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Second Quarter 2020



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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE As I left the Fort Worth Convention Center at the end of the SCWA 2020 Convention & EXPO, little did I imagine all that would take place in the next 2 months! The COVID 19 pandemic has created a difficult time for everyone and certainly changed the dynamics of what we were thinking at the end Jeff Blansit of January Convention. I cannot help SCWA Preside­­nt but think back on the comments from our keynote speaker former Vice President Dick Cheney when asked what he thought would have the most impact on the economy and his response, “I am most concerned about this virus”. Very prophetic words. Across the nation, car wash operators have been impacted in many different ways but none good. It is at times like now that members need an association that provides a relevant foundation and guidance. I have been very proud of the role SCWA has played in trying to keep the car wash community working as an “essential business”. As the pandemic escalated, SCWA immediately went to work for our members and the industry to provide needed information and to educate public officials on the “essential business” nature of car washing. Through the emails, alerts and educational webinars car washers were given guidance and information to help stabilize their business and provided the information on related regulatory, legislative and business issues. SCWA is continuing to identify resources that will help members and the greater car wash community rebound stronger than ever. We believe there are opportunities to be found even in times like now. Our efforts will lead into the 2021 Convention & EXPO and beyond. SCWA is developing plans to expand many of these resources in a broader and expanded role over the next several years. We are truly appreciative of the many comments and emails we have received during this time. You may want to check out the SCWA website and read how our members have responded to their association during this time. The COVID 19 – SCWA Response page also describes more extensively the different efforts and actions SCWA has undertaken. The COVID 19 situation has resulted in a few revisions of SCWA activities for the next couple of months. First the 2020 SCWA Wade Welch Memorial Golf Classic has been moved to October 20, 2020 still at the famous Cowboys Golf Club in the Dallas area. Be sure to check out the details in this edition and then visit our website to register. It should be a great time to get everyone back out and together again as things settle down. Also the SCWA Car Wash Tour that is regularly scheduled in August will take place but will be held as

a “virtual car wash tour” with an interesting twist. This tour will give us the opportunity to visit car washes from coast to coast and even around the world. The format will provide insights and ideas from the broadest range of unique car wash operations and operators. The Tours may also include a few car wash vendor sites. More information will be coming soon in the weekly SCWA TODAY email and Facebook page. Of course all this will propel us into 2021 and the “first big car wash show of the year!” We always want to be moving the bar higher and already have some very exciting plans in the works for the 2021 SCWA Convention & Car Wash EXPO. Mark your calendars now for February 17–19, 2021 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Yes, we live in unprecedented times characterized by some anxiety and uncertainty. However, I am very optimistic! I strongly believe in the resilience of the carwash community. Like no other industry we come together, building collaborations and support for one another. We are innovative and truly care about the well-being of our employees, our customers, our families, our businesses and our communities. This is a bond that is truly powerful – especially in times like these.

SCWA NEWS COVID-19 Response The COVID 19 pandemic has created a difficult time

for businesses and families across the nation. The car wash community has experienced the evolving situation and been impacted in many different ways. In difficult times associations should step up for their members and provide the resources and guidance to meet their challenges. As the pandemic escalated, SCWA immediately went to work for our members and the industry to provide needed information and to educate public officials on the “essential business” nature of car washing. Through the emails, alerts and educational webinars car washers were given guidance and information to help stabilize their business and provided the information on related regulatory, legislative and business issues. The SCWA position was outlined in the many letters and emails sent to state, county and local officials on behalf of car wash operators. The following letter to officials in New Mexico is an example of the SCWA communications: On March 19, 2020 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a memorandum that designated the car wash business as “essential”. The information in the recap provides addition information. Since that time SCWA has been working with many states and local communities to provide this important information and as a result many states and local communities are now accepting and recognizing the “essential business” designation for car washing while practicing safe and healthy protocols. 3



ADVANTAGE On behalf of the many car wash small business operators located throughout New Mexico, I am respectfully requesting that car washing be designated as “essential businesses” in New Mexico. This would be in line with the acknowledgement by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and provide consistency throughout the State of New Mexico in the implementation of Governor Grisham’s order. We support our members desire to obey the various SIP orders that officials have issued. At the same time we believe the orders should be implemented fairly across the business community based on adequate and correct information as provided by Homeland Security. Over the past few weeks we have been working with many states and communities to provide the information and assist in creating the safe and proper environment for car washes to be open as “essential” and to operate - with the proper CDC protocols. The recent identification of car washing as an essential business in the State of Texas is an example of our efforts. We believe safe and sanitized vehicles are important and/or essential in all communities and the Office of Homeland Security supports this position. SCWA believes car washing operations provide a basic and sanitizing service that is essential to the health and safety of the public. There is a continuing need on many levels for automotive owners to keep their vehicles clean and safe. People transporting the elderly; people assisting as volunteers or paid staff for non-profits offering essential services; people delivering

goods and food delivery need to maintain a safe environment. The Uber, Lyft and Taxi drivers have a continuing need to keep their vehicles clean and safe. And even the regular citizen who is transporting their family during this difficult time should be able to maintain a safe and clean vehicle. Here is a recap outlining the grounds for our position - that car washes are an essential business operation:

1. The Homeland Security issues a memorandum on March 19 which read in part on the first page: “As State and local communities consider COVID-19related restrictions, CISA is offering this list to assist prioritizing activities related to continuity of operations and incident response, including the appropriate movement of critical infrastructure workers within and between jurisdictions”. 2. On page seven (7) of this document under the general heading of “Transportation & Logistics” it names “Automotive Repair & Maintenance Facilities” as essential businesses. 3. The NAICS Code describes all the categories that fall under the heading of Automotive Repair & Maintenance. On page two (2) of the code descriptions it identifies car washing (specifically 811192) as being a part of this category and therefore an “essential business”.




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ADVANTAGE SCWA is continuing to identify resources that will help members and the greater car wash community rebound stronger than ever. We believe there are opportunities to be found even in times like now. This effort will lead into the 2021 Convention & EXPO and beyond. SCWA is developing plans to expand many of these efforts in a broader and expanded role over the next several years. The SCWA website provides resources and links as we all continue to navigate this unprecedented time – Here are just a few of the actions SCWA undertook:

• Worked with Texas Governor Abbott to have car washing confirmed as “essential businesses” in Texas.

• Worked with SCWA members in many other states,

such as: Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland and Ohio; by providing information as to the essential business nature of car washing.

• Worked with many city and county officials to give car washes the option to open as essential businesses in local communities such as Dallas; Fort Worth; Greenville; Houston; Albuquerque. According to President Jeff Blansit, “I have been very proud of the role SCWA has played in trying to keep the car wash community working as an “essential business”. We stand ready to continue our efforts on behalf of our members and the car wash community”.



SCWA MEMBERS IN THE NEWS Periodically SCWA members are featured in national publications. Recently SCWA member The Wash Tub’s employee was highlighted in Professional Carwashing & Detailing.

