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Rob O'Neill

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First Quarter 2018

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Ron Peterson

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE EXPERIENCE SCWA 2018 was a wonderful start to the year for the car wash community. My Convention Report to the membership is strong. This year our event once again brought together the largest ever regional gathering of successful car wash operators and suppliers. Experience SCWA 2018 offered Tyler Furney three strong days of premier SCWA Preside­­nt education from nationally recognized speakers; the popular SCWA EXPO with more than 320 booths; great networking opportunities and strong energy. The SCWA Board believes that by coming together and uniting our efforts and ideas as a car wash community we can all grow to be better, stronger and more successful. The SCWA Convention & EXPO also seems to be expanding in recognition. We had the largest attendance ever of car wash operators with more than 1985 joining in the activities. This included car wash operators from 31 states ranging from Hawaii; New York; Washington; California; Oregon; Georgia; Florida; Tennessee; Connecticut; Mississippi; among others; and three countries, Uganda; Canada; Puerto Rico. Another important and extremely positive stat is the attendee to exhibitor ratio – 33% Registered Exhibiting Company Reps 67% Pre-Registered & On Site Non-Exhibitor Attendees The Convention this year was highlighted by the keynote address from Rob O’Neill. As we have mentioned, Rob was the leader of Seal Team Six which was responsible for many of the better known missions including the rescue of Captain Phillips (our keynote speaker in 2016) and of course the hunt for and killing of Osama bin Ladin. Rob highlighted how important it is to “never quit” in whatever you do. His stories of Seal training and team building kept the audience riveted. As one attendee noted to me, “your keynote speaker was a bases loaded homerun!” The popular CEO Forum featured a panel discussion from three nationally recognized car wash professionals – David Begin, Bill Martin and Paul Fazio. With the dynamics rapidly changing in the car wash business each provided a perspective on how we as car wash owners and operators can better prepare for the changing times. Congratulations to Ron Peterson, who was honored with the 2018 SCWA Lifetime Achievement Award during the Monday General Session ceremonies. The 2018 Car Wash EXPO included two EXPO areas with more than 70,000 square feet displaying car wash “state of the art” all under one roof and all at one time. The EXPO continued the popular feature added last year

– Car Wash QUICK TALKS. QUICK TALKS highlighted professional car wash providing practical ideas that can be implemented immediately in your business. In fact the challenge of each session was to provide at least 3 “takeaways” for instant business improvement. I know the ones I attended gave me so many good ideas for my business. I hope you were able to join us at EXPERIENCE SCWA 2018 - and take advantage of the new ideas, solutions and strategies plus see the innovations in the car wash industry. If you missed the event - you really missed a great opportunity to become a better operator! Many people work hard to make the SCWA Convention & Car Wash EXPO a special experience. To all the 20172018 Board of Directors – thank you for your time, energy and your commitment to SCWA and the car wash industry. Board Members go above and beyond by giving their time and assuming financial expenses for their participation as a Board Member. It is an honor to serve on the Board but also a sacrifice in terms of time and financial resources. I want to thank all the companies who made the effort to participate in the 2018 EXPO. We truly appreciate your partnership with SCWA and know it will pay good dividends. A special thank you to the 2018 SCWA Sponsors who helped make the SCWA events more fun and affordable. Check out the Exhibitors and Sponsors on page 33. You will also be able to find these companies on the SCWA website. I encourage you to support the companies who support SCWA. To DeWayne Hall, our Immediate Past President, thank you. We all owe you our appreciation for you leadership and guidance this past year. You gave us an outstanding year including the great car wash tours in Salt Lake City and Baton Rouge and all you did leading to the largest SCWA Convention & EXPO ever. To each of you – thank you for your support and now I challenge each of you to take the high energy, spirit and enthusiasm of EXPERIENCE SCWA 2018 into this next year and let us raise the bar to the next level in SCWA - as well as our businesses.

INDUSTRY BRIEFS Fed-up father of a carwash owner tries to tackle crime. Oklahoma City —the family that owns a carwash in northwest Oklahoma City said that there are break-in attempts on its cashboxes nearly every night. Recently, Chuck Dahlgrem, who is the father of the wife in the husband-and-wife team that owns the carwash, finally got fed up and decided to do something about it. “If we get to the point where we can’t protect what’s ours or can’t take a stand, what’s the purpose?” Chuck 3


Todd Klismet Independent Carwash Owner Waupaca, WI

I have a spotless reputation. Running a car wash isn’t easy. I’ve got picky customers, competitors trying to undercut me–and don’t get me started on the weather. So yeah, sometimes I can get a little stressed. It comes with the territory. But one thing I know for sure: my customers keep coming back to my PDQ-equipped car wash because it’s the best in town. All they care about is getting the cleanest car possible, and my wash delivers, week after week. And that puts a smile on their faces and mine.


Copyright 2017 PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., part of OPW,

4 | 800.227.3373

ADVANTAGE Dahlgrem said. “I’m just sick and tired of people taking money from them.” Lately, Dahlgrem has woken up in the middle of the night every day to go to the carwash, hoping to catch thieves. Dahlgrem said that burglars have tried every method of theft, from prying open coin boxes to using sledgehammers to break into the office. “They are totaling this carwash,” Dahlgrem said. On Jan. 13th, Dahlgrem watched two suspects attempt to take coins from the vacuums. He was on the phone with the police as the criminals started to drive off. Police caught the two suspects, and Dahlgrem said that he’s thankful the police responded so quickly. “There is no way the police can catch all these guys,” he said. “This guy was only here for five minutes, and then they were gone.” Autotalks’ CEO identifies the problem with the driverless car vision. Detroit, Michigan—as stated in a press release, lack of coordination between autonomous vehicles as well as manned vehicles can fail the driverless car vision. This assessment was provided by Hagai Zyss, who is the CEO of the Israeli company Autotalks. Autotalks specializes in vehicle accident prevention methods through the use of DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) V2X (Vehicle-toEverything) technology. Zyss gave a speech at the Automobili-D show in Detroit on Jan. 17th on this topic. His presentation was titled, “Driving the Future of Connected Vehicles.” “The problem of coordinating autonomous and manned vehicles must deeply concern policymakers and the auto industry. “Decision-makers must promote automotive technologies that will prevent accidents and save lives. The resolution of the coordination issue will be one of the key challenges of the industry in the next few years,” said Zyss. “Many people in the industry leap in their imagination to the point in time when all vehicles on our roads will be autonomous, but not everyone pays attention to the massive challenges in the long transition period, in which most of the vehicles will be manned and we will have to share our roads with autonomous vehicles,” he noted. According to Zyss,“ The problematic aspect of coordination has many manifestations, but two key themes can demonstrate how serious the issue is.” The first theme, he says, is the fact that accidents between autonomous and manned vehicles have already happened. Zyss added, “Secondly, there is an inherent difficulty of human drivers to understand autonomous vehicles

and vice versa. Beyond the fact that human drivers get stressed when they see an autonomous vehicle, human drivers might make sudden lane changes, presume right of way or run red lights in a way that makes it difficult for autonomous vehicles to expect and respond to.” San Angelo, Texas. Champion Xpress Car Wash opened its second location on Knickerbocker Rd., with another location on Sherwood Way set to open in around two months. Joe Escamilla is the new manager for both the Knickerbocker and Sherwood locations. Three assistant managers will help him, but all other employees are part-time workers. “We have flexible schedules, and we’re able to work with students who want to work part-time, even during school breaks. We’ve worked with students in every community we’re in,” explained Jeffrey Wagner, CEO of Champion Xpress. “Escamilla is living proof of the value Champion Xpress places on our employees.” “I started as a customer service attendant about two and a half years ago,” said Escamilla, “and now I’m manager of two stores.” Escamilla credits Champion Xpress for giving him the opportunity.

