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march 2011

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2011 is the year we launch new promotional opportunities for our community sponsors. Our goal is to excite, add value and give you better recognition for your participation and commitment.



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Footprints Adversity actually provides an extraordinary opportunity for growth if we are prepared to see it that way. Everything that has ever been created has come from failure or a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

“seize your life” ~

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Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites







hen I was between eight and 12 years old, one of my favourite things to do was to go to the movies on a Saturday afternoon. Back then, the price was only 25 cents! My family came from modest means, so for me to go to see a show I had to save my allowance over several weeks or sometimes months. If I did all my chores, I would get 15 cents a week. I thought that was a good allowance, but my overhead at the time was five cents a week (I liked the penny candies too much) so it took me several weeks to save for the price of the ticket and, of course, the popcorn; I still can’t do a movie without it! I had five other brothers and sisters and we all had to agree which movie to see before my parents would let us go. Another expense: bribing the girls to come! So all in all I didn’t get to see many movies but, when I did, I had worked for it so I remember them well. For the two hours or

first wo rd

had invented something on the internet, wanting to be a fighter and wishing I had lived in the days of the frontier. Well done Hollywood. Enjoy this month’s issue, and don’t forget to dream a little.

Tim Flater

ts h Lig era m n! a C tio Ac

so while the movie ran, I would be filled with wonder and dream of being a part of the action; of being a cowboy, a knight at King Arthur’s round table, a spaceman or a superhero beating all the bad guys. I still love going to the movies and I still need to save my allowance up to go … haha! Over the past months I’ve seen The King’s Speech, Inception, The Social Network, The Fighter and True Grit. I try to see most of the Oscar-nominated films each year, and this year the movies have taken me back to dreaming; fantasizing about being a king, wanting to dream on many levels, wishing I


Time to get new glasses?

Then it’s also time to get a comprehensive eye exam. Eye doctors do more than determine if you see well.They can detect serious eye and health problems that often show no symptoms at the early stages. Conditions like glaucoma and retinal tears that lead to permanent vision loss, and health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease and even brain tumours. If you do have vision changes, they’ll assess the underlying cause. A visit to your eye doctor is a vital part of your overall health.

Call a B.C. Doctor of Optometry to make your appointment today:

Central Saanich Optometry Clinic

Dr. Paul Neumann Dr. Gurpreet Leekha

Mon/Wed/Fri 9-5, Tues/Thurs 9-6, Saturday 10-4

#1, 7865 Patterson Road, Saanichton 250.544.2210 •

march 2011


“That is an urchin,” the middle-aged visitor said to her friend as they stood in front of the largest habitat at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre (SODC). The friend of the visitor was listening to every word, and so too was Zeylah, a three-year-old frequent visitor. She walked closer to where these two women stood, pointed to the creature being discussed and confidently stated: “That is not an urchin, it is an anemone.” I was happy to witness this event for two reasons. One: she enunciated the usually tricky tongue-twisting word “anemone”

with perfection and two: she was absolutely correct. In January, the Centre celebrated 200,000 visitors. Approximately 17% were children as young as or younger than Zeylah; children who at a young age are learning the building blocks of ocean biology. Teaching young children about ocean basics is instrumental in nurturing an awareness and appreciation for this important ecosystem, the Salish Sea.

News from the Seaside Students in preschool through secondary school take part in a variety of educational programs offered during the school year. Along with the school programs offered at the Centre, other programs target some of our youngest visitors. Parents bring their toddlers to the Centre to participate in Tot Tuesdays (shown at right). Under the tutelage of oceaneers, toddlers and preschoolers use their imaginations and creativity to engage in ocean-related story times, activities, songs and crafts.

A New Wave of Ocean Advocates by Tina Kelly, Ocean Advocate, Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

Summer camps, geared to students in grades one through five, give children close encounters with the Salish Sea. Boat trips to Gulf Islands National Park, intertidal surveys, beach seines and plankton tows add an extra dimension to the marine biology they learn from our indoor habitats.


The Centre is unique in its youth volunteer program; children as young as 11 can volunteer as an oceaneer. This program offers an incredible experience to be immersed in marine biology and gain important life skills. A third reason for my ear-to-ear grin when Zeylah politely corrected the stranger’s error is the hope that it gave me. Hope for a new wave of ocean advocates who will join the challenge to save our seas. Jane Goodall once said: “Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help.” We hope our young visitors will grow up to understand everything that inhabits our local Salish Sea, understand the connections the plants and animals have to us and to each other, and care enough about the world’s oceans to advocate on their behalf.

   



 


march 2011


Island Blue

Nearly 100 Years Old But New to Sidney! by Arlene Antonik


sland Blue has a new location in Sidney, much to the delight of the local arts community – seasoned professionals and amateurs alike. It’s a fun place to dabble around in, even if you don’t know your acrylics from your oils. Many of us have visited or at least know of the Island Blue store located at the corner of Fort and Quadra Streets in Victoria, and no wonder – the company has been in existence for nearly 100 years. The business was founded on July 4th, 1912 in Victoria by land surveyor Joseph B. Davenport and was known originally as the Island Blue Print & Map Co. Ltd. It was purchased 55 years ago by Victor and Pam Shemilt and continues to be family owned and operated by their three sons: Michael, Rob and Craig. “We’re planning lots of special events for our 100-year anniversary next year,” Michael Shemilt (pictured at right) said recently. “We want to show our appreciation to our customers who have supported us for so many years. We’re excited to have opened the store in Sidney and really want to reach out to the community there as well.”



Island Blue made its first appearance in Sidney in June 2008 when it purchased a copy centre on Fifth Street. Right away customers wanted to know when the store would expand to include art supplies. Opportunity knocked when a larger space became available at 2411 Beacon Avenue and a combined art store and copy centre opened in April last year. The store was immediately embraced by the many residents in the Sidney area looking for assistance and resources in bringing their artistic ideas to fruition. The art store’s five creative and knowledgeable staff love nothing more than helping customers find the paints, pens or paper they need to complete their projects. “Often from 2 till 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoons we give demonstrations on topics such as art cards, block printing, cartooning or mixed media,” Merle Duffus (pictured at right with Michael Shemilt), general manager of the Art Store, advised. “Sometimes unsuspecting people wander into the store and end up joining in and surprise themselves by taking home a project they’ve just created!” Watch for notices of upcoming Easter-themed sessions posted on the store’s bulletin board. Adds Merle: “We enjoy being part of this community. We showcase local talent in the store

IB Art Store Seaside ad 3.75x4.925.pdf


12:55:54 PM

with our ‘Artist of the Month’ feature and are pleased to sponsor the Sidney Fine Arts Show held in October each year at the Mary Winspear Centre.” Located right beside the Art Store is the Copy Print Centre, with technologically-advanced digital reproduction copiers that provide a wide array of printing and finishing services. “Popular right now is the printing of artwork or photographs directly onto art cards or canvas,” Merle noted. “It gives artists an opportunity to sell their work and make it accessible to the public.” The Copy Print Centre has recently acquired a wide-format colour printer which is able to produce retail posters, graphic vinyl banners up to 42 inches across and other large-scale signs and wall displays for indoors or outdoors. An extensive list of products and services useful to businesses, large and small, is posted on the Island Blue website at

IslandBlue’s Art Store Now Open in Sidney








Excited to be part of the Art Community of the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands.


While the Sidney store continues to expand its offerings, some services are only available through its larger cousin in Victoria. These include custom picture framing, book printing and self-publishing workshops. Art classes are held at the downtown store throughout the year for adults and, for teens, there are after-school classes on Wednesdays. Over the summer, week-long teen and children’s programs cover topics such as mixed media, cartooning, painting, etc.; all aimed at exploring and having fun with art.

Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. Downtown: 905 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K3 Tel: 250.385.9786 Sidney: 2411 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC V8L 1X5 Tel: 250.656.1233 Website: Toll Free: 1.800.661.3332


For nearly 100 years, this company has celebrated inspiration, ideas and passion for projects yet to take shape. Next year, Island Blue, it’s time for the arts community to celebrate you!

      

 

 

 

march 2011


camosun Peninsula Properties #14-2510 Bevan Ave., Sidney 250-655-0608 •

Ross Shortreed

Renee Colonnello

Craig Walters

Jim Allan

Lisa Dighton

Jack Barker

When Should I List My Home? Deborah Gray

Beverley McIvor

Don Bellamy

Gay Helmsing

At Remax Camosun Peninsula, we recommend you secure an early placement in the market by listing in March to beat the spring rush. Be prepared by calling one of our Sales Representatives today.

Jeff Bryan

William Bird

Karen Dinnie-Smyth

Roy Coburn

Rene Blais

Gaye Phillips


March Weather Forecast by Steve Sakiyama “It could be vewy, vewwy wainy.” (Bob Fudd, Elmer’s less famous meteorologist brother). Sometimes I imagine different celebrities doing the TV weather report. Here are some examples: Elmer Fudd: “I forecast waskally weather with wind and pwenty of pwecipitation. No wunning awound in the wain this weekend. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.” Simon Cowell: “The problem is … this forecast is karaoke; a poor imitation of the real thing. I don’t mean to be rude, but the best part is the end. However, I like this forecast because it takes a lot of risks, so you’re on to the next round.” George Bush: “Skies will clear tonight and we will see a thousand points of light. At dawn a Desert Storm will head our way and it will stay the course. Don’t misunderestimate it: there will be Weather of Mass Destruction.” Jerry Seinfeld (from a real monologue): “Everybody talks about the weather, we’ve seen all types of weather, we know everything about the weather, so tell me why is the weather always on the news? And what about those five-day forecasts? If they are any good, then why not a forecast just once every five days? Come on … really.“ It would be a meteorologist’s dream to forecast once in five days, but the weather has an unpredictable streak that grows as the forecaster peers further into the future. There are many interrelated moving parts at work in the sky, and although forecasters do pretty well for short-term predictions it can be challenging to produce an outlook beyond a few days. One problem unique to West Coast forecasting is the lack of weather information over the Pacific Ocean. Although satellites help, this is “Area 51” to meteorologists and is referred to as the “Pacific Data Void.” Since most of our weather comes from over the ocean, then, in the words of my grandma: “Son, if we don’t know what’s out there, we won’t know what’s coming.” Speaking of forecasts, my January prediction of cooler and wetter (a result of La Nina) turned out to be half right. I know, some would say that this is about as good as meteorologists can forecast but compliments aside, the January daily average temperature at the Victoria airport was actually warmer than normal by about 0.5° C. Was it wetter? Although the airport received only slightly more than normal precipitation, the Gonzales climate station in Oak Bay measured 50% more than the monthly average.

