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15 août - 15 octobre 2010


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RECYCLING SPECIAL EDITION Syded Déchetterie p2 Guide to the coming weeks p8 Dinner for 2 to win ! p13 Dear Joan p15

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450m² showroom with the largest brand names in beds GREAT VALUE

OPEN 7/7 - Dinner & Lunch Shaded terrace by the swimming-pool Summer menu - Wood-fired grill A la carte from 12€ Booking : 05 65 40 65 35 - La Ségalière - 380 av F. Mitterand - 46160 CAJARC

Furnish your holiday home with quality beds and bedding at low prices thanks to our great prices

Free delivery within 40kms of Cahors

Open Monday 2 to 7pm. From Tues to Sat 9.30am to 12pm & 2 to 7pm 450, av. Anatole de Monzie - 46000 CAHORS - Tel : 05 65 22 32 31

contact LE FORTY-SIX: 09 62 58 05 41 09 62 58 05 41 Syded - Dechetterie


RECYCLING heating powered by wood granules Fed up with the volume of advertising you produced from waste such as unused receive? Stick a “Stop Pub” sticker on your paletts. postbox to further reduce wasted paper.

e all keep hearing about recycling and being green and COMPOSTER saving the planet, but what can We can reduce our waste by getting a we do and how can we measure our composter for just 20 euros, from the success at doing it? local dechetterie. Where very large waste is involved (branches and the like) These are some of the benefits being we should remember to bring it to the derived by our current efforts at dechetterie. There, it is composted and recycling, even though we all still get it each family is entitled to pick up up to 3 wrong much of the time. Just imagine cubic metres of compost per year from what we could achieve if we all got it right! the dechetterie. Syded who are the non-commercial company who manage our recycling in the Lot make the following claims: - In 2009, they saved 110,600 mega watts of energy, equivalent to the consumption of a town with 10,750 inhabitants - They saved 146 million litres of water – the consumption of a town with 2,660 inhabitants - 7 000 tonnes of CO2 were saved, which is comparable to the gas consumption for around 4,200 inhabitants …plus savings of 28,000 tonnes of primary materials such as paraffin, natural gas, sand, minerals, etc. This autumn, Catus will become the sixth town in the Lot to benefit from town

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A CAMPAIGN Everything we buy has a waste content and ADEME launched a campaign in 2007 to try to re-educate the population to buy less that was destined to be thrown away. Syded are partnering in this campaign. The Chariot study looked at 450 staple products and examined the volume of waste generated by packaging, etc. The reference shopping trolley showed that 73 kg of waste per annum, per person was NEW SERVICES generated by their purchases of the most There are some new services being popular items in the shops. provided by Syded. These include boxes for old unwanted clothes. These are run Products chosen for the so called miniin conjunction with Le Relais, a member dechets trolley adhered to the following of Emmaüs France, which seeks to fight criteria: reusable (clothes, rechargeable against the causes of Third World batteries, etc), items with minimal poverty through job creation, thus packaging (fruits, cut produce), and ecoleading to more sustainable Third World refill (detergent, ink cartridges, etc.). The economies. mini-dechets trolley generated a much reduced 46 kg of waste per annum per Local pharmacies are being supplied person. with new yellow bins for “sharps” (ie This provides a saving of 500 euros per hypodermic needles and so on). These annum, per person, in comparison to the are exchanged for empty boxes reference trolley or a saving of 800 euros periodically and help to avoid accidental per annum, per person compared to the injuries to staff at Syded as well as maxi-dechets trolley which generates 112 ensuring economical re-cycling with kg of waste per annum, per person. maximum hygiene. So recycling really does pay. John

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010 09 62 58 05 41 EDITORIAL For this special issue, when I offered to talk about recycling, it was obvious that all the journalists had something to say about this subject… so 16 pages about the topic are certainly not enough but at least it's a good start ! I have always felt very concerned about recycling and a bit guilty at the beginning to print a free paper magazine, but I know now that you readers, keep Le Forty-Six for a while to get all the information before throwing it away - in the recycling bin I hope ! (having mentioned that, I

Pack it in...


id you ever watch that TV programme Room 101 where celebrities were invited to “trash” things that they dislike? It was one of those programmes, like Desert Island Discs, that has you making your own selections ready for the day you get to be fabulously famous and receive your invitation to appear on the show. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard someone say “This would definitely be one of my Desert Island Discs” when a favourite song is heard. My Room 101 selection would be simple and emphatic, packaging, surely the greatest curse of our time. Next time you do a big shop or a trip to the bins, just step back and take a look at how much packaging you have been forced to handle. Nearly every day of my life, I am faced by some hideously contrived wrapper, carton or shrink-wrapped, stress inducing piece of packaging. Just the other day, I bought a padlock which came in its own pre-formed, heavy duty plastic container and it was so difficult and dangerous to open that it would have left Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun broken and weeping. Anyway I did it, another blow for modern man... I've got this great idea for a new TV show that would be a certain hit : members of the long suffering public (that's you and me) would nominate products that have been grotesquely packaged. Then the product manager of the selected item would be suspended, on a cable with a timer connection, over a huge container with piranhas or sharks in it and the audience would decide how much time to give them to open the cursed thing, let's say 30 seconds. The timer would be set, the clock would start to tick very loudly, the dangling victim would start to sweat and panic, the world-wide audience would be spellbound then if the packaging defied successful entry, click - sploosh - retribution. The viewer who has selected the victorious product wins! Yes, you've guessed it, a package holiday. It will probably never happen but just thinking about it makes me feel better as the blood gushes out of yet another wound caused by unnecessary packaging. Roly

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010

RECYCLING know a couple of readers who actually keep all the issues of Le Forty-Six for the useful information in it or maybe as collectors…) In this issue, you will find tips to save energy, money and how to make new things from old waste. Let's all play the game, and make our neighbours and foreign guests "waste-aware": using recycling bins in the gites with a guide on how to sort things out will be a first step to this awareness. And then, it just becomes a routine in your everyday life! Bonne lecture! Sophie

Heated Exchange after Conversion


e i t h e r rugby or religion, but a cool solution for maintaining an optimum temperature in your home. I live alone in a modern three bedroom house with a large open plan living and kitchen area. I use gas for the central heating and hot water and two gas rings on a duel fuel hob. All the windows are double glazed. Two years ago, I noticed how frequently the Totalgaz bulk lorry arrived to top up my underground tank. Out of curiosity, I added up my gas bills and found I was spending some 2 500 euros per year. This seemed a lot for one person. My son suggested I install a "pompe à chaleur", a device which extracts the heat from the outside air and channels it into the house. This seemed a very sensible solution and, after a comprehensive survey by the company's engineer, I agreed to have one installed at a total cost of 3 934 euros. Installation was completed quickly and efficiently and there was no dust or rubble. The result was dramatic. My gas bill has dropped from 2 500 euros to around 600 euros per year. There has been a very slight increase in my electricity bill. There are no other costs. Inside I have an attractive white, streamlined radiator. Outside a silent running motor has been attached to the wall. This drives the fan which circulates the air. The company guarantee that with an outside temperature of –7°C I can maintain an economical interior temperature of 20°C. I can, of course, raise this to over 25°C if I want at almost no extra cost! My electric circuit does not allow me to separate the cost of running the system, but my son, who has exactly the same system, has installed a separate circuit for the pump and tells me it costs him 38 euros per month. “Cool” ? I forgot to mention that in summer the circulation can be reversed and that in the recent heat wave I have been sitting in a comfortable 20°C indoors. One word of warning. Be careful where you place the radiator as, if you want it to, the pump can produce almost a gale of cold air in the summer so you wouldn't want it blowing directly where you normally sit! Tony page 3 09 62 58 05 41 Vinegar... How do I Love Thee, Let me Count the Ways I really love vinegar and not just on fish & chips! Vinegar has been used for thousands of years and its name is derived from "vin aigre" meaning "sour wine" in French. Reputedly this was how it was first discovered, in a cask of wine that had gone well past its prime! Vinegar is one of nature's miracles and it can be used in a thousand different ways, for example : Weed killing Spray neat vinegar on the weeds and grass blighting your patios, paths or gravel and by the next day the weeds will have withered and died. Not only is this a lot cheaper than weedkiller, it is also safer when you have pets around. Descaling If you suffer from hard water in your area and need to descale your kettle regularly, once again vinegar comes to the rescue – just fill your kettle about 1/3 full with an equal solution of water and vinegar and bring it to the boil. Boil the kettle twice more with fresh water to remove all trace of the vinegar. You can also use neat vinegar for descaling taps, filters and other items throughout the home, just make sure you rinse thoroughly after the limescale has gone. Window cleaning A simple water & vinegar mix makes the ideal window cleaner. Just apply it to a cloth or spray it on your window in place of shop-bought window cleaners.



