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June 2013


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Running for Life and a lost brother

2013 Men to WATCH

Happy Father's Day!



It’s not the years in your life that count... It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln

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Happy Father's Day! Julian Sale and son Rowan jump for joy in a field off Mills Road. Cover photo by www.nuttycake.com


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2013 Men to watch


2013 Men to Watch: Our First Annual Men in Business Special Issue Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse: Award-Winning Ciders Right on Our Doorstep Shore and Forest: Family History Meets Contemporary Design on Cordova Bay

Join the Club! Rockfish Readers Summer Book Club at Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre

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seasidemagazine.ca nicole wilford

I like to think of myself as an "Island girl," having lived on Vancouver Island for more than 40 years. Growing up in Comox, our family did a lot of skiing, camping and swimming. I moved to the Victoria area over 28 years ago with the past 13 years in Sidney raising my two teenage daughters who currently attend Parkland Secondary School. After having a long career as a travel agent, I decided to go back to school a few years ago to get my Mortgage Broker license. As a mortgage broker, I spend time searching for the right product, the most creative solution and the best fit for my clients. In most cases, my fees are paid by the lender, and I handle mainly residential business. yvonne bulk

Yvonne and her family live in Saanichton, where they run Patio Gardens. Yvonne has worked professionally with flowers for 30 years. Nine years ago she started Patio Gardens with one greenhouse, 400 hanging baskets, and a lot of gumption. Today, she and her team create over 3,000 hanging baskets and container gardens filled with stunning annuals, in addition to stocking an array of perennials, trees, herbs and vegetables in five greenhouses. Because not everyone has a yard, Yvonne specializes in container gardens so everyone can have a gorgeous garden. She endeavors to provide a variety of bedding plants, as well as advice to go with them. With genuine care for people, she strives to always provide every individual with top-quality product, exceptional service and an uplifting experience. carole pearson

Local history has always been an interest of mine. Since moving to the Saanich Peninsula 13 years ago, I have learned a lot about the early farming communities and the settlers who created these farms out of wilderness and built roads following trails used by our aboriginal people. I met descendants from the Brethour, Sluggett and Butler families, among others, who can trace their presence on the Peninsula back several generations. For me, this creates a tangible connection to our history and reflects how much our community has changed and will continue to change. Still, when researching my article about the Keating area, I could not help but feel taken aback to realize the 1960s and 1970s are now considered "history." Seems like only yesterday to me.

Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489 sue@seasidemagazine.ca Editor in Chief

Allison Smith 250.813.1745 allison@seasidemagazine.ca

Advertising Marcella Macdonald Sales Lori Swan Madeleine Kemp 250.516.6489 This Month's Contributors Arlene Antonik, Trysh Ashby-Rolls, Laura Bulk and Yvonne Bulk, Sharlene Coss, Gillian Crowley, Lisa Dunsmuir, Michael Dunsmuir, Michael Forbes, Doreen Marion Gee, Eric Hebert, Carolyn Herriot, Linda Hunter, Linda M. Langwith, Ambrose Marsh, Barry Mathias, Susi McMillan, Suzanne Morphet, Carole Pearson, Somaya Said, Matt Schmitz, Steve Sheppard, Susan Simosko, Ron Spelt, Jim Townley, Jo-Ann Way, Nicole Wilford, Jennifer Williamson, Heather Zais P.O. BOX 2173, SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 3S6 news@seasidemagazine.ca

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suzanne morphet

Suzanne Morphet is an award-winning travel writer and a former CBC Radio news reporter and editor. Her passion for discovering new places and cultures has taken her to the far north (she worked for CBC Radio in Yellowknife for many years) and around the world during a one-year sabbatical with her husband. This month she begins a new column for Seaside called Secrets From My Suitcase. For this issue she writes about seeing both sides of the Adriatic Sea. Suzanne recently visited Croatia and Italy and travelled between them on one of the numerous ferries that crisscross the Adriatic. You can see more of Suzanne’s stories and photos at www.suzannemorphet.com.

Victoria Airport/Sidney

The  Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites


f irst word I sat down with my 1o-year-

old daughter to talk to her about the importance of love and friendship in her life. We talked about her girlfriends now and her hopes that they would remain close as they grow up. At her young age, she is only beginning to grasp the importance of friendship and love and how those experiences will come and go. As we celebrate Father's Day and our inaugural issue of Men To Watch, it got me thinking about my Dad. Eighteen years ago, at age 28, I lost my Dad to cancer and at the time the experience was one of indescribable words and feelings. I crossed over many emotions: disappointment, anger, disbelief, sadness and confusion. I really thought it was all his fault. I blamed him. After all, he was my best friend. I can remember for months after his death, having his picture in my office and talking to him and asking: "Why did you do this to me? Why did you end our relationship so quickly?" At the time, none of it made sense but as my experiences in life have grown, so have those memories and wounds been better understood and healed. I've recently been faced with a few more adversities, and been thinking about the fact that we don't get to choose our parents and our siblings; those are given to us at birth. Our friends and lovers ‌ do we choose them, or do they stumble into our lives for a reason? Perhaps it's both. Just like life itself: do we fully have control of it or is it predetermined by some mysterious force? It could also be both. I think it's part of life to think positively of negative people in our lives. These people give us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. We learn about our own reaction to their negative energy

and realize who we really are, and we end up growing emotionally and intellectually. But we also encounter people who bring positive energy to us and come into our lives to pull out the underdeveloped part of us, beyond what a teacher would teach us. They help explore the unknown within us, and that journey can change our perspective of who we really are. I've recently been reading bits and pieces of Wayne Dyer's blogs and in one he writes about trusting divine order, explaining that everything arrives from intentions, where invisible life flows through everyone and everything. He then asks us to think about all the people who share the stage with us as we move through life. The good times, the struggles, the tears, the abuse – all of it involved people coming into our lives and then leaving. He has an interesting perspective where he says: "viewing the past as a play in which all characters and all entrances and exits were scripted by your Source and represent what you attracted at the time, frees you from guilt, and even revenge. As a result you go from being an actor who's influenced by others playing the roles of producer and director, to being the writer, producer, director, and star of your glorious life. Imagine, you can audition anyone you choose." I know it's easy enough to write about this topic, then to put it into real practise. But I've given great thought to all of this; regardless of how, where and why people come into our lives, we should gain and fill our plates with knowledge, and take trust from it. If they go, we let them go from a place of love, not of fear or anger. Even after all this time The sun never says to the earth "You owe me" Look what happens with a love like that It lights the whole sky? -- Hafiz

Sue Hodgson,


Be An Artist With Your Garden ‌

and colour your world all summer! Marigold grown annuals and so much more can make your garden a gallery of enjoyment for months to come

7874 Lochside Dr, Saanichton 250-652-2342 | 7030 Bell McKinnon Rd, Duncan www.marigoldnurseries.com 8 SEASIDE | june 2013

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letters Seaside Magazine welcomes your feeback! Send letters to the editor via allison@seasidemagazine.ca or post your comments on our Facebook wall! Letters may be edited for space and content.

As a freelance journalist and former book club columnist for Boulevard Magazine, I especially look forward to the Young Readers Book Review every month. I'd like to congratulate each of your young contributors and encourage them to keep reading, writing, and marketing what they write, and to thank Seaside Magazine for shining a spotlight on talented young writers from our community. The road to publication is often difficult and fraught with disappointment, but these young writers are getting early encouragement that may very well inspire them to pursue a career in writing. And what a rewarding career it is. Well done! Cheers, Adrienne Dyer

It's wonderful to have such a positive media source in

support of Sidney, and as a small business owner I am thrilled to be supporting your publication. Natasha Crawford Brown's The Florist

Seaside Magazine is usually the bearer of positive news

and a celebration of West Coast culture, so it was with dismay that I read Brad Morrison's article "Sidney's Chinatown." I was struck by the prejorative tone and the disparaging remarks. Not a single positive note of what the Chinese have contributed to the Canadian community. One expects historians to do more than merely quote the words of prejudiced old-timers. I have no connection to the Chinese culture myself but an apology to the descendents of the Chinese immigrants would be in order. Dorothy Siebert Pender Island

The article is amazing! Doreen Gee has such a wonderful way of

capturing ideas and packaging them so concisely and in a way that the reader can really "get it." Thanks so much for thinking of us! Rebecca Phillips Forward Equestrian and Wellness Centre

I am amazed with Seaside Magazine and its staff and the support I've received from them. As a small business owner, who is still trying to make the transition from a day job to part-time so I can focus and do more with my business, I find Seaside Magazine offers so much support for the small business owner. It's like they're in my corner in a boxing match saying "yes you can do it, you can do it!" Joanna Vandervlugt Champs Personal Training

Come enjoy a round in a relaxing atmosphere full of fresh air & nature

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BOLD LIVING PAINTINGS A Powerful Pairing of Two Local Artists

July 3—14, 2013 bold paintings BOLDliving LIVING PAINTINGS A Powerful Pairing of of Two Artists A Powerful Pairing TwoLocal Local Artists

July 3—14, July 3 – 14, 2013 2013

odette laRoCHe ODETTE ODETTELAROCHE LAROCHE t t www.odettelarochegallery.comarch www.odettelarochegallery.comarch www.odettelarochegallery.com

Meet theArtists: Artists:Saturday, Saturday, July July 6, 2 -2-4 4 pm Meet the 6th, pm Meet the Artists: Saturday, July 6, 2 - 4 pm

Coast Collective Gallery

Coast Collective Gallery.at Havenwood 3221 Heatherbell Road, Colwood

Editor's note: Doreen Marion Gee's byline was mistakenly left out in the May issue – she is the one to thank for gathering information on all the wonderful kids' activities being offered locally this summer (pg. 30).

linda andeRson LINDA ANDERSON LINDA ANDERSON www.vertical-art.ca www.vertical-art.ca www.vertical-art.ca

- www.coastcollective.ca Coast250.391.5522 Collective Havenwood atGallery.at Havenwood 3221 Heatherbell Road, Colwood 3221 Heatherbell Rd, Colwood 250.391.5522 - www.coastcollective.ca

Gallery Hours: Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 12:00—5:00 pm.Gallery Ho Wednesday to sunday Wednesday to Sun 12:00 - 5:00 pm 12:00—5:00

250.391.5522 www.coastcollective.ca SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 9

f rie n ds & n eig h b ours "i personally believe that healthy individuals make healthy communities. that's the bottom line."

Running For Life and a Lost Brother by Susan Simosko

Friends & Neighbours is a column about the people who quietly enrich our lives personally and collectively every day. They distinguish themselves by the incredible things they do, whether or not we even notice. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a few of these remarkable

people and to share something of their stories. Kelly Paul is a strong, focused athlete, an inspirational role model, and a young leader with guts and determination. This spring she's running – that's right, running –the length of Vancouver Island, 535 kilometres, with friends Bernice Smith and John Sampson. Why? Well, that's Kelly's story. When she was young, Kelly was inspired by Terry Fox. "At the time," she recalls, "I thought: 'I may not be able to run across Canada, but I bet I could run the length of Vancouver Island.'" That was the beginning of Kelly's lifelong dream. She could not anticipate, however, the tragedy that would lead her to fulfill the dream. Five years ago, Kelly's younger brother, Isaac, committed suicide. He was only 17. "We never saw it coming," she tells me. "He didn't seem anxious or depressed. Just one day, he was gone. It was – is – a terrible loss." Kelly and her family, members of the Tsartlip First Nation community, lived with the pain of Isaac's death every day for years. They kept looking for answers. Then, last year, Kelly, a First Nation Education Assistant at Bayside Middle School and a mentor for Power of Hope, called up her old dream to run the length of Vancouver Island. The three runners set out on May 17th. Along the route, Kelly says they want to talk about suicide prevention and the importance of cherishing life. They named their run the HELISET HALE marathon that translates to "let life survive within you" and "value all of life." During the run, Kelly and her team will visit First Nation communities and schools to share stories, connect with others, and create hope that something can be done – must be done – to reduce the high level of suicide in First Nation communities, particularly among young men. According to Health Canada, First Nations youth commit suicide five to six times more often than non-Aboriginal youth. "It's happening all across Canada," Kelly says soberly, "but there is so much that could be done to create healthier communities. I personally believe that healthy individuals make healthy communities. That's the bottom line." As an intrinsic part of the marathon, the three runners hope to raise $250,000 seed money towards the building of a community and 10 SEASIDE | june 2013 | www.seasideMAGAZINE.ca

activity centre in the Tsartlip community. "Our vision," says Kelly "is to create a place open to all that can host major sports and cultural events." The estimated cost of the new facility is $1.8 million. To prepare for the run, Kelly, Bernice and John engaged in multiple cross-training activities to increase their strength and stamina. They also took yoga classes. "This will be a life-changing journey, I know," Kelly tells me. "I just hope that my personal story brings hope to others affected by suicide. Just like I connected with Terry Fox all those years ago, I hope people connect with us and realize the true power of hope, the value of healing, and the importance of fulfilling your dreams." Kelly and her colleagues plan to complete the run on June 21st, 2013, Aboriginal Day. Everyone is welcome to Brentwood Bay to share in the celebrations! To learn more about Kelly or to make a donation visit www.helisethalemarthon.com.

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"A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." ~ David Brinkley




BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BUS Seaside Magazine is honoured to celebrate those men who sustain our business community with our first annual Men to Watch special issue. We asked long-time Peninsula resident and business owner Ron Spelt to tell us what it means to do business in our community. When our family moved to Saanichton in 1971 you could wave at a car that drove by without looking first, because you usually knew who was inside. That's not the case anymore, but much like then, the people that choose to live on the Saanich Peninsula are generally personable and a pleasure to deal with. Many people have moved into the area over the years, and along with increased population has come many businesses and services. Through all that growth, the overall character of the communities on the Peninsula hasn't changed much. Each local area is still unique and so are the businesses that make their home there. When you own a business on the Saanich Peninsula, you work with and serve people that live in the same community as you do and, because of our slower community pace, you get to spend extra time with them. We all do the same thing; we provide products and provide a service – it's how we do it that makes the difference. Peninsula businesses have an opportunity the larger corporate businesses do not: to give more personal service. Another benefit to doing business in your community is the opportunity to support the other businesses nearby. Businesses also get to shop local, and most do! Over the past 42 years I've had the opportunity to be part of the lives of hundreds of people I have employed, and have even hired some of their kids years later! On the Peninsula many businesses can offer opportunities for the next generation. My business has offered me the chance to be a part of my community in many different ways. I have had the opportunity to support many local causes, and as a result have a number of team photos posted. Parents will often stop by and show their children what they looked like wearing a baseball, lacrosse, soccer or hockey uniform 15 or 20 years ago. When you have a business you meet many people, all with different passions, and those people helped me to be a more active part of various associations and committees that affect our community. When you live where you work, what happens in the community and how it is shaped is doubly important to you. A big part of my work day is interacting with people, and what hasn't changed over the years is that every day I get to meet the great people who make up the character of my community. Thank you for that opportunity!

Ron Spelt

owner of Spelt's coffee shop and service station


Saanich Peninsula lawyer Del Elgersma on trusted advice, providing an exceptional client experience and the wise advice of a father Del Elgersma, B.A., J.D.


#140 - 4392 West Saanich Rd Victoria

#104 - 9717 Third St Sidney

Beacon Law Centre 250.656.3280 www.beaconlaw.ca #5 - 7115 West Saanich Rd Brentwood Bay

1 2 5 3 4 How did you get your start in this profession? My Dad went to law school while I was in high school and at dinnertime would tell us what he learned. I found it fascinating and knew it was also what I wanted to do. When I was called to the bar I was the youngest lawyer in B.C. I practiced law in Vancouver for four years before my wife and I decided to move to the Island. We celebrate Father’s Day in

June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? My Dad is the wisest man I know and I still turn to him for advice. He taught me to do everything with excellence and to always speak the truth.

and estates. From our use of flat fees (rather than hourly billing) to our use of plain language (we were one of first law firms in B.C. to prepare wills without legalese), we provide our clients with clarity and confidence.

What is your business best known for and why? Beacon Law has a great reputation for providing trusted advice and outstanding service in the areas of business law, real estate closings and wills

Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? I think others might describe me as kind, wise and an adoring husband



We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Beacon Law Centre? We are often asked when we will open our next office, but we are happy with our three locations! We want to continue to improve our processes and create value so that our clients have an exceptional experience with our firm.

Fire Chief Ron French on serving our community, dedication and plans for the future of firefighting in Central Saanich Ron French

questions How did you get your start in this profession? I started in the fire service as a “volunteer” firefighter with the Kelowna Fire Department. After relocating to Vancouver Island in 1990, I continued as a volunteer firefighter with the District of North Saanich. I spent about a year as an aircraft firefighter with VAA before moving to the District of Central Saanich and holding the position of Fire Chief for the past 12 years.

and father. I’d describe myself as grateful, discerning and curious.

District of


Central Saanich Fire Department 1903 Mt Newton X Rd, Central Saanich 250.544.4238 www.centralsaanich.ca Saanich

5 4 3


your dad ever gave you? He always said: “Whatever you do … work hard, make sure your job is done to the best of your ability, and make a difference for the better. What is your business best known for and why? The Central Saanich Volunteer Fire Department is not so much a business as a service provider. The Department is known for providing excellent emergency services to the District of Central Saanich. This service is provided by the dedicated, well

trained Volunteer firefighters who make up our Fire Department. Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? Others would say I’m fair, competent and dedicated. I would say I’m motivated, demanding and a perfectionist.

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for the Central Saanich

Volunteer Fire Department? The District of Central Saanich will be opening a new main fire station in early July of this year. This will provide the District with a post-disaster Emergency Operations Centre as well as a Fire Department training facility which will help provide a more efficient and effective fire service for many years. The fire department will also be operating out of the current locations as a satellite station to improve response times for emergency calls.

10 questions

Commercial vehicle mechanics Fraser Sim and William Whitelaw on steady growth and the meaning of business


Three words others would use to describe you? Fraser – friendly, trustworth and loyal. William – reliable, helpful and hardworking.

It also provides employment.


What is your guilty pleasure? Fraser – chocolate and golfing.

1 3 6 9 4 7 2 10 How did you get your start in this profession? Fraser – I was always working on motorbikes or cars and my friends father suggested working for a freight company when I left school, which I did. William – I got started in the business helping my father clean and repair his buses and when I left school entered the profession.

We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? Fraser – Work hard and take pride in what you do. William – Treat people as you expect to be treated by others.

What is your business best known for and why? Fraser/ William – It is a young business but we feel people come to us as we provide quality service and are there for them when they most need us.

What is the secret to success? Fraser/William – Work hard, provide quality service, believe in your product and have employees that do likewise.

What makes BMT Group Services unique? Fraser/ William – We are a one-stop-shop for bus, motorhome and truck owners providing quality mechanical services as well as collision repairs and painting.

What does “business” mean to you? Fraser – An opportunity to work for myself, be my own boss and make decisions that we can react quickly on. William – It gives me the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge.

William – Fishing or golfing (I guess we feel guilty leaving the business to go golfing!)

If you could start your business all over again, would you? What would you do differently this time? Fraser/William – Tough question, we guess we would. We came into this knowing there would be some sacrifices for a few years and it certainly has been the case but we don’t think we would do anything differently.

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for BMT Group Services? Fraser/William – At this point we are looking for a nice steady growth but certainly down the road we would like to have our own property with purpose-built building and vehicle wash facilities with the addition of a frame rack bay for frame straightening.

Fraser Sim William Whitelaw

BMT Group Services 1947 Canso Rd., Sidney 778.426.2684 www.bmtgroup.ca



Business development manager Doug Grover on comfortable retirement lifestyles, accessing home equity and enhancing client experience Doug Grover

CHIP Home Income Plan 250.744.6976 1.866.745.2447 www.chip.ca



How did you get your start in this profession? After 14 years in real estate I felt it was time for a career change, and I wanted to help more people in my community. With CHIP I am now helping more Canadian seniors stay in the homes they love and do more of the things they enjoy. This was a tremendous opportunity to help people in my community while providing a product offering I find very valuable to today’s seniors. We celebrate Father’s Day



in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? He told me to always be punctual.


What is your business best known for and why? With

1,000 Canadian seniors turning 65 every day, seniors can rely on their home, often their most substantial retirement asset, to help finance their retirement lifestyles. HomEquity Bank makes accessing home equity comfortable and flexible in order to meet the lifestyle objectives of its clients.


Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? I think others might describe me as caring,

1 2

We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? He


Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for CHIP Home Income Plan? From a business perspective, HomEquity Bank is continually improving our product offerings and streamlining business processes to better accommodate increased consumer demand and enhancing our client experience.

