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Publication of the Southwest Car Wash Association

Second Quarter 2019





PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE As you read through this edition of ADVANTAGE you will see pictures of the 2019 SCWA Wade Welch Memorial Golf Classic and the 2019 SCWA Exhibitor Council Meeting. Both annual events were very successful and enjoyable. The SCWA Board of Directors Leadership Meeting concluded the week of activities. During Andrew Zamora the Board Retreat we spent time SCWA Preside­­nt discussing the progress and programs of our association and planning for the future. As I sat in the meeting and heard so many positive statistics and benchmarks – I started thinking about what really makes an association successful and in particular about what makes SCWA successful. Both in the Exhibitor Council Meeting and the Board Meeting several attendees made comments that focused our attention on two big concepts that have driven SCWA’s program. First we are a family; we have a culture that creates a family atmosphere; we are a close network of car wash owners all working to be successful in our business and are willing to help each other reach that goal. SCWA’s family culture makes participating fun and profitable. Second SCWA is member driven. The Board of Directors have worked to leave personal agendas at the door and work together for the benefit of the individual car wash owner/member. I realize how important this mission is when I see other associations with different goals that bring no value to the members. Successful associations, like SCWA, are those that consistently provide real value to their members over time and are guided by a culture of collective leadership that appreciates this distinguishing characteristic. Every association on the planet was created for the same reason: a group of people discovered that there were some things of value and worth that they could do better together than alone. However, it is the culture sustained by the leadership that knows they are responsible for maintaining the organization's ability to deliver the goals that really matter. Those goals are meaningful when they bring real value to the individual member. In contrast, less successful associations tend to confuse fads with trends. They fail to distinguish what is temporary from what is lasting; they allow momentarily attractive activities and decisions to consume valuable resources without long term purpose. Bottom line they tend to be reactive to personal agendas and not to consistency. Such a culture is usually enabled by leaders who think they are responsible for personally setting the organization's agenda instead of seeing themselves as responsible for ensuring the agenda is relevant to the members.

As I sat in the meetings – it was obvious that SCWA is currently and has always been blessed with leaders who understand the importance of keeping vision on the member and creating the long term consistency that has made SCWA successful. As we evaluated the success of the programs and direction of SCWA – I had a sense of great appreciation for the strong foundation that has been laid by previous leadership and a sense of responsibility for making sure this great culture continues. As we look to the future, be sure to mark your calendars for the next SCWA Car Wash Tour in Denver on August 5. We have outstanding car wash locations where you will get an “up close and personal” look. You may visit to register. October 1 we will be touring car wash locations in Houston. Of course the FIRST BIG CAR WASH SHOW of the year will be moving to the Fort Worth Convention Center, January 29-31, 2020. The new location and the new date pattern will give car wash owners and managers an even bigger and better opportunity to see the very latest in car wash; lube and detail equipment, services and supplies. As a first time attendee told me last year – “I will always come to the SCWA Show, it has everything I need to see; all the people I will work with and is so easy to navigate.” I would like to express my thanks to all our members and supporters who have helped SCWA be a strong advocate for the industry and our car wash owners. It is my honor to be the SCWA President this year and I sincerely seek your comments and input. I pledge to continue the “member driven” mission. See you in Denver.


Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine presented the 2019 Most Valuable Carwash Award to SCWA member, Jeff Wagner of Roswell, New Mexico. Congratulations Jeff From SCWA. Since 1991, Professional Carwashing & Detailing has asked its readers annually to submit nominations for the title of Most Valuable Carwasher (MVC), and every year we receive a number of highly qualified nominees. But, what makes one nominee stand out as an MVC? While there’s no concrete answer, what the editors of PC&D can say is that a combination of dedication, leadership and an impactful presence at the carwash are just some of the qualities that we look for. This year’s MVC has all of these qualities in spades. The PC&D team is pleased to present the 2019 MVC honor to Jeff Wagner, general manager of Champion Xpress Car Wash, based in Roswell, New Mexico. 3



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Champion Xpress only opened its doors in August 2015, making it — and Wagner — relatively new to the industry. Actually, Wagner’s start at Champion Xpress was his introduction into the professional carwashing industry, but his tenure there has been his “third career,” as he likes to call it.

Wagner’s “first career” lasted 15 years in the office products industry. During that time, he worked in an assortment of positions, from outside sales to computer technology to store management, eventually making it to CFO of the company. He even became a minority owner in the business. Once the office products company was sold, he then moved into his “selling career,” where he started out in the fundraising sector before moving into commercial real estate. During his eight-year stint in real estate, he helped to start a property management company, which oversaw approximately 2,200 units. However, life is a series of ups and downs, and 2014 was a particularly rough year for Wagner. Things started looking up though when his brother-in-law, Chad Merchant, and nephews, Derrick, Trey and Jordan Merchant, all co-owners of Champion Xpress Car Wash, hired him in November of that year to help plan and implement the company startup. “I firmly believe my previous ‘careers’ have prepared me for the great adventure that is Champion Xpress Car Wash,” Wagner says. “The opportunity to work for family and help create a fun business was simply too good to pass up.” So, from November until the following August, he helped to open the company’s first new-build carwash in Roswell, New Mexico. Thereafter, he became the carwash’s first manager and spent the next two years running the location before the company began to expand.


In less than four years, Champion Xpress has grown to nine locations in New Mexico and Texas, and now as general manager, Wagner oversees them all. Currently, Wagner runs the back office of Champion Xpress with his wife, Kim. His day-to-day tasks include taking care of financials and payroll, handling customer complaints and damage claims, producing financial and daily reports for the owners, making sure each location is reaching its fiscal goals and providing each location with items like uniforms and office supplies.

In addition to these duties, Wagner interacts with managers and assistant managers if they have a problem or maintenance issue to resolve. He also tries to visit each location in person monthly. “I believe it’s important to keep yourself grounded by seeing our employees and customers in person,” Wagner asserts. Overseeing nine locations as general manager is no easy task, but Derrick Merchant, who nominated Wagner for this recognition, highlights the qualities that have made Wagner a success. “Jeff is very good with the customers and always goes above and beyond to ensure they are satisfied. Jeff is a very smart man and understands how to balance customers, quality controls, maintenance and cleanliness, and profits. Jeff put together our carwash operations processes, and they are mimicked at all our washes,” says Merchant. In addition, according to Merchant, Wagner has hired great managers for the locations and has a keen eye for recognizing potential as well as promoting within the company. It is the very people with whom Wagner works — including the store managers, assistant managers, supervisory team and owners — to whom he attributes his secret to success. “God has blessed our company. There’s been a lot of answered prayers,” Wagner proclaims. “We’ve been very fortunate to find great employees. We’ve also been blessed with great owners. They all have small-town backgrounds, along with myself. As a result, I think we

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MARKETING understand our market. We know what it’s like to want

a product or service and not be able to find it. Therefore, we’re always looking for towns that are under-served and need our services.” Of course, success also stems from passion, and Wagner, In 1975, the Federal Commission though relatively new to Communications the industry, appears to have (FCC) issued a largely overlooked ruling that allowed developed quite a bit of it. earth-orbiting antennas — industry satellitesis — be business,” used for “The best thing about this it’s to a fun broadcasting television largewhen areas. Around that Wagner says. “Who doesn’tover feel better your car is clean? same time, a little-known regional broadcasting Our customers come expecting to leave happy, and network we want to provide them that. I always called Home Boxwith Office (HBO) tookremind notice,our andmanagers decided and staff, ‘We’re in the clean business. That means clean to use the FCC’s landmark decision to begin distributing working equipment andvia facilities.’ its own programming satellite.We also strive to interact with each customer. Make sure the customer HBO’s innovative move would have a leaves ripplehappy, effect and they’ll come back.” that would spill over onto the landscape of marketing.