30 and Under Rising Stars: Austin Mitchan

We are proud to recognize today's rising young star player, Austin Mitchan. Austin Mitchan works as a manager for The Wash Tub in San Antonio. According to his nominator, Area Director Mike Mireles, Mitchan is making an impact at a young age. Thank you, Austin, for making our industry better. Name: Austin Mitchan Age: 24 Title: Manager Workplace: The Wash Tub, S.E. Military location, San Antonio Impact: Austin Mitchan has been with The Wash Tub for almost two years and has greatly impacted the business in that short amount of time. Mitchan is from the San Antonio community and graduated from Highlands High School. Following high school, he was accepted to the Mays School of Business at Texas A&M University, where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in business.


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Visit for information about our special offers as we navigate this crisis together.


ADVANTAGE Mitchan has impacted The Wash Tub through his ability to care for his employees and his positive and personable personality. Alberto Sierra, director of operations for The Wash Tub, says, “Austin is a genuine person. He is very

involved in the vehicle process and delivers exceptional quality. He shows up every day ready to serve.” Austin feels it is important to always check on his employees and to let them know that he cares and is concerned for their well-being. He has found that when you put your employees first, meeting monthly quotas, retaining employees, bettering the quality of work and increasing customer satisfaction become simpler tasks.

Austin is a passionate manager who loves his employees. Javier Rodriguez, executive vice president for The Wash Tub, says, “Austin is a passionate manager who loves his employees. He comes to work with a great attitude and is always professional. We have been impressed with how well Austin has adapted to the business and his ability to take on change and challenges.” Mitchan has enjoyed working for a company that is family-owned and truly cares for its employees. He looks forward to seeing what his future holds at The Wash Tub. During his free time, Mitchan enjoys playing basketball, riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes, and spending time with family and friends. By Professional Carwashing & Detailing.





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that feeling you get when your ride is untouchable.

A new line, A new language. It’s an all-new level of clean. And the only way to describe it, is to redefine it. 10




In any market, learning as much as possible about new technologies can help small business owners become more competent, competitive and profitable. Updated equipment options in the carwash market frequently offer a one-two punch that can help overall business. The first advantage provided will be increased performance pushed by upgrades. The other positive will be offering customers the added adaptability of new services. The self-serve carwash market has seen a number of new and popular features added to bays over the past decade. Today, self-serve washing has evolved past a handful of quarters, a coat of soap and a quick rinse. Automated payment systems and an array of new options have made customers want to spend more time in wash bays. Find out how the latest generation of self-serve wash equipment can further attract customers and drive overall profitability.


There will always be a segment of vehicle owners that prefer the do-it-yourself aspect of self-serve carwashes,

according to Larry McCarty, vice president of U.S. sales with Mark VII. Many love to “baby their ride,” and while rollover systems and tunnel carwashes provide great results, these customers like the satisfaction of washing their own vehicles. This includes applying the different products to the vehicle and controlling the high-pressure spray to achieve a quality clean. “Self-serve carwash operators who make sure each bay provides a quality clean by delivering plenty of soap with appealing colors and smells have noticed their wash volumes continue to increase,” McCarty continues. “By delivering visually appealing wash features, customers spend more time in the bay, resulting in higher profits.” Trent Walter, owner/CEO of National Pride Equipment, agrees that there will always be a place in the market for the do-it-yourself customers. Thus, self-serve operators should drive value by using competitive pricing and convenience factors as well as by keeping a well-maintained wash. Customers like “new” items, so constantly reinventing a business with add-on services, new chemicals, updated payment methods and effective marketing will help a location maintain market share in the self-serve segment.


To date, the most popular add-on feature for self service washes has been equipment that allows payment via a credit card swipe, Walter reveals. Both customers and



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DRB unites DRB Systems and Unitec under one brand with a singular goal: To help all car wash operators squeeze every ounce of profitability out of their investments. We do this with: Data insights and solutions that predictably drive throughput and revenue. Reliable, intuitive software and hardware innovations that delight consumers, are secure, simple to service and easy to use. Best-in-class support team, that is passionate about keeping car washes running.

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ADVANTAGE operators can appreciate the simplicity and convenience of credit card payments. While some operators may object to transaction fees or monthly maintenance charges by banks or processors, these fees are outweighed by the increased revenue. Adding a credit card system to a bay will more than pay for the investment in the short term. Customers will spend more time washing their vehicles after this upgrade, as most credit card systems utilize a “count up” versus a “count down” charging method. Walter states that with standard cash payment equipment, the self-serve bay timer will start counting down once the minimum payment is met. Typically, there is a “last minute” alert horn that goes off as time is running down. With a credit card payment, the system starts counting up once the transaction has been authorized. Once the wash is completed, the customer is instructed to push a stop button to end the transaction and determine the final charge. “This method keeps the customer from rushing to finish,” Walter says. “There is no ‘alert’ horn to instinctively hurry them up. Some operators have seen average wash tickets increase by 50% versus using cash.” McCarty notes that years ago self-serve carwashes were called “quarter carwashes” simply because that was the only payment option available. At first, self-serve sites would have a bill changer, and eventually many operators began adding tokens. These token dispensers could process credit cards, so it provided an economical way to accept credit card payments at a self-serve carwash.

Eventually, bill acceptors were added to the meter bay door and then credit card readers. Since some of the first credit card readers were “a little pricey,” some operators would opt for only one or two bays to accept credit cards, McCarty explains. Operators would monitor the performance and hold down associated costs. With new, affordable credit card acceptance systems, operators can economically add credit card acceptance to their self-serve bays, vending machines, vacuums, etc.


The most popular add-on service equipment for selfserve locations is tire shiners and air dryers, according to McCarty. Tire shiner equipment can be added in a bay or on a vacuum station. One reason tire shine is a popular add-on service is because the results are immediately visible. There is nothing like rubbing the pad on the tires and seeing that rich, dark finish; it truly accents a clean vehicle. Air dryers in the bay are increasing in popularity because they finally give self-serve customers the opportunity to air dry a vehicle. Dryers have proven hugely popular in areas with a lot of motorcycles. With the advancement in credit card technology, gift cards and loyalty programs are new options available for bay washes, Walter says. The credit card systems that utilize loyalty or gift card options offer customers payment flexibility. They can use these loyalty or gift cards in many different ways and on multiple pieces of equipment at the

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ADVANTAGE wash site. If designed properly, operators can put the gift card swipes in the bays, on vacuums, vending machines, air machines, mat cleaners and other compatible equipment. This gives customers the flexibility to use any piece of equipment on the property with a single card. “If a customer has to choose between a site with swipes only in the bay versus a site with them on all pieces of equipment, I think we all know where they are going,” Walter says. “Keep in mind, customers choose a wash for many reasons, but two of the top reasons are speed and convenience. Both of these are achieved with the abovementioned flexible payment options.”


To push profitability on a self-serve site, Walter suggests that operators find ways to keep customers happy and in the bay longer. Self-serve owners should remember that they are in the business of selling time. Walter shares some questions operators should consider: • Are the bays clean and well-lit? • Does the gun or wand leak all over the customer? • Do you have good pressure, soap, wax and presoak in the bay? • How do the chemicals smell and look on the vehicle? • As an operator, how would you rate the experience in the bay?

