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Sidney introduces a brand new service for seniors

“You can’t turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.”

Call (250) 656-7176 for more information.

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When Do You Celebrate?

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first wo r d

When Do You Celebrate?

I’ve been in business for many years but yet I don’t know when to celebrate. I’ve been a milkshake maker, burger flipper, waiter and pizza maker. Do I celebrate not having clogged arteries? I’ve been a store manager with 20 staff and a general manager of a big box store with 125 staff, and I once opened nine pizza locations in three provinces on the same day … and got to all nine locations that day! Do I celebrate not going insane? I have changed my entire career not just once but twice – from something I was very good at to something that would challenge me – now that was just plain stupid, or at least I felt that way when I was first

found a business (Seaside Times Magazine) that allows me to use skills I once left behind and learn new ones. I have the most amazing business contacts and advertisers that I call friends. I have an editor, Allison Smith … I couldn’t have done any of this without her sprit, knowledge and support. Then there is you, the community: our readers, you are why we do what we do every month.

going through the learning curves!

Well, that second career change involves all of you. I came to the Island two years ago this past April, leaving behind 20 years of a career, being well established and making a solid living. Imagine if you took 20 years to build an address book filled with your life’s contacts and you put it into a drawer and said “this won’t help me any more.” That’s how I felt at first! Yes, I was born here, but at the time that seemed so long ago. I didn’t know when I moved back what was going to happen, but I knew some amazing changes would take place.

Back in June of 2005 at the Brentwood Bay Festival, the first issue of the magazine was hand delivered to all who attended the activities that day. Over the past five years the magazine has had a few name changes, an ownership change and editorial changes, but the one thing that has never changed is that this magazine is about you and us and the place we call home. Happy Fifth Birthday Seaside Times – 62 issues down and hundreds more to go!

Tim Flater

When do I celebrate? Now! I have


e MeR a l d s e a a dvent URes WEST COAST CULTURE

W h a l e W at c h i n g :: W i l d l i f e t o u r s

www.seasidetimes.ca Publisher, Advertising Tim Flater 250.686.1144 ..............................................................sales@seasidetimes.ca .................................................publisher@seasidetimes.ca Editor-in-Chief Allison Smith 250.544.4022 ...........................................................editor@seasidetimes.ca Advertising Sales Patti Anthony 250.589.3690

Suzanne Huot photo

lo c at i o n H a s i t s advantages!

Closest to Killer Whale Travelling Routes Beside the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre Just minutes from Butchart Gardens,Victoria International Airport, the B.C. and Washington State Ferries and Downtown Victoria At the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa – 9807 Seaport Place, Sidney 250.893.6722 or toll free 1.888.620.6722 :: www.emeraldsea.ca 4



Printed 12 times a year in Alberta, Canada by McCallum Printing Group Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited. Reproduction requests may be made to the editor or publisher at the above contacts. Views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the publisher and editor. Staff of the magazine cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs.

Community Arts Centre at Tulista Park The Arts Centre is proving to be a very popular place to visit! With ever-changing art shows and a resource for arts news, entry forms and show dates, residents and visitors are making it a destination. Walkers out enjoying the seaside trail along Bazan Bay are frequent visitors, especially stopping by during the first week of June to see the entertaining photographic show “Dogs of Sidney� by the Sidney Shutterbugs.

free self-guided tour where visitors are able to see artists working in their studios. Maps are available at the Arts Centre. The Centre is also the office of the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula where these activities, as well as others such as Arts in the Schools, The Sidney Fine Art Show and the Author Reading Series, are organized.

The Artisans Gallery opens June 12 and continues until August 29th. On display is a wide variety of paintings, glass, pottery, fibre art and sculpture. New this year is a line of painted clothing, clay animal whistles and articles of reclaimed wood by a wood joiner. On the weekends, artists can be found demonstrating their particular art or craft. The show is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week.

Looking ahead to September, the Arts Council plans to repeat the successful show that featured the work of First Nations artists. For information on shows and Arts Council activities call 250-656-7400 or check www.cacsp.com.

Along with the Artisans Gallery there will be art classes for children. To register for these classes call the Arts Council at 250-656-7400. The Spring Studio Tour is June 12 and 13 this year. This is a

Visit us at our Community Arts Centre at Tulista Park for a variety of shows, exhibitions and demonstrations throughout the year. and cultu h arts re Our mission is to enhance commu nity life throug

Join the CACSP and support community arts & culture through a collective voice!

250.656.7400 www.cacsp.com www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010



Re: Vantreight Farms Zoning Application To members of the community, I have lived and worked in the special place known as the Saanich Peninsula for the past 23 years. I believe that most of the citizens of Canada who have chosen to live here know just how special it is, with its scenery, climate and mix of rural agricultural and urban residential land use. It is a very unique place to live and work. I have been following the work of the Vantreight family and their efforts to continue their long family tradition of farming the precious agricultural land in Central Saanich. I recently read Ryan Vantreight’s excellent letter in the Seaside Times, and do not feel that I can conscientiously remain silent on this issue. For far too long the silent majority has been standing by without speaking out in support of the Vantreights’ very reasonable efforts to have a small portion of their NONARABLE land zoned for residential use at very reasonable density. Please understand that this is not a case of a moneyed development corporation seeking to buy up precious agricultural land and turn it into a steel and concrete high-rise jungle. It is not even a developer proposing to subdivide agricultural reserve land into hobby farm sized plots that only the wealthy gentry could afford. It is also not a case of an established resident family proposing to subdivide pieces of arable farmland into smaller parcels for profit. It is, plain and simple, a reasonable

proposal from a hard-working family of good citizens who have, through many years of investment in high-density farming infrastructure and dedication to the community, made it possible for all of us to have healthy food products of excellent quality available to us within a few kilometres of our homes. It is a proposal by a family who are, better than anyone else among us, protecting the wonderful rural-urban balance of our community. What the Vantreight family is proposing is a very reasonable low density residential use of a portion of the nonarable land, which they have owned and paid taxes on for many years, so that they can overcome the debt necessitated by court order in the settlement of a private family dispute. Approval of their zoning proposal will enable their family to continue to be exactly the kind of rural citizens Central Saanich professes to so passionately want to have in order to preserve the ruralurban balance we all enjoy. It is an unfortunate fact that most of the rest of Canada perceives British Columbia in general, and Vancouver Island in particular, to be slow to embrace change of any kind. I have heard it said in other regions of our great country that “in British Columbia the narrower the valley the narrower the mind, and islands count as valleys” and “nowhere else in the civilized world do people like to mind other people’s business as much as they do on Southern Vancouver Island.” Shame on

A family owned and operated community business with more than 40 years of service


Canada is a free country, and any citizen has the right to move to any part of the country. If we on this blessed Peninsula continue to oppose any reasonable development we will go on creating a housing environment in which our children cannot afford to live and must move away from this paradise to establish their families. Make no mistake about it, increased density must and will come – we cannot isolate and insulate ourselves from growing world population forever. If we do not speak up now in support of this very reasoned and rational proposal from these exceptionally good citizens, how can we live with our collective conscience when pressure from corporate interests with more cash and more political clout chip away at bits and pieces of truly arable land year after year? I urge each of you, as the elected representatives of all Central Saanich citizens (not just of the noisy N.I.M.B.Y. minority), to have the foresight and the courage to speak for the silent majority who see the logic and merit of the Vantreight proposal, and provide swift approval of this proposal before the precious rural asset known as Vantreight Farms is no more. Please, and thank you. R.A. Fimrite – a member of the majority, but no longer silent!

Jim Laing – 250-652-2923

Neil Laing – 250-656-2919


us for earning that reputation!

Specializing in: • Residential, Commercial, Strata & Condo Security • ABLOY high security locks & keys • Bell lock postal lock upgrade keys


JUNE 2010

Neon Buddha & Pure – Ultimate Ethical Fashion by Geraldene Coates


hen I was looking for clothing lines to sell in my shop, Marmalade Tart Boutique, I wanted exceptional quality, natural fabrics, Canadian designers and fashions that are fun, flirty and fabulous, all at a reasonable price. When I found Neon Buddha and Pure, I knew that their product has all of these things. Then I heard their story and found out that they have so much more. Sebastian Sirois was already in the rag trade importing South American sweaters at 17 years of age when he started to look for a way to develop an ethical business model in the developing world. He discovered a women’s co-op in Thailand that did hand knitting and recognized a unique opportunity to develop a successful Canadian business that would bring self-reliance, a living wage and other important benefits to the women.

The alternative for many would ultimately have been to move to a city to work in the sweatshops that we know so well.

Marmalade Tart Boutique


Neon Buddha is a line of casual wear that is comfortable and stylish. Less athletic than popular lines of yoga wear, Neon Buddha is designed to provide a chic alternative in casual, comfortable, carpool couture. Both Neon Buddha and Pure are made from natural fabrics sourced in Thailand. It is the only truly 100-percent pre-shrunk cotton on the market.

Vibrant primary and pastel colours really make theses clothes stand out, but Sebastian worried about the pollution, health and safety concerns related to the dying process. As a result, he bought a dying house in Thailand from which pollution has been eliminated. The dying and production processes have now been integrated into a new factory facility that will be operational soon.


in June! Mon. - Sat. 10 - 5:30

Fun, Flirty, Fabulous Fashion!

2378-B Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC (Look for us in the courtyard)

778-426-3356 • www.marmaladetart.com SEASIDE  TIMES

In 1998, Shannon Cooney joined Sebastian as the artistic designer for the company, responsible for the innovative designs that make these products such fun. The Pure line of sweaters evolved from their signature wrap, designed by Shannon, which was a first for the Canadian marketplace. Each year the design reinvents itself, with stunning colours and the innovative use of their signature buttons making the pieces all-season favourites.

The buttons used in both lines are incredible and really add to the impact of the clothes. They are made and punched by hand, using natural substances such as coconut shells, tin and pearl. If you see a button in the middle of the back of a jacket, you know it’s Neon Buddha!

10% Off


There is also a Pure factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand where the Neon Buddha line is produced. Altogether, more than 4,000 are employed. All of the women have health care, maternity leave and continuing education that includes university. There are currently two women working on Masters degrees. The employees’ children go to school. These benefits are funded largely by the company’s annual contribution of one percent of sales. As a result of Pure’s ethical practices, its employees have been able to continue to live in Northern Thailand and prosper in a way they never could before.

The company now produces 10,000 Pure sweaters knit by hand on needles every month, many by women working in their own homes. A company truck drives around to the villages in the area picking up product

SUnDaYS 12 - 4

and dropping off new yarn.

The company is continuing to innovate, experimenting with new dying processes and the production of new fabrics. Neon Buddha and Pure are available at Marmalade Tart Boutique, 2378B Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C. (in the courtyard). Visit www.marmaladetart.com for more details.


Celebrating Father’s Day Around the World by Linda M. Langwith When it comes to honouring fathers, just about the entire world is on the same page, though not necessarily on the same date. While most countries have embraced the third Sunday in the month of June to celebrate dads, some have chosen to tie Father’s Day in with events or institutions of cultural or religious significance. In Thailand, where the king is held in special reverence, his birthday on December 5 also becomes the occasion to honour fathers by the giving of canna lilies. These lush tropical-looking flowers are readily available this month in our garden centres and look great either in pots or planted directly in the garden in a sunny location. If you’d like to spare your father the usual gifts of ties, socks and polo shirts why not go for the exotic and give him a gorgeous canna lily that he can enjoy year after year. After all, if it’s good enough for a king it’s good enough for Dad!

In those countries with a strong Hindu tradition such as Nepal, astronomy determines the date to celebrate fathers. The first day of the new moon in the second week of August marks the occasion, and while this lunar phase is slightly less than outstanding, being invisible from earth, it hardly suggests that dads should meet a similar fate. Rather, the new moon is the perfect occasion for a star party as otherwise its ambient light washes out some of the more spectacular features of the night sky. On the third Sunday in June the moon is in the quarter phase, so a little star gazing with Dad might be a wonderful bonding opportunity. If anything, the night sky will leave you both feeling awestruck. With the Summer Solstice occurring on the following day, ushering in summer by picking out the Big Dipper, Polaris, the Pleiades and a few other stellar notables could be the

start of a family tradition. Consider a gift certificate to The Centre of the Universe for the dad in your life, or perhaps a pair of astronomical binoculars if he’s really keen. As recently as 2006, Iceland finally joined other Scandinavian countries in marking the second Sunday in November as Father’s Day, celebrating the event with a national conference on the role of fathers in modern society where it was agreed that hugs from dads are just as special as hugs from mums. Of course for most kids this is a no brainer, but you might want to do your own primary research rather than relying on secondary sources and check it out for yourself. Remember, no one should ever have to ask for a hug, especially your dad! Linda is the author of “The Golden Crusader” (Twilight Times Books). Check out her website at www.lindalangwith.com.

Readers’ Choice Awards Finalist

Torch Awards Finalist

BUY MORE FOR L ease Expiry Super Sale up to 50% off starting June 1st

ONE STOP FURNITURE SHOP 9819 Fifth Street 250-655-SHOP www.1stopfurniture.ca www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010


Road House Reno

by Jennifer Bowles Brothers Jeff and Chris Wilson have hit one right out of the park ladies and gentleman! Saanich Roadhouse Bar and Grill, located at 5285 West Saanich Road, is nothing short of a country-style Vegas! With over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, from restaurants to pubs and nightclubs, there is no joking around when these two brothers set their minds to building an exceptional establishment. Bursting with atmosphere and a million-dollar renovation while offering incredibly mouth watering food, it’s not surprising this restaurant is packed to the rafters on a slow day! Every detail has been carefully planned by Jeff (in photo opposite at right) and Chris: every “i” has been dotted and every “t” crossed. Saanich Roadhouse showcases stunning finishing work, a funky country pub atmosphere, a state-of-the-art outdoor BBQ area, dinner theatre, comedy acts; all on a beautifully landscaped property! The bottom line – this place is a vacation unto itself! Moving along to the kitchen, it’s clear no corners were cut here either. Red Seal Certified Chef Chris Wilson (in photo on the left) takes care of business in his custom designed (extremely clean!) kitchen. Is it Pub Style food? Yes. Is it typical? No way!

