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ADVANTAGE Publication of the Southwest Car Wash Association

Third Quarter 2022


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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE RYAN DARBY, SCWA PRESIDE­­NT As I write this President’s Message we have just

concluded the SCWA Boise Car Wash Tour. It was a great time! Be sure to check out the pictures of the tour in this edition of the ADVANTAGE. SCWA is very thankful to the car wash owners who opened their locations for us to visit and also to all the great companies who sponsored the event. The SCWA Tour certainly brought out the best in the car wash industry in many ways. As I was watching all the great operators and vendors networking together during the tour – I began to think about what truly makes a person “successful”. Many people confuse high achievement with wealth: they assume that a person’s triumph can be determined by the cost of a watch, a car, a house, or a good business. But what I saw in Boise and remembering many other SCWA events I have realized true success is much more and maybe is not defined in just one way. Success has many faces.

These are the real reasons I am proud to be a part of SCWA. During our tour I saw many people enjoying being together; smiling; sharing; excited about being a part of the great car wash industry and ready to take back great ideas to their operations; bottom line happy about the experience of learning together. I think success should be synonymous with a person’s character rather than affluence. It’s when you find satisfaction and are excited with what you’re doing; when you don’t dread facing each new day that you are truly successful. When you see that you make a difference in other people’s lives or a business; when you feel true gratitude, not only from others, but from your inner-self; when you walk with the self-assured attitude, that’s when you are a real winner. I believe this is true in organizations also. High performance associations are not defined just by the number of members or the amount of dollars in the bank. While this is important, I think truly successful organizations and associations are defined by the relevance of the programs; the excitement of the events; the happiness everyone shares in being together; the relationships and life - long relationships built. This is when you know “that association has exceeded it’s mission and purpose”. This is what I see each time I am at an SCWA event.

all our efforts. Speaking about SCWA events – the SCWA Wade Welch Memorial Golf Classic is right around the corner, October 12. Be sure to register and join us in San Antonio at the very popular J.W. Marriott. It will be a great time to be with friends and enjoy the great TPC professional golf course. Of course the FIRST BIG Car Wash EXPO in 2023 is hosted by SCWA, February 22-24, 2023 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. The EXPO floor will be the largest ever for SCWA and include all the top car wash, lube and detail companies. Attendee Registration will open soon – so mark your calendars and join us. The room blocks for the SCWA Convention hotels are open on our website. So be sure to reserve the rooms of your choice today. Speaking of success - The theme of the 2023 SCWA Convention & EXPO is very appropriate - “Game On” – Winning Together!

Boise Tour Sponsors Diamond

Amplify Car Wash Advisors Lunch

Suds Creative Bus

Qual Chem LEAD - Manager Training Reception

Assured Partners National Carwash Solutions Sonny’s the Car Wash Factory Turtle Wax

These are the real reasons I am proud to be a part of SCWA and enjoy the relationship I have built and see the results of ADVANTAGE 3



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IONA KEARNEY NAMED 2022 PROFESSIONAL CARWASHING MVP MEMBER HIGHLIGHT Periodically SCWA members are featured in national publications. SCWA is proud to highlight Iona Kearney who has recently been selected by Professional Car Washing & Detailing magazine as the 2022 Most Valuable Car Washer. Congratulations to Iona for this very distinguished and well deserved recognition.

While the Professional Carwashing & Detailing (PC&D) team received many glowing submissions about obviously valuable carwashers in our vast field, there was one nomination that stood out from the rest for doing exactly what is described above.

year to choose the Most Valuable Carwasher (MVC) by sifting through the numerous thoughtful and inspiring nominations for the award, there are a couple key characteristics that stick out from one nomination to another. First and foremost, the MVC typically is a frontline worker. One of the workers getting his or her hands dirty every day, and/or the worker who has unparalleled customer service skills.

Iona Kearney, the operations manager with Speedy Sparkle Car Wash based in Loveland, Colorado, is the 2022 Most Valuable Carwasher — an honor that will come as no surprise to her team. Iona’s nominations (in fact, she was nominated twice by different admirers) submitted by various members of her Speedy Sparkle family, were a glowing admiration of her work ethic, employee and customer relationship skills and, most of all, dedication to and love for carwashing.

When the editors of this publication set out every

Beyond the nature of the position within the carwash, the MVC is someone who has made a positive impact on the business, community and teammates. Finally, the MVC is a member of the carwashing community who, through years of dedication, is an experienced washer with a proven track record.

Without further ado, let’s meet Iona Kearney. Wunderkind Kearney began her carwashing journey at the age of 14 at the same business she works at today, Speedy Sparkle



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Car Wash. As a cashier, interior cleaner and any other job management tasked her with, Kearney says she loved her high school years carwashing, even describing it as more of a hobby than a job. While many 14-year-olds make extra cash by completing odd jobs like babysitting, mowing lawns and cleaning pools, Kearney knew her first job was going to be in carwashing — it was in her blood. Her father had actually acquired and operated a carwash when she was a child, so she was familiar with the industry and knew it would be a great environment to work in on the weekends.

a priority to know each and every employee by name and takes the time to get to know them. She also involves employees — from the cashiers to supervisors and every position in between — in the interviewing and training processes for new hires.

Even when Kearney moved on to college and learned about other career opportunities, she still felt called back to the carwash industry. She returned to Speedy Sparkle quickly after her college years. “I originally came back to the industry because I missed the customer interaction,” she reflects. However, the customers aren’t the only people Kearney missed during the short period of time she wasn’t working at Speedy Sparkle. She explains, “I have stayed in the industry and chosen to make it my career because of the employees.”

While these are just a few examples of how Kearney leads her team with compassion and care, the numbers truly speak for themselves. Specifically, the turnover rate at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is impressively low, which Rutledge attributes to the company culture created by Kearney. According to the assistant manager, throughout the COVID-19 related staffing issues, which is notoriously being referred to as “The Great Resignation,” Speedy Sparkle saw its lowest turnover rate ever.

These small management choices make the Speedy Sparkle employees feel seen, valued and empowered. Kearney expands, “Every day, at least one staff member will come up to me with a new idea they want to try and I just love it because that tells me they care about their job and are engaged in finding ways to improve.”

