Southwest Car Wash Association - ADVANTAGE - 3rd Quarter 2020

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ADVANTAGE Publication of the Southwest Car Wash Association

Third Quarter 2020

SCWA 2021 Convention Keynote Speaker - Steve Forbes

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ADVANTAGE ADVANTAGE Connected cameras PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE track a vehicle from

thelast pay issue stationofto the the When the tunnel, ADVANTAGE wentensuring to print that we the equipment will were facing the uncertainty of provide the purchased what lay before us. Over the services to the correct past six months, our world has vehicle, Davy explains. changed in unpredictable ways. Controllers also provide Through these events, I have been safety for the consumer reminded in by numerous ways what controlling the truly distinguishes the SCWA conveyor and other Jeff Blansit community. equipment, automatically SCWA Preside­­nt pausing the tunnel when SCWA members showed their there is a problem. innovation, self-reliance and determination in keeping car tight control washes operating; helping to keep theirThis community safer can allow for and keeping employees employed. Despite the turmoil customers to receive of the recent months, I am proud of the perseverance a custom “light show” of our Board and Management who all have remained in the tunnel as well, Davy states. This feature can create a unwavering in our mission to make our operator members unique experience for each customer based on what was more successful. During this time SCWA has continued selected and purchased. Modern controllers can even to provide the latest in information and updates activate unique signage or special lighting for anythrough visiting regular email blasts; Legislative Updates; SCWA TODAY unlimited wash club members. and the important virtual programs and webinars. EFFICIENT PROFITABILITY Though this crisis is not over, we have seen the best of Another advantage controllers enable is to-the-inch our industry in overcoming the challenges. Despite any application of chemicals. This precise application means present doubts or concerns, I am sure andchemical the car operators can effectively control theirSCWA washes’ wash lead the wayonly forward in costs. community When set will up continue correctly,toequipment sprays an equally unprecedented recovery. the vehicle, not the gap between vehicles, Davy notes. If to-the-inch you missed the mostcontinues recent SCWA This application throughCar the Wash entire tunnel and– featuring applies toMr. such services as ceramic Showcase Wash in Germany – youcoatings, missed applications and other necessary awax wonderful opportunity to virtually visitchemistry. one of the This best universal control not only saves on chemistry costs, but it car washes in Europe. Richard Enning took us on a virtual also provides customers a better wash experience. tour of the Essen Mr. Wash location and then responded to Energy efficiency can be another advantage. “Your a number of questions about his operation. Although we tunnel controller also helps you save electricity by driving have not been able to host in person car wash tours, this each piece of machinery in the tunnel, activating your pandemic has opened new doors for us to explore beyond vehicle frequency-driven devices and controlling signage our borders. andregular lighting around your facility,” Davy continues. Be watching yourtunnel emailscontroller and the can SCWA “Additionally, your help Facebook conserve page for more SCWA Car Wash Showcases highlighting energy by leaving your dryers on when multiple cars wonderful we may not otherwise be of able visit. are in the locations tunnel, avoiding costly start-ups theto dryer system. Without wasting chemical orswing electricity, are You will also want to get your golf readyyou for the better able control your per-car costs and make 20 each SCWA WadetoWelch Memorial Golf Classic, October at service more profitable.” the famous Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine. We have Bath registration points to efficient look-ahead features a carwash a great and line up of teams for in this annual tunnel that can include the controller keeping the blowers event. It will be a good chance for fun, food, prizes and running for the following vehicle. Again, this step saves be in the open air with good friends. The registration is energy and creates cost savings. “There are many features limited so be sure to register today on the SCWA website that can help operators save power, water, etc. When you understand all these modern-day features, your process courseaseveryone is excited and ready forsays. the 2021 willOfbenefit well as your cost savings,” Bath SCWA Convention & Car Wash EXPO, February 17-19,

MONITORING SYSTEMS 2021 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. The EXPO With the ramped-up maximum loading floor is filling up fast and speeds we haveand an excellent line up of efficiency needed, it is easy to see the importance of education and speakers. As announced in another article proper control in the world of express tunnel washing. in this edition the keynote monitoring speaker willsystems be the wellIntegrated and- cooperative have known Steve Forbes, CEO of the Forbes Media empire. proven to be a profit protector for many bustling car care operations. How do modern controllers The CEO Forum keynote will feature theenable return,these by monitoring systems to prevent both loading issues and popular demand, of Michael Dominquez, CEO of ALHI. damage in carwash With complaints the cancellation of alltunnels? other major Car Wash Here, camera systems can provide on-site tracking Industry events in 2020, the SCWA EXPO will be the first and help avoid delays caused by a loader, which prevents time forproductivity car washers and to gather person” since last slowed missed“in rollers. Inside thethe tunnel, SCWA January of this year. Iwhen assure SCWA camerasevent can in even stop the conveyor theyou vehicle is not where ita is supposed be, Davy is planning great reuniontowith all thestates. safetyStopping protocolsthe in tunnel can prevent costly accidents and the downtime place to make the event fun, worthwhile and profitable for they create. These anti-collision systems allow a carwash your business while safe for you and your family. to run vehicles closer together, further increasing valuable Before closing, I want to thank all of you who have throughput and revenue on busy days. remained in devices, your commitment to SCWA our Vehiclesteadfast proximity such as sonar, help and identify efforts times. Ia would featuresand onmission vehiclesduring so a these wash trying can provide better clean, Davy notes. For example, these devices can detect just ask each of you to share your commitment with those the windshield location, allowing for special windshield who are not currently part of the SCWA family and ask wash services or side mirror rinses. It is also possible to them to become a member. The greater numbers give us identify truck beds, allowing a wash to automatically turn aoff stronger friendship, your support andbeing your devices.voice. This Your can prevent too much soap from encouragement been and have helped dumped into thehave truck bedan or inspiration turn off blowers so they will not blow of the bed onto other vehicles. SCWA setdebris a newout standard.

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TOGETHER WE ARE is now DRB Tunnel Solutions

is now DRB In-Bay Solutions

DRB unites DRB Systems and Unitec under one brand with a singular goal: To help all car wash operators squeeze every ounce of profitability out of their investments. We do this with: Data insights and solutions that predictably drive throughput and revenue. Reliable, intuitive software and hardware innovations that delight consumers, are secure, simple to service and easy to use. Best-in-class support team, that is passionate about keeping car washes running.

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SCWA NEWS SCWA Virtual Car Wash Showcase - Mr. Wash in Essen, Germany

More than 200 car washers recently registered for the first SCWA Virtual Showcase which was a huge success. Our Virtual Attendees had an up close view of the Mr. Wash in Essen, Germany, with narration by CEO Richard Enning. Mr. Enning covered everything from business strategy to an in-depth look at their pristine equipment room. An interesting perspective is that Mr. Wash did more than 4 million interior cleanings and washed nearly 8 million cars in 2019. With their reclaim system they use about 20 gallons per vehicle. Thanks to Richard Enning for a great virtual tour and also to our sponsors.

SCWA Announces New Convention & EXPO Management

The Southwest Car Wash Association announces a new partnership with Candlewood Expositions, a tradeshow management company, to manage the annual SCWA Convention & Car Wash EXPO. According to SCWA President Jeff Blansit, “The annual SCWA Convention & EXPO has grown into an event that attracts more than 2,000 attendees from 37 states across the U.S. With the growth of the annual SCWA event, we want to build the management team to support the continued growth while keeping the same friendly, family Southwest hospitality. Chuck and Jane Space will continue their great efforts in identifying the education and speaker content while John Moriarty and his company, Candlewood Expositions, will manage the Convention & EXPO. We are excited to have Candlewood as our partner as we look to the future.” John Moriarty serves as principal of Candlewood Expositions and brings over 25 years of tradeshow experience in turnkey trade show management services to SCWA. SCWA Executive Director Chuck Space, said, “Our goal is always working to provide the best experience possible for those who join us for SCWA events. John and his company bring a tradeshow background that will maintain this experience for both our attendees and our exhibitors.” “I am thrilled to have this opportunity with SCWA and looking forward to meeting and working with all the attendees and exhibitors to make the 2021 event the best yet,” said Moriarty. The 2021 SCWA Convention & Car Wash EXPO will be Feb. 17-19, 2021 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Watch the SCWA Website and the SCWA TODAY for all the details.