Marketing - What has Changed in the Last 100 Years?

Soon, satellite networks proliferated, and with them, A KEY ASSET TO GROWTH marketers’ ability to target in ways that were has never preAs mentioned before, Champion Xpress grown viously to nine possible. locations in two states in under four years. As if that werethat nottime, impressive enough, thismuch carwash company Since there has been so technological already has plans to open another seven this year as well innovation that marketers are faced with choices beyond as break ground on an additional seven in 2020. measure. It can be blinding and bewildering for anyone “Whenwith we started in this business three years we charged allocating marketing dollars onago, behalf said our goal was get very to 20issue washes by 2020. lot of of a business. And,tothis is what hasAcaused people laughed at us, and it’s only by God’s blessings and marketers to go awry. This is an age of unprecedented hard work we expect to be over 20 washes by December communications, and yet many still struggle to connect 2020. We now have set our goal of 50 locations by 2025,” with one another. Merchant explains. But this problem is not the real problem.


However, Merchantisis that also too adamant none of have this The true problem manythat marketers growth would be possible without Wagner. failed to recognize that only one thing has changed in As far asinconstruction real estate expertise the marketing the past 100and years: technology. That’sgo, it. Yes, Merchants felt social confident in and their own and ability to handle you now have media tweets followers and that aspect of expansion. The hurdle they felt would be a apps and branding and re-marketing and analytics and bigger challenge was being able to handle and standardize focus groups and ROI and CRM and customer personas their operations. and digital and so on. It’s all certainly true. But, what has “That has not been the case since finding Jeff,” Merchant enabled nearly every bit of it is technology. asserts. “His leadership and work ethic led to us becoming So prolific is the role of technology in marketing that it fearless in opening more carwashes. We have found that has become foras some anwe alluring Panic and peer we can expand fast as want distraction. because he always handles pressure in, and organizations pursue thewould latest and the all of theset operations with ease. We simply not be greatest technology-based marketing tactics without taking where we are today without him. We are in the process of strategic approach. As the time another to thoughtfully entering state thisconsider year, anda Jeff is already thinking legendary strategist, Sun Tzu once putas it, about how philosopher we can gain and competitive advantages as well “Tactics up without strategy is the noise before defeat.” gearing for [our upcoming] washes.” Marketing ultimately getthe the product or job service In fact, store must openings are one of aspects of the that into the enjoys hands the of the customer —had a real person. Marketers Wagner most, and he’s several opportunities to puttothem together years. need realize that itin is recent way too easy to distract ourselves always enjoyaway storefrom openings. are a wonderful (via“Itechnology) what They is centrally important opportunity to get to know our great employees and meet in marketing: generating a sale to a real person and, our outstanding customers,” Wagner says. a hopefully, repeating that process again and “I’m againfrom to her small town, as are the owners of Champion. It’s nice to or his delight. Marketing strategy is not so much about a visit face-to-face.” plan,with but people a system. Build your marketing (including the His favorite memory frombased, being customer-centric on the job is actually sale) around a strategically sysfrom the opening of the first Champion Xpress store. “I tem, then technology becomes a true and valuable tool,

and not a distraction.

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8Peco Regional 2017 SCWA 7.5 x 9.5.indd


8/17/17 12:59 PM

ADVANTAGE was working at the pay station to help people choose their wash, and customers were thanking me for us coming to town,” Wagner recalls. When a new opening is in the works, one of Wagner’s jobs is to set up interviews and hire the staff. In most cases, he will find a manager and an assistant manager in-house, since the company believes in promoting from within. Then, he and his wife will stay on-site during the entire first week of the opening. “This week can be exhausting, but it’s a lot of fun too,” Wagner says. “It’s very satisfying to see a new store get up and running.” Such a week is exhausting for everyone at the wash, from the attendants to the owners. But, according to Merchant, Wagner found a way to lessen the stress of those first few “free carwash” days of operation. “You’re cranking an insane amount of volume and trying to still treat each customer with extra attention to give a great first impression,” Merchant explains. “Thus, when we open a new location, he takes a team of managers and employees from other washes. He has all our best people for what we consider to be our most important first impression: [the] first week. It allows our people who have been doing it for years to teach others while still giving the customer a top-notch service experience of a wash that’s been around for years.”


Merchant nominated Wagner out of all of Champion Xpress’ employees because he has been behind the company since day one. According to Merchant, Wagner cares about the brand just as much as the owners do, and he is not selfish about doing what needs to be done and performing at his highest ability. Merchant expects Wagner to continue to oversee all aspects of the business as it grows in the coming years, since he is the one always driving the markets and making sure the locations are following the proper and established processes. Merchant says it is these qualities in Wagner that allow their customers to know that Champion Xpress will always do right by them and that the company will aim to fix any mistakes it makes, although the goal is to always do everything right the first time. “At Champion Xpress, we are blessed to have Jeff,” Merchant explains. “He has not only a strong work ethic, great customer service skills [and] extreme intelligence, but he is a family man, a man of God, and we believe it’s those things — and I believe that he would tell you — that makes him who he is today.” As for why Wagner thinks he was nominated for the title of 2019 Most Valuable Carwasher, he responds, “I think it’s a reflection on our company. We’ve gone from one to nine stores in less than four years. Not to sound boastful, but I like to believe we’re doing something right.” Meagan Kusek - Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing




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2019 SCWA EXHIBITOR COUNCIL MEETS The 2019 SCWA Exhibitor Council met the day prior to the SCWA Golf Classic to discuss the successful 2019 SCWA Car Wash EXPO and also plan for the 2020 EXPO. The 2019 EXPO set attendance records with more than 2100 attendees and 325 booths. The Council worked on the plans for the 2020 event which will move to the Fort Worth Convention Center. The new venue will provide more space for exhibitors plus a new mid-week day pattern designed to make it more convenient for car wash owners to attend. It was announced that Exhibitor Invitation packets will be mailed in July.

