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Publication of the Southwest Car Wash Association

First Quarter 2019


Keynote Speaker

Dana Perino

2019 Lifetime Achievement Award

Ben Alford

201 9 S CWA Conventio n & EXPO H ig hl i g h t s1


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE EXPERIENCE SCWA 2019 certainly lived up to our theme. As one national car wash publication stated in their recap “SCWA provided a “WOW” experience again this year”. The SCWA event brought together the largest ever regional gathering of successful car wash operators and suppliers. Experience Andrew Zamora SCWA 2019 offered three strong SCWA Preside­­nt days of premier education from nationally recognized speakers; the popular SCWA EXPO with more than 325 booths; great networking opportunities and strong energy. I am pleased we have received so many wonderful emails including words like: “awesome show”; “journey to the spectacular”; “there was so much positive energy”. The SCWA Board believes that by coming together and uniting our efforts and ideas as a car wash community we can all grow and be BETTER TOGETHER as our theme demonstrated. The SCWA Convention & EXPO also seems to be expanding in recognition. We had the largest attendance ever of car wash operators with 2112 joining in the activities. This included car wash operators from 37 states ranging from Hawaii; New York; Washington; California; Oregon; Georgia; Florida; Tennessee; Connecticut; Mississippi; among others; and three countries, Mexico; Canada; Dubai. Another important and extremely positive stat is the attendee to exhibitor ratio – 32% Registered Exhibiting Company Reps 68% Pre-Registered & On Site Non-Exhibitor Attendees The Convention this year was highlighted by the popular FOX News anchor Dana Perino. Dana described the leadership skills she learned while serving George Bush as his Press Secretary along with many interesting stories related to her time in the White House and also at FOX News. The popular CEO Forum featured speaker Michael Dominguez, Vice President of MGM Resorts International giving us a great perspective on not just selling a service – but creating an experience for your customer. Congratulations to Ben Alford, who was honored with the 2019 SCWA Lifetime Achievement Award during the Monday General Session ceremonies. (See page 31) The 2019 Car Wash EXPO included two EXPO areas with more than 75,000 square feet displaying car wash “state of the art” all under one roof and all at one time. The EXPO continued the popular feature – Car Wash QUICK TALKS highlighting car wash practical ideas that can be implemented immediately in your business. In fact the challenge of each session was to provide at least 3

“takeaways” for instant business improvement. I know the ones I attended provided many good ideas for my business. I hope you were able to join us to EXPERIENCE SCWA 2019 - and take advantage of the new ideas, solutions and strategies in the car wash industry. If you missed the event - you really missed a great opportunity to become a better operator! Many people - from the exhibitors to the SCWA leadership - work hard to make the SCWA Convention & Car Wash EXPO a special experience for everyone. To all the 2018– 2019 Board of Directors – thank you for your time, energy and your commitment to SCWA and the car wash industry. Board members go above and beyond by giving their time and assuming financial expenses for their participation as a Board Member. It is an honor to serve on the Board but also a sacrifice in terms of time and financial resources. Again as our theme featured we are all “BETTER TOGETHER”. I want to thank all the companies who made the effort to participate in the 2019 EXPO. We truly appreciate your partnership with SCWA and know it will pay good dividends. A special thank you to the 2019 SCWA Sponsors who helped make the SCWA events more fun and affordable. Check out the Exhibitors and Sponsors on page 29. You will also be able to find these companies on the SCWA website. I encourage you to support the companies who support SCWA. To Tyler Furney, our Immediate Past President, Thank You. We all owe you our appreciation for your leadership and guidance this past year. You gave us an outstanding year including the great car wash tours in Boise and Nashville and all you did leading up and including the largest SCWA Convention & EXPO ever. To each of you – our members – thank you for your support and now I challenge each of you to take the high energy, spirit and enthusiasm of EXPERIENCE SCWA 2019 into this next year and let us raise the bar to the next level in SCWA - as well as our businesses. Mark Your Calendar & Join Me for our 2019-2020 Events: June 5th August 5th October 1st January 29–31

Wade Welch Memorial Golf Classic – Page 22 Denver Car Wash Tour – Page 18 Houston Car Wash Tour 2020 Convention & EXPO – Pages 5 & 36

Visit for event details.

Thank you for the honor of allowing me to serve as your SCWA President. I encourage you to contact me with any ideas you have that will help us continue to keep SCWA relevant to your everyday needs. BETTER TOGETHER is more than a theme; it’s the reason SCWA continues to grow and attract the brightest and best in the car wash industry. 3




SCWA NEWS SCWA 2020 Is Headed To Fort Worth

SCWA announced the site of the 2020 Convention & Car Wash EXPO will be the Fort Worth Convention Center. In addition to the new location, the event will also feature a new day pattern beginning on Wednesday

The Southwest Car Wash Association (SCWA) has been incredibly supportive of this program as it has been their interest in the betterment of the entire car wash industry, signified by the mantra: “Better Together”. The recipients were acknowledged at the 2019 SCWA EXPO in Arlington, TX in late February at the CEO Forum. The recipients then led a panel-discussion at the Car Wash Academy, overviewing their stories and impacts they made. They closed by sending the audience back with tips of how to engage their teams to identify and stimulate LWF. The 2018 recipients included: • Gil Castro Zips Car Wash • Anthony Antonis Laguna Industries • Lawson Bair Camel Express Car Wash

instead of Sunday. According to SCWA President Andrew Zamora “we are excited the SCWA event has increased beyond the current Arlington location and next year will be held in Fort Worth. This move gives us the opportunity to have all the exhibitors in one large hall and grow our expanding education program. It will also offer new venues for attendees to enjoy social options. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW — JANUARY 29–31, 2020


Letters To The Editor

Dear Chuck, Jane and SCWA Board We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for Brian! You are truly family to us! Brian's' life is enriched and so much better because of all of you! He is so much more productive because of your involvement and care in his life. There just isn't enough words to adequately express the deep love and appreciation we have for each and every one of you! With prayers, love & appreciation Dale, Valerie, Brian & Andrew Campbell

LEADERSHIP Leadership Worth Following: SCWA Wrap-Up

2018 marked the inaugural year for Leadership Worth Following (LWF) in acknowledging three recipients that have made significant contributions to the car wash community. The recipients were acknowledged by industry peers for their influential actions that resulted in positive outcomes and helped forge a greater understanding and appreciation for the entire car wash community.

