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T his M onth May 2010


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Cover: Botanical Beach Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, by Adam Blakesley.

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Where Does The Time Go?

I wonder if there will ever be enough time to see all the beauty that surrounds us here.

about it, an eternity. How is it that I have been back for two years, or 24 months or 104 weeks or 730 days or 17,520 hours yet I feel like I just got here?

They say time can pass you by, but how does that work? I often find myself saying I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. Sometimes other people waste my time and I’m sure I sometimes waste other people’s time. If it’s my time, then I should be able to spend it the way I want to on the things that matter to me but if I waste it, where does it go and how can I get it back?

When I first got back to the Island I was concerned that over time I would stop seeing the beauty of the Peninsula and the Gulf Islands. I thought I would have had enough time by now to see almost everything there is to see here. I felt like I had more than enough time to do everything. It’s been two years since I moved back to Vancouver Island: the place where I was born and the place that, as a teenager, I couldn’t wait to leave because I had no use for it. Time is a funny thing: it can feel like a moment or, depending how you think

Lately I have been feeling like time is moving too fast and I’ll never be able to see, do and fully appreciate all the things Vancouver Island has to offer. I stopped wearing a watch many years ago because I felt like time moved too slow for me … maybe I should start wearing one again, and have proof that there’s still plenty of time in every day?

But here’s the good news: two years later and I’m still in awe of the Peninsula. In fact, I see more beauty around me today than I did when I first arrived. I still stop and find myself looking at (and really seeing) some wildlife, a wave crashing, a volcano on the horizon or a field full of daffodils ready to be picked. Now

Tim Flater



Goldsmith Studio Professional German Gold and Silversmith


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Tasting Room & Wine Shop Bacchus Room for Special Events Open 11-5 Tuesday - Sunday Lunch served Thursday - Sunday 11195 Chalet Road, North Saanich 250-656-2552 • www.musewinery.ca 4


Jewellery Repairs Custom Work & Redesigning *All work done on premises*

2497 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C.

250-655-0102 www.seasidetimes.ca

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A Letter to the Community “Farmland should be saved for farming.” We couldn’t agree more! My name is Ryan Vantreight. I am a young father, local farmer and a proud member of the community of Central Saanich. What we want most of all is to continue the farming tradition that has been in my family for five generations – to explore and implement exciting, innovative ways of farming and to connect our farm, the flowers and, most importantly, the food

Hill Project is not successful, then the only other option in the business plan is to sell our arable farmland piece by piece. The landscape will inevitably be changed forever and the future agricultural use of that land for food production will be uncertain and impossible to control. Selling the farm has never been our goal and is what we have been trying to avoid for over five years. This is, and always has been, about keeping the farm together so we can continue to farm it. At a CRD meeting I attended on January 27th, I said to the committee: “Our hearts are in the land and our futures are staked in it.” And I meant it. My heart is in this land, and I long for a time when I can stop worrying about the very existence of the farm and simply farm it.

The community wants and needs “farms, and I am a farmer ready and willing.” ~ Ryan Vantreight

it produces directly to the community in which we live. We want our farm to thrive, we want to work hard, and, personally, I want to be able to pass a successful farming operation to my children, if one day they want to be farmers too. That is my motivation every day, from sunup to sundown. At the present moment, our future is uncertain. Five years ago my father and my uncle had a very long and very public dispute about ownership and the future of the farm that ended in the courts ruling the farm to be sold in its entirety, piece by piece. If my father and I were not completely committed to the continuation of our farming tradition, we could have given up at that point, allowed the land to be sold and the farm would not exist today.

Thankfully, a deal was reached to buy my uncle’s share and the land was mortgaged in order to preserve the farm as a whole. We knew then, as we know now, that this deal left us with only two choices in the business plan: to sell land or to sell land. The only question has been which land to sell in order to continue the farm and satisfy the debt. Our goal has always been to sell land that is not arable, that is not farmable and that is not in the ALR in order to preserve the land base we currently farm today. So we focused our efforts on The Hill Project, which achieves all of these goals. What some members of the community may not realize is that if the

We have so many innovative ideas and plans for the future that will connect

the farm and the community even further. We hope to continue to positively contribute to our community and local economy through our ever-expanding local food programs and environmental initiatives, such as the use of anaerobic digesters to create heat and power for the farm and community. The community wants and needs farms, and I am a farmer ready and willing. Our goal is to preserve our farmland for farming purposes – in this sense, I believe we want the same thing the community wants. So my question to the community is this: How can we come closer together on this issue to meet our mutual needs and keep this family farm intact? If you want to learn more about Vantreight Farms and our Hill Project please visit www.daffodil.com, www. virm.ca or contact Ian or myself directly at 250-652-7777. Sincerely, Ryan Vantreight

e M eRald sea advent UR es W h a l e W at c h i n g : : W i l d l i f e t o u r s

Suzanne Huot photo

l oc ation Has i ts advantages!

Closest to Killer Whale Travelling Routes Beside the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre Just minutes from Butchart Gardens,Victoria International Airport, the B.C. and Washington State Ferries and Downtown Victoria At the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa – 9807 Seaport Place, Sidney 250.893.6722 or toll free 1.888.620.6722 :: www.emeraldsea.ca www.seasidetimes.ca

may 2010



Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live

very week, two or more men on Vancouver Island die, victims of prostate cancer. If there is a family history, the risk increases by 50 percent. In 2009, it was estimated that 775 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer on Vancouver Island and 116 of those men died from the disease.

survived. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer threat to Canadian men. It will afflict one in six men in their lifetimes. An estimated one million Canadian men have this life-threatening disease, but 800,000 of them do not yet know they have it. If the disease is detected in its early stages, it has a survival rate of 90 percent.

Greater Victoria is revving up for the first-ever Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live in support of Prostate Cancer research and education in Victoria, B.C. on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 starting at Ogden Point with a Motorcycle Poker Run from Victoria to Sidney and ending with an outdoor BBQ at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney.

The real tragedy, however, lies in the fact that if this disease had been detected earlier, these men could have

We need your support to help reduce the number of men who die from this disease on Vancouver Island.

This year’s special guest rider is former NHL player Geoff Courtnall. We are looking for community-minded companies to help defray the costs of organizing this annual event. The Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live and The Prostate Centre have joined forces in the fight against Prostate Cancer on Vancouver Island. The Prostate Centre has a stellar history in supporting Prostate Cancer research, awareness, support and education in B.C. One of the benefits of our two organizations working together is that we can operate our event at significantly less cost, resulting in more money being available for Prostate Cancer research, education, awareness and support in our province. In addition, the release of the donations will be on a timelier basis – with all funds being released by September, also known as Prostate Cancer month, and under the scrutiny of an accredited granting committee. Our volunteer committees and numerous corporate sponsors are committed to maximizing our fundraising dollars and feel that all donations should be spent in the most efficient and effective manner possible given the options available to us here in British Columbia. We are also strong believers that all the funds raised in B.C. should remain in B.C. We hope that we can count on your support to make a difference in the numbers of victims of Prostate Cancer on Vancouver Island. For more information or sponsorship donations, please contact one of the following sponsor coordinators: Markus Anastasiades (markus.ridetolive@gmail. com), Brad Meyer (brad.ridetolive@gmail. com) or Bob Foord (bwf47@shaw.ca). If more isn’t done to alert men to the need to be tested and treated, the cycle will continue and two more men will die this week.




may 2010

Best Western Emerald Isle Celebrates 25 Years

Butchart Gardens and now the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre – is outstanding. For travelers who don’t want the hustle and bustle of the big city downtown, Sidney-by-the-Sea is a sanctuary. They are walking distance to all the book shops, gift and specialty shops and coffee houses this charming town has to offer.


he Best Western Emerald Isle Motor Inn has come a long way in its 25 years. Starting out as an independent hotel with one building and only 44 rooms, it has now grown to 65 rooms, two buildings and a long and successful association with the worldwide membership of Best Western – the world’s largest hotel chain. “Our Team works together to create extraordinary guest experiences,” says General Manager Thaylin Parrish. “The secret of our success is our long term staff.” Many have been around since the beginning in the late ’80s

“We hear it over and over: Guests kind of stumble into Sidney, and find they absolutely love it. Some of them return from prairie provinces for months at a time – they are our winter snowbirds,” says Parrish. including Parrish, who started as a housekeeper at age eighteen. “Our many repeat guests: airlines, corporate and business travelers and families on vacation, can all feel the difference a caring atmosphere creates. Our guests are welcomed home whether they have stayed here before or not,” adds Parrish. The Best Western Emerald Isle is proud to consistently score in the top 20 percent of all Best Westerns in North America for customer care and customer satisfaction. The location – so close to the airport, B.C. and Washington State Ferries,

Sidney-by-the-Sea: Closest Best Western to Butchart Gardens


Ferry Terminal WAIN



Tsehum ST Harbour H


• 5 minutes from BC Ferries, • Licensed Family Restaurant Washington State Ferries & on site Victoria Int’l. Airport • 7 Blocks from Shaw Ocean • Easy 25 minute drive to Discovery Centre downtown Victoria • Pet Friendly - Fee - Some • Whirlpool, Sauna and restrictions apply Fitness Equipment

Patricia 17A MILLS Bay

BW Emerald Isle Motor Inn

BEACON To Victoria

Best Western Emerald Isle Motor Inn 2306 Beacon Avenue Sidney, BC V8L 1X2 (250) 656-4441

1.800.315.3377 | bwemeraldisle.com Each Best Western® Hotel is independently owned and operated. Best Western and the Best Western marks are service marks or registered service marks of Best Western International, Inc. ©2009 Best Western International, Inc. All rights reserved.




Constantly upgrading and evolving is also high on the list of tools to keep customers satisfied and intrigued and wanting to return. “In the last two years we’ve replaced 75 percent of the furniture, all beds, all artwork, all lighting, upgraded the fitness equipment, added a triple sheet bedding package and new hallway lighting,” Parrish explains. “Steps we’ve taken toward power conservation, recycling and other environmental decisions have helped us achieve Green Key Certification from the Hotel Association of Canada.” Exciting plans are in the near future: conversion of empty commercial space to a meeting room for business clients and the community, more flat screen televisions to complete all rooms and further upgrades to the guest room bathrooms. “You can pour money into any property and call it upscale, but true hospitality will always be the benchmark of success. Our long-term staff are proud to be part of the Best Western Family and truly enjoy what they do – and it shows,” notes Parrish. The grounds look top-notch year round – the staff at Emerald Isle knows how important curb appeal is and are proud to have such a beautiful space so conveniently located in the centre of Sidney-by-the-Sea. In April of 2010 the Best Western Emerald Isle and Smitty’s – Sidney celebrate their 25th anniversary!

Many of the staff have been there since day one in 1985 or shortly thereafter, like Linda in the restaurant, Beverley the hotel manager, Karen the restaurant manager, Susan and Tony in the kitchen of Smitty’s and Jean the head housekeeper. This hotel and restaurant are locally owned by a family who cares. They support the community as sponsors for Central Saanich Little League, the Peninsula Panthers Hockey Team, the Victoria R/C modelers Air show for

“We hear it over and over. Guests kind of stumble into Sidney and they absolutely love it. ~ Thaylin Parrish

Santa’s anonymous at Michell’s field, Peninsula Celebrations Society, several events a year at the Mary Winspear Centre – they even brought the Best Western Retired NASCAR Show Car to the Sidney Days Parade in 2009! Congratulations on 25 successful years in the community to the Best Western Emerald Isle Motor Inn and Smitty’s – Sidney!

…Sidney’s Best Kept Secret ONE STOP FURNITURE SHOP 9819 Fifth Street 250-655-SHOP www.1stopfurniture.ca www.seasidetimes.ca

may 2010


w renderin gs

Bird House Basics by Jennifer Hill

Did you know that there are 42 species of birds in our area that nest in a hole in a tree as opposed to building a nest on a tree branch? Unfortunately for them, holes are in limited supply and the competition for occupancy is fierce. Luckily, however, some of the cavity nesters can be easily enticed to take up residence in a man-made birdhouse rather than in an old snag in the backwoods. It is now the time of the year to get the nesting boxes out and to put up a “vacancy” sign. The mating season is in full swing!

tion” is of prime consideration. For birds to feel secure enough to set up housekeeping, the nest box must be placed where cats and/or other predators cannot molest them. Morning sun is crucial to heat the box after a cool night, so a south or southeast exposure is best, ideally away from the prevailing wind.