Saanich Roadhouse 4 pm - 11 pm Wed. - Sun. 5285 W. Saanich Rd. Victoria

250.479.6612 10


Start off your night with their famous calamari: tender rings dusted with zesty lemon pepper served with cool tzatziki and sweet chilli sauce, or bite into tender, homemade buttermilk chicken strips with a crisp Caesar salad or fries! Looking for something a little more substantial? Try the “Road House Prime Rib Burger” – this juicy number is topped with gooey melted cheese, crispy bacon and a homemade sweet crunchy onion ring! Crab Cake and Avocado Burger anyone? This treat features a lump crab meat patty paired with creamy avocado slices … what a delicious combo! But the brothers don’t stop there. Chef Wilson has created some delectable little salads, including a Beet and Feta salad tossed with homemade lemon vinaigrette, the Ahi Tuna Salad, seared medium rare and set atop fresh baby spin-


= Saanich Sensation!

ach leaves with savoury bacon pieces and kiwi-lime vinaigrette. Pulling out the big guns, Chef shows off his succulent Australian Lamb Shank, slow braised and served with a gorgeous red wine sauce. Not a red meat eater? Have the Stuffed Chicken Breast with spinach, bacon, baby artichoke hearts and feta cheese finished in a delectable tomato cream sauce. Down home cooking really comes centre stage at the Roadhouse with this dish: “Mama’s Traditional Meatloaf and 3 Cheese Macaroni with tomato sauce.” Who is that Mama you ask? Jeff and Chris’s Mama of course! That’s right, Mom comes right in the kitchen and turns macaroni noodles and cheese sauce into a thing of beauty, and it’s made with love for you every time!

OUT THERE … it’s closer than you think

My tour takes me to the back of the restaurant and here is where Saanich Roadhouse really gets impressive. As the door of the kitchen swings open, it spills onto a little cobble patio overlooking a patch of lush, sweet-smelling garden … Chef ’s garden. Bursting at the seams, this magical patch of land is pushing up tomatoes, lettuce, peas, onions, punchy herbs, fennel and a gorgeous bouquet of edible flowers. Each day Chef plucks from his garden, creating all his own sauces and savoury gravies. Fresh from his garden to your table and the taste says it all! Saanich Road House Bar and Grill is what a “Bar and Grill’ should be: delicious down-home cooking, great value for your dollar and a country-style neighbourhood atmosphere. It makes you feel like you should when you are out, which is right at home. Way to go Wilsons, it’s a home run.

Vancouver Island’s Favourite Pet-Friendly Bed & Breakfast In Metchosin – 30 minutes from downtown Victoria

www.cougarscrag.com • info@cougarscrag.com For reservations 1-888-808-2724 • 250-478-8993


JUNE 2010


Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa Celebrates Three Years


 he idiom that “time flies” is not just an expression – it’s a scientific fact!

On May 1 we celebrated the third anniversary of the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa. It is simply unbelievable that we have three years under our proverbial belt, yet looking back it feels like just yesterday that I started with the hotel when it was brand new.

As I walk around the hotel each day I see how so many guests have become part of our mosaic. Our anniversary reminds us to thank

I was not part of the opening gang, as I joined in December of 2007, but many of the people who work at the hotel today have been a part of the team since before the doors opened. It’s a pretty neat thing to see such tenure in an industry where everyone is a rolling stone.

There are some Pier family members to whom we send out special thanks – we just wouldn’t be who we are without them. Our thrice-weekly Coffee Guys (we love them dearly – Stan, Fred, Cliff, Owen, Bert, Des, Jim, Hal, Bill and Bill) make Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays special. Thomas and Christina, who join us for breakfast every day, bring a sense of peace and calm to Georgia. Jean Guy keeps everyone smiling in Haro’s, Stan T. spreads good cheer with every visit and Tom et al entertain us (literally!). All of our condo residents are part of our family too, and we thank them for sharing this journey with us – it has been so much fun getting to know each other.

Our anniversary BBQ was a lot of fun. We had a blast watching the kids, these folks and listening to the band and serving up tube our community at large for all their steaks. Summer is here and we’re looksupport over the past three years. ing forward to sharing it with everyone. What’s even more amazing is how Thank you Sidney and the Saanich Thank you from the Sidney Pier Hotel & team three tremendous years! our extended PierSidney family has grown. Pier Seaside Times Peninsula! Grad Ad May 2010 • Size: 7.75” (w) x 4.925” (h)Spa • Final Filefor • May 04/10

Graduation Glamour Look and feel your best for Graduation. Haven Spa has a wide range of Grad Specials, including our updo & make-up for $99, that will leave you radiant and picture perfect! To book your appointment Call 250-655-9797 Monday thru Saturday 9am- 6pm We are located in the Sidney Pier Hotel - 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC 12



Turning the Tide … One Ripple at a Time In 2008, the North Island Quilters for Community Awareness (NIQFCA), a group of textile artists in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, donated their textile art collection “Who Will Plant the Seeds of Hope?” to a series of art shows sponsored by the Merville Grandmothers in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The Merville group is part of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign, which seeks to raise awareness and mobilize support in Canada and beyond for Africa’s grandmothers.


The artists were delighted with the public’s response to their work. The shows had outstanding attendance, with some viewers returning three times. People absorbed the significance of the messages embedded in the artwork.



More than $100,000 was raised from the auction of the quilts and sale of books, cards and posters, which was forwarded to the Foundation. MKTG01477_KNICKE.indd This inspired some of the local artists, and guest artists from as far away as Winnipeg, to create a second collection which will be donated to The Glacier Grannies in the Comox Valley.

U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507 • © • All rights reserved • PANDORA-JEWELRY.COM • PANDORA.NET

HYPERSPORT AcTivEwEAR A nd d iscount s hoes

This beautiful collection is called “Turning the Tide” to highlight the current focus of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The Glacier Grannies added “One Ripple at a Time” to emphasize that Turning the Tide of the AIDS pandemic is done incrementally.


5/13/2010 9:06:52 AM

Skechers Shape-ups On Sale Now!

The generosity of Canadians – as individuals, as faith communities, as grandmother groups – has funded more than 300 grassroots organizations who support families, grandmothers and communities dealing with the impact of the pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa. Over the last six years, in project after project, we have seen lives and hope restored. The collection will be exhibited in various cities and centres in British Columbia and Western Canada until March 2011. On June 11th, the collection will be shown at St. Elizabeth’s Church, 10030 Third Street, Sidney. The exhibition will be accompanied by a wine and cheese reception. Tickets are $20 and are available from Tanner’s Books, 2436 Beacon Avenue, Sidney. On June 12 there is drop-in viewing of the collection by donation from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information call 250-655-7149.


crocband flip

In SIDNEY at 2443 Beacon Avenue across from Tanner’s Books • 250-656-6161


JUNE 2010


w renderin gs

Orphan Birds – What Do You Do? by Jennifer Hill

Last month I wrote about the importance of providing housing for our feathered friends and perhaps some of you have put out boxes. If you have, maybe you’ve been lucky and now you have new babies to “look after.”

they have been handled. If you find eggs on the ground, as long as they are intact they should be returned to the nest in the hope that the mother will resume incubating them.

Unfortunately, sometime in your life you may come across what appears to be a poor defenseless baby bird or a bird’s egg lying on the ground. The tough question you will have to face is do you let nature take its course or do you try and intervene? Even though the fatality rate of birds taken in by kindhearted people is very high, there are times when intervention may be appropriate. The purpose of this article is to help you decide when to step in and when not to. If you find a baby bird that is NOT fully feathered (i.e., a nestling) on the ground, the best thing to do is return it to the nest. It is an old wives’ tale that a mother bird will abandon its offspring if they have been touched by humans. Birds do not have a well-developed sense of smell and cannot tell whether or not

Don’t worry too much about the parents finding the babies – at that stage in life they are pretty vocal, especially when they haven’t been fed for a while! If the parents do not reappear after an hour or two call the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (250-478-9453) and follow their instructions.

If you find a nest on the ground, try to return it to the spot where you think it might have come from and wire it to the tree. If the nest has been badly damaged, it can be put in a berry crate and then secured to the tree. Similarly, if a birdhouse has fallen to the ground return it to where it came from.

The Victorian Bird House

2428 Beacon Ave. Sidney 250-656-5064 • vbh@shaw.ca www.thevictorianbirdhouse.com

If a baby bird falls out of a nest or the nest falls from the tree, never put the babies and/or the nest in a birdhouse. Birds that build nests in trees are not cavity-dwellers and no form of enticement will make them take up residence in a box, no mater how cute it is!

They may be simply “out and about” learning to be adult birds and the parents may know exactly where they are. The best thing you can do is make sure the birds are safe from predators. If, however, several hours pass and there is no sign of the mother or father you may have a true “orphan.” Again, Wild ARC is the best place to turn to.

Watch Nature Unfold On Your Own TV! SEASIDE  TIMES

Resist the urge to take a baby bird into your own home until you have been in touch with the Wild ARC staff. Raising a baby bird is a job best left to those in the know. A diet of human baby food, hamburger meat, birdseed, milk and/or water (all the things one would think that a baby bird might like) can actually be damaging.

Finally, if the baby is fully feathered (i.e., it is a fledgling) just leave it alone. Even though many birds at this stage in life look like they are unable to care for themselves, they are probably all right.

Now Carrying Bird House Spy CamS mounted in Bird Boxes


If you find a nestling but can’t find the nest, you can try taking an empty container and putting some dry grass or similar material (e.g., raffia) in it and attaching the “new” nest to the tree. Once it is up, return the baby and leave it alone to see if the parents resume their care.

Good luck! Picture used in ad courtesy Richard Yost. Image above courtesy Stuart Clarke. www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010

camosun Camosun Peninsula


#14-2510 Bevan Ave., Sidney remaxsidney@vreb.bc.ca

Rene Blais

Deborah Gray



Jack Barker


Lisa Dighton


Jim Allan


Your Peninsula Realtors With Connections to Buyers Around the World

Gaye Phillips


Roy Coburn


Karen Dinnie-Smyth


William Bird


Our Latest “Drive-By” Properties: 1453 Honeysuckle Place 9240 West Saanich Road 1729 Texada Terrace 1570 McHattie Road 9710 Glenelg Avenue 8720 Lochside Drive 3-10140 Fifth Street 2157 Tryon Road 1592 Dean Park Road 390 Goward Road 16-2046 Widows Walk 301-9959 Third Street 21-10457 Resthaven Drive 2089 James White Boulevard 717 Towner Park Road 2031 Brethour Park Way 2044 Melville Street 692 Birch Road 304-2421 Sidney Avenue

Craig Walters


Renee Colonnello


$798,000 $742,500 $984,900 $847,500 $899,000 $597,000 $548,000 $1,547,000 $789,000 $1,099,000 $396,600 $1,895,000 $739,000 $539,900 $1,995,000 $599,000 $545,000 $839,000 $435,000

Trevor Walters


Ross Shortreed


Gay Helmsing


Don Bellamy


Beverley McIvor


Informal is “In” at Kip Wilson’s Country Law Office


by Arlene Antonik practicing law at the tender age of twenty-two. He was hired by the Department of Justice in Edmonton and gained valuable experience in civil and criminal prosecutions, some of which went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

ne of the last bastions of formal business dress is the law office. But, at the one and only law office in Saanichton, the only staff member with “collar ’n tail” is Maggie, the Official Greeter, who also happens to be a Portuguese Water Dog (move over Presidential Pup Bo!).

Kip moved to Victoria in 1980 and ran his own legal practice downtown until 1996 when he opted for a change in lifestyle and moved his office to Saanichton.

The C.J. (Kip) Wilson Law Office is located at 7855 East Saanich Road and lawyer Kip Wilson fully enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of the farming and residential community that surrounds him. You’ll find him comfortably attired with open-necked shirt – no suit, no tie – and crocs on his feet enjoying a cup of coffee with clients who come to have a chat, resolve their legal problems and treat Maggie to a doggie biscuit.

Now his clients are neighbours and friends who appreciate the extensive legal experience that Kip draws on in providing clear and practical advice in areas such as wills and estate planning, power of attorney, real estate and small business issues such as incorporation, management, sales and purchases.

Kip (given name Christopher) took his law degree at the University of Alberta and began

“I don’t handle litigation or court work anymore,” Kip noted, leaning back in his chair beside the large window in his office. “I find a solution that doesn’t lead to that. Over my 37 years as a lawyer, I’ve seen many problems and solutions that I can draw from. I enjoy this kind of community law where I’m able to help people resolve their problems quickly and for a reasonable fee.”

C.J. (Kip) Wilson laW offiCe

Kip is ably assisted by his staff of three (plus Maggie of course). Wendy Claxton has 33 years of experience as a legal assistant and conveyancing secretary. Her daughter, Sheri Rumsby, joined the office seven years ago as bookkeeper and receptionist Darlene Smith keeps the office and everyone organized! The office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and the coffee pot is always on!

Corporate Real Estate Wills & Estates

Giving back to the community is a high priority for the staff and they are involved in many local events and projects. Kip is a past master of the Saanich Peninsula Masons and is currently the secretary of the Sidney Shrine Club, whose fundraising efforts provide much-needed medical equipment to the children’s ward at Victoria General Hospital.

37+ years of experience #6-7855 East Saanich Rd. Saanichton, BC, V8M 2B4 250-544-0727 • kipwilson@shaw.ca 16


Kip is also a Central Saanich Lion and cooks the Baron of Beef at Central Saanich Days in Centennial Park each summer. All those years of putting himself through law school by working in restaurants is paying off now! A law office in a country setting might seem unlikely, but if you’re looking for professional legal advice close to home in Saanichton give Kip a call at 250-544-0727 or drop by for a fresh cup of coffee and a friendly wagging tail!


Join Smashin Fashin in Walk to Cure Diabetes Smashin Fashin is proudly supporting the Vancouver Island 2010 TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes, taking place at 10:30 a.m. at Beaver Lake Park on June 13th. Funds raised will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the world’s largest charitable funder and advocate of diabetes research. Smashin Fashin is walking for Jenna Lancaster, a 12-year-old girl who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was nine. Type 1 diabetes is a non-preventable autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. The most severe form of diabetes, it strikes children and adults suddenly, leaving them insulin dependent for life. Insulin is not a cure, nor does it prevent complications which may include kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, stroke, nerve damage and amputation. So grab a friend and join Smashin Fashin in this five-kilometre walk to cure diabetes! Stop by the store at 9774 Third Street in Sidney to sign up, make a pledge or get more information. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s mission is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research. Founded in 1974, JDRF is passionate about its commitment to raising funds to drive world-class research into cures and treatments for Type 1 diabetes.

IslandBlue’s Art Store Now Open in Sidney Excited to be part of the Art Community of the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands. Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. Downtown: 905 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K3 Tel: 250.385.9786 Sidney: 2411 Beacon Avenue Sidney, BC V8L 1X5 Tel: 250-656-1233 Website: www.islandblue.com Toll Free: 1.800.661.3332

Home and Garden Home and Garden 6666 West Saanich Road Brentwood Bay

Seeds, Dahlias & Lilies All 50% Off www.seasidetimes.ca

(beside Butterfly Gardens)

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Barbecuing With Coffee Stir in remaining ingredients and cook for 10 minutes to blend the ingredients.

