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of a 25km trail race that took me to the edge of a glacier. Months of training, early Sunday starts (not my favourite), and some major mental battles, especially when a mandatory kit list was introduced in case of bears or other emergencies. On the day, setting off in the dark, heading up a really quite huge mountain, it just didn’t seem like me or my life. But I set a goal last January and was so proud of myself when I limped through the finish line. I hope that this issue of Seaside Magazine will spark some lifestyle changes, challenge you to try a new activity or even set a goal for yourself this year. You’ll find me on the trails again, aiming high for the Kusam Klimb in June. With over 4,800ft of climbing I’ll need to stick with my training plan!

Deborah Rogers, Associate Publisher

Brian McCurdy Photography

After the disrupted routines of the holiday period I love to take time in January and February to settle back into my rhythm and make plans for the year ahead. I’m not going to call them resolutions because I’ve not had a lot of success with those in the past; rather I like to think about goals – something to keep me on track and heading forward. I like crossing things off lists; I like deadlines and targets; I do not do well when drifting! Pulling together this Health and Wellness issue has been great inspiration as I look at my 2017 personal goals. I think most people struggle with balance, and I see how easy it is for exercise to take a back seat when there are competing calls on your time. But really, what’s more important than our health? Body and mind – if we can’t take care of these then how will we do taking care of everything else? 2016 was an exceptional year for me. I’d noticed that with a busy work and home life my activity levels had dropped (and let’s be honest, waistband increased) and I needed a way to change things. I’m not a natural “exerciser” but ever since I had my first baby I’ve run in some form or other. It might be that all I can manage is 5km twice a week, but some years I have trained for 10 k races or halfmarathons. I’ve been through a number of injuries and recoveries, some waning of enthusiasm and some periods of total dedication. I have never been even close to the top of a finish board! This picture though – and that smile – show me achieving my 2016 goal. It was taken in Whistler just after I’d reached the summit


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