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May 2013


Four Legged Therapists Animals That Heal

What's Happening: Kids Summer Calendar

Scott Point Retreat Modern Meets Traditional

Born to be WILD



It’s not the years in your life that count... It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln

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An EveningWith

ben heppner

photo ©Sebastian Hänel/DG • Deutsche Grammophon

Thursday May 30th 7:30 pm

Recital with John Hess on Piano

Tickets $89 + tax

Includes a glass of wine or champagne on the evening of the performance! Enjoy the experience of meeting Mr. Heppner after the show.

Tickets at the MWC Box Office 2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.0275 www.marywinspear.ca

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Born to be Wild: local skateboarding dog Tegan Cover photo by www.nuttycake.com


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dogs that save us

Dogs That Save Us: Local Dog Trains for Canadian Search Team


What's Happening: Kids Summer Calendar Secrets of the Salish Sea: Experience the Wonders of the Region

Scott Point: Modern Meets Traditional at Salt Spring Island Home

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seasidemagazine.ca doreen marion gee

Writing is my deep blue river. It calms me, cools me and is my light saber, my most powerful tool. Now I can slay dragons at a safe distance. Skilled writing has helped me rise above pain, has brought recognition and even made it possible for me to be shortlisted for a Victoria Leadership Award in 2012. This month, it is pure joy to write about the healing and loving power of our four-legged friends. But beware, dear readers: I have also released my wild inner child to cause mayhem in our oh-so-pristine magazine: a calendar of summer splashes, fun and thrills just for kids. And with scribblings on personal training at Panorama and The Roost’s scrumptious food, my fingers are tired – but happy. Photo courtesy Jesse Holland Photography. Steve duck

With over 30 years of leading adventure travel and organizing community events, Steve Duck brings a wealth of experience to the clients of his company – TIDES, the Island's Destination & Event Service, based in Sidney. He feels Sidney, the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands are a perfect destination for an adventure. "Our small seaside town with its surrounding landscape is comparable to places like Tuscany and Bali." Sunshine and sea at his fingertips, Steve spends his leisure time cycling the region, hiking the hills and combing the beaches, still finding local treasures and secrets. His new tour is designed to share the "Secrets of the Salish Sea." paula grypma

I have worked specifically with window coverings and soft furnishings for more than 20 years, starting with a small home-based business here on the Saanich Peninsula while my three children were young. Once they became more independent, I continued learning my craft on staff at several large custom-design houses in Victoria. Today, my studio, complete with a full range of fabric and hardware samples, is located just off Beacon Avenue in Sidney. I specialize in fabrics because I love what they do: get them right, and any space – whether it's a room, a boat, a store or an office – will feel and look complete.

Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489 sue@seasidemagazine.ca Editor in Chief

Allison Smith 250.813.1745 allison@seasidemagazine.ca

Advertising Marcella Macdonald Sales Lori Swan Madeleine Kemp 250.516.6489 This Month's Contributors Trysh Ashby-Rolls, Samuel Bednarski, Jennifer Bowles, Shelley Breadner, Gillian Crowley, Steve Duck, Colin Eaton, Doreen Marion Gee, Paula Grypma, Valerie Green, Linda Hunter, Tina Kelly, Linda M. Langwith, Barry Mathias, Stephen McKenzie, Jocelyne Monette, Susi McMillan, Gillean Proctor, Stu Rhodes, Helen Safar, Steve Sakiyama, Julian Sale, Steve Sheppard, Teoni Spathelfer, Jo-Ann Way, Heather Zais P.O. BOX 2173, SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 3S6 news@seasidemagazine.ca

Seaside magazine is printed 12 times a year in Richmond, B.C. by Rhino Print Solutions. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Reproduction requests may be made to the editor or publisher via the above means. Views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the publisher and editor. Staff of the magazine cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. In-Room at:

samuel bednarski

Samuel Bednarski is a North Saanich-based reader who is infrequently found writing. He lives in a family of five, with a sister, mother, father and dog. Favourite activities include hiking, planting trees, sailing, looking at trees, soccer, viewing trees, kayaking, watching trees grow, making art, drawing trees, playing his clarinet and piano, climbing trees, gardening, and much more to do with trees and fooling around (like with this bio). His dog, Misty, enjoys walks, biting, chewing, licking, scratching, digging, ripping, tearing, sniffing, sleeping and eating. Samuel can also often be found reading books. As both of his parents are scientists, he found this book's "science" rather interesting. He also finds it very strange writing about himself in the third person, so please consider reading the review and/or book.

Victoria Airport/Sidney

The  Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites


f irst word



As a young girl living in the Maritimes we were surrounded by animals, most of which we called our pets. Whether it was my Dad's retrievers for duck hunting, our many mouse-chasing cats, our assortment of rabbits or our fleet of ducks and birds we wanted to save, we loved our furry and feathered friends and, in so many cases, our pets seemed nothing short of angels in disguise. Whenever we come home, we know that we'll always be enthusiastically greeted, whether we were gone for a few minutes or hours. Pets give us so much … the unconditional love, the companionship, the wet noses and warm snuggles. My family rescued, almost eight years ago, a husky-lab cross from Kuper Island who we call "Kuper" and a Siamese cat from the Saanich Peninsula we named "Bubbles." They have become an integral part of our lives. Our pets remind us to seize the day – every day. In this issue of Seaside Magazine, you'll discover that the theme of animals connects many of the stories. Our cover features Tegan, one of our favourite local stars. You'll see through the stories and pictures that whether you're at home or the office, our pets prove friendship and loyalty

with no bounds; they can brighten even the dullest days. Animals may not be considered human, but they have a huge heart. A dog can save your life. You can be friends with a dolphin. A lion can remember his human masters even after years of separation. I was reminded by all of their powerful lessons after reading Doreen Gee's story (pg. 14) "Four Legged Therapists," where local groups are using the healing nature of our non-human friends to enrich our lives and "even mend unsettled minds." On page 11, writer Barry Mathias introduces us to Bandit, a local black Labrador puppy training to be an active member of a Canadian Search Team. Unconditional love, loyalty, courage, perseverance … all great human qualities. Ironically, our pets teach us priceless lessons about human values, suggesting that they may be inherent in all living species. So while we remember to smile each day, don't forget to give your pooch or closest companion a hug today … and enjoy some of the stories and pictures of our community's other stars. P.S. To all you moms: Happy Mother's Day!




Sue Hodgson,


May Is For Moms … but are you the mother of a bride-to-be?

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7874 Lochside Dr, Saanichton 250-652-2342 | 7030 Bell McKinnon Rd, Duncan www.marigoldnurseries.com 8 SEASIDE | may 2013

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letters Seaside Magazine welcomes your feeback! Send letters to the editor via allison@seasidemagazine.ca or post your comments on our Facebook wall! Letters may be edited for space and content.

I think your magazine is well done, but there is a problem, at least with us. The inks used in printing are quite a bit of a

problem, resulting that your magazine goes straight from the paper to the recycling. It would not surprise me if this is done more often, by potential readers in the Victoria area. There are lots of people who are sensitive to all kinds of smells and inks and/or perfume are some of them. Maybe you can insert a question in your magazine asking how many readers are bothered by the smell coming from your magazine. Name witheld at writer's request Editor's note: Occasionally we receive a letter from a reader who is concerned by the smell of our magazine. We find that the odor (which sometimes results from the magazines being printed, then boxed quickly) dissipates substantially simply by having the magazine out in the open. Seaside Magazine is printed on recycled content paper using fast setting, low-VOC, linseed oil-based inks that are more environmentally friendly than the older, solvent-based oils.

Thank you so much for the magazine which arrived yesterday … lovely cover! Thank you for your thoughtful look at saving the Earth … so many people busy recycling and being careful to leave a light footprint while Kim Jung Un is threatening to nuke S. Korea and Japan and the States … makes me realize all over again the damage that can be done by one human being, despite the efforts of others to do good. Strange world. Pene Editor's note: The last paragraph of the April Conversations From The Past article on George Pearkes was incorrect. It should have read: (George Pearkes died in 1984 and was given a state funeral at Christ Church Cathedral. Both he and his wife are buried at Holy Trinity Church on Mills Road on the Saanich Peninsula. Nearby is an English Oak from Windsor Great Park planted to commemorate the coronation of King George VI. It acts as an appropriate symbol depicting the strength of one of our most outstanding citizens.)

Landscape services Design, Construction Maintenance

Patio + Hardscapes | Excavating + Trucking | Complete Tree Services info@victoriagardencity.ca • 250.385.4858 • victoriagardencity.ca

Sidney’s Newest Care Residence!

SIDNEY All Care Residence Open for Tours Every Saturday & Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 or by appointment. 5 minutes from the Swartz Bay Ferry & Victoria International Airport

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Services Provided 12 months • Short Term Complex Care • Rehabilitation Services in Licensed Care • Short Stay Winter Availability • Palliative Care Specialized Services • Specialized Mental Health & Dementia Care 2269 Mills Road, Sidney, BC 778-351-2505

www.allcarecanada.ca SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 9

A Boarding Kennel that loves your pets as much as you do.

• Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment • Quality, nutritious foods • Exercise yards up to one quarter acre • Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course • All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” • Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton 250-652-2301 www.puppylove.ca • info@puppylove.ca Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal


Now Open Sundays! 10 - 5pm

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10 SEASIDE | may 2013

young readers b oo k re v iew popular clone, by m.e. castle What happens when you take one boy who is constantly bullied, and would do anything to stop it, and give him the powers to do that? Well, you get Fisher Bas, a 12-yearold science prodigy, the son of Nobel Prize-winning parents. At school he is considered an unapproachable nerd, reviewed by thanks in a large part to a band of Sam Bednarski, 13 tormenters known as the Vikings. On a particularly bad day, Fisher finally decides enough is enough, and hatches a plan to end his torment and live a life of comfort and ease. His mom, a world-renowned biochemist, is working on her most ambitious and dangerous project yet: an "accelerated growth hormone." This hormone could open up a whole new type of medicine and cure most diseases, if not eradicate them. It could also be dangerous, as "you could grow an army from embryos in under a day," states Fisher's mother. But that is just what interests him: to clone himself, and make his clone go to school while he eats chips and plays video games, all the while monitoring his clone, called "Two," from his laptop. Although Fisher gives the clone a cover story of the actual situation they are in, he soon realises his clone has all of his mental capacity, and perhaps more. As he evades Fisher's control, and becomes more and more popular at school as a troublemaker, Fisher decides it is time to intervene and stop Two before he does his planned series of great acts of mischief and gets into too much trouble, potentially getting discovered. As it turns out, this should be the least of his worries, as his clone gets clone-napped by an evil scientist (name omitted, I won't ruin the surprise). The evil scientist, Dr. X or Xander (oops), is seeking his mother's AGH formula, and now Fisher and his pet flying pig must save the day without his parents finding out. Overall, I rate this a fairly good book, much worth turning every page, although the science was a bit off (I should know; both of my parents are scientists.) It speaks for the shy and bullied people of this planet, and gives them new hope for success. New Releases – Available at The Children's Bookshop: Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle Further Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson Gone #6: Light by Michael Grant Magic Tree House #49: Stallion by Starlight by Mary Pope Osborne Mistakes that Worked by Charlotte Foltz Jones Planet Ark by Adrienne Mason Puss Jekyll Cat Hyde by Joyce Dunbar Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping by Melanie Watt Spy School by Stuart Gibbs Star Wars Cookbook by Robin Davis

Dogs that save us by Barry Mathias

bandit is undergoing training to become a very special dog: part of a Canadian Search Team.

Rob Cooke and his wife are the proud

owners of Bandit, a black Labrador puppy. What is notable about Bandit is that he is at the start of a training period that will, over some months, turn him into a very special dog: he and Rob will become an active part of a Canadian Search Team. The organization arranges for its members and their dogs to travel to any part of the world where their help is needed. "It's a team thing," Rob says. "Without everyone helping each other, there is no Search and Rescue." "When our last dog, Flash, died, we contacted Deborah Lowrie, who runs an animal rescue," Rob says. "She arrived with three Labrador puppies, two brown and one black, and it was the black one that took a liking to my six-year-old son." He laughs. "Even when my son hid in his tree house, the dog found him. We decided this was the dog for us." So, here they are, four months into a training program, and loving it. Bandit is now six months old, and will be fully trained after about a year and a half. The Search Team has local groups throughout Alberta and B.C. It trains dogs to search in any conditions and

find people or bodies after a disaster. "I like volunteering," Rob says. He has

"Wherever they train, and wherever they are needed, it is the bond between the trainer and his dog that is the essential factor." served five years with the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and retired after 15 years with the Volunteer Fire Department; he has also been a member of the Lions Club of B.C. for seven years. Now, he is taking on the job of training Bandit to a high level of obedience, so eventually the dog will respond instantly to instructions that could save a life. "We provide much of our own training equipment, but our travel and accommodation are paid for and we raise local funds." "To begin with, I teach him to find his toy, to walk by my left side, and to sit when I tell him," says Rob. It is a long and dedicated

training. "There is a very tough test that the dogs and handlers must pass before they are able to be deployed to a rescue site.Our local team trains together every Friday night and all day Sunday." The dogs learn to search pipes, climb ladders, travel along narrow and unsteady beams, and cope with any dangerous situations that follow an earthquake, an explosion, or whenever people have been overwhelmed by disaster. Rob agrees that Labradors and their crosses are well suited to this type of work. "However, German shepherds, golden retrievers, and similar cross-breeds are equally good. One trainer has a Bloodhound!" "The dogs are the easy ones to train," he says. "The handlers need a lot more work. Without the help of the experienced team members, as a rookie I would not have a chance." "The local dogs train at a construction site near Bear Mountain, at an industrial site in North Saanich, and wherever the team can get permission," Rob says. But wherever they train, and wherever they are needed, it is the bond between the trainer and his dog that is the essential factor.


con v ersations f ro m t h e p ast An Imaginary Interview With architect samuel maclure, designer of many eminent local homes

Samuel Maclure

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and talk with some interesting characters from Greater Victoria’s past? If so, wonder no more. Although these conversations are merely creative figments of my

And yet each Maclure building has always retained your own special touch – the mark of Maclure. How kind of you to say. What are you working on now, Mr. Maclure? I’m designing a house on Lansdowne Road for Mr. and Mrs Dunlop.

(This Lansdowne Road house referred to was one of Maclure’s last commissions. It was sold in the 1950s to the Victoria College and later formed by Valerie Green part of the Camosun College Campus. Maclure died in 1929, leaving behind an abundance of distinctive buildings for us to continue to enjoy today, many with their characteristic Tudor Revival or Arts and Craft design and several with elegant staircases – all with that distinctive mark of Maclure.) imagination, they are all based on fact. Today most people living in Greater Victoria or on the Peninsula Valerie Green is an author and historian. are familiar with the architecture of Samuel Maclure, who was born She can be reached at valgee@shaw.ca. in New Westminster in 1860. His notable commissions, which numbered over 400, included numerous renowned buildings in Victoria and Vancouver as well as many stylish homes for wealthy upper-class clients of the day. You have designed many eminent homes in our area, Mr. Maclure. Can you tell me how you got started? Well, in 1889 I had formed a partnership in New Westminster with Charles Clow and later with Richard Sharp, but I moved over to Victoria in 1892. However, many of my early commissions were still on the mainland in conjunction with other partners, John Parr from 1897 to 1899 and Cecil Croker Fox from 1905 to 1916. My wife, Daisy, and I were also founding members of the Vancouver Arts and Crafts Society in 1909. But your name has always been more well-known than most other architects. I suppose it has, even though I was basically a self-taught architect. Really? But you did study painting I believe? Yes, at the Spring Garden Institute in Philadelphia. When did you marry? Margaret (Daisy) Simpson and I were married in 1889. My wife was an accomplished pianist and portrait painter herself. One of your most famous creations locally is the Oldfield family home on Brookhill Road on the Peninsula. Can you tell me about that? I worked on that commission with my assistant, Ross Lort, between 1908 and 1914. The style evolved from eclectic to English Arts and Crafts throughout that period with various additions and alterations. It was designed originally for John and Emma Oldfield and is known as Norfolk Lodge. Another well-known Maclure house is on Woodley Avenue in Saanich, I believe? Yes, I designed that house (#1911) between 1913-14 for the Jones family. Another favourite of mine is on Tudor Avenue at Ten Mile Point for the Heywood family, which I worked on in 1925. You used the Craftsman style for the Hamilton house on Gorge Road West I believe? Yes, I have been lucky enough to incorporate many different styles into my work. 12 SEASIDE | may 2013 | www.seasideMAGAZINE.ca

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Bausch & Lomb Canada Inc., Vaughan, Ontario L4K 4B4 © Bausch & Lomb Incorporated.