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INDUSTRY BRIEFS 2020 Mercedez-Benz GLS Features Carwash Mode New York— According to, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS, a luxury crossover model, features a carwash function. When the carwash function is activated, the article added, it results in the following: The car’s suspension shifts to the highest position to reduce track widths, thereby making driving into the carwash easier as well as exposing the wheel arches more for better cleaning. • The exterior mirrors fold in. • The windows and sun roof close. • The rain sensors for the windshield wipers shut off. • The climate control changes to recirculation mode. • The 360-degree camera activates after eight seconds to assist the driver in navigating into the carwash. All of these settings automatically shut off after the car reaches a speed above 12 mph upon exiting the wash, the article noted. Professional Carwashing & Detailing reached out to Eric Wulf, CEO of the International Carwash Association, about this recent news, and he said, “The GLS feature — allowing for easy use at carwashes — is certainly what we’ve been asking for and a step in the right direction.“

Zips Car Wash Adds Stores Little Rock, AR—Zips Car Wash has announced the acquisition of 15 stores, allowing the chain to add to its existing operations in Oklahoma, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina and Kentucky, according to a press release. “We’re excited to acquire these thriving operations in areas where we already have great team members and a strong customer base,” said Brett Overman, founder and owner of Zips Car Wash. “We’re developing new ways to reach customers and meet their buying and budget needs and are excited to grow in these markets where we can see a great potential to better serve our customers with added locations in their area.” The announcement includes Zips Car Wash’s acquisition of five sites from American Pride Xpress Car Wash in North Carolina, allowing the company to expand beyond its existing operations in the Asheville and Winston Salem markets, the release continued. Expanding into the Raleigh area with this acquisition means Zips will now operate 11 stores in North Carolina, the release added. In September 2018, Zips Car Wash acquired seven Rain Tunnel Car Wash locations, and recently added four more with the acquisition of Martian Car Wash and three stores with the acquisition of Westport Car Wash, all in the greater St. Louis area, the release stated.




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ADVANTAGE Zips will now serve customers at 14 stores in this area, the release noted. Zips acquired one carwash from Eco Express in Edmond, Oklahoma, just a few miles away from its other operations in Edmond and Oklahoma City, the release continued. “The close proximity of our carwashes is all a part of our strategic plan to make our services more convenient for our customers, especially those most loyal to our brand — our Unlimited Wash Club members,” Overman added. Zips will expand in Kentucky to Owensboro, adding this location within 100 miles of its other operation in Louisville, the release stated. Additionally, Zips acquired a single site in Walterboro, South Carolina, near its four other East Coast operations that surround the Charleston area, the release noted. “We consider it an honor to grow with the communities we serve, and we look forward to a stronger investment in these areas,” said Overman. Mister Car wash Hits 300 Location Milestone Tucson, AZ—Mister Car Wash added another location to the Colorado market with the acquisition of Patriot Carwash, according to a press release. The new acquisition is located at 1711 South Pueblo Blvd. In Pueblo, Colorado. “It's exciting to add another location in southwest Pueblo to continue servicing Partiot's existing customers while also servicing our Unlimited Car Wash Club® members and customers in Pueblo,”said Ryan Darby, director of operations West. With this latest acquisition, Mister Car Wash operates 300 carwashes in 21 states, including two locations in Pueblo, Colorado.

Lubbock, TX. Racer Classic Car Wash recently gave away free $8 basic carwashes all day at it's brand-new location on Milwaukee and 67th, and asked for donation to support two Lubbock police officers working to help their brother, Felipe Flores who was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and underwent surgery, according to a press release. Flores will be out of work for a while during his recovery, further treatments and rehabilitation, and funds will go to the family to help in managing his care. Flores has been serving on the Lubbock Police Department since 2006. For those who chose to get an upgraded carwash, the amount difference was donated to the Flores family, and additional donations were also accepted at all Racer Car Wash locations. The new location is Racer Classic's sixth location in Lubbock.

SAFETY How Much Light is Enough Light for Your Car Wash?

Lighting for car washes has always been important. A well illuminated car wash attracts potential customer’s eyes, promotes a safe environment, and allows customers

Denver, CO. Dutch Car Wash recently launched its soft opening celebration at 4301 S. Parker Rd., Aurora, Colorado, according to a press release. To kick off the opening, Dutch offered free carwashes for nine consecutive days, during which the company washed approximately 8,000 cars. Dutch Car Wash planned a grand opening for mid-May. From drawings and construction to equipment installation and chemicals. Focused Carwash Solutions helped Dutch Car Wash morph from the idea it was two years ago into the impressive wash it is today. Dutch features a 95-foot dual belt conveyor inside a 110foot building, vacuums with arches and a reclaim system. “This property was a challenge from the start with less than an acre to work with before setbacks and landscaping,” explained Focused President Aaron Green. “We utilized every square inch of the property to fit the carwash there. We couldn't have done this project without the dual belt. The…building really stands out on this corner and brought a dead corner to life.” 15


Endorsed by


ADVANTAGE to see dirty spots on their vehicles at night. Historically, the decision on the amount of light needed was balanced with the perceived night-time washing activity in each location. The first LED light conversions usually matched the light output of metal halide lights keeping light levels the same. Today, operators are dramatically increasing the light provided to attract more customers, keep customers on the site longer, and improve the overall wash experience. Given this trend, operators are faced with the question of how much lighting is enough lighting? The short answer is: it depends. While multiple factors need to be considered when increasing light coverage of a property, the most common criteria include: 1) providing adequate light for the tasks being performed, 2) providing uniform light across work spaces for a cleaner, safer feel, and 3) making the car wash look as bright or brighter than neighboring businesses (less light needed for car washes in the middle of residential areas, more light needed if the car wash is next to a gas station or car dealership). While lighting situations vary based at least in part upon the above factors, a plan can be developed to determine the amount of light needed to ensure your LED light upgrade meets your needs and objectives. To help people understand and compare different lighting solutions, the lighting industry uses terms such as lumens and foot-candles.

