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A favourite whenever the holiday season is near, Thrifty Foods in-store party platter specialists will help you tempt the taste buds of your guests. View our selection of irresistible options at entertain Try our online Reserve & Pickup Service for party platters and gift baskets. You can place your order online, select your pickup time and you’re all set!

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Sidney: 9810 Seventh Street, Sidney • 250 656 0946 Central Saanich: 7860 Wallace Drive, Saanichton • 250 544 0980


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has declared 2015

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The Year of the Senior

to you




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Enjoy a FREE Senior Appreciation event or service every month! This year is all about you! Every month of this calendar year we’ll be organizing an exciting FREE special event or service for our seniors, which will be announced in the Peninsula News Review, Seaside Magazine and on our website at

In November, due to the request of many of our seniors, we are excited to announce that we will be holding a long-awaited-for:

SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOP Tuesday November 17th & Tuesday November 24th, 1 - 3 pm, at the SSC offices (please bring your own cell phone, tablet or laptop)

Please call us at 250.656.7176 to reserve your spot and book transportation if required.

9752 Third Street, Sidney 250-656-7176 or 250-589-0010

Encouraging senior participation through community engagement.

Melinda’s Biscotti Take Us Home for the Holidays!


ith the huge success in biscotti sales, this year Melinda’s launched four varieties of superb, high-quality meringues available at major retailers in B.C. It all started with a simple request from a bakery manager at the local grocery store for a plain meringue. This has blossomed into Strawberry, Lemon, Orange and Vanilla flavours and a niche market; customers take the delicious confections home to create all sorts of tasty and unique desserts.

Melinda’s products are made in a bakery right here in West Sidney. Visiting it is easy as customers can see it from Melinda's 49-seat café. Always buzzing with customers, the café offers breakfast and lunch six days a week and the daily specials are always fresh and delightful. Warm and friendly team members add to the great atmosphere. During the Christmas season our gift box is a wonderful and delicious choice for friends, family and visiting guests. With a selection of eight different pieces, there is always a favourite for everyone. Every year more people are finding Melinda’s in gift baskets and stockings, wedding favours or as a simple thank you. Our story is always evolving; Melinda’s journey proves the statement: "if you don’t grow you go out of business." From meagre beginnings, she has truly grown her business

We Have

through Gift Boxes! B.C. and beyond with new additions to our customer base, new markets and diverse customers. Trials, tribulations and challenges, sometimes seemingly insurmountable, have come and gone but the team at Melinda’s always sticks together to get through it all with a smile and sense of accomplishment. Melinda’s dream hasn’t changed: a trip to Disneyland. Had she known how much work it would be to start and grow a business she doubts whether or not she would have tried. Still, 10 years later, the journey still not complete, there is a satisfaction in what many have told her: "job well done." Is it a successful venture? Time will tell, but for now, Mickey will have to wait a little longer; there is more work to get done.

Visit the Home of Melinda's Biscotti … We Have a Cafe Too!

If We Don't Smile, You Don't Pay!

10134A McDonald Park Rd,

250.896.1964 North Saanich





"Cell Tower at Bear Hill" photo by


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Bringing you the opportunity to create a new lifestyle in the heart of Sidney.

PRICED FROM THE HIGH $500’S Parking & Driveways on an Inner Laneway for Privacy


Ground Floor Master Bedrooms & En-Suites Plank-Style Hardwood Floors Stainless Steel Appliances Energy Efficient Rating Non Strata

Open House Hours Saturday - Tuesday, 1 - 4PM 3 Fully Furnished Display Homes

Nestled between Resthaven Drive and McDonald Park Road is a vibrant new neighbourhood, with 37 designer homes just minutes from downtown Sidney. Harbour Landing is bringing luxury and functionality to the living environment in Sidney with the trusted and creative design team at C.A Design and the experienced development team at Harbour Landing.

Contact Peter Gaby & Mike Nugent | 250.477.7291 |


november.2015 YOUR SAANICH PENINSULA VOICE lara gladych

This month marks one year since I started writing for Seaside. I had no idea what I was embarking upon when I agreed to take on that first article, but looking back it has been a tremendous whirlwind of a year for me, full of great conversations, fun food experiences, interesting and thought-provoking meetings with clients, and so many laughs and feel-good moments. This month, I have the pleasure of sharing with you profiles that run the gamut from food to furry friends to fashion. I'm pleased to be able to bring those stories to you. Happy November! valerie green

I continue to enjoy writing regularly for Seaside Magazine and I really appreciate having feedback – good or bad – from readers. After a couple of years of writing the "Conversations from the Past" column, I switched this past year to a new concept with "This Month in History" which has also been well received. History continues to be my passion and for the past couple of years I have also been working on a couple of book ideas which hopefully will see publication. (Visit for updates.) This month my column reflects all that we connect with the month of November, the most important being remembering our heroes from past and current conflicts around the world. carolyn herriot

This was an exciting year of unexpected challenges and rewards. I started a business called IncrEdibles! ( and "borrowed" a field in a nearby blueberry farm to grow out food starts and save seeds. The drought of 2015 necessitated spending a lot of time tangled up in hoses, but the heat resulted in the fast growth of bumper crops. Taking farm-fresh food to the farmers' market every week taught me what it takes to be successful: backbreaking work and an inherent trust that a few dollars here and there add up to make it worthwhile. For me the rewards of producing beautiful food outweighed any setbacks, so much so that we bought a five-acre farm for ourselves. Stay tuned for more adventures in the life of a gentlewoman farmer!

Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489

Editor In Chief

Allison Smith 250.813.1745

Design Kelsey Boorman 250.580.8437 Assistant Editorial Deborah Rogers 250.857.8590 Director Director Elizabeth Moss of Sales Advertising     Marcella Macdonald Sales This Month's Contributors

Dan Boot, Erin Bremner, Gillian Crowley, Shauna Dorko, Colin Eaton, Doreen Marion Gee, Lara Gladych, Valerie Green, Carolyn Herriot, Rainer Kastens, Vince Klassen, Barry Mathias, Stu Rhodes, Deborah Rogers, Julian Sale, Steve Sheppard, Susan Simosko, Virginia Watson-Rouslin, Jo-Ann Way P.O. BOX 2173, SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 3S6

Seaside Magazine is printed 12 times a year by MET Fine Printers. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Reproduction requests may be made to the editor or publisher via the above means. Views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the publisher and editor. Staff of the magazine cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. In-Room at:

steve sheppard

Seaside's monthly coffee columnist for "Smell The Coffee," I transitioned from barista to coffee roaster and finally to the waters off Vancouver Island, which I now call home. My coffee journey started in my 20s, and I "went deep," as they say, into the world of coffee. I continue to learn about it 20 years later, because coffee continues to grow. I believe in supporting local roasters in all the towns and urban centres where you can find them, and I seek coffee innovation. I love sunshine and the unique perspective living offshore brings … because the Peninsula appears much different when you're looking land-ward. When life gets hectic, I pull anchor and head out to enjoy some freshly-roasted coffee in a paradise I know all too well: the Gulf Islands.

Victoria Airport/Sidney Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites

The  Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

first word Forget everything you know and love about physical magazines. Forget their length. Forget their size. Forget their publishing schedule. Forget everything but what it's like to come to the end, and to take a deep breath. Doesn't it feel great? Over the years, we've watched technology grow like a child: it starts out mostly crying and pooping, then crawls, gradually learns to walk, then run, and finally it's able to run at a speed we all wish we could keep up with. We've seen technology fail, and we've seen it succeed. We've poked fun at it when it doesn't make sense, and we've praised it when it seems absolutely brilliant. We've yelled at it when it runs out of power and we've fixed or replaced it when it breaks. We treat technology as a family member. You can't blame us: it has certainly made aspects of our lives easier: We're no longer forced to send letters through the mail, book vacations through travel agents, shop in stores or wait for photos to be developed. At the same time though, technology can make life more convoluted. It is thanks to today's – and tomorrow's – technology that writing as an art form is evolving. While content is still the basis

for information, the innovative ways in which it's being used to fit today's digital format will affect tomorrow's literary scene. And what about magazines? There is no question a number of magazines will eventually go purely electronic, and that shouldn't surprise anyone. Think about this: it may seem strange to think about printed publications as having a "user experience," but they do. Print is a technology as much as desktop computers and tablets are. Print has a sense of completion, defined by its physical edges; it is a quality untouched by digital formats. The digital experience makes one want to connect and expand outward, while print calls for limit and intimate focus. As much as the digital world offers endless hours of searching and entertainment, it can also be stressful. How many times have you found yourself, link after link pushing you along, until suddenly you end up reading about polar bears on an entirely different website than you started on … and you haven't come "up for air" for hours. If all magazines went solely online, I would miss the edges – physically. I would miss the start of reading a magazine, but mostly, I would miss the finish. I would miss the satisfaction of putting the bundle down, knowing I had gotten through it all. Nothing left. On to the next one!

Sue Hodgson,



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Jack Barker

Gay Helmsing

Debbie Gray

Jeff Bryan

Don Bellamy


Craig Walters

Bill Brooks

MONTH OF Miracles More than $56 million raised in Canada for Children’s Miracle Network by RE/MAX affiliates since 1992.

Shelley Mann

Dan Juricic

Peninsula Properties | 250.655.0608 | | #14-2510 Bevan Ave., Sidney Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated

Roy Coburn

Stephen Gagnon, AMP Kelly Curtis, AMP Mortgage Planners #2-4440 Chatterton Way, Victoria BC

Karen Dinnie-Smyth

Beverley McIvor

250.744.5557 |

Lisa Dighton


Made on the Peninsula: The Economic Powerhouse at the Heart of Our Community by Deborah Rogers

While manufacturing across

with a diverse range of capabilities for servicing the Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial Equipment sectors. Founded in 1996 by DJ, his brother Canada has seen a decline in the past Dennis and their father Mike Paulson, they stress a strong emphasis on decade, the Saanich Peninsula tells supplying the absolute highest standards of quality and workmanship a story of successful investment, development and training that has created a strong commercial sector right within our community. Quietly to their customers. "Over the years we have successfully maintained this reputation and have many customers throughout the world." providing millions of dollars in payroll to the workers of our local Now fully certified, this economy each year, the industrial area around Victoria airport and machine shop is supplying Keating Cross Road is alive, well and growing all the time. Half of southern high-spec aerospace It may surprise you to learn that on southern Vancouver Vancouver Island's components. "We manufacture Island there are 120 manufacturing businesses, and over half 120 manufacturing a multitude of Flight of those are located within the three municipalities that make businesses are Critical components for up the Saanich Peninsula. Between them they have a combined the Viking Air Twin Otter revenue of over $1 billion annually. How is it that so much located on the program, and service many industry exists within our community, and why aren't these local Saanich Peninsula. other industries including businesses all household names? oceanographic relocation devices, GPS location housings and There's a reason why the million-dollar industries of Quester Electronic Co-ax Connectors, as well as a variety of medical device Tangent, Schneider Electric or Redland Technologies aren't always development companies." top-of-mind when thinking about locally-made products as these Being based on Vancouver Island hasn't stopped them from businesses are primarily exporters. We're not using the products made building a worldwide customer base. "There are many great companies by Scott Plastic, Viking Air or SeaStar Chemicals in our day-to-day here on the Peninsula that produce economic benefit for our local lives. If you're a mountain biker though you may have (or aspire to economy. Many of these companies need contract manufacturing have) some of the high-end aftermarket bike components made right services and we are right here at their doorstep. Since we are local to here in Sidney by Straitline Components. A house brand of Straitline these companies it gives us the advantage of being able to work more Precision Industries, DJ Paulson describes the success of these "fully closely and often even in person, with our customers," says DJ. But he in-house manufactured mountainbike components sold worldwide concedes that the perception of higher shipping costs from Vancouver through broad reaching distribution channels." These include pedals, Island can be a disadvantage. stems, sprockets and chainguide devices with "many top athletes Just up the road from Straitline's established machine shop is a worldwide utilizing these products to push the limits of the sport." Currently employing 10 people at their Sidney facility, Straitline Precision Industries is a high precision CNC manufacturing facility continued on page 12 SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 11

continued from page 11

Stress is for daytime soaps not daytime surgery. Now that we have the most up-to-date operating rooms on Vancouver Island, they are much in demand. Your donation will help us better accommodate the more than 1,500

surgical procedures and the almost 800 medical procedures that take place each year in our Day Surgery Unit.

Our state-of-the-art Day Surgery Unit will include a waiting room, storage and medication room and nursing station. More efficiency, more comfort—all to ensure that our hospital is ready when you need it.

Your donation will help renovate our Day Surgery Unit and make it stress-free for everybody.

It’s our hospital 250-652-7531 12 SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015

brand-new manufacturing business. There's a constant background hum while I talk to Warren Strome, owner of Revolution 3D Printers, with multiple 3D printers working away producing parts that Warren will later piece together to make more printers. Still in the process of setting up his new Sidney premises, Warren told me how he ended up being Sidney's newest manufacturer. Initially born from a personal interest, this company has taken a new technology and is capitalizing on the excitement about its potential. Through experimentation, Warren has developed a high-quality product made with a combination of components brought in from across Canada and the U.S., but also around 35 of the parts are manufactured in-house by their own printers. With huge potential sales to schools and colleges as well as small-scale R&D facilities, Revolution 3D Printers has the potential to scale up their manufacturing to meet demand. Warren spoke about the possibility in the future of making local connections to produce components down the street: "This is what this type of manufacturing is intended to do, to bring manufacturing back home. We could go offshore but the understanding is that there's a high North American standard we'd like to achieve." It's smallscale production 3D Printed geometric shapes that provide a at the moment, hands-on learning experience in the classroom but interesting to have another manufacturer in the Airport Industrial zone. There are always barriers to growth with economic factors like fluctuating currency and new trade deals on the horizon, but there are also local factors that will affect the growth of this industry, such as affordability of housing and finding workers with the right set of skills for the specialized jobs. However, Federal government money is available to help with some of these issues. I spoke with John Juricic of the Vancouver Island Manufacturing Sector Advisory Board who described southern Vancouver Island as having the potential to become "a Silicon Valley North for manufacturing" with the infrastructure ready-built and so many highly-skilled people in place. By focusing on soft skills training like innovation, creativity and change management, he hopes some of the barriers to growing manufacturing will be removed. With High School Trades programs and an excellent training and Applied Research and Innovation department at Camosun, there is real enthusiasm for manufacturing as a career. The promise of jobs on the doorstep is an incentive for students to pursue the necessary skills. From the likes of Viking Air manufacturing the Twin Otter aircraft, to smaller machine shops like Straitline Precision Industries right through to brand new businesses like Revolution 3D Printers, there is a wealth of design and manufacturing expertise within our community. A positive economic story, manufactured right here on the Saanich Peninsula. Photos by

ignition Buying a car has become increasingly complicated, so Seaside has decided to lend a hand! With the assistance of Motorize Auto Direct, this month we turn on the Ignition for our readers.

Say, What's Under the Hood Mister? by Julian Sale

It's a bold new automotive landscape. Things started to change in the early 1970s with respect to oil prices, and consumers' hunger for fuel-efficient cars. North America was accustomed to burning colossal amounts of diesel and gasoline to travel. Japanese and German carmakers offered smaller cars with four-cylinder engines. Drivers fell in love with fuel economy, igniting the efficiency war in the early '80s. VW's small diesels have been wildly popular until late 2015, when it was discovered that although they burn few litres, they pollute more then their fair share. Others like Toyota and Honda became famous for super reliable fourcylinder cars that sip fuel. Toyota, however, broke the mold with the Hybrid Prius in 1999. That brings us to what's on the market today. The hybrid has proven to be the most widely-purchased drivetrain type that's not a straight-up fuel burner. Hybrids have traditional or Atkinson cycle engines with conventional or CVT transmissions, with a twist. Hybrids can "run" without idling, and they have an electric motor to supply torque when the engine is off. They can run all of their accessories when the engine shuts off. The electric motor, powered by a large battery, gets the vehicle moving from a stop, then the gas engine maintains higher vehicle speeds, reducing the amount of work the gas engine has to do. Next up is the plug-in hybrid, in which the battery size is increased such that after plugging in the car to charge,

The Tesla Model X it can be driven 20 to 40 km on electric power before the hybrid system takes over. The purely electric vehicles (EV's) are very popular, including the Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S and X, and BMW i3. They are 100% electric, and have no engine, transmission, fuel system, exhaust, alternator, starter and so forth. You get the picture. No gas, ever, meaning two cents per kilometre to commute. The Chevy VOLT embodies yet another segment coined "Extended range EV's." These vehicles are EV's with a gas-powered generator that charges the battery and powers the vehicle via electricity. There is no transmission to connect the engine to the drivetrain. The Volt drives 60 km on electric power, and the BMW i3 REX takes you 150 km or so on electric before the generator fires up.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Peninsula Brake & Tire Ltd.

Hi-Tech Collision

250.655.3230 #102 - 2031 Malaview Ave, Sidney

250.655.4212 2061 Malaview Ave West, Sidney

Keating Collision

250.652.9833 #25 - 6809 Kirkpatrick Cr, Saanichton Simply the best auto body shops on the Saanich Peninsula

Your Neighbourhood Service Centre

• • • •

Full mechanical repairs for all makes and models Regular preventative maintenance Air conditioning repairs/service 4-wheel alignments and computer diagnostics


can we talk publisher sue hodgson talks with Jerome Reilander and mike leslie of EyeSpy Security For over 24 years you have been operating JayLyn Jewellers, a local store creating the highest quality of custom jewelry. What prompted you to establish this new specialized business idea of EyeSpy Security? As a jeweller in business for just over 30 years, I have been burglarized three times and robbed once at gunpoint. Like every jewelry store owner, I've spent thousands of dollars on heavy-duty safes, alarm systems, security cameras and other prevention methods. After being victimized for the fourth time in my career, I decided to develop a product that would aid in the recovery of stolen items. This is how the VantagePoint asset recovery system was born. EyeSpy Security as a business has grown significantly since its inception. Asset recovery for the jewelry industry is now just one of many applications for VantagePoint; EyeSpy now serves markets ranging from personal security to law enforcement with clients located all over the world.