Completely Custom, Quality Cabinetry Residential & Commercial

Remove sauce from heat and strain through a fine sieve. Serve hot or at room temperature.

Coffee and Cocoa Rubbed Ribs or Steak Makes 4 servings

by Steve Sheppard

250-589-8295 splintersmillworks@shaw.ca www.splintersmillworks.ca

This month we talk about cooking with coffee! Coffee is a perfect morning eye opener, but a dark heady brew can be used for more than just drinking. Coffee has a special affinity for meats and it’s an ideal ingredient for marinades and sauces. So Tip #1 … don’t throw out your cold coffee from the morning – save it in a container and put it into the fridge for use later in your cooking. Tip #2 … pair coffee with other strong flavours of meat, and use it like a spice for extra punch. Tip #3 … try using coffee in different forms: brewed or ground. In a sauce you might use a brewed version so there aren’t any grounds, but either way the taste will be fabulous!

Coffee BBQ Sauce Makes 6 to 8 servings 2 cloves finely chopped garlic 2 tbsp. olive oil 3/4 cup balsamic vinegar 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar 1 cup ketchup 1/2 cup freshly brewed coffee or stovetop espresso 1/4 cup dark molasses 2 tbsp. chili powder 3 tbsp. tomato paste 2 tbsp. granulated sugar or honey In a medium pot, sauté garlic in olive oil until just lightly browned. Add vinegars to pot and cook, stirring occasionally, for five to six minutes. 18



1/4 cup chili powder 1/4 cup freshly ground coffee 2 tbsp. paprika 2 tbsp. dark brown sugar 1 tbsp. dry mustard

1 tbsp. salt, plus more for seasoning 1 tbsp. ground black pepper, plus more for seasoning 1 tbsp. cocoa 1 tbsp. dried oregano 2 pounds beef or pork ribs or your favourite steak Olive oil Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl. Brush meat with olive oil and then season both sides with salt and pepper. Rub spice mixture onto both sides. Place on a preheated grill. Cook to perfection, remove from grill and let rest for a few minutes. Serve with Coffee BBQ Sauce (recipe above). Well … I hope you fall in love with your favorite beverage all over again this summer! In the fall I’ll be bringing some great cold-weather coffee recipes to you … one of which will be an amazing coffee chili, so stay tuned! Steve out. JUNE 2010

Homestyle Potato Salad O

ur Homestyle Potato Salad is made just the way you would make it.

The freshest ingredients, no preservatives and the choicest potato lumps. Bring some home or enjoy at picnics & barbecues. You’ll love it, lumps and all.

Thrifty Foods Sidney

Thrifty Foods Central Saanich

9810 Seventh Avenue Sidney 250.656.0946

7860 Wallace Drive Saanichton 250.544.0980

Visit thriftyfoods.com

Wining & Dining Without Whining & Pining





s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce nin un 10 Years R

s.com sley bo sumers’ Choi Co




s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce nin un 10 Years R

Offering a full line of premium pet foods and supplies for your dog, cat or small animals. Sidney Location

2353 Bevan Avenue


100% Canadian Owned



10 Years

First, plan ahead. Rehearse the coping strategy you will use. It could be something as simple as learning to say no – politely but .com leys sfirmly o when the appetizer tray gets passed around. It might b ers’ C– hoic nsum e Co Award involve being the first one in your party to order so you won’t B u swayed be by the menu selections your dining partners make. s i n e F o r ll e n c e e s TM









s.com sley bo sumers’ Choi

ver notice that when you go out to eat all your good intentions go out the window? It’s definitely a challenge to stay sensible when dining out, but it’s not om eys.c l impossible. If you plan ahead, know what you’re s bo ers’ Cho ice nsum Co Award up against and prepare yourself, you’ll always be in control. Here are a few basic coping strategies you can use Bu s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce in whenever you eat out. nn Ru

ers ’ C nsumward hoice A TM

s Exc



Caring for Pet Wellness and Nutrition

by Dianne Connerly


10 Years R Remember that in any situation, you can pick and choose from a multitude of options. At one extreme is overindulgence; at the other is total abstinence. In between, there are many choices. ers’ Cho Deal ice these choices one by one. Even better, think about nsum with Co Award these choices ahead of time. Decide whether or not to order an Bu sin e F o r lle n c ewhat to drink, whether or not to order dessert and how appetizer, ss E xce much food to enjoy on the spot versus taking a portion home. TM

s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce


While you are making those choices, set realistic standards for yourself. The perfectionist goes out to a restaurant thinking: “I’ll order a bowl of clear soup, a glass of iced tea and that’s it!” The smart diner says: “I really enjoy the baked potatoes they serve here, so I’ll allow myself one of those, then pass up dessert to make sure I don’t overdo it.” Another strategy to help you eat out without overindulging is to ask others to help you. Ask your dining companions to keep the breadbasket at the other end of the table if that is what it takes to keep you from constantly nibbling. Ask your spouse or friend to stop urging you to order dessert or drinks when you don’t really want them. Ask your server to bring your salad dressing on the side, or to leave the heavy sauce off your broiled fish, or whatever you prefer. Here’s a tip you’ve probably heard before, but it bears repeating: eat a light snack before you leave the house so you won’t be ravenous later on. When you’re not under the influence of hunger pains, you will make better choices. Also, beware of drinking before dining. Alcoholic beverages are often high in calories. In addition, alcohol impairs your judgment and resolve. One good strategy is to drink seltzer before the meal, then enjoy your serving of wine or another beverage as you eat; having food in your stomach lessens the immediate impact of the alcohol. So you see, it really is possible to enjoy wining and dining without whining and pining. So eat, drink, and – yes – be merry! To find a local TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) chapter call 250-743-1851, visit www.tops.org or call TOPS Headquarters at 1-800-932-8677.




Nature’s Playground in Our Own Backyard Take a few hours this weekend to explore – it’s too easy to forget about the extraordinary sights and activities available right here in our own backyard on the Saanich Peninsula. Brentwood Bay and the rest of the Saanich Inlet are exquisite natural playgrounds home to a wide variety of creatures. The assortment of recreational opportunities in the area is as varied as the wildlife. The Butchart Gardens, with 22 hectares of manicured gardens, is a perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon and if you’re feeling thirsty later there are several great wineries nearby which offer tours and tastings. The inlet’s sheltered waters can be best explored by kayak, scuba, or by boat. Gowlland Tod Park offers an excellent place to launch a kayak, a myriad of well-maintained hiking trails, waterfalls and incredible views of the inlet. Hike or paddle

to McKenzie Bight to view crystal clear tide pools and enjoy a picnic on the beach. The Saanich Inlet is an international destination for boaters and scuba divers, well known for its sea life and high visibility. Unique sites such as the G.B. Church wreck and the incredibly rare cloud sponges off Seanus Island offer diving adventures not found anywhere else. Divers have even seen prehistoric six gilled sharks foraging along the bottom but don’t worry, they don’t bite. The Marina and Eco Adventure Centre at Brentwood Bay Lodge is located just a short trip away from the mouth of the inlet and is your gateway to the Gulf Islands and beyond. Moorage, kayak rentals, a full service PADI dive facility,and Eco-Tours are all available at Brentwood Bay Marina. Call 250652-3151 or visit www.brentwoodbay-


lodge.com/play to plan your adventure. It’s all right here in our own backyards: wildlife, beautiful parks and gardens, glassy waters and incredible views; truly an ideal setting for active lifestyles or retirement relaxation. The OceanVillas at Brentwood Bay Lodge, six luxurious, environmentally friendly, waterfront condominiums are nearing completion and provide a great opportunity to invest in a spectacular West Coast lifestyle. The OceanVillas are located on Brentwood Bay and include access to the amenities of the Brentwood Bay Lodge. The Villas can even include a boat slip at the marina, making those weekend excursions that much easier. For OceanVillas sales information visit www.oceanvillas.ca or contact James LeBlanc of Sotheby’s International Realty at 250-812-7212.

JUNE 2010


Reading Sidney’s Benches: Heartwarming Proof of the Strength and Courage of the Human Spirit by Pene Beavan Horton


ou’ll notice that some of Sidney’s “dedicated” benches have a concrete base with varnished wooden planks that shine like golden syrup in the sun while others are made entirely of concrete, but they all face the blue waters, Mount Baker and Sidney Spit. Located up and down walkways along the Sidney waterfront, these benches bear small memorial plaques with heartfelt messages expressing love, grief and courage. The simplest ones say only: “In memory of Rosemary” or “In memory of Jack.” How can a whole life be condensed into four words? Yet, they make you wish you’d had the privilege of knowing Rosemary and Jack. Then you read the poignant inscription, “Oh my darling Evi-lein … ” Again just four words expressing so much love, loss and grief. “In memory of ‘Uncle’ Ed … with enduring gratitude and love.” What did he do, how did he live, to earn that love? The benches welcome passers-by whose legs or spirits are weary or who just aren’t ready to leave that view behind and go home. Gaze your fill, the benches say. Rest and be thankful. As you rest, do you ever wonder if Rosemary, Jack, ‘Uncle’ Ed and all the

others loved the tranquil blue sea, the mountains and little white sailboats as much as you do? You can’t see them, of course, but do you think they sometimes visit “their” benches to enjoy the view again? Next time you sit on one of Sidney’s memorial benches, marveling at how blessed you are to live in such a beautiful spot on such a beautiful Island, perhaps you’ll sense that you are not alone – that invisible companions are sharing their bench with you. Reading the benches is a wonderful reminder that although life is fleeting, there are enduring qualities that stay the same for every generation: Love. Gratitude. Compassion. Beauty. Friendship. The little memorial plaques demonstrate the strength and courage of the human spirit. With the sun warm on your shoulders and the sparkling water before you, be grateful for those loved ones no longer with us and for the living who’ve generously made these benches a welcome part of Sidney’s daily life.


Note: If you are considering purchasing a “dedicated” bench, the Town has no available spots left along the waterfront, but there are other options. A visit to the Town Hall and a quick check of their maps will help you find a

Simply cremationS

Truly caring and professional services at a time of need or when preplanning

… We Keep it Simple

location that appeals to you. The Public Bench Dedication policy was passed by Council on April 25th, 2005. The purpose? “To assist and encourage residents in the dedication of public benches,” and to locate them “in areas where balanced public usage can be achieved.” So how do you request a bench? 1. Once you’ve checked the location maps for spots still open for bench placement, you submit an application form to the Town indicating where you’d like your bench located, (in accordance with the Bench Dedication Plan), with written wording for the plaque. Your application is forwarded to the Finance Department, with the required fee, which must be paid before you order the bench. How much will it cost? 2. $2,000 pays for the bench and the plaque inscription, the installation of the bench and 10 years of maintenance. (The life expectancy of the benches is 10 years. See the website for options after the 10 years). Visit the Town of Sidney’s web site for full details, http://www.sidney.ca/__ shared/assets/Public_Bench_Dedication_WS-015591.pdf. Photo courtesy Juanita Bright.

Serving Vancouver Island

Largest selection of urns – 60 different styles Cremation jewelry • Keepsake urns • Memorial Books

Unit 2, 2075 Henry Ave., West Sidney, BC • 250-656-5555 • www.simplycremations.com 22



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Love What You Do – Muse Winery & Bistro


by Maria Kirley

use – a being or force that helps a person be creative. Ah ha, perfect name for a vineyard! When Peter and Jane Ellmann arrived on our Island, they were following a dream of owning a vineyard in a friendly community and sharing a quality lifestyle with their young family. No surprise then that on seeing Chalet Estates there was no need to look any further. To quote Jane: “It was love at first sight.” That was just over two years ago – April 2008. Since then, the two have been living their dream. The challenge of any new business is to find a way to infuse it with your personality and still keep existing supporters and this pair has managed to find the balance. Where Chalet Estates was a more formal, old-world style establishment, Peter and Jane have brought in the “insolence of youth.”

The distinctive mermaid label design was created for them by local graphic artist Andrew Lewis. Along with the saucy mermaid (aka Jane, as Peter’s Muse), the wines are assigned cheeky bios written by another local talent. When you visit, you’re missing out if you neglect to read the labels. Ah, but the vines are classic. Peter takes great care to nurture each plant. There are three acres of vines planted on site; he has access to a handful of growers on the Peninsula and, for the rich reds, he has contacts on the mainland. In two short years, Muse Winery has already produced award-winning wines.


Tasting Room & Wine Shop Bacchus Room for Special Events Open 11-5 Tuesday - Sunday Lunch served Thursday - Sunday 11195 Chalet Road, North Saanich 250-656-2552 • www.musewinery.ca 24


The sassy label is an award-winner as well: it’s displayed in the B.C. wine museum in Kelowna. Thanks to Jane’s background in hospitality, the winery is a destination for locals and tourists. There’s a banquet hall that will hold up to 80 people; an ideal size for an intimate wedding. In fact it’s a perfect location to host any get-together for people who appreciate excellent wine and wonderful food served up www.seasidetimes.ca

in beautiful surroundings. There is also a bistro, with food prepared by Doug Stuart of Stone Street Café. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than on a patio (which can hold up to 40 diners) with an order of Peter’s special recipe ribs and a red house blend? Relax, sit back in the dappled sunshine, look out over the vineyard and watch the resident bald eagles as they raise their young. Should you take a self-guided tour of the property, the names of the grapes are noted on each row so you can see how your favourite appears before it is harvested and crushed for your drinking pleasure. If you have the chance, ask Peter for a bit of wine history. He has a love for his craft and is happy to share his knowledge. During my visit I learned about the importance of pruning and stressing grapes. Did you know grapevines need to work and work hard? According to Peter: “The more stressed they are, the sweeter they’ll be.” Something to think about the next time you pour a glass and invite your Muse to soothe away the stresses of the day!

Edutainment Comes to South Vancouver Island The Bamberton Historical Society, in collaboration with the Seeds and Salt Theatre Company, is bringing Vancouver Island’s past to life and creating a unique blend of history and theatre in 11 different Island communities this summer.

Strategic planning to avoid and resolve www.shieldsharney.com disputes or litigation at a reasonable cost

As a historical society we are dedicated to promoting history in an entertaining way. We want to ensure oral heritage is shared and remembered and what better way than through theatre, which offers a representation of real life experiences and emotional interaction.

Shields Harney focuses on:

Business Litigation Franchise Legal Advice tes Shareholder/Corporate Dispu Litigation Construction & Development

The firm provides legal services from its lawyers & offices in Victoria & Vancouver

This summer’s production, “The Road Less Travelled,” is an entertaining live theatre performance featuring amazing stories from Vancouver Island’s history. Celebrate the forgotten, the humorous, the tragic and the sometimes notso-heroic events of our past and the people who made them happen. In order to understand who we are we need to look back and see where we’ve come from. Vignettes include: The Impossible Dream, Life in a Suitcase, and Rain in Your Lunchbucket.