Sidney accountant Darren Proulx on having faith in your abilities, financial responsibility and the importance of solid foundations 1 Darren Proulx

C e r t i f i e d G e n e r a l Ac c o u n t a n t

Darren Proulx, B.Comm, CGA


How did you get your start in this profession? I had a work term through the University of Victoria Co-op program with an employer who recommended me to their accountant. It was a small local firm which gave me early insight into all aspects of the accounting cycle. From this experience I learned quickly the do’s and don’ts of running a small accounting practice.

knowledgeable and punctual. I’d describe myself as caring, understanding and punctual.

Darren J. Proulx, CGA #105 - 9717 Third St, Sidney 250.656.1107

always told me that persistence and effort goes a long way. Hard work will pay off; just have faith in your abilities … and of course, nothing in life is free!

client. We do our best to explain accounting situations in a language the client understands so that when their appointment is over, they don’t leave with more questions. If the clients do have questions we are very accessible and attend to their needs promptly.

3 4 What is your business best known for and why? It is our goal to provide accounting, business and taxation services that exceed our clients’ expectations in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. This is done with our flexibility and mobility of staff and our willingness to work with a team of professionals to grow and progress with the

Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? Others might describe me as patient, thorough and consistent. I’d describe myself as stubborn, frugal

(cheap, according to most, although “financially responsible” is the way I prefer to put it!) and persistent.


Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Darren J. Proulx, CGA? A continued focus to provide quality service and a positive experience to existing clients that will solidify our foundation for future growth. I want to make sure all our clients have received our full attention to detail and walk out of our office feeling like they are a part of our extended business family.

10 questions

Lawyer C.J. (Kip) Wilson on giving back, his secret to success and staying connected to your community.

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How did you get your start in this profession? When I finished high school I had a choice between medicine and law; I chose law and was admitted to the bar in Alberta in 1973. This is my 40th year practicing law; it’s an occupation I enjoy because it allows me to be my own boss and provide great and competent service to my clients while making a reasonable living. We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? When I was 12 my father gave me a job sweeping the shop of his construction firm; he taught me that good hard work is the only way to earn a living. What is your business best known for and why? Fast, reasonable legal advice and work liberally laced with common sense done for a fair price. I take a genuine interest in my clients, I help them make sound plans that result in their estates going to their families in an efficient manner, I help clients buy and sell and mortgage their homes and I assist my clients to incorporate, expand, amalgamate and buy or

sell their businesses. I can claim that in 40 years of practicing law there is virtually no problem I have not seen and handled.

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What is the secret to success? Listening to clients and providing them with what they require in a timely fashion for a fair fee. Three words you would use to describe yourself? Three words others would use to describe you? It’s the same in both instances: fair, reasonable and ethical.


What makes C.J. (Kip) Wilson, Law Offices unique? My longterm connection and commitment to the Saanich

Peninsula community and great relationships with my clients, who are my neighbours and friends.

timely and effective solutions at a reasonable price.

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What does “business” mean to you? Providing a needed service to a client, applying my extensive experience and good sound common sense to their problems and seeking

What is your guilty pleasure? I love giving back to my community and actively participate in several service organizations, including the United Peninsula Masonic Lodge, the Sidney Shrine and Central Saanich Lions … and, of course, golf. If you could start your business all over again, what would you do differently this time? I would have come to the Saanich Peninsula right out of law school instead of working in Edmonton, Alberta and then downtown Victoria for the first 20 years. Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for C.J. (Kip) Wilson, Law Offices? I plan to continue practicing law for many more years, although I would like to take more time off and travel.

C.J. (Kip) Wilson

C.J. (Kip) Wilson, Law Offices #6 - 7855 East Saanich Rd. 250.544.0727 www.saanichtonlaw.com

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publisher sue hodgson talks with hamish crawford, owner of highland house farm, home of the roost garden centre, bakery, winery and bistro

18 SEASIDE | june 2013

Your family name of Crawford carries heavy significance in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland and you saw some of the toughest times in Scotland growing up. However, you completed a degree at the University of Edinburgh, ran a number of service stations for 30 years in Canada and within all this time, you continued to stay true to your passion for farming: in 1990 you bought a 10-acre experimental farm in North Saanich without actually even seeing it! Can you give us a glimpse of what you were envisioning back then and why you took such risks? The Crawford clan was prominent in the military for generations. William Wallace's mother was a Crawford, but judging by the number of Crawfords in Calgary (more than in Glasgow, Scotland) and here on the Island they must have been very good at leaving the old sod. I feel very much at home on the Island as there are a lot of similarities between North Saanich and where I grew up. For some reason, I feel more at home here than I ever did in Scotland. We had made the journey to the Island and knew that this was the place we wanted to live and farm long term. We found a small one-inch advertisement in the community newspaper and asked a close friend to look into it and assess it for us, as were not able to make another trip back here. Next thing we knew, we bought it. It fit all the requirements needed to run a farm operation long term and everything felt right.

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In my 46 years, I have interviewed several people. You look like you are in your prime, but are carrying an age much greater than your outward appearance. With no retirement plans for the future, I can think of only a handful of people that can strive to continue to enjoy their fruits of their labour. What keeps your passion so strong? Farming has always been my passion and I can't think of anywhere in the world it would be better to have a farm than right here in North Saanich. From 1990 to 2000 we raised ostrich on the farm and grew some fruits, but that was a hobby as I still had other business interests in Victoria. In 2000, I decided to concentrate my efforts on the farm and after a few trips to check out direct farm marketing both here and abroad, it was decided that a farm bakery would be a good fit. That was the start of the Roost. I get incredible satisfaction in making land produce, growing things and managing animals. A new year, a new crop; it's very motivating and rewarding and has always been at the heart of the matter for my life and family. You often talk about the "Value Added" in farming. Can you expand on your thinking with this and why it is so relevant for a sustainable business on the Saanich Peninsula? Our main product on the farm is wheat. We grow approximately eight tons per year and it all gets milled on site for use in the bakery. We have a vineyard on the farm, primarily planted with an early maturing white wine grape called siegerrebe. There is a small planting of red wine grapes: marechal foch, leon millot and pinot noir precose. Since 2011 we have been a licensed winery. We also produce chickens, eggs, blueberries, lamb and some veggies, fruit and herbs. It is almost impossible to make any economic sense of a farm operation in this area without adding value to your products, but this is often where farmers get into difficulty working plans through the various levels of government and bureaucracy. The majority of the products we sell are produced on the farm, this being the added value that goes back into being able to run many parts of the farm operation.

Currently on site at The Roost there is a café / bakery, a restaurant, a vineyard and a farm, and there are still great plans for the future of your property. Can you tell us what we can expect to see in the coming year and who is currently running each area of the business? The whole family gets very excited about what we are doing and we love the fact that it is a passionate farm operation.The farm has never been so productive and we think it has been a great fit for the community. For the first few years Darlene Robertson and her family ran the bakery operation, but unfortunately Darlene died three years ago. As her health was declining she decided to give up the business and since then the Roost Farm Centre has been operated by my son-inlaw Dallas Bohl and my daughter Sarah, so now it's all in the family. We are working to expand the facility with a new winery building that will include an expanded bistro with the addition of 10 sleeping units for farm B & B, our vision of an old Scottish farmstead. So far the planning phase has been quite a journey. What we are planning is all permitted by the ALC regulations, but many of the municipal rules, licensing branch rules and ministry rules are conflicting. The provincial government should work harder at ensuring everybody works together and trains their staff thoroughly. Red tape is bad enough but when it is all pulled apart it is very difficult to put back together. This family farm will survive and thrive and we already have a very serious egg collector in our four-year-old granddaughter, Mackenzie. We are celebrating our Men To Watch in this issue, and one of the questions we asked our men is: "We celebrate Father's Day in June. What is the best advice your Dad ever gave you?" Could you please share what values your Dad instilled in you? My father was a successful art college teacher and principle. He was a great role model that taught us to lead by example and to be an honourable person. I couldn't have asked for a better father.

Hamish Crawford

Owner, Highland House Farm Born in Kilmacolm, Scotland, Hamish Crawford spent his early years living in a fishing village on the east coast of Scotland and spent most of his spare time helping at the local dairy farm. He went to school in Aberdeen, Broughty Ferry and then on to the University of Edinburgh to complete the Scottish diploma in agriculture.

Before moving to Canada he worked on a hill farm and converted an old Church of Scotland church into a studio and living quarters for his parents. First stop in Canada was Winnipeg, where Hamish worked at various locations across the prairies for a grain company. After four years with the National Grain Co., he decided to strike

out on his own with a service station in Calgary, and spent 30 years owning service stations in Calgary and Victoria. For 20 years he owned a small grain farm close to Red Deer. Hamish moved to Victoria with his family in 1990 and bought a 10acre experimental farm they now call Highland House Farm.



Automotive technician Ian Calvert on customer service, surrounding yourself with a good team and making a difference

Ser vice

Ian Calvert

deep cOve AUTO




Deep Cove Auto Service 10930 West Saanich Rd, North Saanich 778.426.1321 www.deepcoveautoservice.com

1 5 3 2 4 How did you get your start in this profession? I began working part-time at a Cadboro Bay garage as a teen. I had always liked the challenge of figuring out how things worked, and this provided me with an opportunity to explore the profession. It was a natural career pursuit for me to follow. We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? When I was growing up, one lesson I learned from my Dad is to know yourself, both strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, map out a course and do your homework. I

have approached most challenges by weighing out pros and cons. Knowing my weaknesses has become one of my strengths: I surround myself with employees and colleagues who complement my personality and skill set.

What is your business best known for and why? In the one year I have been in the Deep Cove community, one thing I hear about time and time again is our level of service. I have buffed out tree scratches from a car that met the wrong end of a hedge, rooted through someone’s yard for tires too heavy for them to bring to the shop, and ridden



Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Deep Cove Auto Service? I am happy with the reception that Deep Cove has given us: it’s obvious we are making a difference, and will continue to steer in the direction of offering a high level of service. I am keen on growing strong roots in the Deep Cove community and I’m proud of how we have become the “go-to-guys” for automotive advice – no matter how trivial it may seem – and service. It all matters to us.

Doug Wedman

Doug Wedman Financial Services 2480 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.655.0707 dwedman@shawcable.com

1 3 We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? As

Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? Sincere. Hardworking. Driven. My fatherin-law said to me when I was first considering opening up shop in Deep Cove: “Ian, if it fails it

certainly won’t be from lack of trying.” I’d say I’m congenial, empathetic and trustworthy.

Chartered Financial Planner Doug Wedman on offering great rates, working hard and serving the Peninsula

questions How did you get your start in this profession? I’ve spent my entire working career in some type of financial service. In 1989 an opportunity to join a national trust company became available, and I decided to join the company and obtained my Investment and Insurance License. In 1995 I received my Chartered Financial Planner professional designation.

a ride-em lawnmower along West Saanich Road because the customer didn’t know how to get it back home to their property. I also take the time to explain what is happening and help the customer explore all options with confidence. We treat people how we want to be treated. No special sauce – just exemplary service.

best I can recall it was something like “work hard and you will succeed.” My father was a successful farmer in Alberta. What is your business best known for and why? We are best known for consistently having the highest available interest rates on GIC deposits on the Peninsula. These GICs are all protected by Deposit Insurance. Through our affiliation with GICdirect.com (representing over 40 different Banks, Trust Companies, and Credit

Unions) we have access to rates that are 1.00% to 1.50% higher than retail bank rates. We are also known for our Employee Benefits plans on the Peninsula. As the Master Agent for the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan we offer some unique features for owner/employee groups from one to 50 with guaranteed issue plans of three or more and cover all industries. Of course we also have a huge selection of individual investments and insurance services.


How would you describe yourself? Provider of good and fair financial services.


Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Doug Wedman Financial Services? We will assist clients with new GIC strategies in our low interest rate environment, such as laddering GICs. We will also offer business seminars to assist managers in hiring and retaining good employees, by using a good Benefits Plan.


Sidney eco-clothing store owner Morgan MoonObendorfer on caring for the planet, inspiring a community and pursuing your passion Morgan Moon-Obendorfer

Ecotopia Naturals 2348 Beacon Ave, Sidney 778.426.3088 www.facebook.com/ecotopianaturals



How did you get your start in this profession? Ecotopia Naturals has been a long-time vision. All my life, I’ve been drawn to wear natural clothing such as hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. I’ve worked as a wilderness skills teacher, natural builder, landscaper and with organic food before deciding with my wife Mara to move with our four children to Sidney and establish an ecoclothing store. It has been a lifelong journey towards right livelihood.


We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice


your dad ever gave you? He always reminds me to be deeply grateful for my blessings. Also, to never take things for granted!


Three words you would use to describe yourself? I think others might describe me as generous, loving and calm. I think I’m devoted, sincere and optimistic.

3 5 What is your business best known for and why? We are best known for our quality, comfortable clothing and top-of-the-line natural soaps and body care products, as well as for our uplifting, beautiful atmosphere and friendly openhearted staff. Three words that others would use to describe you?

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Ecotopia Naturals? To evolve with this community and play our part in establishing this place as a magnet for likeminded people who deeply care for our planet and wish to live in alignment with the values of

sustainability and vitality. To keep sourcing the best eco-clothing and products and to support ethical companies, local designers and artisans. Beyond the retail realm, we will keep striving to inspire our community with culture, collaborate with others, promote social/environmental awareness, and be a dynamic hub for the emerging green movement in Sidney. We will do our very best to give back and make a positive impact to this very special community.

Accountant Rhys March on professional growth, individualized service and never giving up Rhys March, BBA, CGA

First Island Financial Services Ltd. #101 - 727 Fisgard St, Victoria 250.388.5441 www.firstisland.com


1 3 4 5 How did you get your start in this profession? Having started my career in the forestry industry, I was able to gain a solid understanding of the construction process. Recently completing my CGA professional designation has enabled me to deal with complex business situations. I look forward to continued professional growth in this industry.


We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you?

He taught me to never give up.

What is your business best known for and why? First Island is best recognized for being a preeminent real estate investment company. This year marks First Island’s 40th year of providing quality first mortgage investment opportunities to investors. Our longevity is a testament to the diligence and knowledge of our experienced management team and our comprehensive loan evaluation process. By carefully selecting our

projects, we are able to minimize risk and provide our investors with high-yield returns.

Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? I think others might describe me as diligent, having a good sense of humour and confident. I think I’m trustworthy, outgoing and reliable. Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans

for First Island Financial? We have a tried and true business model that really appeals to our investors, so future plans include more of the same: continue to grow the business at a measured pace, so as to maintain our solid record, and still be able to offer our investors quality individualized service. This year we also plan on adding to our registered services by offering Tax Free Savings Accounts, along with our no-fee RSP and RIF plans.

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Roastery café owner Jim Townley (with father Mel, Roastmaster) on what it takes to be an artisan coffee roaster, and visionary

1 5 How did you get your start in this profession? I’ve always loved having coffee with friends. In high school we used to go to the “Country Kitchen” in Brentwood and I remember all the good conversation we would have. In my mid-20s I went on a trip to Costa Rica, learned more about coffee and fell in love with it all over again. For 10 years I knew this is what I wanted to do, and seeing the growth of brew pubs through the ‘90s I saw that typical coffee houses would evolve too, which is why I started a “Roastery Café,” not just a coffee shop.

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We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? Dad tries not to give advice as much as he likes leading by example. He’s a hardworking guy, who is well-liked by the locals here in Saanichton and he will do anything for family. What more can you ask for? What is your business best known for and why? Our business will always be known for being the first micro coffee roaster on the Saanich Peninsula. I think we’ve really impacted the way residents of the Peninsula enjoy freshly roasted coffee, not to mention our efforts to create a truly sustainable coffee roasting model.


What is the secret to success? There are many secrets to success. For us it comes down to: freshness,

consistency and having a passion for creating an exceptional product. Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you’d use to describe yourself? Others would use: intense, dependable and outspoken to describe me. I would describe myself as: tenacious, committed and industrious. I will do whatever it takes to get the job done!


What makes Fresh Cup unique? We wanted to do more than just roast the freshest and tastiest coffee on the Peninsula. We wanted to challenge ourselves when it came to the current methods of roasting coffee. We believe that we can always do better in terms of our

22 SEASIDE | june 2013 | www.seasideMAGAZINE.ca

energy consumption and reduction of emissions; ongoing improvements in sustainability is our goal.

community you live in, and giving back when you can.



What does “business” mean to you? Building relationships is what doing business is all about. Business is about being involved in the

What is your guilty pleasure? I have a weakness for wine gums, and red wine. I don’t count calories and I love food … a lot! If you could start your business all over again, would you? What would you do differently? That’s a tough one because I typically don’t look back and regret anything I have done. The most successful people are typically the ones who have taken some risks and made a lot of mistakes. Life is not about perfection (there’s no such thing) … life is simply about continuous improvement! Be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today.


Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Fresh Cup? Our vision is to take what we’ve learned from operating our Roastery Café and share that knowledge with others in the industry. We are expanding into manufacturing of our coffee roasting technology with the intent of selling the Roastaire™ across the country to other cafés, grocery stores and hotels. We would love to put the Saanich Peninsula on the map in terms of what “Clean Air Artisan Coffee Roasting” means to Canadians.

Jim & Mel Townley

Fresh Cup Roastery Café 1931 Mt. Newton X Rd., Saanichton 250.652.5678 www.freshcup.ca



Stylist Jamie Poll on community involvement, karma and getting hooked on the world of beauty and hair Jamie Poll

Haven Salon 9805 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.655.9797 www.sidneypier.com/spa



How did you get your start in this profession? It all started with a great love for the world of beauty and hair. My first work experience in grade 10 was at The Hair Company in Fort St. John. That was in 1992 and the salon was the first Aveda Concept salon in Northern B.C; after that I was hooked.


We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? Wading through the humour-

drenched attempts at advice that my dad has ever given me over the years, one of the few pearls is “No one has ever died from working too hard.” This resignated with me at a very early age and is something I apply daily in my life.

thankful for all that the community affords us and feel that giving back is the best way to complete the circle of “what you put out into the universe eventually makes its way back to you.”

5 4 3 What is your business best known for and why? My business is known for a friendly atmosphere with a strong commitment to community involvement. We are


Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? I like to think people would describe me as caring, funny and energetic. I would describe myself as a

Lucas J. Copplestone


1 4 3 5 2 We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? Being from London, my father showed me that it is only through adventure that some people succeed in

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Haven Salon? The community is going to get a chance to see and work hand-in-hand with a group of artists whose focus will be in building a strong relationship connecting beauty, environment and well-being.

Creative director Lucas Copplestone on minding the gap, building momentum and the importance of freedom of expression

questions How did you get your start in this profession? Art is not a thing: it’s a way of life. To create and communicate through the language of art is something that I’m deeply passionate about; I have always wanted to work for myself and it was this passion that motivated me to do so.

very caring individual with a servant’s heart who enjoys making everyone’s day a little brighter!

knowing themselves … if I never seek adventure then I will never find anything new or different; you can’t make either life or art, you have to “MIND THE GAP” in between which is undefined! What is your business best known for and why? LJC ART is best known not for what we do but for why we do it. We bring creative passion, adventure and out-ofthe-box thinking and infuse this into everything we do: ART, Screen Printing, Fashion, Design, Web and Music. This results in a fresh

outcome for our clients. Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? Friends would say that I am unconventional, inspiring and expressive. I would describe myself as colourful, driven and adventurous.

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for LJC ART? I see LJC ART as a movement; moving forward

we’d like to create art facilities where people can have freedom of creative expression in a supportive entrepreneurial environment. We are currently converting shipping containers into satellite ecostores, art galleries and apparel print studios. In the past five years LJC ART has raised over $30,000 for various charities including the Zajac Ranch for kids; carrying this momentum forward we’d like to empower more children through the freedom of expression and teach them to use art as a weapon.


Owner operators Matt Coste and Seth Finlayson on the importance of customer convenience and professional ability Matt Coste & Seth Finlayson


Mobile Tile by Madico Unit 1, 17 Cadillace Ave, Saanich 250.590.5920 www.mobiletile.com

5 1 2 3 4 How did you get your start in this profession? Matt: I was in woodworking before tile. Tile was much better money than woodworking, and the woodworking skills translated very well into tile work. I was also able to utilize the creativity and craftsmanship I developed through woodworking. Mobile Tile was a way to leverage my knowledge into expanding my existing business. Seth: I was working at UVic in their entrepreneurial support centre ICE. Matt came to me with the basic idea for Mobile Tile, and I kept getting more and more involved.


We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? Seth: Always do a better job than you have to. Matt: There are more important things than money, but if you have those, money’s nice too.

there are no skill gaps between us. This is a product of years of training and education, each in different facets of the business. Combined we make up a very efficient machine that produces high quality tiled spaces and happy customers.