• Does the wash have doors on the bay, and are they closed on cold days? Once a customer is relatively comfortable in the bay, other additional profit opportunities can be evaluated, Walter notes. Outside of the basic meter box functions, offering carnauba-based waxes, air dryers or ceramicinfused products can help keep customers in the bay longer. As previously mentioned, offering multiple forms of payment can increase revenue and maximize profitability. McCarty explains that there are several ways for operators to push a site’s profitability. Wash appearance is the first consideration, and operators should: • Make sure carwash bays are clean • Make sure trash cans are emptied • Make sure no weeds are growing around or in the wash. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure the carwash facility is nice, clean and inviting,” McCarty says. Inside the bay, operators should make certain that the functions are working as they should and that the equipment is delivering plenty of chemical for each, McCarty recommends. This ensures a wash is giving customers their money’s worth. Next, ask the chemical provider for products with vibrant colors and great smells. Customers will spend more time in the bay spraying on chemical products that look like they are “painting the

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ADVANTAGE ADVANTAGE car with product.” Owners should also ask the chemical MARKETING

provider to fine-tune products and equipment so that maximum clean is delivered at the best operating cost. Outside the bay, operators should make sure the vacuums operate properly and do a great job. The vacuums 1975, Communications Commission areInoften thethe firstFederal or last impression a customer has about (FCC) largely ruling that allowed a wash,issued so winathem overoverlooked at the vacuums, McCarty states. Additionally, make sure — vending machines are used full and earth-orbiting antennas satellites — to be for operating properly, and make all areas. signs are clean, fresh broadcasting television oversure large Around that and not faded or peeling. regional broadcasting network same time, a little-known called Home Box Office (HBO) took notice, and decided UPGRADE KNOWLEDGE to use the FCC’s landmark decision to beginavenues distributing Walter notes that there are several for its own programming via satellite. operators to learn more about equipment options, and he HBO’s innovative move would have a ripple recommends a lot of research prior to making any effect wash that would spillany over onto the landscape of on marketing. upgrade. With upgrade, doubling down research Soon, satellite networks proliferated, and with them, will surely end up paying off for an owner. There are several media in outlets review, marketers’ ability to target waystothat were online never chat prerooms, possible. websites and print media/trade magazines for viously continued learning, Walter Contacting a local Since that time, there hascontinues. been so much technological distributor or self-serve equipment manufacturers can be innovation that marketers are faced with choices beyond beneficial, since they can share hot market trends and give measure. It can be blinding and bewildering for anyone referenceswith for operators thatmarketing have already upgraded. When charged allocating dollars on behalf reviewing options, the more data points considered, the better. of a business. And, this very issue is what has caused “Make sure to talk to operators using any upgrade marketers to go awry. This is an age of unprecedented you are considering prior to buying,” Walter suggests. “If communications, and yet many still struggle to connect possible, take a ride and test out the new features. As they with one another. say, try before you buy.” But this problem is not the real problem.

Marketing - What has Changed in the Last 100 Years?

THE REAL PROBLEM Staying on top of new developments in the carwash

The true problem that too many marketers have industry is the key to issuccess, and self-serve operators recognize that only one thing has changed in failed to have several sources of information they can use to marketing the past 100 years: technology. Yes, stay on theincutting edge, McCarty states. HeThat’s agreesit.that you now have social media and tweets and followers publications, online groups and carwashing forums and are apps places and branding and re-marketing analytics and and great for operators to learn more, and ask questions focus information groups and with ROI others. and CRM and customer personas share and“Finally, digital and so on. It’s all certainly true. But, what has there are your local carwash equipment enabled nearlyMcCarty every bit concludes. of it is technology. distributors,” “These individuals prolificyou is the rolegreat of technology in marketing canSo provide with insights, and many of that theseit has become for some an alluring distraction. Panic and peer distributors operate washes themselves, so they have firstpressure set in, and hand knowledge of organizations what works.” pursue the latest and the greatest technology-based marketing tactics without taking By contributor, Phil Ashland, Professional consider a strategic approach. As thefreelance time to thoughtfully Carwashing & Detailing. legendary philosopher and strategist, Sun Tzu once put it, “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Marketing must ultimately get the product or service into the hands of the customer — a real person. Marketers need to realize that it is way too easy to distract ourselves (via technology) away from what is centrally important in marketing: generating a sale to a real person and, TUNNEL CONTROLLERS CONNECT ALL hopefully, repeating that process again and again to her PHASES OF OPERATION WITH A FULL or his delight. Marketing strategy is not so much about a LINEUP FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES plan, but aOF system. Build your marketing (including the For customers and those outside the industry, the sale) around a strategically based, customer-centric sysamount of equipment and automation utilized in the typical tem, then technology becomes a true and valuable tool, tunnel wash can come as a surprise. Established operators and not a distraction.


The Capabilities of Tunnel Controllers

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ADVANTAGE can attest to the exponential increase of technology inside facilities since the dawn of professional carwashing. From automated pay stations to modern wash media to effective drying systems, the pace of technical advancement has been astounding. This continued development has created across-theboard change in the car care industry. Speed is king, and wash cycle speeds have surged as daily vehicle counts have climbed. But, this process of acceleration also ushered in the expectation of new services and improved wash results. Now, both tight timing and effective operation have become important for every wash cycle performed. To maintain pace in this hyper-competitive market, every owner must stay current on the capabilities of today’s carwash control systems. Often called the “brain” of the modern carwash, these carwash controllers connect the different phases of automated operation. Wash equipment, business systems, HR functions and more communicate and share information. Only by learning about this technology and implementing industry best practices can a carwash owner hope to ensure dependable and profitable operation.


Brian Bath with Innovative Control Systems notes that the newest carwash controllers allow vehicles to be processed faster than ever before. High-volume express

washes depend on functional speed and accuracy, and these important factors are generated by the best integrated controller and management systems. The list of ways a controller keeps a carwash moving is impressive. Model controllers across the industry have very efficient abilities that allow bumper-to-bumper washing while providing precise results. Bath points out that new controllers do this by allowing different types of automation, like raising the roller, to maintain a regular flow of vehicles. Today, car-per-hour conveyor speeds currently vary in the industry — speeds of 150 cars per hour up to even 220 cars per hour are common across the express world, Bath reveals. The large tunnel properties where operators have 20-plus vacuum spaces have really pushed up speeds and profits across the board. Overall, carwash tunnel controllers help operators dial in their profits and provide a clean, dry and shiny vehicle, according to Todd Davy, senior vice president of sales for DRB Systems. Other advances that modern technology allows are integration of a controller and a point-of-sale (POS) system. To this end, the controller communicates with the POS system to make sure every customer receives the wash services for which he or she paid. Time-wasting and costly rewashes can become a problem if a vehicle receives the wrong services. Modern controllers work with other systems to address this issue.

