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Industry Excellence


he SCLAA announced the winners for the 2012 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards; which is the longest running national awards program in the industry. Having served the industry for over fifty years, the ASCL Awards are the most recognised and esteemed awards for an individual, or company to be awarded. The 2012 Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards are proudly supported by LabourForce, SupplyChain Review, Amcap, Curtin University, Dematic, KTM, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Portland Group, Rand, Schenker and Supply Chain Services Australia.

2012 Supply Chain Management Award

The aim of the Supply Chain Management Award is to encourage and acknowledge the outstanding achievement of an organisation that has demonstrated significant achievement in managing the integration of supply chains. The trophy was first awarded in 1984 and is dedicated to Doug Beattie. A High Commendation was awarded to Honda Australia for the integration of their replacement parts supply chain. O ver the last twelve months Honda Australia has been able to integrate logistics functions previously spread across three functional areas leading to the achievement of a number of goals and targets within the replacement parts supply chain. The outcomes include more Honda Australia professionalism across Supply chain functions supported by best practice, performance measurement, benchmarking, internal controls and documented standards and procedures. The winner of the 2012 Supply Chain Management Award is Big W Hoxton Park Distribution Centre, Sydney. BIG W Hoxton Park Distribution Centre, Sydney is Australia’s first Multishuttle Goods-to-Person Order Fulfilment System. The 89,000 square metre DC includes the first Dematic MultishuttleR storage buffer and sequencing system in Australia, and also the first 1:24 automated Goods-to-Person (GTP) picking stations Winner: Big W in the country. BIG W are now achieving significant benefits out of their GTP system, achieving pick rates of 491 OMs (order multiples) per hour per pick station, which compares very favourably with their conventional pickto-belt throughput of around 120 OMs per hour.

2012 Training, Education & Development Award

The Training, Education & Development award is presented to the company or institution that best demonstrates a significant achievement in aspects such as recruitment process, training, HR Systems, formal education and development programs which is both relevant to and promotes the supply chain and logistics Industry. The trophy was first awarded in 2002 and is dedicated to the late Professor Peter Gilmour. A High Commendation is awarded to Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for their graduate employability project. QUT developed a project that improves graduate employability within the supply chain and logistics industry; applying a blended learning approach through internships designed to improve work integrated learning, critical thinking, understanding and team work. QLD University of Technology The winner of the 2012 Training, Education and Development Award is Victoria University. The Victoria University (VU) Supply Chain Management Industry Mentor Program matches undergraduate and postgraduate Supply Chain Management (SCM) students with senior industry professionals. The voluntary program broadens student’s industr y knowledge and ideas, enables professional network development and improves mentees’ confidence in their ability to make the transition from university to working Winner: Victoria University life. I


2012 Storage & Handling of Materials Award

The Storage & Handling of Materials award recognises the significant achievements in the techniques and technology of materials storage and handling at any stage of the supply chain. Technolog y covers equipment and design techniques, including facilities design, and associated information and control systems. The trophy was first awarded in 1980 and is dedicated to Dexion’s Founder, Demetrius Comino, OBE. A High Commendation was awarded to Yale Materials Handling for their warehouse simulator. With the current economic environment making planning nearly impossible, the task of designing or reconfiguring a warehouse is a monumental challenge.

Yale Materials Handling

One of the world’s leading forklift manufacturers, Yale, has developed a warehouse simulator that is an extremely accurate software program designed to provide operators of medium to large warehouses with a sophisticated consultancy solution. The winner of the 2012 Storage & Handling of Materials Award is Big W Hoxton Park Distribution Centre, Sydney.

Winner: Big W II

Key among the many innovations within the new BIG W Hoxton Park Distribution Centre, Sydney is a 50,000+ ColbyRACK pallet storage system, a 12 deep, 2,500+ capacity Pallet Live Storage system, a three multi-level walkpick- to-belt pick module, a Voice-Directed Ride-Pickto-Pallet operation and close to 3 kilometres of integrated conveyors and a 300+ cell Crossbelt Conveyor Sorting System capable of sorting over 8000 items per hour to 44 despatch lanes for order consolidation.