pparently, almost a third of your life is spent in bed so it seems sensible to make sure your mattress is as comfortable as possible. One way of doing this is choosing cotton materials for your bedding. Natural fibres such as cotton breathe, unlike synthetic materials that retain body heat and act like an oven, raising the body temperature and hindering restful sleep. Natural cotton however, absorbs and clears excess moisture and keeps your body at a more even temperature, ensuring a better night's sleep. In addition, if you choose organic cotton you can rest assured that it has not been treated with any synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, unlike traditional cotton that unfortunately relies heavily on such treatments in its production. Hence your bedding will be genuinely natural and you'll also be doing your bit for the planet. And after all, as the old saying goes, you should spend the most you can possibly afford on both footwear and your bed, because if you are not in one, you are definitely in the other ! Shirley

Yuna Organic Cotton Mattresses Originating from the principles of bio-agriculture, organic cotton is cultivated without the use of genetically modified materials, pesticides or chemical products : it absorbs and clears moisture, it is more supple and more pleasant to the touch. Yuna Mattresses can be found at Litrimarché, in Cahors, Route de Toulouse (near Volswagen) Protects the environment. Guaranteed 5 years. Anti-dust mite.

Ant Prevention Spray vinegar around door & window frames & other known ant trails to keep them at bay. Insect Bites Dab a cotton wool ball soaked with vinegar on the affected area to relieve itching. Also works well on sunburn. Hair Rinse After shampooing rinse your hair with a solution of water & vinegar for a glossy shine. Improve soil acidity In hard water areas, add a cup of vinegar to a gallon of water for watering acid-loving plants such as rhododendrums, azaleas and gardenias. ý Hotel-Restaurant, creative &

Vinegar does all of this and lots more and at a fraction of the cost of commercially available alternatives. Generally, white vinegar (vinaigre blanc) is the best for most uses as brown vinegar could stain porous surfaces. These tips have been gathered from friends who swear by their effectiveness and I have used most of them but, just to safeguard ourselves, please note that all these suggestions are to be used at your own risk! If you want to find more uses for this humble product, you will find dozens of web sites devoted to the worship of vinegar. Shirley

traditional cuisine ý Lunch menu 12€ ý Conference groups catered for ý 50 bedrooms (en-suite facilities, flat screen TV) ý Sauna, swimmingpool,fitness room

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LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010 09 62 58 05 41


Talking Rubbish Waste + Time + Space = Compost Compost = Fabulous garden produce The theory: Simply chuck vegetable peelings, fruit, teabags, coffee grounds and garden waste (soft prunings, weeds, dead flowers, grass clippings, etc.) onto a heap, turn with a fork from time to time – voilà ! In twelve months you'll have enough rich crumbly compost for all your gardening needs. The reality: You need patience and enough space to rotate at least one compost bin and three heaps at varying stages of maturity. Kitchen waste attracts fruit flies before turning to slimy mush. If this bothers you, use a plastic compost bin with a lid for the first stage. To counter the mush, alternate layers of kitchen waste with thinly spread grass clippings, plant material, ash from the fire, and even torn up newspaper can be added. I also add spent compost from last years geraniums, cuttings, etc. Don't include prunings with woody stems as they don't compost well and avoid including food waste with eggs, cheese, meat – these attract rats! Don't add dead leaves at the initial composting stage – pile these up separately. When they have rotted down in 2-3 years, you can mix them with your piles of half rotted compost. After 12 months, empty the bin: there will be some material which looks more or less like compost, some that is half rotted but still recognisable and more recent peelings which are still fresh – mix together and make a heap. Cover with a layer of soil and leave for 12-24 months. After that time you should have something resembling compost. Meanwhile, start refilling your compost bin. Kate You can get a great compost kit, with everything you need to get started, for just 20 euros (one only per household) at

Waste Not, Want Not Don't throw it away : give it to someone who needs it! The website allows you to put online the things you would like to get rid of and people come and collect the items! You can also give them to Emmaüs (charity organization) 217 avenue André Breton in Cahors (tel: 05 65 35 55 11) from Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 12pm & 1.30pm to 5pm. If you would like to buy items from there, the sales are on Wednesday and Saturday from 2.30pm to 5pm. or by sending a cheque made out to Trésor Public with your name, address and telephone number to SYDED du Lot, les Matalines, 45150 Catus

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mob : 06 85 55 74 58 tel : 05 65 41 91 83 moulin de la treille, cales 46350

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Eat Seasonal Products ! September : Figs, blackberries, pears, apples, plums, grapes / Figues, mûres, poires, pommes, prunes, raisons October : Chestnusts, Wallnuts / Châtaignes, noix

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LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010

Kid's Art Projects can be such Rubbish. And that's a Good Thing ! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Good stuff, but while you're busy sorting your paper and glass, keep an eye out for some useful materials you can set aside for art projects for the kids. The possibilities are endless, and the more inventive you can be about turning trash into treasures, the fewer materials you need to buy for those rainy days when the children decide that they need to express themselves. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Magazine Mosaics 1. Clip out colour photos from old magazines (not Le Forty Six, obviously!), and then cut them into very small pieces. Ideally sort them into colours, so you have a pile of red pieces, a pile of blues, etc. 2. Draw a picture of whatever you like. Be sure to make the picture fairly large, without too much tiny detail. 3. Where normally you would colour with crayon or marker, glue the coloured magazine pieces. It may help to look at a few mosaic photos online to get a sense of what works. Handmade paper 1. Rip up a few old egg cartons or newspaper into small pieces and put them into a pot with some water and a little detergent. Cook for two hours, adding water as necessary. 2. Once the boiled paper pulp is cool enough to handle, strain out the water as much as possible and tip the resulting fibrous paste onto an old newspaper. Spread it flat and more or less into the desired shape. 3. Put more newspaper and a towel on top. Then place something flat and heavy on top of it all - a stack of hardback books would work. This will press the paper flat. 4. Leave for 24 hours, then remove the books and newspaper and let your homemade paper dry for another 24 hours. Once it's dry, you should be able to peel it off the bottom newspaper. Et voilà! You have hand made paper. Experiment with using food colouring or even including bits of confetti, sparkles, etc. to liven up your paper. Loo roll bird feeders Here's a way to recycle empty loo rolls and to give back to nature at the same time. You can use either the cardboard tube from a loo roll or from a paper towel roll. If using a paper towel roll, you may want to cut it in half. You'll also need a small paper plate, some glue, scissors, and a little paint for decorating your bird feeder. 1. Paint the loo roll and a small paper plate however you wish. 2. Once they are dry, punch three holes in the tube about 1cm from the end, forming a triangle (later you will be putting string through the holes in order to hang the feeder, so they need to be roughly equidistant to distribute the weight evenly). 3. At the other end of the tube, cut two small half circles out of the bottom edge, at opposite sides. 4.Glue the tube to the center of the paper plate at the end with the half circles. 5. Pass some string through the three holes so that you can hang the feeder. Pour bird seed into the top. As the birds eat what spill onto the plate, more seed will slide down the tube to take its place. 6. Hang the feeder between 1.5 and 2 metres from the ground, preferably away from cats! Greg