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ADVANTAGE Connected cameras track a vehicle from the pay station to the tunnel, ensuring that the equipment will provide the purchased services to the correct vehicle, Davy explains. Controllers also provide safety for the consumer by controlling the conveyor and other equipment, automatically pausing the tunnel when there is a problem. This tight control can allow for customers to receive a custom “light show” in the tunnel as well, Davy states. This feature can create a unique experience for each customer based on what was selected and purchased. Modern controllers can even activate unique signage or special lighting for any visiting unlimited wash club members.


Another advantage controllers enable is to-the-inch application of chemicals. This precise application means operators can effectively control their washes’ chemical costs. When set up correctly, equipment only sprays the vehicle, not the gap between vehicles, Davy notes. This to-the-inch application continues through the entire tunnel and applies to such services as ceramic coatings, wax applications and other necessary chemistry. This universal control not only saves on chemistry costs, but it also provides customers a better wash experience. Energy efficiency can be another advantage. “Your tunnel controller also helps you save electricity by driving each piece of machinery in the tunnel, activating your vehicle frequency-driven devices and controlling signage and lighting around your facility,” Davy continues. “Additionally, your tunnel controller can help conserve energy by leaving your dryers on when multiple cars are in the tunnel, avoiding costly start-ups of the dryer system. Without wasting chemical or electricity, you are better able to control your per-car costs and make each service more profitable.” Bath points to efficient look-ahead features in a carwash tunnel that can include the controller keeping the blowers running for the following vehicle. Again, this step saves energy and creates cost savings. “There are many features that can help operators save power, water, etc. When you understand all these modern-day features, your process will benefit as well as your cost savings,” Bath says.


With the ramped-up speeds and maximum loading efficiency needed, it is easy to see the importance of proper control in the world of express tunnel washing. Integrated and cooperative monitoring systems have proven to be a profit protector for many bustling car care operations. How do modern controllers enable these monitoring systems to prevent both loading issues and damage complaints in carwash tunnels? Here, camera systems can provide on-site tracking and help avoid delays caused by a loader, which prevents slowed productivity and missed rollers. Inside the tunnel, cameras can even stop the conveyor when the vehicle is not where it is supposed to be, Davy states. Stopping the tunnel can prevent costly accidents and the downtime they create. These anti-collision systems allow a carwash to run vehicles closer together, further increasing valuable throughput and revenue on busy days. Vehicle proximity devices, such as sonar, help identify features on vehicles so a wash can provide a better clean, Davy notes. For example, these devices can detect the windshield location, allowing for special windshield wash services or side mirror rinses. It is also possible to identify truck beds, allowing a wash to automatically turn off devices. This can prevent too much soap from being dumped into the truck bed or turn off blowers so they will not blow debris out of the bed onto other vehicles.






The Gleam Machine is an extra service revenue generating system that is The Gleam Machine is an extra service revenue generating system that is located after the blowers washsystem. system.The The system utilizes located after the blowersininthe theconveyor conveyor wash system utilizes a a special water absorbent polishesthe thevehicle vehicle while it removes special water absorbentmaterial materialthat that also also polishes while it removes thethe remaining water handdried driedquality quality without labor. remaining waterdroplets dropletsproviding providing hand without thethe labor.

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ADVANTAGE Maintenance requirements can be monitored using the features provided by updated controller technology as well. Davy explains that modern controllers are able to help operators manage equipment maintenance cycles. The systems can track how often the tunnel devices run, allowing an operator to know when he or she needs to conduct preventative maintenance. This feature prevents equipment failure or breakage and helps a location avoid costly downtime.


Modern carwash controllers offer software interfaces that allow operators to troubleshoot problems, such as timing changes, remotely through the cloud, notes Davy. Thus, even when the operator is off-site, he or she can log in, tweak settings and help the wash staff. Max Pulcini, director of marketing and communications with EverWash Car Club, states that modern software options give carwash operators a snapshot of who their customers are and how they use the wash. For example, using software to collect usage data from customers can help an owner engage with customers who are at risk for cancellation of their memberships. Using software to communicate with customers also allows for more crosspromotional marketing opportunities that can help drive carwash customers to a detail center, service center or convenience store as well. “Software has come a long way in the carwash industry, but perhaps the most exciting advancement we have seen recently is in license plate recognition (LPR) technology, as well as new opportunities for pay station integration,” Pulcini says. Knowing the target customer is important when it comes to marketing at carwashes, according to Dean Lecky, vice president of sales with Micrologic Associates. Understanding customers’ buying habits through software connected to controllers allows a carwash to offer options designed to raise the average ticket price. Lecky also recommends operators take the time to evaluate the possible integration of new technology, audit current manual steps to existing business processes and

eliminate reporting on information that is not used or needed. Evaluate the current state versus future-state desires against the maturity of the current operations, and an operator’s overall ability to manage changes. “Using the system to be proactive versus reactive can help with lost revenue due to the inability to keep up with the demand of the site,” Lecky says.


Asked for carwash controller best practices, Davy states that operators need to use the controller’s reports to schedule an ideal preventative maintenance schedule for their tunnel equipment. Further, owners and managers should monitor any alerts or warnings that the controller provides. This includes errors with the pulse switch and the enter switch. The pulse switch can signal problems with the accuracy of the conveyor movement, and the enter switch can impact the proper measurement of vehicles. Next, Davy recommends that carwash owners become very familiar with how their particular tunnel controllers function. Properly dialing in a tunnel helps make any business more profitable and gives wash customers and club members a better finished product — the clean, dry and shiny vehicle that every visitor expects. “Just learn and understand your system so you get the most benefit from its abilities,” Bath concludes. By freelance contributor, Michael Rose, Professional Carwashing & Detailing.


Water is an important element when it comes to automated carwashing. The car care industry as a whole depends heavily on water access, so daily usage, conservation and discharge have become critical issues over the decades. Since water is so integral, many carwash operators end up asking one question: What are the most effective methods of conserving and recycling the water used in tunnels and bays? Here, updated reclaim technology may provide an answer to help advance the efficient operation of carwash facilities. Closed-loop water reclaim systems stand ready to provide any owner an option for catching and reusing water from every wash phase and rinse cycle. There is always more to learn about this equipment, and all owners should know best practices for keeping reclaim technology operational, primed and efficient. 23


24 Peco Regional 2017 SCWA 7.5 x 9.5.indd


8/17/17 12:59 PM



As the carwash industry has grown, so have the costs associated with daily water usage. According to John Gibney with Aqua Bio Technologies, municipalities today charge water fees to businesses in two ways: as water comes in and as water goes out. Localities nationwide are looking to generate more income by raising rates for freshwater access and sewer discharge. Depending on how the water is discharged, both the municipalities and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are imposing regulations. Washes may even be required to clean the water to a certain level before discharge.

these can account for 5% to 10% water loss per vehicle. Therefore, any water system must compensate for that loss by taking in more water. Conversely, if too much water is pushed into the system, the excess water must overflow into a sewer, leech field or excess water holding tank. “When we say zero discharge, we mean minimal discharge,” Gibney explains. “As technologies improve and the need for self-sufficiency from municipalities increases, I see many more vehicle washes moving towards zero discharge.” Closed-loop technology actually involves treating 100 percent of the water captured in the system to use repeatedly while minimizing water entering and discharging from the system. Gibney states that closedloop success can only be achieved by removing the used chemistry out of the water on each pass through the system so that it can be used again and again.