The Victorian Bird House

The birdhouse should be firmly attached to a tree, a post, or to the side of a building to prevent it from swinging in the breeze, and, finally, to encourage nesting behaviour, you could put out nesting materials: string, yarn, wool, or dental floss (one to three inches in length); stuffing from old mattresses; cat, dog or human hair; feathers; bristles from old paint brushes and dried grasses are all highly prized. Remember, though, that nesting materials should never be placed in or on a nesting box as the birds may falsely assume that the box has been leased. A clean wire suet cage makes an ideal container for nesting materials.

Supplier of Bird Houses & Nesting Materials For Our Feathered Friends

One final point: Since mother birds will not only be trying to get adequate nourishment for themselves but also for the newborns, and since natural seed is in short supply given the fact that birds have been devouring it all winter, it is critical to feed the birds through the spring and into the summer. In my mind, the joy of seeing the nestlings with their heads sticking out the birdhouse, their mouths gaping, is only surpassed by seeing the fledglings leave the nest and being fed by their parents at the bird feeder.

To increase the likelihood that a bird will take up residence in your backyard, certain criteria must be met. Just like humans, birds are fussy –they want a house of a certain size and with a proper-sized doorway (please contact me by email and I will send you a chart of proper house/ hole sizes for specific birds), made from suitable materials (i.e., wood not metal), and with all the right amenities (e.g., proper ventilation, adequate drainage, sufficient roof overhang, unpainted inside walls, and an inside “ladder” so that the young can get out the door when it is time for them to fledge). Remember, most birds do not need a perch in front of the entrance hole. Perches only permit nuisance birds, such as house sparrows and starlings, to sit outside the house and torment the tenants. Again, just as in the case of humans, “location, location, loca-

Sidney’s Only Wild Bird Store

Photo this page and in advertisement courtesy Stuart Clarke.

Tender Care Nannies & Manpower Services Ltd. Do You Seek affordable, long term, quality care in your home?

Need an agency that listens to what you want?

We Provide

Live in caregivers for the elderly & disabled Housekeepers & Companionship Live in nannies

2428 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, British Columbia 250-656-5064 • www.thevictorianbirdhouse.com 10



Emma Cusi

10408 Resthaven Dr., Sidney, B.C. 250-217-2139 • tcnannies.manpower@yahoo.ca

Sidney Community Health Fair The fourth annual Sidney Health Fair, happening May 29 and 30th, 2010 at the Mary Winspear Centre, will feature an exciting line up of keynote speakers from the best in the health and wellness field including Sam Graci, Greens+ founder; Lorna Vanderhaeghe, author and women’s health expert; fitness guru Brad King; Clive Langton, director of the Raw Food Society of BC; Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, author, educator and naturopathic doctor and Tamara Strijack, a clinical counsellor. The event is presented by the Sidney Integrated Wellness Community Society (SIWC). “The theme for this year’s fair is ‘Back to Basics,’” says Britta Frombach, president and co-founder of the Sidney Integrated Wellness Community Society. “We’ll have something for everyone: advice for healthy living at every age, raw food demonstrations, “storyoga” for kids, a youth area, and we’re adding a local farmer’s market for the first time.” Attendees will be treated to live music provided by inspirational classical guitarist Brad Prevedoros, demonstrations, author book-signings, healthy food options and presentations from health experts. The fair will feature all local businesses and health practitioners, making it a truly community-focused event. Tickets at the door are $7 for adults, $5 for students and seniors and children 12 and under are free. Early bird rates, weekend passes and corporate ticket packages are also available. For tickets, call the Mary Winspear Centre at 250-656-0275 or visit www.sidneyhealthfair.com for a list of vendors throughout Victoria and Sidney. Founded in September 2006, the Sidney Integrated Wellness Community Society (SIWC) is a non-profit health and wellness association with members throughout the Saanich Peninsula. The SIWC serves the Island community using an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to healing. It endorses Islanders who are “working together to create the healthiest community in the world” in traditional and alternative health-care choices.

Let professional tradesmen experienced in all aspects of construction give you the home of your dreams Renovations & Additions • Kitchens & Bathrooms Decks & Patios • Basement Suites • Project Management

Call now to book a free estimate! Greg McInnis Tel: 250-652-5584 Cell: 250-360-7960

Email: gmcontracting@shaw.ca


may 2010


Melinda’s Biscotti – Taste a World of Happiness


Hodgson four years ago, she was supplying six local coffee shops. While she stayed in her day job, Alun visited shops from the Peninsula to Nanaimo and a few in Vancouver and now together they supply almost 100 locations month after month.

istory lesson – biscotti, derived from Latin “bis” which means twice, and “coctum” which became “cotto,” means cooked or baked. Originally made with almonds from the groves of Prato in the Tuscan region of Italy, biscotti were made for the Roman Legions because they would keep for months without spoiling. Now these tasty little treats are available in many forms and flavours and are found everywhere.

They have also added three flavours to the lineup – lemon, chocolate and gingersnap – with more coming. All of this came out of a 240-square-foot bakery.

Although Melinda Cownden didn’t make biscotti for the same reason as the Romans, she wanted a tasty snack for herself and family. Over the next year she played with the recipe, changing it, adding espresso and cranberry to the almond base and working the consistency until it became what she wanted it to be. Her family and friends loved them and they wanted more. With encouragement from a co-worker, Melinda started to bring her biscotti to local coffee shops. Despite working a full-time job she supplied a few customers. Calling for orders on her breaks, baking and delivering after hours and weekends, Melinda knew dreams are built on hard work and determination and today she is so happy that she didn’t quit. When Melinda met Alun

Today, Melinda and Alun have moved into a new facility with a larger bakery and a coffee shop in front equipped with a full espresso bar (The Stockroom Café). While Melinda is up front in the coffee shop, Alun is busy baking and Nicole (Melinda’s daughter) is dipping hundreds of biscotti in rich creamy Swedish chocolate. When you come by the shop you can sample the biscotti flavours before choosing a piece, bag or gift package to take home. If you’re lucky, they might have some of their latest creation on hand, the only known biscotti-dough gelato, a joint venture with Salt Spring Gelato. Now, with plans for growth and expansion, the future is looking bright for B.C.’s newest and best biscotti – the little business that could outgrew the first bakery and they plan to outgrow this one too! Melinda and Alun look forward to greeting you in their new home. Please stop by to visit the bakery and share a hot coffee with them. Pictured: Melinda and her daughter Nicole.

Mother’s Day Gift Boxes Take Home Amazing Fresh Biscotti Today!

Bakery & Stockroom Café

27-2075 Henry Avenue, West Sidney, B.C. 250-896-1964 • www.melindasbiscotti.com 12




Mother’s Day: a Global Phenomenon

n case you think that Mother’s Day is just a huge marketing ploy by florists and greeting card companies, think again. Mother’s Day has morphed into a global phenomenon, celebrated at various times of the year by a veritable United Nations of countries. The vast majority recognize the second Sunday in the month of May as Mother’s Day. A small clutch of countries in Eastern Europe have chosen March 8 for their Mother’s Day celebrations, tying it in with International Women’s Day, which may not be quite as conducive to the delightfully sentimental and personal celebration of individual mothers. In the United Kingdom there’s an ecclesiastical spin, with Mothering Sunday occurring on the fourth Sunday in Lent, usually sometime in March. During the church services on that day carnations or small posies are given to children to hand out to the ladies in the congregation. This also happens in Anglican churches in Canada, so that church going mums can double dip.

by Linda M. Langwith

In France the Fète des Mêres, like Mothering Sunday, is tied to events in the church calendar, and happens on the last Sunday in May or the first Sunday in June if there’s a conflict with the day of Pentecost which occurs 50 days after Easter. The Emperor Napoleon, probably feeling guilty for neglecting his maman while he was busy trying to conquer Europe, wanted a special day to honour mothers, but it wasn’t until 1950 that the French government made Fète des Mêres official. Just like in Canada, cards and flowers are “de rigueur,” with a big family dinner thrown in for good measure. When it comes to celebrating mothers, Mexico really knows how to throw a party: not one but two days are set aside for the event, beginning on the eve of May 9 with the arrival of grown up children to the family home. The next day Mass is held in the churches of Mexico and a free breakfast is given to all mothers followed by the usual cards,

flowers and gifts. With all this fuss mums should realize just how special they are to their families. Some Arab countries celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21 to coincide with the arrival of spring, while Norway is quite unique, choosing the second Sunday in February, perhaps to provide a bright spark in the dark winter. Sometimes the day is selected to honour an individual who exemplifies the special qualities that embody motherhood. Thus Israel remembers Henrietta Szold who risked her life to rescue Jewish children from Nazi Germany. While most mothers don’t have to rise to the challenges and risks faced by Henrietta, in the eyes of their families they are indeed heroines. Who else will bake 200 cookies at the last minute for their kid’s school fundraising project, stay up late to make a Halloween costume, rack up thousands of kilometres on endless field trips, give the best hugs and love you forever?

Marmalade Tart Boutique

Fun, Flirty, Fabulous Fashion!


Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. oPEn SundayS noon - 4 p.m.

2378-B Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC (Look for us in the courtyard)

778-426-3356 • www.marmaladetart.com www.seasidetimes.ca

may 2010



Happy Mother’s Day

Oh, Mamma!

andy Shams is one proud Mamma! She and hubby Sam (locals will recognize these two as the owners of Alexander’s Coffee Shop on Beacon Avenue) have raised a world class Lyric Tenor. At 22 years of age, their son, Sunny – yes, Sunny with a U, is preparing for his second European tour. Sunny began his musical career while attending Parkland Secondary school. At that time, his major interest was jazz. He even went so far as to put together a jazz ensemble which gained quite a following at Herman’s Jazz Club in Victoria. The transition to opera was at the hand of one of his music teachers: “Sunny, I just want you to try this … .” He tried it, he loved it and his audience loved him. Many may remember Sunny’s showcase event at the Charlie White Theatre in 2007. He shared two evenings packed with jazz and opera to raise money for the Sidney-by-the-Sea Rotary Club water-spray park project. The 300-seat theatre was full to capacity on both evenings, captivating the attendees. Since then, while completing his degree in Opera Performance at UBC, Sunny has graced the stages of The Chan Centre, the Orpheum Theatre and Bard on the Beach with the UBC Opera Ensemble. He also performed at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre singing chorus with the Vancouver Opera Association, and has even debuted with the European Music Academy, where he will be returning this summer to sing the lead tenor role of Rodolfo in La Bohème.

7103 WEST SAANICH ROAD BRENTWOOD BAY, BC 250.544.8211 KNICKERBOCKERS.CA JUST 5 MINUTES FROM BUTCHART GARDENS U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507 • © • All rights reserved • P A N D O R A - J E W E L R Y . C O M

KNICKE_3.75x4.925_MDAY.indd 1

3/29/2010 5:02:54 PM

Sunny’s voice is richer and fuller than ever. To quote his number one fan: “I was sitting in the audience, and when he began to sing, I got goose-bumps. Then I thought – Oh, my, that’s MY SON out there on that stage!” Before Sunny leaves for Europe, he will share his talent with the Peninsula on May 7 and May 8 when he’ll be performing his “Tribute to Pavarotti” in the Charlie White Theatre at the Mary Winspear Centre. The acoustics in the theatre are fabulous, the music is wonderful and Sunny’s delivery is sure to be spectacular. Tickets are priced at just $20 each and there’s not a bad seat in the house. You may stop in at the box office or book online: www.marywinspear.ca.

Nothing Says “I Love You Mom”

Sunny is then off on his whirlwind tour, but watch for him when he returns in August. True to the generosity of his nature, Sunny has already booked an evening filled with music upon his return. Once again, he will be singing to help Sidney Rotarians raise funds. This time, funds will go towards development of the North Saanich Free Ride Bike Park (www. freeridebc.com). Keep an eye out for information on Sunny’s return, as those tickets are sure to be a sell-out as well.

Like Treats & Chocolate From

Oh, Sunny, you do make your Mamma proud!


1191 Verdier Ave. Brentwood Bay 250-652-5162 14


You can show Sunny your support, listen to his video recordings and follow him during his travels by becoming a fan of his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ Sunny-Shams/70267406221. By Maria Kirley.