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010

The Three R's : Recycle/Reuse/Resale


ost Hotels and Maison d'hôtes Chambres Stay in comfortable, quiet surroundings with spa d'Hôtes are Antiques and designer fixtures happy with a with the option to buy good turnover Take a little of your holiday back home! of guests, Le Bourg - 12260 Salles however Courbatiers Emmanuel and Tel : 06 08 26 60 43 Christine Petit, the owners of the innovative La Maison de Louna, near Figeac, are equally happy if their clients make off with the fixtures and fittings! Ah, you may be thinking, nice fluffy bathrobes and shower goodies. No, in this case we're talking furniture, lamps, objets d'art and, what is more, it is actively encouraged! This is because Emmanuel indulges his love of antiques and unusual objects by collecting all and sundry from the four corners of France, so you could check-in and find an Eames chair in your room, or even an interesting industrial piece far removed from its original use having been transformed into something like a coffee table or a bookcase. Seriously, most things in your hotel room here are for sale. This gives an interesting twist to most hotel owners' dilemma of how to “update the decor” and also provides guests with the option to take home a serious memento of their holiday or visit. However, if you can lie in bed and not covet your bedside lamp by Philippe Starck, maybe in the morning have a browse in the onsite boutique and you will doubtless come across some other recycled gems. If you don't think that is unusual – your “douche” will be taken in a Tadelakt shower – made from an environmentally friendly decorative and waterproof plaster that is used on the walls and made from lime sourced mainly from the Marrakech region of Morocco. The calm and serene atmosphere at La Maison de Louna is further enhanced by the choice of creams, chocolates and neutral colours which serve to complement the natural building materials of stone and wood, used in the sympathetic and ecological renovation that transformed an old tobacco dryer and a disused cowshed into two comfortably appointed Ateliers. Perhaps the way is open for other guest houses to follow suit and copy this idea. Should Replicate become the fourth R? After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... Lucienne


La Cornière

BROCANTE Objects & country-style furniture Old Toys Household linen Open in April, July, August, Sept, Oct Place de la halle 24550 Villefranche du Périgord Tel: 05 53 29 49 05

page 7 06 76 22 49 50


Exhibitions / Expos


ALBAS Tout sourire (pop rock). L'esplanade. Sept 25th, 8.30pm

ROCAMADOUR Sacred music festival. Aug 14th to 22nd

LHERM Concerts and shows all year at Le Bar à GRAMAT Trucs. Cuivres anciens de Tarbes (baroque music). ALBAS Salle de l'horloge. Sept 25th, 8.30pm L'esplanade. Concerts all year. NUZEJOULS Baroque music (18th C). Sept 25th, 9pm LES JUNIES Yaroslava (Ukraine). Classical music. ALBAS Church. Aug 16th, 8pm Isabelle Olivier. Jazz concert (harp). GOURDON Church. Oct 8th, 8.30pm Classical music (Bratislava). Church. Aug 16th, 9pm ALBAS Univerprop (pop rock). ST MEDARD L'esplanade. Oct 23rd, 8.30pm 5 violinists (classical music). Church. Aug 17th, 8.30pm TOURNON D'AGENAIS Oct 26th to 30th.: Blues Station. Workshop CANIAC DU CAUSSE Oct 30th : Blues night with The Moeller Michel Griffin, Paul Piquart & co. Brothers (feat. Darrell Nulish) La Petite Maison. Aug 19th, 6pm

GRAMAT Foire à tout. Car-boot sale, local products, craft, etc. Aug 20th

CONCORES Piano concert by Laurent Molines. Château de Clermont. Aug 21st, 9pm

BOURIANE AREA Echappée d'oeuvres : painting, sculpture (contemporary art). 20 artists. Programme at Marminiac, Cazals, Montclera, St Caprais, Goujounac, Gindou, les Arques, Pomarède, Frayssinet-le-Gelat. August 1st to 31st ARCAMBAL Art Actuel (contemporary art). Espace Culturel et de loisirs. Aug 27th to Sept 5th MONTCUQ Les images du Quercy (4 artists). Mairie. Aug 30th to Sept 3rd

Fairs & Festivals

ST CYPRIEN Regional Championship for trained dogs. Aug 20th & 21st GINDOU Gindou Cinema Festival : films, c o n f e r e n c e s , d e b a t e s . Aug 21st to 28th MONTCUQ Festi'trad : Brasilian music and dance. Espace d'animation. Aug 21st, 9pm UZECH LES OULES Pottery market. August 22nd SOUILLAC Marché d'art contemporain. Contemporary Art Market. Halle. Aug 19th & 26th MARCILHAC SUR CELE 14ème nuit européenne de la chauvesouris (European bat night). Learn about bat's life in its natural environment. Aug 28th, 2pm to midnight BOUSSAC Second Hand farming vehicles. Sept 5th GOURDON Foire exposition. Sept 9th to 13th MONTCUQ La rue des enfants : children festival (circus, puppets, concerts, tales, etc.). Sept 11th & 12th CAHORS Antique book fair & meet Anne-Marie for bookbinding! Espace Valentré. Sept 11th & 12th FRANCE / LOT Journées du patrimoine. Sept 18th & 19th LABASTIDE MURAT Rassemblement régional d'ULM (microlight meeting). Sept 19th ROCAMADOUR Les Montgolfiades. Hot air Balloon festival. Sept 25th & 26th CAJARC Cartoon fair. Sept 25th & 26th

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Marchés Gourmands July & August

Taste the local products directly from the producers and enjoy the GRAMAT lively atmosphere of the village. A Cumpagnia (music from Corsica). Church. Aug 21st, 8.30pm From 7pm LEOBARD Jazz & Blues concert. Salle basse. Aug 21st, 9pm

SAUX : Château d'Aix, Aug 18th AUJOLS : Aug 19th FIGEAC : Aug 19th LHERM ST CERE : Aug 19th 3rd Opera concert (mezzo soprano, CAPDENAC LE HAUT : Aug 21st barython, bass). Church. Aug 21st, 8pm SAUX : Château d'Aix, Aug 25th MONTCUQ : Aug 27th ALBAS SAUX : Château d'Aix, Sept 1st Basta Païpaï (reggae) & Kelo Trio (rock). ST PIERRE LAFEUILLE : every Friday L'Esplanade. August 24th, 8.30pm night MONTGESTY : Every Friday ight FIGEAC MONTCABRIER : every Friday night Swing Gadgé (gipsy). MONTCUQ : every Friday night Terrases du Puy. Aug 24th, 9.30pm

Theâtre / Drama CAHORS Cahors Folk Club. Michel Griffin & Paul Newman. Festival Shakespeare du Quercy Galerie Carré d'Art. Aug 27th, 8.30pm Antony & Cleopatra (Shakespeare) BELVES : Aug 17th SALVIAC LAUZERTE : Aug 18th Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse GOUJOUNAC : Aug 19th (Italian Baroque music). Book online Church. Aug 28th, 9pm CATUS Camino de Santiago. Church. Aug 29th, 4pm CAZALS Classical music. Chapel. Sept 2nd, 8.30pm MONTCLERA Classical music. Church. Sept 3rd, 8.30pm LES ARQUES Classical music. Church. Sept 4th, 8.30pm Sept 5th, 11am CAHORS Organ concert. Cathédrale St Etienne. Sept 10th, 9pm

Night Markets (from 6pm to 11pm) FONS : Aug 17th FIGEAC : Aug 19th CAPDENAC LE HAUT : Aug 21st PRAYSSAC : Aug 23rd

Charity GOURDON Enfants du Mekong evening : films, diaporama, conference about Thailand at Cinéma Atalante, 7.15pm. Dinner for Kawthoolei night. Booking required. Salle des Pargueminiers. Oct 2nd

Special Event

ALBAS Pure Bonne Humeur (ska, rock, punk). PARNAC Festi'vendanges. Spend the whole day in L'esplanade. Sept 18th, 8.30pm the vineyard and in the cellar to experience wine making ! CAHORS Cahors Folk Club. Michel Griffin & Les - 8.30am : breakfast - 10 am : harvest Bumets. - 1.30pm : back for lunch Galerie Carré d'Art. Sept 24th, 8.30pm - 2.30pm : visit of cellars on foot, train or horse GOURDON - 6pm : wine tasting & music Jean-Claude Borelly (trumpet). - 7.30pm : dinner Church. Sept 24th, 8.30pm Information 06 32 39 08 41 or October 16th

LISTINGS Sport LACAPELLE MARIVAL French Championship of Motocross France Elite. Aug 15th CAHORS Trial urbain international. August 21 & 22nd.