• A lumen (lm) is a unit of light emitted per second from a light source. The amount of light an LED light fixture produces is measured by lumens. Lumen levels are disclosed on LED light manufacturer spec sheets. • A foot-candle (fc) is how a lumen impacts an area. One foot-candle equals one lumen of light density per square foot. In short, think of lumens as how bright a light is and footcandles as the output of light you have in a room or space. As a point of reference, full daylight typically equals about 1,000 foot-candles, while an overcast day would have be around 100 foot-candles of light. Twilight produces just 1 foot-candle, while a night with a full moon has 0.01 foot-candle. Typical offices and classrooms have 20-30 foot-candles. Showrooms will need brighter lighting around 50 to 100 foot-candles. Very intricate, exacting and detailed work may require 1,000+ foot-candles. Table 1 - Recommended Level of Foot-Candles

Minimal Level Foot-Candles

Standard Level Foot-Candles

Brighter Level Foot Candle

Vacuum Bays and Arches




Wash Bays and Tunnels




Detail Shop




For car washes, the general rule is to error on the side of providing too much light vs. too little light. Table 1 outlines the recommended foot-candles for car wash areas. This is


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Fort Worth Convention Center January 29–31, 2020 BE A PART OF THE NEW SCWA EXPERIENCE • Now An Even BIGGER EXPO! • Premier Education & World Class Speakers • Easy Walking to Restaurants & Entertainment • Easy Rail Access from DFW Airport to Within Steps of our Hotels & Convention Center 18

ADVANTAGE the measure of light in given car wash spaces needed. The “minimum” level of foot-candles is recommended for locations in a lower populated area with low light levels in the neighboring areas (if the car wash is in the middle of a residential area). Conversely, use the “Brighter” guideline if your car wash is in a busy area with multiple competing light sources from other businesses (e.g., next to a gas station or grocery store), or to create a premium feeling due to the light provided. Table 2 - Total Lumens Recommended by Car Wash Area

Minimal Level Total Lumens Needed

Standard Level Total Lumens Needed

Brighter Level Foot Candle

Vacuum Bay (per 15ft pole)

8,000 lm to achieve 25fc

11,000lm to achieve 35fc

14,000lm to achieve 45fc

Vacuum Arches (per arch)

6,000lm to achieve 25fc

8,000lm to achieve 35fc

11,000lm to achieve 45fc

Wash Bays and Every 30ft of Wash Tunnels (16ft wide bay/tunnel, and every 30ft length of bays and tunnels)

22,000lm to achieve 35fc

32,000 to achieve 45fc

45,000 to achieve 55fc

Detail Shop

52,000 to achieve 60fc

65,000 to achieve 75fc

78,000 to achieve 90fc

Table 2 provides an average amount of lumens needed to achieve the foot candles required from Table 1 in the spaces provided. Keep in mind that the amount of foot candles in an area is directly impacted by the lumens delivered to the area in addition to other factors such as room size, wall colors, objects within the room, and light

fixture mount height. So, this table is a guide and actual results may vary based on your unique situation. To determine if the light system you are investigating will deliver the lumens needed, multiple the lumens produced (listed on fixture spec sheet) times the number of fixtures being considered. Then, you can match the total lumens delivered to Table 2 to achieve the foot-candles needed (Table 1). Keep in mind, more fixtures are typically better as you’ll end up with more even light distribution. Evenly distributed mounting locations for fixtures will also maximize and smooth the foot-candle coverage. For example, Mile High LED System’s LEDTUBE-8 product produces 11,500 lm. Four of these fixtures would be 46,000 lm (4 x 11,500). That would provide more than 55 foot-candles to a standard 16ft x 30ft wash bay and result in a “Brighter” result in light output. Using four fixtures from a different fixture that produces 8,000 lm per fixture would result in 32,000 lm, or “standard” levels of light for a car wash bay. Mile High LED Systems has complied these based on historical averages and aggregate customer feedback. These are guidelines and results can be materially expected for most car wash environments. However, larger remodels and new builds often require a more detailed photometric plan. A photometric plan incorporates other factors (such as mount height, wall color, etc) and where each fixture should be mounted. Mile High LED Systems offers complimentary photometric planning for its customers, when and where needed.



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ADVANTAGE Certainly, lighting upgrades can be confusing. However, through some basic math and the use of the tables provided, the amount of light needed can become an easy task to perform. Michael McCall - Mile High LED Systems

CONSTRUCTION Which Building Material Should I Use for my Carwash?

There are many different types of materials used for building car wash facilities. Some include: • Masonry • Vinyl Panels • Metal / Steel • Wood (pressure treated) • Glass Building Car Washes require a building material that is durable, waterproof, and chemical resistant. In this article we break down 5 top reasons to choose an interior walling material by going into installation, durability, water resistance, maintenance, and appearance.


When it comes to installation, the material type has a big impact on the time and cost required. The materials



that require the longest time to install would be masonry due to the many pieces involved and the skill required. The reason why materials take longer than others is due to the additional materials needed to install such as paint, gloss, adhesive, cement, and more. These additional requirements mean the job needs more time, expense, and skilled workers. Vinyl panels take first place in speed and ease. With an innovative interlocking system, vinyl panels only need to be screwed on one side while the other is interlocked with the next panel. These panels are also lightweight and easy to move so it can be done with 1 untrained person.


For a carwash with a predesigned route, accidental impacts are rare. But when they do occur, the material type that would be most durable would be masonry and metal panels. These materials are denser than the more fragile materials such as glass. Although wood and vinyl are somewhat flexible, a large impact may crack the wall. The second type of durability would be material that is resistant to the chemicals used in carwashes. Material like wood, metal, or masonry need coatings of paint and gloss to keep the surface from eroding. Certain chemicals can break down this coating and start damaging the material itself. Glass and vinyl panels are chemical and heat resistant. These two materials can last a lifetime. Unlike metal or wood, glass and vinyl cannot rust, cannot decompose, are resistant to termites, and don’t require coating.


irikian Industries is in the forefront of foam washing material technology. With first hand knowledge and expertise as car wash operators, we have developed the Neoglide Technology specifically for the needs and demands of the industry. We are committed to customer service because we know and understand that customer service is the most important aspect for a car wash operator.


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Coverings are also important when building the walls of a car wash. Materials that are not waterproof should have some form of cover or coating to avoid damages. The best material for water resistance would be masonry, metal, vinyl or glass. All materials are good for water resistance if materials that need coating maintain their water-resistant layers. However, wood that has cracked paint or coating is vulnerable to water vapor and even mold spreading.


The daily washing of walls can be important considering how much time it takes total if you add up every day. Pick material with smooth surfaces because that is easiest to clean. Metal plates, vinyl panels, and glass all have surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Masonry and wood have rough textures that make it harder to clean and also to spot dirty areas. Repair throughout the years can be tricky if there isn’t time to close and remodel. Metal and Steel can be corroded by water through rust. Glass is waterproof and chemical resistant but can easily crack. Wood and masonry are durable but may need fresh coating. Overall the different options for car wash building materials all provide a solution, however some solutions have more maintenance requirements than the rest.


When it comes to a great modern appearance, glass would take first place due to its aesthetic appeal and ability to open up a space. If you are looking for a traditional look, wood or masonry painted and coated would be the choice to go for. However, for just a simple practical look, vinyl panels provides smooth, light reflective finish. Overall, these materials are all possible options for a great carwash. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each material with not just the short-term cost, but also the long-term maintenance and durability cost. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Best Regards, Jonathan Tsai from Duramax Written by Jonathan Tsai from Duramax.

TECHNOLOGY 5 Factors of Carwash Chemistry

On a good day, all the customer cares about is the end result of a shiny car. The steps and science it takes to actually remove all of the contaminants from a car, including dirt, grime, oil, gas, etc., are typically of little concern to the satisfied consumer. However, the factors it takes to apply chemicals to a car should be of concern to professional carwash operators who are looking to achieve consistent, quality results.