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ADVANTAGE New Braunfels, Texas. Big League Car Wash opened just after Thanksgiving. Owner Daniel McCutchen named the carwash after his previous occupation as a professional baseball player of 11 years. He started with the New York Yankees, made his Major League debut as a pitcher for the Pittsburg Pirates, pitched for the Texas Rangers and played for the Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles and San Diego Padres. However, after 11 seasons, McCutchen decided to retire to spend more time with his family. He started his carwash project around 14 months ago. “I always had a business mind and knew I wanted to do something business, so I looked at a few different options,” McCutchen said.“ This was a good one. I tell people I played so long so I could have a really cool carwash theme.” In creating Big League, McCutchen said he wanted to provide people with a quick and enjoyable way to keep their cars clean. The carwash features a tunnel that can wash about 90 cars per hour, and it has 23 free vacuums with compressed air and towels. “I wanted something that’s a stress-free environment,” McCutchen said. “We’ve had someone who’s come in and detailed their car for two hours. [the customer] won’t feel pressure from someone waiting. We went

overboard on how many vacuum places we had but just for that reason.” Big League offers season ticket passes, which are monthly passes for various packages o ering customers a daily carwash; the passes use RFID tags. McCutchen also takes a hands-on approach with the carwash and enjoys talking to customers not only about the carwash, but also about professional baseball. “I’ve had so much positive feedback from people when they find out that not all of these businesses are outside corporations where you don’t know the owners,” McCutchen said. “Maybe it’s a little overboard for a carwash, but I want people to feel good when they come here and know that I’ve put everything into this,” McCutchen said. Zips Car Wash breaks 100. Little Rock, Arkansas— Zips Car Wash recently acquired Jett Express Car Wash and its nine stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, located from The Colony down to Burleson. Zips Car Wash has acquired nearly 50 stores in the last year. According to Brett Overman, founder and chairman of Zips Car Wash, regarding the announcement, acquisitions of this size are getting rarer in the express carwash industry. Zips Car Wash was pleased to make the jump over 100 stores with the acquisition of Jett Express Wash locations. Continued on pg. 11


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SCWA WELCOMES NEW BOARD MEMBERS The SCWA membership elected new members of the SCWA Board of Directors at the Annual Membership Meeting held during the 2018 Convention. Tyler Furney, 2018–2019 SCWA President, presents Board Plaques to the new members - Bobby Story, University Park Auto Spa in Oklahoma and Mel Ulrich, The WashHouse in Texas. John Agnew who served the final year of an unexpired term was elected to serve a full three year position. (Pictured left to right)

Tyler Furney | President

Bobby Story | University Park Auto Spa

Mel Ulrich | The WashHouse

Special thanks to outgoing Board Members Robert Duncan and Past President David Swenson for their tireless service to SCWA. (Pictured left to right)

Robert Duncan | Superior Car Wash

David Swenson | Arbor Car Wash & Lube 9



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Continued from pg. 7

With existing stores in San Antonio, Texarkana and surrounding areas, carwashing in the Texas climate is no new adventure for the company; however, the dense population and rapid growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth area is an exciting challenge for the Zips team to serve customers. Quick Quack Car Wash enters Phoenix market. Phoenix, Arizona—Quick Quack Car Wash, a growing chain of carwashes, has announced plans to expand operations into the Phoenix market, beginning with the acquisition of three Quick N Clean carwashes, according to a press release. Two of the three locations have been temporarily closed for remodeling the building, adding carwash equipment and customer experience elements consistent with Quick Quack Car Wash operations; the third location will be similarly remodeled. The first two locations are in north Phoenix at 2011 E. Cactus Rd. and 2137 E. Sharon Dr., and they were scheduled to reopen last month with Quick Quack’s signature Grand Opening celebrations, including 10 days of free carwashes. The new locations also represent the first three of many planned Quick Quack Car Wash locations in the Phoenix area, including 12 or more new development projects and carwash locations about to break ground in Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler.

The acquisitions are also evidence of Quick Quack’s recent growth in both new construction and acquisitions in western states, bringing the total carwashes operated by Quick Quack to 45. Quick Quack Car Wash has additional locations in Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area of Southern California, Utah, Texas and Colorado.

OPERATIONS Carwash Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance is essential for a productive and profitable carwash. But, with the myriad of components, it can be difficult to know what needs your attention — and when. First and foremost, to be a successful carwash owner and operator, it is important to think proactively, not reactively, in terms of operating a profitable business. Proactive thinking reduces the likelihood of unexpected situations, such as wash shutdowns, and ensures that repeat customers can continue to depend on your reliable and efficient service. “Perform maintenance on time, every time — and don’t take shortcuts,” says Mike Lemmen, director of carwash operations at Tommy Car Wash Systems. After all, there’s nothing worse than closing your carwash on a




CONSTRUCTION Design & Development EQUIPMENT Sales & Installation CHEMICALS & DETAIL Sales & Service SERVICE Maintenance & Repair PARTS Repair & Replacement



3421 S. BRIERY ROAD IRVING, TEXAS 75060 P. 972.986.7239

Big Man Washes, Inc. is a member of SONNY’S Select Service Organization (SSO). 12

ADVANTAGE busy day. Not only will your customers be unhappy, but your profits will also go down the road to your competitor. While there is not a one-size-fits-all maintenance schedule for all carwashes, there are general guidelines that can be applied. Across multiple interviews with industry experts, Professional Carwashing & Detailing has put together a suggested routine to help build your maintenance schedule.

While there is not a one-size-fits-all maintenance schedule for all carwashes, there are general guidelines that can be applied. To perfect a routine that works best for your carwash, examine the manuals provided with your equipment, or speak with your supplier to obtain specific instructions applicable to your wash.


Run a test wash (also called a ghost wash or wet down) without a vehicle present at least 30 minutes before your carwash opens. “This procedure gets the brushes lubricated and allows you to spot a drip or leak,” says Lemmen. Next, perform a test wash with a vehicle present and walk through with the vehicle. A visual inspection will determine if the brushes are touching the vehicle and how

the soap is being applied, and it ensures that systems like timing, brushes and soap application are working properly. As you walk through the wash, make note of any suspicious equipment that can be further analyzed that evening or during weekly preventative maintenance. “Very often, carwash owners forget that we are asking our customers to trust… that we will produce a clean, dry and shiny car for them — but we forget that we must present our washes as a place that will do just that,” notes Ted Maier, South Texas direct sales for Mark VII Equipment Inc. Along with a visual inspection of the carwash equipment, performing maintenance procedures similar to this suggested list on a daily basis will help you keep your wash in check. General site and building • Clean the walls. • Hose the floor. • Check drains and clean them. • Store tools and equipment (like hoses). • Check in-bay light fixtures and exterior lights. Are you showing off your nice facility? • Check entrance and exit signs. Are they clear and tatter-free? • Check equipment for air leaks. • Check for water leaks. • Check extra service light bars.