Unique, limited-edition 2 bedroom homes located in the center of Sidney's vibrant downtown waterfront

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9820 Seaport Place

Beacon Avenue

1 st Street

*Prices are inclusive of net GST and PST, subject to Purchaser assigning any available GST and PST rebates to Seaport West Residential Limited Partnership on or before the Completion Date.

• Stainless steel appliances

5 th Street

This is not an offering for sale and is provided for informational purposes only. Renderings and photos are representative only. The developer reserves the right to modify pricing and the building design, plans, layout and specifications without notice.

• Quartz counters

Resthaven Drive

Seaport West is developed by an affiliate of The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa Ltd.

• West-coast contemporary architecture by de Hoog & Kierulf architects





ay H

If you’d like more information about this limited offering, please phone:

B Pat

Visit Our Show Suite Open Saturday and Sunday Noon Until 4:00 pm

• Personal patios and outdoor spaces

The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa

Haro’s R E S TA U R A N T + B A R

Four Legged Therapists: Animals That Heal of the horse-human relationship is that the horse will pick up on the emotional state, energy and cognitive state of the person and reflect it right back at them." Staff then interpret the horse's messages and signals to the client and help them to modify their behavior accordingly. Rebecca reflects that "We can really help clients turn around cognitive and emotional states that are not effective in relationships and help the client in rewriting a new constructive way of being and acting in the world." "Horses have a huge capacity for empathy," says Rebecca. At Forward Equestrian, deep-level communication between the species unfolds where new life skills are practised on the horse. A sense of confidence, well-being and empowerment blossom in the human client. The Pacific Animal Therapy Society: Pets

by Doreen Marion Gee "Chester" was a gnarly, lovable old cat. Aptly named after the cantankerous wingman to Marshall Dillon in the old Gunsmoke TV series, Chester walked proud but a little off-centre. He and my mother had a loving bond that lasted years, and she was inconsolable when Chester died. What is it about animals that touches a tender inner part of us that's inaccessible to others? They seem to sense our needs and heal our mental wounds in ways that are unknowable. Local groups are using the healing nature of these four-legged therapists to enrich lives and even mend unsettled minds. Saanich's Forward Equestrian and Wellness Centre is a leader in tapping the magic of the human-equine bond. At Forward, horse "counsellors" are an integral part of therapy services that serve those with mental health issues, special needs children, clients with developmental disorders and others. Rebecca Phillips, CEO, reveals the dynamics of the human transformation: "The therapeutic value 14 SEASIDE | may 2013

beeR • wiNe • cideR • cooleRS • poRT • SheRRy

Visiting People gives joy to the frail elderly. Founder and Sidney resident Sadey Guy knows the gold star value of tiny furry therapists who visit 150 facilities for the elderly on Vancouver Island. Sadey warmly recounts elderly patients who never spoke – but with a cuddly little dog in their lap, started talking again. Sadey recalls a senior who was agitated and upset, but when connected with a tiny canine, spent a very blissful afternoon. According to the genial retired nurse, the presence of dogs lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, increases relaxation and well-being, encourages social interaction and jogs seniors' memories into fond remembrances of pets long gone. Pussycats are also a part of the PATS service. Sadey says that when a furry feline is placed in the arms of elderly "cat-lover" patients, they are "estatic and overjoyed" and have a very happy day! On April 30th, PATS proudly celebrated 25 very successful years of service to the community. A truly innovative program connects dogs with autistic children: Autism Support Dogs, a sister charity with B.C. & Alberta Guide Dog Services. Vincci Li, Marketing and Communication Specialist, speaks of the miracles that happen when dog and child meet heart to heart. One of the debilitating results of autism is isolation from other kids. The dogs become a conduit to the child's peers: Other kids will want to pat the dog and start interacting with the autistic child. When children with autism have tantrums, the dogs are able to calm the children down. Vincci relates: "There is that magical humananimal bond, which many of us pet owners know so well. Often the children are calmer and more willing to participate in everyday activities like going to the park or the swimming pool because they know their furry friend is nearby." Children with autism learn new skills, like feeding and taking care of the dogs. Many non-verbal autistic children learn to say the dog's name. So Chester, if you are eyeing me from a comfy "chester"field in the sky, you can rest easy knowing that all your fellow animals are taking very good care of humans down here. Contacts: www.autismsupportdogs.org; www.patspets.ca; www.forwardequestrian.ca. Photos courtesy BC & Alberta Guide Dog Services | Autism Support Dogs, Forward Equestrian & Wellness Centre.

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Offering Unsurpassed Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care in a Warm and Caring Environment

Breadner Veterinary Services Mon/Tues/Fri 8-5:30, Weds/Thurs 8-7, Sat 9-4 2126 Keating X Road, Saanichton

250.652.9700 www.breadnervet.com

land ’ s end the height of luxury

c l e The Un i k e’s M


778.351.1988  102 - 9780 2nd St, Sidney Professional all breed toy dog grooming including nails, glands, bathing, cliPPing & scissoring

Board your cat worry-free at Land’s End Cat Resort. Designed by Keith Baker, this kitty-only retreat offers 16 bright, private rooms with heated tile floors, AC, large screened windows and very comfortable beds. Proprietor Dr. Blythe Baillie provides exceptional care for your cat with over 20 years of veterinary experience. Give your cat a vacation too. quiet rural setting

– cats only – close to airport & ferry

1434 laurel road, north saanich, bc // 250-656-1999 info @ landsendcat . com // landsendcat . com SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 15

Match Made in Haven! Jamie Poll Partners with Haven Spa

Sterling silver charms from $30

Royal Oak at Broadmead Village 250.658.5578 Sidney at the Pier Hotel 250.656.5506 knickerbockers.ca

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As they celebrate their sixth anniversary in May, Haven Spa at The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa is excited to announce that it's time to get a little "work done." The salon is expanding May 15th with the new partnership with Jamie Poll of Salon J, one of the best stylists on Vancouver Island, and his team of artists. The current salon will double in size and the current Manicure/Pedicure room will relocate to a larger space with street access adjacent to the hotel lobby doors. The new Haven "Polish Lounge" will offer a fun and relaxing environment for manicures, pedicures and parties! Sidney's largest full-service spa and salon provides fabulous facials, massage, wraps and scrubs, manicures, pedicures, hair styling and makeup. The renovation provides a fun, yet holistic guest experience through a blend of function, design and service, with the best of the best professionals in the region all under one roof. Truly a match made in Haven!

Sidney Mayor Receives Medal Sidney's regular Council meeting of Monday, March 25th started

Sterling silver charms from $30

Mother’s Day Bracelet Gift Set Available Starting April 15 Purchase the PANDORA Mother’s Day gift set Royal Oak at Broadmead Village for $230, featuring one sterling silver bracelet, 250.658.5578 two “Beveled” clips, one “Mom” charm, and a Sidney at the Pier Hotel charm of your choice valued up to $40 with a 250.656.5506 travel jewelry case (a retail value of $290).* knickerbockers.ca *Before taxes. Good while supplies last. See our store for details.

16 SEASIDE | may 2013

MKTG65886_KNICKER_M.indd 1

4/8/2013 5:23:44 PM

off a bit differently than usual as Councillor and Acting Mayor, Tim Chad presented Mayor Larry Cross with the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in a quiet ceremony before his peers on Council. Mayor Cross served on Sidney Town Council from 2006 to 2008 and was elected Mayor in 2008. His work in the community, however, extends far beyond his political career. His life's focus has been in education and community development. Mayor Cross is the second member of Sidney's Town Council to be recognized with a Queen's Medal. Councillor Kenny Podmore was awarded his medal by Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich Gulf Islands, on September 13th, 2012 at a community ceremony held at the Mary Winspear Centre. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a commemorative medal created in 2011 by the Government of Canada to mark the 60th anniversary of the accession to the thrones of Queen Elizabeth II. Only 60,000 medals were created and were distributed to individuals across Canada who have worked to enhance the quality of life for individuals in their community and in our country.

a dv e rto r i a l

A Smile and a Chuckle For You! From the doctors at BAKERVIEW HEALTH CENTRE

Dr Bidgood, almost everyone who uses the Pat Bay Highway has seen your Dental Office Sign! Is it true From left: Dr. Jayne Bidgood, D.C., B.Sc, MChiro; Dr. John R. Bidgood, DDS; you’ve actually been there since 1974? Dr. Judith Monk-Bidgood, D.C., B.A., M.A.; Marlee Bidgood Yes indeed! We are celebrating our 40th year of serving the community, still at our same location. Of course, we have expanded and modernized over the years. We are now a very busy state-of-the-art general practice with several Does dentistry and chiropractic make for a good marriage? dentists and hygienists, and we offer a very complete range of services Think of chiropractic care as orthodontics for the spine. Instead to all ages, including Chiropractic, Custom Foot Orthotics, and of braces, your Doctor of Chiropractic uses spinal adjustments to Registered Massage Therapy. We will always welcome new patients as help restore optimal structure and function, restoring normal nerve we grow, and continue to be available for function, relieving pain and improving the health WALK-INS! of the entire body. The Doctors Bidgood treat not only the joints of the spine but also the TMJ (also a Are any of these services covered? dental concern) as well as the joints of the foot, knee, Absolutely! We bill MSP, WCB and hip, hand, elbow, and shoulder. Check out www. ICBC, where applicable. Most extended bidgoodchiropractic.com for more information. health benefit plans allow us to bill directly, on your behalf, which is an added Is Chiropractic care effective? convenience for our patients. Absolutely! Even though I’m probably Dr. Jayne and Dr. Judy’s most frequent patient, don’t take my Do you have any advice for patients, based on your many years word for it. Our friendly chiropractors welcome drop-ins and would of experience? be pleased to show you the many different ways they have of treating 1. Regular check-ups and hygiene is still your best defence against you. If you are fearful of having adjustments, the Doctors Bidgood any kind of dental disease for early detection and intervention. would especially like to talk with you! It’s just that simple. 2. Preventive maintenance is still the most economical approach How will you celebrate your 40th year, Dr. Bidgood? throughout and, perhaps most important of all, number 3: Everyone is invited to enjoy a piece of our celebration cake and a “You don’t have to floss ALL of your teeth, just the ones you cup of coffee at our OPEN HOUSE on Sunday, June 2nd, from want to keep!” That always seems to bring a chuckle or a smile, 1 to 4 p.m. We’d be happy to show you our newly renovated office and isn’t laughter truly the best medicine? and beautiful gardens. Enter our draw for prize giveaways such as a FREE MASSAGE, and take a walk for a free cake. People tend to refer to yours as a family business. We hope to see you there! Yes, our chiropractors are my wife Judy and our daughter Jayne. The chiropractic office manager is our daughter Marlee. Thank you very much for reading. Please visit us in person or via our websites: drbidgood.com and bidgoodchiropractic.com. I see that one could potentially have a massage, a chiropractic, 6111 Patricia Bay Hwy, 250-652-2222. and a dental appointment all in one location. ********************** Yes, the addition of natural therapies has greatly enhanced the services we offer, and many of our patients strive to achieve their And please don’t tell everyone … but our secret back garden will optimal level of health through natural means. also bring a smile to your face! SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 17

can we tal k Editor-in-chief allison smith talks with canadian dramatic tenor ben heppner, who will be performing at the Mary winspear centre may 30th

It has been said that you are recognized as the finest dramatic tenor before the public today. Can you tell us about how you started singing, and when you first realized you had a gift? I come from a family of amateur singers. We sang at home, doing dishes, in the car, at church … singing is a natural thing for me. I've always said that if I hadn't learned to sing by the time I was two, they might have given me to a different family! With me, there was a constant desire to stay close to music, and that's what started my journey toward where I am now. There are many people who dream of becoming a famous singer. What advice can you give them on how to reach their goal? I'm probably not the right guy to ask … I went off to university thinking I was going to be a high school music teacher. I guess I'm easily distracted: I ended up in the vocal music program because people had enjoyed my singing, and I just kept following the doors that opened. I didn't have this "plan" to become an opera singer and travel the world. You were the winner of the CBC Talent Festival in 1979. How did your career path change from that point on? That was an important, pivotal moment in my life because it gave me the courage to admit to myself that maybe I had a shot at making a career as a singer. At that point it was the biggest singing competition in Canada, and it gave me the confidence to keep pursuing the music and the singing. It took about two years after the competition win for me to realize I wasn't going to be able to make a living as an oratorio or recital singer in Canada – there just wasn't enough work. People kept advising me that maybe I should check out opera, so I enrolled in the University of Toronto Opera School. One year later I was taken away from that and made part of the Canadian Opera Company ensemble – the Company's training program.

The popularity of televised singing competitions, such as American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice, has skyrocketed in recent years. Do you think this is a good thing? In general, yes, but how many opera singers have we seen on American Idol, or shows like that, and if so, have they gone anywhere? These shows seem to be strictly focused on more popular forms of music, and they avoid any sort of classical training. It doesn't seem to have lent any sort of focus to those people who have put in the hours learning to sing with a more cultivated sound. You are a very busy man, performing at some of the world's most famous venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera. We feel so lucky that you'll be appearing at Sidney's Mary Winspear Centre. What is your favourite part about performing at smaller venues such as this? I come from a smaller place (Dawson Creek, B.C.) and I remember the few times throughout my high school life when a classical music event came through town. I remember the impact it had on me. I'm really proud of being from a smaller town and I feel that it has framed me in a much different way than if I had been from New York or something. I love the small places, connecting with people, and I try and give an experience that is honest and sincere in terms of the type of music I present. I can imagine that spending so much time performing means you really appreciate your "downtime." What entails a "lazy Sunday" for you? My wife is a minister, so I generally go to the Saturday evening service, and then the payoff is that you have this incredible Sunday morning. I have a few podcasts that I listen to, which my computer gathers for me on Saturday night. I spend Sunday morning listening to them with coffee and the paper, and then by the time I'm finished with that, my life has returned and we perform the rest of our day with family and friends and whatever else might be going on. After so much success, including being named a Companion of the Order of Canada, what's next for Ben Heppner? Are there any goals you have yet to achieve?

Glen Meadows

I think finishing well is one of the things I have in mind. Probably it's not going to be that much longer, in terms of age, but I'd like to be able to sing well for the next few short years and perform well. Then I'd like to work in some kind of a mentoring process, and explore other things in my life, whatever that entails. Maybe (crossing fingers) even grandkids! I don't have any yet but here's hoping.

Ben Heppner Dramatic Tenor

Ben Heppner is renowned worldwide for his portrayals in the dramatic tenor repertoire. His illustrious career has taken him to opera stages and concert halls around the world. He is acclaimed for the beauty of his voice, incisive musicianship, and his generosity with his audience. His performances on the opera stage, in concert with the world’s leading orchestras, in the most prestigious recital venues and in recordings have set new standards in his demanding repertoire. He is a 1988 winner of the Metropolitan Opera auditions and received GrammyŽ Awards in 1998 for his recording of "Die Meistersinger" on London/Decca records and in 2001 for his recording of "Les Troyens" with the London Symphony Orchestra on LSOLive. Ben Heppner is a Companion of the Order of Canada.