Gastronomy DURAVEL Wine and local products market. Aug 14th & 15th GOURDON Bread Festival in Lafontade. Aug 15th TOURNON D'AGENAIS Foire à la tourtière. Local products. Aug 15th MARTEL Beer festival. Aug 20 to 22nd CATUS Lot of saveurs : market, cooking classes, wine tasting classes, dinner. Bring knives & forks. Aug 19th LES JUNIES Bread festival. Aug 22nd SOUILLAC Restaurant Le Chapeau Melon Fish and Chips : Aug 27th, Sept 17th, Oct 8th & 29th Curry night : Aug 19th, Sept 15th, Oct 20th

Vide-Greniers & Brocante Carboot Sale & Antique Fair (7am to 6pm) CEINT d'EAU : Aug 15th LAFONTADE : Aug 15th MASCLAT : Aug 15th MONTCABRIER : Aug 15th SALVIAC : Aug 15th SENAILLAC LAUZES : Aug 15th VAYRAC : Aug 19th (from 6pm) CAILLAC : Aug 21st CANIAC DU CAUSSE : Aug 21st LUZECH : Aug 21st (Brocante) MONTFAUCON : Aug 21st ALVIGNAC : Aug 22nd BELMONT STE FOI : Aug 22nd CATUS : Aug 22nd CAZALS : Aug 22nd FIGEAC : Aug 22nd LABURGADE : Aug 22nd LIVERNON : Aug 22nd LOUBRESSAC : Aug 22nd (Brocante) STE ALAUZIE : Aug 22nd PAYRIGNAC : Aug 23rd (Brocante) BROUELLE : Aug 29th ESTAL : Aug 29th GOUDOU : Aug 29th LES QUATRE ROUTES : Aug 29th MONTCUQ : Aug 29th LACAPELLE CABANAC : Sept 4th FONTANES : Sept 5th (Brocante) GLUGES : Sept 5th LISSAC ET MOURET : Sept 5th LUZECH : Sept 5th PONTCIRQ : Sept 5th SAUX : Sept 5th VERS : Sept 5th CRAYSSAC : Sept 12th ST DENIS LES MARTELS : Sept 12th MONTGESTY : Sept 19th PEYRILLES : Sept 19th PAYRAC : Sept 26th PUY l'EVEQUE : Sept 26th CREYSSE : Oct 3rd

Let us know about the events which take place in your village before September 20th !

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010


films in English (VO)

WILD TARGET / PETITS MEUTRES A L'ANGLAISE Directed by Jonathan Lynn, 2010 Starring Bill Nighy, Rupert Grint, Emily Blunt A middle-aged, solitary assassin suffers an interruption to his professional routine when he finds himself drawn to one of his intended victims, Rose. After sparing her life, he unexpectedly acquires a young apprentice, Tony, and believing him to be a private detective, his two new companions tag along, while he attempts to thwart the murderous intentions of his unhappy client. > Cinéma Louis Malle - PRAYSSAC - August 20th, 9pm & Aug 22nd, 9pm THE TREE Directed by Julie Bertuccelli, 2010 Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Morgana Davies, Marton Csokas After the sudden death of her father, 8-year-old Simone shares a secret with her mother Dawn. She’s convinced her father speaks to her through the leaves of her favourite tree and he’s come back to protect them. But the new bond between mother and daughter is threatened when Dawn starts a relationship with George, the plumber, called in to remove the tree’s troublesome roots. As the branches of the tree start to infiltrate the house, the family is forced to make an agonising decision. But have they left it too late? > Cinéma Le Quercy - CAHORS - beginning of September > Cinéma Liberty - LIBOS - Sept 15th, 2.30pm / Sept 16th & 17th, 9pm / Sept 18th, 6pm / Sept 19th, 5pm / Sept 21st, 9pm TAMARA DREWE Directed byStephen Frears, 2010 Starring Gemma Arterton, Roger Allam, Bill Camp Contemporary version of the Thomas Hardy classic “Far From The Madding Crowd” where a shy, unattractive country girl transforms herself into a sultry femme fatale. > Cinéma Liberty - LIBOS - Aug 18th, 2.30pm / Aug 20th & 24th, 9pm


DOUBLE TAKE Directed by Johan Grimonprez, 2010 Starring Ron Burrage, Mark Perry, Delfine Bafort In this mock-documentary, iconic director Alfred Hitchcock is portrayed as a paranoid history professor, unwittingly caught up in a double take on the cold war period. Using an assemblage of TV and newsreel material, the director muses on Hitchcock's persona and humour, reading his films of the late '50s and early '60s against the climate of bomb-era political anxiety.Aug 26th, 11pm ADAS / TRANSMISSION Directed by Roland Vranik. Aug 24th, 9.30pm* LA CAMPAGNE DE CICERON Directed by Jacques Davila. Aug 27th, 9.30pm* * Subtitles in English

LA BATELIERE Bar - Snack - Tapas

Sea Food Gambas Fish Beefsteaks

FAIRS AND MARKETS IN THE LOT MARCHES / MARKETS Morning MONDAY Assier (1st & 3rd Monday) Labastide-Murat (2nd & 4th Monday)- Lacave ** TUESDAY Bretenoux - Carennac** - Catus Floirac - Gourdon - Gramat - Leyme - Puy l’Evêque - Salviac WEDNESDAY Bagnac-sur-Célé - Cahors Capdenac le Haut* - CastelnauMontratier** -Latronquière - Les Quatre-Routes - Lissac-et-Mouret Livernon** - Luzech - Martel Souillac** THURSDAY Brengues**- Gourdon* - Lacave* Libos (47) - Mercuès - Sauzet Vayrac

FRIDAY Floirac - Gramat - Latronquière Les Quatre-Routes - Limogne-enQuercy - Miers** - Montcabrier**Prayssac - Salviac - Souillac - St Germain-du-Bel-Air - St Pierre Lafeuille**

SUNDAY Arcambal - Cardaillac Castelnau-Montratier - Cazals Concots - Douelle - Espère Labastide-Murat* - Les QuatreRoutes - Limogne-en-Quercy Montcuq - Prayssac* - Puybrun Saint Céré - - St Germain du Bel Air* - Saint Géry - Saint Sozy * In July & August only ** From 5pm to 8pm

MONTHLY BROCANTE (Antique) All day Gourdon : 1st Saturday of the month Gramat : 2nd Saturday of the month Mercuès : 3rd Sunday of the month Sarlat (24) : Last Sunday of the month Souillac : 3rd Saturday of the month

FOIRES / FAIRS All-day monthly fairs TUESDAY Catus Last Tuesday Gourdon 1st & 3rd Tuesday Prayssac 3rd Tuesday WEDNESDAY Cajarc 2nd & 4th Wednesday St Céré 1st & 3rd Wednesday Sousceyrac 2nd Wednesday THURSDAY Vayrac 1st & 3rd Thursday Gramat 2nd & 4th Thursday FRIDAY Souillac 1st & 3rd Friday

SATURDAY Bretenoux - Cajarc (pm) - Cahors Duravel - Figeac - Gourdon Labastide-Murat* - Lalbenque Martel - Puy l’Evêque - Saint Céré Vayrac


Cahors 1st & 3rd Saturday Figeac 2nd & 4th Saturday

Sechlotine events Planning your special day Let me take in charge the organisation of your wedding !