Their stories captivated, but also exposed relatable scenarios for the audience. Gil’s story of the impressionable power of a neon green bow tie and how it drove him to push himself into uncomfortable scenarios and thrive toward success by being ever-adaptable was certainly one that sparked interest. How often do we look past small moments that change our entire lives? Do we really pay close enough attention to the seemingly insignificant moments that change the course of our future? Gil offered great insight on why it was important to identify these times.

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The Gleam Machine is an extra service revenue generating system that is located after the blowers in the conveyor wash system. The system utilizes a special water absorbent material that also polishes the vehicle while it removes the remaining water droplets providing hand dried quality without the labor.

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ADVANTAGE Anthony’s view of the industry over time has crossed the segmentation of markets (i.e. vendors, consultants, distributors, etc.) and driven him and the Laguna team to integrate a more seamless approach to better support operators ease-of-use. This method of thinking is formed at the core belief to assist not only his own customers, but nearly anyone that desires to inquire. Anthony’s selfless

mindset prompted him to help an industry colleague that got in over their head after buying out partners. This later resulted in the returned favor of doing business involving Laguna on this person’s next five builds and a lasting friendship to-boot! What do you hold back? Are your skills being caged up out of fear of competitors knowing what you know? Will the next move you make result in a positive outcome? Anthony’s story really captured the humble leader with an interest to benefit the whole.

Lawson’s story was impressively navigated without wincing. Courageous in the face of adversity, he told the story of how his world was turned upside-down. His father passed away before Lawson had much of chance to become a young adult, only to be followed by the death of his mother a month after that. At the age of 21, Lawson (and his wife) take on the responsibility of his two siblings, a young child, adoption of another child and the challenge of becoming the best car wash Manager in the Southeast. He lives his story daily as he works with team members to overcome their own personal challenges and inspires them to greatness. Do you have reasons or excuses? Is your life providing fulfillment and contribution or are you just going through the motions? Lawson’s message was to find ways to engage, challenge and build confidence in your team; it might be the best gift they will ever receive. Congratulations to Gil, Anthony and Gawson for their Leadership Worth Following.


Every business’ goal is to attain loyal customers. But, every business has a different way of going about achieving


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SCWA WELCOMES NEW BOARD MEMBERS The SCWA membership elected new members of the Board of Directors at the Annual Membership Meeting held during the 2019 Convention in Arlington. Andrew Zamora, 2019–2020 SCWA President, presents Board Member Plaques to the new members – (Pictured left to right, Shane Weiss not pictured)

Andrew Zamora SCWA President

Steve Holcomb Okie Express

Robert Andre Sonny’s The Car Wash Factory

Eric Warden Mustang Elite Car Wash & Lube

Special thank you to our outgoing Board of Directors members: David Swenson, DeWayne Hall, Evan Lorentzatos and Clay Wilson. (Pictured left to right with 2018–2019 SCWA President Tyler Furney)

David Swenson Arbor Car Wash & Lube Center

DeWayne Hall Fast Lanes of America

Evan Lorentzatos King Car Wash

Clay Wilson Lone Star Car Wash Systems





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that goal. Certainly, the products or services you offer must be top-notch, and you must provide outstanding customer service to create a customer experience that keeps patrons from defecting to the competition. But, once you have them hooked, how do you get them to come in more often? “The primary motive behind a loyalty program is to retain customers by rewarding them for their repeat purchase behavior,” Dean Lecky, vice president of sales with Micrologic Associates, says. “There are several studies which show that there is a direct relationship between loyalty and retention rate. Some examples of these are that the loyal customers tend to spend more, frequent more and will increase the overall revenue. In addition, the cost to retain a loyal customer is significantly less than acquiring a new one.” Loyalty programs, when leveraged properly, are a key tool that can change customers’ behavior. Without having an incentive or understanding the benefits of frequent washing, the average customer may get a single carwash (and a basic one at that) every few months. But, if you can strike a balance between offering what seems too good a deal to be true and getting an uptick in your revenue, then it’s a win-win situation.


Loyalty programs have evolved over the years, but it’s important to note that there is a major difference between a loyalty program and a membership program.

“In the past, a customer would receive a punch card that would have ‘Buy X amount of washes and get one free.’ Current computer systems can now track the usage by the use of a loyalty card or RFID technology,” Lecky explains. “The most recent option is to give customers points for each dollar that they spend. Customers who spend more will earn loyalty points faster.” However, it could still take months for a customer to purchase all these washes, so while both the discounting and points accrual forms of loyalty programs help ensure the customer will return, it doesn’t necessarily change their washing habits. Hence, the problem: Both types of loyalty programs rely on the whims of the customer. You may have provided some incentive, but you haven’t necessarily changed his or her behavior. Membership programs, on the other hand, earn you money regardless of the customer’s behavior. Whether a customer washes once or five times a month, you are still earning the same amount from that person month over month. “There’s not a sort of one-to-one relationship between a loyalty program and revenue as there is with a membership program. Membership programs are a form of loyalty program in a certain sense, but it’s a direct line to revenue,” Max Pulcini, Director of Communications and Marketing at EverWash, states. Because membership programs are so tied to revenue, they open more financial doors for you. Potential lenders



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ADVANTAGE can look at a spreadsheet and see guaranteed revenue each month, making an investment in your business less risky. “When you’ve got a successful membership program, what it allows you to do is get loans, expand your company, buy new locations, etc. — things that simple loyalty programs can’t do,” Pulcini adds. Furthermore, Pulcini notes, washes with membership programs that decide to sell often receive higher offers and sell easier, since a new owner can also look at a balance sheet and see that direct tie between the membership program and recurring revenue.