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ADVANTAGE • Check and clean entrance mirrors. • Check heaters and the thermostat. Pay stations • Check the lights. • Check the viewing screen. • Check the keypad. • Check the voice module. • Check the intercom system. • Is the validator working? • Is the credit card reader in working order? Is it free of obstructions? Conveyor and guide rail • Check the correlator. • Check the entry and exit dolly gates. Conveyor and guide rail • Check the correlator. • Check the entry and exit dolly gates. Soaker • Check all hoses and fittings for leaks. • Check for plugged nozzles. • Check for complete coverage. • Check the water flow and direction. Foaming arches • Check for plugged nozzles. • Check for complete coverage. • Check the detergent levels. • Check for water and chemical leaks.

• Check for air leaks. • Inspect the foam generators. Wheel cleaner • Hose down the cloth. • Check for damage. • Check for plugged nozzles. • Check water lines. • Check for oil leaks. • Inspect mounting bolts. • Check the tension spring. Friction curtains • Hose down the cloth. • Check for damage. • Check for plugged nozzles. • Check water lines. • Check for hydraulic oil leaks. • Inspect mounting bolts. • Check for loose clips. Blowers • Check all mounting brackets and bolts. • Check the top blower oscillation.


When the last couple of cars for the day enter the wash, walk through with the vehicle. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything unusual. As needed, make repairs or order parts.


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Boise, Idaho • August 14, 2018

GROVE HOTEL 245 S. Capitol Blvd. • Boise 208-333-8000 For more information on the SCWA Car Wash Tour or to register please visit or call the SCWA Headquarters at 800-440-0644.



ADVANTAGE Finally, when you are done for the day, performing a closing preventative maintenance similar to this suggested list will help keep you on track to manage a successful operation the following day: • Check and transfer detergents. • Inspect barrels and tanks. • Monitor detergent use. Has consumption spiked, or has use decreased not related to wash volume? • Check for worn nozzles, open check valves and order parts, if needed. • Check the water softener salt levels and fill, if needed. • Check equipment for damage, and replace parts or order new ones, if needed. • Start cleaning the site a few hours before you are set to close, including: • Taking out the trash • Emptying vacuums • Cleaning the lobby (sweeping or vacuuming and cleaning the beverage/snack area) • Cleaning bathrooms and windows. • Turn off and drain air compressors. • Inspect and clean filters and strainers. • Turn off anything that isn’t necessary. • Turn on your security system. Involve your employees in this process. The more often you involve your employees in routine checks, the more knowledgeable they will become about the wash and the better equipped they will be to handle equipment mishaps in the future.

Pay stations • Clean the auto cashier with glass cleaner. Do not use abrasive cleaners, as it will damage the machine. • Check coins to ensure there are no unwanted items in the mix (paperclips, strings, etc.). • Empty tokens/coins, and clean the sensor and pinwheel.


General • Replace the filter on the hydraulic unit. • On blowers, grease all motor bearings. Pay stations • Remove the validator, and ship it to your service center for inspection and/or repair.


Depending on where your business is located, your carwash may need additional climate-specific maintenance. For example, if your business is located in a climate that experiences cold temperatures where snow and ice are present, ask yourself the following questions and add to your maintenance list: • Is the entrance and exit clear of ice and snow? • Are all the heaters working properly? • Do you have enough snow melt and/or rock salt? • Perform a snow blower tune-up before the first expected snowfall. Alternatively, if your business is located in an area of extreme heat, check components that can warp or become brittle in heat, such as wraparounds with a flex coupler.


General site and building • Drain the air compressor. Conveyor • Grease conveyors at the entrance and exit. • Clean the proximity switch. • Check rails for wear. • Grease dollies. • Grease the idler roller shaft. • Grease roller up bearings. Wheel cleaner • Grease bearings. Friction curtains • Grease the fittings on mitter pivot arms.


General • On electric motors, grease the bearings (quarterly). • Check electric motors for abnormal vibrations. • Grease correlator bearings on the conveyor. • Disable foam generators on foaming arches (quarterly). • On friction curtains, check the oil gear box. • On blowers, grease the top blower. 17


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ADVANTAGE “These pieces of equipment, when exposed to heat, can be compromised sooner, making this component an addon in a yearly routine in high-heat areas,” adds Lemmen.


While perfecting your maintenance routines, don’t forget pay stations, if applicable. One of “the most overlooked [parts] of a carwash is the pay station. Without these vital entry components, your wash can’t do its job,” according to Scott Adair, senior technician at Hamilton Manufacturing. According to Adair, the most common component of a pay station to break is the validator, due to a buildup of dirt, ink and oil, so it’s worth keeping a spare handy. If the validator breaks and you don’t have a replacement, you are closed until it’s fixed. “Oftentimes, new customers don’t know how to use the machine and will often put money or other objects into the incorrect slot, causing damage or preventing the next customer from using the machine,” adds Adair. Once you have honed a maintenance list for your site, take the time to document the entire program in every detail and make a checklist from which you can train employees. Checkboxes make it difficult to argue ownership and actual completion. Kristen Corbisiero is a freelance writer, project manager, social media manager as well as former managing editor for Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine.

Choosing the Right Vacuum System

Regardless of the type of wash facility you operate — full-service tunnel, express tunnel, in-bay automatic, or self-serve bay — vacuums will be a part of your business… but, what kind of vacuums? In today’s world, there are basically two options an operator has to consider: a central vacuum system, or individual freestanding vacuum units. Which of these is the best choice for your operation? Ultimately, you will have to make this decision, so here are some things to consider.


You operate a professional car cleaning facility, and your customers expect you to provide superior equipment and services. That means your vacuums need to offer performance superior to anything they can do for themselves, at home. The performance of a vacuum can generally be defined by two measures: the maximum airflow the machine can generate (cubic feet per minute – CFM), and the maximum sealed suction power the machine can generate (inches of water-lift). These are both terms that everyone is probably aware of, but not everyone really understands how these measures relate to the performance of the vacuum. In order to move dirt, you need to have airflow. The bigger and heavier the chunks of debris are, the faster



ADVANTAGE the airflow needs to be in order to pick it up and make it move. In order to maintain high levels of airflow against greater resistance, you need to have higher water-lift (suction power). When you or your customers are vacuuming their carpet and upholstery, you only need airflow to pick up the debris that is sitting on the surface, but if you want to suck up the dirt and debris that is buried deep in the weave, you need to have a vacuum that generates higher suction. It is the higher water-lift that enables the vacuum to maintain enough airflow to move the dirt, despite the heavy resistance to airflow that the carpet and upholstery impose on the vacuum. In short, you could say that the suction power (water-lift) of the vacuum dislodges the dirt, and the airflow (CFM) of the vacuum picks it up and pulls it into the vacuum. With a central vacuum system, the airflow can be ramped up as more demand is put on the system, but the high suction power needed to deep clean the carpet or upholstery is significantly compromised when there are multiple hoses “in use” at the same time. If you are using an individual freestanding vacuum that has a single hose, then you are getting 100 percent of the airflow and 100 percent of the suction power that the vacuum can generate. If you are using a central vacuum that has multiple hoses, you may be able to ramp up the airflow to accommodate all users, but if one person is trying to suck dirt from deep in their carpet (which requires suction power), and the other person has their tool in the air at the same time, the vacuum is going to draw air in through the path of least resistance, and it will not create the suction power needed to dislodge the dirt from deep in the carpet.