In fact, Rutledge revealed that the company sees roughly only one employee leave every eight months. This turnover rate of approximately 12.5% contrasts national averages dramatically. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the private sector as a whole saw an average turnover rate of 36.6% in 2021 and the hospitality industry saw an average of 66.8%.

Putting employees first When speaking to Iona to gain insights about her role at Speedy Sparkle and what exactly makes her MVC material, it was obvious that the care she has for her employees makes her an extraordinary teammate, boss and mentor. Barely a sentence goes by without Iona mentioning her fellow employees and teammates, and it is obviously a very important part of the job for her. According to Sean Rutledge, assistant manager of Speedy Sparkle Car Wash and one of Iona’s MVC nominators, “She wants to make everyone the best version of themselves.” Kearney strives to achieve this desire in many different ways. On the macro level, employees at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash feel valued by management, and Kearney in particular, by participating in team building activities, like making dog toys out of old uniforms to donate to their local animal shelters, or by holding all staff dinners for every manager’s birthday. A company’s culture, however, is often made up of the micro details that are seen day in and day out on the frontlines of the business. Iona has established a phenomenal culture at Speedy Sparkle, according to her team, by focusing on the employees and their role within the business every day. As the operations manager with Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, Kearney splits her time between both the Loveland and Louisville, Colorado, carwash locations, and interacts with the many employees at both locations every day. While her role primarily focuses on providing guidance and support for each location’s general managers, Kearney makes it

Of course, many factors go into employee turnover, such as pay, benefits and the nature of the work, but it is indisputable that Kearney has impacted this employee retention feat. One Speedy Sparkle Car Wash employee, Josh, shared with us, “Iona is a boss that goes beyond her duties of just being a boss. She truly cares for you and your happiness, she makes work stress free and easy, and is always accommodating to our requests. I moved from New York three years ago hoping to get into another industry, but I have found myself moving up in this company instead because she has created such a great work environment.” Day to day In recent years, Kearney has served in two critical positions at Speedy Sparkle: general manager (GM) and operations manager. As the GM at the Louisville, Colorado, location, Kearney had a myriad of responsibilities. From training employees, which if it isn’t obvious yet is one of her favorite aspects of the position, membership sales and actually working on the vehicles. Of all her GM responsibilities, the most impressive may be her ability to actually repair equipment. Kearney’s willingness to jump in and fix malfunctioning parts of the tunnel is a perfect example of ADVANTAGE 7

getting her hands dirty, and it’s proven beneficial to the company. Rutledge reported, “Since she became GM, she helped us cut our equipment repair costs in half while only increasing maintenance costs by a couple hundred dollars per year.” Recently, Kearney has transitioned to her current position as operations manager. In this role, she no longer works solely at the Louisville location, but splits her time evenly between both Speedy Sparkle locations. After creating an esteemed culture with her Louisville team as operations manager, Kearney offers support to the current GMs to build great work environments for the teams at each location. She achieves this by guiding the managers with any employee, customer or site issues they may be having. Kearney reports that her position has changed over the years, but she still enjoys the task of washing cars. “I still try hard to have my head in at least one car a day, because that’s the core of what we do,” she says. Accolades The PC&D team is honored to award Kearney with the 32nd annual Most Valuable Carwasher recognition, but we are far from the first organization to see her invaluable contributions to the carwashing industry. Besides tributes from Speedy Sparkle teammates that can be seen on the sidebar on page 25, Kearney also was awarded the 2022 Emerging Leaders Scholarship from International Carwash

Association. This scholarship recognizes up-and-coming leaders in carwashing under the age of 45. Additionally, as a key member of the Colorado carwashing community, Kearney is involved with the Southwest Car Wash Association (SCWA). Not only does Iona regularly attend the SCWA Convention & EXPO, she also led two “EXPO Quick Talk” sessions. Kearney discussed how women leaders are changing the carwash landscape in one presentation and employee evaluations in another. Kearney also spoke on employee evaluations at the 2022 Women in Carwash conference. From her years of dedication to the industry, carefully executed company culture and readiness to step up to whatever task — no matter how wet, dirty or unpleasant it may be — and industry recognition, it is obvious to us at PC&D why Kearney is so admired by her team. Kearney has a bright future in carwashing ahead of her and we will be cheering her on from the sidelines, along with all her employees, past, present and future. She concludes, “This doesn’t feel like a job to me; this is just my life, and I am so incredibly happy and fulfilled in this industry and in this role.” Congratulations to our 2022 Most Valuable Carwasher, Iona Kearney. - Camille Renner, associate editor of Professional Carwashing & Detailing.





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SCWA is continuing to identify resources that will help members and the greater car wash community rebound stronger than ever. We believe there are opportunities to be found even in times like now. This effort will lead into the 2021 Convention & EXPO and beyond. SCWA is developing plans to expand many of these efforts in a broader and expanded role over the next several years. TheDSCWA website provides and links as o you ever find yourself sittingresources in bed trying to fall we allasleep continue to tonavigate thisyour unprecedented time – and start worry about employees, chemical spills, or cyber security? Okay, maybe it’s just me since I live in the world of risk and insurance. We are often asked Here are just a few of the actions SCWA undertook: questions like:



• Worked with Texas Governor Abbott to have car • What if one of our employees files a lawsuit against me washing as “essential businesses” in Texas. for anconfirmed economic injury?

• Worked with SCWA members in many other states, • What if injuries/damages are caused by pollutants

suchreleased as: Colorado, from my carNew wash?Mexico, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland and Ohio; by providing information as to the • Whatbusiness if there is anature data breach my location? essential of caratwashing.

Well, here is amany little bitcity about howcounty to deal with each one • Worked with and officials to give

those situations and how you can utilize risk transfer carofwashes the option to open as essential businesses (Insurance) to help you feel a little more comfortable and in fall local communities asleep a little faster. such as Dallas; Fort Worth; Greenville; Houston; Albuquerque. Pollution Liability Insurance According to President Jeff Blansit, “I have been very proudPollution of the role SCWA has played incoverage trying to Liability Insurance provides forkeep third the partycommunity property damage and bodily in addition to car wash working as aninjury “essential business”. cleanup costs and legal defense costs if pollutants are We stand ready to continue our efforts on behalf of our produced or exacerbated from your car wash. Certain members and the car wash community”.