Greg Harney • Victoria 250.405.7612 • www.shieldsharney.com

Looking to Plot a New Course?

Come be a part of this season’s stories; you will be surprised at how much there is to discover. Bamberton – July 4th, 11th and 18th at 2:00 p.m. Saanich Historical Artifacts Society (Heritage Acres) – July 17th at 2:00 p.m. Also Performing in Salt Spring & Vancouver Island Communities from July 1st - 24th. For full touring schedule and locations contact dalexander2@shaw.ca, 250-743-9196 or by visiting www.bambertonhistoricalsociety.org.

P roviding an Introduction

to Business Opportunities:

Vancouver Island businesses for sale, including independently owned or franchised. To discuss available options:

Greg Harney

gharney@shieldsharney.com www.seasidetimes.ca

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Here’s an idea.....

Just in time for

FATHER’S DAY Fun, vintage flavour t-shirts for Dad, priced right $35 to $40 Another great gift idea from dgbremner & co!

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d.g.bremner & co. Lakefront Patio Restaurant

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rain coast update

The Wolf Man of British Columbia

by Chris Genovali, Executive Director, Raincoast Conservation Foundation

A University of Victoria graduate trained as an evolutionary ecologist, Chris has developed strong scholarly and practical interests in animal welfare. As a Conservation Biologist for the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California (Santa Cruz), his research focuses on sensitive carnivores, like wolves and bears, which endure some of the most severe suffering among wild animals due to direct (e.g., trophy hunting) and indirect (e.g., food competition with fishers) human effects. As a vocal advocate for animals, Chris subscribes to an “informed advocacy” approach. Several television documentaries have focused on his work including Discovery Canada’s Rainforest Wolves, Canadian Geographic’s Secrets of the Coast Wolf and National Geographic’s Last Stand of the Great Bear. His work is also commonly featured in print (Discover Magazine, Nature, New York Times, O – The Oprah Magazine) and on the radio (CBC, National Public Radio). Chris believes that conservation biologists must lead by example. Accordingly, his research employs exclusively non-invasive methods. His current focus for Raincoast is assessing how much sal-

mon is required to sustain key terrestrial species, such as grizzly bears. This question probably means more to Chris now than ever, as he explains: “I’ve been blessed with my own ‘cub’ this spring (our first). My partner Alison and I were fortunate; we had access to abundant and high quality foods throughout our pregnancy. Our daughter Maëlle emerged from the womb happy and healthy. The same may not be true for the bears. “My family will travel with me and the Raincoast team to B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest this field season,” he says. “We will embark on the second year of what we believe to be the most important applied conservation work on the coast; counting bears and cubs and assessing their health in an era of dwindling salmon runs.”

photo by Suzanne Huot

Although Dr. Chris Darimont initially made his mark with seven years of cutting edge research on B.C.’s coastal “rainforest wolves,” he actually specializes in all large carnivores, not just Canis lupus.

Chris Darimont’s work with Raincoast is more urgent than ever. At the policy level, we are pushing for meaningful changes to salmon harvest regulations that now allocate only a small amount of salmon to bears and other wild creatures. Photo: Dr. Chris Darimont, wife Alison and baby Maëlle.

Did You Know? Grizzly reproduction includes delayed implantation in which the embryo waits for a signal of good things to come before developing. Female coastal grizzlies –even if pregnant – can only have cubs if they consumed enough salmon before heading for winter hibernation.

Serving Sidney & the Peninsula For Over 15 Years 105-2357 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C. Just past the traffic circle, on the right


JUNE 2010


Lost Art of “Shoving” Connie McInnis Interior Designer

allow your spirit and style to complement your home

by Valerie Green Today we live in an electronic world where it seems many people much prefer to play computer video games rather than experience the old-fashioned fun of playing a simple “board game.” Here is a story of one particular board game, the history of which dates back many centuries. In more recent times it has been known as Shove Ha’Penny (the art of sending or “shoving” pennies along a flat service). Back in 15th century England it began life with the name of Shovelboard.

C lassic…

Harmonious beauty that never goes out of style

ph 250.652.5584 cell 250.920.6580

www.conniemcinnis.com conniemcinnisdesigns@shaw.ca

The game was apparently very popular among the English upper class in Tudor times, and was then played on long narrow tables with metal weights. Another name for the game was Shove Groat, which was played in taverns with coins on a flat surface on which lines were inscribed. Through the years, the game evolved as “Slide-thrift” or “Push Penny” and eventually, by 1840, was known in England as Shove Ha’Penny.

This version soon became very popular in English pubs. Players attempted to “shove” coins with the palm of the hand up a board covered with horizontal lines. The areas between the lines were known as “beds” and, to win the game, a player had to place a coin in each “bed” three times. The lines were actually metal strips which could be raised and this ensured that the coin was really inside the “bed” to avoid dispute. The boards were made of either solid mahogany or slate, and the slate was quarried from

*while supplies last




Survives The Test of Time the Cotswold area of England. Each board measured 21 by 14.5 inches. Three variations of the original Shovelboard have survived to this day. The first, played in Holland, Belgium and Germany, is known as Sjoelbak and has been played there since the turn of the 19th century. The second type of the game is known as Shuffleboard which became a popular game in America and is still played both indoors and outside. The third game, known as “Push Penny,” is still played in Lincolnshire, England, using three

old English pennies (the larger variety). This game is much the same as Shove Ha’Penny and the locals there organize World Championship matches every year which are played at the Stamford Festival in Lincolnshire during June and July. Few original Shove Ha’Penny boards still exist, and to purchase a genuine slate board today could cost upwards of $200, but in its day the game of Shove Ha’Penny was popular among young and old alike. I remember my own grandparents in England had a board at their home and would amuse themselves around the fireplace on many a night trying to shove or slide the pennies into the right beds. It was a simple, old-fashioned game from days gone by. It might even be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood pubs of today – a pleasant alternative to the electronic world in which we are all forced to live. Valerie Green is a local author and historian and can be reached via email at valgee@shaw.ca.


bistro suisse “A Taste of Europe”

Now Serving Breakfast 8-11 am Every Day

Reservations: 250-656-5353 Lunch 11-2:30

Dinner 5-close

2470 Beacon Avenue

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Universal Mysteries by Wendy Hacking


hey happen all the time with computers. Mysteries, that is. How many times have you been certain you’d saved a document, or replied to an email, only to find later that the document has vanished or the email was nonexistent? For me it’s a frequent occurrence and I have come to accept that mysteries and computers are like dachshunds and barking – they’re just a package deal. But what about the other mysteries you encounter in a regular day? My friend, Sharon, recently recounted how she had borrowed two music CD’s from the library and placed both discs into her CD player. After a while she

Thank You To The Sponsors Of The

14th Annual Brentwood Bay Festival Major and Supporting Sponsors:




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noticed that a few Chopin etudes were playing repeatedly but others not at all. She checked the CD player and, lo and behold, only one disc was there. Yes, she could have mistakenly left the second disc in her library bag, or it could have dropped behind the disc player or there could be some other logical explanation. But she lives alone and, here’s the creepy part, when she checked the disc player the next morning there, nestled perfectly, were both CDs. When told of this mystery, Sharon’s son reminded her of an old Twilight Zone television show where the builders of the universe sometimes get it wrong and return to make their wrong right. That, as intoned by Rod Serling, is why something’s lost and then, not lost. Unfortunately, the Twilight Zone folded before the dawn of computers so the “not lost” part of the agenda for the builders of the universe never did apply to documents and emails. A while ago I invested in a very good, quite expensive pair of tweezers. They were stainless steel, ergonomically comfortable, sharp as all get out and, best of all, purple. I just knew that I couldn’t lose a pair of purple tweezers and happily packed them along on my next trip. Upon returning home I sorted through my overnight kit and spied no tweezers. I turned that small kit bag literally inside out without finding a purple anything. When I grudgingly went to buy a replacement pair of tweezers I discovered, of course, that my favourites were no longer being made. Almost two years to the day after that mystifying loss I opened my overnight kit and there were my purple tweezers, glinting at me from atop my other toiletries. I shivered, and it wasn’t in gratitude. So, think about this the next time you plunk a tin of cranberry sauce into your shopping cart beside the frozen turkey and, when you get home, find no trace of that tin with your groceries. Days later, as you prepare to make soup from the bones of the turkey, you spy those cranberries in the pantry staring forlornly up at you. Perhaps the builders of the universe have paid you another visit.

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o o d w t B n re estival a F



n A n u h t al 4 1 Saturday, June 5th Pioneer Park Clarke & W. Saanich Join Gordie Tupper For a Day of Family Fun! 8:00 a.m. Pancake Breakfast 10:00 a.m. Parade 11:00 - 4:00 Live Entertainment, Food, Vendors, Children’s Activities

e b r r w y a r Da t S e June 19th nc hBrentwood Community Hall Featuring Shaky





fo r b es & marshall

Que Sera Sera: Whatever Will Be Will Be a love of soccer down to my offspring. As a kid though, I was pretty handy with a tape recorder and loved to interview family and friends and put on mock radio shows. Lisa had the exact same experience … must be destiny right?

by Michael Forbes Forbes & Marshall are the hosts of 98.5 The OCEAN’S popular morning show. They are one of the only married morning show teams in Canada and have two children, Noah and Adam. Join Forbes & Marshall weekday mornings from 5:30 to 10:30 a.m. As I sit in the stands at Finlayson turf and watch our son Adam kick around the soccer ball with his academy team, I think to myself … this kid is good … I mean really talented. He’s always had a passion for the game and really has fun playing it. As parents, Lisa and I have tried to encourage our kids to pursue their dreams and both boys just gravitated to soccer. I wonder why that is? I was never really good at sports when I was a kid, you know the story: always picked last and lost interest pretty fast. I certainly did not pass



As a dad, sometimes I let my mind wander and think about what it would be like to watch our boys play for a pro-soccer team. When I snap out of it, I wonder how many parents have these same thoughts about their kids and plant the seeds of their dashed dreams in their children.

Do the odds really matter though, if you’re going to be a big baseball player or a movie star? Maybe it takes a lot of hard work and a thing called destiny. Perhaps it’s already written beforehand what we will do and it’s up to us to labour toward meeting our future. I grew up on the same street in Colwood and played hours of street hockey with Joe Reekie. He played in the NHL as a stay-at-home defenceman for a staggering 17 years. You don’t stick around the NHL for that long unless you are a great player and a special person. The thing is, there were other kids that were talented

“Que Sera Sera … Wh y fight it.” ~ Michael Forbes

It might be an idea to lighten up a bit when it comes to pressuring our kids to become perfect. It becomes a huge reality check when you look at some of the other pro sports and odds that your child will ever even make it.

In North America, in our sons’ chosen sport, high school aged kids drafted into the MLS (Major League Soccer) is one in 1,250. That means drafted … that doesn’t mean they’ll actually ever play a game. Even more difficult is baseball: only one in 6,600 players will be drafted into Major League Baseball … that’s roughly the chance of a thief guessing your PIN number on the first try.


and pretty good people too in the 1983 draft but wound up hanging up their skates and going on to manage their local Walmart, so why him? What’s the deal?

The deal is that perhaps in the end its just Que Sera Sera: whatever will be will be. Why fight it. So next time when I have an urge to holler at a ref or throw my hands up in the air in desperation because a nineyear-old misses a pass, I’ll remember to relax and realize that if my son scores the winning goal in a future World Cup, I have no part in it – it may already be written in the stars.

Peninsula Country Market – Scentsational Plants long participated in many of the horticultural shows and markets in Greater Victoria, including Seedy Saturday and the Peninsula Country Market.

Scentsational Plants, owned by Pauline and Mark Hedger, has been in operation since 2000. As the name indicates, our first focus was on scented plants, a subject which remains very important to us, but we have broadened our focus to include plants for year-round interest and plants for specific locations: deer resistance, hot sunny gardens and shade gardens, and “collectible” specimens for the avid gardener including some tender sunroom species.

As the proprietors at Scentsational Plants, we bring a wealth of horticultural experience and enthusiasm to the job: Mark (an ex-Ontarian) and I (a New Zealander) bring knowledge from the various related fields of home and commercial gardening, horticultural instruction, research, sales and nursery management. We are capable and happy to help you with your plant selections and garden questions.

We stock mostly perennials and shrubs, but also include a good selection of small, flowering trees, colourful and fragrant vines, herbs and grasses and a few annuals and biennials.

Jasmine, our official greeter, is a loving and very gentle golden retriever. She follows in the footsteps of Max the wonder dog in the role. She isn’t much good at plant selection, but can zero in on a forgotten cookie crumb in a pocket from a remarkable distance!

You may have seen us around: we enjoy a special relationship with many of the gardening clubs on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands (active club members qualify for a 10-percent discount) 2/8/10 and Mark enjoys his Boyd_SeasideTimes_Feb10 10:30 AM presenting Page 1 “show and tell” plant talks at clubs in the area. We have

a visit to the should bring a

dentist’s office smile to your face.

Vancouver Island’s newest state-of-the-art dental office is now open in Sidney You are invited to experience the ultimate in personal concierge service along with state-of-the-art dentistry in our brand new office. From the ultimate in new dental chairs, to fully digital equipment, and an entertainment system second to none, we are committed to providing you with optimal treatment while maximizing your comfort and relaxation.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Above all, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations on every visit. 101–9840 Fifth St, Sidney ■ www.finedentistry.ca

aesthetic and restorative dentistry smile makeovers chronic pain (TMJ) relief Botox treatments new patients and their families always welcome

fine dentistry dr. ian boyd



JUNE 2010


Island Time With Pat Bay Air by Maria Kirley


sland Time. Sometimes there’s just not enough of it. What to do when friends or family finally agree to come see the sights you’ve been raving about?