LEED: The Green Standard It seems like everyone is going green these days: hybrid cars are becoming more common and people are becoming more interested in reducing their carbon footprint, buying local food and products and driving more fuel efficient or hybrid vehicles. It is encouraging to see a growing concern for our planet, especially right here on beautiful Vancouver Island. One area of conservation and sustainability that is gaining momentum, but is not commonly discussed, is the “green building.� On the whole, Canadians spend more than 90 percent of their time inside buildings and these structures account for over 35 percent of total primary energy use and roughly 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. They are, therefore, a significant part of our carbon footprint and can be part of the solution. The Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC), founded in late 2002, has developed a certification standard for green buildings called LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental

Design) specifically tailored to the Canadian climate and market. LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by focusing on measurable results and recognizing performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. The result is a building that has lower utility bills, uses less energy and water, is at lower risk for mold and mildew and is generally healthier for the occupants and the surrounding environment. Even if a building is not LEED certified, the comprehensive program provides a framework for sustainable design that can be adopted for any new or existing building. LEED for Homes launched in March 2009, providing the same holistic


approach to sustainable residential buildings. An example of the positive impact the program has had can be found in our own backyard: the OceanVillas luxury waterfront development at Brentwood Bay Lodge is the first multi-unit residential project in Canada designed to LEED for Homes Gold specifications. Just a few of the many green initiatives implemented in their design and construction are: recycling of nearly 100 percent of building material waste, extensive use of recycled materials, green living roofs over all parking structures and low energy HVAC systems. For more information visit www.cagbc. org. To learn more about the OceanVillas luxury oceanfront townhouse development visit www.oceanvillas.ca or head over to Brentwood Bay Lodge to see them for yourself.

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fo r b es & m arsh al l

Celebrity Rehab-Itis by Michael Forbes Forbes & Marshall are the hosts of 98.5 The OCEAN’S popular morning show. They are one of the only married morning show teams in Canada and have two children, Noah and Adam. Join Forbes & Marshall weekday mornings from 5:30 to 10:30 a.m. Ah, to be a celebrity. We want their looks, their power and we envy their love life, not to mention all that cash. Even though some would like to be them, it’s a universal truth that a lot of them have a moral compass that would have you wandering around the forest of betrayal for days. It seems that fooling around is the latest Olympic sport in Hollywood and your ticket back to the path of redemption is Betty Ford for two timers. The man that started the ball rolling was Tiger Woods. He made his triumphant return to golf last month, even though the experts said he wasn’t ready and his wife told him she didn’t approve. Can you blame her? He was back at the scene of the crime. The only difference this time was the well-rehearsed apology and even more time granted to the media to talk about absolutely nothing. This guy made an art out of serial unfaithfulness and threw around hush money like it was confetti. He made Jesse James look like an amateur. His way back to our good graces, he’d



like us to believe, was just a few weeks in a sex rehab clinic. This all got us wondering: where did this term “sex addiction” come from and does it really apply to these guys? We recall first hearing the term “sex addict” years ago when Michael Douglas allegedly entered a posh clinic in 1990.

These men were in seemingly solid relationships and one wonders if that alone is the reason for the label. Did anyone ever call Charlie Sheen a sex addict when he was on Heidi Fleiss’s naughty list? We wonder – if Tiger Woods was not married and had been with 14 women, would he still be calling himself a sex addict? He probably would have been celebrated as a bit of a ladies’ man and got plenty of high fives from his caddy and tour mates. And really, have you seen the website devoted to all of George Clooney’s ex-girlfriends? It took us a half hour to read all the names!

In those days it was something that people snickered about but was seen as just plain weird. Now, more and more famous men are using rehab to save their marriages and themselves from a judgmental public and a scandal starved media. David Duchovny entered rehab a couple of years ago and his wife was satisfied enough with the results to take him back.


The only difference between George and Tiger is that Mr. Clooney ends his relationships before he starts a new one, and he seems pretty normal to most of the world. Our prediction is that publicists will stop advising their clients to go into rehab after stepping out on their partners because they now know that we see right through it as a lame attempt to earn back respectability. So from now on, when we hear the term sex addict attached to some married celebrity, we’ll just refer back to its original name … cheater.

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Saanichton’s Montessori Story by Arlene Antonik

educational system is now known, aims to develop positive learning attitudes and habits in children, especially between three and six years of age when, she determined, they were best able to learn them.


aria Montessori, an Italian physician and distinguished educator, based her teaching methods on the belief that children are born intelligent, curious and creative. She believed that children learn by discovery through the senses in an environment where they feel respected and capable. These principles of learning may seem obvious to us today but were a radical new way of thinking about early childhood education in the early 1900s when Dr. Montessori first began promoting her ideas on how children learn. The Montessori Method, as her

In the prepared environment of a Montessori classroom, childcentered learning stations focus on topics including language, math, science, culture and practical life activities. Courtesy, respect for others and a sense of order are all integral in a Montessori classroom.

“We offer three- or five-day-per-week programs for children from 30 months to five years of age. There’s also an intro-

to be role models and they take this responsibility very seriously. ~ Doreen Wynne

Although Montessori schools have been operating in Victoria for many years, it wasn’t until January 2008 that Montessori Educare opened on the Saanich Peninsula at 7925 East Saanich Road (the Centre for Self Awareness is located on the upper floor). As the name “Educare” implies, the school is a combined preschool and daycare. It is accredited by the Vancouver Island Health Authority and can accom-

tions a r t s i Reg tember p For Se Being Now n Take

Beautiful learning environment

5, 3 and 2 day Preschool All-Day Kindergarten • Summer Play Program 7925 East Saanich Rd., Saanichton • 250-881-8666 montessorieducare@shaw.ca • www.montessorieducare.com SEASIDE  TIMES

Doreen Wynne is the manager/directress and explains that there are three program options available to parents during the school year.

“We encourage the children



modate up to 16 students. The two teachers, Doreen Wynne and Valeria Almeida, are professional educators with specialty training in the Montessori system.


ductory two-day-per-week program on Thursdays and Fridays. Parents appreciate that the school is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and the flexibility this gives them around their work days.” The morning program is held in the bright and spacious main classroom and follows the Montessori curriculum. After a “no garbage” lunch-time (food is placed in containers rather than paper and plastic bags), the children move to the Rainbow Room for imaginative play, story-time, singing and arts and crafts. A separate area is set up for naptime for those wanting – or needing – it! There is also outside playtime in a lovely backyard with lots of play equipment including ride-em and push toys, waterplay toys, a pedal carousel and a garden area for planting flowers and vegetables. In the fall, the students plant tulip bulbs and welcome the multi-coloured flowers in the spring with pride and joy! They were very excited to show the blooms to me when I visited the school recently. “The children become friends and the older ones help out with the younger ones,” noted Doreen, obviously pleased with the social skills of her students. “We encourage them to be

role models and they take this responsibility very seriously.” The school has become a popular choice for local parents and their children – many of whom are already registered to return this September. Parents who would like further information about the upcoming school year are welcome to call the school at 250-881-8666 or visit the website at www.montessorieducare.com. For the first time, the school will be open in July and August for a summer play program. The activities will take a break from the Montessori curriculum; however, the children will experience many of the same joy-of-learning opportunities during their fun-filled time at the school. Maria Montessori believed that childhood is a special time of learning to be celebrated by both the parents and the child. Montessori Educare provides a caring and challenging environment where children – and parents – are amazed at what they discover! Photo: Doreen Wynne (left), Valeria Almeida and their students at Saanichton’s Montessori Educare.

Full Service Hearing Centre Donna M. Stewart, M.A., Aud(C)

• Audiologist with 20 yrs experience • Access to the most advanced hearing aid technology available • Referrals gladly accepted but not required • Locally owned & operated

778-426-4876 • www.hearcentralsaanich.com 7159A West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay, B.C.

Victoria Mother’s Day Tour May 8 & 9 Tickets Available Here

Home and Garden Home and Garden 6666 West Saanich Road Brentwood Bay

Great Selection of Perennials, Peonies & Pots www.seasidetimes.ca

(beside Butterfly Gardens)

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Breakfast at Sidney’s Bistro Suisse: Beyond the Bacon and Eggs, Toast and Coffee Bircher Muesli Invented by Dr. Bircher in 1886. A combination of oatmeal,


honey, yogurt, fresh fruit and nuts. A healthy start to the day with banana bread.

Schweizer Roesti mit Spiegeleier Swiss style potato pancake. Emmenthal cheese and fried eggs. Rye toast.


Corned Beef Hash The way we think corned beef should be. With poached eggs. Rye toast. Chocolate French Toast French toast filled with Nutella and bananas dipped in


Traditional Eggs Benedict 2 poached eggs with Canadian Back Bacon and house made hollandaise sauce.


Add a bratwurst $4.00


chocolate egg dip, pan fried and served with maple syrup.

On an English Muffin with hash browns.

bistro suisse “A Taste of Europe”

Now Serving Breakfast 8-11 am Every Day

Lucien’s Famous Silver Dollar Pancakes Golden brown with blueberry sauce or maple syrup.


Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon Served on an English Muffin with hash browns.


Basler Delight Croissant with creamed mushrooms and Swiss


Chef’s Creative Omelette 3-egg French style omelette, light and fluffy.


Cheese, fried onions, poached eggs and hash browns.

Hash browns, rye toast.

Reservations: 250-656-5353 Lunch 11-2:30

Dinner 5-close

2470 Beacon Avenue 20


All breakfast meals are served with a small side order of fresh fruit salad. Available daily 8 to 11 a.m. www.seasidetimes.ca

A Museum Visit with Sam and Ava by Jean Jordan Many people living here on the Peninsula do not realize what a treasure we have in the Sidney Museum. Fortunately for me, my two youngest grandchildren, Ava, age three and Sam, five, appreciate the Museum and it’s their favourite place to visit when they are spending the day in Sidney. Our first stop on entering is, paradoxically, the last stop near the exit. This is where the rocking horse, definitely the number-one attraction for pre-schoolers, is located. After a few minutes with the children taking turns we proceed to the entrance and go correctly around the displays. When we push the red button at the first historical display we can make the CPR train travel through the mountain tunnels and around sharp bends as it transports passengers and freight to the coast of B.C. Beside the moving train is a large model of a real engine but the children move past quickly as it doesn’t have any moving parts.

throughout the museum showing various goods typical of the decade being depicted. However, to Sam and Ava these are treasure chests. Sam’s heroes are pirates and he knows exactly what will be found in some of the closed chests – gold and jewels, necklaces and coins, gems and even a crown. It’s pirate booty, of course, all ready to be buried on a remote desert isle. One of the museum activities Ava likes best involves dropping a coin in the top of a vertical game board and watching it descend through a maze of alleys and lanes. On one occasion when I didn’t have any change with me she piped up and said, “I have a coin, Grandma” so she was able to have a go after all. Our Sidney Museum has something for everyone. When I go on my own to read the informative displays, I learn about the farms and businesses of 100 years ago and the people who developed the Saanich Peninsula.

Local citizens will recognize many names, for several of our geographical features and streets have been named in their honour. For upcoming displays call 250-6556355 or visit www.sidneymuseum.ca. Do take the time soon to explore our Sidney Museum. It is centrally located at the corner of Fourth and Beacon in the basement of the old Post Office building. Photo courtesy Sandy McElroy.

We also pass quickly through diorama displays which require reading so I will have to come back on my own to get the stories behind the scenes.

Another favourite is the school room. They sit at the old desks, then Ava declares that it’s time for reading. She opens the desk top, takes out an old reader and pretends to read for about 20 seconds while Sam is drawing a picture on the chalkboard. He erases it with the old-style brush so that she can also have a turn. When we come to the wall telephone with the crank handle Sam knows he can pick up the receiver and hear the news of the day. He listens intently for a few minutes before passing the phone to me.

photo by Suzanne Huot

The old-fashioned kitchen is a favourite with Sam and Ava. They like the cosy fire crackling in the stove and the mother cat and kitten sitting close by. Perhaps they like to see the biscuits being rolled out on the table, getting ready to go into the oven – something they don’t smell at my house!