What is your business best known for and why? Obviously our business is well known for its unique mobile store service, but we think it goes beyond that. Clients who have dealt with us feel we are best known in town for our professional abilities. Each member of Mobile Tile is an experienced expert in their field, and as a team

Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? Others: Friendly, knowledgeable, inspired. Us: Friendly, knowledgeable, inspired. Things are as they seem! What makes your business unique? At Mobile Tile, we

believe purchasing tile doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We want to make purchasing tile convenient and hopefully fun. It’s a much more enjoyable experience to shop in your own home with a selection of products customized to your preferences, than in an overwhelming show room. The convenience of being able to choose your tile in the space it is intended, get a quote for it and have it ordered while simultaneously getting an installation estimate and booking a start date is a huge benefit and time saver.

Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith on answering a calling, being a valuable resource and offering a higher quality of life Mark Smith, DC, BSc Knes Progressive Chiropractic #207 - 1595 McKenzie Ave, Victoria 250.590.7319 www.chiropractorvictoria.com


1 2 5 3 4 How did you get your start in this profession? Chiropractic found me. A desire to help others and learn more about wellness culminated in a fire that was lit the moment I first saw a chiropractor at work. The “inside-out” chiropractic philosophy of health and healing resonated with me and working in a one-on-one setting with clients turned out to be a great fit. I do feel as though my profession is more of a “calling” than a “job.” We celebrate Father’s Day in

June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? “Define the moment, don’t let the moment define you.” I have certainly found these words to live by!

throughout care. Patients rave about our adjusting and massage tables as well. Our approach is an effort to get our clients the best results and best office experience possible.

What is your business best known for and why? Our clinic’s technology is a great differentiator. Video motion X-ray allows us to literally see the spine in motion and identify issues accurately while our thermal scanning tool helps track nerve system progress

Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? I think others might describe me as passionate, thorough and personable. I think I’m optimistic, ambitious and loyal.

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Progressive Chiropractic? I envision Progressive Chiropractic becoming Victoria’s premier chiropractic clinic both in terms of the caliber of care we provide and our contribution to the community. I’d like to see health care practitioners seek out our technology and advice as a valuable resource in assisting with difficult cases and to continue to offer hope and higher quality of life to those who seek our help.

10 questions

Realtors Patrick Killeen and Patrick Schörle on the measure of success, being straightforward and two shades of Patricks

1 4 5 2 6 How did you get your start in this profession? Patrick Schörle (PS): With a background in classical music, orchestral conducting in particular, I sought to further develop my marketing skills in a business which I could find both compelling and challenging. Real Estate in some sense seems to be a stark departure from the world of classical music but you’d be surprised to hear of the many parallels. Patrick Killeen (PK): After a career of general management I was looking for something of my own with more control over my business. We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? PS: My dad was successful as a European entrepreneur operating in a niche market and he taught me that timing means everything when it comes to a fruitful venture. He is also an inspiration for me when it comes to sticking to one’s beliefs, regardless of some of the challenges that can sometimes face a business owner. PK: My dad was a stickler for honesty. He taught me the value of honesty and that all things come around.

What is the secret to success? PS: Success should probably be measured not by recognition of a particular achievement but rather by the laudable persistence of a person’s willingness to overcome obstacles in life. PK: Creativity, persistence and being goal oriented. Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? PS: Creative, talented and driven/multi-faceted, multi-cultural, multitalented. PK: Straightforward, logical and interesting. What makes Schörle & Associates unique? PS: Two shades of Patricks that bring different perspectives and backgrounds to the table. We strive to build and develop long lasting relationships with our clients. PK: We see the client relationship as a much bigger thing than a sales contract.

3 7 What is your business best known for and why? PS: Dedication, knowledge and in-depth research along with the ability to have a frank discussion. PK: Being straightforward and a no-nonsense kind of guy.

What does “business” mean to you? PS: Professionalism and dedication to your values and goals. PK: The general activity of creating value.



What is your guilty pleasure? PS: Single malt Scotch and French food (especially a good saucisson sec!). PK: A good wine on Friday evening.

remember to stay true to one’s values prior to entering the real estate profession. PK: Develop some business background. Broaden what you can bring to the table.

9 10

What advice would you give someone considering a career in your profession? PS: Bringing a multi-faceted experience or a rich and varied background to the table is paramount, but the most important is to

Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Schörle & Associates? PS: On April 1st my wife Stephanie and I opened up the doors of Pacifica Real Estate Inc., a new brokerage in Sidney. I am excited to be able to have more options and solutions for how Schörle and Associates can tailor its services and marketing strategies. Pacifica’s vision is to be a supporting platform for real estate agents to grow by valuing their individual businesses and achieving success by marketing themselves as well as building their own brands. It is the perfect fit for Schörle & Associates; we are looking forward to working alongside other agents at Pacifica who possess a like-minded business approach. PK: We are looking to further develop our high quality services and stay on top of current trends and changes.

Patrick Schörle Patrick Killeen

Pacifica Real Estate 2444 Bevan Ave, Sidney 250.984.2310 www.pacificarealestate.ca


Laboratory site coordinator Don Chan on channeling the king, the importance of a team atmosphere, and service to his community Don Chan

Saanich Peninsula Hospital 2166 Mt Newton X Rd, Saanichton 250.544.7676 www.sphf.ca



How did you get your start in this profession? I’ve been working in laboratory medicine for over 35 years, the last nine at Saanich Peninsula Hospital. I began organizing fundraisers as a member of the Chinatown Lions Club, then came “pizza staff meetings” and Christmas parties (happy staff means happy clients!). This year I organized a Chinese New Year Dinner to benefit the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation. More than 300 people came, raising

over $5,000. I made my annual appearance as “Little Elvis.” In Elvis costume, I sing and tell jokes after the professional Elvis impersonator sings.

2 3

We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? Live life fully. What is your business best known for and why? The Lab at SPH prides itself on providing prompt, courteous service, a result


of the team atmosphere that encourages technologists and lab assistants to work together and back each other up. I’ve discovered that if you make staff meetings fun (we sometimes have door prizes along with the pizza or Chinese food), it’s reflected in the service we give the community.


Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you’d use to describe yourself? At work, people would describe me as quiet


Can you give us a glimpse into some of your future plans? Next year I’ll be organizing another dinner for two families facing health and financial challenges. Your readers are invited!

Optician Fima Korduner on staying on top of the newest developments, giving customized service and finally realizing a West Coast dream Fima Korduner Sidney Eyeland Optical 2451 Beacon Ave Sidney 250.656.3626


1 2 How did you get your start in this profession? I started working at an optical laboratory in Calgary, and after a few years of doing all aspects of the lab work I decided to further my education and profession by going to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where I took the Opthalmic Dispensing program. After graduating, I went to work in a major optical company in Calgary. I always dreamed of moving to the West Coast. After a wonderful fishing vacation on the Island, I decided to move here and opened my store in Sidney in 1997.

and serious, although considerate. However, once I become Little Elvis, I’m a wild and crazy guy. I would say of myself that I treasure my friends and work colleagues and love to have a good time, while doing good in the world (more than three words, I know).

We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What values do you try to pass along to your son? I try to teach him the importance of hard work and excelling in school. What is important to me, and hopefully my kids, is staying in touch with their community and family … going out of your way to please your next door neighbour, or your friend.


What is your business best known for and why? We are known for excellent customer service – going above and beyond to ensure customers are seeing

better and have a customized experience for their prescription and type of lenses. We also have a great selection of frames. Being totally independent, we’re free to custom order frames and lenses for individual customer needs.


Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you would use to describe yourself? Others might describe me as patient, fair and meticulous. I would hope that I’m viewed as honest, courteous and hard working.

Eyeland Optical 316 Cook St, Victoria (Cook Street Village) 250.380.2735


Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for your two Eyeland Optical locations? Since opening, I’ve always strived to keep up with the newest advances in the optical industry, from the new laboratory equipment to the newest styles of frames, colours etc. I undergo continuous education on the newest developments in prescription contact lenses and lens development, and I’m happy to say we offer our customers a full range of digital prescription lenses.

10 questions

Chartered accountant Erik Solbakken on the importance of balance, good advice and life experience

1 4 5 2 How did you get your start in this profession? In my last year of high school I decided to take an accounting course as an elective. I was always good at mathematics so I thought it would be a good filler course. The “penny” dropped for me when I realized I could use mathematics to earn a living by becoming a Chartered Accountant.

We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? My father and uncle ran their own construction company. My dad told me that they always paid their suppliers and employees first before paying themselves. He said as a business owner you must pay yourself last. Without suppliers and employees you can’t run a business, so you must ensure you take care of them first. I’ve always followed this advice and I share this message with business owners I work with.

What is the secret to success? Balance. I’m constantly working at it. When you’re running your own business you think about it all the time. The key is to make sure you spend time not working. That’s the hard part. What makes Solbakken | Chartered Accountants unique? We offer our business owners a Fixed Pricing Agreement (FPA) option as opposed to billing by the hour. The FPA gives our clients unlimited meetings and consultations with us without fear of the “clock ticking.” Anytime they have a question or need assistance they don’t hesitate to contact us.

6 3 What is your business best known for and why? We are best known for providing accounting, tax and advisory solutions to owner/ manager businesses and their families. Our clients understand that we are also running a business and face the same challenges that every business owner must face. We share our personal experience and the experience gained from all the businesses we’ve been exposed to over the years with our clients to help them make decisions.

What does “business” mean to you? It means life. I really don’t see a line between business and personal. When you own your own business, it’s part of who you are. I’m the same person

regardless of whether I’m doing high level corporate tax planning or playing with my children.


mistakes in the past I wouldn’t have that experience to offer my clients today.

9 8

What is your guilty pleasure? ‘80s metal music.

If you could start your business all over again, would you? What would you do differently this time? I know it sounds cliché but I honestly wouldn’t do anything differently. Experience is the most important asset to be able to share with others. If I hadn’t made

What advice would you give someone considering a career in your profession? Be patient and persistent. The schooling and training process to get your CA designation takes time and is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. At each step of my career I’ve experienced points where I could have easily thrown in the towel because of the stress, but I’m very grateful I stayed with it as I really enjoy what I do today.


Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Solbakken | Chartered Accountants? Over the last two years we have been focusing time and resources internally on building an improved business model as opposed to growing our client base. I’ve always thought there must be a better way to provide professional accounting services to clients and I believe we’ve achieved that now. We moved our offices to a more convenient central location, improved our internal systems and created a better value proposition under our Fixed Pricing Agreement. Our focus is now on growing our business externally by being more visible in the community and taking on new clients.

Erik Solbakken, B.A., C.A. Solbakken | Chartered Accountants #202 - 830 Shamrock St, Victoria 250.590.5211 www.solbakken.ca


10 questions

Hairstylist and salon owner Jamie J on treating others well, top service and going mobile

1 4 5 2 6 3 How did you get your start in this profession? My parents raised me in Alberta and Saskatchewan to be a farmer. At 13, we moved to British Columbia and I began noticing the amazing hairstyles women had that I had never seen before. After personally suffering through many horrific hair cuts, at 16 I began to cut my own hair. Having the opportunity to work in many different trades, I realized that the trade for me was hairdressing and I became determined to train in that field.

We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? To quote my father: “Get a haircut you hippie!” In all seriousness, my father taught me to treat others the way I would wish to be treated myself. That is, with honesty, fairness, and respect. This is the way I run my business and the way I treat my staff. I believe my father brought me up well. Thanks Dad! What is your business best known for and why? I pride my salon on offering the best talent on the Peninsula with cutting edge design fused with contemporary thinking for clients from every walk of life. Salon J is known for its fun, friendly and upbeat atmosphere. When a client sits down in our salon, they notice that they are surrounded by a team of talented and creative stylists. My salon offers

28 SEASIDE | june 2013

an experience above and beyond the average salon visit.

What is the secret to success? After personally training with Angus Mitchell and John Paul Dejoria of Paul Mitchell, I became aware that all clients must be provided top service and given the utmost respect. Everyone deserves to look fantastic! Three words you’d use to describe yourself? Three words that others would use to describe you? I would describe myself as dedicated, unique and forward thinking. Others may call me supportive, kind and generous. What makes Salon J unique? I lead an unbelievable group of style experts who work as a team. We ensure that the client’s visit is always as amazing as possible. As a group we all specialize in different

areas, so every beauty need is covered. You, as our client, are our primary focus.

local organizations and charities, and I love that aspect of my business.

What does business mean to you? I believe that business is being a contributing part of a community. I am grateful every day to have the loyal clientele that Salon J does. These clients allow us at Salon J to support many

What is your guilty pleasure? Lemon drop martinis.

79 10 8

If you could start your business all over again, would you? What would you do differently this time? I would absolutely do it all again! It has been an amazing journey. I don’t think I would do much differently because I am so proud of Salon J and everything it is today. Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Salon J? I am happy to announce that I am now the sole owner of Salon J! We are now focusing on Jane Iredale, Eminence Organics, Paul Mitchell and Bumble and bumble as our product lines. We will continue to provide our current services with the addition of a focus on bridal beauty with various specialty packages. This summer, we look forward to offering on location services with our new mobile unit, as well as the launch of Salon J’s new website. My staff and I are very excited about our future.

Jamie J

Salon J Hair Studios #101 - 2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.9111 www.salonj.ca


Journeyman refrigeration mechanic Kristen Fletcher on doing it right, personal connections and being just a phone call away Kristen Fletcher

Uptown Air Conditioning 3592 Calumet Ave, Victoria 250.889.7199 www.uptownac.ca


1 3 How did you get your start in this profession? I had some great advice from mentors and saw it as an opportunity to one day start my own company. The diversity of the trade appealed to me, because no two days are the same! Also, job security was a deciding factor: people will always need a warm room and a cold beer, and that’s what I provide!


We celebrate Father’s Day in June. What is the best advice your dad ever gave you? If it’s

not worth doing right, then it’s not worth doing. What is your business best known for and why? Providing expert level service with the personal connection of a local company. We are concerned with customer satisfaction first and foremost and we aren’t happy until our customers are. I think of the care and compassion I’d want a company to provide for my Grandma and that’s our benchmark, our barometer if you will.

We make sure that the equipment is working properly and our customer understands how to operate it best. Taking the time to explain how a heat pump works can save the customer much frustration in the future, and if they have a question, we are always just a phone call away.


Three words that others would use to describe you? Three words you’d use to describe yourself? I think others might describe me as genuine, capable and

passionate. I’d describe myself as driven, loyal and dedicated.


Can you give us a glimpse into some of the future plans for Uptown Air Conditioning? We’ll be expanding our residential service to provide efficient, high-value home heating and cooling products to the Peninsula with quality workmanship. Whether you’re upgrading your home’s heating system or building a new home, we have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right system.

we get you home for dinner. we fly from north saanich ( pat bay ) to vancouver downtown & airport 4

free parking at Pat Bay ◀ free shuttle service downtown Vancouver/ Richmond ◀ free salt spring coffee served onboard ◀

Serving Vancouver Island Since 2003 Toll Free 1 877 537 9880


times a day!

all inclusive each way! as low as $126 for frequent fliers, rewards program also available

Full schedules online: www.saltspringair.com reservations@saltspringair.com

2010 Winner of the Back and Bevington Safety Award 2011 Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award


smell t h e co f f ee the joy that a cool coffee brings is a special thing: that sunny day and carefree feeling unlocks the stress in most of us

The Calories Behind Iced Coffees by Steve Sheppard

With the recent burst of warmer weather on the West Coast it has been virtually impossible to ignore the increased number of iced-coffee drinks in people's hands. The joy that a cool coffee brings is a special thing; that sunny day and carefree feeling you get knowing that you made it through another Canadian winter unlocks the stress in most of us. But, I thought people should know what they are getting into with this seasonal change in their coffee choice in terms of their caloric consumption. With a change in your favourite coffee drink comes more calories for some people, and the bottom line is … you will definitely need to exercise! Through the cold winter when we were drinking our 12 oz. cups of black coffee we consumed anywhere from two to five calories, and in a 2 oz. shot of espresso about the same. Black coffee or a shot of espresso in their pure forms are low in calories and have been proven to be good for our overall health. The calories in people's coffee do not come from the coffee itself; the calories come from additives like cream, sugar, or the double-double, which really piles on the calories. When you move to the iced coffee drinks, like those from McCafé, even with sugar-free vanilla syrup they can yield in the neighbourhood of 120 calories and 11 grams of fat. Then there is another level to the ever popular blended coffee drinks, which are commonly referred to as Frappuccinos or Frapps. The coffee world has yielded some defining moments

in its history and the Frapp would be one of them. This category of coffee drink alone has added many inches to waistlines all over North America! Frapps vary in caloric value depending on the ingredients. Some places will use different "mixes" or powders which may contain hydrogenated oils and other ingredients to create texture and thickness with little regard for overall nutrition. A 16 oz.

Charbucks Mocha Frappuccino has 270 calories, 11 grams of fat, 42 grams of carbohydrates and four grams of protein. A 16 oz. Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino contains 410 calories, 21 grams of fat, 56 grams of carbohydrates and one gram of protein. If you seek iced coffees, my suggestion is to look for independent cafés that engage in a more pure form of iced coffee and blended drinks. These cafés will typically use homo milk to thicken the frapp, and syrups to sweeten the coffee a bit. But, given the choice of calories from milk over that of a synthetic powder I can't pronounce the ingredients of, I will take my chances with a cow … I can always ask for skim milk to lighten up my calorie intake, and less syrup to reduce the sugar … Steve out.

Marmalade Tart Boutique Fun, Flirty, Fabulous Fashion! lisette pants: Canadian Owned, Designed and Manufactured


st The Beu’ll o Pant Y wn! O Ever

Mon - Sat 10-530 • Sundays & Holidays 1130-5 Landmark Bldg – #102-2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney

778-426-3356 • www.marmaladetart.com SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 31


Open Year Round for Tastings & Tours, 11 am - 4pm

Wine Tasting 11:00 am – 6:00 pm daily Lunch in the Bistro Wednesday to Sunday Reserve @ 250-652-2671


June 1st - September 30th: Daily October 1st - May 31st: Weds - Sun (& most holiday Mondays)

Best Red Wine in Canada 2011 Winner

2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd, Saanichton 250.544.4824 â?? info@seacider.ca www.seacider.ca

Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse by Barry Mathias

As a young teacher, I settled in Somerset, England's cider-making County, and became enamored with the wonders of this golden drink. Here I am, many years later, on the Gulf Islands, and find to my delight that Saanichton's Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse at 2487 Mt. St. Michael Road is on my doorstep. "I've been involved with apples since I was a child" says Kristen Jordan, the owner and driving force of this remarkable establishment. But, she admits that it was not until she was educated at the prestigious Atlantic College in Wales that she became familiar with the drinking of cider. On her 10-acre organic farm with over 1,300 apple trees and more than 50 varieties, Kristen produces "a selection of critically acclaimed artisan ciders." She named it Sea Cider Farm when she acquired the land in 2004. "I had no idea it would become the large and dynamic operation that it is today, employing 15 staff throughout the year and more in the busy season and for special events," she says. The farm boasts an attractive Ciderhouse with an airy, welldesigned tasting room where a variety of delicious and different ciders can be sampled and enjoyed, together with a gourmet range of

cheeses, breads and chutneys. Casual visitors can relax in comfortable chairs at long rustic tables, while enjoying the view through the large windows of the grounds, and the sea beyond. Kristen agrees that the most satisfying element of her business "is connecting with customers and the surrounding community." The Ciderhouse operates throughout the year, and can accommodate up to 64 diners at a sitting or up to 100 for a reception event. For much of the year, larger events can be held in a heated tent in the grounds, which makes Sea Cider an ideal venue for weddings and corporate events. "The most demanding aspect of my work is the running of the farm itself," she says, for Kirsten not only grows popular cider apples, but buys from small farms, encouraging them to grow unusual and "oldfashioned" varieties. By doing so, she is helping to preserve local farming, and as she puts it: "It's a way of preventing lesser known apples from disappearing. It's a way of preserving the past." To this end, she deals with Life Cycles, a non-profit organization that purchases apples from small-scale local growers. Sea Cider is a certified organic farm, and many of its ciders have won national and international awards. Famous names such as the crisp, effervescent Pippins, and the sparkling Rumrunner, aged in old rum barrels, are examples of the quality of their product. But for Kristen there is a satisfaction over and beyond the running of a successful business: "Every season has its beauty: the spring flowering of the apple trees, and, perhaps in late November, the first dusting of snow."

Tasting Room & Wine Shop Open 11 to 5 Tuesday to Sunday


Relax in the Vineyard Terrace Bacchus Room for Special Events

Join the Muse Wine Club


Open for the Summer 11 to 4 pm

Lunch served Thursday to Sunday 250-656-2552 musewinery.ca 11195 Chalet Road, N. Saanich

We grow, harvest and prepare...


Farm Estate Wines & Wood Fired Oven

you experience it.

HIGHLAND HOUSE FARM WINERY AND BISTRO 9100 East Saanich Road at McTavish Bistro 250-655-0009 Bakery 250-655-0075














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Experience Matters!








In this business…













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A W. S

managIng the WorlD’S moSt Important InveStmentS:








Summer Winery Events Prospect Lake

Bear Mtn.