Periodically SCWA members are featured in national publication Recently SCWA member The Wash Tub’s employee was highlight INSURANCE in Professional Carwashing & Detailing.

30 and Under Rising Stars: Austin Mitchan

types of chemicals, waxes, and detergents involved in car wash water could escape the premises if notto property We are proud recognize today's rising young star disposed of, potentially player, Austin Mitchan. contaminating nearby water Austinsoils, Mitchan works as a manager for The Wash Tub i sources, other businesses San Antonio. According and neighboring residential to his nominator, Area Director areas. operators of selfMikeEven Mireles, Mitchan is making an impact at a young ag service locations could be at Thank you, Austin, for making our industry better. risk if they don’t take proper Name: Austin Mitchan steps, such as posting signs or Age: cameras 24 having and motion detection onsite, to mitigate Title: Manager customers dumping unwanted waste or hazardous material Workplace: The Wash Tub, S.E. Military location, San Anton into their drains.

Impact: Austin Mitchan has been with The Wash Tub f almost twoPractices years and has Insurance greatly impacted the busine Employment Liability in that short amount of time. Mitchan is from the Sa Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) Antonio community and costs graduated from Highlands Hig provides coverage for defense and damages for School. Following high school, he was accepted to th various employment related claims, such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination. Even University, small Mays Schooland of Business at Texas A&M whe family-owned car washes are vulnerable to employment he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in business.


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practice claims given the nature of work. A business with just one employee can still be liable under employment laws. EPLI is one of the most important coverages that car wash owners need and is often overlooked or presumed to be automatically covered elsewhere. Cyber Liability Insurance Cyber Liability covers the business’ liability for any data breaches where a customers’ personal information is stolen or exposed by computer hackers and criminals. Customer credit card and vehicle information would fall into this category. Most car washes are dependent on computers to run their daily operations and are at risk for this situation. Even self-serve, automatic, and unmanned tunnel washes are susceptible if they use a credit card machine.

If you have already purchased EPLI, Pollution, or Cyber Insurance, or believe it is included in your Businessowners Policy, please check the limits! They could be insufficient for your needs. The cost for higher coverage limits and/ or a separate policy is typically inexpensive depending on your exact situation. Also, not all policy forms are created equal. Talk to your agent and find out if your current limits meet your needs or if the policy form matches up to your concerns. Should you ever need to file a claim, you will be glad you did. -Michael McCann, Commercial Risk Advisor for AssuredPartners Car Wash Division ADVANTAGE 13


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rom, from,when whenit itshould shouldarrive arriveand andwhat whattotododoif ifit itdoesn't doesn't arrive. arrive.Example: Example:If Ifyou youhave havea arental rentalproperty, property,your your enants tenantsororproperty propertymanagement managementcompany companymight mightsend send you you paper paper checks checks each each month. month. Recurring Recurring payments payments —— including including mortgage/rent, mortgage/rent, utilities, utilities,taxes taxes(estimated (estimatedincome incometaxes taxesand andproperty property axes), taxes), insurance insurance premiums… premiums… payments payments made made toto personal personal ororhousehold householdassistance assistanceproviders… providers…and andother otherbills billsthat that recur recur onon a regular a regular basis. basis. Search Search your your checking checking account account and and credit credit card card transactions transactions histories histories toto make make sure sure you you haven't haven't E mployers have an affirmative duty to maintain a missed missed any any ofof these. these. For For each each listing, listing, provide provide your your account account harassment-free workplace, which includes taking prompt number, number, password/PIN password/PIN and and the the company's company's contact contact phone phone and effective remedial action once becoming aware of such number number oror website website asas well well asas afailbrief a to brief of when when misconduct. Employers who dodescription sodescription in a timelyof manner and andhow howit itisthe ispaid. paid.Indicate Indicate where whereyou youwire wire a acheck checkoror increase chance of discrimination claims or lawsuits have have set set upup automatic automatic payments from from anan account. account. brought against the payments organization. Any Any payments payments made made annually annually oror semiannually semiannually deserve deserve If an employee does not report the harassment to a Manager special special attention attention —— the the less less often often a recurring a recurring bill bill is is paid, paid, the the or Human Resources, does this remove the employer’s greater greater the the odds odds that that your your financial financial agent agent will will overlook overlook it it liability? when when reviewing reviewing your your finances. finances. The The is is common common with with longlongJust because an employee who is being harassed does not erm-care term-careinsurance, insurance,home/auto home/autoinsurance insuranceand andproperty property make a formal complaint, it does not mean that harassment is axes. taxes.Highlight Highlightthe thedates datesthese theseare aredue, due,and andadd adda a not occurring. Under federal employment laws, an employer warning warning that that this this date date is is important. important. Example: Example: A A woman woman can be held liable if they knew the harassment was occurring was wasinor inaifarehab rehab facility facility whenher herlong-term-care long-term-care policy's policy's they should havewhen known about the workplace harassment bill billarrived. arrived. The The deadline passed passed before before she sheororher herloved loved and failed to deadline act. Potential damages for employers include but are not limited to was lawsuits, agency claims, fines,fused increased ones onesrealized realized anything anything wasamiss. amiss. The The insurer insurer fusedtoto turnover, decreased reinstate reinstate the the policy. policy. productivity, and poor publicity,

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Confirm Confirm that that your your financial financial guide guide is is understood understood and an ultimately affecting the organization’s bottom line. Thus, properly properly stored. stored. When When you you hand hand your your guide guide to to your yo employers who suspect harassment is occurring, should investigate swiftly address thetoread issue. financial financialand agent, agent, ask ask him himto readit itininyour yourpresence presenceso