“A closed-loop system allows vehicle wash owners a level of self-sufficiency from these rising rates and regulations,” Gibney reveals. The overall health of the U.S. water and sewer infrastructure is another driver for closed-loop systems usage in carwashes. Many areas of the country have water and wastewater systems that are outdated and in need of repair or replacement, states the New Wave Industries (NWI) and PurClean/PurWater team. Local municipalities are often overwhelmed, and this leads to an increase in troublesome regulations and restrictions. Another factor leading to the increased adoption of closed-loop equipment is the technological advancement in reclaim systems that have made them a more attractive option for operators, the NWI team continues. Also, as real estate has been “gobbled up” by big-box companies and developers, many carwash operators have pursued sites that have no access to a sanitary sewer. Thus, the number of zero-discharge sites will continue to increase in the future.


Even as reclaim education has increased in the industry, Gibney notes that there is a common misconception regarding what constitutes a closed-loop system. People think that closed-loop means self-contained, with no water coming in or going out, but this is not the case. In the vehicle wash industry, there are factors called evaporation and carry out, and calculations show that

This use and reuse of water depends on proper treatment. The technology to achieve closed-loop reclaim has been around for decades, notes the NWI team. The barriers to installation traditionally were: Building systems that were compact enough to fit in a small wash site Upkeep requirements that were not simple enough for operators and managers to maintain Systems costs that were not low enough for a realistic payback schedule. “Modern electronics have made automation an affordable reality —and necessary—for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting,” the NWI team says. “Small, efficient and affordable options on filtration and treatments —such as ozone to combat bacteria and chemical buildup —helped with fitting into realistic site plans.” Gibney reveals that manufacturers now have the technology to effectively remove used chemicals from captured water. This allows the water to be reused and enables washes to add new chemicals to the restored water. Without this capability, a wash cannot realistically have a closed-loop system. A wash would be repeatedly adding more chemicals to the water to the point where wash quality would suffer immensely. Additionally, restored spot-free rinse water technology has added a new element to systems. An operator can now use restored water to feed a reverse osmosis (RO) system to generate spot-free rinse water.


Whether an operator is building a new wash, updating an existing wash or planning to rehab an old system, the first step in the closed-loop selection process is understanding the amount of footprint space as well as the resources that are available, according to Gibney. Next, the carwash owner should “research, research, research.” Investigate the systems available today and 25


Endorsed by






Fort Worth Convention Center February 17–19, 2021 www.swcarwash .org




ADVANTAGE make sure they are true water restoration systems. One recommendation is talking to other operators using the same brand systems and asking about their experiences. Choosing a closed-loop system is all about selecting a knowledgeable and experienced water solutions partner, states the NWI team. With a closed-loop system, it is always important to have support from an experienced professional to ensure the site upgrades, plumbing design and installation go smoothly and are executed in a way that will result in successful water treatment. This support will help a wash avoid long delays, downtime and increased maintenance needs. A site’s water quality is another factor to consider. The supply water can have a big impact on the closed-loop equipment needed for top quality washing, the NWI team notes. If the fresh water supply is not of sufficient quality to use directly for a final rinse, that adds to the list of needed equipment and makes it more difficult to achieve a zero-discharge balance. “Every site may have its own challenges. Typically, the volume of cars washed is a big factor along with wash equipment,” explains the NWI team. “Knowing the components and how they wash the car can determine the size and/or support equipment that will allow the site to become closed-loop.” The installation process does not involve much more than installing standard carwash components or systems, but the setup and working with the chemical provider are key, the NWI team continues. Making sure the wash provides a clean vehicle with a very minimum amount of fresh water remains the biggest hurdle.


What upkeep steps should an owner expect after installation? A closed-loop system will clean more particulates out of the wash water, and this means the reclaim tanking will need to be pumped out more often, notes the NWI team. The reclaim tanks will fill with dirt faster in a closed-loop system. To save on costs, an owner should check the dirt level in the tank monthly, and when the first tank reaches 1.5 feet of solids at the bottom, an operator should have the tanks pumped out. Most of the system is automated, but it still needs to be monitored and regularly maintained. The NWI team recommends that maintenance or upkeep on a closed-loop reclaim system be done via time increments: weekly, monthly, semiannually and biennially. The weekly maintenance for a closed-loop system will require approximately 30 minutes, and the monthly steps will take about 45 minutes. The biannual maintenance will take longer at around four to five hours, and the maintenance at two years will take approximately six hours. The NWI team further suggests that operators make sure all plumbing and lines to the system are installed properly. Chemistry and water quality must be monitored 29



CONSTRUCTION Design & Development CONSTRUCTION Design & Development EQUIPMENT Sales & Installation EQUIPMENT Sales & Installation CHEMICALS & DETAIL Sales & Service CHEMICALS & DETAIL Sales & Service SERVICE Maintenance & Repair SERVICE Maintenance & Repair PARTS Repair & Replacement PARTS Repair & Replacement





972-986-7239 Big Man Washes, Inc. is a member of SONNY’S Select Service Organization (SSO). Big Man Washes, Inc. is a member of SONNY’S Select Service Organization (SSO). 30

ADVANTAGE and above par for wash results to reach maximum efficiency. Monitoring the equipment with daily and weekly checks are a must to prevent potential mishaps or out-of-control usage — water, chemistry, etc. “Speaking from the standpoint of our systems only, if completely biodegradable chemicals are always used and routine maintenance followed, quarterly nutrients need to be added to the system, and an annual filter change is required,” Gibney says.


If maintained correctly, the final results provided by closed-loop carwashing should rival conventional wash quality, the NWI team states. The path to achieve this quality is not without some increased maintenance requirements and equipment costs. But, these factors should be weighed against the savings of reduced water and sewer costs to determine the feasibility and profitability of closed-loop operation. Ideally, a closed-loop wash is using completely biodegradable chemicals, operating a true restoration system that removes chemicals from the water and following the manufacturer’s required maintenance, Gibney concludes. If so, customers will not be able to tell any difference in wash quality compared to the use of fresh water. By freelance contributor, Jonathan Abrams, Professional Carwashing & Detailing.

FINANCIAL Prepare Your Finances for an Emergency Handoff

Could someone step in and suc­cessfully manage your financial affairs if you are unable to do so yourself? Of course, you could execute a "financial power of attorney'' designating someone as a "financial agent" to act on your behalf in financial matters if you're incapacitated. But just drafting that document with an attorney, which you should do, doesn't guarantee that this relative, friend or adviser will know what to do. The issue isn't so much whether he/ she lacks financial savvy-it's that figuring out someone else's finances on the fly is a massive challenge. Having a financial plan in place for health emergencies is especially on many people's minds now because of the coronavirus pandemic, but an incapacitating emergency could come up at any time. Here's how to prepare finances for an emergency handoff…


Consolidate credit cards and bank accounts. Missed credit card payments are among the most common missteps when someone takes over your finances. The more cards you use, the greater the odds that there will be a problem. Cut back to only two, if possible.

