Avy Rosenzweig

Mr. Andrew D. Hyman and Ms. Molly Chrein

Rotary District 7490

The Lunder Foundation Mr. Robert Mandell Marble Collegiate Church Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Svetlana McDonough McMiles Foundation Ruth Miller and Aaron & Lindsay Miller Philanthropic Fund Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Lindsay Miller

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Mr. Michael A. Wiener

Ms. Constance Milstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Judith Yarmuth

Moses Feldman Family Foundation

Amy Mandel and Katina Rodis Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Louis and Candice Hughes

Mr. David Strasser

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Carol Hurand

Mr. and Mrs. Arn and Nancy Tellem

Jack Brothers Associates

Tisch Foundation, Inc.

Rosalie Katz Family Foundation

Ms. Joan Tisch

Mr. Amed Khan

Toll Brothers

Mrs. Helen M. Kurtz

The Sidney J. Weinberg Jr. Foundation

Judy and Fred Wilpon Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Murray Kushner

Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Mr. Seth Glickenhaus

Landau Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Spero

Goldman Sachs Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Ornella Morrow

Mr. Fred Wilpon

Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Kathy Lasry

St. Marks School of Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gorlitz

The New York Mets Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999

The Laurie M. Tisch Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David Tanner

Mr. Joseph J. Grano, Jr.

Orleans Homebuilders

Mr. Jonathan M. Tisch

Mr. and Mrs. Ira J. and Linda Greenblatt

Air Stream Air Conditioning

John S. & Florence G. Lawrence Foundation, Inc.

Lucile and Maurice Pollak Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Lisa Aryeh

Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Jean Pollak

Mr. Sidney J. Weinberg

P. Brown & M. Hamburg Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn August

Mr. and Mrs. James G. and Helene Lawrence

Precision Piping

Mr. Michael Azeez

Mr. Frank C. Puzio

Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Jean Baraf

$10,000 AND $24,999 Mr. Bradley Abelow and Ms. Carolyn Murray Mr. William Ackman Alpern Family Foundation, Inc.


Liberty Title Agency, LLC

2008 Annual Report

Mr. and Mrs. David and Ruth Levine

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Diane Schachter The Shana Alexander Charitable Foundation

Mr. Jacob Toll Mr. Marvin Weissberg

Ms. Sharon Ginsburg Dr. Jane Glass The Glickenhaus Foundation

Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D. and

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Weinrott

Wiener Family Foundation

Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen, LLP

2008 Annual Report



Mr. Philip G. Barber and Ms. Amy Stursberg

Mr. and Mrs. William and Marlene Herzig

Phillips-Green Foundation, Incorporation

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Frances Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Sunday Holcomb

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Marilyn Ratner

Mr. and Mrs. Zvi and Dale Barzilay

Mr. Allan Ruchman and Ms. Amy Horbar

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rebell

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Judy Baum

Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Jan Zubrow

Mrs. Mardelle Cagen

Roy J. Zuckerberg Family Foundation

Camp Androscoggin

Mrs. Nancy Fox and Mr. Jan Edwards

Mr. Phil M. Cedar

Frederick Goldman Inc.

Mr. Roy J. Zuckerberg

Mr. and Mrs. Clive and Bonnie Chajet

Mr. Dan Frederick

$1,000 - $2,499

Charitable Leadership Foundation

The Academy for Educational Development

Chatham Financial

Mr. and Mrs. John and Judith Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Lisa Cirenza

Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Gannaway

Clay Foundation - East

Ms. Suzanne Gavin

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Elizabeth Cobb

Gazer, Kohn, Maher & Company, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Cohen

Gelman Educational Foundation

Mr. Daniel H. Cohen

Mr. Charles Gelman

Mr. David H. Cohen

Dr. Roberta Gerson

Mr. and Mrs. John D. and Ann Cohen

Ginsburg Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Richard A. Horowitz

The Robert and Dorothy Goldberg Charitable Foundation

Mr. Bruce Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. Mamoun M. and Susan Hussein

The Rona and Randolph M. Nelson Foundation

Mr. Jacob Blumenfeld-Gantz

Mr. Munir Hussein

Ms. Diane Rosenberg

Mr. Robert L. Adams and Ms. Julie DeVito Adams

Mr. Richard Braemer and Ms. Amy Finkel

The Jack Gantz Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Helen Rosenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. and Nancy Lang Adler

Ms. Nancy Roskind

Raffle Anonymous

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. and Ronni Berman

Dr. Ralph Brown

Ms. Sherry Jacobson and Mr. Eugene Zuriff

Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard and Susan Budd

Jerome A. and Estelle R. Newman Assistance Fund, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen and Cheryl Rush

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Kate Callan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Kaufman

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sass

Mr. and Mrs. James and Barbara Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Debi Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Hal and Debbie Satnick

Mr. and Mrs. Don and Sheila Chaifetz

Mr. Richard Levy and Ms. Lorraine Gallard

Christ Episcopal Church of Los Altos

Landmark Advisors

Mr. and Mrs. Bart R. and Betsy Schwartz Mr. Marvin Seligman

Apple Lane Foundation Mr. Robert Arnow Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Shari Aronson Ms. Diane Asseo Griliches

Cohen-Fruchtman-Krieger Family, Inc.

Aufzien Foundation

Congregation Rodeph Sholom

Avanti Development Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Irene Bader

The Congregational Church of Needham

Mr. and Mrs. Buster Bailey

Mr. Howard Cooper

Mr. Donald P. Freedman

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Kelly Ginsburg Glen Oaks Philanthropic Fund Albert B. Glickman Family Foundation

Cohen & Perfetto LLP

Ms. Susan Lichtenstein and Mr. John Rokacz

Mr. and Mrs. David Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Eva Litt

Susan Stein Shiva Foundation

Mr. Gary Cohn

The Litwin Foundation

Mr. Gil Shiva

The Craig Effron Family Foundation

Joan Brown Diamond Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Lorel 163 Varick LLC

Mr. Garrard Beeney and Ms. Evan Mason

Mr. and Mrs. William and Nancy Simkiss

Mr. Richard Bello

Dalio Family Foundation

Bendit Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Janis Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dalio

Mr. Charles Bendit

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Goldenberg

Mrs. and Mr. Haleh and Kambiz Damaghi

Dr. Sidney Goldman

Edgewood Properties, Inc.

Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Shapiro Mr. Eric P. Sheinberg

Lucille Ellis Simon Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Mary Epner

The Mactaggart Third Fund

Mr. Trond Skramstad

Maine Community Foundation

Mr. C. Michael Soussan

The Evergreen Foundation

Mr. Kuldeep Malkani

Mr. Ahmed M. Fattouh

Mallah Management LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Claudia Spies

Mr. Michael Feldberg and Ms. Ruth Lazarus

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Julie Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fishkind

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. and Leni May

Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Jacalyn Florin Mr. Tom Foley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Marilyn Mazur

Friedman Equities, LLC

MedTech Publishing Company, LLC

Mr. Michael Gallay

Ms. Joan Mendelson

Mr. and Mrs. David and Louise Gitlitz

Meridian International Center

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. and Laurie Goldberger

The Michael S Feldberg-Ruth Lazarus Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Yvonne Goldfein Mr. Douglas Green

Mr. and Mrs. Al and Gayle Berg

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Helen Deitelzweig Mr. Craig DeLaurier and Ms. Bess Oransky

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Dorothy Goodman Rabbi Joel S. Goor and Dr. Lucille A. Roussin

Ms. Victoria Starr

Mr. Roger E. Berg

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Steinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Jill Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sterling

Mr. Jeffrey G. Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. Len Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Ruth Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Valerie Street

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bialek

Mr. Sebastian A. Stubbe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Blank

Jay & Kelly Sugarman Foundation

Mr. Marc J. Blumencranz

Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Michelle Swarzman

Norman & Julia Bobrow Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David S. and Linda Taub

Mr. Norman Bobrow

Ms. Anna Fox Edwards

Mr. Adam Miller

Mr. Ernest Bogen

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Eilian

Ms. Nancy Greene Milstein

Taylor Foundation

Mr. Richard Moriarty

Tishman Construction

Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Bohlsen

Dr. and Mrs. Marc S. and Michelle Engelbert

Mr. and Mrs. Leo and Frances Bretter

Marilyn & Mike Grossman Foundation

Mr. Jared Wien and Ms. Jamie Weinstock

Ms. Bonnie Englebardt Lautenberg Mr. and Mrs. James and Eileen Erwin

Mr. James Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Young and Nan Woo

Mr. and Mrs. Bert E. and Muriel Brodsky

Mr. and Mrs. John and Margee Falk

Mr. Leonard Grunstein

The Fay J. Lindner Foundation

Guilford Publications, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie and Nisha Brodsky

Ms. Lynne H. Federman and Mr. Joseph Korb

Mr. Jeffrey Gural

Mr. David C. Brown

Mr. Augustus Field

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Anita Hara

Mrs. Kerry Butler

Fiorini Landscape, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell R. Harwood

Ms. Angela Butterfield

First United Church of Oak Park

Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School


Mrs. Marcia Flanzig

Dr. Tim Hawkins

Merlin Foundation

Mr. Steve Moses Mr. and Mrs. Randall and Rona Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and Lois Gross

Mr. Stephen A. Novick and Mr. Evan Galen

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Paula Wurtzburger

Mr. Jeffrey Parket

Mr. Oleg Yavorovskiy

Mr. Michael Hamroff

Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning

Mr. Frank Handelman, Esq. and Ms. Bonnie Bellow, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Dorothy Patterson

Mr. Jeffrey Harth

Mr. Larry Phillips

2008 Annual Report

Mr. Peter Benjamin

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gold

Mr. and Mrs. Avi and Lisa Berg

The Greene-Milstein Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Haberman

Benjamin Peace Foundation

Mr. Keating Crown

Albert Brenner Glickman Family Fund of the Maine Community Foundation

Ms. Sheryl St. Pierre

Ms. Janet Green

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Marjorie Grossman



Ziman Family Foundation Ms. Phyllis Ziman-Cutler Barry L. & Jan R. Zubrow Foundation

Mr. Joseph DeLuca Mr. and Mrs. Stuart and Judith Dix Donner Properties, Inc.,

Ms. Lela Goren Ms. Bonni Gould Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Luetta Gould

Ms. Anne Donohue

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. and Edith Graff

Mr. George E. Doty

Mr. Steve Grant

Downtown Realty Management

Ms. Rachel Grassi

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Charis Drant

Mr. Martin B. Greenberg and Ms. Michele Elson

Mrs. Ruth A. Drucker

Mr. and Ms. Steven and Avra Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Martin Greenstein

Hampton Hills Golf & Country Club

2008 Annual Report



Mr. Clifford B. Hendler and Ms. Deborah Neipris Hendler

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. and Britta Schramm

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. and Mary Thaler

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Julie Assael

Mr. Mark Schubin and Ms. Karen McLaughlin

John M. and Joan Thalheimer Family Charitable Foundation

Mr. Irfan Atatekin

Rabbi and Mrs. Joel and Aviva Schwab

Mr. and Mrs. Werner Thiessen

Mr. Gabriel Ayache

Ms. Eugenia Topple Cayce

Scoggin Capital Management

Ms. Nina Bacas

Ms. Anne M. Topple

Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Linda Seaman

Mr. and Mrs. David and Suzanne Bair

The Perlmutter Family Foundation

Trainer Family Foundation

Mr. David Seeler

Rev. Richard W. Baker

The Peter A. and Elizabeth S. Cohn Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Shirin Trainer

Ms. Kate Ballen

Mr. Joel Leavitt

Penguin Group

Mrs. Joy Henshel

Mr. Raul Sumulong and Mrs. Grace C. Ledda-Sumulong

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Sally Herman

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence and Stephanie Levy

Pepper Hamilton, LLP

Miss Kate Hirsch

Mr. Bert Meek, III and Ms. Shari Lewchanin

Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. and Susan Perl

Mr. Larry Linden

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. and Barbara Hirsch

Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Amy Lipton

Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Hirschkorn

Mr. and Mrs. David S. and Sandra Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Pickering

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel N. and Patricia Seidman

Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Pierson, Jr.

The Selma Oritt Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Trkla

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas and Mary A. Maloney

Mr. David Pincus

Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Shalam

Troutman Sanders LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pine

Mr. H. J. Showell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Nicole Poliacof

Ruth and Jerome A. Siegel Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Suzanne Von Ende

Mr. and Mrs. Abe and Irene Pollin

Mr. Jon J. Skillman and Ms. Luanne Selk

Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. and Roberta Hirsch

Mr. and Mrs. Ara K. Hovnanian Ms. Amal Hussein Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. and Lauren Jacob

Ms. Lois Lowry

Plato Malozemoff Foundation

Simon and Marie Jaglom Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Meryl Mann

Mr. Michael E. Jaglom

Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Marbach

Mr. and Mrs. Les and Michele Janka

Mr. and Mrs. Harris and Cookie Markhoff

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Perelson

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Carol Pratt

Skody Scot & Company, CPAS, P.C.

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Ms. Leah Atkinson

Mr. Paul F. Balser Mr. Dov Barnett Mr. and Mrs. David and Lisa Barse Mr. Alon Barzilay Bascom Family Charitable Trust

Ms. Robin Wagner and Mr. Jerome Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Christina Bascom

Mrs. Silda Wall and Mr. Eliot Spitzer

Mr. David Baxter and Ms. Anne Anderson

Stuart E. & Estelle Price Foundation

Alan B. Slifka Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John S. and Penny Wallerstein

Mr. Stuart Price

Joel E. Smilow Charitable Trust

Mr. Roy S. Walzer

Ms. Amy Jill Belkin

Pritchard Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Smilow

Helen & William Mazer Foundation

Mr. Byrom J. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Jane Julius

Mr. William Rand

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Cookie Weber

Ms. Macky Bennett

Ms. Jane Masri Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Debby McGinn

Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Carol Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Kahn

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Tawny Ratner

Mrs. Irene M. Weigel

Ms. Jane Reece

The Sobel Family Foundation, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Lynn and Irene Weigel

Mr. Jeffrey Medoff

Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Reinhard

Mr. Frank Sobel

Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Vicki Weiner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Nancy Mendelow

Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. and Margaret Reitz

Solomon Schechter Day School

Mrs. Beth Weingarten

Mr. and Mrs. Wally and Roz Bernheimer

Dr. Bruce Solomon

Ms. Dorothy Weiss

Bethesda Friends Meeting

Mr. Tod Mercy

The Rene Bloch Foundation

Ms. Diane N. Solomon

Mr. Jaime Biderman

Mr. and Mrs. Marsh and Sarah Merriman

Mr. Richard Riess

Mr. Gerald Solomon

Wellington Management Company, LLC

Mr. Isadore L. Risen

Mrs. Barbara Solomon

Dr. Heidi Root

Dr. Steven Solomon

Betty & Bernard Werthan Foundation

Florence & Robert Rosen Family Foundation

Sonecha Foundation

Naida S. Wharton Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Boehne

Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio E. and Nancy Sosa

Ms. Naida S. Wharton

Ms. Stephanie Bolnick

The Winfield Foundation

Mr. William Bouton

Spirer-Leitzer Family Fund of the Maine Community Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Winn

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Laurie Braun

JJJ Family Foundation Mr. Thomas Johnstone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. and Elizabeth Joyce

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Ellen Kaidanow Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David and Alexandra Kamin Ms. Karen Karniol-Tambour The Dara Jeanne Kaufman Fund Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Barbara Kay Mr. and Mrs. David E. and Annie L. Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. and Michelle Kingsley Ms. Jill Kirshner

The Martin B. Greenberg Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Kenneth M. Meyer and Ms. Kathleen Reich Rabbi Shira Milgrom Millbrook Capital Management Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Cathy Miller Mr. Christopher P. Mittleman

Mr. and Mrs. Brett N. and Debra Rosen Ms. Susan Rosenberg

Dr. Melinda Molin

Joseph & Evelyn Rosenblatt Charitable Fund

Ms. Henriette Montgomery

Mr. Toby Rosenblatt

Mr. Jeffrey Koffman

Mr. Jonathan Nadler

The Roskind Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Kohn, Jr.