Aside from building a solid customer base, loyalty programs are also the key to positive, free marketing. After all, if customers feel they are getting a great deal out of a loyalty/membership program, they will be sure to tout it. “One of the things that loyalty also creates is wordof-mouth recommendations, which is the most powerful way to gain more customers,” Amy Olson, graphics and marketing generalist for WashCard Systems, asserts. Furthermore, membership programs help owners combat a carwash’s worst foe: the weather. “A prepaid loyalty system is best viewed as an insurance policy for wash operators,” explains Joe McEwan, marketing manager for Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. “Even if the sun is shining today, a forecast of rain tomorrow can often

affect a customer’s decision to wash. Their perceived value of a carwash is affected drastically by the weather, and that puts operators in a difficult spot, considering they have no control over the elements.” Another way that membership programs help owners is by giving them the ability to have a relationship with their customers, according to Shane Larsen, chief coin slayer at Coinless Mobile. Having a loyalty program grants you access to customer names and contact information. Attendants can now greet and address customers personally, and your company will have the ability to market directly to your patrons. “When they’re willing to commit to you, you can definitely commit more to them, giving them benefits and even creating customized marketing campaigns,” Larsen says. Finally, membership programs prove particularly lucrative with fleet accounts. Businesses with fleets need their vehicles to look good and function well to both make a positive impression on their own customers as well as stay in service for long enough to get the most out of what these companies paid for them. They are willing to pay well for guaranteed, routine cleaning. If you have one or more fleet accounts but don’t have a membership program, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in certain revenue per year. “One of the biggest benefits our customers see is taking advantage of business-to-business (B2B) — or fleet —



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ADVANTAGE accounts, which work across all platforms,” Olson says. “This creates the largest amount of revenue for operators. It’s not always about the discount or loyalty factors for the fleet manager — it’s knowing the car gets washed and having easy access to reports of when washing was done.”


As far as membership programs go, one of the most common types is the unlimited wash program that tunnels typically employ. These carwashes will use one of two systems: an RFID reader or a license plate reader (LPR). RFID readers require giving patrons RFID stickers to put on their windshields so that when they pull up to the kiosk, the reader will scan the sticker and let them through. LPRs need only read a license plate before letting a customer enter. Not only do these methods increase throughput, since there is no lingering at the kiosk, but they are also difficult to manipulate or abuse, since they are tied to specific vehicles. While it’s possible for in-bay automatics (IBAs) and selfserves to offer unlimited programs, it is substantially harder and not always recommended. The problem for IBAs is that these carwashes are not always staffed. As for self-serves, defining what counts as a “wash” when providing unlimited washes is tricky, since washes are so customizable. “While IBAs can also use RFID programs, a common struggle has been timely completion of new customer

accounts at sites that are not always staffed,” McEwan explains. “This is where an app-based loyalty program can really be of benefit, as the entire sign-up process can be completed by the customer without any need for employee interaction.” App-based solutions solve many of the problems associated with loyalty programs at IBAs and self-serves. For selfserve carwashes in particular, Larsen explains, “The model that seems to make the most sense to us is if you just use dollar amounts as credits.”

If time is a factor, carwash owners should find a loyalty program company that can provide sample social media posts and other such digital assistance. For instance, if customers commit to preloading a certain amount of money every month for the carwash on the app (not unlike purchasing a monthly membership), the selfserve carwash not only has guaranteed revenue, but it can also reward the customer by giving extra money/credits in return for his or her loyalty. For instance, let’s say a customer agrees to load $20 per month. The carwash can then grant the user an extra $20 for the month. These numbers are all customizable on both the customer and business end, which allows customers to determine the maximum they would spend at a carwash per month. Whether the customer uses all of


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ADVANTAGE that money in one month or not is ultimately up to him or her. As with unlimited tunnel washes, some will wash as much as they can and some won’t. According to Larsen, another perk that customers love about some app programs is being able to control the purchasing process from inside their toasty cars in the winter. “People who use the automatics in the winter love that they don’t have to roll their window down. They just roll up to the in-bay automatic, and they pull out their phone and turn everything on without lowering their window down,” Larsen explains.


Not all carwashes will have on-site attendants to sell a loyalty program, and even if they do, not all customers will want to talk to the attendant at that time about the program. Therefore, what the experts we interviewed all agreed on was that it is greatly important that a carwash have both a website and social media presence to help sell the program. “Many operators will overlook this in today’s world, which is unfortunate because it is a huge help in providing information about their location as well as the available loyalty options they have,” Olson states. In fact, Pulcini notes that for about half the carwashes his company has worked with (both IBA and tunnel), the company has either built or modernized the carwash’s website and Facebook page. “The majority of operators

out there aren’t utilizing social media to the level that they should. That’s critical to a successful program, and gets overlooked, not because I think they don’t understand the importance of it, but in a lot of cases, it’s just resource constraints. They don’t have time in most cases to sit and formulate a strategy for social media.” It can be easy to let marketing and branding slide when faced with the day-to-day operations of a carwash. Comparatively, marketing might seem like a luxury for when you have some time (if ever). However, marketing is critical both for a wash and a loyalty program; therefore, Pulcini says, if time is a factor, carwash owners should find a loyalty program company that can provide sample social media posts and other such digital assistance. Of course, you also need to utilize your point-of-sale (POS) and payment systems. “One of the most efficient ways to let potential customers know about the benefits available to them is to literally put it in a place they cannot ignore — the touchscreen of a pay station. Whether it’s a short promotional video with a call to action or a menu item that allows them to purchase loyalty membership, this is a great way to ‘hook’ customers,” McEwan says. App-based systems can also help with marketing in a different way: through customer reviews. Larsen provides the following example: While the customer has the app open at the carwash, it can ask him or her to rate the wash experience. If that experience is low, such as one or two stars, it can provide the telephone number of the owner/carwash contact and ask the customer





Denver, Colorado • August 5, 2019

SHERATON DENVER TECH CENTER 7007 S. Clinton Street • Denver 303-799-6200 For more information on the SCWA Car Wash Tour and to Register please visit or call the SCWA Headquarters at 800-440-0644.



ADVANTAGE to call that person immediately to resolve the problem. This takes care of problems before they spiral out of control, hopefully bettering a customer’s experience and leading to a change in those negative reviews. However, there will inevitably be times when you lose customers from your program. “As the program evolves, you will need to manage your churn rate (loss of customers),” Lecky notes. “Most recent technology can provide a way to automatically update the customer’s credit card if it has been replaced due to the card being lost or stolen. This allows for the focus to be on growing the program versus chasing inactive customers that have been declined and become inactive.”


