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The Doctor is in the House ‌ Dr. Ambrose Marsh talks heart health

Dunmora 1920 arts & crafts home built to last

Improving Patient Care Doctors talking to doctors

Sea of Love Sip & Bid Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre Fundraiser



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dunmora: preserving the past


Walk As If Your Life Depended On It Doctors Talking to Doctors: South Island Division of Family Practice

centre Sea of Love Sip & Bid: Supporting spread Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre


Hot to trot

49 Building a Better Future: Small Modern Living Paves the Way

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february.2013 YOUR WEST COAST CULTURE lorianne koch - Bravo advertising

How do you put a spring in the step of a successful magazine? Make it stronger, healthier? Begin with an open-minded publisher who didn’t want to look like or be like any other magazine: she wants to look like … well, the community she serves. A makeover was ordered up, with the direction to preserve the character of the original product. We infused it with some fresh energy through the use of Gotham, a modern, clean typeface that has its bold, strong side when called upon for the heavier work of drawing your attention; a colour palette that reflects Seaside’s environment – steely grey to shore up a vibrant, turquoise-infused array of headers and subheads; topped off with a healthy injection of fresh-faced white to marry the two. The next logical step was to give more real estate to Jo-Ann Way's striking photography that help tell the stories. No fancy embellishments to tart up the old girl: just a nudge toward a sleeker, more sophisticated look to showcase her strengths in clean, open spaces. In the end, the challenge became the reward. It’s been a pleasure. jennifer bowles

I was born and raised in Victoria and attended St. Margaret’s School. I fell in love with the food and beverage industry at the age of 14 when I took my first job as a dishwasher at a local fish and chip café. With over 20 years experience in the industry, including owning my own restaurant and working for some the world’s top hotel chains, I continue to fuel my passion by writing the monthly Island Dish column. Featuring recipes from classic comfort food to more adventurous world cuisine, researching and writing the column keeps me inspired! This month I get a little bolder with spicy chilies! Well-known for some of their restorative properties, chilies are a multipurpose food that are super tasty as you will see! Enjoy. dr. shelley breadner

As a veterinarian, I put my heart into my work every day, opening up to each animal that comes to me for care and compassion. It brings music to my soul, and I couldn't do it any other way. So, it was apropos to write about heart health for Seaside Magazine's February issue. By sharing some core points (“cor” being Latin for heart ) on maintaining heart health, I hope I may encourage many hearts to beat a little stronger. Of course, chocolate for you (and if you remember, dark chocolate for me!), but NO chocolate for dogs or kitties! Whatever your favourite love song, sing it for your little companion, and your two hearts will beat as one!

Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489 Editor Allison Smith in Chief 250.813.1745 Advertising Marcella Macdonald Sales Lori Swan Madeleine Kemp 250.516.6489 This Month’s Contributors Trysh Ashby-Rolls, Rose Bandura, Jennifer Bowles, Shelley Breadner, Dianne Connerly, Gillian Crowley, Michael Forbes, Dave Gartley, Doreen Marion Gee, Linda Hunter, Tracey Jones, Stacey Kaminski, Tara Keeping, Lorianne Koch, Linda M. Langwith, Susi McMillan, Vicki Prince, Steve Sakiyama, Steve Sheppard, Fraser Syme, Megan Walker, Jo-Ann Way, Phil Wooster

P.O. BOX 2173, SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 3S6 Seaside magazine is printed 12 times a year in Richmond, B.C. by Rhino Print Solutions. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Reproduction requests may be made to the editor or publisher via the above means. Views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the publisher and editor. Staff of the magazine cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. In-Room at:

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Victoria Airport/Sidney

The weather – all of us live with it, breathe it and talk about it … but few write about it. So I am excited to write about the weather in Seaside Magazine, along with some humour and life thrown in. As a child I looked at the sky in amazement, and now as a scientist with the Ministry of Environment and an instructor in Meteorology at Royal Roads University, I continue to pursue this passion. My wife and I have been blessed with two wonderful children, and over the past 22 years we have experienced the full spectrum of West Coast weather while enjoying life in this incredible place. Take a look at this month’s article about weather alerts but be warned: it contains nuts.

The  Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites


first word


In the time it takes you to read my column, your heart is pumping about five quarts of blood (that’s about 10 pints) through more than 60,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries – that’s further than twice around the world. Depending on how long you live, your heart could beat three billion times in your lifetime. Your fist is about the size of your heart. The organ is not heart-shaped at all: it’s more like a cone and weighs about 11 ounces. The heart is a muscle sandwiched between two protective layers. Inside are four chambers, two on the right and two on the left. Blood that is low in oxygen, from all parts of the body, returns to the right side of the heart to be pumped through the lungs where oxygen is replenished. Then, once again, it is pumped all around the body by the left side of the heart. So you’re wondering why I’m telling you all this? Well, quite simply, your heart’s purpose in life is life support. No heartbeat: no life. February is Heart and Stroke Awareness Month. In this issue of Can We Talk, Seaside Magazine interviews Dr. Ambrose Marsh, Saanich Peninsula Hospital’s Chief of Staff. He is the hospital’s most

passionate advocate and a truly dedicated doctor, often called "Patch" by his staff. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Ambrose offers advice on what we can do to lessen heart disease risk. In his frank discussion, he looks at the heart of the matter … your heart. A big part of staying healthy is maintaining a healthy routine; understanding the real facts is key. Over five years: quitting smoking (for men over 55) will save seven lives; walking 40 minutes, five days a week will save approximately 3.5 lives. Peter Mason, co-owner of Pacific Rim Wellness and maker of Go Time pedometers, echoes very similar ideals in our article on pg. 15, and says that even though "modern medicine has enabled us to live much longer lives, walking may be as close to a magic bullet as you’ll find." Please remember to attend the Hearts of the Community Awards on February 21st at the Mary Winspear Centre. The annual event, now in its 15th year, is sponsored by Beacon Community Services and the Peninsula News Review and honours the efforts of Saanich Peninsula volunteers. So follow the yellow brick road to health, counting yourself lucky that, unlike the Tin Man, you have a heart, and protect it.

TO WATCH Women in Business: Inspiring and Celebrating your success on the Saanich Peninsula.

Deadline: February 11th, 2013





WOMEN Special Advertising Supplement March Issue of Seaside Magazine.


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Seaside Magazine welcomes your feeback! Send letters to the editor via or post your comments on our Facebook wall! Letters may be edited for space and content. Congrats on the redesign of Seaside – makes for an even more enjoyable read. Michael Marshall I'm thoroughly enjoying the magazine and the content, layout and overall feel of Seaside just gets better and better. I'm proud to advertise in such a great magazine. Geraldene Coates, Marmalade Tart Boutique I love a mobile site that is minimalistic and user friendly. You nailed it. Danielle Ronin I really love your magazine and the message of supporting local businesses and people but honestly your last issue was almost entirely advertisements! The new layout just seems to blend all of the articles in with the side adverts and I am really missing the old layout. Sorry Seaside, but I think you need to rethink your redesign. Sincerely, Your number one biggest fan!

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Wow, to take something that is exceptionally good and make it better … you guys did it! John Howey Your timing could not be better for our 25th Anniversary article and my colleagues and I are truly grateful. We can understand why Seaside Magazine is so deserving of the awards you have received. It goes without saying that you definitely have our vote for more. Frank Hawboldt, Sidney Knights of Columbus

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Love the new simplicity! Peter Ellmann I've just had the pleasure of reading the latest issue of the newly redesigned Seaside. You have done a fantastic job with the new look and logo: it's fresh, classy and contemporary. I love the Seaside going mobile app and Seaside Homes section. Rhino continues to bring the highest quality printing to the table each and every month and it shows. From what I can see, you are the only magazine using this type of printing on the South Island.I can't wait to see what you all will come up with this year. Tim Flater Knickerbocker's Jewelry & Home Accents

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c a n w e ta l k publisher sue hodgson talks with general practitioner ambrose march, Saanich Peninsula hospital chief of staff You’ve spent over two decades as a physician, working in a variety of capacities. You are currently Chief of Staff at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, while also running your family practice in Sidney. The two components of your work week are very diverse in nature: one a management role with a vital community hospital, and the other with its major focus on the prevention and treatment of most acute illnesses and management of chronic medical problems. How does each role benefit the other? The interplay between those two roles is an interesting one. If my colleagues and I do a good job at preventing and treating chronic diseases, we can in fact reduce (not eliminate) acute hospital admissions, thereby taking some taking some pressures off our hospital's persistent over-census status. The interplay also illustrates one of my challenges as CoS at SPH, and that is attracting new family physicians to the Peninsula as it is a well-known fact that the prevention and management of chronic diseases is clearly better managed when coordinated by a consistent primary caregiver (General Practitioner, Family Physician or Nurse Practioner). In this issue we are celebrating “Heart & Stroke Awareness Month.” This is an important time to take control of your health in order to prevent heart disease and stroke, something that’s robbing Canadians of nearly 250,000 potential years of life and killing more women than men. Why do you think so many Canadians don’t understand, or listen to, the risks factors for heart disease, such as smoking, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and physical inactivity? The million dollar question. I think we are victims of two major things: advertising and denial. Add to that the very great challenge of "changing" our established lifestyles/habits and it becomes very complicated. None of these issues around heart health (don't smoke, lose weight, be active, eat wisely) are new! People need to realize the medical treatments available at the present time are NO substitution to changing health behaviours. Our treatments do NOT cure or reverse chronic 10 SEASIDE | FEBRUARY 2013

diseases like heart disease or diabetes or lung disease: they stabilize and slow progression. The only way to reverse these diseases is to stop the offending behaviour BEFORE permanent damage is done and that varies from disease to disease and person to person. I’ve researched some of the statistics on heart disease and stroke and they’re staggering. Both are the leading cause of death in Canada. Imagine: that’s one death every seven minutes in Canada –70,000 people a year

die from heart disease or stroke. As a physician with a wealth of knowledge, are we doing everything we can for our patients? A question with a very long answer. Two points: the actual number may be inflated (although still very significant) as we take this data from death certificates and all people have to have a "cause of death." Even at 88 or 96 years of age, heart attack can be listed as the cause of death; at some point that is a natural, unavoidable death. Secondly, asking whether "we" are doing everything for our patients makes it sound like it is soley the health care system's responsibility to improve these numbers. Those of us in health care can probably do a better job and have been doing a better job over the last decade in this area, but social policy (smoking, education, food politics) will have a bigger part in improving these stats. Most people with a strong family history of heart disease have one or more risk factors. Just as you can't control your age, sex and race, you can't control your family history. Therefore, it's even more important to treat and control any other risk factors you have. Is there an interactive tool out there that can assess the risk of heart attack or dying from a coronary heart disease, say in the next 10 years? If you google cardiac risk calculator you can find a number of calculators from reputable sources. These are not useful if you have had a heart attack or angina or if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes. They focus on blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol and gender; we have yet to really quantify issues like family history and stress in the risk calculation. They are still worth checking: it may help people recognize their actual health status. OK, let’s talk about our youth. It’s a known fact that heart attack prevention begins by age 20, maybe younger. What does this mean and what should parents be considering now, before it’s too late? Whether it is heart attack prevention or lifestyle education, we must start earlier to help our children and youth make wise, healthy, lifestyle choices, because these choices over time will reduce cancer, premature death from all causes and improve quality of life – ie, an overweight person, no matter what he or she will die of, has issues with sleep, energy, joint pain, shortness of breath … well before they have a heart attack or die.