L to R: Mike Leslie, head of R&D; Jerome Reilander, President; Brian Belcher, technical support

Are conventional alarm and surveillance systems not as effective? And how does your system track and catch the perpetrator? Conventional security systems include locks, safes, alarms, motion sensors, video cameras and well-trained staff. These systems are very important in preventing a robbery from occurring in the first place. However, none of these conventional systems actively aid in locating or recovering stolen goods after the robbery has occurred. VantagePoint is specially designed to fill this void. It involves discretely placing "bait" items within one's inventory which are entirely indistinguishable from the live goods. Each bait item is actually a miniature tracking device in disguise, loaded with an arsenal of locating technologies including advanced GPS, radio beacon, audible buzzer and cellular triangulation. When stolen by an unknowing criminal, the devices will alert the owner with a text or email and automatically begin reporting their locations to our secure server. The owner and authorities can then view the movements of the goods through our cloud-based map interface from a desktop computer or mobile device.

There are two applications of EyeSpy Security: business to business and business to consumer. Can you expand on these two aspects of your innovative technology? While the roots of EyeSpy remain in the jewelry industry, we have been successfully applying the VantagePoint system to other markets. Our current focus is business to business. This means we work with other companies to help them manage their precious assets. This includes industries such as jewelry and precious metals, art, alcohol and tobacco, shipping, transportation, retail and pharmaceuticals. Any business that deals in high valued goods is a target for theft and can benefit from VantagePoint. Internal theft can also be a problem for larger businesses. We've worked with companies including airlines and postal services to help identify areas where items tend to go "missing." All it takes is one or two staff members stealing to fester mistrust between the workforce and corporate levels. VantagePoint can help identify the individuals so the theft stops and they can get the help they need. As our whole world becomes more digitized, sensitive information is more at risk of falling into the wrong hands. We offer tracking solutions for laptops and external hard drives catered towards government officials and business executives. We are also developing products catered specifically to the consumer. The needs of consumers differ greatly from that of businesses. Consumers are regular people like you and I, and things that are important to them are not necessarily "expensive." Jewelry and electronics are expensive assets that a burglar would be interested in stealing. A misplaced laptop or lost luggage on a flight can be a huge stress and waste of valuable time. But above all, the ability to locate a lost pet or loved one suffering from dementia can be the difference between life and death. These are all extremely valuable assets in their own regard. You're also working with law enforcement agencies and the airport authorities. What areas of their business can benefit from your technology? Law enforcement agencies can benefit in many ways from using VantagePoint. The small size and bait packaging of our tracking devices allow officers to plant them virtually anywhere. Bait car

EyeSpy Security Founded in 2013 and owned by Jerome Reilander, EyeSpy Security specializes in high value asset tracking. The company's first product was a bait-and-track packaging solution designed to help jewelry businesses recover stolen merchandise. Since then, EyeSpy has expanded its portfolio of solutions for a range of industries and applications including retail, transportation, public safety and law enforcement. The company is headquartered in Victoria, B.C. For more information, visit

programs are no longer focusing solely on the theft of vehicles but also of items within vehicles. We have the ability to conceal the tracking devices within high-theft items such as laptops and smart phones. Bicycle theft is on the rise as more commuters ride to work, so we are starting to see more "bait bike" programs. Our alerting system immediately notifies law enforcement officers that an item has been stolen and is ready to be tracked. The huge social problems surrounding illicit and pharmaceutical drug use is no secret. Our VantagePoint tracking devices are small enough to be embedded within an Oxycontin bottle or drug paraphenalia. This, coupled with our proprietary power saving technology, gives investigators the power to infiltrate and map underground drug trafficking networks for extended periods of time. Through the VantagePoint online interface, investigators can compile tracking history as evidence in court. Airport authorities work very closely with law enforcement to keep our borders safe. Most international trafficking goes through airports, so we've designed our system to be compatible with FAA regulations. Your company is at the leading edge of this type of technology. How do you differ from your competitors? In the tech world there are a few ways to differentiate yourself from the competition: do something better, offer something new, and stay true to your roots. VantagePoint is the most accurate asset tracking system in the world. Our extended battery life is unrivaled for a miniature cellular-based tracking device. We offer at least four different tracking technologies which can be used in tandem or as stand-alone. The VantagePoint tracking interface has been praised as one of the cleanest and most user friendly on the market. We are the only remote asset management company to offer custom bait packaging with wireless charging. Our industry-leading encryption process ensures the location data of our client's assets can only be visible to them. Above all, we truly believe there is an advantage to being a young company. We have energy and a fresh perspective on an industry that is typically dominated by giant corporations set in their ways. This translates to a new level of customer support not offered by competitors. We are incredibly flexible and can easily shift with the changing tides of technology. Not only are we able to keep up with tech, we are poised to set the stage for innovation. What are the benefits and drawbacks to operating this new startup business on the Saanich Peninsula? Do you envisage that all your product manufacturing will happen here? The Saanich Peninsula has a surprising diversity of manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses. Every member of our team has lived or is living on the South Island. As a technology company, most of our value comes from software development and engineering design as opposed to brick-and-mortar. This means our staff can often work remotely and the location of our head office isn't critical. So far, all of our electronics manufacturing has been done locally on the Island, but as we ramp up production volumes manufacturing will likely shift to Vancouver. Photo by SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 15


at the Mary Winspear Centre Two Fiddles, Two Pianos

The Mary Winspear Centre welcomes to the Charlie White Theatre award winning fiddlers Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy with their presentation of Two Fiddles, Two Pianos on November, 25 at 7.30 p.m. When two become ONE, musical magic happens! That is most certainly the case with this new album, ONE, from Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy. These two award-winning fiddle virtuosos have each enjoyed phenomenally successful careers on their own, but ONE marks their recording debut as a duo. The diversity of ONE is a real strength. The Cape Breton-raised MacMaster and the Ontario born and bred Leahy grew up with different fiddle music traditions and they still utilize different techniques on their beloved instrument. While retaining their own individual styles, they have now learned to complement each other’s playing in a way only a married couple with such personal chemistry and a joint passion for music can. They are joined by an outstanding group of musicians for their upcoming performances which will be one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to keep your toes tapping and your hands clapping in this high energy show Two Fiddles, Two Pianos!

Herman’s Hermits The Mary Winspear Centre is proud to present Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone for both a matinee and evening show on Sunday, December 6. Come and enjoy all of Herman’s Hermits legendary hits as well as a few holiday favourites. In the early 60’s Herman’s Hermits, from Manchester, England, had the heartbeats of teenage girls racing with their charming smiles and floppy hair. Their hit singles I’m Into Something Good and Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter paved the band’s way to multiple chart-topping songs around the world and many industry awards. After 50 years in the entertainment business Peter Noone still continues to delight audiences around the world. Herman’s Hermits perform over 120 shows a year to audiences that sometimes span three generations. Their music truly is iconic; proving the “good boys” of the British invasion have stood the test of time.

Tickets are available for all listed events, contact the Ma

Jack and the Beanstalk The Peninsula Players present their annual Christmas Pantomime featuring the timeless tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Like always there will be traditional fun for all ages, filled with humour, live music and audience participation. Jack lives with his mother, Dame Trott, his brother Simon and Buttercup, their cow (or is it a horse?), on a smallholding near a country town. The agricultural business has hit hard times and the family is forced to sell Buttercup. Then, to make matters worse, Jack loses the money from the sale to the local giant’s enforcers, Woolly and Bully. How will they manage to pay the rent? Will they be evicted from their home? Will Jack and Simon be able to get their money back and rescue Buttercup and a missing princess? It will be no easy task taking on the giant, Woolly and Bully and a wicked witch. They may need help from the local squire and his daughter, their other friends and even the audience! Make sure you come to the show to cheer them on and find out the answers to these exciting questions. The Berwick Royal Oak (next to Howard Johnson Inn) December 11 & 12 at 7.30 p.m., December 13 at 2.00 p.m.

What ’s Happening November


Uncle Wigglys Blues Songs of Christmas

Breakfast with Santa


PIGS Pink Floyd Tribute



First Chance Christmas Craft Fair



Salute to our Veterans


The Comic Strippers


4- Jan5 Winspear Festival of Trees 4-6

Comin’ Up Christmas Time

The Barra MacNeils


Herman’s Hermits


Saanich Peninsula Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Bazaar


The Lonely Roy Orbison Tribute


Ducks Unlimited


Christmas Vintage, Retro & Collectibles Show


Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy

27-28 Rancho Vignola Harvest Event

12-13 Last Chance Christmas Craft Fair 13

Van Django Bells

18-20 Jack and the 26-28 Beanstalk Pantomime 25

Community Christmas Dinner


New Year’s Eve with the Timebenders

Mary Winspear Centre - December 18, 19 & 28 at 7.30 p.m., December 20, 26 & 27 at 2.00 p.m. Tickets for both locations sold at the Mary Winspear box office.

ary Winspear Centre Box Office

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.0275

P E T S PAT T E R "tech-savvy pet owners can now choose all kinds of gizmos to make life easier"

Pet Tech


pet owners can now choose all kinds of gizmos to make life by Gillian Crowley easier. We sure do love our furry and feathered friends: Time magazine reported in March 2014 that Americans spent almost $56 billion – yes, billion – on their pets. Canada' population is onetenth the size, so do the math. Here's a taste of the pet-tech now available. Working pet owners no longer need to worry about their home-bound pets. A number of collar-mounted devices let you track your pet's activity level and location. One monitor uses information on the pet's weight, age and breed to crunch data on the pet's periods of rest and activity. Hmmm, does this mean you can spy on the dog walker? A new mobile app lets doting owners use a wide-angle camera to stream and record high definition video from home to their smartphone or computer. One device even has a laser pointer to let you play with bored kitty remotely and another dispenses treats at the touch of a button. Pets that insist on being outside part of the day will love the "smart" pet door. A sensor on the pet's collar lets only that pet in and out and locks the door, preventing wildlife from access. It uses a directional sensing system to detect when the pet wants in and isn't just wandering by. How cool is that?

Owners worried about losing their pet can obtain a QR code embedded in a tag. If someone finds your pet they can scan the code with their smartphone. It immediately displays your pet's profile and information and notifies you too. Dog owners who don't have time to exercise their pooch properly can now let technology do the job. Having owned a golden retriever that never tired, I would have loved the tennis ball cannon that senses when the dog drops a ball into the chamber and then fires it again … ad infinitum! Or, for rainy days there's the canine-sized treadmill. The drawback is that you may need to demonstrate the technique on your own human-sized version. I wonder how soon canine treadmills will show up in garage sales … ? Another task technology has taken over is the yucky cleaning of the kitty litter box. An automated litter sphere detects when the cat has left and does a severalminute countdown before automatically rotating the sphere and sifting out clumps from the litter inside. The waste is then deposited in a collection bin. All that's needed now is a robot that empties the bin! One collar-mounted tracker can tell you who your pet has been hanging out with, such as family and friends. Presumably the humans have to give permission for this application. I just hope the pet owner can't hear the baby babble I'm speaking to Fluffy and Rover. Note: Not all products mentioned are available yet in Canada.

Sidney’s Pet Centre Proudly Serving Sidney & the Peninsula for 26 Years #4-9769 Fifth Street, Sidney

Introducing to our Selection a New Premium Line of Dog Food

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Welcome to the NatureHood Living in a NatureHood has a pleasant ring to it, don't you think? Well now, if you live on the Saanich Peninsula, you can say you do! The Saanich Peninsula is now officially – as declared during last month's All Buffleheads Day celebration – a Nature Canada NatureHood. Piloted in 2012 at Ottawa's Lac Deschênes, NatureHoods now extend the breadth of the country from Nova Scotia to here on the Peninsula. "A NatureHood's goal is to connect people of all ages to nature right where they live – which increasingly means urban centres. NatureHoods inspire urban residents to connect with nature through innovative programming, celebratory events and

A Boarding Kennel that loves your pets as much as you do.

Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment Quality, nutritious foods • Exercise yards up to one quarter acre Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

A Full Service Animal Care Facility

stewardship activities set in urban green spaces and Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas. Through strong partnerships with grassroots naturalist clubs across Canada, NatureHood promotes nature awareness at the local level and exposes a new generation of naturalists and citizen scientists to nature around them." Friends of Shoal Harbour is the local Nature Canada partner working to establish and oversee the Peninsula NatureHood. What started as a focus on the Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary has grown to include other natural areas of the Peninsula. Along with focused conservation efforts, the NatureHood will include citizen science studies with local schools, programs for clubs and community groups, and events and activities for all residents. For NatureHood Saanich Peninsula events and initiatives visit or follow NatureHood Saanich Peninsula on Facebook or Twitter (@Naturehoodfosh). To help you engage with nature right in your own backyard, Nature Canada ( has additional citizen science initiatives: YardMap is designed to cultivate a richer understanding of bird habitat for both professional scientists and people concerned with their local environments. Draw maps of your backyard and other outdoor locations such as parks, farms, favorite birding locations, schools, and gardens. By joining YardMap you will contribute to science and learn how to manage landscapes sustainably. NatureWatch aims to involve and train citizens in gathering and sharing data in order to inform conservation efforts and policies. This initiative provides Canadians with the tools to empower themselves and to interact with others interested in studying nature. Participate in FrogWatch, PlantWatch and WormWatch.

250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton • email: Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal


Sea-Shirt Sunday

Create your own fishy-fashion T-Shirt, pillow or bag using the ancient Japanese art form, Gyotaku. Can buy Tee at the centre and $2 for fabric paint. All ages. Sunday, 1 - 3 p.m. Price of admission. Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. 250.665.7511.

December 10

December 27

Enjoy the view from Christmas Hill after Swan Lake Naturalists take you on a two-hour walk. Refreshments served at the Nature House afterward. Meet at Swan Lake Nature House. Age child to adult. Sunday, 1 - 3 p.m. By donation. 250.479.0211.

ARTrageous Class Paint Night

January 6 - March 9

Aqua Tot

Watercolour Painting using Plastic Wrap & Sea Salt. Really messy fun with crazy colours. Children take home little masterpieces. All supplies provided. 6 - 12 years. 6 - 7:30 p.m. $12. Greenglade Community Centre Room #7. Register: 250.656.7271.

Parent & Tot Aquafit. Adults enjoy Aquafit, then a swimming lesson with their little one. Bring car seat or stroller for your child for Aquafit section and swimming diaper for the lesson. Birth - 5 years. Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. 10/$75. Panorama Recreation Pool, Leisure Lane 1. Register: 250.656.7271.

December 11 Extreme Gingerbread Houses Pre-teens and Teens will have "extreme fun" building sweet creations for the holidays. Grades 6 - 10. 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Free. Free drop-in credit for Panorama activities issued. Bayside Middle School Teen Lounge, 1101 Newton Place. School: 250.652.1135. December 12

Moms and Dads can enjoy a night out. Experienced leaders will entertain the kids with toys, games, crafts, snacks, movies. 6 - 10 years. 6 - 10 p.m. $20. G. R. Pearkes Recreation Centre. Register: 250.475.5400. 19 December Open Gym and Swim

Christmas Hill Holiday Hike

Jan 8 & 22, Feb 5 & 19

PJ Party

January 12 - April 12

December 21 - 31 "Polar Express" Winter Break Camp (8 days for each session: Dec 21 - 24 and Dec 28 - 31). Skating, swimming & crafts aboard the Panorama Express. Schedules available two weeks prior to start. 6 - 11 years. Must have completed kindergarten. M-Th(x2) Full Day: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. ($35); Half-day: 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 12:30 - 4 p.m. ($19). Greenglade Community Centre Room #7. Register:

Drama Explorers

Introduces children to theatre and drama. Drama games, story theatre, role-playing boost self-confidence, creativity, imagination. Final performance at the end. 6 - 8 years. Tuesdays, 4 - 5 p.m. 12/$200. Greenglade Community Centre Room #5. Register: 250.656.7271.

January 14 - February 25

Gym's open! Basketball, indoor soccer, floor hockey, a chance for free fun and play in a supervised environment. Then to the pool for a swim. 8 - 12 years. 1 - 3:30 p.m. $10. Saanich Commonwealth Place. Register in advance from Active Living Guide: 250.475.7600.

LEGO Stories

Build cool LEGO structures while listening to stories. Each session has new theme. Ages 5+. 4 Fridays, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Free. Sidney/North Saanich Library. Register by email: or by phone 250.656.0944.

Good Morning Storytime

Bring along your little tots for fun at the library with neat stories, lively songs, rhymes and movement. Ages 0 - 5. Thursdays, 10:15 - 11 a.m. Free. Drop-in. Sidney/ North Saanich Library. www.virl. sidney-north-saanich. 250.656.0944.

Jan 19 to Feb 23

Fun Art in Nature 1

Children make art projects with diverse objects and media on walks outside. Kids collect organic materials to make 3D Art in class. 8 - 12 years. Tuesdays, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. 6/$150. Greenglade Community Centre Room #6. Register: 250.656.7271.

Great new titles for the fall!