2012 Industry Excellence Award

The prestigious national Industry Excellence Award recognises and acknowledges the outstanding achievements and contribution by an individual currently working within the Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics Industry. This trophy was first awarded in 1987 and is dedicated to Mr Mike Munns, FAIMM. A High Commendation has been awarded to Louise Perram-Fisk, Director, Transform, Department of Transport and Main Roads. The significant role that Louise plays in the industr y cannot be underestimated. Louise designed the first wide scale gender program in the industry; the award winning Women Take the Wheel – now active and sustainable in more than 50 businesses targeting women for predominately male roles. Her dedication and passion to improving Louise Perram-Fisk the industry also culminated in the term T&L. The winner of the 2012 Industry Excellence Award is Aaron Relph, Materials Distribution Manager, ENERGEX Limited. Aaron was the property project manager for the Energex 6001 Migration Plan which was the migration of ENERGEX’s Inventory and ancillary equipment from the current warehouse at Banyo and Beenleigh to the new distribution Centre’s at Eagle Farm and Larapinta. Aaron also works with the Winner: Aaron Relph younger generation within the industry and he would like to see a course similar to the schools program for trades people, developed to expose the industry to school students in an effort to encourage education in the industry prior to leaving high school.


2012 Environmental Excellence Award

The Environmental Excellence Award recognises corporate leadership contributing to the solution of environmental sustainability within our industry through performance and action. The trophy was first awarded in 1966 and is dedicated to Ken Pike. A High Commendation is awarded to Polystyrene Recycling Queensland (PRQ). With support from Expanded Polystyrene Australia, PRQ designed and commissioned Australia’s first EPS chipper—shrinking EPS volume by 66 per cent and for the first time creating a beneficial reuse opportunity. Two decades of campaigning and innovating have forged a path that, if walked, will allow Queensland to largely remove EPS waste from landfill.

Polystyrene Recycling Queensland

The winner of the 2012 Environmental Excellence Awards is the Transport Certification Australia (TCA) and the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland. The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) has helped unlock big opportunities for improved safety, productivity and environmental outcomes for the Toowoomba to Port of Brisbane corridor. IAP supports the management of route compliance and speed and is the first use of the TCA Winner: TCA and TMRQ National Telematics Framework. Without the combination of the IAP and OBM, access for more environmentally efficient, higher productivity vehicles on this corridor would not be possible.

2012 Information Management Award

The Information Management award is designed to recognise the business that can best demonstrate it has made a significant achievement in the application of information technology within its Supply Chain. The trophy was first awarded in 1994 and is dedicated to the late Len Smith FAIMM. A High Commendation has been awarded to Delta Shelving Systems for their EXPRESSIT Project. As a manufacturer of complex products in a Configure-toOrder (CTO) environment, Delta Shelving Systems was highly aware of the increasing costs, complexity and constraints impacting the business. To address these challenges the EXPRESSIT Delta Shelving Systems project was conceived. The winner of the 2012 Information Management Award is BlueScope Steel. BlueScope Steel recently underwent a major restructure. In particular, steelmaking capacity was reduced from 5.2 million tonnes to 2.6 million tonnes to better align manufacturing capacity with domestic demand. The benefit includes: $1.6M achieved through better payloads, improved planning team productivity, and by reducing accessorial charges. Improved Winner: BlueScope Steel DIFOT by a total of 0.5% enabled by true transport chain visibility and a system to assist with safety management.



2012 Manufacturing Logistics Award

The Manufacturing Logistics Award recognises significant achievement within the manufacturing sector with regard to the integration of manufacturing and the Supply Chain from raw material procurement through to customer delivery. This may include re-thought, reengineered Supply Chain, integration of the Supply Chain and manufacturing, improved operations and execution. The trophy was first awarded in 1963 and is dedicated to the late Mr. W.(Bill) Cribben.

2012 Future Leaders Award

The Future Leaders award is designed to provide incentive and recognition to young professionals who are both currently working in and wish to continue their career path within the Transport, Supply Chain and Logistics Industry. A High Commendation has been awarded to Meg Rollins, Equipment Manager, SeaRoad Shipping. Meg has an unquenchable thirst for learning and is constantly researching new topics as diverse as business system design to the safe way to change fork�lift tyres. Meg undertakes further studies in her spare time and is currently studying for a Post Graduate Certificate, Information Systems via Deakin University. Ultimately, Meg wishes to pursue an M.Sc and Meg Rollins then a Ph.D.