Dr. Ambrose Marsh

General Practitioner Saanich Peninsula Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Ambrose Marsh has been a General Practioner in Sidney, B.C. since 1988. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1979.

Parents, schools and government have a role in taking on this challenge. Specifically for parents, we can help our children understand good food choices and healthy eating no matter our budget – but it must be said that income can have an affect on food choices. Teaching the avoidance of smoking, the importance of regular activity and a intelligent role for responsible drinking can also be started by us as parents. Physicians are maxed out, hospitals are at their capacity and heart disease and stroke are number one killers. What do we do? If you had an opportunity to change or enhance two things in the medical world that would make a difference now or for our future, what would it be? I have a very strong bias here, and in fact the last two questions can go together and tie in with the first. When I graduated, people who did not have a GP did so by choice. In the '80s and early '90s we actually limited the number of family physicians in many communities; now there is a dire shortage. I strongly believe that having a primary caregiver can develop a relationship, creating a continuity of care that may help people avoid many chronic diseases which have lifestyle factors. They can also care for them with their chronic diseases, no matter the cause, to maintain the best quality of life possible. This will take the government, universities and the medical profession to believe that this is an important and necessary focus. As citizens we can strongly advocate in this area. Photo by

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Father of three boys (all soccer keepers), he stays active with bicycling, soccer and his storied hockey career. Together with his wife, Dr. Leah Norgrove, a Family Physician in Vic West and the palliative care consultant at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, Dr. Marsh created the Bombo Palliative Care Project to aid in the development of a palliative care program in Northeast Tanzania.

This is not a solicitation to purchase securities, which is being made under an Offering Memorandum that details risks and is available from our offices. Mortgage investments are not guaranteed. Returns will fluctuate and past performance may not be repeated.



The Ghosts of D'Arcy Island by Doreen Marion Gee

Just off the coast

of our peaceful seaside community, unquiet ghosts rage against the gods in the morning mist. Our wild West Coast beauty harbours a very ugly piece of human history. D'Arcy Island was a leper colony from 1891 to 1924. It housed society's untouchables – pushed far away from human contact. The lepers were tossed into isolation, forgotten and abandoned and left to rot and die under an unforgiving sky. This was racism at its poisonous peak. The two D'Arcy Islands are located about five miles off the Peninsula coastline. Both islands hosted the leper colony and are simply named together as D'Arcy Island. The notorious lazaretto was established in 1891 by the municipal council of Victoria, B.C. One infamous day in 1891, Victoria's Police and Health officers found five unfortunate Chinese men riddled with leprosy in the damp back alleys of Chinatown. In a knee-jerk, self-serving racist reaction designed to curry public favour, the public officials acted quickly to get the province's "OK" to dump the lepers on D'Arcy Island. Prejudice is malignant; the locals happily waved goodbye to their sick neighbours: "More repulsive human beings would be hard to imagine." (Daily Colonist, May 21st, 1891). One cursed soul attempted suicide at the internment house on Fisgard Street. Around May, 1891, the afflicted were sent to the Gulf Island death chamber. Until 1924, a total of 49 Chinese lepers were shipped to D'Arcy Island. Left to fend for themselves, many died there. Every three months, a supply ship came with food – and coffins. Ramshackle huts were built as a futile defense against wicked winters. Those severely ill, crippled human beings on D'Arcy Island received no medical care or medicine to relieve their suffering. Circa 1898, Dr. Ernest Hanington of Victoria writes a heart-rending account of the outcasts condemned to a living hell within the green fields of paradise:

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"The wretched beings, some in the last stages of the disease … lined up on the beach and cried like children when we were leaving." Hatred of the Chinese was rampant in the 1890s. White workers on the coast felt threatened by Chinese immigrants who outworked them on the railroads and in the mines. There was no political incentive to help the victims of D'Arcy Island. While Chinese lepers were sentenced to a grim West Coast death, those afflicted with leprosy at a New Brunswick colony were given humane medical care in a hospital setting by the federal government. Why? Because they were Caucasian. In 1924 the D'Arcy colony was closed for good, ending a shameful chapter in Canadian history. However, we still need to keep the tragic victims of D'Arcy Island alive in our hearts to remind us that we can never give up the fight to eradicate racism and prejudice from our communities. The ghosts of D'Arcy Island are watching us as a red sun lingers over a blue green utopia. They are listening … and they are waiting. Sources: Stephen Ruttan, Local Library Historian,, "Island of Shadows" (documentary).


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by Fraser Syme

north saanich family walks for life: Peter Mason steps out with wife Lois, son David, daughter-in-law Maren and granddaughter Charlie

I just finished a regular Monday morning walk with Peter Mason, co-owner (with Rob Dyke), of Pacific Rim Wellness, makers of Go Time pedometers. Peter walks 10,000 plus steps every day (at a fair clip too, I might add) and has done so for over six years. I asked him why he walks every day. He shot back: "It's my non-negotiable." After a moment to reflect, he gave me three more answers which, when I put them together, seemed like pretty good reasons to get off the couch. Quoting Dr. Manson, a medical doctor from Harvard: "Walking may be as close to a magic bullet as you'll find in modern medicine. If there was a pill that could lower the risk of chronic disease like walking does, people would be clamouring for it." He followed that with Dr. Steven Blair's research of 54,000 men and women that showed the best predictor of early death was low cardio respiratory fitness, which can be mediated by 30 minutes daily of brisk walking. Lastly, and somewhat tongue in cheek, he quoted a line from the cult classic film, The Princess Bride, in a dialogue between Prince Humperdinck and Count Rugen. Humperdinck says: " … I've got my

country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped." Count Rugen replies: "Get some rest. If you don't have your health, you haven't got anything." Mason observes that modern medicine has enabled us to live much longer lives. As a

Peter walks 10,000-plus steps every day and has done so for over six years. "It's my nonnegotiable," he says. result, "What we really need is our health. We are truly a blessed generation. No world wars, global Depression or epidemics, yet two thirds of deaths today are self-inflicted. Smoking is responsible for one third of those deaths, and another third are 'lifestyle' related, including alcohol abuse, obesity, and inactivity." He says: "What do I want to do for the next 30 years? I’m 60. If I’m healthy, I can travel, volunteer, enjoy the outdoors, work in the garden, pursue hobbies. I have four children and one grandchild. I intend to be

there for them. Walking is such a simple way of ensuring that." His friend, Martin Collis, adds: "We come with roughly a 100-year warranty, but you’ve got to read the fine print. You’ve got to move." "I want to live a long, productive life." He says the ideal goal is 10,000 steps a day. "Victoria is blessed with so many places to walk. There are park areas, trails, your own neighbourhood; I’ve walked in malls, on the ferry, around soccer fields during my childrens’ games, in airports waiting for flights – the opportunities are endless: I’ll walk anywhere." He advises someone just getting started with a walking regime to begin with small, manageable goals that are sustainable, then gradually increase distance and difficulty leading to the 10,000-step goal. "Start with 10 minutes a day, and gradually increase the time to 30-60 minutes. That’s where a good pedometer is handy. It keeps track of steps, time, and the all-important intensity (elevating your heart rate). It keeps you accountable. I call it my conscience in my pocket." Finally, he quotes Yoni Freedhoff’s eightword manifesto for exercise: "Some is good, more is better, everything counts."


photo courtesy

Walk as if your life depended on it

w e at h e r w i t "weather forecasts can include messages to alert us about current or potentially hazardous conditions"

Warning: This Article Contains Nuts by Steve Sakiyama

I was about to take a sip of my takeout coffee when I noticed a

label on the cup: "Caution: Hot and Delicious." I guess this means people don’t expect their coffee to be delicious – so the first few sips must be taken very carefully to avoid unfortunate surprises. This reminded me of other odd warning labels, such as the one I saw on a large yellow KEEP OUT sign. Written in small print along the bottom of the sign were the words: "DANGER: This Sign Has Sharp Edges." Very important information you know, especially if you need to fillet a halibut or slice a large bologna roll – which is the first thing I think of when confronted by a big KEEP OUT sign. "Look, a KEEP OUT sign! Quick, hand me those pork chops so I can trim off the extra fat … now everybody stand back." Don’t get me wrong: we need warning labels (especially for people like me) but some can be truly bizarre – like the ones Forbes Magazine discovered for these products: • Iron: "do not iron clothes on body" (really … who does this?) • Vanishing fabric marker: "do not use for writing cheques" (gives "blank cheque" a whole new meaning, don’t it?) • Hair dryer: "do not use while sleeping" (so this explains my terrible morning hair) • Letter Opener: "safety goggles recommended" (mother was right, everything will poke my eye out) • Superman costume: "this costume does not enable flight or super strength" (Steve, get off the roof … NOW!) Speaking of warnings, weather forecasts can include messages to alert us about current or potentially hazardous conditions such as heavy rainfall, strong winds and blizzards. Based on specific criteria, Environment Canada can issue three types of notifications that escalate in levels of concern from Special Weather Statements (when there are unusual conditions that could cause concern), to Watches (when conditions are favourable for a storm or severe weather, which could cause safety concerns) to Warnings (urgent messages that severe


weather is either occurring or will occur)1. This critical public service provides timely information so we can take appropriate action to prevent harm to ourselves and property. Will the signs pointing to February’s weather include a warning about sharp edges? Not likely. The long-term models point to equal chances of above-normal, below-normal and normal conditions for both temperature and precipitation. Given that nothing is tipping the scale one way or the other, I’ll go with a "normal" month weather-wise. I love February. It has Valentine’s Day, Ground Hog Day and this year, on the 11th, there is Family Day. My sentimental forecast for Family Day is a steady breeze, so we can go outside with family and friends and enjoy the fresh air in the incredible natural beauty around us. Yes, a day when I will wear my freshly-ironed Superman costume and stand on the roof with my scarlet cape unfurled in the fresh breeze and shout: "Hey, look out below!" ~ Weatherwit Any weird warning labels or questions about the weather? Send them to or visit my blog at (1) Environment Canada (

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Doctors talking to doctors photo courtesy

by Gillian Crowley

working together: (from left) – Family Physician Dr. Menuccia Gagliardi; Dr. Andrea Lewis, SIDFP board chair; Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades, SIDFP secretary-treasurer