As mentioned earlier, having a membership program can increase the value of your wash in a prospective buyer’s eyes. Depending on the type of loyalty program you have — app-based or POS-based — a sale can either be very easy or a little more complicated, but in either case, it never need impact the customer. With app-based systems, as long as there is communication between the buyer, seller and membership-program manufacturer, a sale can be as simple as a transfer in ownership name and ID number, Pulcini and Larsen note. Members can be informed via the app about any changes they can expect to see in prices, naming, etc. On the consumers’ part, there is little to no interruption. Whether app-based or not, communication is critical when handling the sale of a carwash and its membership program. “Generally, most transfers can happen without interruption to the customer, but again, this all depends on communication. Sellers and buyers need to communicate and agree on things such as current prepaid balances. If there are outstanding balances available on loyalty cards, who does the money go to? In some cases, we’ve seen well over $50,000 sitting out there, and that money needs to be agreed upon who it goes to at the end of the day,” Olson says. Other challenges can arise if a chain, for instance, is only doing a partial sale, selling only a few locations. Again, these specifics need to be communicated to make sure the proper accounts are set up beforehand so the transfer goes smoothly. “If, at any point, an operator is thinking about selling his or her location, it is critical that he or she pass this information along to the business maintaining any credit card, loyalty card or mobile app information for the sale and transfer to happen seamlessly. Without this communication, things can end in a disaster for the seller and create a lot of friction with the new owner before he or she ever gets started,” Olson concludes. This article was originally published in Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine and it is being republished with permission from Babcox Media.


Communication is ingrained in every facet of life, yet many struggle with fear, insecurity and general ineffectiveness when they find themselves eye-to-eye with someone to present ideas, address complicated situations, express feelings, negotiate or just “sell themselves” in both personal and professional contexts. According to Megan Rokosh, who is a global business communications expert with over 12 years of agency public relations, media and creative strategy experience, “Some people are paralyzed with fear at the very thought of taking an idea and communicating it, both in the workplace and in their everyday life. However, confidence can be significantly bolstered by heeding even a few simple strategies — some basic fundamentals and essentials — that can improve one’s poise and self-assurance, and results of the endeavor at hand.” Here are three of Rokosh’s confidence-building communication requisites.




CRAFT SITUATION DIFFUSION DIALOGUE Create an assortment of “go-to” statements you can have at the ready to handle awkward or hard situations and moments. These are assertions and declarations that you know work well and that you can whip out quickly when needed. For example, if you are late to a social outing, rehearse saying, “I am so sorry I kept you waiting. My rule is when I am late, all the drinks are on me.” Or, when you’re at a loss for words, you can assert, “I could have sworn that I packed my tongue today,” and lighten the moment. Having such short statements up your proverbial sleeve helps to avoid stumbling your way through awkward moments.

GIVE IN TO VULNERABILITY Vulnerability often equals likability, and they are indelibly connected — so use that truth to your benefit. There is nothing much more off-putting than arrogance, and seeming vulnerable can make you more relatable. If you’re nervous and kicking off a meeting, tell your audience to “be gentle with you” and have a quick laugh to loosen everyone — and yourself — up. Self-effacing humor can be a powerful tool. Or, if you’re having a difficult time understanding something, you can say, “I’m so sorry if I’m holding us up here, but would you mind explaining one more time?” Your contrition will surely endear.

Although challenging and scary, the situation usually must be addressed to be effectively resolved. Great leaders always speak up, and you should too. ADDRESS ADVERSITIES HEAD-ON You will undoubtedly face times at work and at home that require you to address something difficult. Although challenging and scary, the situation usually must be addressed to be effectively resolved. Great leaders always speak up, and you should too. Make clear from the beginning that you intend to hear and consider the other person’s side, stating something like, “Your perspective is valid and I really want to hear what you have to say, but first, please allow me to share my thoughts,” followed by the suitable words. This will give you the floor, hopefully uninterrupted, since the other party has been given the assurance that it will have a chance to present its side as well. As goes without saying, this discourse should be in person versus via text or email whenever that is a possibility. There are times when a call or in-person meeting is just the right thing to do and where words, inflections and expressions are far more impactful and meaningful when face-to-face.


Rokosh also reminds us that the world’s best communicators are trained. “It’s very rare that an incredible communicator has not put in extensive work toward their oration skills so they can speak eloquently, pause in powerful silence when appropriate, address very difficult media questions, etc.,” she notes. “It’s important to remember that, while some people are inherently talented communicators, for many (if not most), becoming a confident communicator requires learned skills. It’s one simple strategy like those above built upon each other — and proactively putting them to use — that will get you where you want and need to be.”

There are times when a call or in-person meeting is just the right thing to do and where words, inflections and expressions are far more impactful and meaningful when face-to-face. As an advice-doling expert, Rokosh doesn’t just talk the talk — she walks the walk. Having worked with many high-profile global organizations and consulted with C-suite executives from nearly every industry, she’s created hugely successful platforms founded on effective communication. This includes working directly with top-tier media like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Ad Age, Adweek and scores more. Rokosh was even invited to partake in the elite “Business of Media, Entertainment and Sports” program at Harvard. So, if effectively communicating is an area of insecurity for you, if you find yourself being held back by fear or if you just want to amp up your existing communication prowess, try Rokosh’s three easy tips outlined in this article to feel more resilient and controlled — or, at least, exude the image that you are. Branding, business and entrepreneurship success pundit, Merilee Kern, MBA, is the executive editor and producer of “The Luxe List International News Syndicate. This article was originally published in Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine and it is being republished with permission from Babcox Media.

AUTOMOTIVE UPDATES Honda Ridgeline Recalled Because of Fire Danger 106,683 TRUCKS ARE POTENTIALLY AFFECTED

With a simplified trim range, above average fuel efficiency, and a five-star overall vehicle safety score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Honda Ridgeline had a strong 2018 with more than 30,500 21


2019 Wade Welch Memorial Golf Classic

Wednesday – June 5, 2019 – COWBOYS GOLF CLUB 1600 Fairway Drive • Grapevine, Texas • (817) 481-7277 •

ATTENTION: Car Wash Owners and Vendors Enjoy a day of Golf, Food, Fun and Great Prizes!!


