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Miracle Mulch

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46 SEASIDE homes | JANUARY 2015

11/8/13 8:53 AM

Winter is here, but don't

worry, before we know it the sun will shine once again. Winter allows an opportunity to improve tree health and to prepare growing conditions for the not too distant bud-swelling spring weather. When admiring a tree we tend to look upwards when in fact the most vital organ is located below our feet. Healthy roots are important for tree health and structural support. Often forgotten and overlooked a healthy root system is critical to having a healthy specimen tree. During the fall season armies of rakes, brooms, blowers, and lawnmowers track and chase down every last leaf from our lawns and gardens beds. Irritating to most but much needed for our beloved trees. When we clean up our yards we are taking this organic material from our yards disrupting the cycle that naturally occurs within our forests. This leaf litter would normally fall down onto the root systems, decompose and replenish the soil with nitrogen, micro nutrients and organic material: all essential to healthy roots. Composting these leaves and creating your own mulch can be too much for many people to take on, sourcing out local companies that produce high quality composted mulch is a great alternative. Preferably, composted organic material, will complete the cycle those leaf chasing armies like to disrupt. Mulching trees and garden beds encourages natural microbes within the soil to assist with compaction issues, it will also moderate soil temperature and moisture levels during the dry summer months, all beneficial to healthy root systems. When applying do not over-mulch by placing mulch directly against the trunk of the tree, try to keep the root flare of the tree somewhat exposed. If no root flare is visible you may need to expose it as your tree may be buried. Buried root flares can occur when the grade has increased or if the lawn has grown up to the trunk. A simple way to identify a buried root flare is the similar appearance they have with telephone poles, in the ground with a trunk with no taper. This will cause health problems unless addressed. Buried root collars with soil up against the trunk can cause unwanted wood decay pathogens to enter through the bark, atmospheric exchanges of vital oxygen can also be disrupted and in some cases suffocate and rot the root system. Replacing the lawn with mulch as little as one metre away will improve the health of most trees. Some extreme cases will prove that mulching isn't enough; this is common when the tree has been planted in poor soil. Completing a soil analysis will allow us to assess nutrient and soil pH levels. Based on soil analysis results, fertilizing and adjusting the soil pH should be completed along with mulching. In general please remember that healthy trees are the result of healthy roots, consider how a tree grows within a forest and mimic those conditions: your trees will feel right at home. For more information regarding tree health concerns consider contacting a Certified ISA Arborist to provide a tree assessment for your property.

Seaside Magazine January 2015 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...

Seaside Magazine January 2015 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...