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Fall Getaways

(close to home)


Deb's Day Out Down with Daphne!




Join us for a four-course dinner experience from the award-winning chefs at Toque Catering – VIRTUALLY! All in benefit of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital.


October 17 Every fall our friends on the peninsula look forward to the Gala Evening with the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation. Daily life has changed in the past months; we cannot meet together in large groups and safety is so important. The good news is we will still have our amazing gala, just in a different form! This year’s virtual event will find us gathering safely in our homes. Tickets include a catered dinner and entertainment.

For all information about the Gala Evening at home please see

www.sphf.ca/2020-gala-at-home To purchase tickets, please call 250-656-2948 or visit sphf.ca/2020-gala-at-home

your community, your health 250-656-2948 sphf.ca







Relax... This Fall,

...and let us take care of the rest. This Fall, letfall, Saltlet Spring SeniorCare helptoyou to relax, with award-winning This SidneyIsland SeniorCare help you relax, with award-winning customized improve quality quality of of life, life, customizedhome homesupport supportservices servicesdesigned designed to to assist assist with with daily living, improve and and encourage encourage independence independence in the home. Now Now that’s that's something something to to relax relax about. about!

250-589-0010 or 250-656-7176 info@VictoriaSeniorCare.ca  NEW LOCATION œ 250-589-0010

info@SaltSpringIslandSeniorCare.com info@SidneySeniorCare.ca 250-538-7411250-589-0010 or 1-855-252-5641 (toll free)

Suite 201– 2400 Bevan Avenue 250-656-7176 or 250-589-0010 250-589-0010


Professional Real Estate & Property Management Services

Frank Berke

Stephanie Peat

Tony Clemente

Maureen Vincent

Anna Clemente

2405 Bevan Avenue, Sidney BC www.dfh.ca

John Bruce

Dan Van der Vlugt






2020 PROFESSIONALS Shining a Spotlight on Our Local Businesses


OFF THE VINE The Business of Wine


FALL GETAWAYS CLOSE TO HOME A Mini-Break in Your Own Community


THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT Building Understanding and Reconciliation


THE WET COAST Staying Warm, Dry and Fashionable


SEASIDE HOMES A Modern-Day Luxury Cottage

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October Special - BC Residents Only Book a 2 night stay - receive 10% off per night


Eminence Organics Skin Care Sample Pack

BOOK NOW Must book direct for special promo pricing

9805 Seaport Place, Sidney • 250-655-9445 • www.sidneypier.com




JO BARNES PAGE 22, 58, 77 My articles focus on very different topics this month, but all were shaped with a common outside influence: the pandemic. Interviews included farmers, recreation programmers and performing arts directors. All were on their own journey to find different ways to not only cope, but thrive during a time of uncertainty.

ANDI HOOK PAGE 71 When speaking with clients, colour is one of the most commonly discussed subjects. It can evoke panic or joy and I wanted to share some of my insight and knowledge on the popular topic. I hope everyone can enjoy a little colour in their life; I know I do!

LINDA HUNTER PAGE 35 COVID-19 has changed the way the world lives and dies, providing us all with an opportunity to pause, and to reflect on our own end. Perhaps the pandemic is an invitation to live our best life while also planning for our best possible death.

JOAN SAUNDERS PAGE 36 This month's theme arose out of friends commenting that cooking is sometimes a chore rather than a pleasure. That got me thinking about the cookbooks, websites and blogs I turn to when I need inspiration. At times we all need a boost to rekindle the joy and creativity of cooking.

TRACEY SCOTT COVER The Peninsula is especially beautiful in the autumn and I often find myself taking the long way home just to enjoy the scenery. I love to catch the sun rising over Michell's Farm, taking in all the fall colours, the fields being harvested and the farm stands overflowing with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. What a place to call home!

DENNY WARNER PAGE 13 Amplifying "the voice of business" is important in prosperous times, but it's a more substantial and consequential job during a pandemic. I have been privileged to work in concert with leaders similarly dedicated to the sustainability of our business community. My optimism is fueled by our collaboration and collective resources.

Owner / Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489 sue@seasidemagazine.ca Editor in Chief Allison Smith 250.813.1745 allison@seasidemagazine.ca Account Manager Steven Haley-Browning 250.217.4022 steve@seasidemagazine.ca Creative Director Leah-Anne MacLeod leahanne@seasidemagazine.ca Editorial Director Deborah Rogers deborah@seasidemagazine.ca Staff Photographers Amanda Cribdon amanda@amandacribdon.com | Janis Jean hello@janisjean.com

In-Room at:

This Month's Contributors: Jo Barnes, Ruth Caden, Chris Cowland, Brooklyn Cribdon, Janice Henshaw, Darryl Hill, Jesse Holth, Andi Hook, Linda Hunter, Paula Kully, Debra Lewis, Cassidy Nunn, Cathie Ounsted, Deborah Rogers, Joan Saunders, Marita Schauch, Tracey Scott, Mike Smyth, Tania Tomaszewska, Denny Warner

P.O. BOX 2173, SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 3S6 news@seasidemagazine.ca Seaside Magazine is printed 12 times a year by Mitchell Press. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Reproduction requests may be made to the editor or publisher via the above means. Views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the publisher and editor. Staff of the magazine cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs.

Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites

Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

Victoria Airport/Sidney



FIRST WORD from the PUBLISHER SUE HODGSON Thank you to all of our readers and advertisers for the lovely words of support we have received over the last several months. There have been some wonderful messages telling us that you've enjoyed reading the magazine as much as we've enjoyed producing it. We have worked hard over the past months to make sure we can continue delivering a print edition, when many others could not, and feel so proud and grateful that we have been able to bring our community positive and engaging content during a time that has been difficult for many of us. In this issue come celebrate Small Business Month with us! In our special Professionals section (pg 13) you will meet many of the local entrepreneurs who make important contributions to our community. "Small businesses really are the cornerstone of their communities. Think of your favorite independent coffee shop, the plumber or local mechanic, or the family owned corner store where you had your first job," says Canadian Federation of Independent Business President, Dan Kelly. "These entrepreneurs work hard every day to create jobs, keep our neighbourhoods vibrant and bring quality products and services to our markets." In addition to reading the Professionals, you'll discover in the next 80 pages (or maybe even rediscover) many of the other incredible entrepreneurs that make up our community: from our local restaurants, service industry, shops, health professionals – all the skills and talents that make the Peninsula such a busy, thriving place. I think everyone who takes the spark of an idea and turns it into a business deserves to be celebrated, and those stories can be inspiring for our whole community. Not everyone will want to run a business, but we certainly benefit from living somewhere that so many people do. Make sure you take a look at our special giveaway this month too. With a change of season, many out-of-towners are gone from the Island; now it's time for us to support the local travel and tourism sector. Have you ever thought about taking a getaway without having to travel? There are some ultralocal suggestions in our feature article "Fall Getaways Close to Home" (pg 27), and a contest for you to win a night at The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa! Good luck!

e u S












RON PHILLIPS ronsoffice@shaw.ca













When you’re ready, let us get to know you. Together we can create a personalized senior living experience to support your unique needs, even as those needs change. P R I VA T E T O U R S AVA I L A B L E


778 - 4 0 0 -2 88 0

Your Local Professionals:

Peninsula Businesses Adapt to Survive Recent worldwide events have demonstrated the tremendous levels of resilience, creativity and persistence embodied in our business community. Clearly, it will take more by Denny Warner than a pandemic to take Executive Director, Saanich Peninsula down businesses on the Chamber of Commerce Saanich Peninsula. Admittedly, the first month was rough. In mid-March, confusion and panic reigned as information was largely speculative. Early on, we realized our role at the Chamber would be to focus on three things: to curate and share the most current, accurate information about the pandemic with the business community; to provide up-to-date information to the public about which businesses were open; and to make the needs of businesses known to various levels of government. It's a bit like playing Whack-a-Mole: as challenges are resolved, new ones arise. Manufacturers are still repairing ruptured supply chains. Retailers must respond to customers who don't like the protocols put in place to keep them and vulnerable members of our community safe. The reduction in sales revenue, additional costs of PPE and training for staff have impacted bottom lines. A necessity has arisen to maintain an updated website, Google listing and social media platforms to keep customers informed. Owners must manage human resource issues with employees who have stayed home to look after their children or to protect their own or loved ones' fragile health. During the first phase, many businesses closed to take stock of their options and await useful direction. As safe operating procedures were developed, doors began to open, with activities somewhat modified. It was heartening to see the "love for local" that spontaneously manifested. Many of us greeted owners of businesses in our driveways as they delivered the food and beverages we soon learned we didn't enjoy living without. We entered the pandemic with the "good bones" of a diversified economy and many attributes that make it more likely that we will come through this with fewer scars than will some other communities. This is, in part, due to our governments, municipal through to federal, which provided speedy assistance. There are more stories of ingenuity than I can recount. The local distillers who turned their spirits into sanitizer. The restaurants, breweries, and cafes that created distanced, outdoor space for customers and still others that began meal and beverage deliveries. The travel agency that developed mystery tour packages to support local exploration and staycations. The senior care homes that worked tirelessly to keep their clients healthy and connected to loved ones.

Countless service providers who created secure online spaces for continuing client care. Pet food stores that offered delivery. Retailers who created online stores, set up appointments for customers, organized curbside pickup, and made home deliveries. The determination of the hotelier who diligently researched products and devices until finally finding a fogger to ensure every surface in every room, from floor to ceiling, was sanitized for the safety of their guests. If you are reassured by the good news about pre-existing businesses that are thriving, you will be further encouraged by the number of businesses on the Saanich Peninsula that have opened within the past few months. This speaks to the confidence entrepreneurs feel about their prospects for success in this community. However, we must not get complacent. Sustainability is only a possibility if we remain loyal customers of our businesses through the fall and into the new year. Be vocal about local! With the celebration of Small Business Week in Canada from October 18 through 24, Seaside Magazine is happy to shine a light on some of the Saanich Peninsula's amazing small businesses and the professionals behind them in the following pages.

Do you have peace of mind? Having a financial plan and working with a knowledgeable and trusted professional will give you peace of mind during times of volatility. I can give you a fresh opinion on your existing financial plan, or create a new customized plan, to help ensure your investments are worry-free. Call me today. Chloe Cross, PFP Chloe Cross, PFP Financial Planner, Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning Investment & Retirement Planning SIDNEY & SALT SPRING ISLAND

Tel. 250-655-2122 Tel::250-655-2122 Chloe.Cross@bmo.com Chloe.Cross@bmo.com

Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. ÂŽ Registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal, used under licence.


FRAN DAVISS CFP, AMP, MBI Mortgage Consultant

With over 40+ years’ experience in the financial industry and 23 years of mortgage experience, Fran brings a wealth of knowledge to serve you. Customer service is Fran’s passion; she thinks outside the box and brings enthusiasm to finding a mortgage that fits your life. As an independent mortgage broker, her business has been built on offering honest, impartial advice with attention to detail.

Fran was voted the 2017 Professionals Winner in the category of Customer Service by Seaside Magazine.

INVIS - Canada’s Mortgage Experts

778.426.0749 frandaviss@invis.ca www.mortgagesbyfran.com


Back in Touch Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre Angela Leavey, Registered Acupuncturist 250.477.7888

Angela is registered as a NADA practitioner, focusing on treatment for trauma and addiction. She has a special interest in working with patients with stress, emotional health issues and PTSD. Angela has experience in treating acute and chronic pain with an emphasis on back and neck conditions, concussion and respiratory conditions, including asthma and seasonal allergies. Her scope of practice also includes: Tui Na Massage, Chinese Cupping, and Acupressure.

Racquel Taylor, Certified Reflexologist/Aromatherapist 250.882.2427

Racquel enjoys contributing to the health and wellness of our community. Reflexology has improved the health of her clients in stress reduction, improved circulation and immune function as well as increased energy; diminishing emotional and physical fatigue. The middle-aged and beyond will find that stiff joints and circulatory problems in particular benefit from Reflexology.

Chantelle Yeo, Registered Acupuncturist 250.883.6656

With a background in kinesiology, Chantelle has vast experience treating body pain and sports injuries. Acupuncture has an amazing ability to target the nervous system, making it effective for her to also treat stress, anxiety, sleep and hormonal concerns. She works with women for pre- and post-natal care, preparation for birth and hormonal imbalances. Chantelle is an avid supporter of keeping mothers healthy and helping them find stress relief and balance.

Chantelle Angela L

BACK IN TOUCH MASSAGE THERAPY & WELLNESS CENTRE 7-7120 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay | 250.589.7807 | backintouchbrentwood.com 14 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | OCTOBER 2020

Sheila, RMT Angela M, RMT Racquel


As Chris Cowland transitions into retirement you may have noticed new Baker Tilly signs showing up at his old location. You may also have seen some new faces including Robyn and Stephen (at right). Robyn is stepping into Chris’ shoes as Principal and brings with her over 10 years of comprehensive accounting experience, with a focus on audits, reviews, trusts, and estates. Stephen is a long-time Sidney resident and Senior Manager with a focus on Canadian and U.S. tax. Supporting our office in Sidney are eight additional principals at two other offices (one in Victoria and one in Westshore) providing a depth of expertise and diversity of locations to meet your needs. We are a full-service accounting firm and pride ourselves in providing the highest quality accounting and tax services for businesses and individuals. Baker Tilly is an affiliation of independently run accounting firms. We share expert resources from across the country but are locally owned and value our strong community connections. We are excited to be in Sidney and look forward to meeting you!


7 - 9764 Fifth St, Sidney | 250.386.0500 | btvic.com


Del Elgersma and Lianne Macdonald started Beacon Law in 2000 with the goal of providing a unique way of delivering quality legal services in the areas of real estate, business law and wills and estates. They began by identifying and prioritizing their core values. These include a deep care for their clients and staff; striving for excellence; being accessible, forthright and fair; and a commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards of practice. Del and Lianne pride themselves on having built a successful business based on these values and on consistently offering trusted advice and outstanding service to ensure an exceptional experience with their firm. It seems to be working, as the firm is regularly voted the #1 choice for legal services in the Peninsula News Review’s Reader’s Choice Awards, and has been voted the top law firm in the Victoria Times-Colonist Reader’s Choice Awards for the past three years. If you are buying or selling a home, starting a business or need help with a will or estate, give Beacon Law a call.


250.656.3280 www.beaconlaw.ca

SIDNEY : 104-9717 Third Street ROYAL OAK : 140-4392 West Saanich Road BRENTWOOD BAY : 5-7115 West Saanich Road OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 15


The Business of Wine by Tania Tomaszewska

Wine: Nature, climate, farming, chemistry, art, science and passion. Terroir. But it’s also business.

As consumers, we often don't focus on business decisions and pressures facing winery owners before that vino sees your glass. So many different elements are required behind the scenes to make this product. I'm often asked whether we get good value when buying B.C. bottles. Generally I think we do, especially when considering the local market context in which our producers are operating. It's about looking at what it takes to physically make that elixir, how it's produced in accordance with the vision and values of the wine business owner and various barriers. For the most part, wine is a passion project. After all costs, expenses and input efforts are said and done, there's typically not much left for the maker (especially during say the first five years of a new winemaking enterprise). These days, if you buy a bottle of B.C. wine with a price tag of $20 to $25 there might be between $8 and $12.50 left for the business owner after taking into account direct production costs to make that bottle, relevant taxes and government markups (if applicable). And that's before more dollars from that bottle sale are allocated to pay other necessary business costs. This calculation varies depending on the maturity of the business, production volume, nature of the business asset-ownership, and whether the winery is selling direct to consumer or through a store. But you get the idea. And don't forget Mother Nature's role in all of this. No one year is the same. So next time you raise a glass, perhaps ponder a few of the other ingredients mixed in with the grapes and yeast.



Land: Dirt's not cheap in B.C. and prime vineyard land is going up in cost. Does the business own or the lease the land? Are they converting it from orchard or another use to grow grapes? Financing and development costs come into play.