Welcome Reception at Courtyard Grapevine


Check In; Driving Range; Putting Contest; Pro Golf Tips


Shot Gun Start


Lunch and Awards Ceremony

For Hotel Reservations, Please call Courtyard Grapevine SCWA Group Rate $179 - Deadline is May 15, 2019 2200 Bass Pro Court • Grapevine, Texas • (817) 251-9095

Individual Registration

(For Team Sponsorship & Online Registration Visit • Only Team Sponsors are guaranteed Team Member requests. • Limited to the first 72 paid registrants. • $175.00 per person includes breakfast, green fee, cart, prizes, driving range balls and lunch. Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________________ State ______ Zip ____________ Email: ___________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Fax:___________________________ Handicap: ____________Or Average Score: ______________

Total Golf Fee Enclosed: $ __________________ Player & Team Space is limited and will be confirmed only upon receipt of the reservation form and payment. Mail completed form with payment by Wednesday, May 15, 2019 to SCWA, 4600 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 103, Austin, Texas 78759


Register & pay by credit card online at Phone (800) 440-0644 (512) 343-9023 Fax (512) 343-1530.

ADVANTAGE units delivered to customers. In fact, 2018 and 2017 were the truck’s two best-selling years in the last decade which is fantastic news for the Japanese automaker. Not everything is perfect, however, as the company will have to inspect 106,683 examples of the pickup for a potential fire risk. This might sound like a pretty common service recall in the industry, but the reason for it this time is rather different. NHTSA says that exposure to acids, including car wash soaps, may result in the fuel pump feet port cracking, thus increasing the risk of fire.

its 1.5-liter turbocharged engine for potential gasoline leak into the oil system. The process started from the five northern states of the country but then moved to 16 additional states.

Recent recalls from Honda:

5 Car Brands with the Most Recalls—and 6 with the Fewest

Honda Recalls 1.15M Accords For Fires Caused By Battery Sensor Troubles Plague Honda CR-V 1.5-Liter Turbocharged Engine Honda is already talking to its dealers and will be notifying owners of affected vehicles soon. Ridgelines from model years 2017, 2018, and 2019 are affected, and Honda promises, if necessary, to install a new fuel pump cover to protect the pump from acids. The recall is scheduled to begin on March 7 and owners are advised to contact Honda for more details. All fixes will be free of charge. Some of Honda’s most recent service campaigns include a recall for 646 already recalled cars for fixing wrongly installed airbags. The manufacturer is also fixing

Our take on the Ridgeline: The largest recall from Honda in the last few years was linked with the 12-volt battery sensor located on the negative battery cable within the engine compartment of 1.15 million Accord vehicles.

Car manufacturers issue recalls on their vehicles for a variety of reasons, ranging from serious to minor. Recalls can be in the severe case, such as airbags not inflating, says Julie Blackley, director of communications for, a search engine for cars that analyzes data on new and used vehicles. We'e seen that automakers can also issue recalls because there was a typo in their manual. Some car manufacturers are proactive about recalls, while others don't inform customers until problems arise, she adds. gave Reader’s Digest exclusive data on the car manufacturers in the United States with the most Continued on pg. 35




2019 CONVENTION & EXPO First Big Car Wash Show of the Year - Breaks Records


he 2019 edition of the Southwest Car Wash Association Convention & EXPO recently concluded another record breaking event with more than 2100 attendees converging as the largest regional gathering of car wash owners and vendors. According to SCWA President Andrew Zamora, “We are proud of all the positive responses we have had to our Convention & EXPO. Attendees and exhibitors have used words like AWESOME Show; Fantastic; First Class in All Aspects; and This will be a permanent trip for our group from now on. As we continue to expand we want all of our efforts to continue to be relevant to our growing attendance.” The Convention was highlighted by two nationally recognized speakers MGM Vice President Michael Dominguez for the CEO Forum on Sunday and the Monday Keynote from FOX News Anchor Dana Perino. As one attendee said, “Your speakers knocked it out of the park”!

The 2019 SCWA Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Ben Alford, Benny’s Car Wash & Oil Change chain in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to Awards Chair, Jeff Blansit “the Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest recognition given by the SCWA and we are proud to add Ben’s name to our honor roll”. The 2019 edition included an expanding EXPO area with more than 325 booths and over 75,000 square feet of exhibits plus premier education sessions. The event was summed up in an article by Rich DiPaolo of Professional Car Washing & Detailing magazine, “SCWA was able to successfully achieve another “WOW” factor event this year”. SCWA is Now Heading to Fort Worth! Mark your calendar now for EXPERIENCE SCWA 2020 – January 29-31, 2020 at the Fort Worth Convention Center.


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2019 SCWA


Lifetime Achievement Honoree wash in Baton Rouge, appropriately called Florida Street Auto Wash. Son, Ben got an early start in the family car wash business at age 9 as the cashier. In 1992 Ben expanded the family business and opened his first car wash on Airline Highway. Since there was another smaller car wash down the street called Airline Car Wash, Ben decided to change the tradition of naming the family business after the street. Instead he decided on the name Benny’s Car Wash and the family car wash business exploded from that point. Oil change options were added beginning in 1993 and then convenience stores were added in 1998.

Ben Alford Owner - Benny's Car Wash & Oil Change Ben Alford is owner of Benny’s Car Wash & Oil Change, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The three-generation family-owned business has grown to eight car washes, five oil change facilities, and three B-Quik convenience stores celebrated 65 years in business in 2016. Ben’s Dad, Lloyd Alford, opened the first family car wash in Pensacola, Florida in 1951. Lloyd was in the locksmith business in Panama City, Florida and was fascinated with the car wash operation across the street. After a road trip to Detroit to check out Paul’s Auto Wash, he purchased equipment; loaded his truck and headed back to Florida to build his first wash in Pensacola. This successful operation was followed by a second Auto Wash. To make it easy Lloyd named his car wash operations after the street on which they were located. In 1953 to be closer to his brothers, Lloyd moved his family to Baton Rouge where he opened the first auto

Beginning in late 1990’s Ben foresaw the Express model becoming an opportunity in the Southwest part of the country. This model was common in the Northeast but Ben’s vision of tweaking the concept and making it successful in the southern part of the U.S. grew. Ben traveled to Europe where he studied the Express concept with gates, stacking and in Germany the idea of free vacs. In 2001 Ben opened his first Express model on Perkins Road, Benny’s Express Car Wash. He presented workshops at many car wash conventions including the SCWA Annual Convention explaining his express concept. Ben was very giving and encouraged others to learn and benefit from his research and experience. Although Ben is still very involved in the family business, he has turned over many day to day activities to his son’s Justin and Jason to carry on the tradition with the 9th Benny’s Car Wash currently under construction. Ben has served on the Board of the Southwest Car Wash Association; is a Past President of SECWA and the ICA and was elected to the ICA Hall of Fame in 2004. Ben has been very active in his community serving on the Board of Directors of Business First Bank since the Banks Founding. He served for many years on the Our Lady of The Lake Foundation Board and is very proud of his thirty plus years as rider and member of the Mardi Gras Krewe of Endymion in New Orleans.