When you or a family member is ill, you want your family


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physician to have the answers – or at least get you an appointment to see a specialist quickly. Accessible medical support is part of what makes a community healthy and attractive. But where do the physicians go when they want to discuss a particularly difficult case? Or if they think "It seemed a natural fit there’s a better way their patients could being able to work access other parts with another group of of the health care physicians … to improve system? Until recently, the care we're able to particularly in semirural areas, family give our patients." doctors were pretty well on their own unless they practiced in a clinic. Now there’s an organization that helps physicians collaborate. Starting in fall 2010, local doctors have been able to join the South Island Division of Family Practice, which covers Central Saanich, Sidney and North Saanich and the West Shore communities of Colwood, Langford, Metchosin and Sooke. The Division, one of 31 across B.C., gives front line physicians a bigger voice within the provincial health care system and helps them work together on problems affecting patient care. Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades was one of those sold early on the advantages of joining the Division's initiative. Formerly a family doctor in northern B.C., Dr. Rhoades has practised in Saanichton and Sidney for the past

six years. She says: "I’ve spent many years just seeing patients in my office and more or less working on my own. So it seemed a natural fit being able to work with another group of physicians [through the Division] to help improve our practices and the care we’re able to give our patients. And I’ve learned so much along the way." In 2010 Dr. Rhoades volunteered for the role of co-chair along with Dr. Jeff Pocock from Sooke. She recently moved over to the

secretary-treasurer position and Dr. Andrea Lewis (Sidney) became the board chair. For a young organization made up of busy doctors, SIDFP has taken on an impressive array of activities and initiatives. Patients suffering hip and knee degeneration will appreciate the new collaboration between family physicians and orthopaedic specialists to develop a streamlined patient referral and triage process (the method of prioritizing patients based on greatest need). Gastroenterologists are working on a similar initiative and several other specialty areas have expressed an interest in participating. The Division’s membership is encouraged to identify events and educational activities of greatest interest. Recent activities have ranged from collaborating with the Vancouver Island Health Authority on a maternity clinic for "at risk" mothers to holding a mental health workshop where family doctors and mental health practitioners explored best practises. Another workshop examined how to best recruit and retain locums (fill-in physicians) to allow doctors time away for illness, vacations and other personal needs. With a limited supply of locums province-wide, the concern is that one region will end up "stealing"them from another. SIDFP’s workshop report will feed into a provincial strategy that tries to recognize regional needs and interests. Patients will notice their doctor’s office is changing. Banks of patients’ paper files are disappearing, replaced by computers. A growing number of physicians is accepting the advantages of electronic medical records (EMRs) and other types of office automation. This past January, SIDFP held a kick-off event to encourage doctors and their office administrators to set up EMR "communities of practice" and specific user groups to assist one another. So far almost two-thirds of the Division’s family physicians and specialists have adopted an EMR system. The fact that more than 90% of family doctors in the region have become SIDFP members speaks to its success. Dr. Lewis says: "I’ve been impressed by the commitment and optimism shown by those Division members who have taken part in a wide range of activities to support positive change. I’m looking forward to chairing the Board as we continue to work with our members to identify new priorities."

It’s our hospital.

Planned giving When you want to do more for an organization you believe in and trust.

When a parent or spouse, close friend or relative has received exceptional care at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, leaving a legacy gift helps ensure that staff can continue to provide the same outstanding level of care to other patients into the future. All donations, whether annual, monthly, periodically, or a legacy gift planned for in your will, are deeply appreciated.

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y e n d i S s e u q i t u Bo e v o M e On th


are all so excited with our new location! After we closed the doors on New Year’s Eve, toasted in the New Year and enjoyed the break, the hard work of moving all our beautiful shoes and bags to their new home began. We added some amazing clothing by Desigual … with more to come … and opened again on January 7th. The response has been so supportive and we appreciate all our customers’ comments so much: you are why we’re here … and why we are growing! Sandy Baynton first envisioned Waterlily four years ago after returning from an extended stay in Switzerland. Her favourite little shoe shop (Footsteps) had closed in her absence and, while sitting enjoying a chai at Georgia’s Café, she noticed a “For Lease” sign just across the street. The pen started doodling, the mind pulled up an image, a business plan emerged that seemed to make sense … and the rest, as they say, is history! Now after almost four years in her original location, it was time to take advantage of an opportunity for more floor space, brighter windows and higher visibility. More drawing, planning and optimism have brought Sandy and Waterlily to her new location. We hope you’ll take the time to drop in and say hi; the Spring and Summer styles are starting to arrive and Sandy tells us there will be new brands joining her established lines as well. You will see why Waterlily has become a destination for so many visitors, and there will even be an online store in the near future! This is an exciting time for Waterlily, and a great success story for Sidney and the Saanich Peninsula.

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people were surprised when Laura McLarty opened Flush Bathroom Essentials. “How can you expect to pay the rent by selling bathroom stuff ?” the naysayers bleated. “Good luck,” they added as they rolled their eyes. Now Flush has four profitable years under its belt and is expanding into the vacated Waterlily Shoes space while the latter moves to larger premises. Laura’s many years as a retail buyer in home products has allowed her to identify an important niche. Bathrooms are numerous in most homes, and they’re updated regularly. There are very few sources for good quality and up market accessories. As a matter of fact, there are very few indeed that bring all the elements together in meaningful selection. Flush answers these needs. Customers from Vancouver and Victoria regularly patronize the store; Laura is pleased by how many U.S. customers state they have never seen such a great selection anywhere, nor presented in such a professional way. Base offerings are organic cotton towels, robes, and pajamas; bathmats, vanity mirrors (best selection anywhere); design forward bathroom hardware; functional accessories such as shower and tub organizers; counter accessories; heated towel racks (best selection anywhere); unique shower curtains; Canadian-made body care products and décor. The new expansion will feature a line of proprietary hardwood vanities and stainless steel wall hardware. No wonder the professionals are using Flush as a one-stop source for outfitting bathrooms in style. Be sure to visit Flush Bathroom Essentials soon; it’s a beautiful, expertly merchandised store that will provide you with lots of inspiration.

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TO WATCH conTesT Women in Business: Inspiring and Celebrating Your Success.

Are you a woman in business? If so, Seaside Magazine and yoUnlimited, in conjunction with International Women's Day, is looking for you!

If your business is 51% or more owned by a woman, and you are doing business on Vancouver Island, you are eligible to apply. All applications will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges and a winner will be selected. Please answer all questions below. Winners will be notified by February 28th and will be honoured at a reception to be held March 8th as part of Seaside Magazine’s Women to Watch event.

Please answer the following questions about your business: • Describe your business: Please provide a summary and description of your business, including how long you've been in business, number of employees and products and services offered. • Innovation & Change: Please list all of the changes and innovations your company made in 2012. • Environmental and Community Advances: How does your business contribute to the community and environment? • Challenges: What is the single most difficult challenge you have faced and how was it overcome? • Integrity: What three words best describe your business values?


Winner will be showcased in the Women To Watch special edition of Seaside Magazine (March edition) and honoured at a private Seaside Women To Watch reception March 8th. She will also receive a complimentary ticket to the yoUnlimited Conference; a “Start your Engines” Package with Pauline Penner of Jump Start; a private fashion consultation, including new outfit, from Marmalade Tart Boutique; and a hair style from Samantha Lipinski.

Total Value over $1,000!

Deadline for application is noon on February 14th. Apply at:











g r e y m at t e r s "one of the single most important things you can do to safeguard your heart health is to educate yourself"

Love in Heart & Stroke Month

At age 70, Jochen Mueller had everything he wanted. A home in the country filled with books, a sound system worthy of his CD collection of classical and folk music, space for building model boats, room for painting, gallery representation, a close relationship with the three daughters he’d raised alone since his first wife – his high school by Trysh Ashby-Rolls sweetheart – died in 1982, grandchildren, close friends and, most recently, a girlfriend “who didn’t rearrange the furniture.” Illness that had him hospitalized in the ICU in 2010 had left him with renewed appreciation for life. He’d lost a mass of weight, with which he’d battled for years. Yes, he admitted, he could have done better. Like cut out the double helpings of crispy crackling on pork roast. Eat fewer Tim Horton’s donuts maybe. Better to eat more veggies and fruit, he told himself. Exercise more than a once-weekly swim. Drink more water, less coffee. At least he’d stopped smoking, and drank only occasionally. His blood pressure was up a bit, but whose wasn’t? According to a brochure from the Heart & Stroke Foundation, “One of the single most important things you can do to safeguard your heart health is to educate yourself about your risk factors. And then make some changes … .” Starting now. In fall, 2012, Jochen and his girlfriend planned a trip to see his

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1 to 4 times/week – Feb 4 to Mar 1/2013 Slam Ball, Boxing, Kettlebells and Spinning Early Riser Workout/Semi-Private Class Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri: 5:30 to 6:10 am or 6:20 to 7:00 am. $10–$13/class Registration Required

• sports injuries • stress & pain relief • hormone balancing • digestive disorders • allergies & cough (Up from The Roost & off McTavish Road)

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brother, a noted rock 'n roll guitarist, play a concert. It was a great evening. But halfway across the parking lot his legs “felt funny. I could hardly breathe.” “D’you want to stop at a hospital?” she asked. “Nah. If it’s still bad I’ll go tomorrow.” They went home to bed. To quote from the same Heart & Stroke Foundation brochure: “… the warning signs of heart attack and stroke are also important steps to taking charge of your heart health. Talk to your doctor about all your risk factors and what you can do to make positive changes.” Take the online assessment for heart and stroke risk. By the next morning the squeezing sensation down Jochen's left arm was so painful there was nothing for it except dial 911 for an ambulance. Doctors at Emergency ordered immediate tests that confirmed a heart attack. Further tests shocked both Jochen and his daughters, who insisted on flying to his bedside right away: he needed a quadruple bypass as soon as possible. The heart specialist would perform two surgeries a couple of months apart, but predicated a full recovery. What happened next was entirely unexpected. Two days after the first operation, Jochen had a stroke. On life support in the ICU, his daughters and the doctors took a wait-and-see approach. A few days later, however, staff moved their still unconscious patient from intensive to palliative care. Things didn’t look good. The palliativecare team called a meeting with his daughters “to make some hard decisions.” They went out to buy special items and flowers to make an altar in their Dad’s room, although they weren’t allowed to light candles. While sitting by his bedside, singing and talking to him, he suffered a massive second stroke. The “hard decision” made itself. Jochen breathed on his own for five hours. “He looked totally at peace,” wrote his middle daughter. “He was there when I took my first breath. I was there when he took his last.” My Heart & Stroke Risk Assessment™ is at

Bootcamp Classes (60 min) Sun @ 10 am/Tues and Thurs @ 6:00 pm $8–$8.50/class Beginning Jan 6, 2013 at Saanich Fairgrounds Mikiala Christie BA, RAc, R.TCM.P Dr. Jeffrey Jones TCM

250.893.5055 • Joanna Vandervlugt • SEASIDE | FEBRUARY 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 23

forbes & marshall "If you start welling up while watching marley & Me, try to muffle the sniffling by packing your mouth with handfuls of popcorn"

Mr. Perfect

You know the

scene in Back to the Future where Michael J. Fox's character Marty messes around with time so much that when he looks at a family photo he begins to fade away? by Michael Forbes That's happening in my life right now in the strange world of online dating … and it's being perpetuated by my own father. My dad assumes he has to dance around his age to attract the right women, and I've become the first casualty. Online, the in-theirtwenties offspring from his second marriage seem to fit his fudged age perfectly, and I have simply vanished. If things get too serious with a cyber lady, he'll eventually have to admit I exist. Otherwise, it would be impossible to intoduce me as his son, considering his bogus profile now makes my old man three years younger than me. Don't get me wrong: my dad has lots of intregrity and he isn't the first man to have

stretched the truth in order to attract a women. Men of all "alleged" ages sometimes do whatever it takes to be Mr. Perfect. It's a difficult thing though, to live up to being Mr. Perfect, when you consider the massive survey done by the dating website www. They asked thousands of women who he would be. Turns out, he has to have green eyes, brown hair, be a non-smoker, have a British accent, a degree, be capable of having a loving relationship and make between $150,000 and $200,000 a year. Considering most men can’t live up to this list, we find ourselves trying to guess what women want, and sometimes it ends in an epic fail. Perhaps we need to concenrate more on what women don't want! So here goes … . First, cry very little. If you start welling up while watching Marley & Me, make sure it's in a dark theatre and try to muffle the sniffling by packing your mouth with handfuls of popcorn. Too much crying makes you seem emotional and needy. Every women desires a man that she feels might actually rescue her, instead of the type that becomes a puddle of tears while watching kittens on TV play with toilet paper rolls. Lisa has told me the only time she'll accept crying in public is if I deliver the eulogy at her funeral. Second are PDA's. Public displays of affection are OK if you're fifteen. If she needs someone to constantly paw her to prove she's loved, she'll get a puppy. I have also learned through experience that making out within sight of your father-in-law is not a good idea. Lastly, you must reduce the amount of baby talk. Nothing will introduce the creep factor more into those intimate times than whispering the words "Pooky Bear want Num Nums." Also be aware: she will share this moment with her girlfriends. Being Mr. Perfect is less about what you have and more to do with eliminating those things that will drive her away. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. Apparently, I've just learned, she'll allow you to hug her in public, while crying like a baby, if you make more than $150,000 a year. Forbes & Marshall are the hosts of Ocean 98.5’s popular morning show. They are one of the few married morning show teams in Canada and have two children, Noah and Adam. Join Forbes & Marshall weekday mornings from 5:30 to 10:30 a.m.