will be weaker (and will eventually disappear by late spring) it will exert its influence by increasing the chances of cooler than normal temperatures. However, the good news is that the outlook for precipitation is about average and … wait for it … the first day of spring (vernal equinox) is March 20th. So my sentimental forecast for this day includes wind, rain, sun and clouds, symbolic of the changing weather at this time of year. For Victorians, March is also the time for the annual blossom count (21 million counted in one week last year). Now, I get lost counting more than the number of my fingers and toes, so this month Elmer and I will enjoy counting all the waskally wabbits awound Victowia. Whether counting blooms or enjoying the other signs of spring, may your March will be westful and welaxing. ~ Weatherwit Questions and comments? Email For a Victoria weekend weather forecast blog, posted every Thursday night, visit 


 

      

 


What is the outlook for March? Although La Nina SEASIDE  TIMES

 

march 2011


smell the co ffee

In Search of Fresh Coffee Beans! by Steve Sheppard







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Proudly Serving Sidney for Over 8 Years! 14

not the guy to ask that question ce rd toAwaas I’ve had a pet peeve with the coffee aisle in B u every grocery store for a long time. The bulk bins s i n e F o r ll e n c e ss E xce nin un in10grocery stores are either priced by the 100 grams Years R so people think they’re getting a deal, or suppliers package in smaller 300-gram bags. “LOOK … it’s only ers’ Cho$2.99 per 100 grams,” most people think, i ce nsum Co Award instead of figuring out that this equates to over Bu For ce sin$13.50 ess E xcelle n a pound. Of more concern to me though is the staleness that exists at grocery stores all across Canada. The majority of coffee found in Co

Offering a full line of premium pet foods and supplies for your dog, cat or small animals. Sidney Location



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Caring for Pet Wellness and Nutrition

ecently I was in a local grocery store racing up and down the aisles looking for some capers to use in one of my weekly “everything but the kitchen sink” meals I like to create. While on my quest, I passed a couple who looked like they were staring at the big screen of a drive-in movie (without the popcorn). After passing them a second time, I felt compelled to stop and ask if they needed some help as they had not moved an inch since my first pass. They continued to be mesmerized at the humongous wall of coffee and I asked: “Excuse me folks, is there something you’re looking for?” The guy, of course, acted like I had asked him if sley he was lost and needed directions; however, the bo ers’ Cho ice nsum Co Award woman in all her grace and wisdom said: “How do Bu F o r know ce which coffee to choose?” I laughed and sinyou e ss E x c ell e n in nn s Ru said of these ones, which seemed to shock 10 Yearnone them a little bit and I took a moment to explain.

stores today is stale before it goes on the shelf! Unfortunately, there’s a lot to know about coffee and there’s not much information available about the beans you buy other than what’s on the label. Each bag typically has the bean type and various statements about the quality and origin of the coffee but, it’s not like having access to the butcher or baker who is able to answer questions should you have one or two. Like the couple, I used to get a bit overwhelmed at the number of choices in a grocery store, then I stopped buying my coffee there because I discovered how freshness affected the taste and realized the only way I could be guaranteed that I was getting my money’s worth was to buy my beans from the small micro-roasters. Wanting to know more about the coffee I was drinking, I discovered that most roasters will take the time to answer questions, which I really appreciate. Greater Victoria has about 10 micro-roasters and they all do a pretty good job. For me convenience plays a role and I have a couple of local favourites, but when I am in the area of some of the others I pop in and buy a small bag to add some variety to my favourite daily ritual … coffee drinking. Remember: coffee starts to stale once it’s roasted and there’s a ton of information on the internet as to how soon you should consume coffee once it’s roasted. Personally, I find that I can start to sense staling after about six to seven days. Most experts say that coffee after 14 days is only good for composting. Yes, my arch enemy – staleness – and I have fought it out many times and in the end I always win. I win by supporting local coffee roasters and supporting the rule of seven. For every dollar I spend in my community, it cycles seven times, which means we have a healthier economy. So … before you reach for that stale bag of coffee on the grocery store shelf near you, think twice and perhaps seek out some fresh beans for a few cents more from a local coffee roaster. Your morning cup will be that much more enjoyable and you’ll be supporting the local economy at the same time: win-win as they say … Steve out.


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     

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march 2011


Treat Your Dog or Cat to a Fun Filled Stay at Puppy Love and The Cat’s Meow

by Leia Smoudianis


on vacation or feeling guilty about leaving your pooch home

alone all day? Puppy Love Pet Care Centre and The Cat’s Meow are here to help! Conveniently located near the Swartz Bay ferry terminal and the Victoria International Airport on five beautiful acres, Puppy Love and The Cat’s Meow provide the ideal setting for your dearly loved dog or cat. The property has been home to a dog kennel since the 1950s. In 1999, Burk Vince and his wife Michelle purchased the property and have been operating it ever since. Both Burk and Michelle are directly involved in the running of the kennel, as are their three children. By working for the family business, the Vinces are directly involved and invested in maintaining the high standards of care found at Puppy Love and The Cat’s Meow. The Vince family also includes two cats and two dogs, making it a full and busy house! Other members of the Puppy Love and Cat’s Meow team include Head Groomer Kathy; Chelsea, the kennel manager; and care takers Shantyll,



Michelle G., Darcie, Erica (pictured at left) and Molly. The group of dedicated staff at Puppy Love are all there to make your pets’ experience a great one! At Puppy Love you will be provided with boarding services for dogs of any age or size. Dogs are given ample play time and individual exercise in a fullyfenced yard and they each have a private outdoor run. Further playtime can be added to your dog’s stay by adding 20-minute playschool appointments with a Puppy Love social director. Playschool appointments include walking, fetch, an obstacle course, treat time and of course lots of TLC.

All staff are

Pauline Olesen

Fused Glass, Jewelry &


Spend an afternoon learning fused glass, ceramics painting or jewelry making at the Piers Island Studio. New Work available at:

Visit the website for details or call 250 . 655 . 4812

Morris Gallery - Victoria Homefront Ideas - Sidney The Gallery at Mattick’s Farm - Cordova Bay Muse Winery - North Saanich (in season)


animal lovers

with valuable



Experiences of Merit Travel Talks

For your feline pets, The Cat’s Meow provides a spacious and bright area for cats away from the dog kennel buildings. The cattery has a state-ofthe-art fresh air exchanger and custom designed multi-level condominiums and climbing furniture. Similar to playschool for your dog, you can purchase extra cuddle time with a social director for your cat. Cuddle time includes pampering, brushing and play time adjusted to each cat’s needs. For both canine and feline visitors, the pet centre ensures personnel on premises at all times, an on-call veterinarian, certified staff and a warm, friendly, family atmosphere where pets feel comfortable and

Join us for our free presentations to learn more about travel to your favourite destinations. Mar 10 South America – Focus on Peru

Feb 10 Featuring Exploring Europe: Coach Tours vs. Cruises insights from our consultants who have recently returned from Peru. (River and Ocean) Feb 24 The Plains of Africa – with Collette Vacations Mar 17 Africa Your Way Mar 10 South America Focus on Peru Explore the many –experiences & options

available in East Africa beyond group travel.

Presentations held in your local office at the following times: Shelbourne Plaza: 10am | Sidney: 2pm | Colwood: 7pm Space is limited – please RSVP to guarantee your seat. Sidney 105–2506 Beacon Ave. | 250.656.0961 Colwood 1913 Sooke Rd. | 250.478.9505 Victoria 3617 Shelbourne St. | 250.477.0131 1.800.409.1711 ON–4499356/4499372 | BC–33127/34799/34798 | QC–7002238 | Canadian owned.


A Boarding Kennel with the best Spa in town. Grooming Specialists: Caring, gentle handling • 30+ years experience in all breeds • Cats too! Special handling for geriatrics • Minimum restraint • Spaniels a specialty

2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton – just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries

250-652-2301 • •

march 2011


welcome. The well being of your pets is the number one priority and daily records are kept for each pet in order to observe their health and contentment. Pickup and delivery of pets is also available for those who cannot drop them off themselves. Furthermore, the pet centre is capable of accommodating other household pets such as rabbits and birds, allowing those with multiple animals to drop off the whole pet family while feeling assured that they will be safe and happy while their owners away. Another service provided by the pet centre is dog and cat grooming. This can be added to your pet’s extended stay or you can drop off your pet for a day at the spa. Kathy, the head groomer (pictured above), has over 30 years of experience in grooming both dogs and cats. In addition to her career as a groomer, Kathy breeds English cocker spaniels and whippets. All staff at Puppy Love and The Cat’s Meow are dedicated animal lovers with valuable experience that allows them to make your dog or cat’s stay comfortable and enjoyable. They encourage visitors to stop by and take a tour of the facility and see for themselves the loving and warm environment that is made available for pets at Puppy Love Pet Care Centre and The Cat’s Meow.

FOOD specials

Catch All The Games On Our 12 HD TV’s + 100” HD TV

Mondays – Halibut & Chips $10.95 Tuesday – Burger & a Pint $9.95 Wednesdays – Victoria’s Best! 35¢ Wings Thursdays – Great Pizzas $7.95 Fridays – “Happy Appies” 2 – 6 pm Steak Sandwich $10.95 Saturdays – Roast Beef Dinner $9.95 Sundays – Pot Pies $7.95 Every a S turday Meat Draw 2 pm

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Friday Nights Music Bingo Saturday Nights Live Music!

Mon - Sat 11 am - Midnight Sundays 11 am - 10 pm 7100 Wallace Dr., Brentwood Bay 250.652.3252 •

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Z anzibar

1164 Stelly’s Cross Road, Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250.652.1228

Global Flavours

scott-moncrieff & company LAWYERS and NOTARIES PUBLIC

Trusted Legal Advice For Over 35 Years

Local Tastes

At Scott-Moncrieff & Company, we provide effective legal solutions and build lasting relationships with our clients.









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104 - 9710 second st., sidney

sumptu o us garden

Love Your Lavender

Rob Bond (pictured) and business partner John Doyle are the proprietors of Doyle & Bond Home and Garden on West Saanich Road. Their goal is to create stunningly beautiful spaces for home and garden. With The Sumptuous Garden, landscape designer Rob spreads his knowledge and passion around the Saanich Peninsula.