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ADVANTAGE ADVANTAGE operators can2021 appreciate the simplicity and convenience – of SCWA Keynote Speaker credit card payments. While some operators may object to Steve transaction Forbes fees or monthly maintenance charges by banks

The Southwest Wash or processors, these fees are outweighed by the Car increased Association announced revenue. Adding a credit card system to a bay will more Steveterm. Forbes will be than pay for the investment inthat the short keynote speaker for the Customers will spend morethe time washing their vehicles after this upgrade, as most 2021 creditEXPERIENCE card systems SCWA utilize & Car a “count up” versus a “countAnnual down”Convention charging method. Walter states that with standard cashEXPO. paymentSteve equipment, Wash Forbes the self-serve bay timer will isstart counting down once Chairman and Editor-inthe minimum payment is met. Typically, there is a Chief of Forbes Media. “last minute” alert horn that goes off as timewrites is running down. Steve editorials for With a credit card payment,each the system starts counting issue of Forbes under up once the transaction has the beenheading authorized. Once and the of “Fact wash is completed, the customer is instructed to push Comment.” A widely respected economic prognosticator, a stop button end to thehave transaction determine the he is the only to writer won theand highly prestigious final charge. “This method keeps the customer from Crystal Owl Award four times. The prize was formerly rushing finish,” says. to “There is no ‘alert’ horn given bytoU.S. Steel Walter Corporation the financial journalist to instinctively hurry them up. Some operators have seen whose economic forecasts for the coming year proved most average wash tickets increase by 50% versus using cash.” accurate. McCarty notes that years ago self-serve carwashes In 1985 he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan were called “quarter carwashes” simply because that was to head the Board for International Broadcasting, which the only payment option available. At first, self-serve sites oversaw Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe and he was would have a bill changer, and eventually many operators reappointed the position President George H.W. Bush. began addingtotokens. Theseby token dispensers could process In 1993, with Jack Kemp, a former congressman and fellow credit cards, so it provided an economical way to accept proponent free-market he founded Empower credit card of payments at aeconomics, self-serve carwash.

America, a group supply-side policies, Eventually, billadvocating acceptors so-called were added to the meter bay including low taxes deregulation, as the bestofmeans of door and then creditand card readers. Since some the first credit card readers stimulating growth. were “a little pricey,” some operators would optnewest for only one isorthetwo bays “What’s to accept credit Steve’s project podcast Ahead,” cards, he McCarty Operators would monitor the where engagesexplains. the world’s top newsmakers, politicians performance down and associated costs. in With new, and pioneersand in hold business economics honest affordable credit card systems, conventions operators can conversations meant to acceptance challenge traditional as economically add credit card acceptance to their self-serve well as featuring Steve’s signature views on the intersection bays, vending machines, of society, economics and vacuums, policy. etc. Steve MORE helped create the recently released and highly EVEN ADD-ONS acclaimed public television documentary, In Money The most popular add-on service equipment for selfWe Trust?, which was produced under the according auspices to of serve locations is tire shiners and air dryers, Maryland Public television. The film was inspired by the McCarty. Tire shiner equipment can be added in a bay or book he co-authored, Money: How tire the shine Destruction of the on a vacuum station. One reason is a popular Dollar Threatens the Global Economy – and What We Can add-on service is because the results are immediately Do About It. is nothing like rubbing the pad on the visible. There The tires andlatest seeingbook that by rich,Steve dark is Reviving finish; it trulyAmerica: accents How Repealing Obamacare, Replacing the Tax Code a clean vehicle. Air dryers in the bay are increasingand in Reforming because The Fedthey willfinally Restore and Prosperity popularity giveHope self-serve customers co-authored by Elizabeth Ames (McGraw-Hill the opportunity to air dry a vehicle. Dryers Professional). have proven In both 1996 and 2000,with Stevea campaigned vigorously for hugely popular in areas lot of motorcycles. theWith Republican nomination in forcredit the Presidency. Key to gift his the advancement card technology, platform were a flat tax, medical savings accounts, a new cards and loyalty programs are new options available Social for working Americans, parental for baySecurity washes, system Walter says. The credit card systems that choice schools for their termcustomers limits andpayment a strong utilize of loyalty or gift card children, options offer national Steve to energetically flexibility.defense. They can usecontinues these loyalty or gift cards promote in many different waysagenda. and on multiple pieces of equipment at the this business

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Washworld’s Profile, is a soft touch system with standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site , VS2® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System The wall mounted system eliminates the gantry for an open bay while Washworld’s exclusive Digital Surface Profile (DSP) utilizes 3D imaging to insure optimal cleaning. Washworld’s best selling Razor® has earned the reputation of a proven system for its quality, dependability and longevity. Stainless steel throughout, Razor is built to last. Razor combines all of the great features for which Washworld is known.


Profile and Razor were both designed with emphasis on durability, simplicity of use and reduced maintenance.

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Unmatched Cleaning Power. Faster ROI. Belanger’s Cube® soft-touch in-bay automatic system closes the gap between the typical automatic experience and a destination car wash experience. The Cube utilizes innovative slow-spinning ShineMitt media to provide a gentler, quieter wash experience for customers. Along with a host of other ‘smarter’ cleaning features, in-bay operators can quickly transform their sites into ‘the wash of choice’ for drivers who want a better experience and premium wash results. It’s your business, and you deserve the power to choose the best car wash experience for you and your customers. Call us today and find out how the Cube delivers unmatched cleaning results, higher customer loyalty and faster ROI. PART OF | 248-349-7010 8



Focused Carwash Solutions Celebrates the Legacy of Billy Tillotson

On Friday July 31, 2020, family and friends of Billy Leonard Tillotson gathered at Focused Carwash Solutions to celebrate his life. Billy passed away unexpectedly on April 7, 2020 at his home in Strasburg, Colorado. He was born in Oxford, North Carolina on April 12, 1951. Billy graduated from South Granville High School in Creedmoor, North Carolina in 1969. Billy and his family moved to Aurora, Colorado in 1979 where he and his wife, Lou Ann started their family business, Colorado Chem-Oil, Inc. Years later, Billy went on to be the Co-Founder of Focused Carwash Solutions, where he worked until his final days on this earth. Billy was preceded in death by his daugher, Nicole Capra, His father, George Leonard Tillotson, and his mother, Daisy Tillotson Lunsford. He leaves behind his spouse, Lou Ann Tillotson, his son, Lance, and his spouse Terri, his son-in-law, Andy Capra, and his two grandchildren, Carley and Drew Capra. "Billy knew everyone, and everyone knew him," shared FCS President Aaron Green. "Rarely in my time in this business could I not call Billy and ask if Billy knew someone ... and he always did. It didn't matter where they were in the United States, Billy had met them and knew them. Oh yeah, and he had a story about them too."




that feeling you get when your ride is untouchable.

amazing signage options available! A new line, A new language. It’s an all-new level of clean. And the only way to describe it, is to redefine it. Rust-Oleum is a registered trademark of Rust-Oleum Corporation used under license by DuBois Chemicals. © 2020 Rust-Oleum Corporation. All rights reserved. 10



FINANCIAL Flexible Spending Accounts Now More Flexible Has the pandemic thrown off your expectations for health-care costs this year? Many consumers are spending less than they anticipated because they are postponing elective surgery and/or avoiding routine visits to doctors and dentists. Or they are spending more because of an unanticipated jump in costs related to COVID-19. If you're enrolled in a health-care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), miscalculations could mean that you end up forfeiting the unspent amount of the pretax FSA

The IRS rules enable - but don't require - your employer to let you adjust the amount you're contributing to your FSA in 2020. That could include lowering your contributions, ending them entirely, increasing them, or even opening an FSA if you didn't sign up for one during open enrollment. The employer can allow you to "carryover" as much as $550 of the money you contribute to an FSA in 2020 to anytime in 2021, up from the $500 carryover allowed in earlier years. This new increase is permanent and indexed to keep up with inflation. If you contributed an amount to an FSA in 2019 and didn't spend it all, you can spend the remaining money on

payroll deductions you designated for this calendar year

qualifying expenses until the end of 2020 if your employer

or getting less of a tax break than you could have.

offers a "grace period." Ordinarily, such FSA grace periods

Fortunately, new IRS rules could allow FSA account

extend only two and a half months after the end of the

holders to adjust the amounts that they have designated to

plan year - until March 15 for a plan with a December 31

be taken out of their paychecks for the remainder of 2020.

plan-year end date. This change applies only for this year.

The new rules also apply to amounts you make have taken

Important: As in earlier years, FSAs cannot offer both

out of your paycheck for a dependent-case FSA, which

carryovers and grace periods - employers must choose

you may have overestimated if, for instance, you are

one, the other or neither.

skipping summer camp or have not had daycare expenses while staying at home. What you need to know...

If you participate in an FSA, contact your employer's benefits department to check whether it is allowing



Despite the circumstances, we are here to support your business. Find out how we are supporting you with: Unmatched Financing Options Promotional Equipment Pricing Aftermarket Parts Specials

Visit for information about our special offers as we navigate this crisis together.