Winner: TAE Gas Turbines

The winner of the 2012 Manufacturing Logistics Award is TAE Gas Turbines. TAE Gas Turbines recently developed the Aluminium Vacuum Brazing technology. TAE is the first Australian company to develop, and one of only a very small number world-wide, to offer this capability. Developed over the past four years, this technology is used in areas such as liquid-cooled electronics enclosures, cold plates, heat exchangers, wave guides and radar assemblies. The requirement for these items is growing and has been especially driven by the increased cooling needs of modern electronics, especially within the Aerospace and Defence arena.

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The winner of the 2012 Future L eaders Award is Daniel Di Stasio, Operations Manager, Bunzl Outsourcing Services. In the last twelve months Daniel has had the confidence to take on many new challenges including taking over as the Future Leaders Chairperson for WA and being able to support the next generation of talent emerging in the industry. Daniel’s professional career is also a testament to his outstanding capabilities and he is a fine example Winner: Daniel Di Stasio of a Future Leader.





CSCMP Australian Roundtable


he SCLA A announced t hat Dav id Rogers has been elected to take up the position of Australian Roundtable President of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). This prestigious appointment represents a very important opportunity to accelerate t he development of t he Supply Cha in profession a nd practice at all levels in Australia. David Rogers election follows the earlier formalisation of an historic exclusive agreement between the SCLAA and CSCMP to collaborate in establishing a joint Roundtable in Australia. The Agreement offers SCLAA a pathway for a global presence as well as access to the unique vast resources of CSCMP. David Rogers According to Mr David Rogers, “The appointment confirms the increasing inf luence and value of the SCLAA to all Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners. I expect the collaboration with the CSCMP to be a vehicle for the expansion and exchange of knowledge. The CSCMP has been a global leader for many years, particularly via landmark conferences, outstanding speakers and ground-breaking research. I am delighted to become President of the Australian Roundtable at this auspicious time, with the intent of delivering real value to members of both organisations.” For more information on the CSCMP Partnership please contact the SCLAA National Office on 1300 364 160, email secretary@ or visit the CSCMP page on

SCLAA Scholarship winner


he SCLAA, in conjunction with the UQ Business School, announced the winner of the inaugural SCLAA Scholarship which provides a place to attend the UQ Supply Chain & Logistics Management Course. The winner of the inaugural Scholarship is Skye Naismith, General Manager, Mt Gravatt Coach & Travel. According to Skye she is ‘both honoured and humbled to be the recipient of the inaugural 2012 SCLAA Scholarship.’ “Being rewarded for my involvement and contribution to T&L encourages me to continue my journey in this great industry. Participation in the UQ Supply Chain & Logistics Management course will increase my awareness of improved processes and innovation to ensure that I can provide effective leadership based on sound principles,” Ms Naismith said. “The networking and cross-modal focus will provide a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge of lean systems and organisational agility to solve strategic and operational issues Brad Maye and Skye Naismith using a range of practical problem solving tools. I look forward to working with some of the industry’s most inspirational people in the coming weeks.” She said. Mr Brad Maye, Business Development Manager, added that the UQ Business School Executive Education is proud to have partnered with the SCLAA to provide a full scholarship for the upcoming Supply Chain & Logistics Management course. “The Supply Chain & Logistics Management course provides strategic decision makers and operational managers in both domestic and international markets with the knowledge, skills and practical tools to effectively and efficiently manage logistics across their business,” Mr Maye said. “As Queensland ’s leading provider of professional development and post-graduate study opportunities, UQ Business School recognises and supports SCLAA’s vision to continue the development of skills and practice for supply chain and logistics practitioners.” he said. For further information on the 2013 Scholarship; which is a national program, please email