Int e


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Church & State Wines e



Royal Oak

West S

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Mt. Douglas






cu t rie

Island H

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250.657.2224 • 1.866.678.2200 National Bank Financial is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada which is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA: TSX).



















Muse Winery




w lo gf

Soo ke R d.


Veteran ’s M


#205, 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

ai Cr




Foul Bay




Happy Valley


Gor Tastings: Until August 31st in the tasting room Hillside getimbered Bay 12 am to 5 pm daily. Vicfest: Vancouver Island Cultural Festival – deVine ESQUIMALT Pandora will be inROYAL attendance.Esquima www.vicfest.ca lt COLWOOD ROADS Kelly

to Sooke



Gold stre am

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deVine Vineyards

r Bu

Island H







Tastings in the Wine Bar: every day from 11am to 6 pm VIEW 14 ROYAL LANGFORD Lunch: Friday to Sunday in the Bistro. 1A

John Webber “Swing Into Summer:" kick offVICTORIA the evening at 6 pm withpacificsafety@shaw.ca yummy Bistro Tapas in the vineyard. At 7:30 it's swing time Dallas METCHOSIN hosin Metc the big band sound of Dock Side Drive. $35 includes with JUAN DE FUCA STRAIT concert & tapas. Cash Wine bar. Vicfest: Vancouver Island Cultural Festival – deVine will be in attendance. www.vicfest.ca Belleville

C Map by:





Albert Head

A Boarding Kennel that loves your pets as much as you do.

Roost Farm Centre

Tastings: Every day from 12 - 9 pm. Enjoy a glass with a wood-fired pizza in our Highland House Bistro!

Sea Cider

Tours and Tastings: Open year-round – June 1st to September 30th daily from 11 am - 4 pm. October 1st to May 31st open Wednesday through Sunday 11 am - 4 pm.



Winery Tasting Room

6181B Old West Saanich Road

(250) 665-6983

deVineVineyards @deVineVineyards

• Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment • Quality, nutritious foods • Exercise yards up to one quarter acre • Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course • All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” • Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton 250-652-2301 www.puppylove.ca • info@puppylove.ca Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 33

f or b es & mars h all meanwhile, i'm the one standing there with albert einstein hair and mismatched socks while wearing lisa's fuchsia robe

The Duck Dynasty

I'm not so sure anymore about answering my door. Whenever I open it, someone by Michael Forbes wants something and it's usually precious time and exclusive access to my money. The endless parade of people coming to my front step usually gets both time and cash because I have a problem: I find it difficult to say no. First off, let me just say that when it comes to getting coin, you can't tell the dog license guy that you have no dog because he is relentless, especially when the first two times he came he could hear the faint barking of our shih tzu muffled by a throw pillow. Also, don't trust the sweet rosy-cheeked third grader who wants to go on

a school field trip and then promises you a pound of coffee which she doesn't have with her. She will take your 12 bucks and never come back. Then there's aerator guy. He offered to use his fancy machine to poke holes in my lawn, which he claimed gives it oxygen that promotes growth. Eight minutes and $80 later, I stood there once again regretting my open door policy. I imagined him around the corner afterward celebrating his easy money by high fiving his friends, shoving each other into the bushes, while waving around my hardearned cash. For better or for worse, I'm the go-to guy in our house when it comes to answering the door. The kids won't do it and neither will Lisa. Every time the doorbell rings, our home suddenly turns into a WWII movie, as we become a small crew of silent sailors in a U-Boat, huddled and painfully still, trying not give the intruder any excuse to drop a depth charge. Then a heated but hushed agrument breaks out because even though she is fully dressed, Lisa says she can't possibly go to the door looking like this and besides she has no makeup on. Meanwhile, I'm the one standing there with Albert Einstein hair and mismatched socks wearing her fuchsia robe. Then she uses the "you have to see who it is because it might be the butt master I ordered from the Shopping Channel." Of course when I do answer it, sure enough I won't be signing for the butt master but will be greeted by a man in suit who'll want to chat for 20 minutes about the latest issue of Watchtower. Some would say that by not answering the door and hiding out, I'll somehow give my children the wrong message about people and teach them to be antisocial and fearful. They would also say that I could create a new kind of quasi "duck dynasty" that I could pass on to the next generation. You know, the ritual that happens when the doorbell rings, we duck and shush each other and hope they just leave us alone already. Well, nobody has to worry about that just yet because I've got good karma on my side and three excellent reasons why I'll probably keep answering the door: Publishers Clearing House.

Landscape services Design, Construction Maintenance

Patio + Hardscapes | Excavating + Trucking | Complete Tree Services info@victoriagardencity.ca • 250.385.4858 • victoriagardencity.ca 34 SEASIDE | june 2013 | www.seasideMAGAZINE.ca

Roy Coburn


Jeff Bryan


Renee Colonnello


Lisa Dighton


Karen Dinnie-Smyth


Tori Feldman


Helmet. Bike. Always in that order.

Gay Helmsing


Bill Brooks

Beverley McIvor


Rene Blais

Debbie Gray



Be Safe This Summer!


Gaye Phillips


Stephen Gagnon, AMP Kelly Curtis, AMP Mortgage Planners Don Bellamy


Jack Barker


250.744.5557 #2-4440 Chatterton Way, Victoria BC


Craig Walters


Ross Shortreed


i n side out Good health for as long as possible: the importance of weight and activity Years ago I wrote a column on "subjects medical." I enjoyed it then so it is great to be behind the typewriter again! by Dr. Ambrose Marsh As it's Seaside's Men to Watch GP and Chief of Staff, issue, I was asked to write this Saanich Peninsula Hospital month's Inside Out column on the topic of men's health. When I speak of a healthy life or give health advice (for men or women) it is, from my perspective, to enhance one's quality and quantity of life – good health for as long as possible. The actual subject of this article "should" be about smoking cessation. It is clearly and absolutely the #1 cause of poor health on many levels. BUT since we are in B.C. and our rates of smoking are the lowest in the country (and I suspect on the South Island they're even lower), I am going to discuss a subject that pertains to a larger number of us: weight and activity. (By the way, if you do smoke and want to quit visit national website www.quitnow.ca.) It is impossible in the remaining words to analyse all the evidence pertaining to weight and activity, but I thought a few pearls and references would be a good start: Diet – You must change your diet to lose weight, and for many of us the change has to be profound. Profound is mainly calorie reduction(ie "portion control"). Avoid fad diets; they are often poorly researched and hard to sustain (listen to a recent podcast with Jian Ghomeshi and the author of Wheat Belly – http://www.cbc.ca/q/ episodes/). Sustainability over a lifetime is what creates health. Here is one I now live: "eat what you like but eat less and drink more water." Not researched as far as I know, but it's good common


Being overweight is linked to many health dangers —




The Saanic hP

ula Hospita ins l en

It’s our hospital.

fo r g n e rati e

sense. Often we may eat when we are actually thirsty, and many of us are mildly dehydrated due to our poor liquid consumption. Here is a very important point: if you are overweight, obese or very obese you do NOT have to attain your ideal weight to benefit. A sustained loss of even 10% of your excess can lead to significant risk reduction (especially diabetes incidence). The daunting goal of reaching an ideal weight is often discouraging. ACTIVITY becomes less important for weight loss as we get older but it's still very important for quality of life and safety (less falls). Cardio is only one aspect of exercise and therefore a mixed program (walking, yoga, fitness machines, bicycling) leads to wider benefit. If you are young enough to be more active, then walking a small dog around the block is not enough. 30 to 45 minutes five days a week should be your goal. Reputable dietary and fitness programs (such as Weight Watchers) that give advice, encouragement and regular follow-up have the most success. From my perspective, increasing your activity is a choice – we can all do it. Changing our diet is a greater challenge as it is steeped in a long history of eating. But BOTH are IMPORTANT. Some helpful websites that focus on the health significance of being overweight: www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/obesity win.niddk.nih.gov.publications/health_risks.htm … or even: www.dummies.com/how-to/content/the-healthrisks-of-beingoverweight-or-obese.html For something provocative, see if you can find an old TV Ontario production called The Famine Within. No ice cream for me tonight!


including type 2 diabetes, heart

disease and arthritis. A study in the medical journal Neurology linked obesity to a higher dementia risk.

If your waist circumference is 40 inches or more, you could be at risk. Find a diet and exercise programme that works for you. Start today and protect yourself, mind and body.


s h o p p i n g at mattic k ' s

Mattick’s Farm:

All the Elements of Shopping the shops of mattick’s farm, in beautiful cordova Bay, offer something for everyone

Mattick's … It's not a farm anymore! Bill Mattick began growing vegetables and flowers on his property during the mid-1940s. He was a consummate showman. He built the market and tea garden in the late 1950s and started the golfing tradition on the property when he built the popular Par 3 course and old driving range in 1956.

Mattick was an accomplished golfer himself, despite the fact that he had lost his left hand in a farming accident during childhood. Mattick sold the farm in the late '60s and for the next several years, until his death in 1985, Mattick commuted the short distance between his home and his office on the property. His working day started punctually at 9 a.m. with a "Black Russian" cocktail and a freshly rolled cigarette. The staff at Bill Mattick's Restaurant and Lounge does their best to honour its namesake by filling the place with daffodils each 38 SEASIDE | june 2013

spring, by featuring a Black Russian on the liquor menu, and by continuing to tell the story of the man who built Mattick's Farm. Today, Mattick's Farm in beautiful Cordova Bay is Victoria's premiere shopping destination, with over 15 shops and boutiques to choose from. If you are expecting the shopping to be fabulous, the proprietors of the shops of Mattick's can guarantee you will find that one-of-a-kind discovery; everything from designer shoes to local carrots can be found here! BC Wine, local artisans, fresh flowers, boutique clothing shops and many unique gifts – top it all off with a visit to the day spa! Mattick's has it all – come explore and see what they have to offer. Parking is free and Mattick's Farm is only 20 minutes from downtown Victoria and Sidney.

a stable way of life

A Stable Way Of Life, set in the beautiful complex of Mattick’s Farm in Victoria, offers an interesting shopping experience featuring footwear for a city or country lifestyle. There is also an ever-changing selection of gift ideas which begins with this season’s collection of fun handbags and of course an unusual array of finds for the cat, dog and horse lover. 250.658.3052 www.astablewayoflife.com. adrienne’s restaurant & tea garden

Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden serves their Island-renowned eggs Benedict, French toast, homemade soup, freshly prepared salad and seafood crepes, to name just a few of their delectable menu items. Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden and Ice Cream are always two of Mattick’s most popular destinations. There is no better place to stop for a bite to eat. A new pastry chef offers lots of delectable items in the bakery! Happy to accept special orders for birthdays or other special events. Open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. 250.658.1535 www.adriennesteagarden.com art knapp garden centre

If you love gardening, you’ve come to the right place! At Art Knapp Plantland Victoria Garden Centre we are committed to bringing you the very best in plants, flowers, garden accessories, information and much more! In addition to plants, we carry everything you need to create your garden – from soils and fertilizers, to tools and accessories, pottery containers, garden gifts, indoor flowering and foliage plants, and lots of expert advice. 250.658.1013 artknappvictoria@telus.net

cordova hair

Cordova Hair has been serving the Cordova Bay area for over 30 years. Each one of our three trained hair stylists possess an extensive range of techniques and are adept at creating a customized haircut or style to suit your lifestyle and look. We are also Joico colour specialists for Vancouver Cordova Hair Island. Come and relax in our warm and contemporary surroundings and enjoy one of our two vintage barber chairs from the ‘50s for your comfort. Hair Styling for the whole family! 250.658.5914

elephant flowers floral design

Unique, custom and memorable. A wedding, a special or corporate event or a “just because;” you can be sure Elephant Flowers will create something unforgettable. Combining a love of flowers, Certified Advanced Floral Design and Floristry with superior customer service. PLUS our little shop is full of fresh blooms, unique floral containers, design supplies and unexpected treasures. Come check us out! 250.658.2455 www.elephantflowers.com ladybug boutique

Choice Accessories for the Discriminating Buyer: gifts for yourself and others; the largest selection of The candles in B.C.; European glassware and table linens; hand-woven placemats and runners; paper napkins; Norse and Celtic at Mattick’s Farm jewelry; locally made pottery; iron candle holders and much more. Customers are welcomed to “The Ladybug” with enthusiasm and good cheer. As the staff always says: “If you can’t find the perfect gift, at the right price, in this store, you’re not looking hard enough!” 250.658.3807 www.ladybugvictoria.com

Ladybug Boutique

mattick’s farm mini golf

Mattick’s Farm Mini Golf offers two spacious 18-hole miniature golf courses located in a beautiful treed setting. Our course is both tranquil and beautiful as it winds through the forest floor. Be wary of the resident dragon and mind the pixies who frequent the Hobbit House and hide behind the toadstools! After the game, enjoy our selection of refreshments on the patio overlooking the natural setting. 250.658.4053

momease baby boutique

Momease Baby Boutique is a unique retailer specializing in modern, innovative and functional baby gear and parenting accessories. From strollers to swaddles, car seats to carriers and everything in between, Momease offers high-quality products that are sure to help you parent with ease and style! Visit us on Facebook and “Like” our page to stay up-to-date on coming events and festivities. Watch our posts or call to find out how you could WIN some amazing prizes during our Grand Opening Celebration June 22nd and 23rd! 778.265.5432 www.momease.ca


paper chain

Come and explore our one-ofa-kind mix of hand selected greeting cards and unusual gifts. We have recently expanded our selection to include an exciting assortment of affordable jewelry, a line of whimsical trinket boxes and unique fashion accessories. Tucked into every little corner of our cozy shop are little treasures that will put a smile on your face. Open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5:30 Red p.m.Barn 250.658.2725



the country gift shoppe

Shopping at the Country Gift Shoppe is a reflection of your The Country commitment to yourself, your family Gift Shoppe and your friends; bring the gift of fragrance and joy to every aspect of life. Every nook and cranny of our delightful shop is filled with functional giftware, linens, candles, luxurious bath products, jewelry and much more. We offer a huge selection of Kameleon – the most unique, fun and flexible interchangeable jewelry system in the world! Drop in today, delight your senses and treat someone special. 250.658.1812

produce • full deli • grocery • meats • pet food

red barn market

We believe in providing our clients with locally sourced, top-quality products and produce. Our shelves are stocked by local area farmers and small-scale food processers that carry the same values as we do, Red community Barn values that reflect driven, healthy eating and living. MARKET Our philosophy is simple: provide fresh, locally-sourced food at produce • full prices, deli • grocery • meats • pet food reasonable support our community and local food economy, and focus on feeding our customers the highest quality 5550 West Saanich Rd Phone: 250-479-8349 Victoria, V9E produce 2G1 Fax: 250-479-2153 foodsBCand available. redbarnwest@shaw.ca 250.658.2998 www.redbarnmarket.ca


something more

Since 1980, Something More has continued to offer fashion at another dimension, catering to larger women who are looking for high quality, fashion forward clothing and accessories for business, leisure and special occasions. Something More has become synonymous with providing exceptional service to every client. A very dedicated team of style consultants is always available to showcase the latest fashions and accessories. “For All Life’s Curves, There’s Something More! 250.389.0420 www.somethingmore.ca sunday snowflakes

Featuring the best from Canadian designers and around the globe, you will find a style to make you look your best this season. Drop into our boutique today and let us fulfill your desire for comfort and style. Softly structured clothing for any occasion such as sensational "Sympli" is just one of many lines we have to show you at our little shop at Matticks Farm. 250.658.8499 www.sundaysnowflakes.com 40 SEASIDE | june 2013

the gallery at mattick's farm

The Gallery at Mattick’s Farm specializes in original art work by Canadian and International Artists, catering both to the private and corporate sector. Contemporary sculptures, paintings and an outstanding collection of ceramics and glassworks as well as many more unique art pieces are featured regularly. We also have a magnificent selection of beautifully crafted, distinctive jewelry by the finest artists. 250.658.8333 www.thegalleryatmatticksfarm.com toying around

Happiness is shopping at Toying Around at Mattick's Farm. Toying Around is a quaint shopping experience for ages 1 - 99. We carry many of the popular toy lines Thomas and Friends, Playmobil, Calico Critters, Carolle Dolls, Meccano and much more. Our extensive selection of puzzles, games and novelties makes shopping fun for everyone. See you around at Toying Around. Open daily 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 250.658.2721 vqa wine shop

The Wine Shop at Mattick’s Farm specializes in B.C. Wines at winery direct prices. Trips to the wine regions of B.C. are enjoyable but not always convenient – the Wine Shop at Mattick’s Farm makes it easy for you to have your favourite B.C. Wine anytime. Knowledgeable staff is the main feature of this Wine Shop – event planning, food and wine pairing, finding an old favourite or assisting you with trying something new, the staff are eager to help you select from approximately 400 different B.C. Wines. 250.658.3116 www.vqawineshop.ca

ignition Buying a car has become increasingly complicated, so Seaside has decided to lend a hand! With the assistance of our friends at Motorize Auto Direct, this month Madeleine Kemp turns on the Ignition for our readers.

Nissan LEAF by Madeleine Kemp

This stylish, innovative looking hatchback is in an exclusive class of its own, offering great looks, affordability and zero emissions. The SL model driven here comes well equipped with standard features such as a seven-inch touch screen which controls the navigation system as well as showing a variety of information such as energy efficiency readouts and driving range. The SL also comes with complete power options, heated seats and heated steering wheel and a standard DC quick-charging port. These standard upgrades see the 2012 SL starting at $37,250. The "cool factor" skyrockets with the added benefit of an app called LeafLink which allows drivers to remotely control their Leaf. Late for work and your car is iced over? Just turn on defrost and your seat warmers 15 minutes prior to leaving with the click of a button! Other useful features include access to a map of all nearby charging stations. Driving the Leaf feels like driving any other car: it is extremely smooth and has plenty of get up and go, with better-than-expected acceleration. The silence of the vehicle takes a little getting used to, and speeding up on the highway sounds like you're about to take off in a small private jet! Within minutes you feel secure, comfortable and good about yourself – after all you are driving a car that isn't

Nissan Leaf: zero emissions and lots of get-up-and-go

harming the environment AND is free to re-charge at most locations. The District of Saanich is adding 12 new charge stations to the 80 Level 2 stations currently being built in the Capital Region, making charging up accessible. As for charging time, the longest it can take is 21 hours with a 120-volt household current, however the Leaf's battery can also be "quick-charged" up to 80 percent in 20 minutes at locations offering industrial-level DC Fast Chargers. The value provided by this car will vary depending on the individual; $37,000 is a lot of money to spend on a car that has an official EPA electric driving range of 73 miles. Yet considering it severs the connection between the oil pipeline and your car and provides zero emissions, its value is worth debating. Model as shown $23,890 including warranty until 100,000 kilometres. Battery covered for eight years or 160,000 kilometres.


garde n to ta b le

Summer's Bounty – in a Wrap! by Carolyn Herriot

For a gourmand, early summer is long anticipated, because it comes with an abundance of tender, tangy baby greens of lettuce, chard, beets, arugula, spinach, radicchio, parsley and kale. I perk summer salads up deliciously with this favourite dressing. Salad Dressing Whisk or blend together: ½ cup olive oil ¼ cup balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp soy sauce 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tbsp liquid honey 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1 tsp black pepper

HEALTHY HARVEST WRAP Preheat oven to 350°F. Leftover salad is delicious made into the following healthy harvest wrap. Simply blend ½ to 1 cup of dressed salad into your choice of cooked grains – brown rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat or couscous. Lay the filling onto one half of a wholewheat multigrain wrap and fold the sides in, before curling the wrap up into a roll. Place on a lightly greased baking sheet (or on parchment paper) and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until the wrap is lightly browned. RHUBARB STRAWBERRY GALETTES These are easy to make and bring together the compatible flavour of two summer fruits. They never last long in my house! Preheat oven to 425°F. Pastry 2 cups unbleached white flour (or use half white and half whole wheat) ½ tsp salt ½ tsp five spice powder (equal parts cinnamon powder, allspice, ground cloves, mace, grated nutmeg) ¾ cup unsalted butter, cut into pieces ¼ cup cold water 2 tbsp lemon juice

with summer comes an abundance of tender, tangy baby greens

Filling 2 cups fresh rhubarb, chopped into 1-inch pieces ½ lb fresh strawberries, quartered 2/3 cup granulated sugar 3 tbsp unbleached white flour 1 tsp five spice powder (equal parts cinnamon powder, allspice, ground cloves, mace, grated nutmeg) Glaze 1 egg yolk 1 tbsp (15 mL) cream Combine the flour, salt and five spice powder. Cut in the butter until the mixture resembles small peas. Combine the cold water and lemon juice and sprinkle over the flour mixture. Using your hands, bring the pastry together into a ball, adding extra water if necessary. Wrap in a damp tea towel and chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Cut the chilled pastry into six equal pieces. Roll each piece into a 6-inch circle and transfer this to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Divide the filling between each round, leaving a 2-inch edge clear all the way around. Fold the edge of the pastry over the filling to enclose, leaving the centre space open. Beat together the egg yolk and cream. Brush the glaze over the pastry with a pastry brush. Optional: sprinkle with a little sugar. Bake the galettes for 15 minutes at 425°F, and then reduce the heat to 350°F. Bake for another 20 minutes until the pastry is golden in colour. Remove from the oven and leave to cool before serving. Makes 6 servings. Carolyn Herriot is author of "The Zero Mile Diet" and "The Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook" (Harbour Publishing). She grows "Seeds of Victoria" at The Garden Path Centre. www.seedsofvictoria.com.

