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Fête du Vin Wine Festival

Thursday August

11th 2011

27th edition Tasting & wine sales by the independant wine growers of the Lot Repas du terroir All day entertainment From 11am on the banks of the Lot

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération

Puy l’Evêque

Festival organised by the Fédération des Vignerons Indépendants Info : 05 65 36 57 53

One Hydrangea to win with Pépinières Passedat in Luzech (Camy) !


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TIME OUT p. 6 & 7

(worth 45€)

© Photo : Cristelle Vettoretti-Vidal

Just answer this question :

What is the translation for Hydrangea in French ? a) Hortensia b) Laurier rose c) Camelia Send your answer to Entries must be in by July 20th. Title the e-mail : Passedat 2011

Cahors Blues Festival p11

WATER Diving in the Lot


s locals and regular holiday makers know how beautiful our area of the Lot & Dordogne is. But are you aware it is often described as 'The best cave diving area in Europe' and “One of the best in the world”? The Lot Cave Diving Centre at Pont de Rhodes (near Frayssinet le Gélat) is owned and run by an English wife and husband team Juli & Stuart who relocated here with their young children late 2009. It is situated within easy reach of the rivers Célé, Lot & Dordogne which have an abundance of beautiful caves, suitable for all levels of Cave Divers. With diving knowledge, you can take a course or guided tour with one of our highly expert and professional instructors, or as an accomplished Cave Diver, you can book accommodation and allocated supplies from the Air Station to dive on your own, visiting a choice of at least 28 dive sites, fulfilling the adrenalin rush for this dangerous sport. At the Lot Cave Diving Centre, they have visitors returning year after year from countries across the wolrd such as U.K., Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Finland to name a few. At the Air Station, it's not just the supplies of the allimportant Oxygen, Helium and Air but they can also arrange the complete package. There's a great choice of accommodation on the Dive Centre's books from 2 bed traditional gites, to a 10 bed stone house all local to the Dive Centre. The diving season is really dictated by the weather. The caves need to be full of water and the usual annual rainfall accompanied by the lovely warm temperatures make the pre and post high summer seasons ideal. So if you have often passed groups on the roadside, fully equipped from head to toe in wet suits, breathing apparatus and flippers, you now know they are divers and have probably just emerged from one of the local beautiful dive sites!

Messing About on the River


ne of the many great things about the Lot is its proximity to two of France's great rivers, the Lot and the Dordogne. You can enjoy these rivers by swimming, fishing or canoeing, but a boat trip can offer a particularly enjoyable experience and there are lots of different options available. If you simply want to spend an hour or two cruising the Lot then there are several boat trips available in Cahors, most of which leave from the point close to the Pont Valentré. Perhaps you fancy experiencing the Dordogne on a traditional wooden boat. If so, there are trips available from La Roque Gageac on boats called “Gabares” which are based on those used in the 18th and 19th centuries for transporting goods and wine. It is a one-hour round trip with commentaries available in English and costs 8 euros for adults and 5 euros for children. Available April-November 10am - 6pm this is a really scenic and interesting trip that passes many stunning chateaux and provides you with lots of interesting facts about the area. However, if you want to be your own captain and spend a week or more experiencing the beauty of the River Lot, cruisers are available for hire from Le Boat at Douelle, about 6 miles from Cahors. They have boats that are suitable for just couples or up to 12 people. Hiring your own cruiser gives you the opportunity to enjoy stopping off at beautiful places such as Luzech, Mercuès, Cahors and StCirq-Lapopie, acknowledged as one of the most beautiful villages in France. This is a fantastic way to enjoy this stunning area at your own pace. Whichever option you choose, there is nothing quite like messing about on the river, especially when the sun is blazing and you need to find a way to stay cool! Shirley Croisières Fénelon (you will be part of a group, leaving from Cahors), for a couple of hours or for one full day with lunch on board Les croisières de St Cirq Lapopie (you will be part of a group) Lot navigation (rent a boat) Le Boat (rent a boat) or

Water on the Brain


he United Nations has warned that within two decades, the majority of the earth's population could face serious water shortages. If we all become more aware of the amount of water we each consume daily and make a few changes we can become part of the solution to this pending problem. In our homes, the bathroom is where most water is consumed. The average home uses approximately 18% of its water in the shower. Toilets account for as much as 28% and brushing our teeth for 2 minutes, as any dentist would recommend, flushes away10 litres of water if we leave the tap running.

What can we do to reduce water consumption?

Gavin Newman

If you have any enquiries or know someone who does, please look us up on :

LE FORTY-SIX Publié par / Published by ID Com / Le Forty-Six Audhuy - 46700 DURAVEL - France Directrice de publication : Sophie Lascombes SIRET 494 190 333 00018 - Dépôt légal - ISSN 2116-2018 Imprimé par Agate Imprimerie - Cahors (46) 4000 copies - Téléchargeable sur internet Prochaine/Next publication: 15 août 2011 Date limite/Deadline: 20 juillet 2011 à 17h Pour faire connaître votre entreprise ou un événement, contactez-nous / For display advertising or for a special event, call or email us: Sophie : 06 76 22 49 50 Office : 09 62 58 05 41 Thank you to Shirley, Jayne, John, Tony and co for their contribution


- First of all, fix any leaks straight away! - Use a bucket or watering can to catch water that would normally go down the drain as you wait for your shower water to warm. - Replace shower heads with low flow fixtures. Prior to 1992 the flow from shower heads was 23 litres of water per minute. After that date, the flow was cut in half to 11.5 litres per minute. - Take a shower rather than a bath and take shorter showers. Shortening your shower by just one minute can save as much as 4000 litres of water a year. - Consider replacing single flush toilets with dual flush models. - If replacing the toilet isn't an option, place a plastic jug filled with water or rocks in the tank. This will displace some of the water that would normally fill the tank. - When brushing your teeth, turn the tap off and only run it to rinse your toothbrush. - In the kitchen, ensure you only run the washing machine or dishwasher when full. The typical single-family suburban household uses at least 30 percent of their water outdoors for irrigation. Some experts estimate that more than 50 percent of landscape water use goes to waste due to evaporation or runoff caused by over watering. What can you do to reduce your water consumption in the garden? - Install drip irrigation systems. These use 20 to 50 percent less water than in-ground sprinkler systems and water isn't lost to runoff. - Water just after sunrise or at sunset to reduce evaporation. - Mulch gardens to reduce watering requirements. - Use drought tolerant plants in your garden and drought resistant grass for your lawn. - Consider capturing rainwater for your garden, and lower your water bill. A 1,000 sq metres roof area can provide approximately 3000 litres of water during rainfall of just 2.5 centimetres. Adapting just a few of these tips into your daily routine will not only save you money on your water bill but also conserve the precious water that is needed by all forms of life... John

Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 -

Lots of Fishing


fish of almost 18kg caught in Albas in 2010! Incredible? One of the great leisure pastimes in the Lot, is fishing, especially in the summer when sitting on the bank of the river is so refreshing… Whether you just want a day fishing, or mean to go out everyday for two weeks, you can fly fish on the river Lot or on the Dordogne where there are plentiful trout, pike, carp and other fish. If you decide to fish in a lake, in the Lot river, in the Dordogne, or in a smaller river, day or night, you must be aware that a fishing permit or “Carte de Pêche” is needed. Rivers are divided into 1st and 2nd Category waters. The Carte de Pêche de Vacances covers all types of fish and both categories of water. The holiday permit covers you for 7 consecutive days, costs 30 euros and can be bought all year round. You can also get an annual fishing permit for 65 euros (for the Lot). There are one day permit, permits for kids, even one for women! (Is this leisure really a man thing so that women need to get a discount for that ? Well, maybe !) Permits are sold nearby in some cafés, bars, local post office, tabac. Beware… Fishing can be a great pastime, but there are rules and the rivers are patrolled by gendarmes and by gardiens de pêche… Fishing seasons vary for different fish. The Fédération de pêche protects the rivers, the fish and their reproduction, that's why it is important to be at the right place and time of the year to fish in order to help to protect the environment. All the details can be found at the local tourist office: just ask for the free brochure called “Très pur, Très pêche, Très Lot”, edited by the Fédération départementale de pêche” (printed in French only but can be downloaded in English on the website where you will get to know everything about the places, the kind of fish which can be found, the competitions or why not find an address to join a fishing club ! Alors, bonne pêche ! John & Sophie If you would like to get an introduction to fishing, you can take a course with an instructor : you will then get all the secrets of fishing…