Serving Sidney & the Peninsula For Over 15 Years 105-2357 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C. Just past the traffic circle, on the right

Several steamer trunks are located www.seasidetimes.ca

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News from the Seaside Investigate • Discover • Explore with nature. How does this affect a child’s development?

by Tina Kelly, Ocean Advocate, Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre On March 25th, the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre honoured and commemorated Dr. Bill Austin’s contribution to research, ocean awareness and marine education. In 1991, Bill, a marine biologist and researcher, opened the Marine Ecology Centre in Cowichan Bay. Many years later, it moved to the Port of Sidney where it educated its last visitors in 2009. During its lifetime the Centre inspired and educated countless visitors. During his acceptance speech, Bill touched on what inspired him as a child. Growing up, he enjoyed exploring his local streams and rivers, and was further inspired by a second-grade teacher who took his class birding. On that trip, Bill distinctly remembers seeing his first red breasted grosbeak. While baby boomers and older remember the free natural play of their childhoods, spending hours in the back yard, the forest nearby or camping with the family, children of today experience relatively little of that connection

For All Your Gardening Needs Instant colour – always a great selection Hanging baskets – available Mother’s Day-August Stuffers – make your own planter or hanging basket

Like Bill Austin, author Richard Louv spent hours exploring the forests and farmlands in his home state of Missouri, climbing trees and pretending to be a character from The Jungle Book. In Louv’s book, The Last Child in the Woods, he brings to light the concept of Nature-Deficit Disorder. In this groundbreaking book, Louv talks about the environmental, social, psychological and spiritual implications of children being disconnected from nature. He cites a multitude of studies that indicate a child’s engagement with the natural world may solve many of the ailments children suffer from today. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), depression and obesity are just a few of these. Some researchers believe these ailments have roots in poor childhood development. One study suggests that natural settings “stimulate all the senses and integrate informal play with formal learning” and are essential for healthy childhood development. Yet another researcher notes that our lives are more productive but less inventive. Dreamtime is becoming obsolete and replaced by structured time. Loss of greenspace, safety concerns of parents and the prevalence of television and video games are all factors contributing to the evolution of the denatured generation. When children do venture away from the television or out of the house it may involve safe controlled environments such as museums, aquariums or science centres. Although cultural and educational institutions are hugely important, the value of time outside in the elements of nature shouldn’t be neglected. An irony also exists here. Baby boomers played from dawn to dusk in the greenspace of their backyards and local parks, yet learned little about conservation and environmental causes. Today’s kids know the buzzword “climate change” and their homes have curbside recycling pickup but they have no real personal relationship with the environment they are encouraged to protect. For a future of not only healthy, well developed children but also for the development of strong, creative, passionate stewards of nature and citizen scientists, the children of today need to experience all the great outdoors has to offer.

5450 Pat Bay Hwy. Victoria, B.C. 250-658-8812 • elklake@shaw.ca 22


Spending time with nature does not require traipsing off to the Rockies or scrimping and saving to take the kids to the Great Barrier Reef. Interactions with nature are everywhere and most are free. Give kids a childhood that benefits their future. Put on your gumboots. Slap on a hat. Plant a garden. Explore under logs. Play in the dirt. Try backyard birding. Investigate tidepools. Discover nature. “Unlike television, nature does not steal time; it amplifies it.” ~ The Last Child in the Woods.


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Let’s Mango

Thrifty Foods Sidney 9810 Seventh Avenue, Sidney 250 656 0946 Thrifty Foods Central Saanich 7860 Wallace Drive, Saanichton 250 544 0980

Sidney & Central Saanich

Customer Service • 250 544 1234 • visit thriftyfoods.com

Dave’s Dog Days of Spring Package Escape to the good life starting at $159 per night for two*. Receive special house made welcome treats from Dave, our canine Lobby Ambassador and receive a $50 credit for Haro’s Restaurant** or Haven Spa. *Valid until May 16, 2010, **Valid for food only, after 5pm.

The Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Key Eco-Rating Program has awarded The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa 4 Green Keys.

Piercall MYM Ad9445 - Seaside Times For Sidney information 250 655 or toll free 1 866May2010 659 9445 • 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney www.sidneypier.com Size: 3.75” (w) x 4.925” (h) • Rough 1 • April 08/10

fresh flavours, casual comfort, genuine service


meet YOUR




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Meet the people who make the food & drink we love! Spend an informal hour in Haro’s sipping


and savouring the best the island has to offer – the food, potables AND the chin wagging are



complimentary! Meet the makers of Sea Cider,


Moonstruck Cheese, Muse Wines and Phillips Beer to name a few! Call 250-655-9797 To book your appointment today Monday thru Saturday 9am-6pm We are located in the Sidney Pier Hotel 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC


Meet Your Maker is every second Monday in Haro’s from 5:30pm. Call us for more detail or visit our website for the complete schedule.

Phone: 250.655.9700 • www.sidneypier.com



* Respects the potential of lipids and essential amino acids of natural hair.


Peninsula Country Market – Nicholas Farm by Patrick Bartle “Planted, Pruned, Picked and Packed by the Bartles.” If you have been to the Peninsula Country Market, you might well know the fresh blueberries that are grown two miles away at Nicholas Farm. If you haven’t been to the market, now is the time to come out and find local farm produce and crafts while enjoying live music and the rural atmosphere. Of course, come and check out the Nicholas Farm stand and try those blueberries! Nicholas Farm is a family-run farm in Central Saanich. Today, Patrick and Emma Bartle are continuing the work started by Patrick’s parents in 1996 – growing blueberries and selling them from their farm stand and at the market. Since 2008 strawberries, and in 2009 raspberries, have also been added to the tasty fruit grown on the farm. At the market strawberries seem to fly off the table and demand outstripped production last year.

This year two high tunnels were planted with strawberries in early

March and two more plots were planted outdoors. The hope is to have strawberries from late spring until October. Despite rainy weather, berries can be harvested in the dry of the high tunnels come late summer. With the mild winter and early spring, all crops are well on their way to an earlier harvest than in the past few years. However, Nicholas Farm isn’t just about plants and berries – it’s really about people. It’s about the vision of a local food production brought to life


with the hard efforts of two generations of Bartles and it’s about the local farmers who have helped with equipment needs and growing experience. It’s about the passers-by on Oldfield Road who turn up the short Nicholas Road to the farm stand, sharing in the bounty of nature and supporting the work of the farmer. It’s about the people circling the country market looking for the blueberries and meeting us at our stall year after year, ready to fill their freezers and enjoy the day’s fresh pick. It’s about our Island and our food, the people that live here and those who will. So come out and find the local food producers, whether they make pies, perogies, bread or berries. Try some homemade jam, jelly, honey or juice. Find some unique pottery or knitting, flowers or dog biscuits. It’s all at the Peninsula Country Market every Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. from June 5 – October 9th.

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A Driver’s Dilemma

y name is Myna. I am a 77-year-old widow and my driver’s license is due for renewal next month. Here I sit – trying to get my head around serious issues I knew would be knocking at my door sometime in my senior years. The whole question of when a senior is “too old” to be driving is a nasty one and now the shoes are on my feet. I have always prided myself on being a good driver, in fact, for 61 years now! So how do I know when the right time is to call it quits? I am known to be quite rational about decisions I make in my life, so let me look at my driving situation as objectively as I can. I am in good physical condition – no serious knee or hip problems that make it difficult for me to move my foot between accelerator and brake. (How DOES Harry Jones keep going with his car? He walks as slow as a snail and

We Can Assist You… • Shopping, Medical & Dental Appointments • Social Functions, Home Support, Airport Service • Vacations & much more!

…Ride With a Friend CONTACT US TODAY! Heather Thurston, Owner/Operator Sidney/Saanich Peninsula




www.drivingmissdaisy.net 26


by Heather Thurston

says his knees are so painful he takes prescription pain pills – he REALLY shouldn’t be driving!) But – I digress, this is not about Harry! I have been told by my ophthalmologist that I am beginning some macular degeneration, and I know my vision seems to have changed a bit recently. I hope the medication works, but that will be one big factor if deterioration continues. I have been avoiding driving at night if I don’t have to – the glare of the wet black pavement and those oncoming car lights have definitely made me feel more nervous lately. I’m convinced they’re making headlights brighter than they used to! My granddaughter has been telling me that I am not shoulder checking enough when I drive (I sure have never wanted to rely on those side mirrors) but that might just be because she’s young and just thinks I am too old to be driving. I have noticed my daughter has wanted to take her car whenever we go together somewhere instead of us sharing the driving like we used to. I wonder what that’s all about? Is she trying to tell me she doesn’t feel safe with me? Apparently, as I age, my reflexes will slow down and I may not be able to respond to a sudden hazard as quickly when I am driving – how do I know when that has happened? I know I am much more conscious of the speed on these busy highways and now use much more caution by driving a lot slower than I used to – even though I get nasty looks and sometimes honked at when those speedy folks think I am holding them up – why such a hurry these days? So, where am I in all of this? Should I renew my license? My car is nearly ready to trade in and I should be thinking of another one soon. But they cost so much these days! Do I really want to go through all those payments again? I wonder how much I could save www.seasidetimes.ca

this year if I didn’t buy a new car, didn’t have the cost of registration and license, had no maintenance and repair bills, and did not have to pay over a dollar per litre for gas all the time … jeepers – that must really add up! But what if I could no longer drive? There goes my independence! I just love being able to get in my car and go whenever and wherever I want, and even my friends depend on me picking them up for shopping or just a nice drive on a summer day. What would I do instead? Presently, I don’t live near a bus stop and I really don’t like the idea of having to take a bus everywhere. What if I want to go where a bus does not? Would I have to move? There are always cabs, but that means having to wait and wonder if they’re going to arrive on time and my friends that use them say they have a different driver almost every trip. I don’t qualify for the handicapped service and the half-price fare for taxis is based on that, I think. Besides, when I do get in my car, I like to be able to do several errands in one outing. I guess the next best thing is to have my own chauffeur – but who can afford that? Wait a minute…I read not long ago about a new service in town called “Driving Miss Daisy.” It is a franchise that started in Alberta and is now on the Island. They charge an hourly fee and help seniors with parcels, stay with them for appointments if needed – I could do several things in one trip – all with the same person each time. I feel like my decision may be a bit easier now – I could still come and go when I wish and even have help along the way when I need it. I almost feel the relief of not having to drive on those busy streets. I think I will give Driving Miss Daisy® a call and “Ride with a Friend.” may 2010

The Real esTaTe MaRkeT Is heaTIng Up … so aRe The MoRTgage RaTes!

Call us today for details 250-656-2222 Pam Pettigrew Mortgage Broker 250-415-3309

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Since 1928, White Spot has been committed to supporting our communities and providing great tasting dishes using only fresh, high quality ingredients. From our award-winning Triple “O” burgers served with our signature fries, to our fresh salads, Canada AAA steaks, pastas and stir-frys, there’s truly something on the menu for everyone. Oh, and the little mates will love our Pirate Pak – a complete kid’s meal served in a fun cardboard boat. We look forward to seeing you soon. www.whitespot.com

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An Orderly Bath 250-655-7732

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Specializing in: • Residential Keyless Entry • Residential, Commercial, Strata & Condo Security • ABLOY high security locks & keys

Jim Laing – 250-652-2923

Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is a local Saanich Peninsula accounting firm which provides: • • • • •

call us: 250-652-7845 102-7851 east saanich road www.peggyyelland.com saanichton, b.c. v8m 2b4


BIGMOVE TIME TO EXPAND ! Muffet & Louisa is moving to the landmark building, our new store opens June 1st ! Victoria, 1437 Store St. 250 382-3201 Sidney 2506 Beacon Ave. 250 656-0011

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Did You Know … At Spelt’s Coffee Shop we serve level ground coffee because: • Level Ground pays an average of 26% above “Fair Trade” price to the farmers. This directly supports the pickers and their families by offering scholarships, medical insurance and clothing by being“hands on”in the communities the coffee is grown in. Because of this, the best quality beans are reserved for us to serve to you! • Our coffee is air-roasted in small batches right here in Saanichton – since 1997. • The coffee is roasted-to-order to provide maximum freshness for us to serve.

www.levelground.com Come on in and try the new lineup of full bodied fresh coffee (served in compostable ecotainers) and let us put a smile on your face!

Learning Africa – Part II by Derek Peach Continued from the April issue of Seaside Times. If you arrive early at the school in rural Tanzania, you will find students washing floors and sweeping paths under the eyes of a monitor. They will be working steadily, silently and without complaint, the workers invariably girls while the monitors, each tapping a swagger-stick switch, are boys.

at the corner of Wallace Drive & East Saanich Road

Rural Tanzanian schoolchildren may have a morning meal provided, perhaps the only meal they receive each day. The ugali (oo-gal-ee), a slice of thick rice porridge with some beans, is the product of the school farm or shamba which is tended by the schoolchildren, and their supply list includes “one hoe” for that purpose. Teachers are also served a meal of ugali or rice and vegetables. All wash, eat with their hands and wash again.

MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL Receive a special treat for Mom with a purchase of gift certificate. While quantities last Drop by or call to arrange your gift for Mom! Call 250.655.7070 | www.oceanpalmspa.com 207 - 2537 Beacon Avenue Sidney BC Canada V8L 1Y3 30


Moshi was a wonderful teacher, and her energy came from some deep well of pragmatism and compassion. Her youngsters had a difficult course, learning in their second language of Kiswahili while studying English. Attendance has been steadily rising in Tanzania, but building has not kept pace so schools are badly overcrowded. We accompanied Sidney residents Chris and Catriona Harker, safari managers and CHES* agents who brought textbooks and letters from Canadian schoolchildren, and the delight was percolating in the room like magic. Moshi’s concrete-floored, brick classroom held close to 70 elementary-aged youngsters on benches at table-desks, many there only because of CHES sponsorship. Her kids sang and asked questions about Canada, but their eyes kept going to the books and letters. Later, Beverly and I distributed texts we had bought with money our friends had donated. Purchased in Arusha as products of African educators and African publishers, they were bought for a fraction of their western world cost. I had never been hugged for passing out textbooks before but


Unique Designs For Every Lifestyle

when we gave over three geography books, the teacher embraced us in gratitude. Until then, her teaching materials had consisted of what she could remember from her own studies. She knew about these texts, but had never been able to afford one. Some parts of Tanzanian politics are uncomfortably reminiscent of Canadian models. This one, recounted by a headmaster, has always resonated with colleagues: “I arrived in the village and went to the local council to introduce myself. I showed them my letter of authorization and asked where I might find the school. They replied that they thought they might build one on a piece of land nearby. They raised the money and we found materials and I became a builder. When the school was finished, I went around enrolling students. That first year I had over 100 students in my class, but by the next year I was able to hire another staff member.”

2C - 9851 Seaport Place, Sidney, B.C. T: 250.656.2224 • F: 250.656.2279

Imagine a system that would license a head teacher and send him out to take charge of a school that hadn’t been built yet but would be funded by a community council raising the money and supplying the labour. Imagine declaring government ownership of a nation’s commons, whether forest or field, and then selling it to corporations for exploitation. Imagine arresting any indigenous peoples who continued to hunt or graze their animals on those lands. Imagine selling off public assets and services to foreign corporations and then using tax revenue to rent those buildings and to buy back those services for citizens. Wherever we lose our perspective, our awareness of values, then mischief enters. It will allow profit to supercede public welfare and political survival to replace service, whether in Tanzania or Canada. Thankfully, in both countries there are also so many teachers like Moshi.

Fashionable Women’s Shoes With Interchangeable Tops 100s to Choose From • The Perfect Travel Shoe Change Your Look With a Snap!

*CHES is the Canadian Harambe Education Society. It operates in Kenya and Tanzania and is dedicated to providing girls with a secondary education. www.seasidetimes.ca

Available at Smashin Fashin

9774 3rd St., Sidney, B.C. V8L 3A4

(behind the Bank of Montreal)

250-655-9558 www.smashinfashin.ca may 2010


Dash in to Smashin Fashin For Fun-in-the-Sun Activewear!


by Arlene Antonik eady for a Spring Fling? Treat yourself to a shopping spree at Smashin Fashin on Third Street in Sidney for fresh and fabulous fashions!

industry and features garments in the store by lines such as Vancouver’s “Gilmore,” “Second” of Montreal and Alabama’s “Earth Creations.”

Brenda Dean opened this colourful boutique last June and filled it with mix-and-match clothing made from eco-friendly and natural fabrics such as hemp blended with organic, pre-shrunk cotton and bamboo. The clothes are comfortable, non-allergenic, easy-care and, of course, fashion forward.

“I have a big soft spot for Canadian-made products,” says Brenda, “but just as important to me is sourcing out fair trade and ethical practices in the lines we carry.”

“I love putting outfits together and planning what I’m going to wear every day,” Brenda said. “I’ve always been the go-to girl for fashion advice and dreamed of having my own clothing store one day where I could assist my customers oneon-one to put together a look they love!” After a varied career in retail, Brenda’s dream came true in 2003 with the opening of the Tree Frog Gallery and Natural Clothing Store on Mayne Island which she owned and operated for five years. She is delighted that her path has now brought her to Sidney and Smashin Fashin. Brenda is keen to support the North American fashion

Simply the Comfiest and Most Flattering Jeans Around! Wear Yoga Jeans to: • The buffet – yes they ARE that comfortable! • The airport – spend hours sitting on a plane and still be comfortable! • The yoga studio … a given! • Go out dancing! • Just kick around!

Available at Smashin Fashin

9774 3rd St., Sidney, B.C. V8L 3A4

(behind the Bank of Montreal)

250-655-9558 www.smashinfashin.ca SEASIDE  TIMES

Packing light is made easier with “One Sole Interchangeable Shoes,” only available in this region at Smashin Fashin. There are four different shoe bottoms to choose from including a wedge and different heel heights. The purchase price of $135 includes a black neoprene topper which snaps onto the sole and two additional toppers to be chosen from the extensive array the store carries. These include everything from the Canadian flag to a martini glass of Swarovski crystals which transform the shoes in a snap from beach wear to evening wear. Toppers can even be custom made from your own design or sports team logo! From the school of “never throw anything away” comes this cute idea: some of us of a certain age will remember the rubber bathing caps decorated with floppy flowers that we wore during our summers at the lake or pool. Smashin Fashin carries these – not as bathing caps but transformed by a zipper closure into waterproof cosmetic bags! But you don’t have to travel to enjoy what this store offers – there’s a terrific choice of leisure and active wear for right here at home such as four-way stretch yoga jeans, shorts and tank tops and pretty sundresses, skirts and wraps for warm summer evenings. Accessorize with a fringed scarf or a broad-brimmed hat and a jaunty, over-sized handbag. Add a silver carved necklace or bracelet by local First Nations artist Val Lancaster or dangling hoop earrings by Cristy’s Jewelry Design. For something completely different there are eye-catching, knee-high boots from Turkey made of velvet and embellished with intricate embroidery – just one of many surprises to be discovered in this store.

made proudly in Canada


If you’re heading off on a cruise or a trip to sunny climes, this is a great place to put those fun-in-the-sun outfits together. The store décor even features a lit-up palm tree to put you in the holiday mood.

Smashin Fashin offers the all-natural Earthly Body line. The products are made with hemp seed oil and without any additives or preservatives. One of the benefits of a hemp-based product is that its non-greasy formula absorbs into the skin better than any other oil. There are lots of delightful surprises in store for you, so dash into Smashin Fashin and be sun-sational this summer!


MeMbership special On nOw!

Orr’s Family Butchers

Since 1936

Stop by & see our new Renovation & Expansion!

Voted Best of the Island: Best Butcher Shop Best Sausages

Book Your Spring & Summer Tournaments Now! Golf & BBQ Packages Available

Come and visit our lovely staff offering excellent customer service 7103 West Saanich Rd. Brentwood Bay Trafalgar Square • 250-652-3751

For Tee Times, Rates, Tournament & Membership Info: www.ardmoregolfcourse.com or 250-656-4621 Ardmore Golf Course 930 Ardmore Drive, North Saanich, Boyd_SeasideTimes_Feb10 2/8/10 10:30 AM Page B.C. 1

a visit to the should bring a

dentist’s office smile to your face.

Vancouver Island’s newest state-of-the-art dental office is now open in Sidney You are invited to experience the ultimate in personal concierge service along with state-of-the-art dentistry in our brand new office. From the ultimate in new dental chairs, to fully digital equipment, and an entertainment system second to none, we are committed to providing you with optimal treatment while maximizing your comfort and relaxation.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Above all, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations on every visit. 101–9840 Fifth St, Sidney ■ www.finedentistry.ca

aesthetic and restorative dentistry smile makeovers chronic pain (TMJ) relief Botox treatments new patients and their families always welcome

fine dentistry dr. ian boyd



may 2010


island dish

Hail Halibut!

Glen Meadows golf & country club

5-Year MeMbership

No Initial Fee $145/month for UNlImIted GolF!

Full MeMbership

$2500 Initial Fee $145/month for UNlImIted GolF!

1050 McTavish Rd., Sidney, BC For details call 250-656-3136 www.glenmeadows.bc.ca

Elegant Gifts

When I first opened my restaurant and I was searching for a chef, I gave all of the potential applicants something called a “black box.” If you’re not familiar with that term, it means that you give the person a bag or box full of mystery ingredients that they must use to create dishes. They are timed and all the items must be used. It can be as unusual or common as you like. In my case , I wasn’t about to open the Guinness books’ strangest eatery, so I gave my chef blackberries, an orange, halibut, bacon, potato, scallops and white chocolate. I unveiled the box and waited patiently as he meticulously thought about how best to create with these components. As he cooked away, I thought about what I would do. Probably something with the blackberries and white chocolate together for dessert, maybe the scallop with bacon as a starter, and a pan seared halibut with a just a squeeze of fresh citrus. Ya, that’s it … I should be a chef by golly! Um, you might want to re-think that Jen, because as an incredible seared halibut filet arrived at my table, crowned with a tangy blackberry and citrus sauce and nestled into a bed of the softest bacon-infused mash potatoes you have ever had the pleasure of gracing your tongue and scallops just smacking with the essence of white chocolate, my mouth moved into a totally different dimension. With the same gusto as Donald Trump, I managed to yell “You’re HIRED!” Ever since then, and forever more, I really force myself to think “outside the box” which is exactly what he did. What I imagined for the black box ingredients was good but not “blow your socks off” good. What he created was incredible. So, since my husband and I regard ourselves as true foodies, I thought I would put him to the test with a batch of similar items. I want to share with you what he made me. Although the blackberries are absent, the taste is out of this world, not to mention dead easy. So, enjoy the beautiful wholesome white fish while it’s around and in season, and don’t forget to think outside your box … because you just never know!


Private Condos for Perfect Holidays Vancouver Island and Mexico

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in the Month of May

cards & gifts

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa Sidney, B.C.

Inn of the Sea Resort Yellow Point, B.C.

You bring the moments, we’ll bring the words.

2449B Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C. (across from Tanner’s Books) 250-656-4316 34


Club La Costa Resort Baja, Mexico


Bear Lodge Condos Mt. Washington, B.C.

island dish

by Jennifer Bowles Ingredients


UniqUe home accessories & Gifts

8 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 1 bunch kale, coarsely chopped Salt and freshly ground black pepper Lemon Vinaigrette (recipe follows)

2 cloves thinly sliced garlic 2 tbsp. white wine 4 nice thick halibut fillets – skin off

Directions Preheat oven to 375°.

We’re Spring Cleaning!

Huge Parking Lot SaLe

Heat 2 tbsp. oil in a heavy large skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic and sauté until tender, about one minute. Add the kale and sauté until wilted, about five minutes. Add a splash of white wine and just cover with a lid for about 30 seconds to finish cooking and then be sure to uncover.

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Meanwhile, heat three tbsp. oil in an ovenproof frying pan over mediumhigh heat. Sprinkle the fillets with salt and pepper. Place all fillets into the pan; remember these WILL NOT be flipped! Sear for two minutes. Then take whole pan into the oven to finish the fish for four to five minutes.

One Day Only Rain or Shine Sunday May 16th

Mound the kale mixture in the centre of the plates. Top with the fillets. Drizzle the vinaigrette over and serve immediately.

Lemon Vinaigrette 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 2 cloves garlic 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil 2 tsp. finely grated lemon zest 1/2 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper 1/4 cup lightly packed fresh parsley leaves Blend the lemon juice, parsley, garlic, lemon zest, salt and pepper in a blender. With the machine running, gradually blend in the oil. Season the vinaigrette, to taste, with more salt and pepper. Pair this little beauty with a beautiful, crisp citrus style Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy!

