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TannerSaanichton Ridge

TannerSaanichton Ridge

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Exceptional by Design . . .


everal months ago, Tracey Jones and her husband decided they were ready to move from their acreage in North Saanich to a new home closer to Victoria. About the same time, Andrew Tidman decided to move on from the home he designed and built on Tanner Ridge in Central Saanich to undertake extensive remodelling of a house in Sidney. What happens when an exceptional home builder from Tidman Construction meets an exceptional interior stylist who is the owner of ReMarkable ReDesign & Home Staging? The result is an exceptional home built with unique and special features filled with creative touches and welcoming style. Built in 2008, the house is perched at the top of a cul-de-sac overlooking the Martindale Valley with views across Haro Strait to Sidney and James Islands and Mt. Baker. The extra-wide front door opens to an airy and bright interior offset by the floor of honey-hued fir planks custom-made from the ceiling beams of the former Mayfair Bowling Lanes. “I wanted the house to be family-friendly,” said Andrew, the father of two. “The floor boards are already distressed wood so can handle whatever a busy family dishes out!”

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Harmonious Interiors

This is just as well as Tracey, her husband and two teen daughters live with two frisky canine companions – Bean, a white Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise cross, and Abbey, a black Cockapoo – who are full of high energy fun!

“The house felt good to me from the first time we saw it,” Tracey said. “We moved in June 1st and felt right at home. There’s lots of space for the girls, a mudroom for the dogs, and even a gym downstairs where my husband can spin his wheels on his bike’s wind trainer!” The house consists of 4,000 square feet of living space including a coach-house style suite located over the double-car garage. It has its own entryway and deck and is also accessible by an interior staircase. The open area design on the main floor includes the spacious kitchen and island, dining room and great room. - Continued inside -

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TannerSaanichton Ridge

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The feeling of airiness and light is largely due to the nine-foot ceilings which extend to a 16-foot vaulted ceiling over the great room. It also boasts a floorto-ceiling stone gas fireplace, wainscot panelling, a built-in 47-inch HDTV and built-in bookshelves. “Built-in� is a theme carried throughout the house, examples being cabinets and drawers providing plenty of storage, the wine fridge and the AEG steam oven. There are also inside and outside built-in speakers. There is a West Coast feel to the home. “I practically grew up on my family’s boat,� commented Andrew. “I brought the colours of the ocean and the beach inside using soft blue, grey and green paint on the walls and sand-coloured slate and tile on some of the floors.� The nautical theme explains the paddle for a towel rack in the main-floor powder room and the round, porthole window on the wall of the upstairs loft! “The neutral colours of the home give me lots of leeway for interior design,� Tracey noted. “It’s fun to add pops of colour with artwork, throw cushions, flowers and lamps. Reflective mirrors and glassware add interest and I especially like the back-lit cupboards in the kitchen and butler’s pantry. Lighting is critical to creating a mood and, while this house with its many windows and French doors lets lots of light in during the day, for evening I have dimmers on all the light fixtures and can easily change the look and feel of a room. Flickering candlelight adds atmosphere too.� When the outdoors beckons, there are two secluded seating areas beside a pond in the terraced backyard with two large Arbutus trees bowing gracefully overhead. On the front porch, two Adirondack chairs await their next visitors.

Mountain Park C











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Does Your Home Hug You?


hen you return to your home at the end of the day do you feel welcomed and comforted? Is it a space where you can unwind and just be yourself? Or, do you feel weighed down and even overwhelmed because you are surrounded by clutter and a perpetual state of disorganization? If you answered the latter, then you are an example of why interior design is important. “When people contact us for assistance,” says Tracey Jones of ReMarkable ReDesign & Home Staging (pictured, at left), “they are often at their wits’ end as to how to change their living space so they can get out from under. We help them to transform their space often with their own furniture, art and accessories.” Adds Tracey’s partner, Stacey Kaminski (pictured at right): “When the redesign is complete we usually hear: “I can’t believe this is my stuff and it looks this good!” Often the first step in reorganizing any space is to take stock of what is important, what is functional and what is expendable. It can be hard to get beyond the sentimental reason for hanging onto items well beyond their “best before” date. Be determined to declutter! Once the major clean out is accomplished, the fun part can start. Adding style and charm to your living space doesn’t have to be expensive. - Continued on page 44 -



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Fresh paint on the walls, especially with a feature wall painted in a complementary colour, can change the look of a room immediately. Bookshelves are great collectors of clutter but by featuring just a few items like photographs in eye-catching frames, knickknacks that are intriguing or humorous, and books with colourful covers, they can play a key role in your stylish dĂŠcor.

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How about adding new kitchen cupboard pulls, new trim to your window coverings or a burst of colour with cushions and throw rugs? These add new interest to a room with patterns and texture. Fresh or silk flowers and potted plants bring life to countertops and shadowy corners.