How MICs can help you diversify within your RRSP.

golf & country club

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This is not a solicitation to purchase securities, which is being made under an Offering Memorandum that details risks and is available from our offices. Mortgage investments are not guaranteed. Returns will fluctuate and past performance may not be repeated.


weat h erwit "will cold lows dominate our weather for may and june? Perhaps not."

May Weather Outlook

"It was a dark and stormy night." In the Peanuts cartoon, Snoopy would sit on his doghouse roof and start a novel by typing this famous phrase, originally authored by Baron Lytton in the 1800s. The Baron also wrote the oft-quoted: "the pen is mightier than the sword." Now this, to me, is just by Steve Sakiyama stating the obvious, given that you could never seriously write with a sword. At best it would be large, sloppy scratches of letters while inflicting serious damage to your desk. Another one of Baron Lytton's famous phrases could be used to describe my childhood. Whenever I flew into the house all dirtsmeared and sweaty from playing outside in the blazing summer heat, the most descriptive way to announce my entrance would be: "and heeere he is … the great unwashed." Speaking of playing in the blazing sun, May is a month when we anxiously await the heat of summer as gardens are developing their full spectrum of colours and we are teased by glimpses of warmth. However, the weather is not quite ready for prime time as a meteorological feature called a "cold low" can put a damper on getting all dirt-smeared and sweaty, and so delay my membership in the ranks of the great unwashed. A cold low is a huge spinning blob of air that has broken off from a larger cold air reservoir. Although late May and June can give us some wonderful weather, we can also have prolonged periods of dark and stormy conditions (like last June) as these spinning cold pools move into the south coast and throw cool and unsettled weather our way before the summer heat arrives in full force.

Family Owned & Operated For Over 50 Years • Free Rx Delivery

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Sidney Pharmacy LTD. 2425B Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250-656-0744 20 SEASIDE | may 2013 | www.seasideMAGAZINE.ca

So will cold lows dominate our weather for May and June? Perhaps not, as the outlook for these months show probabilities tipped to the warmer and drier-than-normal side of the meteorological dice. But no matter what the weather, I love May. It vibrates with life, shows off its natural splendor and has Mother's Day. So my sentimental forecast for May 12th is sunshine – symbolic of my mother's brightness and warmth. For years I didn't fully appreciate the loving sacrifices she (and dad) made for our family – that was until my wife and I had our first child. So as a tribute to her I penned this deeply meaningful and powerful verse which she loved, based on the famous poem by Howard Johnson: "M" is for the MANY things you do for me. "O" is for the OTHER things you do for me. "T" is for the THOUSAND things you do for me. "H" is for the HUNDRED things you do for me. "E" is for EVERYTHING you do for me. "R" is for the REST of the things that I forgot to mention earlier so everything else is included in this last line … that you do for me. Put them all together and they spell "MOTHER." A word that means the world to me. ~ Weatherwit. What is great about May? Send your likes to weatherwit@gmail.com and I will post them on my blog at weatherwit.wordpress.com.

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Giving Back to Our Community Don Bellamy

In 2012 RE/MAX Camosun Agents donated over $27,000 to the Children’s Miracle Network. RE/MAX Agents in Western Canada contributed over $1.7 million to CMN.


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A Special Place for Your Pet's After Care by Jocelyne Monette As children, my siblings and I conducted many a backyard burial service for our dearly departed companions: Charlie the three-legged tadpole, our favorite rabbit "Bunny Rabbit" and so many others that touched our young hearts. Through the years, I outgrew the backyard burial ritual in search of services that would allow me to mourn, memorialize and celebrate the life shared with my beloved pets. I could never quite find that "special place," and wondered why our

Beacon Cat Hospital Dr. Ellen Guttormson

The only strictly feline hospital serving the Saanich Peninsula

Purrrrrfect Care 9711 A - 5th St, Sidney • 250-656-5568 • www.beaconcatvet.infovet.ca

hanging baskets • planters • perennials annuals • herbs • small trees • pottery

How about Treating Mom to One of Our Beautiful Hanging Baskets? Thousands to Choose From!

Mon - Sat 9 - 5:30 Sundays 10-4

6536 West Saanich Road, Saanichton 250.896.8338 www.patiogardensvictoria.ca 22 SEASIDE | may 2013

companion animals were not given the respect they deserved and that I deserved as a grieving pet parent! After a long and rewarding airline career, I decided to devote myself to creating such a "special place" – where families can expect compassion and dignity for themselves and their furry family members. In June of 2004, I founded Eternal Companions Pet Memorial Center in Montreal, Quebec – North America's first full service pet memorial and cremation centre – and it quickly became known as a sanctuary that honoured the unconditional bond between animals and their human friends. I am privileged to have met so many wonderful families that truly touched my soul with their expressions of love and grief for their companions. In February 2010, the Pacific Northwest continued to beckon me with promises of better weather and a healthy lifestyle. I briefly lived here in 1978-1980, and visited often over the years. I knew I would one day return, and finally the right time came. With heavy heart I said goodbye to my beloved pet memorial centre and headed west, stopping in Vancouver for four months to decide if that was where I wanted to be. As much as I enjoyed the mainland, I still wasn't quite "west" enough, and so at the end of July 2010, I headed to Victoria and immediately felt right at home. What a wonderful community! Right away I looked for a pet memorial centre and quickly realized the lack of a special place for pet parents and their beloved companions – and from this deep need to continue my work, the Pet Loss Care Memorial Center was created in November 2010. In December 2012, mine became the first memorial centre to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to flame based cremation – Pet Aquamation, a much more gentle and dignified aftercare service for our companions. And so, welcome to my "special place" – allow me to share your burden and celebrate your memories … to guide you through the process of saying goodbye with dignity … to honour the life you shared with a best friend … because love never dies. Blessings and namaste. Qualified Animal Health Care Technician • Bonded & Insured • Licensed

Pet Sitting Animal Nursing Care Mobile Cat Grooming Oral Hygiene Nail Trims Our Gift is Caring – Peace at Home Starts in the Heart


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grey m atters "I want you to know the value of being a pet from the pet's point of view.".

The Importance of Being Murray by Trysh Ashby-Rolls

Hi, my name is Murray and

I'm a dog. If you think the writer is anthropomorphizing, you are absolutely right. See, I want you to know the value of being a pet from the pet's point of view. Could be fish, a mouse, cat or, as in my case, a dog. I came to live with Angela when I was just a wee pup. I had what you might call a rather unfortunate puppy-hood. Suffice it to say I was kept in a basement. So it's extra special for me to have someone who loves me unconditionally ‌ who never hits me and who is always kind to me. Ah, sometimes I get the odd yell but then I can be irritating at times. Usually when I'm absorbed elsewhere, visiting or chasing the neighbour's cats. When I get back there's always a Good Boy treat waiting, so I can't complain. Let me tell you about some of the advantages of finding a good home, particularly one where there's just one senior person, because, quite frankly, it's easier to serve only one master. Angela, quite rightly, realizes that I am master, which makes my job description straightforward and her duties easy to carry out. What an entirely different story from when I was permanently under the feet of youngsters. Nobody took notice of my yowls, and they forgot to feed me regularly and refresh my water. Angela's young friends and her granddaughter make such a fuss over me when they come over. I get to bring out my favourite stuffy, a life-sized animal called Rat. The kids throw Rat and I return and drop him at their feet until I'm exhausted or bored, whichever comes first. Then I go to my basket for a nap. I'm never lonely, but sometimes people are, especially those who live alone. When your friends are involved in their marriages or children or jobs, they have less time for someone like my Angela. I'm a sort of 24/7

healing touch therapist assisting with stress and anxiety reduction, providing a source of comfort. Angela can use almost any amount of affection and hugs; she can share her innermost thoughts with me and, no kidding, I won't tell a soul. By the way, I just heard about a new Japanese invention: coats with built-in headphones that say nice things to the wearer. These coats, apparently, have a waist that inflates and deflates to give the impression of a squeeze. Guess what? The coats come in neon green and have LONESOME written on the back. Heard

this piece of nonsense on CBC radio of all places. What a silly bit of trivia. My back is furry and sandy-coloured but certainly doesn't shout in colour or words how Angela feels at any given moment. I usually know. Then I just look up at her with my big brown eyes and she strokes me, or hugs me, or picks me up for a lovely long cuddle. Sometimes it helps her with relaxation, pain relief or getting to sleep. I also provide a reason to get outside for a bit of a stretch, a walk and fresh air. I'm a grand friend, someone to look after, which of course suits me. My wages? Fresh-cooked chicken breast at least twice a week. One final word. If you're going to go for a certain therapy, say in complementary medicine, you choose with care. Consider chaps like me a sort of complementary medicine ‌ choose carefully.

18 holes of Golf & carT - Texas scramble | buffeT dinner | raffle

25th Annual

Tee Off For Technology G o l f To u r n a m e n T

Friday, June 14th, 2013, 1pm at the Glen Meadows Golf Course

Book your team now as this fun fundraiser sells out fast! $190 per person: Call our office today or visit our website for more information and to download a registration form.


new & notewort h y by Linda Hunter retail

Celebrating New & Old The Gallery at Mattick's Farm has a new owner. On April 1st, Dawn Casson, who had been working at the Gallery for the past 1½ years, took over ownership of the shop that has been at Mattick's for 17 years. Known for its beautiful pottery, jewelry, paintings and much more, Dawn is proud to represent some of B.C.'s best artists and artisans with 90% of the Gallery's offerings sourced locally. The Gallery also includes the works of Georg Jensen of Denmark and Martha Sturdy. Watch for a new website coming soon and even better – online purchasing in the near future. Visit www. thegalleryatmatticksfarm.com. Suzanne's and Jenny's new location across from Shoppers Drug Mart in the Beacon Plaza is bigger, brighter and more modern. With styles from Conrad C , Tribal, Dolcezza, Fresh FX, Simon Chang,Tan Jay and Alia, we have fashion for women 18 to seniors and the same friendly staff to help you find the perfect look

from casual to dressy. www.suzannes.biz. There is Something More happening at Mattick's Farm in Cordova Bay. Owner Karen Zanetti has moved her beautiful shop to the Peninsula, after spending 25 years in downtown Victoria. Open since May 1st, Something More offers up sophistication and style, specializing in current fashion for plus size women. "For all life's curves, there's something more." www.somethingmore.ca. Owners of The Old Attic are just finishing up the renovations at their new location on East Saanich Road (formally "The Old Moose Hall") and are looking forward to opening the doors in the middle of May and to celebrating with a Grand Opening on June 15th. As buyers and sellers of unique quality "past to present" items including estate sales, downsizing, auctions and consignment, Lynne Parker invites you to drop by and check out her new shop. www.theoldattic.ca The VQA Wine Shop at Mattick's Farm is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Wine shop owner Beth Crawford is proud

Care & Compassion... At C.A.R.E

to serve her customers one of the best selections of B.C. wines along with limited release and smaller boutique wines. Beth shares her 15 years of success with dedicated staff that are as passionate as she is about the industry they represent. www.vqawineshop.ca services

Bringing May Flowers

Many will recognize the term "root-bound" as meaning a plant has outgrown its container, and for Brown's The Florist in Sidney, the time for expansion has arrived. The Beacon Avenue location will spend early May renovating the existing store along with the space next door (formerly Maro Goldsmith Studio). Look for a bigger better Brown's in mid-May along with the same outstanding staff and service you’ve come to know. www.brownsflorist.com. restaurants

Time for Tea & Toast With decades of experience, having been in the restaurant business since he was 17, Petr Prusa welcomed the opportunity to open his third Floyd's Diner, this time in Sidney. Home to

"The Mahoney," and open seven days a week, Floyd's, located on Beacon near Henry, serves up fresh delicious fare with ease in an atmosphere that is more than comfortable: it's downright happy. www.floydsdiner.ca. There’s a fresh new face at Adrienne’s Restaurant and Tea Garden along with some delicious new culinary offerings. Patti Ross, the new resident pastry chef, is passionate about food and has been making some exciting changes since her December arrival. While your favourites are still available, Patti invites customers to try out some of her newest creations including delicious signature granola bars featuring Babe's Honey, an expanding line of gluten free offerings, and High Tea for children. Fresh, natural and local are the order of the day, and Patti is always happy to say hello with a warm smile while offering up a slice of her amazing carrot cake. Find Adrienne’s on Facebook at Adrienne’s Restaurant and Tea Garden and at their website www.adriennesteagarden.com. News, changes, updates, launches? Email linda@seasidemagazine.ca.

As a local and family-owned Funeral Home with no commissioned sales staff, our Statement of Intent is to provide Compassionate and Caring Service at a price point that leaves each family favourably impressed with the value they received from CARE Funeral Services.

Funeral Services your memories matter.

Since 1990 Greater Victoria’s very best value. Complete services from $1,370.

Sidney 250.655.9669

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William Buckley Director


v eterinary v oice "although we see peaks in the flea population in spring and fall, those pesky critters are here year-round."

Freddy the Flea Freeloader by Dr. Shelley Breadner

Humans and their furry friends enjoy

and ferrets) on a flea control program all year will control the fleas in their environment and prevent any re-infestation. Nobody likes a FLEA FREELOADER! For more information visit www.breadnervet.com.

Brentwood Dental Hygiene Clinic Come Meet Joanne ! Teeth Whitening Special: $49.95


initial cleaning* -oR-


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Joanne Fox, RDH

initial cleaning*

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ch ni aa .s w

the warm, moist climate of southern B.C., so why not fleas? In fact, Vancouver Island and the southern mainland are considered "the flea capital of Canada!" Spring is the time of year for fleas to get in gear. Fleas have super-power jumping legs to reach their target. Once they jump on, fleas spend their adult lives on a pet. This seems to be a reliable place to have their 40 kids per day. That's right: one flea can easily lay 40 eggs a day. These eggs fall off and grow very well in your carpet, bedding and furniture to complete the life cycle. Having 40 kids a day is thirsty work (to say the least), so typically an adult flea needs a blood meal from any critter prior to laying her eggs. By placing your pets on a flea control program, you will be giving your pet relief and you will have peace of mind knowing that fleas are not infesting your home. Most flea control products are available

in a convenient once-amonth treatment for pets. As veterinarians, we have newer products that are more natural, derived from soil organisms. Others act as birth control for fleas. Topical applications will kill the fleas and resolve the itching. Flea bites cause the allergies and itching, so be sure to get your pet on some form of flea control. Prevention is KEY! Cats are very sensitive to flea products (and to fleas!). Some products can be toxic for cats, yet safe for dogs. Please be sure to double check the label of any flea product. Please avoid flea collars as they generally carry very noxious substances (for you and your pet) and are not effective in controlling fleas. Aside from the obvious "itchies" there are some health concerns associated with fleas. If your canine or feline friend happens to ingest a flea while itching and nibbling uncontrollably, they may gulp down a tapeworm in the same swallow. Young and old animals are especially sensitive to the blood loss a flea family can cause. A heavy load of fleas can cause a fatal anemia in a young kitten or a debilitated geriatric pooch. There are also disease-causing organisms that can be transmitted through flea saliva when you or your pet is bitten. Although we see peaks in the flea population in spring and fall, those pesky critters are here year-round. Keeping all of the pets in a household (including bunnies

e ac ll wa

. dr

Sidney ’s Pet Centre For Everything Your Pet Needs! reflectivelgearl•lrawlpetlfoodl•lall-naturalldogltreatsl•lmobilitylformulal…landlmore!

#4-9769 Fifth St., Sidney 250-656-3314 www. sidneypetcentre.com 26 SEASIDE | may 2013

Carell-Ayne Whalen:

Who Benefits from Staging? EVERYONE! Regardless of your budget or style, I can help you create a compelling space that reflects you! • Just bought a new place? • Planning on selling your home? • Just want to rent or redecorate?