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Inaugural Mentoring Program


he SCLAA, Queensland Division, announced that the inaugural mentoring program was a huge success with one of t he mentees recent ly being awarded t he 2012 Industry Excellence Award for the ASCL Awards. According to Mrs Jodie Collie, Mentoring Coordinator, the mentoring program was established as a relaxed networkingstyle format to allow mentors and mentees to work together one-on-one and also with the wider SCL community. “As a part of the program the mentees were able to attend a broad range of logistics lounges, workshops, roundtables and the Queensland Supply Chain and Logistics Conference this year. This gave them the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to see how broad the industry really is,” Mrs Collie said. 2012 Industr y Excel lence Award w inner and inaug ura l mentee Aaron Relph is the Materials Distribution Manager at ENERGEX Limited. “2012 was a year of development and networking for my career. I saw the SCLAA Mentee program as an avenue to help me achieve both of these objectives and be able to discuss the ever-changing environment I am faced on a daily basis,” Mr Relph said. “I was hoping t hat t he program wou ld a llow me to ta lk about my challenges and also to gain insight from a senior manager on how to tackle these challenges. Being placed with Vince Aisthorpe, the Queensland President of the SCLAA, showed me a completely different dynamic of leadership one of which I have entirely overlooked for some time,” “The learnings I received were about networking and seeking help when needing it from others outside of my company, and also, in return making myself available to help others. We are in a diverse industry and to be successful we need to expand on our network,” he said. “I have to say the program was fun. I was not caught in an office have a mentoring session that felt like another meeting; i nstead we c aug ht up on Fr id ay a f ter noons , over cof fee; speaking about sport, life and our careers so far. I was lucky to meet others from Stanwell and through various activities provided by the SCLAA met like-minded people in the wider industry, Overall what I gained from this program was vastly different than my expectations and most of all I have gained new friends and acquaintances I can rely on when needed. The SCLAA mentoring program is truly something special and worth every effort.” According to Ms Stacey Paterson, Process & Procurement, Cement Australia, who was also a mentee in the inaugural prog ra m she d id n’t rea l ly u nderst a nd what a mentor i ng program was or what it might specifically involve when she first enrolled. “I just wa nted someone who had been where I was a nd cou ld give me t heir perspective a nd tel l me how t hey had handled similar situations. That is exactly what I found in SCLAA’s Mentoring program, and I use the term ‘program’ VI

lightly as it was different and perhaps better because of that,” Ms Paterson said. “I found the SCLAA’s approach not so much a structured program but more an opportunit y to be put toget her wit h someone to prov ide t hat experience a nd sounding boa rd. Someone who you already know, who wants to help you. You are not left out on your own feeling unsure about asking for advice or if the person you’ve chosen is suitable or interested... those questions have already been answered for you,” “A word that popped up a lot after the conclusion of this program was ‘organic’ and that was definitely how it felt to me. It was a growing and changing relationship that moulded itself around what each participant needed at any point in time. My Mentor and I began by catching up week ly before work and this ebbed and f lowed with both of our schedules. There are no lesson plans and evaluation, it is just an opportunity to get together, talk, share experiences, bounce ideas around and sometimes provide advice (and as many of us experienced, this is a two way street, you’re Mentor is just as likely to learn from you as the other way around),” she said. “My adv ice when being involved in t he SCLA A Mentor prog ra m is to remember to t h i n k about what you wa nt... not just show up a nd say “So, what now?” Your Mentor is there, willing and able to assist you but it is your career, life, development – you need to own most of that responsibility. The SCLAA and your specific Mentor are there to help you. This is your boat to steer to an ultimate destination. You may not make it all the way in this program, you may be taken on some unexpected and interesting side sights or decide you want to change course all together. The program allows for all of these options. “My key t a keways is t hat t he pr ice is ver y rea sonable on its ow n, but t he ex t ra s a re g reat too. T he net work i ng opportunities are in abundance, you will meet experienced and knowledgeable Mentors and you will meet fun, friendly and helpful people within the SCLAA.” Ms Paterson said. For mentor Phi l lip Dagna l l, Procurement Systems a nd Policy Manager, Uniting Care Queensland, he saw the SCLAA mentor i ng prog ra m a s a n oppor t u n it y to ‘g ive back ’ to something he strongly believes in. “I believe that a ‘younger generation’ is the future of our indust r y. I have a lso been for tu nate myself to have had a mentor and the relationship I have with that person is still going well after almost ten years; so I believed I could be to someone what that person has become to me,” Mr Dagnall said. “From the outset, I maintained with my mentee that I was not going to tel l t hem what to, a nd what not to do. I gave advice where needed and provided guidance when required. I also ensured there was the understanding that my mentee took from what I had to say what she felt relevant and to then leave the rest - it was all about choice,” “One other benefit is the fact that on an occasion the roles reversed a nd I beca me t he mentee. I was at a time when I needed to change jobs and had a number of potential offers and not sure which would have been the better - I was able to discuss this with my mentee and she gave some advice I took on board and enacted upon,” he said. “I would recommend the program to anyone, either mentor or mentee - most certainly - throughout the process, I feel I have been able to get to k now a side of me I was not fully aware of prior.” Mr Dagnall said. For more information on how you can register for the 2013 SCLAA Mentoring Program, either as a mentor or a mentee, please contact the SCLAA National Office on 1300 364 160 or email