Mr. Louis Narotsky

Mrs. and Mr. Lynne and Joe Kossow Ms. Mary Kostman

Mr. Arik Kislin Dr. and Mrs. Henry and Nancy Kissinger

Mr. Richard Kurnit and Mrs. Diane Katzin Ms. Sharon Kurtz Mr. Andrew D. Lane Mr. John A. Lang Ms. Wendy Lang Mr. and Mrs. Jude P. and Eileen Laspa Law Office of Andrew B. Nichols Mrs. Patricia Lawrence



2008 Annual Report

Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Dee Stegman Mr. David Sterling and Ms. Mona Friedman

Wells High School

Mr. and Mrs. William A. and Selina Woods

Dwight E. Beach School

Mr. Jon Benson and Ms. Pamela W. Lynn Mr. and Mrs. William A. and Lynne Bermont

Ms. Joan Binkow Mr. Carl Bisgaier Mr. David Blatt

Mr. Frank Brenner

Ms. Yvonne Woolf

Ms. Eileen Brinberg

Mr. and Mrs. David and Laurie Wotman

Ms. Mary Brock

Mr. George M. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. and Thelma Klein Strauss

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Robin Ross

Mr. and Mrs. David Stump

Robert and Ann Buxbaum

Nelson & Small, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac and Donna Zion

Mr. Bruce Saber and Ms. Lisa Sotto

Mrs. Jane Sujen Bock and Mr. John S. Chow

Mr. Lee Casper

Mr. Louis E. Newman and Ms. Amy Eilberg

Mrs. Barbara Zuckerberg

Sambol Family Foundation

Ms. Norma Svedosh and Mr. Julian Svedosh

Mr. Daniel G. Cedarbaum and Ms. Caryn L. Jacobs

Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Wendy Newman

$500 - $999

Santa Fe Art Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Sy and Lynn Syms

Mr. Alberto Saravalle

Ms. Ellen Tarlow

Mr. and Mrs. Norman and Jane Alpert

Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Loretta Schatz

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Tarsha

Sylvia and Robert Scher Charitable Foundation

Newmark & Company Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Melanie Nussdorf Mrs. Jane Overman P.E.A. Student Activities Fund Ms. Sheila Paine Pearson Management Services LTD

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salzberg

Mr. David Schieren Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. and Lisbeth Schorr

Mr. and Mrs. Herb and Mary Adams

Buchbinder Tunick & Company LLP

Dr. Leonard Cedars Ms. Julie Chang Drs. Lewis and Pat Chartock Mr. Thomas R. Chatt

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Karen Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. John K. and Sharon Amdall

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Janet Teich

Ms. Margery Anderson

Ms. Terry L. Clarbour

Temple Israel

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Arsham

Temple Sinai

Ms. Esma Ashraf

Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. and Ellen Cogut

Ms. Ellen V. Chiniara

Mr. Lawrence Cohen

2008 Annual Report



Mr. and Mrs. Norman and Debbie Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Julie Gould

Mrs. Sandra L. Cole

Ms. Deb Grant

Mr. Brian Colton

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Rori Grant

Mr. Alan Corin

Mr. Maurice Kassimir

Ms. Bonnie Manter

Mr. Leslie Rose

Mr. Marc Sperling

Henry and Elaine Kaufman Foundation, Inc.

The Math Works, Inc.

Mr. David Rosen

St. Luke United Church of Christ

Ms. Kimberly Mattson

Ms. Karen J. Stam

Kaufman Stairs, Inc.

The McGraw-Hill Companies

Mr. David L. Rosenberg and Ms. Karen Fechter

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Casey McKeown

Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Patty Rosenblatt

Drs. William D. and Kathleen Steeves

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. and Daphna Cramer

Mr. Andrew J. Green

Mr. and Mrs. David M. and Harriet Kaufman

Ms. Roberta Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kaynes

Mr. Brian Meier

Ms. Cindy Ross

Mr. Robert Crames

Greenhut Galleries of Maine, Inc.

Ms. Raluca Mihaila

The Grenell Family Foundation

Ms. Marian E. Davis

Mr. Mark K. Kessler Dr. and Mrs. Saleem Khan

Mr. and Mrs. David Millstone

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. and Kristin Rover

Ms. Frances I. Stewart

Mr. Donald M. DeMarsh

Mr. and Mrs. George and Antonia Grumbach

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Esther Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Harriet Rothfeld

The Steven Cayre Foundation Inc.

Ms. Diana Cundy

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Richelle Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dicenzo

Mr. Milan Gupta

Mr. Rishi Khanna

Mr. Jonathan C. Downs

Mr. Daniel Haber and Ms. Ellen Cohen

Ms. Rachna Khosla

Mr. Charles H. Mitchell and Mr. John LaBrie

Mr. Alan Kirschenbaum

Mr. Peter Moore

Mr. L. Peter Hamlin and Ms. Zelda Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Seth and Miriam Kobay

Mr. and Mrs. Lester and Dinny Morse

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald I. and Beth Dozoretz Mr. Robert Dubois Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Robin Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Jodi Efros Ms. Jennifer Elster Mr. Christopher Engel Mr. and Mrs. Harvey and Janine Engel Mr. and Mrs. Bernard and Leslie Ettinger Mr. & Mrs. Arthur and Jo Ann Eves Mr. and Mrs. William Ewing Ms. Erika Fanelle Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Janet Feldman

Mrs. Ray Badner Hammerman and Dr. Ross Hammerman Mr. Jerry M. Hamovit Ms. Isabeth Hardy Ms. Mary Hasten Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Vicki Heyman The High Five Foundation Mr. Jay Hirschson and Dr. Nicole Schaffer

Mr. Andrew Friedman Mr. Philip Garoon and Family Mr. Sheldon Geller Mr. Joseph Gendelman and Ms. Ilana Blitzer Geneva Global The Gerald And Daphna Cramer Family Foundation, Inc.

David and Inez Myers Foundation

Mr. Jerome Kotzen

Mr. Robert Neuman and Mrs. Ann Neuman

Mr. Andrew Kule

Mr. Hattan Jabban

Mrs. Audrey F. Walzer

Ms. Rachel Paul Mrs. Alice B. Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. James B. and Lynn Shaffer

Sholley Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Jamie Jacobs

Ms. Tatiana E. Pohotsky

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Sholley

Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lindenbaum

Postmark Cafe

Ms. Gloria Silber

Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Suzanne Litt

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Mary Prager

Loeb & Loeb LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Margery Puder

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Marion Simon

Mr. Arthur Glenn Jakoby

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Johanson

Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Dorothy-Sue Lotke

Ms. Paula Gocker

Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Phyllis Jones

Ms. Aileen Louik

Ms. Robin Ratcliffe and Mr. Lawrence Pixley

Mr. Matt Low


Ms. Herta Gordon Mr. Craig Gorton

2008 Annual Report

$250 - $499

Mr. Hugh Phelps

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Carolyn Glickstein

The Goodman-Lipman Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Mark Zalewski

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Myrna Shapiro

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Cindy Liebmann

Jacobs & Goodman, P.A.

Mrs. and Mr. Freddi and Harvey Kadden

Mr. Dennis J. Loiacono

Mr. Rami Qubain

Dr. and Mrs. Rick and Yaffa Lukash

Ms. Susan Cohen Rebell

Max Kagan Family Foundation

Sujay Maiya

The Richard W. Baker Family Trust

Ms. Paula G. Kagan

Mr. Jason L. Mandell

Dr. and Mrs. Neil and Patty Karnofsky

Ms. Jennifer L. Mangel and Mr. Robert Ratner

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley and Marian Robboy

Ms. Laurie Karol

Ms. Sonia Mangelsdorf

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rogers Rose Community Foundation

Mr. Jeff Yusem

Mr. Parag Shah

Phelps Family Foundation

Jewish Theological Seminary

Good Friend Electric

Mr. Mark D. Young and Ms. Rachel A. Carren

Mr. Ben Levine

Gerson Lehrman Group

Mr. David Goldenberg

Mr. John Willey

Joan Leitzer, M.D.

Ms. Adela Peskorz

Ms. Sherry Weinstein-Mayer and Ms. Rachel Mayer

Ms. Maxine R. Sclar Ms. Elizabeth Segal

Mr. Michael Perry

Ms. Myra Waldman

Mr. Jeffrey A. Weissglass and Ms. Jeanne Affelder

Mr. Justin Pattner

Mr. Kyle Permut

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wald

Mr. David Schwerin

Mr. Michael Legum

Jewish Community Alliance

Mr. Brett Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. and Elizabeth Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. and Joyce Sharfstein

Ms. Laura Jackson

Mr. Paul Voigt

Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Wendy Schneidman

The Oberfeld Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Nicole Paisner

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. and Wendy Lewis

Mr. Eric M. Uslaner

Ms. Pamela Wald

Ms. Becky Laub

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Steffie Levy

Twelve Twenty-One Fund

Mr. Robert Schloss and Ms. Emily Sack

Ms. JoAnn Ottman

Mr. Roy Levit

Mr. and Mrs. Shmouel and Melissa Toledano

Nicusa Investment Advisors LLC

Mrs. Laurie Larsen and Mr. Thomas Stoner

International Strategy & Investment Group, Inc.

Mr. Benjamin Schak

Ms. Peggy Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Sheila Schlesinger

Ms. Louise Horvitz

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. and Caroline Hyman

Ms. Inda Schaenen

Ms. Andrea Templeman

Mr. and Mrs. Dan H. and Alice Nicolson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Britt Hoh

Mr. Benjamin Hurwitz

Sand Dollar Foundation

Ms. Janice Kosta

Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Jane Ocker

Fox Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Barbara Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. and Ellen Saunders

Rev. and Mrs. Armin and Evelyn Kroehler

Mr. and Mrs. Lance and Rachel Stier

Mr. Zach Samton and Dr. Julia Perlmutter

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy and Jill Musiker

Mr. Paul Krikorian

Mr. Richard Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Judith Stuchiner

Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Sara Sapadin

Ms. Elena Kriegner

Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. and Talia Sternberg

Mr. Jesse Safir

Dr. and Mrs. William M. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lamle

Ms. Sharon A. Hosley

Ms. Jacki Saffron

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Jennifer Kosak

Mr. Aaron Hoffman

Ms. Sarah F. Fontenot

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Pam Fried

Mr. Steven M. Koffman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Kully

Ms. Cynthia Howland

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Laurie Franz



Mr. Kenneth Simonson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Nancy Siskind Rabbi Jonathan Slater and Ms. Barbara Schecter

Aaron Consulting Company LLC Mr. Simnan Abbas Ms. Ruthie Abel Dean and Nancy Abelon Ms. Elisia Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Zack Abuza Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. and Anita Adelson Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Jan Albert Mr. E. Davies Allan Nicolas Tanner Allen

Edward C. Smith Charitable Annuity Trust

Mr. Wilson Alling

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith

Mr. Ted Amley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Diane Smith

Ms. Judy Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. S. Scott and Deborah Smith

Mr. John Arpino

Mr. Robert Alloway

Ms. Kaci Arbani

2008 Annual Report



Faisal Ashraf Ms. Elizabeth R. Atkins

Dr. and Mrs. Leon I. and Phyllis Charash

Atlantic Coast Real Estate Appraisers, LLC

Mrs. Barbara Charlton

Mr. Norman Axelrod

Mr. Michael Cimino

Mr. Raymond Azizi

Ms. Jaclyn Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. David Badner

Mr. Jay Cohen

Mr. Daniel Bain

Mr. Ned Cohen

The Ballard Family Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Neil and Dana Cohen

Mr. Claude M. Ballard

Ms. Rachel Cohen

Rachel Balsam

Mr. David Choi

Mr. Jason Fertel

Mr. David S. Grayson

Mr. Todd Kaminsky

Mr. Irv Losman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Barbara Fierman

Ms. Cynthia Green and Mr. Joshua Jablons

Ms. Jacqueline Kang

Ms. Jessica Loss

Mr. Justin R. Karp

Mr. Sherif Lotfi

First Congregational Church of Blue Hill

Mr. Jerome G. Green

Mr. Joshua Katzeff

Ms. Alison Lowy

Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Leslie Greenberg

Ms. Susan Kaufman

Mr. Thomas Lyon

Mr. Dennis Keith

Mr. Philip Machnikoff

Lucia and Boris Kerzner

Mr. Aidan Madigan-Curtis

Mr. Naheed Khan

Maia Golani Corp.

Mr. Gary D. Kilmer

Mr. Leon Manoff Mr. Mark Maricondo

First Congregational Church of Scarborough First Parish Church

Mr. Lee Grinberg Ms. Christine Grippo

Dr. and Mrs. George and Ellen Fishman

Groothuis and Company

Ms. Valerie Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. and Helena Foster

Ms. Sara Gubins

Ms. Christina Kenan Kirk and Mr. John Hamburg

Shai and Anna Bar-Lavi

Ms. Carolina Collison

Curran-Foster Family

Ms. Jill Gumberg

Mr. Ian M. Kirschner

Mr. and Mrs. David G. and Sandra Marshall

Mr. David Baron

Ms. Elizabeth Corwin

Mr. John F. Martin

Mr. Chris Crocetti and

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. and Mary Gutierrez

Mr. Steven Klar

Ms. Alyssa Barrie

Mr. William Fowler and Ms. Bridget Nedzi

Mr. Steven Crockett

Penny and Bob Fox

Mrs. Merna C. Guttentag

Ms. Kira McCarron

Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Erin Barzilay

Mr. and Mrs. Victor F. and Danielle Klebanoff

Mr. Lawrence Benenson

Mrs. Barbara J. Frederick

Ms. Samantha J. Haas

Dr. and Mrs. Harvey and Phyllis Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Debra McCurry

Ms. Linda Benrimon

Mr. Daniel L. Cruise and Ms. Liz Bowyer

Janez Hacin

Ms. Alexander Kleinman

Mr. Brian McGinnis

Mr. Eric Berman

Ms. Catherine E. Cutler

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Nancy Friedman

Ms. Lonnie Halpern

Mr. and Mrs. Kleinman

MCMC Enterprises, Inc.