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Hear Something, See Something, Say Something. When harassment occurs at work, it is not uncommon for the harassed employee to confide in their co-workers before bringing a complaint forward. In addition, an employee who witnesses the offensive conduct may hold off on reporting if they are uncertain in whether the behavior constitutes harassment. These types of issues can create a substantial delay in reporting. However, employers who find out about the harassment early on are in a better position to correct it. This can help minimize an employer’s risk of liability in potential discrimination claims and future lawsuits. To overcome reporting obstacles, employers should create a well-defined reporting policy and foster a workplace culture that encourages employees of all levels to say something if they hear or see something. Having an open-door policy in reporting and emphasizing that all reports of harassment are handled in a confidential manner will help employees feel more comfortable in bringing these issues to the employer. Furthermore, employers should communicate that adverse action will not be taken against those who report harassment. Remember, reporting harassment is a protected activity recognized by federal law. A “hear something, see something, say something” message should be communicated to employees upon hire and reiterated to the workforce throughout employment. As a best practice, employers should hold harassment prevention trainings for supervisors/management as well as training for employees in how to report incidents of harassment. Clear communication about the organization’s reporting expectations is especially important for workforces with cultural and language differences. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) found that employees with different cultural backgrounds are less likely to be aware of normal workplace procedures. Furthermore, the EEOC found that non-English speaking employees are less likely to know their rights at work. To help alleviate the cultural and language barriers in understanding the organization’s policy and practices, employers should consider using translation resources. For employers who have personnel who can translate for them, they should communicate their policies and conduct trainings in the employee’s primary language. By doing this, employers will help bridge the disconnect with employees who were previously unfamiliar with the harassment reporting protocols. - Erica Long, Monty & Ramirez, LLP ADVANTAGE 17


BOISE CAR WASH TOUR CAR WASH HIGHLIGHTS SCWA ON THE ROAD Mister Car Wash 1701 Caldwell Blvd - Nampa Mister Car Wash in Nampa, Idaho is one of six Mister locations throughout the greater Boise/Treasure Valley region. Mister acquired this site along with two other Metro Car Wash locations in 2013. Since 2013, Mister has added an additional express exterior location and currently has one site under development. As a company, we truly believe that a great customer experience, whether it’s at the car wash or anywhere else, starts and ends with people. We continually invest in our team members through development programs and training, giving them the tools to grow their careers. Our team in Idaho is a perfect example of one that thinks customer first and works tirelessly to deliver memorable experiences. We hope that when you leave our site you feel the energy and passion that comes from our team and how much they love to wash cars.

Metro Express Car Wash 1725 Overland Road - Meridian 3673 North Eagle Road - Meridian Metro Express operates in Idaho, Washington and Montana with 9 sites open and 4 others in various stages of development. Our core business model is express exterior. However, the Meridian location is unique in that it is the only location where we have an interior cleaning option. This site was originally developed in 2011 under the name Fast Eddys along with the lube shop, and c-store. Metro Express acquired the car wash and the lube center in 2018 and have since rebranded and upgraded the facility. We have continued to operate and grow, offering flex serve model with free vacuums to our customers. Our core focus in daily operations at Metro is to deliver a product and an experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations. ADVANTAGE 19

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• 200 foot express tunnel • 36 vacuum stalls • 6 mat washers • 4 pay lanes and dedicated member-only lane • DRB POS pay stations and POS system The signature wave goodbye from the Rocket team, unlimited club members only lanes and a focused approach to excellence have earned the Boise location the Idaho Statemen’s Best of Treasure Valley Award.








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MONITORING SYSTEMS HOW YOUR COMPANY CAN FIGHT CYBERCRIME Connected cameras track a vehicle from the pay station to the tunnel, ensuring that the equipment will provide the purchased services to the correct vehicle, Davy explains. Controllers also provide nline theft is on the rise. Here’s what to do counter safety fortothe consumer by controlling Between 2008 and 2021, the FBI recorded a 207% increasethe in cybercrime reports, with losses hitting almost $7 billion conveyor and other last year. This is being driven by a highly professionalized equipment, automatically cyber-threat supply chain that is enabling threat with pausing the actors tunnel when little know-how and limited resourcesthere to imperil personal, is a problem. economic, and national security. This tight control The bad news is that cybercrime innovation stopped. can hasn’t allow for According to a new report from HP Wolf Security in the customers to receive future we could see emerging technologies like AI and a custom “light show” quantum computing be abused to line the pockets of in the tunnel as well, Davy states. This feature can create a criminal groups and further nation-state goals. The key to unique experience for eachsecurity customer based on what resistance will be mastering basics, planning forwas the selected and purchased. Modern controllers can worst, and encouraging collaboration across industries.even activate unique signage or special lighting for any visiting The story so far unlimited wash club members. Criminals have used the Internet since the early days. The EFFICIENT PROFITABILITY 1990s saw hobbyists use Internet Relay Chat to connect like-minded over topics such hacking Another individuals advantage online controllers enable is as to-the-inch and exploit development. the precise late 2000s, the high means application of chemicals.ByThis application barrier to entry hackers was lowered commoditized operators can for effectively control theirby washes’ chemical malware kits, and financially motivated groups begansprays to costs. When set up correctly, equipment only coalesce around banking fraud. More recently, threat actors the vehicle, not the gap between vehicles, Davy notes. shifted to data denial and destructive attacks, leveraging This to-the-inch application continues through the entire “as a service” models, and embracing ransomware as their tunnel and applies to such services as ceramic coatings, monetization method of choice. wax applications and other necessary chemistry. This universal control not only saves on chemistry costs, but it Understanding these dynamics is the first step on also provides customers a better wash experience. theEnergy road to building greater resilience against a efficiency can be another advantage. “Your formidable adversary tunnel controller also helps you save electricity by driving each piece of machinery in the tunnel, activating your Today’s economy is characterized by complex vehicle cybercrime frequency-driven devices and controlling signage supply chains comprised of individuals with highly and lighting around your facility,” Davy continues. specialized skills.your Network access, controlcan andhelp persistence is “Additionally, tunnel controller conserve prized above all else, whether via credentials or exploiting energy by leaving your dryers on when multiple cars vulnerabilities. The supply for both has exploded, lowering are in the tunnel, avoiding costly start-ups of the dryer prices and barriers to entry. After undertaking a threesystem. Without wasting chemical or electricity, month analysis of underground markets and forums,you the are better able to control your per-car costs and make each report found that compromised RDP credentials are selling service more on average forprofitable.” just $5 each, and that over three-quarters of malware advertisements listed are under $10, and all Bath points to efficient look-ahead features in anearly carwash (91%) relating to the exploits are under $10. the blowers tunneladverts that can include controller keeping running for services the following vehicle. Again, sellers this step saves Value-added rolled out by malware make energy and creates cost savings. “There arefew many features launching attacks even easier for those with technical skills. They toutoperators one-to-one mentoring, exemplary that can help save power, water, etc. When you customer support and discounted malware hosting understand all these modern-day features, your through process bulletproof Thesavings,” report concludes that will benefithosting as wellproviders. as your cost Bath says. just 2-3% of sellers are actually coders, reducing cybercrime