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ADVANTAGE ADVANTAGE changes most employers are expected to do sowill - and to SCWA- is continuing to identify resources that help what extent. members and the greater car wash community rebound stronger than are ever.allowed, We believe therewhether are opportunities If changes determine it makes to be found even in times like now. This effort will lead sense for you to adjust the amount you are contributing into the 2021 Convention & EXPO and beyond. SCWA based on the health-care or dependent-care costs you is developing plans to expand many of these efforts in a expect incur. Consider doing as soon as possible broadertoand expanded role over this the next several years. if youThe expect to reduce the designated amount you can't SCWA website provides resources and links as we all continue navigate this unprecedented reduce it below to what has already been deductedtime from– your paychecks. Here are contributed just a few of theFSA actions SCWA undertook: If you to an in 2019 but did not use all the

•money, Worked with Texas Governorwhether Abbott you to now havehave car ask the benefits department washing confirmed as “essential businesses” in Texas. a grace period that extends to the end of 2020. • Worked withrule SCWA members in to many other states, Another new for 2020 unrelated FSAs: Employers such as: Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, Kansas, can allow employees to make changes to their health-care Maryland and Ohio; by providing information as to the insurance plan choices in the middle of the plan year, essential business nature of car washing. not just during open enrollment. That includes initiating • Worked with many city and county officials to give or revoking coverage or changing the type of coverage. car washes the option to open as essential businesses Ordinarily, can besuch madeasinDallas; the midst a year in local changes communities Fortof Worth; only when employees experience qualifying life events, Greenville; Houston; Albuquerque. According to President Jeff Blansit, “I have been very such as marriage or divorce. proud of the role SCWA has played in trying to keep the Stephen certifiedworking employeeas benefit specialist business”. and online car washMiller, community an “essential manager/editor of compensation and benefits for the Society for We stand ready to continue our efforts on behalf of our Human Resource Management. members and the car wash community”. AMERICA’S MOST DURABLE CAR WASH MATERIAL


SAFETY SCWA MEMBERS IN THE Mask NEWS Face Policies and the

Periodically SCWA members featured in national publications. Americans withareDisabilities Act Recently SCWA member The Wash Tub’s employee was highlighted (ADA): A Step by Step Guide in Professional Carwashing & Detailing.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic. Since that time, several states and local governments have ordered shutdowns. More recently state and local governments have begun requiring We are proud to recognize today's rising young star the use of face masks in public spaces when social distancing player, Austin Mitchan. isn’t feasible. Because of the government orders, businesses have Austin Mitchan works as a manager for The Wash Tub in been left in a half-open/half-closed indeterminate In that San Antonio. According to his nominator, Areastate. Director quandary, one of the big question’s businesses ask is, “Can we Mike Mireles, Mitchan is making an impact at a young age. require employee wear a face mask?” The simple answer is Thank an you, Austin,tofor making our industry better. “yes” but with a more complex caveat. Name: Austin Mitchan

30 and Under Rising Stars: Austin Mitchan

Age: CDC24RECOMMENDS FACE MASKS, AND Title: Manager TEXAS FOLLOWS SUIT Workplace: Wash S.E.the Military In early The April thisTub, year, U.S. location, Centers San for Antonio Disease Impact: Austin Mitchan has been with The Wash for Control and Prevention (CDC) switched gears andTub began almost two years and has greatly impacted the business recommending that people over the age of two wear a in that short cloth amount time.inMitchan is fromit’sthe San nonmedical, faceofmask public when tough Antonio community graduated from Highlands High to stay six feet awayand from another person. That’s mostly School. Following high school, he was accepted to the due to how the virus spreads. When coronavirus carriers Mays School of Business at Texas A&M University, where speak, sneeze, cough, yell, or sing, they project saliva he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in business. droplets into the air that could infect another individual.


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ADVANTAGE ADVANTAGE A mask limits the projection of operators the droplets wash site. If designed properly, canand put reduces the gift the spread. cardchance swipesof inhuman-to-human the bays, on vacuums, vending machines, air Fast-forward to July—after ancompatible ongoing debate with machines, mat cleaners and other equipment. local and customers city government officials, Governor Greg This gives the flexibility to use any piece of Abbott issued a statewide maska single mandate. equipment on the property with card.Texans living in counties with more 20 COVID-19 must wear “If a customer has tothan choose between a cases site with swipes aonly faceincovering while in a business open public the bay versus a site with them ontoallthe pieces of whenever distancing isn’t possible. But the equipment,social I think we all know where they aremandate going,” also provides several exceptions, including people Walter says. “Keep in mind, customers choose for a wash for who have a medical condition that prevents them many reasons, but two of the top reasons are speedfrom and wearing a mask. convenience. Both of these are achieved with the abovementioned flexible payment options.” WHAT DOES THE AMERICANS WITH

DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) HAVE TO DO CREATING PROFITABILITY WITH THIS? To push profitability on a self-serve site, Walter suggests

of the pandemic state and localhappy government thatBecause operators find ways toand keep customers and in mandates, private businesses haveshould developed their own the bay longer. Self-serve owners remember that mask-wearing policies. Because masks have become more they are in the business of selling time. prevalent, persons with disabilities have pushed back on Walter shares some questions operators should consider: businesses requiring masks, maintaining they cannot wear • Are the bays clean and well-lit? them because a disability. • Does the of gun or wand leak all over the customer? The Americans with Act (ADA), as amended • Do you have goodDisabilities pressure, soap, wax and presoak by the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), requires an in the bay? employer to the provide reasonable to • How do chemicals smell andaccommodations look on the vehicle? qualified individuals with disabilities who are employees • As an operator, how would you rate the experience or applicants for employment. As businesses reopen, state in the bay? and local governments are requiring their residents to

wear face masks while in commercial businesses. • Does the wash have doors on the bay, and So, are what they disabilities a person closedmake on cold days? unable to wear a mask? The says a is person with comfortable difficulty breathing or OnceCDC a customer relatively in the bay, who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable other additional profit opportunities can be evaluated, to remove their face mask without not Walter notes. Outside of the basic assistance meter boxshould functions, wear a face mask or clothwaxes, face covering. The or agency also offering carnauba-based air dryers ceramicgives examples of persons disabilities who be infused products can helpwith keep customers in might the bay unable to wear a mask: longer. As previously mentioned, offering multiple forms of • Peoplecan with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), payment increase revenue and maximize profitability. severe anxiety, or claustrophobia; McCarty explains that there are several ways for • Some people autism who may sensitive to operators to pushwith a site’s profitability. Washbeappearance is touch and texture; the first consideration, and operators should: • •Individuals asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary Make surewith carwash bays are clean other •disease Make (COPD), sure trashorcans arerespiratory emptied disabilities may be unable to wear a face mask because in • Make sure no weeds are growing aroundof or difficulty in the wash. or impaired breathing; “You never get a second chance to make a first • A personsowith cerebral whofacility may have trouble impression, make sure thepalsy carwash is nice, clean moving the small muscles in the hands, wrists, or and inviting,” McCarty says. fingers (because their limited mobility, maythat be Inside the bay, of operators should make they certain unable to tie the strings or put the elastic loops of a face the functions are working as they should and that the mask over ears); and equipment is their delivering plenty of chemical for each, • A person who uses This mouth controla devices as McCarty recommends. ensures wash issuch giving a sip and puff to operate a wheelchair or chemical assistive customers their money’s worth. Next, ask the technology or uses their mouth or tongue to use provider for products with vibrant colors and great smells. assistive ventilators. Customers will spend more time in the bay spraying on These examples are that not all-inclusive—there be other chemical products look like they are might “painting the disabilities that make it difficult to wear a mask.

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WHAT TO DO Owners IF ANshould EMPLOYEE IS chemical car with product.” also ask the MARKETING

INCAPABLE OF WEARING MASK so that provider to fine-tune products and A equipment maximum clean is delivered bestcovers operating cost. Step 1: Determine whether at thethe ADA the employer. Outside bay, private operators should with make the The ADAthe covers employers 15 sure or more vacuums operate properly domore a great job. The vacuums employees on the payroll forand 20 or calendar workweeks Inoften 1975, Communications Commission are thethe firstFederal or lastconsecutive) impression a customer has about (which don’t need to be in either the current or (FCC) largely overlooked ruling that allowed a wash,issued so calendar winathem overand at the vacuums, McCarty states. preceding year state government employees. Additionally, make sure vending machines are used full and earth-orbiting antennas — satellites — to be for Additionally, most federal government employees are operatingunder properly, make all signs clean, fresh broadcasting television oversure large areas. Around that covered the and Rehabilitation Act, the are protections of and not faded or peeling. whichtime, are mostly the sameregional as underbroadcasting the ADA. network same a little-known Step 2: Engage in the interactive called Home Box Office (HBO) took notice, and decided UPGRADE KNOWLEDGE process. After an employee says she cannot wear avenues adistributing mask, you to use the FCC’s landmark decision to begin Walter notes that there are several for must begin the interactive process. Just like with its own programming satellite. operators to learn morevia about equipment options,requests and he for accommodations not related to to COVID-19, youeffect can HBO’s innovative move would have a ripple recommends a lot of research prior making any wash ask her to provide appropriate documentation from her that would spillany over onto the landscape of on marketing. upgrade. With upgrade, doubling down research healthcare provider about the impairment and its effect on Soon, satellite networks proliferated, and with them, will surely end up paying off for an owner. her ability to wear a mask. There are several media in outlets review, marketers’ ability to target waystothat were online never chat preAs in any other case, if you need to consult with rooms, websites and print media/trade magazines for viously possible. the employee’s healthcare provider, you must obtain a continued learning, Walter Contacting a local Since that time, there hascontinues. been so much technological written medical release or permission from the employee. distributor that or self-serve equipment can be innovation marketers are facedmanufacturers with choices beyond Her healthcare provider mayhot notmarket disclose information beneficial, since they can share trends and give measure. It can be blinding and bewildering for anyone or answerfor questions about heralready disability without her references operators that have upgraded. When charged with allocating marketing dollars on behalf permission. reviewing options, the more data points considered, the better. of a business. And, this very issue is what has caused Step 3: Determine whether you can makeany a reasonable “Make sure talk to operators upgrade marketers to gotoawry. This is an ageusing of unprecedented accommodation. you are considering prior to buying,” Walter suggests. “If communications, and yet many still struggle to connect For mask-wearing, considers allowing the possible, take a ride andthe testCDC out the new features. As they with one another. employee to wear scarf, loose face covering, or a full-face say, try before youabuy.” But this problem is not the real problem.