EDITORIAL Bonjour ! This summer issue is number 40 and Le Forty-Six deserved to be refreshed! So, a new logo and a bit of a change in the layout is just like a rebirth after 4 and a half years of publication… I hope that you will appreciate it and I would like to give a big “MERCI” to Florence, Miss Graphizeo, a fantastic graphic artist from Prayssac for her great ideas, patience and help to design our new logo. This summer is supposed to be quite dry and it has already started, so “water” has been the red thread to go along this issue : you will get some tips on how to save water, but also how to enjoy it on a one day fishing trip or by relaxing in one of the water parks of the department ! So let’s cool off during the day and then enjoy the numerous festivals going on again this summer listening to blues, jazz, classical music. You can also discover the local products such as saffron, enjoy the cooking classes and wine tastings… Make the most of it this year again ! Bon été, Sophie

Get the updated agenda of events and films in English on our website

ndez-Vous e R e L A Family Café Authentic Indian cuisine & good food available all day

Enjoy our music evenings ! Closed on Monday - 46700 TOUZAC - 05 65 30 31 42

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CUISINE Anne-Marie & Christian welcome you to :


L'Escale de Concorès


Bar / Restaurant

FRAYSSINET LE GELAT - 05 65 36 62 08 Open all year - Closed on Wednesday

D12. 46310 CONCORES - Tel : 05 65 30 52 02

New shop opening soon in Prayssac ! TERRE GOURMANDE - 764, Côte des Ormeaux (Regourd) 46000 CAHORS Tel: 05 65 20 23 75

Mimie & Olivier de Lestrade LES DODUS EN VILLE RESTAURANT Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday lunchtime & dinner D811 Rue E. Marcouly 46700 PUY L'EVEQUE Moulin des donnes - 46300 Concorès - Tel : 05 65 31 03 90

For more info call 05 65 22 91 82

JP John Price

Master Butcher ü Sausage, bacon, pies, pasties & ready cooked

meals ü English cuts of meat for beef, pork, lamb and

poultry ü The best meat from the UK, Ireland and France Tel : 05 65 27 29 48 Mob : 06 37 08 60 07

ZA Les Millepoises 46300 LE VIGAN

John the Sausage


ohn Price is an English Master Butcher, based in Le Vigan, north of Gourdon. He has been a butcher for 40 years, after starting as a chef and then a baker, so he has a mine of knowledge about his business. Whether it is Irish beef, English or Welsh lamb, local pork and chicken or a fabulous range of pies and pasties, John has something for you. His range includes ready cooked take away meals, and endless arrays of glazes and marinades, to make your barbecue special. He has recently introduced a chicken range at stunningly low prices, but quality is his real watchword. If you normally buy your barbecue meat from a supermarket, you are in for a treat, because


he provides his meat and poultry cuts with a barbecue glaze or marinade at less than the price you would pay for lesser quality. He is known locally as “John the Sausage” – guess why! He provides no less than 28 flavours of sausages and, while we are at it, 8 burger flavours. Barbecue or not, don't even think about cooking a “full English breakfast” without John's sausages and bacon! No “English menu” would be complete without specialities from Thailand, The Phillipines, India and other exotic places. Check out his samosas, spring rolls, bahjis and oriental glazes. John delivers to a number of towns in the Lot and beyond, so you can place an order by phone or email and pick it up locally, check his website for details

Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 -

La petite maison de Caniac de Causse Tea-room, pastries, ice-creams Lunch, Local specialities Farm products

Open from Thursday to Sunday, 12 to 7pm Andrée & Martine Tel : 06 45 32 00 74 Place de l'église, 46240 Caniac du Causse

Le Pont


Run by Chambon family 46200 LACAVE Tel : 05 65 37 87 04 Web : E-mail :

La Ségalière HOTEL



Rouge passion

OPEN 7/7 - Dinner & Lunch Shaded terrace by the swimmingpool Summer menu - Wood-fired grill

Restaurant Rouge passion place de la mairie 46700 MAUROUX Tel : 05 65 22 97 26

Booking : 05 65 40 65 35 - La Ségalière - 380 av F. Mitterand - 46160 CAJARC

From Monday to Saturday : open for dinner (except on Tuesday & Sunday) On Sunday : the restaurant is open for lunch and also for dinner in July & August

Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 - 5

TIME OUT Exhibitions, Tours / Expos

CAJARC Africajarc. African festival (dances, music, cinema, craft, literature, etc.) See p.10. July 28th to 31st

VALLEE DE L’ALZOU Between Rocamadour and Gramat, a bilingual english and dutch guide will take you for a tour (free) Booking necessary 05 65 53 40 00. July 21st, 8.45am to 12pm F

MONTCLERA Festival des vieilles mécaniques. Old vehicles exhibition. See p.11 July 30th & 31st

GOURDON Guided visit of the town. Every Thursday at 1.30pm at the tourist office from June CASTELFRANC Photo exhibition. 10 photo exhibitions, photo workshops. July 13th to 17th FIGEAC Night visit. Info at the Tourist office. July & August*

Fairs & Festivals LOT / FRANCE Journée des moulins et du patrimoine de pays. June 19th CAHORS La nuit des soldes ! All the shops will be open until 11pm for the sales ! June 24th

CAZALS Dog fair. July 31st GOURDON Medieval festival. August 7th, 8th BRETENOUX Bourse d’échange auto-motos anciennes. Ancient car and motorbike part exchange and fair. August 7th ROCAMADOUR Astronomy night. La tête dans les étoiles. August 2nd, 8.30pm F LAMOTHE FENELON Foire aux artisans. Craft market. August 9th GOURDON Craft market. August 10th

LABASTIDE MARNHAC Hot balloon festival. June 24th to June 26th

FAJOLES Melon and donkey fair. August 11th

MARTEL Mexican festival. July 1st to 3rd

CAZALS Foire au troc. August 21st

PRAYSSAC Braderie (Jumble Sale). July 5th LOT Book fair (modern & ancient). SALVIAC : June 19th DURBANS : Salle des fêtes. July 3rd CABRERETS : August 7th DURAVEL Grande fresque historique. Medieval show. Medieval market from 7.30pm. Show : Les reliques du temps, 10pm Festive night from 11pm July 8th & 9th MARTEL Bandas festival. July 9th & 10th CAHORS Cahors Plage. Sand beach by the river with water attractions and concerts in the evening. July 9th to August 17th SAULIAC SUR CELE Festival Le Lot et la Laine. Wool fair. Musée de plein de Cuzals. July 9th & 10th GOURDON Craft market. July 13th PRAYSSAC Le temps du tango. Tango festival. Classes & ball every night. July 16th to 30th PUY l’EVEQUE Festival de l’insolite (races on the Lot, decorations, dinner by the river Lot) July 16th & 17th BONAGUIL Lightening show on the medieval castle. July 22nd MARTEL Wool fair. July 23rd CAILLAC Horse competition (Arab horse). July 23rd & 24th PEYRILLES Medieval festival. July 27th


PUY l’EVEQUE Salon brocante et Antiquités. Antique fair. Salle des fêtes. July 30th & 31st

CAHORS Nadau (celtic music). Allées fénelon. July 8th, 9.30pm F

CATUS Brahms & Mozart concert. Les Halles. August 5th, 9pm

CAHORS Cahors Blues festival. See p.3 July 9th to 16th

GIGNAC Festival Ecaussystème. Conferences, exhibitions, concerts feat. Cali. More info August 5th & 6th

SOUILLAC L’Heure d’Orgue (Organ Festival). Abbatiale Ste Marie. July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, August 7th, August 14th, 6pm

GOURDON Cello concert. Eglise des Cordeliers. August 5th, 6.30pm

GOURDON Valery Orlov (russian songs). Eglise St Pierre. July 12th, 9pm

LUZECH Cello concert. Church. August 8th, 6.30pm

FIGEAC Juan de Lerida (Flamenco). Terrasses du Puy. July 12th, 9.30pm F

ST CIRQ LAPOPIE Jersey Julie Band (rythm’n blues). La Fourdonne. August 9th, 9pm*

GOURDON Bodega night and fireworks. Ecoute s’il pleut. July 13th, 7pm GOURDON Festival Léo Ferrer (concerts in the town). Info at the tourist office. July 13th to 17th GOUJOUNAC Ensemble Odyssey (piano trio). Church. July 16th, 8.30pm*** BELFORT DU QUERCY Baroque music. Church. July 16th, 9pm & July 17th, 6pm SOUILLAC Festival Sim Copans. Jazz festival. More info at July 19th to July 24th


GOURDON Diaphase (quatuor of saxophones). Eglise des Cordeliers. July 21st, 8.30pm