You need to decide if you plan to charge your customers to use the vacuums, or are you going to offer free vacuums?

If I have money invested in a piece of equipment, it needs to be making me money, not just to provide a return on the initial investment, but to cover the costs of ongoing maintenance and repairs. If you are going to offer free vacuums, then either type of system will work fine. If you plan to charge your customers for the vacuums, then the best and easiest way to do this would be to install individual freestanding vacuum units. Although some central vacuum manufacturers offer a system that allows you to charge the customer for the vacuum, the majority of systems that I am aware of are set up for free-use only. I don’t know about you, but I don’t operate my business by giving anything away for free. If I have money invested in a piece of equipment, it needs to be making me money,

not just to provide a return on the initial investment, but to cover the costs of ongoing maintenance and repairs. When I came into the car wash industry about 15 years ago, I remember talking to operators, and I remember how they raved about their vacuums — they offered the highest level of profitability on the site and they made money week-in and week-out. If you are going to offer free vacuums, then I highly recommend that you control access to the vacuums on your site so that only customers who use your wash have access to the vacuums. If this is not an option, then I would recommend that you have your vacuum system set up so that the customer is required to pay for the operation of the vacuum.


From what I know, the up-front cost of installing a central vacuum system is higher than that of installing a network of individual freestanding vacuums. The dollar amount of this difference obviously depends on the nature of the systems being considered, but it can be a substantial difference. That being said, it is likely that the long-term costs of maintenance and repairs for the network of individual freestanding vacuums will be higher than those of the central vacuum system. While the motors in an individual freestanding vacuum are relatively inexpensive, they will require replacement with some regularity.

Limit access to free vacuums on your site to customers who use your wash On the other hand, the industrial-grade drive motor and producer unit used in most central vacuum systems will typically last for many years, and should not require replacement. The degree to which there is a discrepancy in the long-term cost of maintenanceand repairs to other components (besides motors) in the two systems depends on the specific nature of the systems installed, but this difference will likely be more negligible. In terms of energy costs, a central vacuum system will typically consume more energy (cost) than the network of individual freestanding vacuums. The issue here is that the central vacuum is always running, and the individual freestanding vacuums only run when they are activated by the customer.


Many people feel that the maintenance and reliability of a central vacuum system is superior to the maintenance and reliability of a network of individual freestanding vacuums, but this is not necessarily true — each system has its pros and cons. 21


2018 Wade Welch Memorial Golf Classic

Wednesday – May 16, 2018 – LA CANTERA RESORT GOLF CLUB 16641 La Cantera Parkway • San Antonio, Texas • (800) 446-5387 •

ATTENTION: Car Wash Owners and Vendors Enjoy a day of Golf, Food, Fun and Great Prizes!!


Welcome Reception at The Eilan Hotel

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16 7:00am

Check In; Driving Range; Putting Contest; Pro Golf Tips


Shot Gun Start


Lunch and Awards Ceremony

For Hotel Reservations, Please call Eilan Hotel SCWA Group Rate $173 - Deadline is April 16, 2018 18603 La Cantera Terrace • San Antonio, Texas • (855) 257-3040

Individual Registration

For Team Sponsorship & Registration - See Reverse Side • Only Team Sponsors are guaranteed Team Member requests. • Limited to the first 72 paid registrants. • $175.00 per person includes green fee, cart, prizes, driving range balls and lunch. Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________________ State ______ Zip ____________ Email: ___________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Fax:___________________________ Handicap: ____________Or Average Score: ______________

Total Golf Fee Enclosed: $ __________________ Player & Team Space is limited and will be confirmed only upon receipt of the reservation form and payment. Mail completed form with payment by Wednesday, May 1, 2018 to SCWA, 4600 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 103, Austin, Texas 78759

Register & pay by credit card online at or see reverse side. 22

Phone (800) 440-0644 (512) 343-9023 Fax (512) 343-1530.

ADVANTAGE While the motor and producer of the central vacuum system is intended to last for many years without replacement, the vacuum motors in an individual freestanding vacuum are consumable, and will require frequent replacement. On the other hand, in a network of individual freestanding vacuums, there is a high level of redundancy, so if one unit goes down, it is not a big deal. Contrarily, if the motor and producer in a central vacuum system fail, you have no vacuums at all. The discrepancy in maintenance time is probably minimal, especially if the central vacuum system has individual separators at each drop location. In a network of individual freestanding vacuums, each collection chamber and set of filters must be cleaned. In a basic central vacuum system, all the dirt is collected in a central chamber with one set of filters, but if the system has separators at each drop, then these must also be cleaned. Further, in a central vacuum system, the piping network is subject to the build-up of dirt and debris, and must be cleaned out periodically — this is no small task. By comparison, the individual freestanding vacuums have no such requirement.


If your goal is to provide superior interior cleaning services for your customers, you need to have equipment that is capable of performing at a superior level. Either of the systems discussed is suitable to meet the needs of

your facility, but which is best? Of course, I am biased, but I believe that the individual freestanding vacuum units offer the best overall solution for your business in terms of performance, flexibility, costs, and maintenance and reliability. The purpose of this article is not to persuade you one way or the other, but to point out some issues you should take into consideration if you are building a new facility, or if you are looking to make some changes to an existing one. Maybe your conclusions are different, and ultimately you need to make that decision for yourself. David H. VanGorder is president of Kentwood, MI-based Doyle Vacuum Systems LLC.

TECHNOLOGY Cyber Security - How Valuable a Target Are You?

Cyber-security breaches are frequent, frustrating, and becoming more massive with each new headline. The worst data breach in healthcare history was the Anthem breach of February 2015. More than 78.8 million records were stolen by a foreign government that does not have strong diplomatic relations with the United States. Those records included the names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, and home addresses of all individuals that ever Continued on pg. 35





First Big Car Wash Show of the Year

he 2018 edition of the Southwest Car Wash Association Convention & EXPO was another record breaking event with more than 1,985 attendees. The largest regional gathering of car wash owners and vendors recently converged on the Arlington Convention Center for the annual EXPERIENCE SCWA. The 2018 edition included an expanding EXPO area with more than 320 booths and over 70,000 square feet of exhibits plus expanded education sessions from nationally recognized speakers. According to SCWA President DeWayne Hall “we are proud of the very positive repsonses we have had to our Convention & EXPO and in particular our education program. As we continue to expand as an association we want our education efforts to be relevant to our growing membership”.