For Little Paws Announces New Head Groomer Janet Lynch!

Big Paws Always Welcome Too! Open Tues through Sat 9 - 5 #3-2490 Bevan Ave, Sidney 778-426-2587 24 SEASIDE | FEBRUARY 2013

Carol-Marie Crofton, Owner with Parker

Janet Lynch, Professional Groomer with Marnie

Take Heart: Chart Your Own Destiny by Doreen Marion Gee

In the new

millennium, a zillion options exist for living better, healthier and longer. Panorama Recreation Centre is on board with an exceptional program to optimize health and extend longevity: "Take Heart." The lucky participants have the power to map their own fate and create a healthy long future for themselves. Here are the staggering statistics for "Heart Month:" Heart disease and stroke take one life every seven minutes and 90% of Canadians have at least one risk factor (Heart and Stroke Foundation). The staff at Panorama want to reduce those numbers. "Take Heart" is a cardiac rehabilitation program offered at local recreation centres in partnership with VIHA. Melanie Alsdorf, Panorama’s Fitness, Weights & Rehabilitation Coordinator, explains that many participants are there to rebuild their health after a cardiac event but she encourages people with risk factors to also attend as a proactive preventative measure. Accordingly, this rehabilitation program also accepts participants who have other chronic conditions, such as respiratory illness, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and lung & kidney disease (VIHA brochure). The amazing benefits of this cuttingedge initiative include improvements in fitness, heart rates, blood pressure, sugar levels and quality of life. "Anytime" registration involves: doctor assessment, referral and monitoring; interview; one-on-one exercise session; 23 twice-weekly group exercise sessions in a self-paced individualized program; final maintenance sessions – all delivered by highly trained staff. The sessions include cardiovascular and strength training, endurance and stretching components. Blood pressure and heart rates are measured before, during and after. Participants gradually make their cardiovascular systems stronger and more efficient.

One of Melanie’s first gigs was facilitating the Panorama "Take Heart" program: "It was very rewarding to see such a great change in people over three months and to see how much they improved." The statistics sing the benefits: "A recent meta-analysis of trials conducted over the past decade confirmed that cardiac rehabilitation reduced all-cause mortality (after an event) by 25 per cent." (Resource Manual). Personal stories are the best litmus test. Emmy Secord started "Take Heart" in 2006 after a cardiac event. She gushes about the program in the Panorama 2008 program guide: "My fitness and flexibility greatly improved, my blood pressure decreased and … my quality of life changed with the increased stamina, strength and energy I had." The real value of the "Take Heart" program is putting people in the driver’s seat when it comes to their health. The program helps participants stave off dark bitter endings. "Take Heart" empowers people to take control of their own health and longevity by building their defenses against relapse or heart disease to begin with. It gives people the power to control their own destiny. Contact:,

Marmalade Tart Boutique Fun, Flirty, Fabulous Fashion!

Featuring The Season’s Hottest Collection of Cruise Wear: Chalet, Tricotto, Neon Buddha

… and more!

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Car BuYiNg 101: a FriENdlY guidE A new series brought to you from the experts at Motorize

Lesson 1: Cars depreciate by model year and by mileage; a combination

of the two will get you the right vehicle to suit your budget. Buying a brand new car might seem like a great idea until you realize you’re suffering 20-22% depreciation in the first year of ownership. That’s enough of a loss to outrun the payments you are making on your NEW car. Buy used – let someone else absorb the loss. You are buying a car to drive, not display in a museum.

Motorize makes the smart choices and gives you the savings. WE ARE NOT SALESMEN: WE ARE PURVEYORS OF “CAR BUYING MADE FUN” Tune In Next Month For Lesson 2

photo courtesy

In stock now: 2010 Volkswagen Touareg Diesel Highline TDI $39,900 2010 BMW XDrive 3.0 $39,900

One Store, One Sales Contact, Any Car – Exactly What You Need. Open Saturdays #203- 2031 Malaview Road, Sidney, B.C. V8L 5X6 (across from Slegg Lumber) Phone: 250-655-3534 Toll Free: text to 250-884-2698

Buy Local. Buy the Best.

ignition Buying a car has become increasingly complicated, so Seaside has decided to lend a hand! With the assistance of our friends at Motorize Auto Direct, each month publisher Sue Hodgson will be turning on the Ignition for our readers.

photo courtesy

Subaru Outback XT by Sue Hodgson

It’s becoming ever more difficult to buy a new car, even an inexpensive one, but if do your homework first and take a few test drives, that’s half the battle. This month Motorize Auto Subaru Outback XT: a sports utility wagon with the heart of a race car. Direct put me in a Subaru Outback, but not your typical one: an XT, their hottest version. The engine has a moderate turbocharger (it Whistler. As a Subaru owner, you will NEVER consider letting poor blows more air into the engine meaning, more road conditions hold you back. Heavy duty is a theme that defines power), and the cars using this engine carry the name WRX or XT. the Outback models, and they are commonly known to run This all-wheel drive wagon can handle the root-strewn North Saanich for over 500,000 kilometres with regular maintenance. back roads, and allows you to steam over things that you probably shouldn’t, like curbs. The nice thing is, with the lessons learned in They are very easy to service, and technically simple. world class off-road racing, Subaru's component choice is Subaru's Outback makes a compelling case for itself as an second to none, meaning the running gear on a Subaru outstanding all-rounder. Who'd have figured chauffeuring my two is way, way tougher than it needs to be. kids around the Saanich Peninsula could be such a party? That's why people love Subarus. It's not a European touring wagon. Model as tested: 2009 Outback XT Limited – 55,000 kms with It's not a sports car. It is going to take you basically anywhere you technology package including leather and heated seats with selectable drive want to go, including school, work, to the dentist and on vacation to modes, sport shifting and new Michelin tires: $26,999 plus HST.

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS... For the best polished, professional shine on your vehicle. Complete Detail from Steam Clean Carpets Pet Hair Removal

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smell the coffee is coffee somehow less worthy, or worth less, than wine?

Coffee & Wine Pt II

In a follow-up to last month’s piece, I wanted to delve further into specifics of how various coffee types go with food. In part one I mentioned coffee by Steve Sheppard and wine share an agriculture common ground grown in appellation systems: designated geographical and environmental regions that produce coffee fruit with specific flavours, textures and aromas. These characteristics are commonly referred to as "terroir." Many coffee-producing countries have already created informal growing regions and are working to formalize these areas through laws. Colombia recently defined 86 distinct "designated microclimates" throughout the country. These growing regions define location, rainfall, altitude and processing conditions. Below are some pairings and pointers that will guide you to experiment with various food and coffee combinations, but remember: taste is always subjective. • Our perception of flavour is directly related to our sense of smell, so noting the initial aroma is critical in properly experiencing the full taste of both wine and coffee. • When tasting wine or coffee, pay attention to the acidity of each. Wine or coffee with high acidity can be described as crisp, tangy and bright while those with low acidity tend to feel smooth. • The feel of the wine or coffee on your tongue is known as the body. Wine and coffee can be described as light-, medium- or full-bodied. Like wine, some coffees naturally have more body than others. Coffee, Wine & Food Pairing Suggestions: Gouda Cheese Wine: Soft cheeses are best paired with white wines. A crisp riesling has a sweet mild flavour with citrus undertones that perfectly balances the distinct, slightly tangy flavour of gouda. Coffee: The interplay of Latin American or Indonesian beans weave a web of densely rich and deeply complex tastes, ideal for the

… Who says only your love life can be Red Hot?

Esthetics & Reflexology

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mild flavour of gouda which helps bring out the layers of flavour and subtle sweetness of the coffee. Spicy Italian Sausage Flatbread Wine: Known for its zesty flavour, zinfandel carries notes of berries, licorice and a distinct peppery spiciness. Because of its moderate acidity, the robust flavours of this red wine perfectly accent bold foods with a spicy sweetness, like Italian sausage or tomato sauce. Coffee: With virtually no acidity, Sumatra features intensely aromatic, earthy and herbal notes that linger on your tongue. Its bold flavours stand up to the robust flavours of Italian sausage without overshadowing its hints of sage or spice. Chocolate Tiramisu Wine: Strong flavours of dark chocolate are best accompanied by equally strong, full-bodied wines, such as cabernet sauvignon. Intense flavours of dark fruit-like black currant provide a good contrast to the sweet and slightly bitter taste of rich dark chocolate. Coffee: A dark roast Guatemalan has a slight sweetness, and the richness is a wonderful accompaniment with cacao-based desserts like the tiramisu torte and offers sweet and contrasting notes to the tangy spice of semi-sweet chocolate. Whether you favour sweet and mild or robust and bold, the pairing of coffee, food and wine will offer a unique and memorable entertaining experience that your guests are sure to appreciate … Steve out.

My True Valentine … The Peninsula’s ‘Only’ Micro Coffee Raster

Big Apple Red by OPI

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Just the Fat … Er, Facts, Ma'am

We Don’t Always Get Sick Between 9-5

… Where Will You Take Us? 24/7 Emergency Phone Line 250-652-4312

Dianne Connerly

It's no secret that being overweight affects more North Americans than ever, but how much do you really know about this public health problem? Test your knowledge against the fact and the numbers may surprise you. If you're overweight, the numbers may even motivate you to make some changes. In 2000, 56.4% of Americans were overweight, and by 2010 this escalated to 68.8% who were regarded as being overweight or obese. The Canadian population is not far behind, rating at 61.1% according to the findings from a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some of the ill effects of being overweight? Obesity is associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Does losing weight require giving up high-calorie or high-fat "goodies?" Most experts recommend to lose weight and keep it off, one should follow a plan to eat healthy, exercise, and make lifestyle changes that can last a lifetime. It's unrealistic to assume you'll never eat a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake. A sensible regime may include small amounts of sweets on occasion. Does exercise increase appetite? Some people are concerned that exercise works up an appetite and the calories used while exercising will be replaced by eating extra food. Experience shows that those who exercise moderately eat about the same amount as they would if they didn't exercise. How much can exercise reduce the risk of heart disease? One study showed that women who walk briskly (three miles per hour) for three hours a week reduce their risk of heart disease by 30%. Those who walk five hours or more per week reduce their risk by more than 40%. Dianne Connerly is with TOPS, a nonprofit, affordable weight loss support and wellness organization. To find a local chapter call 250-743-1851, 1-800-932-8677 or visit Plants  Shrubs  Garden Gifts & Ornaments  Trellis  Arbors  Pots, Pots & More Pots!