If you have multiple checking or sav­ ings accounts, consider consolidating to one of each, preferably at the same bank-more accounts mean higher odds of overdrafts. Especially troublesome are accounts with automated withdrawals or payments-easily overdrawn if no one is paying close attention. If there are lots of CDs, savings accounts and/ or money­ market accounts at different institutions, some could be easily overlooked. Stick with paper statements. It's per­ fectly fine for you to access your accounts online, but it's easy for someone else to overlook or be shut out of your online­ only accounts, which may be difficult to access. Bills and statements that arrive in the mail provide a wonderful fail-safe. That's true even if the financial agent doesn't live near you-your mail can be forwarded to that person by the post office or a trusted neighbor.


Create a concise guide to your finances. Having all of your financial information in one place will save your designated agent a lot of time and greatly reduce the odds that something will be missed. Handwrite this list, or type and print it. But don't save it on your computer or send it via e-mail-that would increase the risk that this sensitive info could be stolen. Among the details to include... Income sources. Note how each of your income streams arrives-pensions and Social Security payments often are direct-deposited into bank accounts, for example. If you

Grit Trap Disposal Testing • Waste testing that meets any landfill or disposal site requirements. • Soil, water, waste and air testing.

day o t s u l l Ca ial for spec g. ricin SCWA p

INTEGR TY testing Chris Ewert • (512) 891-7777 8127 Mesa Drive, #C-305 • Austin, TX 78759 31





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Tuesday – October 20, 2020 – COWBOYS GOLF CLUB 1600 Fairway Drive • Grapevine, Texas • (817) 481-7277 •

ATTENTION: Car Wash Owners and Vendors Enjoy a day of Golf, Food, Fun and Great Prizes!!


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For Team Sponsorship & Registration - visit website or call SCWA Headquarters • Only Team Sponsors are guaranteed Team Member requests. • Limited to the first 72 paid registrants. • $175.00 per person includes breakfast, green fee, cart, prizes, driving range balls and lunch. Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________________ State ______ Zip ____________ Email: ___________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Fax:___________________________ Handicap: ____________Or Average Score: ______________

Total Golf Fee Enclosed: $ __________________ Player & Team Space is limited and will be confirmed only upon receipt of the reservation form and payment. Mail completed form with payment by Wednesdayday, Sept. 30, 2020 to SCWA, 4600 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 103, Austin, Texas 78759

Register & pay by credit card online at Phone (800) 440-0644 (512) 343-9023 Fax (512) 343-1530.



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ADVANTAGE Continued from pg. 31

have income that arrives by check, explain where it comes from, when it should arrive and what to do if it doesn't arrive. Example: If you have a rental property, your tenants or property­management company might send you paper checks each month. Recurring payments — including mortgage/rent, utilities, taxes (estimated income taxes and property taxes), insurance premiums… payments made to personal or household assistance providers… and other bills that recur on a regular basis. Search your checking account and credit card transactions histories to make sure you haven't missed any of these. For each listing, provide your account number, password/PIN and the company's contact phone number or website as well as a brief description of when and how it is paid. Indicate where you wire a check or have set up automatic payments from an account. Any payments made annually or semiannually deserve special attention —the less often a recurring bill is paid, the greater the odds that your financial agent will overlook it when reviewing your finances. The is common with longterm-care insurance, home/auto insurance and property taxes. Highlight the dates these are due, and add a warning that this date is important. Example: A woman was in a rehab facility when her long-term-care policy's bill arrived. The deadline passed before she or her loved ones realized anything was amiss. The insurer fused to reinstate the policy.

Helpful: Man insurers allow you to name a third party, such as a friend or family member, to be notified if the policy is behind in payments. Bank, investment and credit card accounts. Include each institutions's name and contact phone number, account number and passwords/PINs. Financial professionals you work with. This could include a tax preparer, estate attorney, financial planner, investment adviser and/or trust officer. Provide phone numbers and e-mail addresses. These pros might be able to help the agent answer questions about your finances— though likely only questions related to their specialties. In addition to keeping this list with your plan, give it to loves ones so if all else fails, these people can piece together your financial activity. Your personal information. Provide your full name, mailing address, email address and phone number(s), date of birth, Social Security number and mother's maiden name. If you were widowed within the past five years, in­clude your late spouse's personal info, too. Photocopy your driver's license and health insurance/Medicare card and at­tach these to your financial guide.


Confirm that your financial guide is understood and properly stored. When you hand your guide to your financial agent, ask him to read it in your presence so

WashSolutions WashSolutions

Your Your single single solution solution for for all all car car wash wash and and detail detail needs. needs.

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SOUTHWEST CAR WASH ASSOCIATION Membership gives you access to information, resources SOUTHWEST CAR WASH ASSOCIATION Membership gives you access to information, resources and a “real world” car wash network to keep you competitive in a fast changing business climate. and a “real world” car wash network to keep you competitive in a fast changing business climate.

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ADVANTAGE that he can ask about anything that isn't clear. Ask him to store it where he stores his important documents—storing it anywhere else increases the odds that it will be lost. Review the guide annually together and make necessary updates­ — this is also a good way to confirm that he remembers where your guide is stored. Offer guidance about paying big bills. If your agent is one day forced to take charge of your finances, it prob­ably will be because you've had a medi­cal emergency —which means that he might have to pay sizable health-carerelated bills on your behalf. Provide advice—either in your written guide or verbally when you discuss it — about what to do if there isn't enough money in your bank account and emergency fund to pay big bills. You could recommend that the agent contact the billers to ask whether payments can be spread out over many months… and/or explain which of your investments should be tapped first if needed to help pay bills. Explain required minimum distributions (RMDs). Tax penalties can apply if insufficient withdrawals are made from tax-deferred retirement ac­ counts each year. Unfortunately, RMDs are often overlooked when people take over older relatives' finances — many preretirees have never heard of RMDs. If you must make RMDs (or will have to in the years in the years ahead), make sure your loved one is aware of this. Provide details about how much must be withdrawn… from which account(s) to withdraw money… what to do with withdrawn money… and how to tell if the withdrawal already had been made for a particular calendar year. Amanda DesBarres owner of Help Unlimited interviewed by BottomLine

LEGAL & LEGISLATIVE U.S. Small Business Administration Releases New FAQ Document on PPP "Safe Harbor" for Loans Under $2 Million

Recently, the U.S. Small Business Administration, in consultation with the U.S. Department of Treasury, released an updated FAQ document concerning the implementation of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Through this document, we learned that the SBA has determined that loans with an original principal amount of less than $2 million will be deemed to have made the requisite certification regarding the necessity of the loan "in good faith." This information is tremendously helpful for those who are awaiting guidance on the forgiveability of PPP loans. In particular 46. Question: How will SBA review borrowers' required goodfaith certification concerning the necessity of their loan request?