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Continued from pg. 23

and fewest recalls from 2014 through 2018. Of the leading automakers on the list, General Motors ranked the highest with 213 recalls during that time frame. It's important to keep in mind, however, that General Motors also makes far more vehicles than other car makers on the list. These are the 10 car brands that cost the least to repair. Another caveat? Some brands issued fewer recalls than other leading manufacturers, but those recalls stood out in terms of seriousness and scope, Blackley notes. MercedesBenz, for example, has recalled millions of models around the world in the past two years over risk of fire,faulty airbag indicator lights, and potential faulty parts with the rear brakes. Regulators are now investigating whether the company informed customers about the risks soon enough. And in 2018, Tesla voluntarily recalled nearly half of the cars the company had produced because of a problem with the power steering. That recall affected 123,000 Model S sedans made before April 2016. Look out for these 13 signs your car is about to die. That said, here are the manufacturers that had the highest number of recalls over the past five years, according to General Motors-Recalls: 213 | Vehicles affected: 54,942,962 Ford-Recalls: 209 | Vehicles affected: 24,892,471 Chrysler-Recalls: 208 | Vehicles affected: 40,726,068

Mercedes-Benz-Recalls: 117 | Vehicles affected: 3,150,014 Volkswagen-Recalls: 109 | Vehicles affected: 6,510,514

And these manufacturers had the lowest number of recalls among top U.S. carmakers from 2014 through 2018: Tesla-Recalls: 8 | Vehicles affected: 210,727

Volvo LLC-Recalls: 14 | Vehicles affected: 190,444

Suzuki Motor of America-Recalls: 24 | Vehicles affected: 482,866

Porsche Cars North America-Recalls: 27 | Vehicles affected: 257,732

Tie: Subaru of America Inc.-Recalls: 35 | Vehicles affected: 3,465,501 Tie: Land Rover-Recalls: 35 | Vehicles potentially affected: 477,080

Interested in learning more? You can find additional data on which car manufacturers had the highest and lowest recalls rates from 1985 to 2016.

MARKETING Signs That Win!

A properly designed and executed sign is a visual acuity device and is for the express purpose of impacting profits and revenues of the advertised business. It is not an art

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ADVANTAGE form but is many times purchased on the basis of its good looks and not its revenue-generating capabilities. This is folly! It is imperative that your sign can be seen by the passing public. It must compete effectively with its environment and stand out from all that surrounds. The sign must be conspicuous in order to complete the next stage in effective communication. IT MUST BE READABLE AND PEOPLE MUST READ IT!

Failure to consider these human factors will result in a sign which under performs. Sign under-performance can be directly linked to lost capture rate, sales and profits. Many sign companies and business owners collaborate in designing signs that look good on paper, twenty inches from your nose, but they often fail to deliver the goods. Most consumers see your sign in the street, while fighting traffic, putting on mascara, having lively conversation with their spouses and children, and gabbing on their cell phones. Failure to consider these human factors will result in a sign which under performs. Sign under-performance can be directly linked to lost capture rate, sales and profits. The highway department maintains highway safety standards and tracks the performance of their sign programs by studying the human factors and crash rates. If crash rates

are high in a particular area of the highway the solutions most often utilized is more signs and traffic control devices! Scientific research data, that your federal and state tax dollars have paid for, along with studies funded through the corporate sector, have given us a very specific method of designing signs which are productive for the specific environment in which they are placed. This environmental/human approach allow businesses to purchase signs which give a business employing these known factors a strong competitive advantage. After employing this method, one wash owner reported that a location, which had a nice sign that had been replaced using this method, had received an increase in revenue between 50–60% after 20 years of marginal performance. The science of signage cannot be conveyed in an article as brief as this, but we can examine some of the common mistakes which are made, as well as, suggestions for correcting them. Let's begin with a series of questions and answers.


Signs are our introduction to the passing motorists. It is our hand shake with the public. Signs index the streets visually and without them there is no announcement to the passing motorist that you are ready, willing and able to serve their needs. Also, signs are necessary to institute site branding. By site we mean a specific business address.





MARKETING Unlike products which may be distributed through


many different outlets, such as soft drinks or candy, a car

TheThe failure design aissign standsmarketers out and ishave not truetoproblem thatwhich too many obstructed will cost dollars every business day. failed to recognize that only one thing has changed in

beautiful and signage will negatively affect In 1975, theinformative Federal Communications Commission the impact of the business's capture rate and will also (FCC) issued a largely overlooked ruling that allowed reduce the effectiveness of other advertising you do. earth-orbiting antennas — satellites — to be used for


Marketing - What Changed wash must be purchased at a specifichas site where the equipment is located. Failure to brand that specific site with bold, in the Last 100 Years?

broadcasting television over large areas. Around that same time, a little-known regional broadcasting network Signs are our introduction to the passing called Home Box Office (HBO) took notice, and decided motorists. It is our hand shake with to use the FCC’s landmark decision to begin distributing theprogramming public. Signsviaindex the streets visually its own satellite. and without them therewould is no have announcement HBO’s innovative move a ripple effect to the passing motorist that you are that would spill over onto the landscape ofready, marketing. Soon, satellite networks proliferated, and with them, marketers’ ability to target in ways that were never preSHOULD MY SIGN BE SEEN OR SHOULD viously possible. IT BLEND INTO ITS ENVIRONMENT? Since that time, there has been so much technological Once, while driving through Louisiana, I almost missed innovation that marketers are faced with choices beyond the exit where I knew there was a Starbucks. The sign, measure. It can be blinding and bewildering for anyone which is green and white was camouflaged in a grouping charged with allocating marketing dollars on behalf of pine tress. I was at the exit divided line and had to make of a business. And, this very issue is what has caused a bold maneuverer to make the exit. marketers to go awry. This is an age of unprecedented This example shows how we must consider the driver's communications, and yet many still struggle to connect vision and prospective in order to effectively communicate. with one another. But this problem is not the real problem.