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Whoever You Are, Wherever You Go … photo by

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Local Real Estate Firm Honoured by Vicki Prince

DFH Real

Estate, an institution in Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island for over 50 years, has been chosen to represent Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. This Chicago-based global network is comprised of over 500 firms with 4,600 offices and 140,000 sales associates in over 30 countries. Leading Real Estate® affiliates are responsible for $235 billion in annual home sales – more than any other real estate organization. The firms that make up this global real estate network are the most powerful independent brokerage firms in the world. Only the best of the best are part of the select group whose name says it all. DFH was invited to join the global network after meeting specific standards of excellence that included being ranked among the top independent firms in their market for reputation, stability, tenure, quality, relocation capabilities and other factors. The strength of LeadingRE® is the quality of each individual brokerage firm. Companies don’t simply “pay for” a franchise brand name – they must earn the designation of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, year after year. This new relationship provides a global marketing reach for DFH Real Estate property listings, delivers expanded online exposure and brings international connections and the power of a global network. The affiliation has already proven to be a beneficial source for buyers. It also allows the firm to assist individuals purchasing or selling property in virtually any community worldwide and to service corporate relocation accounts through RELO Direct®, Leading RE’s corporate relocation management company. As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, DFH has access to a wide range of brokerage services to further strengthen its marketing presence and offerings. In addition, company representatives have the opportunity to collaborate with other "best in class" firms from around the world for idea sharing, referrals and business development opportunities at conferences and online through the network’s private interactive community. "We are delighted that DFH Real Estate has joined Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®," commented President and CEO of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Pam O’Connor. "Their selection was based on the company’s outstanding reputation, as well as its demonstrated ability to deliver the same high quality service and reliability as our other affiliates. This level of service is the foundation of our network and is the basis for our longevity and success as one of the industry’s leading providers of real estate and relocation services." DFH has a powerful local brand in Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island and has long been recognized for its local expertise and ethical dealings. Despite some predictions of a challenging year ahead in the local real estate market, DFH is confident 2013 will be a successful year for its 120+ agents. To find out more, call Sidney's DFH Real Estate office today at 250-656-0131.

One half of all local searches are performed on

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many Canadians review their investment choices and options along with recent earnings (or lack thereof, unfortunately). This can often be confusing as the number and complexity of investment products continues to grow. However, it is important to keep in mind some simple by Phil Wooster questions that can help direct your choices: First Island Financial • Ask yourself if you are comfortable Services Ltd. with the overall safety of your principal? What risk factors will affect its security and earnings? • Are the earnings sufficient given the risk undertaken? How do your earnings compare to expected returns? Are the expected returns valid for several prior years and economic cycles? • How do you realize your gains and actually get paid? What are the requirements and fees to convert your principal or earnings back to cash? • What is the experience and track record of the seller? Do they have a vested interest in your long term investment success? If you had trouble answering the above questions, a prudent alternative may be investing in secured real estate via mortgage investments offered by a reputable and experienced manager. Your money is hard earned and while part of an investment portfolio can be earmarked for higher risk and potentially higher return (or loss) investments, it is always conservative to maintain the bulk in lower risk investments that can still provide above average returns for the long term. Investing in secured real estate can achieve this goal if done properly. In general, real estate values in Victoria and the South Coast tend to remain relatively stable. Values may dip in certain product sectors or locations during sluggish economic cycles, but overall risk can be managed effectively by a knowledgeable manager. The larger the market, typically the more stable it is and the easier it is to sell and recoup invested funds. Smaller markets tend to drop first and recover last in difficult economic times, a fact which an experienced manager will guard against. Investments in residential real estate can also aid in waiting out a slower market by providing rental revenues in the interim. A professional mortgage investment manager will protect both principal and earnings by minimizing risk through prudent lending criteria (1st place mortgages), diversification of product type/location and continual careful due diligence. This includes knowing the specific market values/rents, the developer’s track record and credit history, the number of proposed or completing projects in the area, the general absorption rate (for multiple unit projects) and whether the construction cost budget is adequate. Overall, when done properly through a qualified manager, real estate investments can be a safe and secure investment to provide above average returns for the long term. For more information visit

seaside arts scene by Gillian Crowley Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre has a busy month ahead, with music ranging from folk, pop and blues to classical and Tin Pan Alley favourites. Celebrate Valentine’s Day early and bring your sweetheart to hear well-known local tenor, Ken Lavigne, celebrate “love’s old sweet song” at a matinee February 7th. Then banish winter blues by listening to the popular Palm Court Orchestra, with pianist Frederick Hodges playing a tribute to George Gershwin’s music at a February 19th matinee

Roy Forbes Folk singer is too restrictive a term for Roy and his music. Starting as a teen rock and roller in hometown Dawson Creek, he has since become a singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer and broadcaster. Many will remember him as “Bim” in the folk trio UHF with Shari Ulrich and Bill Henderson (Chilliwack). The Toronto Star described his music as “a rich and happy pastiche of folk, blues, country and rock, delivered in a high, keening voice that has no equal in popular music.” Roy has not only had success singing his own songs but they have also been performed and recorded by many other performers. This two-time Juno nominee and multi West Coast Music Award winner will be sure to get your toes a-tapping. Presented by the Deep Cove Folk Music Society. February 16th at 8 p.m. Mary Winspear Centre. 250-656-0275 or

face painting, games, 30+ costumed characters and door prizes. At the Centre’s LEGO display, kids can build their own creations from the different sets available. Parents, don’t forget your camera! Monday, Feb. 11th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Professional LEGO displays: 2805 Seaport Place. Sidneyland at Mary Winspear Centre: 2243 Beacon Avenue. FREE. Donations accepted for the Sidney Museum expansion project. We’re fortunate to have many ways to celebrate late winter here on the Peninsula and Gulf Islands. If you’re dreaming of a short getaway, consider taking in an event or two at Salt Spring Island’s ArtSpring Theatre.

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal This troupe is considered one of the most exciting dance companies in Canada. It has developed a successful marriage of talented dancers with renowned composers and choreographers who share their innovative

ideas through creative residencies. Their Salt Spring program offers three new dances: Zero In On by Cayetano Soto, Night Box by Wen Wei Wang, and a new choreography by Barak Marshall. February 20th at 7:30 p.m.

Jane Coop and the Afiara String Quartet This is a wonderful opportunity to hear Jane Coop, one of Canada’s finest pianists, along with the all-Canadian Afiara Quartet. The Montreal Gazette has commended the Quartet for their authentic presence and performances balancing “intensity and commitment” with “frequent moments of tenderness.” The evening includes works by Haydn, Beethoven and Brahms. Ticket holders may attend a pre-concert chat at 6:30 p.m. February 26th at 7:30 p.m. ArtSpring Theatre, 100 Jackson Avenue, Salt Spring Island. 866-537-2102 (toll free) or

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Family Day Fun On B.C.’s first Family Day February 11th, everyone can be a kid as Sidney transforms into LegoLand. The main event will be a large-scale pirate-themed LEGO piece built live at the Sidney Pier Hotel by Canada’s only LEGOcertified professional, Robin Sather of Brickville DesignWorks. Other LEGO professionals will be building surprises at the same site. Families can get into the spirit with the town-wide LEGO treasure hunt supported by many local merchants. Get a treasure map at the Sidney Museum and then visit Sidney’s shops in search of LEGO treasure. Completed treasure maps will be returned to the Sidney Museum and entered into a draw for great LEGO prizes. The Sidney Museum, located at 2423 Beacon Avenue, is currently exhibiting its huge collection of LEGO. Over at the Mary Winspear Centre, Sidneyland will be buzzing with fun activities with an indoor playland with bouncy castles,

Local, Specialty & Import Chocolate

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Here's to Love …

When you're looking for something to really make you feel special, lingerie is essential. Silk feels wonderful … coupled with Chantilly lace, it allows one to relax, feel comfortable and yet have that aura of being glamourous and special. Valentine's is the time to treat yourself. Many styles, colours and fabrics coming this spring. (brown: $85; grey: top $97; panties $65) Sweet Talk & Lace Lingerie 2424 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Time for some special atmosphere in your home or workplace? Starlightz illuminate with extraordinary beauty, casting colourful light. Handmade the earth friendly way, using material and means that mirror the company's commitment to ecological responsibility. A unique gift for your unique friend. ($24.50) Pebbles at Mineral World 9808 Seaport Place, Sidney

Paperdoll Mineral Cosmetics is a fresh, Canadian/Sidney-born company that gives cosmetics consumers all the choice and none of the baggage. Visit Exist Hairworx and mention Seaside Magazine to receive 10% off your Paperdoll Mineral purchase. Try these great products and our lip gloss: a natural minty shine without the stickiness; in five colours! (assorted prices) eXist hairworX #3 - 2130 Beacon Avenue, Sidney


Handwritten cards never go out of style. Whether you want to keep it romantic or slay someone with twisted humour, we have the perfect cards and offbeat gifts. If you're going straight for the heart, come check out our beautiful selection of jewelry and accessories. (assorted prices) Cameron Rose Gifts 2447 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

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Let love bloom this spring on the lush greens and fairways of Glen Meadows Golf & Country Club. Golf nine holes with your better half, then enjoy an entrée and a glass of wine. $50 for two people. Package available until February 14th, 2013; must be redeemed by April 30th, 2013. Some conditions apply. Glen Meadows Golf & Country Club 1050 McTavish Road, North Saanich

SEASIDE On Design 2013 Colour Trends ‌ Who Cares?


Februarry 2013


Building a Future Mini Homes Pave The Way

Preserving the Past Ensuring the future


A dedicated team of craftsmen thoughtfully restore this Central Saanich waterfront treasure

Dunmora: Preserving the Past, Ensuring the Future

Story by Linda M. Langwith | Photography by | Design by Lorianne Koch - Bravo Advertising

For Grant Rogers, president of the Marker Group, the challenge of Dunmora was to preserve the past while securing its future as a family home for generations to come. With building and renovating experience acquired in both Canada and the U.K., Grant realized the best approach was to enter into a Heritage Revitalization Agreement with Central Saanich that would honour, preserve and protect the historical value of this very special waterfront home while allowing necessary improvements to ensure Dunmora’s continuation in perpetuity.