10 am - 4 pm

12-7103 west saanich rd. brentwood bay, b.c. 250.544.8211 knickerbockers.ca

Zanzibar Global Flavours

Local Tastes

Now Open for Dinner Thursday, Friday & Saturdays from 5:30

Two Locations:

1164 Stelly’s X Road Brentwood Bay, B.C. V8M 1C3

1933 Keating X Road Central Saanich

(at the corner of West Saanich and Stelly’s)


Breakfast Lunch Dinner Espresso Bar

2072 Henry Avenue West Sidney

250-655-6454 • Monthly & Annual Rates

• Packing Supplies for Sale • Heated & Unheated Units • Locks for Sale • Card Operated Security Gate • Professional Friendly Staff

Licensed Garden Patio

www.peninsulaministorage.com www.seasidetimes.ca

Private Parties

250 -544-1475 or 250-652-1228 website: zanzibarcafe.ca

may 2010


Try Fresh Coffee … For The First Time For Over 10 Years We’ve Roasted Small Batches On-Site Every Couple Of Days To Provide You With The Freshest & Tastiest Coffee. Roastmaster www.freshcup.ca

Saanichton: Mt. Newton X Rd



Beacon Avenue

Adventure awaits Spend more time getting out and enjoying the things you want to do ...on your own time. Whether it’s a trip to the park, an afternoon of shopping or visiting friends and neighbors, a scooter from MEDIchair can help make it happen. Come take one for a test drive and watch it open up a whole new world of possibilities.

sales • service • rentals Victoria 1856 Quadra St (250) 384-8000 36


• Sidney 7-9764 Fifth St (250) 656-6228 www.seasidetimes.ca

• victoria.medichair.com

Shop These Fine Retailers at Mattick’s Farm

Centre For Self Awareness Celebrates 25 Years


 he purpose of the Centre for Self Awareness is the training and education of people in living more creatively, successfully and happily in a healthy holistic lifestyle. We are now celebrating our 25th year. Eight years ago, the Centre purchased the old Moose hall at 7925 East Saanich Road and completely transformed it for their spiritual home. A Montessori Centre (Montessori Educare) rents the lower level. There were resistant hurdles in the spiritual/metaphysical areas of transformation 25 years ago. However, because founder Dr. Gail Muzio (née Schultz) owed her life to the principles of New Thought that she taught for over 27 years she had powerful resilience, stamina, inner reserve and tenacity to “Never give up!” The Centre for Self Awareness has presented many different workshops including topics such as: A Course in Miracles, Co-Creators, Bradshaw’s “Mother” and “Father” workshops, Law of Attraction, Radical Forgiveness and Prosperity.

For All Your Rubber Stamping Needs 250-658-8448 • Mattick’s Farm, Victoria • www.lastingstamps.com

They’ve held Health Fairs, an integrated holistic health series, walkathons, dances, yoga classes, salsa lessons, garage sales, auctions, music shows, concerts, coffee houses, sacred singing, study groups for “The Power Of Now,” “The Invitation” and Dr. David Hawkins’ work on enlightenment. The Centre has also have premiered several movies. In the past The Centre for Self Awareness has brought in renowned speakers such as Dr. Bernie Siegel, Neale Donald Walsh, Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi), Dr. Deepak Chopra, John Bradshaw, Dr. Miceal Ledwith, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and Roy Eugene Davis – a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.


Ladybug Boutique

Dr. Muzio will be retiring as the Centre’s minister/director in June 2010. Her last Sunday service will be May 30 but she will be available through her company “Living Your Vision” for guest speaking, leading workshops and performing weddings, memorials etc. The Saanichton building is for sale & plans are being made to merge with David Jones’s Centre for Inspired Living that is currently in James Bay.

at Mattick’s Farm

www.ladybugvictoria.com 117-5325 Cordova Bay Rd., Victoria • 250.658.3807

Mattick’s FarM Mini GolF 250-658-4053 • 5325 cordova Bay road, saanich, B.c.


may 2010


The Long Lake B&B is by Arlene Antonik


re you ready for a getaway holiday or a romantic retreat without a long trip to get there? The Long Lake Waterfront Bed and Breakfast in Nanaimo is less than two hours away – a cozy, luxurious B&B nestled in an old-growth forest on the lake’s quiet, north side.




s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce nin un 10 Years R

s.com sley bo sumers’ Choi Co





s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce nin un 10 Years R

Offering a full line of premium pet foods and supplies for your dog, cat or small animals. Sidney Location

2353 Bevan Avenue


100% Canadian Owned




ers ’ C nsumward hoice A

The B&B, centrally located on the Island, has welcomed thouBu ce sands guests to its end-of-the-road location at 240 Ferntree sin e F o r of ss E x c ell e n nin un it opened in 1996. Former Saanich Peninsula resiR Place10 Ysince s r a e dents, Gordie and wife Janice surprised even themselves by purchasing it in March 2008 – and their retirement lifestyle .com leys squickly o changed. Two days after they moved into their fourb ers’ Cho i ce nsum Co Award level, 4,000-square-foot home, their first visitors arrived. TM










s.com sley bo sumers’ Choi

ers ’ C nsumward hoice A TM


“Our first guests stayed in luxury while we were upstairs surrounded by cardboard boxes trying to unpack and keep up with the bookings coming in by phone and email,” Gordie recalled with a laugh. “We didn’t know much about running a B&B but we and customer experience from our previmers’ Chmanagement oic nsuhad e Co Award ous working lives. We’ve stayed in many B&B’s ourselves and Bu e cthe sin e F o rit’s know personal touches that make a stay special.” ss E x c ell e n s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce nin un 10 Years R


Caring for Pet Wellness and Nutrition

There are three sunny, beautifully-decorated suites to choose from, all with spectacular views of the lake gracefully framed by two giant trees – a 700-year old Douglas fir and a 250-year old red cedar. Relax in the comfort of your own suite or wander down to the large sundeck and dock and check out the hot tub, BBQ, fire pit and stairway leading into the lake for swimming. Kayaks, a canoe and a pedal boat are available for exploring the lake yourself or, if you wish, owner Gordie Robinson .com leys scoot you ’round on his Seadoo. oswill


s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce


Breakfast is served in the guest lounge overlooking the lake and Janice greets the guests in the morning with a variety of juices and teas, Salt Spring coffee and fresh fruit salads. Gordie,

Simply cremationS

Truly caring and professional services at a time of need or when preplanning

… We Keep it Simple

Serving Vancouver Island

Largest selection of urns – 60 different styles Cremation jewelry • Keepsake urns • Memorial Books

Unit 2, 2075 Henry Ave., West Sidney, BC • 250-656-5555 • www.simplycremations.com 38



a Short Drive Away! who cooks the hot entrées, then likes to come down the stairs empty-handed. With a magical flourish he pushes the button on the built-in dumbwaiter and presto, breakfast arrives to the guests’ surprise and delight. This handy device saves Janice and Gordie many steps as the meals are prepared in their own kitchen one floor up. Although bookings are constant throughout the year, May through October is the busiest season when most of the international guests arrive. Gordie likes to wish them a cheery “Good Morning” in their own language which always results in smiles and chuckles, especially if the pronunciation isn’t quite right! As Janice and Gordie begin their third year of operating the B&B, has it been what they expected? They respond with an emphatic yes! While they’ve had to learn how to run a small business, survived renovations and loads of laundry, the personal enjoyment is more than they thought it would be. A big positive is meeting people from near and far and learning about cultures and cuisine from other countries. “People from all over the world are awestruck by what they find here. They are amazed by the wide open vistas, the stars, the big trees, and the wildlife.”


Although returning guests and referrals help to keep the suites full, most of the guests discover the Long Lake B&B through the internet, either through its own website (www.lodgingnanaimo.com), or other sites such as B.C.’s Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Guild (www.bcsbestbnbs.com) or Trip Advisor at www. tripadvisor.com where it is rated the #1 B&B in Nanaimo.


“We focus on creating memories and that means providing exceptional customer service with all the amenities,” Gordie said with the enthusiasm that makes this couple such congenial hosts.



If it’s time for you to create a special memory, the Long Lake Waterfront B&B is nearby and waiting for you.

Show Your Visiting Friends & Family Where You Live … by Floatplane!

40-minute Tours – $125 pp (2 person min.)

Tour #1. Circumnavigate the Saanich Peninsula

Tour #2. Tour around Salt Spring Island & through Active Pass with optional stop in Ganges* for lunch & shopping, or wine tasting and bistro lunch at Saturna Island Vineyards**

* (Stop in Ganges $50 pp extra) ** (Stop at Saturna $75 pp extra)

250-654-0646 • www.patbayair.com www.seasidetimes.ca

may 2010



The Confusing World of Coffee – Part II in for you. Have a look around for the coffee station people and leave the poor barista to the important things. To the world of drip coffee lovers I say: let us stick with small, medium, large and extra large … simple.

This month we continue the talk about coffee lingo … you thought roasting lingo was confusing, but the drink side of a coffeehouse is even more so. It should be obvious to most coffee drinkers that certain large coffee chains have intentionally gone out of their way to name drinks in such a way that the rest of coffee industry cannot follow suit.

The other name that has caused a few flare-ups with the “Buckians” is the Misto. I did some reading on a blog recently and found that this Personally, I woke up 10 drink was not popular even by Steve Sheppard years ago in terms of coffee and with baristas, so I am not shy stopped going to “Charbucks,” when I say “Whose idea was not just because of the crazy name thing but because I it to add water to a Latté anyhow?” Again, other cofrealized the smaller independent coffee houses were fee houses try to be clever with the alternate name the starting to serve better quality coffee than the aforeAfricano, which quite frankly is as ridiculous as the word mentioned (some even roasting their own beans). Misto. The word Misto has even permeated into the tea world … apparently it’s too much to just say “steamed I also didn’t want to have to enroll in a University course milk please.” I don’t often go on rants like this, but to learn how to order a coffee! A friend of mine showed enough is enough! me a book that was published and told readers “how to order a custom coffee.” Wow … talk about taking someIt’s challenging enough to be a good barista: staying thing easy and making it difficult! focused on making drinks consistently never mind interpreting each person’s version of that drink … oh yeah, I forOne of the best drinks ever created is the Americano. got to mention the other part of this issue – how so many No matter how much you don’t like the word Americano, people reference a fancy drink name and then proceed to there is history behind the naming of this drink and using tell you how it “should be made” … nice. this reference should not be a tough step for us Canadians. Remember … WE won Hockey Gold at the Olympics. While an espresso shot dropped into a freshly brewed cup of dark roast coffee is called a “shot in the dark,” it Some coffee houses have gone and named this drink should never be confused with firing a pistol into the a Canadiano just to make a point, but my thought is let’s night, but it could be a “Red Eye,” which should never be keep things simple people. confused with blood-shot eyes from a night out on the The next reference on my list is the Double-Double. town … and no matter what anyone says, a Misto is a watWhile this is not a coffee name per se, I’ve witnessed too ered down Latte. many people go into a good coffee house and ask for this … Steve out. like everyone on the planet mixes your cream and sugar

BC Reg No. 2550-6

VancouVer to the south pacific – Sail aboard ms Volendam September 22nd 29 days Vancouver to Auckland from $2,892 Cdn. p/p – cruise and ALL taxes*

– OR –

continue on to sydney – to a total of 43 days for an additional $2,006 Cdn. p/p *includes $50 p.p. shipboard credit* Price based on inside stateroom, double occupancy. Airfare not included.

SIDNEY CRUISESHIPCENTERS 1 - 2353 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.656.5441 1.800.561.2350 40




Ants All Around Us! by Robert Alison Ants are ubiquitous. They seem to be everywhere, crawling across our kitchen countertops, scurrying across our floors, swarming into our picnic lunches. In fact, there really aren’t many places ants can’t go. There are over 1,000 species of ants in North America. Some are tiny, while others are rather large. Some species tend aphids which they “milk” for sweet fluids. Others are “trap-jaw” ants with powerful mandibles for catching live meals. A few are “honeypot” ants which store liquids in their bodies. Many species are seed-harvesters. The largest subfamily is Myrimicinae, and many of its members sting and bite. Ants are among the very few animals that are true “social parasites,” meaning that the survival of each individual ant depends on its integration and membership in a colony.