From Dresses, Suits, Flowers, Décor, Service to Cocktails

Grilled on La Plancha 33 bd de la Paix - 46220 PRAYSSAC Mob : 06 36 46 91 91 / Tel : 05 65 22 34 61

INSURANCE POLICIES AXA pledges to be at your side!

Seafood platter to order Menus : 13.50€ / 18.50€ / 29.50€ Maison de la Cale/Halte Nautique 1 rue de la cale - 46700 Puy l’Evêque Tel : 05 65 36 95 31 - Mob : 06 27 18 55 93 E-mail : Web : ****************** Open all year from 11am to 11pm, Tuesday to Sunday Closed on Monday

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010

¦ Automobile, Motorcycle & Home Insurance ¦ Health & Pension Schemes ¦ Savings, Retirement & Investment Plans ¦ Banking & Loans


Contact the Agent nearest to you! 15% Reduction with this ad André BAUSSAC MONTCUQ / LAUZERTE 05 65 22 91 41 / 05 63 94 64 10

Michel JOFFARD MARTEL 05 65 37 39 18

Christophe BERTRAND CAHORS 05 65 35 29 31

Dominique NAVILLE SOUILLAC 05 65 37 86 97

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HOME, GARDEN & DIY Beautiful stone house on 2ha land

Visit our showroom and discover the benefits of having your own spa

Le Mas de Fiaule in Cras (46360)

66 route de Toulouse 46000 CAHORS 05 65 53 04 46

Tel: 05 65 22 16 55 Espace Piscines 46, Giratoire de la Beyne, 46000 CAHORS

Bouriane Ramonage Friendly Clean Service, Brush & Vacuum Sweep Wood Burners, Open Fire, Chimney Liners, Inglenook, Smoke Testing 1 Hour Radius of Gourdon, Covering Lot & Dordogne Insurance Certificates Issued French registered Eddie MATTHEWS - Beauregard - 46310 Concores Tel : 05 65 23 03 44 - Mob : 06 74 41 71 96


CONTACT Tel : 05 65 30 70 90 E-mail : Web :

Wrought iron workshop

Bespoke Creations

Banisters Pergola Gates

Call for a free estimate 06 88 88 28 62

Furniture Restorer & Maker

Claude Jaunatre Painter

- Traditional made to measure furniture & fitted kitchens - Antique restoration - Specialist in french polishing

Interior Decoration & External Painting 30 years experience Tel: 06 80 33 93 57 / 05 65 32 19 30

Satellite & Aerials

Service & installation of all UK and French satellite systems HD - French TV - Sky+ Visit our showroom. Kuypers Maarten - rte de St Denis - 46150 Catus Tel : 06 78 19 57 60 e-mail :

Spécialiste des bois d'aménagement OAK FLOORING & DOORS Pre-finished & unfinished Wide boards up to 215mm Skirting & architraves Ledged oak cottage doors

Free Quotes route de Montcabrier, 46700 DURAVEL 05 65 36 57 37 / 06 24 20 21 04



Price: 250 000 € ono


L'atelier d'artoust

Siret : 500 520 398 00018

Chimney Sweeping Services

100m² house + basement + attic (poss. conversion). 180m² barn and small outbuildings.

Based in Lacave Tel: 05 65 41 65 08












SAND, GRAVEL & CRUSHED LIMESTONE Available from 3 sites: St Denis Catus Crayssac Cahors


Thinking of selling ? If you have a nice house to sell and think it might appeal to the English market… … contact We are the only UK based agency selling quality property in the Lot valley and Quercy Blanc

We Deliver! Tel : CM QUARTZ Page 10 LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010 09 62 58 05 41 0962 62 58 05 41 09 58 05 41

SEGDA GENERAL ELECTRICITY installation & renovation, maintenance & repair HOME AUTOMATION doors & gates, lights, heating management ALARMS intrusion detection systems, electronic monitoring

Rivière Basse - 46140 ALBAS Tel / Fax : 05 65 35 60 86 E-mail :

Sitting Pretty


f, like me, you brought a good quality lounge suite with you when you relocated to France, the chances are it is getting a bit tired by now. The trouble is, the French furniture I like is very expensive and the items I can afford are not to my taste. My lounge suite is a Collins & Hayes and there are reupholstery companies in the UK who have standard patterns available for these suites as well as many other famous makes such as G-Plan, Parker Knoll, Ercol, etc. These companies will re-upholster at a standard price, but there is a snag. All the companies who do this require that the suite is delivered to them for fitting. That immediately adds a couple of thousand euros or so to the price for transportation (in this case, two 2-seater sofas, an armchair and a pouffe) there and back. I asked for a comparative quote from a different English company. Their price to re-upholster the above suite, including arm caps and scatter cushions and with new seat and back cushion interiors, would have been about €5000.00. In fairness to them, this is the price for a relatively expensive material range. The cheaper fabrics came out up to 25% cheaper. A comparable suite would cost €10 000 new at today's prices and it would still need to be transported here. The solution was clear - find an upholsterer in France. I made some tentative enquiries without much success, but I did find Le Tapissier in Puy L'Evêque. So it seemed a good time for a price comparison. Armed with the quotes I had received, a swatch of the material in which my suite is covered, plus dimensions and photographs and the original catalogue, I called upon Nicole Viruega at Le Tapissier for a price. Good upholstery doesn't come cheap, so I was expecting something in the region of €5000.

The Automated House Domotique or House Automation controls energy resources. Installation is 35% dearer than traditional electrical installations, but saves up to 60% energy. Installation can be staggered to suit individual finances, with tax rebates on costs. You manage your energy, cutting wastage through controlling each room as needed. You can set "economic mode" when you are away and pre-set blinds to open at different times, regulating ventilation or air-conditioning. Lights can be switched on by sensing movement, as you arrive home. Simulating presence in the house deters break-ins. When you are away, you can see if a window was left open, sockets can be isolated to avoid dangers to children. Actuators are low voltage (29 volts). Important too, is the ease of use for those with restricted mobility or sight. Using energy only when you need it, requires self-discipline. House Automation ensures nothing is forgotten adding security without need for a burglar alarm. John

She comes to your home to quote and each item then takes the short journey to Puy L'Eveque rather than across the Channel (you also still have somewhere to sit as she works on them one at a time)! Thus the overall cost is far lower and compares well to the cost of buying a new but similar suite here. She requires about a week to re-upholster a sofa, slightly less for an armchair. Another possibility is to purchase furniture items from the local brocante. Nicole is happy to come to the brocante by appointment and advise on the cost (and advisability) of reupholstery before you purchase. She works with several furniture makers and can organise repairs where practicable. This affords the opportunity to enjoy recovering old items to grace your rooms with some French charm from bygone days. Nicole's skills also stretch (excuse the pun) to refurbishing lamp shades and making curtains, cushions and bed covers, all tailored to measure. John

Le Tapissier Made to measure curtains & soft furnishings : Tailor made curtains Furniture reupholstery Cushions, fabrics, rails D811 - Puy l'Evêque - 05 65 36 40 16 BEFORE


Labour rates are no cheaper in France these days and the cost of running a small business is higher than the equivalent in the UK. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that Nicole quoted a price which was a little less. Bearing in mind that she has to painstakingly dismantle the old covering to use as a pattern, this seemed a good price. Looking at the quality of other work in her workshop, I would not get any better elsewhere.

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010

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PETITES ANNONCES CLASSIFIED SMALL ADS 09 62 58 05 41 Your ad for free in the For Sale*, Wanted sections ! (*this excludes real estate & vehicles) - Free ads for private individuals Votre petite annonce gratuite dans les sections à vendre*, demande.