Grape and vineyard management: Buying, planting and taking care of vines. It usually takes at least three years for a new vineyard to produce grapes for quality wine. That's a long time to wait if you don't have other product to sell. Winemakers buy


Edward Jones Financial Ashley Ruffle is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. Ashley is dedicated to helping you reach your goals by partnering with you and taking the time to listen to what is most important to you.

Even though we all have dreams of a comfortable retirement or to send our children to University, many of us put off planning because it seems too complicated or too late. Ashley will change that in her signature way, by having open and honest conversations with you about your goals, making your choices accessible and easy to understand, then working out a plan that it right for you.

grapes from independent growers if they don't cultivate their own or need to supplement their own supply. •

Winery production facilities: You need space to sort, press, crush, ferment, age, bottle and store wine (and maybe even host some tasters in a tasting room). Wine business owners can lease "customcrush" facilities or engage other wineries to process grapes for them.

Equipment: Bins, vats, pumps, sorters, presses, tanks, barrels, racks, fork-lift, as starters … .

Time/Opportunity Cost: Ageing in barrels? You won't make anything off them while they're resting and you need climatecontrolled space to store. French oak? $1,000 for a new barrel.

Organic or biodynamic farming: Aside from extra time and cost involved to get certified, there are business choices which can come up during farming. If organic sprays or treatments may not effectively deal with a terrible blight affecting your vines or grapes during a season, what do you give up?

Bottles, closures, labels: Cork, screw-cap, glass closure?

Distribution: Getting the bottles to market.

Consultants and Labour: Winemaker (if that's not you), pickers, cellar hands, agents, marketing/website development, lawyers, accountants, licensing experts … .

Licences, Fees and Taxes: Winery and business licences, VQArelated costs (if applicable) and the big ticket items of the B.C. government markup (if you're not selling direct to consumer) and taxes (GST and PST). Blood, sweat and tears.

Queries or comments? Tania would love to hear from you! Email tania@ttwineexplorer or message on Instagram: @ttwineexplorer. Photos courtesy Tania Tomaszewska.

Knowing where or how to invest your money can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Give Ashley a call to talk about the promising future you have waiting for you just around the corner.


8597 East Saanich Rd, North Saanich 250.727.8685 www.edwardjones.ca/ashleyruffle

MEL NOWAK MPowerment Fitness

If there is ever a time to take care of yourself, now is the time! Make your fitness a priority and live your healthiest life. Whether your goal is running a marathon or playing with your grandkids, Mel Nowak (CSEP-CPT) will help you reach your fitness goals. • Private one-on-one sessions • Customized workouts • Thoroughly cleaned between clients • All skill levels welcome

Let’s get started on your fitness journey. Call now for a free consultation!


Deerbrush Crescent, Sidney

905.928.6358 melissa_nowak@hotmail.com mpowermentfitness.com OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 17


Beacon SignAnd AndApparel Apparel Beacon Sign

Beacon Sign and Apparel began it’s humble beginnings more Beacon Sign and Apparel began its humble beginnings more than thirtyyears years ago as Itty Sign owned Shop and owned and than thirty ago as Itty BittyBitty Sign Shop operated bynow-retired now retired, Luann Burton. operated by Luann Burton. Great changesensued ensued when wayward Aussie, Great changes when wayward Aussie, AndrewAndrew Bradley Bradley, took with thethe name updated to to be tookup upthe themantle mantle with name updated be more reflective theclose close ties ties the hadhad withwith more reflective ofofthe thebusiness business the community and its new product offerings. the community and its new product offerings.

There was of of premises to allow for growth and to There wasaachange change premises to allow for growth and to show the community that it was no longer “itty bitty” and show the community that it was no longer “itty bitty”and new equipment purchases to better serve the community. new equipment purchases to better serve the community.

“I’d like to think we’re a kind of one-stop-sign shop where

“our I’d customers like to think kinddesign, of one-stop-sign shop where canwe’re get allatheir business signage get all their design, business signage our and customers now, printed can swag. and now, printed swag. I’ve built this business on the cornerstones of building

I’ve built this business the cornerstones of building relationships, quality, serviceon and a great sense of community and quality, we’re here to make sure that our community service and a great sense of community relationships, stayswe’re stronghere and to prosperous andthat workour with businesses stays to be strong and make sure community successful. If they are successfultoand prosperous andsuccessful, work withwe’re businesses bewe’ll successful. and around for another 30 years!” Ifbethey are successful, we’re successful and we’ll be around for another thirty years!”

BE CON sign and apparel

www.beaconsigns.ca 250 656 8710 www.beaconsigns.ca 250.656.8710

info@beaconsigns.ca info@beaconsigns.ca

#182075 2075Henry HenryAve aveW WSidney Sidney #18


Newport Realty Christie’s International Real Estate

As dedicated real estate professionals, our goal is to provide exceptional service to our clients with a focus on building long lasting relationships like the one we have developed through playing competitive volleyball together for over 20 years. We know what it takes to be a successful team and work together to achieve our goals. We want to be your partner and advocate throughout the real estate process, supporting you through our proven success and experience. Our personal approach allows us to build strong relationships with colleagues in the industry while employing streamlined systems to concentrate on getting your home sold fast and for the right price.

Together with the extensive support of the unique Newport Realty - Christie’s International Real Estate brand, we use our skills in marketing and our passion for real estate to provide both Buyers and Sellers with the experience, professionalism and integrity required to market or aquire a home regardless of size or location. “Real Estate is our passion; people are our priority!”

* personal real estate corporation


2444 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.4626 IngridJarisz.com

Ounsted & Company Chartered Professional Accountants Business Valuations 260 - 4460 Chatterton Way | Victoria, BC | 250.388.3555

Kim Heal, CPA, CGA kim@ounstedandco.ca

Laura Cook laura@ounstedandco.ca

Angela Gault angela@ounstedandco.ca

Ounsted & Company is pleased to announce the additions of Kim, Laura and Angela to the team. All three are residents of the Saanich Peninsula and bring a signiďŹ cant amount of knowledge and expertise to our oďŹƒce.

Ounsted & Company specializes in: Small to medium sized businesses for their accounting and tax needs Personal and estate income taxes Business valuations

COMMON CENTS Will everything be okay? If you’re not sure, we can help. We take a practical approach to financial planning, insurance and employee benefits for business owners. We help our clients make the tough choices about their money and benefits. By empowering you to make smart decisions, we help drive results. Contact us today to learn more. Deneen Cunningham CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS

Financial Planner Nicole Ardiel, GBA, CHS, BA Employee Benefits Specialist

250-475-1108 | Toll-free: 1-866-611-1171 info@mcgltd.ca | mcgltd.ca

GRADEN DEJ Porto Osteria

At Porto Osteria our menu is based on accessible dishes that transport you into our Italian kitchen, where the magic of tradition is the foundation of every dish. Our master chef developed his love of Italian food from his Nonna, who lived in Turin, Italy. From the age of six, standing on a stool to reach the counter, Graden spent hours with his Nonna making their traditional family gnocchi. From that moment on he has spent his life developing his cooking practice; now he shares his love of Italian cuisine at Porto Osteria. Life is a combination of magic and pasta.


2300 Canoe Cove Rd, North Saanich 778.351.0993 www.portoosteria.ca


GROW YOUR BUSINESS BY SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH EXPERTS As a business owner you are used to accomplishing a great deal on your own. It's commendable and often necessary to be an expert in many things, but sometimes it puts you at a disadvantage. When by Darryl Hill it comes to running your Island Savings Brentwood Bay business, having an advisory team can be much more expedient than just going it alone. You know yourself that the day-to-day operations of running a business requires near-constant attention, but how often do you take a step back and look at the bigger picture? As a business banking advisor, my job is to take that holistic view of your business and personal finances. I have worked with hundreds of businesses and have a huge cognitive database of successes and failures that other business owners can draw from. Even in my role, I don't do it alone. I work as the relationship manager, but I have subject matter experts I can tap into – from investments and insurance to banking and borrowing. My role is less about helping business owners open an account (although I can do that too) and more about providing expert advice to help you optimize your business, such as safeguarding it through insurance to fueling your growth through investment solutions to making sure you have the proper legal agreements in place. The biggest obstacle when it comes to seeking advice is time. Rest assured: you will gain time in the long run by using experts to help find efficiencies and save you from unnecessary tasks. This could be something simple such as helping your business transition from doing payroll manually to using a payroll solution. Of course I don't have all the answers, but I can recommend other trusted experts in your community such as lawyers and accountants if that's what your business requires. The COVID-19 pandemic has only strengthened the need for expert advice. In the last six months, I have worked with countless entrepreneurs who needed to pivot their strategy and make operational adjustments quickly. Whether you're starting a business, growing it or looking to transition out of it, build an advisory team of trusted experts who understand your business needs from a holistic perspective and partner with you every step of the way. Darryl Hill is a Business Banking Advisor with Island Savings, a division of First West Credit Union. In this unique role, he works with business owners and provides customized financial advice for both the owner(s) and the business itself to help them achieve their financial goals.






For 10 years Red Art Gallery has been providing an unforgettable art buying experience – and a wide range of dynamic artwork.

Contemporary paintings by artist Marion Evamy are compelling and captivating, affirming her status as a Master at the Sidney Fine Art Show. Hundreds of repeat Collectors attest to the exceptional service at the gallery, and the irresistible magic of her original art.

Make Your Lifestyle Make Your Lifestyle Dreams a Reality. Dreams a Reality.

Dramatic modern paintings for your home or workspace. Custom orders also accepted. Viewings by appointment at our Sidney gallery.


Direct: +1-250-818-6489 +1-250-818-6489 Office: +1-250-383-1500 Direct: Office: +1-250-383-1500 marilyn@marilynball.ca marilynball.ca marilyn@marilynball.ca marilynball.ca VictoriaWaterfronts.com VictoriaWaterfronts.com

RED ART GALLERY Coldwell Banker Oceanside Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Oceanside Real Estate

250-881-0462 | www.redartgallery.ca


Professional Accounting Services for Individuals, Businesses and Not-for-Profits Our firm offers a wide range of services and expertise, including complex Canadian and U.S. personal tax returns and Estate and tax planning. We work with not-for-profits and our small businesses with their financial and taxation needs. Communicating with clients through secure methods is of the utmost importance to us. We continue to follow safety protocols and look forward to continuing to serve our clients while keeping our employees and our clients safe during this challenging time.


2440 Bevan Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.7284 | patersonhenn.com OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 21


Square Root Farm: A Flavourful Formula by Jo Barnes

In math, a square root is a number

which, when multiplied by itself, produces a much larger number. Square Root Farm, likewise, has grown significantly from its original size and scope. This farm in Central Saanich began as a small square plot of land, but over the years, through innovative planning and hard work, has become a much larger organic farm enterprise. "Our first plot of land was a perfect little square," shares co-owner Chrystal Bryson. "The name Square Root stuck and fit." In 2006, Chrystal and partner Ilya Amrhein leased a parcel of land off Mount Newton Cross Road and worked hard to cultivate it. Over time they took over a second leased site that was just down the road. "In our first season, we were working full time and had only a quarter-acre of land," says Chrystal. "Now, we have two sites, one that is 2.5 acres, and the other, five acres." When Chrystal and Ilya started their business in 2007, they wanted to grow produce that dovetailed nicely with what other local farmers were growing. "It is a small tight-knit farm community here," notes Chrystal. 22 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | OCTOBER 2020

"We did not want to interfere and over-produce any one kind of vegetable." After doing significant research, Chrystal and Ilya decided to focus on bitter greens and began growing endives, escarole and Italian dandelion chicory. Even though the variety of vegetables has multiplied over the years, these greens are still mainstays. "They take a bit of getting used to, but the flavours are amazing," shares Chrystal. "They are excellent in vitamin K and very cleansing." Both raised on the Island, the farming duo have been, from an early age, interested in nature and growing things. "I grew up in Tofino. As a little kid, I was fascinated by farms. I had an interest in becoming a naturalist," shares Ilya. Adds Chrystal: "We had a big garden where I grew up in Black Creek. My grandfather was a big veggie grower who settled in the Okanagan." Over the years, business relationships with restaurants have grown significantly and now include Agrius, Cafe Brio, Hanks, Part and Parcel, Nowhere and Courtney Room. "We have an amazing partnership with restaurants," says

Chrystal. "The chefs are interested in different products." The call for novel ingredients has prompted a rich diversity in the produce grown at Square Root. As well as the usual favourites such as lettuce, salad greens, beets, radishes, summer squash, kale, beans and a variety of carrots, the farm offers dandelion, fennel, cabbage and radicchio. The types of produce in demand are everchanging, but this matches well with the couple's ongoing fascination with vegetable diversity and flavours. "When we first started, we did a farmer apprenticeship program," shares Ilya. "We're constantly reading books and papers. We're always learning." Adds Chrystal: "We spend a lot of time exploring things that are a bit different. We want to grow quality vegetables for people." As well as the Moss Street Market, customers can buy produce through the farm's Veggie Box Program. Orders can be placed online at www.squarerootfarm.com. Harvesting quality produce involves hard work and a commitment to respect the land and the farming community. "Our farm is certified organic with Islands Organic Producers Association (IOPA). This is important to me because of the environment and social issues around farming," says Chrystal, adding, "It's a B.C. program started by farmers and we are a part of that farm community." Achieving organic status and maintaining that standard hinges on commitment and tracking numerous details. For Chrystal and Ilya, this is all part of being good stewards of the land. "Good record keeping is part of any business," comments Chrystal. "I want to keep track. This keeps you in check." Daily care of the soil and environment are paramount, and daily farming practices reflect this. "We do regular cover cropping. For instance, we have kale as an inter-cover crop with white Dutch clover underneath. This adds nitrogen and holds in the soil during the winter," shares Chrystal. The couple's passion, hard work, attention to detail and accumulated expertise over the years reaps rewards. "We are reminded each week at market by customers," says Chrystal. "They appreciate what we are doing and comment about the quality and flavours." Care for community and environment and a fascination with flavours; it's a magical mathematical formula that works at Square Root Farm. Here it is good food and dedicated farming, many times squared. Photo by Amanda Cribdon Photography.

TRACEY JONES Remarkable Interiors Interior design, and styling with luxury inspiration for real life.

Creating a fresh design plan that fits YOUR style in YOUR home! That's the end goal for the Remarkable Interiors Team. It’s a relationship that is based on experience, communication and trust and we are committed to honouring that first and foremost. From design and colour consultation to project management, if you're looking to make some changes in your home this year, we would love to help!


250.812.1625 www.remarkableinteriors.ca


With Rodco you get over 44 years’ experience in this niche market that varies from the most complicated motorization tasks (485 private rooms at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, the Empress Q-bar & Veranda, and multiple residential homes) to the cleanest hospital and hotel rooms (VGH, Hilton, BW Carlton, Strathcona).

For your home, you get the RIGHT PRODUCT for the RIGHT PRICE on shades, draperies and upholstery (repair/replacement), free colour and in-home estimates from this local family business.

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The team at Salvador Davis & Co. includes partners Lisa Ehrlich, Todd Wiebe (shown below) and Laurie Salvador. Together the notaries and support staff assist clients with wills, real estate conveyancing, mortgage re-finances, estate planning documents and other notarial acts. We are proud supporters of our beautiful Saanich Peninsula community including the Sidney Summer Sounds concert series!


#101 9830 Second St, Sidney 250.656.3951 salvador-davis.com


S. Laursen & Son Draperies & Blinds S. Laursen & Son Draperies & Blinds is a family run window coverings company with over 49 years of experience in creating beautiful spaces for our clients.

We go the extra mile to make sure that you have an exceptional experience from design to installation and follow up stages. Our team provides the product knowledge needed to make an educated decision on your window covering and upholstery needs. Our design experts will guide you through the process in order to be completely satisfied with our service. Our guidance will dovetail perfectly with your overall design, helping you to create a comfortable and beautiful space.