Ms. Deborah R. Bernstein and Mr. J. Paul Weinstein

Mr. Eric Czervionke

Mr. Dustin Friedman

Sara, Brian, Andy and Mia Harris

Ms. Laurie Klugman

Ms. Donna McMillan

Mr. Jeff Dane

Laurel Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. John and Nancy Harris

Ms. Hanan Knoll

Mr. Paul M. Mernick

Mrs. Elizabeth Bernstein

Mr. Thomas Friedman

Ms. Mary Harscher

Dane and Michele Kostin

Ms. Deborah Bers

Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Carrie Dannhauser

Mr. Darryl Friedricks

Ms. Jessica Kostin

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Randi Metsch-Ampel

Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Roizen

Drs. Scott and Laura Danoff

Ms. Marni Galison

Mr. Dennis Hartin and Ms. Margaret Fox

Ms. Elisha Blechner

Pajton Dauer

Ms. Kristin Gamble

Farah Bloom

Larry Michael and Lisa-Karyn Davidoff

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Eileen Garber

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. and Beth DeBor Ttee

Mr. Brett Garfinkel

Mr. Matthew Bloom Ms. Emily Bobrow Bowdoin College Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. and Faith Borrow Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bowie

Murugan Dhandapani Mr. Waleed Diab Mr. Daniel Dolgin and Ms. Loraine Gardner

Ms. Dana Garced Gartner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Susie Hermanos

Mr. Jonathan Gerstl

Mr. and Mrs. David and Jo-Ann Drucker

Mr. and Mrs. Dino and Barbara Giamatti

Mr. Brad Dubin

Noa Gimelli

Mr. Alexander Dulac

Mr. and Mrs. Myron and Myrna Ginsberg

Mr. Howard M. Brown

Ms. Sarah Ecker

Ms. Tricia Hearne

Ms. Lisa Gerson

Ms. Adrienne Drinkwater

Ms. Betsey Brown

Mr. Rob Hazel

Neil and Fonya Helm

Mr. Dan Gerstein

Dynamic Consultants

Ms. Cynthia Hayes

Ms. Judith Geller

Mr. Zecki Dossal

Ms. Ariana Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. and Linda Hartman

Ms. Tannya Gaxiola

Mr. and Mrs. David and Timiny Braemer

Ms. Ilene Brody

Mr. Richard Gross

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. and Sheri Heckens

Ms. Barbara Brack

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart and Sari Braunstein

Mr. and Mrs. Herman and Mina Kotler

Metuchen Savings Bank

Ms. Antonia Kousoulas

Ms. Christine Meyer

Mr. Gregory Krakower

Mr. Matt Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Roy and Susan Kulick

Ms. Rebecca Meyer

Mr. Joel Kurtzberg

Mr. and Mrs. C.G. and Elaine Miliotes

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lahav Ms. Karen Lavine and Mr. Donald G. Kilpatrick

Mr. Frank Metzger

Mrs. Laura Miller

Ms. Cherie Lee

Mr. and Mrs. John and Edwina Millington

Ms. Jill Herscot and Mr. Andrew Bartley

Ms. Joanne Lee

Ms. Sara Milsten

Ms. Sandy Lee

Milton Academy

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. and Helen Herssens

The Marvin Lender Family Foundation

Mr. Alan Mnuchin

Mr. Roger E. Herzog

Mr. Keith Lender and Ms. Jill Jorschick

Mr. Daniel J. Highkin

Mr. Lucas Glass

Mr. Dylan Hildreth-Hoffman

Mr. Howard Gobstein

Ms. Beverly Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Lesli Gold

Mr. and Mrs. James S. and Jane Lester

Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Alyssa Mosberg Mr. Thomas W. Mullen and Ms. Catherine Coleman Mr. Paul Murphy

Mr. Arthur Levin

Mr. Scott Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Levin

Mr. Alan D. Nadeau

Mr. Ron Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Louise Eggleston

Mr. Tim Brown

Ms. Elizabeth Ehrenfeld

Mr. Jeremy S. Goldberg

Mr. Eric Hirschhorn and Ms. Leah Wortham

Ms. Felicia A. Bundy

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Eilberg

Mr. Wesley Goldberg

Ms. Beth Hoishman

Ms. Lianna Levine Reisner

Mr. Bryan Elzholz

Mrs. Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible

Mr. George Hornig

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. and Anita Nelson

Mr. J. Michael Burns and Ms. Mary Jo Hollender

Ms. Barbara Levine

Mr. Ron Horowitz

Network Mechanics

Mr. Robert Goldenberg

Mr. Robin Levine

Mr. Adam Epstein Ms. Jana Ernakovich

Mr. and Mrs. Mort and Judy Goldfein

Mr. Robert Huhem

Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Lindenbaum

Network of Indian Professionals: New Jersey

Hyman Meyers Family Circle

Mr. James W. Goldman Ms. Jessica Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Laura Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Arlene Linder

Mr. Erick Gonzalez

Mr. Brian Jacoby Mr. Michael Jurnovoy

Ms. Emily Burt-Hedrick Mr. Laurence N. Butler Mr. John-Paul Cabalar Mr. and Mrs. David and Robin Carlin Adele and Rick Carter Mr. Steve Casper



Mr. Ed Estrada Omet D. Ewoterai Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. and Debra Fagans

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T. Cassidy

Mr. William E. Farneth and Ms. Ellen L. Baer

Ms. Mary A. Goodman Ms. Elinor Gorenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kalb

Ms. Lourrie Chandler

Ms. Kim Farrington

Mr. and Mrs. Irving and Ellen Grauer

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Cornelia Kamedulski

2008 Annual Report

New Prospect Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Bertram N. and Mary Ellen Linder

Mr. and Mrs. James and Virginia Newmyer

Mr. Joey Lipton

NY Football Giants

Mr. and Mrs. Marty and Stacey Litt

Mr. William O'Hagan

Mr. Robert Liu

Mr. Daniel Oppenheim

Mr. Jeremy Loeb

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald and Nina Oppenheim

2008 Annual Report



Ms. Jennine Orphanides

Ms. Shoshana Rosenbaum

Mr. Gregg Shulklapper

Ms. Judy Vann

Mr. Mark W. Abel

Ms. Kathleen Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. David W. and Judy Osgood

Ms. Amy Rosenberg

Mr. Norman Sider

Mr. Robert Verdier

Dr. Loismay Abeles

Mr. Kendal Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Batya Rosenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Sandra Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Milton and Judith Viorst

Dr. and Mrs. Tom and Abby Abelson Ms. Marilynn Abrams

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. and Mary Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Diane Rosenman

Ms. Emily Silbergeld

Ms. Rebecca Vollmer

Mr. Michael Abrams

Mr. Paul Angelis

Mr. Ashok Parameswaran

Mr. Marc Simon

Mr. Shawn Rosenthal

Mr. Neil Abrams

Ann Arbor Jewish Cultural Society

Parkway Corporation

Ms. Estera T. Singer

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Hadassah Wachstock

Mr. Alon Rosenzweig

Ms. Myra Sklarew

Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Wagoner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. and Patricia Abrams

Ms. Sharon Anstey

Ms. Martha Parrish Mr. and Mrs. David and Jessica Paschkes

Ms. Barbara L. Rosin

Ms. Ruth Smolash

Mr. Michael Wallach

Ms. Laurie Abrams-Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Cushman D. and Karen Anthony

Mr. Gary Rosner

Mr. Henry Snyder

Mr. David Waller

Rev. Hayat N. Abuza

Ms. Marcia Appel

Mr. Steven Passerman

Dr. Karin Rotem

Heidi Ackerman-Jordan, Esq.

Mr. David Aptaker

Mr. Julius Pearl

Ms. Jessica Snyder

Mr. Andrew Waranch

Mr. David Rothberg

Ms. Deborah R. Peikes

Ms. Lesley Snyder

Mr. Thomas Watson

Ms. Rose B. Ackermann

Ms. Delilah R. Rothenberg

Mr. David Sokol

Ms. Sarah Rothman

Stacey and Michael Soll

Mr. and Mrs. Hebron E. and Nancy Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Penny Apter

Mr. and Mrs. David and Donna Pelton

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. and Leslie Weber

Mr. David Addison and Ms. Victoria Kuhn

Mr. Gilbert Aronowitz

Mr. and Mrs. David and Andrea Page

Pemaquid Group of Artists PennState Hillel Ms. Jodi Perelman Mr. David Perpich

Mr. Richard Rubin

Ms. Jenny Song

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin and Marilyn Rush

Mr. Louis Spadaccino

Ms. Melissa Weintraub

Mr. Ryan Spalter

Mr. Albert Adelman

Mr. Joshua Aronson

Paul and Harriet Weissman Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Joel Adelman

Dr. Stephen M. Arpadi and Dr. Terry M. Marx

Mr. Gregory Rush Mr. Jesse R. Ryan

Ms. Caralyn Spector Mr. Miles Spencer

Dr. Anthony W. Salem

Ms. Anne Spletzer

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Harriet Weissman

Ms. Kathryn Peyton

Dr. Paul M. Salinas

Ms. Elizabeth Stanton

Mr. Stevenson Weitz

Mr. Eric Pino

Mr. Michal A. Salkin

Ms. Stephanie Stein

Ms. Leah Pisar

Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Jane Saltzman

Rev. Roy W. Pneuman Ms. Nancy Pokojny Mr. David Popp and Ms. Cheryl Aylesworth Ms. Grace Powell Gordon C. Preston, M.D. Mr. David Price Mr. David I. Rachlin Mr. and Mrs. Cliff and Marlene Rackson

Ms. Karen Arsham

Westbrook-Warren Church

Mr. and Mrs. Jules and Muriel Asher

Ms. Katherine M. Steinbach

Ms. Barbara B. Whitesides

AGM Financial Services, Inc.

Mr. Doug Wick and Ms. Lucy Fisher

Ms. Andrea B. AskenDunn

Ms. Dhuane and Mr. Scott Stephens

Ms. Sangita Agnihotri

Ms. Gabriel Wieder

Mr. Scott Sambade

Mr. and Mrs. James and Phyllis Stewart

Ms. Alia Ahmed

Mr. and Mrs. William B. and Martha Atherholt

Mrs. Louise W. Wiener

Ms. Sheva J. Sanders and Mr. Thomas P. Sanders

Rabia Ahmed

Ms. Robin Atlas

Ms. Erika Strote

Jeff and Susan Wild

Ms. Rania Ahmed

Ms. Gail E. Atwater

Mr. Jose Suarez

Williston West Church

Ms. Annella Auer

Ms. Vera Sung

Ms. Denise Winston

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. and Kathryn Ainsworth

Huma Syed Daniel M. Tabas Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Helene Wolff

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Nancy Aldrich

Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Judith Aufhauser

Mrs. Evelyn R. Tabas

Mr. Ira Wolfson

Mr. Thomas Aleinikoff

Mr. Frederick D. Augenstern

Ms. Eden Tanenbaum

Mr. and Mrs. David E. and Judith Woodman

Ms. Carolyn M. Alfano

Ms. Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. and Susan Alfred

Augusta Kiwanis Club

Paul and Bettylu Saltzman

Ms. Josephine Sandler Mr. Dale Sarjeant Sassouni Management, Inc. Ms. Mindi Sayre Mr. Erik Schafer

Mr. Jose A. Ramos

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Jodi Scheinfeld

Shruthi Reddy Ms. Hilary Reich Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Susan Reinert

Ms. Jane Arsham

Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. and Andrea Adler

Mr. Alex Schaffel

Mr. Michael Rappeport

Mrs. Leslie Adelson Lewin and Mr. Nick Lewin

Mr. George H. Aronson

Dana and Jim Adler

Radnor Township School District Ms. Alison Randall

Mr. David E. Arond

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. and Bonnie Weill

Mr. Joel Saferstein

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Kara Petrosinelli

Mr. Mario Schlosser Ms. Jill Schneider Ms. Nora Schuman Mr. and Mrs. E. W. and Martha Scott The Second Abraham S. and Fannie B. Levey Foundation

San Tang Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Tarnow Dr. and Mrs. Kamyar and Farnaz Tavakoli Temple Beth Elohim of Wellesley Temple Beth Emeth Temple Shalom of Newton Ms. Brooke P. Tenney

Ms. Joan M. Woodward

Ms. Jaclyn Ashla

Ms. Susan Auerbach

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. and Susan Yearly

Ms. Ruby Ali

Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Rochelle Auslander

Ms. Abigail Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Judith Zabar

Ms. Beth Aviv

Mr. Daniel Allen

Ms. Elizabeth Ayson

Ms. Edith Allen

Mr. and Mrs. David Babish

Ms. Katherine Allen

The Babos Family

Ms. Gail Alling

Mr. Ephriam Back and Ms. Tara Blau

Mr. and Ms. David and Jennifer Allyn

Mr. Cary Baer Mr. Donald Baer and Ms. Nancy Bard

Ms. Jillian Zane Ms. Carol Zeenkov

Ms. Mary Seiler

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Thirtyacre

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. and Joy Zelin

Kunal Shah

Mr. Benjamin Tishler

Mr. Andrew Zimmerman

Ms. Jeri Alper

Mr. Sameer Shamsi

Ms. Ellen Tobin

Ms. Susan F. Zinder

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert and M. Alpert

Ms. Jodi Toch

Mr. Zachary Zito

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Michelle Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Karen Shapiro

Triton Foundation

Mr. Allan L. Alson and Ms. Sue Ann Glaser

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Bagan

Mr. Michael K. Riegelman

Ms. Michele Shapiro

Mr. Joseph Alves

Mr. David Bailey

Rabbi David Shneyer

Mr. Johan Alwall

Mr. Mike Roberts

Ms. Florence Ames

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. and Lisa Baird

Mr. Albert Rodstein

Shore Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Karen Turbyfill United Methodist Women

Ms. Lynn Amores

Mr. John Bald

Mr. Chris Roedel

Mr. and Mrs. William H. and Paola Shore

Ms. Judith Ancell

Mr. Steve Showalter

Mr. Kenneth Usdin

Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund R. and Elinor Balka

Mr. Ira M. Resnick Harvey and Jane Rich Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Mindy Richenstein

Mr. Greg Ronan Mrs. Sondra Rosen



2008 Annual Report

Mr. Harrison Tsai

Unity Church

$1 - $249 Ms. Amanda Aaron Mr. and Mrs. Jesse and Jennifer Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. and Elaine Abel