There’s something about lavender that suggests a reedy, tweedy gardener named Lavinia. It’s the sheer Britishness of it. I mean, what’s an English country garden without lavender? It’s supremely versatile: it attracts butterflies, discourages ants and its distinctive fragrance repels deer. It’s drought-tolerant. It calls for minimal effort. It can live up to 20 years. In full bloom, it’s gorgeous to look at. Lavender’s also a team player in the sumptuous garden. Pair it with blue oat grass, Mexican feather grass or orange New Zealand sedge. Waving grasses offset the mounding lavender exquisitely. Mix them in your border, or place grasses in front of larger lavenders.

first bloom. Cut back by half and trim to shape for attractive mounds. As the plant reaches full size in its third year, prune to about one-third in spring, cutting to within a few inches of the woody stem.

by Rob Bond

long-lasting dark purple flowers. Pruning’s essential for healthy lavenders, even in their first year. Best time is spring, when new leaf buds break, long before

Happily, blooms can be taken anytime. Cut when the flowers are just beginning to open and essential oils are peaking. Now you have the lavender at its most fragrant and eye-filling. Hang the flowers in a cool place until dry and you’ll have an all-year-long bouquet. And that’s not all: you might just be lucky enough to have a second bloom.

Canada’s Truly Portable Hot Tub!

Developing perfectly shaped mounds of lavender is easy, but you should keep a few things in mind: first, lavenders want lots of sun and well-drained, neutral-toalkaline soil. Remember the great lavender fields of Provence? Second, choose a lavender appropriate for your site. It’s the species itself, not pruning, that determines plant size. Just follow the tags. For example, the English hybrid grosso, a hardy zone 5, grows to 36 inches in height and width. The French and Spanish lavenders (Spanish pictured above) are mid-sized and less hardy. They’re zone 8, but bloom early with

Lightweight & durable for year round use Plugs into regular outlet at approx. $8/mo 20 years made in Canada 250· 881· 2680


march 2011


Seize Your Life by Doreen Marion Gee


ot many people can put scaling the peak of Kilimanjaro in their memoires.

Even fewer can brag that they did it with no legs below mid thigh. Warren Macdonald was just one of the luminaries who mesmerized the audience in A Motivational Day event on Jan. 15th at the Victoria Conference Centre. We were held captive by tales of recovery from a woman who fought polar bears on her trek to the North Pole to a man who survived two near-death experiences. Their inspirational tales of triumph over adversity are a living testament to the power of the human spirit, but more importantly, these people can teach us how to live. On our own path to glory, their starlight guides us. Warren Macdonald (pictured above and on p. 24) lost both his legs above the knee in 1997 after he spent two days crushed under a one-ton boulder in a hellish outdoor accident. Like the immortal phoenix, he rose up and resurrected his life. This real life action hero became the first double above-knee amputee to reach the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.



Amazing specialty coffee drinks made with espresso beans now available.

The Perfect Complement to Your Sandwich, Soup, Muffin or Doughnut

at the corner of Wallace Drive & East Saanich Road

Greenglade Early Childhood Opening July 4, 2011 Development Centre Full day licensed child care for children ages 3 to 5 years @ Greenglade Community Centre

When I asked Warren for his secrets to an amazing story of resilience, he gave me a downto-earth response about personal responsibility in achieving our own triumphs: “We are all responsible for our own lives. Getting my life back was a choice that I had to make. We really need to wrap our heads around the cause and effect of the literally thousands of choices that we make every day from where we spend our money to what we put in our mouths.”

Reserve your spot now!

What gives each of us infinite power to change our lives is our ability to make those choices that will set us on the freeway to success. The fulfilment of our dreams is right there in our own hands – but only

Visit for more information. 250.656.7271

march 2011


“Adversity actually provides an extraordinary opportunity for growth if we are prepared to see it that way, he reflects in an email. “Everything that has ever been created has come from failure or a seemingly insurmountable challenge.”

when we acknowledge and take responsibility for it. Warren’s message is life changing. His book A Test of Will documents Warren’s tenacious recovery from the edge of death to a different richer life. It started with a single act of personal emancipation: he taught himself to lift his body up in his hospital bed to avoid being rolled over like a piece of meat by less-than-gentle “wardies.” This simple choice to grab control over his body from others set the template for reclaiming his life. His road to recovery started with a simple but profound decision that “no rock is going to beat me.” With the attitude that anything is possible, he transcended utter despair to achieve an impossible recovery walking – and then climbing – upright with prosthetics.

All of the participants at the January event volunteered their time to help local charities. The total net proceeds from the Motivational Day were donated to four local charities: Greater Victoria Eldercare Foundation, Boys and Girls Club, Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness and the Times Colonist Christmas Fund. The over-arching insight of these modern day prophets is that everything we do is a choice. We can choose to seize life or to merely live it. Contact Warren Macdonald at or visit his website: Photos courtesy Jeremy Smith.

Everyone faces challenges in their lives; they can either hold us back or be a catalyst for change. The lesson from people like Warren is that we can choose to get past these barriers by turning them into gold.

Whatever the Occasion …

We’ve got the Bottle

Good Spirits. Great Value. 9 am - 11 pm 7 days a week Liquor STore 24


Saanichton: 2134 Keating X Road 250-652-4400 Tillicum: 3170 Tillicum Road 250-384-0060 Yates: 759 Yates Street 250-384-4136, ext. 3

As Lucky Would Have It by Shelley Breadner, DVM Luck may not have anything to do with it when Lucky runs for the ball and comes back limping. Lucky loves to play, go for hikes, run at the beach and chase sticks. Now he has a torn ligament in his knee and needs surgery. Nobody asked for that! Lady Limerick, or Limmie as she is affectionately called by her family, warms herself in the sunbeams streaming through the window. She has just settled here after visiting her “mom” in the sewing room. There were so many pieces of fabric, yarn and thread there to entice her. She purrs contentedly now, but tomorrow she will be sick with some wool trapped in her intestines. Surgery is a must for her survival. Daisy has developed a huge thirst; she has emptied her water dish for the third time this week. Now her veterinarian has diagnosed her with diabetes. She has a really great outlook with insulin treatments. In order to survive, Daisy will need injections for the rest of her life. We are all faced with worrisome situations involving our pets at one time or another. They become core members of our family and help us through many of life’s ups and downs, and the last thing we want to contend with is making a decision for their health and welfare based solely on the cost of the treatments. There are many options today to assist us in managing our finances in difficult times. The pet industry has several methods of assistance in this area. It is important to plan for such events PRIOR to having to make a decision in a hurry.

Saving For a Rainy Day This is a great idea for starters, especially when online banking allows for multiple accounts. Automatic fund

transfers on a regular basis can be set up to create a savings for pet health issues. Saving does take time and commitment, as “borrowing” from the fund all the time will leave it lacking. Sometimes the expense of hospitalization, treatments or surgery may be greater than the amount you have saved. Prolonged care or chronic disease may also make it difficult for some families to manage.

Pet Medic Health Cards Pre-approved medic cards are available to allow for a line of credit for medical care for your pet. These can be used as a credit card to the limit determined and can be paid back over time.

Pet Insurance Several companies provide pet health insurance. There are various levels of coverage and the fine details need to be reviewed

to ensure you get the right one for you. Veterinarians can discuss this with you, based on their knowledge and experience, and direct you to the various company websites. Pet Insurance has given peace of mind and financial coverage to many clients for their pet health care. In a time when health care costs are rising, we see similar changes in the pet health care world also. Diagnostic tests, surgery, dentistry, specialist consultations, hospital care, accompanying therapies and even cremation and pet memorial packages are available to provide care for our pets through all stages of their life. Consider planning for their future by one of these options. Consult with your veterinarian for further information on these aspects of pet care. Shamrocks are not always easy to find!

Your Pets Deserve The Very Best Largest Raw Food Selection For Dogs & Cats Complete Dry Food Needs

Full Selection of Accessories

Open Monday – Saturday 9-5 • Sunday 10-4 Keating Plaza – (2140C Keating X Rd., Saanichton) 250-652-2411 •

march 2011


In Like a Lamb …


by Natalie King, General Manager, Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa the “when” and “where.” Speaking of parties …

s I’m writing this the winds are gusting at 90 km/hour, ferries are being cancelled and guests are tumbling into the hotel looking for hot coffee and warm friends.

Today notwithstanding, we’ve been pretty lucky thus far this winter. No real snow to speak of, some days with no rain, and not many days of bone-chilling weather. Every time I curse the cost of milk and bread on Vancouver Island, I remember how lucky we are to live in this part of the world. I have a brother in Toronto and virtually every conversation I have had with him recently has been about the horrible winter in Ontario this year. No snow in winter: priceless!

On behalf of the entire Pier team I want to say thank you to everyone who attended and partnered with us on the Haven Spa Party in February. It was a blast and showcased the fact that Sidney is a city full of beautiful women! It was so great to see so many women of all ages come out to celebrate and enjoy some well deserved special attention. We have made some big changes in Haven Spa which we are really excited about, most notably in our menu pricing. Everyone has to watch their spending these days, and it was important we respond to the times by offering even more value with the incredible service and surroundings we have become known for. We know you’ll be most pleasantly surprised by what’s new at Haven.

I actually love this time of year. In the hotel While I wish that I could say that summer is right business, it is project time. So many big jobs are around the corner, I know we’re still in for a couple more undertaken when our occupancy is a little bit lower. months of our version of winter. While it’s not snow We are working on some neat things to improve our or below-zero temperatures, it still warrants finding a guestrooms and outlets, increase our “greeness” familiar place and warming up with friends and family. and reconnect with the community. The next big So,7.75” whether it’s for(h)a •coffee in Georgia, party is always just around the• corner us,March and 2011 • Size: Sidney Pier Spa Seasidefor Times (w) x 4.925” Final File • Feb 08/11brunch in Haro’s or some pampering in Haven; we’d love to see you soon. we’ll be sure to let everyone know well in advance

Awaken your senses Rosemary Mint Body Wrap – $95 Renew your body and mind with this stimulating and cooling dry body wrap. The treatment begins with an exfoliation and a moisturizing massage with rosemary mint body lotion. After the body is wrapped, the essence of rosemary and peppermint will awaken your senses while a scalp and foot massage balances the whole body. Book this treatment during the month of March and receive a complimentary refresher facial using the botanical essences of Aveda. (Value of $55)

We are proud to carry Aveda products



To book your appointment Call 250-655-9797 Open Monday – Saturday Closed Sunday Limited hours on Statutory holidays

Christmas Arriving Early at Saanich Peninsula Hospital New Christmas trees will be donated to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, a gift that is sure to lift spirits long before the season arrives. Twentyone pre-lit designer trees are being donated by John Doyle of Doyle & Bond, a local home and garden design business located in Brentwood Bay next to Butterfly Gardens. “Each tree will have a unique theme and we will spend the next 10 months coordinating the designs and decorations,” says John. The idea came from discussions with David and Donna Petroski, volunteers at the hospital. Studies show that something pleasing to the eye is relaxing and can even enhance the immune system. Christmas can be a wonderful time, but if it’s spent at the hospital away from family and loved ones, it can be lonely and isolating. John feels this gift is something he can do to uplift Saanich Peninsula Hospital patients and make a contribution to his community. Support for the exciting project has been positive, particularly from volunteers and staff at the hospital. The gift of giving has already begun, with all the decorations for one tree being donated by Rikki Swin, an active community member who regularly gives back. “This local hospital is a gem and I’m sure these beautiful trees will uplift everyone’s spirits and give moments of joy and delight,” says Rikki. Sponsors like Rikki who donate the ornaments for a whole tree will be recognized with their name on the tree skirt.