CAHORS Concerts organised by Live a Lot every Saturday night. Check their website : La Guinguette, Mont St Cyr *

GRAMAT Orchestre de chambre de Toulouse (classic music). Church. July 21st, 9pm

SOUILLAC Live concerts at Le Chapeau Melon restaurant. July 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th, August 5th, 12th

FRAYSSINET LE GELAT Classic Concert. July 23rd, 6pm

LACAVE Vocal colors (jazz). July 19th, 8.30pm

ST CERE Festival de St Céré et du haut Quercy. (classical music). More info at July 25th to August 13th

GREZELS Cocktail jazz quintet. Cour du château de la Coste. June 21st, 9pm

ST CIRQ LAPOPIE Big Daddy Wilson (soul blues). La Fourdonne. July 27th, 9pm*

CAHORS Cahors choir and Chicago choir. Eglise St Barthélémy. June 22nd, 8.30pm**

GOURDON Quatuor Voce (Brahms & Beethoven). Eglise des Cordeliers. July 27th, 8.30pm

CAHORS Ballads & blues. Cahors Folk Club. Carré d’Art. June 24th, 8.30pm* MONTCUQ Viva Voce & Trade Wings (English choir). Sacred music. Church. June 24th, 8.30pm MONTGESTY Festival chercheurs d’étoiles (drama, music, etc.). June 29th to July 3rd ANGLARS JUILLAC Songs from Québec. Espace Appia. July 1st, 8.30pm** BELAYE Orchestre, soloists and choir of the centre philarmonique. Scenes from Faust (Schumann). Eglise de Bélaye. July 2nd, 4pm**** GRAMAT Les musicales du Causse de Gramat (classic music festival). All the concerts start at 9pm. July 8th, 21st, August 11th,

GOURDON Quatuor Voce, Quintet Moraguès and bass. Eglise des Cordeliers. July 28th, 8.30pm SOUILLAC Celtic night. July 29th, 9pm** GOURDON Pasticero Barocco. Eglise des Cordeliers. July 29th, 8.30pm ST CIRQ LAPOPIE Fabienne Magnant (world music). La Fourdonne. August 2nd, 9pm* MONTCABRIER Le 8 de Montcabrier (classic music festival). Church. August 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9pm*** BELAYE Cello festival. Concerts, conferences, children workshop. August 5th to 12th -F- Free / * between 1 & 5 € / ** between 5 & 10€ / *** between 10 & 15€ / **** 15€ and more. Whenever possible we do our best to give you an indication of the prices of events featured. Please note however, if nothing is quoted, it means we don’t have the relevant information.

Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 -

GOURDON Arpa’Jazz (16 chorists). Eglise des Cordeliers. August 9th, 9pm GRAMAT Trio Virtuose (classic music). Salle de l’horloge. August 11th, 9pm*** GOURDON Happy Days Gospel. August 16th to 20th

Gastronomy CAHORS Lot Of Saveurs. Gastronomy festival : for 3 days, conferences, shows and tasting of local products preprared by some of the best chefs in the Lot. July 1st to 3rd GOURDON Saffron festival. July 11th LALBENQUE Giant truffle omelet. July 26th SAUX Le vin coule à Saux (wine festival) July 31st CARENNAC Marché de la prune Reine Claude dorée. Plum fair. August 1st LE BOULVE Pig roast with concert. Booking michael.jones@alsatis / 05 65 22 71 64 Aug 5th, 8pm*** PUY l’EVEQUE Wine festival. On the banks of the river. See Front page. Aug 11th, 11am to 10pm DURAVEL Fête du vin et de la gastronomie. Local produce fair. August 14th & 15th LAFONTADE Bread festival baked in stone ovens, tasting, local produce and craft market. August 15th LOT Cooking competition, cooking classes, marché gourmand. Contact GIGOUZAC : July 21st ARCAMBAL : July 28th ESPERE : August 4th LE MONTAT : August 11th LHERM : August 18th CATUS : August 25th

Special Days June 21st : Fête de la musique (free music festival in all the towns in France!) June 24th : Fête de la St Jean. Bonfire, music and dance to celebrate St Jean Baptiste. July 14th : Fête nationale. Bastille Day. Music, dance and fireworks (bank holiday) August 15th : Assomption Day (bank holiday) UPDATED AGENDA OF EVENTS GOING ONAND OF THE FILMS IN ENGLISH AT

Vide-Greniers & Brocante Carboot sale & Antique sale MARTEL : June 18th BRENGUES : June 19th CAJARC : June 19th (brocante) CONCORES : June 19th FRAYSSINET LE GELAT : June 19th MECHMONT : June 19th REYREVIGNES : June 19th ROCAMADOUR : June 19th (brocante) SOUILLAC : June 19th VERS : June 19th BALADOU : June 26th CAHORS : June 26th FIGEAC : June 26th GRAMAT : June 26th (brocante) LABASTIDE MURAT : June 26th POMAREDE : June 26th PRAYSSAC : June 26th ISSEPTS : July 3rd LOUPIAC : July 3rd PRAYSSAC : July 3rd SAIGNES : July 3rd ST CYPRIEN : July 3rd ST MARTIN LE REDON : July 3rd (from 4pm)

THEMINES : July 3rd CAHORS : July 6th BLANAT : July 10th AUTOIRE : July 14th CASTELFRANC : July 14th GOURDON : July 14th (brocante) LAROQUE DES ARCS : July 14th LIMOGNE EN QUERCY : July 14th (brocante) PADIRAC : July 14th SABADEL LAUZES : July 14th ST DENIS CATUS : July 14th (brocante) ST JEAN DE LAUR : July 16th CAJARC : July 17th LALBENQUE : July 17th SENAILLAC LATRONQUIERE : July 17th ST CHAMARAND : July 17th ST MEDARD DE PRESQUE : July 17th (from 7pm)

MONTCUQ : July 19th (Brocante) CONCORES : July 22nd (from 8pm) LAMOTHE CASSEL : July 23rd ESPAGNAC STE EULALIE : July 24th NADAILLAC DE ROUGE : July 24th STRENQUELS : July 30th VAYRAC : July 30th BANNES : July 31st CIEURAC : July 31st FIGEAC : July 31st GIGNAC : July 31st LABASTIDE MURAT : July 31st LOUPIAC : July 31st MARTEL : July 31st (brocante) MILHAC : July 31st NADAILLAC DE ROUGE : July 31st ST PANTALEON : July 31st CAHORS : August 3rd FRANCOULES : August 3rd MONTCUQ : August 5th (brocante) CENEVIERES : August 6th CUZANCE : August 7th LAURESSES : August 7th MONTDOUMERC : August 7th ST PROJET : August 7th SOUSCEYRAC : August 7th LENTILLAC ST BLAISE : August 13th GRAMAT : August 14th (brocante) ST DAUNES : August 14th ST MEDARD : August 14th TEYSSIEU : August 14th BELFORT DU QUERCY : August 15th FIGEAC : August 15th GRAMAT : August 15th (brocante) LEBREIL : August 15th MARCILHAC SUR CELE : August 15th MASCLAT : August 15th MONTCABRIER : August 15th SALVIAC : August 15th SENIERGUES : August 15th ST GERMAIN DU BEL AIR : August 17th LUZECH : August 20th (brocante) PRAYSSAC : August 27th & 28th

Pottery market LAUZERTE : July 9th & 10th PRAYSSAC : July 22nd CAJARC : July 23rd & 24th ST CERE : August 11th & 12th UZECH LES OULES : August 21st

Night Market (from 6pm to 11pm) GOURDON : July 11th CAPDENAC : July 23rd GOURDON : July 25th ST CERE : July 26th GOUJOUNAC : August 1st LALBENQUE : August 2nd LUZECH : August 3rd FIGEAC : August 4th TOUR DE FAURE : August 5th GOURDON : August 8th FIGEAC : August 18th CAPDENAC : August 20th FIGEAC : August 21st PRAYSSAC : August 22nd

Marchés gourmands Taste the local produce directly from the producers and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the village (from 7pm) MONTCABRIER : every Friday night CAHORS (Lamagdelaine) : June 25th FLORESSAS : July 5th FONS : July 5th SAUX : July 6th, 13th, 20th (Château d’Aix) ALBAS : July 7th PARNAC : July 13th, 27th, Aug 10th, 24th LACAPELLE CABANAC : July 19th VARAIRE : July 21st PRAYSSAC : July 26th MAUROUX : August 2nd MARTEL : August 4th SAUX : August 3rd, 10th, 17th (Château d’Aix) MONTCLERA : August 3rd SERIGNAC : August 16th MONTCLERA : August 17th CREMPS : August 18th VAYLATS : August 25th