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BUG MASTER Bug Remover

PREP Presoak

Economical and effective acid-based formula. Removes brake dust and cleans wheels. Simply spray on and rinse off Cleans rims, wheels, and hub caps.

Citrus-based formula. Use in automatic car washes as a bug pass or in tunnel applications as a prep soap. Green color. Dilution: 36/48 - 1

Liquid alkaline presoak. Medium foam, free-rinsing. Use as a presoak in a friction conveyor wash or as a one-step presoak in a touch free conveyor or high-pressure in-bay automatic wash.


PA5216 DR30270 DR55270

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5 Gallon 30 Gallon 55 Gallon


ULTRA Tunnel Soap

MC LIQUID Increase Strength


Combines alkalinity for cleaning and high foam for visual appeal. Foamier than most presoaks. Stronger cleaner than most high foam detergents.

An additive formulated to enhance the cleaning ability of Alkaline detergents. MC Liquid is a Butyl based neutral pH cleaner containing the naturally occurring solvent d’Limonene.

High quality combination drying agent sealer. An excellent product for wash operations with only one manifold in the rinse area/cycle. Dilution: 225-300/1

PA5248 5 Gallon DR30254 30 Gallon DR55275 55 Gallon

PA5288 DR55288

PAS5010 5 Gallon DRS3010 30 Gallon DRS55050 55 Gallon

5 Gallon 55 Gallon



KLEEN-TRACK 1A Step 1 Low pH


IN BAY PRESOAK Alkaline Presoak

The strongest, most effective low pH liquid presoak in the Kleen-Track line. For use as a first step in a two-step Touchless Wash Process. Dilute to 75-120/1

A high pH liquid formulated for use as a second step in a twostep Touchless Wash process. It’s application is best when preceded by an acidic presoak. Dilute up to: 64-90/1

Liquid alkaline presoak detergent. Breaks down stubborn road film - the best presoak for friction conveyor wash. Second step to follow up a low pH first step in a touch-free wash process as well.

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ADVANTAGE Continued from pg. 23

We spoke with one expert, Matt Brandt, industrial products sales manager with DEMA Engineering Co., to see what he considers to be the five most important factors to carwash chemistry.


Chemical products are made up of complex formulations that can clash or work more effectively with other products. It’s important to source your professional carwash chemicals from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Use their expertise to create synergies among the products and equipment you purchase. According to Brandt, the “chemical compatibility of components” is one of the top five factors to perfect chemical application. “Ensure that your chemicals are not going to cause maintenance problems with other items in the wash,” he adds.


For many customers, visiting a carwash can be a fun — even relaxing — experience. With advanced LED lighting, foam and colored soaps and waxes, as well as other entertainment elements, leading professional washes are tapping into customers’ senses to create a show at the carwash, which Brandt calls the second most important factor to applying carwash chemistry today. “It’s important that operators make sure that customers have the proper feel of getting value for what they paid, and that includes ensuring that your equipment is putting on the best show it can by maintaining components.”


According to Brandt, the third most important factor to proper chemical application is dilution control. Here, especially when deploying a new type of chemical product, operators should follow manufacturer’s recommendations for dilution and delivery and then visually inspect cleaned cars throughout the day and week. Since every wash is different and water quality varies, adjustments might be needed. “The key,” explains Brandt, “is not leaving a residue because too much chemical was applied and not cleaning the car effectively because not enough chemical was applied.” One common mistake that he sees is that operators don’t apply enough chemicals for a variety of factors, including perceived savings. Again, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and then adjust as needed based on results.


As regulated, many chemicals must bear specific labels and warnings, and employees must be trained to identify and then follow caution when handling certain chemicals. Having first-aid kits and eye wash stations available at your site is recommended. Since risk is elevated, employee safety is listed as a top factor to consider when applying chemicals at your carwash. “Use chemistry that is safe for employees, and know the proper exposure and personal protection equipment that is needed,” advises Brandt.


Manufacturers and chemists are constantly working on improvements for existing chemical products while also developing new products as technologies and science evolve. In fact, some chemicals that were used in the professional carwashing industry decades ago, most notably those that contained hydrofluoric acid and ammonium bi-fluoride, have been shunned by our industry’s leading advocates. Therefore, adapting to new products is a top factor that all operators should consider, regardless of any loyalty to one specific product or chemical line. “Test out new products to see what works the best,” notes Brandt. “It is always important to stay in the know about what new products are available from manufacturers and what the latest innovations are in chemicals.” Friction versus touchless While the noted factors to maintaining chemistry application to achieve consistent, quality results can be used across all wash formats, there are some other considerations for certain segments of the industry. The most notable difference depends on whether your tunnel or bay is offering a friction or touchless service. Equipment, maintenance and chemistry are different and again, reputable manufacturers and suppliers will be able to match your wash to the proper chemicals needed. “This is a timeless debate — friction or touchless. There are four main factors to cleaning, no matter if you are cleaning your clothes at home or a vehicle in a carwash,” educates Brandt. According to Brandt, these four main factors to cleaning come down to the acronym T.A.C.T.: time, (mechanical) action, chemical and temperature. “Those are the four factors you can control. When you increase one of these, such as using additional brushes to create more mechanical action in a friction wash, you can decrease in some of the other areas, including faster operation, less hot water and leaner chemical applications,” continues Brandt. “If you have a friction system, you may be able to adjust one of the other factors to help make your wash most effective.” For a touchless system, adds Brandt, you may need to adjust some of the other factors to make your wash most effective. “Bottom line is that every wash is going to be set up a little bit different when you change out the components of your wash,” he concludes. Reading trade publications and researching the carwash chemical market are great first steps to take when looking to elevate your chemical application in 2019. There is more competition for carwashing now than compared with recent decades, and carwashes that fail to deliver a quality experience with even better results by perfecting chemical applications will lose business. Rich DiPaolo is the Editorial Director of Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine. 29




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The Gleam Machine is an extra service revenue generating system that is located after the blowers in the conveyor wash system. The system utilizes a special water absorbent material that also polishes the vehicle while it removes the remaining water droplets providing hand dried quality without the labor.

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FINANCE The Case for Maintaining SiteLevel Financials

All car wash operators have their own opinion of best business practices. For every operator that prefers pay stations, there is an operator who prefers ticket writers. Put five car wash operators in a room and you’ll have five opinions of which equipment manufacturer makes the best tunnel equipment. However, there are two practices in particular that should be universally accepted as superior for multiple-site operators. Those practices are keeping separate books and records for each location and holding title to separate locations under separate legal entities. Whereas the simplicity afforded by only having one legal entity or one bank account for multiple locations seems ideal to some, that simplicity can quickly turn into unnecessary complexity when it comes to financing, optimizing operating efficiency, selling a location, and limiting legal liability exposure.