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Stimpson | CPA You have worked hard for the assets you have. Let our team of professionals help you safeguard both them and your financial future. Stimpson | CPA works primarily with business owners, investors and rental property owners.

Tiger Lily Events Tara Keeping, IWPP, enjoys all aspects of the event planning industry and is a certified wedding and event planner. Tara has planned numerous events including receptions, fundraisers, galas, charity benefits, launches and weddings. Tara is very pleased to be the event coordinator at Sidney’s local aquarium, Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea, and she is excited with her new role as an Event Sales Specialist with Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse.

If you haven’t filed your personal or corporate tax returns yet due to Covid, its still not too late; let us assist you!

Celebrations need to be celebrated and that is what we do best, celebrating life, one event at a time.

Personal & Trust Tax Filings Corporate Tax Filings | Eldercare Service Free Consultation


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Tiger Lily Events: Timeless Elegant Planning.


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Virtual Storytelling Event Shines a Light on Mental Well-Being For three years, local poet, advocate and founder of The Connection Project, Emily Olsen, has been bringing together storytellers to share their personal mental health journeys. Storytelling is a powerful tool for connection and healing, and the hope is that by speaking our truth, we can collectively reduce the stigma and normalize the mental health experiences many people face. This year in particular, the pandemic has shone an even brighter light on those facing these challenges. This event is inspired by the idea that by sharing and connecting with one another through stories, we are better off as individuals, as families and as communities. "Our event aims to illuminate the conversation around the state of our collective mental health. For me, it's a message of hope for people who are either dealing with mental health challenges or are trying to understand a loved one with mental health challenges," explains Emily. The hope of the project is that these beautiful and very personal stories may cast a light into the shadows, lift us all up and hold space for one another in our community. It's about finding a place

of support and about making everything okay rather than shrouded and stigmatized. Meaningful connections have become even more meaningful as we navigate the ups and downs of our lives during these times. Because mental health challenges are isolating in nature and in many cases, unseen in others, this project advances this important conversation to ensure the subject of well-being is not overlooked. Most of us know someone and many of us love someone who struggles with mental health challenges, whose life is diminished by suffering, and for whom a connection to someone else is what holds them up and softens their fall. As we face this global pandemic together, we need to stay connected, to care for one another with a deeper sense of compassion, and to find ways to hear each other's stories without judgment. Previously presented live, from the Mary Winspear Centre stage, this year's speakers will courageously share their very personal mental health journeys, live streamed from the Centre, to a virtual audience at home. Join us on Thursday, October 22 at 7 p.m. and find out more at www.theconnectionproject.ca.


Home health care services

Our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic and, more importantly, every day, is the health and safety of our clients and our staff. Whether you need a live-in caregiver, help with housekeeping, regular visits from a registered nurse or the attention of a personal care worker, our qualified team is here to help. At Bayshore Home Health, we can provide one-to-one care for your loved one at a time when it is needed the most. We will insure that the same care worker visits each time, limiting exposure and keeping everyone safer. If more care is required, we can provide a small dedicated team to assist your loved one. Our caregivers are screened daily and suitable personal protective equipment is worn. For immediate home care solutions or to plan for the future, call us today! Our Care Managers are pleased to provide free, no-obligation consultations.

Sidney, Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox and all points in between




Fall Feature Book a "Fall Feature Facial" during the month of October and receive a free* Bamboo Age Corrective Masque.

FREE GIFT *While quantities last

9805 Seaport Place • 250.655.9797 • havenspa@sidneypier.com


Fall Getaways Close to Home

by Deborah Rogers

We can't travel right now but we can all still benefit from waking up in new surroundings. Take a mini-break in your own community this fall and help support our local economy. Whether it's camping, glamping, a B&B or a hotel stay, the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands have welcomed millions of tourists over the years; isn't it your turn for some time out? WOODS on Pender; photo by Rachel Barkman

Camping It was hard to get into some of our island campsites this summer with visitors flooding in from other parts of B.C., but before the weather gets too wet you might have a chance to sneak in one last tent or RV trip. Cooler nights will make the campfire all the more appealing and there's no sleep better than one where your sleeping bag is zipped up tight to your nose! Parks Canada frontcountry campsites close September 30th, but backcountry camping is still possible in the Gulf Islands National Park if you have access to a boat. Or take the ferry over to Salt Spring and use one of Ruckle Park's first-come, first-served winter campsites. This park is beautiful with abundant hiking trails and the chance to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean! www.bcparks.ca/explore/parkpgs/ruckle/ OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 27

Glamping On the site of the old Inn on Pender Island and Memories Restaurant is a completely renovated, modern camp experience: WOODS on Pender. Think glamping, not camping, as the collection of cabins, airstream trailers and motel create quite a distinctive, funky setting for a weekend break. Just a short drive from the Otter Bay Ferry Terminal on North Pender, you'll feel transported to a different world even though home is just a few kilometres away! There's a restaurant on site serving farm-to-table food, B.C. wine and craft ales. Explore their website to see the different accommodation options: www.woodsonpender.com.

Bed & Breakfast If a B&B is more your thing, there are lots of options on the Peninsula and you could try something quite unusual in Sidney. Sidney SeaSuite is a houseboat available for vacation rental in Port Sidney Marina. The location doesn't get much more waterfront than this! With a cosy sleeping area, full kitchen, three-piece bathroom and sea views in every direction, a couple of nights on the water could be just the thing for you! There's also a deck on the roof should the weather stay dry, but even in the winter there's something distinctly appealing about cuddling up indoors with the gentle motion of the water to lull you to sleep. www.seasuites.ca/vacation-rental/



Local Getaway


ENTER TO WIN Seaside Magazine wants to help you get away this fall! Hotel There are hotel options in Sidney and Brentwood Bay and you can bet this fall and winter they will be quiet and potentially offering some great deals. The hotel trade has been especially hard hit by the pandemic and will need support for some time to come. Is it worth it to spend the money on a hotel room when it's so close to where you live? I can't answer that, but I can ask you these questions: Do you like having someone else make the bed, clean up and generally look after you? Does your house have waterfront views? Would you enjoy a spa-like bathroom or the chance to have a restaurant dinner and wine without worrying about who's going to drive? If your answers are yes, no, yes, an overnight at the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa could be just the thing, with the newly opened 10 Acres Restaurant downstairs and luxurious rooms with ocean views on the floors above. www.sidneypier.com Give a getaway in your own community some consideration this fall and benefit from all the R&R that a few nights away can give you. Photos provided by Deborah Rogers, WOODS on Pender, Sidney SeaSuite and The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa.

Prize Package: a one-night stay at THE SIDNEY PIER HOTEL & SPA and an Empress Gin promo pack from VICTORIA DISTILLERS

ENTER TO WIN AT www.seasidemagazine.ca/getaway Two winners will be drawn Contest closes October 31st, 2020 Winner must be a local resident to be eligible







Your safety is our priority. We will be taking all measures to provide a safe, sanitized and comfortable concert setting, following current regulations provided by the provincial government and Worksafe BC. Each evening we will only be selling a maximum of 50 tickets, you and your guests will be seated with appropriate social distancing in between you and the next concert goer, and additional entrances and exits will be used to load in and out of the theatre. If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms please do not attend the concert and contact the box office. The Centre will be providing hand sanitizer and facemasks for those who feel more comfortable wearing them. Masks are not mandatory to attend. Visit MaryWinspear.ca for more information about safety protocols in place.

Jeremy Hotz • Oct 1-4

One of the most unique stand-up comics working today, Canadian born Jeremy Hotz is a proven international success. With stellar performances at the Montreal Comedy Festival: Just For Laughs and his sold out Canadian theater tours, as well as performances all over the United States, Europe and Australia, Jeremy continues to grab audiences with his completely original and confused, yet very astute, observational comedy.

Jess Moskaluke • Oct 8-11

An internationally celebrated artist, Jess Moskaluke continues to break barriers in the country music world with her big voice, pop-infused hooks and sonic versatility. With an ever-growing fan base, she has amassed over 32 million views on YouTube and over 40 million combined streams of her songs.

Brent Butt • Oct 17 & 18

Brent Butt is a Canadian actor, comedian, and writer. He is best known for his role as Brent Leroy on the CTV sitcom Corner Gas, which he created. Corner Gas went on to become Canada’s #1 comedy, airing for six seasons, and is currently seen in more than 60 countries.

Jill Barber • Nov 7 & 8

Jill Barber is a three-time Juno Award nominated singer-songwriter with an unforgettable voice once heard, never forgotten. Her critically acclaimed repertoire spans a transformative spectrum from folk, to vocal jazz, to pop, and includes songs in both French and English.

Barney Bentall• Nov 12-15

Bentall recorded and toured with his band, the Legendary Hearts, for ten years. He then started a cattle ranch in 1997 in British Columbia. In 2006, he released his first solo album titled Gift Horse on True North Records on August 3, 2006. In 2008, he released a DVD of his live The Grand Cariboo Opry show, which included a 12-track audio CD.



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Ultimate Anti-Stress is a comprehensive formula designed to help calm nerves and promote healthy sleep. It features ashwagandha, traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as a nervine tonic, memory enhancer, and sleep aid; valerian, traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve nervousness and promote sleep; plus, other synergistic ingredients with antistress benefits.


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Health Considerations for the Fall and Winter by Dr. Ruth Caden Shoreline Medical

Coming into the winter

months, we get a lot of questions from our patients about what they can do to maximize their health and well-being, and reduce the risks of infection. My answer is always the same – vaccines, vaccines, vaccines. Of course, we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of a vaccine for COVID-19. However, there exist now safe and effective vaccinations for a range of serious illnesses, and I encourage all my patients – where appropriate – to get them. Never has it been more important to minimize our exposure to healthcare facilities, reduce the burden on hospitals, and protect our friends and families. Everyone over the age of six months, with rare exception, should have the flu vaccine every year. This is covered by MSP for over 65s and select groups. Over 65s and those in high risk groups should get the pneumonia vaccine (Pneumovax). In addition, there is a second pneumonia vaccine (Prevnar) that people in high risk groups should get. Adults over 50 should consider getting the shingles vaccine. Unfortunately, MSP do not cover the cost of this.

Ask your pharmacist or doctor about which vaccines are appropriate for you. Often, we have patients who turn to natural remedies and "supplements" to ward off illness, but given that these can be costly, and sometimes harmful, it is worth considering the evidence. In general, vitamin supplementation is not necessary for most adults who eat a balanced and varied diet and get regular sun exposure or drink vitamin D-fortified dairy products. Individual advice on this may vary (particularly for Vitamin D and B12) according to your own personal circumstances. It has been suggested that Vitamin C, D, zinc, garlic, and/or apple cider vinegar can help reduce your chances of getting a cold or speed up recovery, but there unfortunately is no strong evidence to support this. Finally – wearing masks, social distancing and washing our hands appropriately will be all the more important as we face into the winter, and we should all redouble our efforts in this regard.

"Coming into the winter months, we get a lot of questions from our patients about what they can do to maximize their health and well-being."


Sometimes the road less travelled is the best one to take! Let us help you ďŹ nd the road that leads you to your next home!

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* PREC = personal real estate corporation

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Local Knowledge

Death and Dying During COVID Bob Dylan's famous refrain "the times they are a-changin" has never rung truer than it has during the global pandemic. COVID-19 has changed the way our world lives and dies and has provided an opportunity for many to reflect on their own end of life. For practitioners working in this area, they're navigating a very different landscape. For Chelsea Peddle, a Death Doula and the founder of CircleSpace, this has meant that more than 75% of her clients have not yet met her in person; they forge relationships via video conference, phone calls and email. For a Death Doula, whose work is built on a foundation of in-person meetings, energetic balance and real touch, physically distancing and supporting via a computer represents a very different approach. Not always being able to be physically present with clients has shifted the focus to supporting the caregivers, helping them to hold space and provide support for those they love. With creativity at the forefront, Chelsea recognizes that now "my role is to support the person dying and their caregivers to walk their own path, to bolster and nurture them, now that family and friends within the bubble are providing the actual inperson care." Asked what's been one of the most difficult aspects of dying in COVID times, Chelsea explains that clients are no longer able to have the death they envisioned, and be surrounded by those they want near in their final moments. This has meant reimagining their death and finding other ways to fulfill those final wishes. The silver lining might be that COVID has shone a light on death and dying, which Chelsea acknowledges has created "a collective reckoning with our mortality, making people open to a conversation that in many ways, they weren't before." It has meant embracing technology, and perhaps finally putting affairs in order: a Will, a Health Directive, or perhaps a Personal Comfort Plan. For Life-Cycle Celebrant, End of Life & Home Funeral Guide by Linda Hunter

Penny Allport, working within parameters of a pandemic has meant adapting the ways in which she offers private and group facilitation in tending end-of-life. With large in-person funerals no longer possible, outdoor and online services have replaced, and in some cases expanded, their pre-COVID reach. "Some ceremonies have been smaller, outside and more intimate, while others using technology have been able to include people who might not have been present otherwise, from the comfort of their own homes." Because of COVID, distant family and friends have been able to view and participate in live streamed and recorded events. The pandemic has brought death to our living room, and for many has opened and expanded a once reluctant conversation. As Penny points out: "it's not that long ago we took care of our loved ones at the end of life and COVID has brought this home to people more than ever. We've lost touch with many of the details of death, which in recent years have been handed over to the medical and funeral industries." COVID has, according to Penny: "shown us how quickly things can change and opened a portal into loss that has deepened our inquiry with death." For those wanting to open their own conversation, the Deathly Matters community conference starts on October 31. The new online format has revealed some surprising benefits: a longer two-day event, more speakers, greater attendance, a lower-priced ticket, and a safe, welcome and comfortable venue: home. Perhaps, since it comes to us all, by spending some time in conversation about the end, we can all get on living our very best life while there is still time. -----------------------------------------------------More information on Chelsea Peddle, Death Doula at www.circlespace.ca More information on Penny Allport, Celebrant at https://movingceremonies.com More information on the Deathly Matters Conference at www.deathlymatters.ca

Elizabeth May, OC, MP Saanich - Gulf Islands for every occasion

250-657-2000 | elizabethmaymp.ca 9711 4th St., Sidney BC V8L 2Y8

The Dancing Orchid 250.656.1318

2416 Beacon Avenue



Searching for Autumn Inspiration I buy cookbooks for many reasons, but I'm definitely by Joan Saunders a sucker for beautiful images. I tell myself that if a new recipe doesn't turn out exactly as planned, I can always show the family what it is supposed to look like. Lots of my friends have lately been bemoaning the fact that cooking has become more of a chore, and so they're looking for ways to rekindle some culinary joy. After all, the kitchen is where we're spending a lot of time right now. Leafing through a cookbook or scrolling through a blog or website is a wonderful way to pull yourself out of the dinner doldrums. I've found myself trapped in cycles where I go back to recipes over and over, and I get really tired of making the same meals in rotation. 36 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | OCTOBER 2020

That's when it's time to go on a personal quest for inspiration. I was introduced to the Smitten Kitchen website and cookbooks a few years ago and they have become a favourite. Their creator, Deb Perelman, has a sassy tone and a sense of humour that makes them very accessible and engaging. Her latest cookbook is Smitten Kitchen Every Day, and a number of the recipes have moved into my Top 10 list. I also signed up through Deb's blog to receive emails on what's new online. Crowding the shelves in my house are many, many baking books; it's a bit of an obsession. I love Rosie Daykin's collections: Butter Baked Goods, Butter Celebrates! and Let Me Feed You. Rosie lives in Vancouver and my son and I actually made a sort of pilgrimage to her bakery in pre-Covid days. I know: super nerdy. Let Me Feed You is not just about baking: it also has wonderful

family meal ideas. Rosie's ribs and homemade baked beans are fabulous. What's great about the beans is that you cook them overnight, so you wake up to a glorious sense of accomplishment as part of that day's dinner is ready to go. Lately I've been wandering through the Epicurious website. It's been part of the cooking universe since 1995 and has over 33,000 recipes. There are also videos, reviews and many categories to inspire. When I had zillions of tomatillos to deal with earlier this fall, this site became an essential resource. Locally, there are many options to peruse. Rebar's Modern Food Cookbook is now, I'm sure, labelled as a classic and their Three Sisters Burrito is astoundingly delicious. We've also made some amazing meals from Rebecca Wellman's First, We Brunch. It's such a treat to create something a bit decadent on a rainy fall morning and take time to lazily enjoy brunch. Then there's always Eric Akis. I have his Everyone Can Cook: Slow Cooker Meals book and it has hearty, flavourful choices. If you're heading out for the day, it's extremely satisfying to come home to a meal ready to be ladled out of the crock pot. I regularly clip recipes from his column in the TC and they're always accessible and beautifully seasonal. For vibrant vegetarian options, take a gander at anything by England's Yotam Ottolenghi. The dishes lean on quality ingredients with layers of flavour. I have two of his cookbooks and follow him on Instagram as his positive energy and love of food shines through. We also have a few of Jamie Oliver's cookbooks, and his takes on classics are particularly good. His Fish Pie from Jamie's Food Revolution is a staple at our house, and the bonus is that there are often leftovers. I also enjoy watching his TV shows as his enthusiasm for simple, delicious food is refreshing. I could go on and on, but will finish with just a couple more suggestions. I have a number of the Looneyspoons cookbooks by the Podleski sisters and they're first-rate. Greta Podleski's newest cookbook, Yum and Yummer, has a recipe for roasted cauliflower with lemon and thyme that I adore (and make often!). Some other B.C. bakers that I've hooked onto include Tessa Huff, whose cookbook Layered is lovely. I also follow her charming Instagram feed. From Salt Spring Island there's Jana Roerick and her Little Island Bake Shop book. She focuses on heirloom recipes with some modern twists thrown in for good measure. So, if you find yourself trapped in a mealtime stasis, explore some cookbooks, blogs or websites. Wander through your local bookstore and see what's enticing. Everything might not turn out exactly as it should, but at least you can then point to the image and say: "That's what it's supposed to look like." It works for me. Photo by Joan Saunders.