36 SEASIDE homes | february 2013

Knowing the residence to have an impeccable provenance, Grant was not surprised to hear the engineer confirm that even before renovations began it met many of the current building standards. Upgrades in plumbing, electrical and insulation were carried out to bring everything up to today’s requirements. The impressive porte cochere, reminiscent of the one that graces the entrance to Government House, was redone, as dampness from the balcony above created issues over time. Other structural repairs and replacements were undertaken as needed to ensure all codes were met. The exterior granite facing, plaster, half timbering and Tudorstyle granite chimneys proved to be in excellent condition – Dunmora was built to last. Grant and his associates assembled a dedicated team of craftsmen to thoughtfully restore (and replace where needed) the original fir doors, wainscoting, beams, coffered ceilings, fir flooring and windows, and while it was not possible to retain the original light fixtures, their replacements complement the rooms. The painting scheme throughout is warm and contemporary, creating a pleasant contrast to the more traditional wood features. The study’s magnificent inglenook fireplace, one of two in the home,

Grant and his associates assembled a dedicated team of craftsmen to thoughtfully restore (and replace where needed) the original fir doors, wainscoting, beams, coffered ceilings, fir flooring and windows.

faced with the original granite, remains true to the principals of the Arts and Craft movement, with a delightful carving of oak leaves and acorns running along the mantelpiece frieze, while the generous seating benches provide the perfect spot to curl up with a good book on a rainy day. A kitchen is not meant to be a museum, but rather the heart and hub of the home, and so for Dunmora Grant and his designers came up with an entity that does full justice to its generous space, with a pleasing mix of stained fir and creamy coloured cabinetry, pillars supported by decorative brackets, practical built-ins, multiple prep areas, an eating bar and even a coffee centre. The original designer of Dunmora, John Keith, was ahead of his time in planning ensuite bathrooms for each of the commodious bedrooms on the second floor, and under the renovation program they have received the latest in new fixtures and fittings. Grant is especially pleased with the master ensuite, which shows particular sensitivity to the colour scheme in vogue during the 1920s through the use of an enchanting black and Continued next page


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white bow pattern in the tiling. The master bedroom enjoys the original fireplace, walk-out balcony with a view overlooking the inlet, and thoughtful touches throughout, such as a designated washer and dryer intended solely for the use of the chatelaine when dealing with her special lingerie collection. The third floor attic has really come into its own, with two unobtrusive skylights providing additional daylight, and an imaginative use of space for a variety of pleasures and hobbies, from the theatre/media area to a bar and kitchenette as well as the added treat of a steam shower in the bathroom. All three levels are easily accessed by an elevator should mobility become an issue. Even the 38 SEASIDE homes | february 2013

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basement has received Grant’s magic touch, with the addition of a roomy wine cellar, complete with tasting nook and plenty of racks just waiting to receive some special Peninsula vintages. Dunmora can now look forward with confidence to the future. For Grant, the satisfaction lies in this: “To take something such as Dunmora, with its wonderful heritage value, maintain that heritage and history and make it valuable for a new family to live in.”

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DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD YOUR HOT WATER TANK IS? The average lifespan of a hot water tank is 5-10 years. Don’t let your family get caught in the cold! Your hot water tank is the source of many good things in life: a relaxing bath, a quick shower, clean laundry or a sink full of hot, soapy water. Call us. Your hot water comfort is guaranteed.

According to grandson Trevor May, Léonie loved spacious, light filled rooms with lots of windows.


Contemporary Residential Designs

neptune road

The Special World of Dunmora By Linda M. Langwith

studio DB3 studioDB3 Daniel Boot

ph. 250 889 2584 www.studioDB3

40 SEASIDE homes | february 2013

When Gerald Henderson May and his wife Léonie stood on the bluff overlooking the Saanich Inlet in the autumn of 1921, they knew this was the place where they would build “Dunmora.” They chose the designer of Christ Church Cathedral, architect John Malcolm Charles Keith, to create their home in the popular English Arts and Craft style, with its emphasis on fine workmanship and the use of locally sourced materials. According to grandson Trevor May, Léonie loved spacious, light filled rooms with lots of windows, and fortuitously a shipment from England of leaded casement windows with decorative wrought iron fasteners became available. The story goes that the home was designed around these windows, still in use at Dunmora today. All the wood in the home

Pacific Paints -3 locations! Keating Xrd, Hillside & Millstream 652-4274, 381-5254 & 391-4770

Sitting in his study by the inglenook fireplace, Gerald kept meticulous daily records of the maintenance and upkeep of the house.

came from the fir trees on the property while the granite, used in the facing, pillars, chimneys, garden walls and walks, was quarried on site. John Keith organized the main floor in a style much like the “great room” favoured today, with double pocket doors between the spacious dining room and the lounge, opening up when the occasion demanded, such as the grand New Year’s Eve party where the guests were entertained by musicians, while the May children, Ian, Moira and Peter, crept down the open well staircase to catch a glimpse of the festivities. Sitting in his study by the inglenook fireplace, Gerald kept meticulous daily records of the maintenance and upkeep of the house, grounds and garden, offering valuable insights into the running of a country estate in that era. Léonie filled the rooms with fresh flowers from the greenhouse and developed her amazing photographs in the darkroom. Vegetables were delivered by the Chinese grocer, Jersey cream and eggs came from the farm across the road. The Chinese staff of cook, houseboy and gardener was, according to Ian, “part of our family and much loved.” Bing could turn his hand to anything in the kitchen, and one Christmas produced an ornate three-tiered cake in the shape of a pagoda. A broad veranda running the length of the main floor and overlooking the sea was the perfect place for the children’s birthday parties. Benches were brought from the wooden floored tennis court, tables set up and laughter and merriment spilled out into the gardens, wading pond, spacious lawn and forest. Days were filled with boating excursions, picnics at Bamberton, swimming, fishing and visits from friends and relatives. As Ian says: “We very much lived in our own little world.” The Dunmora of today still honours that special little world.

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Colonial Countertops

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Appliances Coast Wholesale Appliances

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Electrical Gorge Electrical Services Ltd.

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Heating/Ventilation Ocean Air Refrigeration 250-588-2232

Millwork Swiftsure Woodworkers Ltd.

Interior Design Nygaard Interior Design

Construction Abstract Developments Inc.

Masonry Strongback Stoneworks Ltd.

42 SEASIDE homes | february 2013

Custom Woodwork Hobson Woodworks Glasswork Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd.

Painting The Ultimate Finishing Company 250-590-4559 Tri City Finishing 250-381-1989 Drywall PR Wilson Interiors 250-361-7854 Elevator Angel Accessibility Solutions Structural Engineer Spar Consultants 250-477-7777

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Your Kitchen Your Way

gardening with the right side of the brain Recently, I started a beginner’s improv theatre class. Apart from the guarantee of two solid hours of laughter in my week, it’s exercise for my creativity muscles. Which, since I design landscapes for a living, aren’t exactly out of shape: on the contrary, they sometimes get a little overly tense from by Megan Walker taking it all too seriously. Surely it’s only Landeca right to take seriously the responsibility of investing clients’ hard-earned funds to create beautiful landscapes for them, but if I let myself get too wrapped up in rules, discipline and constraints, my creativity motor starts to cough and sputter. Creativity, that magical spirit, needs freedom to play – to improvise, mess up and then try it again, and it sure helps to keep laughing in the process. Various versions of “do something creative” find their way onto many a self-development goal list. If it’s on yours, have you considered gardening as a medium? For many of us, our own gardens are low-pressure and rewarding environments for playful creativity. An afternoon in the garden can leave us refreshed, energized and with a sense of accomplishment – a creation we can enjoy with our feet up, a bouquet on the table and an artisan tomato in our sandwich. The palette is endlessly broad: full of textures, colours and forms, natural materials and living things. Gardens and landscapes are by their very nature imperfect, mutable, and never completely under control – the ideal arena for experimenting, messing up, and then trying something else. Of course, gardens are also functional places, and some planning and forethought will help set you up for creativity’s happy accidents. This is where the left brain kicks in, with practicalities like budgets, time commitments, spatial needs, zoning bylaws and deer resistance. But great design really happens when the two halves of the brain play in concert. The left brain sets down some nice, sensible goals and parameters as a “canvas,” and the right brain is released to spill ideas, move things around, and pull in random inspiration. How this creative process will work best for you is an experiment in itself. Perhaps you draw up a measured site plan, make some photocopies, and then let loose with a fat sharpie pen to come up with new bed layout ideas. Sketch over some photographs or make a collage. Or, just get out there and improvise. Rip up that deer-munched half-dead shrub you never liked anyway, and plant that cool-purpleleaved-shrub-you-don’t-really-know-the-name-of-but-begged-tocome-home-with-you-from-the-garden-store. Better yet, plant 10 of them! The point is to get moving. Be bold. Try it out. Laugh at your failures. Move them somewhere else. Play again. What better opportunity do we grown-ups get to play in the dirt? For more information visit

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Building a Better Future Dan Boot's Mini Homes Pave the Way.

by Doreen Marion Gee

DAN BOOT'S "outside of the box" mini homes reflect a new paradigm of taking care of each other and the planet

Forget about the confines of time and

space. Dan Boot is taking a huge step into the future. His “outside of the box” mini homes reflect a new paradigm of taking care of each other and the planet. The artist’s unique design concepts are the wave of a sustainable future, housing more people while reducing our footprint on this planet. Dan Boot is an award-winning building designer with over 35 years in the field and his resumé is dizzying. One of his companies, Small Modern Living (SML), specializes in small affordable housing units. Dan puts a high value on social responsibility: “Our mission is to improve the quality of life of everyday British Columbians by building healthy, green and affordable housing.” As president of SML, Dan is confident that high quality, well-designed housing can be built at a reasonable cost. His unique homes put more rental housing stock in a squeezed market and increase access to homes for more people. Welcome to the garden suite! These units are built behind the owner’s house on their lot. The owner benefits with another stream of income and less drain on energy costs. For tenants, the little homes are brand new private affordable housing. They are also a 44 SEASIDE homes | february 2013

practical option for housing aging parents. Dan’s creation is a minimalist marvel:

"Our mission is to improve the quality of life of everyday British Columbians by building healthy, green and affordable housing." economy of space with a luxurious ambience. These mini homes look like beautiful highend condos. Dan and his team offer predesigned "garden suites" and custom-designed contemporary homes; the designs are versatile and can accommodate many options. Innovation marries pragmatism: his units maximize the small space for optimal use. The City of Victoria has approved garden suites in the city, and Dan’s present project is the first in Victoria. He is working with the City and his client to put his 56m2 Studio/ Suite in the Rockland area. The designer is looking forward to many more projects and perhaps future resort communities.