When it comes to financing, the importance of measuring site specific operating performance cannot be understated. If a multiple-site operator needs a loan, whether it’s a refinance of a real estate mortgage or a lease for some new equipment, the vast majority of lenders will underwrite the cash flow of both the individual site requiring financing and the combined cash flow of all of the operator’s locations. Even if the combined cash flow of all of the operator’s locations is sufficient to cover the requested loan, lenders will underwrite the cash flow of the location they’re being asked to finance because there can be a big discrepancy in the operating performance of an operator’s strongest and weakest locations. Though lenders might be willing to provide financing in a turnaround situation, they won’t be willing to do so if they cannot determine how much of an uphill battle the site they’re financing is facing. In addition to simplifying the financing process, tracking income and expenses by location can help operators increase their profits by optimizing operating efficiency. Whereas every location has its own utility meter thereby making it easy to track utility expense by location, the same does not hold true for all expense categories. For example, though an operator might receive discounts on chemical pricing based on the combined volume of multiple locations, it is important to keep track of chemical usage by location. One way to identify a delivery issue with one of the tunnel arches would be if the operator notices a spike in chemical usage at one location without a corresponding spike in wash volume at that location. However, if the operator does not track chemical orders by location, what would constitute a clearly abnormal and easily identifiable spike in chemical usage at one

location might be disguised as a minor, normal fluctuation in chemical usage across multiple locations. Every gallon of unnecessary chemicals wasted is profit unrealized. This example demonstrates merely one way that tracking operating income and expenses by location benefits multiple-site operators in a measurable way.


Comingled operating financials also create an avoidable complication for a multiple-site operator who wants to sell one location. The ease of selling a location is much greater if the seller can provide a potential buyer with clean books and records for the site being sold. The more accurate the information given to a buyer during due diligence, the easier it will be for the buyer to assess the strength of the site they’re considering buying. Additionally, if the seller is not going to finance the purchase for the buyer, and the buyer requires a loan that necessitates an appraisal, the appraiser is going to request historical site level financials in order to complete their valuation. The absence of reliable site specific financial statements can cause a buyer to have both the financing and appraisal challenges mentioned above, thereby limiting the pool of potential buyers to exclusively those with all cash offers. In summary, the likelihood of a smooth and simple sales transaction decreases significantly if a seller can’t produce reliable, site specific financial statements.


Whereas doing something as simple as having separate bank accounts for each location can go a long way towards improving one’s ability to track site specific performance, in most cases, it is worth going one step further by vesting each individual location in its own separate corporate entity. Legal complexities can arise if multiple locations are vested in the same corporate entity. If an event occurs at one location causing the entity to be named in a lawsuit, and the entity has multiple locations vested within it, a ruling for the plaintiff leaves all of the locations vested within that entity exposed as opposed to exclusively affecting the location where the event occurred. Prudent business practice dictates that any practical method of protecting one’s assets should be exercised especially when operating businesses that see thousands of customers every month. There isn’t one financial or legal structure that works for all multiple-site operators. Talk to your accountant and your attorney about the bookkeeping, banking, and legal structures and controls that best suit your operation. You will likely find that with a few minor changes, you can improve your operation in a way that leaves you better prepared for a loan, a sale, or even a lawsuit while most importantly improving day to day profitability. Reuven Birnkrant is President of PetroCal Associates, a commercial real estate firm offering financing, consulting, and brokerage services to car wash and gas station operators. 33




Car Wash Loan Request That Should Be Approved

A car wash loan request is not approved for various reasons. Many of these loans will be approved if properly structured. The Following describes examples where the Borrower qualified, but the collateral (as presented) did not meet the lender's requirements. Frequently, with the lender, borrower, and all other parties working together, these hurdles can be overcome. The following examples were selected because they occur daily Nationwide in our industry.


The last three years earnings were below average because the equipments was obsolete and did not provide a quality wash. A local Distributor provided a bid to bring everything up to date and issued a Proforma showing the projected increase in earnings would support the sale price. The loan was approved, and the lender included the cost of the improvements on the loan.


The lender insisted on keeping the $5.5m loans on short term notes. A new lender paid off the $5.5m existing loans plus included $1.5m for upgrading equipment. The new lender financed 100% of the $7m restructure because of the substantial equity in the properties. The outstanding debt increased $1.5m, but the monthly debt service was reduced significantly due to long term financing. The borrower now has the comfort level of operating his business without constantly worrying about re-financing short term notes.


The lender did not specialize in Car Wash financing and was concerned about the risk associated with new construction. They were also reluctant to make a loan with single purpose collateral. Both concerns were valid for a lender that does not understand the Car Was business. A lender that specializes in Car Wash loans reviewed the loan request that included an EBITDA spreadsheet showing Gross Income, EBITDA earnings, Cash Flow, ROI, Debt Service in dollar amounts, and Debt Service ratio percentage. After reviewing the request, the experienced lender was happy to make what they considered to be a well-secured safe and sound loan.


The lender's loan policy states the borrower must invest “out of pocket� cash equity in each loan they make.

The lender that approved the loan liked the fact the borrower had a proven record in the car wash business and had no problem allowing the borrower to use current equity provided the loan request included documentation that allowed the lender to confirm the equity did exist.


Very common in our industry because banks are reluctant to invest additional dollars in a Car Wash that is not performing well. Experienced lenders will typically make the loan provided your loan request includes a complete Cost Analysis and Proforma of the local area. Experienced lenders consider this is a safe loan because th borrow is established and respected in the community and plans to modernize his equipment to improve the quality of his wash. In summary, the above confirms Car Wash Borrower have better results when they are working with a lender that specializes in and understands the Car Wash business. The examples also emphasize the importance of submitting a well documented loan request package with support information that will enable the lender to properly document and underwrite the loan request. Hershel Pierce - Pavillion Bank & Founder of SBA Capital


Security is a top priority and you cannot wait until it's too late and you've already been burglarized. This is, unfortunately, what a lot of self serve owners do when it comes to securing their wash. This is a nightmare for you, and your wash's reputation. On average, it takes three times of getting broken into before most self serve owners/operators are convinced it's worth the money and time to get a camera/alarm system. "It won't happen to me." "We have a business in a low crime area." "It's already happened to me so I'm sure it won't happen again." We've heard it all. A burglary occurs every 15 seconds. With an average loss of $1 ,675. That bears repeating. Every. 15. Seconds. Don't wait until you're chasing a problem. Be proactive and put a system in now to watch and protect your investment and your customers 24/7. 35





You cannot go into buying a surveillance system thinking any video recorder is a, "set it and forget it," type box. This is not the way to think about the equipment you're trusting to secure your car wash. Car wash owners need to check their camera systems regularly the same way they check their vac motors and pump stands. And, you also want to make sure the system is set up the way you want it. For instance, you can set it up to record all the time or just on motion or you can set a time schedule. There are a hundred different things they can do. And, when seasons change it is another great time to review all of your settings and to make sure they are still correct. With seasonal issues, such as rain or snow or ice, it's important to make sure your camera system is working properly. It's also good to check to see if all of your cameras are still focused on what is most important to you. Every wash is different. Every operator/owner has different expectations of what they want for a camera system and you need to put some time into what's important to YOU before you start looking for a system.