Marketing - What has Changed in the Last 100 Years?

THE REAL PROBLEM Staying on top of new developments in the carwash

The true problem that too many marketers have industry is the key to issuccess, and self-serve operators that only one thing has changed in failed to recognize have several sources of information they can use to marketing in the past 100 years: technology. That’s it. Yes, stay on the cutting edge, McCarty states. He agrees that you now haveonline social groups media and and followers publications, andtweets carwashing forums and are apps and branding and re-marketing and analytics and great places for operators to learn more, ask questions and focus information groups and with ROI others. and CRM and customer personas share and“Finally, digital and so on. all certainly true. But, what has there are It’s your local carwash equipment enabled nearly every bit of it is technology. distributors,” McCarty concludes. “These individuals prolificyou is the rolegreat of technology in marketing canSo provide with insights, and many of that theseit has become for somewashes an alluring distraction. Panic andfirstpeer distributors operate themselves, so they have pressure set in, and hand knowledge of organizations what works.” pursue the latest and the greatest technology-based marketing tactics without taking By contributor, Phil Ashland, Professional consider a strategic approach. As thefreelance time to thoughtfully Carwashing & Detailing. legendary philosopher and strategist, Sun Tzu once put it, “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” shield instead of a mask to be a reasonable accommodation. Marketing must ultimately get the product or service Another reasonable accommodation could be a temporary into the hands of the customer — a real person. Marketers reassignment, so the affected employee isn’t near other need to realize that it is way too easy to distract ourselves employees or customers. Work-from-home arrangements, (via technology) away from what is centrally important if feasible, could be an additional possibility. in marketing: generating a sale to a real person and, You may CONTROLLERS deny a reasonable accommodation request TUNNEL CONNECT ALL hopefully, repeating that process again and again to her if it poses an undue hardship on your business or if the PHASES OF OPERATION WITH A FULL or his delight. Marketing strategy is not so much about a disability poses a direct threat inAND the workplace. Undue LINEUP OF FUNCTIONS FEATURES plan, but a system. Build your marketing (including the hardship may depend on financial hardship, significant For customers and those outside the industry, the sale) around a strategically based, customer-centric sysdisruption to business operations, orutilized hardships imposed amount of equipment and automation in the typical tem, then technology becomes a true and valuable tool, on coworkers. hardship determination is tunnel wash can The comeundue as a surprise. Established operators and not a distraction.


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ADVANTAGE ADVANTAGE extremely fact-specific, and you mustof prove it if litigation can attest to the exponential increase technology inside arises. direct significant risk to the health facilitiesAsince thethreat dawnisofaprofessional carwashing. From and safety of coworkers that cannot be eliminated by a automated pay stations to modern wash media to effective reasonable accommodation. drying systems, the pace of technical advancement has been astounding. CONCLUSION: This continued development has created across-theTo limit the risk of harm to employees brought on board change in the car care industry. Speed is king, and by the COVID-19 pandemic, private businesses may wash cycle speeds have surged as daily vehicle counts impose legitimate safety requirements necessary for have climbed. But, this process of acceleration also ushered safe operation. That said, you must ensure your safety in the expectation of new services and improved wash requirements reflect real, specific risks, not speculation, results. Now, both tight timing and effective operation stereotypes, or generalizations about individuals with have become important for every wash cycle performed. disabilities. The safety requirements must track the ADA To maintain pace in this hyper-competitive market, regulations about direct threats and legitimate safety every owner must stay current on the capabilities of requirements and be consistent with advice from the CDC today’s carwash control systems. Often called the “brain” and public health authorities. of the modern carwash, these carwash controllers connect Employers that choose to mandate masks should: the different of automated operation. Wash • Have a clearphases policy outlining employee obligations and equipment, business systems, HR functions and more right to reasonable accommodations under the ADA; communicate share information. Only • Inform theirand employees and supervisors of by suchlearning policy; about this technology and implementing industry best and practices can a carwash owner hope to ensure dependable • Uniformly enforce their policy while being mindful of andand profitable operation. responsive to ADA accommodations. DoingITthose three things can protect you and curtail KEEP MOVING

theBrian risk ofBath future ADAInnovative litigation. Control Systems notes with that the newest carwash controllers allow vehicles to be Jacob Monty, SCWA Member and Managing Partner of Monty processed faster than ever before. High-volume express & Ramirez LLP


washes depend on functional speed and accuracy, and these important factors are generated by the best integrated controller and management systems. The list of ways a controller keeps a carwash moving is impressive. Model controllers across the industry have very abilities that allow THE efficient NORMAL PROCESS OFbumper-to-bumper SELECTION washing while providing precise results. Bath points out How do you create a great management team in any that new controllers do this by allowing different types of business? Most management theorists tell us that there automation, likeareas raising the roller, to maintain a regular are three critical to focus on. First, hire people whose flow of vehicles. abilities and motivation fit the job. Second, train them in Today, car-per-hour currently vary to in your operation so they conveyor have the speeds knowledge and skills the industry — speedsThird, of 150 retain cars per hourgood up topeople even 220 perform successfully. your by cars per hour are common across the express world, them Bath providing a sense of purpose for their work, manage reveals. The large tunnel properties where operators have professionally, and compensate them well. 20-plus spacesfocus have primarily really pushed uplast speeds Mostvacuum organizations on the area and profitsoften across board.manager is promoted from within. most an the assistant TheOverall, owner carwash or operations assumes they won’t tunnel manager controllers help operators dial have to manage them much abecause theyand know the vehicle, job and in their profits and provide clean, dry shiny can usuallytobe paidDavy, less than a manager brought in from according Todd senior vice president of sales for the outside. However, without any additional training, DRB Systems. Other advances that modern technology that assistant manager often does not become a successful allows are integration of a controller and a point-of-sale site manager. after experiencing less (POS) system. Some To thiscompanies, end, the controller communicates success want, beginsure to work oncustomer the training side with thethan POSthey system to make every receives of formula, and of course, helps improve results. thethe wash services forthat, which he or she paid. Without question, however, the area that is least worked Time-wasting and costly rewashes can become a on is the recruiting aspect of the equation. And, from my problem if a vehicle receives the wrong services. Modern experience, it is with the most of the controllers work other important systems to part address this whole issue. management equation.


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ADVANTAGE The focus of the balance of this article is to demonstrate that it is possible to find and match people’s natural abilities and motivation correctly to the job. This is true even in the car wash industry where turnover can be very high. Although I have compiled information on several different positions in the car wash industry, I have picked one job to look at for the sake of clarity. The position selected for the purpose of examining this issue of selection is the manager of an exterior express conveyor car wash.


Over a five-year period, I have surveyed 103 conveyor car wash managers from 24 car wash organizations of all sizes (1 to 22 locations) all over the US. The survey instrument utilized is called a ProScan®. After an extensive search, I chose this survey for its accuracy (over four million working adults have verified this), the quality of information provided (a 26-page in-depth report), and its ease of use (it takes about 10 minutes to complete). From this larger number of 103 managers, I identified 21 high-performing exterior express managers. I chose the following standards to consider a manager a high performer. First, managing (for at least a year) an exterior express car wash that washed over 100,000 cars a year. Second, was successful in training people, using the criteria that at least one or more of the people who reported to them had been promoted to some level of management; i.e., they can train and develop people. Third, less tangible, but very real, was the assessment of the owners that these managers were considered high performers. What I found was that 16 of the 21 (76%) fit a pattern of behavior traits which were very identifiable using the survey instrument. Having a survey that could increase the likelihood of a good match 76% of the time is a wonderful tool to have before assessing a person's match to the job (whether promoting from within or hiring a manager from outside the business). However, it is important to note that 24% of the high performers did not match the metrics in at least one significant area, and they are still high performers. So, behavior traits or the natural ability to do a particular job by itself does not entirely explain why someone is successful. The other factor that does explain why that 24% were successful, even though not a natural fit in some way, is their motivation. Motivation has to be determined with good interviewing skills, as well as careful reference and background checks. Also, there is a separate section of the ProScan Survey that addresses motivation. And, even then, no process is 100% effective. It is all about increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the selection process. If 10 minutes for a survey can take you from a “hit-ormiss” proposition to a 76% rate of success, this is a huge improvement. Now let's examine exactly what these behavior traits are.








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the inside of the wheel. Sections


side shimmy technique!

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BEHAVIOR TRAITS There are 10 specific measurements contained in a ProScan survey that provide a very good picture of the behavioral traits desired for this position. The first areas of measurement are the four cornerstone traits of Dominance (The Take Charge Trait), Extroversion (The People Trait), Pace (The Patience Trait), and Conformity (The Systems Trait). The fifth area is a person’s Unique Trait Pairs, which are created by the combination of a person’s four cornerstone traits. After that, information is provided on a person’s Logic (the mental processes by which decisions are made), Energy Styles (how tasks are approached or goals are accomplished), and Kinetic Energy Level (mental, emotional, and physical energy). The last area of the survey provides information on an individual’s Communication and Leadership Styles. These 10 measurements give us the knowledge of who we truly are: our basic, natural self. The measurements in the above areas are then matched up to what is called a Job Model. This Model has been created by taking the behavioral traits of those high performers and creating a framework against which a person’s behavioral traits can be compared. The question we are looking to answer is whether or not someone has the ability to do the job and do it well. Let’s look at just one of these 10 traits to illustrate how this works.