Charity SOUILLAC CSF summer fair. Book fair & Videgrenier, english cards. Chapeau Melon. June 19th, 10am to 4pm GOURDON Kyoko Yonemoto (violin) & Yuki nakajima (piano). Fund raising for Japan. Eglise des Cordeliers. July 26th, 8.30pm

Drama / Théâtre LOT Festival Shakespeare du Quercy The Tempest (Shakespeare) byAntic Disposition. In English! August 2nd to 11th (see page 10)

Sport GOURDON Rallye Deuch. Touristic rallye in 2CV. August 13th, 9am to 5pm Aquadeuchs en Folie : race of 2CV on the water. Plan d’eau Ecoute s’Il pleut. August 14th CATUS Catus Cricket Club is recruiting ! Contact or 05 65 36 88 59

Workshop CAHORS Les escapades vigneronnes du mardi. Guided visit in the vineyard and tasting. From the tourist office. July 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th / August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th. The bus leaves at 2pm and returns at 6pm. 25€ per person. Booking 05 65 53 20 65 MARCILHAC SUR CELE Learn how to rebuild dry stone walls. Info at 05 65 53 40 00 July 28th, 8.45am LOT Nuit des étoiles. Observation of the stars with telescops and instructors. CALES : August 2nd, from 10pm ROCAMADOUR : August 2nd, 8.30pm MONTCUQ & ST DAUNES : August 6th, 5pm & 9pm



MARCHES / MARKETS Morning MONDAY Assier (1st & 3rd Monday) Labastide-Murat (2nd & 4th Monday)- Lacave ** TUESDAY Bretenoux - Carennac** - Catus Floirac - Gourdon - Gramat Leyme - Puy l’Evêque - Salviac WEDNESDAY Bagnac-sur-Célé - Cahors Capdenac le Haut* - CastelnauMontratier** -Latronquière - Les Quatre-Routes - Lissac-et-Mouret Livernon** - Luzech - Martel Souillac** THURSDAY Brengues**- Gourdon* - Lacave* Libos (47) - Mercuès - Sauzet Vayrac FRIDAY Floirac - Gramat - Latronquière Les Quatre-Routes - Limogne-enQuercy - Miers** - Montcabrier**Prayssac - Salviac - Souillac - St Germain-du-Bel-Air - St Pierre Lafeuille** SATURDAY Bretenoux - Cajarc (pm) - Cahors Catus* - Duravel - Figeac Gourdon - Labastide-Murat* Lalbenque - Martel - Puy l’Evêque Saint Céré - Vayrac SUNDAY Arcambal - Cardaillac - CastelnauMontratier - Cazals - Concots Douelle - Espère - LabastideMurat* - Les Quatre-Routes Limogne-en-Quercy - Montcuq Prayssac* - Puybrun - Saint Céré - St Germain du Bel Air* - Saint Géry - Saint Sozy * In July & August only ** From 5pm to 8pm

MONTHLY BROCANTE (Antique) All day Gourdon : 1st Saturday of the month Gramat : 2nd Saturday of the month Mercuès : 3rd Sunday of the month Sarlat (24) : Last Sunday of the month Souillac : 3rd Saturday of the month

FOIRES / FAIRS All-day monthly fairs TUESDAY Catus Last Tuesday Gourdon 1st & 3rd Tuesday Prayssac 3rd Tuesday WEDNESDAY Cajarc 2nd & 4th Wednesday St Céré 1st & 3rd Wednesday Sousceyrac 2nd Wednesday THURSDAY Vayrac 1st & 3rd Thursday Gramat 2nd & 4th Thursday FRIDAY Souillac 1st & 3rd Friday SATURDAY

Cahors 1st & 3rd Saturday Figeac 2nd & 4th Saturday

A rendez-vous at Le Rendez-Vous ?

Le Forty-Six interviewed Simone of Le Rendez-Vous in Touzac, taking on a big challenge, opening a café in a small village ! Why did you decide to take on Le Rendez-Vous? We moved here seven years ago with my husband and two children. As our youngest child started school with her brother and sister, my husband started his building company and I found being at home with the perpetual cleaning cycle rather unfulfilling. After searching for an office based job I found, that although my experience was quite extensive, my language skills were not up to speed. After the café was re-opened in 2009 by a French couple, we returned from holiday in July 2010 to find it had been closed again. Realising a possible business opportunity for me, we approached the owner to express an interest: the doors were optimistically reopened in October 2010. Wasn't it a challenge to open in the winter period? Surprisingly, we found the winter period more successful than anticipated as customers explained that they found the winters here very lonely. An open café is a great venue to meet new people and to pass an evening with friends. We were particularly pleased to receive so much support from the French in the region and now, although still not perfect, my French is improving. During the winter months, we hosted many music evenings which we will continue throughout Summer. One particular evening that gathers people together is our “Boeuf” or “Open mike Jam session”, where local and visiting musicians get to play ensemble: it's an immense amount of fun, a particular favourite for me personally… It is our intention to host many more music evenings! Do you serve food ? We tentatively opened our Bistro in January and found that our salads, Château Burger and Funky Chicken burger were enthusiastically received, so they formed our core menu. Beyond that, there was only one thing we missed from the UK, and that was a good indian. So, after much world wide web research, we have now introduced our Authentique Indian Menu, freshly prepared and served with classic condiments like Mango pickle, Naan, Raita and so forth. Our French patrons have thoroughly enjoyed their inaugural curries but we take care not to make the dishes too spicy as they often find it a bit much. Do you have any other projects in the pipeline? We hope that we will never be perceived as a British café but rather as an international café to which everyone is welcome and where new friends and new experiences are made. We are currently closed on Mondays but we are open the remainder of the week. We plan to open 7/7 during the Summer season and also to serve food throughout the day! Thank you and good luck ! Details are available on p.3

Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 - 7



first met Roland Richardson when for six years, he was coproprietor at the Hotel Bissonnier in Gourdon. With the hotel now sold, his life is more tranquil and I caught up with him for a chat over lunch… Originally changing from hairdresser to hotel manager, Roland is now back to his former job… He trained with Vidal Sassoon as a Cutter. Roland was interested in colouring and learned a great deal during his training. Sassoon's philosophy was "it's the cut that counts" and they demanded specialisation, so he stayed a cutter, later following other colleagues to Ginger (the place to be at the time!) before upping sticks to live in Australia. Soon after, a Technical Consultant from Wella visited. She was so impressed with his knowledge, she recommended him for her job. As a Technical Consultant, Roland travelled widely, cutting and colouring hair for magazine features and Breakfast TV. He wanted his own salon, and Wella went into partnership with him. During this time, he did the hair of the cast of an Australian production of Steel Magnolias, including Nicole Kidman! Eventually, Roland wanted to return to Europe, but he booked some work in Hong Kong en route, resulting in a stopover of … several years! He worked free-lance with Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden and with Rochas, doing magazine shoots and Breakfast TV across Asia. Magazines did not want to pay two people to travel! So Roland also got involved in doing make up! He finally got back to Europe when Rochas sent him on regular trips to Paris from England. Roland made the decision to come to the Lot and together with a lifelong friend who had trained as a chef, searched for a restaurant or a guest house... One evening, they got lost and had to find somewhere to stay in Gourdon. At breakfast, they talked to Madame Bissonnier and ended up buying her hotel! Now Roland is again a hair cutter and colourist, providing his clients a top quality service in their home… in the Lot ! John

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération

Purement "Malbec"


Discover our wine shop Free tasting OPENING TIMES : Summer season (from May to September)