6,000 full colour 2-sided business cards * 3.5” x 2” $


6,000 full colour 2-sided postcards* * 4” x 6” $


6,000 full colour 2-sided doorhangers * 4” x 12” $


All above printed on 14 pt. complete with satin varnish finish. *Prices based on a supplied PDF file set-up properly for press. Delivery & taxes extra. Custom sizes also available, please call or email for pricing.

Top-notch quality with delivery right to your door!

To make a contribution and participate in the project you can purchase ornaments at Doyle & Bond, which will then be used to decorate a tree. You can choose the theme and what you would like to donate. Each tree will be professionally decorated by Doyle & Bond and displayed at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital in December. Drop by Doyle & Bond to select your ornaments – there are plenty of choices. While décor at the hospital may not be something we often think about, this project will brighten the interiors and improve patients’ stay. It will also show the hard working staff and volunteers of Saanich Peninsula Hospital how much their efforts are appreciated by the community. In a future issue of Seaside Times, we will highlight the Christmas tree themes, let you know how the project is going and celebrate those helping make this Christmas project for the Saanich Peninsula Hospital a success. You can be involved! For more information contact John Doyle at, 778-426-4436, 6666 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay, B.C.


Where Friends & Stories Meet

A 1912 heritage building nestled in the Heart of the Prospect Lake Community … Open 7 days a week 8 - 4 5303 West Saanich Road, Victoria 250-590-4912•

march 2011


Your Home Can Be Your Pension


by Fraser Smith

f you’re a normal Canadian homeowner, odds are you are concerned that you will last longer than your money. Almost everyone you know who is no longer a teenager has the same concerns. The older you get, the more it pops into your head. Ask me – I will be 73 in June. There is a way to relegate this issue to the back burner of your mind. You will then have more time to decide whether the flowerbed will be geraniums or petunias this year. Look at it this way: in the financial life of most families there are two bookends that anchor the years that we work for a living. The left-hand bookend is established when we buy our home. The right-hand bookend is our pension. This is the fund that we require to supply the cash we are going to need to live on during the 30-odd years we are going to be unemployed during our retirement. Because we don’t know when we are going to expire, how can we know if our pension will be adequate? There’s the rub. Our home is our largest and proudest possession. We leverage everything we have at a very tender age in order to have a nest with a roof for ourselves and for our babies. Many first-time buyers even borrow the down payment in order to make it happen, never mind borrowing to get the mortgage. It’s a bit terrifying to begin with for most, but amazingly, as time passes, our fear turns to pride in the decision we made. Our pride turns to amazement as we watch our investment grow over time. We like being proudly amazed. Feels good. You may know people who are in fact so amazed at the power of real estate that they have taken some equity from their home as a down payment on a second house. They deliver a cheque to a realtor, financial planner or mortgage broker. Their agent leverages the down payment from the first house and arranges a mortgage with a bank to finance 100% of the second house. Borrowing $100,000 from their principal residence for a down payment on the investment house generates another $300,000 from a bank so we can own a $400,000 rental house. Now we have two houses. If one house is good, isn’t two houses better? You may know people who keep repeating the process and now have multiple pieces of real estate. Do we think the family that has leveraged the equity in their various homes in this manner over the years is concerned about their future pension? Highly unlikely.



The second home is now a small, unincorporated business. It has been 100% financed with a 25% down payment borrowed from the equity in the principal residence that was sitting there doing nothing for you in any event. Equity that is not put to work for your family will just sit there like a lump and moulder for the whole of your working life, not even earning interest for you. It is equity, but it is dead. Wealthy people got that way because they figured out that they would never get rich on a pay cheque. Like most people, their money ran out before the month ran out. There was nothing left at the end of the month to invest to make the pension grow. The wealthy know that you get wealthy using somebody else’s money. That’s why they applauded when you used somebody else’s money to buy your first house. You leveraged like crazy, you got your house and it’s the best investment you ever made. It’s the financing method that made it work for you. All the wealthy people around you, and most of the businesses in the country also use the bank’s money in the same way to leverage their ability to raise a down payment to get a mortgage to increase investment. If you have equity, you can make it work for you with modest risk. There is some risk in most everything we try to do to protect our future, but there is even more risk in doing nothing. If you do not prefer real estate, what about using some of your equity to start a business of your own? Business people understand that debt is just one of their tools to building wealth. They do not fear it, but they also don’t use it unless it is for growing their wealth. (And because they observe that rule, the government of Canada allows them to deduct the interest expense on their investment loans. You can do the same). If your own business is not in the cards, why not consider using some of your home equity to raise a down payment so you can get a mortgage for your own Personal Pension Plan (PPP)? When organizing your own PPP, you will finance your pension the same way you financed your home. You will get a down payment for your pension by taking it from the equity in your home, and the bank will give you a mortgage for your pension in the same fashion they gave you a mortgage for your house. If your existing pensions are of the registered variety,

part of the solution. Read about the Wheelchair Foundation at To learn more about Holmes Realty go to

you cannot get monthly payments until you retire. But your PPP is not registered, and starts sending you your monthly pension cheques immediately.

Michele is also a proud member of the Sidney-by-the-Sea Rotary – one of four Rotary clubs on the Peninsula. If you would like to learn more about this fabulous service club, visit their website: www.sidneybythesearotary.blogspot. com. Holmes Realty is also one of over 500 businesses that belong to the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. Your business can belong too:

Instead of trying to build yourself a pension by putting a little bit away each month, consider the fact that public and private pension plans have failed at almost all levels, and are not likely to be fixed by government in our lifetime. Too many baby boomers beginning to retire presents a problem, made worse because they are also living longer. These are intractable problems for current pension plans.

Because Michele Holmes saw the opportunity to link her thank-you-for-your-business gift to this wonderful organization in your name, we did the same at The Smith Manoeuvre. Our hope in telling you about Michele’s initiative is that you will consider doing the same in your business. Way to go Michele.

Itsy-bitsy monthly financing of pensions is a miserable failure. In my own case, after 45 years of monthly contributions to the CPP matched by my employers over the years, I receive less than $1,000 per month. That’s the maximum there is for me. And for you.

Convert your mortgage interest into tax deductions!

There is more bad news. This modest sum is then taxed by the government at my marginal tax rate of say 40%. That means that the government gives me $1,000 each month as a CPP cheque, but then takes back 40% in taxes, leaving me with $600 per month. T



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Mobility for paraplegics is the greatest of gifts they can receive. It shows in their faces, and everybody involved feels so good to be


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If Holmes Realty is your choice when you buy or sell your home, a few weeks later you will receive an envelope in the mail from the Wheelchair Foundation. In it will be a picture of some hugely smiling person somewhere else in the world where they are not as fortunate Reta il $2 will be sitting as we are here in Canada. They 4.95 in a shiny new, well-built red wheelchair given to them in your name by Holmes Realty.



Wow! What a Great Idea



al Bests





If you find these concepts interesting, please give me a call at 250-656-7077. It would be my privilege to give you more detail. There are no fees here.


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he S mith The solution to the pensionconsidproblem is to M er Cana ed for im anoeuvr e sh dian plem ould fa e replicate the great success you mhad in ntati mily financing ortga be on b that ge on y ev h a th sac ery eir h This o o n me. veto excit your home when you used thetanebank’s capital ntion in al g fin ously ancia co tax l stra refun nverts m tegy buy your house. If the pensionpesystems are ds, s o failing simu riod o horte rtgage in lf the teres clear mortg ns the t to amor po age a pension to perform, finance your own personal tizati nd bu choos rtfolio of on ilds a inves ing to free a tmen fund nd ts of This your the fu plan the same way you financed home. your wond ture for o e

Thousands of Canadians have learned how to utilize The Smith Manoeuvre to convert their mortgage interest into tax deductions which they receive every year for the rest of their life. For instance, mortgage interest of $10,000 per year gets converted into a $10,000 tax deduction, and those deductions produce tax refund cheques, year after year, for you and your family.


al Bestse



This strategy was developed in 1984 by Fraser Smith with support from Vancity, and is now utilized by financial planners across Canada.

If you would like to arrange a complimentary meeting with Fraser Smith to learn how The Smith Manoeuvre might improve the future for your family, please call LuAnn at 250-656-7077. There are reviews that will interest you at our website


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march 2011


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Lets face it, as small business owners we work hard and we want results that reflect our hard work. Avoiding costly mistakes makes us more successful and helps us grow bigger, faster! 1. Planning without a purpose, performing without an audience 2. Design and feature overkill 3. Do-it-yourself overload 4. Wrong name for the right business 5. The “set and forget” syndrome

Planning with a purpose and performing for a target audience will turn followers into fans! Start by asking yourself a few thought inspiring questions.


Q: What are the main reasons you are starting a new site? Q: What are your primary online business objectives?

Q: What is the main business problem you hope to solve with the new site? How will you measure the success of the solution?


Q: Describe a typical user coming to your site: Age? Vocation? Q: What is the primary “action” the user should take when coming to your site?

Q: What are the key reasons why the target user chooses your company’s products and/or services?

Thought provoking questions, aren’t they? If a business is much more likely to succeed with a business plan, imagine the results you will generate by answering a few key questions during planning!

We have provided a FREE Web Strategy Kit for you to download from our site and have included sample answers to these questions that will help you get started quickly and easily.

Stay tuned for “Design and Feature Overkill” in April’s issue.