Environmental stewardship is the hallmark of a sustainable future world. Accordingly, Dan wants his buildings to reflect a vision of conservation and preservation of green space. Dan’s philosophy is “to encourage a sensitivity towards our environment outside the building in all its aspects and to promote proper caretaking of the environment for future generations.” Small homes leave small energy and carbon footprints. His homes are designed for maximum energy savings with the smallest amount of building materials. A bright future is also based on a collective social conscience. Dan’s enterprise puts more housing in the same space and a roof over more heads in our community. Since the mini homes cost less to build, the savings are passed on to renters. Energy efficiency produces lower utility bills for people struggling on a budget. Dan Boot sums it up in his blog: "I feel small homes should no longer be synonymous with 'cheap' houses and lack of privilege. Instead, they symbolize a range of culturally coded values: compactness, efficiency, discreteness, minimalism.” Dan Boot is building a better future. Web:

on design 2013 colour trends … who cares? Tangerine Tango, Lemon Sorbet, Emerald … all recent “Colour of the Year” from the big paint companies – guided of course by fashion and design trends. As stylists, we're always asked what the latest trend is for paint and décor. We usually say: Who Cares? Not because we don’t follow (and love) the by Tracey Jones Remarkable ReDesign trending colours, but because trends & Home Staging tend to have a limited shelf life and can Stacey Kaminski date quickly (harvest gold or avocado Styles by Stacey refrigerator anyone?) Home is our sanctuary – a place that should reflect personal taste and style. Having said that, there are a few guidelines we suggest you follow. • Consider the new wall colour as a backdrop for your furniture, art and accessories. Look at what you have (and love) and jump off from that point. Find inspiration in magazines, fashion, favourite vacation spots, your friends' homes (OK, careful on that one). We usually suggest choosing colours that flow from room to room, connecting the spaces. • Look at your flooring … how will it fit in with your new wall colour? Do you have dark mahogany hardwood or light cream

When Roy Tidman poured the footings for the first home he built on Reynolds Road in 1948, he was laying the foundation for a lifetime legacy of building excellence, integrity and customer service: cornerstones of the Tidman Construction business.

carpeting? Obviously neutral flooring gives you wall colour freedom! • Your lighting will change the temperature and intensity of the colour. Keep in mind too that some colours absorb light and some colours reflect light, giving a very different feel. Consider your light source in the room. Is there abundant natural light or is the space dark and you're more dependent on artificial lighting? Keep these general ideas in mind. Narrow your choices down to two to three colours. Always a safe bet – classic neutrals. They create a balance in your large areas and with big furniture pieces (walls, sofas) and will withstand the test of time. Neutral tones need not be boring when you bring in pops of colour in your accessories (here’s where to use trend colour … emerald, orange, blue and purple = beautiful!) We strongly suggest you invest in test pots from your local paint store! Look at your test patches throughout the day and evening and note how the colour will change dramatically from day to night. Ultimately, choose colours that speak to you – the ones that make you feel happy and content in your space. Colour in the form of paint is a fun and inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your home. If you're still at "where do I start?" then call in the experts! It will save you time and money and you won’t be stuck with paint disasters. For more information visit: and

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n e w & n ot e wo rt h y by Linda Hunter vantag e p o i n t

Moving in the Right Direction

been serving the district in various capacities since his arrival in 2005. dining

Swapping the snow for sand, Chris Fudge, the new executive director at the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, has officially taken up residence on Beacon Avenue. He looks forward to “providing Members with new and innovative resources to successfully navigate the current business environment.” Connect with Chris at A new year means a new bank manager for Scotiabank in Sidney. After 39 years in banking (eight of them as the Sidney branch manager), Brian White is now working on his golf game and his swimming stroke. Hailing originally from Halifax, Karen Peel has taken the local helm, having spent time in both Calgary and Victoria during her 34 years with the bank. ( Fitting right into their plans, the District of Central Saanich has a new director of Planning and Building Services. Bruce Greig has a wealth of knowledge in planning and land development as well as landscape architecture and has

Serving up hot SOUP, fresh PIZZA, and a side of TOAST Ever tried turning water into soup? Now you can pick up both in one place, at the Ultimate Water Store on Beacon in Sidney. Alongside their bottled water, Jayne and Graham are now Souped Up, serving a variety of fresh hot soup to go. Check out their daily changing soup menu. (250-655-8922) Wood fired and fresh from the Woodshed; coming to a front door near you, this Sidney newcomer is now offering local home delivery. Visit to find out more. Sidney’s Toast Café has gone loco, I mean local – now serving up Deep Cove farm fresh free range eggs and chicken in their dishes, and offering gluten free menu options daily. (250-665-6234) r e ta i l

Clothes that make the man, and the baby too! Bubba Loo Children's Boutique has given birth to a new idea and is thrilled to announce the arrival

of their new Baby Registry. Parents- and grandparents-to-be are invited to visit the store and start building their wish list; no appointment necessary. The registry is available now and is sure to be a hit with everyone, especially baby. Sidney’s own d.g.bremner & co. has gone Hollywood. The Family Matters TV show host, Justice Harvey Brownstone, will now look even better on screen, sporting clothing from the local menswear and accessories shop. (

Now in its second year, the Peninsula Attractions Connector free shuttle service is expanding its routing in 2013 and will be including more stops as it makes its way throughout the Peninsula to places of interest. Offering connections to and from The Butchart Gardens directly from the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal and Washington State Ferry terminal in Sidney, this FREE hop-on/hop-off service operates daily through July and August. Find out more at



Not gone but sometimes forgotten The Peninsula Visitor Centre, located just off the highway exit on Beacon Avenue, is OPEN for business. Their friendly and very knowledgeable staff are bursting with ideas, maps, resources and information for those summer visitors you just found out about, or the upcoming wedding guests from out of town. The Centre also has an array of resources available to the local business community. Not visiting? Lucky enough to be living here? Find something new to do this weekend; drop by the Centre and find out more. (

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Health Within Has Moved … Within After seven years in downtown Sidney locations, Health Within has moved home. Dr. Jeffrey Robert Jones (TCM) and Mikiala Christie (R.Ac, R.TCM.P.) are now located on their home property in North Saanich, just off McTavish on Cresswell Road. Coming home was the best possible fit for their growing young family and for their acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine clinic that focuses on balance in health and in life. ( News, changes, updates, launches? Email

Being a local and family-owned Funeral Home with no Commissioned Sales Staff, our Statement of Intent is to provide Compassionate and Caring service at a price point that leaves each family favourably impressed with the value they received from CARE Funeral Services.

Funeral Services your memories matter.

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Henley & Walden LLP is pleased to welcome

Shannon Mather to the firm as an Associate Lawyer

Shannon recently joined the team of lawyers at Henley & Walden LLP. She practices in the areas of real estate, wills and estates, family law, civil litigation, corporate and commercial. After completing law school in Edmonton at the University of Alberta, Shannon was happy to return to the Island in 2010 and start practicing law in Victoria.

Her goal in providing legal services is to empower clients with knowledge of their legal rights and obligations. One of Shannon’s favourite aspects about the practice of law is the building of lasting relationships. Shannon enjoys providing clients with a broad range of legal services, including assisting clients to buy or sell a business, or to purchase their dream home. She also enjoys reviewing employment contracts to provide clients with legal advice before signing or after trouble has arisen. Shannon is passionate about the importance of proper estate planning for adults of all ages, and especially passionate about assisting families to establish guardianship and trust provisions for their minor children. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys lawn bowling, playing board games with friends and family, cultivating a herb garden and attending Major League Baseball games. Shannon looks forward to bringing her positive energy to the Peninsula and to serve the clients of Henley & Walden.

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island dish besides adding heat and flavour to almost any dish, the capsaicin in chilies is used in cosmetics to make your lips look bigger

Hot To Trot

Pucker up people, it's Valentine’s Day and "that certain someone" is waiting for that perfect smooch! Lips not big enough you say? No problem! Capsaicin to the rescue! by Jennifer Bowles That’s right: this month my article is on hot chilies. Besides adding heat and flavour to almost any dish, the compound that brings the heat, capsaicin, is used in cosmetics to make your lips tingle and swell so they look bigger; a whole lot cheaper than a lip job! Chilies are often revered not only for their punchiness and well-loved heat in a dish, but surprisingly also as an aid to our digestive systems. They provide relief from cold symptoms, scratchy throats and your circulatory system, especially for cold hands and feet. Most people are familiar with common post-party remedy the Sunday morning Caesar, seriously doused with Tabasco and garnished with spicy beans – the capsaicin is a well-known day after remedy. You can also make a chili tincture if you desire by drying out a hot pepper, grinding it into a powder and adding a teaspoon to your morning juice regime to increase metabolism and give your digestive system a kick. Now here’s the disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but the beneficial effects of a spicy pepper have been known in many cultures for centuries. So let’s get back to the true beauty of a chili … its taste! Personally, I absolutely love spicy food. It’s not for everyone, but as there are so many enticing varieties of these babies, you can pick and choose your "heat level" easily by using the "Scoville Organoleptic Test." This test was executed by blending pure ground chili peppers with a sugarwater solution. A panel of testers sipped the solutions in increasingly diluted concentrations, until they reached the point that the liquid no longer burned their mouths. A number was then assigned to each chili pepper based on how much it needed to be diluted before they could no longer detect the heat, and it was measured in multiples of 100 units. Our beautiful little green bell pepper, common on pizza, scores a true zero in Scoville units. Pure Capsaicin, our gentle little lip

plumper, comes in at a whopping 15,000,000 units! In the real world jalapeños score a relatively cool 2,500 to 9,000 units, Tabasco hits the 30,000 mark, and you’d be best to avoid any legal predicaments as police grade pepper spray says "I immediately regret this decision" with a respectable 5.3 million units! Around our home we have a Friday night tradition. Seeing as Friday is the "wrap-up" day of the week, and things can generally be a little crazy heading into the weekend, we prepare a little dish called "crazy peppers." It’s a nice warming appetizer made with the not-toohot poblano pepper. Essentially they’re roasted, peeled, seeded and cut into strips, then the strips are rolled up with a mild but flavourful goat cheese filling. Here’s the recipe! 4 large poblano peppers ½ cup soft goat cheese (chèvre) dash each of onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper canola oil Preheat oven to 400° F. Toss the peppers in oil and place them on a baking sheet. Roast in the hot oven for 15-20 minutes until the skin blisters and blackens. Place the hot roasted peppers in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap; let them steam for 10 minutes to separate the skins. Once cooled, carefully peel and seed the peppers, being careful not to damage the flesh of the pepper. Cut the peppers lengthwise into ¾-inch wide strips. Mix the goat cheese with the seasonings and allow them to come to room temperature. Spoon a dollop of the cheese mixture onto each of the pepper strips and roll up into a bite size appetizer. Enjoy! Wine pairing courtesy of Dave Gartley, Gartley Station Fermentations. The goat cheese is the predominant taste in the appetizer and is characteristically acidic. Acidic foods love acidic wines, so pick something tangy and fresh to complement the acidic in the cheese. For a white wine I would suggest a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, unoaked chardonnay, pinot blanc or pinot gris. The carbonation in sparkling wines naturally raises the wine’s acidity through the formation of carbonic acid and a vinho verde could be a classic match. In the red category you also want good acidity but you can pair to the herbaceous component of the peppers. Pick a cabernet franc, a North American pinot noir or any red wine that you know pairs well with acidic, tomato-based dishes.

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Gartley Station - Expert Wine Crafting. Open Tues - Fri 10 - 6, Saturdays 10 - 4 #108 - 1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. Saanichton 250.652.6939 SEASIDE | FEBRUARY 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 49

Luigi and Valeria Cisotto are customer service connoisseurs. Along with fresh fine food, "Latch" patrons enjoy extra-special treatment. Not only do the owners shower diners

with warm attention, they up the ante with treats, surprises and added golden touches to increase the "wow" factor. Luigi and Valeria go beyond the call of duty to buy and prepare the highest

The Latch:

Touches of Gold & Magic by Doreen Marion Gee

The Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

Discover a British Columbia Heritage Home

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quality food. It is no surprise that most of their customers have stayed with them for seven years. Visiting The Latch Restaurant Inn & Restaurant is like stepping into a beautiful fairy tale, a "Peter Pan" world of trees, brooks and sunsets with an old log house hidden away in an enchanted forest. It is always a joy to sit down with the affable and charming owners, Luigi and Valeria. They want to give their patrons the ultimate dining experience. For them, preparing fine cuisine is not a job: it is their life. They are the hosts, the cooks and the waiters. The Cisottos go the extra mile to offer 50 SEASIDE | FEBRUARY 2013

Help Us Celebrate Our 15th Anniversary!


Two-Course Meal and complimentary Crème brûlée just

$17.95 +hst

Sun - Thurs 8-8; Fri & Sat 8-9

250-655-0122 • 9681 Willingdon Rd, Sidney

the "best of the best." Twice a week, Luigi goes out to buy good local products, where he can see the freshness. Luigi buys his veal from Thrifty Foods, which is known for quality meat. He goes to a butcher shop in Duncan to purchase the pork for his special homemade salami. "It is a little more expensive but it is worth it. It is fantastic." The proud owners are interested in offering high quality fare without cutting corners. As for their work ethic, the couple are "always on duty." Their hearts are invested in The Latch.