On Monday morning, the convention was highlighted by the keynote from Rob O'Neill, the leader of Navy Seal Team Six who lead the search for and was responsible for killing

Osama bin Laden. O'Neill talked about his mantra “Never Quit” and the importance of following this in your business. As one attendee said, “your keynote by Rob was a bases loaded homerun for SCWA!”

The 2018 SCWA Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Ron Peterson, retired Mister Car Wash CEO. According to Awards Chair, Tyler Furney “The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest recognition give by the SCWA and we are proud to add Ron's name to our honor roll”.

The event was summed up in an article by Rich DiPaolo, “There was so much to take away from this year's event in Arlington, and attendees and exhibitors certainly had a strong return on their investment in attending. But in order to get the full impact of the event you truly must ‘Experience SCWA’ youself”. Mark your calendar now for EXPERIENCE 2019 – February 24–26, 2019.

View more pictures at


Special Thanks to Our Sponsors Keynote Address

Pro-Tech Services CEO Forum

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Sunday EXPO Reception

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Celebrate SCWA Reception

Monday Lunch With The Exhibitors

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Motor City Wash Works Scotch Plaid Vacutech

Celebrate SCWA Event

EXPO Closing Grand Prize



Monday Breakfast

Break Sponsors

AP Formulators Auto Wash Services WET-Washing Equipment of Texas Tuesday Breakfast

ChemQuest Con-Serv Water Recovery Systems Huron Valley Sales Midlothian Insurance Simoniz STI Conveyor Systems

Kwik Industries





2018 SCWA


Lifetime Achievement Honoree Ron and his wife Mary Ann founded the Pine Tree Apple Tennis Classic in 1986 to support research for children’s cancer, which has raised over $5.5 million and continues its fundraising after 30 years. Ron also served on the Board of the Saint Paul Children’s Hospital, the Board of Children’s Cancer Research Fund, and the Board of Intermountain Centers for Human Development which offers high quality community services to the Tucson’s at-risk population. Ron and Mary Ann were blessed with four daughters who have given them 12 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Letter from Ron Ron Peterson Chief Executive Officer - Mister Car Wash Ron Peterson was Chief Executive Officer for Mister Car Wash for over 15 years and was responsible for spearheading the company’s rapid growth. Mister Car Wash now operates 251 car washes and 33 Oil Change Express Centers across 21 states. Ron has over 30 years of experience in the car wash industry. Prior to Mister Car Wash, he founded Blue Coral Systems in 1986. He served as the Company's CEO until the company was sold to Ecolab in January of 1999. At the time, Blue Coral was the largest supplier of chemical, wax, and other cleaning products to the car wash industry. Prior to Blue Coral, Ron was employed at Ecolab for 18 years, where he worked in many capacities including five years as Vice President of New Business Ventures. During that time, he started up four (4) additional companies for Ecolab which are still operating successfully today. Ron served on the Board of the International Carwash Association from 1990 to 1996 and in 2001 received their Car Wash Hall of Fame Award, which is the highest award the ICA can bestow upon an individual. Members of the Hall of Fame have demonstrated an outstanding ability and dedication both in the operation of their business and in their service to the car wash industry. In addition, in 1997 he received their President’s Award and their Distinguished Service Award.

Dear Chuck, First, thank you for the excellent care that you and your team provided. It turned out to be an incredible couple of days that made Mary Ann Dear and Chuck, I feel very honored to attend. The dialog that you prepared with Chris, was excellent and looks First, thank you for the excellent that youI will and your teamit provided. incredibly professional. Marycare Ann and cherish for years.It turned out to b couple of days that madehelpful Mary Ann andcute I feelwife verythat honored to attend. You also have a very and always seemed to

be around when she was needed; you two are a real class act team. The dialog that you prepared with Chris, was excellent and looks incredibly professional. M I was amazed at how far the SCWA has come in the venue. The will cherish it for years. exhibit hall was very well lighted, clean, and the acoustics were excellent. say helpful it’s theand best I’ve ever I would yourwhen she wa You also haveI’d a very cute wife thatseen. always seemedalso to besay around members are luckier than they realize. Even the luncheon with its two are a real class act team. large tables was set up for easy networking. I ate at two tables and Italked was amazed at how far the SCWAIhas come in the venue. The exhibit hall was very well l to a lot of new people had never met. and the acoustics were excellent. sayimpressive it’s the bestas I’vewell. everI seen. would also say your Your president, DeWayne Hall,I’d was had aI chance luckier theyabout realize.the Even the luncheon with its large tables was Iset up Ifor easy netw to talkthan to him future of car washing right before left. two tables a lotaof new people I had never met.I think its very hope youand go talked aheadto with future committee because

necessary and the industry will not be recognizable in 15-20 years. Your president, DeWayne Hall, was impressive as well. I had a chance to talk to him about As you probably noticed, I got emotional when I was accepting the car washing right before I left. I hope you go ahead with a future committee because I thi award. I think the emotions I displayed were mostly misunderstood necessary and the industry will not be recognizable in 15-20 years. by most. Yes, I was very proud to speak about Mary Ann’s connection toyou theprobably car wash industry, what Iwhen got emotional about was what As noticed, I gotbut emotional I was accepting the award. I think the emo I wanted to say next but never did. Mary Ann and I have talked and about Mar displayed were mostly misunderstood by most. Yes, I was very proud to speak we both feel the Thatbut is,what thatI ifgot we could give away connection to the carsame wash way. industry, emotional about was all what I wanted to never did.have Marybeen Ann and I have talked and we both feel samedo way. That is, that if we that we fortunate enough to earn, wethe would it all away that we have fortunateindustry enough to earn, wegive would it all over again with t over all again with thisbeen wonderful and not it adosecond industry not givecar it a second thoughtare because car wash people are the best. thoughtand because wash people the best. Warmregards, regards, Warm

Ronand and Mary Peterson Ron Mary AnnAnn Peterson P.S. Rob O’Neill was a bases-loaded homerun

P.S. Rob O’Neil was a bases-loaded homerun




The Tunnel Experts



Sure, our equipment is reliable, easy to maintain, and affordable, but that’s only a small part of why Sonny’s is the bestselling conveyorized car wash equipment in the world. When you choose Sonny’s, you’re getting a partner that has been washing cars since 1949 with the hands-on operating experience to guide you every step of the way.

ü Maximize your properties revenue potential with our

site layout engineering team that creates over 13,000 site-specific drawings each year for many of the most profitable car washes on the planet.

ü Eliminate costly project delays with as many as 50 pages of mechanical drawings, free of charge, with every equipment purchase backed by a company with Dun & Bradstreet’s highest rating since 1997.

ü Protect your investment with Sonny’s retrofit-able

Foundation Frame architecture. You’re able to mount additional components to increase wash throughput and retrofit new technologies as your site matures.


Grow your business with new training, technology, and equipment innovations engineered to adapt to your existing Sonny’s tunnel and ensure your competitive advantage for generations to come.