With the ramped-up speeds and maximum loading efficiency needed, it is easy to see the importance of proper control in the world of express tunnel washing. Integrated and cooperative monitoring systems have proven to be a profit protector for many bustling car care operations. How do modern controllers enable these monitoring systems to prevent both loading issues and damage complaints in carwash tunnels? to aHere, series of reproducible, stepson-site that threat camera systemsprocedural can provide tracking actors can follow again and again to make money. and help avoid delays caused by a loader, which prevents In this new world, trust and reputation areInside everything. slowed productivity and missed rollers. the tunnel, Vendor feedback scores are ubiquitous, of course, cameras can even stop the conveyor when the and vehicle is most sites offer resolutions and states. escrowStopping payments. not where it is dispute supposed to be, Davy the But we also observed that 77% of criminal marketplaces tunnel can prevent costly accidents and the downtime now require a “vendor bond” or license to sell, which can theythreat create. These anti-collision a carwash cost actors thousands. Whensystems so muchallow is at stake, to run vehicles closer together, further increasing valuable and the lifespan of Tor-based sites is so short, it’s perhaps throughput and revenue on busy days. unsurprising that cyber-criminals have also devised ways to Vehicle proximity suchbetween as sonar, help identify transfer their hard-wondevices, reputation marketplaces. features on vehicles so a wash can provide a better Scanning the horizon clean, Davy notes. For example, these devices can detect We’re likely to see a continuation of the collaboration, the windshield location, allowing for special windshield specialization and professionalization witnessed to date. wash services or side mirror rinses. It is also possible to Hackers will continue to exploit the expansion of corporate identify truck beds, allowing a wash to automatically attack surfaces, perhaps upping the ante with extortion turn off devices. can prevent much soap fromso, being attacks timedThis to create the most too disruption. In doing dumped into the truckuse bedthe or tools turn off so they we’ll see more of them andblowers techniques oncewill notpreserve blow debris out of the onto otherInvehicles. the of a limited fewbed APT groups. fact, the lines



2022 Wade Welch Memorial Golf Classic

Wednesday – October 12, 2022 – JW MARRIOTT HILL COUNTRY RESORT & SPA 23808 Resort Parkway • San Antonio, Texas • (877) 622-3140

ATTENTION: Car Wash Owners and Vendors Enjoy a day of Golf, Food, Fun and Great Prizes!!


Check In; Driving Range; Pro Golf Tips


Putting Contest


Shot Gun Start


Lunch and Awards Ceremony

For Hotel Reservations, Please call JW Marriott SCWA Group Rate $227 - Deadline is September 19, 2022 23808 Resort Parkway • San Antonio, Texas • (877) 622-3140

Individual Registration

For Team Sponsorship & Registration - call (800) 440-0644 • Only Team Sponsors are guaranteed Team Member requests. • Limited to the first 110 paid registrants. • $235.00 per person includes breakfast, green fee, cart, prizes, driving range balls and lunch. Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________________ State ______ Zip ____________ Email: ___________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Fax:___________________________ Handicap: ____________Or Average Score: ______________

Total Golf Fee Enclosed: $ __________________ Player & Team Space is limited and will be confirmed only upon receipt of the reservation form and payment. Mail completed form with payment by Monday, September 19, 2022 to SCWA, 4600 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 103, Austin, Texas 78759

Register & pay by credit card online at Phone (800) 440-0644 (512) 343-9023 Fax (512) 343-1530.

between cybercrime and nation state actors will continue to blur, either with hostile states sheltering criminal gangs appreciate the simplicity and convenience oroperators investingcan directly in cybercrime as a revenue stream to of creditsanctions. card payments. While some operators may object to evade transaction fees or monthly maintenance charges by banks As always, they will be first to use emerging technologies. or processors, these fees are outweighed by the increased Quantum computing could be deployed to supercharge revenue. Adding a credit card system to a bay will more decryption efforts. The Web3 vision of a decentralized, than pay for the investment in the short term. blockchain-based internet could also open up new Customers will spend more time washing their vehicles opportunities to create reputation systems that support after this upgrade, as most credit card systems utilize the cybercrime economy, which may be harder for the a “count up” versus a “count down” charging method. authorities to take down. AI could also be used to automate Walter states withfrom standard cash address paymentbook equipment, the selection ofthat targets a victim’s and the self-serve bay timer will start counting down build highly convincing spear-phishing attacks based ononce the minimum payment ishelping met. Typically, there previous communications, to improve a “last minute” alert horn that goes off as time is running down. Resilience, best practices and collaboration With a credit card payment, the system starts counting upallonce transaction has this beengrowing authorized. Once the We needthe to do more to fight cybercrime machine. individuals, means become more to push wash is For completed, thethis customer is instructed cyber aware. Forto organizations, there is aand needdetermine to focus the a stop button end the transaction on mastering basics,method planningkeeps for resilience, and from final charge.the“This the customer collaborating to reduce risk. rushing to finish,” Walter says. “There is no ‘alert’ horn to instinctively hurry things them up. operators have seen Basic mastery includes likeSome following best practices average wash tickets increase by 50% versus using like multi-factor authentication, IT asset discovery andcash.” McCarty vulnerability notes that years ago self-serve carwashes management, management and controls were called “quarter carwashes” simply because to restrict what can be installed on machines. But it that was theincludes only payment optionself-healing available. At first, self-serve sites also prioritizing hardware to would have a bill changer, and eventually many operators boost resilience in the event of a breach. In addition, began addingmust tokens. These token dispensers couldsuch process organizations shut off common attack routes, so itvia provided anthe economical way to accept ascredit thosecards, delivered email and web, which could be credit card payments at a self-serve carwash.