Vintage Shop Scales, cast Iron, very heavy, with copper pan and weights. (1 Kilo, 500 grams and 200 grams). About 50 years old and used for many years in an Ironmongers shop. 30 Euros, buyer collects, 17 miles north of Cahors. Tel 05 65 31 20 10 35-09-F

Plasterer : for all your plaster work or advice, call Dirk Schurink. Tel : 06 01 74 20 03 33-38-05-P

(*hors annonces immobilières et véhicules) - Annonces gratuites réservées aux particuliers

3 € ttc/line for real estate, vehicles & services 3 € ttc/ligne pour l'immobilier, véhicules & services Pour 5 petites annonces publiées, la 6ème est gratuite ! Buy 5 small ads, get 1 free ! Do you want to place a small ad ? Download the grid at



Looking For A Piano Teacher (Gourdon) Private lessons, upper intermediate level, fall-summer session. We have moved to the Lot and our teen daughter needs a UK educated piano teacher. We're looking for an adult who can teach at our home, once or twice a week, any time of day (daughter home schooled). Though we prefer someone who is (used to be) a qualified teacher with several years of teaching experience to children, we would gladly hire any friendly person from UK who loves and practices piano, no matter what their degree in Music. If interested or if any suggestions, pls contact Dana 05 or

HOME & GARDEN Bergere 3 pce Suite. Suit upholstener. Email for photo Tel : 05 65 22 98 57 (Dawn) 35-01-F Staircase oak spiral 19C. 2600€. For photos and dimensions e-mail 35-08-F Circular antique pine table. Diam 105cm. Excellent condition pedestral leg. Tel : 05 65 22 32 55 34-09-F Reclaimed antique pine dining table. 2,10 x 1,05m on 4 turned legs. Tel : 05 65 21 95 74 33-01-F


We are looking for English lessons for two bilingual kids (9 yrs) in Figeac, once a week. Please contact Fred at lunch time : 05 65 40 29 89 34-06-F

WANTED I play the trombone and would like to start a trad jazz band in the Lot region. If you play the trumpet, clarinet, banjo, base or tuba, drums, then please contact me. My name is Nick Snoek. Tel. 05 65 30 32 02 E-mail : 35-10-F

Piano accompanist wanted for 3-part Adult Choir. The choir rehearses every Tuesday at the Mairie in Salviac from 20.30h-22.30h. The accompanist need only come 2/3 rehearsals before a concert, if weekly rehearsals are impossible. Salviac is 11 kms from Gourdon. For info contact Rosalind 05 65 27 16 82 34-01-F Koi carp wanted. Do you have unwanted Koi carp? I will re-home them in a lake, and will collect within the LOT. If you wish to donate your Koi please call Mark on 05 65 21 98 55 33-05-F Wanted : Aspiring Journalists, Budding Authors. We need volunteers to write regular articles, reviews, stories, etc. in English in Le Forty-Six. If you have good writing skills, knowledge of the region, sense of humour, commitment, please write to

REAL ESTATE Lamothe Fénelon (beween Sarlat and Rocamadour). Beautiful stone built property and business opportunity comprising of : gîte, (3 beds) to accommodate 6 persons; 16th C house (4 beds), gas heating, fitted kitchen; Stone barn – possible conversion to gîtes or restaurant; stables and 10 acres land. Tel : 05 65 32 79 29 or 06 45 87 55 18 600 000 € ono. Pics of gîte can be seen at 34-34-02-F Village house in the heart of Marcilhac sur Célé on 205m² with patio and workshop. All mod cons with internet and satellite, central heating, fitted kitchen. €270 000. Tel: 05 65 34 26 12 or 06 77 14 67 07 34-34-01-P MONTCUQ - Medieval house in the heart of Montcuq. 3 levels, shop, courtyard. 110 000€. Tel 05 65 22 98 69 / 05 65 22 98 67 Lunch or dinner time. 35-11-F

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Petrol Strimmer, Best Green. with automatic nylon feed head and cutting blade. In good working order, only 2 years old. New price 295 € will sell for only 120€. Tel: 05 65 36 02 32 34-08-F A king-size bed, with good quality mattress, from Ikea, excellent condition 200€ - A freestanding oven and hob, in good working order 50€ - Matching French antique bed and wardrobe, in lovely condition (make an offer) - Rayburn-style oven/log and coalburner, heats radiators 200€. Antique hardwood cold cabinet/chambre froide 500€. P h o t o s a v a i l a b l e . 33-08-F Heating boiler, Remeha Quinta 35c. Ideal for underfloor heating or radiators and water cost. New 199€ Accept 800€. Underfloor heating Maifold and integrated pumpeuroflex double circuit. Can be added to cost. New 400€ Accept 180€ (2 available). Te l : 0 5 6 5 2 2 3 7 7 5 o r 34-10-F Hot-water incubator (brooder) for sale 50€ - Brought to right temp. Thru hot water and maintained by heat from a lamp. Dates back to 1920's. Call Anne-Marie on 06 12 50 18 72 or 34-06-F Mécanique Roof Tiles in very good condition. Size 200mm by 300mm. Approximately 1200 available. Enough for a roof of 60 metres square ie 10m X 6m. Price 90 cents each or 850€ for all. Tel:05 65 36 02 32 35-07-F Old flat roof tiles. Excellent solid condition. 70 cents each. 05 65 31 04 36 34-04-F

Golf Kit For Sale comprising: Driver, Woods 1,3 + 5, Irons 3-9 inclusive + Pitch + Sand, Putter. Golf Bag and Trolley. €80. Montcuq area Tel : 05 65 35 06 67 35-03-F FREE to collect - Brother KH830 Knitting Machine in carry case (needs a new sponge bar). Transfer carriage and 2 ribbing attachments. All accessories, including table, books, patterns, punch cards, wool winder,packs of new needles and spares. Ideal for anyone interested in having a go at knitting or for anyone into E- Bay selling. Free to collect, 17 miles north of Cahors. Tel: 05 65 31 20 10 35-04-F Hague Linker in excellent condition. For sewing up knitted garments and knitted fabrics. 40 Euros. Buyer to collect. 17 miles north of Cahors. Tel: 05 65 31 20 10 35-05-F

Free ! Back copies of magazine "Living France" 1996-2002. Interesting articles and info. Tel : 05 65 36 48 20 34-03-F Summer reading : ideal for gites and lazing by the pool ! Paper backs and hardbacks 2€ as new. Tel : 05 65 35 38 46 33-09-F

Loom for Sale: Semi-professional. As new. Made in Lyon by Tassinari & Chatel. 4/6 treadles, a 40.10.10 reed. A spool - 30 wooden reels - Some wooden shuttles – M. Davidson pattern book. Measurements: Width: 1m 20, Height: 2m12, Length: 1m 30. Price: 600€ negotiable. (1600€ new). The loom can be seen assembled, near Toulouse/Blagnac. Easy to dismantle and transport. Tel: 05 62 21 27 45. Mob: 06 62 63 88 64 33-07-F Large pet carrier on wheels. Used once. 100cmx67cmx80cm. 60€. Tel : 05 53 28 96 56 34-11-F Grey plastic cosy dog bed. 72cm, 15€. Varikennel pet carrier 75cm x 48cm x 48cm, wire door with handles. 35€. Tel : 05 65 24 55 54 or 06 68 33 44 10 33-06-F Two microcoscopes types Euromex & Kyowa. Tel : 05 65 30 01 36 33-04-F Full length mink, size 12, colour midbrown, excellent condition.Tel : 05 63 67 45 48 33-03-F

Rolling aluminium/zinc door. H 2,70m W2,60m. Suit barn or large shed. 75€. Buyer collects. Tel : 05 65 31 04 36 34-05-F

English book exchange at the bibliotheque de Gourdon 9-10am 1st Tuesday of each month from 2nd February. Contributions welcome 05 81 58 00 28 32-05-F

Ride-on-Mower - Verts Loisirs B15/H92, Regularly serviced and in very good working order. 1300€ Tel: 05 65 22 37 88 35-06-F