We make car washing easy!

ash — Car W



etts, 1



Testimonial Our decision to work with SONNY’S was the single most important factor in our early success as an organization. We came into this business without any industry experience and SONNY’S incredible team of former operators, industry experts and warm and responsive service staff helped us get off the ground, learn how to operate a great car wash and has continued to support us on a regular basis. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else in the industry.

Tom D’Eri

Left to right: Donna, John, Andrew and Tom D’Eri

COO /Co-Founder Rising Tide Car Wash Boca Raton, FL

You be the judge! FREE Site Evaluation Call today to claim your free site evaluation. Whether you’d like to evaluate how a component upgrade could improve customer satisfaction, or run a complete proforma to retrofit your site to a different wash format, we’ll show you your potential, with 3D renderings you can take to the bank. | 800-327-8723

Designed Here. Built Here. Backed Here.™

Thank You for Making SONNY’S the Largest Manufacturer of Conveyorized Car Wash Equipment In The World!







Continued from pg. 23

did business with Anthem — or even applied for a policy. The more recent Equifax breach has dwarfed that number, with 145.5 million people impacted. Some companies know they are in the crosshairs of the best cyber criminals in the world. • Do you have a database of HIPAA data that would be valuable on the black market? • Do you process over 1 million credit card transactions per year? • Are you in the payroll or money-transfer business? • Are you developing a technology that foreign governments would be interested in? • Are you in a business that a hacktivist group or nation-state may find ethically questionable? It’s highly unlikely that a car-care business owner could answer yes to any of the above questions. If you can, however, congratulations, you are in the highestrisk group. Most companies are not in the highest-risk category. They fall into three large groups, including those that have: • A significant regulatory environment to operate within (healthcare, banking, insurance, etc.) • Data that others could monetize (trade secrets, credit card numbers, personally identifiable information (PII), data on publicly traded companies that have not yet been made public, etc.) • Data that is important and necessary for the company to operate


Before the proliferation of ransomware, the third category would not have been included. Many in the cyber-security field used to lambast salespeople selling cyber-security tools that said, “Everyone is a target.” The problem is that cyber criminals have figured out an important new

Cyber criminals have figured out an important new angle to their business model: companies that don’t have information that is valuable on the black market still have information that’s valuable to the company itself. angle to their business model: companies that don’t have information that is valuable on the black market still have information that’s valuable to the company itself. The bad guys are finding a way into your company, encrypting as much data as possible, and then extorting money from you to get your own data back. In today’s world, everyone is a target. From hospitals that need their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to treat patients, to accounting firms needing tax engine software to process their clients’ tax returns, every company wants to prevent business disruptions. Ransomware

attacks are designed to disrupt your company’s ability to do business until you pay up.

Assess your relative risk. The areas to take into account include company size, your industry, and the strength of your cyber-security defenses. That begs a common question, “How can I assess my actual cyber-security risk?” The truth is that you can’t. This is similar to assessing your risk of contracting a certain disease or of having a tornado damage your home. These things happen infrequently, and, as such, it’s impossible to say that a given company will experience a cyber-security incident of X dollars in total damage every Y years. A better plan of attack is the following: 1) Accept that your company is a target of cyber criminals who hope to profit from your success, either by stealing your valuable information, or by encrypting your valuable information and ransoming it back to you. 2) Assess your relative risk. The areas to take into account include company size, your industry, and the strength of your cyber-security defenses.

It’s imperative to realize that regardless of size, reach, and financial level, your company is a target for cyber crime. 3) Assess your own risk tolerance, assess the potential damage to your company that a hacker could inflict, and assess what cyber-security countermeasures you currently have employed. If you employ strong countermeasures, your risk will be far lower than many of your competitors, even if putting an actual number on it is challenging.


One of the best ways to quantify your cyber-security risk is to get quotes for cyber-security insurance. For example, if your building’s fire insurance policy costs $10,000 per year for $1 million in coverage, then the insurance company thinks you will have a large claim on that policy less than once every 100 years. Otherwise they would lose money selling you the policy. In fact, they are probably guessing that you will have a large fire once every 500 years so that they make a good profit on the policy. If it costs $250,000 for the same coverage, your risk of having a fire is much higher than that. The cost of a cyber-security insurance policy will help you determine the relative risk of a cyber incident in comparison to another type of business incident, such as a building issue (fire/flood), an operational issue (the loss of a key executive in your company), or a liability issue of some sort. It’s imperative to realize that regardless of size, reach, and financial level, your company is a target for cyber 35



SWYPIT KEVIN HODES (R) MICHAEL GOLDSMITH (L) 877.379.9748 3001 Dallas Parkway, Suite 120 Frisco, Texas 75034


For nearly two decades, Kevin Hodes’ company Swypit has taken pride in bringing honesty and integrity to the world of credit card processing. Swypit aims to be more than just another service. Their goal is to become a trusted partner, helping to positively impact the merchant’s bottom line. In an industry rife with providers more focused on selling or leasing equipment than building relationships, Swypit is different. They ensure customers always know that they are more than just a number. Swypit provides world-class service as well as some of the most competitive rates in the industry. How much do their terminals cost? Nothing! The company provides merchants with credit card terminals, discounted point-of-sale and even cash advances to customers they choose to partner with… no catch. Owner Kevin Hodes is a two time best-selling author and the Executive Producer of, “Maximum Achievement, The Brian Tracy Story.” His expertise in the credit card processing industry is frequently sought out from all over the country and has been on NBC, ABC, CBS & FOX. Staying active in the community and giving back is important to Mr. Hodes - he is an avid supporter of helping families of fallen soldiers with The American Fallen Soldier Project.

ADVANTAGE crime. All that really matters is if a criminal feels there is a good return to be had on their investment of time and money. If your defenses are poor, then their effort level is low. If you have strong defenses, then the return must be high for the adversary to expend significant effort to breach your systems. Many attacks are non-specific. They search for a particular vulnerability across many companies and report back success. If you are found to be vulnerable, you will probably be attacked. Criminals will try to monetize their efforts in many ways. Your data is valuable to you, and they can monetize this via ransomware. Thankfully, ransomware and the cyber criminals who use it can be stopped. They are looking for easy targets. All companies are susceptible, but with the right cyber-security defenses, such as multi-factor authentication, a strong antivirus package, and a solid data backup routine, cyber criminals will deem your company too much of an effort to hack. This is your opportunity to make cyber security a competitive advantage for your company. Bryce Austin is the CEO of TCE Strategy, an internationally recognized speaker on emerging technology and cyber-security issues, and author of Secure Enough? 20 Questions on Cybersecurity for Business Owners and Executives. With over 10 years of experience as a chief information officer and chief information security officer, he actively advises companies across a wide variety of industries on effective methods to mitigate cyber threats.

MANAGEMENT Managers - Five Pillars to Success

Why does your organization exist, and why should anyone care? Organizations exist to perform — period. Be it for-profit or non-profit, they all exist to do something, make a product, or supply a service. Today, many employers say they’re having trouble retaining their younger employees — specifically Millennials. At 82 million strong, Millennials are the workforce of the future. Studies have shown they want to work where they can make a difference and contribute to something bigger than themselves.