In celebration of our 3rd Anniversary we want to thank our customers who are pawsitively the best!

Voted Best Pet Store!




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Get ready. Your donation now will help us prepare for what comes next. COVID-19 has been scary for us all, but isn’t it comforting to know that our hospital is there for us? Moving forward, we need your help. We want to complete important projects at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, to ensure that we are ready for whatever comes next. Your gift will help Operating Room staff and doctors catch up with the backlog of surgeries, through important equipment purchases.

your community, your health 250-652-7531

You can also help everyone prepare for the next wave of COVID-19 and flu season by supporting smaller renovation projects to create overflow space. We don’t always know what’s coming next, but preparation is the key to success, and you can help.

Please donate today.

Snapshots of Canada Sidney Museum has welcomed its first national travelling exhibit, Snapshots of Canada, from the Canadian Museum of History and Canada's History Society. Covering Canada's triumphs, failures and sacrifices in a showcase of unforgettable images paired with thought-provoking texts, Snapshots of Canada will be presented until December 24, 2020. While bookings are recommended by website (www.sidneymuseum.ca) or phone, walk-ins are also welcome and admission is by donation. From the trial of Métis leader Louis Riel to Paul Henderson's winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series, and from the deportation of Japanese-Canadians after the Second World War to the standoff at Oka, the exhibition pairs 50 powerful photographs with texts by well-known Canadian historians, authors and journalists. "The Canadian Museum of History is delighted to share Snapshots of Canada with the people of the Saanich Peninsula. The exhibition invites visitors to relive both iconic and lesser-known moments that have shaped Canada's history," says Mark O'Neill, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of History. The photographs, ranging from depictions of high drama to simple joy, were drawn from 100 Photos That Changed Canada (2009) and 100 Days That Changed Canada (2011), published by Canada's History and HarperCollins Canada. The images and accompanying text explore Canada from four perspectives: Building a Country, Living Together, Seeking Justice, and Celebrating Culture. Contributors include literary nonfiction writer Charlotte Gray, best-selling novelist Lawrence Hill, historian Desmond Morton, archivist Jim Burant, award-winning military historian Tim Cook, and journalist Peter Mansbridge. "We selected the photos for their emotional impact, their Wait for Me, Daddy, 1940 aesthetic appeal, their uniqueness, and the significance of the subject they depict. But most of all, we chose them for the way Claude P. Detloff Library and they reflect who we were, who we are today, and who we can Archives Canada, aspire to become as Canadians," says Mark Reid, Editor-in-Chief C-038723 of Canada's History Society. Other emblematic events covered in the exhibition include the fight for women's rights, the residential school system, the election of the Parti Québécois and the second sovereignty referendum, the Winnipeg General Strike, the legalization of same-sex marriage and Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope. Sidney Museum is located at 2423 Beacon Avenue L3, Sidney and is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. School group bookings by arrangement in advance. See website for COVID-19 protocols. Funding provided by the Department of Canadian Heritage, Museums Assistance Program.

Paul Henderson scoring the series winning goal, during the 1972 Summit Series Frank Lennon Library and Archives Canada, e008440339 ©Estate of Frank Lennon

May 8, 1945 John H. Boyd City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 1266, Item 96241

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Whether standing together or standing apart, Holmes Realty is for you. Our dedication to providing exceptional service has team to succeed alongside this beautiful community we call ho

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The Hummingbird Project:

Building Understanding & Reconciliation The hummingbird is wise, courageous and determined; it symbolizes healing, beauty and creativity. It approaches life with flexibility and adaptability. But hummingbirds aren't the only ones: students of the Individualized Learning Centre (ILC) share these same qualities, which is why the hummingbird is the perfect symbol for the library project happening at the Central Saanich ILC. The ILC is a secondary school within the Saanich School District (SD63), teaching grades nine through 12 at two main campuses and three by Brooklyn Cribdon

satellite campuses across Saanich and the Peninsula. The ILC is a place for students to thrive, especially when this isn't possible in the standard school system. Students at the ILC are given individualized attention and Personal Education Plans to help them succeed, build confidence and learn. However, one thing missing is a school library. National organization CFUW (Canadian Federation of University Women) recognized this discrepancy and their local chapter approached the ILC about their biannual Library Award. After submitting an extensive proposal, the ILC was awarded the CFUW Library Award during the local CFUW 25th Anniversary ceremony in August 2020. This award grants the school

SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE… Open Mon - Sat 10-4 and by appointment outside regular hours Chestbeds, RV and Marine Custom Mattresses




$4,000 of seed money for "The Hummingbird Project," which will develop a library collection for students. ILC humanities teacher Debbie Nikkel is leading the project, which will occur at the Central Saanich campus. Although, this will not just be a "regular" school library. Debbie outlined the desire for a library that reflects the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. Her hope is that the library will be a focused collection that fosters relationship building between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students at the ILC, where these relationships are built on an understanding of culture, and a focus on positive history and affirming Indigenous community and lives. So often, this focus is absent from the public school curriculum where Indigenous education centres around historical wrongs. In the ILC's proposal for the award, they quote Richard Wagamese who says that "[When] we take the time to share stories with each other, we get bigger inside, we see each other, we recognize our kinship – we change the world, one story at a time …" This quote is the essence of what the ILC hopes to achieve through the Hummingbird Project. Ideally, students will get to use the library space as a place to connect, share and absorb stories. Stories, especially when presented in literature and media, offer both a window and a mirror for the reader. A window allows readers to learn about other identities they may not occupy, while literature also acts as a mirror for readers to see themselves represented and their lives affirmed. The library at ILC will be a collaborative project between teachers and students. Debbie emphasized the importance of student participation in the creation of the library so that they gain "a pride of accomplishment and a sense of agency." Moreover, she anticipates that this project will show students, especially Indigenous students, that they are seen and valued within the school. For students at ILC, they can be subject to feeling lesser-than or devalued in the traditional school system that simply doesn't work for them, and those feelings are something that Debbie hopes to remedy through the Hummingbird Project. A former graduate from ILC will be doing a carving for the library, students in the TASK trades program will build a cedar bookcase, and current Indigenous students will assist in selecting materials for the collection, as well as choosing a SENĆOŦEN name for the space that reflects the spirit of learning. Since, as Debbie puts it, the ILC is inherently non-traditional, this library will reflect that and include materials such as videos, poetry, short stories and Hi-Lo books (high interest books with accessible reading levels). Furthermore, students who are teen parents will also get to enjoy children's books with their kids who are in the Beacon Services daycare program at ILC. To quote the ILC's proposal for the Library Award, "For many of our Indigenous students and their families, this project is also about building trust in the school system as a place where they are valued and experience success. When students see themselves and their culture reflected in educational resources, students feel they belong and are motivated to learn." The Hummingbird project is a huge step forward for the Individualized Learning Centre. It will be more than a holder of books; the library will be part of the classroom, creating an inviting and cohesive space that fosters learning, communication, and reconciliation. As students begin a new school year, with many new challenges to face during the COVID pandemic, the Hummingbird Project will be something to look forward to. Photo, l to r: Deb Dancik of CFUW and Deborah Nikkel, ILC. By Amanda Cribdon Photography.

We Are Ready to Support You With COVID-19 Related Challenges Everyone at Alford Walden Law takes pride in serving the Saanich Peninsula community. Located in the Landmark Building, Alford Walden Law is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. With over 23 years of extensive legal experience in estate planning and administration, real estate, corporate and business law, we are committed to providing our clients with practical and easy to understand legal advice. The COVID-19 pandemic presents challenging and unique circumstances and Alford Walden Law is here to help with your estate planning & administration, conveyancing and business law needs. Our office is currently open to the public by appointment only. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home. Dominique


P: 778.426.3330 F: 778.426.3332

www.alfordwalden.com • #216 -2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney Business & Corporate Law • Commercial Law • Real Estate Wills & Estate Planning • Estate & Trust Administration • Notary Sevices

RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, We T3,Aim To Be T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, That Friendly It's pT5, T4, T4AP, T4AOAS, ronounT3, Partner! ced RRSPs, T4, T5, T3, (pro o) TFSAs, At Darren J. T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, Proulx, CPA, we T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, can make the RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, whole T3, experience of understanding T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, and handling your T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, accounting needs RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, simpler T3, and easier. T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, Let us start RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, working T3, on making your T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, personal, estate T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, or business tax RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, and T3,accounting situation T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, add up to more than just T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, puzzle pieces. RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs Tax & Accounting for Individuals, Businesses Trusts & Estates 250.656.1107

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The Wet Coast:

Staying Warm, Dry & Fashionable While 2020 hasn't been what we expected, some things remain by Debra Lewis unchanged – the cool, wet weather to come, for one. Not only will a new fall coat or jacket be one the biggest investments in your wardrobe, it will also be the first thing other people see for at least a couple of months. Choosing wisely is important – we want a coat or jacket that will keep us warm and dry in a West Coast fall and winter. We also want to purchase something that we will enjoy wearing because we know it looks attractive and reflects our sense of style. 2020 fashion trends offer many weather-appropriate fall outwear choices. Leather in colours, rich browns and black is an important new trend for

2513B Beacon Ave, Sidney | 250.656.4413 women’s & men’s clothing | footwear | accessories


fall 2020, and there are many genuine and vegan leather coats and jackets already in the stores. Waterproof or water-resistant puffers and trenches remain popular this year. Look for styling options like detachable hoods that will provide protection from the weather but when removed will give the garment a dressier look. Well-placed toggles can block out wind and rain, and will allow you to alter the silhouette of the garment, making it more or less fitted. A removable lining can increase styling options, and will enable you to wear the garment in different seasons. During these times, shopping local is more important than ever before. Luckily, when you have decided on your priorities, great fall outwear at a range of price points can be found at several local boutiques. Sidney's Moden, focusing on polished, casual women's clothing for work or leisure wear, offers several options for fall outerwear. Owner-operator, Devon Bird, says she "looks for brands that marry the joy of wearing a fashionable garment with the functionality of something that meets your needs". The trend, she says, is to own fewer items which have the versatility to be worn on different occasions and for more than one season. Her waterproof rain coat with a detachable hood from Vancouver company Ayrtight would look stylish with casual or work wear and could be worn through several seasons. Other options for fall at Moden include leather coats and a puffer with detachable lining by Montreal based brand, Soia & Kyo, and "highly waterproof" rain jackets by Danish brand Ilse Jacobsen. Style Coast in Sidney also sells outerwear suitable for the West Coast climate and lifestyle. For owner-operators Ron and Nancy Balske, "Fashion and functionality have to go hand in hand." Ron points out that key functional considerations for a West Coast climate are waterproofing, breathability and warmth. Royal Robbins, a heritage line "born in Yosemite; built to go everywhere" is just one example of a brand found at Style Coast that fits this requirement. For those interested in the more technical aspects of weather appropriate outerwear, Ron and Nancy can give you information on ratings for all three functions and recommend the garment that will meet your needs. For those who like the visibility to walk safely at night, Ron shows me a Smartwool jacket with reflective flecks that are nearly invisible in daylight but highly reflective at night. Ron stresses that their functional fabrics must also be sustainably sourced. He adds: "We use the store to promote sustainable and ethically sourced outerwear fashions." Whatever your needs for the upcoming seasons, and whether your priority is style, practicality, sustainability or all three, there is a perfect garment for you.

SEASIDE talks with Cathie Ounsted of Ounsted & Company, about what's

In your bathroom cabinet? A variety of essential oils. When you want to smell irresistible? Mon Guerlain perfume. In haircare? Always anti-frizz products of some sort. On your skin? Sadly not much, but I like to use Renn moisturizing products. In your makeup bag? Lip gloss and moisturizing cream. Adding sparkle to your outfit? My grandmother's cameo brooch.


In the kitchen? Many teenagers, young adults and friends (pre-Covid). On your luxury wish list? A luxury vehicle with less than seven seats! When you want a night out? Dinner and drinks with friends at local eateries. In home décor? Elegant but comfy. On your Netflix queue? Billions, Ozark, The Last Dance. When you don't care how much it costs? Experiences with my family – vacations. On your walls? Pictures of my family – lots and lots of the boys' football pics!

On your bedside table? Mystery novels and home improvement magazines. On your playlist? Elton John, Boston, Maroon 5 and 70s playlists. On your feet? Heels or flip flops. When it comes to your go-to "uniform?" A dress or skirt, blazer and heels. In your closet? Business attire, cocktail dresses and lots of shoes. When you need more than a clutch? I love my Matt & Nat purses! When you want to throw fashion out the window and be all about comfort? Yoga pants, T-shirt, hoody and flip flops.

photos by Janis Jean Photography

Laurie Appleton

Michelle Appleton

Pemberton Holmes in Sidney would like to welcome

Laurie & Michelle Appleton

as they will now be working in our Sidney Office

Ann Watley

Wendy Herrick

Harry Fowler

Stephen Postings

Inez Louden

Patrick Achtzner

Gaye Phillips

Offering Real Estate Sales with Commercial, Residential and Strata Property Management Service Divisions

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Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services keekeeklean

professional house cleaning

I’m sure the cleaning fairy Will be here any day now!! Do you have a busy life, kids in activities? Keekeeklean wants to make your house sparkle and your life easier. Book a clean and experience our attention to detail. . Residential $40hr; Holiday/Office $40hr; Final clean $50hr. Licensed. Registered. WCB Protected.