EXTROVERSION Extroversion is the Social/Relational Trait. It has to do with people and their fluency in communication. People with high extroversion tend to act on their environment (vs. reacting to their circumstances) and control their environment through people. Managers with high Extroversion are very articulate communicators, effective delegators, and persuade employees to do their work instead of dictating to them. Managers with very low Extroversion, on the other hand, are reserved, communicate cautiously, may be selective in whom they place trust, and want to think before having to respond to a customer or employee. Now where do the 76% of the high performing managers come out on this measurement? Not low Extroversion, because as an Exterior Express Car Wash manager you have to be able to respond quickly and effectively to customers and employees. In fact, 100% of the high performing managers were high in Extroversion and in most cases, this was their highest intensity trait. However, although most managers were not extremely high in this area like you might want for someone in a sales position, they were what you might term moderately high in Extroversion. They can be described as responsive, participative, friendly, and fairly persuasive. They are not verbose, effusive, or extremely outgoing like someone in sales. Taking this trait one step further, it is easy to see why this measurement fits a successful Exterior Express Car Wash manager. To deal with customer complaints, for example, it is really helpful if a manager wants to communicate and

is comfortable doing so. Handling the customer well is desired as opposed to a manager with low Extroversion who might have the tendency to hand the customer a complaint form and say, “Fill this out and I’ll pass it on to the owner.” For each of the 10 Behavior Traits a very precise model now exists that can scientifically measure a manager’s aptitude for the job.


There are several discoveries I have made during the course of this research: First, the common wisdom for decades in the car wash industry has been that it is very difficult to find a really good conveyor car wash manager. Well, this research confirms that belief statistically. Most of the people that you interview for a management position, whether internally or outside the company, will not match up ideally. However, you can change that equation dramatically with the next discovery. Second, the way to attract candidates who fit the natural behavior traits that you want is by inserting into the advertising certain words that attract the people with those particular traits. This can dramatically increase your percentage of matches. Third, when promoting from within someone who has been successful as an employee but does not fit the profile that you want ideally for a manager, you still might go ahead and do that for many reasons. What’s different when using a system like this is that now you can predict exactly where that person is going to have a problem performing their job. You can then supply them with coaching and training to improve on areas that are not “natural” for them. Remember that there are 24% of the successful managers that do not fit the Model of Car Wash Management perfectly. It is possible to succeed with someone who is not a perfect fit—it just takes more work on the part of ownership and upper management. And, that person has to be motivated to master the areas that are not natural to them. Fourth, and maybe most importantly, when you start using a survey like this in the way we have described, the biggest benefit is that you become a better manager of people. Why? Because when you start getting in touch with how everyone who reports to you is very different in so many ways, you start treating people as the individuals that they are. And, for the person that is being managed, that feels great. That sets in motion a chain of events: better morale, which leads to higher performance, which in turn creates a more positive environment for the customers. Good people stay and customers come back more often which are the signs of a great organization. Steve Gaudreau is the President of BRINK RESULTS, a 25-year car wash industry veteran, author of the books “Creating Exceptional Managers” and “So You Want to Own a Car Wash.” 23


24 28





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MARKETING There is More to Signs than Meets the Eye - A Peek at Permits

The obvious details when considering a sign include design, purchase costs, delivery and installation. However, lesser known, but equally important, details regarding signs can be overlooked, thus complicating things. One of these lesser-known details involves permits.

At its basic level, a sign is an object that will identify a business or service. But it is actually an investment and another means to "speak" to the customer. When the regulatory community looks at signs, they think of a physical object, the location of the object and possibly the printed context or image. As a result, the rules and restrictions pertaining to signs and their installation are usually based on little else and can be confining.

Permits are required for installation of most commercial business signs. Depending on the specific location of the business or the ultimate sign location, permitting requirements for certain types of sign categories can address a number of planning factors: Size limitation, color and design, context, site plans, installation and delivery logistics, private or public property, temporary or permanent signs, maintenance, environmental impact, and public safety.

WHAT IS A PERMIT? A permit for a sign is simply a legal document showing authorization by a regulatory body, indicating that a review and approval was performed for the sign's use, construction, installation, or other consideration or application. A permit also can outline specific guidelines and conditions that must be met by the sign owner in order to comply with local ordinances. Application reviews, permits and guidelines can vary greatly by municipality and state, and will often reflect the particular needs and resources of the different areas. For instance, in cities with congested business districts or high turnover, they may have less complex reviews or shorter applications simply because the logistics of reviewing each sign would overload their resources. However, in less congested locations, application reviews would be more manageable, and thus can be more comprehensive and detailed. Issued sign permits can be very specific, just for the sign or installation, or general, the entire scope of a project from

delivery, construction, installation and use. For instance, a district may require a sign permit and then require a building permit for the construction or installation of that sign, and then require an additional permit for any traffic disruption caused by the delivery of the sign. Along with receiving a permit comes the responsibility for the sign owner to understand and adhere to the guidelines and/or conditions attached to the particular permit issued. It is important to note also that different city and state regulatory authorities may phrase these approvals and permissions in terms other than "sign permits," which may fall under the umbrella of building permits, installation permits, registrations, general applications or licenses.

WHY PERMITS? Permits serve a number of purposes. They may be used to control what is termed as "visual clutter," tracking and limiting the number of signs or types of signs installed in a particular area. A permit may also be used to control the type of message displayed in certain locations. For instance, many municipalities control the distance certain advertising subjects must be from a school zone, or whether or not commercial signs can be located near hazardous construction sites. Permits also act as an inventory of businesses, and to help to establish a tax record for built structures.

WHEN PERMITS APPLY Generally, permits are required for installation of most commercial business signs (building wraps, billboards, banners, permanent, temporary, political signs, awnings, pole signs, etc.). Depending on the specific municipality or state, this can also include signs painted directly on outside walls, as well as fabricated signs hung on an outside wall or projecting from a building. In almost all cases, any structural component of an installation or attachment of a sign would require some form of a permit (building, electrical, excavation, general, etc.). By Keith Highlen, Hilton Displays 27



History and retrospect are sometimes not-so-funny things. When it comes to the treatment of women in the workplace, what was once encouraged as acceptable behavior and attitudes from previous decades and generations are now viewed as abhorrent and sexist. With a shift in thinking, education and awareness, crude comments and inappropriate behavior against women have now been replaced with opportunities and respect at many companies. For trade show goers, scantily clad “booth babes” are now seen as an offensive, antiquated and unacceptable ploy to lure like-minded men together. Change, in these regards, have helped advance our industry, and leading women are taking center stage at many top companies in the automotive industries, including carwashing. Six years ago, Mary Barra made headlines in the U.S. by becoming CEO of General Motors and the first woman to run a major automobile manufacturer. However, looking at the data and speaking to the women we interviewed for this article, while progress has been nice to see over recent decades, for many females, change has been slow and is still evolving. According to, although females represent almost half the U.S. labor force, they only account for about a quarter of the entire automotive workforce. As noted by the site’s statistics, women held 23.6% of jobs in the motor vehicles and motor vehicles equipment manufacturing industry in 2019. When it comes to c-suite positions in these auto industries, too many women are still standing on the sidelines. For example, cites a report from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: “In the motor vehicle and parts dealers industry, women made up the majority (74.8%) of office and clerical workers in 2018 but were underrepresented among higher level positions like first/mid-level officials and managers (18.1%) and executive/senior-level officials and managers (17.6%).” We reached out to several women in the professional carwashing and detailing industry to celebrate their accomplishments and get their perspectives on being leading ladies in carwashing. 28

Females are showing up

Sonia Swenson, co-owner of Austin, Texas-based Arbor Car Wash, has witnessed the emergence of women in carwashing first-hand. Thirty years ago, Swenson and her husband decided to venture into the market by way of selling carwash dryers. Now an owner and operator of five washes in the surrounding area, Swenson sees progress but adds that there’s more work to do within the industry and in society as a whole. “Thirty years ago, my husband and I would go to these [carwash trade] shows, and there would barely be any women there. It was me, some wives and one or two others, so it was … awkward,” recalls Swenson, who also expressed encouragement regarding female attendance at recent carwash events. Others have confirmed that the small contingent of women at these early shows shared that awkward feeling. According to Brenda Jane Johnstone, a 20-year carwash veteran as well as owner and publisher of Convenience & Carwash Canada, the first carwash show she attended featured about 8,000 attendees, and only 200 of them were female. “And, all the women walked behind the men and wouldn’t talk. So, I would go to the booths to learn more about the equipment, and no one would speak with me,” recounts Johnstone, who is also encouraged by the emergence of female attendees at today’s carwash shows.