The Art of Monica J Reekie Capturing moments in time and the beauty around us 250.744.2047 or 250.888.8410 khyllah1@gmail.com




Open Sundays! 10 - 5pm

dly u o r P ing serv ey Sidn r fo rs! ea y 1 1 PET FOOD PLUS

#4-2353 Bevan Avenue, Sidney, BC 250.656.6977

www.bosleys.com SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 43

The Rural Days of Keating Cross by Carole Pearson

"It was the perfect place for a kid to grow up," recalls John McNally. "There's a lot of good memories." McNally lived in the Keating area on his family's farm on Veyaness Road. Prior to the 1960s, Keating was an informal farming community defined by Keating Cross Road and surrounding areas. In contrast with today's streetscape of light industry, commercial businesses and subdivisions, one saw farms and fields of strawberries and loganberries. "There were never more than a half dozen houses along Keating Cross Road," says Joan Butler Gilbert, remembering her childhood years. The Butler family have a long history in the Keating Cross area. In 1868, Captain George Stephen Butler purchased 120 acres of land which covered an area from Veyaness Road almost to West Saanich Road. Gilbert has a map from 1885 showing the main road was then called Butler Cross Road. According to the Saanich Archives, it was later formally renamed after Andres Keating, a neighbouring land owner. Captain Butler passed away in1885, but the family still owns much of the land. In 1915, Willard Butler donated land for the construction of the Saanich Fruit Growers' Association fruit shed. He also built a general store beside the train station. "It was built of concrete that came from the Butchart cement factory at Tod Inlet," says Gilbert.

A Brighter, Whiter Smile. $99 Teeth Whitening with Initial Cleaning

Caring, Spa-Like Atmosphere! • Individualized dental hygiene care • Dental plans accepted • Dentist referral not required


44 SEASIDE | june 2013

ch ni aa .s w

Brentwood Dental Hygiene Clinic

Refresh #4 - 7115 West Saanich Road Your Smile! Brentwood Bay 778.351.3211

r. ed ac ll wa

Norm Ryder, son of Mill Bay ferry captain W. Glenn Ryder, remembers the Butler store and the old V&S train station were still there in 1962. The Co-op gas station and parking lot are at the site now. Keating School was originally a two-room school house, expanding as the population grew. McNally remembers walking to school with friends joining en route. "I would walk down the trail on the farm and across Shady Creek down into what we called 'The Gulley.' You'd see fish in the creek but it was also dark and spooky there – that was the best part!"

Butler's store and Victoria and Sidney Railroad station at Keating. Saanich Archives (North & South Saanich Pioneers Society Collection) 1985-006-051

Past the school was another commercial intersection at East Saanich Road. In the 1930s, Marlene Hartley's parents, Jack and Myrtle Whiteley, built a store at Island View Road and opened their Chateau Inn Tea Room. Hartley has some old plates and saucers from the tea room and the gramophone that provided dance music. Next door was a blacksmith and Safer Brothers' machine shop. On the other corner was Ken Stanlake's butcher shop and lockers. People didn't own home freezers in those days, so businesses with commercial freezers would rent out lockers to customers for storing frozen foods. B.C. Telephone Company's Keating Exchange building was across from the tea room. There, telephone switchboard operators assisted callers in the days before direct dialling was available. McNally's aunt, Violet McNally, was the manager of the exchange and lived in the house behind the office. "She was there when they first started the Exchange and was still there when it closed down," he says. Next door was the Temperance Hall, which later became the Women's Institute hall, where school concerts, anniversary celebrations and dance lessons were held. On January 16th, 1951, the first council meeting of newly incorporated Central Saanich took place there. It is now used by the Central Saanich Lions' Club for their events.

Ingrid Jarisz: Newport Realty by Arlene Antonik


ingrid jarisz

SELLS VICTORIA Real Estate is my passion, People are my priority! 1286 Fairfield Road Victoria, BC V8V 4W3 250.385.2033 www.ingridjarisz.com

This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet info@ingridjarisz.com Up Women's Networking Group, featuring women in business on the Saanich Peninsula. A realtor in 2013 spends less time on the road and more time on the digital highway. Internet listings, virtual tours, Facebook, Twitter, ✽ LinkedIn, Pinterest – technology and social media have changed the real estate landscape! Ingrid Jarisz of Newport Realty Ltd. is going one step further in Sunscreen & a Good Book launching her own realtor "app" this month. Swimsuit & a Cute Coverup Want to check out any of the MLS listings in the Greater Victoria Book Pedicure at Jade Tree area? Download her free app from the Apple App store onto your Pretty Feet Are smartphone, tablet or Apple computer or follow the link on her Our Specialty! webpage at www.ingridjarisz.com. She will search with you to find Check out our that piece of real estate, residential or commercial, that's just right great pedicure for you. With over 30 years of experience in real estate law, property packages on our website! management, marketing and sales from luxury properties to first-time 250.652.7888 ✽ www.jadetree.ca home buyers, Ingrid brings her own unique skills to make the search 8508 Aldous Terrace, N. Saanich (Wallace & Amity) Open by appt. 9am - 8pm a success. Ingrid's background includes working with the Jawl family on their = Hear tests multi-phase projects in Cordova Bay. = Hearing aids "Since 1994, I've worked with Jawl Developments in marketing = Financing available and selling the homes in Sayward Hill, Mattick's Green and Mattick's Woods," says Ingrid. "There is such a sense of community in the area = VAC/WCB accepted as many of the owners meet at the nearby Cordova Bay (18 holes) = No referral required and Ridge (nine holes) golf courses or even at Mattick's Farm mini = Registered Audiologist golf! My office at 5311 Cordova Bay Road is tucked just behind the = Parking at the door shops and beside the golf course and I'll often see my clients in the neighbourhood. I enjoy the chance to catch up on how their new homes are working out for them." Call 778-426-4876 Ingrid knows this region well, having been born and raised near hearcentralsaanich.com hearcentralsaanich.com7159 W Saanich Rd Beaver Lake. She now lives in Brentwood Bay with her husband, Bohdan, and daughter, Tasha. Ingrid met her husband playing volleyball when he swore in German over a missed serve and she 2013 05 Seaside.indd 1 13/05/2013 12:53:57 PM surprised him by reproaching him in the same language. They just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary! "Bohdan is such a big support to me," notes Ingrid, "as is Tasha. Even though being a Regardless of your budget or style, I can help you create a compelling realtor can mean long hours, they know I love what I do!" space that reflects you! Ingrid was encouraged to join Sidney Meet Up by her friend Nicole • Just bought a new place? Wilford, whom she met on Twitter two years ago. Nicole co-facilitates • Planning on selling your home? the group with founder Cheryl Young. • Just want to rent or redecorate? "This group has enabled me to meet many other women in Freshen up Your business and share how we use social media to network and promote Home With a New Complimentary Look for Spring! our businesses. And even with all the technology at our fingertips, Consultation! I always enjoy meeting people face-to-face at our meetings, social simplystagedtosell.ca • 250.889.0022 • ca@simplystagedtosell.ca events and fundraisers!"

Spa Quality

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Who Benefits from Staging? EVERYONE!



Energy. Amy Smart

Subscribe Subscribe Today Today timescolonist.com timescolonist.com Sidney Pier (Haro’s) Seaside Times Ad May 2013 • Size: 7.75” (w) x 4.925” (h) • REV 4 • May 17/13

crab it while you can! 2013



Join us for fresh Dungeness Crab and our special Crab Menu Seven nights a week June 13th – 30th For reservations: 250.655.9700 • www.sidneypier.com

46 SEASIDE | june 2013

n ew & n otewort h y by Linda Hunter servic e s

Moving In & Moving On The Petite Pet Spa in downtown Sidney has only been open for a couple of months, but Uncle Mike (O'Brien) has been loving and grooming dogs since his first puppy, Sapphire, at age five. Having lived in Sidney for more than 30 years, many dog owners will remember Uncle Mike's Grooming Salon, located on Fourth Street in Sidney, which Mike, a professional groomer, ran for more than 15 years before taking a break to recover from severe illness. Mike, a professional show dog handler, is a Toy Dog Specialist, grooming only the smallest of dogs at his new shop on Second Street, where he welcomes chihuahuas up to shelties and cocker spaniels, the largest that he now grooms. The Petite Pet Spa is open Tuesday through Saturday and you can make an appointment by calling 778-351-1988. There’s a new face and feel at the Haven Spa with Jamie Poll, formerly of Salon J, having made a move last month to become the Master Stylist and Principle of Haven Salon. Bringing into alignment his dedication to

client service and the Sidney Pier Hotel's philosophies and green initiatives, his newest salon promises uncompromised service in a positive and peaceful atmosphere. Celebrating their sixth anniversary, Haven Spa welcomes Jamie along with an expansion in size and services, with the opening of the new Haven Polish Lounge, a fun relaxing environment for manicures, pedicures and parties. With so much to look forward to, it seems like a match made in Haven! Open seven days a week, you can reach Jamie and the Haven team at www. sidneypier.com/spa or by email at havenspa@sidneypier.com. Under the sole ownership and leadership of Jamie J, Salon J Hair Studios continues to run its successful business in the same location in the Landmark building on Beacon Avenue in Sidney. The salon’s enthusiastic team is available to take care of your hair and esthetic needs Monday through Saturday, and you can continue to see Jamie J featured on Shaw Community Television. www.salonj.ca. Brentwood Bay's Act Together

Moving Services has expanded to open their second office, located on the Lower Mainland and operated by Pat Fagan. Anney Ardiel continues to operate on the Saanich Peninsula and in Greater Victoria, serving seniors' every moving need including the logistics of selling or donating furniture, packing household items and unpacking and setting up the new home. Find out more at www.acttogethermoving.com. retail

A Diamond in the Rough

Founded in 2008 by Christine Paton, Stone Haven Gems has a new home base in Central Saanich. Christine's passion for collecting rocks and a background in the healing arts has been the driving force for her business with a focus on sustainability, ethical trade and education. The Stone Haven Gems collection contains stones and gems for collectors of all ages and interest levels and includes tumbled stones, fossils, crystals, geodes, amber, fine mineral specimens and genuine gemstone jewelry. Christine’s gems travel to a variety of gem and mineral shows throughout Vancouver Island and the mainland and can

Care & Compassion... At C.A.R.E

be found this summer at the BC Ferries Swartz Bay marketplace where she offers up minerals from around the world, local rocks, jewelry and a scratch patch for children. Find out more at www.stonehavengems.com. real estate

Settling Into Their New Home Pacifica Real Estate Inc. is feeling at home, now a month in their new space in the Watermark Building on Bevan Avenue in Sidney. Patrick and Stephanie Schörle are pleased to be building relationships and community in their new downtown location, offering real estate consulting and representation services to assist home sellers and buyers with their real estate goals. Open Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., they have 24-hour consultation services available year round and are passionate about real estate and their commitment to provide the highest quality service. For more information visit www. pacificarealestate.ca. News, changes, updates, launches? Email linda@seasidemagazine.ca.

Being a local and family-owned Funeral Home with no Commissioned Sales Staff, our Statement of Intent is to provide Compassionate and Caring service at a price point that leaves each family favourably impressed with the value they received from CARE Funeral Services.

Funeral Services your memories matter.

Since 1990 Greater Victoria’s very best value.

Complete Services from $1,370 - Ask about our Peninsula Discount! Sidney 250.655.9669

Victoria 250.391.9696


William Buckley Director


tre n ds p otti n g

A New Outfit Unique and memorable gifts from d.g.bremner & co. menswear and Bubba Loo Children’s Boutique, including fabulous matching sport shirts from Luchiano Visconti for Dads and their Lads! We are proud to offer complimentary gift wrapping and a no hassle return policy at both of our family owned and operated shops. (men's shirt $150; boy's shirt $95) d.g.bremner & co. menswear #1 - 2249 Beacon Ave, Sidney facebook.com/ dgb.menswear

Adventure Take dad for a picnic/kayaking adventure over to Sidney Spit without the worry of a ferry. Be on your own schedule and get some exercise at the same time! Enjoy the gorgeous scenery and wildlife in a single or double kayak to celebrate Father's Day! ($50 for a fourhour single kayak rental; $60 for four hours in a double kayak. Guided paddle $85 per person for three hours.) Sidney Whale Watching 2537 Beacon Ave, Sidney sidneywhalewatching.com

Bubba Loo Children's Boutique 2410 Beacon Ave, Sidney facebook.com/ BubbaLooBabyYourBaby

A New Hobby Music is in the air. If playing an instrument is on your wish list, summer is the perfect time to start. Peninsula Academy of Music Arts is a "full service" music school that has a built-in music store open to the public. Music lessons, instrument sales, rentals and repairs and all kinds of accessories. Instructional workshops for everything from “Ukulele for Adult Beginners” to “Introduction to Acting.” Fees start at $40 for six classes. Peninsula Academy of Music Arts 1662 Mills Rd, North Saanich peninsulaacademy.ca

A Clean Car Why not give Dad a “Professional Detail” this Father’s Day? Superior Collision offers a full range of choices, from interior to exterior and everything in between! They can also give him a free quote on that annoying scratch he keeps mentioning. State-of-the-art facility, eco-friendly and a highly skilled staff for that special Dad! (Carpet & Seat Shampoo: small car $79.99; Complete Professional Detail: mid-size car $209) Superior Collision Repairs Ltd. 2104 Malaview Ave, Sidney superior-collision.com

48 SEASIDE | june 2013 | www.seasideMAGAZINE.ca

One-Of-A-Kind Chef Tools Each piece of maple made by Thibault’s Table is one of a kind. Handcrafted from Vancouver Island’s own Big Leaf Maple, the raw wood is sourced throughout Vancouver Island using environmentally responsible practices. Thibeault’s Table creates each piece by hand and the end result is a unique board for functional kitchen use, serving or presentation. Exclusively in Sidney at Muffet & Louisa. (Wooden board $75 to $400; filleting knife from Wusthof Germany $195; three ply stainless steel and aluminum skillet from All-Clad USA $110) Muffet & Louisa #109 - 2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney muffetandlouisa.com

photos by Jennifer Williamson www.nuttycake.com, wikimedia commons and d.g.bremner & co. menswear • special thanks to trendspotter Susi McMillan

E very Dad Loves …


June 2013


The Designer's Credo: Rhythm, balance and proportion

On Design Considering a Secondary Suite

West Coast Gardener Let's talk about bedding ‌ plants, that is

Shore and Forest

Family History Meets Contemporary Design on Cordova Bay

Memories Along the Seashore

Story by Linda M. Langwith | Photography by Matt Schmitz for Realfoto

John and Lorraine Kirkendale will soon be celebrating the 99th year their waterfront property on Cordova Bay has been in the family. Much has changed over the years, but the magical beauty of such an idyllic spot has remained and is all the more precious for its uniqueness. The original two bedroom cottage, built for John's grandfather George, a master mariner, harbour master and port warden, served as a

50 SEASIDE homes | june 2013

delightful summer retreat for the Kirkendale clan. Excursions in their clinker boat to nearby islands and coves filled their days, and at night the children would camp out in tents on the east side of the property, lulled to sleep by the burbling of the creek and the endless susurration of the sea. Emily Carr, whom John's grandmother knew, enjoyed a three week stay at the cottage next door in 1931. Inspired by the beauty of the location, she completed a series of paintings depicting the forest, sea and shoreline: "Cordova Drift" and "Shore and Forest." John recalls many happy memories there as a child, camping out and messing about in boats, his favourite being a First Nations dugout canoe that required constant bailing, which was "‌ part of the thrill as you never knew if you'd reach the shore before it sank." Eventually it was carried out to sea in a winter storm and disappeared. In 1969 the cottage was demolished to make way for a home for John's parents, and the tradition of family gatherings continued, with fishing, crabbing, boating and picnicking. Then, when John inherited the property, he and Lorraine embarked on a project to create a home that would open itself up to the natural world in a seamless transition, with an expansive use of glass, retractable doors and outdoor living spaces. As Lorraine so aptly says, "The outdoors comes in as there is so much glass, and you feel the rhythm of the seasons." The resulting open concept, bright, two level contemporary residence with clean lines and a flexible layout is designed to allow the owners to age in place. Offering 3,076 square feet on .59 of an acre, five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a private north-facing studio apartment over the double garage and space to park the boat, the

The custom front door of edge-grained fir and glass invites views through the home to the sea beyond, while the open foyer soars to the floor above, reached by a floating fir staircase

home clearly meets the couple's love of "living within the surroundings." With two generous patios, one that includes a cosy fire pit for cooler evenings and roasting marshmallows, as well as convenient steps down to the beach and a gorgeous balcony running the full length of the upper level, it's easy to understand just what Lorraine means when she effuses "Let nature be here in its most magnificent as there is nothing better." Wildlife abounds, with a family of otters on the banks of the little creek, seals splashing in the bay and basking on "Seal Rock," herons roosting in the trees and eagles soaring in ever widening circles on thermal updrafts. Sea, sand and shore are recurring notes in lovely decorative touches throughout the home. The pebble design in the master ensuite shower suggests a walk along the shoreline, while gentle wave-shaped tiles and even a curving mirror evoke the beach just outside. The generous soaker tub off the master bedroom overlooks a lush tangle of maple, cedar and arbutus spilling onto a private little cove. The custom front door of edgegrained fir and glass invites views through the home to the sea beyond, while the open foyer soars to the floor above, reached by a floating fir staircase. Continued next page


phone : 250·656· 2224 fax : 250·656·2279 finlaysonbonet. ca

Continued from pg. 51

It’s Like Adding Another Room to Your Home! Bedrooms • Closets • Offices • Kids Rooms • Sewing Rooms • Custom Cabinets

Get organized & clutter free! Vancouver Island’s only authorized Murphy Wall Bed Dealer 3075 Douglas St, Victoria 250.744.2195 or 1.800.670.5505 murphybeds-victoria.com 52 SEASIDE homes | june 2013

A ledge stone wall anchoring the fireplace in the living room reveals a complexity of grey tones so similar to the iconic basalt outcroppings found along Cordova Bay. Shells, driftwood, Japanese glass floats and ship models form leitmotifs throughout, a testimony to the family's marine links and Lorraine's delight in the treasures of the sea. "You have to love the ocean to live here," says Lorraine as she gazes at the sparkling water, whipped up into little white caps by the fresh onshore breeze. John and Lorraine are moving on, embarking on a new phase in their lives. This enchanting property, enjoyed throughout the generations, its energy and magic captured so perfectly by Emily Carr, is now available, ready to welcome a new family and fresh memories.

slice of sunshine the air weight bath towel pure organic cotton 102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732



Contemporary Residential Designs

studio DB3 studioDB3 Daniel Boot

ph. 250 889 2584 dboot@shaw.ca studioDB3.ca


i neeD your heLP!

Pam is looking for her new home and she can’t find anything! Pam’s Wish List:

• rancher, or level entry with bedroom on main • private garden • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • walking distance to amenities or on a bus route • Sidney, North Saanich or Central Saanich • price: commensurate with property type

If you’re looking to sell “Pam’s House,” or you know someone who is, please call Karen!

Karen Dinnie-Smyth Personal Real Estate Corporation

250.655.0608 kdinnie-smyth@shaw.ca www.karendinnie-smyth.com

Re/Max Camosun Peninsula Properties

Time for a new roof? • Fully Insured • Reroofing

Call Victoria’s trusted re-roofing specialists

• New Construction • Repairs • Torch-on Systems • Skylights • Fiberglass Shingles • Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Call 250.652.1818 For a Hassle-Free Estimate www.admiralsroofing.com • info@admiralsroofing.com #9 - 6782 Veyaness Road, Saanichton BC

54 SEASIDE homes | june 2013

The Designer’s Credo: Rhythm, Balance and Proportion By Linda M. Langwith

Lorraine and John chose Dan Boot of studio DB3 as the designer for their home on Cordova Bay. Having worked with Dan on their previous residence, they appreciated his forward thinking and receptivity to their needs and wishes. According to Dan, his clients wanted an efficient, practical, cost-effective and contemporary approach to the design process. For Dan, "It was the loveliest site I'd ever worked on, surrounded by nature, alive with eagles and seals." Operating within the constraints of a long, narrow lot, along with a steep shoreline on the east intersected by a small freshwater stream, Dan focused on using the footprint of the previous house, which was comfortably positioned on a natural plateau. Retaining as many of the trees as possible, he nestled the structure into the rock on one side, thereby taking advantage of the spectacular 240-degree water view. Using the latest technology, which meets all

Pacific Paint -3 locations! 2065b Keating Xrd 1031 Hillside Ave. 109-2455 Millstream Rd.