Mr. and Mrs. James P. and Carlotta Anderson

Mr. George Baggett

Ms. Marilyn Balkany

2008 Annual Report



Ms. Cynthia A. Ballan Mr. Ronald D. Ballard Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. and Sally Ballard Ms. Paula B. Balser Mr. Sean Baptiste Mr. Robert Barasch Mr. Rammy Barbari Ms. Charlotte Barber Mrs. Betsy F. Bard Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Suzanne Bareham Mr. Matthew Barnabas Mr. and Mrs. Elliot and Phyllis Barnathan


Ms. Linda Blackerby

George and Maryanne Brannan

Ms. Nancy Buck

Ms. Kimberly Chappell

Mr. and Mrs. Marc D. and Susan Blackman

Mr. and Mrs. Denis and Terry Branton

Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. and Judy Budiansky

Ms. Abigail Charbonneau

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar and Avital BenJosef

Mr. Tim Blanchette

Mr. and Mrs. David H. and Nancy Brenerman

Mr. Alec Budow

Mr. John Charney

Rabbi Susan D. Bulba

Dr. and Mrs. Eran and Holly BenJoseph

Dr. Stephen Blattner and Dr. Francine Blattner

Mr. Mark J. Brenner

Ms. Rachel Burger

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. and Miriam Chatinover

Mr. Jules Breslow

Ms. Janine Benner

Mr. Martha Burgess

Asad Chaudry

Ms. Dory T. Bleich

Ms. Gail P. Bretan

Ms. Jean Bennett

Ms. Leslie Burkey

Mr. Joey Cheek

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. and Joan Bliss

Ms. Susan Bria

Mr. Scott Bennett

Mr. Geoffrey E. Burrill

J. Gerson Bloch

Mr. Archer Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Jennifer Chene

Nabil Bennouna

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Eleanor Bloch

Ms. Arlene Brickner and Mr. James Messing

Mr. John Butler

Mr. Jason Chepenik

Mr. Tom Cabot

Ms. Ariane Cherbuliez

Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Tina Benenson Ms. Betty H. Benjamin

Mr. and Mrs. David and Roberta Benor

Mr. Thomas A. Block

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and Rosemary Brigham Ms. Muriel Britton

Mrs. Nancy L. Cadmus

Ms. Susan Cherbuliez

Dr. Sally Bloom-Feshbach

Ms. Rebecca Benor-Sussman

Mr. David Brodkey

Ms. Molly Cafaro

Ms. Lauren J. Cherny

Ms. Carol R. Blucher Mr. Robert Blum

Ms. Arlene Brodsky

Mr. George A. Calder

Mr. and Mrs. James and Joyce Chicoine

Mr. Daniel Benor

Barnert Temple

Ms. Susanna Bensinger

Mr. Michael Baron and Ms. Christine Pope

Ms. Merrilly Berfond Benson

Ms. Karen Blumenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Brodsky

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Calderon

Mr. Michael Benson

Ms. Gail Blumenthal

Mr. Ira L. Brody

Mr. Daniel A. Baroody

Ms. Lee Blumer

Ms. Ellen Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Marcos and Sharona Benzaquen

Ms. Marie Barr

Eric Berger, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Sally Boardman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Elizabeth Brody

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. and Mary Callanan

Mr. and Mrs. Denny M. and Camilla Barrantes

Mr. Steven E. Berger

Ms. Ida Bobrow

Mrs. Naomi Brofman

Ms. Vivian Berger

Dr. and Mrs. Philip and Faith Bobrow

Mrs. Joan H. Bromage

Ms. Jacquelyn Barth

Ms. Sylvia G. Berkelhammer

Bockoff Family Foundation Fund

Ms. Joanne Bartlett

Ms. Jane E. Berkman

Mr. Matthew Bode

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Rosa Bromberg

Ms. Carol Trader Barton

Mr. Ira Berkowitz

Bela Bogdanovic

Ms. Margaret Bartosek

Ms. Randi Berkowitz

Ms. Kathryn Bonfiglio

Dr. Michael Barza

Mr. Adam Berlin

Elinor and Gil Bashe

Ms. Nancy Berlin

Mr. and Mrs. Randy C. and Jean Boone

Mr. Peter B. Bass and Ms. Linda B. Lisberger

Mr. William Berlow

Mr. William R. Booth

Mr. Jerome H. Berman and Ms. Bonnie R. Politz

Ms. Karen Bopp

Bates Family Trust

Ms. Virginia Borgatti

Ms. Rachel Baum

Mr. Jonathan Berman

Mr. Edward Bayley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Cheryl Berman

Mr. James M. Beall, Jr. and Mrs. Virginia F. Beall

Ms. Sara Beth Berman

Phyllis and Bob Beallor

Mr. Richard S. Berne

Mr. Matthew Bean

Ms. Christine Berni

Mr. Michael S. Beatty Mr. Loftus Becker

Ms. Elizabeth Bernstein

Brofman Family Trust

Christ Church

Mrs. Ellen R. Cardwell Ms. Gabrielle Carlin Ms. Patty Carlis

Mr. and Mrs. David and Carol Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. and Kristine Christensen Heng Chu

Ms. Mary Caroll

Mr. George E. Church and Ms. Kathryn B. Stein

Ms. Sandra A. Carrigan

Ms. Marian Cicolello

Ms. Miriam Bronstein

Mr. Dana Carroll and Mrs. Jeannine Marlowe

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J. and Molly Cinamon

Brookdale Community College Foundation Holocaust Center

Ms. Mary Carroll

Mr. John C. Cini

Ms. Debra A. Carruthers

Mrs. Loretta Borstein

Ms. Fredrica M Brooks

Mr. Everett Carson

Ms. Elizabeth Clagget-Borne and Mr. Jonathan Vogel-Borne

Mr. Larry Berkelhammer and Ms .Irma Botvin

Mr. Johnny S. Brooks

Ms. Sally Carson

Mr. Justin Clair

Ms. Liora Brosbe

Ms. Annie Carter

Ms. Genevieve Clark

Mr. John M. Broughton

Mr. Richard Cartier Godfrey

Ms. Julia Clark

Ms. Allison Brown

Ms. Nicole Casasa-Blouin

Mr. Eric Clements

Ms. Melanie M. Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot and Victoria Brown

Casco Village Church

Ms. Mia Cliggott-Perlt

Mr. Keith Boyd

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Betty Case

The Honorable Gordon S. Brown

Climbers Class of the Cranesville Reformed Church

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Debra Boyle

Ms. Susan T. Cecchini

Ms. Jackie Brown

Nelson Braff, Esq.

Mr. Alec Cecil

Ms. Joli Brown

Hannelore Bragg

Mr. Andrew Cedar

Mr. Larry Brown

Mr. Jesse Cedarbaum

Dr. and Mrs. Murton and Gertrude Brown

Ms. Alexis Cedeno Ms. Fayth Centeno

Kris M. Boudreau Ms. Rosemary L. Boutt Ms. Jeanine Bova

Ms. Gloria Brook

Ms. Susan F. Beegel Dr. Sarah-Marie Belcastro

Mr. Raj K. Bhandari

Ms. Gayle M. Belin

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Billes

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Ronnie Braiterman

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. and Judy Bell

Alan J. Bing and Joan L. Beskenis

Mr. Gary Braitman

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Susan Bellak

Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. and Constance Bingham

Debra E. Brand, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Mary Ann Brown Mr. and Ms. Ron and Jane Brown

Ms. Patricia Bellinger

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Birnbaum

Ms. Rachel Brand Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Rhona Brand

Mr. Zack Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome and Rosalie Beloff

Mr. Scott Birnbaum

Mr. Jonathan Brandon and Ms. Harriet Scheft

Mr. Leonard Brum

Mrs. Jere Brands

Ms. Lucy Brysk

Ms. Erin Brannan

Dr. Cathy Buch

2008 Annual Report

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Linda Carberry

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey and Marion Bronstein

Dr. and Mrs. Mat J. and Judith Betz

Ms. Linda Black

Mrs. Toba Chrein

Irin Carmon

Ms. Carol A. Bertolotti

Mrs. Carol Benenati

Mr. Steve Cantor

Ms. Sylvia T. Bronner

Ms. Sarah H. Beckjord

Ms. Starr Belsky

Mr. Andrew Chow

Ms. Daria Carmon

Mrs. Bernice Beckerman

Dr. Rodney S. Birney, M.D. and Ms. Suzanna Nadler, M.D.

Ms. Jintana Chiu

Ms. Marlys L. Bromberg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Rachel Bernstein

Ms. Virginia H. Black


Mr. Mark Blask

Mrs. Lynda Charfoos

Ms. Mary Beth Bruner

Mr. Elliott C. Centee Center for Spiritual Living Ms. Jamie Chaloff Ms. Margie Chalofsky Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Bonnie Chamberlin Ms. Elaine Chan

Church of Universal Fellowship

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Patricia Close Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Coccia Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Jane Coelho Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Eileen Coen Ms. Rebecca M. Cohan Miss Alison Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. and Marcia Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Arnold H. and Barbara Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. and Marsha Cohen

Ms. Marilyn Chandler

2008 Annual Report



Mrs. Catherine B. Cohen

Mr. Daniel Crane

Mr. Joe Doctor

Mrs. E Hope Emery

Findlay Family Foundation

Ms. Clara Frame

Ms. Claire J. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. and Elaine Crane

Mr. Ken Doctor

Ms. Rochelle Emmer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Patty Findlay

Mr. Michael Franck

Ms. Ann Dodd-Collins

Mr. Milton Emont

Ms. Eileen Fingerman

Ms. Karen Franco

Ms. Debra Doerfer

Timur Ender Ms. Eva M. Engler

Ms. Florence L. Cohen

Ms. Lauren Crawford

Mrs. Helen Dondy

Mr. and Mrs. James and Patricia Fingeroth

Mrs. and Mr. Frank

Ms. Flora Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Jacquelyn Craven

Mr. Reed English

Mr. Adam Finkel

Mr. Maurice J. Frankel

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic S. and Stephanie Cohen

Mr. Jon Crawford-Phillips

Mr. Alton F. Doody Ms. Khari Dougan

Mr. and Mrs. Al and Carol Finkelstein

Mr. Steven Frankel

Ms. Regina A. Dougherty

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. and Jill Epstein Ms. Cynthia A. Ervin

Ms. Harriet Finkelstein

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. and Mickey Frankel

Mr. and Mrs. Emilio and Regina Estela

Ms. Arlene Fins-Issenberg

Mr. David Franks

Mr. David Firestein

Ms. Geraldine Freedman

Ms. Elaine Eugster

First Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ

Mrs. Elsie N. Freeman

Ms. Ellen Cohen and Mr. Steven Fraade

Ms. Julie Frank

Mr. Irv Cohen

Rabbi and Mrs. Menachem and Elizabeth Creditor

Ms. Isabel Cohen

Ms. Betsy Crofts

Ms. Kim Dragotta

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Cohen

Ms. Sarah Cromwell

David E. Drake, D.O.

Mr. James R. Cohen and Ms. Anicca Jansen

Ms. Isabelle Cummings

Mr. and Mrs. Seth H. and Dorothy Dubin

Ms. Jane Cohen

Mr. Barry Cutler

Mr. and Mrs. David and Janis Cohen Mr. Jonathan S. Cohen

Ambassador and Mrs. Walter and Isabel Cutler

Ms. Linda M. Cohen

The Dacey Family

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Jane Cohen

Ms. Anne Dalton

Mr. Richard S. Cohen

Ms. Mary Dalton

Mr. Stan Cohen

Mr. Tom Dancer

Ms. Zoe Cohen

Ms. Jeanne Danek

Drs. Peter and Joan Cohn

Mrs. Arlene Dart

Mrs. Sylvia Cohodas

Joel E. Davidson, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. John S. and Cynthia Coldren

Mrs. Shannon B. Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Dorothy Cole

Ms. Susan Davis

Piper Earnhart

Ms. Deborah Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. and Sheila Davison

Ms. Wilhelmina M. Eaton

Mr. Stephen Farneth and Ms. Elizabeth Rintoul

Ms. Laura Fitzelle

Mr. Douglas Coleman

Ms. Renee L. Wallach Dean

Ms. Joanne M. Ebersbach

Ms. Linda Farrell

Mr. Jonathan Edelman

Ms. Alissa Fasman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Patricia Flagg

Mrs. Rosalind Edelstein

Ms. Alisa Fastenberg

Ms. Giovanni Flammia

Mr. David Friedman

Mr. Honour Edgerton

Mr. John M. Fein

Mr. Arnold Fleischer

Dr. Edward and Carole Friedman

Ms. Jennifer Effron

Ms. Janey Feingold

Ms. D. Rebecca Fleischman

Ms. Jennifer Friedman

Ms. Bev Egel and Mr. Paul Schrodt

Ms. Susan Feit-Stern

Mr. Joseph P. Flemming

Ms. Joanne Friedman

Mr. Edmond I. Eger

Mr. Elliot Feldman

Ms. Nancy Flescher

Mickey Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. and Gail Ehrlich

Ms. Marlin A. Feldman

Ms. Lissa Florman

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Jill Friedman

Ms. Susan M. Feldman

Ms. BethAnne Flynn

Ms. Tovah Feldshuh

FM Custom Painting

Felissimo Universal Corporation of America

Jacqueline and Alan Fogel

Ms. Alix Fellman

Pnina Fogel-Yardenay

Ms. Grace C. Fener Markofsky

Mr. Sara P. Fogler

Mr. Ben Fenton

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. and Margot Fontheim

Ms. Bettie Currie

Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Nancy Davis

Ms. Evelyn Coleman

Ms. Laurie Dean-Amir

Ms. Karen H. Coll

Ms. Shanaya Deboo

Mr. Edwin I. Colodny

Ms. Dinah Decker

Mr. Roger Colten and Ms. Sarah Berry

Ms. Diane DeFries

Commack High School

Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Rebecca DeLois

Mr. and Mrs. George and Kristin Conant

Mrs. Nancy Delahunt

Mr. Martin Demsky

Mr. and Mrs. Ira and Nancy Dubois Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ducker Mr. Michael A. Duncheon and Ms. Joan L. Cassman

Ms. Ellen L. Fischer

Mr. Lee A. Freeman and Ms. Kirsten R. Moline Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Helene Freidman

Ms. Audrey J. Ewin

Mr. Max Fischlowitz-Roberts

Ms. Elisabeth T. Duquette

Mr. Joseph Falik and Ms. Deborah Hecht

Mrs. Vivian M. Fishbone

Ms. Enid Durbin

Mr. and Mrs. David and Judith Falk

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. and Enid Fisher

Ms. Nicki Durlester

Falmouth Quarterly Friends Meeting

Ms. Carol Fisher

Ms. Joanna H. Fribush

Mr. Dave Dusina

Mr. Alan Fanger

Mr. Kenneth Fisher

Ms. Diane Fried

Mr. Morton Dworken

Mr. and Mrs. Isidore and Iris Farber

Ms. Marian S. Fisher

Mr. Mark R. Dyen and Ms. Elsbeth A. Reisen

Tom and Win Farin

Miss Lynn Fishkind and Ms. Loryn Solomon

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall and Elaine Friedenberg

Ms. Sara J. Dunham

Ms. Elizabeth Einhorn

Congregation Beth Ahabah

Ms. Julie Denham

Congregation Or Chadash

Cantor Roy Einhorn and Cantor Jodi Sufrin

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Denmark

Ms. MaryEllen Conway

Mr. William Einhorn

Richard and Marjorie Deutsch

Ms. Cynthia P. Cook

Mrs. Winnie Eis

Saloni Dhir

Ms. Alice Cooper

Ellen Eisenberg, D.M.D.