Monday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm – 2pm to 7pm




eople may consider yoga to be mysterious, yet yoga has been around for four thousand years and the number of people practising it today, including in the Lot, is growing. Yoga is for the body and mind, builds inner strength and brings relief from stress. It aids flexibility throughout the body, facilitates ease of movement and develops an ability to deeply relax and appreciate life. Yoga techniques are now becoming more accessible as more and more people find them valuable. The benefits of yoga can also be experienced by people of all ages, gender and physical condition. The teacher usually receives feedback from students that yoga enables them to sleep better, take fewer medications and avoid mood swings. Try the following simple exercise and breathing set. Ego Eradicator: Sitting cross-legged on the ground, lift the arms up to 60 degrees. Then draw the shoulder blades down over the back of the ribs, so the shoulders are away from your ears. Curl the fingertips onto the pads of the palms, with the thumbs stretched back. Thumbs aim at each other above the head and open fingers. Do not bend the elbows. Concentrate above the head and close the eyes, begin long deep breathing. To end, inhale, pull in the navel, touch the thumbs together over the head, and sweep down the arms as you exhale. Build up to three minutes. This exercise opens the lungs and awakens the brain. Basic breath series: Sit cross-legged and block the right nostril with the thumb of the left hand, begin long deep breathing through the left nostril for three minutes, inhale, hold for ten seconds and exhale. Close the left nostril with the little finger and begin long deep breathing through the right nostril. Continue as above. Inhale through the left nostril, and exhale through the right, as above for three minutes with long deep breathing. Then repeat exercise three except inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left. This particular exercise is good to do when you need a quick lift and a clear mind. Yoga is fun and enjoyable, but like everything else requires you to put in the effort to experience the benefits. Today, when so many stresses and impediments can arise in daily life, it is the ancient skills of yoga, not some New Age fad, that helps many navigate the challenges... Carol Miers teaches Kundalini yoga classes several times a week in Touzac and Villefranche-du-Perigord. For more details, see The classes continue during the summer ! TOUZAC : Monday 10.00-11.30am. Café Le Rendez-vous VILLEFRANCHE DU PERIGORD : Monday 6 to 7.30pm, Tuesday 10.00 to 11.30am, Friday 6 to 7pm. Salle des Sports.

9am to 12pm – 2pm to 6pm

Off season Monday afternoon 2pm to 6pm

Tuesday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm – 2pm to 6pm

Saturday morning 9am to 12pm

Côtes d'Olt 46140 PARNAC Rd8, between Luzech & Douelle Tel : 05 65 30 57 80

Missing Links ! Le Chainon Manquant festival (street art and music festival) will be held in Cahors this year from Sept 21st to Sept 25th. The organisers are looking for volunteers to help before, during and after the festival. They are also looking for people who could host the comedians (for free). f you would like to contribute to the festival in one way or another, you can meet the organisers June 25th at the Théâtre Municipal in Cahors from 10am to 3pm or at the Foyer Valentré June 29th, 10am to 5pm. Contact e-mail or 05 34 51 48 88 Website of the festival:


Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 -

Salon de Coiffure Hairdresser Hand & Foot Care Appointments: Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 7pm & Saturday 10am to 7pm non-stop Tel : +33 (0)5 65 53 13 72 english spoken Le Bourg 46800 St Matré

La Cornière

Moment pour soi

Beauty institute for men & women

Face and body care Hammam & hydromassage shower CelluM6 Face & Body (contouring massage) Make-up and semi-permanent make-up Maria Galland products

5, ave Maréchal Bessière - Prayssac Tel: 05 65 36 48 38

L'OR DU TEMPS PARFUMERIE Make-up and skincare advice

BROCANTE Objects & country-style furniture Old Toys Household linen

Diesel, Carven, Lubin, Guerlain, Lancôme, Annick Goutal, Creed, Ungaro, Bulgari, Hanae Mori, Armani - Perfume -

43 Boulevard de la Paix - 46220 Prayssac Tél. 05 65 35 52 29

Lesley Powell Sculpteur

05 65 22 06 45 Route de Sauzet, Albas 46140

Association Loi 1901

Open in April, July, August, Sept, Oct Place de la halle 24550 Villefranche du Périgord Tel: 05 53 29 49 05


School for French as a Foreign Language Mrs Pascale Martorello 12, rue Daurade 05 65 21 88 46


Would you like to improve your French?

With the « POLYGLOTTES », experienced language teachers (French) hold friendly classes in Cahors, Albas, Prayssac, Limogne, Labastide Murat & Saint Géry. Wilt u beter Frans spreken? Franse les in ee ontspannen en gezellige sfeer.

Each course adapted to your needs Individual tuition - in small groups - all levels With more than 15 years experience of how to have fun learning French

Tel : 05 65 20 12 55 or 05 65 20 05 93

Roland Richardson Coiffeur A Domicile Home Hairdresser Expert Cutter/Colourist

06 12 30 10 12

Le bourg 46310 Peyrilles

A Great Day Out


e Parc Animalier de Gramat is located in the heart of the Parc Naturel des Causses du Quercy, between Rocamadour and Padirac. It has been open since 1979 and has over 150 different species of wild and domestic European animals including brown bears, wolves, goats, pigs, deer, wild cats and a huge variety of birds. Many of the animals roam freely in the beautiful natural setting of the park. One of the main objectives of the park is to help preserve endangered species and their active breeding programme gives you plenty of opportunity to see new-born animals, which are always irresistible. The park is especially designed to appeal to children with lots of child-friendly activities and it also has special features for handicapped people, including information boards in braille. In addition to the animal-based activities, the park has a beautiful 3.5km long walk. The park makes a really fantastic day out for all ages but particularly for children and combines fun, fresh air, exercise and education - who could ask for more? There is a fast-food restaurant and picnic area on-site and parking is free. Dogs are also allowed, on leads. The park is open all year, 9.30-19.00 10th April to 30th Sept, 14.00-18.00 October to Easter (Sundays in October & La Toussaint holidays, 9.30-18.00) For further information, see the website or Tel : 05 65 38 81 22

Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 - 9


opening in Gaumier in June 2011

LA GRANGE AUX LIVRES in Florimont-Gaumier (24) BOOKBINDING WORKSHOP + BOOKSHOP + SALON DE THE BOOKBINDING CLASSES & WORKSHOPS > INITIATION AFTERNOONS : in JULY & AUGUST (upon request) > REGULAR WEEKLY CLASSES (3 hours) : ALL-YEAR ROUND > 2-day WORKSHOPS (10 hours) Proposed dates for 2-day workshops in 2011 Tues 28th & Wed 29th JUNE Thurs 28th & Fri 29th JULY Tues 23rd & Wed 24th AUGUST

Tues 27th & Wed 28th SEPTEMBER Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd OCTOBER Sat 26th & Sun 27th NOVEMBER

2011 Prices : Initiation afternoon : € 45 Weekly classes (3h) : € 40 2-day workshop : € 130 Groups limited to 5 people per workshop All supplies included in above prices except for leather and gold leaf

Information & Enrolment : Anne-Marie Mamet Tel : 06 12 50 18 72 or mail :


oming soon to Gaumier, a picturesque little village in the commune of Florimont-Gaumier in the Dordogne, bordering the Lot, “La Grange aux Livres”. Anne-Marie and JeanPierre Mamet are opening around 15th June 2011, in a charming barn renovated by the municipality of Florimont-Gaumier, partially financed by the French State, the Dordogne department and the Aquitaine region – a very ambitious challenge for the commune and the future occupants. “La Grange aux Livres” is a unique and rare place offering: - A bookbinding workshop, where Anne-Marie binds and restores client's books, and for the local Mairies' registries and archival documents, combining binding, gilding and book conservation. She also intends to organise classes and workshops during the Summer season to instruct small groups (5 max), adults and children in this unusual craft. (see ad on the side) - The bookshop, run by her husband, Jean-Pierre (formerly the Salviac bookseller!) includes a vast selection of new and used books in French and English, along with collectors' books found during his many visits to collectors' book fairs throughout the Dordogne, the Lot, the Lot et Garonne and the Gironde. - The Salon de Thé, on a sun-drenched terrace completes the harmonious setting. Offering hot and cold refreshments for passing walkers and cyclists in need of a short break. Delicious local fruit sorbets (Les Fruits de Moncalou) can also be enjoyed here at the “Grange aux Livres”. An internet service will also be available. So put Gaumier on your list - come and visit ! La Grange aux Livres - La Mouline – Gaumier - 24250 FLORIMONTGAUMIER Tel: 05 53 29 32 56 / 06 12 50 18 72 mail :

La Grange aux Livres - La Mouline - Gaumier - 24250 FLORIMONT GAUMIER

Festival Shakespeare du Quercy 2011 The Festival Shakespeare du Quercy 2011, will take place from 2–11 August, with a production of The Tempest. Antonio, Prospero's brother, Alonso (King of Naples) and his brother, Sebastian, put Prospero (Duke of Milan) to sea in a boat with his daughter, Miranda. They are marooned on an island. Later, a ship bearing Prospero's enemies passes the island. With the help of Ariel, Prospero creates a tempest that sinks the vessel. The passengers are landed on different parts of the island and so begin many plots and sub-plots. GOUJOUNAC : August 2nd MONTCUQ : August 3rd PUY l’EVEQUE : August 4th LOUBEJAC : August 5th MONFLANQUIN : August 8th BELVES : August 9th LAUZERTE : August 10th CAHORS : August 11th - Performances start at 8.30pm or