Plants  Shrubs  Garden Gifts & Ornaments  Trellis  Arbors  Pots, Pots & More Pots!

Sale! Sale! Sale! We Have a Great Selection of Natural Stone, Soil, Compost & Bark Mulch We Deliver or You Pick Up

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engineering requirements, the result is a residence fit for living in the future today – modern, practical and above all exquisitely receptive to the unique surroundings. Dan approaches each design project using what he refers to as his "golden ratio of proportion," where length, height and width are perfectly synchronized. "There's a rhythm to everything I do so that balance is maintained." Consequently, both the private and communal areas in Lorraine and John's home enjoy a continuity of view throughout, so conducive to the harmony of living with nature. Above all, Lorraine wanted flow, and as a result, Dan's open concept layout of the kitchen, dining and living areas, patio, pantry and laundry room evolved organically to meet her requirements. Dan's attention to balance extended to the design of the balcony on the upper level. By thoughtfully providing additional shading for the floor below, as "sun control is key," the projection obviates the need for blinds, while offering an inviting space to view the endless vista of sea and sky. The playful combination of small weathered beach stones interspersed by pavers gives the delightful illusion that one is walking along the shore. Summing up the project, Dan says, "I had such a good time designing the home and working with John and Lorraine." What a lovely testament to the relationships forged between designer and client.

Open Tues - Sat 9-5  1780 Mills Road, Sidney 250-654-0400  www.twinpeaksnursery.ca

C.J. (Kip) Wilson

saanichton law offices

Wills & Estates • Estate Planning • Real Estate • Mortgages • Corporate

Reasonable, Common Sense Legal Advice #6-7855 east saanich Road, saanichton 250-544-0727 • kipwilson@shaw.ca • saanichtonlaw.com www.saanichtonlaw.com



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56 SEASIDE homes | june 2013

o n desig n considering a secondary suite Most can agree on two things about living in Victoria: it's beautiful and expensive. Many homeowners turn to the basement suite to help with the mortgage, which in turn provides affordable housing to renters. This relationship is widespread across the Capital Region, but what do you by Michael & Lisa require for a legal secondary suite? Dunsmuir A majority of our regional Step One Design municipalities permit secondary suites within certain zones or boundaries within their jurisdictions, and are regulated under section 9.36 of our provincial building code as well the applicable zoning bylaw. Contacting your local planning department or visiting their websites can inform you if and where secondary suites are permitted, and what is required. Some of the major requirements for secondary suites would be: a maximum floor area of 90 square metres with a minimum ceiling height of two metres as well as complying with the mandatory exiting requirements. There is also a requirement for fire separations between the main residence and the suite, generally accomplished with fire-rated gypsum board. Approved smoke alarms must also be installed. Additional

requirements must also be met, but consulting with an architect or qualified designer can assist you with the design and drawings for a building permit that will satisfy your municipality's building department. Most municipalities require off street parking to avoid excessive vehicles clogging our streets. If you are considering a suite, also consider the harmony of your neighbourhood. Visualize your tenants coming and going daily, and design your suite with privacy in mind. If possible keep entrances separate. An issue to also consider is sound control, which is not a requirement in the code but worth providing. Adding sound insulation in walls and ceilings and using furring channels with the installation of drywall can greatly reduce sound transmissions between you and your tenants. Sound is difficult to control, and more attention spent in this regard will go a long way to creating peace and quiet. A separate heating system is preferable, and electric baseboard heat is ideal for the suite. Sharing an existing forced air heating system requires additional attention, and cooking odours can travel between units. A legal secondary suite can increase the value of your home, as well as provide appealing accommodation for those seeking affordable housing. Always consult your local municipality and building department with specific requirements, and plan for the best use of space before you start. For more information visit www.steponedesign.ca.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is dining well. The best part of my day? Dishing up a good meal.

Independent and assisted living choices for today’s senior.

John, Sous Chef, has been with us for 5 years. He’s happiest when his efforts are rewarded with an empty plate and full smile.

2290 Henry Ave. Sidney | 250.656.8827 peninsulanorgarden.ca LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED by THE TIDMAN GROUP



west coast G arde n er

Glen Meadows golf & country club

LoyaLty SiLver

$99 Start Up• First Round Free • 20% off Green Fees

LoyaLty GoLd

$299 Start Up • First Round Free • 40% off Green Fees

9 & dine Tuesdays & Wednesdays


Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays & Holidays!

More Specials at www.glenmeadows.bc.ca 1050 McTavish Road, Sidney 250-656-3136

The Denture Clinic Full & Partial Dentures Dentures Over Implants Relines & Repairs No Referral Necessary All Dental Plans Accepted New Patients Welcome Free Consultations

Ronald A. Postings, R.D. Robin Postings, R.D. SIDNEY 250-655-7009

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Native Art • Fine Local Crafts • Jewelry & Imports

T I V O L I G A eLs t aLb l i sEh e dR 1 9Y8 5 250-656-1455 • 2475 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C.

58 SEASIDE homes | june 2013

Let's talk bedding … Plants, that is June is a great time to fill your garden, be it containers or in the ground, with bedding plants; from alyssum to zinnias they will all fill your garden with colour and your heart with joy. It is always good to begin with the basics: geraniums, marigolds, alyssum, lobelia, petunias and begonias. But why by Yvonne Bulk not step out of the gardening box & Laura Bulk and try something new? For example, Patio Gardens portulaca is a great bedding plant for a hot spot. Nicotiana, with its beautiful fragrance, would be a nice addition to your garden patch. If you are looking for some height, cleome is a good choice, growing four to five feet high. If you have a taste for the unusual try salpiglossis, whose name is derived from two Greek words meaning tongue and trumpet. A native to Chile, salpiglossis was introduced to North America in the 1820s. With two-inch blooms painted in contrasting veins of beautiful colour, this plant will fascinate even your nongardening friends. For those of you who are frequently visited by the Bambi Bandits, there are a few bedding plants they may choose to leave alone. For example, did you know that marigolds are deer-resistant? There is a wide range of marigolds available: golden, red, yellow, orange and even variegated. Zinnias are another plant you've probably heard of, and the good news is that they are also resistant to deer. Others include alyssum, gazania, stock, colendula, cosmos, heliotrope, osteospermum, fibrous begonias, dusty miller, dianthus and portulaca. Each plant has unique spacing needs, so be sure to read the tag and give your plants the room they need to grow. During hot weather, plant in the cooler evening hours in order to protect yourself and your plants from the stress of a hot sun. A note on watering: early-morning watering allows plants to soak up moisture before the heat of the day, while late-evening watering can promote diseases in plants. Potted plants have less soil in which to keep water stores, and therefore may need more frequent visits from the watering can. Finally, bedding plants are not all about good looks – you can also plant with a purpose, keeping the good bugs near and the bad bugs away. For instance, you could plant some lemon-gem taget marigolds to help repel those pesky mosquitoes. Nasturtiums repel aphids, bean beetle and squash bugs. To attract bees and butterflies, plant nasturtium, verbena, geraniums and marigolds. For more information visit www.patiogardensvictoria.ca.

Win a Weekly Shopping Spree … and it's Strawberry Season! by Jim Townley

What better way to enjoy the Peninsula Country Market this summer than with some money in your pocket, or in this case,an extra 50 Country Market Bucks to spend! Starting Saturday, June 8th, we will be giving away a $50 shopping spree each week at the Market located on the Saanich Fairgrounds (1528 Stelly's X Rd.), open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. As a small not-for-profit organization we have operated on the field for over 20 years and continuously look for ways to stay connected with local residents. Promoting the market is an ever-challenging project, and social media is playing a larger role in our communication efforts to spread the word on what unique items vendors bring to the field each week. The Weekly Shopping Spree Contest is designed to help us with our efforts to advertise the market in an economical way. HOW TO ENTER: The contest is very easy to enter: all you have to do is go to Facebook, search for "Peninsula Country Market" and click the "LIKE" button at the top of the page. We will draw one name

from our list of "Likers" each week for the $50 in Market Bucks. By liking us on Facebook you will receive biweekly posts on what's coming up at the market, or vendor specials as they are offered. Enter soon so you have a chance to win one of the 18 shopping sprees to be won! If you have already liked the Peninsula Country Market not to worry, you are automatically entered to win … so stay tuned! Contest Rules: Winners must use their entire $50 worth of Market Bucks during one Saturday shopping session during market hours of 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (how simple is that!). Winners will be contacted via Facebook notification only. Strawberry Season on the Peninsula – The Saanich Peninsula is historically known for some of the best strawberries on southern Vancouver Island and this season is shaping up to be amazing. About mid-June the berries will be in full swing, so make sure you come out to get perfectly ripe and juicy strawberries from local vendors at the Peninsula Country Market. And … Celebrate the Peninsula's inaugural "Strawberries and Wine" event on June 15th! Visit www.islandfarmfresh.com for details.

Your Favourite Outdoor Market ! Win a $50 Shopping Spree Every Week !

To Enter :

Celebrate the Inaugural “Strawberries & Wine” Event June 15th ! For details check out www.islandfarmfresh.com

Live Music in June: June 8 : Bill Johnson Blues June 15 : Chick Wagon Band June 22 : Brad Prevedoros June 29 : Jennifer Louise-Taylor

New Vendors Welcome ! Call : 250-216-0521

Everything Fresh • Local Produce • Crafts • Specialty Foods • Free Parking • Free Admission

1528 Stelly’s X Rd - Saanich Fairgrounds www.peninsulacountrymarket.ca SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 59

18 holes of Golf & carT - Texas scramble | buffeT dinner | raffle

Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation presents

25th Annual

Tee Off For Technology G o l f To u r n a m e n T

Friday, June 14th, 2013, 1pm at the Glen Meadows Golf Course

Thank you Sponsors! We couldn’t do it without you. Gold Event Sponsors

Golf Cart Sponsor Eagle Sponsors

JACK SHRIEVES Investment Advisor STEPHEN BRICE Investment Advisor JOHN STUBBS Branch Manager

Mr. John Salvador

Birdie Sponsors Silver Event Sponsors SIDNEY

Mr. Len Smith Media Sponsors SIDNEY

Still a few spots left! Please call the SPHF office to register. The Tournament is open to all golfers and will follow a Texas Scramble format. Proceeds from the Golf Tournament will be used to support the renovations to the Post-Anaesthesia Recovery Room at Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

2166 Mt. Newton X Road, Saanichton, BC 250-652-7531 | www.sphf.ca

grey matters "we didn't get this far along in life to get more, rather than less, self-conscious, right?"

Tiaras and Mini Skirts: Dressing Appropriately After 60 by Trysh Ashby-Rolls

To my four-year-old eyes the woman appeared very tall. Soft white hair framed her face and she wore a long black dress with long sleeves. I stared in awe, then noticed she carried a tortoiseshell horn. That, my mother said, was for people to speak into so the woman could hear. But it's how she dressed that I've never forgotten. That woman may have been regarded as odd, eccentric or even downright crazy, but she had style. Fashionable or not, she stood out in that post-war crowd. I vowed that when I grew old it wouldn't be purple I wore – the colour of my school uniform – I would dress in my own style. Yet recently I read in an advice column aimed at seniors that we should "dress appropriately." What, I wondered, is appropriate garb for 60+? I conducted a small, entirely unscientific survey and here's what respondents had to say. "Dressing is appropriate in most cases at any age," wrote Undine Downie from the most northwesterly point of the United Kingdom. Up there, dressing in thick blankets and knitted boots is probably appropriate. "The more mature you get, the less you need to give a flying monkey what other people think about the way you dress," said Timothy Crighton of Duncan. Paula Quertermous, who is 65, says she puts on "what makes me feel good and matches my mood of the moment. Sometimes I put streaks of teal in my gray hair, sometimes I wear my nightgown all day long if I don't feel like going out. I love amber jewelry, silver earrings and colorful scarves. I hate to be uncomfortable in my clothes, number one! We didn't get this far along in life to get more rather than less self-conscious, right?" Luanne Armstrong, writer and organic farmer, said: "White shirt, khaki pants, sunglasses, scarf, beautiful hat … good to go." Pretty close to what the best-dressed women were wearing in Sidney when I researched there. Several respondents agreed with Jayne Batchelor, a youngster in her '50s. "Dress exactly like you want." However, she did suggest "clean knickers and an open mind." Speaking of undergarments, Matt Hutton of Victoria offered that

"over 60 some sort of bra likely will be required." Guess he doesn't care for baggy or saggy. Angie agrees. "Never ever wear tights and a small top. Those are for the young." "Mayonnaise. Good for wrinkles," Roderick James Hogg advised. I think Angie was talking about Battle of the Bulging Tum, Roderick. "Nobody pulls off wild quite like classy older ladies," Mr. Hutton redeemed himself. Susan-Rose Slatkoff hopes I'm not offended by what she has to say. At age 69 and 10/12ths, she refuses to accept the idea of appropriate attire for older women. Georgina Weber pointed me in the direction of blogger Ari Seth Cohen. At age 31, he hangs out on the streets of Manhattan waiting for gorgeously dressed older women to come by. He's "collecting" them for a special project: Advanced Style. Aarie Krahn Warrior-Princess gave me the coordinates: Advanced Style film: long trailer, on stylish New York older women: http:// tinyurl.com/pusrbw7. Advanced Style with Tziporah Salamon, who considers dressing an art form: http://tinyurl.com/orygvr2. Do watch.

Sidney’s Newest Care Residence!

SIDNEY All Care Residence Open for Tours Tuesday through Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00 or by appointment. 5 minutes from the Swartz Bay Ferry & Victoria International Airport

Move in BONUS! Move In $500 off/month Spring 2013 for the first

Services Provided 12 months • Short Term Complex Care • Rehabilitation Services in Licensed Care • Short Stay Winter Availability • Palliative Care Specialized Services • Specialized Mental Health & Dementia Care 2269 Mills Road, Sidney, BC 778-351-2505

www.allcarecanada.ca SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

secrets f rom my suitcase "it's easy to experience both sides of the adriatic Sea on the same trip, even if you're not on a cruise ship"

Croatia has many islands off its coastline and the water is inviting from about mid-May to mid-October | Photo by Suzanne Morphet

Seeing More of the Mediterranean by Suzanne Morphet

Croatia or Italy? The lesser-known Mediterranean or the

more familiar? If you're planning a European holiday, chances are you're considering one of these countries, but maybe not both. The good news is that it's easy to experience both sides of the Adriatic Sea on the same trip, even if you're not on a cruise ship with multiple ports of call. I recently returned from a solo trip to Croatia followed by a few days in Rome, so I thought I'd devote this first column

62 SEASIDE | june 2013

to offering some suggestions. But first, let me extol the virtues of Croatia. This small country with a long coastline is joining the European Union on July 1st (the second of six republics from the former Yugoslavia to do so; Slovenia gained admission in 2004) and it's sure to become a lot more popular as a tourism destination. And rightly so. Croatian cities offer all the history, culture and sophistication of European cities like London and Paris, only on a much smaller scale. Case in point: The Klovićevi Dvori gallery in Zagreb, the country's capital, is currently hosting an exhibit of masterpieces from the Picasso Museum in Paris, including 56 of Picasso's paintings and sculptures (on until July 7th). Or for something entirely different, visit Zagreb's Mirogoj Monumental Cemetery. With its black-andwhite tiled arcades, ivy-covered columns and interplay of lights and shadows, it's considered one of Europe's most artistically significant cemeteries. In stark contrast, Croatia's interior is wonderfully traditional. I saw my first shepherd tending his flock in a field as I was driving through the rolling countryside one day on my first visit two years ago. The interior also boasts numerous clean rivers, perfect for canoeing, kayaking and fly-fishing. I spent one golden morning paddling the crystal clear Gacka River with Huck Finn Adventures, a local

The Trusted Name In company that offers a wide variety of active wine for 20 euros (about $25). tours. (See www.huckfinncroatia.com) (E-mail: kastelanac_00@net.hr) Croatia's coastline is possibly its most So where does Italy fit into the picture? appealing asset. Heavily indented and Wherever you like. Several ferry lines sprinkled with islands, the coastal tourist operate between Croatia and Italy. Since I season extends from was heading to "Croatian cities offer mid-April through Rome, I took an all the history, culture overnight Blue October. When I visited in mid-October 2011, the and sophistication of Line ferry from air and sea were both a Split to Ancona, European cities like balmy 25°C. the nearest port. London and Paris, only Blue Line ferries Croatia Tourism has been promoting Croatia aren't as posh as on a smaller scale.." as "the Mediterranean as it some BC Ferries, but once was" and I can vouch for its laid-back my cabin was clean and comfortable. (www. vibe, particularly on the coast where the blueline-ferries.com) olive oil flows as freely as the wine. Another option would be Dubrovnik On the island of Solta, a short ferry ride to Bari (maybe you want to go to Naples). from Split, I enjoyed a three-hour, fourOr, if you find yourself in Venice, it's just course lunch at Kastelanac farm (anchovies a 2.5-hour ferry ride to the old Roman and olive tapenade, rigatoni with octopus, town of Pula on Croatia's north coast. steamed fish and potatoes, and lemon Consider a ferry an opportunity to double custard) washed down with the farmer's own your adventure.

real esTaTe

Gay Helmsing – RealtoR® 250-360-7387 ghelmsing@gmail.com

Two luxury coNdos

1679 sq ft, sea views, completely upgraded, wood floors, two bedrooms plus den, two balconies. Great Sidney location. $729,000 1931 sq ft, sea views, completely upgraded, wood floors, two bedrooms plus family room/den, exclusive gated community. $699,000


RE/MAX Camosun

The Law Has Changed

While you slept, overnight on March 17, the law changed. If you have lived in a marriage-like relationship for at least 2 years, you are now a “spouse” for purposes of property division. Spouses with no agreement in writing are both entitled to family property and responsible for family debt. Family property includes all real and personal property owned by at least one spouse on the date the spouses separate, unless it is falls into one of the exclusions. A court can order unequal division only if equal division would be “significantly unfair”.


The rules regarding children changed, too. Under the new Act, in making an agreement or order respecting guardianship, parenting arrangements or contact with a child, the parties and the court MUST consider the best interests of the child ONLY. A court must also consider certain specified aspects of family violence and their impact on a child’s safety, security or well-being, even when that violence is not directed at the child. Family violence includes psychological or emotional abuse, including unreasonable restrictions on a family member’s financial or personal autonomy. Maybe you should talk to a family lawyer.

Jim Fowler

201-2377 BEVAN AVE. SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 4M9

TEL: 250-656-7231


Team 4 Hope and Touch a Truck 2013 for Pediatric Cancer Research The "Team 4 Hope" is a Victoria-based running and fundraising team with members from across Western Canada. They are dedicated to raising awareness of and money for neuroblastoma research in B.C., in support of research facilities such as the BC Children's Hospital Foundation and the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre. Team leader Lisa Hopkins is no stranger to neuroblastoma. Eleven years ago, she received the devastating news that her twoyear-old son Jordan had Stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggressive and deadly childhood cancer that affects approximately 70 children in Canada per year. Jordan was given less than a 20% chance of survival, yet by some miracle, he is now a thriving 14-year-old who is cancer-free. However, this outcome is not typical for children battling neuroblastoma.

June 5 Barney B

entall and earts June 7-8 Canine with Suzanne ClothChaos ier June 9 Shriners C Murray Hatfield M lub presents agic Show June 21 National Day Sculpture D Aboriginal edication June 27 Multicultu “Sweets of the W ralism Day orld” July 6 Ballet Victor “Best of the Seaso ia n” The Legendary H

Get Your Tickets at the MWC Box Office!