The Only Thing We Overlook … Is The View!

special item. (I had it. It is to die for.) Valeria reveals their top secret: "Customers always get something special at the end of their dinner, regardless of how much they paid!" Luigi and Valeria talk excitedly about giving their customers little extra treats to add a dash of pizazz to their meals. Luigi tells a story about giving four customers a very special surprise one night: Strawberry Romanoff! Despite my desperate pleas for details, Luigi would not divulge his secret dessert ingredients. A non-menu item, Luigi whipped it up in the kitchen as a special surprise. The

More Than Just The Peninsula’s Freshest Coffee !

After 23 years in business, The Rumrunner has only improved upon the delicious, fresh menu served daily. Don’t Forget Valentine’s Day! Think of us when planning a Special Night for Your Special Someone

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Saanichton: corner of Mt. Newton X Rd & Wallace Dr

Cisottos go to great lengths to make their patrons feel like royalty. A homemade chocolate truffle, made with the very best Belgian chocolate, adds a little magic at the end of a meal. Why do you think that people keep coming back, I ask my hosts. "Because they love the special attention," beams Luigi. "They feel like they are at home here. We do all those special things here that customers usually find at home," Valeria adds. Patrons are treated like part of the family, with warm chit-chat and a hug, kiss and "Thank

Breakfast & Lunch 7 days a week Dinner Thursday to Sunday 5-9

2320 Harbour Road, Sidney 778.351.3663

you for coming (back)" when they leave. Luigi and Valeria are the consummate hosts: "We care from A to Z, from the time you walk in to when you leave." The Cisottos wish to sincerely thank all of their loyal customers during the last seven years! When you enter "Never Never Land" at The Latch, indulge yourself in the golden service, elegant oceanside ambience, delectable food and extra treats while Tinker Bell sprinkles magic dust on your evening. Contact: and SEASIDE | FEBRUARY 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 51

p e n i n s u l a r e s ta u r a n t p r o f i l e

Food preparation is a fine art in the Cisotto family. They are from the "old school," where cooking delicious food is still a long-held tradition, a badge of honour. Tender pasta is made in-house, along with savory Italian sauces, sinful Caesar dressings, succulent herb breads, Luigi’s world-class salami and dazzling desserts. Luigi and Valeria take extra care to make sure everything is fresh, pure and made with their own loving hands. To tempt their patrons, Luigi and Valeria are flirting with international fare. Valeria’s new friend from Thailand, Noo, taught her how to make Thai Mushroom Soup – a new

Brand New Dental Hygiene Clinic in Brentwood Bay

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You and your friends are invited to enjoy an afternoon drizzling with decadent chocolate delights.


Polish and fluoride

Indulge in an array of homemade chocolate sensations baked specially by our Chef de Cuisine.


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sIdNey characTer If you like heritage houses, you will love this one! Oozing charm, this one level 1,698 square foot home built in 1920 has upgraded wiring & plumbing. Spacious country kitchen with family room. Large front porch. Close to the sea.

Offered at $579,000

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RE/MAX Camosun

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For details on other events happing in our community, visit TUESDAY EVENINGS Saanich Peninsula Toastmasters Meeting

Vancouver Island Regional Library Sidney, 7:30 pm 250.544.1819

Toastmasters has a specific structure that provides a safe forum for speaking while giving encouragement and support. It is a program designed to broaden our abilities and comfort in public speaking. If you are looking for an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding experience please come out to one of our meetings.

until march 31

8th Annual LEGO Exhibit Sidney Museum 2423 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 10 am - 4 pm daily

Hundreds of sets, thousands of blocks and fun activies for the family await! Visitors come from all over B.C. to see this exhibit – it really is worth a visit! Admission is by donation. Pick up your map for the townwide LEGO treasure hunt! February 6 - 7

Canadian Blood Services Blood Donor Clinic Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney Feb. 6th 11 am - 6 pm Feb. 7th 12 - 7 pm 250.656.0275

Blood. It's in you to give. february 9

Moss Landscapes of Vancouver Island (Guided Adult Walk) 18+ Francis/King Regional Park (Saanich) 1 - 2:30 pm 250.478.3344

Join guest CRD Regional Parks’ naturalist Kem Luther to discover the strange lives of mosses. Learn how to identify the most common species. $7/person + HST. Pre– registration required before February 8th. Space is limited. FEBRuary 10

Starlight Pops Choir presents "Swing Fever" Alix Goolden Hall 907 Pandora Avenue, Victoria 3 to 5 p.m. 250-386-6121,

The Starlight Pops Choir, directed by

Due Doman and with the Swing Dance Association of Victoria will perform at this concert benefitting the BC Cancer Foundation. Tickets $25. February 11

Companions of the Quaich "Women of High Spirits" Dinner and Whiskey Tasting Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, 7 pm 250.658.1109

Women make up 20% of U.K. whisky consumers (May 2012), and why not? Some of the best whisky makers and blenders are women. This evening will feature whiskies we all love and enjoy thanks to the expertise of women who have entered the boys’ domain. Three-course dinner, four whisky tastings: members $60, guests $70, dinner only (designated drivers) $50. February 11

108 - 1931 Mt. Newton X Road, Saanichton 9:30 am - 3:30 pm 250.652.6939

Drop in and check out Gartley Station – expert wine crafting. Appetizers, refreshments, prize draws and more! FEBRuary 21 Stories at Fern

1831 Fern Street, Victoria Doors open at 7:15 pm Stories start at 7:30 pm 250.477.7044

The Victoria Storytellers Guild welcomes you to hear and tell stories. Admission $5 adults, $3 students (includes tea and goodies). february 23, March 2, 9, 16 The Backyard Orchard

Horticulture Centre of the Pacific 505 Quayle Road, Victoria 9 am - 12 pm 250.479.6162

Brought to you by the Sidney Merchants' Co-Op. Watch as Robin Sather, Canada’s only LEGO Pro, builds a life-size LEGO figure. Great contests and prizes!

This four-session course is for those serious about cultivating fruit and nuts in an urban space. Ryan Senechal will cover: selection of cultivars, planting, staking and training, soil, nutrients and watering, pruning, plant health and cultural controls, grafting and propagation. This is a hands-on practicum course so dress to be outside. HCP members $140; non-members $196.

february 14

february 24

Sidney Family Day LEGO Event Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney 10 am - 4 pm

Peninsula Newcomers Luncheon

Just moved to the Saanich Peninsula? Why not join our club to make new friends and get to know the community! We meet for lunch on the second Thursday of every month in Sidney, with an invited speaker on diverse topics. Share in a variety of interests and activities organized and run by our members. For more information, please visit our website. February 16

Deep Cove Folk Music Society presents Roy Forbes Mary Winspear Centre Sidney 8 pm 250.656.0275

After 40 years, Roy Forbes remains one of Canada’s favourite and best-loved acoustic artists. Tickets $25 + hst. february 16

Gartley Station Open House

Family Orienteering (Drop-in Event) All ages Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park (Saanich) 11 am - 2 pm 250.478.3344

CRD Regional Parks’ naturalists will have maps and compasses on hand, and a beginner level orienteering course set up at Beaver Lake. Get active today! Meet at the information kiosk in the Beaver Lake parking lot. february 27

6th Annual Anti-Bullying Day (a.k.a. "Pink Shirt Day") Boys & Girls Clubs across Vancouver Island,

Join the sea of pink by wearing a pink shirt and showing you will not tolerate bullying behaviour. This event raises awareness about the negative effects of bullying in schools, youth groups and workplaces. Fresh Cup Roastery Café (1931 Mt. Newton X Rd., Saanichton) will be donating 50¢ to the Brentwood Bay Boys & Girls Club for every cup of coffee sold.


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6:27:00 PM



Sidney Art Store

Beautiful waterfront location on the Saanich Peninsula Pet and child friendly • Daily, weekly and monthly rates Friend us on Facebook ask about our Park & fly oPtion!

Daylight Lamps C


to The Cedarwood

for artwork, needlework, crafts,







hobbies and more at your Sidney Art Store

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The Cedarwood Inn and Suites – Your Home Away from Home 9522 Lochside Drive, Sidney, British Columbia 250-656-5551 • 877-656-5551 •

Awarded best of show at the Canadian Printing Awards, our company is committed to excellence, investing in the most advanced technology and talented people in the industry. For outstanding print and an exceptional customer service experience that will help to power your business forward, call us right here on the Island at 250-516-3300.

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last word Now, the annual Pink Shirt Day raises awareness about the negative I ran home from the school playground, effects of bullying in schools, youth groups and workplaces. Through crying, looking to my mom for comfort. various fundraising activities, donations are made to the Boys & Girls "Steven Jubb threw a rock at me while I was Club. In Saanichton at Fresh Cup Roastery Café (1931 Mt. Newton X on the swing and chipped my tooth!" I sobbed. Rd.) .50¢ from each cup of coffee sold on Pink Shirt Day will be donated In the blink of an eye, my mom and dad to the Brentwood Bay Boys & Girls Club, so be sure to stop by! loaded us into the car and headed over to the To find out how you, your school or place of business can take part Jubb house. Not necessary, I protested: I'd in Pink Shirt Day, please visit forgive Steven and that would be that. But it wasn't; this was a small community, and everyone knew each other. Young Steven's folks needed to know the truth about their son's Editor terrible behaviour, and only then would that be that. I don't remember what I was thinking – whether I was happy Steven would get in trouble, whether I felt a little bit of apprehension, The Peninsula Emergency whether I felt just the slightest bit guilty for "tattling." What I do remember is Steven Jubb, after my father had revealed Measures Organization the reason for our impromptu visit, protesting: "I did throw a rock at Serving the Districts of Central Saanich, Allison, but it was because she was calling me 'Chubby Jubby.' " North Saanich and the Town of Sidney – to be available during times of disaster and major emergency Ah … THAT was that. Apologies to Mr. and Mrs. Jubb for Become a part of your Community: disturbing them, a short ride back home and I was grounded for being, well … a bully. I was generally a pretty nice little girl, VOLUNTEER but calling someone names is not nice behaviour. Search & Rescue • Emergency Support Services I was reminded of this incident last night, when a good friend Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program • Communications reminded me to include February 27th, Pink Shirt Day, in our What's Training to be provided Happening section. I knew about the event, but not its origins. For more information please visit From a Globe & Mail article: "David Shepherd, Travis Price and their or call a Municipal Coordinator at one of the following numbers: Spa • protest Seaside Febin2013 Ad • Size: 7.75” (w)Saanich: x 4.925” (h) • Final File • Jan 15/13 • Sidney: 250-656-2121 teenage friends organized Haven a high school to Times wear pink sympathy Central 250-544-4238 • North Saanich: 250-656-1931 with a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied [for wearing a pink shirt]."

Allison Smith,

Rejuvenate yourself AGAIN ...with our Ultimate 2 hour facial. This treatment includes foot soak, back, neck and shoulder massage, brow shape, 2 treatment masques and 2 facial massages to promote healthy and radiant skin. Go on, you deserve it... only $125! Add a shampoo & blowdry to facial $30. To book your appointment call 250-655-9797 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, British Columbia

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