Ants have collective intelligence – each ant is a simple unit that acts together with others in complicated ways. A colony functions much like a brain, with each ant like a single brain cell. No one ant is in charge and there is no room for individual ego. Vision is poor, so ant communication is almost entirely by chemical signals. They lay down scent trains by means of chemical odors called “pheromones” that other ants follow. That is why we often come across strings of ants, all following the same narrow path, usually to and from a food source. Sugars are favourite targets. Ants recognize each other by means of chemical cues – those that smell different are attacked and driven off. Unfortunately, getting rid of ants can be a hopeless task. Some researchers

Spring 2010

suggest using vinegar, baking soda, boiling water, cinnamon, chalk, chili powder or some commercial chemicals, but most offer only temporary relief. Scientists say there are very few precautions we can take to keep ants out of our homes or out of our lives. If we try to lock them out, they can gnaw through walls. Ants are ancient organisms and are very adaptive and creative. Researchers agree they’re here to stay, so we better get accustomed to sharing our lives with them!

Live Well, Have fun!

Swimming, Childminding, Weight Room, Fitness Classes, Racquet Sports, Golf, Sailing, Acting Arts, Dance & Culture, Birthday Parties, Racquet Sports, and much more. Come check us out! 250-656-7271

www.panoramarecreation.ca www.seasidetimes.ca

may 2010



to The Cedarwood

Beautiful waterfront location on the Saanich Peninsula • Pet and child friendly Daily, weekly and monthly rates • Long-term parking available Call and ask about our Island ResIdent Rate

The Cedarwood Inn and Suites – Your Home away from Home 9522 Lochside Drive, Sidney, British Columbia 250-656-5551 • 877-656-5551 • www.thecedarwood.ca




Run For the Roost! by Jennifer Bowles

This place is bursting at the seams with offerings and they have come up with one of the most delicious concepts in food and wine I have seen yet! As Dallas says, the Roost embraces “the passionate farm experience.” But just think for a moment, how would you like to sit out on a beautiful summer evening, under the stars, in a field, sipping a glass of luscious crisp white or velvety red wine while taking pleasure in some fabulous live entertainment offered by local artists? In June, that experience is all yours at The Roost! What would you say if I said that the grapes for the wine are grown right on the farm? Three varietals in fact: a white grape Siegerrebe, creating a wine with hints of floral and earthy tones not unlike an off-dry Gewürztraminer; Marshal Foch, a red, French hybrid, finishing with light tannins and notes of cherry with a balanced acidity and Leon Millot, another red producing a plum and herb accent with light acidity. The Roost will bottle their wines and then offer them to you by the glass for the evening.

Already the Roost has proven themselves to be a total

The Roost is like an explosion of gastronomic energy. Homemade f lour, outdoor pizza oven, delicious wine, and entertainment – who could ask for more? So if you have not yet been, you MUST go! Ride your bike, take a drive, or if you live around the area just walk and enjoy every last inch of this beautifully preserved farm. Visit their website today at www.roostfarmcentre.com to get the up-to-date action! Don’t delay; the Roost is a one of a kind gem, the kind of place you pay big bucks to travel to just to see. Now you don’t have to … it’s right in our back pocket. Enjoy!

What’s NEW at


A Passionate Farm Experience Farm Fresh Catering Now Available

Pizza Oven Open May 14 Garden Market NOW OPEN! Artisan Breads Local Meats & Cheeses Local Seasonal Produce

e om

see the L am


Dallas makes no bones about it: if it’s not local, it doesn’t make the cut. He even grinds his own grain to make the f lour for the pizza dough, sources the best local meats the Island can offer and plucks from his bountiful crops of garden fresh basil and farm grown herbs to give you nothing short of the best!

But they aren’t stopping there. Like Dallas said, he doesn’t just sell sandwiches. Come May he is opening the doors to his new garden centre that will have a deli case chock full of local meats, homemade cheeses, his young and vibrant wines and many other goodies, all for you to try and take home for yourselves.


Taking it to the next level, The Roost has a wood burning oven right outside on the property which pumps out some of the most incredible pizza pie. Try this one on for size: The “Roosteriginal” – imagine the aroma of this pizza layered with bright red juicy orbs sliced and paired with fresh punchy basil and then smothered with gooey mozzarella and tangy parmesan cheese. Want to spice it up a bit? Try “Farmhands Heaven” – Genoa salami, Capicoli ham, spinach, fresh tomatoes and roasted garlic with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

hotspot. The restaurant is packed on weekend mornings, weekday lunches and generally all the time. No surprise there at all: the scent of fresh baked bread, fabulous fresh farm air, organic eggs and the glorious sight of superb Eggs Benedict, piled-high sandwiches and the best cups of joe are just a mere glimpse of some of the things that hit you when you walk through the door.


“We don’t just sell sandwiches, we sell the whole farm experience” exclaims Dallas Bohl, owner of The Roost on West Saanich Road, and believe me, he’s not kidding!


9100 East SaanichRd 250 655 0075


A Passionate Farm Experience


may 2010


Jim Laing – 250-652-2923

Neil Laing – 250-656-2919

A family owned and operated community business with more than 40 years of service

Specializing in: • Residential, Commercial, Strata & Condo Security • ABLOY high security locks & keys • Bell lock postal lock upgrade keys

Experience the Fine Art of Reclaimed Wood

Open daily 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

9851 Seaport Place (beside Sidney Pier Hotel) 250-665-7646 • www.westcoastwooddesigns.com

The Real esTaTe MaRkeT Is heaTIng Up … so aRe The MoRTgage RaTes!! Pam Pettigrew Mortgage Broker 250-415-3309 Canada’s National Mortgage Company



Call us today for details 250-656-2222

Sidney Mortgage expertS www.seasidetimes.ca

Maria Kirley Mortgage Broker 250-514-5829

2393 Beacon Avenue Sidney, B.C.

Seniors Rave About Race Walking because it’s enjoyable and offers numerous health benefits. But I got into it for the competition. It’s been an Olympic event for over 100 years, and competitive race walkers are incredible athletes who have gone 31 miles at a seven-minute-a-mile pace. Some compete past the age of 90.”


by Margaret Boyes

f you’re a senior who wants a great aerobic workout that tones muscles, burns more calories per mile than running and lets you enter competitions, you’ll enjoy race walking. After chatting online with a senior in Oregon who race walks in marathons, I decided to give it a try. She said it was important to take lessons so I looked for help on the internet. On a breezy fall afternoon I met my extremely fit teacher, June, in the University of Victoria stadium parking lot. Listening to her, I thought it sounded harder than I’d imagined but with practice I might be good.

June said I didn’t have to compete. “This is just a type of walking that’s used in races. But if you walk regularly and want to increase your fitness, race walking will help.” It’s a highly aerobic sport, June added. “Getting your heart rate up for an extended period several times a week is important for your cardiovascular system, weight control and other indicators of good health. This gets your heart pumping. It’s so vigorous you should make sure your doctor says you’re healthy enough to participate.” I learned that race walking was given its name by the international governing body of Track and Field. Since then, walking for fitness has become more popular and has other names. Among them are speed walking, fitness walking, aerobic walking, body walking, sport walking and power walking. There’s competition if you want it, June said. “Many people do this

According to June, race walking provides the benefit of exercise without stressing knees and other joints. “It’s a vigorous workout and form is important to achieve results. At first, movements may seem awkward. But once you learn the proper form, a fluid, forward motion begins. “There are two simple rules: First, one foot must be on the ground at all times. “Second, your advancing leg must be straight from the time it touches the ground until it passes beneath you. Failure to follow these two rules changes your movement to a higher-impact run.” June demonstrated, moving quickly with her head held high. “You should be able to race walk long after you have to stop running and jogging,” she added. “It will help keep you fit into old age.” After two lessons I was invited to practices where participants told me about competitions all over North America. To learn about race walking in Victoria call 250-479-7872. Race walking resources: Boomerwalk by Brent Bohlen ($15.95 at www.amazon.com), www.boomerwalk.com, www.racewalk.com and www.eracewalk.com.

Connie McInnis Interior Designer

allow your spirit and style to complement your home

C lassic…

Harmonious beauty that never goes out of style

ph 250.652.5584 cell 250.920.6580

www.conniemcinnis.com conniemcinnisdesigns@shaw.ca


Dr. Mandeep Bains, B.Sc., D.C. Chiropractor Cranial Adjustments Spinal Decompression Table Computerized Custom Orthotics

Margaret Boyes is a healthcare marketer. She writes articles, fundraising letters, sales letters, direct mail packages, emails, web pages and other communications. Margaret can be reached at 250-370-1573, margboyes@shaw.ca and www.cariboucommunciations.ca. Photo: In 2008, Cathy Mayfield (left) set the American record for the 55 to 59 age group in the 50K racewalk. Max Walker, in his early 60s, is in great physical condition with a resting heart rate of 41 beats per minute. He and Cathy Mayfield are both members of the Indiana Racewalkers’ Club. Photo courtesy Michael Smeltzer. www.seasidetimes.ca

Pioneer Village Shopping Centre #4 - 7816 East Saanich Road Saanichton, B.C. V8M 2B3 250-652-4347 • peninsulachiro@shawbiz.ca may 2010


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10:20 PM

Page 1

Rick Shumka

Mother’s Day

Realtor, Victoria, BC

A Day to Remember Her

• Born and raised on the Island, Rick Shumka is now a realtor on the Saanich Peninsula and in Victoria

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

• Rick’s goal is to make the transition of selling your home as smooth and worry-free as possible

Join us on the patio from 11:00-2:00 for Strawberry Shortcake and Tea. Visit our beautiful Gardens and Cemetery. 4725 Falaise Drive, Victoria R.S.V.P 250-658-5244

For Sale

“CURVES” Franchise Opportunities Two locations to choose from

Highly successful, women’s only fitness franchise in North America Turn-key operation with lots of potential



#150 - 805 Cloverdale Ave., Victoria 250-384-8124 • lfshumka@telus.net


C.J. (Kip) Wilson laW offiCe Corporate Real Estate Wills & Estates

Doug & The Slugs Saturday, June 26th – 7:30 p.m. All Tickets $45 incl. gst

Don’t Miss The “Gotta Make My Feet Move” Party Atmosphere of This Canadian Band!

37+ years of experience

Mary Winspear Centre 250-656-0275 • www.marywinspear.ca

Sponsored by: Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area



bistro suisse

#6-7855 East Saanich Rd. Saanichton, BC, V8M 2B4 250-544-0727 • kipwilson@shaw.ca


may 2010

Daisy-a-Day Trips For Seniors

10 a.m. - 2 p.m. (lunch included) 250-507-2336 for details and bookings Escorted outings with Driving Miss Daisy ® in groups of three. Select from: garden tours, nature walks, beach strolls, museums, ecocruises, shop hops, harbour walkabouts, parades, tourist attractions and more!

May 2

May 8 A Mother/Daughter A’Musing Afternoon

Muse Winery, 11195 Chalet Rd., N. Saanich 250-656-2552, info@musewinery.ca Spend some fun time with Mom sharing a Tasting Plate for two, experiencing a flight of Muse Wines and sketching while you nibble and chat. After your lunch and wine, the Muses should be with you as you wander over to the painting tables and Pauline Olesen, our glass artist, will guide you through an afternoon of ceramic painting. Cost for food, wine, art supplies and firing cost is $150/couple.

Forests of the Sea Guided Walk

Island View Beach Regional Park 1 - 2:30 p.m. 250-478-3344, www.crd.bc.ca/parks Find out how important marine algae can be – not just for the sea’s creatures, but also for you and me! Join a CRD Regional Parks naturalist to search for seaweeds and the creatures that call them home. Be prepared to get your feet wet! Meet at the picnic shelter off Homathko Road, off Island View Road. 5+ years.

May 1&2 Peninsula Singers present “Around the World in Song”

May 8 North Saanich Farm Market

9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. St. John’s United Church annex 10990 West Saanich Road Seasonal produce, baked goods, dried fruit and preserves, eggs, seeds, crafts and lots more.

May 13 Peninsula Newcomer’s Club Fundraising Event

Mary Winspear Centre Friday & Saturday 7:30 p.m. Saturday 2 p.m. 250-656-0275, www.peninsulasingers.ca A musical trip with Vancouver Island’s favourite show chorus. They’ll travel to many different countries but you won’t need a plane ticket or a passport – just call Mary Winspear for tickets! Adults $20 + tax, children $10 + tax.

The Roost, 9100 East Saanich Road, North Saanich 6 p.m. 250-656-2151, e.r.ball@hotmail.com Profits will go to the Victoria Women’s Transition House. Come for a fun night of music, pizza, appies and beverages. $30 per person, must pre-purchase. Open to members and their guests; contact for more details.