Simply Staged To Sell

Freshen up Your Home With a New Look for Spring!

by Gillian Crowley

Carell-Ayne Whalen, owner of "Simply Staged to Sell," blends

Complimentary Consultation!

simplystagedtosell.ca • 250.889.0022 • ca@simplystagedtosell.ca

a client-focused approach with her earlier experience in fashion and antiques. As a Certified Staging Professional, she helps clients understand what staging a home is all about. "I prefer to use the term styling or redesign because often you can use the client's own furniture and art but just in a different way." Today she offers three services: home staging to sell for both vacant and occupied homes, home styling redesign using a client's existing furnishings, and a rental locator service for those not wanting to purchase a home. For staging she offers a free half hour "get to know you" meeting and an initial room staging to let the client see what she can do. Carell-Ayne first discovered her talent for using colour and accessories when working for a high-end retail store in Calgary as a personal shopper and wardrobe consultant. "I was on a tight budget but had to look like a million bucks every day!" This gave her the idea for her tagline: "Style on a Budget." In 1997 she and her partner moved to Sidney where they ran an antiques business called "Funtiques." After the sudden death of her partner, Carell-Ayne staged their condominium for sale and it sold in two weeks. Property styling was her calling! Carell-Ayne says her own life experiences have helped her develop empathy for others who may experiencing rough times and change. She frequently works with clients who are downsizing from a large home and need help with decluttering, staging and then finding a rental apartment. "It feels so rewarding when I have helped someone transform their house to live in or to sell," she says. "It's not just about creating a house that appeals to one's self or potential buyers. It's the fact that it transforms the client, enabling them to move on with their life." Networking and volunteering have helped transform her own business and personal life. After having to redesign her own life, she finds that being of service to others "brings me a lot of joy." Carell-Ayne credits her success in part to having supportive mentors and friends throughout her life. She now gives back as part of a mentoring program with Bridges for Women which helps women who have experienced trauma and abuse. The mentoring program helps to give these women confidence as they start or continue their road to employment. Carell-Ayne loves to quote Edith Head, Hollywood's legendary fashion maven, who said: "Accentuate the positive and camouflage the negative." She feels this philosophy applies to home staging AND life. For more information visit www.simplystagedtosell.ca.


ingrid jarisz

SELLS VICTORIA Real Estate is my passion, People are my priority! 1286 Fairfield Road Victoria, BC V8V 4W3 250.385.2033 www.ingridjarisz.com info@ingridjarisz.com

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Sandal Season is Just Around the Corner … Are You Ready?

Check out our pedicure packages!

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Hearing solutions that fit your life. 778-426-4876 / 7159 hearcentralsaanich.com W Saanich

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17/04/2013 11:02:57 AM

Sidney Pier Spa • Seaside Times May 2013 Ad • Size: 7.75” (w) x 4.925” (h) • FINAL FILE • April 09/13

WE'VE EXPANDED! Visit Haven’s NEW Manicure & Pedicure Lounge during the month of May to enjoy… DELUXE PEDICURES – $50 HAVEN PARAFFIN PEDICURES – $60 Ask us about pedicure parties. Please contact Haven Spa for details. *remember only GST applies to all services

manicures pedicures parties

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Ladies, it’s about time you met the family …

Liquor Store Good Spirits. Great Value. 9 am - 11 pm 7 days a week Friend us – Liquor Express


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Saanichton: 2134 Keating X Road 250-652-4400 • Tillicum: 3170 Tillicum Road 250-384-0060 • Yates: 759 Yates Street 250-384-4136, ext. 3 28 SEASIDE | may 2013

s m ell t h e co f f ee "the invitation to visit a couple of guatemalan coffee plantations was too good to pass up"

The Small World of Coffee by Steve Sheppard

I recently took a trip to one of the most well-known coffee countries in the world, Antigua Guatemala. It was odd being in a plane after spending so much time on the water over the past few months, but the invitation to visit a couple of Guatemalan coffee plantations that are producing "Cup of Excellence" quality coffee was too good to pass up. On the first tour I arrived at the Santa Clara coffee plantation excited to get behind the scenes, only to be greeted by some local West Coast coffee roasters that I've come to know over the year. Eron from Cowboy Coffee in Vancouver, Ryan from Café Fantastico in Victoria and Jim from Fresh Cup Roastery Café on the Saanich Peninsula had just finished a half day with their coffee buyer on the same farm I was visiting. This further proves how small the world of specialty coffee really is! I've recently started into the world of buying and selling green coffee for select clients here on the West Coast, and the tour was all about learning what goes into growing great coffee and buying direct from farmers. The plantation owner, Ricardo Zelaya, is a fourth-generation coffee farmer and the one who provided me the personal tour of one of four plantations he runs with family. It was soon evident that growing coffee was in his blood. Ricardo has a degree in Agriculture from Florida State University, so while he's native to Guatemala he's well educated in what it takes to grow great coffee. Over the past decade the plantations that Ricardo oversees have yielded the distinction of what

the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) refers to as "Cup of Excellence" quality coffee twice, a distinction reserved for the Top 25 coffees in the world. Each year, expert groups of cuppers (coffee tasters) score hundreds of coffees, and if you consider the number of coffee growing regions submitted globally each year, finishing in the top 25 to be deemed "Cup of Excellence" is essentially the Holy Grail of the coffee world. Coffee is complex in terms of the environment it grows in, but that's only the

first part of the journey. The second and most important part is what Eron, Ryan and Jim

do, which is roast this world class green coffee to perfection. I've been in all of their cafés, tried their roasts, and can say that they do this world-class coffee justice … Steve out.

Marmalade Tart Boutique Fun, Flirty, Fabulous Fashion! Designed for the Confident Woman…

eric alexandre


Mon - Sat 10-530 • Sundays & Holidays 1130-5 Landmark Bldg – #102-2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney

778-426-3356 • www.marmaladetart.com SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 29

What's Happening This Summer!



Morning Mist Canoe Adventure Paddle in the lake searching for eagles, herons, turtles and other lake life with CRD Regional Parks’ naturalists. Equipment and instruction provided. 250.478.3344 • www.crd.bc.ca/ parks/events/calendar.aspx

Biology Buddies: Oh Deer! At Swan Lake Christmas Hill Sanctuary, they believe that "Kids belong outside!" Focusing on the natural magic of Swan Lake, each class has a different nature theme, told through games, stories, crafts and an outside stroll. Ages 4 to 6, in class without parents. Classes are filling up very fast! Pre-registration required. 250-479-0211 • www.swanlake.bc.ca.


The Beach Rocks! See the weird and interesting sea life that is left when the tide goes out with a CRD naturalist. Island View Beach 250.478.3344. www.crd.bc.ca/parks



Happy Birthday Canada! Lots of Canada Day fun for kids in Sidney! The Sidney Canada Day Parade starts at 11 am at Beacon Avenue and Resthaven Drive. From 12 to 4 pm, laugh and tumble at the Inflatable Obstacle Course and the Road Hockey games at Iroquios Park, ages 6 – 15. www. peninsulacelebrations.ca/events/sidney-days/family-fun-fair

30 SEASIDE | may 2013


Father's Day Kindergym is a special time for toddlers to play with their daddies and make them a present! 9 - 10:30. Greenglade Community Centre Gym. $5.50 or Kindergym punch pass. panoramarecreation.ca.

Minute to Win It Hey teens! Do you like a challenge? Come to the Panorama pool for an evening of competition: see how many intricate tasks you can perform for 60 seconds in the water. You have a very short minute to win! 8:15 to 10 pm. Free admission. www.panoramarecreation.ca

June Panorama Recreation Play in the Park Kids will play in and explore seven different parks on the Saanich Peninsula. FREE! Beginning July 2nd and running to the end of August. Monday to Friday 5:30 - 8:30 pm. For info visit www.panoramarecreation.ca.

Stayin' Alive – Animals on the Defensive Sea creatures have many strange tricks to survive in the ocean! Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre from 10 am - 4 pm. www.oceandiscovery.ca


k ly on




Summer Camps! Join other fun-seekers at Greenglade, Panorama and Centennial Park. Just a taste: Outdoor pursuits; Creative Craft and Splash; Tennis and Golf; H20 Adventure; and Field Sports. Register on-line at www.panoramarecreation.ca or call 250.656.7271.


Nature Play Group For kids, moms and dads in Victoria to have fun together in a natural beautiful setting. Victoria Nature Play: http://tinyurl.com/ cmhck5n


Teen Lounge Greenglade Community Centre. Foosball, air hockey, Wii, music and films! http://www. crd.bc.ca/panorama/ events/teens.htm


Touch a Truck 11-3 Get behind the wheel of all kinds of trucks! $15 family (advance) $20 at door; $5 per person. Panorama Recreation Centre. team4hope.com.


Thrity's Community BBQ 4-6 pm $5 donation. Beacon Park, Sidney. Fireworks at 10 pm.


July 7

Strawberry Festival Free for kids and teens. A wide variety of family activities will include face painting, pony rides, relay races, arts and craft stations, a pie eating contest, and bouncy castles. www. saanichsunfest.ca. Beaver Lake Park 11 – 3 pm.



Field Sports $25 daily registration is welcome for Half-Day Afternoon Camps or $80 for a week of half-day camps, July 8 - 12. This amazing camp for 7 – 14 years offers five sports - a different one for each day. Full details at www.panoramarecreation.ca.

Going Buggy: Swan Lake "Nature Explorers." Get to know all those creepy crawlies and see them in their natural habitat. Pre-registration required - 250-479-0211. $12 per program for members; $18 for non-members. These programs are extremely popular so register ASAP! http://www.swanlake.bc.ca.


ABC Family Camping This fantastic camp will teach new campers basic camping skills and instruction. Register as soon as you can because this camp fills up fast! Food and camping equipment is provided. Call 250.475.5462 for more information. $35/family of five.


Karate Camp at Commonwealth Place Ages Drowing Prevention Day. This is a 4-6yrs. Boys and girls can learn an introduction very valuable Summer Theme Swim to Karate. Discover this martial art in a for kids at Panorama Recreation challenging, safe, positive atmosphere. Great way to Centre, teaching them life-saving water build confidence. Class will be divided up into different safety. www.panoramarecreation.ca levels. www.recreation.saanich.ca for more information.



Predators and Prey learn what animals need to do to survive in the wild. This really interesting talk is part of the Nature Explorers program at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Pre registration required: 250-479-0211. $12 per program for members; $18 for non members. These programs are extremely popular so register ASAP! http://www.swanlake.bc.ca.


Cadboro Bay Festival Frolic in the sunshine at the fun-filled Gyro Park: hands-on activities, bouncy castles, pirate school, hand drumming workshops, arts and crafts and food, laughs and fun! Watch sand sculptors create a giant sand sculpture. 11 am - 3 pm at Cadboro Bay - Gyro Park. Free Admission! Contact info: www.saanichsunfest.ca.


Saanichton Family Picnic 10am-2pm Location: Saanich Fairgrounds. FREE family event with lots of activities, games, prizes and an obstacle course! Event brought to you by the Saanichton Village Association and the Peninsula Country Market.



Water Water Everywhere Learn all about that blue liquid stuff all around us, kids. This is the last class in the August series of Nature Explorers at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Pre registration required: 250-479-0211. $12 per program for members; $18 for non-members. www.swanlake.bc.ca.


Happy Birthday BC! Make sure that you have lots of fun with Mom, Dad and the rest of your friends and family today!

12-16 Camps for kids


and teens through Recreation Saanich! Registration for tons of amazing programs can be done at www. recreation.saanich.ca.


Panorama Olympics Pretend that you are a worldfamous swimmer in this Summer Theme Swim at Panorama Recreation Centre. For details visit: panoramarecreation.ca.


Un-Birthday Day Make sure you go to this summer theme swim at Panorama! For details visit www.panoramarecreation.ca

Slide into Summer

2013 Camps

Panorama Recreation is excited to offer over 50 exciting camps this summer! To accommodate the interests, needs and abilities of all of the youth in our community, we’ve carefully designed our program selection so that you can customize your very own summer camp experience. Camp choices include Geocaching, Wilderness, Spy Kids, Junior Lifeguard and so much more. The choice is yours and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

www.panoramarecreation.ca 250.656.7271


Secrets of the Salish Sea Wines, Whales and Wonders by Steve Duck

secrets of the salish sea offers the opportunity to sample, and to taste, some of the true wonders of the region.

As a resident or a visitor to the Saanich Peninsula, one is reminded daily of the splendour of the region. Its recently defined brand, "Diverse by Nature," leads us to what we can expect. A new tour starting this summer, "Secrets of the Salish Sea," provides the opportunity to get "down to ground" and savour this diversity. For six days (with five nights in local boutique hotels), travelers can explore the special places found in our backyard. Residents and their friends have the opportunity to do this in the "Secrets, Day-At-A-Time," enjoying various daily escorted tours. The Secrets are found on daily soft adventure excursions. Participants traveling by bike, on foot, by kayak or small boat will stop to experience the diversity of flavours the region has to offer. From cider to coffee to wine, Salish art to sculpture to market crafts, eagles to orcas to seals, beach-baked salmon to biscotti to fresh cheeses … the senses will be engaged at a leisurely pace of footsteps, paddle strokes and pedal pushes. This eco-friendly tour encourages the traveler to connect with the land, its people and 32 SEASIDE | may 2013

treasures. Direct interactions with artists, marine biologists, chefs, First Nations and other local storytellers will take place every day.

"Come experience the Salish Sea! An adventure for the senses … a remarkable journey." The travel groups will be an intimate, friendly size of not more than 10 people and not less than six. This gives everyone time to be involved in the various experiences of the day. It is an active tour, but not meant to be a fitness workout. By no means does one need to be an athlete to take part! Every mode of travel (hiking, biking, kayaking), while at a very comfortable pace, comes with options for those who would rather not participate, but still enjoy what the day has to offer. The Saanich Peninsula and its neighbour

Gulf Islands are surrounded by water: the Salish Sea. Each day of the tour, participants will enjoy being on the water in a different way: kayak, pontoon boat, water taxi, whale cruiser and splashing along in bare feet. Water is always good for the spirit! Along with good food, good company and good times, "Secrets of the Salish Sea" brings together the diversity of the region for one to savour in a day or for a week. "Secrets of the Salish Sea" is a new offering by TIDES – The Island's Destination & Event Service, based in Sidney, B.C. With worldwide experience, TIDES has brought together the best of the Saanich Peninsula to share a week of luxury treats. This tour, and its Day-At-A-Time options, offer the opportunity to sample, and to taste, some of the true wonders of the region comfortably, leisurely and informatively. Diverse by Nature, Fantastic by Experience! For more information on "Secrets of the Salish Sea" and "Secrets, Day-At-A-Time," visit www.TidesGroup.com or contact Steve Duck at 250-999-2997. Photo courtesy Steve Duck, TIDES.

ignition Buying a car has become increasingly complicated, so Seaside has decided to lend a hand! With the assistance of our friends at Motorize Auto Direct, each month publisher Sue Hodgson will be turning on the Ignition for our readers.

VW Golf Sportwagen by Sue Hodgson

The 2011 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen is a really smooth ride. It doesn't have the power I have come to love from my turbocharged 3-series BMW, but it's a great twist on the wagon. It feels new, modern, and up-to date. It's quiet, and comfortable, but so is almost everything else these days! So, what sets this diesel-powered wagon apart from its competitors? A six-speed manual transmission, that's what. When looking at new vehicles, you'll notice a trend: no manual transmissions available. So, why does this car have one? Partly for the purists who have to be in control – not relinquishing gear selection to a computer. The driver has to think more when driving a standard. That's not a bad thing, in a world where Tassimo has taken the manual labour out of your morning brew. VW Golf Having said that, a driver can be a little lazy in the VW, because the engine makes so much torque, you rarely have to downshift for a pass or a big hill. Would you consider buying a car with a stick, or do you prefer to have the butler do your shifting for you? If you let the manufacturers decide,

For All Your Spring Home Improvement Needs!

SportWagen: manual transmission for the purists you'll see more butlers. Good thing steering wheels have more buttons than ever … those should keep us busy for a while. 2011 Highline, TDI clean diesel with 6-speed manual transmission. 50,000 kms, $27,788.