Lawn mower. Petrol driven. Good briggs ans stratton engine. In good working order. Offers around 90€. Tel : 05 65 36 48 20 34-02-F Miscellaneous : Velux 50€ /40€ - Radiators 20€ - Sink 20€ - French window 120€ Windows 30€ / 15€ - Sideboard 50€ - Farm table 700€ - Dressing table 200€ - Bedside table 80€ - Chairs 15€ - Table (just the top) 200€ Tel : 05 65 31 14 14 31-04-F Retired builder sells building materials: clamps, beams, 2 firedogs, 2 cast-iron firebacks (1m20x60cm), one is decorated Tel: 05 65 24 60 57 30-15-F Large corner stone, Bouriane style (40cm x 50cm x 20 cm thick). Tel : 05 65 24 60 57

Facial & Beauty Treatments by beauty Email: Tel: 05 65 34 54 46 / 06 78 34 83 69 34-34-06-P

Experienced roof worker, all ladders; Can fix, maintain, clean roofs & gutters, etc. Call 06 88 88 28 62 for quote Building works, digger and driver, all projects undertaken. Free estimates Tel: 05 65 36 78 25 or Mob: 06 80 27 81 75 35-40-01-P Kitchens / bathrooms / interior work. Installation/renovation/quotes. Competitive service. Tel: 05 65 22 55 48 34-35-08-P English Painter & Decorator. Fully qualified, free quotations given, all types of work undertaken. Phone Stephen Duke:- 05 65 22 96 44 or 0033 6 75 01 67 08 Email: 3237-01-P

Painting and decorating - Colin Bell. All interior and exterior work, wall papering and paint effects. 30 yrs experience. Honest, reliable and efficient service. Working within 40km radius of Gourdon. Ref available. Free estimate. Tel : 05 65 22 91 04 or 06 19 39 99 39 e-mail: 31-36-01-P Chimney Sweep Services Clean professional service, insurance certificates issued, 1 hour radius of Gourdon. Tel Eddie Matthews on 05 65 23 03 44 28-33-08-P

Construction & Renovation - John Purser, General builder based near Gourdon. All types of works undertaken, small or large scale projects. Tel 06 08 99 35 18. Siret 44864425200026 34-39-07-P Electrical work: big or small, new or renovation, registered English artisan 05 65 30 76 35 31-36-07-P Landscaping, garden and pool maintenance, looking after your property when you’re away - Paul Krinke - 46300 Léobard (Gourdon) - Tel : 05 65 41 12 45 34-39-04-P Grass cutting, hedge, shrubs and border care, key holding and security checks, pool cleaning by experienced registered English gardener. Tel : 05 53 28 16 58 or 34-39-11-P LESSONS/TRANSLATION/IT Mayne Space : Make the Net Work for you ! Sébastien Cauzit can help you : with the internet (website creation, improve your web presence), choose an Internet service provider, select appropriate hardware and (free) software, manage your company with collaborative tools. Tel : 06 24 07 01 73 33-11-F Certified translations : birth certificates, driving licences, diplomas by sworn translator with French courts. Tel : 06 18 03 18 38 e-mail : 33-36-01-P

Fryer Photographic : a souvenir of your holiday ? A gift for a friend? Something new for your home ? A friendly local service from a friendly local photographer. Tel : 05 65 32 03 52 / 06 27 83 12 37 33-12-F For all your Artwork Paul Parry, illustrator, cartoonist, caricaturist, painter; portraits etc. in oils or watercolour, (as seen in Le FORTY-SIX). Now living in the Lot. Please contact: or

Total immersion French courses in central Gourdon in the Lot. Make a leap forward in your French ! One week courses in June, Sept and Oct with accommodation if required. Go to or call Giles Murray on +33 (0)5 65 32 21 96 for more details 34-34-03-P Frustrated with not speaking the lingo? French lessons, all levels, conversation - Progress guaranteed Te l : 0 5 6 5 3 5 1 4 6 8 o r

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010 09 62 58 05 41


Windows 7 – Why should you consider it? If you are reading this while waiting for Windows XP to load a program or you are being confused by Vista – take a moment to consider Windows 7. It isn't for everyone, older or slower machines won't be able to cope, but there are some useful new features. The Start Menu is an improvement on the Vista version and is a major improvement for ex-XP users. The Taskbar has been redesigned to make your screen less cluttered. Those of us with less good eyesight these days will appreciate the larger icons that have replaced Quick Launch. Also, when you open several instances of a program, you will just have one button on the Taskbar. The new Taskbar features a “Peek Window” on all but the Starter version. This enables you to check current progress of programs by just moving the mouse over the icon. We all have a variety of devices we attach to our PCs such as cameras or i-Pods. The new Device Stage will appear when you plug in your device, with improved options for manipulating windows of pictures or playlists. Windows 7 has a new way to organize your files into Libraries. Even when files are spread across many folders or on an external disc drive you can neatly catalogue all your photos, videos and music. Clicking the right mouse button enables you to open a Jump List and this will doubtless be increasingly employed by software developers. In Internet Explorer, you can use this to view regularly opened web sites or open a new tab. Vista was more networking-adept than XP, but resulted in a confusing range of file sharing options. Windows 7 has a simplified solution called Homegroups. Access to a Homegroup is by password, with no lengthy parameters or settings. Many Vista users found UAC (User Account Control) a nuisance and disabled it, thus negating its security features. Now it has been changed to only notify the user of genuine risks. The value of Touchscreen technology is questionable for home users, but popular in systems installed in banks, etc. Now Microsoft has included support for touchscreens, we will probably see more of these devices in shops and public buildings. If you need further advice or assistance, call Matt Piper at Teledigital-Numerique 06 88 88 28 62 and he can guide you through the maze.

Dinner for 2 & wine to win at Le Chapeau Melon in Souillac worth 58 € ! Just answer this question : What does Chapeau Melon mean in French ? a) Bowler hat b) Top hat c) Straw hat Send you answer to Entries must be in by September 24th (PLEASE NOTE that if you win, your meal will have to be taken before the end of October 2010 !) Title the e-mail “Chapeau Melon” Dinner comprises : 2 x Menu Vicat at 21,50€ each + a bottle of Bergerac (Domaine de Mayat at 15€), therefore worth 58€ in total.

Don't let your computer get you down! Ø PLENITUDE SERVICE provides dataprocessing and internet assistance for your home, throughout the Lot - for any type of hardware, software and internet provider. Ø We'll install and maintain

your internet access and all relevant software. Ø Also, for your peace of mind, benefit from our Unlimited Assistance Contract : unlimited callouts, however long it takes!

Get the most from your home PC For more information: Tel: 0970 406 808

Make your Mobile Pay & Help the Planet!


ow that mobile phones have become a necessity and indeed a fashion item for many, this has led to millions of old mobiles languishing in drawers all over the country. Apparently there are over 90 million unused mobiles in France alone and, with over 20 million new phones being purchased annually, these numbers will keep rising. However, there is a way you can turn these old phones into cash and help third world countries at the same time. There are several organisations including w w w. m i s t e r r e c y c l e . c o m , w w w. l o v e 2 r e c y c l e . f r & that will buy your old mobiles for cash and then refurbish them before supplying them to underdeveloped countries. Their web-sites are very easy to use. You simply feed in the details of the mobile you want to sell, whether it is working or not, and a value will be quoted. You then send the mobile to them and you will receive your cheque within 10 days. As people replace their mobiles on average every 18 months, despite the fact that the useful life of a mobile is around 7 years, it is clearly a waste of resources if they are just left to gather dust. It is even more criminal if people simply throw them away, not just because they could be used by someone less fortunate but they are an environmental disaster if not disposed of correctly - for example, just one mobile phone battery can apparently contaminate up to 600,000 litres of water. So, do your bit for the environment, help poorer countries and boost your bank balance by clearing out those drawers! Shirley