“It’s really interesting to see the leaps and bounds that the industry is taking with regards to giving women opportunities, because it was always considered a maledominated industry. Now, women are getting into the industry because it’s fun and they can.” Johnstone was so inspired by the acceleration of women in carwashing that she started an annual event called Women in Carwash™ (www.womenincarwash.

ADVANTAGE com) where females gather, network and learn from each other’s experiences and challenges. She has noticed increased interest and attendance, including among younger generations. “At the last Women in Carwash™ conference, we had five young women attend, and one was 19 years old and was only in the industry for two weeks at that time,” explains Johnstone.

Elevating together

Regardless of the exterior packaging, the industry’s performance and future are only as strong as its brightest minds and rising stars. Providing intelligent and talented females with opportunities in this field elevates our entire industry. Then, offering a comfortable workplace environment that caters to women will help ensure their

in the first place. It starts with visibility. The more women are championed and highlighted in our industry, the more other high-performing women will realize there are opportunities for continued career advancement,” proclaims Barnett, adding that her company’s three units employ about 50% female staff in a full spectrum of roles. “Our company is a firm believer that a highly diversified workforce is highly beneficial to our success.” As mentioned, the first hurdle for many women, especially younger women, is that they simply don’t view the carwash industry as a viable career path, which is an incorrect assumption, since the market offers a wide variety of jobs to suit a multitude of skillsets and interests. As for this thinking, Barnett concurs, “I’ve been there.” While hers was a “chance introduction” into the industry — one that she is now grateful for — Barnett wants interested females to know that there are also unique opportunities for women in carwashing these days. “Because women are still emerging as leaders in an historically male-dominated industry, women have the chance to stand out and make an impression in a way that differs from their male counterparts. Don’t be afraid to make yourself known,” she advises, adding that regular event and trade show attendance can help elevate learning and networking.

Women at the wheel contributions are effective and long-lasting. There is no doubt the carwash industry was built on family businesses. And, while the sons and daughters of carwashing families still play an important role in the business, the industry has shifted, with more professionals — including women — from the outside seeking careers in carwashing and detailing. Lanese Barnett, vice president of TG Miller & Co., serves as one example. “Over the years, I’ve found there is an assumption I joined the carwash industry because it is a family business. While I’m not offended, it’s not true,” she educates. Instead, as Barnett explains, she entered the industry by interviewing for a position at her current company, worked diligently over the last decade to gain industry knowledge and sharpen her professional skills, and eventually advanced into a leadership role. Now, she wants her story to serve as a reminder to other females that they can have a similar career path in carwashing. “The challenge is demonstrating that women can have a profitable career in this industry, so it is a consideration

While the increased presence of female workers in carwashing and detailing have been a natural progression of history, women aren’t just showing up to collect a paycheck. As noted by the accounts of the women interviewed for this article, female workers in this industry are often outperforming their male counterparts. Swenson adds that women are detail-oriented, loyal and overall “great workers.” In fact, three of Arbor Car Wash’s managers are women, and Swenson has been impressed by their performance. “They will get in the tunnel and work with the maintenance guy … all the women have a genuine desire to want to do better. And, honestly, they are better than some of our male managers.” And, adds Swenson, females can bring other intangibles to the table. “Customers actually like dealing with women more than men, especially women customers,” she notes. But, while women can shine when given the opportunity, bias still remains. Swenson notes challenges from a few employees who do not want a woman to be in charge. “It is very rare and usually when the female first starts as manager.”

The landscape has changed, and opportunities abound for females in the industry. 29





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wash quality compared to the use of fresh water. By freelance contributor, Jonathan Abrams, Professional Carwashing & Detailing. On behalf of the many car wash small business operators As our industry continues to evolve, females bring located throughout New Mexico, I am respectfully requesting other aspects to the table that will help the market that car washing be designated as “essential businesses” in New progress now and be into opportunitiesbyand Mexico. This would in the line future. with theThe acknowledgement the challenges that come with generational technological U.S. Department of Homeland Security and and provide consistency advances be best handled with a female touch. of throughoutmight the State of New Mexico in the implementation Could someone step in and suc cessfully manage your Governor Grisham’s order.a whole different perspective “Women can bring to financial affairs if you are unable to do so yourself? Of We support our members desire to obey the various SIP the industry. Women do things differently than men. course, youofficials could execute a "financial power of we attorney'' ordersyounger that have issued. the same time believe The generations of At workers and customers designating someone as a "financial agent" to act on your the orders should be implemented fairly across the business need understanding, listening to and need their feelings behalf in financial matters if you're incapacitated. community based on adequate and correct informationBut as respected — that it’s adocument different way ofandoing business. Even just drafting withOver attorney, you provided by Homeland Security. the past which few weeks should do, doesn't that thisso relative, friend men have said to guarantee me, ‘Women are much better or at we have been working with many states and communities to adviser will know what to do. The issue isn't so much relating to these younger generations,’” asserts Johnstone. provide the information and assist in creating the safe and whether he/isshe lacks financial savvy-it's that figuring out Change good, and companies proper environment for carmany washes to be openare as embracing “essential” someone else's finances on the fly is a massive challenge. and to operate - with thewomen proper to CDC and encouraging more stepprotocols. forwardThe for recent open Having a financial plan in place for health emergencies identification of car washing as an essential business in the positions and advancement is especially on career many people's minds opportunities. now because ofOur the State of Texas isunite, an example of our efforts. believe safe industry must implementing wagesWe and benefits coronavirus pandemic, but an incapacitating emergency and sanitized vehicles are important and/or essential in all that to women, continue to couldattract come and up atcater any time. Here's and howittomust prepare finances communities and the Office of Homeland Security supports this for an emergency create awareness handoff… among younger, talented females and position. SCWA believes car washing operations provide a basic those on the outside looking in that and sanitizing service that is essential to atheprofitable, health andstable safety SIMPLIFY IN ADVANCE career in carwashing and detailing is not only possible but of the public. There is acards continuing need on many levels for Consolidate credit and bank accounts. Missed also certain. automotive to keep are theiramong vehicles the cleanmost and safe. People credit cardowners payments common transporting the elderly; people assisting as volunteers or The paid missteps when someone takes over your finances. Rich DiPaolo is the Associate Publisher – Editorial of Professional staff for non-profits offering essential people delivering more cards you use, the greater theservices; odds that there will be Carwashing & Detailing a problem. Cut back to magazine. only two, if possible.


Prepare Your Finances for an Emergency Handoff

info could be stolen. Among the details to include... Income sources. Note how each of your income streams arrives-pensions and Social Security payments often are ADVANTAGE direct-deposited into bank accounts, forADVANTAGE example. If you goods and food delivery need to maintain a safe environment. The Uber, Lyft and Taxi drivers have a continuing need to keep their vehicles clean and safe. And even the regular citizen who is transporting their family during this difficult time should be able to maintain a safe and clean vehicle.

Grit Trap Disposal Testing

Here is a recap outlining the grounds for our position - that car washes are an essential business operation: 1.

The Homeland Security issues a memorandum on

• Waste testing that y “As March 19 which read in part on the dapage: tofirst s u l l meets any landfill a C consider aCOVID-19State and local communities ci listl to assist or disposal site related restrictions, CISA isfo offering r spethis g. prioritizing activities related to continuity requirements. A pricofinoperations


and incident response, including the appropriate movement of critical infrastructure workers within and • Soil, water, waste between jurisdictions”.

and air testing. 2.


On page seven (7) of this document under the general heading of “Transportation & Logistics” it names “Automotive Repair & Maintenance Facilities” as essential businesses.

INTEGR TY testing

The NAICS Code describes all the categories that fall under the heading of Automotive Repair & Maintenance. Chris Ewert • (512) 891-7777 On page two (2) of the code descriptions it identifies car washing (specifically 811192) as being a part of this 8127 Mesa Drive, #C-305 • Austin, TX 78759 category and therefore an “essential business”.


5 31


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ATTENTION: Car Wash Owners and Vendors Enjoy a day of Golf, Food, Fun and Great Prizes!!


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ADVANTAGE ADVANTAGE Continued from pg. 31


have income that arrives by check, explain where it comes from, when it should arrive and what to do if it doesn't arrive. Example: If you have a rental property, your tenants or property management company might send New cameras are only as good as your entire you paper checks each month. surveillance plan. Recurring payments — including mortgage/rent, Seeing is believing. Although our society has reserved utilities, taxes (estimated income taxes and property this phrase for witnessing the unexpected and unthinkable, taxes), insurance premiums… payments made to personal it can also apply to proper site surveillance. That’s if that you or household assistance providers… and other bills want to the basis. time, resources andchecking money to clear your recur oninvest a regular Search your account and lens for ideal viewing. Usually, this is the first hurdle in credit card transactions histories to make sure you haven't achieving surveillance on your site —your the owner’s missed anyoptimal of these. For each listing, provide account desire to password/PIN invest in equipment andcompany's modern systems. number, and the contact phone number or website as experts well as ainbrief description of when Speaking with the the field, many mention and it isare paid. Indicate where wire check — or that how owners often reluctant to you invest topa dollar have set upeven automatic payments an account. sometimes middle dollar —from in new tech. However, Any payments made annually orthe semiannually deserve these experts say, this decision is at owner’s own peril. special attention —the less often a recurring bill is paid, the Each year, crime — including burglary, robbery, greater the odds that your financial agent overlook it vandalism, shoplifting, employee theft andwill fraud — costs when reviewing your finances. The is common with longAmerican businesses billions of dollars. According to term-care insurance, home/auto insurance and property Statistic Brain, for example, employee theft costs U.S. taxes. Highlight the dates these are due, and add a businesses upwards of $50 billion annually. That’s a lot warning that this date is important. Example: A woman of family and friend carwash discounts, but that’s not the was in a rehab facility when her long-term-care policy's only thing employees arepassed stealing fromshe your business. bill arrived. The deadline before or her loved Even losses in worker productivity and sketchy comp ones realized anything was amiss. The insurer fused to claims are washing your profits down the drain. reinstate the policy.