Well, you’ve gotta see Victoria, Tofino and Salt Spring … if only you could squeeze in visits to both coasts of our Island and the wonders of the outlying islands into a one-week visit. Well, it’ll be tight, and you’ll have to pick and choose a bit, but, with Tim Parker, you’ve got a flying chance! Tucked into the Pat Bay under the auspices of the Victoria Airport Authority is an unassuming dock office. Open the door and enter Pat Bay Air to book your very own magic carpet on pontoons. Your cousins are flying in and will be staying at Poet’s Cove? Pat Bay Air will meet your guests at the main terminal of the air-

port to bring them to the floatplane which will land at Poet’s Cove in about 15 minutes. So far, so good. They’ve heard about the Salt Spring market. OK, book a Gulf Islands Explorer package: Ganges harbour for breakfast, an early stroll through the Saturday market and back on the Peninsula in time to take in an afternoon wine tour. Pat Bay Air offers package tours, quick hops or custom picnics set on secluded islands. Getting the picture? Your challenge is to choose! Your green-thumbed cousin insists on including Butchart Gardens? Done. PBA’s Exclusive Scenic Adventure takes “Cuz” for 30 minutes of flight around the Saanich Peninsula then lands at the “secret” entrance to Butchart Gardens for a three-hour visit to this world-famous location, followed by an hour-and-a-half guided boat tour

of the Saanich Inlet back to Pat Bay. It’s an afternoon to remember! Whether you’re stretching time or squeezing it for every drop; whether you’re seeking a guide, a taxi or an adventure, using Pat Bay Air is a magical way to see the sights. Want to see the Sunshine Coast, Powell River or Tofino? Imagine getting there while flying low enough to see eagles nesting and whales migrating. The Peninsula and Gulf Islands offer opportunities daily to view Mother Nature at her finest. We who live here know this (even though we often forget). Thanks to Tim and his team at Pat Bay Air, your guests can experience our Island Time firsthand. More information at www.patbayair. com or call 250-654-0646 to book your next adventure.

Spectacular Floatplane Tours • Gulf Island Tour

• Saturday Market at Salt Spring Island • Tour of Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula • Gourmet Beach Picnic Tour (featuring The Roost Farm Bakery!)

250-654-0646 • www.patbayair.com 34




The BIG Move.

Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Crystal Awards For Business Excellence 2010 Award Recipients Business of the Year, 1-25 Employees Award Recipient: Victoria Costumes Honourable Mention: Melinda’s Biscotti Business of the Year, 50+ Employees Award Recipient: Scott Plastics Honourable Mention: Thrifty Foods Contribution to Community and Community Service, by a Business Award Recipient: Fresh Cup Roastery Café Honourable Mention: Peninsula News Review Sea Cider Farm Environmental Responsiveness Award Recipient: Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre Honourable Mention: Truffles Catering Group Scientific or High Tech Innovation Award Recipient: ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. Honourable Mention: iBoard Canada Mfg. Newsmaker of the Year (2009) Award Recipient: Ramsay Machine Honourable Mention: Victoria Costumes Employer of the Year Award Recipient: Salon J Hairstudios Honourable Mention: Island View Golf Centre

Our new store opens in June

Business of the Year, 26-50 Employees Award Recipient: Vantreight Farms Business of the Year, Not-For-Profit Award Recipient: Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation Honourable Mention: Mary Winspear Centre Contribution to Community and Community Service, by a Not-For-Profit Award Recipient: Sidney Lions’ Food Bank Honourable Mention: Sidney Fine Art Show/CACSP Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award Recipient: ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. Honourable Mention: Melinda’s Biscotti and Stockroom Café

Muffet & Louisa, Sidney is moving & expanding to the landmark building, 2506 Beacon

Tourism Excellence Award Recipient: Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre Honourable Mention: Oceanside RV Resort

Grand Opening, June 26.

New Business Award Recipient: Waterlily Shoes Honourable Mention: Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

find all the exciting details online www.muffetandlouisa.com


Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Mark Dickinson, Van Isle Marina Honourable Mention: David Fissel, ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

Victoria, 1437 Store St. 250 382-3201 Sidney, 2506 Beacon Ave. 250 656-0011

Thanks to All Awards Nominees For Your Participation in the 2010 Crystal Awards ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

BC Hazmat Cameron Rose Fresh Cup Roastery Café Honeycomb Webworks Ian Boyd, Dentist iBoard Canada Mfg. Island View Golf Centre Mary Winspear Centre Melinda’s Biscotti & Stockroom Café Ocean Discovery Days Planning Group Oceanside RV Resort One Stop Furniture Shop Peninsula News Review Ramsay Machine

Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation Salon J Hairstudios Scott Plastics Sea Cider Farm Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre Sidney Fine Art Show/CACSP Sidney Lions’ Food Bank Sidney Mortgage Experts Thrifty Foods Truffles Catering Group Vantreight Farms Victoria Costumes Waterlily Shoes Westcoast Wood Designs Ltd.

Toasting our anniversary

Thank You 2010 Crystal Award Sponsors



U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507 • © • All rights reserved • PANDORA-JEWELRY.COM • PANDORA.NET

www.seasidetimes.ca MKTG01414_KNICKE.indd 1

JUNE 2010


5/14/2010 3:13:33 PM

island dish

Picnic Perfect


UniqUe Home Accessories & Gifts

at the end of the reception that someone had forgotten their knapsack and it was on the gift table in the back.

We’ve Got Exciting News!

The next morning we came to collect the gifts and discovered that the industrious cleaning staff had sorted everything for us – gifts in one pile and cards in another. We were now faced with the task of trying to match the gift to the correct card so we could write our thank you notes … a hilarious process I can assure you!

Our 2nd Location Opens in July! Knickerbocker’s … SeaSide at the Sidney Pier Hotel 2536 Beacon ave., Sidney, B.c. For more information: call 250.544.8211 or visit www.knickerBockerS.ca


Goldsmith Studio Professional German Gold and Silversmith

by Jennifer Bowles When I got married, like most weddings these days, we set up a gift table. On ours were beautifully wrapped boxes in all shapes and sizes, spools of shiny ribbon cascading down to the floor and enough bottle bags to get us and the rest of Victoria through the year! Nestled right at the back of the table was a plain blue knapsack with no ribbon or paper; it was just sitting there. I remember asking the DJ to announce

My husband and I stood in our living room with the gifts unwrapped in a row and all the cards opened in front of us. We meticulously combed over every word in each card looking for clues in the lines to point us to the matching gift. I would say to my husband “these towels must be from Janice, she LOVES towels and it sounds like she’s insinuating that she hopes we get good ‘use’ out of the gift. Let’s go with towels from Janice … she would definitely buy us towels, right? Great, write it down. Next! Okay, blue knapsack.” There it was … it seemed no one had

MONTESSORI EDUCARE tions a r t s i Reg tember p For Se Being Now n Take

Beautiful learning environment Jewellery Repairs Custom Work & Redesigning *All work done on premises*

2497 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C.




5, 3 and 2 day Preschool All-Day Kindergarten • Summer Play Program 7925 East Saanich Rd., Saanichton • 250-881-8666 montessorieducare@shaw.ca • www.montessorieducare.com www.seasidetimes.ca

picked it up. I told my husband to open it up and look for a wallet and we would call them to let them know it was safe and sound. Zip … what? Inside this ordinary blue knapsack unfolded a full picnic set. A little cutting board, S&P shakers, a complete cutlery and plate set and two little plastic wine flutes all securely fastened to the walls of the knapsack with Velcro. There was a second compartment to place all your food and a perfect cylindrical pocket on the side for the required picnic wine. It was the perfect solution! Portable and fully ready to go; all you had to do was sling it on your back and off you went! The blue knapsack has seen plenty of use in our family and this month it’s inspired me to give you some scrumptious, easy picnic ideas that travel well and are perfect for any bike ride, boat trip or hike!

Cranberry Iced Tea

Brew a large pot of your favourite tea, add sugar to taste. Add the juice of two limes and two lemons and a splash of cranberry juice and pop in the freezer in a travel jug. When you’re ready to go, throw the thermos in your picnic bag and when you arrive at your destination it will be chilled and ready to go!

Curried Chicken Salad This is so versatile: you can make it a sandwich, put it on pita chips or bread, use it as a filling for a wrap or even put into lettuce cups! Remember – chicken can only stay un-refrigerated for a maximum of two hours! 2 cups cooked chicken – diced 1/3 cup mayo 1/2 cup grated carrot 2 ribs celery – chopped 1/4 cup red pepper – chopped 1 tbsp. curry powder (to taste) S&P Combine all ingredients and refrigerate for one hour to allow flavours to mingle.

Glen Meadows golf & country club

5-Year MeMbership

No Initial Fee $138/month for UNlImIted GolF!

Full MeMbership

$2500 Initial Fee $138/month for UNlImIted GolF!


3 cups corn flakes – crushed 1 cup crunchy peanut butter 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup white corn syrup 6 oz. chocolate and butterscotch chips 1/2 cup dried cranberries Heat peanut butter, sugar and corn syrup over low heat to melt. Stir in cereal and fruit. Pat into an 8x8 lightly greased pan. Melt chocolate chips and spread over top. Chill in fridge and cut into bars for easy travel.

1050 McTavish Rd., Sidney, BC For details call 250-656-3136 www.glenmeadows.bc.ca


9764 5th St. Sidney


103-2537 Beacon Avenue (in the Cannery building) Sidney 250.656.5606 info@waterlilyshoes.com www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010


Zanzibar Global Flavours

Local Tastes

Now Open for Dinner Thursday, Friday & Saturdays from 5:30

1164 Stelly’s X Road Brentwood Bay, B.C. V8M 1C3 (at the corner of West Saanich and Stelly’s)

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Espresso Bar

Marmalade Tart Boutique

Fun, Flirty, Fabulous Fashion!


Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. oPEn SundayS noon - 4 p.m. Licensed Garden Patio

Private Parties

250 -544-1475 or 250-652-1228 website: zanzibarcafe.ca

2378-B Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC (Look for us in the courtyard)

778-426-3356 • www.marmaladetart.com We Specialize in:

Lessons | Tours | Rentals | Repairs

Mention This Ad And Buy One, Get One Free On All Plush Toys in June

cards & gifts You bring the moments, we’ll bring the words.

2449B Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C. (across from Tanner’s Books) 250-656-4316 38


Atlantis Kayaks | Nimbus Kayaks | Hellman Canoes 250.665.7411 | www.pacificapaddle.com | Brentwood Bay www.seasidetimes.ca

Victoria’s Beautiful Butchart Gardens by Marianne Brackenridge


t was one of those warm and sunny days with a clear blue sky, birds singing and a promise of spring on the air. How wonderful to be living in this paradise on the kind of day when one feels nothing could go wrong and all is well with the world. Since I live just around the corner from Butchart gardens, I decided that this was the perfect day to amble through the pathways of the gardens and enjoy nature in all its glory. As usual I walked slowly around the gardens, taking in all of the various plants and flowers – so many! – and each area seemed to be color coordinated with the next flower bed. Such creation, such patience, such beauty. Nature surely is magical at times. As I headed further into the sunken gardens I came upon the dancing water fountain. Mesmerized by its various displays and consecutive movements creating a different picture every few minutes, it truly appeared to be dancing just

for me. I sat quietly, feeling very peaceful and alive and at one with nature.

from the old Crystal gardens in Victoria when it was dismantled.

My next steps took me further up the hill to the new carousel; this was introduced to the gardens last summer. I remember being there for the opening – this is a magnificent carousel with a variety of animals to drive one around while listening to the music. Of course each time I visit the gardens I take a side trip to the ride and choose a different animal each time. My favourite is the big bobby horse, covered in masses of flowers (all painted on so carefully). As I ride around along with many others young and old I enjoy the moments and am taken back to my youth in England when the fair ground opened up in town at holiday times. Just play time for few moments and no worries in the world.

This plant is unique in that it generally grows in tropical Rio De Janero, blooms only once in 15 years and then dies off.

As usual I stopped at the Blue Poppy Restaurant for a cool drink, although this area is generally transformed into a beautiful garden for a short period earlier in the year, I was still surrounded by tropical plants. I am told that the Butchart Gardens was the recipient of a very rare plant called rubra

Each time I go to the gardens I try to remind myself to take a camera but find when I arrive that I have indeed left it at home. Next time I will paste a large sign out in the garage so that when I go to my car I can’t miss the note to myself, then perhaps I will have a photograph of the beautiful displays and when I return home I may even attempt to paint one of the scenes I have captured I arrived home after a wonderful afternoon, full of wonder and contentment and with new ideas of transforming my garden and flower pots to become a mini Butchart garden. Always good to have plans, but whether I follow through remains to be seen, although I will say that I have lots of primulas and daffodils looking very pretty and that cheers me each day.

Sidney ’s Pet Centre & Aquatics Come Celebrate 12 Y ears With Us! Anniversary Sale June 18, 19, 20 Entire Store 10-75% Off #4-9769 Fifth Street, Sidney 250-656-3314 • sidneypetcentre.com www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010


Q & A With Photographer Jeff Reindl When did you first discover photography?

Do you shoot black & white or colour?

You could say from the crib! My mother took baby photos every day at the hospital and my crib was in the darkroom.

85 percent black and white. Portraits in B&W make you focus on the person and their features. B&W lets you add all of the other bits from your senses. However, some photographs absolutely scream “Print me in colour.” These photos are a work of art when done right.

What do you like to photograph? I have tried most genres and I really enjoy photos of people. It was the type of photography I was surrounded by at home. Why people? Photography is magical for me in that it has the ability to stop time. Once I touch the shutter, the photograph becomes a piece of history. Open the shoe box of photos in your grandparents’ house and I am sure you will discover the magic. You don’t get that same emotion with some other types of photography. Weddings or Portraits? They’re both enjoyable and challenging. The real reward is seeing the reaction of clients when they first view their prints. It is truly an indescribable feeling for me.

Where is photography going to take you next? When I go out with a camera, many people ask me questions: “how do you do this or that?” Apparently, I have a knack for teaching. This fall, I will instruct small or private classes at all levels. This will be fun and help me grow as a photographer. What advice would you give to someone just getting into photography? Slow down and think about the picture you are about to take. Does Uncle Bob really have a street light growing out of his head? Do you shoot digital or film and why? Digital. I haven’t shot film in years. Digital is much like a Polaroid and gives you an instant look at the shot. It gives me total control from camera to print with no lab to work in between.

What sets you apart from other photographers? In today’s impersonal world of “get it done fast,” I tend to slow down and get to know who I am working with. I always meet prospective clients before the job and understand what they want from our session. During the glory days of photography, the photographer would spend all day, sun up to sun down or even longer, to get the person or group to relax and accept that the photographer was there. That is when truly great pictures are made. What a great job!

Two Locations: 1933 Keating X Road Central Saanich

250-544-6464 •

2072 Henry Avenue West Sidney

250-655-6454 • Monthly & Annual Rates

• Packing Supplies for Sale • Heated & Unheated Units • Locks for Sale • Card Operated Security Gate • Professional Friendly Staff

www.peninsulaministorage.com 40



Jordyn and Carlos


by Peni Fitzpatrick

he day I met Carlos, my granddaughter Jordyn’s new service dog, I knew he was the one!