Africa in Cajarc AFRICAJARC the 13th annual African festival in Cajarc will take place on July 28, 29, 30, and 31. Each afternoon you can hear singers along the river Lot (Mamy Wata Davy Kilembe & Paamath, Kareyce Fotso), buy African artefacts, meet Djiguiya (a giant puppet and her musicians), witness performances by Punta Negra playing the drums and dancing on the streets, or you can meet African writers in Le Grin littéraire. For children, there are shows by Prendre la Pirogue on Saturday afternoon and by Soundiata l'Enfant Lion on Sunday afternoon, the 31st On Friday 29th, at 9pm acts will include Ablaye Thiossane (Sénégal), Omar Pene (Sénégal) and Les Espoirs de Coronthie (Guinée) on the big stage, featuring their traditional instruments such as djembé, sabar, kora, balafon, gongoma, bolon and krin. On Saturday night, 30th , expect to be stunned by the Staff Benda Bilili (The Republic of Congo) a band of 8 musicians, 5 of whom are handicapped, abandoned as kids on the streets of Kinshasa.They now tour the world! Followed by Femi Kuti, Fella's son from Nigeria, finishing with the strong and sensuous voice of Sayon Bamba – spellbinding! On Sunday night dance the night away with the music of Les Mercenaires de l'Ambiance.

A Sobering Thought


n France, we say that the one who drives does not drink (celui qui conduit, c'est celui qui ne boit pas) also called "le capitaine de soirée". Nicolas Sarkozy has committed to reducing road accident deaths below 3,000 by 2012, through roadside stops by traffic police, more speed cameras and tougher sentencing. As summer approaches with local fetes and parties, drink driving checks will increase. UK licence holders can be obliged to swap their UK licence for a French one, so the sentence can be implemented. Remember too that saliva tests can be also applied to establish whether cannabis has been taken. The body needs around three hours to break down a large glass of wine. Thus, you can still be legally under the influence the next day after a late night's drinking. Your rate of absorption depends on several factors, such as weight and metabolism. If in doubt, use one of the ethylotests available in pharmacies. The alcohol limit in France is 50mg per 100ml of blood (two glasses of wine or two demis) significantly lower than the 80mg limit in the UK. A level of between 50mg and 80mg will incur a fine, removal of six points from your licence and possibly a suspension. More serious offences carry much stiffer penalties and in the event of an accident, particularly if a third party is injured, fines can rise to 150,000 euros, up to three years ban and a lengthy prison sentence. Repeat offenders can also have their vehicle confiscated. So, before you go, vote for your captain !!! John

AND THE WINNERS ARE... Thank you for your participation in the game to win 10 tickets for the Fête du vin d’Albas ! The winners are : Philippe Schipper, John Chadwick, Niall Carroll, Wendy Edmondson, Clive Metcalf, Jean-Pierre Heyvaert, Jo Schofield, Ariane Delmonte, Colin Cobb, Rob Allen. Bravo !!! Second game was to win a meal for two with a bottle of wine and coffee at a musical evening during the summer (worth 55€) at Le Thé Vert in Daglan. The winner is Amanda Brittain. Bravo !!!

10 Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 -

Les Vieilles Mécaniques

30th Cahors Blues Festival: 9th - 16th July 2011


ittle boys never really grow up do they? Nowhere is this better demonstrated than by a group called Les Vieilles Mécaniques, who love nothing more than indulging their passion for bringing all sorts of old engines back to life. Based in Cazals, the group was formed over 20 years ago and has around sixty members, including French, English and Dutch people. The group also has a wide age range with the elders sharing their vast experience with the younger members. The thing that unites them all is their complete devotion to restoring old tractors, cars, lorries, motorbikes - anything with an engine! Their large workroom/showroom in Cazals is open to the public every Thursday and also on Sundays during the tourist season, where you can see the results of their hard work and love for all things mechanical. Throughout the year, they also host visits and rallies with clubs and fellow vintage car enthusiasts. In addition, every two years they organise and run the Festival National des Vieilles Mécaniques. Held in Montclera on a 7 hectare site near the chateau, they welcome between 8,000 and 10,000 visitors. It is being held this year on the 30th-31st July and one of the star features of the show is a 9 cylinder Duvant motor, weighing 40 tonnes, that they have lovingly restored. In its previous life, it was the emergency generator for the famous race course in Chantilly! There is a tombola too, with the first prize being a 2CV Citroën that they have also restored... So, for all those out there who love tinkering with old cars and the like, this show would be the perfect day out. However, if you can't make the festival, then you have a year-round opportunity to visit the workroom in Cazals and see for yourself how neglected old engines can be given a new lease of life, thanks to these dedicated amateur mechanics! For further information, see their website



arking the historic 30th edition of Cahors Blues Festival, the Place Bessières site at the top of Bvd Gambetta has been substantially extended. As always, the « Blues village » includes the main and secondary stages, boutique, restaurant and refreshment facilities. Free concerts will be staged every day between 5 and 9 p.m. with the main programme scheduled from 9 p.m. till 1 a.m. Reservations, via the CBF website or the Tourist Office, are recommended for ticketed concerts. Saturday 9th - Hobo Blues at 5 pm., Hot Gang at 7pm, followed at 9pm by the great blues legend Johnny Winter – one of only three appearances in France and at Cahors for the first time. Topping the bill - Warren Haynes, guitarist extraordinaire, ex- Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule and rated amongst the best in the world. Sunday 10th - Prolific piano-playing brothers the Boogie Boys from Poland kick-off the show, followed by Ladies' Night – harmonica-player Rachelle Plas, American Beverly Jo Scott and closing the evening, the “Road to Freedom” show. Monday 11th - Master Class final presentation by Drew Davies with students from Cahors Music School. Tuesday 12th - Irish guitarist Johnny Gallagher performs at 9 pm. followed by “Inside the Blues” hosted by Fred Chappellier and featuring Nina Attal, Charlie Fabert and Rachelle Plas. Wednesday 13th - “Tremplin” talent contest for up and coming blues bands. Thursday 14th - Highlighted by the appearance of English-based Keziah Jones performing solo, followed by phenomenal English blues-rock band the Hamsters, playing Cahors for the first time. Friday 15th - “Blues dans la Ville”, bands and solo artists featuring in bars all over Cahors. Saturday 16th – Krystina Myles from the UK, talented Charles Pasi performs at 9 followed by excellent ex-Téléphone guitarist, Louis Bertignac.

And don't forget pre-Festival concerts: Wednesday 6th in Gramat - Mike Sanchez and the Drew Davies Rhythm Combo, Thursday 7th in Mercuès - String Breakers, Friday 8th in Cahors, at the Chartreuse restaurant - “Chicago Blues sur les Berges du Lot” featuring Donald Ray Johnson. Extra attraction - “Cars 'n' Blues in Quercy” - 30 vintage American cars on display from all over France on the festival site. Tickets and booking information are now available from the Office de Tourisme on Place Mitterand Cahors Tel : 05 65 53 20 65 For all information concerning the artists appearing at the festival, please visit:

JULY 30th & 31st in CAZALS

by Les amateurs Quercynois des Vieilles mécaniques route de Montclera 46250 CAZALS - Tel: 05 65 20 29 68 Visits of the museum on Thursday morning & evening, on Sunday morning all year. Other days prior arrangement -

New music venue opens in the Lot Valley


atrick Saradeil, the new proprietor of the restaurant 'On Passe à Table' in St. Géry, has already introduced a number of innovations. With the help of two local musicians, Michel Griffin, who runs the Cahors Folk Club, and Allison Marriot, he has now launched a series of 'Open Mic' sessions at the restaurant, and is in the process of establishing a programme of Tapas Concerts for the Summer. The 'Open Mic' sessions take place on the second Thursday of each month at the restaurant, which is in the centre of St. Géry, on the D662 between Cahors and Cajarc. Already recruited for the Tapas Concert series: the WoodsLot duo, who ran a Karaoke evening on June 4th, 'Booby Traps' on June 25th, the 'Beans Blues Band' on 2nd July, the 'Claire Aberlenc Trio', on 30th July, Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre on 6th August, 'L'Os Dahu' on 20th and 'Rag Mama Rag' on 27th August. On the menu will be Spanish specialities, tapas such as fried squid and 'Accras de Morue', and the musical fare promises to be quite as tasty as the food. Not to be missed ! For more information, contact Michel Griffin via his site or Patrick Saradeil on 05 65 31 43 73

Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 - 11

PETITES ANNONCES, CLASSIFIED SMALL ADS Your ad for free in the For Sale*, Wanted sections ! (*this excludes real estate & vehicles) - Free ads for private individuals Votre petite annonce gratuite dans les sections à vendre*, demande. (*hors annonces immobilières et véhicules) - Annonces gratuites réservées aux particuliers

3 € ttc/line for real estate, vehicles & services 3 € ttc/ligne pour l'immobilier, véhicules & services Pour 5 petites annonces publiées, la 6ème est gratuite ! Buy 5 small ads, get 1 free ! Do you want to place a small ad ? Download the grid at

WANTED French family living in central Cahors looking for an Anglophone girl to look after 3 children after school, some evenings and sometimes in the weekend. Possibility to stay at home if needed. 06 07 81 36 43 or 40-11-F 14 yr old girl looking for English family this summer for exchange. Parents are teachers & can give French lessons. I like horse riding. Rodez, Aveyron. 40-10-F Koi Carp re-homed in a large private lake, if you have unwanted koi carp, I will collect and re-home them. 05 65 21 98 55 40-07-F Saxophone teacher with at least some English to take on beginning student in Cazals/Prayssac area. Contact Brent at 39-10-F Drummer wanted for Jazz group based in the Lot, currently piano, trumpet, contrabass, sax, rhythm guitar and male singer. Jazz standards and other swinging classics to perform in bars/restaurants, French, English and Dutch spoken Call Terry on 05 53 75 04 89 or email 39-04-F

House clearance : 3 piece cane suite with matching round glass coffee table, good condition €350 - 2 dark blue leather sofas, vgc €400 - Large oval English reproduction dining table with 6 chairs with carved legs and in light oak polished finish, good condition €300, matching tall dresser with 2 leaded glass top doors and 2 solid doors at the base vgc €350. For pictures pls email Tel: 05 65 23 56 75 39-11-F Pine table 120cm x 80cm 50€ - White Bookcase 175cm x 90cm 4 shelves. 50€. Small desk, light brown, 110cm x 50cm 20€. Te l . 0 5 6 5 3 7 7 4 1 0 o r e m a i l : 39-07-P 4 piece cane furniture set. Includes 2pl settee, 2 armchairs and stool. All in very good condition and clean. Material removable covers in light mustard/terrecota. E m a i l f o r p h o t o 4 5 0 € 40-01-F Chairs, 6 x French style sturdy wooden with solid wicker base. Collect only. 50€. Email J u l i f o r a p h o t o a t Tel 05 65 31 77 48 39-01-F Roman poolsteps (halfground). New, beige (sable), 3 steps, 3 mtr width margelles incl invoice. Cash Piscine Cahors present. Tel : 05 65 21 19 25 or 38-01-F

Great opportunity for experienced, adult rider, pref. female, dressage orientated, without own horse to exercise my 15.2, 10 y.o. Andalusian during my 3 month convalescence and beyond. Please contact Chris on 05 65 22 79 10 39-08-F

Ride-on-Mower - Verts Loisirs B15/H92, Regularly serviced and in very good working order. 1300€ ono Tel: 05 65 22 37 88 38-06-F

2 Giant Twist 2.0 Electric Bikes 2008 models as new condition only 50 miles max,1 ladies 1 gents both step through frames,twin batteries,power assist,range 60 kilometers. Pics available by email. 650 euros each. Contact 05 65 22 88 52 or 39-05-F 14 foot (4.2 metre) yurt for sale with solid floor, lovely heart-shaped windows, and access for log-burner flue. Makes deal easy extra income from rentals or a great space for extra guests. All enquiries/photo requests to 05 65 23 58 16 or Price 2000 euros ono 39-06-F Guitar amplifier by Hughes & Kettner ('Edition Blue' 15r). Small, light weight and great tone (Celestion Speaker). Ideal for small gigs or practice sessions. 15w, spring reverb, 2 channels with 3-band EQ. Inputs for headphones and CD/mp3 player. Perfect condition. 75€ (no offers ). 05 65 35 18 92 (St.Daunes, Nr. Montcuq) 40-02-F

Reverb Pedal for guitar by Beta Alvin 'RV-100) (replica of Boss Twin Reverb pedal). 6 modes (Spring.Hall etc.) 9v or mains operation. Mono/stereo operation. Perfect condition. 45€ (no offers). 05 65 35 18 92 40-03-F Ibanez RG470FM Electric Guitar finished in Transparent Purple with gold effect finishing; twin humbuckers, maple fingerboard, etc. Almost totally unused, complete with hard case and Crate practice amplifier. 300€ complete. Tel: 05 65 20 42 80 38-08-F English book exchange in Gourdon. Now at 2 rue de la Bride (next door to library) 10-11am 1st Tuesday of each month from 1st March. Contributions welcome 05 65 27 22 50


Childrens books in English, 3 to 5 yrs old (boy). Contact 06 76 22 49 50 or 39-09-F

Fine Reproduction Furniture for Sale: M a h o g a n y / Wr o u g h t I r o n / B r a s s i n c 'Stairwell' Bureau 1200€. Wine Table 250€.'George III' Upholstered Stool 250€. 'Queen Anne' Torchere 100€ and more. Email: 38-07-P

Ladies & Gents hair cut & colour. I come to you ! Roland 06 12 30 10 12

Wanted : Aspiring Journalists, Budding Authors. We need volunteers to write regular articles, reviews, stories, etc. in English in Le Forty-Six. If you have good writing skills, knowledge of the region, sense of humour, commitment, please write to

4 piece cane furniture set. Includes 2pl settee, 2 armchairs and stool. All in very good condition and clean. Material removable covers in light mustard/terrecota. Email for photo 550€ Tel: 05 65 23 94 65 / 06 06 46 17 39 37-04-F

Cristelle, professional photographer. Weddings, ceremonies, brochures, etc. Visit my website Tel : 06 27 32 29 21

REAL ESTATE Beautiful Quercy stone house in peaceful valley : 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining room, lounge, study, laundry room, cave, pigeonnier, barn, pool set in 2 acres of woods and gardens. Excellent condition. 470 000 €. Tel : 05 63 94 29 85 40-40-05-P

FOR SALE HOME & GARDEN Sheep : Ram and Ewe lambs for sale ready late August, local crossbreed fully tagged and innoculated. 30km northwest of Cahors. Tel : 05 65 20 16 73 or 40-04-F From the Sofa Workshop ( 2 armchairs and matching footstool, current design Man Ray. Woven chenille fixed covers, colour Sleepy Sage. Hardly used, immaculate condition. Under 2 years old. €500 ono. Tel : 05 65 35 06 67 40-08-F

Polaris robot pool cleaner - 150 euros. Compressor with pressure adjustment, suitable for use with Polaris robot, 120 euros. Contact Robert on 05 65 37 42 54


Anxious ? Stressed ? Feeling down ? SOS Help 01 46 21 46 46.

Accounts, tax returns and general advice. Call an English-speaking chartered accountant. 05 65 22 14 10 or write 35-40-02-P HOME & GARDEN


Pool heat pump Clemexel HH-122-T18Kw. Brand new. 3 500€ (normal price approx 5 800€). Tel : 05 65 22 20 78 or 40-06-F Large above-ground pool 9.5m x 4.5m with all the equipment, filter, pump, liner, cover, etc. 1300 euros or nearest offer. Dismantled, ready to go. Tel : 05 65 23 58 16 or email 39-13-F

Plasterer : for all your plaster work or advice, call Dirk Schurink. Tel : 06 01 74 20 03 39-44-05-P Experienced roof worker, all ladders; Can fix, maintain, clean roofs & gutters, etc. Call 06 88 88 28 62 for quote


Home improvements repairs. Kitchen, bathroom, carpentry, walls, floors. Quotes friendly competitive. Siret service. 05 65 22 55 48 or 40-40-09-P

Peugeot Scooter TKR 50 cc for sale. First registered 2005, only 3777 kms. Metallic blue. VGC. 950 euros to include top box and helmet. Contact 05 65 20 10 91 40-40-03-P

Building works, digger and driver, all projects undertaken. Free estimates Tel: 05 65 36 78 25 or Mob: 06 80 27 81 75 35-40-01-P

Set of golf clubs : Irons 3-9 inclusive Woods 1,3,5 and driver Putter Trolley and bag €75 lot. Tel : 05 65 35 06 67 40-09-F

Furniture restoration and picture framing. Top quality work. Eric Fiant 05 65 31 09 82 / 06 30 45 70 35 38-43-02-P

