Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016

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Left: Step inside, and return home with a purple pot. Top right: The happy lamp Bourgie, from Kartell. Right: Want something special? You know you have found it when you reach Den Blå Krukke.

Window into a world of quality The magical shop Den Blå Krukke in Verdal, Norway, offers a view into a beautiful world. While not claiming to have everything, it certainly boasts the best, gathering impressions and experiences that are shared with the guests who walk through the doors of the 200-year-old building.

wegian kitchen brand Figgjo, and coffee and brewing equipment from the Norwegian line Solberg & Hansen that has been here since 1878.

By Cathrine Løvaas  |  Photos: Den Blå Krukke

There is no online shop, but in addition to the classics there are also pieces that pick up on current tends – both expensive items and less expensive pieces. They will still last, just maybe not as long. They might be in the picture for a year, and then you go on – just as in life itself. We surround ourselves with changing styles, but the valuable pieces, the real treasures, go on. You will find them at Den Blå Krukke.

As you walk into the shop you are met with the scent of freshly ground coffee. This is not just a shop, but a state of mind: quality, design, and a peek into what the world of aesthetics has to offer. Christmas is Christmas, like in the old days, and summer is all about the garden. Altogether, it is all about colours – like the red and purple feast of winter, or the green and light pink of garden parties.

Books from Tricia Guild Kari Woll used to be a librarian. She was introduced to the books of Tricia Guild and entered the world of colours; no beige here to be found, simply life and energy. 20  |  Issue 95  |  December 2016

She went into a world of aesthetics. She picked pieces from Alessi, classic style and quality that survive the changing moods and trends. It has continued until this day with brands that have been here for decades, that are going to last. Woll is now accompanied by Bente Hjelde, who joined her eight years ago. Together they run the quirky shop where the house influences the shop and the shop influences the house.

A great collection Kitchenware, wallpaper, furniture – the place holds a great deal. It boasts fabrics, pillows and blankets from Designers Guild, famous Georg Jensen pieces, Nor-

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