Beacon and Fourth in Sidney Open 7 Days a Week! 8AM - 9PM

Discover more great reads at 20 SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015

By Doreen Marion Gee Please visit respective venue websites for further programming and registration information

January 27

Family Literacy Day

Celebrate Family Literacy Day and the wonder of reading books. Learn as a family with interesting activity stations. All ages. Wednesday, all day. Free. Drop in. Sidney/North Saanich Library. 250.656.0944.

January 31

Duck Day

Explore the incredible adaptations ducks have developed for life on a lake and find out the "who's who" in the duck world. All ages. 12 - 3 p.m. By donation. Swan Lake Nature House. 250.479.0211. February 6 - 8

Sidney Days LEGO Brick Festival

This year's theme: Aviation. A large model of a Viking Air Aircraft will be built. "Rockfish Divers" will build LEGO underwater at Diver's Point. Sun & Mon: LEGO building and LEGO movie at Mary Winspear Centre. Info: 250.655.6355.

February 3 - 26

Biology Buddies

Designed for pre-schoolers, this educational series of four 2-hour programs provides a gentle introduction to the wonders of nature for 4 to 6 years. Wednesdays, Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. or 1 - 3 p.m. or Fridays, Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. 4 classes/$55 (members); $75 (non-members). Swan Lake Nature House. Pre-registration required: 250.4790211 or visit February 4 - 25 Home School Science Created specifically for home-schoolers, this series of four 2-hour programs provides an enrichment program with "guided discovery" for 7- to 10-year-olds. February themes: Geology & Archaeology; Ethnobotany; Animal Behavior; Geography & Mapping. Thursdays, Feb. 4, 11, 18, 25, 9:30-11:30 a.m. or 1 - 3 p.m. 4 classes/$55 (members); $75 (non-members). Swan Lake Nature House. Pre-registration required: 250.479.0211.

Feb. 6 - March 12

School Age Pottery

Enjoy making neat things with gooey clay. Everything will be decorated and glazed with the help of instructor. 6 - 9 years. Saturdays, 1 - 2:30 p.m. 6/$80. Greenglade Community Centre Room #3. Register: 250.656.7271. February 17 - 26

Weight Training for Teens

Teens learn how to use the equipment in the eight room and receive their own customized strength program. 13 - 19 years. Wednesdays & Fridays, 3:30 - 5 p.m. 4/$45. Panorama Recreation Weight Room. Register: 250.656.7271.

February 28

Paint Your Joy – Whimsy Style Hey kids – what's makes you happy? Maybe it's having fun with your friends, petting your dog. Spread all that joy on your canvas, have fun, no rules. 9 - 12 years. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. $32. Greenglade Community Centre Room #6. Register: 250.656.7271.

February 28 Raccoons are Wild Who are those masked bandits? Maybe they are not rascals but just smart at adapting to an urban environment. Plus the "Way Cool Raccoon School" puppet show and crafts. All ages. Sunday,12 - 3 p.m. By donation. Swan Lake Nature House.

can host your holiday celebrations no matter the size. Whether it’s a casual lunch with a few friends in our lounge or a large staff party with dancing into the night. Add time out on our curling rink for some indoor winter fun. We still have some prime dates available for your gathering. 250-656-3136

FIRST NIGHT New Year’s Eve Family Celebration Panorama Recreation is excited to offer over 50 exciting camps this summer! To Join us for our 10th annual First Night New Year’s Eve celebration! Enjoy an thea spectacular interests, needs and evening of live family entertainment thataccommodate is topped-off with fireworks abilities of all of the youth in our community, display! Other event activities will include swimming, skating, face painting, and we’ve carefully designed our program fun on our inflatable bouncy castle. selection so that you can customize your Early Bird Rates summer31st camp experience. Camp December 1st - 21st December 22nd - 30th very own December Family* Geocaching, $50 Family* $32 Family* $38 choices include Wilderness, Spy Adult (19yrs+) $16 Adult (19yrs+) $12 Adult (19yrs+) $12 Child (6 18yrs) $12 Kids, Junior Lifeguard and so much more. The Child(6 - 18yrs) $8 Child (6 - 18yrs) $8 Child (0 - 5yrs) Child (0 - 5yrs) Free Child (0 - 5yrs) Free choice is yours and it’sFreeas easy as 1, 2, 3!

Purchase your tickets at Panorama Recreation Centre, Greenglade Community Centre or call 250.656.7271.

* 2 adults and up to 2 children, 1 adult and up to 3 children

A variety of food truck vendors will be on site for food sales.




Find Fashion Sidney Your

photo courtesy sidney bia

in Downtown

A concern of many retail business owners is the availability of product Regarding technology and sold online by shops that are always open and willing to deliver to your the world of fashion, there are door (or community mailbox). Advances in technology have made many angles, from man-made it easy to find product online, compare prices and review customer easy-care fabrics, to cellulose-based microfibers and recycled pop bottles experiences before a customer even crosses your threshold. But for the turned polyester polo shirts. Another area of technology that affects any clothing industry, I believe there is still a desire to touch a fabric, to try small business is the accessibility of product in the palm of our hands on a garment, and to have an in-person social interaction. via mobile devices, which goes along with the eBay philosophy of rating The competitive advantage that is within our circle of control is your experience and posting it for other users to see. It may appear to be service. Beyond the polite gestures difficult at first, but embracing some of these new advances in is striving for the gold star rating, technology can be fun! "It really is where clients develop a level of It really is amazing to learn how technological advances amazing to learn have simplified some ways of doing business. Since opening connection and sense of ownership to our new store in downtown Victoria, I've been learning about your business. I applaud the Sidney how technological Business Improvement Area Society custom suits. We are working with a Canadian manufacturer advances have who uses online tools to translate measurements to a machine for establishing a Customer Service simplified some ways Pledge, so all Sidney businesses can in Ontario, which then selects the desired fabric and cuts the of doing business." material to spec for this custom suit. Eight to 21 days after aim to exceed customer expectations! placing the order we receive the beautiful new CanadianSocial media is a great way for a customer to interact with a business, and an actual way businesses can made, custom suit. measure their successes! I recently received an inquiry on Facebook The fabric umbrella is also pretty amazing. Whether you prefer easy care and quick-drying active wear, cellulose-based microfibers, ecoabout a pair of men's boots in our store window. We were not open friendly textiles such as soy and bamboo, or technical waterproof pieces, at the time this customer walked by, but she kindly wrote us a note on Facebook which we were able to respond to even before the store it seems like there is something out there for everyone. I'm proud and was open again, and we took the time to send additional information confident to say that the variety of shops in Sidney can offer all of these including links to the manufacturer's website. fashionable, functional and practical choices for both men and women! Our great little seaside town may seem a bit old-fashioned sometimes, I encourage you to scout out a fabric you wouldn't normally purchase but the future beckons us, and I welcome it with open arms. and just try it on. You may be pleasantly surprised by how good it feels!

by Erin Bremner

More Than Just Natural Clothing

by Lara Gladych

This is the first in a series showcasing some of the unique fashion boutiques in downtown Sidney. If it's been a while since you last visited Seaport Place, extend your walk through Sidney, and take a look at what's going on. You'll be pleasantly surprised. One of the first businesses you'll come across is Ecotopia. They have been in their current location for a year-and-a-half now, and in business for four. Owners Mara and Morgan graciously welcome me into their store, and show me around their beautiful boutique. Ecotopia is primarily an "earth-friendly eco-clothing store," but their retail extends beyond just clothing. They also stock unique and local jewelry and accessories, and natural, refillable body care and household products. They are, notably, the Peninsula's authorized Soap-Exchange refill centre, and it's a cornerstone of their business, according to Morgan. This visit to Ecotopia is my first, and I am immediately struck by the vivid colours "I love when people of the FIG clothing line, and leave happy, and I love the fresh and earthy scents of making this space the natural oils that fragrance their body care products. beautiful ‌ we want to At Ecotopia, they specialize become a destination in natural-fibre clothing. for our customers." You'll find fabrics made primarily of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. The Boutique is the culmination of more than an affinity for natural clothing: Mara and Morgan wanted to create a welcoming space that offers not just ethically sound and beautiful things, but also somewhere for the community to frequent and gather. "This is our passion, our bliss, and we want to share it with other people." "I love when people leave happy, and I love making this space beautiful ‌ our interactions with people are very important to us, and we want to establish ourselves as a destination for customers," says Mara. Morgan tells me that beyond their local clientele, they have customers who come in regularly from Victoria, as well as those who return every time they visit Sidney on vacation. "It's easy to find something beautiful and unique here," says Mara. They carry clothing primarily for women, but for men and children too. And don't be intimidated by the look of the store. Mara says that customers sometimes confess they were reluctant to come inside because the store looks expensive; she assures people that they carry an array of products that vary in price, and that they have a great selection of accessories and body care that is very affordable. Mara and Morgan exude warmth and friendliness, and they made a customer of me. I confess, I left the store with a new dress. Like Ecotopia on Facebook, and stay abreast of all their new pieces and happenings. Photo by

F ashion F ocus Ray Dahl Optical Ray Dahl Optical has been a part of our community for over 26 years. Our experienced staff are here to help you. Check out our fashionable eyewear collection to make that finishing touch to your wardrobe. Our on-site Optometrist, Dr. Samantha Bourdeau, welcomes new patients; call for an appointment today. Open Tues-Fri, 9-5:30 and Saturday 9-4 250.655.1122 104-2376 Bevan Ave, Sidney


Sweet Talk & Lace Cool, cozy cotton nightwear has arrived along with gorgeous Diamond Tea robes and loungewear. "Professional bra fittings available. No appointment necessary."


250.656.1002 2424 Beacon Ave, Sidney


d. g. bremner & co. menswear

More than just great shirts ‌ Between our two locations, we have a selection of more than 20 different styles of men's shoes, from Swims, Bugatchi and NoBrand. We strive to offer unique product, whether it be a great pair of shoes or a really stand-out shirt!

Be inspired to clean! Beyond all our fabulous eco-fashion, we carry exceptionally effective Canadian products, while reducing the cost to you! Feel good sparing the landfill as we refill your empties. Visit us seven days a week to view our huge selection of 100% biodegradable products! The Soap Exchange celebrates 20 years! 778.426.3088 101 - 9816 Seaport Pl, Sidney ecotopianaturals

250.654.0534 1 - 2449 Beacon Ave, Sidney 778.265.5340 620 Broughton St, Victoria

Bubba Loo Children's Boutique We specialize in unique clothing and heirloom gifts for your little loved ones, six years and under. We are proud to offer complimentary gift wrapping and a no-hassle return policy to make your gift giving easy! 250.655.7270 2410 Beacon Avenue, Sidney SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 25

A Bold New Vision for Sidney: Harbour Landing at Resthaven

by Doreen Marion Gee

Changing times, attitudes

and demographics are the real "mother of invention" when it comes to housing. Creativity, innovation and boldness are needed to address diverse populations with differing needs. It is also important to meet new expectations of local people about the kind of community they want. The visionaries behind the new Harbour Landing at Resthaven development in Sidney are putting people first in a distinctly unique housing project with a splendid West Coast flair. Welcome to the future: Harbour Landing at Resthaven. The development team behind it, Brad McAdams, Darren McAdams, Rob McAdams, Ken Henderson and Russ Stubbs, are directors in the project's company, Resthaven Lands Ltd. Their new initiative will have 37 designer homes that are already selling well, the first buyers moving in this November. But that is where the resemblance to any other development ends! Brad McAdams says it best: "It reflects a new way of thinking." The Harbour Landing vision is responsive to the community and the environment – the developers worked closely with Town of Sidney planners to create a project that fits into our oceanside paradise. Brad and his team "liked the direction in which Sidney was going," one that respected the community's wish for lower density, less traffic and a quiet people-friendly environment. Sidney's vision became theirs: a "pedestrian-friendly" housing development with walkways and shared smaller roadways for both people and cars, where roads, garages and driveways do not dominate the landscape. The developers envisioned a housing project never seen before in Sidney. "Lane-ways" were built into the design: narrower roads with kinks and curves to slow and calm traffic. As well as traditional houses, Brad and his team included some "lane-way homes." An interesting throwback to a gentler time, front porches adorn all the houses – where you can sit, talk to your neighbours and watch the

sun slowly sink into a Peninsula skyline. Priority was given to creating homes with character and beauty. The final vision was a creative response to changing demographics and residents' needs and concerns. To address local worries about density: "We wanted single family homes, not condos, townhouses or apartments. We designed our product and our lot sizes around mainfloor living." Their target market is retired people who may not want to climb stairs but would definitely enjoy a new house that is easy to maintain with the latest counter tops, appliances and décor. However, it is also an inclusive vision. Brad: "We want to have options for families, so we have different models where you can add bedrooms on top. Sidney was keen to have affordability built into the development as well. They liked the idea of secondary suites and so did we." Their goal of having houses with these suites will benefit renters and owners alike. The development will also feature four duplexes at a lower entry price. A quick glance at the Harbour Landing website and brilliant images jump off the computer – exquisitely crafted homes with hints of luxury décor. "When you move in, you really don't need to upgrade anything." Everything is people-centred: "The homes were designed with privacy in mind. Many of the windows are higher up so you can't see your neighbour. There is fencing between the houses." Priorities are sound: "It blends seamlessly with the natural environment. There will be lots of trees, shrubs, plants, bushes and natural green spaces." Brad McAdams is proud of the one-of-a-kind design coordinated development: "The houses at Harbour Landing are different. This is not cookie-cutter." It radiates "West Coast Style" living with cedar shingles, custom timber framing, earth-toned colours and pitched roofs – a blend of "Arts and Crafts" and "West Coast Contemporary" motifs. "When someone says they come from Harbour Landing, people are going to know where that is." It is the place where they put people first. Contact: SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 27

peninsula restaurant profile

Sure to Bring a Smile: The Surly Mermaid by Lara Gladych

This is the first in a six-part series of profiles featuring some of the Saanich Peninsula's wonderful restaurants and pubs. Sarah Matchett, owner of the Surly Mermaid, is bubbly and personable, and I feel as though I've known her for ages. I'm at the restaurant the afternoon before they launch their lunch service, and so on this particular day prep staff are about, getting ready for dinner that evening. I notice the familial feeling amongst the staff immediately, and ironically one of the

first things Sarah wants me to know is how important her team is to her. She couldn't do any of this without them, she says repeatedly. "A great team is the most important part of having a great restaurant. They represent you, and you take them in like family." Sarah also owns the Five and Dime Diner, in Sidney. She knew that she wanted this project to be "a departure from the breakfast scene," something that would challenge her. Ultimately, "the real inspiration was to bring something different to the already great

restaurant scene in Sidney." With share-plates in mind, Sarah and her partner Voit decided that this should be a "non-traditional, Spanish tapas concept restaurant." I ask about the pressure of balancing two restaurants. "Owning a restaurant is humbling. It can be stressful if you're not organized. It's like being the parent of two toddlers!" We share a giant laugh about the imagery. The restaurant space itself, just above Port Sidney Marina, has been completely renovated, in large part by Sarah and Voit

Cook & Oscar Photography

“Absolutely first class …” Same Great Pub; Now Family Friendly!

Liquor Store On Site!

Now With a Larger Kid’s Section: Kid’s Menu • Acitivity Sheets High Chairs & Booster Seats

Monday/ Tuesday 8 - 3 Wednesday through Sunday 8 - 9 2320 Harbour Road, Sidney 778.351.3663 | 28 SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015

“Large portions … excellent food. New restaurant area is kid friendly. Great selection of beers. Well worth the visit.” (

7806 East Saanich Road Saanichton 250.652.1575

themselves. The colour scheme is earthy and woody, polished, but a bit undone at the same time. It's very cozy. The tapas-style dishes are the focus of the Surly Mermaid, though they have introduced a standard fare menu as well, in case people are feeling like more of a meal. Everything on the menu is available from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m., and share-plates continue to be served until 11 p.m. every day. Sarah reiterates that she couldn't have come as far as she has with this venture if it weren't for the outpouring of support she has felt from the community. She makes special mention of Lisa from Toast, Sean from Boondocks, Bill at the Rumrunner and Mara and Morgan of Ecotopia. She sends a special thank you and welcome, too, to her chef, Kurt Mayville, "the mastermind behind the menu." We've talked a lot about how the restaurant came to be, but we change gears and start

talking food. I ask her about her favourite dishes, and without hesitation she mentions the Duck Drummettes – which Chef is preparing for me as we speak.

"Owning a restaurant is humbling. It can be stressful if you're not organized … like being the parent of two toddlers!" "They are delicious, fall-off-the-bone tender." When the food comes out, I pause to study what I have before me. There are the drummettes, in a tamari glaze with a garnish of fried carrots – so pretty – and the meat does in fact fall off the bone! Then we have pan-seared scallops with chimichurri and prosciutto crackling. This chimichurri is

prepared with mint, and I really like the unexpectedness of it. I also enjoy the simple but sophisticated touch of the crackling. The scallops themselves are perfect, not at all overcooked. Finally are prosciutto-wrapped dates stuffed with roasted chili almonds and blue cheese, finished with a balsamic crema. There are so many dimensions to this creation, and like a perfume, the different flavours come in stages, with the blue cheese lingering at the end. I don't get the chance to sample one of their Whiskey In the Jar Cocktails, a tribute to Voit's love of Jack Daniels, but I can't wait to come back and sit at their fantastic bar with friends for one of these. This was a really fun experience for me. Drawing from their website, I have to agree when they say this place "is sure to put a smile on the surliest of mermaids. To learn more about the eatery, visit their website at

Fall is Here. Soak Up our Warm, Cosy Atmosphere & our

Ever Changing View.

Have you Tried Canoe Cove Joe’s Yet?