Mr. Darryl Diamond

Ms. Ellen F. Coppola

Mr. Jason Eisenberg

Sulayman D. Dib-Hajj

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Corbishley

Mr. Gilbert Dichter

Mr. Jethro Eisenstein and Ms. Stefany Gordon

Ms. Elyse Corwin

M. J. Levy Dickson

Ms. Marilyn Elin

Costello Family

Ms. Corrine Dieterle

Ms. Margaret Barry Ellertsen

Robert Courey

Ms. Doris Dimen

Ms. Donna J. Ellis

Ms. Lynn V. Courtney

Mrs. Sydelle Diner

J. Cox

Ms. Helena Dinerman and Mr. Kenneth J. Lederman

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Adrienne Elman

2008 Annual Report

Eveready Battery Energizer Matching Gifts Program

First Universalist Church of Yarmouth

Evidentia Engineering, Inc.

Sara and Dale Dunham

Mr. David Deneroff

Mr. Clifford Craine and Ms. Susan E. Linn

Mr. and Mrs. Weston S. and Francesca Evans

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald and Lory Fischler

Congregation Beth Adam, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. and Patricia Coxe



Ms. Stacey Farley

Ms. Carole Ann Fer and Ellen Wieske

Mrs. Carole T. Flagg

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fogel

Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. and Vivian Freilicher Mr. Orit Frenkel and Mrs. Claude Fontheim Dr. John G. Freymann

Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. and Lenore Friedland Mr. and Mrs. Arnold C. and Sally Friedman Mrs. Beatrice Friedman

Mr. Daryl Froelich Moss Ms. Claudia Frolova Ms. Miriam Frolow Marti and Larry Fuchs Ms. Danielle Fuerth Ms. Nancy Fuerth Mr. Tom R. Fuhrman

Ms. Anne Forbes

Mr. George Fulginiti-Shakar

Dr. Geraldine M. Ferris

Taylor Forsythe

Future Sales & Liquidations Inc.

Mr. Rob Fersh

Mrs. Helene Fortunoff

Ms. Charlotte Gaehde

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Cheryl Fertig

Ms. Dawn Foster

Sejal Gajarawala

Ms. Gladys Field

Mrs. Dorothy Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. and Janis Fields

Ms. Virginia Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. and Michaeline Galik

Ms. Maria G. Fields

Ms. Julia Fowkes

Ms. Joan Dismore

Mr. and Mrs. John L. and Anne Elsbree

Ms. Alana Dligacz

Ms. Marcia Ely

Miss Sarah Fields

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. and Katherine Fowler

Ms. Linda Emanuel

Ms. Susana M. Figueiredo

Mr. Stephen M. Foxman

Ms. Mary Pat Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. and Mary Gallagher Ms. Elizabeth D. Gamberg

2008 Annual Report



Ms. Kathryn B. Gandal

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Greenwood

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard and Phyllis Givertz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Suzanne Golub

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. and Deborah Gandre

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Ellen Glatter

Ms. Sally Goodis

Mr. and Mrs. James and Alice Greenwood

Ms. Sarabeth W. Glazer

Mrs. Elaine Goodman

Kay Greenwood

Joseph and Margot Ganger Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Don and Carol Gleklen

Dr. Nancy R. Goodman, Ph.D. and Mr. Louis Goodman

Ms. Diane Gandee Sorbi

Ms. Leslie Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Damon and Elizabeth Harmon

Mr. and Mrs. John and Rosalie Hermos

Harper Collins Childrens Book

Ms. Julie Herr

Ms. Catherine I. Harrington

Ms. Frances Herring

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin and Serita Greszes

Ms. Adele R. Harris

Nan Herron

Ms. Ann M. Harris

Ms. Mary Jo Herseth

Ms. Nina Goodman and Mr. Alexander D. Freudenheim

Ms. Jennifer Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. John and Randi Harris

Mr. Mark Hershey

Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Grill

Ms. Anne Frances Goodrich

Ms. Adele B. Grinstein

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. and Rosalyn Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. and Amy Hershman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Barbara Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hertz

Ms. Yael Gani

Mr. David Glick

Mrs. Kay Gannon Ms. Bettina J. Garber

Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Joanne Glotter

Gardiner Savings Institution

Ms. Joyce Gober

Ms. Muriel Goodspeed

Mr. Stephen Grodzinsky

Mr. and Mrs. Graydon and Pam Garner

Ms. Victoria Goddard

Prashant Gopal

Ms. Julie Grohovsky

Ms. Lisa Gopman

Dr. Matthew Gromet and Ms. Phyllis Schultz

Ms. Susan Harris

Mr. Henry L. Herz

Mr. Ron Garonzik

Mr. and Mrs. Lorne and Beth Godnick

Ms. Julia Hart

Mr. Josh Herz and Ms. Ruth Fried

Mr. Paul W. Garrity, Esq.

Dr. Christopher Goh

Ms. Barbara A. Gross

The Gold Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Victor and Marjorie Hart

Mrs. Judith Herzfeld

Ms. Linda Garson Smith

Mr. and Mrs. George and Roberta Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Uri and Ruth Gat

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Rita Sue Gold

Ms. Miriam Gordon

Ms. Jane Grossman

Mr. Bruce Gold

Ms. Tara Lyn Gordon

Ms. Alison D. Hildreth

Ms. Zoe Gates

Ms. Leslie S. Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. and Sondra Hartley

January and Jack Gold

Ms. Rita Grossman

Mr. and Ms. Russell W. and Sheri Hartman

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Elaine Gaynes

Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. and Sharon Goldberg

Ms. Nancy Gorman and Mr. Edward Hombordy

Mr. Carl Hilgarth

Ms. Susan Gauvey

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. and Linda Gruber

Ms. Susan Hartz

Ms. Celayne Hill

Philip and Amy Geier

Ms. Emily Goldberg

Mr. Mark Gottesman

Mr. Mark E. Grummer

Ms. Sara Linn Harwin

Ms. Nicole Geifman

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. and Deborah Goldberg

Ms. Ronnie S. Grabon

Mr. Paul Jacob Hill and Mrs. Debra Salzman Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Maureen Grygiel

Mr. Jan Goldberg

Mr. Terence Guerriere

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. and Linda Gelda

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gordon

Ms. Sandra Gorsuch-Plummer

Ms. Rae Grad

Ms. Jonah Grossbardt

Ms. Joellen Gent

Ms. Karen Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. and Elaine Graef

Ms. Lynn M. Gerrish

Ms. Lenisse Goldberg

Mr. John L. Graham

Mrs. Suzanne B. Gustat

Ms. Megan Gerstenzang

Ms. Jennifer Grauer

Ms. Elsie Gervais

Mr. Richard L. Goldberg and Ms. Edie Kahn

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. and Ruth Guyer

Ms. Randi Gewirtz

Ms. Rosalie Goldberg

Gewurz Family Foundation

Ms. Susan Goldberg

Mr. Ilan Gewurz

Ms. Lisa Goldenberg

Samik Ghosh

Mr. Bruce Goldman

The Gibson Family

Ms. Diane Goldman

Ms. Lucy Gibson

Ms. Elaine R. Goldman

Ms. Judy Gilbert

Mr. Ethan Goldman

Stuart G. Gilbert, M.D. and Mrs. Carol R. Gilbert

Ms. Judith Goldman

Mr. Kenneth P. Asquith, III and Ms. Raya Gildor

Mr. and Mrs. Royal S. and Alice Graves Mr. and Mrs. Benson W. and Margaret Gray

Ms. Shirley Hatch Mr. Shaun Hayward Ms. Samia Hazim Mr. Michael Healy and Ms. Debra L. Blumberg

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart and Tara Hill Mr. Richard Hiller and Ms. Marsha Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Francis and Marianne Hird Mr. David Hochman Ms. Eve F. Hochwald Ms. Shoshana Hodes Ms. Patricia Hoey

Ms. Dorothy Heffernan

Mr. and Mrs. John A. and Lucy Hoffhines

Ms. A. Carolla Haglund

Lynne M. and Henry Heilbrunn

Ms. Anita Hoffman

Ms. Jessica Hahn

Mr. Hans E. Heilman

Ms. Ellen M. Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. James D. and Lisa Greenberg

Mr. Raymond Hakami

Mr. and Mrs. Heilpern

Ms. Nancy Hoffman

Mrs. Doris Halaby

Mr. Ramon Greenberg and Ms. Myrna M. Balk

Mrs. Libby Cater Halaby

Mr. and Mrs. John F. and Marilyn Heimerdinger

Dr. and Mrs. Saul and Alice Hoffman

Mr. Richard M. Goldman and Ms. Linda S. Hermans

Hallandale Jewish Center, Inc

Mr. Jonathan Heimowitz

Mrs. Diana B. Holbert

Mrs. Sandra Goldman

Mr. & Mrs. Marc and L. Jill Halman

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford E. and Sally Heiser

Ms. Maria Holcomb

Ms. Elissa C. Halpern Ms. Amy Rosewater Halushka

Ms. Phyllis Held

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. and Elizabeth Holcombe

Ms. Karen Ham

Ms. Lynn Helland

Ms. Christine Holden

Dr. and Dr. Jeffrey and Lisa Hammerman

Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Deborah Heller

Mr. David A. Hollender and Ms. Gail Fithian

Ms. Risa Hanau

Ms. Robyn Helzner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven I. Holm

Ms. Bessie M. Hanna

Mr. Javier Henderson

Dr. Susan Hans

Ms. Karen Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. David L. and Melanie Holshouser

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Jeanne Hansell

Mr. Louis V. Henston

Mr. James and Clunie Holt

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Heppe

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Ms. Jennifer Hanser

Ms. Alice Herb

The Hopeful Wheelers

Mr. Jonathan E. Hardis

Dr. Leslie Hergert

Mr. and Mrs. Ira and Sandra Harkavy

Esther and Gene Herman

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Rita Horbar

Ms. Beth Harman

Ms. Robin Herman

Greater Louisville Sierra Club Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Sondra Green

Ms. Patricia Gill

Len Goldreyer

Mr. Abner Greene

Sundeep Gill

Mrs. Hannah Goldrich

Mr. Allan S. Greene

Mr. Joe Gillia

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard and Elizabeth Goldsmith

Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Zandra Greene

Ms. Lauren Goldsmith

Mr. Jonathan Greene

Mr. Roger Gilmore and Ms. Elizabeth Lameyer Gilmore

Ms. Joyce Goldstein and Mr. David Pincus

Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Nancy Greenfield

Mr. Jerry Gingerich

Mr. Scott Goldstein

Mr. Gary L. Ginsberg and Mrs. Elaine R. Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney and Susan Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. and Shirley Greenhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P. and Jane Ginsburg

Mr. Spencer Goldstein

Ms. Bertha S. Greenhut

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Y. and Laura V. Goldstein

Dr. W. B. Greenough

2008 Annual Report

Ms. Nadine Hack

Miss Katherine Harwood

Ms. Kathrina Hilinski

Ms. Aspasia P. Hagelthorn

Ms. Shirley Gray

Ms. Shirley Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Laurie Girsky

Ms. Camilla B. Haase

Ms. Julianna Harwood

Ms. Erica Hildebrandt

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. and Suzanne Hedrick

Mr. David A. Gill

Ms. Jennifer Giroux

Sarah Gullust and Ezra Golberstein

Mr. Bill Harwood and Ms. Ellen Alderman

Ms. Karen Hertz

Sara and David Hadden

Mr. and Mrs. William M. and Judith Greenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. and Mildred Gilman



Mr. Stuart Goldstein

Mr. Ed Greenhill

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard M. and Betty Greenwald

Mr. Herbert A. Hoke

Mr. Martin Horowitz Ms. Barb Horsch

2008 Annual Report



Mr. Larry Horwitz and Ms. Naomi Pinchuk

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Ellen Joffe-Halpern

Mr. Josh Katz

Mr. Robert Klanfer

Ms. Susan Kraut

Mr. Michael Katz and Ms. Linda Gritz

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Klapper

Mr. Ronald A. Kreisman

Mr. and Mrs. Lance E. and Mary Laver

Ms. Gwen Hotaling

Mr. Christopher Johnson

Prof. Vera Katz

Ms. Mildred Lawrence

Mr. Clay Johnson

Perri Katzman

Mr. Karl R. Klapper and Ms. Jennifer D. Riley

Randi and Don Kreiss

Donald and Renee Hotchkiss

Ms. Sandra S. Krellen

Mr. Andrew T. Lazarus

Mr. and Mrs. Ehud and Naomi Houminer

Ms. Eleanor P. Johnson

Mrs. Beth Kaufman

Ms. Ricki Kresan

Ms. Ruth S. Leabman

Mr. Joseph A. Johnson

Mr. David Kaufman

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. and Cheryl Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Ari and Lin Kresch