His first test was meeting the family. That dog charmed everybody, circulating the room like a movie star.It didn’t take him long to spot Jordyn, and when he did he went over and sat next to her. The nine-year-old girl slipped her arm around the dog’s neck and buried her face in his shoulder. It was like they already knew each other, and I was sure that Jordyn and Carlos would become a great team. A service dog is a special dog. They must have extremely good temperaments and be adaptable to all sorts of different environments. A service dog must have a friendly, outgoing personality and top notch social skills are required. Training requirements differ, depending on the services each dog is required to perform. Depending on the needs of the person involved, service dogs can turn off lights, open doors and answer the phone etc.

loyal Carlos, she has truly blossomed. This team of little girl and puppy has come full circle to senior dog (retired) and young woman just entering adulthood. The team has hung up their service vest. My gift of working with dogs has given me the privilege to be part of building this team and watch it grow and change over the years. Despite his retirement, Carlos still wants to get up and go with Jordyn. I am going to have to teach this old dog some new tricks! Peni Fitzpatrick is a dog behaviourist well-known across Canada and the United States. As a well-respected dog expert Peni appears regularly in magazines, on radio and television and is an advocate for dog sports for all dogs and people.

Training Carlos and Jordyn took about 15 months, of visits to libraries and concerts, airports, restaurants, celebrations with other children and parades, grocery shopping and shopping in general and medical appointments etc.

Coordinates: 48°38’ 123°25’ 1910 Norseman Rd., Sidney, BC next to the Victoria International Airport

250-655-3300 • www.bcam.net

My job as a dog trainer stays the same even if I am the grandmother of one of the trainees. Despite their young ages, Jordyn and Carlos worked hard every day to make their bond strong. Over the years they have had a wonderful life together. When I was visiting the other day I noticed for the first time that Carlos is going grey around the muzzle and is slow in rising. He is well into his senior years now; I think I will make him his own “Gold Card” for his birthday with a yummy dog cookie attached. Jordyn has become a beautiful young woman and just turned eighteen. With the love of family and her

British Columbia Aviation Museum

Adults $7 • Seniors $5 • Students $3 Accompanied Children up to 12 Free • Group Rates Available

Open 10 am – 4 pm Daily Until September 30th www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010


Moody ville Collectibles Vintage & Newer Household Items 822 Verdier Avenue Brentwood Bay, BC

(across from Brentwood Bay Lodge) 250-544-8181 • mville@telus.net

Kayaks & Surf Skis Now Available in Victoria For All Your Rubber Stamping Needs 250-658-8448 • Mattick’s Farm, Victoria • www.lastingstamps.com

Compare Stellar Quality & Price

Drew Harrison 250.652.8543 • www.stellarkayaks.com

Experience the Fine Art of Reclaimed Wood

Open daily 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

9851 Seaport Place (beside Sidney Pier Hotel) 250-665-7646 • www.westcoastwooddesigns.com 42



Down by the Sea – Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club by Don Armstrong Located on a sunny, private beach in Tsehum Harbour between the two halves of the Oak Bay Marine Group’s North Saanich Marina, the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club enjoys one of the most beautiful outlooks on the Peninsula. Founded in 1981, this active club can best be described as a social club where all the members have a common interest in boating, and it’s a great place to make new friends and catch up with old ones. The clubhouse has an interesting history. It was built in 1922 and used as a summer home called “Twin Bay Park” until 1936 when it was purchased by Cody McMicken from Winnipeg and used by his family until it was sold to the Clark brothers in 1956. The Oak Bay Marine Group bought the property in 1980 and generously provided the newly-formed Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club exclusive use of the building. The club is responsible for the building’s upkeep and has turned it into an impressive facility. As one visitor remarked, “This place really feels like a yacht club as soon as you walk in.” The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable and many historical photographs and models are on display. The club is the only yacht club on the Peninsula that offers fine dining to its members. Kevan McKay, the chef, prepares superb meals for the members and their guests and is often faced with the challenge of preparing meals for 80 or more people at special events including weddings and other celebrations. The club focuses on making itself friendly and inviting. Except for special occasions, such as the annual Opening Day and Sail Past in June and the Commodore’s Ball, dress is casual and there’s a minimum of the ceremony that is often found in yacht clubs. There is a very active program of events for all members, from serious sailboat racing to “land cruises” for those without access to boats. Informal cruises to local destinations, special dining events, entertaining and informative speakers, volunteer projects or just dropping in to the Tsehum Lounge

provide members with ample opportunities to meet other members and friends. The club owns a modern fleet of training dinghies and thousands of local teenagers have learned to sail at the youth sailing program which has been held every summer since 1990. The club fleet is also available for the members to use.

New members are always welcome, and don’t need a boat. The club opens at 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 1 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, so drop in, pick up an application form and take a look at the clubhouse. For more information, visit our website at www.snsyc.ca or call 250-656-4600.

Beacon Cat Hospital Dr. Ellen Guttormson

The only strictly feline hospital serving the Saanich Peninsula

Purrrrrfect Care

9711 A - 5th St., Sidney, British Columbia 250-656-5568 • www.beaconcatvet.infovet.ca www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010


Pacific SaleS

Celebrating 25 Years in Sidney and 50 Years in Canada !

Home of Electric Fireplaces and BBQs by Dimplex

Next to the Best Western Emerald Isle Hotel

Something For Everyone … For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!

• Largest Suppliers on Vancouver Island • Qualified Service Technician • Heat from 400-800 square feet

Committed To Service

250-544-6769 • 2189B Keating X Rd, Victoria, BC

2302 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC 250-656-2423 • www.smittys.ca

Voted the Peninsula’s Best Coffee ! COFFEE SO FRESH

Freshly Roasted Organic Coffee™


Sidney s Now Ha ! Gelato


Saanichton: Mt. Newton X Road • Sidney: Beacon Avenue 44



Making it Easy to be Green – Sustainable Living in Your Neighbourhood


by Leia Smoudianis

idney’s Beacon Avenue is home to many diverse businesses including Green Village, a one stop eco shop that carries a variety of practical products for both eco-friendly veterans and to those just beginning to embrace green culture. The pressure to “go green” can be intimidating, but the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Green Village is there to inform customers of the easy steps to living eco-friendly. Friendly staff are on hand to guide customers through the variety of eco-friendly products, all of which are tested for quality and available at the newly expanded store. This family-run business carries a variety of raw foods and raw food equipment. Food is considered raw when it

The store also provides products that help reduce waste. The “Litterless Lunch” section offers all the utensils one would need to pack a lunch for work or school without using wasteful products such as tin foil or plastic wrap. Green Village houses a Soap Exchange refill centre that supplies non-toxic, family-safe cleaning products along with personal hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioner. By re-using packaging and providing concentrated materials, the Soap Exchange can cut consumer costs by 30 percent, giving an added incentive to go green! Another daily use product that the staff raves about is the indoor composter. This unique composter allows for meat, fish, bones and dairy to be fermented without any unpleas-

vi l l a n e e g r

ant odour. The result is a liquid extract that can be used as fertilizer and as an alternative, eco-friendly drain cleaner. As evidenced by the staff’s proactive attitude, Green Village is promoting sustainable, eco-friendly living. In order to help the community make the necessary changes, the staff at Green Village will be writing a monthly column in Seaside Times that will feature a community green initiative that everyone can participate in. The first column, in the July issue, will focus on the Soap Exchange, an easy adjustment everyone can implement in their homes while saving money. The monthly column is an innovative method of reaching the community and will undoubtedly be successful in educating us on how to make our lifestyles healthier and more eco-friendly. Remember, an easy and delicious first step to going green is eating Planet Love raw chocolate!

raw superfoods organic grocery natural bodycare raw “healthy” chocolate earth friendly cleaning products … and a whole range of eco products



is uncooked and unprocessed and one such product that everyone can enjoy is

the Planet Love raw chocolate, sweetened with agave nectar and rich in anti-oxidants. The velvety chocolate is made by the owners Lindsey Firestone, Greg Firestone and Chris Elliott at their Mt. Newton home. Planet Love chocolate is also available at their farm stand along with seasonal organic vegetables and fruit located at 936 Mt. Newton X Road, a location that can be easily identified by the wooden sign that promises “Chocolate.”

Sidney’s One Stop Eco Shop

open monday-saturday 10am - 5:30pm • sunday 11am - 5:30pm 2388 beacon ave., sidney, bC • 250.655.8994 • www.greenvillagesidney.com www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010


A Legacy in Stone by Martin Blakesley

“Hard Work and Isolation” and “Legacy in Stone” – the headings on the Parks Canada interpretive sign – read as epitaphs to the lives and dreams of George Grey Taylor and his wife Anne Teasdale Taylor. In 1882, the Taylors, youngsters in their 20s, pre-empted 101 acres on Saturna Island’s still-isolated Taylor Point, where they spent a half-century, living their lives and pursuing a dream. George, a mason by trade, carved a living – literally – out of the sandstone cliffs that separate the point from the rest of the Island. Anne, “a hard-working Lancashire woman,” and their five children tended gardens, pastures and orchards, looked after the animals and harvested the bounties of the land and the sea that laps the edges of the wonderfully sandy beach below. When – 50 years later, in 1932 – their home was destroyed by fire, Anne left George behind and moved to North Pender Island. What must they have thought, what looks passed between them, as Anne pulled away from the dock? Had George, a man now well past his prime, stayed behind to rebuild or simply because he couldn’t face leaving? Did she plan to return, or had this heavy blow fractured their relationship, just as George fractured stone?

Skirting the meadow’s edge and trying to stay as close to high water as possible (the meadow is private property owned by the Campbells, who donated Taylor Point to Parks Canada), we passed by fruit-laden apple, cherry and pear trees, an overgrown well and a dilapidated out building. The ruins – only the house’s stone corners, door jambs and lintel remain – have been tastefully fenced in, I suppose in a well-intended but unavoidably feeble effort to slow the ravages of time. As George quarried, dressed, dragged and lifted these blocks into place, did he wonder how long it would stand? Did he imagine himself and Anne growing old there, as he stooped to lift just one more? Perhaps he imagined his first child, Christine Alice, growing to womanhood and raising his grandchildren there. Or, perhaps his thoughts were tempered by his school boy reading of Shelley’s Ozymandias; perhaps he appreciated the ephemeral nature of all things, monuments of stone included, and didn’t dare hope for too much.

Whatever the case, George died the following September, aged 75, and their dream, we can assume, died with him.

But George’s “Legacy in Stone” does live on. Sandstone from his quarry was used in the construction of several large Victoria-area buildings, including our Provincial Legislature. When coal magnate James Dunsmuir declared: “Money doesn’t matter, just build what I want,” the builders trimmed his Hatley Castle with the best – George’s Saturna Island sandstone.

My wife Carrie and her friend Terry and I paddled onto the beach recently, landing not too far from what’s left of George’s barge dock, to enjoy a picnic lunch and to show Terry what remains of the Taylor house. After lunch we followed the creek up to the meadow behind, where sheep, grazing and taking shade under the magnificent trees around its edges, paid us little mind.

Returning to our boats we paused, gazing out over the meadow and the crescent beach, over Stuart Island and down Haro Strait, to Victoria beyond. The Taylors were, I thought, most fortunate to experience the hardships, isolation and the joys of building lives together – to have been able to pursue a dream – in such a charmed place. But, then, I realized, most of us are.

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JUNE 2010


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Seniors Stay Fit With Yoga by Margaret Boyes Vibrant Paulette Zeidler looks more like a teenager than a middle-aged English teacher. This year she took a 55+ yoga class at the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Victoria. The class focuses on what our bodies need as we age like posture and balance. “Posture is very important,’’ says Zeidler. “Our teacher Leslie Hogya stresses keeping your shoulders back. We’re given a sheet with exercises to do regularly.’’ As we get older you need to maintain this kind of flexibility to be sprightly and Zeidler always come out of the class feeling good. Hogya is in her mid ’60s and very aware of the issues we have physically as we age, says Zeidler. “Yesterday, Leslie gave us exercises to open up the chest. After the class, a man who’d thought he’d have to give up things like playing basketball said yoga has helped him so much he’s resumed doing what he normally does.”

Summer Camps e i n d i t l o S

Zeidler says every class is interesting. They work on standing or sitting poses and never do the same routine. “Yesterday a woman asked if should we go beyond discomfort. Leslie said ‘Don’t push yourself through pain but if you don’t do more than usual you’ll never have a good stretch or make your body go further.’ Then we did things so we could see what hurt and what felt good.” Just over a year ago Zeidler fell and broke her wrist and had a frozen shoulder. The shoulder is still healing but she can reach high with her arms now. “I’m about 90 percent back to where I was before and yoga has really helped the healing process.’’ Zeidler practices at home during the week. Sometimes she practices twice a day for 15 minutes, but even 10 minutes a day helps. A lot of students don’t have much time, but Zeidler notes that if they set aside an hour a day they become more flexible. Yoga gives her energy and she sleeps better. “I have a cold right now but went to classes twice this week and it’s clearing up.” Zeidler notes that her 18-person class always feel comfortable with Leslie’s guidance. “She walks around to see if anyone’s having difficulty and spots any discomfort immediately. We feel like we’re in good hands the whole time.’’ “I’m 64 and just because you’re 64 doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your strength and flexibility and grow into old age gracefully,” says Zeidler.


r e mm

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Several challenges related to aging such as balance, poor posture and cranky joints improve with practising yoga. Specific problems and conditions such as arthritis, back pain, poor digestion, elevated blood pressure and insomnia become easier to live with when we add yoga to our lives. Margaret Boyes is a healthcare marketer. She writes articles, fundraising letters, sales letters, direct mail packages, emails, web pages and other communications. Margaret can be reached at 250-370-1573, margboyes@shaw.ca and www.cariboucommunciations.ca. www.seasidetimes.ca

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My Favourite Things – Not the Song Title Pez Dispensers, cuckoo clocks, Elvis by Debbie figurines. Everyone collects something. As do I. My best pieces come from all corners of the world. They’re my travel souvenirs. But I don’t keep my prized possessions in an indexed, acid-free conservation box. You see, I collect anachronisms – virtual snapshots of incongruity. Images of everyday scenes, of people going about their normal lives, but with an anomalous twist. Here on this shelf of my imaginary curio cabinet are my favourite “What’s wrong with this picture?” memories. Cuenca – Ecuador’s third largest city, renowned for its colonial architecture. It’s lunchtime and a young office worker leaves the central market square. He carries a briefcase, and over his shoulder a British Airways in-flight bag. Riding in the flight bag is a plump live chicken. Man and fowl trudge along the dusty street, over the Tomemamba River Bridge to a waiting kitchen in the distance.


Oh, I collect other people’s memories of the absurd too. On this high shelf, out of the little ones’ sight, are anecdotes from my dad’s trip to New Guinea. In Mount Hagen, here’s your average Joe, wearing nothing but a penis gourd, using a pay phone. (Where does he carry the quarter, is the obvious question). Or the topless woman on the flight back to Port Moresby, buckling her seat belt and accepting a glass of orange juice from the flight attendant with all the nonchalance of your everyday frequent flier. Go figure. And by the way, another great thing about my special collection – it doesn’t need dusting. Ever.