Brentwood Hair Studio We are Thrilled to Welcome Anne, Former Owner of Genesis Hair & Esthetics, To Our Team To make an appointment with Anne, please call!

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island dis h

"A" is for Apple by Jennifer Bowles

A few nights ago I hosted a dinner

party in honour of my friend's birthday. We began the night with some succulent oysters, homemade gravlax and a few meltin-your-mouth cheeses from the market. I picked up a loaf of crusty baguette, some funky chutneys and a few figs – we had a blast. Before I put the dinner together I thought hard about just the right dessert for the occasion. Anyone can pick up a slab of white sponge cake slathered in buttery icing with sugar paste roses and "Happy Birthday!" scrawled on top in gel frosting, but I wanted to think outside of the box. I wanted something whimsical but still grown up, something yummy but not overly complicated. On my way home a few days before the dinner I walked right past a candy store that's known for over-the-top candy apples. I always glue myself to the window and stare longingly at those glistening orbs magnificently dressed in some of the sweetest embellishments money can buy. Drooling over glorious milk chocolate or brittle candy coatings rolled in all manner of confections and nuts, I started to think ‌ how could I put together a candy apple with a grown-up twist? Well, I did some research and came upon a few variations on what I had in mind. A little experimenting and a few apples later, and I think I hit a home run. Prepare yourselves: here you have the "Cabernet Candy Apple!" That's right: there is a fruity red wine in the caramel coating which gives the apple a whole new grown-up identity. Its exterior is visually stunning and it

"I wanted something whimsical but still grown up, something yummy but not overly complicated"

definitely hit the whimsical mark … and talk about easy! This was remarkably simple. That night, my friend and I had a fabulous time, and at the end I pulled out the candy apples. I had written "Happy Birthday" in colourful marker on the stick, and she was over the moon! When I was working on the recipe I recalled that nothing goes better with red wine than my old friend chocolate, so I paired the apples with some rich dark homemade truffles, and we toasted the night away over a chilled glass of bubbly and a lot of laughs. That's my approach; keep it fun and simple. You don't have to be five-star pastry chef to impress. Sometimes it's the fun and imaginative approach that will win your guests over. The more time you spend with your guests and not slaving away in your kitchen the more fun your party will be. Here's the recipe! 8 small apples (Spartan or Macintosh) 1.5 cups red wine (Don't like red? Go white!) 2 cups sugar ½ cup water 4 tbsp whipping cream Boil wine until it reduces to ½ cup. In a large pot boil sugar and water. When the sugar is totally dissolved it will start to caramelize and turn a medium amber color. When that happens, pour in your wine and swirl around, then add your cream. With a candy thermometer bring the mixture to 235° F then let it drop to 200°. Dip your apples in and swirl about, coating all sides. Place onto greased wax paper. Roll in nuts, your favourite chocolate bar, Turkish delight … whatever your fancy. Enjoy! Wine pairing courtesy Gartley Station: Jen paired her candy apples and chocolate truffles with a sparkling wine, and that was a pretty safe bet. The sparkling wine should, however, be off-dry and on the sweeter side as opposed to a "brut" style champagne. The golden rule "the wine should be sweeter than the dessert" holds true so any dessert wine (ice wine, late harvest riesling or port), will pair well. It just so happens that Gartley Station carries a "caramelized apple port" and to me that sounds like a match made in heaven! (Sorry, not available in the liquor stores.) It might be fun to experiment with the same cabernet sauvignon used in the glaze; you might be pleasantly surprised!

The Peninsula’s Only Micro-Coffee Roaster

Not Only the Freshest Tasting Coffee … We’re Easy on the Environment !


Saanichton: Mt. Newton X Rd. @ Wallace Dr. SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 35

Nicole Wilford – Slegg Mortgage Being part of the Slegg Mortgage team and Dominion Lending Centres gives my clients access to the very best mortgage rates and options, as well as home improvement discounts and expertise at our Slegg Stores. Interest rates have fallen dramatically in the past couple of years. If you have an older line of credit agreement, call me for a quick chat as you could potentially save thousands of dollars. You’ve got nothing to lose and I promise you won’t regret it!

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Implant Surgery Wisdom Teeth Removal  Crown & Bridges  Professional Dental Hygiene  Cosmetic Dentistry  IV Sedation Available  

Trusted Mortgage Advisor

250.686.2927 • nwilford@dominionlending.ca • www.nicolewilford.ca

The Dictionary defines "home" as the "place where someone

lives." For Nicole Wilford, a member of the Slegg Mortgage Team and Dominion Lending Centres, it's much more than that; it's about living in a place you love. And for Nicole, that's an easy one: she

New Patient Exam and Dental Hygiene Just $99! (valued at $217)

Dr. Mitra HasHeMi

#104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney 250.656.1199 | www.coastdentalcare.ca

life shows up in every area of her work, and in the level of service that she offers her customers, helping them with what is for many the most exciting and significant purchase they'll make in their lifetime. Being part of the bigger team of Slegg Mortgage and Dominion

Nicole Wilford, Slegg Mortgage: Home is really where her heart is by Linda Hunter simply loves living and working on Vancouver Island. Growing up in Comox means Nicole has always been an Island gal. She has fond memories of time spent outdoors, camping with her Dad and three siblings and exploring all that this beautiful West Coast has to offer. Growing up, she says, she was always outside, and to this day, that's where she spends most of her time. When it comes to working, she takes great pride in sharing this Island with her clients and in helping them to finance their own piece of paradise. Nicole's love of

For Little Paws Grooming Studio Big Paws Always Welcome Too! Call for Appointment

Lending Centres means Nicole is able to offer much more to her clients. Through Slegg Mortgage, she has access to the very best mortgage rates and options, along with home improvement discounts for the term of their mortgage. And Slegg's, as many know, is another Vancouver Island owned and operated company that knows a little about homes too, having been in the building and housing industry since 1947. Working with Dominion Lending Centres includes a mortgage product line and an array of home financing solutions that

Sidney Meet Up network of

WOMEN IN BUSINESS May 12th is Dental Day at the shop with K9 Brite Bark!

Carol-Marie Crofton, Janet Lynch, Professional Groomer Owner with Marnie with Parker ForLittlePaws@shaw.ca • www.forlittlepawsgroomingstudio.ca

Tuesday - Saturday 9-5 #3-2490 Bevan Ave, Sidney 778-426-2587

36 SEASIDE | may 2013

WOrkINg tOgEthEr WIth WOMEN ON thE SaaNICh pENINSUla tO hElp aNd EMpOWEr US all

Come out, meet us and let’s join forces!

For more info call 778.426.4491 www.sidneymeetup.com

Is a River Cruise Vacation For You? Do You Like To:

• travel with a small group of people? • dress casually? • have included sightseeing? • enjoy the service offered by warm, friendly, knowledgeable staff? • enjoy complimentary wine, These are just a few of the beer and soft drinks at dinner reasons River Cruising and some lunches? may be for you … • discover far away places, away from busy highways? The #1 Reason? Because You're Worth It! • unpack and pack only once? **Limited space available for 2013 sailings – booking now for 2014

Tiger Lily Events: Timeless Elegant Planning

Call Us So You Can Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Your Event! Weddings • Anniversaries • Receptions Retreats • Corporate & Non-Corporate Events Honeymoons • Fundraisers • Charity Benefits Product Launches • Celebrations of Life … and any other event you desire! Tara Keeping, IWPP, is a certified wedding and event planner, founder of Tiger Lily Events and the official 2012-2013 Wedding Planner for Your Victoria Wedding Magazine.

Carolyn O'Meara | 250.412.1877 | carolyn.omeara@vision2000.ca

#116 - 4480 West Saanich Road, Victoria


250.668.6757 tara@tigerlilyevents.ca www.tigerlilyevents.ca

are only available to mortgage professionals such as Nicole, all adding to the fact that when it comes to working for her clients, Nicole stands on a solid foundation. Adding to her love of island living and the support of major partners such as Slegg and Dominion, Nicole's signature style includes what she values most: honesty and integrity. Listening and truly understanding her clients' needs is paramount. Living in Sidney, Nicole is able to serve her own community including the Peninsula and greater Victoria, which means she lives and works in the same location as many of her clients. In addition to serving that local client base, Nicole is often able to assist with out of province mortgages too. Nicole puts tremendous value on building long lasting relationships, so when she is working with mortgages and secured lines of credit, she spends time searching for the right product, the most creative solution, and the best fit for her clients. In most cases, her fees are paid by the lender, and she handles mainly residential business, but she is happy to work with her colleagues in the commercial division to assist with her client's commercial needs.

For this mother of two teens, who still finds time to work with former clients from her 24 years as a travel agent, a move three years ago to the mortgage industry has afforded her another opportunity to focus on her community – on loving where she lives and in helping others find the financial solutions to help them love living here too. As the new partner in the Sidney Meet Up group along with founder Cheryl Young, Nicole assists with membership, community and education for a growing group of more than 55 members, a group that is expanding and gaining strength each month. This weekend, you will likely find Nicole outside, camping or hiking the trails on Vancouver Island, exploring new and undiscovered places and grateful to call Vancouver Island home. Then, on Monday, she will be back in her office, serving customers and sharing with others what matters most: living and working in paradise. There are lots of ways to connect with Nicole: 250-686-2927; email: nwilford@dominionlending.ca; Facebook: www.facebook.com/nicolewilford1; Twitter: @Nicole_Wilford; and LinkedIn: Nicole Wilford.

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OAC • Rates subject to change Some conditions apply

Mikiala Christie BA, RAc, R.TCM.P

Best rates. Best Service. Best results. 9785 Fourth Street, Sidney sharon.bolton@vericoselect.com SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 37

trends p otting

M other May I … Surprise Mom Gifting just got easier! Start looking forward to checking your mailbox again. This surprise gifting service offers a fun and unique way for friends and family to stay in touch by sending surprise gifts in the mail. (These great gifts range between $5 and $20) somethinginthemail.com

Pamper Mom Treat mom to a side-by-side Signature Pedicure at the Spa – Essence of Life. using the Beauty Through Balance glacial clay and Pacific seaweed series. This luxurious pedicure focuses on re-mineralizing the body to create balance, eliminate toxins and renew the skin’s natural youthful vibrancy. The perfect gift for a deserving mother. ($85 for 75 minutes per person) Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa 849 Verdier Ave, Brentwood Bay brentwoodbayresort.com

Let Mom Sparkle Sterling silver is always in style and is the latest trend in the fashion world. Pick the style that best suits you or that special person in your life. Make a statement … one that sparkles! (Loving family pendant $64.95, cuff bracelet $115, chain bracelet $179) Christine Laurent Jewellers 2432 Beacon Ave, Sidney christinelaurentjewellers.ca

Your Sweet Gift Spot For the person with everything, Lolly Gobble offers a huge range of candy and chocolate, plus candy bouquets that put a WOW on any face. These stunning arrangements won't wither or wilt and are made for any age, in every colour with delicious chocolates and candies. Made to order or choose one off the shelf. (from $11 for a candy pop can to $99 for a super deluxe bouquet). Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop Third St, Sidney (behind BMO) lollygobblesweets.com 38 SEASIDE | may 2013 | www.seasideMAGAZINE.ca

photos by nuttycake.com • special thanks to trendspotter Susi McMillan

Nourish Mom Nourish Cafe & Bistro – a hidden gem that is all about taking healthy ingredients and making them into totally delicious, crowd-pleasing meals. A fine example? The Sleeping Beauty Oatmeal Pancakes that are baked up at the restaurant everyday. So popular, you can now get the mix to make them at home! ($8) Nourish Café & Bistro 505 Quayle Rd, Victoria nourishinsight.com


May 2013


Scott Point: West Coast Modern Meets Cape Cod Traditional on Salt Spring Island

Light & Dark Design Visions: Scott Point Retreat Story by Linda M. Langwith | Photography by gilleanproctor.com

It’s rather easy to imagine that the slender isthmus of Scott Point was once an island before the ferry terminal at Long Harbour was built. The place still retains that special island quality to it, as if one has left behind the mundane world to enter into another, quite magical one where forest and ocean hold sway, the narrow country lane revealing tantalizing glimpses of homes that seem as much a part of the terroir as the trees.

40 SEASIDE homes | may 2013

Suddenly the forest opens up to reveal a residence that positively shimmers in the spring sunlight and seems a happy marriage of West Coast modern and Cape Cod traditional. This is the home of Hamish and Gemma White, a couple well versed in the challenges and rewards of design-inspired renovation. Like many of the homes on Scott Point, the White residence was originally the work of renowned American architect Henry Schubart, who initially trained under Frank Lloyd Wright and moved with his family to Salt Spring Island from San Francisco in 1968. His legacy to the Island is an amazing one, with some 230 homes and commercial properties to his credit. The residence, completed in 1983, was bought by the Whites in 2009. By then, according to Gemma, "It was pretty ropey but the location was good." The first phase of the renovation process lasted from 2009 to 2011, during which time the interior was basically gutted. Wisely decamping elsewhere during the initial chaos, the couple subsequently returned to set up home in the annex, a two story A-frame style extension added in 1991. "It was very much like living in a cubbyhole," confesses Gemma. Light and airy, with banks of windows overlooking glorious views of the ocean, the loft area currently serves as the master bedroom, while the main floor affords an office space for Hamish, as well as a comfortable lounge and eating area. While the new kitchen was being created, the ever-resourceful Whites wheeled the stove into the lounge as needed and set up the fridge in the breezeway. "We cooked with our coats on," laughs Gemma. "We had a very serious need to eat!" No wonder they call this space their "everything room!"

The artful use of recessed lighting, a generous island complete with cooktop and plenty of workstations support the culinary fun, but apart from the kitchen's functional role, the space is also quite beautiful.

The original main floor plan lacked flow, with awkward walls and spaces that just didn’t work, and here Gemma brought her considerable design expertise into play, aiming for a light and airy open concept main floor. Down came the wall between kitchen and dining room, while the foyer was opened up by removing and reconfiguring the bathroom and utility room as well as changing the front door entrance. The stairs to the upper level were turned with a landing – much safer and more comfortable. Full-length wooden windows and French doors replaced aluminum-framed ones, while out went the ubiquitous linoleum floor coverings. According to the homeowners, the original kitchen was pretty nondescript. "Now it is a great working kitchen. Most of our friends love to cook – lots of evenings there will be six cooking," enthuses Gemma. The artful use of recessed lighting, a generous island complete with cooktop, and plenty of work stations support the culinary fun, but apart from the kitchen’s functional role, the space is also quite beautiful, with honed travertine marble countertops, an eclectic mix of white and glass-faced cabinetry, angled ash flooring and an abundance of natural light flooding in from the windows, French doors and skylight. The utility room off the kitchen serves not only as a laundry but also Continued next page


Continued from pg. 41

houses a freezer as well as the dishwasher, thereby avoiding "messy kitchen syndrome," as the dirty pots, pans and dishes can be whisked out of sight, to be dealt with later. Continuity is maintained as the kitchen space flows into the dining and living areas. Soaring pine ceiling treatments, ash flooring, banks of windows "The colour variation overlooking the and texture suggest a cantilevered decks and ocean and the sun-drenched soft colour scheme, Mediterranean home, best described by easy to imagine." Gemma as "blonde," is showcased by a bleached pine plank dining table, like soft, grey weathered driftwood. Here the walls are finished in California clay, an environmentally friendly, natural product consisting of clays, mineral pigments and rock powders, easily applied to drywall. According to the couple: "the clay breathes with the house, contracting in winter, expanding in summer, the colour changing from taupe grey in winter to light blonde in summer." The colour variation and texture suggest a sun-drenched Mediterranean home, easy to imagine when casting one's gaze upon the sapphire ocean beyond the windows. The fireplace, once red brick, is framed and hearthed in the same honed travertine marble employed so effectively in the kitchen, and topped with a sumptuous mirror.