May 2

May 16

The Power of Community Movie & Discussion

Central Saanich Library, Brentwood Bay 1-3:30 p.m. RSVP: 250-544-2064, helen@thegardenbox.ca In the early ’90s Cuba’s food system was just like ours – completely dependent on industrial farming and transport. Then it suddenly collapsed. How did they turn it around and what can we do to prepare for changing times? By donation.

May 5-9 CACSP Exhibition

Tulista Arts Centre, 5th & Weiler, Sidney 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday www.cacsp.com A show of photography, fibre arts by Daphne Macnaughton, painting by Frances Becknow and Janet Etter and pottery by Nancy Alexander.

Torque Masters Car Club Sidney Cruise-In Mini Show

Marina Court Mall, 9843 2nd St., Sidney 2-5 p.m. 250-656-2757, rodallan@shaw.ca Meet and greet in the parking lot, social dinner after the show, open to all special interest vehicles.

May 29

James Bond Monte Carlo Night

Viscount Aero Centre, 9800 McDonald Park Rd. 7 p.m. Raise funds for North Saanich Free-Ride Bike Park, Air Cadets, Sea Cadets and scholarships. $50 per person (includes $2000 Bond bucks); Classic Bond attire encouraged. Tickets available at Christine Laurent Jewellers, Beacon Books and Tanner’s Books. Hosted by the Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club.

what’s happening | may 2010

May Wednesdays

Zais Astrology – May 2010 by Heather Zais (heather_zais@telus.net) Aries march 21 - april 19 Finances are highlighted under the new moon. Alternate sources of income look good. Recover some from the past as well. It’s time to review your future security. Put idealism on a firm footing for best results. Your urge to travel increases.

Libra september 23 - october 22 Take a closer look at all resources and assets – especially those jointly held or involved with companies, estates or government. Shine an investigative light on confidential information or anything hidden. Clear any debt or get what’s owed.

Taurus april 20 - may 20 An energy shift after the 11th allows important matters to move forward. Pick and choose among all the things you would like to do. There will be a few on the top of the list that take priority. Decide on the position you want to take. Change occurs.

Scorpio october 23 - november 21 The sun shines on relationships. Make decisions about commitments with mate or partner. Going over personal details will make the arrangement clear. Residential choices are likely, even if they are only temporary. Bonds become close.

Gemini may 21 - june 20 You look at easier ways to advance or gain financially. You need to take a different approach for personal reasons. Take care of health – yours or others. Unload responsibility that is too much. Focus on relationship futures (love or business).

Sagittarius november 22 - december 21 Look at ways to improve health and strength with your eye on your goals. Added focus will get you there. Don’t count on promises of others – forge ahead independently. Change associates as new avenues open up for you.

Cancer june 21 - july 22 You seek change that will give you more independence or freedom of action. Your basic circumstances ease as Venus enters your sign this month. Enjoy perks or social activity. Business or community involvement is worthwhile.

Capricorn december 22 - january 19 Your creative juices are flowing on many levels. An urge to gamble has an interesting outcome. Play to win where talent counts – you can knock out the competition. Romance is in the air. Enjoy sports or entertainment. Take a chance.

Leo july 23 - august 22 Your status or popularity rises. Take your position in the spotlight. Your natural leadership qualities show through. You can soft-sell your plans and ideas with ease. Rub elbows with power brokers of like mind. Benefits can be shared.

Aquarius january 20 - february 18 Focus on home or base of operations. Assess your situation on areas of need. Work things out with mate or partners etc. A lucky break can give you an out or more freedom. Property or estate matters are areas of gain for you.

Virgo august 23 - september 22 Travel can benefit you for business or pleasure. Take care of unexpected circumstances or incidents created by others. Mate or partnership matters need clarity or settlement. You turn a corner in the advancement of future plans.

Pisces february 19 - march 20 Take extra time to mull things over until the 11th. After that things pick up as Mercury resumes forward motion. New plans or ideas can be discussed or finalized. Your communication skills work magic with negative people. Efforts pay off.

Top Mortgage Advice Your mortgage is important… trust an expert who knows the local market and can connect you with the right lender. DBA: Invis – Chatterton Way *E&OE

• • • •

Purchasing or renewing Mortgages for the self-employed Refinancing for renovations or investments Debt consolidation to control interest costs

It’s worth a call to find out your current options. 48


Hein Moes, Mortgage Consultant 250.812.3548 | heinmoes@invis.ca www.heinmoesmortgages.com Over 25 years experience in financial services

Proudly Serving Saanich Peninsula. www.seasidetimes.ca

may 2010

Sudoku Puzzles

Middle of the Road

May 2010 Keep Your Brain Healthy

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them.


Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. * Sudoku Solutions can be found on page 50.

Hardly Simple

5 7 2 7 3 5 6 5 4 3 7 5 9 7 7 4 9 1 2 1 3 2 5 9

7 3 4 6

5 9 2 3 1 2


6 3 8 7 9 9 5 9 5

7 8 2 9 8 3 6 5 5

1 2 5 1 8 6


Puzzle by websudoku.com Mother’s Day Trivia

Youngest Mother: The youngest mother whose history is authenticated is Lina Medina, who delivered a boy in Lima, Peru in 1939 when she was just five years, seven months old. Oldest Mother: On April 9, 2003, Satyabhama Mahapatra, a 65-year-old retired school teacher in India, became the world’s oldest mother when she gave birth to a baby boy. The child was conceived through artificial insemination using eggs from Mahapatra’s niece. Highest Recorded Number of Children: The highest officially-recorded number of children born to one mother is 69, to the first wife of Feodor Vassilyev. Between 1725 and 1765, she gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. Sixtyseven of the children survived infancy.

Exceedingly Evil

Puzzle by websudoku.com


6 4



4 7

6 7 9 4 6 9

7 3 4 1 6 9 5 9 3 3 5 1


Puzzle by websudoku.com

Local Race Car Driver Seeks Sponsors


mateur car racing is surprisingly exciting and amazingly competitive. Bill Lushaw, a local Sidney resident, has been racing at Western Speedway in the Bombers division for the past nine years. He is seeking help from sponsors to help his team build a competitive vehicle during the current racing season. This is a great opportunity to gain recognition for your company. Your logo will be on Bill’s car and company listed with car #24 in the Western Speedway program. Thousands of people come through the pits after the races so your company logo will be displayed to many people.

Bill needs support from the community in order to compete this season! He would greatly appreciate anything your company sees fit to help him with and donations from the general public are also welcome. Racing at Western Speedway is a great family event, but it requires drivers – without your involvement there may be one less driver in the lineup.

Sudoku Solutions Middle of Puzzle theby Road websudoku.com

4 8 7 6 9 1 3 2 5

3 6 2 7 9 8 5 4 1

5 3 1 7 4 2 8 6 9

9 6 2 8 5 3 7 1 4

1 5 9 3 2 7 6 4 8

3 2 6 9 8 4 1 5 7

7 4 8 5 1 6 9 3 2

2 7 3 4 6 9 5 8 1

8 9 4 1 3 5 2 7 6

6 1 5 2 7 8 4 9 3

4 8 9 5 2 3 6 7 1

Exceedingly Evil Puzzle by websudoku.com 5 7 4 3 6 1 8 9 2

8 9 1 4 5 2 6 7 3

1 8 6 9 2 7 4 3 5

2 3 7 6 4 5 1 8 9

4 5 9 1 8 3 7 2 6

7 1 5 2 3 4 9 6 8

9 2 8 5 7 6 3 1 4

6 4 3 8 1 9 2 5 7

Hardly Simple Puzzle by websudoku.com

2 7 1 6 9 4 8 3 5

3 5 6 1 8 7 9 2 4

5 3 7 2 6 1 4 9 8

1 9 8 7 4 5 2 6 3

6 4 2 9 3 8 1 5 7

7 2 5 4 1 9 3 8 6

9 1 3 8 7 6 5 4 2

8 6 4 3 5 2 7 1 9

If you would like to support your local race car driver you may contact Bill at 250-888-0100 or 250-514-4480.


The Peninsula’s Own Bomber Class #24 is proudly sponsored by: • Seaside Times Magazine • Sidney Home Hardware • ERB Contracting Ltd.

• Richlock Rentals Ltd.

• Slegg Lumber

• Mark’s Work Wearhouse

• Peden Recreation

• Jack Barker – Remax

• Grant’s Small Motors

• BP Glass

• Dave Enterprise

• RCU Auto Parts Ltd.

• Aqua Irrigation Systems

• Four Mile Pub

• Quality Pressure Washing • MVP Trophies • Ken Poskitt Roofing

• Simmons Property

• Capital City & Sidney Tire • Jazzaniah Café


• Beacon Books

• Janitor’s Warehouse

• Sidney Tire Ltd.

• Sidney Cloverdale Paint

• John Bell

• The Mortgage Centre

• Huff & Puff Party Stuff

• 3rd St. Café

• LJC Productions • • Stone Street Café & Catering • • Oughtred Coffee & Tea Service • • Touch of Salt Spring Craft Fair • • Magic Moments Decorations •






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Map by: John Webber





















Map by: John Webber pacificsafety@shaw.ca

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last wo r d

Our Little Community On March 23rd, Tim and I had the great pleasure of meeting a group of Seaside Times writers that we’ve worked with over the past year. Of course we’ve spoken to these people many times, whether by phone or via email, but with only a few exceptions we had never met any of them in person. This group has contributed regularly to the magazine over the last year, and most of them have even managed to come up with a monthly article! They’re an integral part of the Seaside Times community and it was so nice to get to know them a little bit.

Personal Wine Preparation at Gartley Station

I received notes from many of them after the event that said how much they’d enjoyed the evening: meeting their fellow contributors to this Peninsula publication. Every month, as articles come pouring in via email or I send a writer out “on assignment,” I’m reminded how lucky I am to work in a job that I love … and that others seem to love being a part of! Without our “Little Community” of writers and photographers, I know the magazine wouldn’t be living up to the expectations, or properly representing the views of, our readers and that’s so important to me and Tim. Unfortunately, the “Meet and Greet” marked the end of Jennifer Bowles’ submissions to the magazine. Jen writes the Island Dish column (her last, “Hail Halibut!” appears in this month’s issue on page 34) and has taken a position at Victorian Epicure as a food writer. Please join me in wishing her the best of luck in her new job! We’re always looking for new writers to join the Seaside Times community. If you’re interested, please email me at editor@seasidetimes.ca. Editor-in-Chief

Sidney ’s Pet Centre & Aquatics

Freshly Crushed Grapes From the Vineyards of Chile … Two Oak Barrel Lists Available • Chardonnay • Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Blend

Tues. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

108 - 1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. Saanichton 250-652-6939 • www.gartleystation.com



#4-9769 Fifth Street, Sidney 250-656-3314 www.sidneypetcentre.com


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Sidney SeniorCare helps you live life on YOUR terms by promoting independence within the comfort of your own home environment. Our caring in-home support staff will help you get things done with grace and dignity so that your daily routine is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Come see our NEW Seniors DayCare facility located right next door.

Little things mean a lot. IN-HOME SUPPORT ‘ Personal care ‘ Meal preparation & clean-up ‘ Shopping (for you or with you) ‘ Transportation ‘ Companionship & respite care ‘ Walks & customized outings ‘ Indoor housekeeping & maintenance ‘ Outdoor maintenance & odd jobs ‘ Laundry, ironing, mending & sewing

Flexible hours to suit your individual needs, with service available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

(250) 589-0010 or (250) 656 -7176 9752 Third St.

The Peninsula’s Best Open Air Market

‘EvErything FrEsh’


• Free Parking • Live Music • Free Admission 1528 Stelly’s X Road (Saanich Fairgrounds)

Ever y Saturday

June 5th – Oct. 9th

9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Community Partners : WEST COAST CULTURE


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Private Condos for Perfect Holidays Vancouver Island and Mexico

Call to Book Vendor Space 250-216-0521 Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is a local Saanich Peninsula accounting firm which provides: •

Personal & Corporate Income Tax

Bookkeeping/ Payroll/ Bill paying

Financial Statements

Consulting & New Business Advisory

Construction Specialists

Profile for Seaside Magazine

Seaside Times May 2010 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...

Seaside Times May 2010 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...