THE ULTIMATE BURGER Delicious Right Down to the Last Bite


Open Daily from 8am to 3pm

9881 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.656.5643

Italian Theme 778.351.1133


2300 Canoe Cove Rd, North Saanich




Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Services Give us your books – take back your life! 250.590.5162ÊUÊ766 Hillside Ave, Victoria

Groom That Dog by Janet Lynch • Expert Dog Grooming • A Safe Place for Your Dog • Pick Up & Drop Off Available

Book Now for Your Holiday Grooming Appointments! Flexible Hours • Call for Appointment • 778.977.3647 Located at 10109 MacDonald Park Road - Right near Slegg Lumber


ingrid jarisz



2444 Beacon Ave, Sidney, BC V8L 1X6 | 250.656.4626

A Firm Foundation for Success: Security House Accounting Services This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up Women's Networking Group, featuring women in business on the Saanich Peninsula. A house needs a solid foundation to stay upright, a perfect analogy for the strong financial foundation needed for a business to succeed. The staff at Security House Accounting Services have the expertise and experience to provide the firm footing required for a flourishing business. Colleen Hoggarth, Certified Professional Bookkeeper, is the "Chief Number Cruncher" and owner of Security House Accounting Services in Victoria. Her firm's general financial bookkeeping service for businesses involves taking a company's receipts, invoices and bank statements and using that information to prepare and provide the business with a monthly financial statement. Colleen: "The important point about having regular bookkeeping done is that people can see where they are at every single month with their business. If people wait until the end of the year, it is too late to make a 'course correction' if things are going sideways." She reviews the monthly statements with clients, fixing any problems to ensure continuing success. With regular bookkeeping services, Security House provides the bedrock for growth: "You can't do anything with a business until you see it on paper. You need a good financial knowledge of how your business is doing before you can grow it to be even bigger and better." Colleen and her team also keep their clients on track with the reporting of GST and PST collected in their businesses to Canada Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Finance: "When a business is collecting taxes for the government, they are holding that money in trust for them. Quite often young businesses don't realize that and will use that money to finance their working capital. Then they can get behind with those trust funds. We advise our clients that the money needs to be turned over when it is due – on time, every time." Security House makes sure that clients are regularly and accurately reporting all the taxes they collect by the deadlines, ensuring their compliance with government. By helping businesses avoid the sink-holes, Colleen ensures that her clients build and expand on firm financial footing. Security House's tag-line is "Give us your books. Take back your life!" Colleen believes that her bookkeeping services liberate clients. As well as reclaiming their personal lives, clients have more time, energy and freedom to focus on marketing and growing their business, networking and building success. Colleen and her colleagues pour the cement, freeing up time for the business to create a flourishing enterprise on top of it. "When the financial "have-to-do's" are done correctly, the exciting new business (the "want-to-do") will flourish! A house needs a square foundation. We provide that strong foundation for businesses to build on." Contact:

by Doreen Marion Gee

seaside arts scene

Chasing Away the Grey Days: Arts and Crafts, Music and Memories by Gillian Crowley Is there something happening in the Peninsula or Gulf Islands Art Scene we should know about? Email

Artisans Gift Gallery. The popular Artisans' Gift Gallery runs through to December 23rd at the Community Arts Centre. In this co-op style show and sale, 43 artists show off contemporary and traditional arts and crafts in a variety of mediums. Meet and support your local artists while getting a jump on holiday shopping. Free admission and parking. Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tulista Park Gallery, 9565 Fifth Street, Sidney.

A Salute to Veterans The Sidney Concert Band will hold its fourth annual Remembrance Day concert, "A Salute to Our Veterans," in the Charlie White Theatre, Sidney.

Under the direction of conductor Rob Bannister, the band will perform a musical tribute to our veterans with a variety of memorable tunes, marches and vocal numbers. In addition, the Saanich Peninsula Pipe Band will round out the program. Current and former serving members are encouraged to wear their medals. Sunday November 8th at 2:30 p.m. $15 at the Mary Winspear Box Office 250-656-0275.

First Chance Christmas Craft Show With Halloween excitement behind us, the jolly red-suited fellow couldn't be far away! Here's another chance to get started on gift shopping from a wide selection of exceptional handcrafted items. Over 25 craft categories are represented, including pottery, metal works, sculptures, wood working, glass and yarn works, weaving, body and skin care, jewelry and tasty treats. Meet

the artists, enjoy the atmosphere and find that perfect gift. Hourly door prizes and an admission fee that covers both days. Saturday November 7th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday November 8th from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney.

led by artistic director Nicholas Fairbank. For tickets contact Diane at viachoralis@shaw. ca or 250-652-6742. Sunday November 15th, 2:30 to 4 p.m. at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, 10030 Third Street, Sidney.

Autumn Leaves

Barra MacNeil's Celtic Christmas

Depending on where you're from, autumn can mean leaves changing colour and falling; for others it might be endless days of wind and rain, or even early snowfall. Via Choralis is presenting a collection of charming music about the autumnal season bound to take your mind away from thoughts of unpleasant weather or winter days to come. Enjoy an eclectic program by composers such as Mendelssohn, George Shearing and several West Coast composers and arrangers. Via Choralis is a mixed-voice auditioned community chamber choir based on the Saanich Peninsula and

This well-known musical family is deeply rooted in Celtic music, culture and history. Their numerous critically acclaimed recordings have included their own original songs as well as instrumental and vocal standards, some of which have reached Gold record status in Canada. Get ready to enjoy multiple lead vocalists, rich sibling harmonies, prowess on a wide variety of acoustic, string, percussion, and wind instruments, dancing, storytelling, Gaelic songs and a journey through an ancient culture. November 14th, 7:30 p.m., Mary Winspear Centre.


g a r d e n t o ta b l e if you're looking at loads of end-of-the-season green tomatoes, here are three recipes to help you use them up

Green Tomatoes Anyone? by Carolyn Herriot

If you had the good fortune to

harvest bumper crops of tomatoes this year, I am pretty sure that you are looking at loads of end-of-the-season green tomatoes right now and wondering what to do with them. Here are three of my favourite green tomato recipes, starting with the iconic southern fried green tomatoes. FRIED GREEN TOMATOES 3 medium, firm green tomatoes, unpeeled ½ cup unbleached flour ¼ cup milk 2 beaten eggs 2/3 cup fine dry breadcrumbs or cornmeal


¼ cup olive oil ½ tsp salt ½ tsp pepper Cut tomatoes into ½-inch slices. Sprinkle slices with salt and pepper. Let tomato slices stand for 15 minutes. Place flour, milk, eggs and breadcrumbs into separate shallow dishes. Dip tomato slices in milk, then flour, then eggs then bread crumbs or cornmeal.

Heat 2 tbsp of olive oil in a skillet on medium heat. Fry the tomato slices, 4 to 6 minutes on each side, or until brown. As you cook the rest of the slices add olive oil as needed. Season to taste with salt and pepper. GREEN TOMATO CHUTNEY (Makes 6 pint jars) 10 medium green tomatoes, chopped 2 medium onions, chopped 3 large apples, chopped 4 cups malt vinegar 2½ cups firmly packed brown sugar 1½ cups raisins 1 tsp mustard powder 1 tsp cinnamon ½ tsp ground allspice ¼ tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp salt Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan. Stir over medium heat until the sugar dissolves without allowing to boil. Now bring to a boil, and simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally, for about 1½ hours, or until the mixture has thickened. Pour warm chutney into hot sterilized Mason jars, and leave the lids to seal with a pop as the chutney cools. GREEN TOMATO MINCEMEAT (Makes 6 pint jars) 8 cups chopped tart apples (peeled) 8 cups chopped green tomatoes 3 cups brown sugar 3 cups raisins 3 cups currants 2 tsp cinnamon ½ tsp ground cloves ½ tsp ground allspice ½ tsp mace ½ tsp nutmeg 2 tsp grated orange peel 1 lemon, grated zest and juice 1 tsp salt 1 cup apple cider vinegar ¾ cup butter (optional) Mix apples with tomatoes and add remaining ingredients except A NECKLACE ISN’T JUST A NECKLACE butter. Bring gradually to the boil and simmer gently uncovered PDF PROOF PROJECT TITLE: Provenance Logo for approximately 2 hours to thicken. Stir occasionally to be sure it DATE: Dec 12/13 CLIENT: Sandy Baynton doesn't stick. Drain off excess liquid. Add butter and mix in. Pour hot Info: Final Logo into sterilized Mason jars, cover with lids, which seal as they cool.Proof Page 1 of 1 Carolyn Herriot is author of "The Zero Mile Diet, A Year Round Guide to Growing Organic Food" and "The Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook, Seasonal Recipes for Delicious Homegrown Food" (Harbour Publishing). Available at your local bookstore.

2536 BEACON AVE. SIDNEY, BC V8L 1Y2 250.656.5676 Primary Logo

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Who's On Your Shopping List? Touch of Saltspring Christmas Show Returns to Panorama Rec For many locals it marks the start of the Christmas craft fair season: "A Touch of Saltspring," December 4th through 6th at the Panorama, returns to the Peninsula for another year. With over 230 crafters and artisans from all over B.C. and Alberta, this is the largest attended arts and crafts show on Vancouver Island. The three-day family-owned-and-operated extravaganza brings together high-quality, artisan-crafted goods under one roof. For example, visitors will find hand-turned wooden bowls, exquisite leather goods and prints and cards featuring Canadian wildlife and scenery. There are also many delicacies for the foodies: jams, fudge, truffles, pastries, seafood, Christmas baking, canned goods and other decadent goodies. Colourful scarves and hats beckon from the stalls of textile artists and seasonal decorations lend a festive air. Not to be forgotten are the many examples of beautiful handcrafted pottery, jewelry and ironwork sculpture. Changing liquor laws mean that new at the fair this year is the

addition of several local distilleries, wineries, breweries and a cidery that will be sampling, selling and showing their products to fair visitors. 2015 marks the 11th year Touch of Saltspring has been held at Panorama Recreation Centre. The huge space of the indoor tennis arena is the perfect venue, allowing many people, vendors and visitors to mingle under one roof. There is even on-site catering so you can have a bite to eat when you get hungry and stay all day! To ensure the event runs smoothly visitors are advised not to park at the recreation centre itself. There is a park-and-ride shuttle service provided from Rotary Park, off Canora Road. Cost is $5 for a three-day pass. A Touch of Saltpring takes place Friday December 4th from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and December 5th and 6th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Panorama Recreation Centre, 1885 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich. If you are looking for unique and thoughtful gifts for the holiday season, make a point to come see the show.

your neighbourhood liquor, wine, cold beer and more store t 3 Convenient Locations Saanichton 2134 Keating X Road Tillicum 3170 Tillicum Road Yates 759 Yates Street

t Knowledgable, friendly staff t Loyalty Program t Extensive Selection t Open 7 Days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 34 SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015

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this month in history just a little trivia to help blow away those november blues

Remembrance, Rain and Gunpowder Plots by Valerie Green

Welcome to

November, the month of dreary rain, gunpowder plots and doom and gloom! Or so history would have us believe. November is also Remembrance month: a time when we remember those who have lost their lives in military service from WWI to the present day. It is celebrated on November 11th each year with origins that began after WWI in which some 60,000 Canadians were killed. It was Member of Parliament, Isaac Pedlow, who made a motion in the House of Commons to institute an annual "Armistice Day" to be held on the second Monday of November each year to commemorate the agreement which was signed at 11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month, ending the Great War. The day is still observed as "Armistice Day" in France and Belgium while in the U.K. it is known as Remembrance Sunday nearest to the 11th of November. In the U.S. veterans are honoured on Veterans Day on November 11th. The symbol of Remembrance Day is the red poppy of Flanders and northern France. Apparently seeds from the flower remain dormant in the earth for years but will blossom in abundance when the soil is churned over, which was of course the case from 1914 onwards in the fields of Flanders following a barrage of artillery crossing Northern France. As the poppies began to grow and flourish, poet John McCrae was inspired to write his famous poem In Flanders Fields as a result. Other significant things have happened in November through the years. Let's not forget Guy Fawkes Day in England on November 5th. If you grew up in England you will have celebrated this as a child, being the anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. And on November 7th, 1885, Canada's first transcontinental railway, the Canadian Pacific, was completed in British Columbia. Margaret Mitchell, the author of my all-time favourite book Gone With The Wind, was born on November 8th, 1900. Her novel about the American Civil War sold over 10 million copies, was translated into 30 languages and became one of the most popular movies of all time. Mitchell won a

Pulitzer Prize in 1937 for the book which was her only novel. She died in 1949 after being struck by a car in Atlanta. The word "November" comes from the Latin word novem meaning nine, because in the Roman calendar it was the ninth month of the year. Since the Gregorian calendar came into being, November is of course the 11th month as well as one of only four months with just 30 days in it. If you were born this month, your star sign is either Scorpio or Sagittarius and your birth stone is topaz. Just a little trivia to help blow away those November blues. Valerie Green is an author/historian and can be reached at


New & Noteworthy News, changes, updates, launches? Email

by Lara Gladych awardS Top Beans Fresh Cup Roastery Café made an impressive showing at the North American Golden Bean Competition, where out of over 400 entries from 100 different roasting companies, their Peruvian Organic won a silver medal in its category. Their Peruvian roast has been served at Fresh Cup for 15 years, and is a main ingredient in their popular Sombrilla Blend. They invite you to come in and try a cup next time you're in the neighbourhood! Fresh Cup is located at 1931 Mt. Newton X Road, in Saanichton.

events Fall Harvest On Novemeber 27th and 28th, Rancho Vignola New Crop Nuts and Dried Fruit will be holding their annual Harvest Event at the Mary Winspear Centre. A familyowned and operated business from Armstrong, B.C., they will have their products on display and will be offering free samples and live food demos. They offer a variety of product packaging sizes, including cases, and a variety of gift packs for

Christmas gift-giving ideas. You can also enter to win a gift basket! Hours for the event are Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. To learn more about Rancho Vignola, visit

Glimpse of Christmas With Christmas just around the corner, Haven Spa, at the Sidney Pier Hotel, is hosting Holidays at Haven, on Friday, November 6th. The event runs from 7 to 9 p.m. and tickets are $30, which includes a $25 retail credit. You can get a first look at their holiday sets and stocking stuffers, while enjoying 20% off all retail. There will be hair and makeup demonstrations, giveaways, door prizes and refreshments. Limited space. Tickets are available at the Spa, and you can contact them by phone at 250-655-9797.

Paint On! Further to the great success of their Cottage Paint sessions, The Old Attic has set up a permanent Cottage Paint painting area for customers, adjacent to their shop! Spots are booked for $20

per person/day, and you bring your own pieces to paint. They will help you select appropriate paint and finishes, which you purchase, and then they'll set you up and give you instruction on how to get started and get on your way! Coffee, tea and additional encouragement and suggestions are free throughout the day. For more information, visit or call them directly at 778-426-1660. You'll find them at 7925 East Saanich Road in Saanichton.

news Renovations North Saanich Council has approved the partial reconstruction of Municipal Hall, and has allocated $2,508,000 to do so. The current building suffers from structural issues, and is also in need of seismic upgrading to ensure the safety of staff and visitors in the event of an earthquake. The project will proceed in several stages so that disruption to service can be kept to a minimum. You can read much more about the project on the municipality


New Faces Haven Spa & Salon is running under new management. Spa Manager Cindy Brown joined the team in October. Welcome, Cindy!

International Festival The Stonehouse Pub will be hosting an International Festival starting this month. November's theme is Italian! Go check out the authentic experience including the checked table cloths and wine on the table. Each month will be a new theme; call 778-351-1133 for reservations!

Fresh Spaces Sidney's Pitt & Hobbs has recently expanded both their retail space and product lineup. A favourite for greeting cards and giftware, they've added British and Scottish imports, shabby chic linens, new card lines, and Royal Albert's new Dot and Miranda Kerr designs. Visit the store at 2408 Beacon, or take a look at their selection online at Call 250-656-3088.

Best Brands of Fine Quality Slippers for Both Men and Women

We Love Shoes as Much as You Do!

A Stable Way of Life at Mattick’s Farm Mon to Sat 10 – 5.30 | Sun 11 – 5 #123 – 5235 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria 250 658 3052 |


250.656.1999 |

Think Local

... In Downtown     Sidney

Part of what makes our neighbourhoods special are the businesses that thrive within them. As Saanich Peninsula entrepreneurs we strive to meet the needs of, and give back to, our diverse community. We ask that you please take a minute to think about the large potential of your consumer dollar.

When you shop local, more revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools and more! For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $46 is recirculated back into the local economy.

Statistics courtesy of Photos courtesy of


Shop Local

Sidney Pier (Georgia) Seaside Times Ad Oct 2015 • Size: 7.75” (w) x 4.925” (h) • REV 1 • Oct 15/15


HOT & STEAMY $5 a bowl + $1 per add on Make your own special bowl with our a la carte toppings menu:

WE’RE serving steel cut oats every morning beginning October 20

• • • •

Coconut brown sugar streusel Berry compote Maple syrup & brown sugar Peach compote

• Granola • Chopped pecans • Dried banana chips

PB&J - toasted peanuts, dried banana chips, berry compote Or choose one of our scrumptious creations:

$8 each

Chai Spice - chai syrup, spiced pumpkin seeds, dried apricot Macaroon - almonds, toasted coconut, vanilla syrup, raw chocolate Georgia Peach - peaches, berry compote, vanilla syrup

Open Daily 7am–5pm • 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC Sidney BIA Ad - SST Oct 2015 • Size: 7.75” (w) x 4.925” (h) • REV 5 • Oct 21/15

• Merchants Open House Friday, Dec 4, 5-8pm • Horse Drawn Carriage Tours Saturday & Sundays, Dec 5-20, 12-4pm • Carol Singers Stroll the Town Saturday & Sundays, Dec 5-20, 1-4pm

Passport to Christmas WIN 1 OF 3 GRAND PRIZES

• Gingerbread House Scavenger Hunt Find Over 30 Gingerbread Creations! • Mary Winspear Centre Festival of Trees Dec 4-Jan 1 • Sidney Museum Teddy Bear Exhibit • Pick up a Christmas Wish Book for more details and for a Passport to Christmas – win 1 of 3 grand prizes • Vote on Your Favourite Shop Window Display!