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010

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Moment pour soi

Beauty institute for men & women

Face and body care Hammam Waxing Pedicure & foot care Dyeing and bleaching Make-up and semi-permanent make-up Nail care (tips + gel or gel on natural nail) Maria Galland products

5, ave Maréchal Bessière - Prayssac Tel: 05 65 36 48 38

L'OR DU TEMPS PARFUMERIE Make-up and skincare advice

Carven, Vivienne Westwood, Guerlain, Lancôme, Annick Goutal, Creed, Ungaro, Bulgari, Sonia Rykiel, Montana, Cacharel, Armani, - Perfume -

43 Boulevard de la Paix - 46220 Prayssac Tél. 05 65 35 52 29

Salon de Coiffure Hairdresser Hand & Foot Care Appointments: Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 7pm & Saturday 10am to 7pm non-stop Tel : +33 (0)5 65 53 13 72 english spoken Le Bourg 46800 St Matré

Selections of UK paperbacks available at Maison de la presse : Prayssac ¬ Cahors ¬ Lauzerte ¬ Montaigu/Q ¬ Montignac ¬ Luzech ¬

05 05 05 05 05 05

65 65 63 63 53 65

22 35 94 04 51 20

41 03 66 73 82 15

52 93 51 42 09 92

For more info/contacts : Bookdepot Lion d'Or Montcuq 05 65 23 57 99



oving to France, one of the most attractive countries in the world, can be the fulfilment of a dream for many Anglophone families. The beauty and diversity of the countryside, the fascination of its historic towns and villages and its rich and varied culture act as a magnet. In February 2010, 135,000 Britons were living in France. There were also many more from other English speaking countries. Yet, sadly, circumstances can change s u d d e n l y a n d d r a m a t i c a l l y. A bereavement, the breakdown of a relationship, a severe illness, a drug or alcohol problem, domestic violence or financial problems may shatter the dream. Often someone is left alone to pick up the pieces. As problems become more intractable, pressures increase. Inconsolable grief, loneliness, loss of interest in life, hopelessness, despair and the inability to cope, are things which no one should be expected to bear on their own.


Votre annonce ici à partir de 17€/mois Your ad here from 17€ per month

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Janny van LIEMPD Sophrologue - Psychothérapeute Relaxation therapy - Psychotherapist Stress, insomnie, déprime, angoisses, etc. Stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc.

French, Dutch, English spoken

CAZALS (Centre Médical) - Tel: 06 17 48 80 06 - CENAC (Albas)

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You may be lucky enough to have close friends with whom you can discuss even the most personal of problems. Many do not have this essential support. This is where the listening ear of SOS Help can be invaluable. SOS Help is an English language help line offering support to all English speaking people in France. Sympathetic, trained listeners hear from callers with problems ranging from where to obtain practical help to contemplation of suicide. Some people call regularly – SOS Help is part of their support system. Listeners are non-judgemental: whatever the problem, they are there to take your call on 01 46 21 46 46 from 3 to 11pm every day. SOS Help is totally dependent on donations – so that even if you are fortunate enough not to need help, you can assist the vital work of SOS Help by raising funds, making a donation and spreading awareness of this vital help line. Visit for more information on how you can help. SOS Help is affiliated with SOS Amitié and is a registered charity under the Law of 1901 (non-profit organization)

a) Blues Power Band b) Liz Mc Comb c) Poppa Chubby The answer was b) Blues Power Band The winners are Raymond & Teresa Noseda ! Bravo


Place de la Poste 46340 SALVIAC

Wide selection of English & French books New, Second-hand & Collector's Book Ordering service

Traditional Bookbinding service Tel : 05 65 32 68 23

LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010

Memories of a Love Retold

Local Authors !

Dear Joan – Love Letters From the Second World War is a unique series of letters between a young airman, Tony Ross, and Joan Charles, a girl he met briefly in 1943 when they were both 22. Tony was flying in the Royal Air Force on Beaufighters. A few weeks later, he was posted to the Mediterranean on anti-shipping operations. They agreed to keep in touch but, with no telephone or e-mail, had to rely on hand written letters which sometimes took three weeks to arrive. They would not see each other again for nearly three years. Their letters started by describing their day to day activities but soon became warmer until they realised they were deeply in love. Had they been together they might have been too shy to reveal their innermost thoughts. Thousands of miles apart they became closer and closer until there were no secrets between them. In total, they exchanged 675 letters! At one point, the Squadron was suffering very heavy losses and Tony wrote a letter to be given to Joan in event of his death. In her letters, Joan also described her work as a Civil Servant, a volunteer Fire Guard Section Leader, a Land Army volunteer and a Red Cross worker in an American Canteen. Tony wrote of the challenges of life in the desert: the many countries he visited across the Middle East and his varied and increasing responsibilities. They were married three weeks after Tony returned to England and their marriage lasted 60 years until Joan died in 2006, soon after their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. She is buried at Les Arques. Tony served in the RAF between 1940 and 1946, reaching the rank of wing commander and being awarded the DFC. After the war, he worked in marketing and management consulting before retiring in 1990. Tony lives in Cazals, in the Lot and will celebrate his 90th birthday in 2011.

Local writer and Le Forty-Six contributor Gregory Mose has been awarded a gold medal in the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards for his debut novel Stunt Road. The award, won for the West-Pacific Best Regional Fiction category, was presented on May 25th in New York to coincide with the opening of BookExpo America, North America's largest publishing convention. Stunt Road, first reviewed by JP's Books here in Le Forty-Six, is set in suburban Los Angeles and playfully imagines the rise and fall of an accidental new age spiritual guru. Pete McFadden invents his own system of divination - part online astrology, part tarot and part chaos theory - and calls it "Horokinetics". But he soon learns that he has bitten off more than he can chew when his creation becomes a battleground between a powerful corporate marketing executive and a would-be cult leader. Reviewers have praised the book for being both humourous and thought-provoking in its deconstruction of our all-toocommon willingness to believe what we want to believe. "Gullibility is one of humanity's more tragic traits," commented Mose, who lives full-time near Montcabrier (Lot), "but it's also one of our funniest. Stunt Road is my attempt to capture the dark humour of our persistent and often quite whimsical projects for self-delusion, and hopefully make a fun read out of it." Stunt Road is available online on Amazon and locally at JP's Books in Salviac.

grafika i m p r i m e r i e

Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets, Letterheads, Business Cards...

Prestige Business Cards (55x85mm) printed in colour both sides on 300g satin board and laminated one side

Half of the Author's royalties will go to Leonard Cheshire Disability LE FORTY-SIX 15 août - 15 octobre 2010

500 ex. 39 € ht*


A6 (148x105mm) printed in colour both sides on 130 gloss paper

2.500 ex. 84 € ht* 5.000 ex.99 € ht* 10.000 ex.143 € ht* 20.000 ex. 232 € ht*

*All prices are exclusive of TVA, artwork and delivery.

Dear Joan… can be pre-ordered though Amazon and any on-line bookseller. It can also be ordered through local bookshops including Maison de la Presse branches, JP's Books in Salviac and Alazard in Cazals.

(55x85mm) printed in colour both sides on 300g satin board

500 ex. 29 € ht*

Their letters will be given to the Imperial War Museum when its Chairman, Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire, launches the book on 2nd September 2010. Sir Peter, who knew them both, wrote : “Personal stories, especially ones as compelling as yours and Joan's are hugely important in putting a “human “ face on War”. Tony's previous books include The Queen's Squadron, 75 Eventful Years and Through Eyes of Blue.

Standard Business Cards 4 carrer d'en cavailles - 66160 le boulou -

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L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération



Discover our wine shop

Purement "Malbec"


Free tasting OPENING TIMES : Summer season

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April to mid-October)

Monday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm – 2pm to 7pm

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Saturday morning 9am to 12pm


Côtes d'Olt 46140 PARNAC RN8, between Luzech & Douelle Tel : 05 65 30 57 80



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CAHORS 05 65 30 66 35 Route de Toulouse (near Volkswagen) ne pas jeter sur la voie publique


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