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Spring on the West Coast by Moira Gardener Longer days and fresher air; air that tingles with anticipation. Inhale deeply. The West Coast is waking up. Spring is about to emerge with birdsong, flower count and promised renewal. It’s time to get busy in the garden, the home and tune up the bicycle. Time to get more active. Spring here in the West Coast rainforest means the disappearance of dull gray skies and torrential rains and welcoming sunshine and new life. We are known as the garden city and enjoy things like the annual blossom count, world-class Butchart Gardens and being backyard horticulturists. We have it all! Turning our giant blowers loose on the leaves and, taking our hedge trimmers or saws in hand, we cut back branches before the sap begins to run, before the trees and shrubs have a chance to yawn, stretch and really wake up. These cuttings are gathered up for the compost that in time will help make everything new again. This done, we step back a tad to watch for sprouts and buds to pop up. The robin, who has been with us all winter, reclaims wormholes that were lost under winter’s blanket and, turning a sharp eye to the ground, forages to feed her newly-hatched babies. Birdsong fills the air in the mornings now, as migrants return to nest, mate and raise their young; babies that will quickly grow anxious to try out their new wings. Goslings will venture out and waddle along behind their mother. Warblers sing “Wake up, wake up roll out of bed, greet the day.” The western sandpiper who runs to and fro along the beach is now joined by large flocks of seabirds, attracted by “schools of a smelt, known as sandlance, who’ve reproduced in the sand along the seashore.”* We live in a birder’s paradise

along with the ever-present Rufous hummingbird, whose keen eyes will soon see promised blooms of nectar-rich flowers. Shoots spring from the ground and will become yellow daffodils, red tulips and purple hyacinth. The many nurseries in the area fill with spring offerings of every kind. There is much fun to be had experimenting with some newbies and adding a sense of adventure to our gardening endeavors. One thing anticipated by many is street upon street of trees loaded down with cherry blossoms promising to rain pink and white petals. On farms, lambs and calves on new legs venture out into the fields while forest fawns follow mother and antlers grow on young frisky bucks. As the world around us renews, we also renew our homes. Throwing open the windows we welcome the spring air and sunshine. Freshening with paint and cleaning with vigor we brush away winter blahs. Sort, weed, purge, refurbish and replace. It feels good to have space and brightness. This year I’m the proud owner of a wonderful new workstation, so my indoor weeding takes the form of paper, journals and books to cull and give away to friends or one of the many local bookshops that bless our lives. Shredders; what invaluable tools as they hum along turning weeded papers into – you got it – compost. This process is rejuvenating. As I work through the accumulation of winter clutter my thinking clears and new ideas come and new creations take seed to flourish. There is nowhere on earth I’d rather be in the spring than right here on the Saanich Peninsula enjoying morning song, nesting rituals and experiencing new birth all around. Gotta love the spring thing. Moira Gardener is a free-lance writer on the Pacific West Coast and can be contacted at * courtesy: site.jsp?siteID=BC047&lang=EN march 2011


$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Avoiding the HST Shock in Your Business

by Elaine Hughesman, CA Partner with Flader Hale Hughesman, Chartered Accountants

One thing is certain – the HST is here. As business owners we can’t bury our heads in the sand, we need to recognize how the HST impacts our business. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to write a cheque to the government for the HST you have collected, you may be in for an HST Shock. The reason for this shock is the amount of HST your business is now required to collect. At the simplest level the HST has gone from 5% to 12%. Which means your business is now collecting 7% more in taxes. On $100,000 of sales your HST collected went from $5,000 to $12,000 (assuming your business was not charging PST previously). This increase now sits in your bank account, and if you have more money in your bank account you maybe tempted to spend it. But be careful and remember it really wasn’t yours to begin with.

account. You can “borrow” it – but what if your cash flow isn’t great when it’s time to write the HST cheque?

Collect Accounts Receivable. The HST is due to the government even if you have not yet collected the money. Find ways to speed up collections before the HST is due in order to avoid the negative impact on cash flow. Measure and Track the HST. Upto-date accounting records will let you know how much HST you owe at any given period. Ensure you have a system to calculate and separate the HST you pay on purchases. (If HST is included in a purchase price the HST can be calculated as 12/112).

So what is a business owner to do?

Make Instalments or Put Money Aside. You are allowed to pay the HST in monthly instalments to avoid having to write a large cheque at the end your HST period. Some businesses even set up a separate bank account to set aside money when the HST payment is due. We highly recommend this strategy.

• Be Proactive. Avoid the shock when it is time to pay the HST. Recognize what HST means – your business may now have 7% more cash in your

Timing of Invoicing. Render invoices early in the HST period so that you can collect the money prior to having to make the HST remittance.

Timing of Large Purchases. If you are making a large purchase, consider making it just before the end of an HST period so that you can reduce the amount of HST you have to pay. You are able to claim the HST you pay against the HST you collect even if you finance the purchase or haven’t paid for it yet. Writing off Bad Debts. If you have any accounts receivable that can’t be collected, you are able to reduce your HST owing by the amount of HST on the bad debt. Keep Proper Documentation. You need to keep all invoices for purchases in order to claim back the HST you paid against the HST you collected. CRA can disallow HST credits when no invoice is produced. CRA now has more auditors, however if you have good accounting records and documentation your business will survive an audit. Remember, ultimately you are just collecting the HST for the government, so although your cash flow may be better it may not all belong to you. Be proactive and follow the steps outlined above to ensure you avoid an HST Shock that could negatively affect your business.

If you have a new or growing business, contact Elaine for a free consultation 9768 Third St., Sidney • 250.656.3991



seaside arts scene

The second art class at the Mary Winspear happens in April with Pop into Painting: Basic Techniques … Plus! Create realistic and abstract paintings that have that “wow” factor!

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Instructor is Jan Farthing (B.A. Visual Art).

Instructor Jan Farthing is an artist and experienced art teacher.

from April 5th to 28th.

Pop Into Painting will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays


Young artists will spend five fun-filled days experiencing all kinds of drawing (including cartooning and basic animation), painting with various techniques, composing art panels with collage and found objects, self portraits and sculpture! Special memories will be created as kids will have lots of artistic keepsakes from these five days!

Artistic Twists

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We are celebrating Spring 2011 with two new art courses! Art Camp for Kids happens daily at the MWC from March 21st through 25th during spring break. It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids from eight to 14 years of age who love art and want to spend lots of time having fun with their friends creating in a variety of art experiences and art mediums!

Learn the basics of watercolour and acrylic painting that will enable you to express your artistic talents and perfect what you already know! This course is designed for the beginner as well as the more advanced painter who wishes to paint in a collaborative and inspiring environment. Note that this course is offered twice a week in order to offer a guided studio experience by the instructor.


Look at what is happening this year at the Mary Winspear Center: art classes!

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Mary Winspear Centre Art Classes


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What Happens When You Find Yourself?


by Pene Beavan Horton f you were asked to tell someone “This is who I am” and “This is what I believe,” what would your answers be?

At one time it was the “in thing” to go looking for yourself. Mothers left home to look for themselves and so did fathers. Many of them are still out there, still looking. Finding yourself is an inner search and who knows if the self you find will be a happy surprise or an unpleasant revelation? Perhaps this is why most of us jog along from day to day without rocking our psychological boat by asking who we are, or what we are meant to be doing with our life. It’s a challenge to stop and think. I tend to scurry around being busy and accomplishing daily tasks

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because, like Mt. Everest, they’re there. But if I weren’t doing this, what else would/ should I be doing? Do I dare even ask? It’s a big risk if you go in search of yourself … don’t you think? I’d hate to find myself and realize that I wasn’t worth knowing. Besides, there’s the question of where you should start looking for yourself. Mongolia? Or is it OK to just go for a walk in the woods and hope that you’ll meet yourself on the way back? Or will you find yourself on the gut-wrenching end of a bungee rope? You know: halfway down, doing some soul searching and realizing that you’re maybe not the athletic type after all? The process of finding yourself seems to mean abandoning your spouse and kids for a freer life. More time to think, maybe? If they’re holding you back, ditch them. I seem to remember this idea (back when finding yourself was so popular), in a book by Harry Brown: How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World. I’m still wondering how many husbands left how many wives after reading Harry’s book. There’s a catch though, to leaving … you do have to take yourself with you. Oh well … if the self you finally “find” is not so bravely desirable after all, I suppose you can always blame the self you’ve brought along? Mongolia, anybody? march 2011



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BBB Torch Award 2010 Nominee

Bob LeBlanc’s Variety Fare Bob LeBlanc, formerly of the Victoria Broadway Chorus, is proud to present Victoria’s newest singing sensations: “Variety Fare.” The group is comprised of six veteran musical comedy stage performers who specialize in renditions of Broadway and Pop favourites.

For the past six years, Stan Davis has been a standout member of the Forever Plaid ensemble, a troupe which has performed this Broadway classic throughout B.C. He has appeared in several productions of the Victoria Operatic Society. Timothy Kyle is also a cast member of Forever Plaid. He has performed with the Cowichan Musical Society, the Victoria Operatic Society, The Victoria G & S Society and Pacific Opera Victoria. Dwayne Gordon has been featured in several productions of the Victoria Operatic Society. He has been a guest soloist with The Victoria Broadway Chorus and is a member of the Forever Plaid ensemble. Bob LeBlanc was the originator, music director and pianist of the Victoria Broadway Chorus. He was the originator and music director of two major Victoria Operatic Society productions: Legends of Broadway and On Broadway. He has produced, directed and performed in several dinner theatre shows at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Hats Off to Broadway is an original show created by Bob LeBlanc. It is a tour of Broadway and features songs from Hello Dolly, The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Oliver, Gypsy and many others. It is a fast-paced two hours of comedy featuring wonderful music and highlighted by the six-member Variety Fare troupe and virtuoso pianist Bob LeBlanc.



An entertaining evening of Broadway favourites

Photo: Destrubé Photography

Fran Bitonti has been performing in this area for several years, most notably with the Victoria Operatic Society. She recently played the lead role in Gypsy as well as the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz for the V.O.S. Sarah Carlé is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts. She had the lead role of Dolly in the Victoria Operatic Society’s production of Hello Dolly and was a featured soloist with the Victoria Broadway Chorus. Angela Ireland is best known for her stellar performances in the group String of Pearls. She has recently performed lead roles in Will Rogers Follies for the Victoria Operatic Society and in the Black Box production of Annie. She has been a regular performer at Butchart Gardens as well as lead vocalist in the jazz band Ford 7.

Variety Fare: Led by pianist Bob LeBlanc and featuring (L to R): Fran Bitonti, Timothy Kyle, Stan Davis, Sarah Carlé, Dwayne Gordon, Angela Ireland

Enjoy this fast paced, two-hour show of music and comedy from some of the most beloved Broadway shows: Hello Dolly, The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Oliver, South Pacific, and many others. VICTORIA : Metro Studio, 1411 Quadra Street Thursday, March 24, 7:30 pm Saturday, March 26, 7:30 pm Tickets: $25 at Long & McQuade, Ivy’s Book Shop (Oak Bay), Munro’s Books, or at the door. Open seating.

SIDNEY : Charlie White Theatre, Mary Winspear Centre, 2243 Beacon Avenue Saturday, April 9, 8:00 pm Sunday, April 10, 2:00 pm Tickets: $25 at Mary Winspear Centre box office or by phoning 250-656-0275. Reserved seating.

Come and enjoy the magic of Variety Fare!