ADVANTAGE neutralized through techniques such as threat containment and isolation. Eventually, bill acceptors were added to the meter bay Next resilience--achievable putting in place door comes and then credit card readers.bySince some of thethe first people, processes, technology to detect,some prevent and credit card readersand were “a little pricey,” operators would from opt for or two to accept credit recover anyonly attackone before it getsbays serious. This means cards, McCarty explains. Operators would monitor the planning for the worst-case scenario, putting the processes performance and hold down associated costs. With new, in place to limit supply chain and insider risk, and affordable incident credit card acceptance systems, operators can practicing response repeatedly. economically add credit card acceptance to their self-serve Finally, remember securityvacuums, is a teametc. sport. Collaborate bays, vending machines, with peers, invest in third-party security assessments and EVEN MORE ADD-ONS penetration testing, and gather and share threat intelligence The most popular add-on service equipment for selfwith industry peers--to see what’s happening now and serve locations is tire shiners and air dryers, according to what might be around the corner. McCarty. Tire shiner equipment can be added in a bay or Today’s cybercrime underground not shine dissimilar to on a vacuum station. One reasonistire is a popular add-on service because the results are immediately the workings of aisfactory. It features a high degree of visible. There is nothing like rubbing the pad on the specialization, with criminal labor sub-divided into niche tires and that have rich, been dark distilled finish; it truly accents roles, whileseeing other tasks into repeatable, a clean vehicle. Air dryers in the bay are increasing in almost automated workflows. It is also undeniably popularity because they finally give self-serve customers industrial in scale and impact. Understanding these the opportunity to air dry a vehicle. Dryers have proven dynamics is the first step on the road to building greater hugely popular in areas with a lot of motorcycles. resilience against a formidable adversary. The bad guys With the advancement in credit card technology, gift may be first to take advantage of new technologies. But cards and loyalty programs are new options available with better insight, defenders strategies for bay washes, Walter says. can The build crediteffective card systems that to mitigate theor impact of cybercrime head on. utilize loyalty gift card options offer customers payment flexibility. They can use these loyalty or gift cards in many -Alex Holland, MSN different ways and on multiple pieces of equipment at the

Washworld of Central Texas Your Source For All Things Car Wash ®

Washworld of Central Texas is the only stop you need to make for Washworld equipment. As a Stocking Parts Distributor, we carry a large inventory of parts for Washworld systems as well as the PDQ Laser 4000. For Washworld equipment sales & service, chemicals and National Pride self service, Call Wes Frank at ®

Washworld’s Profile, is a soft touch system with standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site , VS2® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System The wall mounted system eliminates the gantry for an open bay while Washworld’s exclusive Digital Surface Profile (DSP) utilizes 3D imaging to insure optimal cleaning. Washworld’s best selling Razor® has earned the reputation of a proven system for its quality, dependability and longevity. Stainless steel throughout, Razor is built to last. Razor combines all of the great features for which Washworld is known.


Profile and Razor were both designed with emphasis on durability, simplicity of use and reduced maintenance.


It’s Just Simple Math! Introducing the NEW Proto-Vest Elite 460 Air Dryer

Elite 460 Value Proposition • Energy ROI savings is one year which is the cost of the Elite 460 • Energy comparison of two 30 HP motors vs. ten 15 HP motors • The average cost per kilowatt in the USA is $0.11/kWh, for $32,000 annual savings

ELITE 460 Electrical Power Savings

• The installation of two 30 HP motors vs. ten 15 HP is a onetime saving of $56,000 (Based on cost of $7,000 per motor)

Two 30 HP Motors Power Consumption

Ten 15 HP Motors Power Consumption



60 HP X 0.746 kWh/HP = 45 kWh

150 HP X 0.746 kWh/HP = 112 kWh



12 hr/day X 7 day/wk = 84 hr/wk

12 hr/day X 7 day/wk = 84 hr/wk

84 hr/wk X 52 wk/yr = 4,368 hr/yr

• All machines silenced

84 hr/wk X 52 wk/yr = 4,368 hr/yr



• No moving parts or sensors

45 kWh X 4,368 hr/yr = 196,560 kWh/yr

112 kWh X 4,368 hr/yr = 489,216 kWh/yr

• Very low maintenance costs

196,560 kWh/yr X $0.11/hr = $21,333/yr

489,216 kWh/yr X $0.11/hr = $53,766/yr

• First year saving is $88,000 and $32,000 each year thereafter

ELECTRICAL SAVINGS Convert to (2) 30 HP motors = $32,000 savings Elimination of (8) 15 HP motors installations at $7000/ea. = $56,000 savings Total first year savings $88,000


Savings every year after that $32,000

For more information contact: Tammy Gardner sales director email:

623.872.8300 |


PEOPLE IN THE NEWS INDUSTRY NEWS Amplify Car Wash Advisors Expands Firm Amplify Car Wash Advisors announced the expansion of its team with the addition of five new members. Jeff Fazio, a fourth-generation car washer, joined as vice president of mergers and acquisitions, southeast region. His grandfather, Sonny Fazio, founded Sonny’s Enterprises. Jeff Fazio was with Sonny’s for 12 years He participated in over 200 carwash projects during that time. Chris Niro also joined Amplify Car Wash Advisors as vice president of business and legal affairs, bringing a strong background in complex commercial transactions, corporate formation and governance, and brand development experience to the team. Niro is also a seasoned litigator appearing in federal and state courts around the country in commercial and intellectual property matters.

she will spearhead new client outreach through strategic marketing campaigns as well as focus on the full spectrum client experience. Prior to joining Amplify Car Wash Advisors, Martin co-founded a communications firm providing its clients nationwide with expertise in political campaign outreach. Additionally, Brandon Reuter joined the firm as a business analyst. Reuter worked as an IT expert at Microsoft Corporation with experience in business systems and analytics. Reuter was also a corporate trainer for Landry’s luxury restaurant concept, Mastro’s Ocean Club, where he helped create company standards and curriculum focusing on business efficiency and customer service. Former Amplify intern, Stanley Cai, joined the team full time as a mergers and acquisitions analyst.