Visit the

Events Calendar for More Info

Professional Services Fashion & Beauty Free Parking Accommodation

4 6 10 2


Beacon Ave 5


2nd St

3rd St

4th St


5th St Mary Winspear Centre


1st St

Resthaven Dr

Seaport Pl

Sidney Ave

James White Blvd

7th St

Specialty shops & services Arts, Media & Entertainment Home & Garden Restaurants & Cafés

Pat Bay Hwy

Bevan Ave

Oakville Ave


1. Beacon Cat Hospital

6. Pitt & Hobbs

2. Christine Laurent Fine Jewellery & Gifts

7. Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

3. Flush Bathroom Essentials 4. Galleon Books & Antiques 5. Laloca

8. Sidney Casuals 9. Tanner's Books 10. The Dancing Orchid


Shopping Sidney

Pitt & Hobbs


Introducing Fat Paint: A Chalk-Style Paint

For DIY and Shabby Chic Inspiration!

BC’s Biggest Selection

2408 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732

250.656.3088 |

Experience Christmas in Sidney!

photo courtesy sidney bia

Remember when holiday shopping brought a smile to your face and a bounce to your step? If so, check out Sidney as your "go-to" holiday hub. The annual Sidney merchants' Open House will be held Friday, December 4th from 5 to 8 p.m. There will be FREE horse-drawn carriage rides (4 to 8 p.m.), traditional storybook Christmas carolers, beautiful shop windows and just about the best customer service you could imagine. Without doubt, it will be a night to remember! Be sure

Shop Early For That Special Christmas Gift!

Jewellery • Giftware Bulova Watches and New York Caravelle Watches Have Just Arrived!

Estates & Private Libraries Purchased 2432 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.656.7141 •


#106 - 2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Casual Clothing for Women for Men



Featuring Clothing by Parsley & Sage, Habitat, Woolrich, Royal Robbins, Viyella, and many more quality lines

2513B Beacon Ave. Sidney


photo courtesy sidney bia

to pick up a Passport to Christmas (inside the Sidney Christmas Wish Book), collect 12 stamps from various merchants and be entered to win one of three grand prizes! For the little ones there will be a gingerbread house scavenger hunt with prizes from local toy, candy and bookstores. All season long in Sidney you can enjoy a full lineup of festive activities including horse-drawn carriage tours on Saturdays and Sundays in December from noon until 4 p.m. and traditional carol singers each weekend from 1 to 4 p.m. Enjoy a festive ride through downtown Sidney and take in the charming holiday ambiance. Be sure to pick up a hot beverage and something to eat from one of Sidney's lively coffee shops or restaurants before you depart. Add to the holiday magic by attending one of the many holiday concerts at the Mary Winspear Centre or the Peninsula Players traditional pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk. Plan to visit one or more of several Christmas craft shows, the popular Teddy Bear exhibit at the

Laloca showcases global and local Fair Trade products! Find a great selection of handmade gifts that give back to the communities from which they originate.

Sidney Historical Museum, and Christmas in the Village at Heritage Acres where children can take train rides and visit with Santa. The Mary Winspear Centre is a collection point for Toys for Tots and will once again feature the Festival of Trees display and a LEGO Christmas village display. The Community Arts Council showcases the Artisans Gift Gallery at Tulista Park on Fifth Street, a perfect place to select a beautiful handmade gift for that special person on your holiday gift list. Pick up a copy of the Sidney Christmas Wish Book & Passport, which details all the activities and events taking place in Sidney and on the Peninsula, all over downtown Sidney. It also includes recipes from local business owners and the gingerbread house scavenger hunt map, and you will find a sample of offerings from Sidney retailers highlighting unique products and gift ideas to make your holiday shopping fun and easy! For more information visit To book a carriage tour call 250-883-3651.

Dr. Ellen Guttormson

Beacon Cat Hospital The only strictly feline hospital serving the Saanich Peninsula

Purrrrrfect Care

The Dancing Orchid

778.351.3844 2367 Beacon Ave, Sidney

9711 A - 5th Street, Sidney 250.656.5568 •

2416 Beacon Avenue 250.656.1318



Food, Family and Fun For All! by Bob Cratchit

The idea of coming together with friends and family during the holiday season to share a fresh cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate creates a warm feeling inside us all. The Village of Saanichton takes the festive season gathering experience one step further by bringing the entire community together with their 11th annual "Saanichton Community Christmas Event." This year it happens on Saturday, December 5th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Saanichton Village slows down that day so children can enjoy a pancake breakfast with Santa at St. Mary's Church starting at 9 a.m. (courtesy of the Central Saanich Lions), have a photo with Santa himself (by donation to the food bank), walk the Tree Trail with the family, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, decorate a gingerbread man at the Saanich Pioneer Museum, listen to some live music, and most of all … become more familiar with the people in their community. This year's event will have a stronger focus on the Sidney Lions Food Bank drive-in/drop-off being run by the local Scout troop in the village center at Pioneer Square. The food bank was why this event was born and it's a worthy cause all year round. The Christmas Tree Trail has over 10 trees on it and starts at 9:30 a.m. Many businesses in the local area put up a splendid tree for the big and small kids to enjoy. Families are given a map to follow, with the kids collecting stamps at each location, and sometimes a little cup

Drink Specials $5. 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. & 9 p.m. - close Pint of Local Beer 6oz. House Red or White Wine Feature Martini

of hot chocolate or treat! The event is presented by The Saanichton Village Association, Seaside Magazine, and the local business community in the Saanichton area. There will be a "Christmas Craft Fair & Market" in the parking lot behind Fresh Cup Café, where Christmas Headquarters is located, at 1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. These local crafters and artisans, bakers and food producers will have seasonal items to buy for those that like high quality, locally-made products. For many this event has become a cornerstone of their seasonal Christmas traditions, and there are a number of guest appearances with elves, Rudolph, and Santa in attendance. Be sure to visit Christmas Headquarters at Fresh Cup Café and be sure to drop off your donation to the food bank at Pioneer Square, get a free coffee, Christmas cookie, Tree Trail Map, and spend some quality family time … because everyone loves horses and Santa!

Restaurant & Lounge Book early for your Christmas Parties Christmas Day Buffet $49

an intimate evening of latin and jazz vocals with fabulous local accompaniment November 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th December 31

New Years Eve

2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney (in the Cannery Building) 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily | 250.656.6690 |

The Sidney Classical Orchestra Since 1992, the Sidney Classical Orchestra (SCO) has been delighting audiences with classical music performances that range from the beautiful music of the Baroque to exciting, contemporary compositions. Each concert in the series offers the opportunity to enjoy cherished favourites, while also introducing new or less recognized works, in an intimate setting that creates a uniquely engaging experience. The 2015-2106 Season, under the guidance of artistic director Stephen Brown, promises to continue the tradition of providing music lovers on the Saanich Peninsula with a concert series that delivers the professional yet personal performance of a delectable selection of music. Concerts are held at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, 10030 Third Street in Sidney. Bach & Sons is the first of the four concerts, taking place November 29th at 2:30 p.m. and opening the season with a program of exceptionally lovely music. The SCO is delighted to welcome back Robert Holliston as guest piano soloist, performing J.S. Bach's Piano Concerto in E major BWV 1053, and J.C. Bach's Piano Concerto in E flat major, Op.7, No. 5. Robert, a well-known Victoria musician, has performed professionally throughout North America, England and New Zealand, and numerous times on CBC Radio. The program also includes the String Symphony in B minor, H. 662 and Solfeggio in C minor by C.P.E. Bach. Concert No. 2, Cornucopia of Concertos, at 2:30 p.m. on January 17th, 2016, features violinist Nancy DiNovo – a favourite of the audience and orchestra alike. Nancy will be joined by Mary Byrne, flute; and Berlin's Alberta Brown, flute, performing J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No.4 for Violin and Two Flutes, plus various Baroque pieces including Vivaldi's Concerto for Two Flutes and the Sinfonia in D minor by W.F. Bach – music that is dazzling, vibrant and full of poetic power. The Young Soloist's Program is an inspirational and rare opportunity for young performers to be accompanied by a professional classical orchestra, and also provides soloists between eight and 25 years of age with the opportunity to perform works of their own choosing. Don't miss Young Soloists with the SCO, 7:30 p.m. on Friday March 11th – it will be an evening full of talent, enthusiasm and excitement! Finally, a sequel to last year's concert: Four String Fireworks Returns at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 10th. This concert was so well received last year that it is being offered again, with different concertos, of course! Soloists from each string section of the SCO will be performing concertos, plus J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 for violins, violas and cellos and a work by J.C. F. Bach, wrapping up a full season of exploring the alluring music of the inventive and inspirational Bach family. Tickets On Sale after November 1, 2015 at: Tanner's Books, Sidney; City Scribe, Brentwood Bay; and Long & McQuade, Victoria. Season Tickets (four concerts): $75 per adult. Single tickets: $25 adults; $12.50 students; ages 19 and under free at the door. C










9:33:33 PM


framing ad copy.pdf

in good health

Mending Injured Bodies in the 21st Century by Barry Mathias

This is the first in a six-part series of profiles on some great local businesses that are working to keep us all in good health. Human beings have a propensity for two things: getting involved in body-jarring accidents, and growing older. In both cases the negative effects can be lessened. "Everyone must age," Linda Walker jests, "but I can alleviate pain, improve people's attitudes, and enable them to regain mobility to get back the enjoyment of life." Linda is a Physiotherapist who specializes in Chronic Pain Management.

Fall Into Fitness

She is the owner of Peninsula Physiotherapy at 9733 Fourth Street in Sidney, and of Brentwood Physiotherapy and Massage at 6967 Wallace Drive, Brentwood Bay. Her two clinics offer a wide range of services. "One of our recent technological improvements is online booking," she says. For the last 18 months Linda has been using the Jane Clinic Software, which allows clients to book appointments and choose their practitioner online, using a tablet or a smart phone. The system tracks notes, records the history of

treatments and can send a paperless bill to MSP, ICBC or WSBC. This is a very secure system, and is password protected, and every file is accessible from anywhere. "However, you can still speak with a receptionist, if you prefer." With the aid of computers, Linda and her staff have immediate access to the latest research. "With a new patient who has lower back pain, we use either the Oswestry scale or the Roland-Morris questionnaire to ask specific questions." The answers establish a benchmark of the condition of the patient at

Family & Implant

Your Journey to Health Starts Here


New Patients Welcome!

“ We believe that

all people have the potential to enjoy an active, vibrant, and healthy life ”

Dr. Mitra Hashemi

250.656.1199 #104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney 44 SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015


Dr. Randy Kerr • Dr. Misty Watson

Healt h is an Inside Job & We’re Here to Help!

prevent re-injury, and aids elderly people to worn down and the synovial fluid is no longer improve their mobility. able to cushion these joints; this causes pain "In order to stay active and healthy as we age, and swelling. "It is a dysfunction caused by gravity," Linda explains. "People believe they can't change their condition, but with correct "I can alleviate pain, advice and appropriate mobility exercises, they can increase the space between their joints and improve people's eradicate pain." attitudes and enable "We also refer to clients' X-Rays, CT scans, them to … get back and MRI's online, via a secure system in order the enjoyment of life." to apply the best and safest treatment, or make recommendations for referrals to other effective stretching should become prioritized health care needed." Linda makes the point in order to keep mobility. Strength is also that she works in tandem with a patient's necessary but is much easier to gain as we age." doctor to achieve the best outcome. Intra Muscular Stimulation (IMS) is a "I am planning to update our Sidney branch, dry needling technique that she uses to Peninsula Physiotherapy, in the New Year," treat chronic pain that has not responded to Linda says enthusiastically. "The renovations conventional physiotherapy techniques. "It will include advances in our use of computers, is also effective with treating tight muscles and in modern, bright examination rooms." causing stiffness." Call to book an appointment and discuss Many people suffer from osteoarthritis. these exciting changes with Linda or any of This is when the cartilage in their joints has her skilled staff.

Helping You Reach Your Health Potential


Photo by Matt Schmitz

that time, where a score of say 21 out of 28 might be achieved, indicating substantial pain and immobility. After treatment, the patient's score might read 17 out of 28, showing a clinically significant change." Linda explains: "When people have had pain for a long time, they find it hard to recall just how bad the pain was as they respond positively to treatment. These advances in clinical questioning allow them to monitor their improvement, and are objective evidence for insurance companies and when dealing with claim adjusters." Another technological improvement is in the field of decompression therapy, or mechanical traction, which has been around for a long time. "It should not cost the patient a lot of money, " she says, referring to the unnecessarily high charges of city clinics. "We use lasers and ultrasound to repair bone and tendon injuries. Ultrasound is particularly effective with new injuries in the first two weeks, and it reduces swelling and helps

• New Patients Welcome • Same Day Emergency Treatment • Insurance Plans Accepted • IV Sedation Available

Alyssa Madill

Registered Massage Therapist

778.351.1191 102-9710 Second St Sidney, BC Accepting Veterans Affairs Patients Availability Includes Evenings & Weekends; Book Online Today!

250.655.7188 #215-9764 Fifth Street

Above Capital Iron

w w w. s i d n e y c e n t r e d e n t a l . c o m


smell the coffee "we wanted to elevate our already great coffee with something that would bring it together with the craft beer, spirits and wine worlds "

Cask Conditioned Roasted Coffee Being heavily involved in the coffee scene, I often get phone calls from local roasters to come over and sample a new exotic roast they want to share, or see some new piece of technology they think nobody else has … yet. You can imagine my intrigue when I got an email from my roaster friends at Fresh Cup Roastery Café with the heading "cask conditioned roasted coffee has been born here on Vancouver Island!" Aside from coffee, I enjoy craft beer, boutique spirits, and fullbodied red wine – bottom line: I love new flavour experiences. We're entering the realm where coffee, beer and spirits collide. Before getting too excited, I researched casks and barrels and their role in the coffee industry before the burlap bag was introduced. Casks and barrels were often used to transport the green coffee and a host of other items on ships back in the day. Occasionally something would spill on the green coffee, or someone would mistakenly put green coffee into a barrel that was used for an intense spice or wine. These accidents caused the green coffee to be ruined (or so they thought) and thrown out, as the bean would take on the liquid or aroma of the previous contents of the barrel. Fast forward 300 or 400 years and with the specialty coffee industry moving at warp speed in terms of flavour expectations, we seem to be entering new territory. I met with Jim and Larry at the Roastery in Saanichton to taste their newest creation and was pleasantly surprised. They shared the backstory on barrel-aged coffee and how it's been slowly coming onto the scene by Steve Sheppard

We’re celebrating 20 years of thinking outside of the box!

We deliver the tools for small businesses to affordably & efficiently manage their Contacts, Jobs, Staff, Safety, Time + grow their profits 46 SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015


in the U.S. with mixed success. Rather than dumping green coffee into a barrel and waiting, the duo took a more scientific approach with their infusion process. They devised a technique to infuse naturally-occurring flavour of the various spirits, beer and wines into the beans, to yield a whole new category of coffee. Also, conditioning the green coffee in smaller casks sped up the infusion process. "We wanted to elevate our already great coffee with something that would bring it together with the craft beer, spirits and wine worlds," noted Jim. In discussion with Larry, Lead Roaster at Fresh Cup, he pointed out that craft brewers have been putting coffee into beer and espresso into vodka for some time, but no one has considered taking things the other way. Larry explains: "By introducing the flavour elements that make up bourbon, scotch, rum, gin, mead wines and craft root beer to the green coffee and then roasting the beans, it leaves behind something that you wouldn't expect." I sampled three of their cask-conditioned roasted coffees scheduled for release at the end of November: Bourbon, Rum and Honey Mead Wine. Each of the different types had something uniquely interesting to offer the coffee experience. "These are not going to be morning coffees; they will be afternoon or evening coffees you serve with dessert or when company comes over," noted Jim. We shared a couple more samples and chatted about where things are going in the coffee world and Jim passionately stated: "People's taste expectations always go up, and to remain at the head of pack you have to be a coffee innovator now, not just a roaster or exceptional barista." In light of the fact that people are willing to pay a premium price for coffee that has passed through the stomach of a cat, I believe that Fresh Cup's Cask-Conditioned Roasted Coffee will appeal to those looking for a spirited coffee without the alcohol. I can't wait to try the ruminfused coffee with a bit of egg nog at Christmas … Steve out.

Pioneer Village • 2-7816 East Saanich Rd • 778.351.4PET (4738) Mon - Sat: 10 am - 6 pm • Sun: 11 am - 5 pm

Open Tues - Sat: 10am - 5pm 1890 Mills Rd, N. Saanich • 250.658.3419


Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts

d ow


on ho u


Laura Waters


*With This Ad – One Per Customer

Your 7th Visit is FREE

We make a fine selection of farm fruit vinegars, soup mixes, brie toppers, beer and cider bread mixes. Have you tried our Signature Products featuring Douglas Fir? • Douglas Fir Vinegar • Douglas Fir Essence (sparkling) • Fir & Fire (brie topper)


Introductory Price $9.99 for a 4-5lb bag of Lotus! Plus get $5 off your next bag!* Buy 12 get 1 free!