Hats Off to Broadway will be presented four times in the spring of 2011. See advert at right for more information. SEASIDE  TIMES



Conversations From the Past: Henry Simpson

by Valerie Green

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and talk with some interesting characters from Greater Victoria’s past? If so, wonder no more. In a series of upcoming “interviews,” imaginary conversations will be conducted with some well-known (and some lesserknown) men and women from Greater Victoria’s colourful history. Although these conversations are merely creative figments of my imagination, they are all based on fact. Henry Simpson is considered to be the first entrepreneur on the Saanich Peninsula. An adventurous man, he was willing to try anything. His name will always be connected with today’s landmark Prairie Inn on the corner of East Saanich and Mount Newton X Roads, once known as the Prairie Tavern.

Interviewer Mr. Simpson, am I correct in 38


saying that you and your wife, Adelaide, arrived in Victoria in 1853?

Simpson Yes, we sailed here aboard the Norman Morison from Kent in England where I was born. We came here to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company. It was a big adventure for us. I Did you have a trade? S Yes, I was a baker and Adelaide was a laundress. We soon found work at the Fort. I So why did you eventually leave Fort Victoria and move out toward the wilderness of Central Saanich? S After working for the company for six years, we wanted another challenge. I had earlier purchased some land on the Peninsula in order to

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Original Prairie Inn, courtesy of George Doney. Saanich Pioneer Society image.


farm away from the confines of the Fort.

new location!

I Tell me about the journey you took to reach Little Saanich Mountain. What was it like?

Kirkpatrick Cres.

#1-6809 Kirkpatrick Crescent (off Keating Cross Rd.)

I And when you reached your destination? S We lived very roughly at first, clearing the land, but things soon improved. I took out a mortgage on my land and became the first businessman in the area ever to have done such a thing. For the sum of 83 pounds, six shillings and eight pence, I established good credit and was able to build a tavern for weary travellers. I Was it a success? S Goodness, yes! Adelaide’s homemade bread



Oldfield Rd.

S It was horrendous! The trails were rough – simply tracks made by the native Indians. We headed out on foot with our first-born child.

(formerly cordova Bay esso)

Keating Cross Rd.

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Registered Under the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC • Financing Available O.A.C.

S Yes, my daughter Emma (one of our 14 children) delivered the mail after school. All my family were hard workers. and her wonderful hospitality became well-known far and wide. Oh, and we also loaned out horses for travellers to continue on their journeys, with the provision that when they reached their destination they would feed and water the animal and then set it free. It would always return to us.

I Hard-working pioneers indeed! Henry Simpson died at the age of 74 in 1903, four years after this interview. Many of his descendants still live on the Peninsula, and the landmark Prairie Inn still stands as a monument to this hard-working entrepreneur from long ago. Valerie Green is an author and historian and can be reached at

I What happened after your first tavern burned to the ground in 1893? S We quickly re-built for the sum of $2,200. By then, business was booming in the area because the Victoria to Sidney Railway line had come. The new tavern is far more elaborate. I also donated some land for the annual Saanichton Fair and helped establish the Saanich Agricultural Company. I And of course you started a post office on the Peninsula and ran a general store?

After the fire: the old and the new Prairie Tavern, circa 1894. Saanich Pioneer Society image.

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Gallery in Victoria!

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Before & After

Doggy Heaven at “Shaggy-Dawg” Dog Grooming


by Doreen Marion Gee

e humans treasure our furry friends and value their special presence in our lives, and many businesses that deal in the care of animals treat their canine customers with loving kindness. One such place is “ Shaggy-Dawg” Dog Grooming in Brentwood Bay. The owner, Faith Chipman, puts her doggy visitors on a pedestal, treating them to a first-class “spa” experience. Even some human beings don’t get this kind of pampering. “Shaggy-Dawg” is full-service complete grooming care for our four-legged friends, but the owner has her own special term for what she offers: “High end atmosphere, small town service.” Faith is a bundle of warm energy and her kind personality shines through every wide smile and bubbly laugh. During her whirlwind clean-up of dog hairs, she talks excitedly about her doggy spa. She is the sole owner and she serves every size of dog, from a shih tzu to a golden retriever. The canines enjoy everything from a complete grooming to an



oil bath or toe nail clipping. Bring your doggy for Faith’s secret new treatment – emu oil conditioner to make any scruffy coat soft and shiny. She also offers aromatherapy; things are getting “doggone” fancy at this salon! Faith has lavender and citrus essences to sooth and pamper her fluffy friends. What sets her dog grooming facility apart, says Faith, is the lower number of dogs there at any one time. She hosts fewer appointments daily and spaces them out so the salon is never over-crowded. This ensures a quiet calm milieu for the animals. In this way, the cuddly creatures get more personal attention. Faith loves all animals. “These animals deserve the same respect as we do. They are our brothers and sisters. There is no separation between them and us – I see them as just little beings.” She is proud that her salon is a far cry from assembly line grooming. I felt very comfortable in the chic multi-leveled immaculate salon that looks more like an adult health club than an animal

grooming facility. Three skylights, modern equipment and sparkling tiles create a natural and glowing atmosphere. Behind “Shaggy-Dawg” is a successful female entrepreneur who has built up a thriving business even during these hard economic times. Faith worked for many years in different grooming salons before setting out on her own. When asked what she likes most about her job, there is no hesitation. “I love having my own business. People actually come in here for my services, to see me! It is so exciting.” Her business has been blooming since September 22, 2001 and this is her third location. Faith spent the first five to six years waitressing in the evenings as she built up her business income but now, the salon is doing so well that it provides her with a good income in itself. Her smart business savvy is an inspiration to other women who want to be their own boss. Faith wishes to expand her business and she informs me that there is another table in her spa for a qualified dog groomer. Anyone interested in a career in her salon or finding out about training opportunities is encouraged to phone her (see advert for contact info). It is encouraging to see Faith Chipman giving tender care to our fine canine friends at the same time that she carefully tends to her own needs as a blossoming professional female businesswoman.

“shaggy-dawg” dog grooming

Proudly Serving The Peninsula Since 2001

High-End Atmosphere, Small-Town Service!

C2-7060 West Saanich Road Brentwood Bay • 250.888.4476 march 2011


Sidney’s Best Western Emerald Isle Recognized as Best Western Design Champion “The Best Western Champion awards recognize those Best Western hotels that truly demonstrate the highest levels of quality and service,” said Beth Campbell, board chair of Best Western International’s Board of Directors.

The Best Western Emerald Isle Motor Inn in Sidney, B.C. was named Best Western Design Champion at Best Western International’s annual North American Convention held late last year in Vancouver, B.C. The award was presented in front of more than 2,000 industry peers. The select honour is bestowed upon the member property whose design and/or construction project is deemed most impressive by an independent panel of judges comprised of professional members of the American Society of Interior Designers and the American Institute of Architects.





“The Best Western Emerald Isle’s design is outstanding among Best Western’s North American properties.” Located at 2306 Beacon Avenue in Sidney-by-the-Sea, the Best Western Emerald Isle features 65 rooms, a licensed Smitty’s Family Restaurant, whirlpool, sauna and fitness equipment, and is conven-

Sea: Sidney-by-the-Sea: WesternClosest Best Western rdens to Butchart Gardens W. SAANICH RD

• Licensed Family Restaurant

Ferry Terminal WAIN


Tsehum ST Harbour H



Patricia 17A MILLS Bay

BW Emerald Isle Motor Inn

BEACON To Victoria

• Whirlpool, Sauna and Fitness Equipment

merald Isle Motor Inn

on site

• 7 blocks from Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

• Pet Friendly – fee –

some restrictions apply

Western e Sidney, Best BC V8L 1X2 PLUS Emerald Isle Motor Inn

2306 Beacon Ave., Sidney, BC • 250.656.4441 1.800.315.3377

ently ownedEach and operated. BestHotel Western and the Best Western marks are service Best Western® is independently owned and operated. Bestmarks Western and the Best Western marks are service marks Western International, Inc. ©2009 Western Inc. All rights or registered serviceBest marks of BestInternational, Western International, Inc.reserved. ©2011 Best Western International, Inc. All rights reserved.



For reservations, call the hotel directly at 250-656-4441 or call Best Western’s 24-hour, toll-free number at 1-800-WESTERN. Reservations are also available through the hotel chain’s website at Best Western International, Inc. is THE WORLD’S LARGEST HOTEL CHAIN®, providing marketing, reservations and operational support to over 4,000* independently owned and operated BEST WESTERN, BEST WESTERN PLUS ® and BEST WESTERN PREMIER® hotels in 80* countries and territories worldwide.


The Best Western Emerald Isle was one of only eight hotels out of more than 2,400 properties in the U.S. and Canada to receive this designation. The Hotel’s bright new lobby and front desk expansion was designed and overseen by Laura Steele of Newspace Interior Design, Sidney, B.C.

rries, • •Licensed Family 5 minutes fromRestaurant BC Ferries, ries & on site Washington State Ferries • 7and Blocks fromInt’l. Shaw Ocean Victoria Airport to Discovery Centre Easy 25-minute to • •Pet Friendly - Feedrive - Some downtownapply Victoria restrictions

iently located five minutes from the Victoria International Airport.

An industry pioneer since 1946, Best Western has grown into an iconic brand that hosts 400,000* worldwide guests each night. Equally committed to the business and leisure traveler, Best Western recently embarked on a mission to lead the hotel industry in customer care. World Vision is the charity of choice for Best Western in building the world’s largest family, with our hotels and staff sponsoring children in need around the globe. Our partnerships with AAA/CAA, Michael Waltrip Racing™ and HarleyDavidson ® help guests make the most of every trip. For the fastest way to a free night globally, join Best Western Rewards ®. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit www. *Numbers are approximate and can fluctuate.

Electronic Community Calendar Up & Running!

Mobility Solutions

On behalf of the Community Development Commission, we are pleased to announce the availability of the long-awaited electronic community calendar for Sidney and the surrounding area. Use of the calendar is open to all organizations in the area wanting to post significant dates and upcoming public events. There is no fee associated with posting or using the site.

The site is easy to use. By visiting www.mypeninsula. ca, organizations have two options: they can open an account to post their own events or they can use the telephone number (778-426-1262) to arrange for the calendar’s host organization to make the posts. Each submission to the calendar is screened for appropriateness. All events included on the community calendar must be open to the general public. Commercial events announcing sales or other promotional activities will not be accepted. Use of the electronic calendar will make it easier for organizations to plan events, work collaboratively, avoid duplication and, most importantly, reach a wider number of people on a regular basis.

We urge you and your organization to begin using the community calendar as soon as possible. The more organizations use the site, the greater the benefit to our increasingly diverse and busy communities.

Victoria: 1856 Quadra Street • (250) 384-8000 Sidney: 7 - 9764 Fifth Street • (250) 656-6228

Home and Garden Home and Garden

Home & Garden Décor, Giftware & More!