Open Your Eyes To Crime

Last year, our insurers publication released “2019aProfessional Helpful: Man allow you toitsname third party, Carwashing Industry Report,” which noted vandalism, such as a friend or family member, to bethat notified if the employee theft and non-employee theft were the top three policy is behind in payments. types of crime that occurred at carwashes in 2017. Include Bank, investment and credit card accounts. Expanding on the famous phrase that started this each institutions's name and contact phone number, article, it was American author Philip Roth who is credited account number and passwords/PINs. with saying, “Seeing is believing believing is knowing Financial professionals you and work with. This could and knowing unknowing and the unknown.” include a tax beats preparer, estate attorney, financial planner, We spokeadviser with two surveillance and security investment and/or trust officer. Provide experts phone for this article with the goal of improving yourbe vision numbers and e-mail addresses. These pros might able when comes recognizing andabout fighting that to helpitthe agentto answer questions your crime finances— occurs youronly site.questions related to their specialties. In thoughon likely addition keeping this list with your plan, give it to loves FIT TOtoMONITOR CARWASHES, ones so if all else fails, these NOT KIDS AND FOOD people can piece together your financial activity. as knowing what to do when it Just as important Your personal information. Provide your full name, comes to setting up a proper and effective site surveillance mailing address, email address and phone number(s), system is knowing what to avoid. According to Jennifer date of birth, Social Security number and mother's maiden Spears, who is a carwash owner and sales manager name. If you were widowed within the past five years, with and has over two decades include your late spouse's personal info, too. Photocopy of experience in the industry, some operators are too your driver's license and health insurance/Medicare card smart for their own good when it comes to surveillance. and attach these to your financial guide. In fact, some operators believe that hiding cameras will catch criminals in the act without them knowing. In this PROVIDE FURTHER GUIDANCE case, it’s better see guide your surveillance efforts Confirm that that yourperps financial is understood and to believe stored. them and hopefully thwart their mischievous properly When you hand your guide to your behavior. financial agent, ask him to read it in your presence so

WashSolutions WashSolutions

Your Your single single solution solution for for all all car car wash wash and and detail detail needs. needs.

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ADVANTAGE So, if you think your sly, hidden camera tricks are outsmarting criminals, including ill-conceived employees, think again. The fact is, you could be inviting crime to happen. “Don’t be one of those people,” warns Spears, who says installing cameras doesn’t have to be a daunting task to start and that it’s better to be strategic initially based on your budget. “Cameras that are visible are incredibly helpful; it’s like having a security guard on duty 24/7 that you don’t have to pay. Bad guys look for cameras, and a ton of the time, they simply will walk away. Stopping vandalism and theft before they happen saves you downtime, money, equipment repairs, peace of mind and so much more.” Other missteps Spears has seen over her career in carwashing include: • Operators trying to buy “one-sizefits-all” solutions, which will not work because every carwash and owner is unique • Buying cheap. “Work with a camera manufacturer that can create a system specifically for your business, instead of being convinced that any run-of-the-mill cameras can handle your wash. They just can’t — it’s that simple,” pleads Spears. “ The cameras that work in a daycare or grocery store will not survive in a carwash.”

BLINDSIDED While being strategic from the start is considered a best practice, carwashes might eventually need many more cameras onsite in order to have an all-encompassing system in place. According to another surveillance expert with over two decades of industry experience, operators should look at cameras in terms of “the more, the better.” “In the past 25 years, I have never had a carwash operator tell me that he or she has too many cameras,” says Curtis Ray, co-owner and vice president of Acquire Video Security, adding that having as many cameras as financially possible is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. “And, you need a system that can handle a high capacity for camera counts.”

... vandalism, employee theft and non-employee theft were the top three types of crime that occurred at carwashes... Some of the errors that Ray sees with poorly performing carwash surveillance systems include the following: • Buying low-end systems from bigbox retailers and the internet • Poor placement of cameras • Do-it-yourself crime fighters. “Low-end systems designed to work in residential or light commercial applications will not be effective in wet environments like carwashes, where water, chemicals and high-power drying are being applied,” explains Ray. “Additionally, the majority of replacements we do is because operators tried to install the cameras on their own. You must enlist the help of a professional, preferably one with carwash industry experience, and start off on the right foot.”

SMILE, YOU’RE ON CAMERA As tech gets smaller, cameras have become more compact. While motorized focus zoom cameras are typically larger than fixed lens cameras — leading carwashes should use a combo of both types of cameras — it’s important to make all customers aware that you’re monitoring the site, regardless if they see the cameras or not. Also, at night, when crime is prone to occur compared to during sunlight hours, cameras can be tough to spot. So, how can you promote your surveillance system and force criminals to be camera shy? Signage and lighting are two of the best-known ancillary deterrents. “Criminals of property crime typically look for easy targets. They are going to target dimly lit areas, and that’s why lighting, especially LED lighting, can help not only improve the video quality but also act as a major deterrent,” notes Ray. Successful carwash operators know that activity on the site leads to more activity. In terms of creating and attracting new business, this formula is perfect. However, activity can also help to deter would-be criminals. Outside of advanced tech, signage and proper lighting, an owner or manager’s presence on the site can also help augment your surveillance plan. “Some things you can do to protect your investment are so super simple, and a lot of people don’t think of them. Put little stickers on everything that advertise video and audio surveillance are being recorded at all times. Also, be present at the wash — and present is the keyword,” says Spears. Being present, Spears adds, includes introducing yourself to customers and using the time to ask questions 37



ADVANTAGE to familiarize yourself with the customers’ needs. “When people ‘know’ you, they are less likely to steal from you or vandalize the location. Secondly, they are more likely to keep an eye out and report something they’ve witnessed. Genuine human kindness goes a long way in protecting what you’ve worked so hard for,” she explains.

SEEING CLEARLY IS BELIEVING Earlier, we mentioned the need to invest in newer, modern technology when it comes to cameras and network systems. But, what’s the return on that investment? Aren’t all cameras created equal? Just point and shoot, right? Not exactly, retort the experts. A comprehensive strategy includes such efforts as trimming back landscaping and positioning cameras at all critical points, such as in the tunnel and bay as well as pointing some at the ingress and stacking areas of the site. However, without proper recording and archiving, your efforts will be diminished and can end up costing your business an abundance of money in the long run. Both of the experts we interviewed for this article agree that cameras have vastly improved in the last five years. Today’s leading systems for carwashes offer better image quality, including 4K; longer archive times; and the ability to monitor and review remotely, just to name a few advances. “Very high-quality cameras are readily available these days direct from the manufacturer. Plug-n-play IP camera systems are now available, so you get the ease of simply plugging in your cameras with a single network cable, and the network video recorder (NVR) does all the rest. Also, resolution on cameras is getting higher and higher and more affordable all the time. Only big scratches and large dents could be seen through vehicle documentation systems. Now, you can see fine-line scratches and sometimes even registration information, not to mention plates of every vehicle that goes in the tunnel,” boasts Spears. Systems are also highly intuitive these days. Spears adds that the NVR can actually send text or email messages straight to your phone with photos if an alarm is tripped or motion is detected when or where it shouldn’t be. “You can call the cops as you watch; you can take screenshots or full video recordings of what’s happening live,” inserts Spears. However, one critical point to consider is making sure the live video is as clear as the playback. Often, playback video quality on cheaper equipment suffers at the expense of archive requirements, for instance. According to Ray, another pitfall that operators sometimes fall into is solely focusing on the actual camera. And, while the quality of the camera is vitally important, it is only as good as the apparatus that actually records and plays back the footage.

“The recorder is the brains. You can have the best camera on the planet, but if your recorder is a low-end, mass-produced technology, you’re not going to get the playback that is needed at a carwash to document crime, accidents and damage claims,” states Ray, who adds that this is the number one mistake made in the carwash industry. Operators should ask specific questions of suppliers and manufacturers in order to ensure high-quality live and playback video, continues Ray. For example, can you record a high number of cameras and play them back at an identical resolution and get the same quality as if you’re viewing live? Once you have a comprehensive and sound site surveillance plan in place, incidents should decrease over time, since word and awareness will spread of your crime prevention efforts. But, throwing caution to the wind can have the opposite effect. Being known as the easy target that turns a blind eye to crime and willingly pays out damage claims to avoid confrontation and hassle will grow out of control and cost you more than a simple investment in surveillance. Rich DiPaolo is the Associate Publisher – Editorial of Professional Carwashing & Detailing.