Ms. Nancy Leahy

Mr. Simeon M. Kriesberg and Ms. Martha L. Kahn

Mr. William A. Leamon

Ms. Diane Klein Mr. Frank Klein

Mr. Keith Kriet

Ms. Irene Klein

Mr. Daniel Krisch

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. and Belinda Ledue

Ms. Jeanna B. Klein

Mr. and Ms. Henry and June Salamy Krisch

Ms. Norma Lee-Howe

Mrs. Geraldine D. Kruger

Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Karen Lefkoe

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Barbara Krupat

Mrs. and Mr. Lefkowitz

Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. and Patricia Kuch

Ms. Denice Leggiero

Ms. Linda R. Houser

Ms. Marilynn Johnson

Ms. Ruth Housman

Mr. Jay Kaufman

Rev. and Mrs. Shephard and Nancy Johnson

Ms. Lisa P. Kaufman

Ms. Jane Howard Ms. Michelle L. Howard HP Employee Charitable Giving Program

Mr. and Mrs. Thayne W. and Valencia Jones

Ms. Liz E. Kaufman Mr. Melvin Kaufman

Mr. Daniel Klein

Ms. Gail M. Lebauer

Mrs. and Mr. Joseph

Mr. Theodore D. Kaufman

Ms. Renuka Hukmani

Judea Reform Congregation

Mr. Jim Kavanagh

Mr. and Ms. Joshua and Beatrice Klein

Ms. Carol Hulbert

Ms. Hannah Judson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Nancy Kaye

Ms. Linda G. Klein

Ms. Anne Humes

Ms. Elizabeth Kadin

Mrs. Shirley S. Kazon

Ms. Marlys Klein

Ms. Elaine Hunt

Ms. Kathryn Kaesberg

Mr. Phillip Kearney

Mrs. Monika P. Klein

Mr. Daniel Hurwitz

Mr. David Kahan

Ms. Jacqueline Keenan

Mr. Robert Klein

Ms. Neena Husid

Mr. Leonard Kahn

Mr. Kevin Keith

Mr. Jonathan Kumin

Ms. Veronica Huvelle

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Irma Kahn

Ms. Anne Kelemen

Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Sonia Kleinman

Ms. Judith R. Hyman

Ms. Carol Kain

Mr. Lawrence A. Kellem

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Klenzak

Vidya Kurella

Mr. Mounir Ibrahim

Ms. Susan Kalish

Mr. Clayton Keller

Ms. Karen Klimpl

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. and Rose Ibson

Mr. Mitchell Kamen

Ms. Irene Kellner

Mr. Scott A. Klion

Mr. Michael Kurman and Ms. Patricia Hoff

Mr. Max M. Kampelman

Mr. Scott Klippel

Ms. Emma Kurz

Ms. LInda C. Idleberg

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Marlene Kandel

Gary A. and Michele Kemmetmueller

Fredda and Michael Klopfer

Ms. Jeanney Kutner

Ms. Paige Kendig

Ms. Sarah Knoblach

Mr. Alec Kwait

Mr. Jeffrey R. Kenyon

Ms. Nancy L. Koehler

Mr. Derek Kwait

Ms. Elizabeth Kohen

Ms. Edna Kwong

Dr. and Mrs. David M. and Deniz Leitner

Ilili Restaurant Mrs. Edith W. Illick



Naoko Kurahashi

Ms. Adele Leff

Ms. Sandra Lefkowitz Mr. Michael Legum Mr. Jack Leibler Dr. Howard M. Leibowitz Dr. and Mrs. Alan M. and Judith Leichtner Mr. and Mrs. Elihu and Sheila Leifer Dr. Robert J. Leipold Ms. Ruth Leipold Ms. Rosanne Leipzig

Mr. Alex Immerman

Mr. and Mrs. Myron and Thelma Kandel

Independent Electric Company, Inc.

Ms. Janet Kandoian

Mr. Bruce E. Keplinger and Ms. Maryellen Casey

Ms. Judith Leitner

Mr. Michael Intrator

Mrs. Ann Zwicker Kerr

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Susan Lee Kolbe

Mr. Jonathan M. Labaree

Mr. Greg Kannerstein

Ms. Linda Lacovini

Nitin Kapila

Ms. F. Beth Kerr

Ms. Kara Leitner

Ms. Anne Jackson

Ms. Elaine Kolios

Ms. Natalie Ladd

Ms Robyn Kapiloff

Ms. Carol M. Kershbaum

Ms. Nancy Leonard

Ms. Irene Jackson

Mr. Mark Ladov

Ms. Alexandra Kaplan

Mr. Kenneth Kesegich

Mr. Christopher Lerner

Mr. Quinn Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. and Ann Kolker

Mr. and Mrs. Luis and Lee Lainer

Mr. David Kaplan

Ms. Robin Kessler

Mr. Seth Kolkin

Ms. Arlene Leshtz

Mr. Theodore R. Jackson

Mr. Alan Lamson

Mr. David M. Kaplan

Mr. Elias Khalil

Mr. Clifford P. Kolovson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. and Sara Lesk

Ms. Susanna E. Jacob

Larrie Lance

Mr. Doug Kaplan

Asim Khan

Mr. Robert Landau

Saima Khan

Ms. Lenore Letterman

Ms. Bernice Jacobs

Ms. Julie Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Barrett D. and Barbara Kolton

Mr. Hyman Lesser

Mr. Alvin Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Tilia Jacobs

Ms. Mary Kiernan

Mr. Irwin Levin

Ms. Leslie Mann Kaplan

Ms. Lorna R. Konsynski

Mr. Jonathan Landsman

Mrs. Mary Ann Kiernan

Ms. Mildred B. Levin

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Heidi Jacobs

Ms. Sarah Kaplan

Mrs. Ellen Koransky

Ms. Laura R. Lane-Reticker

Mr. Steven H. Kiesendahl

Mr. Andrew R. Koren

Ms. Ellen Levine

Mr. Richard Kaplinski

Dr. and Mrs. Mickey and Judy Langsfeld

Mr. Albert J. Jacobson, CPA

Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Sylvia Kimmel

Mr. Robert A. Korn

Mr. Robert Lanman

Mr. Irving Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. and Nancy Karlebach

Ms. Jessica Lantos

Mrs. Marion Jacobson

Ms. Abby Karp

Alexander and Suzanne Jacovino

Ms. Lynne Kase

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. and Delores Kimmel

Ms. and Mr. Deborah and George Kornfeld

Ms. Jana Lapoint

Ms. Ellen J. Jacques

Mr. Casey Kasem

Mr. Donald J. King

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. and Mary Kosinski Dr. and Mrs. Herbert and J. Kosstrin

Ms. Laura Laptook

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. and Carolyn Levine

Ms. Raveena Jagwani

Ms. Karen Kasper

Mrs. Roger J. King Mr. Henry Kingsbury

Ms. Irasema Kouns

Ms. Lily Jamali

Mr. Kenneth Katkin

Rabbi Morton Levine and Mrs. Carmel Levine

N.J. Jammal

Ms. Joan Katz Napoli

Mr. Gordon Kingsley

Ms. Rose Kowel

Mr. and Mrs. Danial D. and Martha Larsen

Mr. Robert Levine

Ms. Maria Cooper Janis

Mr. Adrian Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Eleanor Krasner

Mr. Steven B. Lasala

Mr. Lawrence Kintisch

Ms. Lauren Lascher

Bill and Judy Levinson

Tobie Janse van Rensburg

Mr. and Mrs. Boris and Nicole Katz

Ms. Catherine K. Levinson

Taissir Jarrah

Mr. and Mrs. David S. and Judy Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. and Abbie Laskey

Mr. and Mrs. David Jeffrey

Ms. Deborah Katz

Alletta W. Jervey, Ph.D.

Ms. Deborah Katz

Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Joan Katz

2008 Annual Report

Mr. Joel Katz

Lee Kirsch Ms. Rebecca Kirsch Ms. Rita Kissen Ms. Rachel Kizhnerman Ms. Leni Klaimitz Ms. Miriam Klamkin and Mr. Robert Spector

Ms. Sandra L. Krasnow Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Marianne Krause

Ms. Joyce Lapinsky

Ms. Lisa Lasovsky

Mr. Peter Kraut

Ms. Kathleen Laufenberg

Mr. Richard S. Kraut

Mr. Scot Laurence

Ms. Ellen Levine Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Mimi Levine Ms. Linda Levine Mr. and Mrs. Mat and Sara Levine

Ms. Jackie S. Levinson Ms. Lauren Levinson Mr. Jon Levison Drs. Gerald and Karen Levitis

2008 Annual Report



Mr. Bruce Levitt

Mr. Ernest Lobb

Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Barbara Malm

Ms. Jeanne Muchnick

Leonard and Janet Lobred

Miss Terry A. Malone

Mr. Joseph E. McDonald and Ms. Madeleine T. Raymond

Ms. Carolyn Miller

Mrs. M. Levitt

Mr. Christopher Miller

Mr. and Mrs. William Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Susan Levy

Mr. Jonathan Loew Dr. and Mrs. John and Louise Loewenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. and Kathleen McGourty

Mr. and Mrs. David P. and Trudy Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Jenny Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. David E. and Ellen Levy

Mr. Geoffrey P. Mamlet and Ms. Hannah G. Mamlet Bloch Mazin Manal

McGraw-Hill Companies

Ms. Debbie Miller

Ms. Nora Mcinery

My Glorious House

Ms. Beatrice Mandel

Mrs. Ellen Miller

Ms. Nora McInery

Ms. Lois Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. and Gladys Miller

Mr. W. Terrill Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. and Sheila Miller

Kalpana Nagampalli

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Leslie Levy Ms. Noami Levy

Mr. and Mrs. David A. and Patricia Long

Mr. Stephen Lewin-Berlin

Ms. Maureen Long

Mr. and Mrs. David R. and Diane Mandel

Mr. and Mrs. Fred I. and Myra Lewis

Mr. Paul E. Long

Brian and Amy Maneker Herts

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. and Adelaide McKelway

Mrs. Harley Lewis

Ms. Harrah Lord Ms. Patricia Lough

Samuel J. McKim and Dr. Eugenia McKim

Kendall Lewis and Rev. Betsey Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Marc S. and Susan Mangel

Mr. Dmitrii Lezine

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney and Stephanie Louis

Mrs. Marian B. Mankin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. and Rutheda McKinney

Ms. Marjorie Lezitt Ms. Elizabeth Libby Dr. Warren B. Licht Ms. Natalie Lichtenstein Ms. Shelley Lichtenstein Barbara Lidsky, CSW, BCD Ms. Patricia Lieb

Robin Manna

Ms. Heidi Love

Bilal Mannan

Ms. Pam Lowry

Ms. Kathy Manning

Mr. Eugene Lowy

Ms. Polly A. Marabito

Ms. Michelle Lubetsky

Mr. and Mrs. Max and Pearl Ann Marco

Mr. Jonathan Luft and Ms. Michelle Harris Ms. Brooke K. Lukes

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Marcus

Ms. Tracy Murrin-Von Ebers

Ms. Naoma Nagahawatte

Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. and Karen Miller

Mr. Tarek Nahabet

Mr. Wayne Miller

Ms. Susan Nashel Mr. Jonathan Nathan

William Lee Meadow

Mr. and Mrs. William B. and Christie Millis

Dr. Alan S. Medoff

Ms. Barbara Milton

Mr. and Mrs. Irving and Kathy Meeker

Akiko Mimura-Lazare

Dr. and Mrs. Noel and Susan Nathanson

Mr. Mark F. Minisce

J. Yudit Natkin

Rabbi Bernard H. Mehlman

Mrs. Martha L. Minow

Ms. Natalie Naughton

Anik Mehta Priyesh Mehta

Mr. Douglas B. Mishkin and Ms. Wendy Jennis

Dr. and Mrs. Burton M. and Ellen Needle

Mr. Ted McNulty

Ms. Audrey A. Namowitz

Ms. Fran Nathanson

Ms. Irene S. Lieberman

Ms. Kathleen Lundy

Ms. Pam Marcus and Mr. Jeffrey Erskine

Mr. Michael Lieberman and Mrs. Randi Abramson

Mackenzie and Brandon Lurie

Gemma Marden

Mr. and Mrs. Zarin Mehta

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Missner

Ms. Eileen Neff

Mr. John Lurz

Mr. and Mrs. John L. and Susan Marker

Mr. Peter Meier

Ms. Jean Mitchell

Mr. Marvin Neiditz

Ms. Margit Meissner

Dr. Susan Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Nelson

Ms. Bernice A. Luxemburg

Dr. and Mrs. M. Michael and Nancy Markowich

Mr. Robert Melikian

Mr. Timothy Mitchell

Mr. Matthew B. Nelson

Mr. Jeffrey Mitzner

Mr. Michael Nelson

Mrs. Judy Liebman

Judy and Leo Lynch

Ms. Julie Meltzer

Ms. Andrea Markowicz

Ms. Jennifer L. Moeller

Ms. Susan L. Nelson

Mr. Matthew Liebman

Mr. Rick Lynch and Ms. Sheila Jepson

Mr. Jonathan Menachem

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Katherine Markowitz

Ms. Karen Mengden

Money Line Financial Services, Inc.

Alan S. Nemes and Fawn D. Chapel

Mr. Andrew Menkes

Monhegan Community Church

Mr. Steven M. Neptune

Ms. Carol Merlin

Monitor Company Group, L.P.

Mrs. Melissa Merlino

Mr. William T. Monroe

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Carmen Ness

Mr. Steven Mermelstein

Mr. and Mrs. James L.. Moody

Mr. Charles Merrill

Ms. Julia S. Moore

Cantor Kurt Messerschmidt

Mrs. Nicole Y. Mordecai

Ms. Mildred Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. and Anita Liebeskind

Mr. Stuart E. Liebman Ms. Mira Lieman-Sifry Mrs. Renee Lightstone

Mark Lutwak and Y York

Mr. Ronald Lynn Ms. Melora Lynngood

Mr. Paul J. Markowitz Mr. Franklin D. Marks

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Judy Lyons

Ms. Jennifer Marshall


Judith and Todd Marshall

Ms. Allison MacQueen Ms. Jennifer Madden

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Siri Marshall Ms. Clarabel Marstaller

Mr. Craig Messi

Morgan Stanley

Mr. David Linder

Madison Avenue Women's Imaging, P.C.

Mr. Andrew Marsters

Dr. Eran Metzger

Ms. Patricia Morin

Mr. Paul Linet

Ms. Elaine Mahoney

Mr. Paul A. Martin

Mr. Edward P. Morris, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Frances Newberg

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. and Virginia Link

Ms. Elizabeth Mahoney and Mr. Jeffrey Young

Shahm Martini, M.D.

Mr. Theodore J. Metzger and Ms. Robin Fleischner

Ms. Jessie Morris

Ms. Deborah Meyer

Mr. Paul Newlin

Ms. Judy Morris

Mr. Rohan Mahy

Mr. Michael Meyer

Ms. Evelyn Newlyn

Ms. Marjorie R. Links

Ms. Paula Morris

Ms. Helen L. Maier

Dr. Robert Meyer, M.D.

Ms. Esta Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Kathleen Linneman

Mr. Bruce Morrison

Mr. Morton Meyerson

Mr. Ezra Newman

Ms. Susan Morrison

Mr. Howard Mezer

Doreen L. Morrow, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. and Ronda Newman

Ms. Shalina Miah

The Mortimer Levitt Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Kelly Newsome

Ms. Leni Michaels

Mr. Keith Morton

Ms. Sarena Neyman

Mr. Ernest Michel Mrs. Sara Michl

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Patti Mosberg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. and Susan Nielsen

Mr. Simon Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. and Renee Lincoln Albert A. & Bertram N. Linder Foundation Inc.