S ER an ay ER INN by J Tod AD W ing ent RE ICE oom intm O Gr po H e p C Si t ur A On k Yo o Bo

NEW Lotus Oven Baked Pet Food Made in Canada

Come visit our farm shop!

et & gift


All Pets Saanichton:

Going Above and Beyond for Local Pet Owners Laurie Gallant is here for the needs of "feathered friends;" customer experience told Laurie that you and your pets, and at All Pets, pet owners often must drive to two different places to get the food in Saanichton, she hopes you'll they need for both their feathered and furry friends. "All Pets" was notice quality customer service born from this: she wanted to cater to "all pets." and a different lineup of products to choose from. There's more to this store than At All Pets, they care a lot about matching the right initially meets the eye. In the back products to pets' needs, and about offering something "At All Pets, they care is an ergonomic U-Bath station for different to customers. dogs. For $16, on a drop-in basis, a lot about matching Laurie tells me that their rate of return is very low, you can bathe your dog, and they the right product which is a direct reflection of the time the staff takes provide everything you'll need to do to, first, educate themselves about their products, and so. Grooming services are available as to pets' needs, second, to align the needs of the customer and their pet well. Laurie also offers bird boarding, and about offering with the right products for the animal's requirements which is invaluable to her many repeat something different and special needs of their diet. customers who use the service. to customers." Opening the store was a good fit for Laurie for many Follow All Pets on Facebook, and reasons. She's in her element around animals, given that look for their specials posted every she grew up on a farm and has had pets all her life. She wanted to Saturday. Seniors receive 10% off every Tuesday. open a store that would be close and convenient for pet owners to All Pets is located at 2-7816 East Saanich Road, in the Saanichton access. Parrot Paradise, the store formerly in the location, met only Village. Call 778-351-4PET. by Lara Gladych



Peace of Mind for the Absentee Home Owner Away for more than three months per year? Call Chris Adam at 250.413.7015 for your home's options.

I have a neighbour look after my house; why would I need someone else? Most homeowner policies require a Reasonable Prudent Person to walk through the home. Lighthouse Property Watch takes a preventative approach and, utilizing our professional experience, looks for potential problems that homes may encounter. Often we get to know our clients' homes better than they do! Each inspection is completed with a customized checklist that stays with the homeowner and is proof the home is being cared for should any issues arise.

Meet Lighthouse Property Watch's

Chris Adam I live away from my house more than three months of the year; if I have an alarm system do I really need someone else to watch it? Insurance policies vary from company to company with regards to the time one can be away from their residence; many residential policies require someone to be in the dwelling every 72 hours to 7 days. This is why Lighthouse Property Watch has different inspection options for homeowners with different policies. Regardless of policy, insurance companies should be notified of an extended absence.



The Old Attic Has Evolved

Paint Your Own Pieces Book Now $20 Bring in Your Piece Buy Your Paint Set Up Your Table Grab Your Brush & Start Painting! We're Here to Help. It's That Easy! Call for Details

Paint Distress Crackle Antique Your Old Furniture & More!

What credentials does Lighthouse Property Watch have to recognize potential problems around my house? Lighthouse Property Watch has been in business for almost nine years on the Saanich Peninsula and has honed a complete service package for absentee homeowners. As a Journeyman Carpenter, my background includes work as a General Contractor. I have also spent the last 15 years working in the Emergency Services, prepping me to always expect the unexpected.

Home Decor Furniture Lighting Vinyl Records Vintage Jewellery And Much More! Buying Estate Sales Downsizing Vintage & Antiques Retro & Modern • Old & New

7925 East Saanich Rd. 778.426.1660 • Open Daily 10 - 5


SEASIDE Hawks Nest A "Smart Home"

at its Peak




What Do You

Know About Smart Homes?

Story by Barry Mathias | Photography by Vince Klassen

If, like me, you live in a traditional house built before 2010, then you are likely to have only a limited grasp of what a "Smart Home" is. You may have an electrically operated garage door, double glazed windows, a motion sensor light on the front drive and a smart phone, but that is merely scratching the surface of the possibilities of the modern "Smart Home."

50 SEASIDE homes | NOVEMBER 2015

A smart home is defined as a home that provides energy efficiency, security, comfort and convenience, whether the owners are present or not. A smart phone or a computer can control such a house, where all the devices "talk" to each other. If you live in a home like this you take it for granted, but if, like most of us, you live in a more traditional abode, then you will be amazed by what is possible. Jason Powell, of Jason Powell Construction, was the main contractor for a remarkable home near Duncan. The Hawk's Nest, completed last year, incorporates a wealth of smart features. "It's important to build a house facing in the right direction, and to have an efficient heating system," says Jason. These two prerequisites are foremost in the early planning stages, when heating and cooling a house are major considerations in the design. Hawk's Nest has 4,621 square feet of livable space, not including the garages and outside terraces. There is an indoor/outdoor security system allowing the owners to see all aspects of their house wherever they are in the world. The system notifies the owners of movement around the property, or changes in the interior temperature of the building, which is maintained at 68°F in every room all year round. The system can send messages to the owners using Cloud Storage technology. "This is essentially a summer residence," Jason says. "It has efficient windows that can alter the blinds and constantly monitor the intensity of light. There is a complex use of home automation allowing for the latest in home entertainment systems, control of lighting, and initiation of small appliances. The house can be locked or unlocked by smart phone,

and takes a photograph of anyone who calls. The owners have complete control of their smart home at any time or place." "Our company has been nominated for four CARE Awards (Construction Achievements and Renovations of Excellence) relating to the building of Hawk's Nest," says Jason. The CARE Awards is the premier event for the residential construction industry managed by the Victoria Residential Builders Association. Incorporating smart features in the planning of a house provides for maximum efficiency while allowing the design of an uncluttered free-flowing building. Keith Baker, of Keith Baker Design, was the inspiration behind the design of Hawk's Nest, and has been designing homes for over 30Â years. "We design homes that are energy efficient, light filled, well integrated into their surroundings, and tending to use natural materials," he says. "I believe home design should strive for authenticity. For me, that means creating a home that both fits the site and provides a vibrant, light-filled and harmonious place to live." Keith Baker gives an insightful reference to his design approach: "Often people get caught up in where the walls should go; I focus on where the space should be." He incorporates green architecture in his buildings, which seeks to decrease their environmental impact, and uses


Septic & Drainage Solutions For the Saanich Peninsula & Western Communities

John Langard

Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner Design • Installation • Maintenance System Replacement • Repairs

250-213-3834 •



towel warmer headquarters

in stock now

102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732

52 SEASIDE homes | NOVEMBER 2015

Biophilic Design, which is an innovative way of designing the places in which we live, work and learn. This approach seeks to reconnect us to the natural world, as the poet R.S.Thomas writes: "We have lost the lust and thrust of the seedling rain." So, to sum up: a smart home is not simply one that contains a range of smart technology, but is designed with an emphasis on space, light and beauty. It is a building that is in harmony with its environment, and is economic to run. As I explained at the start, the core of a smart home is the heating/ cooling system. This is cutting-edge technology, and I had Dave Young, a Director at West Bay Mechanical to explain it to me. "In the Hawk's Nest we used an outdoor Daikin air-to-water heat pump," Dave says. "This transfers heat from the air to a refrigerant, and then into water, which is piped through oxygen barrier pipes encased in concrete to heat the home from the floor up." He explains: "There is an insulated foam foundation. The forms are made out of foam and have concrete on all sides. Builders use the Pacific Builders Smart Wall System, which guarantees a 100% vapour barrier using high-density foam." In such a house, there is a purpose-built mechanical room, which houses the energy efficient High Velocity system. From here the High Velocity air handlers force air through a mini-duct distribution throughout the house. These systems can be used to provide heating, cooling, filtration, and ventilation. "Our tradesmen are like artists when it comes to designing the layout for a mechanical room," he says proudly. There is no doubt that if you can afford to build an energyefficient house, you will be getting the very best in comfort, security and enjoyment, and will make huge cost savings on energy over the years. You may wonder: "what about the rest of us who have already committed ourselves to a less ambitious home?" Well, the good news is that many of these smart features can be incorporated into your home. For instance, a High Velocity System is relatively easy to install inside existing walls and can be done with minimum remodeling. The flexible mini-ducts fit inside typically framed walls without having to cause major disturbance to the drywall.

"We can retrofit your house, whether you need extreme Timeless Elegance, renovations, Unmatched Quality whether you live in a heritage house or a concrete Jessica Kwasnica condo," says A . A . , D i p. I D David Moss, Professional services from design through installation owner of Patriot Electric. David is a certified Alliance contractor, and is able 2071 D Malaview Ave West, Sidney | 250.812.4304 to set you up with BC Hydro Power Smart incentive and rebate | programs, enabling you to cut your energy bills. He refers to a typical large house with traditional heating: "The house was 20 years old, with huge heating bills that caused the owners to live like hermits in small portions of their home. By installing a heat pump and a split-duct system, the owners now have control over multiple zones, and have drastically reduced their Hydro costs." With a smart phone, the house temperature can be altered from any location. "We have the experience and the technological knowledge and can provide you with a customized electrical design and layout, and do the full installation." Patriot Electric can help you design the most effective security system for your house. "We can provide the full range of CCTV equipment, and can install and service them." You can arrange to have a crib-mounted camera that allows you to view and to speak to your baby from any location, or arrange for a lullaby to play. beautiful bedding & linens "These smart features are all coming down in price by the day," 1749 EQUINOXE David says enthusiastically. "They are becoming more elaborate and 250.383.6133 250.656.0510 more user-friendly." There is no doubt that Smart House features will 636 Broughton St, Victoria 2492 Beacon Ave, Sidney soon be in the reach of most homeowners.

Sweet Dreams BoutiqueÂŽ


west coast G ardener a techy landscaper … really! When I started my landscape career, communication with clientele was mainly by phone which became quite cumbersome. I would return calls when I had the time, probably miss the client, leave a message, by Colin Eaton miss their return call, and try again. The Garden City introduction of email significantly improved Tree & Landscape communication, but only in the evenings when I was in front of my home computer. Finally the smart phone came along and wow, did that ever change the speed and quality of communication with our clients! It wasn't just our contact with customers that improved however: our field abilities benefited significantly from the improved communication. The wireless devices we now use, combined with custom software created by local company Applied Office Solutions Ltd., have provided us with an unmatched ability to communicate with our staff. Here are just some of the functions and benefits associated with the software we use on a daily basis: 1. We can create jobs in-house to include the client name, address and job information. Immediately available to the field staff, this information provides them with the details they need

to prepare and tackle a job. 2. If staff finish one job early, they can be on the system, review work in the queue and move on to another job (no downtime!). 3. We receive information on employee location, time on site, the equipment in use and materials being consumed. This essential data allows optimum tracking and scheduling for our clients. 4. Every expense on every job is instantly updated as work progresses, providing everyone with crucial details at every stage. 5. All vehicles, tools and equipment are tracked as to usage and we are reminded when repair or maintenance is required. 6. Our field staff have the ability to immediately alert us to anything changing on a job, from a client-specific request for extra work to delays in construction requiring more time on site. 7. Instead of us receiving emails, text messages, phone calls, courier pigeon notes, we have just one central system that collects and stores all information! I am sure that all sounds dandy, but what does this mean to you, the consumer? Overhead is everything in the construction business, so efficiency and controlling of costs equals one thing: competitive pricing! For those considering the change to high-tech, the future is bright. For more information visit

We Have All Bases Covered! Maintenance

Arbor Services


Irrigation • • 250.385.4858 54 SEASIDE homes | NOVEMBER 2015

on design building into sloping sites: a techtonic shift In a dense

property line

urban situation an added benefit of sloping sites is that they by Dan Boot can allow studio DB3 for multiple levels lit by natural light while reducing the building footprint and enhancing our environment. However, sloping sites pose a set of unique problems that in turn require unique design solutions. In a recent situation such as this, the steep site and the setbacks required by city by-laws enabled me to design a "subterranean" home and "bury" two-thirds of the allowable residential footprint into the front yard setback against the property line (pictured). Without the support of a variance we would be restricted to a home that would be only 12 feet deep. Two-thirds of the footprint of this residence, initially borrowed from the hillside, has been utilized for occupied living space below grade. The rooftop entry pavilion at the forth level and drive-thru "porte cochère" entrance below are enhanced with extensive landscaping and reflective ponds. setback line

21 20 19 18 17





12 11


9 8 7







The upper entry is perfectly positioned, extending effortlessly into the slope, and meets the curblevel entry. Taking into account the south-west orientation of the site, we were able to take advantage of the earth's natural insulating properties to make the house more energy efficient. The rear of the home, which is the area most deeply embedded into the hillside, enjoys constantly cool interior temperatures. The home uses passive solar energy: as heat transfers from the large openings at the pool level and is transferred through the open central stair through the opening windows at the top floor entry level creating a chimney effect … the movement is "like a breathing lung." The exterior landscaped "green roofs" on the third and forth level also protect the dwelling from direct heat and eliminate the need for air conditioning. Sun-shades and reflective "shelves" at each level redirect the natural lighting to the rear of the residence. Extensive floor-to-ceiling glass, exposed concrete walls and in-floor heating provide this residence with a natural contemporary and modern design. The residence is also equipped with home automation for even greater energy savings.

studio DB3

Daniel Boot Consultant 10973 Madrona Dr. North Saanich B.C. Canada

postal code : V8L 5R7 cell : 250 889 2584 e:

It’s Like Adding Another Room to Your Home! Bedrooms • Closets • Offices • Kids Rooms • Sewing Rooms • Custom Cabinets

• innovative window coverings • creative upholstery and slipcovers • mirage retractable screens

Paula Grypma specializing in window coverings for 20 years in-home and studio consultations by appointment

250 . 889 . 4585 |

Vancouver Island’s only authorized Murphy Wall Bed Dealer Call 250.744.2195 or 1.800.670.5505 3075 Douglas St, Victoria • SEASIDE HOMES | NOVEMBER 2015 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 55

Hot Properties

For Sale on the Island

Panoramic Waterfront & Views

14-10046 Fifth Street - Sidney


Welcome home! Located in a children and pet friendly complex in the heart of Sidney. Updated from end to end. Featuring two large BR & a den (often used as an office or 3rd children's room). In suite laundry & 1.5 baths. This home is in "move in ready" condition! $299,900.

Enjoy stunning vistas towards the Gulf Islands with Mt. Baker as your centerpiece from this fully serviced 9,583 sqft waterfront site. The property includes a bright 3 bdrm rancher and other improvements. Great holding property and excellent opportunity to acquire premium waterfront at the lowest price on the Peninsula. Steffen Hagen $849,900. 250.656.4626 | 250.656.0131 |

Exquisitely finished 4106 sqft West Coast contemporary home on 1/4 acre tucked back from the road. Spacious 5Br 4Bth with sparkling granite, warm wood, sleek tile, open-concept chef's kitchen, dining peninsula and loads of space for gym, office, media room or play area. Intelligently designed with private nanny/in-law quarters, RV parking and oversized dbl garage. $819,900.

Spectacular Waterfront Home North Saanich

"Sea Stone House"– a new custom home that captures amazing ocean & island views plus has easy access to the beach, ideal for kayakers. Featuring 5 bdrms, 3.5 baths and 3364 sq. ft. of finished living space plus a fabulous 826 sq. ft. unfinished area offers a myriad of possibilities. MLS 356769. Michele's Team 250.656.0911 |

Outstanding Ocean View Sidney

Brentwood Bay Beauty – 1119 Clarke Road

Kimberly Legeard

Kimberly Legeard 250.656.4626

World Class Acreages & Ocean Vistas

Salt Spring Island

Ne w

Pri ce !

Enjoy everchanging vistas of the Salish Sea, Gulf Islands and Mt. Baker from this thoughtfully designed, 3BD/3BA, 2,461 sq.ft. strata duplex. This meticulously maintained home features quality finishes including solid birch floors, cherry cabinets, granite counters and heated tile floors. Skylights and numerous windows offer incredible natural light. Newly priced at $975,000. Ingrid Jarisz (PREC*) 250.656.4626

Skywater: Your New Dream Home's Address! Spectacular Ocean vistas. Building sites, drilled wells, and driveways in place. Arable land suitable for agriculture. Visit for complete information, pricing, & more photos. See Li Read to arrange a personal tour! Li Read | 250.537.7647 |

561 Meldram Dr North Saanich

Lovely water view lot at the end of a cul-de-sac in Deep Cove. Private, with established hedges, but remains open and bright. Great location! $475,000.

Karen Dinnie-Smyth Personal Real Estate Corporation 250.655.0608

5319 Parker Avenue

305-2311 Mills Rd

Cordova Bay


Spectacular WATERFRONT on Cordova Bay's "Street of Dreams." Build your West Coast Retreat along one of Victoria's finest oceanfront neighbourhoods. This incredibly sunny, gently sloped, 50' wide by 370' waterfront lot offers unsurpassed panoramic views across Haro Strait. Current RS-18 zoning allows up to 5,000 sf + accessory bldgs & home occupation. $1,250,000. Bright, west facing spacious 2 bedroom suite, well maintained with new flooring & freshly painted throughout. Ideally located. $289,000.

Karen Dinnie-Smyth Personal Real Estate Corporation 250.655.0608

772 Menawood Place Cordova Bay

Build Your Dream Home or renovate the 70's inspired architectural view home with approval for 2-lot subdivision in place. Steps to golf, shops, trails & beaches. Newly priced at $998,000.