Kellie Martin joined as director of client relations where





ww w . swc ar w as h . o r g

ADVANTAGE can attest to the Advisory exponentialPartners increaseWith of technology inside Car Wash Eric Harrison facilities since the dawn of professional carwashing. From Car Wash Advisory (CWA) announced in media a pressto release automated pay stations to modern wash effective that Eric Harrison has joined the team as CFO. drying systems, the pace of technical advancement has been astounding. Harrison has built, owned and operated four successful This continued development has created across-thecarwashes. board change in the car care industry. Speed is king, and In addition, he’s achieved successful sales tocounts both wash cycle speeds have surged as exits dailyand vehicle Mister Car Wash and White Water Express, which gives have climbed. But, this process of acceleration also ushered hands-on experience to give proper financial advice inhim thethe expectation of new services and improved wash to clients. results. Now, both tight timing and effective operation have become important for every cycle performed. Harrison’s valuable experience willwash help the Car Wash To maintain pace in tothis hyper-competitive Advisory team continue provide people with realmarket, investment willcurrent help those to buy or of every owneradvice mustthat stay on looking the capabilities acquirecarwash a carwash. today’s control systems. Often called the “brain” of the modern carwash, these carwash controllers connect Harrison is a huge asset to the CWA team and brings years the different phases of automated operation. Wash of experience. equipment, business systems, HR functions and more The Car Wash and Advisory benefits greatly communicate shareteam information. Onlyby byhaving learning Harrison on the team with his years of expertise. about this technology and implementing industry best practices can a carwash owner hope to ensure dependable and profitable operation.

Summer Nunn Appointed As Magnolia KEEP IT MOVING

Brian Bath with Innovative Control Systems Wash Holdings’ Chief Marketing Officernotes that the newest carwash controllers allow vehicles to be Magnolia Wash hasbefore. namedHigh-volume Summer Nunnexpress as processed fasterHoldings than ever

washes depend onmarketing functional speed and accuracy, and the company’s chief officer, according to a press these important factors are generated by the best integrated release. controller and management systems.

In this Nunna will lead allkeeps sales and marketing Thenew list role, of ways controller a carwash moving initiatives for Magnolia that support the company’s is impressive. Model controllers across the industry have efforts in drivingabilities brand recognition and revenue across very efficient that allow bumper-to-bumper target markets for expansion and help Magnolia gain a out washing while providing precise results. Bath points competitive edge in the industry. that new controllers doexpress this bycarwash allowing different types of

automation, like raising the roller, to maintain a regular

Nunn is a passionate marketing leader with a proven track flow of vehicles. record.

Today, car-per-hour conveyor speeds currently vary in the —Magnolia speeds ofWash 150 cars per hour upwas to even Priorindustry to joining Holdings. Nunn a key220 cars per are common the express world, player in hour the growth of large across global corporations while atBath reveals. The large tunnel properties where operators have Red Ventures where she worked closely with the executive 20-plus vacuum spaces have really pushed up speeds team prospecting companies and industries for potential and profits acrossasthe board. partnerships well as leading digital marketing strategies. Overall, carwash tunnel controllers help operators dial Over theprofits years, Nunn has successfully tackled in their and provide a clean, dry and challenges shiny vehicle, across a variety of industries by being creative leader according to Todd Davy, senior viceapresident of sales for DRBimplementing Systems. Other advances that modern technology and modern solutions rooted in consumer allows are of a brands controller and a point-of-sale research andintegration data to position to win. (POS) system. To this end, the controller communicates Most recently, Nunn built a marketing strategy for receives with the POS system to make sure every customer Payzer as chief marketing officer ledpaid. the marketing the wash services for which he and or she departments for several North American automotive Time-wasting and costly rewashes can become a brands, including an up-and-coming quick lube brand and problem if a vehicle receives the wrong services. Modern acontrollers franchisedwork repairwith and maintenance company. other systems to address this issue.

Unmatched Performance.



Reclaim Water Deodorizer



The pinnacle of performance.

Call today for a free sample!



Increased Throughput. Faster ROI. The fastest LaserWash® 360 Plus yet! With impressive vehicle throughput, superior cleaning, and efficient drying, the LaserWash® 360 Plus delivers profits to your bottom line. Reduce wash times by 30-60 seconds per car with the available high-pressure rinse and multi-function application passes to increase your daily wash volume. Call us today to find out more about LaserWash® 360 Plus’ operator-driven revenue-generating options.

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wash site. If designed properly, operators can put the gift card swipes in the bays, on vacuums, vending machines, air machines, mat cleaners and other compatible equipment. This gives customers the flexibility to use any piece of otholes cost a lot! Americans about $3 billion equipment onusthe property with apay single card. annually to repair vehicle damage caused by potholes “If a customer has to choose between a site with swipes - with tires taking the brunt but also cracking wheels, only in the bay versus a site with them on all pieces of damaging suspension, bodywork and exhaust systems. equipment, I think $300. we all know where they are going,” Cost to fix a pothole: Walter says. “Keep in mind, customers choose a wash for many reasons, but two of the top reasons are speed and convenience. Both of these are achieved with the abovementioned flexible payment options.” lexa will see you now. Amazon has partnered with the telemedicine company Teladoc Health and plans to offer CREATING PROFITABILITY a 24/7 service that will allow users of Amazon’s AlexaTo push profitability on a self-serve site, Walter health suggests enabled devices to call a doctor for non emergency that operators find ways to keep customers happy and in issues. the bay longer. Self-serve owners should remember that they are in the business of selling time. Walter shares some questions operators should consider: • Are bays clean and well-lit? upil size the is related to intelligence. Researchers calculated the •average size of study participants’ pupils then put Does the gun or wand leak all over theand customer? the •participants through a series of tests measuring Do you have good pressure, soap, wax and mental presoak abilities as reasoning, memory and ability to control insuch the bay? attention. They found that a larger pupil size correlated • How do the chemicals smell and look on the vehicle? with better scores on all these tests. • As an operator, how would you rate the experience in the bay?