250.896.6540 | keekeeklean@gmail.com

Art By Jude … where the art comes to you! We've taken the second guessing out of shopping for art and returns are a snap! • Free "In-Your-Home" Consultations! • Enjoy the artwork in your space for 10 days…no purchase necessary! • Free Delivery & Pickup! • Free Installation 250.691.1759 | artbyjude.com

Bright Greens Canada Fresh from the farm, local salad greens, leafy greens and microgreens YEAR ROUND. We are specialists in sustainable, pesticide-free hydroponic farming. #lettucefeedyou. Farmgate every Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at 6346 West Saanich Road. 250.213.9352 | brightgreens.ca tamara@brightgreens.ca

When we don't sleep well, it is often easy to assume that it can't be a problem with the mattress because it's relatively new and was expensive. Don't make that mistake. Come and see us and Let Us Help You Sleep Better! 778.351.2113 | sidneymattress.com 1A - 2353 Bevan Ave, Sidney

Seaside Cabinetry & Design is a boutique-style cabinet showroom located in downtown Sidney. Custom Design, Merit Cabinetry, Lifetime Warranty. We have hundreds of styles and colours to choose from.

Showroom Open by Appointment 250.812.4304 | 9715 First St, Sidney SeasideCabinetry.ca

Sidney Mattress & More Sidney Mattress & More is a boutique style Mattress and Bed store. Our goal is to provide a good selection of excellent beds and mattresses for all your needs in a pleasant environment in the absence of pressure, sales gimmicks, ridiculous markups and nonsense. We want the experience to be one that leaves you comfortable and smiling. Our pricing is fair and includes free delivery in the area. We also remove and dispose of your old items. We feature Restwell's Back Supporter series. These are made in Surrey B.C., using top quality foams certified not to off-gas and springs that are made by Restwell itself of tempered steel. These beds are built to provide incredible support and comfort, and are built to last with 20 years of warranty at affordable prices. Latex is a popular material in mattresses these days and we have a selection using latex as well as memory foam. Many of us are moving to smaller spaces. Sidney Mattress & More handles Small Space Solutions including Trundle Beds, Chest Beds and Murphy Beds with novel concepts. If you'd like to dress up your space, we handle upholstered and wood bed frames and headboards. Need pillows sheets or mattress protectors? We have those too! Please come and see us and

Let Us Help You Sleep Better!




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Warm up to our newest arrivals of soft knits, cozy sweaters and functional outerwear. Shop our collections in-store & online.

Sidney by the Sea Dental Hygiene Clinic Dear Reader, As an independent Dental Hygienist in your community, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the vital role that dental hygienists play to help you stay healthy. We are members of the sixth largest registered health profession in Canada, and help you to achieve optimal oral and overall health. Oral health is essential for overall wellness. Poor oral health can cause pain, disrupt eating and sleeping patterns, diminish quality of life, and contribute to serious life-threatening illnesses. This is particularly concerning because most oral diseases can be prevented by daily home oral care and professional dental hygiene services. Our Dental Hygienists provide therapeutic treatments in a bright relaxed space. We offer full head and neck exams with every appointment, remove build-up, decrease the chances of bleeding and reduce bacteria levels. We also help with stain removal and denture cleaning, and have a wide range of products to simplify your home care. We will take care of you … having a clean mouth feels wonderful! I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to take a positive step to improve your oral and overall health. Healthiest regards, Paulette Reid, RDH, MSc

2418 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.655.0774 @boutiquemoden | modenboutique.com

14TH ANNIVERSARY SALE – DONATE & SAVE BIG! Help make this our biggest fundraiser ever. October 13th to November 28th: help us fundraise for two great charities and enjoy the savings. See in store for full details. 250.655.7467 (SHOP) onestopfurniture.ca #202 - 9768 Fifth St, Sidney


Making Your Own Wine Is … as simple as it is satisfying. as personal as it is passionate. as fun as it is creative. Visit us today. muffet & louisa Missing Caldrea? Time to try Moncillo Pure Home. Plant based, paraben free, chemical free, made in Sechelt. Moncillo cleaners smell wonderful and leave your home and dishes sparkling! 250.654.0300 | winekitzsidney.ca #5A - 2042 Mills Rd West, Sidney

250.656.0011 | muffetandlouisa.com 102 - 2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney

You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-akind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting independent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community. Brown's The Florist Brown's The Florist is your local choice for flowers and floral gifts. We are locally owned and passionate about the environment so we make a point of supporting our local growers and economy. We are open seven days a week and deliver from Sidney to Sooke and some of the Gulf Islands.

Sidney by the Sea Dental Hygiene Clinic Inc. A focus on dental hygiene in a relaxed environment. We look forward to welcoming back our existing patients and meeting new patients as soon as we are open! Paulette Reid, RDH, BBA, MSc 250.655.4884 #102 - 2423 Beacon Ave, Sidney www.SidneyDentalHygiene.com

Brown's The Florist

• Sidney • Downtown • Westshore

A feeling of gratitude is just that. It's a feeling, an emotion that is deep inside each of us. To me as a small business owner it seems a more powerful emotion than ever before.


I am grateful to our community and our customers who have chosen to shop local, thus keeping businesses like Brown's The Florist alive and well as we navigate through 2020.

Ecotopia Naturals Ecotopia is the Saanich Peninsula's Soap Exchange refill centre. Reuse any container for eco-friendly laundry, dishwashing, household cleaners, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and more. Home to eco-fashions including hemp, bamboo, linen and organic cotton.

778.426.3088 9816 Seaport Pl, Sidney Online store: ecotopianaturals.com

DCC Cabinets Dear valued customers and partners, DCC Cabinets is continuing to operate while following all necessary precautions due to COVID-19. As part of our continuing effort to supply you with quality products in a safe and timely manner, we are offering ready to assemble packages for anyone who is self isolating or would wish to use this option. These will give you the necessary parts to install your cabinetry at home and we are happy to walk you through the process. If you'd like to take advantage of this option, call 250-412-3472 or email info@ deepcovecustoms.com. Stay healthy and we will keep you updated of any changes to our regular services and operation. 250.412.3472 deepcovecustoms.com

I am grateful to our incredible team of designers who have chosen to continue to work both behind closed doors and with doors wide open. I am grateful for our amazing local growers who have worked tirelessly to make sure their crops and crops of others smaller than them have reached the marketplace. Together B.C. Flower Growers have just put their heads down and worked to figure out a way to keep going. Together we are helping to keep people connected from a distance. The thoughtful actions of kindness are often expressed with flowers and for that I feel like I am part of something bigger … than just me. ~ Natasha Crawford, Owner, Brown's The Florist


Celebrating 20 years in Sidney!

• New Patients Welcome • Emergency Treatment • Insurance Accepted • IV Sedation Available


Dentistry in the Time of Covid: Sidney Centre Family Dentistry

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Family & Implant Dentistry

Now Offering Sedation #104 - 9845 Resthaven Dr, Sidney 250.656.1199 | coastdentalcare.ca


by Paula Kully

Dr. Loren Braun and his

team at Sidney Centre Family Dentistry have been serving patients on the Saanich Peninsula, the Gulf Islands and Victoria for 20 years. During this time, his family dentistry practice has grown and adjusted to meet new demands and implement the latest technology in dentistry. But the onset of the COVID pandemic has undoubtedly brought about new challenges as it has for every industry. Provincial Health Orders regarding COVID-19 must have had a significant impact on your practice. What are the main changes you have been required to make and what safety measures have been implemented? The arrival of COVID brought about mostly organizational changes to our office. We have removed half of the chairs from our waiting room and staggered appointments so physical distancing is possible. Plexiglass was installed at our reception counter to provide a barrier where physical distancing isn't possible when conversing with our receptionists. We have created multiple spots for our staff to eat lunch while staggering lunchtimes. Magazines and toys have been removed from our waiting room, as well as any surface items not required from our operatories. We have dedicated one staff person to fully focus on cleaning and disinfecting operatories and commonly touched surfaces. We carefully screen patients for COVID symptoms and risk factors at three separate times: when they book an appointment, when we confirm their appointment, and when they arrive for their appointment. In terms of our PPE, we have all been fit tested for respirators, which when used along with our face shields, allow both patients and staff to feel safe while treatment is proceeding. What precautions are patients required to take when they visit your clinic? We request that patients arrive at their appointment time, not early and that they come alone unless a caregiver/guardian is required. If our receptionists are busy helping another patient, we ask that

Current Fellows

patients have a seat in the waiting room instead of lining up at the counter. And if the chairs in the waiting room are occupied, we have set up chairs in the hallway to ensure safe and comfortable physical distancing. How has the response been from your patients? Fantastic! There was a huge amount of pent-up dental demand after being closed for two months! Patients have been happy to get in and have their dental work completed, and have felt very comfortable and confident with the precautions we have taken to keep them safe. How has the pandemic impacted your team? We were able to keep all our staff on the payroll while we were closed, and were happy to have them all back fulltime once we re-opened in May. COVID has impacted our receptionists in how they screen patients; they are our first line of defence and are diligent in asking screening questions for every patient when they book an appointment and later when they confirm the upcoming appointment. For our clinical staff, the wearing of respirators and shields has been a change. Also, we are minimizing aerosol-generating procedures, which has changed the way we do a few things. In your professional opinion, how long will it take the dental industry to fully recover? Dental demand is back to pre-COVID levels, as the need for dental care doesn't subside just because a pandemic hits. However, the way we book patients has changed in order to ensure physical distancing. There is also an ongoing issue of sourcing different items, as the entire world is clamouring for the same items. This has had a negative impact on our overhead but is definitely worth the cost to keep staff and patients feeling safe. Once the Health Orders are lifted, are there practices you will adopt on a regular basis? For example, people have started to take handwashing very seriously and it's likely they will continue after the pandemic has subsided. It's hard to say, this could be our new normal. Similar to how adaptations for treating patients with communicable diseases such as hepatitis and HIV became part of our “universal precautions” that we use with every patient, these new precautions might become part of our everyday routine practice. I think we will continue to screen patients more thoroughly to ensure only completely healthy people attend their appointments as a means of decreasing the spread of communicable diseases.

"Patients have felt very comfortable and confident with the precautions we have taken to keep them safe."


We Are Proven to Get You Better Faster!

international rank in improvement per visit 12 months ending March 2016

www.saanichphysio.com Taking New Patients Call or Book Online

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Maca, Ashwagandha, Mushrooms

Boost Me Power-up Mixer TM

Rapid Inflammation Relief & Healing

Extra Strength Purica Recovery 3.0




Whole Earth & Sea Boost Me PowerUp Mixer features fermented organic maca root and ashwagandha as part of a harmonizing adaptogenic blend to support balance, energy, and calm. This comprehensive formula also includes organic blueberries, açai, and black currants, alongside an organic mushroom blend to keep you feeling fuelled, and focused throughout the day.

When it comes to reducing inflammation and promoting healing PURICAs Recovery® 3.0 has you covered. This new formula builds on the 20 year success of Recovery® Extra Strength. Curcumin BDMC30 forms the backbone of this next generation of Recovery®. Purica Recovery 3.0 argets the root cause of inflammation and helps revitalize body, mind and youthful energy by healing the damage caused by stress and acute injury. Proudly Made in Duncan, B.C. Since 1999

✔ Powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunity optimizer ✔ Support joint health, proper muscle function ✔ Aids in collagen and connective tissue formation ✔ Helps reduce symptoms of stress ✔ Rapid inflammation relief and healing

Plant-Based Therapy to Relieve Chronic Pain



PEA400 from Natural Factors contains palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) that is naturally sourced from non-GMO safflower oil to help relieve chronic pain. PEA is a fatty-acid-like compound made by the body’s nervous and immune system cells for regulating pain and inflammation. It is also found in certain foods, such as safflower lecithin, soybeans, peanuts, and egg yolks.

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How to Practise Being Present by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre

"Yesterday's the past,

tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." ~ Bill Keane A plethora of distractions bombards most of us daily. Whether we're on our phones scrolling through Instagram, jumping from one app to the next, mulling over regrets from the past or worrying about the future, it can be challenging to stay in the present moment. Not being present has adverse physical effects on the body and our nervous system. When consumed with past or future events, the body becomes chronically stressed, which can lead to many illnesses. When we practise being present, the nervous system can come out of the sympathetic, fight-or-flight response and back into the parasympathetic or a calm state. When calm and living in the present moment, we are much more likely to plan something healthy. Instead of reaching for that unhealthy snack full of empty calories, we're more likely to grab something healthy, like fruits and veggies. Why? Because we are connected to our bodies and listening to what it needs for nourishment. The good news is that we have the power to calm our nervous systems so we can feel more vital in the face of adversity. Here are a few ways to come back into the present moment to help our bodies return to homeostasis and self-regulate: Practise yoga. Mindful movement is not only good exercise, but

by focusing on moving our bodies and feeling every sensation, we are naturally transported into the here and now. Learn to meditate. By watching our thoughts, we learn the art of detachment. When we can observe thoughts and feelings without becoming identified, they no longer have as much power over us. Meditation is a helpful practice to see beyond the mental noise and distractions to become quieter, calmer and more present. Do tactile things. Wear your favourite sweater, go swimming, take a relaxing bath with essential oils, curl up with your favourite blanket and sip some soothing, hot tea. Anything we can physically feel can help to calm our nervous systems and help us feel grounded. Create a journaling practice. Often, we try to escape the present moment when we are struggling or unhappy. Create supportive selfcare practices, like journaling, to help you navigate your emotions and cultivate gratitude. Looking back in your journal, and moments of gratitude can create feel-good hormones that help you be present Organize. The brain loves organization, so take the time to purge kitchen cupboards and junk drawers, and minimize clothing. You will feel calm, organized, and ready to face the world. One of the most effective ways to stay present is in your breath. When stressed or overthinking, take a long deep breath, and feel the power with each breath. Focusing on your breath can create powerful moments and bring you right back into your physical body. You can't change the past, and you can't predict the future; your best life is right here, right now.

We dig these locally made merino wool sweaters to keep us warm

9813 Third St, Sidney • 778.426.1998 • sidney@digthis.com


A fresh face for Rest Haven Lodge We are excited to announce a bright upgrade for Rest Haven Lodge – improved sunrooms! The 40-year-old sunrooms on the main and top floors capture the sun just a little too well, making the spaces uncomfortable and unusable for residents – especially during summer months. Improvements will create beautiful rooms that bring wellbeing and happiness to the people who live in, work in, and visit Rest Haven Lodge. You can help us bring a fresh face and bright, homelike spaces to Rest Haven Lodge by donating to our Fresh Face campaign.


Donate today at www.broadmeadcare.com/ways-to-donate.

Broadmead Care 4579 Chatterton Way Victoria BC V8X 4Y7 Tel: 250.658.0311

Broadmead Care Society is a registered charity. #129290383 RR0001

The pool is open! Register for swim lessons today!

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These Ladies Had to Go into Business Together! If your last names (maiden) are Hansell & Halkett, you simply have to go into by Paula Kully business together! That's exactly what partners Patricia Pearson and Ashley Stelck have done as they open Hansell & Halkett Vintage Home DĂŠcor in the garden courtyard in Sidney. Hansell & Halkett was born out of the love for good quality timeless pieces and a desire to reduce our footprint, while at the same time creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. The duo is committed to offering products that have a positive impact on the people who make them, and as little impact on the environment as possible. www. facebook.com/hansellandhalkett

Lovely Ladies Two other enterprising and entrepreneurial businesswomen, Elyse Rosling and Murrae Wilson, recently opened La Boutique Salon and Shop in the former Barbara's Boutique location at 2392 Beacon Avenue. La Boutique offers hair styling, eyelash extensions, cosmetic tattooing and other esthetics and carries an array of locally made jewelry and accessories. This is the second shop in Sidney operated by this dynamic duo.

CREATIVE ENERGY Our Favourite Gallery is Back The ArtSea Gallery has reopened while following COVID-19 directives of the Provincial Government and Worksafe BC guidelines. ArtSea has a full schedule of artist-led shows coming up this season that can be viewed on their Exhibition Calendar on the website at www.artsea.ca.