It’s imperative to realize that the people in your organization — especially young people — are the fuel to your long-term success, and the one person who affects that outcome more than any other is the frontline manager. Fortunately, there are five defined pillars of success that managers can rely on to help them succeed in their aim to boost employee retention. 1. Engage Employees with a Compelling Vision Let employees know what is expected, and provide the mission to achieve that vision. Why? What’s in it for the employee to want to achieve for you? People respond



Offer Convenience Give your customers an option that’s already in their wallet

Call today and provide your customers with more payment options. CryptoPay is a Cost Effective, Secure, and Simple Solution. 719-277-7400 38 CryptoPayLaundromatAd_InPocket_SCWA_FINAL.indd


1/9/18 5:54 PM


MARKETING when they are doing or contributing to something bigger

than themselves. When national crises such as earthquakes or hurricanes occur, people are driven to volunteer not because they have to, but because they want to. Your vision and the culture you create are the reasons you exist. In 1975, the Federal Communications Commission Tell your people that without them doing what they do, (FCC) issued a largely overlooked ruling that allowed you wouldn’t achieve the results that you desire. The way earth-orbiting antennas — satellites — to be used for employees view a job and its role in their life is evolving. broadcasting television over large areas. Around that Employees don’t just come to work for a paycheck. They same a little-known regional seek atime, purpose, the opportunity tobroadcasting do what theynetwork do best called Home Box Office (HBO) took notice, and decided every day, and to lead a life they desire for their families to usethemselves. the FCC’s landmark decision to begin distributing and its own programming via satellite. 2. Make Decisions Based on Productivity HBO’s innovative have a ripple effect By keeping your eyemove on thewould goal and having your people that would spill over onto the landscape of marketing. similarly focused, everyone will understand why certain Soon, satellite networks and with them, decisions are made and canproliferated, buy in. If disagreements occur marketers’ ability target in ways that were never prein discussions, theytoare welcomed because they are focused viously possible. on achieving a better outcome toward the end objective. Sincedisagreements that time, thereoccur, has been so much technological When be sure to ask what the innovation that ultimate goal is.marketers are faced with choices beyond 3. Motivate Every Team Member to Take Action measure. It can be blinding and bewildering for anyone People are more likely to take action if know charged with allocating marketing dollars they on behalf what is expected of them. When expectations are caused clearly of a business. And, this very issue is what has defined, employees lessis likely their marketers to go awry.areThis an agetoofdisappoint unprecedented manager or their peers. Employees will work together communications, and yet many still struggle to connect without direction or approval when they all know with one your another.

Marketing - What has Changed in the Last 100 Years?

But this problem is not the real problem.


what expected andishave intomarketers achievinghave the Theis true problem that bought too many desired results. Most people are going to live up or down failed to recognize that only one thing has changed in to their perception of100 theyears: expectations of them. marketing in the past technology. That’sIfit.your Yes, people don’t know what is expected, don’t be surprised you now have social media and tweets and followers and by what you get. apps and branding and re-marketing and analytics and 4. Have the Assertiveness to Drive Outcomes focus groups and ROI and CRM and customer personas Are you more concerned with the process or the outcome? and digital and so on. It’s all certainly true. But, what has Managers are in place to strive for positive outcomes. enabled nearly every bit of it is technology. Employees may find ways to produce an outcome that So prolific is the role of technology in marketing that it the manager never thought of. Provide employees the has become for some anand alluring distraction. peer freedom to experiment try new ways ofPanic doingand things. pressure set in,results and organizations pursue the latest and do the Keep progress in front of the employees. If they greatest technology-based marketing tactics without taking not see the progress they are making as a team, they will the to thoughtfully consider a strategic approach. As losetime interest over time and productivity will wane. legendary philosopher andthat strategist, put it, When your staff see their Sun workTzu is once making a “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” difference they will continue to contribute. If you avoid Marketing must ultimately get the or service providing appropriate feedback on product your employees’ into the hands of the customer —notice a real person. Marketers progress, you’ll immediately a decline in the need to realize that it is way too easy to distract ourselves contributions of team members. Remember, feedback (via from what centrally with important is thetechnology) breakfast ofaway champions — beis generous your thoughts and expectations. in marketing: generating a sale to a real person and, 5. Create repeating a Culture that Wantagain and again to her hopefully, that You process Culture impacts every strategy aspect of get about thingsa or his delight. Marketing is how not soyou much done, but from hiring Build and developing the talents of the plan, a system. your marketing (including the employees to customer service. Define your desired culture sale) around a strategically based, customer-centric sysand then it from words to aactions. If you don’t tool, like tem, then take technology becomes true and valuable and not a distraction.

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40 Peco Regional 2017 SCWA 7.5 x 9.5.indd


8/17/17 12:59 PM

ADVANTAGE the culture you currently have, or the results that you are currently obtaining, you are the only person who can change it. Your actions have to mirror what you desire. Do you allow the negative behavior to go unchallenged? Realize negative behavior brings down all your good employees. Your employees are watching and, if they see you doing nothing, your lack of action has sent a powerful message. You don’t care!


Employees are not going to care if the manager doesn’t care. When employees know that the manager truly cares about them as a people, they will walk through fire for the manager. When people believe the manager doesn’t care, the employees will let the manager walk off a cliff. This caring gets to the heart of employee engagement. By creating a workplace where people want to come to work instead of because they have to come to work, managers will see positive changes. Most people don’t wake up in the morning and say, “I think I will do a bad job today.” Help them achieve the results necessary for the organization, but in a way that each and every employee’s contribution is recognized and appreciated. Jan Makela is an executive coach, speaker, and the best-selling author of Cracking the Code to Success and Be the Manager People Won’t Leave.

MARKETING Promotions - Many Small Events Equal Big Impacts

There is so much more to having a successful car wash than just selling individual washes. You will want to consider actively promoting all your services from gift cards to monthly passes to air fresheners to boost your revenue. It's important that you have signage in various points throughout your wash. Invest in a curb sign or A-Frame holder. You can switch out different messages depending on the program you want to promote. Utilize colorful hanging banners. These can be rolled up and stored until you want to re-run that promotion.


Your staff should be thoroughly trained to promote gift card and monthly plan sales, as well as any other product you want to sell – all day, everyday. You might want to offer an incentive to the employee with the most sales. Monthly plans need to be easy to join and easy to cancel. Today's time-strapped customers don't want to listen to a lengthy sales pitch, and if they must opt out of a plan, they don't want to jump through hoops to do so. Attendants can hand out brochures and flyers and have a very short one-on-

Washworld of Central Texas Your Source For All Things Car Wash ®

Washworld of Central Texas is the only stop you need to make for Washworld equipment. As a Stocking Parts Distributor, we carry a large inventory of parts for Washworld systems as well as the PDQ Laser 4000. For Washworld equipment sales & service, chemicals and National Pride self service, Call Wes Frank at ®

Washworld’s Profile, is a soft touch system with standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site , VS2® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System The wall mounted system eliminates the gantry for an open bay while Washworld’s exclusive Digital Surface Profile (DSP) utilizes 3D imaging to insure optimal cleaning. Washworld’s best selling Razor® has earned the reputation of a proven system for its quality, dependability and longevity. Stainless steel throughout, Razor is built to last. Razor combines all of the great features for which Washworld is known. Profile and Razor were both designed with emphasis on durability, simplicity of use and reduced maintenance.