Voit 5 golf clubs, 5 irons, 4 woods, sand wedge, pitching wedge and putter including carrier bag. 200 euros ono. Tel : 05 65 35 33 8039-14-F

YOUR AD HERE FROM 3€/LINE (30 characters/line). Fill the online form at or send an e-mail at

12 Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 -

English Painter & Decorator. Fully qualified, free quotations given, all types of work undertaken. Phone Stephen Duke:- 05 65 22 96 44 or 0033 6 75 01 67 08 E-mail: 38-43-05-P

Painting and decorating - Colin Bell. All interior and exterior work, wall papering and paint effects. 30 yrs experience. Honest, reliable and efficient service. Working within 40km radius of Gourdon. Ref available. Free estimate. Tel : 05 65 22 91 04 or 06 19 39 99 39 e-mail: 31-36-01-PA Chimney Sweep Services Clean professional service, insurance certificates issued, 1 hour radius of Gourdon. Tel Eddie Matthews on 05 65 23 03 44 28-33-08-PA

Construction & Renovation - John Purser, General builder based near Gourdon. All types of works undertaken, small or large scale projects. Tel 06 08 99 35 18 or 05 65 30 89 24. Siret 44864425200026 40-45-06-P French electrician - registered - Big or small work in the area of Cazals - 05 65 22 89 15 40-40-07-P

Electrical work: big or small, new or renovation, French registered, English artisan - 05 65 30 76 35 37-42-06-P Michael Channing, plumber, electrician and heating engineer. Also general property maintenance / renovation. Western Lot/Lot et Garonne. Tel. 0963 545 345. Siret 52264179400014 37-42-07-P Small wooden constructions: sheds, carports, garages. Looking after your p r o p e r t y, w h e n y o u a r e a w a y. Lawnmowing big surfaces. Paul Krinke, 46300 Léobard (Gourdon) T. 05 65 41 12 45 40-45-02-P House, Gite and Garden Maintenance. Odd Jobs. Painting & Decorating. Small mechanical jobs, servicing for car or tractor. 20 yrs experience. Friendly, reliable service, all year round. French/English spoken. Contact Chris on 05 65 22 98 23 or 06 83 65 06 01 (mob). Email: 40-42-04-P

House cleaning & Gardening services, including gite change-overs. Friendly and reliable. Call 06 88 88 28 62 39-12-F Do you need reliable people for the maintenance of your gite or second home ? Marina & Serge deal with cleaning, check-in/out, renovation, gardening all year round. Figeac area. Tel 06 59 76 29 09 We accept chèque emploi service 40-40-09-P

LESSONS/TRANSLATION/IT As a former teacher in french (Holland), I want to inspire you to learn this beautiful language ! For more info : 05 65 30 72 42 or 40-40-01-P Problems with French language in business or private life ? Need help to sort out French administration problems? Call me, I have the solution! Rachel Verne - - e-mail : 38-40-01-P L'Atelier des Langues language school opening in central Gourdon. Group workshops, one-on-one tuition, themed courses and intensive week long courses for all levels. Help with all translation and French language needs. Call Giles Murray on 0565 32 21 96 or visit for up-todate course calendar and tarifs. 40-40-08-P


Colin Bell

Visit our showroom and discover the benefits of having your own spa

Painter and Decorator effects ü City & Guilds qualified ü 30 years experience including 15 years in France

66 route de Toulouse 46000 CAHORS 05 65 53 04 46

Tel: 05 65 22 16 55 Espace Piscines 46, Giratoire de la Beyne, 46000 CAHORS

OAKWOOD IMPORT Spécialiste des bois d'aménagement

Honest, reliable & efficient service Free estimate

Tel: 05 65 22 91 04 or 06 19 39 99 39 e-mail:

Claude Jaunatre Painter Interior Decorating & External Painting General Electrics, Photovoltaics, Home Automation, Energy Auditing

NEW !!! Eco Paint :

OAK FLOORING & DOORS Pre-finished & unfinished Wide boards up to 215mm Skirting & architraves Ledged oak cottage doors

Siret : 443 764 469 00021

ü Interior & exterior work, wall papering, paint

Vegetal oil base - 100% natural No solvant, no petrol

30 years experience Tel: 06 80 33 93 57 / 05 65 32 19 30

Free Quotes route de Montcabrier, 46700 DURAVEL 05 65 36 57 37 / 06 24 20 21 04













Furniture Restorer & Maker - Traditional & modern furniture design, made to measure - Antique restoration - Specialist in french polishing Based in Lacave Tel: 05 65 41 65 08

LE FIRE SHOP Eddie Matthews Bouriane Ramonage & Le Fire Shop 46310 Concores Tel : 06 74 41 71 96 Email : Sale & Installation of quality woodburning stoves, Chimney Sweeping services, Outdoor Chimneas & Pizza Ovens

SAND, GRAVEL & CRUSHED LIMESTONE Available from 3 sites: St Denis Catus Crayssac Cahors

Tiles, earthenware, bathroom equipment, paints, parquet and woodflooring, panelling, staircases, paving, decking, joinery...

We Deliver! Tel : CM QUARTZ Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 - 13

HOME, GARDEN & DIY Steve Eagle

Carroll Property Services

Building, Renovation & Carpentry

The last word in property maintenance & management

Design & Construction Landscape & Building Services

Niall & Karri Carroll E-mail : Web :

Phone 05 53 29 65 71 or email

Satellite & Aerials

siret : 514 579 09300014

Siret : 500 520 398 00018

Patricia Shears BA (Hons), Dip LA, CMLI

Based near Cahors - Tel : 09 63 59 24 69 E-mail :


Plantes et Paysages Garden Design Advisory visits to full project design -------------------Garden workshops and "taster" sessions in private studio near Cazals

20 years experience, 8 working in France

Port : +33 (0)6 15 44 47 24

tel: 05 65 53 03 32 mob: 06 63 43 31 79 46250 Montcléra




Service & installation of all UK and French satellite systems HD - French TV - Sky+

Call for a free estimate 06 88 88 28 62

Les Arts Verts

The Conseil General du Lot is running a competition from the 1st June to 31st August to find the best 'sustainable' gardens in the Lot: gardens that are designed to flourish without excessive use of water or fertilisers. The competition is open to all gardeners in the Lot. To enter just send one photo of your garden with a short description of what makes it particularly sustainable. You can either e-mail your

Eric FIANT 05 65 31 09 82 06 30 45 70 35

Le Bourg - 46310 St Germain du Bel Air

Summer's here... Think trees ! Plan ahead for your Autumn planting Together we can create your perfect garden... Pépinières PASSEDAT “Camy” 46140 LUZECH - T. 05 65 20 10 66 - Nursery open from Monday to Saturday 9am-12pm and 2pm-7pm




Storage Unit

Meubles Lasvenes

Is your Garden a Winner ?


Pépinières Nursery Créateurs de Jardins Landscape designer


hen walking in the countryside in the Lot, all around one can see walls, and even more dry stone walls. They were built many years ago in order to level the soil and raise the surface for agriculture. Walls to create a fence for the cattle, for a covering, they are all part of a mineral ecosystem. When they are linked to nature, they sculpt the landscape and focus our thoughts on the amount of time spent in creation... Cyril Jansolin, landscape designer, has created his enterprise keeping in mind the traditions brought by Man while respecting Mother nature. “What is more natural than having one's own garden surrounded by stones, like a guardian of the garden?”, Cyril says. Originally based in the Gard region (near Nîmes), he decided to move here and extend his knowledge to the stone and the nature of the Lot. All his work bears a signature as he always adapts to the places, to the people, to the stones and trees which surround him. He builds these unique walls which make our countryside and gardens so beautiful, just like a green eco-artist totally in tune with nature.

Registered English Artisan


- route de Toulouse - 46000 Cahors

entry to or post it to Concours Photos Service Environnement, Avenue de l'Europe BP291, 46005 Cahors Cedex 9. The jury will select five winners, each of whom will receive a voucher to the value of 100 euros to spend at a professional garden centre in the Lot. So, if your garden is your pride and joy, why not enter and perhaps win some money to make it even more beautiful? For further information see or telephone 05 65 53 40 00

14 Le Forty-Six 15 juin - 15 août 2011 - - 09 62 58 05 41 -


Now is the time to buy or sell a house in the Lot Beautiful stone house Has been very well restored 2.6 ha land Quiet location 5 min from Cazals 299 000â‚Ź Lalande, 46250 Marminiac Tel : 09 60 07 45 56 Mob : 06 07 77 89 17 E-mail : Website :

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ne pas jeter sur la voie publique

Le Forty Six n° 40  

Le Forty Six n° 40

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