Pure Energy Becomes Permanent Acclaimed sculptor Armando Barbon generously donated his bronze sculpture "Pure Energy," to the Town of Sidney. The sculpture was relocated from Eastview Park to Beacon Park where she will remain as part of the Town's permanent collection. ArtSea Community Arts Council administers the Sculpture Walk on behalf of the Town and their hard work resulted in the donation and relocation of the sculpture.

EVERY GENERATION COUNTS Kids are the Real Winners The Hughesman Morris raffle, with funds raised going to Sidney Elementary School, has officially been drawn. The first place winner is Pacifica Real Estate Inc. while second and third place winners are Ian Brown and Don Stewart. The raffle raised $6,564, which will be essential in providing supplies that students need to get the education we all know they deserve. Sidney Elementary is grateful to the

community and all who supported them!

For this Fall's Reading Hour Looking for something new to read this fall? You might be interested in Grandfathered – Dispatches from the Trenches of Modern Grandparenthood by Ian Haysom, a Peninsula resident and former journalist. Released by Heritage House, the book is an intimate, sharp and often humorous look at the grandfathering journey in the 21st century.

TOP EXECUTIVES ON THE MOVE A New Adventure for an Old Friend After 25 years with the Sidney Museum, and over two decades as its Executive Director, Peter Garnham is taking his first step toward retirement. Peter will be operating in the capacity of Associate Director three days a week for a limited time during the transition for the new Executive Director, Alyssa Gerwing, who has been the Assistant Director. Peter will fully retire in the spring of 2021.

New Head Honcho for Central Saanich The District of Central Saanich has a new Chief Administrative Officer. Christine Culham assumed the role on October 5. Culham is a housing expert who comes from the Capital Regional District where she was the senior manager of the Capital Region Housing Corporation.

Team Spirit Viola Van de Ruyt is excited about her growing team at Vanderuyt Wealth Management Group, a full-service financial planning and advice firm located in Sidney that caters to single women. Team member Racheal Jamieson recently passed her Canadian Securities exams and is now a licensed Investment Associate. She will be invaluable in assisting with client services to the company's growing clientele.

Art By Jude

Pop Up Shop Weekend! 10am - 4pm | November 28th & 29th Hook & Hook Design Centre

2042 Mills Rd., W. Unit 2 | Sidney, BC Stay tuned for full details on: @artbyjude2020 OR email questions to: info@artbyjude.com



Peter Dolezal

Equity vs. Fixed Income Allocation Peter Dolezal is a semi-retired Sidney resident. He offers INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL CONSULTING SERVICES to individuals, couples and companies. To date, he has assisted more than 240 clients across Canada, principally in Greater Victoria and the Lower Mainland. No Financial Products to Sell Leads to Truly Independent Advice.


Peter’s Rescheduled Seminar: “Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement” Wednesdays, 10:30 – Noon October 7th, 14th & 21st Contact Panorama Rec Centre at 250.656.7271

Author of

The Smart Canadian WealthBuilder

(Third Edition) Included in the curriculum of several Canadian Colleges.

Decades of comparable performance have proven that over long-term investment time frames Equity Indexes outperform Fixed Incomes by a wide margin. Except in rare circumstances however, it would be imprudent for investors to commit exclusively to Equities. One of the most important decisions for an investor is determining the appropriate mix of holdings between these two Asset Classes. The conventional strategy often suggested is “the older the investor, the greater the holding in Fixed Income products.” This simplistic one-size-fits-all formula is highly questionable. Rather than selecting Equity/Fixed Income proportions based on age, the decision should be more broadly based on the investor’s unique circumstances. A few examples: • The fortunate investor, whether still in the workforce or retired, with a generous employer’s Pension Plan, should firstly consider the capital value equivalent of the pension as, effectively, a very significant Fixed Income holding. In this circumstance, holding a more significant Equity proportion in investment portfolios would be quite appropriate – thereby taking advantage of the longer-term propensity of Equities to outperform Fixed Income. • If retired, with sufficient other income to avoid drawing down capital from investments, the investor can optimize long-term returns by holding a higher proportion of Equities

than would be the case if required to deplete capital on a monthly basis. In periods of Equity downturns, this strategy allows the retiree to draw funds exclusively from his/her more stable Fixed Income holdings. Once Equity markets recover, a simple rebalancing can return the Fixed Income investments to their original proportion – to again serve as a security buffer for future Equity downturns. • Should annual income (dividends + interest) flowing into a retiree’s aggregate portfolios be greater than the total withdrawn from portfolios, capital is not depleted. The scale should again tip toward higher Equity holdings. • When the investor is many years away from retirement, a higher allocation to Equities should lead to greater long-term returns. As retirement approaches, proportions should gravitate toward a greater allocation to Fixed Income – how significantly is dependent on other factors, such as those outlined above. Regardless of an investor’s Equity/Fixed Income decision, equally important is the quality of the actual investments selected. Selecting investments with low holding costs, broad sector and geographic diversification, and ensuring a significant ongoing income stream (yield) will all serve to reduce ongoing portfolio risk. Although age is a factor in determining the optimal Equity/Fixed allocation, it should not be the primary consideration. The optimal decision needs to be tailored to the overall financial circumstances of the investor. A comprehensive Financial Plan should include a suitably-customized Asset Class allocation recommendation.

For financial consulting services, Contact pdolezal@shaw.ca or Visit www.dolezalconsultants.ca


Safe Places Huddled up in quarantine a few months ago reminded me of some by Chris Cowland childhood memories. Sometimes in life you want to be safe, and alone. I was born shortly after the Second World War, and air raid shelters were a common sight, although by 1952 they had fallen into disuse. The big threat at the time was the Cold War, and when Kennedy faced up to Russia during the Cuba crisis, many people revisited their underground cocoons and started stocking up with cans of food and propane stoves, just in case a nuclear bomb were to be dropped on London. The television and newspapers would feature what they called the "Doomsday Clock," which was just a few minutes before midnight. Daily events would advance or turn back the clock, but it was pretty worrying for me as a child, or even into my 20s. I was about 12 when I first explored an air raid shelter. I lived in a small village called Eton Wick, and it was a mile or so away from the famous Eton College. I would hang out with a small group of schoolfriends, and one day Kenny (he was the one with the Mini with concrete sills when he was older – see my November 2018 column) announced that he had come across an air raid shelter tucked away in Eton College. We jumped on our bikes and headed over. Barry stood as lookout while Ken, Gary and I surreptitiously slid through a college Master's back garden and opened the old, creaky door. It was pitch black, nobody had brought a flashlight, and we could hear the rustling of rats in the background. Once our eyes got used to the darkness, we could vaguely make out some wooden racks, and to our immense

Seaside D E N TA L

delight we discovered that they held numerous bottles of wine. We grabbed one each (it's hard to ride a bike holding any more), plus one for Barry, and headed off into the countryside. Luckily Gary had a Swiss Army knife with a corkscrew, and we spent the next 10 minutes extracting the mouldy cork from the first bottle. Imagine the anticipation of having your first illicit taste of real alcohol … . Gary took the first swig, and sprayed the rest of us with a very expensive vinegar. The wine had probably been there since 1945, but the intervening 21 years had not been kind. The other bottles were identically terrible. But the idea of a quarantine nest stayed with me. We discovered a few other spots that might have worked. Close by that shelter, there is a small pond beside Baldwin's Shore. If you climb over the fence, shimmy down a wall and open a metal door, there are two tunnels that go under Eton High Street, with a metal grating on the sidewalk on the other side of the road. We would wait until pedestrians were passing overhead, and would make werewolf howling noises from below, and then giggle like schoolboys (hey, why not?) at the reactions. The theme of these memories is hidden safe places. We did not contemplate hoarding 100 rolls of toilet paper and we had no idea how long we would have to survive in our nest until it was safe to emerge, but isn't it interesting to see how things have re-emerged? The more things change, the more they stay the same …

Mobile Computer Technician Service Serving Greater Victoria for over 10 years!

Phone and Online Support PC and Mac Repair with no contact pickup & delivery Tutoring and Instruction to Help You Keep in Touch With Your Loved Ones

Dr. Geoff Newhouse & Dr. Sonja Baur | Accepting New Patients

(250) 652-7989 | seniorscs@gmail.com

250.656.0711 #214 - 2506 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

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The Peninsula Singers: Choral Connections

There's nothing like the sound of a friend's voice. For one local choir, it is their voices which solidify their friendships. The Peninsula Singers, under artistic director Lena Palermo-Ivings, have been by Jo Barnes continuing to find music as a wonderful way to connect with each other and with the greater community during this time of pandemic. "The members of Peninsula Singers have been working hard to keep the connections going right now," shares Lena. "Choir is very important to them."


With the arrival of COVID, like many performing arts groups, the Peninsula Singers has had to cancel events and readjust their activities. "In March we were heavy into rehearsals for our big production 'Hooray for Hollywood,'" says Lena. "We have had to put it on hold with the hope of performing it in 2021." Due to the pandemic it hasn't been possible for the group to meet in person, so new ways of communicating, supporting each other and being musically creative have been adopted. As well as reduced membership fees, there have been increased online opportunities for choir members to socialize and keep in touch during these unique times. "We've stayed connected through Zoom," says Lena. "We also

share with each other via our Facebook private group page." Social media provides a way for members to share about the choir, music, personal stories, and even outreach projects that members might be doing right now. "One of our members is part of a knitting group, and she has been making buttons for facial masks," notes Lena. Prior to COVID, the choir had been working tirelessly to prepare the spring show. When it was cancelled, the disappointment was felt by everyone. To maintain continuity and enthusiasm, online options were explored. "During April and May we created a virtual choir performance of Over the Rainbow," shares Lena. The group is hoping to do another virtual song in September, and while the annual Christmas extravaganza cannot go forward at the Mary Winspear, plans are underway to put together a very special online Christmas show. "We are unable to do our Christmas show 'The Gift of Christmas,' but we are going to do a virtual choir production that will be a five-song set of festive pieces," says Lena. Preparing and collaborating virtually is a learning curve for any of us, but in the case of a singing group, it involves its own challenges related to voice recordings. "We meet in small groups over Zoom. Members record separately and then we do the final editing," says Lena, adding with a smile: "I'm learning new technology!" Dedication and desire drive this choir forward during these challenging times. The continuity of connection is at the core of this local choir group. It has always been about learning, working and creating music together. "The people in this choir are passionate about what they do," shares Lena. "They work really hard to put together a polished performance." For some choir members, involvement in this musical ensemble is a commitment they have made and enjoyed for many years. "Our members range in age from 18 to 85. Some are 30-year members," says Lena. In addition, presentations are possible because of diverse talent like emcee Jim Kingham, who will be singing in the virtual choir; Janet Young, who capably accompanies everyone on piano; Terry Erskine, who provides skillful percussion; and of course Lena, whose enthusiasm and artistic direction inspires each and every choir member to give their best. The Peninsula Singers is deeply rooted in the community. When it began in 1980 there were only a small number of participants who came together because they loved singing. Fast forward to 2020 – the group has grown into a 68-mixed-voice show chorus who not only regularly wow audiences with their music and showmanship but also give back to the community. As Lena notes: "Over the years the Peninsula Singers have donated $50,000 to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Healthcare Foundation's Music Therapy Program. We have also performed for extended care residents." The Peninsula Singers' tradition of bringing energy and excellence to their performances contributes to the well-being of the community. "The music we create brings joy and positivity to the world," says Lena. "The sound of voices together is inspiring." For over 30 years the Peninsula Singers have connected with audiences through song, but now more than ever, it's their voices and love of music that binds them together. Photo courtesy Peninsula Singers. OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 59

Safely Open!

Peninsula Eats:

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Take Out / Dine In Full Service Catering Available 2395 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC 250-655-4500 www.freshtandooriflavour.ca

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A Selection from the Menu at Porto Osteria Italian Restaurant

Bringing Italy a Little Closer …

Cicchetti Italian Meatballs 6 beef and pork meatballs in

Olive Oil Balsamic Bread


Warmed Olives

Roman Gnocchi Discs of semolina


homemade marinara sauce

Freshly made on Porto crustini gnocchi baked with a parmesan cheese topping

Fresh Bread & Trio of Butter

house made bread served with parsley butter, mushroom butter and a caramelized onion butter

Salads Green Salad

Mixed greens with mushrooms, tomatoes, and our in house red wine vinaigrette

Carpaccio Thin slices of

beef on a bed of lettuce, basil-

Contorni Crispy Potato

Baked new potatoes in a beef gravy

Roasted Carrots Carrots roasted in a buttery sauce

infused olive oil dressing, garnished with lemon slices


Romaine lettuce, Porto croutons, crispy prosciutto, classic in house Caesar dressing

Baked cauliflower with melted cheese

Olive Tapenade

Porto made olive tapenade on Porto crustini


Spinach Fettuccine Fresh house made

Pumpkin Stuffed Pasta

Corzetti Wine based coin shaped pasta in a fresh mushroom sauce

Gnocchi Chef featured, please ask server

pasta with Italian sausage cream sauce

Chicken braised in marinara sauce on a bed of creamy polenta

Tuscan Beef Wine braised beef on a

The Peninsula's Only Micro Coffee Roaster

Temporary Hours: Open Monday - Saturday 8 - 4

A selection of 5 meats, olives, cornichons, fresh parmesan, crackers and Porto bread

Bolognese Beef, pork and pancetta meaty sauce on an egg yolk pasta

Chicken Cacciatore

Turnip Augratin Turnip in a cream sauce with cheese and bread crumbs

Warmed olives served with crackers



Baked Cauliflower

Fresh bread with Olive oil and balsamic

Chef featured, please ask server Handmade pasta with sweet pumpkin filling and a savoury pumpkin sauce

bed of creamy polenta

Pesto Stuffed Pork

Pork loin stuffed with house made pesto filling

Delicious, Locally Owned & Family Operated fromagerie . bistro. wine bar

w i n e & c h e e s e f l i g h t s specialty cheeses • curated boxes cheese-centric menu • wine list

Open Mon - Fri 8am to 3pm, Sat 9am to 1pm #17 - 2235 Harbour Road, Sidney

in Saanichton at the corner of Mt. Newton & Wallace


w w w. t h e f a r m e r s d a u g h t e r. c o 101 - 2 3 6 0 B e a c o n Av e , S i d n e y B C


Tough Times for Many Company Leaders by Mike Smyth

These are stressful times for

WDS Capital & Associates Inc.

most business owners and staff, but especially for those operating in mainstream businesses like hotels, busing, airlines, restaurants, movie theatres, medical clinics, etc. We all know friends whose businesses face lower sales and more cautious staff and customers, plus deal with new online disruptive business apps or e-commerce enabled websites attacking the way our mature companies do business. Then there's the critical need for each of us to use online Zoom communications or similar to connect with suppliers and customers … and what about the increasingly awkward conversations with the banker on maturing or new loans as the banks get increasingly worried about seeing their loans repaid. And then at home, we often face back-to-school challenges! It's tough and exhausting for many business leaders these days to go home at the end of the day only to be greeted with concerned family members. How does a company leader tackle these pressures and be successful? Some engage experienced business advisory folks to help, but what really can they do? A good advisor will look at a company's business plan, leadership style and culture of the company, cash flows, staffing, internal processes, supplier contracts, customer feedback, and also understand the

business fit to the leader's personal and family goals. Often I find company leaders have successors in mind, and want them to better learn all aspects of the changing business including revenues, costs, outstanding payables and receivables plus customer needs to be ready to assume the reins. A good advisor always provides a thorough report to the company leader highlighting all findings and recommendations so the company can fix problem areas and grow safely. Recommendations would address higher online/offline sales, lower operating costs, more profit, and identifying new industries and targeted companies for new sales. A good advisor will do cash flow analysis, which often points out high risks in key areas that now seem not worth taking. Findings sometimes uncover lower level managers not following the processes and culture instilled by the company leader. Some leaders request a training course for business successors or key family members so all better understand the business' pros and cons, the leader's stresses and alignment of family goals during these tough Covid times. Sometimes these advisors then become management in the company, making sure changes are implemented. Now you know what's top of mind for many anxious company leaders today; it's tough managing a business in these volatile times. For more information, visit www.wdscapitalinc.com.