Gubbio, Italy – Like many North American-born travelers in Europe, the sight of centuries-old buildings never ceases to captivate me and fill me with awe. Gubbio, a medieval town in central Italy, is heart-stoppingly beautiful. Most of its dwellings were built in the 14th and 15th centuries. It’s late afternoon in the autumn of 1983 and we’re on the slopes of Monte Ingino, gazing down over the city. Below us the rooftops form a rich tapestry of burnt Sienna and ochre – punctuated by the reflective glare of satellite TV dishes on every one of them.

Orr’s Family Butchers Voted Best Butcher Shop, Best Sausages on Vancouver Island

Homemade Specialties:

Travel enables us to face and challenge our own prejudices. So what if these massive dinner plates are a blight on what would have been an idyllic dreamscape? What right do I have to complain? Gubbian families should be denied the pleasure of Falcon Crest for the benefit of my one-day stay in their charming town? I make a mental note to get a grip. Sharing a streetcar stop in Vienna is a stout woman of indeterminate age. She wears an ill-fitting cardigan, woolen stockings under her polka dot skirt and a faded kerchief covers her faded hair. She may have a name, but my guess is everyone calls her Mamitchka. Speaking in some southern Slavic language, she is barking instructions into a cell phone. Huh? The 21st Century is still very young. Mobile phones are de rigueur for button-down business types and hipsters. But Mamitchka? What gives? Don’t tell me – she’s placing a sell order with her broker, right?

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It’s worth a call to find out your current options.

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JUNE 2010


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4 Months For $99.99

Join us for your very special opportunity to visit “The Last Place on the Roof of the World” Highlights • Old Delhi sightseeing • Taj Mahal • Jaipur • Visit a development site in Delhi • Bhutan land border crossing • Taktsang Monastery (the Tiger’s Nest) • Optional trek in Bhutan • All meals in Bhutan

Your Host: Barry Mackey Barry has invested over 42 years of his life and career in international relief and development including 25 years of residence in South Asia. He has travelled extensively throughout the developing world on four continents.

$4,899 per guest

17 days Departs Nov 7, 2010

3617 Shelbourne St., Victoria 250.477.0131

105–2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney 250.656.0961

504–1913 Sooke Rd., Colwood 250.478.9505


101-2245 James White Boulevard, Sidney, BC, V8L 1Z5

CDN$, pp, dbl occ. Land only. Single supplement $900. Hosted based on minimum 16 passengers. ON–4499356/4499372 | BC–33127/34799/34798 | QC–7002238





Get O ut !

Weekly Markets: Sidney, Salt Spring and Duncan by Frank Gee

The Get Out series is aimed at reminding us how lucky we are to live on southern Vancouver Island – one of the most diverse and livable places on earth! All my adventures are from the basis of a family with pre-teen kids. Get out and enjoy!

…you name it, the talent is here. There is lots of free entertainment, a playground for the kids and lawns for parents to sprawl out on. Cap off your day with a stroll at Ruckle Provincial Park or a swim at St. Mary Lake or Vesuvius Bay.

I always look forward to the many weekly markets! The friendly atmosphere, variety of local foods (eating is one of my biggest passions and weaknesses), and array of incredible local talent just holds me in awe. Every Thursday the Sidney market (5:30 to 8:30 p.m. beginning June 3rd) turns most of Sidney’s main drag into a carnival without the rides. The Bread Lady is one of my first stops; she offers up memories of my childhood, but probably doesn’t realize her impact. The lamb or salmon burgers are my culinary highlight of the week and the frozen treats or candied nuts generally cap my appetite. I also discovered a not-so-local treat last year: authentic nougat imported by a local shop (the real thing: creamy nougat from France or South Africa, with almonds or pistachios. I admit I am weak: some things just won’t fit into the “local” category I strive for). Music entertains every age range; what a wealth of talent in the area! Make it a day: catch the walk-on ferry to Sidney Island for the afternoon. You can relax on the sandy beaches, explore the tidal flats, stroll through the cool forest or photograph the herons, eagles, waterfowl, or maybe even the fallow deer (introduced and now rampant on the island). Sidney Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. Salt Spring holds their market every Saturday at Ganges (8 a.m. to 4 p.m., until October 30th). It is big enough to keep your attention for a few hours as the festival atmosphere spills into the village. Put your 100-mile menu into action here, with fresh veggies, berries, spices, cheeses and desserts. Check out the work of over 100 artisans: books, carvings, drawings, pottery, weaving

The Duncan Market runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday from March to December – yes that’s right! Situated in the City Square, it welcomes “an eclectic mix of vendors, artists

and farmers” and you will also find the Duncan Farmers Market up the highway a bit at the B.C. Forest Discovery Centre. The range of locally produced foods will amaze you and probably keep you coming back. If you drove to Duncan from Victoria, don’t be in a hurry to head home. There are many wineries and restaurants in the area. Remember, if visitors pay for tours to them, they might be worth exploring – after all, they are in our backyard! Cowichan Bay has really become an attractive location to explore. You could stroll the village, tempt yourself on some local baking or rent a kayak for a bit of shoreline exploring. There are lots of other markets to check out. Take advantage of the locally diverse and fresh products and foods and get out for a family event!

Help Your Community And Enjoy Fresh Local Music !

Sidney Acoustic Series Vol. 2

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‘Feed the Soul’

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Fee the Soul Vol. 2

‘Second Helping’

Acoustic Series Sponsors

For Lyrics & Song Samples Visit www.feedthesoul.ca www.seasidetimes.ca

JUNE 2010


Doug & The Slugs Saturday, June 26th – 7:30 p.m. All Tickets $45 incl. gst

Don’t Miss The “Gotta Make My Feet Move” Party Atmosphere of This Canadian Band!

Mary Winspear Centre 250-656-0275 • www.marywinspear.ca

Sponsored by: Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area




bistro suisse

JUNE 2010

The tour will take place July 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is a self-guided tour of some of Victoria’s finest water gardens. Enjoy light refreshments, live music and a closing reception at Gardenworks on Blenkinsop. Tickets $25 each and available at Cannor Nursery, Dig This stores, Elk Lake Garden Centre, Gardenworks and Michell Brothers Farm Market.

June Wednesdays Daisy-a-Day Trips For Seniors

10 a.m. - 2 p.m. (lunch included) 250-507-2336 for details and bookings Escorted outings with Driving Miss Daisy ® in groups of three. Select from: garden tours, nature walks, beach strolls, museums, ecocruises, shop hops, harbour walkabouts, parades, tourist attractions and more!

June 7 Heart & Stroke Big Bike

Centennial Park, Salt Spring Island 10 a.m. onward Activities all day including fitness presentations and demonstrations, a book signing by Dr. Art Hister and barbecue. Bring your lawn chair!

June 11-13 Peninsula Players present “Blithe Spirit” by Noel Coward

The Centre, 1229 Clark Road, Brentwood Bay Friday & Saturday 8 p.m. Sunday 2 p.m. 250-652-4611, cssca@shaw.ca Tickets available at The Centre, Mon. - Fri. 9-1 Admission $15 non-members, $10 members. Wheelchair accessible.

June 12-13 June 5 Brentwood Bay Festival & Parade

Pioneer Park, Clarke & West Saanich Road 250-478-3344, www.crd.bc.ca/parks http://www.brentwoodbay.info/Index.html 8 a.m. pancake breakfast, 10 a.m. parade, 11:00 - 4:00 live entertainment. Food, vendors, children’s activities.

Spring Studio Tour

Muse Winery, 11195 Chalet Rd., N. Saanich 250-656-2552, info@musewinery.ca Stop by Muse Winery on this CACSP sponsored tour of artists and their studios on the Peninsula. Terry Venables, Mary Kennedy, David Hunwick, Barry Tate and Pauline Olesen will be showing their work. The artists will answer any questions on their respective mediums. Try your hand at ceramic painting, adding your own paint strokes to a large plate that will be on hand for a tour group project.

June 5 Morning Mist Canoe Adventure

Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park (Saanich) 1 - 2:30 p.m. 250-478-3344, www.crd.bc.ca/parks Paddle through early morning mist with a CRD Regional Parks interpreter and search for eagles, herons, turtles and other lake life. Canoe equipment and instruction are provided and no experience is necessary. You must pre register: $15+gst/person (15+), $8.50+gst/person (14 and under and adult non-paddlers).

June 19 District of North Saanich Parks Commission Open House

Municipal Hall, Mills Rd., Sidney, 1-4 p.m. jamiecox2@shaw.ca, fmboyce@shaw.ca The purpose of the open house is to engage the public and ask for feedback about the North Saanich Proposed Park Program of improved amenities. A short presentation will be given at 1 and 3 p.m. that outlines the changes. There will be door prizes and information posters and commission members will be available for questions.

June 5 - Oct. 9 (Saturdays) Peninsula Country Market

Saanich Fairgrounds, 1528 Stelly’s X Road 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. www.peninsulacountrymarket.ca Great farm-fresh produce and home-made goods, live music, free parking, free admission.

June 19

Parking Lot Sale

BC Aviation Museum, 1910 Norseman Rd. 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. www.bcam.net, 250-655-3300. Household items, books, military memorabilia. Proceeds to finish the new display hangar.

what’s happening | june 2010

4th Annual Water Garden Tour Tickets on Sale Now

Zais Astrology – June 2010 by Heather Zais (heather_zais@telus.net) Aries march 21 - april 19 You switch gears suddenly and others try to follow your lead. Your mind is strong and your ideas fresh – even pioneering in some way. Travel may be required to pull it all together, but that is fine with you. You’re a whiz kid.

Libra september 23 - october 22 Mate or partnership matters are in focus. Sudden beginnings or endings surprise others as the urge for change compels you to action. Some elope. Meet in a secluded spot as your personal image could be altered by your choices.

Taurus april 20 - may 20 You will feel like you are in a transition of sorts. Don’t be afraid to go forward and let the past go. It’s time to reinvent yourself. Health changes will have a positive affect. Stay or work close to home until things look secure.

Scorpio october 23 - november 21 New or renewed activity could see you picking up where you left off. Your skills are honed and you step into a new level or activity. Even if you are the new kid on the block – you are the one to succeed or lead.

Gemini may 21 - june 20 You have boundless opportunity this month – near or far. Make sure you grasp the brass ring as it swings in your direction. Your status will be changed or improved easily. Your excitement can be a motivating factor for others.

Sagittarius november 22 - december 21 Your relationships are altered in personal or business matters. A new arrangement makes you feel more positive about the future. Some stress gets alleviated or a burden lifted. Your level of excitement increases with freedom.

Cancer june 21 - july 22 Activity behind the scenes works to your advantage. Others see you as the lucky one. Silence is golden for you right now. Let others show their hand before you show yours. Matters move in a good direction with little effort.

Capricorn december 22 - january 19 Change occurs around home or base of operations. It seems timely. This can be by choice or not, depending on the circumstances. Work or career ambitions are advanced. A move or new circumstances are energizing.

Leo july 23 - august 22 You are energized, making an urge to travel very strong. This can be for business or pleasure or both. In any case, the connections will be positive. You visit unique or unchartered territories one way or the other. It’s interesting.

Aquarius january 20 - february 18 You change the way you look at things. Your mind opens or expands to the new or unusual. Take up a study, teach, write, etc. Others see you in a different light. Your entertainment or creative side comes out. It’s good.

Virgo august 23 - september 22 You benefit from the past or others. There may be some paperwork required, so get it done. Burn the midnight oil if you need to find out information. Your position or status is enhanced. Advance or change occupation.

Pisces february 19 - march 20 Your finances, assets or worth increases. Some of this can seem like a stroke of luck. Avoid schemes by checking details. Changes you make can be good for all concerned. Relationships of all types are energized or settled.

Your gluten-free headquarters! Nestled in a supportive country community, the Market offers unique and delectable culinary creations. A destination worth visiting – Experience the difference!




JUNE 2010

Sudoku Puzzles June 2010 Keep Your Brain Healthy

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them.


Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. * Sudoku Solutions can be found on page 58.

Hardly Simple

7 5

9 1 7 4 2 3 7 4 1 2 8 6 8 5 1 3 1 6 4 2 1 8 5 6 8

Puzzle by websudoku.com

Middle of the Road

1 2 8 7 5 6 3 2 1 8 1 8 3 4 4 5 9 3 3 6 5 6 3 2 4 7 5 6 8 5 9 2

Puzzle by websudoku.com

Father’s Day Trivia According to the U.S. Census Bureau, neck ties are the number one gift for Father’s Day. Martin Luther King, Jr., was originally named Michael, after his father. When Jr. was five, he and his dad both changed their names to Martin. If you wear a flower on Father’s Day, it should be a red rose if your father is alive or a white rose if he has passed away. The fifth most popular purchased greeting cards are for Father’s Day, with an estimated $100 million annually in sales. Exceedingly Evil



4 2 9 7 8 3 7 6 9 8

9 1





4 5 2 3 9 5 4

Puzzle by websudoku.com

Did You Know …

Sudoku Solutions

At Spelt’s Coffee Shop we serve level ground coffee because:

Middle of Puzzle theby Road websudoku.com

3 1 7 4 5 8 9 6 2

• Level Ground pays an average of 26% above “Fair Trade” price to the farmers. This directly supports the pickers and their families by offering scholarships, medical insurance and clothing by being“hands on”in the communities the coffee is grown in. Because of this, the best quality beans are reserved for us to serve to you! • Our coffee is air-roasted in small batches right here in Saanichton – since 1997. • The coffee is roasted-to-order to provide maximum freshness for us to serve.

www.levelground.com Come on in and try the new lineup of full bodied fresh coffee (served in compostable ecotainers) and let us put a smile on your face! at the corner of Wallace Drive & East Saanich Road


9 7 2 5 6 8 3 1 4

6 9 2 1 7 3 5 4 8

4 5 8 2 9 6 1 3 7

8 6 9 5 1 4 7 2 3

7 3 5 9 6 2 8 1 4

1 2 4 3 8 7 6 9 5

5 4 6 7 3 1 2 8 9

9 8 3 6 2 5 4 7 1

2 7 1 8 4 9 3 5 6

Exceedingly Evil Puzzle by websudoku.com 8 6 5 4 3 1 2 9 7

1 4 3 7 9 2 6 8 5

3 2 6 1 7 9 4 5 8

5 1 4 6 8 3 9 7 2

7 8 9 2 5 4 1 6 3

4 9 8 3 1 7 5 2 6

2 5 1 8 4 6 7 3 9

6 3 7 9 2 5 8 4 1

9 4 1 8 3 6 2 5 7

Hardly Simple Puzzle by websudoku.com

6 2 5 9 7 4 1 8 3

3 7 8 5 2 1 6 9 4

2 8 9 4 1 5 7 3 6

1 5 7 2 6 3 9 4 8

4 3 6 7 8 9 5 2 1

7 9 3 1 5 8 4 6 2

5 6 2 3 4 7 8 1 9

8 1 4 6 9 2 3 7 5

to The Cedarwood

Beautiful waterfront location on the Saanich Peninsula • Pet and child friendly Daily, weekly and monthly rates • Long-term parking available Call and ask about our Island ResIdent Rate