You cannot expect the best system in the entire world with no budget to pay for it is. You get what you pay for when it comes to CCTV equipment. That doesn't mean you have to go with the Taj Mahal system with 64 cameras

and PTZs that move around and lights and sirens that alarm when a gnat sneezes. It just means you need to start with a system that is big enough for you to grow into. You can start with a lower number of cameras if your network video recorder is large enough to hold all the cameras you want to have eventually. Future proofing your equipment is a very good initiative! This is also why you want to go with an IP-based camera system. It has the easiest wiring, is still plug n' play connected for your cameras and NVR, and offers remote viewing capabilities built in with a high speed internet connection at the site of the wash. You don't have to break the bank to get what you're looking for to cover your facility, but you also can't pay with pennies to get a great system either.


There is no "one size fits all" system. Each location is unique and different environments could require highly specialized cameras for durability and/or functionality. Going down to your nearest supercenter and purchasing a 4-camera system for a car wash is NOT going to get you what you need. Is that kind of option great because it's inexpensive? Yes. But will it last in a car wash environment? Give you the views you're looking for? Offer remote accessibility? Unlimited tech support? The answer is: No. You need to find a company that can give you a custom quote based off of your location and get the right system,




ADVANTAGE on the first try. The last thing you want to do is put a cheap camera system in just to realize a few months down the road the cameras don't see what you need, they offer lower resolution on recordings than what the membership club flyer promised, you can't get things working or things stop working and then you find out there's no tech support available. There's nothing more frustrating than having to pull out your wallet again when you're already frustrated that things aren't working right.


Expecting a camera to see everything is unreasonable. This is only possible with the cameras you see on CSI and the ones used to make cinematic movies. They call it CGI for a reason, not to mention those cameras cost tens of thousands of dollars each (please refer to #3 above)! Cameras are built for very specific reasons, so you need to know what to expect from your cameras before you get a quote put together. And most cameras these days have varifocal lenses which means you can adjust how wide the picture is or how zoomed in you want it during installation. And some can see a wide image or they can be zoomed in and see a very small image quite a distance away. But that doesn't mean you can see both at the same time. It's a give and take to get everything you're looking for and stay within your budget.


Now don't forget about the easy stuff. First, make sure your lighting is good around the wash, especially at night time. This will help attract and bring in the right clientele to the wash and will help them feel safe. An added bonus is that good lighting equates to good video from your cameras. Second, keep the landscaping around your wash well maintained. It makes the wash more inviting, and also cuts down on places where the wrong kind of people can hang out and do all kinds of illicit activity. Drug deals, using drugs, homeless hideouts, people using the bathroom literally ON your property, vandals waiting to rob the good customers. I've seen footage of all of these things. It's shocking to me how bold people can be when they don't think they're being watched. Third, signage. Notify people of your camera/alarm system. Make sure you use overt cameras and sensors so people see them. It will definitely help keep people on the straight and narrow.


Last, but certainly not least, be present at your car wash. Go to the wash at different times throughout the day and evening. Talk to your customers about how the wash worked for them, make small talk and make your presence known. Consider hosting a fundraiser every once in a while for the cheerleaders in town. If your wash

Washworld of Central Texas Your Source For All Things Car Wash ®

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Washworld’s Profile, is a soft touch system with standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site , VS2® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System The wall mounted system eliminates the gantry for an open bay while Washworld’s exclusive Digital Surface Profile (DSP) utilizes 3D imaging to insure optimal cleaning. Washworld’s best selling Razor® has earned the reputation of a proven system for its quality, dependability and longevity. Stainless steel throughout, Razor is built to last. Razor combines all of the great features for which Washworld is known. Profile and Razor were both designed with emphasis on durability, simplicity of use and reduced maintenance.





ADVANTAGE has a "face" the local baddies are more likely to leave your place alone. This is even more true if the "baddies" see cameras around as well. And a lot of customers really like their local wash. It can become a bit of a hang out for them which isn't always bad. Those are the customers that will keep other people on the straight and narrow because they don't want to lose their hang out. Your wash can and will be a success! Just secure it from as many angles as you can which will give you and your customers the peace of mind to go again and again! Jennifer Spears is a carwash owner and sales manager with Reprint from Self Serve Car Wash News.

PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE 6 Clever Strategies for Ending Bad Habits and Starting Good Ones

We tell ourselves that we will cut out fast food and eat healthy…but then find ourselves eating a cheeseburger. We tell ourselves we’ll get work done first thing every morning…then find ourselves sleeping in. No doubt about it, bad habits are hard to break and good ones are hard to start. But maybe that’s because of the flawed ways we go about trying to break and start them. When I was in high school, I was hit in the face with a baseball bat that had slipped out of a teammate’s hands. I ended up in a coma. After coming out of the coma, I experienced months of seizures and serious vision ­problems —I literally couldn’t see straight. Yet six years later, I was named the top male athlete at my college, I was the captain of the baseball team, and I was one of 33 students nationwide named to the ESPN Academic All-America team. There wasn’t some miracle solution that suddenly solved my physical challenges. In addition to going through extensive physical therapy, I achieved what I did partly by developing healthy habits day in and day out— good sleep habits, good study habits and good fitness habits. I didn’t set out to have great habits, I just knew I’d have to work hard every day to overcome my injury. In the years since then, I’ve made a study of habits, keeping up with the latest academic research and reading about the habits of successful people and organizations. Eventually I started a website about habits and then began training other people in ways to ­improve their habits. Six surprising ways to form good habits and break bad ones...


How we see ourselves can dramatically affect our habits. A paper published in 2011 by a team of Harvard and Stanford researchers found that people were significantly more likely to vote if they were asked prior to the election,

“How important is it to you to be a voter?”…and less likely to vote if they were asked, “How important is it to you to vote?” What’s the difference? The first question makes people think about their identity—not just about an action they might or might not take. Once someone identifies himself/ herself as “a voter,” he no longer has to force himself to get to the polling station on election day—it becomes a natural thing to do. What to do: Label yourself as someone who already has the habit you want…or who doesn’t have the habit you want to break. Example: If you would like to stop smoking and you’re offered a cigarette, don’t say, “No thanks, I’m trying to quit”…say, “No thanks, I’m not a smoker.” If you want to exercise regularly, don’t tell yourself when you wake up in the morning, I’ve got to get out of bed and go for a bike ride…tell yourself, I’m a biker. Conversely, if you already have assigned yourself a negative identity, reassure yourself that it need not be permanent. Refer back to a time before this was your identity, if possible. Example: If you often tell yourself, I can’t get in shape, I’m just built this way, remind yourself that there was a time back in childhood or early adulthood when you were fitter and more active.