“Your home should reflect your personality,� Tracey emphasized. “Sometimes the treasures we collect over the years get put aside and forgotten. Giving these items a place to shine can change the focus of a room and bring back precious memories at the same time.� Should the time come to sell your home, its look and feel become crucial in attracting buyers who usually check the internet for photos before booking a viewing. Staging a home is becoming more and more common and much easier if the home is already organized and stylish! With a place for everything and everything in its place, your home will be hug-worthy!

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The first fee simple development on Vancouver Island


he project under construction on the corner of Oakville Avenue and Fifth Street in Sidney looks like four townhomes, but it’s not. It is fee simple.

Local builder Alan Jones of Alan Jones Construction Ltd. approached the Town of Sidney when the property came on the market last year to see what was on their wish list. The Town wanted to see fee simple ownership for brownstonestyle housing, and that’s exactly what 4on5th is.

Fee simple means ownership without strata, allowing owners the benefits of townhome living without strata fees or strata rule restrictions. There are a few municipalities on the Lower Mainland that have had success with this type of ownership, but this is first fee simple development on Vancouver Island. Eric Barker Architect Inc. was hired to create a design that embraces the site as a transitional location between Sidney’s downtown core and the charming residential neighbourhood of Orchard Park. The design marries the adjacent commercial buildings with the architectural features of the quaint neighbouring homes. The location was also chosen for its proximity to the heart of Sidney. “Walkability� is the key to urban living. When asked who the target market is for this project, Alan Jones says: “Purchasing a unit at 4on5th is choosing a boutique lifestyle. I’m a fourth generation resident in the Sidney/North Saanich area and I’ve seen Sidney emerge as one of the sweetest little towns in the Pacific Northwest. My vision was to create timeless, carefree homes for owners who want to live two blocks from the charms of Sidney and its oceanfront playground. And the fee simple concept was just the icing on the cake. Freedom from strata restrictions? It’s ideal.� The brownstone style is also a new concept to Sidney. These homes do not shy away from the fact that they front Fifth Street. The setbacks established by the Town for this type of housing are really guidelines to design the frontage so that the home includes the streetscape, the sidewalk and the culture of urban living. The entertainment deck, the huge picture windows, the landscaping and the entrance are all oriented for the owners to fully live an urban lifestyle. Privacy plays an important factor as well. Privacy glass, custom blinds and second floor main living allow the option to turn off the outside world. The interior finishes were chosen to offer the owner a sanctuary to creatively express themselves. Alan mentions: “We didn’t want the homes to be circa 2012 or to have any designer labels. We strove to ensure the interiors are timeless and classic.� Alan and his wife are still living in the home where they raised their two daughters, but they are getting to the age

where they are considering downsizing. Alan insists on building homes in which he himself would live. With downsizing on his mind, Alan ensured that 4on5th would boast twocar garages with room for a workshop and an adjacent flex-room, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, the quintessential kitchen, dining and living room for entertaining and lots of storage. “Hey, if at my age I’m still plucking at my bass, accumulating golfing toys and thinking about buying a Harley, then I better be sure that anything I build will accommodate boys with toys.� Oh, and his wife agrees, because she’s going to ride a Harley too. Photo by: Builder Alan Jones stands in front of his 4on5th construction site.



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Now it’s time for you: enjoy the very best in independent and assisted retirement living and maintain your active lifestyle. Free yourself from the daily chores of living alone and get busy.

West Coast Gardener October is Prime Planting Season By: Brooke Smith, Marigold Nurseries


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all can be a great refresher for your garden, and October brings with it a whole new planting season. One of the best things about being a West Coast gardener is we are lucky enough to be able to garden 12 months of the year.

• RerooďŹ ng

Fall and late autumn are a great time (once again) to CLEAN and MULCH. If your weeds have gotten a bit out of control, now is the time to rid your beds of them. You are best to do it before they set seed and flourish next spring and summer. This is also a great time to re-mulch your beds and protect your tender perennials.

• Fiberglass Shingles

October is also prime planting season. If you have been considering adding some trees and shrubs to your landscape now is the perfect time! The warm soil and cool air is great for root development. In some cases, plants that are put into the ground tend to fare better than those planted in the spring. This is because Mother Nature will do most of our work for us over the fall, winter and spring and our trees and shrubs will have those seasons to get established before the most stressful time of the year for plants: summer. If you’re thinking about planting some privacy with hedging, or you have a space that needs filling by a tree, fall is the time to plant.

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This is also the time to think spring: the best time to plant spring flowering bulbs is now. You can become a kid in a candy store when it comes to bulb season, because the varieties and colours are endless. Make sure you shop with some plan of which areas you want to fill for the early spring colour. With the season well underway, make sure to take a trip into Marigold’s garden centres and get inspired to refresh your gardens. We are local and proud of it!


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