Endorsed by


ADVANTAGE one conversation with your customers. Christmas, Mother's Day, and Father's Day are golden opportunities to boost your gift card and monthly pass sales. You can secure an awful lot of last-minute sales that you might not otherwise. There are other ways to promote your wash, too. Join forces with a local merchant and have coupons printed on the backs of your recepits, promoting each other's business.

SAFETY Staying Safe and Sound - The Harmful, and often costly, effects of slips, trips and falls at the carwash.

According to the University of Wisconsin (UW), slips, trips and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents in the U.S. Over the past several years in Wisconsin, as in most states, these specific accidents make up one of the top five causes for worker’s compensation claims. In a professional carwash, where water and protruding surfaces are common, slips, trips and falls can be even more serious. And, during the winter months, much of this water may become ice, which increases the potential for broken bones, head and back injuries, cuts and lacerations.


In today's world, you must have a website. Customers should be able to visit your website and learn about all the different programs you offer. It's a plus if they can buy your products and services online too. Allow customers to download wash codes on thier smartphones. If you are collecting customer contact information you should e-mail different promotions to them, or send postcards promoting your services. And, don't forget social media. Twitter and Instagram are huge right now, especially among Millennials. You can tweet out offers like, “Visit ABC Car Wash between the hours of noon and 5 today and receive half off of your next wash.” Teaming up wiht a local charity is another effective way to promote your wash. This lends itself particularly well to a social media outlet like Facebook. For one day, you can have a small event, and donate a percentage of your receipts to the charity. It's a plus if you can get local radio or TV media to show up and do a short spot. If your area has a small community paper or newsletter, consider running an ad that offers a discount on a wash, or a two-for-one gift card promotion that runs for a brief time. This will create interest and drive your neighbors to your wash.


Before we discuss ways to prevent slips, trips and falls, let’s first consider exactly what these three words mean. The following definitions are provided by UW: A “slip” occurs when there is too little traction or friction between the shoe and a walking surface. A “trip” occurs when a person’s shoe (or foot) contacts an object that is in their way or drops to a lower level unexpectedly. SWS FSB Ad - JP.PDF



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Have a contest. Ask a trivia question: if your customer has the right answer they get a free wash, or a free extra service. Fill up a giant jar with M&Ms — whoever guesses the right number of candies in the jar gets a free unlimited plan for a year (and the M&Ms). Plan an anniversary or grand re-opening party. Spruce up your site and offer free sodas and hot dogs. Have a drawing for free monthly plans. This will also help you collect contact information for your mailing list. One thing to keep in mind is that a small well-organized event will earn you more attention and potential customers than a disorganized, over the top celebration. In all your messsaging, emphasize what an excellent job your wash does. Above all, make sure each customer has a great experience, and turn that one-time visitor into a loyal customer. Joe Shoemaker is Vice President of Marketing for Akron, OH-based DRB Systems Inc.









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ADVANTAGE A “fall” is a sudden, uncontrollable descent. Additionally, we should know the different types of slips, trips and falls. The most common include: The traditional slip-and-fall: This is when a person’s center of gravity is shaken after losing secure foot contact with the floor. Step-and-fall: This is when the floor surface unexpectedly changes height — up or down — from a hole or depression in the floor. Stump (stub)-and-fall: Encountering an unseen or unexpected impediment or obstruction — a drain cover that has lifted or a mat that has curled, for instance — can result in a stump-and-fall. This can also occur when someone walks over a “tacky” part of a floor. Trip-and-fall: A foreign object on the floor, such as a power cord or an unseen or unexpected step, can result in a trip-and-fall. Now that we have the basics down, owners and operators should also know the contributing factors to a slip, trip and fall. As you might expect, at the top of the list are wet or slippery surfaces; this is followed by environmental conditions caused by snow or ice on surfaces which are normally safe to walk on; insufficient or inadequate lighting; and one that is often overlooked, changes in elevation. This often occurs when the front foot lands on a lower surface than expected, and it can actually be one of the most injurious types of falls.

The human factor in slips, trips and falls is also important to note. Sometimes workers simply do not take proper precautions or use common sense. They may carry objects that are too heavy, awkward or that block their view. Some slips and falls have even been attributed to the common cold, which affects the ear canal and causes balance problems.


Employers at a carwash location can prevent slip-andfall accidents in several ways, and it all starts with creating a culture of safety. This is done by educating everyone about how these accidents occur, how to prevent them as well as how their own responsibility plays a part in avoiding slips and falls. A carwash facility, in work and customer areas, should also be kept as clean as possible. Soil and water mixed together can result in an incredibly slippery substance, which means the area is just waiting for a slip or fall to happen. Along with this, excessive water buildup in work areas should be swept into drains. Workers should all wear slip-resistant footwear designed for use in an industrial setting. These shoes not only help prevent slips but they may be waterproof as well. Look for shoes that have a raised tread pattern on the bottom as well as a cross-hatch pattern. Also, a softer


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ADVANTAGE rubber shoe bottom tends to be more slip-resistant, mainly because it conforms better to the floor’s surface.


Floor matting is crucial for an effective floor safety program. When many owners and managers think of mats, they invariably think of the small, three-by-five-foot mats placed at an entry door. What many do not know is there are several different types of mats in a variety of sizes that are perfect for use in a professional carwash. Among these are the following: Bi-level mats: As the name implies, these mats consist of two levels. Usually placed in entries and busy walkways, such as between a customer and service area at a carwash, bi-level mats capture soil and moisture which are then deposited below the surface of the mat. This helps prevent these contaminants from coming into a facility or spreading from one area to another. Safety-flow mats: These mats can prove effective in promoting safety, which is one reason they are found in all types of industrial locations. Flow-through mats typically have openings that allow moisture to flow below the surface of the matting. This keeps the walking surface dry, helping to prevent a slip-and-fall accident.

When calculating how much is spent to rent versus the cost to buy a mat, you will most likely come out ahead financially if you choose to purchase, which means safer mats that save money as well.

Safety-flow with anti-fatigue properties: Similar to the safety-flow mat, another option is the use of what are sometimes referred to as “dura step” mats. This type allows moisture to flow through, but it is also an antifatigue mat. For employees in a carwash who must stand while working, these mats not only promote safety but can improve worker productivity as well. Grit-safe mats: This type, which is specially designed for slippery workstations, allows moisture to flow through the mat; it also helps prevent the transfer of soils. As mentioned, moisture and soil are prime ingredients for a slippery floor. Most of the mats discussed in this article are not “rental” mats. Invariably, these mats must be purchased. However, there tends to be quite a difference between rental mats and those that are purchased. In most cases, purchased mats are not only made of high-quality materials and are more effective, but they also are more economical. When calculating how much is spent to rent versus the cost to buy a mat, you will most likely come out ahead financially if you choose to purchase, which means safer mats that save money as well. Adam Strizzi is marketing manager for Crown Matting Technologies.

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