Answer: When submitting a PPP application, all borrowers must certify in good faith that "current economic uncertainty makes this loan request necessary to support the ongoing operations of the Applicant." SBA, in consultation with the Department of the Treasury, has determined that the following safe harbor will apply to SBA's review of PPP loans with respect to this issue: Any borrower that, together with its affiliates, received PPP loans with an original principal amount of less than $2 million will be deemed to have made the required certification concerning the necessity of the loan request in good faith. SBA has determined that this safe harbor is appropriate because borrowers with loans below this threshold are generally less likely to have had access to adequate sources of liquidity in the current economic environment than borrowers that obtained larger loans. This safe harbor will also promote economic certainty as PPP borrowers with more limited resources endeavor to retain and rehire employees. In addition, given the large volume of PPP loans, this approach will enable SBA to conserve its finite audit resources and focus its reviews on larger loans, where the compliance effort may yield higher returns.

This approach will enable SBA to conserve its finite audit resources and focus its reviews on larger loans. Importantly, borrowers with loans greater than $2 million that do not satisfy this safe harbor may still have an adequate basis for making the required good-faith certification, based on their individual circumstances in light of the language of the certification and SBA guidance. SBA has previously stated that all PPP loans in excess of $2 million, and other PPP loans as appropriate, will be subject to review by SBA for compliance with program requirements set forth in the PPP Interim Final Rules and in the Borrower Application Form. If SBA determines in the course of its review that a borrower lacked an adequate basis for the required certification concerning the necessity of the loan request, SBA will seek repayment of the outstanding PPP loan balance and will inform the lender that the borrower is not eligible for loan forgiveness. If the borrower repays the loan after receiving notification from SBA, SBA will not pursue administrative enforcement or referrals to other agencies based on its determination with respect to the certification concerning necessity of the loan request. SBA's determination concerning the certification regarding the necessity of the loan request will not affect SBA's loan guarantee.

Wage and Hour Division Issues Final Rule

Today the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division (WHD) announced a final rule to provide one 39




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■ Tank Dimensions - 18.5”dia. x 42”h ■ Unit Weight - Net 145 lbs. Ship weight 185 lbs. ■ Ships in carton/pallet: 67”h x 32”w x 31”d Options

■ Multi-coin acceptor ■ Lighted dome ■ Debris catcher ■ Dome colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white ■ Hose colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, gray, black 40

3021 Midland Drive • Pine Bluff AR 71603 800-643-1574 •

ADVANTAGE analysis for all employers when determining whether they qualify as "retail or service" establishments for purposes of an exemption from overtime pay applicable to commission-based employees. Section 7(i) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides an exemption from the FLSA's overtime pay requirement for certain employees of retail or service establishments paid primarily on a commission basis. Today's rule withdraws two provisions from WHD's regulations. The first withdrawn provision listed industries that WHD viewed as having "no retail concept" and thus were categorically ineligible to claim the section 7(i) exemption. The second withdrawn provision listed industries that, in WHD's view, "may be recognized as retail" and thus were potentially eligible for the exemption. As the rule explains, some courts have questioned whether these lists lack any rational basis. Â As a result of the withdrawal of these two lists, establishments in industries that had been on the nonretail list may now assert that they have a retail concept, and if they meet the existing definition of retail and other criteria, may qualify to use the exemption. These other criteria include paying a regular rate at least one and a half times the minimum wage and providing commissions that comprise more than half the employee's compensation for a representative period. Some establishments on the withdrawn non-retail list may have been deterred from

availing themselves of the exemption and its compensation flexibilities. If establishments on the withdrawn non-retail list now qualify for the exemption, they have added flexibility regarding commission-based pay arrangements with their workers. For these employers and workers, they could consider whether, for instance, more commissionbased pay is sensible. Establishments in industries that had been on the "may be" retail list may continue to assert that they have a retail concept. Moving forward, WHD will apply the same analysis to all establishments to determine whether they have a retail concept and qualify as retail or service establishments, promoting greater clarity for employers and workers alike. WHD is issuing this rule without notice and comment, and it will take effect immediately. Notice and comment and delaying the effective date are not required because both lists being withdrawn were part of WHD's interpretive regulations and were originally issued in 1961 without notice and comment or a delay.

DID YOU KNOW -TIPS Retirees can skip required minimum distributions (RMDs) from their retirement accounts this year under a provision of the coronavirus economic stabilization package signed into law in March. That means retirees can avoid the tax payments that they normally would face



YOUR BEST CAR WASH LOAN Discuss options with your SBA-Capital Expert

Larry Ayres – Owner, All American Carwash and Lube

I had the pleasure of working with SBA-Capital and Hershel Pierce on a $7M restructure loan that replaced Short Term financing with Long Term debt, provided $1.5M for renovation, and reduced my debt service over $20K per month. Give Hershel a call to explore if he can do the same for your company.


• Renovation Doubles Revenue (video) • Purchase Existing Wash, Renovation, or New Construction • Use existing Equity to Expand or Renovate • Obtain a Financial Car Wash Proforma • Use EBITDA to evaluate your business

EBITDA projections include revenue, operating cost, earnings, cash flow, debt service, and debt coverage ratio. Since 1982 Car Wash loan Experts 42

ADVANTAGE on withdrawals from accounts such as IRAs and 401(k) s. The delay is especially helpful given that the value of many retirement accounts has dropped this year, making it an inopportune time to sell investments. Normally, retirees must start taking RMDs at age 70½ (for those born before July 1, 1949) or at age 72 (for those born after June 30, 1949). Prior to this year, the requirment kicked in at age 70½. Under another provision of the new law, savers under age 59½ can take coronavirus-related “hardship withdrawals” of up to $100,000 from retirement accounts in 2020 without the 10% penalty that normally applies. They still owe the tax on that withdrawal if they don't recontribute the money within three years, although they have three years to pay the tax. And the new law allows savers to borrow up to $100,000 from their 401(k)s, double the usual maximum amount. If the loan is not repaid, it is treated as a distribution and is subject to taxes. Review brokerage account statements regularly— every month or at least quarterly. Be sure all trades, withdrawals and transfers are ones you rec­ognize and authorized. Errors do occur, and it is your obligation to report them, just as you would a mistake in a bank­account statement. Otherwise, brokerage firms and regulators will assume that you authorized any activity. You usually will be able to get problems resolved by calling the firm, but in some cases, you may also want to send a letter. Examples: Cash balances change unexpectedly, securities are missing or unaccounted for, trades were unauthorized, or confirmations show the wrong number of shares or price per share. If you contact your bro­ker, branch manager or firm and are not satisfied with the response, contact the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Worst hiding spots for valuables: Bedroom closet— thieves check shelves, clothing, even pockets. If you have valuables put them in a box with a boring name, such as "old baby clothes." Dresser drawers—if you use them, put valuables in socks, not jewelry boxes. A portable safe— thieves will simply carry it away. If you want a safe, get a very heavy one. Medicine cabinet—thieves will search for drugs and find jewelry or cash you may keep in pill bottles. Freezer—thieves know this is a common hiding place and look for anything that does not seem to belong. If you use it for valuables, put them in something such as a used frozen-fruit bag that will not stand out. Vases­— thieves may empty or break them. Use a vase only if you put flowers or a plant in it so it looks used. Cars that depreciate faster can be great deals for usedcar buyers. The auto market currently has a record num­ ber of off-lease vehicles—most of them around three years old, since typical leases run for three years. Average threeyear depre­ciation for cars in the US is 38.2%. That means models that have depreciated significantly faster can be the best used cars to consider. Acura RLX depreciates 55.8%… Lincoln MKZ, 55.6%… Mercedes-Benz E-Class,