42 SEASIDE homes | may 2013

The tempo changes in the foyer, with black slate diamond-shape inserts in the travertine flooring carried through black trimmed glass French doors leading into the dramatic studio, carved out of a space that was once the double garage, with a soaring ceiling that arches into the former storage area of the bedroom above. Bold black feature walls and accents, anchored by a richly patterned gold and black seating arrangement, sizzle with creative energy. This is very much Gemma White's room, the wellspring from which her creative ideas flow. The exterior of the home has undergone what Gemma terms "a metamorphosis," with warm creamy painted cedar shingles on the

Pacific Paint -3 locations! 2065b Keating Xrd 1031 Hillside Ave. 109-2455 Millstream Rd.

Plants  Shrubs  Garden Gifts & Ornaments  Trellis  Arbors  Pots, Pots & More Pots!

main level that will eventually extend upwards to replace the original board and batten on the top level as well. The enclosed kitchen garden is perfect for growing sun-loving culinary herbs, while the multi-level decks will soon be spilling over with pots of deer-resistant plants and flowers. The next renovation phase is well underway, with a fresh master bedroom about to take shape. Gemma is planning a coffered wall treatment that is sure to be stunning and hopes for a June completion date. The upstairs is getting a major makeover as well, with new floor coverings and closets in the guest bedrooms and a completely transformed bathroom. "We'll have it all finished by September," she promises, noting that they are blessed with gifted and well-educated tradespeople who understand how to transform ideas into reality. Gemma sums up the somewhat shape-shifting nature of design and renovation: "We have a plan, but one not the way we planned."

SPriNg haS SPrUNg! We Have a Great Selection of Natural Stone, Soil, Compost & Bark Mulch We Deliver or You Pick Up

Now Open Sundays 10 to 4!

Open Tues - Sat 9-5  1780 Mills Road, Sidney 250-654-0400  www.twinpeaksnursery.ca SEASIDE HOMES | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 43

ď ­


...be Inspired

photo by www.nuttycake.com

250.652.5081 cabinetworksvictoria.com


#102-2537 Beacon Ave, Sidney, BC



Feature HomeSuppliers

interior design & lighting Georgia Taylor georgiataylorinteriordesign.com

windows & doors Windsor Plywood windsorplywood.com Timber-Creek Windows & Doors Ltd. 250.246.2466 door hardware Richelieu Hardware richelieu.com counters and fireplace surround Matrix Marble & Stone matrixmarble.com 44 SEASIDE homes | may 2013

cabinets Cabinet Works cabinetworksvictoria.com appliances Trail Appliances trailappliances.com

Photography by gilleanproctor.com

building materials Windsor Plywood windsorplywood.com Slegg Construction Materials slegglumber.ca

west coast G ardener

Karen Dinnie-Smyth Personal Real Estate Corporation

Re/Max Camosun Peninsula Properties

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Karen Dinnie-Smyth



Family Home in Fabulous Dean Park - $654,900

1 private acre with great family home offering wonderful Water, Sidney and Mountain views. Call or email for full details. Offered at $699,000. Re/Max Camosun Peninsula Properties

South Facing Waterfront - $1,395,000

way out, and here comes spring: that fresh start to the season that reminds me year after year why I chose to be a landscaper. But what is a "landscaper?" I recently read one definition that said: "someone who arranges features of a landscape or garden attractively." If only by Colin Eaton it was that easy! Creating an attractive Garden City Tree & Landscape landscape is certainly the goal of any successful landscaper, but it's only a small fraction of what goes into creating a quality landscape. My definition of a landscaper would start with the soil: "A landscaper is someone who understands that soil is a habitat that living organisms have created for themselves. Understanding the 'thehabitat japanese texture of the soil and how to achieve a suitable for thefan' life within the soil is essential to the long term health of a landscape." Simply said: know the soil and how it works with its environment! Here are just a few items we consider each and every time we enter a new residential or commercial property: • What does the client want from their landscape, and how can that be achieved? Do they want lawn, a flower bed, a garden or a combination? Do they want vegetables, a water feature, lighting? What will they use the landscape for, and how often? • What type of soil is currently on the site? Is the existing soil a sandy loam, sandy clay or silty loam? Determining the type of soil texture helps a landscaper decide what is needed to rectify or enhance the soil. • Is there sufficient volume of soil on site to meet the planting requirements? Too many times we are called in to properties with underperforming landscapes only to discover not enough soil was applied during initial construction. • What is the sun/shade requirement on the site? A plant that prefers shade will underperform in direct sun and vice versa. • What is the surface and subsurface water situation on the property? Are there soggy locations requiring drainage or is that the location for water-loving plants? Is one section of the property so dry that irrigation is required? • Are there deer or other wildlife that could restrict the plantings? • How will your decisions now impact the property in five, 10 or 20 years? Will that chosen tree beside the house grow so large that in 15 years it will cause damage to your perimeter drains? A "landscaper" considers so much more than esthetic appeal. Have you hugged your landscaper today? For more information visit www.victoriagardencity.ca.

One Level Living - $514,900

Another winter season is on its

Peaceful Lake Front Property - $724,900

landscaping: so much more than esthetics!


Full Details Available @ www.karendinnie-smyth.com Call 250.655.0608 or email kdinnie-smyth@shaw.ca

Contemporary Residential Designs d







r rio od




studio DB3 Daniel Boot ph. 250 889 2584 dboot@shaw.ca studioDB3.ca


Time for a new roof? • Fully Insured • Reroofing

Luxury Eco Home Furnishings

Call Victoria’s trusted re-roofing specialists

• New Construction • Repairs • Torch-on Systems • Skylights • Fiberglass Shingles • Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Call 250.652.1818 For a Hassle-Free Estimate www.admiralsroofing.com • info@admiralsroofing.com #9 - 6782 Veyaness Road, Saanichton BC

2348 Beacon Ave, Sidney 778.426.2762  WestCoastEcoHome.com @wcecohome

When Roy Tidman poured the footings for the first home he built on Reynolds Road in 1948, he was laying the foundation for a lifetime legacy of building excellence, integrity and customer service: cornerstones of the Tidman Construction business.

1948 - 2013




HOME CREATION & REINVENTION 3r d g e n e r at i o n b u i l d e r s tidmangroup.com 250.652.1101 46 SEASIDE homes | may 2013

WestCoast ECO Home

resourceful. creative. ACCESSIBLE.


on design fabrics: the difference between a nice room and a fabulous one Soft fabrics, whether for drapery, upholstery or bed linens, are the jewels of any room. They add colour, texture, pattern and flair. The right drapery style, for example, in the right fabric, with the right hardware, can transform any space. Choosing the style and fabric that will best suit your by Paula Grypma windows and the mood you are trying to Outlooks Design create is key. For example: soft side panels in a silk velvet or pure linen will help to create an elegant effect in a living room, while a simple roman shade will create a relaxed atmosphere in a family room or den. But remember that drapery is not just beautiful: it can also provide insulation and soundproofing, and black out the morning sun so you can sleep. Drapery hardware, too, is very important to the style of a room, and has come a long way in the past few years. Today, hardware is both extremely functional – no more fighting with a sticky or tangled cord – and highly decorative. The latest motorized rods, with remote control, are incredibly convenient, especially for larger windows. Drapery hardware can also contribute to a room's overall look and feel. A wrought iron rod with fancy finials, for example, adds old-world charm, while a Europeanstyle track system embedded in a ceiling makes for a contemporary look. Track system finishes range from modern polished nickel to hand-rubbed bronze and everything in between. You can even have your track custompainted to match your wall or fabric colour. Don't forget about other soft fabrics! Recovering antique or heirloom pieces has always been a great way to keep something you love looking wonderful and a natural part of your current design aesthetic, but the growing trend today is to recover lesser furniture pieces as well – the merely tired or out-of-date – instead of relegating them to the basement or tossing them in the landfill. It's good for the environment, usually less expensive than buying new and your recovered furniture will always be one-of-a-kind. Reupholstery or slipcovers are both usually good options. Slipcovers are particularly versatile because you can change them easily. They can be used on virtually any kind of furniture to change up the look of an older piece, hide an unfortunate mistake, match a new wall colour or the changing season. With both slipcovers and upholstery, you have the option to introduce signature details, such as contrast piping or inverted pleats, to add even more zip and style. One more area you shouldn't overlook: custom bed linens. Make your bed an oasis, an escape from the rigours of your day, by using luxurious silks or comfortable cottons to create beautiful duvet covers, cozy quilted comforters and bedspreads, elegant bed skirts and, of course, fabulous throw pillows. I guarantee you will relax more and sleep better in a room that feels like the best hug you ever had. For more information visit www.outlooksdesign.com.

It’s Like Adding Another Room to Your Home! Bedrooms • Closets • Offices • Kids Rooms • Sewing Rooms • Custom Cabinets

Get organized & clutter free! Vancouver Island’s only authorized Murphy Wall Bed Dealer 3075 Douglas St, Victoria 250.744.2195 or 1.800.670.5505 murphybeds-victoria.com SEASIDE HOMES | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 47

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2:47:01 PM

co m m on cents

IslandBlue’s Sidney Art Store Light Boxes

for Art & Craft Projects C








at your Sidney Art Store 2411 Beacon Avenue www.islandblue.com Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. Downtown: 905 Fort St., Victoria, BC Tel: 250.385.9786 Sidney: 2411 Beacon Ave., Sidney, BC Tel: 250.656.1233 Toll Free: 1.800.661.3332

Looking for a PLace to Meet?

✓ Great Coffee & Tea ✓ Lots of Parking ✓ Quiet Atmosphere ✓ Open till 9pm

You’ll Find it All Here! at the corner of Wallace Dr & East Saanich Rd 48 SEASIDE | may 2013

reSPect: the Registered education savings plan The times have changed from when I earned my degree: average undergraduate tuition fees have almost tripled since 1990-91. A student attending a full-time college or university program today can expect to pay an average of $4,500 a year by Stephen McKenzie in tuition alone. It is thanks to Division Director, Investors Group these increasing costs that I have Financial Services had many people asking me about ways to save for a child's or grandchild's education. For the vast majority of us, a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is the most effective way to create an education fund that will grow to offset the future cost of education. The government allows parents, grandparents and even friends to contribute money into an RESP that will shelter money on a tax-deferred basis. There are some fantastic strategies available to help maximize a RESP. When you combine small, regular contributions with the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) and the Canada Learning Bond (CLB), both of which are offered by the Government of Canada, you can make a real difference. There are two types of the CESG: Basic and Additional. The basic CESG is a payment of 20% of eligible contributions, and can be received up until the end of the calendar year when the child turns 17. The Additional Grant is an extra percentage (either 10% or 20%) of the first $500 of contributions, depending on family income. The CESG is a federal grant, not a loan, so it needs to be used for your child’s post-secondary education. The CLB is available to children born in 2004 or later whose families are receiving the National Child Benefit Supplement to the Canada Child Tax Benefit. The government will pay $500 to an eligible child’s RESP in the first year of eligibility, and $100/year for up to 15 years, for a maximum $2,000. All you need to do is open an RESP and apply for the CLB; no contributions are required. The CLB can help you start saving now for your child’s education. When the time comes, you want your children to be able to afford the college or university program of their choice, to follow the career they want and to obtain the earning power they desire. For more information email stephen.mckenzie@investorsgroup.com. This is a general source of information only. It is not intended to provide personalized tax, legal or investment advice, and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase securities. Stephen McKenzie is solely responsible for its content. For more information on this topic or any other financial matter, please contact an Investors Group Consultant. The Canada Education Savings Grant and Canada Learning Bond (CLB) are provided by the Government of Canada. CLB eligibility depends on family income levels. Some provinces make education savings grants available to their residents.

salis h sea news "if there was a king of kings of camouflage, the octopus must be it"

Kings and Queens of Camouflage

Ask any

young girl her favourite colour and she'll likely reply pink or purple. Ask a boy of a similar age the same by Tina Kelly question and the answer might be blue, followed closely by camo. Yes, to them camo, or camouflage – usually affiliated with hunters or the military – is a colour. However, if kids really wanted to rock the camo, they'd forgo the usual multi-hued green and try to emulate these kings and queens of camouflage. Flatfish: Sand is flat; these fish are flat. When it comes to camouflage, having a shape similar to your habitat is as key as colouration. Sole, sanddabs, flounder and halibut are all flat and coloured like their sandy home. If that isn't enough, flatfish are capable of changing their skin colour if they swim onto a different patterned substrate. To complete the look, these fish flick their fins in such a way that sand flitters onto their back, resulting in camouflage that is almost seamless. Look for eyeballs in the sand! Sculpins: The grunt sculpin may be the cutest fish in the Salish Sea – if you can find it! Look closely at a cluster of giant acorn barnacles and attempt to find the imposter. Both the head-end and the rear-end of a grunt sculpin can mimic a barnacle: the pointed snout imitates a closed barnacle and the thin feathery looking tail appears to be a barnacle eating. Colour is important too, so this sculpin matches the dull barnacle hue. Other sculpin species – tide-pool, buffalo, great – are chunky and coloured to camouflage with the rocks they live among. Decorator Crabs: Decorator crabs never worry about showing up in the same outfit. Each crab carefully adorns their exoskeletons with whatever it takes to help them blend with their surroundings.

The Playhouse

Where the

Anything goes: sponges, seaweed, bryozoans, etc. How are these items attached? This crab's exterior is covered in Velcro-like bristles, perfect as fasteners for the decorations they pick up with their pinchers. They can redecorate as necessary and, when a crab moults, it gets a clean slate to start over! Octopus: If there was a king of kings of camouflage, this animal must be it. Imagine an animal that can change colour, shape AND texture – that's the octopus! Millions of pigment cells – called chromatophores – in the skin of an octopus are responsible for their colour change capability; the giant Pacific octopus, typically reddish-brown when active, can camouflage with elaborately patterned rocks or go nearly solid white, to blend in with plumose anemones, almost instantaneously. Muscles control changes in shape and texture. Try to spot these – and many other – camouflaged animals at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre's "Stayin' Alive" exhibit, on through May 24th. Images clockwise from top left: sanddab (Wendy Carey), grunt sculpin (Bob Orchard), decorator crab (Isaac Balaam), giant Pacific octopus (Bob Orchard). Tina Kelly is an Ocean Advocate at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. Visit www.oceandiscovery.ca for more information.

… happy kids live, laugh and learn “We just love playing at Playhouse!” ~ Emily, 7

Ava, 4

Infant/Toddler Care • Daycare • Out of School Care • Pro D Days • Winter • Spring Break • Summer

1080 Cypress Road, Nor th S aanich • 250-656-2567 • w w w.playhouseinc.com SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 49

p eninsula restaurant p ro f ile

The Roost:

From Farm to Table by Doreen Marion Gee

The next time you chomp down into a scrumptious piece of pizza at The Roost Farm Centre, remember that almost every ingredient in that pie came from the farm out back! Behind the cute little country eatery is a huge working farm and lush green rolling hills. You will never forget the unique Roost experience: Lush fresh produce right from Mother Nature's soil passed along to your table in a savoury meal complete with homemade bread and deep dish pie. Considering the history of the Saanich Peninsula and the legacy of The Roost

owners, the country farm is a progressive move backwards to a time when our food came from our own backyards instead of thousands of miles away. The Roost is even getting global recognition these days for its innovative operations. The Roost Farm Centre is a big operation with a large farm, bakery, restaurant, bistro and winery. Dallas Bohl and his wife Sarah own and operate the business. He could hardly keep his exuberance under control as he talked passionately about The Roost. Very friendly and personable, Dallas proudly

More Than Just The

We grow, harvest and prepare...

you experience it.

talks about their small wheat mill on the farm. He puts a whole new slant on the word fresh: When you buy a Roost sandwich, you are getting bread made from flour that was milled there in the past couple of weeks from wheat grown on the farm! Most people don't realize that there is a beautiful 10-acre spread behind the restaurant, with veggie gardens, henhouses, grape fields, silos, various farm animals and a noisy boisterous turkey called "Knobby." My genial host gushes about all the Roost farm-fresh natural goodies. Homegrown

Spring Has

Peninsula’s Freshest Coffee !