Ingrid Jarisz (PREC*) 250.656.4626

310-3815 Rowland Avenue Saanich

This luxurious, like-new, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home offers exceptional quality, ultra-modern interior, open floor plan with floor to ceiling windows, sumptuous bathrooms, chef's kitchen with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, and an amazing location as the gateway to Uptown Place. Entertainment, dining and shopping all just steps away. $339,900.

Ingrid Jarisz (PREC*) 250.656.4626

Mary Secord-Fisher 250.656.4626

Boaters' Oceanfront Homeport Salt Spring Island

Oceanfront renovated as new cottage-home, 2-3 bed, 2 bath, terrific dock with seaside deck, exceptional views of Ganges Harbour. In popular area of fine homes. $1,228,000. MLS V1078077.

Custom Home and Large Workshop Central Saanich

This 4.5 acre property offers a custom-built home plus 5000 sqft workshop. 3 bdrms, 3 baths including caretaker accommodation. One level living, open floor plan, gourmet kitchen, large patio with outdoor kitchen. Heated, insulated & plumbed workshop offers 3 soaring bays ideal for RVs/boats up to 45 ft. Ideal property for a home-based business. MLS 357229. Michele's Team 250.656.0911

Li Read 250.537.7647 |

505 Dalton Drive – Mayne Island This waterfront has it all! South West facing, amazing views and sunsets.Nice sized decks, totally fenced yard, paved driveway, gardens and walking distance to the ferry and village. Enter from a lovely tiled deck into a one level 1450 sqft 2 bedroom house. Spacious living area featuring a stone fireplace and hardwood floors. $549,000.

Brenda Dean 250.539.0739 or Toll Free at 877.539.5227 |

trade student spotlight saanich school district jumpstarts student careers

Riley Knowles:

Automotive Repair Preparation Technician by Stu Rhodes

There's no such thing

as wrong training when it comes to the trades. Riley Knowles is living proof of this. From a young age he's had a fascination with automobiles, especially his beloved Volkswagons. So, it didn't take much encouragement from his Career Counsellor, Wendy Walker, at Sannich Individual Learning Centre (ILC) for him to consider the Auto Service Technician (AST) trade program. After completing the AST program in partnership with Camosun College, Riley successfully transitioned to an apprenticeship in an auto body repair shop. For Riley, this was the first time in many years he'd shown interest in school. "At last, I was finally able to learn about something that was important and interesting to me!" Like many other students who've discovered newfound success in trade training, the AST program arrested Riley's negative, spiralling downturn. Learning in a contextual setting with role modeling and mentorship from his AST teacher, Mark van Akker, was a total game changer for Riley. His mom, Samantha Meade, credits the program

Award Winning Wines On-Premises Winery Barrel Aging (for Red & White Wines) Referral & New Customer Incentives Clean & Friendly Environment

#5A-2042 Mills Road West, Sidney • 250.654.0300 • 58 SEASIDE | NOVEMBER 2015

with saving her son from despair. "We're talking about a kid who I could barely get out of bed in the morning, who changed everything. Once he started the program he couldn't wait to get to school and now he can hardly wait to get to work each day," said Meade. Indeed, Riley himself said: "There's no way I would have graduated without the help from the ILC teachers and the chance to take a

Lest We Forget

Open Remembrance Day November 11th Free Coffee for Veterans and Active Servicemen and Servicewomen

Don’t Forget to Book Your Christmas Party! 250.655.0122 • • 9681 Willingdon Rd, Sidney

trade program. I look forward to work each day with great anticipation because I never know what I'm going to get to learn today." This from a kid who used to hate school! Riley's employer, Chris Bennett, of Auto-Com Refinishing, concurs: "Riley has an artistic gift for working with and manipulating materials. He is an enthusiastic worker and learner." Bennett went on to say that the AST training Riley received positioned him perfectly to cross over into auto body repair. "All the 'wrenching' he learned in AST really helps him in our industry." SD63 is incredibly grateful for community employers like Auto-Com. Riley's English teacher, Will Moore, describes Riley as a bit of a diamond in the rough who had all the right stuff to be a star, except for direction. "Once Riley finished the AST program and became an apprentice with Auto-Com he showed amazing determination to graduate by working several days per week, then coming to ILC one day per week to finish his remaining graduation requirements." When asked what he'll be doing in five years, Riley blurted out: "Well, for starters, I'll be a journeyman by then!" That's the cool thing about trades: apprenticeship training embeds the notion of continuous, and lifelong learning into the craft of working. To get his Red Seal, Riley has to keep on learning, and that's what gets him excited about going to work each day! Though Riley and his mom may not have always agreed on things before, today they both encourage students and their families to explore the possibility of a career pathway that includes training and certification in one of over 100 credentialed B.C. trades. Contact Stu Rhodes for more information on how to get involved as a student apprentice, or as an employer sponsor in this, or any other career program in Saanich School District, at 250-4159211.View the promotional YouTube video, "Jump Start Your Career" at http://www.

Community Council of Gallery WHAT’SThe HAPPENING at Arts the Tulista Park the Saanich Peninsula Presents:

WHAT’S HAPPENING at the Tulista Park Gallery

2015 ArtisansShow. Gift Gallery Both 2D and 3D artwork all March to 29th Join us for our CACSP4th Small Expressions Show Expressions CACSP Small Expressions Show

Join us for our SMALL Expressions SMALL

Running through December 23rd, Tuesday - Sunday from 10aam - 4xpm. sized to fit within 12” 12” x 12” Show. Both 2D and 3D artwork all Tuesdays Sundays, March 4th- to 29th 10am-4pm space. Featuring: painting, collage, sized to fit within 12” x 12” x 12” A show -&Sundays, sale featuring traditional and contemporary worksaby Island Artisans. Tuesdays 10am-4pm photography, glass, sculpture, fibre, space. Featuring: painting, collage, Jewelry, glass, pottery, turned wood, children’s clothing and toys, pottery, metal, wood and more. photography, glass, sculpture, fibre,

fibre art, wearables, photography and holiday décor. pottery, metal, wood and more.

Eclectic, unpredictable and representative of the rich and varied talents of Island Artisans! Meet the artists in this co-op run show and celebrate Island Arts.

5th & Weiler, Sidney Free Admission & Parking 5th & Weiler, Admission Parking We acknowledge the assistance of the Town Sidney of Sidney, District of Free North Saanich, Municipality of& Central Saanich and the Province of BC through the BC Arts Council. We acknowledge the assistance of the Town of Sidney, District of North Saanich, Municipality of Central Saanich and the Province of BC through the BC Arts Council.



in p U rsuit of the G olden Y ears

Maximize your return on life... To discover our True Partnership Process contact: Todd Hummel, CIM, PFP Investment Advisor 2461 Beacon Ave Sidney, BC V8L 1X7 Tel: 250-655-2210 Toll Free: 1-855-743-6457

® “BMO (M-bar Roundel symbol)” and “Making Money Make Sense” are registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ®“Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal

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home sweet home: fact or fiction for seniors? pt ii While we continue to enjoy our unseasonably warm fall, we brace ourselves for the inevitable cooler, wetter days ahead. Although we look forward to cozy nights inside the comfort of our homes, not all of us equate "home" with comfort, care or security. by Shauna Dorko To pick up our discussion of seniors Owner, Sidney SeniorCare housing from our last column, suitable housing options that are affordable, comfortable AND meet seniors' needs are few and far between in our province. As well, many seniors seem to be forced out of their homes prematurely due to either a lack of support or financial challenges. The Office of the Seniors Advocate reports that up to 86% of B.C. seniors felt they could remain living at home with increased home support and adaptations. Home Support improves quality of life and extends the time, in some cases significantly, that seniors are able to live independently in their own homes IF they have financial means. However, 36% of these same seniors believe they will have to move in the future due to no longer being able to afford their current arrangements. When home support is not available or affordable, Assisted Living becomes the next step. With an estimated 10% vacancy rate and decent availability, at least in larger communities, options include publicly subsidized and private-pay Registered Assisted Living, and private-market assisted living residences. With the 70% of net income fee structure for subsidized living, leaving little disposable income left over, a current recommendation suggests the minimum amount of income left be raised from the current $325 to $500. With Residential Care, including nursing homes, long-term and facility care, availability varies throughout B.C., especially for a "preferred" bed. Residents are charged a percentage of their net income, with a Temporary Rate Reduction (TRR) available in case of financial hardship. Many seniors are often forced into residential care before clinically necessary, resulting in less privacy, overcrowding and separation from friends and family. B.C.'s Seniors Advocate recommends that our provincial government enforce a higher standard of accommodation, including the provision of single room occupancy with en suite baths for 95% of beds by 2025. All options should be carefully considered before admission to this level of care, with more attention to seniors' needs and preferences. Raising awareness of all subsidy and grant programs available to seniors is more important than ever and a topic we will cover in our next column. Until then, let's continue to advocate for our seniors! * Excerpts taken from Bridging the Gaps, March 2015 and Seniors' Housing in B.C, May 2015, Office of the Seniors Advocate. Written in collaboration with Sherrin Griffin. We welcome all comments, suggestions and ideas for future columns. Please email us at with "Seniors" in the subject line.

friends & neighbours "we need to learn the latest firefighting tactics to stay abreast of the changes within the community. that's a top priority."

A Lot More Than Putting Out Fires by Susan Simosko

Fortunately for us, Brett

Mikkelsen thinks about a lot more than putting out fires. As Chief of Sidney's Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD), Brett and his colleagues are firmly committed to providing the most effective fire protection service possible. That includes everything from promoting fire prevention; to ensuring Sidney firefighters have the skills, training and fitness levels required to meet the daunting challenges of their work; to helping sustain businesses in the event of a major disaster; to working collaboratively with other emergency organizations. And that's just for starters. Brett's comprehensive understanding of the community and his vision for how the Department can best serve that community are awe inspiring – and reassuring. A long-time resident of Sidney, Brett is a graduate of Parkland. He completed a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Royal Roads University and the Fire Officer Program at the Justice Institute. He's also a licensed paramedic. Brett is a high energy, forward-thinking leader who believes that "all real progress is achieved outside your comfort zone." In keeping with that philosophy, he works hard to ensure the SVFD keeps "ahead of the game" and prepares for the long-term future. For many years, Brett worked at Philbrook's Boat Yard as a project manager. "At one time," Brett says, "it was the largest private employer on the Peninsula. I learned so much there! But the job involved considerable travel and that wasn't compatible with raising a family." Brett and his wife have two young children. In 1996 Brett joined the SVFD as a volunteer and last year was

made chief. SVFD is a "composite" model of fire fighters: some volunteer and some paid. The reason for this? "We have daytime staffing challenges," says Brett. "With so many people working outside of Sidney, a mix of career staff and volunteers ensures adequate coverage." The SVFD has six career staff and roughly 35 volunteers. At night, Brett reminds me, all firefighters are volunteers. Brett says that strategies for fighting fires are different today than 20 years ago, largely because of the nature of building materials. "Lightweight construction and the heavy use of plastics in homes means that today's fires burn faster and are more devastating," he says. "That's one of the main reasons we focus on prevention. We offer a free service to help people install or replace their smoke alarms," Brett explains. "We also give feedback about how best to protect a property. Any resident or business can phone us for help or advice anytime." The shift from single-storey homes to those that are in four- or fivestorey buildings is another change that has led to high-rise training for Sidney's firefighters. "We need to learn the latest firefighting tactics to stay abreast of the changes within the community," Brett tells me. "That's a top priority." Brett says he looks forward to having a new Community Safety Building, one that is seismically safe and with adequate space for training. "As Sidney grows," he adds, "we need to continue to evolve to meet the increasing demand for a highly nimble and effective fire service." Brett says the best thing about his job are the people. "We're like one big family," he says. "I feel incredibly fortunate to have this job." And likewise Brett, we feel incredibly lucky – and thankful – to have you as our Fire Chief!

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7816 E. Saanich Rd. Saanichton, B.C. Ph: 250-652-9119

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Peninsula Panthers

Jr. Hockey Club

North Saanich is Kraft Hockeyville 2015

What an exciting ride it has been for the young Peninsula Panthers Club this season as the team is starting to show some of the promise that was expected from them. They have started to hit the win column and are playing a fast-paced and exciting brand of hockey that has folks on the entire Peninsula buzzing. What also had the community talking was the Jason Fletcher successful nomination of the Panorama Recreation Centre as Canada’s Kraft Hockeyville winner for 2015. After the bid made it to the final ten in the Country, the entire community of Greater Victoria and beyond jumped on board and voted the nomination into the Final Two. The competition from Eastern Canada would be Chatham, Ontario. In a three-day period, voters headed to their computers and punched the ticket early and often and the result was a landslide win with well over one million votes cast. A $100k cheque from Kraft came with the win, as well as the right to host an NHL exhibition game between the Canucks and Sharks on September 21, 2015. On Sept. 20th, the Panorama Recreation Centre hosted a tailgate party complete with the Stanley Cup. Yes, memories forever from “The little community that could!”

Puck drops at 7:30 p.m. Fridays


Panorama Recreation Centre

6 11 13 20 27

vs. Campbell River Storm vs. Saanich Braves

(Wednesday - 1:30 p.m.) !!

vs. Westshore Wolves vs. Victoria Cougars vs. Kerry Park Islanders @ppanthersvijhl

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2015 Kraft Hockeyville Winner Nurtured Benn Brothers Friday, 09.18.2015 By Kevin Woodley Correspondent

Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn led the NHL in scoring last season, but he didn’t grow up dreaming about winning the Art Ross Trophy. As kids, Jamie and his older brother, Stars defenseman Jordie Benn, didn’t even dream of playing in the NHL. For the Benn brothers, the early goal was always to play for the Peninsula Panthers, a tier-3 Junior B team that played in the 400seat Panorama Recreation Centre Hockey Arena in their hometown of North Saanich, British Columbia, on the southeast tip of Vancouver Island. “It was definitely a dream of mine,” Jamie, who played for the Panthers in 2005-06 as a 16-year-old, told from Stars’ training camp. “When I was younger all I wanted was to play for the Panthers. It seems like that was much bigger than playing in the NHL at the time.” Benn’s childhood dream and his current reality will come together this weekend when the NHL brings the Stanley Cup to Panorama Recreation Centre Hockey Arena on Sunday to celebrate North Saanich being named Kraft Hockeyville 2015 in Canada. The Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks will play a preseason game at the nearby Q Centre, all of which had the Benn brothers reminiscing about their minor hockey days on the Saanich Peninsula. “Just being a young kid and seeing the Peninsula Panthers emblem up on that rink when our family would go to games; me and my brother, back then we thought that was the big time,” said Jordie, who was the Panthers’ best defenseman in 2004-05. “We wanted to be a Peninsula Panther. Looking back now I know it’s only Junior B, and I’ve got a smile on my face saying that, but I was so proud to throw on that jersey and be a part of the Peninsula Panthers.” The Panthers are a big part of hockey and life on the Saanich Peninsula, which makes them a big part of North Saanich winning the ninth season of Kraft Hockeyville, a program committed to investing in community arenas to help keep the game alive from coast to coast. The winning nomination was written by Jason Fletcher, whose deep volunteer roots in the area include score keeping at Panthers games, and this year’s players were active in getting the community to rally around it. In addition to all

that, and providing inspiration for young players like the Benns, Panthers games at the Panorama Recreation Centre are a place for the community to get together on weekends. “Think of it as hockey’s answer to “Friday Night Lights.” “It’s fun looking back and now playing in Texas you see the high school football games and the whole community coming together for those games and how passionate they are about the football, and it was the same with the Panthers,” Jamie Benn said. “Everybody gets excited to go to the Panthers game every Friday night and be a part of it and see a bunch of people you know and watch the game and meet the players. It really is a special experience.” It’s an experience that can have a lasting impact, both on and off the ice. While some teams at the Junior B level focus on winning, often by loading up on 19 and 20-yearold players short on better options, the Panthers have focused on providing a spot for younger kids in the area to transition into higher levels. In addition to the Benn brothers, the list of Panthers alumni includes one-time NHL defenseman Ryan O’Byrne, Canucks draft pick Taylor Ellington, and forward Kyle Greentree, who played a couple of games for the Calgary Flames and Philadelphia Flyers and, like O’Byrne, still plays professionally in Europe. Seven other Panthers have played in American Hockey League or the ECHL, and countless others moved on to Junior A, Major Junior and to the NCAA on scholarships. “They were all local kids and we gave them the opportunity to get their first taste of junior,” said general manager Pete Zubersky, who bought and coached the Panthers in 1999, sold the team in 2007 and returned as part-owner in 2011. “I always said it was the most gentle transition from minor hockey to junior and that’s why all these kids came here and why they still do.” Jamie Benn appreciated having a place close to home to start that transition.“It was definitely a step up from minor hockey and it was just part of developing your game to try and get to the next level,” said Jamie Benn, who was named the league’s top rookie after leading the team in scoring during his one season with the Panthers. Just as important are the bonds with the local community. Jordie Benn won the Panthers Community Leadership award in 2005; Jamie won the award the following season. “As cool as it is that Jamie just won the Art Ross

Trophy and was a Peninsula Panther and as much as we celebrate that, it’s even more cool when we have kids that used to be Panthers that are coaching our minor hockey teams,” said Paul Warmenhoven, president of the Peninsula Minor Hockey Association. “As they get settled in life, we try to get them back to coach our kids - one of Jamie Benn’s old linemates is now the head coach of the Midget A team.” Just as the Benn brothers remember looking up to the Panthers growing up, local kids still see Panthers players reading or playing floor hockey in local schools, taking part in parades or helping coach at minor hockey practices, and they are drawn towards the program. “That’s why my 14-year-old wants to go watch the Panthers game,” Warmenhoven said. Warmenhoven, who went to college in Vancouver, remembers being skeptical when a friend first invited him to watch a Panthers game after moving to the Saanich Peninsula six years ago. “I was like ‘who goes to watch Jungle B’ and he says ‘No, this is an institution here,” Warmenhoven recalled. “So I put my snobby Vancouver bias aside and I went to a game and I was like ‘Holy cow.’ It’s standing-room only, everyone is catching up and it’s ‘Oh yeah, that’s Tommy’s kid and Bobby’s kid, and that’s his little brother and he’ll be a Panther oneday.’ It really is classic.” Winning Kraft Hockeyville should make that experience even more enjoyable because it includes $100,000 for improvements to the Panorama Recreation Centre Hockey Arena. Some of it will be used to improve the storage facilities for minor hockey and other community user groups such as lacrosse. Some of it will be used for a dedicated home-team locker room, something the Panthers haven’t had since relocating to the area in 1997. “I remember having all the gear and packing it around not having your own dressing room, but I didn’t know anything else,” Jordie Benn said. “It was the little peninsula and just getting a Panthers helmet was awesome, but to have the NHL and Hockeyville come in and support the community and what they are doing is awesome. It’s great to see them getting recognized.” It will be even better if it also results in a Panthers dressing room, Jamie added. “Yeah I remember hauling in my gear,” he said with a laugh. “It would be great for those young kids. When you have your own room it just feels like it’s kind of your house.”

