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Spearheading floor creators of the north Any business, big or small, in need of flawless flooring must acquaint themselves with KubelCoating ApS. Founder Thorbjørn Kubel is recognised for his awardwinning innovative work, and his non-stop passion has the Danish company rule industry flooring in the north.

offices, underground carpark, production and research rooms,” he continues. “We make floors for all kinds of industries and shops.”

By Mette Nina Hindkjær Madsen  |  Photos: KubelCoating ApS

From vision to finished flooring

KubelCoating ApS is your go-to provider of wear-resistant and easy-to-clean floors that meet your every requirement. The Danish-based company works with businesses of any and every kind and size. And once a company has worked with KubelCoating their partnership tends to grow with the establishment’s expansion. “We have regular customers, like two guys who renovate tiny packaging houses in Copenhagen. Over the past two 88  |  Issue 95  |  December 2016

years we have helped them with flooring everything from 80 to 100-square-metre spaces in the beginning to most recently a 3,000-square-metre space,” Kubel says. “Our customer base spans the local fisherman selling fresh fish outside the supermarket, the farmer who has just built a new stable or wants to renovate an existing one, and the big companies like Novo Nordisk A/S, who we have worked for quite a lot – like earlier this year when we did their close to 6,000-square-metre

The floor creations of KubelCoating can be finished in as quickly as two to three days, and restaurants as well as clothing boutiques are also among KubelCoating’s clients, as they create coveted Nordic design within industrial floors. Kubel New Yorker is one of their special floors, which they have created for 12 of the clothing brand BERTONI’s shops. “It has a cool, raw style that turns into an amazing patina style over time,” says Kubel. A customer will contact KubelCoating ApS and, depending on the type of as-

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