6666 West Saanich Road Brentwood Bay (beside Butterfly Gardens)

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Top Mortgage Advice Your mortgage is important… trust an expert who knows the local market and can connect you with the right lender. DBA: Invis – Chatterton Way *E&OE

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Hein Moes, Mortgage Consultant 250.812.3548 | Over 25 years experience in financial services

Purchasing or renewing Mortgages for the self-employed Refinancing for renovations or investments Debt consolidation to control interest costs

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It’s worth a call to find out your current options.

Jim Laing – 250-652-2923

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A family owned and operated community business with more than 40 years of service

Specializing in: • Residential, Commercial, Strata & Condo Security • ABLOY high security locks & keys • Bell lock postal lock upgrade keys

Managing the world’s most important investments:


In this business... Experience matters! 205, 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC V8L 1Y3

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Susan Dafoe Investment Advisor National Bank Financial is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada which is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA: TSX).

Simply cremationS

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A Celebration of Seasons: Saanich Peninsula’s First Annual Daffodil Festival Each year on the Saanich Peninsula, residents see the early rise of the daffodil as a sign that spring is near. Their green leaves peeking out from the soil in late January and early February bring memories of seasons past and excitement for the season to come. Once they are in full bloom, we are again reminded of how privileged we are to be basking in the yellow glow of daffodils rather than the glaring white of snow like the rest of the country. Are you aware that we live in the Daffodil Capital of Canada? For Vantreight Farms, the flowers coming up in the fields marks the beginning of the growing season for the farmers on the Peninsula and the coming harvest that is so important to our food security on Vancouver Island. The Vantreights have been farming fruits, vegetables and flowers on the Saanich Peninsula since 1884 and are now in their fifth generation of family farming. For over 60 years they have been producing the flowers that have beautified the community with vast fields filled with millions of daffodils each year. These flowers are distributed to local retailers and across Canada and the U.S. through the Canadian and American Cancer Societies to raise money for cancer research. In 1957, Geoff Vantreight Jr. was one of the first organizers to use the daffodil to raise money for the Cancer Society and over 60 years later the daffodil has become their flower of hope for a cure for cancer. This year there are big changes coming to the farm: for the first time, U-PICK daffodils will be available at Vantreight’s Blink Bonnie Farm Market at 8370 East Saanich Road.

Ryan Vantreight, general manager and the fifth generation in his family to take up farming, says he sees a bright future ahead and is taking things in new directions. “We are now doing a lot more direct farm marketing of our organic and conventional fruits, vegetables and flowers. We are connecting more and more with our community through farm tours, farmers’ markets, agritourism and special events like the first annual Saanich Peninsula Daffodil Festival planned for mid-March.” Vantreight says the idea of the daffodil festival is to celebrate and have fun with the community while promoting local agriculture. “On March 12th we will be pulling out some old and new tractors and heading over to Fresh Cup,” he explains. “We’ll have face painting and games for the kids and display daffodils that can be bought by donation with proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society. During the following week the community can join in by having some friendly competition with friends and neighbours by displaying daffodils on countertops, tabletops, windowsills etc.” The first annual Saanich Peninsula Daffodil Festival will be held in the parking lot of Fresh Cup Roastery Café at 1931 Mt. Newton Cross Road on March 12th, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. More details can be found at or call Vantreight Farms at 250-652-FARM (3276).

march 2011


island dish

Macho Gazpacho! by Jennifer Bowles Spring has sprung! Well, sprung a leak maybe … I know, spring can be a little wet and the sun just called in to say its taking a few more weeks of vacation due to feeling burnt out, but hey, no reason we can’t break out the spring/summer recipes right? I’ve had enough of hearty sandwiches, pot pies and heavy pastry (who am I kidding, if I could live on pastry I would) but I digress; it’s time for a fresh, new, snappy addition to your weekly repertoire! Gazpacho! Long since thought of as a thirstquenching soup in the hot Spanish climates, Gazpacho is traditionally a cold, tomato-based soup that packs a whack of flavour with an acidic bite flooded with sun-ripened toma-

toes, fresh peppers and a few friends from our garlic and onion family. Mixed together and topped with warm, jumbo garlicky croutons, you are instantly transported to the land of turquoise seas and red hot sun! As many variations as there are of Gazpacho, there are equally as many opinions as to what drink to pair it with. In my opinion, the number one answer, hands down, is ice cold, frothy, full-bodied beer with a squeeze of lime. The acid in the soup is enough that if paired with an equally acidic wine you could be looking at a nice little case of heart burn or just a wash of flavour in your mouth. Other gazpacho aficionados have proclaimed that a nice rosé goes beautifully. Prosecco is another

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choice if you are looking for dry and, tipping the other end of the scale, sweet sherry gets her feet in there and really kicks it up a notch! So there you have it! If I were you, I would head out to Sun Wing Greenhouses on Oldfield Road to pick up your tomatoes. When you walk through the door you will be amazed by the incredible aroma of sweet basil and the glistening red orbs just waiting to be plucked for your (soon-to-be) famous Gazpacho! A little hint – Gazpacho really delivers the day after it’s made if you can wait that long!

Atlantis Kayaks | Nimbus Kayaks | Hellman Canoes 250.665.7411 | | Brentwood Bay 48


2 (plum) tomatoes, quartered 1 large cucumber, peeled & halved 1 onion, peeled & halved 1 cup green bell pepper, diced 1/2 cup red bell pepper, diced 1 4-oz jar pimento peppers, drained & diced 2 (12 fluid ounce) cans good tomato juice 1/3 cup of your best olive oil 1/3 cup red wine vinegar 1/4 tsp. hot pepper sauce 11/2 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. ground black pepper 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 tsp. Spanish paprika 1/4 cup chopped fresh chives 1 bunch cilantro

In a blender combine one tomato, half the cucumber, half the onion, half the green pepper, half the red pepper, the pimento and 1/2 cup tomato juice. Blend at high speed for 30 seconds to purée. In a large bowl mix the puréed vegetables with remaining tomato juice, 1/4 cup olive oil, vinegar, hot pepper sauce, salt, Spanish paprika and ground black pepper. Cover mixture and refrigerate until it is well chilled (about 2 hours), but best to leave overnight! Meanwhile, cut up a baguette into jumbo cubes. Drench with olive oil and rub, rub, rub with garlic. Toast them up on a baking sheet until crisp and warm before serving.


Place remaining chopped tomato, cucumber, onion and green bell pepper in separate bowls. Serve soup in chilled bowls, garnish with chives and serve with crispy warm baguette or corn bread is also a fabulous alternative. Garnish with a fresh bunch of cilantro. Crack open your favorite beverage and Viva la Gazpacho!

Comfort Food Comfortable Surroundings Your Place On The Bay

Open Mic Night Every Friday! Take Part or Just Enjoy Sunday - Thursday 11 am - 4 pm • Friday - Saturday 11 am - 8 pm 250.544.1565 • 799 Verdier Avenue, Brentwood Bay (beside the Mill Bay Ferry)

to The Cedarwood

Beautiful waterfront location on the Saanich Peninsula • Pet and child friendly Daily, weekly and monthly rates • Long-term parking available Ask about our island resident rates

The Cedarwood Inn and Suites – Your Home away from Home 9522 Lochside Drive, Sidney, British Columbia 250-656-5551 • 877-656-5551 •

march 2011


What’s Happening – March 2011

march 1 - oct. 10 Behind The Scenes at The Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum, Victoria, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 250-356-7226 Meet curators, collection managers and volunteers and get to know the researchers who dig, dredge, dive and document their way to new scientific discoveries. See new and ancient specimens on public display for the very first time. Families will love the kid-friendly learning mascot who draws curious young minds along, following a trail of inquiry and delight, and children will flip for the Amuseum – a museum just for kids – with its theme of sustainability! Cost included with admission to the museum.

march 5 - 6 Spring Orchid Show Student Union Building, UVIC Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 250-883-2662 The Victoria Orchid Society is holding its spring orchid show; “Flowers of Romance & Mystery.” Admission $7 or $6 for students and seniors.

march 6

I Choristi: Opera Through The Eyes of The Chorister St. Elizabeth’s Church 2:30 p.m. 1030 3rd Street, Sidney Presented by The Linden Singers of Victoria. In this concert Linden will take a journey through several well-known operas. Opera star soprano Rebecca Haas will be one of the guest singers and will draw on her wit and knowledge of opera to provide background and commentary. Tickets at $18/$15 available at Tanner’s and In Touch Cards and Gifts or online (see above).

march 10

An Evening in … Southern Peru Photographic Presentation Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney 7 - 9 p.m. 250-472-4747

Attendees will visit a rich inventory of sites in this Inca land, concentrating on the history and archaeology of the region, moving across the landscape from ancient site to ancient site and probing deeply into the key elements that made this one of the most important and mysterious cultural lands in history and the world. Cost is $25.76 including hst.

march 12

Healthy Living, Healthy Planet Expo Brentwood Hall, 12 - 3 p.m. 7082 Wallace Drive, Brentwood 250-652-4625, The Local Environmental Action Divas (LEAD) are having their Second annual Healthy Living, Healthy Planet Expo. Last year they had over 250 people attend and see over 50 exhibitors. This year the Divas will be launching their own blend of locally-roasted certified organic coffee. It will be available to sample and buy in the foyer. Admission is free and there will be door prizes!

march 17

A “Heritage” Gem Book Launch 3808 Heritage Lane, 1-4 p.m. 250-479-0892 “A ‘Heritage’ Gem” is a 20-year autobiography of operating the Heritage House Bed & Breakfast in Victoria, B.C. by hosts Sandra and Larry Gray. Come out and meet the Grays, pick up your autographed copy and tour the grand old home where it all took place. Refreshments served. Limited parking, so utilize Cardie Court if necessary.

march 21

Companions of the Quaich Dinner & Tasting Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, 7 p.m. 250-658-1109 A dinner-tasting in celebration of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who introduced distilling to Ireland in the fifth century AD. From there the secrets traveled with the Dalriadic Scots when they arrived in Kintyre around AD500. We will taste four highly-rated Irish whiskies over dinner. Dinner & tasting $60, dinner only (designated drivers) $50.

march 22

Canadian Federation of University Women Saanich Peninsula Meeting Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney, 7 p.m. 250-656-7010, The evening’s presentation features a panel on Women in Politics – Influence, Opportunities and Challenges. The speakers are North Saanich Mayor Alice Finall, National Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (Saanich & Gulf Islands candidate) and National Liberal Candidate Renee Hetherington (Saanich & Gulf Islands). Personal perspectives will be presented by each panelist. A number of questions will be posed to the panel for discussion and response.

march 22

Nature’s Olympics (drop-in event) Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park (Saanich) 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. 250-478-3344, So you think you jump higher than a flea or farther than a cougar? Drop by the nature centre in the main Beaver Lake parking lot and test your skills with a CRD Regional Parks’ naturalist.

march 25-27

Clayworks Pottery Show & Sale Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney Friday 5 - 9 p.m. Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Come and admire a wide variety of functional and decorative pottery created by local artists.

march 26-27

Patos Island Sailboat Race 250-813-3444, 250-655-3889, Race Registrar – This race attracts a large fleet of vessels for the season’s first of the “Triple Crown” races in the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Skippers and crew will test their mettle in their choice of a day-long short course or the more popular overnight long course. The event will start (at 11 a.m.) and finish at the Sidney waterfront pier. Registration and festivities for the participants will be hosted at the SNSYC clubhouse in the adjacent Tsehum Harbour.