For a franchise that has made itself so at home in North Saanich, that would be fitting.


book review From stray dog to wwi hero by grant hayter-menzies As we mark the passing century of the First World War, few books have explored the enormous contribution of the more than 60 million animals who reviewed by played a role in that "Great War." Now Virginia comes a book that reminds us of one Watson-Rouslin exceptional dog who took his place on the battlefield. His name was "Rags." Local writer Hayter-Menzies has uncovered this remarkable story of a mutt, mostly a terrier mix, who was found one evening by two AWOL American soldiers on the streets of Montmartre in 1918, a tawdry place of crass commercialization, bar shows and "circuses" exploiting animals. It was also "home" to Rags. Private Jimmy Donovan of the American First Division, Signal Corps thought he'd found a pile of rags, but it was a small dog, soon to be his best friend and ally at the front, and after. Rags and Donovan became a team. As a signalman, Donovan monitored communication lines between the front and command. Although there was an official, time-consuming procedure for training soldier dogs (estimated at over 70,000), Donovan and Rags didn't have that luxury. The dog quickly caught on to delivering and receiving messages, racing back and forth across perilous terrain, exploding shells, dead bodies and deep trenches. Says Menzies: "together Rags and Donovan taught each other just what needed doing in the erratic, symbiotic schoolroom of the battlefield, discovering in each other the helper and friend each never knew he needed." Their work saved countless lives. In their last battle, both suffered

2015-2-12SSTSexyBack7.75x3.18.indd 1


shrapnel wounds and the effects of mustard gas. Rags would live to be 18, but with one blind eye, a deaf ear and a cough that would trouble him the rest of his life. Donovan was taken back to the States to an army hospital where he died several years later from his wounds, Rags his faithful attendant. The dog would go on to be celebrated for his accomplishments by the First Division, the U.S. Army and the Humane Society. Eventually he did find a loving home with a military family. His obituary ran in many American newspapers, including the New York Times.

New Releases Available at Tanner's Books FICTION Two Years Eight Months and Twenty Eight Days by Salman Rushdie Entry Island by Peter May Girl In The Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz Lamentation by C.J. Sansom Family Furnishings by Alice Munro Jaguar's Children by John Vaillant

NON-FICTION Brief Candle In the Dark by Richard Dawkins Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Debs Of Bletchley Park by Michael Smith So Anyway by John Cleese An Astronaut's Guide To Life by Chris Hadfield

2015-02-12 3:08 PM

Anam Cara Spa + Beauty Bar: Self-Love Wellspring by Doreen Marion Gee

This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up Women's Networking Group, featuring women in business on the Saanich Peninsula. The replenishing experience at Anam Cara Spa + Beauty Bar in Sidney is not just about the shiny manicure or soft supple skin. Something much more profound is happening in the beautiful serene Award Winning Wines at a haven quietly tucked away just outside the town centre. Fraction of the Cost! The very congenial owner of Anam Cara Spa + Beauty Bar, Refer a Oak Barrel Shannon Hall is a licensed professional Esthetician and a Reiki Friend and Save Aging Available Practitioner. Her services include Reiki Energy Healing, skin care, manicures and pedicures, tinting and waxing, massage, makeup and beauty bar. Shannon offers her clients a holistic, safe and healthy experience grounded in a loving and caring professional approach. "I want to treat the client as a whole person" – which also includes their mental, Wine • Beer • Cider emotional and spiritual state. A strong sense of ethics fuels Shannon's passion for her work: "I want to keep everything pure and clean" and "use local products that are safe for the skin, with no harsh chemicals, (250)Malaview 655-7121 Ave • 2031 Malaview W. 2031 West, SidneyAve. 250.655.7121 parabens or carcinogens." Demonstrating special consideration for her clients' health and safety, Shannon uses LED light instead of potentially-damaging UV light to cure gel polish in her manicure treatments. Pure lavender products and the finest quality essential oils add a touch of luxury to the cozy oasis. Shannon's beautiful skin care Hearing aids have changed. products are totally natural and organic, derived from nature's own Schedule your demonstration anti-inflammatory packed with vitamins and minerals – seaweed. for a personalized experience Anam Cara means "soul friend;" Shannon "wants to help you have with the latest technology. a better relationship with yourself." She believes that the positive repercussions of her "loving touch" and pampering treatments go very Hear - Central Saanich deep into the client's psyche, removing barriers to personal healing. 7159A West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay "Being good to yourself here helps you to like yourself. And that Serving Saanich Peninsula | Mayne | Pender makes you a happier, better person out in the community." Call 778-426-4876 | Many rejuvenating treatments are packed into that golden hour with Shannon – they could be a gentle healing touch, empathic listening, energy work, or a tender foot massage and pedicure. "You 2015 10 19 Seaside.indd 1 19/10/2015 1:06:11 PM are being loved in this space!" Her caring treatment gives a little nudge to her patrons to turn that kindness on themselves. Clients walk out transformed. Just this once they put their own well-being first, taking time for themselves and catalysing a process of self-caring they will carry into their daily lives. "My goal is to help people see the essence of who they are and to love that!" Calling herself a "facilitator," Shannon wants to nurture and boost her clients' self-esteem: "People feel really Slipcovers for Living! good when they leave here." Removable • Washable Never underestimate what a little bit of self-love can do. When Custom Cushions & Shades Available people feel good, they are more inclined to do something good. This is much more than just pretty nails. 250.655.1257 | Contact:

dolezal consultants ltd.

Personal Financial Consulting Services for Individuals, Families & Businesses Peter Dolezal B.A., M.B.A. Author of: • The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder • The Naked Homeowner • The Naked Traveller Truly objective advice & assistance in developing your comprehensive FINANCIAL PLAN for Wealth Creation & Preservation

NO Products to Sell Ensures Objectivity

“Financial & Investment Planning for Retirees & Near-Retirees” |

Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is a local Saanich Peninsula accounting firm which provides: •

Personal & Corporate Income Tax

Bookkeeping/ Payroll/ Bill paying

Financial Statements

Consulting & New Business Advisory

Construction Specialists

call us: 250-652-7845 102-7851 east saanich road saanichton, b.c. v8m 2b4


common cents be careful what you click for Paying bills without leaving the house or transferring funds to a relative from the comfort of your couch makes banking online very attractive – and there really is no need to worry about the security of these transactions. Financial institutions take their responsibility to protect your by Rainer Kastens account information incredibly Manager, Brentwood branch seriously, making any business Island Savings, a division of conducted through a credit union's First West Credit Union website or mobile app completely safe. As a result, the most common way for you to accidentally compromise the security of your banking information starts with an unsolicited or sudden information request via email or telephone. Be very wary of any such requests and remember that a financial institution would never ask you to provide or confirm sensitive information such as your name, password, account number or social insurance number via email or the telephone. One type of email scam known as phishing attempts to trick you into divulging this information by using fake emails or text messages and "lookalike" websites. The information you provide is used to gain access to your online accounts. Cyber criminals target companies with a large member base and send thousands of phishing emails to reach as many potential fraud victims as possible. These types of scams have become increasingly sophisticated and phishing emails can look very authentic and appear to come from a well-known company or financial institution that you do business with. If you are unsure whether or not a message is legitimate and want to investigate further, get in touch with the sending organization using contact information from their website (not from the suspicious email). The best defense against phishing attacks is awareness. Be very suspicious of (or just delete) emails from unknown sources and avoid suspicious looking ads or websites. In terms of your personal computer, make sure to keep your anti-virus protection up to date. Using an unsecured network is asking for trouble and you should never access your online banking from a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can add another layer of protection by signing up for notifications of suspicious activity through your online banking system (Island Savings and most other financial institutions offer this service free of charge). The automated system will send an alert via email or text message if anyone tries to change your online password or add new bill payment vendors. The bottom line? Although fraudsters will always come up with new ways to get to data, your financial institution will continue working to stay two steps ahead of them. Remember to be careful what you click for, trust banking emails only from your account manager and never give your account or other personal information out over the phone – your bank will never ask you to. For more information on common scams, identity theft, phishing and protecting your online transactions wherever you bank, visit

Saanich Peninsula Hospital Auxiliary Through the Years The Auxiliary to Saanich Peninsula Hospital has been

Sudoku Solutions

aiding and abetting the maintenance of our community hospital as a full-service facility capable of meeting the growing needs of this large actively serving this Hospital and this community since its area and is fully committed to this goal. inception in 1974. The current membership of 125 dedicated 2015 has been a busy year for our Auxiliary President Donna volunteers support a variety of fundraising activities including Salter and her Executive with an ambitious program of events. their annual Christmas bazaar & craft fair, bake sales, bridge An Easter bake sale was held in April; a bridge luncheon and a luncheons and the operation of the hospital gift shop. All funds new member tea took place in May; and raised are used to provide needed equipment preparations are underway for the annual for the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, thereby Christmas bazaar & craft fair on November benefiting patients, Extended Care residents "The Auxiliary has 14th at the Mary Winspear Centre in and the entire community. played an extremely Sidney, a mini bazaar in the Hospital During this time the Auxiliary has contributed active role in aiding on November 26th, and a presence at A approximately $2 million which has been used and abetting the Touch of Saltspring Christmas Show at the to fund items ranging from a bus for Extended Panorama December 4th to 6th. Care residents to take day trips and outings to maintenance of our Saanich Peninsula Hospital is a very special high tech surgical and diagnostic equipment, community hospital as place for this entire community, and it is more electric beds and furnishings. This outstanding a full-service facility." special because of this dedicated and energetic achievement represents a great deal of hard group, who in the true spirit of volunteerism work, enthusiasm and dedication on the part of has combined fundraising, fellowship and fun to serve this community! the members. The Auxilians are widely recognized throughout the community, serving in the gift shop, moving within the Hospital, and selling bazaar raffle tickets throughout the summer and fall at various local venues. The Auxiliary has a triple mandate: to add to the care and comfort of hospital patients and residents, to raise funds for this purpose and to liaise with the public. In addition to fundraising, the Auxiliary also provides services within the Hospital designed to aid patient care and comfort such as the Hospital gift shop, monthly birthday parties for Extended Care residents, and public relations and receptionist services to the Mobile Screening Mammography Clinic which visits the Peninsula twice yearly. Two $2,000 bursaries are also awarded yearly to post-secondary students entering medically-related fields. Over the years, the Auxiliary has played an extremely active role in

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w h at ' s h a p p e n i n g


tuesday evenings

Saanich Peninsula Toastmasters Meeting 7.30 p.m. at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney 250.544.1819 |

Toastmasters has a specific structure that provides a safe forum for speaking while giving encouragement and support. Tuesdays at 7 pm

New Music Class for Adults Peninsula Academy of Music Arts 1662 Mills Road West, North Saanich 778.426.1800 |

Do you love to sing but don't want to audition for a choir? Come sing and learn more about music. 2nd Thursday of Every Month Peninsula Newcomers Luncheon

11.30 a.m. at Haro's Restaurant & Bar, Sidney Pier Hotel More information at

Just moved to the Saanich Peninsula? Join our club! 3RD THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH

Sidney Sister Cities Association General Meeting 7 p.m. at the Nell Horth Room, Sidney North Saanich Public Library More information at

We have speakers and discussions on our ongoing projects. NOVEMBER 16

Stories at Fern St. 7.15 p.m. at 1831 Fern St. (Park on Begbie.) 250.477.7044 |

Middle of the Road

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Hardly Simple

The Victoria Storytellers Guild welcomes you to hear and tell stories! Admission $5; students $3 (includes tea and goodies).

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Fall Season Spaghetti Supper hosted by the Saanichton Village Association & St. Mary's Church 6.30 - 9 p.m. @ St. Mary's Church (corner of East Saanich & Cultra)

There's nothing better than great food and coffee to bring people together. Meatballs will be served on the side for those who are vegetarian, with green salad and garlic bread included as well. There's room for up to 90 people for dinner. Tickets ($10) will be on sale at Fresh Cup Roastery CafĂŠ and Seafirst Insurance starting November 1st.

4 9

november 19

Stelly's Secondary School Global Gala 5 - 9 p.m. 1627 Stelly's X Rd., Saanichton

Stelly's Secondary School is having its annual Global Gala hosted by the Global Perspective class to raise money for the disaster-stricken country of Nepal. All money raised will go toward rebuilding a school previously built by students. Enjoy live music, great food and over 300 silent auction items! Tickets $15 at the door. NOVEMBER 21

Winemaker's Dinner 6 p.m. at the Deep Cove Chalet, 11190 Chalet Rd, North Saanich Reserve at 250.656.2552 |

The much-anticipated Winemaker's Dinner with Pierre Koffel is an event not to be missed by those who love fine French cuisine, pairings with Muse Wines and an evening of enjoying the company of those who love the same. Book early – seating is limited. NOVEMBER 28

Sidney Lawn Bowling Club Christmas Bake & Craft Sale! 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. across from Tulista Park @ 9580 Fifth St, Sidney.



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KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer's Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on page 67.

last word I'm back! After a year's maternity leave to take care of my daughter Tessa, three weeks ago I settled in my desk chair, flexed my fingers over the keyboard and was off, just like I'd never left. … If only it were that simple. I admit it: coming back to work after taking such a long break was incredibly difficult. A few months ago I was an emotional seesaw. On the one hand, I was looking forward to using my brain in a different way, rejoining the team of awesome women at Seaside, reconnecting with our clients and readers, and making a decent paycheck again. The more emotional, primitive side of me, however, didn't care about all that: I had a baby, she needed me, and that was that. How could I even think about leaving her in the care of a near stranger just so I could work? Luckily, I found a great childcare situation and figured out a schedule that would allow me lots of time with Tessa while still meeting my work obligations. I am very fortunate to have a job where I'm able to set my own hours, which helped ease my mind … and as my "back to work date" neared, I stopped worrying and

started simply looking forward to it. In this issue we celebrate technology and innovation. These days, the one piece of technology I couldn't live without is my smart phone. Yes, it drives me nuts how addicted I am to it, but what it offers me as a working mom is priceless. I use it to quickly search the listings on the Sidney Mom's Buy/ Sell/Swap on Facebook whenever I realize there's something Tessa needs. Bigger shoes? A rain suit to shield her from the West Coast weather? A sleep sack for daycare? Check, check, and check … all without having to venture out to the store, or pay full price for items that will only be used for a short time. I use it to stay connected to what's going on with Tessa when I'm working: what she ate for lunch, how long she napped or a cute video of her and a friend outside having fun. My smart phone came in particularly handy lately when Tessa developed a very rapidlyspreading rash while at daycare – I was sent a few pics which allowed me to judge whether she needed to go to the walk-in clinic. Best of all, my smart phone is a big part of how I'm able to balance being a mom and being Editor-in-Chief: spending time with my daughter while still being reachable to my clients, writers and Seaside team. And that's a smart thing.

Allison Smith, Editor

First to take the pulse of the community CINDY E. HARNETT @cindyeharnett

covers healthcare and breaking news every week in the Times Colonist



Is it time to enhance your experience?

Sidney, BC 250 656 1138

Sidney All Care Residence & Bayshore Home Health In collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of B.C., Presents:

initiative A Dementia-Friendly

Terra Munro of Sidney All Care Residence & Stasia Hartley of Bayshore Home Health working together to help create a dementia-friendly Sidney!

Dementia Friends Workshop Wednesday, November 18th, 6:30 p.m. at Sidney All Care Residence 2269 Mills Rd.

Join us to become a Dementia Friend. Learn strategies and gain understanding to better connect with and support people living with dementia. Participation certificates will be provided by the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

Movie Night & Silent Auction

Thursday, November 5th, 6:30 p.m. at Sidney All Care Residence Presenting a screening of the inspiring documentary Alive Inside and a presentation about the Society’s Dementia-Friendly Communities initiative and work taking place in Sidney. Silent auction items donated by local businesses with all proceeds to go directly to the Alzheimer Society of B.C. Admission by Donation. Please RSVP to reserve your seat.

Please call Terra at Sidney All Care Residence 778.351.2505 or visit for more information and to RSVP or contact Stasia at Bayshore Home Health