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An ideal location for business The municipality of Vordingborg is geographically well placed with easy access to the port, highway and railway. Since 2014, Business Vordingborg has helped Danish and foreign businesses get established and created the best conditions in terms of business growth in the area. By Nicolai Lisberg  |  Photos: Vordingborg Business

For many years Vordingborg has been known for its tourism industry, but the area offers so much more. That is why Vordingborg Municipality and Vordingborg Business Association decided to found Business Vordingborg almost three years ago. “There was a wish to focus on other areas of business in the municipality and prioritise them a bit more, so we are doing what we can to meet that request. We are helping companies get started by offering them legal assistance, help with recruitment and much more. For companies that are already based here in the 80  |  Issue 95  |  December 2016

municipality we provide help to become more visible and aim to be the icebreaker, so to speak, to the municipality,” says Susanne Kruse Sørensen, CEO at Business Vordingborg. Besides helping local companies, Business Vordingborg also supports the municipality by selling industrial sites. The port, for instance, is undergoing interesting development with the new Storstrøm Bridge being established. Another place that Sørensen expects will play a vital part in the future growth of

business in the area is a Business Park located by Exit 41 on the South Motorway. “Geographically you can’t get a better location for your business, and with the fixed asset investments to be made I can’t really come up with a more ideal area to base your business. Vordingborg will become a logistical nexus that connects Scandinavia to the rest of Europe, and that will hopefully help us attract new business such as web companies who, with our infrastructure, have perfect conditions for transporting goods and cargo.”

Estonian Week Business Vordingborg is investing a great deal of time and money into improving the facilities in the area, but is also looking outside of Denmark in order to create growth for its companies. In May, the organisation arranged the so-called

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Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish skiing ace Charlotte Kalla.