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analysis for all employers when determining whether they qualify as "retail or service" establishments for purposes of an exemption from overtime pay applicable to commission-based employees. Long time SCWA member Ted (Teddy) Maier of Section 7(i) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Willis, Texas, died on Friday, August 7, 2020 at Memorial provides an exemption from the FLSA's overtime pay Hermann Hospital in theemployees Texas Medical Center due to requirement for certain of retail or service heart failure. Ted was a design on anda sales consultant for establishments paid primarily commission basis. All Aquatic & Kids Playground. Today's rule withdraws two provisions from WHD's He was born Crawfordsville, on October regulations. Thein first withdrawnIndiana provision listed industries that viewed as having "no retail 10, 1963. His WHD mother Brenda and father Tedconcept" Jr. got and thus were in categorically claimSome the section him involved football atineligible a young toage. of his 7(i) exemption. Thewere second withdrawn listed fondest memories playing football provision throughout his industries that, in WHD's view, "may be recognized as childhood. Ted went on to attend Southwestern University retail" and thus were potentially eligible for the exemption. in Georgetown, Texas, class of 1986. He majored in As the rule explains, some courts have questioned whether Psychology and while he never was a psychologist, he these lists lack any rational basis. certainly used it on his friends and family. It was at As a result of the withdrawal of these two lists, Southwestern he met that his lifelong the establishmentswhere in industries had beenfriends on theinnonKA fraternity, and his college sweetheart Stevens. retail list may now assert that they have aSusan retail concept, His time inmeet the fraternity shaped his life, and were truly and if they the existing definition of retail and other among bestqualify memories. criteria,his may to use the exemption. These other criteria paying a regular least one and Afterinclude graduating college, he rate metathis future wifea half and times the minimum wage and providing commissions that mother of his children Margo Maier (D. 2003). Their three comprise moreallthan the employee's children were bornhalf in different cities, hiscompensation eldest Asher for a representative period. Some establishments on the (Houston), middle child Micah (Toronto, Canada), and his withdrawn non-retail list may have been deterred from youngest Grace (Detroit). This is a direct reflection of his

availing themselves of the exemption and its compensation flexibilities. If establishments on the withdrawn non-retail list now qualify for the exemption, they have added flexibility regarding commission-based pay arrangements with their workers. For these employers and workers, they could consider whether, for instance, more commissionbased pay is sensible. Establishments in industries that had been on the "may be" retail list may continue to assert that they have a retail concept. Moving forward, WHD will apply the same analysis to all establishments to determine whether they have a retail concept and qualify as retail or service establishments, promoting greater clarity for employers and workers alike. WHD is issuing this rule without notice and comment, and it will take effect immediately. Notice and comment and delaying the effective date are not required because both lists being withdrawn were part of WHD's interpretive regulations and were originally issued in 1961 without notice and comment or a delay.

DID YOU KNOW -TIPS Retireesand canhard skipwork required minimum distributions dedication to support his family. He had (RMDs) from their retirement accounts this year under such a knack for sales that many promotions and sales a provision of the coronavirus economic stabilization achievements led him all across the eastern United States package signed into law in March. That means retirees and Canada. He was truly beloved by all the individuals can avoid the tax payments that they normally would face he worked with and for over the years.



Endorsed by

26 42

ADVANTAGE ADVANTAGE In 2009, Ted’sarechildren moved to live systems. with himOne in make sure they true water restoration The Woodlands, Texas from living with their mother recommendation is talking to other operators using the in Ontario, Canada.and This was about a great opportunity for same brand systems asking their experiences. a closed-loop all about selecting his Choosing children to get close tosystem him in iswhat would turn outa knowledgeable and experienced water solutions partner, to be his final years. In The Woodlands, he supported states the NWI team. With a closed-loop system, it is them through high school and saw his eldest son Asher always important to have support from an experienced graduate college. He was able to rekindle his love for professional to ensure the site upgrades, plumbing design football with his son Micah and was a swim dad with his and installation go smoothly and are executed in a way daughter Grace, who competed for many years. Ted also that will result in successful water treatment. This support loved golfing sons and his downtime last round with will help a with washhis avoid longplayed delays, and Asher and Micah on Father’s Day 2019. increased maintenance needs. Ted was happiest he was surrounded by friends A site’s water qualitywhen is another factor to consider. The supply waterfamily can have a big impact on the closed-loop equipment and keeping them entertained. His humor and needed for top quality washing, the NWI team notes. If quick wit were legend among his circle of friends and the fresh To water supply not of qualitylight to use family. know Ted,iswas to sufficient know a bright indirectly a dark for a final rinse, that adds to the list of needed equipment and room. He was a loving and generous man. makes it more difficult to achieve a zero-discharge balance. Ted is survived by the mother of his children Margo; “Every site may have its own challenges. Typically, his fiancée, Susan; three children: Micah with and the volume of carshis washed is a big Asher, factor along Grace; his mother Brenda and stepfather David; his wash equipment,” explains the NWI team. “Knowing the brothers: Garth Greg, histhe six nieces and nephews. components andand how theyand wash car can determine the sizeTed and/or support equipment that will allow the site to was a baptized Christadelphian, a faith that he become closed-loop.” held very close. He firmly believed in the kingdom of God The installation process does not involve much more and is awaiting the call of his master. than installing standard carwash components or systems, but the setup and working with the chemical provider are key, theBOARD NWI team OF continues. Making sure the wash DIRECTORS provides a clean vehicle with a very minimum amount of President: President-Elect: fresh water remains the biggest hurdle. Vice President: Jeff Blansit

Ryan Darby


Mel Ulrich Weatherford, TX (940) 456-1082

(214) 912-1729 535-7275 What upkeep steps(806) should an owner expect after President: Past President: Treasurer: installation? A closed-loop system Vendor will Vice clean more Tyler Greffin Don Witt Andrew Zamora particulates out of the wash water, and this means the Wixom, MI Dallas, TX Lubbock, TX reclaim be pumped (866) out 362-6377 more often, (214) tanking 358-2575 will need (806) to 543-2775 notes the NWI team. The reclaim tanks will fill with dirt DIRECTORS faster in a closed-loop system. To save on costs, an owner John Agnew Emerson Marcusand Kittrellwhen should check the dirt levelEd in the tank monthly, Abilene, TX Pelham, AL Fort Collins, CO the first tank reaches 1.5(325) feet of solids at the an (970) 485-0287 201-8011 (205) bottom, 966-5931 operator should have the tanks pumped out. Robertof Andre Holcomb Story needs Most the system Steve is automated, but Bobby it still Tamarac, FL Oklahoma City, OK Durant, OK to be(800)monitored and regularly The NWI 327-8723 (405) 642-7874 maintained. (580) 775-1855 team recommends that maintenance or upkeep on a Lanese Barnett Paul Kalscheur Shane Weiss closed-loop reclaim system be done via time increments: Dallas, TX Appleton, WI Alice, TX (972) 390-0230 (920) 636-8463 (361) 664-8101 The weekly, monthly, semiannually and biennially. weekly maintenance for a closed-loop system will require Executive Director: approximately 30 minutes, the monthly steps will take Chuck Space • 4600 Spicewood Springs Rd.,and Ste. 103 • Austin, Texas, 78759 • (512) 343-9023 about 45 minutes. The biannual maintenance will take longer at isaround four fiveCarhours, and the maintenance THE ADVANTAGE the official publication of theto Southwest Wash Association. It is published four times each calendar by SCWA, 4600 Spicewood Springs Rd., #103, Austin, Texas 78759. The officers, directors and members of the atyear two years will take approximately six hours. Southwest Car Wash Association, as well as The Advantage editors, in accepting advertising for this publication, make no independent services or products advertised andthat neither endorse nor recommendmake or make The investigation NWI concerning team thefurther suggests operators any claims as to the accuracy and therefore assume no liability thereof. The opinions expressed in the articles are not sure all plumbing and lines to the system are installed necessarily the opinions of SCWA and its publisher and therefore makes no warranties and assumes no responsibility for accuracy or completeness of the information herein.water (512) 343-9023. properly. Chemistry and quality must be monitored

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I had the pleasure of working with SBA-Capital and Hershel Pierce on a $7M restructure loan that replaced Short Term financing with Long Term debt, provided $1.5M for renovation, and reduced my debt service over $20K per month. Give Hershel a call to explore if he can do the same for your company.


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Robert Gallaher achieved immediate results after purchasing and renovating a struggling full-serve car wash in San Jose, California. Utilizing Sonny’s complete carwash solutions, Extreme Express Car Wash achieved a successful state-of-the-art express-exterior tunnel.

“Robert Gallaher, a construction worker and tire shop owner, was looking for a business opportunity that was scalable. He came across an old hand wash in San Jose, California with a great location but it wasn’t maintained or managed well. Robert says he worked with the CarWash Consulting team at Sonny’s to gain the knowledge, insight and confidence to remodel an old wash to a stateof-the-art express car wash. With the support of Sonny’s team, he was able to make decisions on equipment, vacuums, and operations to achieve immediate results. ”

Watch Robert Gallaher, Owner of Extreme Express explain the successful conversion of his wash site.

RobeRt GallaheR CEO, ExtrEmE ExprEss Car Wash

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