2011 Crystal Awards

Roofing Victoria Since 1976

The 5th Annual Crystal Awards for Business Excellence, 2011 happen in April and we need your help to find the 13 businesses – large or small – that deserve to be recognized as this year’s award recipients. The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce presents the Crystal Awards to recognize and honour entrepreneurs and businesses right here in our own backyard. The awards process allows businesses to showcase their achievements to the business community – and to the community at large – and to celebrate their many and varied successes. Think about the businesses that you’re familiar with and then apply on their behalf, with their help and collaboration.

Fully Insured • Reroofing • Fiberglass Shingles Torch on Systems • New Construction • Skylights Repairs • Cedar shakes and Shingles

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www.a You find a list of the awards Call 250.652.1818 categories below. Complete For a Hassle-Free Estimate information, awards criteria and application form • can be found on the chamber website at #9 - 6782 Veyaness Road, Saanichton B.C. Please call our office directly at 250-656-3616 if you would like more information on categories, criteria or the application process. Application deadline is Tuesday, March 8th at 5 p.m. Crystal Award for Business Excellence Categories:

• Business of the Year: 1-10 Employees, 11-30 Employees and 31+ Employees • Not for Profit Organization of the Year • Contribution to the Community • Environmental Responsiveness • Entrepreneurial Spirit • New Business • Tourism Excellence and Promotion • Employer of the Year • High-tech or Scientific Innovation • Land-based Business of the Year Pour des corrections, veuillez communiquer avec votre co Pour48 des correct des-corrections, veuillez communiquer avec votre conseillerdans les heures . • Newsmaker of Pour the Year 2010

Doug & The Slugs

with special guests The Archers Saturday, May 28th @ 7:30 p.m.

This year’s Crystal Awards Gala willPour be held desat corrections, veuillez communiquer avec votre conseillerdans les Veuillez apposer votre signature All Tickets $43 _________________________ +pour hst Veuillez appos apposerBlue votrePoppy signature pour Signature Butchart Gardens in theVeuillez world-famous confirmer votre approbation aujourd’hui. confirmer votr confirmer votre aujourd’hui. Don’t Miss The “Gotta Make My Feet Move” Restaurant. If you would like to join usapprobation onVeuillez Wednesday, apposer votre signature Signature ____________ Nom / Name _______________________ Pleasepour sign to confirm your approval today. April 13th for this black-tie event, please contact us. Pour des corrections, veuillez communiquer avec votre conseillerdans les confirmer votre approbation aujourd’hui. Atmosphere of This Canadian Band! Please sign to Please sign to confirm your approval today.Party J’ai pris connaissance des/conditions au verso e Tickets are $79 plus HST and include an out-of-thisNom Name __________ sign to confirm 14661997AB your approval today. Mary Winspear Centre diffusée estdesde world dinner, access to the Gardens beforePlease the event Page 1 of 1 Annonce J’ai pris connaissance con Veuillez apposer votre signature pour Signature Annonce diffusée est de 100.0% de la taille réelle imprimé 14661997AB____ P and a night filled 14661997AB Page 1 of 1 250-656-0275 • confirmer votre approbation aujourd’hui. with celebration, la taille 14661997AB Page 1 of 1 Annonce diffusée est de 100.0% deNom / Namerée __ fun entertainment, Please sign to confirm your approval today. Emerald Isle Sponsored by: J’ai pris connaissan Motor Inn networking and Alliance Beauty Co. Inc. Victoria Airport Area friendship. Annonce diffusée est de 100.0% de la t SEASIDE  TIMES

14661997AB Page 1 of 1

march 2011


Sudoku Puzzles Hardly Simple

6 8

8 6 4

1 4 4

8 9 3 5 6 1 2 8 9 1 7 5 9 5

6 5 1

7 2

Puzzle by

7 2 9 8

Exceedingly Evil

6 9 5 3 7 6 1 2 3 1 9 6 4 5 8 1 6 8 9 4 7 3

Keep Your Brain Healthy

Puzzle by

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. * Sudoku Solutions can be found on opposite page.

Zais Astrology – March 2011 by Heather Zais ( Aries (march 21 - april 19) Information comes out whether the time is right or not. Some will be surprised. You still have the advantage. Positive aspects between Mercury, Venus and Jupiter allow you to charm your way toward your goals – make or break.

Libra (september 23 - october 22) Romantic prospects improve. This is fine as long as it does not create jealousy or problems in current relationships. Consider health or work issues before making any major changes of lifestyle or location. Consider long term.

Taurus (april 20 - may 20) Your hopes and wishes have a good chance of coming true. Status rises or income increases. Friends and associates will be of assistance as well. Put yourself out there in personal or business. You will be glad you did.

Scorpio (october 23 - november 21) Step outside your comfort zone and take a chance on opportunities that come your way – personal or financial. Meetings behind closed doors produce the best results in the long run. Improve surroundings or entertain – it’s cozy.

Gemini (may 21 - june 20) Others make way for you or give you credit. Admiring glances lead to compliments. Your influence grows near or far. Increased confidence makes you more willing to take the helm. Assume responsibilities – it’s good.

Sagittarius (november 22 - december 21) Improve or make changes with home or base of operations. You or others will be affected by this. Innovative ideas ease the transition. You can be the toast of the town or key person at gatherings. You have luck now.

Cancer (june 21 - july 22) Distant matters and locations take on more importance to you now; travel is likely. Your sense of adventure encourages you to meet people and events head-on. You have the ability and contacts to achieve your ends. Go.

Capricorn (december 22 - january 19) Decide if it’s “your place or mine” when it’s time to get together. Others call or seek you out for your brilliant or time-saving ideas. Certain procedures will be streamlined or revised. Think on your feet – be ready for action.

Leo (july 23 - august 22) You will benefit from your association to others’ resources, assets or investments etc. Your cooperative attitude will boost your share or give you an extension on anything that is time sensitive. Do the paperwork. Crunch the numbers.

Aquarius (january 20 - february 18) The new moon highlights your finances. New or renewed opportunities will be available to you. Some of what you receive can be from gifts, bonuses or other easy sources. Personal life blossoms when you open the door.

Virgo (august 23 - september 22) Mate or partnership matters look brighter now. Get down to serious talks about the advantages of working together, personally or in business. Income and job prospects look good. Settle anything outstanding. Seek freedom.

Pisces (february 19 - march 20) Take a more prominent role with confidence under the influence of the new moon in your sign. Others see you as progressive or more ambitious now. You can pull the right strings to get the results you seek. They wait for you.

Brentwood Coiffures Studio Hair Care Master Colourists Fine & Curly Hair Specialists Manicures & Pedicures Anti-Aging Facial Non-Surgical Face Lifts (ask us!)

Family Owned & Operated 1187 Verdier Ave., Brentwood (next to the Royal Bank)


Pacific Paint -3 locations Hillside, Millstream & Keating Xrd. Victoria, Langford, & Saanichton

Sudoku Solutions Hardly Simple

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2290 Henry Ave. Sidney, BC | | 250.656.8827

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Enjoy Independent and Assisted Living options 2290 Henry Ave. Sidney, BC | in | 250.656.8827 beautifully appointed studio, one or two bedroom suites.

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THEY WOULD BE TELLING YOU ALL ABOUT Frank and his posse’s penchant for cribbage, or how often Louise sends updated photos of her toned arms to her grandkids. At The Peninsula, we are proud to be one of the first ever B.C. retirement residence to earn the B.C. Seniors Living Association Seal of Approval as a proven provider of quality residential accommodation for seniors. But our greatest achievement lies in knowing that our excellence in service, professional integrity, skill and industry leadership is yours to enjoy – each time you pass through our door. And if you listen closely, you just may hear some juicy bits, too. Enjoy Independent and Assisted Living options in beautifully appointed studio, one or two bedroom suites.

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If these walls could talk.

march 2011


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Impressionable Young Minds When I was a little girl, I’d apparently answer “school bus driver” whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. As the years passed, the answer became “teacher,” where it stayed for a while. After graduating high school, however, I was a little

lost. For some reason the goal of becoming a teacher didn’t seem to fit anymore, and I drifted through the post-secondary school system for a while, taking classes in everything from Anthropology to Accounting. Eventually I got some career counselling, and one of the

Spring Break HOrSe CaMp Learn to ride, develop teamwork and leadership skills and have fun! Fully qualified instructors and staff Safe, supportive, inclusive Kayaking and rock climbing excursions

March 21 to March 25 • 10am to 4pm Ages 6-9, 10-13 • $540 before & after care available

FORWARD Equestrian and Wellness Centre

Poplar Lane Farm, 6309 Old East Road, Central Saanich • (250) 588-2583 •

Client: Forward Equestrian Publication: Seaside Times Insertion date: February 2011 Size: 5x4.925”

jobs the testing showed I was suited for was “editor.” It was like a lightbulb went on over my head! I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before, but when I saw that word I knew my perfect career had been there all along, just waiting for me to notice it. A little over two years later I was receiving my Journalism diploma from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I was one of the oldest in a class of mostly 19- and 20-year olds, and while I was jealous of them for figuring out a career path so soon, I am also a big fan of the motto “better late than never.” Ten years later here I am at a job I love, a job that gives me something to do every day and provides endless opportunity for learning and creativity. In a couple of weeks Tim and I will visit a class at Bayside Middle School and talk to them about the magazine. We love to share our joy in what we do, and I can only hope that we’ll plant the seed of journalism early in one of those young minds, saving them the long search I took. But then again, what’s that saying? “The journey is the destination.” Maybe I wouldn’t love what I do now as much if it hadn’t taken me as long to get here! Editor-in-Chief

Sidney ’s Pet Centre & Aquatics For Everything Your Pet Needs

250 -656-3314

#4-9769 Fifth St., Sidney www. 54


march 2011

Sidney introduces a brand new service for seniors

“You can’t turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.”

Call (250) 656-7176 for more information.

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Similar to a great symphony, Rhino’s success is conducted through the harmonious performance of its experienced people, world class technology, in-house finishing and colour management “know-how”. For outstanding print and an exceptional customer service experience that will help to power your business forward, call us right here on the Island.