ADVANTAGE • Does the wash have doors on the bay, and are they closed on cold days? Once a customer is relatively comfortable in the bay, other additional profit opportunities can be evaluated, ide valuables so burglars won’t them. Inside a box Walter notes. Outside of the basicfind meter box functions, of a carved-out a dummy section of PVC offering carnauba-based waxes, air dryers or your toilet-paper the pockets infused products can help keep customers in the of bay clothes in your closet...buried in cat litter inside a a longer. As previously mentioned, offering multiple forms of tissue box...inside the tubular legs of your ironing board... payment can increase revenue and maximize profitability. in a fake sprinkler (great for hiding a key)... in the fridge McCarty explains that there are several ways for (inside an empty mayonnaise jar, painted white) a drop operators to push a site’s profitability. Wash appearance is ceiling... zipped into a pillow. the first consideration, and operators should: • Make sure carwash bays are clean • Make sure trash cans are emptied •ar Make sure holds no weeds are growing around Yellow or in thevehicles wash. color that its value best - yellow. depreciate only 4.5% three years. As to onemake of the aleast“You never get over a second chance first popular car colors, people who do want yellowiscars impression, so make sure the carwash facility nice,are clean willing to pay well for them and inviting,” McCarty the used-car market place. TheInside secondthe andbay, third-least common car make colors certain - and colors operators should that for which people who want those colors are willing to pay the functions are working as they should and that the more are orange, which depreciates 10.7% in three years... equipment is delivering plenty of chemical for each, and purple, which depreciates 13.9%. Average three-year McCarty recommends. ensures a wash depreciation of car colorsThis is 15%, with colors that is aregiving more customers their money’s worth. Next, ask the chemical common losing value faster - white/ provider for products with vibrant colors and great smells. gold/16.7%. Customers will spend more time in the bay spraying on chemical products that look like they are “painting the




For More Information, Contact: Todd Aldridge 1-866-575-5885

Bill Baker 1-888-4280995

Michael Ford 1-800-400-0365

commercial credit

Car Wash Finance Specialists •

Equipment Loans & Leasing

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Working Capital Loans ADVANTAGE 15 35

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage Crime Coverage - Theft of Money Sign Coverage Glass Coverage Choice of Deductibles Available Accounts Receivable Ordinance of Law Outdoor Property Money and Securities Valuable Papers and Records Newly Acquired or Constructed Property Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability


Business Auto Garagekeepers Liability Workers Compensation Commercial Umbrella or Excess General Liability Flood Windstorm Builder's Risk Lessor's Risk Bonds Employment Practices Liability Cyber Liability

THE ONLY SCWA ENDORSED INSURANCE AGENCY 30+ Years Experience Insuring Carwashes Excellent Claims Service Competitive Premiums Coverage Available in Most States Package Policies including Property & General Liability Coverage Special Causes of Loss - Including Theft Replacement Cost Business Interruption Coverage

Michael McCann 214-988-8960

Shelia Lock 214-988-8960

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If you have multiple checking or savings accounts,

M ore deer are getting hit cars. consider consolidating to by one of each, preferably at the

same bank-more accounts higher oddswith of overdrafts. Based on insurance claims, mean vehicle collisions animals rose 7.1% in troublesome 2021 comparedare with the previous and 66% Especially accounts withyear automated of those collisions involved hitting deer. withdrawals or payments-easily overdrawn if no one is paying close attention. If there are lots of CDs, savings accounts and/ or moneymarket accounts at different institutions, some could be easily ocial Security may rise 10.5% nextoverlooked. year-the highest Sticksince with1981-based paper statements. It's per fectly increase on 2022 inflation data. Thefine cost-for of-living adjustment is toonline, help recipients you to access your(COLA) accounts but it'skeep easypace for with inflation. because Medicare costs someone else But to overlook or be shut outalso of rise yourand online Social Security benefits are up 85% taxable, evenBills a large only accounts, which may betodifficult to access. and percentage increase may not offset rising prices or cover statements that arrive in the mail provide a wonderful added taxThat's costs. true even if the financial agent doesn't live fail-safe. near you-your mail can be forwarded to that person by the post office or a trusted neighbor. tay safe in a flash flood. Plan before the storm: Know DRAFT ROAD MAP how you’ll A communicate with loved ones and evacuate if Create a concise guide to with your essentials finances. you Having all of necessary...have a bag packed might your such financial information in oneofplace will save your need, as food, water, a change clothes, medications, agentcash, a lot pet of time and greatly reduce the odds adesignated phone charger, needs and a flashlight with extra batteries. During the storm: Listen to local weather that something will be missed. Handwrite this list, or type alerts (use it. a battery operated if you’ve lost power). and print But don't save itradio on your computer or send it Evacuating: Avoid all floodwaters if possible just six via e-mail-that would increase the risk that- this sensitive inches of fast-moving water can you your feet. info could be stolen. Among theknock details tooff include... Driving: Never ignore barriers or tryoftoyour driveincome through Income sources. Note how each streams flooded areas. arrives-pensions and Social Security payments often are direct-deposited into bank accounts, for example. If you



Grit Trap Disposal Testing • Waste testing that meets any landfill or disposal site requirements. • Soil, water, waste and air testing.

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■ Fragramatics 1600 hr Turbo Motor ■ Poly or aluminum dome ■ Computer controlled timer ■ UV protected graphics ■ Filters – Four-bag system uses high performance,

synthetic filtration media with 15 sq. ft. filtration area. Two easy-access service doors on rear ■ 1-1/2” dia. vac hose – high-flex, vinyl, crushable, 15 ft. long. Includes cuff and polyethylene hand tool ■ ¼” x 25’ Wire braid or coil hose with inline gauge


■ 1.25 HP ‘Big Dog’ high output compressor ■ Brushed Stainless Steel Tank and Main Cabinet ■ Coin acceptor – mechanical ■ Electrical - 120 V ac, 25 amps ■ Mounting - One internal and two external lugs with security collars. Uses 3/8” bolts for secure installation.

■ Tank Dimensions - 18.5”dia. x 42”h ■ Unit Weight - Net 145 lbs. Ship weight 185 lbs. ■ Ships in carton/pallet: 67”h x 32”w x 31”d ■ Multi-coin acceptor ■ Lighted dome ■ Debris catcher Options

■ Dome colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Now available with our new air detail tool

white ■ Hose colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, gray, black

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Only Dryer Certified “Quiet” in AMCA reverberant sound room.


Made for the challenging side panels and backs of vehicles



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Quietly Better Clean. Operators want to offer something “different” to their customers—something that their competitors can’t match. SpinRite offers you a better chance to transform first-time customers into loyal clients with an entirely new approach to tunnel car washing—in terms of both cleaning performance and quieter trips through the tunnel. Call us today to learn more about SpinRite’s proven wash results and the car wash experience your customers will look forward to with each return trip to your wash.

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