FREE DELIVERY on the PENINSULA! We are Grateful for the Continued Support of Our Customers! The last Thursday of every month is



o ed pricise r a l d regeurchan m

Perfect pillows, duvets, covers, sheets and all the things that will help give you a better night’s sleep

BOSLEY’S IN SIDNEY #4-2353 Bevan Avenue 250.656.6977 · www.bosleys.com @BosleysSidney

250.656.0510 2492 Beacon Ave, Sidney

250.383.6133 636 Broughton St, Victoria

www.sweetdreamsboutique.com OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

D E B ' S D AY O U T

Down with Daphne! by Deborah Rogers

I joined the Friends of North

Saanich Parks for one of their regular sessions removing invasive plant species for my Day Out this month. So much of what makes our community special is the result of volunteers who care, and give their

time and effort to make things happen. I was very happy to spend a warm, sunny blued-skied afternoon in the company of Sharon Hope, Anne Zerath, Diane MacKay, Elaine Lacroix and Tara Bowler (the Steward of Nymph Point Park, our work party location). The Friends of North Saanich Parks Society started in 2017 out of a


Peggy PeggyYelland Yelland&&Associates AssociatesInc. Inc.isis PeggyYelland.com aalocal localSaanich SaanichPeninsula Peninsulaaccounting accounting firm firmwhich whichprovides: provides: 62 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | OCTOBER 2020

• • Personal Personal&&Corporate CorporateIncome IncomeTax Tax

concern that invasive species were starting to gain a hold in many of the District's parks, and there didn't seem to be a specific plan from the municipality to deal with it. Did you know that there are 29 parks in North Saanich, and 24 have been identified in needing support through invasive species removal? Biodiversity is the key to healthy parks, and that happens best when native species are able to grow in their natural habitat. Unfortunately as people moved in to, and settled, the Saanich Peninsula they brought with them all sorts of troublesome plants. The main culprits are daphne, holly, scotch broom, laurel, ivy, periwinkle and Himalayan blackberry. These plants are all tenacious in the way that they grow and spread, and eventually eradicate everything else around them. The scourge of Nymph Point Park, on the north of the Peninsula, is daphne. Spurge-laurel (daphne laureola) is a seemingly harmless plant that resembles a rhododendron; however, this invasive plant grows rapidly, out-competes native vegetation, and poses a serious health risk to people and pets from its poisonous sap. It's a very hardy plant too, that spreads both through its berries (enjoyed and distributed by birds) and through any bit of root that's left in the soil while removing plants. All I needed for this volunteer shift was some gardening gloves, sturdy shoes and a shovel (and there are tools provided at all work parties if required). Once the offensive plant was pointed out I was on my own to dig and pull, dig and pull, dig and pull, and pull. As with all yard work there's something satisfying as you see the progress you're making – in this case a growing pile of daphne plants on a tarp for disposal. Coupled with that, of course there's the bigger picture of helping support a park that I've used over the years. So many environmental problems feel overwhelming for the individual, but the FNSP has shown that many hands together can make a difference. R.O. Bull Park on Wain Road is a shining example. 14 work parties over an 11-month period saw the park clear of all invasive species. Of course it doesn't mean they won't come back, but with Park Stewards in place to keep an eye, new growth can be dealt with rapidly and the park shouldn't ever get back into the same overgrown state. A measure of success is the growing number of native trilliums now found there. At first count three years ago there were only 32 spotted; this year 154 were counted. I'm not going to pretend that I did a whole lot of work on my volunteer shift, but I did remove some of that dreaded daphne. What I also did was get a really good understanding of the Society, and motivations of the other volunteers. Chatting with Tara about her role as Park Steward I was impressed with her commitment to this little park. She told me how she loves the location, the sea air, the view and breezes. She's been coming back to the park week after week for nearly a year now and has seen it in all seasons. Removing the invasive species is easier after the winter rains, but every visit brings some pleasure for her as she's slowly witnessed the change in the undergrowth, with newly cleared areas looking open and appealing, and most importantly hospitable for our native flora and fauna. You can join the Friends of North Saanich Parks at any of their regular work parties – find all the information at www.fnsp.ca. Photo by Amanda Cribdon Photography.

Dr. Samantha Bourdeau O.D. | Dr. Brendan Wallace O.D.

#101 - 2376 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.655.1122 www.raydahloptical.ca



A Modern-Day Luxury Cottage

Comfort & Style! =

story by Janice Henshaw photos by Janis Jean Photography

Why does a homeowner decide to go to all the trouble and expense of adding a cottage to 0.99 of an acre in North Saanich? Sheila, a certified professional accountant and partner in Paterson Henn CPA, (Sidney) and her husband Serge Gabilondo, a sailboat rigger at Blackline Marine Inc. in Canoe Cove, decided to build the cottage as a vacation rental; it would create a solid investment for their retirement years. However, plans change and now they have family moving in from Alberta.

When you hear the word “cottage,” what comes to mind? A rustic holiday cottage by the lake? Cottage Country in northern Ontario? A picturesque 19th century English cottage surrounded by a tranquil garden and climbing roses? In his book, Cottages Ornés: “The Charms of the Simple Life,” Roger White writes: “It is arguably the only architectural genre that spans the entire social spectrum … with the very select handful of royal and imperial cottages at the apex, shading down through the more ample ranks of those built for the aristocracy and middle classes, into the cottages and lodges of the working classes.” Sheila and Serge’s custom-built 989-square-foot cottage is a thoughtfully designed, elegant little home. The location is great too; it is only a five-minute drive to Swartz Bay Ferries – if there’s traffic! And best of all, there are multiple walking paths to hikes at Horth Hill Regional Park. But back to basics – building a cottage is not a decision to be made lightly. Just as in a tiny home, the price per square foot is actually higher than for a larger build. Costs for this cottage started around $300 per square foot but additional non-sexy 66 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | OCTOBER 2020





Dasha Armstrong Photography


Custom Window Coverings, Marine, Drapes & Motorization, Upholstery & Slipcovers, Cover Story Bedding, Blinds & Bed Linens Serving Sidney to Victoria and the Gulf Islands

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expenses to be factored in include a new septic field, hydro changes, engineering and permit costs. The planning and build for the cottage took over a year and Sheila and Serge are currently waiting for their occupancy permit. Hook & Hook Designs, based in Sidney, managed the project and did the architectural drafting and design. Andi Hook, principal designer, arranged to have the plans engineered and worked with the Town of North Saanich to obtain the building permit. Andi keeps projects manageable for the homeowner through careful consulting and then limiting choices to what she thinks will fit in best with the client’s budget and design preferences. For this cottage, Andi chose the flooring, countertops, tile, paint, trim, windows, doors and hardware (design). The exterior build was completed by another construction company and then Hook & Hook Designs finished the interior and custom built all the cabinetry. In the kitchen, stylish white Shaker cabinet doors have modern matte black pulls and self-closing hinges. Two corner cabinets have

> Architectural Designs > Interior Design > New Builds & Renovations > Custom Cabinetry & Furniture > Project Management

Hook & Hook Designs Visit Us Online at www.hookandhookdesigns.com

andihhrenos@gmail.com | 778.351.4665 OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 67


shelves that hinge open and out, allowing full access to everything on them. The glossy quartz kitchen countertops and white herringbonetile backsplash reflect light and add to the sleek clean look. No waiting for a kettle to boil: there is an instant hot water dispenser. The single bowl undermount kitchen sink has a seamless edge and nonporous quartz surface that is easy to clean and helps prevent bacterial growth. It looks large enough to clean cookie sheets or bathe a baby! Dark-faced appliances include a French door refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and a stove that is currently very popular – an electric induction stove – special cookware required! In this type of stove a fluctuating electro-magnetic field under the glass surface transfers current directly to the magnetic pot bottom, which heats up. This process allows the stove surface to remain cool. A stylish tiled electric fireplace with a bed of resin crystals in the main living area adds warmth and ambience. Above it a giant TV offers an “almost theatre” experience. Storage cabinets frame it on either side and seating is provided by a large sectional couch. The picnic-style dining table has built-in seating and chairs so there is plenty of room for entertaining family and friends. The main bedroom has a walk-in closet complete with custom-built cabinetry. In keeping with the local bylaws, there is a second “flex” room that is currently being used for storage. Ceiling pot lights, two skylights and multiple windows ensures that the south-facing cottage is filled with light. The ceilings are a spacious nine feet high. All the paint was purchased from Cloverdale. The interior walls are a warm light grey (Balboa Mist), and the accent walls are “a crystal lake blue with a night sky undertone” (Clear Skies). The cottage has 1.5 bathrooms, each with cozy in-floor radiant heat and the same white custom cabinetry and matte black trim. The glass bath/shower door and window keeps it bright and fresh and there is a handy recessed space for bath products in the white subway-tiled walls. The second bathroom shares space with a stacked washer and dryer, and the additional cabinetry is a welcome feature. A heat pump is installed in the crawl space with the condenser outside. There are two decks, front and back, built with painted pressure-treated deck boards. The HardiePlank® siding is painted in Barley Field, a matched colour, which is a warm and neutral taupebased hue. The trim is Pale Oak, also a matched colour. A few remaining projects to be tackled include a retaining wall and a front patio of stone pavers. Ten dump truck loads of fill were brought in to keep the entrance level low. Landscaping tasks will include seeding grass and planting bushes to create separation from the road. A final deluxe feature will be a hot tub in the back yard. Conveniently located beside the back door is a wall-mounted butterfly wine rack and compact beverage cooler. This type of housing on land that is not sub-dividable can, like laneway housing, provide additional rental space but it requires a large investment which unfortunately may result in a correspondingly high rental fee. But with efficiencies in costs, building smaller, energyefficient homes on larger properties may one day become the “way it is.” I sure hope so – I would love to live in a cozy and elegant little cottage like this one with climbing red roses by the front door.


Outdoor Oasis

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Your Towel Warmer Headquarters Made in Canada

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102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732 OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 69

LUXURY OCEANFRONT DUPLEX Nestled amongst the most exquisite waterfront in beautiful Sidney-by-the-Sea, sits Villa Isabella. This is a rare opportunity to acquire the top two floors of this oceanfront duplex. With over 3,100 square feet of luxury, an elevator serving both floors, three beds & four baths this flexible floor plan makes it ideal for those who like easy living. Built to commercial standards and quality complete with concrete between floors. Attached single car garage plus one extra parking space. Access to the ocean front walkway and steps to all the shops, services and cafes of Sidney, this is a 12/10 location!

$2,175,000 — MLS 856075






Using Colour in Design

by Andi Hook

We see colour everywhere, from the sky to the sea and anywhere in between. Colour is one of the most important elements in design, whether you're a fashion or interior designer, an automotive designer, fabric designer, a furniture designer or an architect … the list goes on. When designing for a new home or a renovation, colour is ever present. One of my go-to neutrals is Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore; it is a neutral that changes shades depending on the light, but it doesn't have any pink, blue, purple or yellow undertones. Whites are whole different ball game: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is the cleanest white you can use, being that it doesn't have any undertones. When choosing a white, or any colour for that matter, the undertones are what you need to pay attention to. You should never just think about one element when choosing your wall colour; you need to choose your wall colour with your flooring, trim, cabinetry, countertops and furniture all in mind and preferably in the same room. It is best to choose all colours in the space they will end up in as the lighting in your home/space will be different then a showroom or someone else's space. Let's talk trending colours – it all depends who you ask, but everyone can agree that grey is walking out the door! It's a neutral so it will inevitably always be in to some degree, but it isn't the end all and be all that it was a few years ago. Light woods are making a comeback. One of my personal favourites Hook & Hook Designs


is quarter sawn white oak. I love blending white oak cabinetry with either white cabinets or a pop of colour, if you're so inclined. Natural elements have been making a comeback, so not only is colour important, but texture is also! For example, a woven textured wallpaper is a great addition to your colour and design story. A natural element with colour can also be obtained by using a leafy or floral wallpaper. Darker blues are trending for 2021; I've heard that navy is the new black. Green is in – whether it is sage green, green foliage, or bluish green, it is up to you to decide what green is your green. Emerald green is trending, and I love it: I love jewel tones when used correctly. An emerald green backsplash can be stunning, an emerald green vanity with gold accents, or an emerald green sofa are a few of my faves. Vivacious pastel shades are also trending for 2021, like minion yellow, lime green or blue. Orange is trending for 2021, from rust orange to pumpkin. Combine it with pink, blue, brown, wine and earthy/neutral colours. And of course, neutrals are trending for 2021. You can create a beautiful luxurious space combining whites, creams, browns and beiges with textures and materials such as a leather sofa in a gorgeous camel colour leather with velvet pillows in a different neutral and wood pieces. Colour can be freeing; it doesn't have to be scary. You can go neutral and pop colours in easily replaceable items such as pillows and accessories or you can add colour everywhere. If you are unsure, consult with an Interior Designer; after all that is what we're here for! For more information, visit www.hookandhookdesigns.com. OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 71

Oceanfront - Maple Bay Wind your way through mature maple and fir opening onto a private point with 1,000 feet of low bank waterfront, beach access, viewpoints and a 50foot dock. With easy access to seaplane service, marinas and fine dining in the Cowichan Valley, this 11-acre estate offers an idyllic west coast lifestyle. MLS 427765.

Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626

Hot Properties

(personal real estate corp*)

French Beach - Spectacular Waterfront Situated on 2.47 acres, this home is nestled into the bed rock above the crashing waves of the shoreline and features a casual, West Coast sophistication and reflects the light and sounds of its stunning surroundings. Dramatic great room and open concept with gorgeous wood burning fireplace ‌ a wonderful place to gather family and friends. $1,699,000. MLS 421753.

Mattick's Wood! $1,698,000

Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626

You will be impressed from the moment you enter this immaculate 2007, 3BD/4BA, 2,343sf custom built home with soaring 18' ceilings capturing incredible natural light, quality finishing as-new condition, with recent upgrades. SW patio with new Pergola perfect for BBQ's. Meticulously maintained: newer exterior paint, upgraded Heat Pump & new irrigation, landscaping & exterior lighting. MLS 427064. Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

107 ft of Oceanfront in the Heart of Deep Cove

The Pinnacle $1,498,000

This rare jewel, one of kind property is very private. Gorgeous stonework and patios to take in the breathtaking view of Deep Cove and Satellite Channel. This property has a sandy and rock beach. Bonus is that you can launch your boat right off your patio. Warm waters for swimming and prawning. MLS 427786.

Cordova Bay's newest & finest luxury concrete & steel building. This impeccably finished BRAND NEW home offers stunning OCEAN & MOUNTAIN VIEWS and all the designer elements you can dream of: gourmet custom kitchen, hardwood floors, wool carpeting, gas FP, AC, & LED lighting and a view balcony of 250 sf. MLS 842347.

Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*)

(personal real estate corp*)


(personal real estate corp*)

(personal real estate corp*)

Charthouse $359,900

For Sale on Vancouver Island

Your Ship is About to Come in! A New WaterfrontsOnly Website Has Been Born! If you like waterfront properties as much as I do, you are going to Love this beautiful website, showcasing ALL of the waterfronts in south Vancouver Island! Dock Here, and let's go see some properties! Cast the Net for your Dreams at VictoriaWaterfronts.com. Marilyn Ball | 250.818.6489

Splendid Seaside Lifestyle with Views

This BRIGHT, WEST CORNER 1 BD/1 BA, 778 sf ground floor condo offers sun, privacy with space! You will be impressed with the beautiful new kitchen, separate dining/eating area, and the spacious living room with electric fireplace. Enjoy easy access to your walk-out patio surrounded by the beautiful gardens and lawn – perfect for your small dog too! MLS 855362. Mona Palfreyman 250.656.4626

Sidney Executive Townhome

2 - 9926 Resthaven Dr, Sidney - $878,500

This executive two-level Sidney townhome is situated at a quiet back corner of the complex. This unit has been beautifully cared for and shows like brand new. 18 ft entry, 3 bed, 3 bath and 1,852 finished square feet of living space. Only two blocks to Beacon Avenue and walkable to Sidney’s many amenities. MLS 853908 Michele's Team | 250.656.0911 michelesteam@holmesrealty.com www.holmesrealty.com

206 - 2930 Washington Ave, Victoria - $298,900

7093 Brentwood Drive, Brentwood Bay

This beautiful 4 bedroom home has it all! Great family space with a private guest cottage, oversized garage, and lush garden and patio area. Coveted Brentwood Bay location offers partial ocean views with beach access only steps away! $1,174,000. MLS# 855657. Stephanie Peat 250.656.0131 stephaniepeat.ca

Great location next to the Gorge. Steps away from the Galloping Goose trail & all amenities, perfect for walking or riding into downtown Victoria. This bright one bedroom condo is ready for occupancy, bamboo flooring, areas, brand new carpet in the bedroom, & freshly painted throughout. Spacious living & dining room, sliding doors off the living lead to the sunny SW facing deck. Reasonable Strata fees included hot water heat. A great place to call home. Karen Dinnie-Smyth . Personal Real Estate Corporation www.karendinnie-smyth.com 250.655.0608


Slipcovers Outdoor Furniture Marine Interiors Repairs and Alterations

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o c d o

k n a h T ou Y R

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y olster



The Forever Masks (PARR3) and Gowns Available Thank you to all frontliners! 250.656.4642


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Nancy's Sew Creative:

Embracing the Fall This is part of a rotating series of articles about some of the Saanich Peninsula's unique shops and services. It's hard to believe that autumn is here – it's been a strange and challenging year. As we move into a new season, we'll have to say goodbye to relaxing in Adirondacks in the sun and social distance BBQs and think about nesting in our home during the cooler weather. We're all going to need a little coziness this winter – whether we're stuck at home to stay safe from COVID or spending quality time with the family. We can embrace the Scandinavian tradition of "Hygge" with warm fireplaces, simple pleasures and being with loved ones inside our bubble.

"We're all going to need a little coziness this winter – whether we're stuck at home to stay safe from COVID or spending quality time with the family."

Enjoy the beauty that comes with fall, the refreshing change in temperature and all the leaves turning vibrant colours: shades of red, yellow, orange. Warm beverages. Cozy blankets. Reading a good book.

When the wet weather comes, it's nice to know you don't have to worry about keeping your home clean. This is the benefit of having washable slipcovers – when your pets come in with muddy paws, you don't have to worry about ruining your sofa! Improve your everyday living with practical cushions, slipcovers, and more. Maybe you're simply ready for a change – a beautiful new fabric for your throw pillows or a gorgeous slipcover to refresh your chairs. Give your room a new look by revitalizing your décor – something to keep those winter blues away. We have plenty of high-quality fabrics to choose from, so there is truly something for everyone.

Have Fun With Your Hair Environmentally conscious and cruelty free products 778.351.HAIR (4247) | willandwheelhair.ca | 9774 Third St, Sidney

Until the sun comes around again, and we can get back out on the water and in our backyards, let's embrace the season we're in – and make the most of the time we have. ~ Nancy McMillan

Creating the Perfect Horseshoe

S TA B L E & F I E L D

The whooshing of the fire in the forge fills the air with its steady hum. Inside the blaze, a piece of steel is being heated, soon to be crafted into the perfect horseshoe. Ben Yager's truck, which has been customized to carry the propaneby Cassidy Nunn powered forge and all the tools of his farrier and blacksmithing trade, is parked in front of the barn. My horse, Zappa, stands quietly, not fussed by the tings of the hammer hitting the piece of metal on the anvil. The strip of red-hot metal is held between thick tongs and Ben expertly manipulates it with the swing of his hammer, the shape of a horseshoe coming into focus with each tap. He passes the metal back and forth from the forge to the anvil, heating and then shaping, occasionally pressing it against Zappa's hoof to check it for size. It's tough, physical work, but being a blacksmith and farrier has been Ben's passion since the age of 14 when he got his first job working for a local blacksmith. He's been running his company for the past 22 years and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to his trade. A blacksmith, however, doesn't necessarily work with horses just as a farrier is not always trained in blacksmithing – confused yet? A blacksmith works with steel and therefore, may choose never to work with horses and solely make creations out of metal (tools, art, etc.). A farrier is a practitioner who works with horses by trimming their hooves, looking after their hoof health and attaching horseshoes (but not necessarily crafting them from a raw material). Some farriers, like Ben, opt to train as a blacksmith as well so that they can make custom horseshoes out of steel. In the past, when the horse was relied upon for transportation and work, the job of the blacksmith was one of the most important in town. "Traditionally speaking, blacksmiths used to be the go-to for shoeing horses for agriculture and transportation needs, as well as anything else that was needed, from making needles for sewing to scissors, garden tools, tools used in forestry, farming, mining, stonework and the list could go on," says Ben. Besides horseshoes, Ben also enjoys the process of forging some of the tools he uses when shoeing horses, such as hammers and tongs. They "have to be a certain weight and have to hold steel securely for the easy manipulation of the metals and heavy working so the farrier's or blacksmith's arms, hands, shoulders and back do not get fatigued." He adds that "handmade blacksmith equipment is often by far

superior in strength and quality so there is still a demand for it today even in modern times." Nowadays, there are blacksmith and farrier competitions held all over the world and Ben has competed and won in many of these, sometimes on his own and other times as a member of the Canadian Farrier's team. The competitor will be asked to shoe a particular horse with a specific type of shoe, from scratch, and the event is timed so the pressure is on to be fast but accurate. Just as Ben was mentored at the beginning of his career, he is now passing on his knowledge to his three current apprentices. He also enjoys teaching clinics and workshops, and while COVID-19 may have put a pause on his competition schedule for the time being, he's keeping his skills sharp by shoeing his clients horses and working in his home blacksmithing shop. "The best part of blacksmithing I enjoy is simply the history of it and the ability to really form anything from metal upon request." After a few more taps from the hammer, Ben is satisfied the shoe is the perfect fit for Zappa; he tosses the metal into a bucket of cold water, which hisses as the steam fills the air. Then he carefully hammers nails through the shoe, securing it to Zappa's hoof, where it will stay for the next six weeks, until it's time to trim Zappa's hooves again and forge his next set of custom horseshoes – and yes, you read that right: my horse gets new shoes more often than I do! Contact Ben Yager Farrier Service at 250-389-8890. Photo by Nunn Other Photography. OCTOBER 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 75

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September Book Club by Deborah Rogers

Through the Garden

A Love Story (with cats)

Lorna Crozier Memoir | HC $29.95

All the Devils are Here

Lampedusa Steven Price Fiction | PB $22.00


Truth Be Told: An Irish Country The Story of My Life and Family Irish Country #14

Patrick Taylor Fiction | PB $24.50

The Innocents

My Fight for Equality

Beverley McLaughlin Memoir | PB $24.99

Agent Sonya:

Emma Donoghue Fiction | PB $19.99

Michael Crummey Fiction | PB $22.00

Moscow’s Most Daring Wartime Spy

Troubled Blood

To the Land of

The Darkest Evening


Robert Galbraith Mystery | HC $37.00

Alexander McCall Smith Mystery | PB $19.95

Ann Cleeves Mystery | PB $25.99

The Evening and the Morning

Call Of The Raven

Gamache #16

Louise Penny Mystery | HC $36.99

Cormoran Strike #5 Long Lost Friends

Kingsbridge #4

Ken Follett Fiction | HC $48.00

Wilbur Smith Fiction | PB $24.99

Vera #9


Bob Woodward Current Affairs | HC $39.99

Ben Macintyre History | HC $36.00

A Deep Time Journey

Robert Macfarlane Nature | PB $22.99


Michael Cohen Current Affairs | HC $40.00

at Beacon & Fourth in Sidney | open 7 days a week 250 656 2345 | tannersbooks.com


The selection discussed at our September meeting is a bit of a sleeper success. Robin Wall Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass was originally published in 2013 by an independent publisher; this year it hit the New York Times bestseller list and has seen a surge of interest, reviews and book sales. It seems like this is a book that the world wants and needs to read. That's certainly the impression that our group gave as we heard from many saying that they'd been recommended it by friends, had it on a reading list or pile for months or in fact had read it before and been recommending it to others ever since. Structured as a series of essays, this beautiful book weaves together Indigenous learning and scientific teachings to explain the way that Wall Kimmerer views and approaches the world. She is a Professor of Environmental and Forest Botany and is a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. Her writing style is thoughtful, lyrical and poetic as she looks at the natural world that surrounds and supports us, and questions the way that humans interact with it. She writes from her perspective as a scientist but also as a mother and a daughter, and as someone living in the United States with Native American heritage. For some of the readers in our group this style of environmental writing was not new, but for many the book was a fresh take on a subject that is daunting and where writers can have the tendency to frighten and hector. Wall Kimmerer's style is to teach through story and she weaves Indigenous tales through the book, alongside stories from her life, to illustrate the lessons she wants to impart. Several of our readers spoke of the way that they felt they had had their eyes opened by this book, or that it connected to things that they felt deeply inside themselves but had been unable to articulate themselves. At the heart of the book is the notion of reciprocity. Our natural world is a gift to us, providing everything that we need as a species to survive, and if we were to treat it as such (instead of as a resource to exploit) then our relationship with the planet would be different. When the act of taking is tied directly with the act of giving our behaviour changes. The message is embedded in all the stories Wall tells, softly underlining her explanations of harvest, of forest management or caring for the water and plants and animals. I fell completely under the spell of Braiding Sweetgrass and have already recommended it to others. I'm grateful that the Book Club brought this book into my life. Next month's meeting takes place on Zoom on October 13. Members are invited to read any of the books written by American author Lisa See: we'll compare, contrast, and discuss character and themes. To sign up to our Book Club email list visit www. seasidemagazine.ca/book-club/

Panorama Recreation:

Proactive Protocols for the Pool by Jo Barnes

Panorama Aquatics is reopening, but before you can get in the swim, you'll need to be in the know! With the opening of its aquatics centre, Panorama Recreation has been working hard to put into place restrictions and measures to protect the community during these extraordinary times. The tradition of bringing excellent swim instruction from experienced, enthusiastic instructors will continue, but lessons will look a little different this coming fall. There will be one entry point with a staff member who will greet each participant. Lesson start times will be staggered every five minutes for physical distancing. Participants need to come swim-ready in their clothing. There will be designated deck space and baskets for personal belongings. To accommodate physical distancing, the instructor will be on the pool deck during the lesson time. Of course, with safety in mind, no spectators are allowed. After lessons are over, participants dry off on pool deck as much as possible and then exit as soon as they can through the change rooms. There are arrows for guidance. Washrooms are available. You might be wondering: what about class size? Group swim lessons will have a capacity of four participants, or if you opt for registered private swim lessons, a capacity of three participants which can be shared by family or social circle "bubble" members. If your child is preschool age or participating in Swim Kids 1-4, you as a parent or guardian will need to be in the water for hands-on correction with your child. If your child is in Swim Kids 5-10, you won't need to be in the water for lesson time. Registration can be done by phone or online:

https://www.crd.bc.ca/panorama/admission-registration/registration. Keen to do some laps again? Panorama is ready for you! You can reserve your one-hour time slot in advance. Queue up outside at the markers in the north parking lot behind the water slide. Come dressed in your swim suit and limit your personal belongings which you can place in a basket on the deck as no lockers will be available. Before your swim, you need to hand sanitize and have a quick cleansing shower on deck. While doing laps, you need to keep two metres from other swimmers and avoid spitting or blowing your nose in the water. After your pool visit, you will quickly rinse as showers are limited and do your personal grooming at home. Swimmers need to move as quickly as possible through change rooms to exit the facility. Time is shortened so that staff can adequately clean and sanitize between pool reservation times. Whether you're a pint-sized paddler just learning the basics or a seasoned swimmer, the joy of the water awaits you at Panorama!


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Answer: Donut

"Police Officer Jumble" • doctor • nothing • under • momentum

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from puzzle page 79



Jumble Solutions

"The tradition of bringing excellent swim instruction from experienced, enthusiastic instructors will continue, but lessons will look a little different this coming fall."

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When a Police Officer is Enjoying a Coffee Break:


Bug Him How to Play: Unscramble each of the clue words. Take the letters that appear in boxes and unscramble them to solve the final message. This jumble was created by The Blue Sheet Club, a group of brain injury survivors. The Cridge Centre for the Family’s Brain Injury Services provides independent housing with support for survivors of brain injury. Through the development Reach out groups to a wider of support like The Blue Sheet Club, we strive to provide opportunities for personal development and Victoria and reintegration in the community.Vancouver Creating Word Jumbles are a great way to improve cognitive functioning. Plus they're fun too! Enjoy!

Island market.

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from the



I'm thinking about loss at the moment. We've all experienced it this year in some form: loss of freedom; job loss; loss of connection with your grandkids, parents, soccer club or gym. Or the permanent loss of someone close to you, often without the chance to say goodbye. I don't think anyone will think back on 2020 without remembering the things we had to give up, or what was taken from us. Thanksgiving 2020 is going to look different from previous years. Large meals with extended family and friends will have to be replaced with smaller groups around the table, or maybe alternate arrangements outdoors. The holiday is traditionally a chance to celebrate the bounty of the harvest, and many take the opportunity to think back over the previous year and acknowledge everything that makes them thankful. How should we approach gratitude when our world currently seems so frightening? At first glance our losses, and our anxiety over the future, make it very hard to find things to be thankful for. I know that there are families throughout our community who will be missing people from their Thanksgiving tables this October. Hopefully for most it is a temporary absence, but that won't be the case for all. Even with these losses, though, I still think we can find things to be thankful for. Losing someone from your life can be a catalyst for good. We recall the things they taught us and vow to live better, or perhaps we cherish the people who still surround us just a little more. When smoke blanketed the Peninsula in September we railed against apocalyptic skies that kept us indoors and forced us to acknowledge the consequences of climate change for our day-to-day lives. The Sunday the skies cleared I saw people all over the region heading out to trails and viewpoints:, soaking up the fresh air, and the views across the water. From a dark place came a true moment of  thankfulness. As Robin Wall Kimmerer writes in her beautiful book Braiding Sweetgrass, which the Seaside Magazine Book Club read this month: "If grief can be a doorway to love, then let us all weep for the world we are breaking apart so we can love it back to wholeness again." This Thanksgiving I hope you are all able to find that something in your life that you are grateful for, even if it comes from a place of loss, upheaval or fear.

b e D


SIDNEY All Care Residence We’re All About Care …

At Sidney All Care Residence, we are fortunate to have a multi-talented team of professionals dedicated to making moments matter and providing the best care possible for our residents. Chantal, one of our Recreation Aides, wears many hats; not only is she also a Health Care Aide, but a talented musical arts performer. During her recreation programs, she shares her remarkable musical gifts with our residents, bringing toe-tapping and hand-clapping joy to their days.

For more information, please contact Nicki Parker, Community Relations Manager at 778-351-2505



Most Outstanding Complex Care Provider in Canada In 2019

All Care, We Care, I Care!

2018 Crystal Award for Outstanding Customer Service and 2019 Crystal Award for Contribution to the Community

Proudly Offering Long Term, Respite and Palliative Care

778.351.2505 • www.allcarecanada.ca • 2269 Mills Rd, Sidney

Profile for Seaside Magazine

Seaside Magazine October 2020 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the voice of the Saanich Peninsula is treasured and cel...

Seaside Magazine October 2020 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the voice of the Saanich Peninsula is treasured and cel...

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