Dr. Jason S. Lipetz



Mr. and Mrs. Ivan and Margaret Maisel

Ms. Jennifer Massey Ms. Lynn Masters Mr. Stephen Masters Ms. Sandra K. Masur

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Karen Neuberg Ms. Jo-Ann Neuhaus Ms. Sharon Neulinger Ms. Bebe Neuwirth

Mr. Craig S. Lipman and Dr. Jill A. Samo

Ms. Karen Majorowicz

Ms. Hannah Mathis

Sascha Malas

Sol and Hermione Matsil

Mr. David Lipsky

Mr. Henry A. Male

Ms. Marianne Matte

Mr. David Lipton

Ms. Laurie Mattioli

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Linda Lischer

Mr. Sheldon Malett and Ms. Roseann Kraus

Ms. Mindy Liss

Ms. Shireen Malik

Mr. Thomas May

Microsoft Corporation Matching Gifts Program

Mr. Jeremy R. Moser and Ms. Laura B. Kittle

Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. and Kathleen Nielsen

Rabbi Daveen Litwin

Ms. Elizabeth Malischewski

E.S & M.J. Mayer Foundation

Ms. Kate Middleton

Ms. Victoria Moskowitz

Mrs. Margaret M. Niesen

Ms. Elizabeth Livingston

Ms. Marcia Malkoff

Ms. Barbara Mayer

Mr. and Mrs. Guy and Joyce Moss

Mr. Robert Nitschke

LJ3 Foundation

Mr. James Malloy

Ms. Elizabeth B. McCall

Mr. and Mrs. Gy M. and Angela Miley

Ms. Nina C. Motta

Ms. Carol Nolan

Mr. William K. Lloyd and Ms. Jane McGraves

Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard and Barbara Malm

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. and Donna McConnell

Mr. Adam Miller

Ms. Lori Moussapour

Ms. Jean Nordhaus

2008 Annual Report

Dr. Steven D. Mawhorter

Mr. Brad Miller

2008 Annual Report



Mr. Timothy Norman

Mrs. Constance R. Painter

Ms. Susan C. Philips

Michele and Jeffrey Prince

Ms. Patricia B. Rice

Mr. Matthew Rosenstein

North Carolina Hillel Foundation

Ms. Jeanne Palmer

Mr. Bruce A. Phillips

The Pritchard Family

Ms. Barbara J. Richardson

Faye and Jerry Rosenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. and Elizabeth Norton

Mr. John Palmer

Mr. Jonathan Phillips Ms. Reba Joan Phipps

Mr. and Mrs. George and Constance Richardson

Ms. Karen Rosenzweig

Ms. Julie Palmer

Professional Risk Management Services, Inc.

Ms. Sally Norton

Sindhu Pandit

Purna Pidaparti

Mr. Norman Proulx

Ms. Karen L. Richter

Mrs. Tudie Ross

Not A. Wear, LLC

Mrs. Roberta Pieczenik

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Putterman

Ms. Carol Ridker

Ms. Dawn S. Ross

Nourhan Sharif Productions, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin and Joyce Paradise

Ms. Adrianne Pierce

Mr. Mustafa Riffat

Ms. M. Colleen Rost-Banik

Ms. Judith Novick

Mr. Gary B. Pardo

Mr. Robert Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. George M. and Jacqueline Queen

Ms. Judith Ringo

Ms. Susan Park

Ms. Kelly M. Pierce-Bulgar

Mehreen Qureshi

Ms. Ellen Rosten

Ms. Rachel Novick

Mr. John Riordan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Susan Parker

Ms. Evelyn Piken

Rabbi Marx Discretionary Fund

Ms. Marianne Rosthal

Ms. Donna S. Nusrala

Mr. Joseph Ritacco

Rabbi Arnold Rachlis

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and Mary Rivin

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. and Roberta Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. and Ruth Parkhurst

Ms. Karoline Pimplikar

Mr. Robert E. Rachlis

Ms. Cydney L. Roach

Mr. Charles Raddatz

Mr. Selwyn Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Irene Radlo

Mr. Tom Robbins

Mrs. Judy Rager

Ms. Michelle Robinson

Ms. Rashique Rahman

Ms. Susan F. Robinson

Rainbow Federal Credit Union Neeraj Ramchandani

Mr. David T. Rodda and Ms. Jane van Doren

Sree Rao

Drs. Mark and Elizabeth Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. and Linda Rath

Ms. Susan Rogers

Ratner Family Club

Ms. Janet L. Rohler

Mr. Kyle Ratner Mr. Lenny Ravich

Mr. Stuart A. Rojstaczer and Ms. Holly P. Welstein

Real Estate Arts

Mr. and Mrs. Zohar and Tovah Rom

Mr. Dean W. Rudoy

Mr. Gary Reback

Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland

Ms. Bernette Rue

Mr. David Reckess

Mr. Daniel L. Romanow and Mr. B. Andrew Zelermyer

Ms. Leslie A. Runser

Mr. and Mrs. Warren and Helen Roos

Margrit Wreschner Rustow, Ph.D.

Ms. Stacy Rose

Dr. James Sabin and Professor Margery Sabin

Mr. and Mrs. Fritz S. and Elaine Nussbaum Mr. Adam Nussenbaum and Ms. Shari Abramowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Cynthia Pill

Mr. Lee Parks

Mr. Jonathan Pincus

Ms. Diane Nutting

Ms. Peggy Parlett

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pine

Ms. Estelle Nyer

Ms. Janine Pineo

Ms. Arlene R. Oakley

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford and Lydia Parnes

Ms. Lee Oatey-Crouse

Mr. William Parness

Ms. Elyse Pipitone

Mr. Brendan O'Brien

Ms. Mary Parsons

Ms. Sara Pirzada

Ms. Mary O'Brien

Mr. Jeffrey Pasek and Ms. Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek

Mr. Brent Whelan and Ms. Debra Poaster

Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Deirdre T. Paster

Mr. Raphael L. Podolsky

Nelish Patel

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Polaner

Ms. Mary Patterson

Ms. Daniel Pollack-Pelzner

Mr. Zachary Paul

Ms. Laura Pollak

Mr. Christopher Paulu

Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. and Elizabeth Pollak

Ms. Carol F. O'Donnell Dr. and Mrs. Daniel and Marjorie Offer Mr. Carl Offner Ms. Janet C. O'Flynn Ms. Kris Ohleth Mr. Bill O'Leary and Ms. Dana Maxey Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Ada Olins Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Patricia Oliu

The Peace Channel Network, Inc. Mrs. Marni Pearce and Mr. Kevin Pearce Ms. Annalee Pease

Ms. Annie Pinkert

Henni Polak

Ms. Melissa Poller

Ms. Paula Reckess

Mr. Bruce J. Pollock

Sri Reddy

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew N. and Anita Polsky

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. and Nancy Reeves

Aviva Rohde and Brian Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Adelaide Olivieri

Mrs. Kay D. Pechilis Ms. Julie W. Peck

Ms. Marie Ponsot

Ms. Karin Reichin

Mr. Jon Olson

Ms. Christine Pecorella

Ms. Marian Popp

Ms. Roberta Reichtell

Ms. Jessica O'Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. and Cynthia Pedlikin

Mr. and Mrs. William E. and Caryl Porter

Ms. Paul D. Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Rory and Wendy Rosegarten

Mr. and Ms. Henry B. and Marion Pennell

Mr. and Mrs. Barney and Constance Reiffen

Mr. Irving Rosen

Portrait Playtime Ms. Ellen Posman

Ms. Ethel Reinharz

Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Penny O'neill Ms. Jamie Opalich Mr. David R. Oran and Ms. Silvia Arrom

Dr. Douglass Pennoyer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Anita Poss

Mr. Gadi Reinhorn

Ms. Namita Penugonda

Ms. Jane Potenzo

Mr. Craig Reiss

Dr. Gary Orentlicher and Ms. Pamela R. Millian

Ms. Robyn Peper

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poteshman

Mr. Kenneth M. Reiss

Dr. Margie Peppercorn

Ms. Ashley Potter

Mr. George Reiter

Ms. Mary E. Poulin

Mr. Norman Reitman

Mr. Mohamad Pourfar and Mrs. Manijeh Ghazi

Ms. Elissa Remmer

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Jo-Ann Osipow

Mr. and Mrs. Justin and Jane Perlstein

Ms. Julia M. Powers

Mr. Marty Resnik and Ms. Sherri Appleton

Mr. Mohamed Osman

Ms. Norma Perlstein

Ms. Carol S. Pratt

Ms. Abigail Ostow

Ms. Jennifer L. Person

Ms. Paige Pratt

Ms. Pamela Oswald Louis

Amjad Pervez

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel J. and Ellen Orleans Dr. and Mrs. Harold and Peggy Osher



Mr. Vincenzo C. Perillo Ms. Margaret Perkins Ms. Jessica S. Perl

Ms. Phyllis Prager

Mr. Joel Resnick

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. and Wilma Rose

Joe and Cecil Rosen K.R. Rosen

Ms. Laura C. Roskind

Mr. and Mrs. George and Lillian Rothkopf Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Lisa Rothkrug Ms. Louise Rothman Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn C. and Barbara Rothman Mr. Josh Rothschild Ms. Fran Rothstein Mrs. Mary Rubens Ms. Hannah Rubenstein Mr. Joel Rubenstein Dr. and Mrs. Steve and Susan Rucker

Ms. Nicole Rush Mr. Seth Rutman

Mr. William A. Sabin Nitin Sacheti Ms. Lisa Sackman Ms. Gina Aroog Safdar Ms. Madeleine Saidenberg

Dr. Leonard Rosen

Mr. and Mrs. Kemal and Ramza Saliefendic

Ms. Michelle L. Rosen

Mr. Harry Samet

Mrs. Sarah Rosen

Ms. Carla Sameth

Mr. Steven Rosen

Chaitanya Samudrala

Ms. Robin Rosenberg

Mr. David Sandberg and Ms. Dina Mardell

David Rosenblatt and Shari Gersten Mr. Michael Rosenbloom Mrs. Margaret J. Rosenbloom

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Kathleen Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. and Toby Sandler

Mr. and Mrs. Griffith L. and Pamela Resor

Mr. Bernard Rosenblum

Mrs. Florence Preisler

Ms. Gay Rosenblum-Kumar

Ms. Michelina Prencipe

Mr. and Mrs. M. Rosenbluth

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Outlaw

Ms. Elnora Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Tracey Reyhani

Mr. Brian Prewitt

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenfeld

Mr. Andrei Ovchinnikov

Ms. Elisabeth Peterson

Mrs. Jean A. Reynolds

Mr. David Sanford and Ms. Joyce Wilson-Sanford John and Lila Sapinsley

Ms. Alice Price

Mr. Kenneth Rosenfeld

Ms. Suzanne Owayda

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. and Debra Pettijohn

Ms. Dana Rhule-Louie Kashif Riaz

Mr. Paul Rosenfield

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. and Vera Sarantakis

2008 Annual Report

Ms. Amanda Price

Mr. Louis Rosenblum

Mr. Toby Sandler

2008 Annual Report



Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Ellen Sarna

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schuman

Ms. Mohna Shah

Mr. Edward Silcock

Ms. Alyssa Sarnoff

Mr. and Mrs. John Schumann

Javeria Shahab

Mr. Philip Silver

Ms. Chloe E. Sarnoff

Mr. Seth M. Schumer

Shaheen Carpet Mills

Ms. Elsa Silverman

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour and Carol Sarnoff

Mr. and Mrs. William and Christine Schurtman

Samar Shaheryar

Ms. Sarah Silverman Mr. Bradley A. Simmons

Ms. Marti Satnick

Ms. Abby Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. and Roberta Shaker

Rabbi and Mrs. Rav A. and Harriet Soloff

R.J. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Saunders

Saeema Shakir

Mr. Richard Simtob

London Saunders

Dr. and Mrs. Danny and Cheryl Schwartz

Mr. Jordan Solomon

Ms. Nicole Shampine

Ms. Alexa J.M. Sorant

Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. and Marlene Sterner

Mr. Tedd Saunders

Donald M. Schwartz, Ph.D.

H. F. and A. Singer

Ms. Esther Shandler

Mr. Laurence T. Sorkin

Ms. Jenifer Stewart

Ms. Tracie Saunders

Mr. Jack Schwartz and Daryl Freedman

Mr. Richard T. Shannin

Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Anise Singer

Dr. and Mrs. Allen and Joyce Sosin

Mr. Theodore E. Stewart

Mr. Guy S. Shanon

Mrs. Ruth Singer

Guy and Jan Hart Sousa

Ms. Jennifer L. Stilson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Harriet Shapack

Ms. Benita Singh

South Congregational Church UCC

Mr. Karl Stockhausen

Ms. Frances Souza Spayne

Mr. Paul B. Stolpen

Ms. Susan N. Spencer

Ms. Dorothy Stone

Mr. Mack Sperling

Mr. Dylan Stone

Mr. David Sperrazza

Ms. Esther Stone

Mr. Brian Savage Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Jill Savin Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Maryann Scafuri

Mr. Jonathan Schwartz Mr. Kevin Schwartz

Mr. Salvatore T. Sinto

Dr. and Mrs. Jackie and Audrey Sobel

Mr. Peter K. Stern

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. and Roberta Sol

Ms. Renee Stern

Mr. Raymond G. Stern Mr. and Mrs. David J. and Sally Sternbach Mr. Marc Sternbaum

Ms. Ellen Schweber

Mr. Jonathan Shapiro

Ms. Ingrid Schweiger

Mr. Josef P. Sirefman

Scarbro Foundation

Ms. Judith Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. David and Laura Scarbro

Ms. Rebecca Schweiger

Ms. Marina Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Murray D. and Dolores Sirkis

Mr. Bruce G. Schweitzer and Ms. Lisa Shinefeld

Ms. Myra Shapiro

Ms. Carole Sirulnick

Ms. Sylvie Spielman

Ms. Martha Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. and Ivy Shapiro

Sally and Bob Skillings

Mr. Larry Spilkin

Mr. and Mrs. Mel Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Bernice Sklar

Ms. Darlene Spinelli

Ms. Kim Storey

Spirit of Unity

Ms. Ellen R. Stout

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome and Arlene Skolnick

Ms. Clair Spital

Mr. Alan J. Strauss

Savana and Seara Spitz

Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Lola Skolnik

Karen and David Strauss

William and Patricia Spock

Mr. Michael Strauss

Ms. Davida Sky

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton and Joanne Spooner

Mr. Richard Strauss

Mr. Harry Z. Sky

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sproull

Ms. Sandra L. Shea

Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Maureen Sladen

Mr. Matt Sprung

Ms. Nola P. Sheffer

Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Lillian Slater

Drs. Michael Shelanski

Scarsdale Synagogue - Tremont Temple

Mr. and Mrs. Hal and Joanna Scott

Ms. Carol Craft Schaefer

Mr. Lee Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Peggy Shapiro

Mr. Jay Schaeffer

Mr. Walter Scott

Ms. Jane E. Sharf

Dr. Philip Schaeffer

Ms. Cynthia Scribe

Dr. Diane M. Sharon

Ms. Deborah Schandler

Ms. Marlene Scudder

Ms. Peggy Shattuck

Drs. Jonathan S. and Suzanne Scharfstein

Ms. Gail C. Scully

Ms. Lois Gimpel Shaukat

Murven Sears

Mr. Skip Schiel

Ms. Lillian Shaye

Mr. Robert H. Secker and Ms. Maureen E. Martin

Ms. Ellen Shea

Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Brenda Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Katie Schissel