2012 WA T&L Award winners


he annual WA Transport and Logistics awards, jointly hosted by the SCLAA WA d i v i s i o n a n d C I L T A w e r e staged at Ascot Racecourse. The day was beautiful and the surroundings lavish for the immaculately and imaginatively attired audience of nearly three hundred. Guest of honour was Reece Wa ldock, Director General Transport, and Emcee for the day was Steve Mills from 6PR radio.

Excellence winner - Woodside Energy

Young Professional winner - Michael Holden

Main Roads WA Heavy Haulage

Woodside Energy

Ma ny cong rat u lat ions a re due to t he major Award winners: • T he School of In for mat ion Systems , Curtin University, and Sadleirs Logistics Wester n Au st ra l ia n Tra nspor t a nd Logistics Young Professional of the Year: Michael Holden, Centurion Award for Excellence: Woodside Energy. • Innovat ion Awa rd: The joint venture between UWA and Main Roads. Congratu lations a lso to t he ma le and female winners of the ‘best dressed’ prizes, and many thanks to the generous sponsors.

WA Golf Day


he last few months of the year are always frantically busy, but in a fun way, for the SCLAA WA division. 2012 was no exception. The annual WA Peter Smith Memorial Golf Day and fundraiser for CanTeen was staged at the Vines, and was once again an excellent day out at a beaut if u l venue, a nd a welcome Friday d iversion for t he hundred plus guests involved in playing and dining. There were best team and spot prizes and individual holes and a Jim Kelly and Steve Macpherson raff le over dinner. Massive thanks are due once again to Mike McGowan and Jim Kelly for their tireless organising and to all of the event’s sponsors, particularly the Gold Sponsors, QR National, Budget Forklifts, A Rapt Audience - Golf Day Evening Antics Hays Recruitment, AMCAP and AWH.

FLG Sundowner


ina l ly to round of f an excel lent year, a X mas Sundow ner was hosted by the WA division Future Leaders Group at The Left Bank in Fremantle with guest speakers Daniel Di Stasio of Bunzl and holder of the 2012 ASCL Future Leaders Award and Steve Macpherson of SCSA. Specia l g uests were a group from Cur tin Universit y who recently completed a communications survey for the SCLAA (WA) as a part of their Degree course.



600x hampers for Foodbank


ver ninet y f ive members of the SCLA A, Queensland Div ision, spent their annua l Christmas part y for the third consecutive year with a twist. The SCLAA members spent three hours packing 600 hampers, for Foodbank to distribute to those in need at Christmas; many of whom are without employment, families with young children and homeless. As Ken McMillan, General Manager of Foodbank Queensland said on the day ”The 600 hampers will be distributed to families in crisis at Christmas time and while none of you will ever meet those people you should all be proud of what you have done for them.” The packing of the hampers was a culmination of twelve months of work, over $60,000 worth of goods raised to go inside the hampers and generous support from many companies across the country. Each ha mper is wor t h $10 0 a nd is made up of food a nd persona l hyg iene VINCE AISTHORPE products. In three years the SCLAA, in conjunction with the AIP, have packed PRESIDENT 1800 hampers to the value of over $180,000. If you would like to be a part of QLD DIVISION this event in 2013, or wish to donate items for the hampers, please contact the E: QLD@SCLAA.COM.AU SCLAA on

2013 Queensland

Thursday 29th & Friday 30th August Sofitel Hotel Brisbane



In its 14th successful year, the Queensland Supply Chain & Logistics Conference aims for professional and personal development in a relaxed environment.  The theme of Supply Chain Sustainability continues a conference tradition of focus on relevant practical challenges for the practitioner in today’s market.

For more information on how you can exhibit or attend please contact: ( 1300 920 439 VIII

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