The Cedarwood Inn and Suites – Your Home away from Home 9522 Lochside Drive, Sidney, British Columbia 250-656-5551 • 877-656-5551 • www.thecedarwood.ca




Seaside Times – Our Community LAN



















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t or ap





. St


7 th .









t tS



. Pl






















A W. S



















Tourist Information M Museum






to VI




















R. E D














Map by: John Webber





















Map by: John Webber pacificsafety@shaw.ca

JUNE 2010


Seaside Times Advertiser Directory Accommodation Brentwood Bay Lodge (21)

849 Verdier Ave. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-544-2079 1-888-544-2079 www.brentwoodbaylodge.com

Cedarwood Inn & Suites (58)

9522 Lochside Dr., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5551 1-877-656-5551 www.thecedarwood.ca

Cougar’s Crag Extreme B&B (11)

1155 Woodley Ghyll Dr., Victoria, B.C. 250-478-8993, 1-888-808-2724 www.cougarscrag.com

Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa (12)

9805 Seaport Pl., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-9797 www.sidneypier.com

Arts, Media & Entertainment British Columbia Aviation Museum (41)

1910 Norseman Rd., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-3300, www.bcam.net

Community Arts Centre (5)

9565 5th St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-7400, www.cacsp.com

Mary Winspear Centre (54)

2243 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-0275, www.marywinspear.ca

Media One Multimedia, Inc. (54)

201-2612 Bridge St., Victoria, B.C. 250-472-6663 www.mediaonemultimedia.com

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre (42)

9811 Seaport Pl., Sidney, B.C. 250-665-7511, www.oceandiscovery.ca

Fashion & Beauty d.g. bremner & co. (26)

2449 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-654-0534

440-777 Royal Oak Dr., Victoria, B.C. 250-744-5791

Genesis Hair & Esthetics (52)

2142 Keating X Rd., Saanichton, B.C. 250-652-3211, www.genesishair.ca

Haven Spa (12)

Sidney Pier Hotel 9805 Seaport Pl., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-9797 www.sidneypier.com

Mark’s Work Wearhouse (37)

9764 5th St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-1970

Marmalade Tart Boutique (8,38)

2378B Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 778-426-3356 www.marmaladetart.com

Salon J Hairstudios (29)

101-2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-9111, www.salonj.ca

Smashin Fashin (62)

9774 Third St., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-9558 www.smashinfashin.ca

Waterlily Shoes Ltd. (37)

103-2537 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5606

Pauline Olesen Fused Glass Art & Jewelry (30)

250-655-4812, www.paulineolesen.com

Westcoast Wood Designs (42)

9851 Seaport Pl., Sidney, B.C. 250-665-7646 www.westcoastwooddesigns.com

Restaurants & Cafés Bistro Muse (24)

11195 Chalet Rd.., North Saanich, B.C. 250-656-2552, www.musewinery.ca

Bistro Suisse (29)

2470 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5353

Home & Garden Décor

Cameron Rose (18)

Breadstuffs Bakery (50)

Connie McInnis Interior Designer (28)

Brentwood Bay Lodge (21)

Doyle & Bond Home and Garden (17)

Fresh Cup Roastery Café (44)

2447 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-8782, www.cameronrose.ca 250-652-5584, 250-920-6580 conniemcinnisdesigns@shaw.ca www.conniemcinnis.com 6666 West Saanich Rd. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 778-426-4436 www.doyleandbond.ca

Elk Lake Garden Centre (52)

5450 Pat Bay Hwy., Victoria, B.C. 250-658-8812

Flush Bathroom Essentials (26)

102-2537 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-7732 www.FlushBath.ca

In Touch Cards & Gifts (38)

2449B Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-4316

Knickerbocker’s Unique Home Accessories & Gifts (13,35,36)

12-7103 West Saanich Rd. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-544-8211 www.knickerbockers.ca

Moodyville Collectibles (42)

822 Verdier Ave., Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-544-8181

Muffet & Louisa (35)

2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-0011

1437 Store St., Victoria, B.C. 250-382-3201

One Stop Furniture Shop (9)

9819 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-SHOP www.1stopfurniture.ca

1191 Verdier Ave., Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-652-5162 849 Verdier Ave., Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-544-2079, 1-888-544-2079 www.brentwoodbaylodge.com

102-2360 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5668

104-1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. Saanichton, B.C. 250-652-5678 www.freshcup.ca

Saanich Roadhouse (10)

5285 West Saanich Rd. Victoria, B.C. 250-479-6612

Smitty’s Family Restaurant (44)

2302 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-2423, www.smittys.ca

The Roost (47)

9100 East Saanich Rd., North Saanich, B.C. 250-655-0075, www.roostfarmcentre.com

Zanzibar (38)

7120 West Saanich Rd., Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-652-1228

Medical, Professional & Legal Services Beacon Cat Hospital (43)

9711 A - Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5568 www.beaconcatvet.infovet.com

CJ (Kip) Wilson (16)

#6-7855 East Saanich Rd., Saanichton, B.C. 250-544-0727

Fine Dentistry Dr. Ian Boyd (33) 101-9840 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C.

250-656-7553, www.finedentistry.ca

First Memorial Funeral Services (50)

4725 Falaise Dr., Victoria, B.C. 250-658-5244 www.firstmemorialfuneral.com

Hear Central Saanich (48)

7159A West Saanich Rd., Brentwood Bay, B.C. 778-426-4876

Invis (Hein Moes) (51)

250-812-3548, www.heinmoesmortgages.com

Shields Harney Legal Counsel (25)

6th Floor, 844 Courtney St., Victoria, B.C. 250-405-7612, www.shieldsharney.com

Simply Cremations (22)

2-2075 Henry Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5555, www.simplycremations.com


Maro Goldsmith Studio (36)

2497 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-0102

MEDIchair (48)

1933 Keating X Rd., Central Saanich, B.C. 250-544-6464

7-9764 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-6228

1856 Quadra St., Victoria, B.C. 250-384-8000 www.victoria.medichair.com

2072 Henry Ave., West Sidney, B.C. 250-655-6454 www.peninsulaministorage.com

Sidney SeniorCare (63) Sidney Senior DayCare (2)

Muse Winery (24)

11195 Chalet Rd.., North Saanich, B.C. 250-656-2552, www.musewinery.ca

Expedia cruiseshipcenters (47)

Orr’s Family Butchers (51)

Merit Travel (52)

Pacific Sales (44)


Red Barn Market (28)

DFH Realty (23)

5550 West Saanich Rd., Saanich, B.C. 250-479-8349

Gordon Hulme Realty Ltd. (50)

751 Vanalman Ave., Victoria, B.C. 250-479-6817 www.redbarnmarket.ca

RE/MAX Camosun (15)

Specialty Shops

1-2353 Bevan Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5441, www.cruiseshipcenters.ca 102-2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-0961, www.meritvacations.com

2395 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-0131, www.dfh.ca 2444 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-4626, www.gordonhulme.com 14-2510 Bevan Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-0608 www.remax-camosun-victoria-bc.com

Bosley’s Pet Food Plus (20)

2353 Bevan Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-6977, www.bosleys.com

Deep Cove Market (56)

10940 West Saanich Rd., North Saanich, B.C. 250-656-2547

7103 West Saanich Rd., Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-652-3751 2189B Keating X Rd., Victoria, B.C. 250-544-6769

Sidney’s Pet Centre (39)

4-9769 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-3314, www.sidneypetcentre.com

Thrifty Foods (19)

9810 Seventh St., Sidney, B.C. 7860 Wallace Dr., Saanichton, B.C. 1-800-667-8280 www.thriftyfoods.ca

Victorian Birdhouse (14)

2428 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5064 www.thevictorianbirdhouse.com

Specialty Services

Gartley Station (46)

Deep Cove Detailing (42)

Community Arts Centre (5)

Driving Miss Daisy (48) 250-507-2336

108-1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. Saanichton, B.C. 250-652-6939, www.gartleystation.com 9565 5th Street, Sidney, B.C. 250-656-7400, www.cacsp.com

Green Village (45)

2388 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-8994, www.greenvillagesidney.com

Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. (17)

2411 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-1233

905 Fort St., Victoria, B.C. 250-385-9786 www.islandblue.com

Lifestyle Markets & Select Stores (20)

9769 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-2326

343 Cook St., Victoria, B.C. 250-381-5450

2950 Douglas St., Victoria, B.C. 250-384-3388 www.lifestylemarkets.com

Peninsula Mini Storage (40)

670 Birch Rd., North Saanich, B.C. 250-655-4808

heather@drivingmissdaisy.net www.drivingmissdaisy.net

GM Contracting Ltd. (47)

250-652-5584, 250-360-7960 gmcontracting@shaw.ca

Jeff Reindl Photography (40) 250-655-0875

9752 Third St., Sidney, B.C. 250-589-0100 or 250-656-7176

Splinters Millworks Inc. (18)

210-2031 Malaview Ave. W., Sidney, B.C. 250-589-8295, www.splintersmillworks.com

Tender Care Nannies & Manpower Services Ltd. (47)

10408 Resthaven Dr., Sidney, B.C. 250-217-2139

Sports, Fitness & Recreation Ardmore Golf Course (50)

930 Ardmore Dr., North Saanich, B.C. 250-656-4621 www.ardmoregolfcourse.com

Body Barn Fitness & Tanning (52)

101-2245 James White Blvd., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-3393 www.thebodybarngym.com

Glen Meadows Golf & Country Club (37)

1050 McTavish Rd., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-3136 www.glenmeadows.bc.ca

Pacifica Paddlesports (38)

789 Saunders Lane, Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-665-7411, www.pacificapaddle.com

Panorama Recreation (49)

1885 Forest Park Dr., North Saanich, B.C. 250-656-7271 www.fitinfitness.ca

Prospect Lake Golf Course (26)

4633 Prospect Lake Rd., Victoria, B.C. 250-479-2688, www.golfprospect.com

Stellar Kayaks & Surf Skis (42)


Laing’s Lock & Key Service Ltd. (6)

Whale Watching

Emerald Sea Adventures (4)


Montessori Educare (36)

Pat Bay Air (34)

Sea Quest Adventures (27)

7925 East Saanich Rd., Saanichton, B.C. 250-881-8666, www.montessorieducare.com Widgeon Dr., North Saanich, B.C. 250-654-0646 www.patbayair.com

9807 Seaport Pl., Sidney, B.C. 250-893-6722 www.emeraldsea.ca

105-2537 Beacon Ave.., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-9256 www.seaquestadventures.com

last wo r d

Family Dynamics

her (now husband) Scott Wood!

Those of you who read my Last Word every month may remember that in the October issue I wrote about my mom’s wedding to Jim Galloway. Well, this past month was another cause for celebration in my family as my sister Kathryn married

The wedding took place at Dreams Resort in Puerto Vallarta and involved over 40 of my sister and Scott’s family and friends staying at the all-inclusive resort for a week. It was a great vacation in a spectacular setting and the beautiful wedding on the beach was the “icing on the cake.” It was so wonderful to stand beside my sister as she married the man she loves and be able to welcome Scott to my family. One thing that could have thrown a wrench in the whole thing, however, were the family dynamics involved. As we all know, “blended families” seem to be the norm now, and

that was definitely the case on this trip to Mexico. My mom and dad separated about eight years ago, and let’s just say the divorce wasn’t exactly amicable. My dad was there with his new wife Jennifer, and of course my mom was there with Jim. Scott’s mom Gwen and dad Terry divorced when he was little, and Gwen was there with her boyfriend George. Needless to say, we were all a little worried about how everybody would get along, but luckily everyone seemed to keep in mind the most important thing – the bride and groom’s happiness – and the week went off without a hitch. Congratulations Kathryn and Scott Wood! * * * * * * * Last month I announced the departure of Jennifer Bowles as food writer for Seaside Times due to a conflict with her new job. Luckily for us, the conflict has been resolved and Jennifer is back this month (and every month) with her great Island Dish column. Check it out on page 36 of this month’s issue! In last month’s article “Seniors Rave About Race Walking,” several quotes that were attributed to June were actually courtesy of www.boomerwalk.com. My apologies to Brent Bohlen. Editor-in-Chief

Come Help Us Celebrate Our First Year! SmaShin FaShin anniverSary Celebration


June 5th – Fun StartS at 10 & GoeS all Day! Food, Drink, Presents & Fun!!! Wear Your “Smashin” Outfit & Enter to Win a Pair of Yoga Jeans (value $110.00) Meet First Nations Jewelry Artist Val Lancaster

Monday - Friday 9:30-5, Saturdays 11-5 Now Open Sundays 12:00-5:00

9774 Third St., Sidney, BC • 250-655-9558 • www.smashinfashin.ca 62



JUNE 2010

Sidney SeniorCare helps you live life on YOUR terms by promoting independence within the comfort of your own home environment. Our caring in-home support staff will help you get things done with grace and dignity so that your daily routine is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Come see our NEW Seniors DayCare facility located right next door.

Little things mean a lot. IN-HOME SUPPORT ‘ Personal care ‘ Meal preparation & clean-up ‘ Shopping (for you or with you) ‘ Transportation ‘ Companionship & respite care ‘ Walks & customized outings ‘ Indoor housekeeping & maintenance ‘ Outdoor maintenance & odd jobs ‘ Laundry, ironing, mending & sewing

Flexible hours to suit your individual needs, with service available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

(250) 589-0010 or (250) 656 -7176 9752 Third St.

The Peninsula’s Best Open Air Market

‘EvErything FrEsh’


• Free Parking • Live Music • Free Admission 1528 Stelly’s X Road (Saanich Fairgrounds)

Ever y Saturday

June 5th – Oct. 9th

9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Community Partners : WEST COAST CULTURE


Unique Home Accessories & Gifts


Private Condos for Perfect Holidays Vancouver Island and Mexico

Call to Book Vendor Space 250-216-0521 Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is a local Saanich Peninsula accounting firm which provides: •

Personal & Corporate Income Tax

Bookkeeping/ Payroll/ Bill paying

Financial Statements

Consulting & New Business Advisory

Construction Specialists

Profile for Seaside Magazine

Seaside Times June 2010 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...

Seaside Times June 2010 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...