55.4%… Jaguar XF, 54.8% Cadillac XTS, 54.5% ... Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, 54.5%… Kia K900, 54.4%… BMW 5 Series, 53.8%… Cadillac CTS, 53.8%… Audi A6, 53.3%. Caution: Check each model's repair and reliability records, not just its depreciation, before considering it. And shop according to your budget —even with substantial depreciation, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is still valued at $31,051, while the Lincoln MKZ is val­ued at $19,855. Three health-care taxes have been repealed? They were cre­ated under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). One was a health insurance tax on insurers providing plans—it was suspended several times since it began in 2014, and insurers are suing the government to recover money they paid. The second was a tax on medical devices, begun in 2013 and suspended in 2016. The third was a tax on so-called “Cadillac” coverage–high–priced employersponsored insurance plans. It never went into effect. Try remembering something late in the day if you cannot recall it earlier. A gene found in mice–possibly comparable to one in humans—influ­ences memory recall at different times of day. The protein that activates that gene is at low levels just before waking up and high levels just before sleep. So something that may be difficult to recall early in the day could become easier to remember by bedtime.


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Shadazon-CW Canopies Tempe AZ

Red Carpet Car Wash Fort Worth TX

Quick N Clean Irving TX

Bob Blakewell Gary Burkett

Larry Myers

Thanh Nguyen

C&G Car Wash Port Neches TX

Maxey Road Car Wash, LLC Houston TX

Lakeview Car Wash Rowlett TX

Novel Builders, LLC Richardson TX

Hydroclean Express Car Wash Lewisville TX

Speedy Shine Car Wash Colorado Springs CO

Debbie Daffron Scott Gale

Lloyd Osborn Russell Ross

Brandon Horton

Lane & Cindy Simmons

Les LaMastus

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Doc's Car Wash Lewisville TX

Quick Shine Auto Spa Lake Havasu City AZ

Caleb Lathrop

Electra Contruction Co. Electra TX NGA PROP, LLC Fullerton CA

Will Whipple

Prophet Properties, LLC Plano TX

Carolina Car Wash Fuquay Varina NC

Pirate Pride Car Wash Granbury TX

Gleam Car Wash Denver CO

Nicholas Luiz Pat Lynch

Elijah Williams

Gleam Car Wash Denver CO




ADVANTAGE Reduce blood pressure, preserve mental ability. People who have hypertension at midlife appear in­ creasingly likely to suffer cognitive de­cline decades later. Two recent studies linked higher blood pressure at ages 36 or 44 with an in­creased risk for cog­nitive impairment at around age 70. A third study found that people treated intensively to reduce their systolic pres­sure (the upper number) to 120 mm Hg or lower developed fewer lesions associated with cognitive decline than those treated to keep systolic pressure at or below 140 mm Hg. Mistakes Uber and Lyft passengers make and what to do instead. Request­ing a carpool to save money: The savings are small, and carpools can significantly increase your travel time. Regular rides are better unless you have multiple pas­ sengers all going from and to the same locations. Failing to price-check both Uber and Lyft. The companies compete intensely and often offer different prices for the same service. Not checking your pickup location in the app. Be sure it is correct —and if you are at a location with multiple entrances or in an area where pickups are limited, be sure the driver knows where to find you. Not ordering the right type of ride. For more than four people or if you have large lug­gage, you need an XL ride. Doing things that lower your passenger rating. Do what is needed to keep it at 4.8 or above. If it hits 4.65 or less, drivers are more likely to refuse your ride request, or you may have to wait a long time for a driver to agree to take you.

SCWA BOARD MEETING The SCWA Board of Directors recently held an "in person" Board of Directors meeting. The meeting held at the Marriott Grapevine was the first since the COVID19 restrictions were put in place. According to SCWA President Jeff Blansit, "it was a great opportunity to be able to visit and discuss many of the important issues and directions including the SCWA 2021 Convention & Car Wash EXPO. We have some really exciting and innovative plans for the 2021 event."

SCWA website and the SCWA TODAY for registration and sponsorships. The SCWA Board of Directors presented the following letter of appreciation to Chuck & Jane Space, the SCWA Management team, for efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The board would like to take this opportunity to recognize your proactive advocacy efforts and thank you for the unparalleled representation you provided our industry during the challenges presented by Covid-19. Over the past several months your tireless efforts have deeply impacted not only the lives of our members, but also the carwash industry as a whole and their families. By all measures, your energy, devotion, passion, and unrelenting commitment has increased the visibility and credibility of the association. The resulting recognition will continue to add value and offer opportunities to advance the industry in our member states and beyond for years to come. Thank you again for your leadership as we navigate unchartered territory. Jeffrey Blansit President, Board of Directors Southwest Car Wash Association



Vice President:

Jeff Blansit Austin, TX (214) 912-1729

Ryan Darby Tucson, AZ (806) 535-7275

Mel Ulrich Weatherford, TX (940) 456-1082


Past President:

Vendor Vice President:

Don Witt Dallas, TX (214) 358-2575

Andrew Zamora Lubbock, TX (806) 543-2775

Tyler Greffin Wixom, MI (866) 362-6377


Ed Emerson

Marcus Kittrell

Fort Collins, CO (970) 485-0287

Abilene, TX (325) 201-8011

Pelham, AL (205) 966-5931

Robert Andre

Steve Holcomb

Tamarac, FL (800) 327-8723

Oklahoma City, OK (405) 642-7874

Bobby Story Durant, OK (580) 775-1855

Lanese Barnett

Paul Kalscheur

Dallas, TX (972) 390-0230

Appleton, WI (920) 636-8463

Shane Weiss Alice, TX (361) 664-8101

Executive Director: Chuck Space • 4600 Spicewood Springs Rd., Ste. 103 • Austin, Texas, 78759 • (512) 343-9023

The Board also discussed the launching of new programs including the Car Wash Advocacy Network and a virtual car wash tour "without borders". Be sure to watch the

THE ADVANTAGE is the official publication of the Southwest Car Wash Association. It is published four times each calendar year by SCWA, 4600 Spicewood Springs Rd., #103, Austin, Texas 78759. The officers, directors and members of the Southwest Car Wash Association, as well as The Advantage editors, in accepting advertising for this publication, make no independent investigation concerning the services or products advertised and neither endorse nor recommend or make any claims as to the accuracy and therefore assume no liability thereof. The opinions expressed in the articles are not necessarily the opinions of SCWA and its publisher and therefore makes no warranties and assumes no responsibility for accuracy or completeness of the information herein. (512) 343-9023.



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SOUTHWEST CAR WASH ASSOCIATION 4600 Spicewood Springs Road Suite 103 Austin, Texas 78759




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