marketing in the past 100 years: technology. That’s it. Yes, Perry Powell. This article was originally published in SS Car you now have social media and tweets and followers and Wash News Fall 2018 publication and it is being republished apps and branding and with permission from SS Carre-marketing Wash News. and analytics and focus groups and ROI and CRM and customer personas and digital and so on. It’s all certainly true. But, what has enabled nearly every bit of it is technology. So prolific is the role of technology in marketing that it has become for some an alluring distraction. Panic and peer pressure set in, and organizations pursue the latest and the Drafting a will does not necessarily have to rise to greatest technology-based marketing tactics without taking the time complexity of rocketconsider science, asostrategic using aapproach. low-priced As to thoughtfully online “do it yourself” service such as Rocket Lawyer, legendary philosopher and strategist, Sun Tzu once put it, ­L egalZoom or Quicken WillMaker Plus can be a reasonable “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” option for simple estates. Although hiring an experienced Marketing must ultimately get the product or service estate-planning attorney certainly is a safer choice, if into the hands of the customer — a real person. Marketers you’re not willing to pay the hundreds of dollars that an need to realize that it is way too easy to distract ourselves attorney would charge for a what straightforward these (via technology) away from is centrallywill, important digital services are better than having no will at all. in marketing: generating a sale to a real personThey and, generate perfectly acceptable state-specific documents by hopefully, repeating that process again and again to her providing fill-in-the-blank forms or questionnaires thata or his delight. Marketing strategy is not so much about generate completed forms. With their assistance, plan, but a system. Build your marketing (includingyou the might be able atostrategically write your own willcustomer-centric in less than an hour sale) around based, sysfor $40technology to $100. Butbecomes if you do take this beware tem,just then a true and route, valuable tool,

7 Awful Mistakes People Make When Creating Their Own Wills

and not a distraction.

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8/17/17 12:59 PM

ADVANTAGE of the following mistakes people commonly make when preparing their own wills… Mistake: Attempting to disinherit a descendant by omitting any mention of him/her in the will. This sounds reasonable—if you don’t want to leave money to someone, why mention the person in your will? But when descendants are not mentioned at all, they often contest those wills on the grounds that they were left out accidentally. Better: Mention the disinherited heir by name, and expressly state that you are not leaving this person a portion of your estate. Example: “I acknowledge that John Smith is one of my children, for whom I make no provision.” Mistake: Including end-of-life or f­ unerary preferences. Would you want to be removed from life support if you were in an irreversible coma? Would you rather be buried or cremated after you die? It’s important that your heirs know these things—but your will is not the place to tell them. Wills often are not consulted until several days after the death, at which point it’s too late for your heirs to follow these directions. Moreover, your will has no legal standing until you die, so your health-care providers and heirs would not be bound to follow end-of-life medical guidance in your will even if they did know about it. Better: The proper estate-­planning document for detailing end-of-life medical care and funerary preferences is a

living will. (Rocket Lawyer and L ­ egalZoom offer DIY living -will c­ reation tools.) Mistake: Setting conditions for inheritances. Maybe you want one of your children or grandchildren to receive a portion of your estate only if he/she stays off drugs or gets married or graduates college. These aren’t uncommon desires. But who will monitor the situation and decide whether your conditions have been met? This often becomes more complex than people anticipate, creating uncertainty for your will’s executor and potentially leading to estate-draining lawsuits. Examples: If the condition you

Who will monitor the situation and decide whether your conditions have been met? This often becomes more complex than people anticipate set is no drug use, is drug testing required or just a lack of drug-related arrests? Is marijuana use allowed in states where it’s legal? If the condition is a college degree, does an online or community college qualify? You can try to cover all the possible bases in a self-written will—but you won’t succeed. Better: Conditional inheritances usually are more trouble than they’re worth, but if you feel that you must include one, it’s worth paying an estate-planning attorney to help

Washworld of Central Texas Your Source For All Things Car Wash ®

Washworld of Central Texas is the only stop you need to make for Washworld equipment. As a Stocking Parts Distributor, we carry a large inventory of parts for Washworld systems as well as the PDQ Laser 4000. For Washworld equipment sales & service, chemicals and National Pride self service, Call Wes Frank at ®

Washworld’s Profile, is a soft touch system with standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site , VS2® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System The wall mounted system eliminates the gantry for an open bay while Washworld’s exclusive Digital Surface Profile (DSP) utilizes 3D imaging to insure optimal cleaning. Washworld’s best selling Razor® has earned the reputation of a proven system for its quality, dependability and longevity. Stainless steel throughout, Razor is built to last. Razor combines all of the great features for which Washworld is known. Profile and Razor were both designed with emphasis on durability, simplicity of use and reduced maintenance.




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ADVANTAGE you consider the potential complications and contingencies and draft a will that truly will do what you want. Mistake: Leaving assets to pets. As far as the law is concerned, your pet cannot be an heir—it is (however much you may love it) simply personal property. If you do try to leave money or any other asset to a pet, the courts likely will ­allocate it to another of your beneficiaries instead. Better: Leave your pet and money for its care to someone who will take good care of the animal and who has agreed to do so. If you want to formalize this arrangement to ensure that there are no misunderstandings, you could add a “pet protection agreement” or “pet trust” to your estate plan. (Rocket ­ Lawyer and LegalZoom offer DIY documents for this.) Mistake: Leaving significant assets directly to minors. If you do this, the court will appoint a guardian to look after the assets—and perhaps claim a fee from your estate—until the child turns 18 (or slightly older in some states). And upon that birthday, all of the assets instantly will fall under this heir’s control even if he/she is still too immature to handle the inheritance responsibly. Better: Following instructions in a DIY will-creation tool, you could specify in your will that assets left to a minor should be placed in a Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) ­account when you die. The assets would then be administered by a custodian of your choice whom you

name in the will, such as a trusted family member, and the beneficiary would gain full control over them at or around age 21 (depending on your state). Note: UTMAs are not accepted in South Carolina.