HIGHLAND HOUSE FARM WINERY AND BISTRO Join us for our seasonal opening on the May long weekend!

Welcome it with a great meal on our Sunny patios! The only thing we overlook is the view. After 23 years in business, The Rumrunner has only improved upon the delicious, fresh menu served daily.

Legendary Salads ! Gourmet Sandwiches Wholesome Soups Freshly Baked Muffins Decadent Desserts

Farm Estate Wines Wood Fired Oven

9100 East Saanich Road at McTavish Bistro 250-655-0009 Bakery 250-655-0075

www.roostfarmcentre.com 50 SEASIDE | may 2013

Our Fish & Chips are Celiac Friendly! 9881 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.656.5643 www.facebook.com/Rumrunner Pub


Gluten-Free Items

Saanichton: corner of Mt. Newton X Rd & Wallace Dr

blueberries are used in pies, jams and homemade natural wine cocktails with blueberry sauce. With meat from their sheep, they prepare many lamb delicacies on their hand-built "wood-fired pizza oven" out back; their chickens provide tasty eggs for meals. Their expansive garden that grows wonderful organic produce is a day camp for kids learning about organic gardening from "Mr. Organic." All their farm tomatoes, lettuce, squash, corn and herbs create mouth-watering salads and meals. The Roost boasts their own winery and very own bubbly; with two acres of grapes, they make white wines and red wines – such as "Little Red Combine." The history of The Roost is a fascinating trip back to a simpler time. Hamish Crawford and family own the farm (Hamish is Dallas' father-in-law). Crawford moved to the Peninsula about 22 years ago, after he bought the land "sight unseen." Hamish

had a vision of a bakery and garden centre combo and he constructed the building and grew grain on his beloved farm. On a very interesting note, Dallas recollects that Hamish was one of the first farmers to grow grain on the Peninsula.

"We want local people to know that the farm, the sheep, the wine, the grapes, all this fresh food – is all just around the corner!" A very small percentage of the food we eat today is grown locally, Dallas says, in contrast to the early 1900s when most of our food supply was grown here. Maybe Hamish and Dallas are part of a sustainable future, where we can feed ourselves once again. With world

food shortages always looming, growing locally and buying locally could be our best way to survive. Dallas already has plans to upgrade the buildings to a state-of-the-art establishment. The 11-year-old Roost Farm Centre is turning heads: "We know a young guy from Spain who wants to open another Roost there!" Dallas is happy that they are gaining an international buzz for their integration of wheat-growing and grain-milling on the farm. Interested visitors come from as far away as Australia and articles from Seattle and California sing the praises of their unique operation. However, "We want local people to know that the farm, the sheep, the wine, the grapes and blueberries, all this fresh food – is all just around the corner! We want you to enjoy A Passionate Farm Experience!" Knobby agrees. Contact: www.roostfarmcentre.com.

The Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

“Superb customer service and incredible, affordable food …”

Discover a British Columbia Heritage Home

Dinner Special:

$39.99 + hst For An Amazing 3-Course Meal Open Tues - Sun For Dinner

Open Every Day 8 am - 9 pm

2320 Harbour Road, Sidney 778.351.3663 seaglasswaterfrontgrill.ca

2328 Harbour Rd, Sidney

250.656.4015 www.latchinn.ca

Our Weekly SPECIALS!

Monday: Appy Special with

a beverage purchase $5.95 (2pm to close)

Tuesday: One piece Cod & Chips $9.95

Wednesday: Stuffed Dover Sole $14.95

Thursday: New York Steak $16.95 Friday: Prime Rib $18.95

Sun - Thurs 8-8; Fri & Sat 8-9


250-655-0122 • 9681 Willingdon Rd, Sidney


Whoever You Are, Wherever You Go … photo by joannway.com

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Panorama Personal Training: An Investment in Your Health by Doreen Marion Gee

Am I the only one who gets green with envy at super-buff shiny celebrities, hanging out with personal trainers who keep them sleek, glossy and beautiful every second? Personal Training always seems like the playground of the gods, inaccessible to us mere mortals. But Melanie Alsdorf and Angela Turnbull from Panorama Recreation Centre have turned my thinking around completely: Personal Training is a downto-earth, accessible program that can greatly help all kinds of people. Most important: it is a very effective way to truly build up your health, your body and your quality of life. You are worth the investment! Melanie Alsdorf, the very knowledgeable Fitness, Weights & Rehab Coordinator at Panorama, says that a typical Personal Training client is looking to shed a few pounds, get fit and be healthy. They may have chronic conditions like arthritis or perhaps a physical injury. The personal perks and benefits of a Personal Training program are monumental. Here is the eye-popping list from Melanie: Firstly, it is very helpful to be "set up on a safe and effective program addressing your needs and goals" and "In general, a cardiovascular and muscular exercise program improves mood and self-esteem; improves depression and anxiety and helps to cope with stress; decreased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and some forms of cancer; decreased risk of falls in older adults and helps create and maintain a healthy weight.” How does it work these miracles? I "coached" some secrets out of Melanie and her Fitness Program Assistant (and Personal Trainer), Angela Turnbull. A huge advantage of Personal Training is that close helpful connection with the trainer, either one-to-one or in a small group: "The motivation and support of a knowledgeable personal trainer" is a plus to Melanie. Angela is excited about the unique driving force of Personal Training in a group: "Support of fellow participants (in addition to your instructor), which can be a great motivator to keep you coming" and privately: "Your program design is very specific to you … (with the) undivided

attention of your trainer." The best test is always personal success stories. Angela relates the experience of her client, Sharon Forster (65), who wanted to strengthen her muscles and "age well" – be able to hike and ski for many years to come. During her training, Sharon "had a marked

improvement in balance and specifically leg strength … She is excited to come in and let me know how well she has done with her latest hiking challenge … but also some daily challenges she comes across." Eat your heart out, Gwyneth Paltrow! Contact: www.panoramarecreation.ca.

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First Nations Music That is Fun & Good For Everyone! by Teoni Spathelfer

Skookum Sound System is a group

of four Aboriginal artists that combine hip hop, techno and dance club music with First Nations voices, music and culture. They create a unique, inspiring and danceable experience that is not to be missed. Recently their efforts have landed them the seventh spot on the 10 Best Indigenous Music Moments of 2012 chart. It's a chart that features Indigenous music and performers from around the world. In addition to clubs and halls, they have performed in a few unusual places, like the historic courthouse in Kamloops and the First Peoples Gallery at the Royal B.C. Museum. This year sees them touring B.C., Saskatchewan and Canada's north, as well as leading First Nations youth in workshops on music recording and production. They see working with youth as an opportunity to influence and inspire them in positive ways as they explore their own creativity. Dean Hunt, also known as DJ Deano, comes from a family of esteemed carvers and artists. For many years Dean, his father Bradley and brother Shawn have been creating one-of-a-kind Heiltsuk artwork from their studio on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast. Yet it is when he is creating music that Dean feels the guidance and blessing of his ancestors the most; he feels their approval as he performs. Bracken Hanuse, or DJ Amphibian 14, from B.C.'s Wuikinuxv and Klahoose Nations, believes the members of Skookum represent themselves, all First Nations people and their ancestors as they share a message of social justice, love and compassion. For Bracken, creating music can be so engrossing he can forget about the rest of the world at times ‌ little things like jumping in the shower or eating lunch! All small details to someone who takes the responsibility of his work seriously.

Pebbles SST Ad April 2013 Size: 3.75” (w) x 10.0” (h) • REV 2 • April 04/13 Singer Csetkwe Fortier adds a powerful female voice. She has been singing since she was a child. As a youngster her grandmother suggested she run uphill and sing as loud as she could so her ancestors could hear her! When she isn't performing, Csetkwe teaches her son the traditional Syilx and Secwepmec (Okanagan and Shuswap) songs from her family and ancestors. The Skookum guys love to joke about "the fifth member of Skookum," which turns out to be Csetkwe's huge collection of stage outfits: outfits that stylishly blend Aboriginal tradition with current fashion trends. Most DJ's have light shows synched to their music, but this collective takes it a step further. Darwin Frost, whose DJ name is Impossible Nothing, has indigenous roots from Australia. He expertly projects stunning visuals on the walls of the group's show venues. He uses images that reflect First Peoples art and culture, nature and contemporary society. Darwin chooses three words to describe the sound system: culture, medicine and vibe! The members like to add traditional live singing and drumming to their mixes and, if you listen carefully as you're dancing, you may hear frogs, crickets, eagles or ravens tucked into their tracks. The overall effect is like a timeless and healing balm for your soul and your feet! To find out about Skookum Sound System's touring schedule and to hear a few tracks, check out www.realskookum.com. Teoni Spathelfer is a freelance writer. She loves to hear about upcoming arts and entertainment events. Email her at teonis_path@yahoo.ca. Photos courtesy Joffrey Middleton-Hope, JMH Images www.Joffrey.ca.

Off Beat & Affordable Gifts for Everyone

don’t forget!

May 12th is i y a D ’s Mother ... find the

inute ed ntil the last m Don’t wait u ay! 40% to 60% off select d perfect gift to ry for a limited time! Jewelle

Playful & practical gifts under


50 25 &$

Shop on-line at www.pebblesjewellery.com

9808 Seaport Place www.mineralworld.ca


Wry with a twist. Jack Knox Subscribe Today timescolonist.com

Opening Day June 1st in Brentwood Community Notice: The Peninsula Country Market is pleased to announce their Opening Day Market has been combined with the events of : Brentwood Bay Festival

New Vendors Welcome ! Call : 250-216-0521

Everything Fresh • Local Produce • Crafts • Specialty Foods • Free Parking • Free Admission

1528 Stelly’s X Rd - Saanich Fairgrounds www.peninsulacountrymarket.ca 56 SEASIDE | may 2013

island li f e those who enjoy sailing are either comfortably retired, self-employed or in need of psychiatric help

Outdoor Behaviour by Barry Mathias

In May, there are definite stages in the art of personal renewal: there is the balmy wonderment that the rain has actually stopped, the cautious reacquaintance with blue skies and sunshine, the wholesale abandonment of decorum, and we Islanders become summer people for the next five months. Everything from now on must be outdoors! We eat outside, regardless of ferocious mosquitoes, uncooperative barbecues and curious tourists; we labour in the garden, battling with instantly renewing weeds, and we engage in activities we euphemistically call games, unless we want to impress people… in which case, we call them sports. Golf is one of those sporty games nobody indulges in for fun: it's a solemn, incomprehensible ritual. Even though the "players" use terms such as "play the ball," the word "play," in terms of having fun, has nothing to do with this activity. Maurice Baring said: "There is a vast difference between games and play. Play is for fun, but games are deadly serious, and we do not play them to enjoy them." Golf is an outdoor pursuit requiring unlimited funds, low blood pressure and the correct uniform (modeled on a combination of French couture and Crocodile Dundee). In the manicured wilderness of the golf course, it is necessary to be athletic … in the getting on

Hearing Solutions for Active Lifestyles

and off the electric-powered carts, and in the searching for lost balls. Occasionally, there is the chance to swing a club. It is one of those games that is best played with the local doctor, or with complete strangers, neither of whom we need to apologize to after a missed putt: the doctor is familiar with the anatomical details, and strangers might not remember us. Sailing is another popular, all-consuming, outdoor pastime around the Islands. Those who enjoy it are either comfortably retired, selfemployed or in need of psychiatric help. Who else would spend thousands of dollars on a craft they take out only occasionally in the summer, and spend the whole winter repairing at further exorbitant cost? A sailing boat encourages us to impersonate Captain Blythe, reinterpret the rules of the sea, and discover the doubtful joys of the mechanical failings of the "head." Boating, which incorporates the use of a powerful engine, is another all-weather delight. With a multi-decibel engine, we can travel at wave-bashing speeds over miles of identical water, scare the sardines out of the orcas, and occupy many wind-blown hours that could have been happily spent on a delayed ferry or in a Victoria traffic jam. For the land-locked, there is always tennis, a game that defies mathematical logic: one point equals 30 points and the next equals 10 points making 40? Players used to wear dazzling white clothes to blind their opponents, but with the development of sunglasses, clothing has changed considerably, revealing those parts of our bodies normally kept hidden, as a way of distracting the opposition. It also accounts for the game's popularity with audiences. Tennis players have a penchant for "love all," Robinson's lemon barley juice, and an ability to jump the net if they win. This exertion is discouraged for short men and those with family ambitions. There are many other examples, perhaps for another article? What we need to remember is that the "outdoors" is a wonderful concept … as long as we have the "indoors" to come back to.

The Denture Clinic

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t r a d e st u d e n t s p ot l i g h t saanich school district jumpstarts student careers

Zach Borkovic

What's wrong with

getting a head start in life? "Absolutely nothing," said Zach Borkovic when recently interviewed about his educational and career successes in Saanich by Stu Rhodes School District's carpentry program. In grade 10 Zach signed up for the "introduction to carpentry" course at Stelly's Secondary, and he loved it. So, after working all summer for Oceanview Construction, he enrolled in the district carpentry program during his grade 11 year. Zach demonstrated such a high level of interest and understanding that he convinced his instructors to allow him to advance to Camosun College to do the seven-week summer completion program during the summer between grade 11 and 12 instead of waiting until after grade 12, as is usually the case. Passing the level-one carpentry program at Camosun, near the top of the class, really solidified Zach's plans to pursue the trade

managIng the WorlD’S moSt Important InveStmentS:


In this business…

SI uSan Daafoe nveStment

Experience Matters!



#205, 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

250.657.2224 • 1.866.678.2200 National Bank Financial is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada which is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA: TSX).

58 SEASIDE | may 2013

of carpentry as a career. According to his mom, Joel Griffiths, Zach had always been a stellar student, usually making the honour roll with distinction come report card time. She confessed that she feared he was starting to lose interest in school during grade 11, and speculated that it was because he wasn't being adequately challenged. She credits the carpentry program as a "real blessing." "When Zach was attending level-one carpentry it was the first and only time I have seen him really get down and study for any school work. The program really 'grabbed him' and reengaged him in learning," said Joel. Upon completion of his level-one technical training, Zach was very keen to get out on the job site and start working, but he still had a couple of courses to complete in order to graduate. He applied to Campbell Construction and negotiated an arrangement with owner Wayne Farey to work a couple of days per week as a carpentry apprentice and attend school at Saanich's Individual Learning Centre (ILC) to complete his graduation requirements. ILC has a unique ability to allow students to tailor their education to create a very personalized learning plan. Zach recently completed his last provincial exam for graduation and acknowledges Campbell Construction for their support in helping him transition smoothly from school to work. Campbell has been an amazing partner in this process. Zach hopes to increase his hours with Campbell to full-time status in the coming weeks. He says he is doing work that will prepare him extremely well for his next level of technical training. Zach plans to graduate in January, but not before he completes his level-two technical training at Camosun in November and December and logs several hundred hours toward his trade certification working as a "Secondary School Apprentice" in the meantime. Zach is a very rare case of a student taking full and complete advantage of the trade training opportunities offered in Saanich. He will have attained his level-two status as part of his high school educational program, and done it all before his 19th birthday. As a very proud parent, Joel is pretty impressed with Zach's accomplishments but says it wouldn't have been possible without the support and guidance of Zach's career counselors. She advises other parents to be very careful not to choose their child's pathway, and allow them to explore all options as she did with Zach. Zach agrees, saying: "Try it all, you never know what you might like." For more information on how to get involved as a student apprentice, or as an employer sponsor in this, or any other career program in Saanich School District, contact Garry Arsenault, 250-658-6679; Roger Pires, 250-655-2715; Wendy Walker, 250-514-0259; or Stu Rhodes, 250-415-9211. Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/ saanichcareers to view the promotional video Jump Start Your Career.

seaside arts scene by Gillian Crowley

Is there something happening in the Peninsula or Gulf Islands Art Scene we should know about? Email gillian@seasidemagazine.ca. From world renowned tenor to Island artists and improv comedy, it's all happening on the Saanich Peninsula in May. Which events will tickle your fancy?