250-656-0275 • www.marywinspea r.ca 64 SEASIDE | june 2013

Neuroblastoma is a nervous system tumor that is usually diagnosed in children age six and younger. The chance for survival is grim, as neuroblastoma often comes back after treatment. After relapse, there is no standard treatment protocol and NO CURE. In 2013, seven children and their families in the Victoria area have been affected by neuroblastoma. Three are currently in remission, two have relapsed and two have since passed away. Due to the limited amount of neuroblastoma research, the survival rate has not changed significantly in the past 20 years. The Team 4 Hope is trying to initiate a positive change in neuroblastoma survival rates by raising awareness and muchneeded research funds for this deadly childhood cancer. In 2011, they raised over $50,000 for neuroblastoma research. In 2012, they raised a whopping $106,482! Because the Team 4 Hope is small and overhead is minimal, a large percentage of the funds raised are able to go directly to the cause – 82% in 2011 and 87% in 2012. Team 4 Hope is so proud to be the top fundraisers for neuroblastoma research in Western Canada! This year, team members will be participating in various races, including the Victoria Goddess Run, Vancouver's Lululemon Sea Wheeze Half Marathon and the Las Vegas Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon. The team hosts various fundraising events in the community throughout the year as part of their fundraising, with "TOUCH A TRUCK" being one of the largest. This spring, Team 4 Hope members will be hosting the 2nd Annual "TOUCH A TRUCK" on June 23rd, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Panorama Recreation Centre. At this event, children and their families are invited to get behind the wheel and explore trucks of all kinds, including fire trucks, police cars, excavators, cement trucks and more. This funfilled afternoon also includes a host of family activities and a BBQ sponsored by Fairway Markets. Last year's event was an overwhelming success, raising over $4,300 for critical neuroblastoma research. Mark your calendars for this year’s event; you won’t want to miss it! Also watch out for Team 4 Hope's late summer fundraiser: Vocal 4 Local, September 7th at 7:30 p.m. at the Sidney Pier Hotel. The event involves live music, a silent auction, local beer and wine and local food. For more information about Team 4 Hope, TOUCH A TRUCK 2013, and to keep updated on upcoming fundraisers, please visit www.team4hope.com. Photo: Neuroblastoma survivor Rene enjoying TOUCH A TRUCK 2012.

seaside arts scene by Gillian Crowley

The last two weeks of June are a time to celebrate who we are as Canadians, culminating in Canada Day July 1st. It's a great time to appreciate art as an essential expression of our cultural mosaic.

photographic exhibit on loan from the InterCultural Association of Victoria. The ICA invited a group of 23 newcomers to the region to take part in intensive photojournalism training with local photographer Quinton Gordon. Each participant worked through four core themes: Friends & Family, Community, Fears, and Hopes & Dreams. This exhibit is the extraordinary result. While admiring their work, you can also indulge yourself with "Sweets from Around the World." Free admission.

National Aboriginal Day June 21

Virtuoso Nikki Chooi

Is there something happening in the Peninsula or Gulf Islands Art Scene we should know about? Email gillian@seasidemagazine.ca.

Aboriginal and Métis people celebrate and share their cultures on this special day. During the afternoon, drop into the Mary Winspear Centre to see a Coast Salish carving demonstration by local carver, Doug LaFortune, and an art exhibit with works by Virgil Sampson, Doug LaFortune and Charles Elliott. At the same time, kids will enjoy playing traditional Aboriginal and Métis games. At 5:30 p.m., witness the unveiling of a six-foot marble sculpture called "Medicine Healer" created by Michel Beauvais, a well-known Island artist and member of the Kahnawake Mohawk Band in Quebec. This impressive work is being donated by the Winspear family who are long-time supporters of the arts at the Centre which was named after a beloved aunt. Following tradition, Beauvais will be invited onto Coast Salish land in a special ceremony attended by Elliott and LaFortune who carved the four "House Posts," traditional totem poles at the Centre's entrance. At the other end of town, watch the LeLa-La Dancers who will perform from noon to 5 p.m. at Beacon Park and Pavilion. This traditional Kwakwaka'wakw (pronounced kwa kwa key wok) dance company presents the First Nations' culture of Northern Vancouver Island through song and dance. This is a perfect day to learn more about First People's culture. Free admission to all events.

National Multiculturalism Day June 27 On this day we recognize the contributions of various multicultural groups and communities to Canadian society. The Mary Winspear Centre will be hosting "Voice and Place: Culture, Community and Belonging," a

Even as a child, Victoria-born Nikki Chooi played violin with electric virtuosity and maturity far beyond his years. He returns from studies at Julliard to join Eine Kleine Summer Music in two performances. These tickets will go fast! June 16th, 2:30 p.m. – First Unitarian Church, 5575 West Saanich Road. June 18th, 7:30 p.m. – Muse Winery, 11195 Chalet Road. Tickets: www.eksm.ca/tickets or 250-413-3134.

Quick Notes Tulista Gallery, June 17th to 23rd: "Fun with fibre … cloth and wood" demonstrates diverse art expressions in fibre by Dale MacEwan, Kathy and Peter Demchuk, Heather Corbitt and Maya Brouwer. Free admission. After a rigorous two-year assessment process, local artist Nancyanne Cowell was granted Active-Membership status with the Federation of Canadian Artists. www.nancyannecowell.ca Sidney-based wildlife and landscape photographer, Dave Huchison, recently received accreditation in the "Nature" category from the Professional Photographers of Canada. www.davehutchison.ca. Congratulations to both Nancyanne and Dave for their achievements!


Have you bean to the Market?

The Market is proud to offer fine, fresh artisan roasted coffee right here in Deep Cove! Proudly roasted in Saanichton BC, to ensure the highest quality and freshness in every cup. Enjoy “farmer friendly”, shade grown Arabica beans that are selected from around the world. Pesticide and herbicide-free! You can enjoy the convenience of locally roasted coffee at home with our ½ lb. and 1 lb. bags for sale in store.


250.656.2547 10940 West Saanich Rd, North Saanich SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 65

p e n i n sula restaura n t p ro f ile

Sea Glass Waterfront Grill: Sunset Oasis by Doreen Marion Gee

Do you remember picking up sea glass pieces off the beach when you were little and wondering if they were precious gems that had floated in on fairytale tides from other places on earth? Every piece was unique and special and their bright colours sparkled in the sun. Therefore, the name "Sea Glass" Waterfront Grill seems fitting because the Peninsula restaurant is a different otherworldly kind of oasis, a unique and beautiful hideaway for hungry patrons. Diners can expect special sensory delights as they discover delicious treasures at their table – and enjoy the same

childlike thrills as finding glistening gems on a windswept beach. As Sea Glass co-owners, Maureen and Ron Vincent enjoy complementary roles. Ron is into the kitchen part of things and Maureen is the gracious hostess. They reflect on what makes their restaurant shine like sea glass: "We sincerely mean it when we say we strive for excellence in both customer service and quality. We don't rush our guests through their meal. We are genuinely pleased to see people enjoy their experience." Remember when we thought

that those little shiny gems on the sand were each unique and different? The Vincents have the same fondness for their eatery: "We are one of a kind. We are not a chain." What is special about Sea Glass? I ask. Answer: "Our sincerity and genuine concern for our guests' satisfaction." Reflections of those colourful pieces of sea glass resonate throughout the Waterfront Grill experience. Immediately upon entering the restaurant, the one-of-akind exquisite ice glass work of Rick Silas dazzles the eyes. Aqua blue and sea green

More Than Just The

Spring Has

Peninsula’s Freshest Coffee !


Welcome it with a great meal on our Sunny patios! “Absolutely first class …”

The only thing we overlook is the view. After 23 years in business, The Rumrunner has only improved upon the delicious, fresh menu served daily.

Legendary Salads ! Gourmet Sandwiches Wholesome Soups Freshly Baked Muffins Decadent Desserts

Open Every Day 8 am - 9 pm

2320 Harbour Road, Sidney 778.351.3663 seaglasswaterfrontgrill.ca 66 SEASIDE | june 2013

Our Fish & Chips are Celiac Friendly! 9881 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.656.5643 www.facebook.com/Rumrunner Pub


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Saanichton: corner of Mt. Newton X Rd & Wallace Dr

glass designs rise up like cool sea waves against a real red-orange sunset and ocean outside. The Vincents are proud: "We want our customers to enjoy the beautiful setting of the marina and the carefully thoughtout décor." Ron Vincent has a passion for preparing food that is artistic eye candy. He relates how customers are pleasantly surprised when the high quality of their food is matched by its elegant appearance: "The presentation is unique and equally as appealing to the visual palate as it is to the taste." The same sense of wonder captures hearts with the sparkle of tiny gifts that come in on the tides. As for the food, nobody says it better than a satisfied customer: "The food was absolutely amazing from start to finish! I'm talkin' warm bread with soft butter … salmon crab cakes … blue crab dip with homemade chips … espresso braised short ribs with onion risotto

… and caramel cheesecake soufflé with pumpkin seed brittle! Mmm … mmm …" says Tara Wakeham. These sensual delights are just like little stars nestled on the beach. Gold star customer service is a priority at Sea Glass. "The personality of the server can

"We sincerely mean it when we say we strive for excellence in both customer service and quality." make or break someone's experience. Even if the food is fantastic, people remember how they were treated. We want that to be as good a memory as the food and the quality." The Vincents want to be an important part of people's lives in this community, and

it is a huge joy to be chosen by patrons as a venue for special occasions: "When they book their anniversaries, birthdays and family celebrations with us, it is extremely gratifying and we really take pride in being a part of that special day." The Sea Glass owners are deeply grateful for the wonderful community support for their restaurant at Van Isle Marina: "We want to thank everyone who has given us a try and passed our name along. Word of mouth has played a huge role in our success so far. We really want to thank those who have been 'regulars' since day one." Stepping across the cool sands of a summer beach at dusk and scooping up little glass trinkets, many of us dreamed of faraway places totally unlike our own. Now Sea Glass Waterfront Grill is beckoning: "We are 2 KM's from town and miles from ordinary." For more information, visit www.seaglasswaterfrontgrill.ca.

The Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

A Passionate Farm Bakery & Bistro

Watch for our NEW dinner menu in June!

Discover a British Columbia Heritage Home

Dinner Special:

$39.99 + hst

For An Amazing 3-Course Meal Open Tues - Sun For Dinner

2328 Harbour Rd, Sidney

250.656.4015 www.latchinn.ca

Start Your Day With Something Delicious …

Start your day with Spitfire Grill!

$5.95 breakfast special Monday - Friday 8-11 am Eggs, toast, bacon & hashbrowns Sun - Thurs 8-8; Fri & Sat 8-9


250-655-0122 • 9681 Willingdon Rd, Sidney

9100 East Saanich Road (at McTavish) Bistro 250-655-0009 Bakery 250-655-0075



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commo n ce n ts your mortgage: Think Outside the box

Let Us Help You Choose the Perfect Planter For Your Patio!

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6536 West Saanich Road, Saanichton 250.652.8338 www.patiogardensvictoria.ca

Hearing Solutions for Active Lifestyles Your hearing health care specialists. • Digital Hearing Instruments • Hearing Protection • Comprehensive Hearing Testing

5 - 9843 Second St. Sidney 250-656-2218

1463 Hampshire Road Victoria 250-370-2833

www.mcneillaudiology.ca • admin@mcneillaudiology.ca

land ’ s end the height of luxury

Board your cat worry-free at Land’s End Cat Resort. Designed by Keith Baker, this kitty-only retreat offers 16 bright, private rooms with heated tile floors, AC, large screened windows and very comfortable beds. Proprietor Dr. Blythe Baillie provides exceptional care for your cat with over 20 years of veterinary experience. Give your cat a vacation too. quiet rural setting

– cats only – close to airport & ferry

1434 laurel road, north saanich, bc // 250-656-1999 info @ landsendcat . com // landsendcat . com 68 SEASIDE | june 2013

A mortgage is a big part of most families' financial reality and yet many people forget to include their mortgage, their biggest financial "tool," in their financial planning. Common sense tells us to pay off our mortgage and be mortgage free in our retirement years, which is by Nicole Wilford an excellent strategy but usually Slegg Mortgage Team Dominion Lending Centres requires using most of our available resources, leaving very little to save for retirement. If you are mortgage free or have been working hard to pay the mortgage off quickly and you want to use this equity for retirement, you probably know you "can't eat your house" and the savings must be accessed some other way. Downsizing and using the sale proceeds to fund retirement is one solution, and using the property as collateral with the proceeds of the loan invested and used over the golden years is another. Most people don't really want to sell their home, so let's talk about mortgages as an alternative. A reverse mortgage is one that doesn't require payments but instead makes payments to you using the equity you have built. They are available to those over 55 years of age and you don't need a job or income, but they are limited to 50% of the property value and they are more expensive than a traditional mortgage. There is only one provider in Canada and their current rate for a five year fixed is 5.49%. Because you don't make any payments, the loan amount increases over time with interest. Thinking outside the box and setting up a home equity line of credit (HELOC) before you retire has some advantages. You have the ability to use it if you need it during retirement or not at all if you have enough saved. It could also be used for an investment today and repaid anytime without penalty. The rates are based on Prime Rate (3% at the moment) and are currently Prime plus 0.5% or 1%, so the going rate would be 3.5% or 4%. HELOC's require income qualification and a monthly interest payment, but the loan size remains the same and you can have access to up to 65% of the value of the property. There have been recent changes to the policies and pricing on mortgages. If you have an older HELOC and are paying more than 4%, refinancing may reduce your rate. HELOC's with a large balance that is unlikely to be paid off in the short term can be converted into a closed mortgage with a lower rate and fixed payment schedule. This is a general source of information only. Please email nwilford@dominionlending.ca for important details.

Local Artist Wins Fairmont Contract Vancouver Island artist Phillipa Hudson has won a contract to provide three giant paintings to decorate the new lobby of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Banff National Park. Hudson, who is well known for her powerful landscapes of the B.C. coast and Rocky Mountains, was approached by a San Francisco interior design company. Hirsh Bedner Associates has been contracted to remodel the iconic hotel that has overlooked Lake Louise for more than a century. "They were looking for a particular style," Hudson explained, "and they seemed to like what I have done in the past, although nothing on the scale of this project." Hudson paints acrylic on canvas ranging in size up to 24 x 30 inches. "This was another dimension entirely. The paintings are to fit into three alcoves behind the reception area, and each is 6 x 8 feet!" There were a number of requirements that the decorators requested. Initially, Hudson submitted small paintings of six famous peaks in the Rockies, from which the hotel chose three. Then the decorators provided swatches of the new hotel lobby's dÊcor, so the colours could be coordinated. Finally, there was a firm delivery date for the grand opening. Just getting the large canvas frames into her studio was a challenge,

and then there was the matter of paint. "I've bought loads of it," she said, "and brushes of a different dimension altogether!" Was the challenge of attacking nearly 50 square feet of white canvas daunting? "Definitely! But after a few hours, the feeling of scale changed, and the process began to feel quite normal. In fact, it's going to be hard to go back to those smaller canvases again." The three mountain scenes chosen are of Lake McArthur in Yoho National Park, Mt Rundle in Banff National Park, and the Three Sisters above Canmore, AB. All feature iconic profiles that have inspired tourists and artists alike for more than a century. An accomplished mountaineer herself, Phillipa has climbed in the Rockies for decades and knows the three areas intimately. "These peaks are like old friends," she said, "and getting to portray them each on a large canvas is a wonderful opportunity to relive time spent in their shadows, and on their heights. It's a way to experience them all over again." Phillipa Hudson is an Associate of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA). The creator/owner of the successful Mineral World & Scratch Patch on Sidney's waterfront for 14 years, she started painting six years ago after selling the business. Her style quickly proved popular, and her paintings are owned by collectors in Europe, North America and Africa. A one-person show of her work will be held at the Eclectic Gallery in Oak Bay until June 15th.


Join the Club! Rockfish Readers Summer Book Club at SODC If there was a "Most Popular Season Pageant," summer would win every time … especially if the panel of judges were kids. Think about it: Summer's platform is "no school" (try to beat THAT, winter!) and its evening gown would be made of sunshine. Most photogenic? Obviously. And the swimsuit contest … I mean, come on. Who's going to beat summer? Not even fall with Halloween as its talent could beat that. Everything from camping to boating to swimming; summer has it all! But let's not forget one of the most important activities for your kids this season, one that summer sometimes forgets to include in its pageant routine: reading. Encouraging your kids to sit on the back porch curled up with a good book is a fantastic way to keep their reading skills sharp while school's out, not to

Looking for a PLace to Meet?

✓ Great Coffee & Tea ✓ Lots of Parking ✓ Quiet Atmosphere ✓ Now oPeN TiLL 9:30 pm!

You’ll Find it All Here! at the corner of Wallace Dr & East Saanich Rd 70 SEASIDE | june 2013

mention it provides much-needed downtime in between the steady stream of activities that keeps families running from place to place. So in the spirit of summer reading, the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre has teamed up with the Times Colonist's Raise a Reader program to offer a new (and free!) book club for kids … it's called Rockfish Readers. The idea is to encourage kids to read one book per week for seven weeks starting July 1st. The club has three age categories covering preschool to 12 years old, each with its own downloadable passport sporting a list of 10 books and spaces to keep track of titles that have been read. The first 50 children who finish seven books and return their passport to the Centre between September 1st and 8th will receive a gift certificate to Tanner's Books, as well as a chance to win a guest spot as Seaside Magazine's Young Readers Book Reviewer! Tanner's Books will also offer 15% off to any child who brings their passport into the store this summer to purchase a Rockfish Readers book club book. Titles from the Rockfish Readers list will also be available at the Sidney Public Library. Sure, kids should spend time playing outside in the sun, but they also need the chance to get lost in the characters and plot twists of a fantastic read. Let's get some noses into books this summer with Rockfish Readers! For more information on the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre's Rockfish Readers Book Club, please visit: www.oceandiscovery.ca/ rockfish-readers-book-club.

Sidney’s Only Toy Dog Specialist!

c l e The Un i k e’s M


778.351.1988  102 - 9780 2nd St, Sidney Professional all breed toy dog grooming including nails, glands, bathing, cliPPing & scissoring

Seaside ad 2013 May fish.pdf

you n g readers b oo k review the apothecary, by malie meloy a·poth·e·car·y: Noun - a person, who prepared and sold medicines and drugs, druggist-chemist-pharmacistdispenser. Can Benjamin, Janie, Pip, Jin Lo and the Apothecary save the world from the atomic bomb? After the Apothecary (Benjamin's reviewed by father) disappears and leaves his ancient Somaya Said, 9 Pharmacopoeia behind, Benjamin, Pip and Janie embark on a dangerous and hazardous journey as they struggle to keep the book from falling into enemy hands. The Apothecary is a fictional book based on the start of the cold war. My favourite character is Janie because she has a bold spirit, is very brave and won't let anything stop her from saving her friends, family and the world. All of the characters are very credible because they have very adventurous personalities so it makes sense that they are willing to go on a dangerous adventure like saving the world. The antagonist is Mr. Danby. He "watched" over Janie and Benjamin and told the Soviet Union all about what they were up to so it became harder and harder to go anywhere important without being chased or nearly kidnapped. Not only were the kids being tracked by Mr. Danby, they also had to save their friends, family AND ensure the atomic radiation was contained at all times all while trying to find Benjamin's father. My favourite part of the story is when Pip dreams about being Sarah Pennington's boyfriend and in real life bumps into her and they fall in love. My least favourite part of the story would be when the Apothecary gives everyone associated with Benjamin, Janie, Pip and himself champagne that makes them have temporary amnesia. This book is a great adventure read for those of you who love stories filled with suspense. It was slow to start but by the midway point I couldn't put it down. Although there is an intense storyline, it was an easy read. I really enjoyed The Apothecary. I've already got the next book in this series, The Apprentices, on hold at my library. New Releases – Available at The Children's Bookshop: Department 19: Battle Lines by Will Hill Dino-Football by Lisa Wheeler Doll Bones by Holly Black Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino Fancy Nancy: Fanciest Doll in the Universe by Jane O'Connor The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani Septimus Heap # 7: Fyre by Angie Sage Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker That's Not a Good Idea by Mo Willems


1:26:03 PM


Sidney Art Store Creative products for creative kids









at your Sidney Art Store 2411 Beacon Avenue www.islandblue.com Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. Downtown: 905 Fort St., Victoria, BC Tel: 250.385.9786 Sidney: 2411 Beacon Ave., Sidney, BC Tel: 250.656.1233 Toll Free: 1.800.661.3332

Are You a Young Reader Who Loves to Read?

Do You Want to be Published?