If even age 21 is younger than you’d like for an heir to take control of an inheritance, you could instead leave the money to a trust that names the minor as a beneficiary. With a trust, you can grant control over the assets whenever you choose If even age 21 is younger than you’d like for an heir to take control of an inheritance, you could instead leave the money to a trust that names the minor as a beneficiary. With a trust, you can grant control over the assets whenever you choose—but unlike with an UTMA, it’s generally worth hiring an attorney to set up a trust. Mistake: Assuming that all of your a­ssets will be distributed as dictated by your will. The beneficiary designations on certain accounts and assets, including 401(k)s, IRAs and life insurance policies, take precedence over the beneficiaries you name in your will. E ­ xample: A man removes his g ­ ambling-addict son from his will but fails to remove him from the beneficiary designation on

HIGH PERFORMANCE DRYERS FOR 40+ YEARS! Why is Proto-Vest the leading manufacturer of car wash drying systems? • 100% Customer Service - We recognize that support after the sale of equipment is critical to the success of the customer. • Energy Efficiency - Our dryers strip water without having to sacrifice performance or quality. Our motors range from 15 HP to 30 HP depending on the dryer model you choose. • Reducing Noise Option - Proto-Vest “Silencer Package” was developed to enable our dryers to meet OSHA, federal, state and local noise reduction standards. Locate Proto-Vest, Inc. at Booth #810 in the Sheraton Hotel, Arlington, TX on 2/24 - 2/26/19.

Standard bag colors. Custom colors available on request.

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ADVANTAGE his 401(k), accidentally handing over much of his savings to someone who is likely to lose it. Better: Confirm that the beneficiary designations on your accounts and insurance policies distribute your assets according to your current wishes. There is no need to include these accounts and policies in your will. Mistake: Failing to follow rules about required witnesses. Sometimes people who draft their own wills do a great job crafting the documents—then blow it when it comes to signing their names at the end. Depending on your state, either two or three people must witness you signing your will. In some states, your witnesses must witness each other signing as well and/or signing an affidavit in the presence of a notary. There are some crucial rules about who these witnesses can and can’t be, too—in most states they must be at least 18 years old and must be “disinterested,” meaning that they can’t be people who are named as beneficiaries in the will. If you fail to follow witnessing rules to the letter, your will could be ruled invalid. Better: Read the witnessing rules provided with your DIY will carefully, and follow them precisely.

own wills, they often store them either in bank deposit boxes or in their own homes—and both of those locations can cause problems. It might be difficult and time-consuming for your executor to gain access to your bank deposit box after you die. If you store the will in your home, he/she might struggle to find the document there…or one of your descendants could find your will before the executor, dislike how you divided up your assets and hide or destroy the document. Better: If you store your will in your home, be sure to inform the will’s ­executor and several other trusted family members or friends where to find it, and don’t divulge the location to family members you do not completely trust. Or for even greater security, file your will with your county’s probate court if this is allowed prior to death where you live, and let your heirs know that you have done so. If you do file your will with the court, you will have to refile if you later modify the will or move to a different county. Filing a will with the court makes it public record, so this is not the best option if keeping the will private is a priority.


Gregory S. DuPont, CFP, JD, managing partner of DuPont & ­Blumenstiel, an estate-planning, business and taxation law firm in Dublin, Ohio. Publication: Bottom Line Personal.

If you pay a lawyer to draft a will, it likely will be stored in the lawyer’s office. But when people draft their





■ Fragramatics 1600 hr Turbo Motor ■ Poly or aluminum dome ■ Computer controlled timer ■ UV protected graphics ■ Filters – Four-bag system uses high performance,

synthetic filtration media with 15 sq. ft. filtration area. Two easy-access service doors on rear ■ 2” dia. vac hose – high-flex, vinyl, crushable, 15 ft. long. Includes cuff and polyethylene hand tool ■ ¼” x 25’ Wire braid or coil hose with inline gauge


■ 1.25 HP ‘Big Dog’ high output compressor ■ Brushed Stainless Steel Tank and Main Cabinet ■ Coin acceptor – mechanical ■ Electrical - 120 V ac, 25 amps ■ Mounting - One internal and two external lugs with security collars. Uses 3/8” bolts for secure installation.

■ Tank Dimensions - 18.5”dia. x 42”h ■ Unit Weight - Net 145 lbs. Ship weight 185 lbs. ■ Ships in carton/pallet: 67”h x 32”w x 31”d Options

■ Multi-coin acceptor ■ Lighted dome ■ Debris catcher ■ Dome colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white ■ Hose colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, gray, black 46

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WOMEN IN CAR WASHING This year, the Women in the Industry session presented on Fostering a Diverse Workforce. This workshop took a deep dive into Diversity and how critical it is to the success of any organization. Having a diverse workforce naturally brings different points of view, experiences, and backgrounds to the table that spark creativity and problem solving which in turn make businesses more profitable. Why does it seem so difficult to do? What many people don’t realize is how unconscious bias plays a big role in creating a diverse workforce. The session reviewed the 4 different types of unconscious bias and how they impact the hiring and promotion process. We also took a look at some industries currently challenged by diversity.

with luxurious microfibercloths from Texas Microfiber


It takes a conscious effort to start impacting change and diversity can’t be forced. As an operator you have to look at the culture of your location and ensure it’s a place anyone would feel comfortable… We took a deeper dive into the car wash industry since it is one of those industries that has been challenged for years. Why is it male dominated? Are we looking at things through and old lense? We challenged the crowd and talked about the attributes necessary to run a successful operation. Running a successful car wash operation heavily relies on having great intrapersonal skills and an aptitude for business, qualities that can be found in a variety of individuals and are skills not limited to one gender or race. It takes a conscious effort to start impacting change and diversity can’t be forced. As an operator you have to look at the culture of your location and ensure it’s a place anyone would feel comfortable, happy, and safe working at. You must garnish buy-in at all levels – taking the time to educate your teams on why diversity is important is a critical step in the process. Lastly, you must develop a plan and commit to it. This education session was a step in the right direction to create awareness and start impacting the industry we all love. Mayra I. Chimienti, Mister Car Wash


DID YOU KNOW The average 401(k) account balance hit a record at the end of the third quarter of 2018? The average account held by Fidelity Investments contained $106,500 - nearly 7% above the amount a year earlier and almost twice the average balance of $56,900 in the third quarter of 2008, during the financial crisis. Increased 401(k) balances are being driven by automatic enrollment and by employers placing workers who do not choose specific types of investments in default options that have performed well.


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