An Evening With Ben Heppner What a treat it will be to hear Ben Heppner's stunning voice in the Charlie White Theatre's intimate setting (see an interview with him in Can We Talk – p. 18). Fresh from singing the role of Tristan in the Canadian Opera Company’s Tristan und Isolde, Heppner will sing a program that

Painting by Rodger Garbutt

ranges from composer Robert Shumann to Noel Coward. Canada's own internationallyrecognized operatic tenor grew up in Dawson Creek and appreciates the warmth of small town audiences. Your ticket includes a glass of bubbly and a chance to meet Heppner after the concert. Thursday, May 30th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets via Mary Winspear Centre: 250-656-0275, www.marywinspear.ca.

Via Choralis Chamber Choir Sings "The Creation" Via Choralis and soloists will perform one of Joseph Hayden’s greatest works, depicting the creation of the world as described in the Book of Genesis and in Milton’s Paradise Lost. The oratorio brings the subject to life with

vividness and power. Soloists: Anna Shill, soprano (Gabriel, Eve), Adam Dyjach, tenor (Uriel) and Paul Winkelmans, bass (Raphael, Adam). Save $5 by buying tickets in advance. Sunday, May 5th at 2 p.m. , St. Elizabeth's Church, 10030 Third St, Sidney. Advance tickets at Tanner's Books, Ivy's Books, Dollar Den and Long & McQuade.

Art Shows in Tulista Park The Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula will hold several art shows in Tulista Park Centre during May. Free admission. "4 Names" celebrates the paintings, photography and digital prints of four Island friends: Cim McDonald , Rolf Ollson, Neil Newton and Rodger Garbutt. On Saturday, May 11th all four will be present to demonstrate their techniques. May 6th to 20th; daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m "On My Own" features the artwork of award-winning painter Nancy Rotolo. A Sidney-based artist, Rotolo works in oils, acrylics and pastels. May 21st to May 25th; daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. "What We Do" – two and three dimensional works by Frances Beckow, visual artist, and Nancy Alexander, potter. May 26th to June 2nd.

CSI "Saanich Peninsula"

Those who have seen Roman Danylo in CTV’s Comedy Inc. will know they’re in for an evening of hilarity and fast-paced improvisational comedy. The title parody sketch will feature Danylo impersonating stone-faced David Caruso cracking a case that could only happen on the Peninsula. Danylo, who earned his improv chops at Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre and later at TheatreSports, will be joined in this revue by comedians Diana Frances and Nathan Clark. Friday, May 24th at 8 p.m. Tickets via Mary Winspear Centre: 250-6560275, www.marywinspear.ca.

101-2537 Beacon Avenue (in the Cannery building) Sidney 250.656.5606 info@waterlilyshoes.com

The Trusted Name In

real esTaTe

Gay Helmsing – RealtoR® 250-360-7387 ghelmsing@gmail.com

deaN park Stunning upgrades in spacious three level contemporary home. Oak floors throughout, dream kitchen and professionally designed gardens. Show home condition. Make an appointment to view!


RE/MAX Camosun


w h at ' s h a p p e n i n g For details on other events happing in our community, visit www.mypeninsula.ca may 1-2, 29-30

Canadian Blood Services Blood Donor Clinic Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney 1:30 - 6:30 pm 250.656.0275 www.marywinspear.ca

Blood. It's in you to give. may 3

m ay

Soul Gospel Choir Benefit Concert Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria Doors open @ 7 pm sue.davepaterson@shaw.ca

A benefit for the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association. Tickets $20, available at Tanner's Books, Ivy Books, Munro Books and the Cadboro Bay Pharmacy.

may 5

Sidney Concert Band Spring Concert Peace Lutheran Church 2295 Weiler Ave, Sidney @ 2 pm 250.655.4922

Tickets $12 adults; kids free. Refreshments served during intermission. may 5

Steps For Life 5K Fundraising Walk Tulista Park, Sidney Registration begins @ 10 a.m. 1.888.567.9490 cyoungblut@threadsoflife.ca

Steps for Life brings together families and coworkers affected by workplace tragedy with friends, neighbours, community members and health and safety professionals who are all passionate about workplace safety. Take part in this fun family event to help to raise both funds and awareness for Threads of Life. May 6

"The Macallen 1824 Series" Companions of the Quaich Dinner and Whisky Tasting Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, 7 pm 250.658.1109 wuhrer@shaw.ca

The 1824 Series is the perfect combination of two of the most influential factors, or characteristics, which make this single malt whisky amongst the most distinctive and desirable, namely oak sherry casks and natural colour. Introduced in the U.K. in the autumn of 2012, the series will roll out in Canada in June 2013. Dan Volway, brand ambassador for The Edrington Group, will provide a pre-tasting to launch the series 60 SEASIDE | FEBRUARY 2013

in B.C. Three-course dinner, four whisky tastings: members $60, guests $70, dinner only (designated drivers) $50. may 7

Crystal Singers Present CSTL Live! St. Aidan's United Church 3703 St. Aidan's St, Victoria @ 7:30 pm 250.727.3538

Featuring music from the 1960s. Tickets $15 adults; $10 seniors (65+) and children (six to 12); children five and under free. Refreshments are included. may 9

Peninsula Newcomers Luncheon www.peninsulanewcomers.ca

Just moved to the Saanich Peninsula? Why not join our club to make new friends and get to know the community! We meet for lunch on the second Thursday of every month in Sidney, with an invited speaker on diverse topics. Share in a variety of interests and activities organized and run by our members. For more information, please visit our website. may 11

Save the Mothers Family 5 km Walk St. Stephen's Anglican Church 7921 St. Stephen Rd, Saanichton @ 10 a.m. www.walkformothersday.com www.ststephensanglican.net

Millions of mothers and infants die of preventable childbirth complications annually. Join us to "Save the Mothers" with a family five-kilometre walk across Mt. Newton Valley to raise awareness and improve maternal and child health in the developing world. Pre-register online (via websites above) or at St. Stephen's Church from 9 to 10 a.m. on the day of the walk. Sponsored by the Anglican Parish of Central Saanich. may 11-12

West Saanich Studio Tour 11 am - 4 pm 250.479.9833 www.gobc.ca/tours

Come enjoy studio visits with many potters, an artisan baker, a sculptor and others. This is a once-a-year show and sell event in celebration of Saanich's Art Awareness month. Brochures available at Sanich

Recreation Centres or via above contact. May 20

Hurray For May on Fern Street 1831 Fern Street, Victoria Doors @ 7:15 pm, stories @ 7:30 pm 250.477.7044 www.victoriastorytellers.org

The Victoria Storytellers Guild welcomes you to hear and tell stories. Admission $5 adults, $3 students (includes tea and goodies). may 22 - june 1

16th Annual Uno Fest Intrepid Theatre Club #2 - 1609 Blanshard St, Victoria Metro Studio Theatre 1411 Quadra St, Victoria 250.383.2663 www.intrepidtheatre.com www.metrostudiotheatre.com

The 2013 Uno Fest will take you on a fascinating journey with a series of profoundly moving and unique personal stories from Canadian solo artists including Montreal’s Johanna Nutter, Vancouver lighting designer Itai Erdal, Toronto’s Chris Cardinal and Whitehorse puppeteer Brian Fidler. This Victoria, BC festival celebrates the best of independent theatre from around North America: innovative multidisciplinary work, Victoria Fringe Festival favourites and internationally renowned solo performers. may 25 - 26

Vancouver Island Pet Expo Pearkes Recreation Centre Tillicum Centre 3100 Tillicum Rd, Victoria May 25th 10 am - 6 pm; May 26th 10 am -5 pm 778.433.5201 www.vancouverislandpetexpo.com

The largest gathering of pet owners on Vancouver Island. Featuring all types of fantastic pet products that may not traditionally be found in pet stores. The pet expo promotes responsible pet ownership, helps draw attention to abandoned pets available for adoption and delivers tons of animal education and entertainment under one roof. For everyone's safety (animals included) please leave your pets at home. Admission at the door: adults $8; youth (6-12) $6; family (2 adult, 2 youth) $20; kids five and under free.

2013_RHINO_Island_7.75"x 4.925"_AD.pdf



2:31 PM

Awarded best of show at the Canadian Printing Awards, our company is committed to excellence, investing in the most advanced technology and talented people in the industry. For outstanding print and an exceptional customer service experience that will help to power your business forward, call us right here on the Island at 250-516-3300.

Victoria | Vancouver Calgary | Edmonton www.rhinoprintsolutions.com Haro’s Seaside Times Ad April| 2013 • Size: 7.75” |(w) x 4.925” (h) • REV 2 • April 15/13

! ¡Arriba!

rriba ¡Ándele! ¡Ándele! ¡A

Join the fiesta in Haro’s on May 4th Featuring live entertainment, special menu and the best margaritas! Music 5-8pm • Menu available all day


Monday Night: Mussels & Frites $15 Tuesday Night: $12 Pizza (gluten free option) Wednesday Night: Viva la Pasta Thursday Night: Platter & Pint $20 + live music 6-9pm Sunday Night: Prime Rib

DON’T FORGET! Sunday, May 12 - Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet, $29.95 Make your reservation now! Call 250.655.9700 • www.sidneypier.com SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

b rainteasers & stars


BY HEATHER ZAIS heather_zais@telus.net

how much you can do or want to do in the future – work or personal. Feelings fluctuate over some decisions.

ARIES (march 21 april 19) A focus on

finances will see a lot of brainstorming with key individuals. Some of this goes on over distance, so pull things together at a neutral port to keep control. Take care of problems in order of priority, so progress continues.

CANCER (june 21 - july 22)

Your link to groups or those in positions of power or influence increases. Some well-connected contacts work on behalf of your hopes and wishes. Share important information among a select few. Firm up financials now.

TAURUS (april 20 may 20) It's your turn

LEO (july 23 - august 22)

to shine with the sun (spotlight) in your sign. Added attention could cause jealousy with your mate or partner. It's time to separate your past from what you want in the future, as opportunities are opening up on various levels. GEMINI (may 21 - june 20)

Investigate problems or limitations. Pay attention to health of self or others. Follow up on tests or treatments. Assess

handled in person. Exchange info, gifts or payments. LIBRA (september 23 october 22) Look at all

things jointly held, including estate or tax matters. Divide assets properly and take care of insurances. Start a savings program if you don't have one. Secure the future for yourself or loved ones. Clear away debt.

SCORPIO (october 23 november 21) Subtle power

Step up into a more prominent or leadership role. Accept any promotions or honours that come your way as you have earned them. Some try to challenge you, but hold the line on an ambitious path. Shoulder extra responsibility.

plays go on. There will be some change with the pecking order or those in authority, affecting personal or business relationships. Avoid direct conflict with those who challenge you. Choose environments.

VIRGO (august 23 september 22) Take the long

SAGITTARIUS (november 22 december 21) Put added effort

view with your hopes and wishes. This may include active contact with those over distance. Plan to go or have them come to visit as some things are best

into your health, work or physical capacity. Take steps personally to handle matters on all levels to aid progress. Upgrade equipment or ways to streamline approach. Full

moon eclipse adds energy; ride it. CAPRICORN (december 22 january 19) Your interests turn

to pleasure activities: fun, games or creativity. Romance also opens up for you. Make an effort to "get out there" on any level. Others need to know you are available. Check out or answer communications. AQUARIUS (january 20 february 18) Move things

around at home or base of operations. Look at locations or property changes if that would work better in the long run. Putting plans on a firmer footing adds a feeling of security, calming other worries. Rest. PISCES (february 19 march 20) Restless energy

gets you out and about. Some contacts have the potential to develop into something bigger. Compare notes, plans and expertise to arrive at a viable "project." Meetings net results that work for all those involved.

Hardly Simple


Middle of the Road



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4 1 3 7 2 3 7 4 5 8 4 9 2 3 1 5 4 9 4 5 1 5

Puzzle by websudoku.com

62 SEASIDE | april 2013

6 7 2 5

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8 8 3 4 6 7 1


6 1 5 3 2


9 4 9 6 1 2 2

Puzzle by websudoku.com

KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer’s Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on opposite page.

last word As Mother's Day approaches, I've been thinking a lot about the many mothers in my life. There's my own mom, of course, and it's nice to celebrate her on May 12th, but it's not just that. Almost all of my friends, and my younger sister, have now had one or more children. I think that when you get to be my age (35) and haven't yet had the children you'd planned to have by age 30, Mother's Day brings more to mind than just which bunch of spring flowers to get your mom. It reminds me where I am in my life. Don't get me wrong: I'm in a pretty good place. Househunting, with marriage/baby definitely in the near future … it's just a little later than I'd had planned. And yes, I know what they say about making plans … . That all being said, I know I'm on a good path, and I will be a mother one day. In fact, I'm lucky enough to get a little practise under my belt with my "stepdaughter-to-be" before I'm thrown into 4 1 2 3 5 7 6 8 9

9 8 5 6 4 1 2 3 7

8 3 9 7 2 6 5 4 1

Puzzle by websudoku.com

2 4 6 8 1 5 7 9 3

5 7 1 4 9 3 8 6 2

7 9 4 5 6 2 3 1 8

6 2 8 1 3 4 9 7 5

1 5 3 9 7 8 4 2 6

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5 9 7 2 1 3 6 8 4

8 4 2 9 7 6 3 5 1

2 7 3 6 4 5 8 1 9

Puzzle by websudoku.com

6 5 4 1 9 8 2 3 7

1 8 9 3 2 7 4 6 5

9 2 6 4 3 1 5 7 8

7 1 5 8 6 2 9 4 3

4 3 8 7 5 9 1 2 6

Sudoku Solutions

3 6 7 2 8 9 1 5 4

Middle of the Road

Hardly Simple

the lifechanging craziness that will inevitably come with parenthood. Until I can share my own stories, though, I thought I'd get two of the best moms I know (my mom and my sister) to share some of their thoughts on motherhood with Seaside's readers. I hope you enjoy! When asked what her favourite thing about being a mom is, my sister answers without hesitation: "I love being able to see little bits of me and my husband in Cassidy. Sometimes she'll smile, and I see Scott so clearly, or other times I'll look at her and feel like I'm looking at a baby picture of myself." "When I found out I was pregnant with you," my mom says, "I think I just couldn't believe it. It was such a surprise … it's a miracle … and I was with your Dad, but the thing I most wanted to do was go and tell my mom. And I think it was because she was MY mom, and now I was going to be a mom. I was so close to my mother, and I was hoping to have the same connection with my child." "The two best times of day are getting them up in the morning and putting them to bed," laughs my sister. "I love getting her up in the morning but man, do I love to close the door to her room at night. But no matter how tough a day you have, you’re always looking forward to doing it all again the next day." And I guess that's what being a mother is all about: it's not always easy, but it's always rewarding. I can't wait.

Allison Smith,



rt o o p up In s

Oct 4,5,6

Readings & Silent Auction Friday June 21st - 7pm Young Voices

Featuring Parkland’s Creative Writing Students

Sidney Red Brick Café

Friday September 13th - 7pm for more information visit our website www.sidneyliteraryfestival.com

Come enjoy a round in a relaxing atmosphere full of fresh air & nature

www.ard moregolfcourse.com 250.656.4621 • 930 Ardmore Drive, North Saanich

Something For Everyone SEASIDE | may 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 63


rt o

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photo by www.nuttycake.com

Great local service.

Your Source For New & Used Vehicles. One Store, One Sales Contact, Any Car – Exactly What You Need. Open Tuesday - Saturday #203- 2031 Malaview Avenue Sidney, B.C. V8L 5X6 (across from Slegg Lumber) Phone: 250-655-3534 Text Message: 250-884-2698


Buy Local. Buy the Best.

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Seaside Magazine May 2013 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...

Seaside Magazine May 2013 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...