Then We’re Looking For YOU! Each month Seaside Times will have a selection of titles from The Children’s Bookshop to choose from

If you’d like to write a review and have it published, please email editor@seasidetimes.ca SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 71

Calypso Adventures: The Final Installment

by Sharlene Coss Our fourth and final summer on our delightful Calypso was seriously amazing! This was our most ambitious cruising year – in five-and-a-half months we logged over 1,235 kilometres and 350 locks. We travelled through six regions of France, 11 departments and nine wine regions including Burgundy, Loire, Rhone, Province and Languedoc in which we sampled the wine and cuisine of each region. We met interesting boaters from many countries including Canada, met up with friends made in previous cruising years and enjoyed three non-boating side trips to the Cote d'Azur, the southwest coast of the Mediterranean and the Lot Valley. Memories enough to last several lifetimes! Even though we've been home for several months, it's easy to virtually transport ourselves back to France. Our olfactory senses conjure up the smells of decent coffee, the clouds of smoke from Gitanes and Gauloises, ancient drains in the summer heat (phew!), sautéed garlic and onion, freshly baked baguettes and the subtle whiff of Pernod in the morning! Our visual memories recall 72 SEASIDE | june 2013

the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean, the red ochre village of Roussilion, Van Gogh's hospital room in St Remy, the searing sun on the waters of the Canal du Midi and the fabulous heritage buildings of La Cité in Carcassonne. Our auditory senses

"Our visual memories recall the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean … the searing sun on the waters of the Canal du Midi." are assaulted by the chatter and laughter of French families all talking at once but hearing and understanding every word, the cacophony of music festivals held every weekend in the summer and the noise of thousands of gallons of water rushing from or into the locks. Our taste buds remember silky omelets, buttery steaks, incredible croissants and all the spices and herbs of the many regional dishes we sampled. We can still feel the ropes sliding through our fingers as we cast off from the dock, the cool beads of moisture on the beer glass at the end of

the day, the firm skin of sun-warmed grapes hanging from their vines and the incredibly warm waters of the Mediterranean in Collioure. Serious sensory overload! But as always with Le Capitain et son Matelot, it wasn't all wine and romance. Leaving Lyon to enter the waters of the "rogue" Rhone was terrifying. When a 100-mile-per-hour mistral hits the fastflowing Rhone fed by Alpine rivers, potential disaster looms. The wind whips up the waves until they crash over the top of the boat which is 3.5 metres high! We thought we were goners absolument and through sheer will managed to hang on – literally – until we could leave the river for a safe port. It took two days for us to stop shaking and carry on down the Rhone for a further (albeit much more benign) three cruising days until we finally reached Avignon. Only one more hurdle after that – the Étang du Thau. The Thau parallels the coast of the Mediterranean between Sête and the beginning of the Canal du Midi. It's about 21 kilometres long and eight kilometres wide and shallow. The mean depth of the étang is only 4.5 metres so that with a very strong prevailing wind, it can get very choppy, with mean-looking whitecaps. Once

again, the Matelot was seriously not a happy camper cum sailor. But we made it across and entered – ta da – the Canal du Midi – our long-awaited goal. A few harrowing experiences aside, cruising in the south of France was everything we hoped for and more. Gorgeous little villages, amazing heritage sites, great wine, great food and the wonderful company of new and old friends made for the best summer ever! Our visit to Villefranche started with a wrong turn on the autoroute (not an easy place to turn around), finding a parking spot where we just left the car for the weekend because we'd never have found another one, and then we strolled around that gorgeous little town situated between Nice and Monaco basking in the

glorious sunshine – sheer bliss. Perpignan and Collioure on the opposite side of the Mediterranean was just as glorious, especially when you include historical sites made famous in paintings by Matisse and Derain. Add fresh-caught seafood and you have heaven on earth! The amazing experiences piled up … Carcassonne, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Peyrepertuse, foothills of the Pyrenees … too many to list! After the best summer ever, we left our little Calypso in Moissac with a heavy heart and an À Vendre (for sale) sign in her window. We trust that the next owners will have the same wonderful adventures we did, but the Capitain and his Matelot have left the high seas to begin new adventures – where, how and when all to be decided. Stay tuned!

Victoria’s Fun & Unique 9 Hole Golf Course

Monday Prime Rib Night 9 & Dine - $35 Dinner Only - $20

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Blended MIC annualized rate of return since inception:


To learn more, call Barb Gallup @ 250-475-2669 www.cooperpacific.ca

This is not a solicitation to purchase securities, which is being made under an Offering Memorandum that details risks and is available from our offices. Mortgage are not 2:31 PM 2013_RHINO_Island_7.75"x 4.925"_AD.pdf 1 investments 13-01-03 guaranteed. Returns will fluctuate and past performance may not be repeated.

Awarded best of show at the Canadian Printing Awards, our company is committed to excellence, investing in the most advanced technology and talented people in the industry. For outstanding print and an exceptional customer service experience that will help to power your business forward, call us right here on the Island at 250-516-3300.

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74 SEASIDE | june 2013

Donkeys: Pets and Protectors Few English summer seaside scenes would be complete without children riding on a donkey! This has been a favourite activity for many years, so popular, in fact, that rules had to be set regarding working hours for these friendly animals to prevent them from being overworked by the operators. Why are donkeys so enjoyed by many, particularly children? They are different from horses, although they belong to the same group (equus), but donkeys are "asinus," which gives rise to their official title of "ass." In Latin countries they are known as burros, and sometimes in old English they were called mokes. Donkeys appear to be very friendly, which is the reason most folk feel almost obliged to approach and pat one, particularly the smaller ones which are known as miniatures. These little donkeys are said to originate from the Mediterranean Islands of Sicily and Sardinia, whereas the larger ones seem to have come from the deserts of central Europe. However, the origins have been lost in the mists of time, and now donkeys are found in many different countries. Although considered a working animal, they are sometimes abused by overloading and long hours of labour in Third World countries. They come in three main sizes: miniature, standard and mammoth. It seems that the larger the animal, the more docile it becomes, but all sizes can be very protective and will defend their young or defenseless friends when attacked by predators. Some sheep farmers keep a donkey with their flock to prevent attacks from dogs, coyotes, wolves and even bears. The gentle, friendly donkey now becomes a totally different animal and protector, and has been known to seriously injure and even kill predators. They tend not to run from trouble but face the enemy and go at them with their sharp hooves. Females are known as jennets (or jennies), and the males are jacks, sometimes referred to as jackasses. Their offspring are foals. Crossbreeding between female horse and jack produce mules, whereas a male horse and a jennet bring about a hinny. Mules and hinnies are sterile. Thought by many to be stubborn, donkeys are careful, thoughtful animals that will not proceed if they think there is uncertain footing or by Eric Herbert

some sort of hazard ahead. Training may take a little longer than with a horse, but once a donkey understands what is required of it, the thought remains and retraining is not necessary. They relate well with people with disabilities. In England, the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon has an arena to allow disabled children to ride or drive in a wheelchair accessible cart. The Sanctuary has given a home to thousands of ill-treated or unwanted animals that would otherwise remain without care. The entire operation is supported by donations. Based on the original, there is a Sanctuary in Guelph, and a Refuge has been established in Salmon Arm, B.C. Both have charitable status which allows them to issue tax deductible receipts for donations. For further information, email donky137@gmail.com.

For All Your Spring Home Improvement Needs!

2356 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.656.2712

Sidney ’s Pet Centre Is Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary! Stop by June 21st - 23rd for 25% off most items and $25 gift certificates for every 25th customer

Games • Dog Bless Rescue Partners on Site • Tons of Prizes & Giveaways

#4-9769 Fifth St., Sidney 250-656-3314 www. sidneypetcentre.com SEASIDE | june 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 75

w h at ' s h a p p e n i n g For details on other events happing in our community, visit www.mypeninsula.ca Wednesdays & thursdays in june, july, august


Congregation Emanu-El Synagogue Tours

1461 Blanshard St, Victoria Wednesdays 12 - 3, every hour on the hour Thursdays 10 - 1, every hour on the hour 250.382.0615 www. congregationemanu-el.ca

Explore Canada's oldest synagogue (1863) in continuous use, Congregation Emanu-El, the last standing brick building designed by the prolific Scottish architect, John Wright, in Romanesque Revival style. Most tours will be led by Canada’s first ordained Maggidah (female Jewish storyteller), Shoshana Litman, who skillfully weaves local history and Jewish customs with tales both ancient and modern, highlighting the arrival of Victoria's first Jews and the development of a dynamic congregation over 150 years to the present. Cost is $10 per person and children under 12 are free. Reservations are not required. Until august 29

Sidney Street Market Beacon Avenue, Sidney Every Thursday from 5:30 - 8:30 pm www.sidneystreetmarket.com

The true start of summer for the Saanich Peninsula, with something for everyone! june 2, 9, 16, 18, 22, 23

Eine Kleine Summer Music June 2, 9, 16, 23, First Unitarian Chuch of Victoria, 5575 West Saanich Rd. @ 2:30 pm June 18 @ 7:30 pm and June 22 @ 2:30 pm, Muse Winery, 11195 Chalet Rd, North Saanich www.eksm.ca

Visit website above for full concert lineup details. Tickets available from Raincoast Business Centre 250-413-3134. Prices are $20/$25 (series subscription $70/$85) at the First Unitarian Church and $27 at the Muse Winery. Muse Winery will open for lunch before the Saturday concert. Call the winery to reserve: 250-656-2552. june 5, 12, 19, 26 Yoga Under the Salish Sea

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre 9811 Seaport Pl, Sidney, 5:30 to 6:30 pm 250.665.7511 www.oceandiscover.ca/events

Join us for a relaxing, downward facing … dogfish? yoga experience surrounded by 76 SEASIDE | FEBRUARY 2013

tranquil ocean habitats. Instructor will be Scharie Greenwood, certified in Hatha yoga. Pre-registration highly recommended, but drop-ins welcome on first come-first serve basis. $10 per class for SODC annual pass holders, $15 for non-pass holders. If possible, please bring your own mat.

Heritage Acres, 7321 Lochside Dr, Central Saanich 10 am to 3:30 pm www.vime.ca

june 10

Silent Auction and Literary Reading

"Chill Filtered or Not" Companions of the Quaich Dinner and Whisky Tasting Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, 7 pm 250.658.1109 wuhrer@shaw.ca

Some whisky enthusiasts believe that chillfiltration removes some of the flavour and body from the whisky, while others consider non-chill filtered whisky superior. Join the debate over dinner while nosing and tasting both varieties. Club member Thom Van de Ruyt will lead the discussion and give us the benefit of his quest for the perfect whisky. Three-course dinner, four whisky tastings: members $60, guests $70, dinner only (designated drivers) $50. june 10

Stories Bloom in June on Fern Street 1831 Fern Street, Victoria Doors @ 7:15 pm, stories @ 7:30 pm 250.477.7044 www.victoriastorytellers.org

The Victoria Storytellers Guild welcomes you to hear and tell stories. Admission $5 adults, $3 students (includes tea and goodies).

To promote the hobby, the VIME offers rides to the general public on a donation basis from April to October. june 21

Red Brick Café, 2423 Beacon Ave, Sidney Doors open @ 6 pm for auction item viewing; readings commence at 7 pm. www.sidneyliteraryfestival.com

The second silent auction and literary reading fundraiser in support of the Sidney Literary festival taking place October 4th, 5th and 6th. The evening will feature "Young Voices," the work of youth from Parkland Secondary. Tickets ($5) available at Tanner's Books in Sidney and Munro's Books, Victoria. june 21 & 23

Starlight Pops Choir presents "We Are Family!" St. Aidan's United Church 3703 St. Aidan's St, Victoria June 21 @ 7:30 pm June 23 @ 2:30 pm www.starlightpopschoir.com

The concert celebrates the choir's fifth anniversary with hits from ABBA, The Rankin Family, The Mamas and The Papas, Ben E. King, The Golden Girls, and more. Tickets $18/$20, at the door or online.

june 13

june 22 & 23


Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney June 22nd 9 am - 4 pm June 23rd 10 am -3 pm gillhub@shaw.ca

Peninsula Newcomers Luncheon

Just moved to the Saanich Peninsula? Why not join our club to make new friends and get to know the community! We meet for lunch on the second Thursday of every month in Sidney, with an invited speaker on diverse topics. Share in a variety of interests and activities organized and run by our members. For more information, please visit our website. June 15

BC Aviation Museum Parking Lot Sale 1910 Norseman Rd, North Saanich, 9 - 2 250.655.3300 www.bcam.net

Household items, kitchen goods, children's items, books galore, sports equipment, etc. All proceeds go to keeping the B.C. Aviation Museum a great place to visit. June 15 & 16

Vancouver Island Model Engineers Model Train Rides

Garden City Cat Show

Cat purrrrade, exotic and domestic cats, international judges, kittens galore, vendors and suppliers and local and international breeders. Support junior achievers! Adults $5, children 6-12 $3, children 5 and under free, family $12 (two adults and two children over 5). $1 off with donation of a non-perishable food item. june 23

Sidney Concert Band Concert in the Park Sidney Bandshell Beacon Ave, Sidney @ 1:30 pm www.sidneyconcertband.ca

Come and enjoy the Sidney Concert band as they play a selection of popular music guaranteed to get your toes tapping! Don't forget your lawn chair! Donations to the band will be gratefully received.

Exciting Plans for New Sidney Literary Festival A successful fundraiser for the new Sidney Literary Festival was held recently at Sidney's Red Brick Café, with readings by internationally-known poets Patrick Lane and Lorna Crozier. A second fundraiser at the Red Brick Café on June 21st will feature the creative writing students from Parkland School and include a silent auction of art, jewelry, gift certificates and other items donated by local merchants. The new Sidney Literary Festival to be held October 4th through 6th will celebrate 14 award-winning local writers with "something for everyone" including mysteries, war stories, children's literature, poetry, short stories and tales of local life. A final fundraiser on September 13th will feature selected selfpublished authors and an art auction including works by local artists Wendy Picken and Richard Julien. The art will be available for viewing at the Red Brick Café from August 1st to September 15th with bid sheets available during that time. Featured authors at the Festival include Frances Backhouse, who teaches creative non-fiction at the University of Victoria; humorist and radio personality Arthur Black; poet and memoirist Brian Brett; Adrian Chamberlain, humorist and journalist; popular crime fiction writer William Deverell; and poet, novelist and essayist Susan Musgrave. Other guest authors will include M.A.C. Farrant, the author of over a dozen books of fiction, non-fiction and memoir, who will read along with Grant McKenzie, the internationally-published author of four edge-of-your-seat thrillers; Wendy Morton, who has published five books of poetry and a memoir, Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast; Sylvia Olsen, author of Girl With a Baby and No Time to Say Goodbye; Pamela Porter, the author of five volumes of poetry and four books for children and young adults; Anny Scoones, who has written three books of essays and stories about rural life; and Mark Zuehlke, the author of the critically acclaimed Canadian Battle Series – the most extensive published account of the battle experiences of Canada's Army in World War II. The Festival begins Friday evening, October 4th, with a

hosted author presentation at North Saanich Middle School and continues Saturday with a series of readings and adult, children's and teen workshops to be held in local venues. Young writers from local schools will also participate in Festival events and a writing contest for students. A Saturday evening gala event is planned at the Charlie White Theatre. The festival concludes on Sunday morning with a "Breakfast with Authors" at the Pier Hotel. For more information about Festival events and tickets, visit www.sidneyliteraryfestival.com.


in the


Join us this summer as we explore some of our local parks with ‘Play in the Park’. Beginning July 2nd, Monday to Friday 5:30 - 8:30pm, Panorama staff will facilitate interactive play, face painting, group games, and of course, inflatable fun on our giant 50’ obstacle course! The program will be offered at 7 different locations throughout Sidney, North Saanich and Central Saanich. We can’t think of a better way for you to spend your summer evenings, so grab the whole family and join us for some fun! Remember, a community that plays together, stays together! July

(No session Jul 1)


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7 5 3 9 6 8 2 4 1

4 1 6 2 5 7 9 3 8

9 2 7 4 8 6 3 1 5

3 6 4 5 9 1 8 7 2

1 8 5 7 3 2 4 6 9

7 4 6 3 9 2 1 8 5

9 1 8 5 4 6 2 7 3

5 3 2 1 8 7 6 9 4

4 2 3 8 7 5 9 6 1

Puzzle by websudoku.com

1 7 9 6 3 4 8 5 2

8 6 5 9 2 1 3 4 7

6 8 1 4 5 3 7 2 9

3 5 7 2 6 9 4 1 8

2 9 4 7 1 8 5 3 6

Sudoku Solutions

6 4 2 1 7 9 5 8 3

Hardly Simple

8 3 9 6 4 5 1 2 7

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Pioneer Park

7130 West Saanich Road

Iroquois Park 2295 Ocean Ave

North Saanich Middle School 10475 McDonald Park Rd

Rodolph Park

Centennial Park

6446 Loganberry Place

7400 Block of Wallace

Wain Park

Rathdown Park

871 Birch Road

2170 Calvin Ave



b rai n teasers & stars


BY HEATHER ZAIS heather_zais@telus.net

ARIES (march 21 april 19) It will be

opportune to "change lanes" before being pressured to do so. You have the moxie to lead no matter where the herd wants to go. Your fearless independence is a beacon to follow. Pick a progressive avenue for all.

TAURUS (april 20 may 20) Focus on

financial prowess as you investigate new or alternate sources of income. You can reach out of your comfort zone as you have some luck with these matters. Keep some of the details private for security reasons. GEMINI (may 21 - june 20)

The sun shines on you this month. Important connections lead to travel plans (you go or they come). Mix business with pleasure and all involved

will benefit. Step up another rung on the ladder of success; bypass others. CANCER (june 21 - july 22)

A lot goes on behind the scenes this month. Attend closed door meetings or chat on secured lines. Investigate or have tests done (for yourself or others). Connections become more important with clear direction. Decide. LEO (july 23 - august 22)

Stand behind your ethics or work. LIBRA (september 23 october 22) Enjoy a relaxing

trip or holiday. Take time to float and contemplate the future. Broaden your scope in all areas as opportunity is open for you now. Plans come together naturally. Long-term security is within your reach.

SCORPIO (october 23 november 21) Your luck

Your hopes and wishes are advanced or "come true" through the association of those in high places. You have the ability to think big and others are willing to bet on you. Speak, teach or demonstrate. Your intuition guides you.

is increased when linked to others' finds or assets. Make sure necessary paperwork is in order. Take responsibility for things that need closure or settlement if you want them to come out right. Position is good.

VIRGO (august 23 september 22) The sun

SAGITTARIUS (november 22 december 21) Relationships

shines on you: career, status or reputation. Accept credit for a job well done. You will have an opportunity to upgrade or change positions; consider your options along with locations.

(personal or business) are in focus. Beginnings or endings affect your status – by choice or not. You are the natural bachelor of the zodiac, so you navigate well on your own. You

don't have to settle. CAPRICORN (december 22 january 19) A positive attitude

improves work or health matters. Strut your stuff when the opportunity arises. Others have faith in you and your ability to make things happen. Changes or adjustments benefit all involved. Do upgrades. AQUARIUS (january 20 february 18) You are ready

for fun and relaxation. Make plans near or far. Showcase your creativity or become involved in projects. You can be an inspiration to others on various levels. Social activity enhances romantic contacts. PISCES (february 19 march 20) Make decisions

regarding home, property or base of operations – family members may be affected as well. New or improved surroundings are uplifting and will make it easier to deal with any relationship issues. Make moves.

Hardly Simple


Middle of the Road

4 7

7 6 4 1 3 5 8 5 1 7 2 5 8 6 1 9 6 4 1 9 4 2 6 9 7 6 5 2 1 3 Puzzle by websudoku.com

78 SEASIDE | april 2013

4 7 1 5 2 9 4

2 7 9 2 4 8 1 8

9 2

8 4 5 9 3

1 7

Puzzle by websudoku.com

KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer’s Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on page 77.

last word A big part of what I love about being the editor-in-chief of Seaside Magazine is the enjoyment I'm able to bring to our readers through the stories and monthly columns we run. Sometimes it's easy to give the "green light" to an article – something timely or focused on bringing exposure to a local organization's fundraiser is a no-brainer, but often choosing which stories to run every issue can be tricky. Seaside has a varied readership and the articles that appeal to me may not appeal to our readers, and vice versa. After four years as editor, however, I think I have a pretty good idea and so attempt, every month, to present you with great stories about the people and places of our community … articles that will appeal to everyone. So has been the case over the last few months, as we've made room for a few new regular columns. I thought I'd recap our latest Seaside offerings here so you can look forward to reading them every month as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. Friends & Neighbours, by Susan Simosko (p. 10), is, in her words: "a column about the people who quietly enrich our lives personally and collectively every day. They distinguish themselves by the incredible things they do, whether or not we even notice. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a few of these remarkable people and to share

something of their stories." This month Susan talks with Kelly Paul, who is running the length of Vancouver Island and visiting First Nation communities and schools to create hope that something can be done to reduce the high level of suicide in First Nation communities. Carolyn Herriot's Garden to Table (p. 42) has the goal of "connecting readers to homegrown food and inspiring them to prepare it in delicious and creative ways." The columns are based on Carolyn's books Zero-Mile Diet book and companion Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook. In her first column Carolyn explores delicious and healthy ways of taking advantage of the tender, leafy greens of early summer. In Island Life (July issue), Pender Island resident Barry Mathias takes a humourous look at the quirks and people that make up life on the Gulf Islands. Award-winning travel writer Suzanne Morphet's Secrets From My Suitcase (p. 62) will provide insider tips about popular destinations and other travel advice. This month she tells our readers why it's easy to experience both sides of the Adriatic Sea on the same trip, even if you're not on a cruise ship. And finally, guest columnist Dr. Ambrose Marsh shares thoughts on the importance of weight and activity when looking at overall health in this issue's Inside Out (p. 37). Hope you enjoy!

Allison Smith, Editor

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Seaside Magazine June 2013 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...

Seaside Magazine June 2013 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...