Many of our habits come in series, with one leading automatically to the next. In the morning, perhaps you shower…comb your hair…brush your teeth…get dressed…then brew coffee. You don’t have to force yourself to brush your teeth—you pick up your toothbrush without thinking as soon as you put down your hairbrush. This phenomenon can be used to instill new habits using a strategy called Tiny Habits developed by Stanford University behavior scientist BJ Fogg, PhD. What to do: When you want to instill a new habit, don’t just decide to do it—decide to do it immediately following a habit that you already have. If the new habit is something you wish to do every morning, such as 10 minutes of stretching, you might stack it on your morning-coffee-brewing habit—get the coffee going, do your stretching, then return to the kitchen to find your coffee waiting for you. At first, you’ll have to remind yourself to exercise after starting the coffee—a note left by the coffeepot will help—but within a week or two, it will become a habit that you do without thinking, such as brushing your teeth.


Do you belong to a gym but rarely manage to get there to exercise? Stop focusing on the exercising, and focus instead on the getting there. Committing to working out 41







ADVANTAGE Continued from pg. 41

for 60 minutes four times a week is daunting—so don’t do it. Commit instead to putting on your workout clothes and driving to the gym. Those are both easy things to do. Once you’re at the gym in your exercise clothes, you might discover that the workout happens almost automatically. What to do: When the habit you want to establish seems daunting, instead get in the habit of completing the initial simple step that sets the stage for this habit. Often that’s enough to get the ball rolling. Example: If you struggle to get in the habit of writing a book, instead get in the habit of sitting at your computer with a word-processing program open (and potential distractions such as e-mail alerts and Internet-browsing programs closed).


When people resolve to establish or abolish a habit, the first thing they tend to do is set a goal. Examples: I’m going to quit smoking…I’m going to stop watching so much TV and read books instead. But when we focus on a goal, we often revert back to our old ways soon after achieving that goal (or after realizing that we will fall short of the goal). Someone who resolves to lose 20 pounds might successfully shed that weight…only to gain it right back. What to do: It’s fine to have a goal—goals sometimes provide useful initial motivation. But after you set a goal, set that goal aside and focus instead on establishing a system that will get you where you want to be. Systems are much more important than goals because goals tend to be short-term targets, while systems can become lasting habits. Example: Rather than focusing on the goal “save money for retirement,” focus instead on creating a system that trims your ongoing spending so that savings happen automatically.


One reason bad habits are so hard to break is that they can become so ingrained that we barely notice we’re doing them. The Japanese railway system has developed a very effective solution for this lack-of-attention problem—it’s known as “pointing and calling.” When a train approaches a green light along the track, Japanese train drivers point at the light and say, “Signal is green.” When pulling into a station, they point at the speedometer and say their current speed. Train conductors do the same when they can see signals or speed. It may sound silly for someone to do this day after day, but it forces the person to be aware of things that might otherwise have occurred with little notice. It is credited with reducing errors by 85% and accidents by 30%. What to do: Literally point at and call out the habits you wish to break or create. If you waste too much time staring at your cell phone, point at the phone and say, “Wasting time,” when you catch yourself doing so. If you chronically forget your wallet when you go out, point at

the wallet and say, “Wallet,” as you head for the door. Soon you’ll discover that you’re paying more attention to the behavior you want to change and heading off the bad habit before it occurs most of the time.


There will be days when it’s especially difficult to follow through with a new habit because you’re under the weather, unusually busy, distracted by new concerns or for any number of reasons. What to do: Make a very modest effort on these days. Is your habit doing 50 push-ups? Do five. Reading one chapter of a textbook? Read one page. Put a positive mental spin on these minimal efforts by telling yourself, Even when I’m feeling my worst, I still don’t miss a day. James Clear, a consultant and speaker based in Columbus, Ohio, who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and sports teams. From BottomLine.

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DID YOU KNOW A meteor may have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? Some researchers believe that the modern Tall el-Hammam is the site of the biblical Sodom. Analysis of soil from that area indicates a possible meteor airburst strong enough to knock down the mud-brick building of biblical times and contaminate the soil for centuries. Bandages with electrical stimulation may one day speed wound healing? A self-powered, wearable, bandagelike device-consisting of a copper band with electrodes and a nanogenerator-can help the body produce more fibroblasts, cells that speed regeneration. In tests on rats, the device helped serious wounds close in three days, compared with 12 days for rats not using the bandage. Passenger bumping on US airlines dropped 69% in the first nine months of 2018? Bumping by United, Delta and Jet Blue fell 96% The number of people voluntarily giving up seats also declined. Airlines say that new datamanagement techniques make it easier to avoid overbooking flights and simpler to reroute passengers from ones that are overbooked. Higher profits and better 401(k) plans go together? Companies whose 401(k) plans scored best on measures including matching-contribution size, rate of employees participation and percentage of salary saved by employees tended to be more profitable companies that those with lower-scoring plans. There's an easy way to report unwanted text messages? Forward the message to SPAM (7726). This gives it to a consortium of carriers that will use the information to try to block future spamming. Watching golf improves insomnia? Golf won four times as many votes as cricket in a poll asking respondents what they considered the dullest, most boring and potential sleep inducing sport. Baseball and soccer tied for third place. A human esophagus has been grown in a lab? Researchers grew the esophagus from pluripotent stern cells, which can form any tissue type in the body. The firstof-its-kind organ grown this way is part of a long-term projects to study and perhaps eventually treat birth defects and diseases affecting millions of people, such as gastric reflux and cancer. Most Americans earned no more in 2018 then they did in 2017? More than 60% said that they did not get a raise at their job or start a better-paying one during the year, but 91% of those surveyed said that they have as much confidence or more confidence in the job market now than they did one year ago. Animals can gauge time? Newly discovered neurons in animal brains encode time. Researchers had mice run through a virtual reality maze to a door, where they had to wait six seconds before the door opened. Later, researchers 46

made the door invisible, but the mice still waited for six seconds at the same spot. The number of millionaires rose 41% as of the third quarter of 2018 from the same quarter of 2017 among people with accounts at Fidelity Investments? Fidelity is one of the largest administrators of workplace-retirement accounts, with 15 million 401(k) accounts. Saturn's rings are disappearing? They are being pulled into the planet's gravity as a dusty rain of ice particles. At the current rate of deterioration, the rings will be gone in 100 million years. Two easy ways to improve your online security: Secure your home Wi-Fi network. Turn on your router's network encryption and the firewall, and change the router's default network name and password. The default usernames and passwords are easy to look up online, so anyone can hack you if you didn't change it. Check the router's user manual or go to the manufacturer's website for information about keeping the network secure. Ger rid of online accounts that you do not use. You may never even know that someone has hacked into an account you never use, so it is best to get rid of them. Sign in and delete them directly if possible. Use and for instructions on removing accounts from sites such as AOL and Facebook.

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For more information, visit or call us at 1-866-242-5567.