Second Congregational Church

Ms. Lina Srivastava

Ms. Dana W. Schleien

Mr. Gundi A. Sedlatscheck and Ms. Mary Jane Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Norman and Joan Schlesigner

Ms. Jeanne Segal and Mr. Richard Williams

Ms. Katherine Shenofsky

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Joanne Slavitt

Ms. Martha Shepard

Mr. and Mrs. Hal and Lois Slavkin

Ms. Myra Stang

Mr. Zack Schlesinger

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. and Teresa Segal

Dr. Diane Sherlip

Mrs. Harriette Small

Mr. Jacques Stanislaus

Ms. Jacqueline Sherman

Mr. Martin Small

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Laurie Schloss

Ms. Shelley Segal

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Francine Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. John E. and Mary Smart

Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. and Laura Starbuck

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Judith Schlosser

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. and Karen Sege

Mr. Charles Shoneman

Ms. Claire Smilow Mr. Bardwell Smith

Marian G. Schmidt, Ph.D. Mr. Marc Schmied

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Bonnie Selterman

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. and Joan Shore

Mrs. Susan B. Schmitz

Ms. Charlotte Schlosberg

Mr. George Stabler Ms. Jo Ellen Stammen

Ms. Michelle Strollo Ms. Sarah Strong Ms. Leah Popper Strulson Ms. Carole Stuart Joseph and Keiko Stusnick SUBJEE 79 INC. Ms. Danielle Suchman Mr. Robert Sudy Ms. Aviva Sufian

Ms. Judy F. Starrels and Mr. John Starrels

Mr. and Mrs. David and Peggy Sugerman

State of Maine

Ms. Michele Sugrue

Mr. Ken Shotts

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and Elaine Statsinger

Ms. Pam Sullivan

Ms. Evelyn Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Etha Seltzer

Ms. Frances V. Smith

Mr. Brian Shuman

Ms. Bess Steiger

Mr. Gregory Sussman

Ms. Maria H. Semal

Rayaan Shums

Ms. Randi Semon

Dr. and Mrs. Bernardo and Stephanie Stein

Mr. Joel Sussman

Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Mical Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. and Diana Smith

Ms. Alina Shumsky

Ms. Melanie Smith

Mr. Ronald Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and Donna Senter

Cantor Debra Stein

Mr. Dan Sieber

Ms. Rivelle E. Sutton

Mr. Mike Smith

Mr. Dylan J. Stein

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Siegel

Ms. Sylvia Swartz

Ms. Ruth Smith

Ms. Cathy Siegel

Ms. Patricia Sweet

Mrs. William C. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. and Judith Stein

Ms. Joyce B. Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. and Donna Smoler

Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Lisa Steinberg

Mr. John Snell

Mr. Scott L. Steinberg

Mr. Joel J. Snider

Mrs. Victoria S. Steinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Sue Schneider

Ms. Eileen Segall

Ms. Julie Sertel and Mr. Ron Dean

Mr. David Sulman

Mr. Sidney Sutter

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. and Carol Swepston

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schneit

Mr. Vito Sessa

Ms. Jean B. Schoch

Reeti Sethi

Mr. and Mrs. Homer and Lynn Schoen

Mr. Peter Setlow

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Marjorie Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney R. and Deborah Sewall

Mr. Micah L. Sifry and Ms. Leslie A. Lieman

Mr. and Mrs. David and Robin Seyburn

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Dorothy Snyder

Mr. Fred Steingold

Benjamin and Mouna Sigall-Gaynor

Ms. Jane Stepak

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. and Tamaara Tabb

Ms. Danielle Silber

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Jennifer Sghia-Hughes

Ms. Jeanne K. Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sterling

Zouhaier Taboubi

Ms. Susan Silber

Mr. Michael I. Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Claire Stern

Mr. and Mrs. David Tanner

Ms. Jennifer Schosheim Mr. Zachary Schram Ms. Michelle Schreiber Ms. Virginia Schulsohn



2008 Annual Report

Ms. H. Dawn Swift Mr. and Mrs. Ward C. and Janet Swift

2008 Annual Report



Mr. Alfred Tarlow


Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. and Datia Traison

Ms. Alvena Wagner

Mr. Michael Weinmayr

The Winchendon School

Mr. Marc Zahr

Mr. and Mrs. Julian and Jackie Taub

Ms. Deana Wahab

Mrs. Marjorie Weinreb

Windham Friends Church

Ms. Susan M. Zaleon

Ms. Julie Taube

Mr. and Mrs. John and Jill Trask

Mr. Richard A. Wahl

Ms. Mary-Agnes Wine

Mr. and Mrs. David and Julie Zalkind

Mr. and Mrs. Selig Taubenblatt

Mr. and Mrs. Jan and Linda Treilman

Mrs. Melba Winer

Ms. Beth Taylor

Dr. and Mrs. Emanuel and Alison Tress

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. and Patricia M. Wald

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Marsha Weinstein Judge and Mrs. Jack R. and Evelyn Weinstein

Mr. Leon Winitsky

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel and Charlotte Zax

Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Suzanne Winkelman

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour and Joan Zeenkov

Ms. Randy L. Winland

Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Paula Zeitlin

Mr. Henry S. Winokur and Ms. Stephanie L. Bernstein

Mr. Nathan Zeller

Mr. Dennis Taylor Mr. George Taylor Ms. Melinda Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and Ann Teal Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Catherine Teitelbaum Temple Beth El Temple Beth El Temple Beth Torah Sunday School

Ms. Ellen Waldman

Mr. Stephen Trimble

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Jackie Waldman

Ms. Monica M. Triozzi Lloyd Trufelman and Allison Chernow

Mr. Steven Waldman

Mr. Jerome Trupin

Ms. Ellen Wallach

Mr. Alan Trutt

Mr. Steven Walsh

Ms. Bettina Tucker

Mr. Michael Walker

Mr. Mitchell Wander

Mr. and Mrs. Yair and Carol Weinstock Mr. Barry L. Weisman and Ms. Michele J. Fishel Ms. Ruth Weisman

Mr. and Mrs. Miles and Evelyn Zeman

Ms. Fern M. Weiss

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold and Susan Winshall

Linda and Dave Weiss

Rev. Katharine Winthrop

Mr. Brian Zeve

Ms. Edie Weitzman

Mr. Larry Wisch

Ms. Barbara Zevin

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Donna Wishna

Ms. Florence G. Ziegler

Ms. Stephanie Zenna

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Tucker

Angel Wang

Ms. Elaine S. Tucker

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Mr. Richard D. Tulman

Mr. Charles D. Wantman and Ms. Roberta Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Burton and Leni Welte

Mr. Brad Wiss

Dr. Andrew Twaddle

Ms. Denise Ward

Mr. Paul Werner and Ms. Patricia A. Smith

Mr. Maynard and Mrs. Jill Witherell

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Diane Ziering

Union for Reform Judaism Greater New York Council

Ms. Jennifer C. Ward

Ms. Yael Esther Ziman

Ms. Pamela Wiznitzer

Ms. Anna H. Zimmer

Temple Sobel

West Auburn Congregational Church

Mr. Nicholas Witte

Temple Mount Sinai

United Christian Church

Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman


Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Dana Wexler

Ms. Rochelle Woldorsky

Ms. Risa Whipple

Fran and Bob Wolf

Ms. Robin Zinthefer

Ms. Debra Tenenbaum

United Methodist Women First United Methodist Church

Ms. Jordana Tenenbaum

Huma Usmani

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey White

Ms. Pam Wolf

Mr. Lawrence White

Ms. Sandra Tessler

Mr. and Mrs. Shahid and Shaista Usmani

Ms. Susan L. Wartur

Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. and Helene Zipkin

Mr. Sheldon Tepler

Mr. Jeffrey Waters

Ms. Alalia Thaler

Mr. Salil Vadhan

Mr. Max Watzman

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. and Frances S. White

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley B. and Paula Wolfe

The Maine Attraction

Pritti Vakharia

Wautoma Newspaper, Inc.

Ms. Carolyn H. Thomas

Ms. Lourdes Valeriano

Mr. Ethan Waxman

Ms. Jessica Thompson

Ms. Margaret Van Deusen

Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. and Colleen Thompson

Ms. Barbara van Voorst

Mr. Seth P. Waxman and Ms. Debra F. Goldberg

Dr. and Mrs. James and Beth Thomsen

Ms. Anita Varghese

Ms. Barbara B. Thomson

Ms. Valerie J. Vaughan

Temple Chai Religious School Temple Emanuel Congregation Temple Emanuel Inc. Temple Israel of London

Ms. Coralee Thomson

Ms. Julie Vanek Mr. Alberto Varon

Ms. Kelly Warner Ms. Jean Warren Ms. Amelia Warshaw Mr. John L. Warshow

Todd and Laurie Webb Ms. Bryna Webber and Mr. Dick Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. and Jean Webster

Mr. James L. Thoreen

Ambassador and Mrs. Nicholas A. and Patricia Veliotes

Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. and Merna Wechsler

Ms. Jane ann Thornburgh

Ms. Peggy Vermander

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wechsler

Ms. Rita Tick

Ms. Deborah Vickers

Mr. and Mrs. Max and Esther Ticktin

Mr. Lee and Mrs. Claire Vickman

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. and Susan Weidenbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Dona Whitmore McDonough

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Nancy Wolfson Ms. Sophie Wolman

Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Maria Wiatrowski

Ms. Charlotte Wolpin

Ms. Loretta Wieczner

Ms. Nancy Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Tammy Wien

Mr. and Mrs. John W. and Bette Woodbury

Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener and Ms. Judith Tax

Mr. Roger F. Woodman Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Sherry Wiener

Ms. Brandice C. Wrone

Mr. Mordechai Wiesler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Lee Wygant

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. and Sharon Wigutoff

Mr. Justin Yarborough Mr. Matthew Yarmolinsky and Ms. Margaret Leipsitz

Joe and Naomi Wilensky

Ms. Alina Yarovskaya

Ms. Tara Weiler

Mr. Kenneth Wilensky

Ms. Summer Yassine

Ms. Anne Victor

Ms. Leslie Timme Ms. Catherine Tinsley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. and Margaret Vidale

Dr. and Mrs. Peter and Sigrid Tishler

Ms. Susan Vigilante

Ms. Laura Wein

Ms. Alice E. Wilkins

Menachem Yechiely

Ms. Patricia Vigorita

Ms. Barbara Weinberg

Ms. Elvira Yevrukhina

Rajath Vikram

Ms. Marcia Weinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. and Jayme Wilkinson

Mr. Michael Vines

Ms. Sara Weinberger

Edith Yonan

Mrs. Ramey Tomson

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard and Helene Vinnick

Mr. Bernard Weiner and Ms. Heide M. Linsmayer

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew and Sharon Williams

Mr. Scott Torgan

Mr. Phil von Hemert

Ms. Margaret Weiner

Mr. Marc Torrey

Ms. Eliza Vorenberg

Mr. and Mrs. John and Julia Tossell

Ms. Katherine Vorenberg

Dr. and Mrs. Norman and Diana Weiner

Ms. Laura Tow

Ms. Brenda Waber

Toll Bros., Inc. Ms. Elizabeth Tomlinson

Ms. Deborah Wadsworth

2008 Annual Report

Ms. Harriet Williams Mr. and Mrs. Irving and Ruth Willner Mr. Charles J. Wilson Ms. Christine J. Wilson

Mr. Sanford Weiner

Mrs. Judy W. Wilson

Mr. David Weingart

Kelty Wilton

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Phyllis Zissman Ms. Rachel Zolot Mr. Robert Zuker

Ms. Ellen Wormser

Ms. Robin Wildman

Ambassador and Mrs. Leon and Mabel Weil

Mr. Ron Ziegler

Mr. Kenneth Wolpin

Tifereth Israel Congregation

Mr. and Mrs. Dolph and Eva Tokarczyk


Mr. Kenneth Walden

Ms. Jackie Triggs

Mr. Jerry Yoder Galit Yosipovitch Mr. Jonathan Young Mr. Matthew Young Mr. Michael L. Young and Ms. Debra Raskin Mr. and Mrs. Sol and Betty Young Ms. Emma Lee Yu

2008 Annual Report




Glenn Pastore Director of Grounds & Maintenance

Janet Wallach President Emeritus

Timothy Wilson Senior International Advisor

Leslie Adelson Lewin Executive Director

Ashleigh Zimmerman Advocacy & Alumni Coordinator



Alina Yavorovskaya CFO and EVP of Finance & Administration Fayth Centeno Office & Human Resources Manager Catherine Joseph Senior Accountant Yury Shvarts Accounting Clerk Mark Tsigler Staff Accountant DEVELOPMENT DeAnn Sarah Brady Director, Corporate & Government Relations Dan Ettinger Development Associate Rowena Hill Business Affairs & Development Associate Marni Pearce Database Manager Tenika Thompson Database Associate Dindy Weinstein Director of Individual Philanthropy PROGRAMMING Aeshna Badruzzaman Education Fund Coordinator


Eva Gordon Director of Strategic Initiatives

2008 Annual Report

Claire Dibsi Ayed Chief Administrator, Ramallah Office Azza El Sherbiny Director of Egyptian Programs Mohammed Isleem Director of Palestinian Programs (Gaza)


T.H. George H. W. Bush

H.E. Shimon Peres

T.H. William Jefferson Clinton

Dr. Sa'eb Erekat

Her Majesty Queen Noor

Eric Kapenga Editor of Seeds of Peace Publications Paul Mailhot Director of Global Programming Eti Michaeli Staff Accountant Daniel Moses Director of Delegation Leaders Program


Mr. Richard Berman (Chairman)

Mr. Samuel L. Samelson (Treasurer)

Mr. Joseph Gantz (Chair of the Executive Committee)

Mrs. Christine R. Covey (Secretary)

Mr. Tim A. Attalla

Mr. James M. Orphanides

Omar Tayeh Director of Jordanian Programs

Mr. David Avital

Mr. C. Michael Spero

Mr. Amr Badr

Mr. David Strasser


Ms. Darcie A. Bundy

Mr. Sebastian Stubbe

Sajjad Ahmad Director of Pakistani Programming

Mrs. Barbara Gottschalk

Mr. Arn Tellem

Mr. Munir Hussein

Mrs. Nancy Reiss Tellem

Feruzan Mehta Director of Indian Programming

Mr. Hani Masri

Mrs. Jane Toll

Ms. Michelle Mercer

Mr. Robert Toll

Marzia Meena Director of Afghan Programming

Mr. Eugene Mercy Jr.

Mrs. Janet Wallach

Mrs. Lindsay Miller

Mr. Michael Wallach

Eyal Ronder Director of Israeli Programs Sawsan Samara Director of Palestinian Programs

2008 Annual Report


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