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Unikko – welcoming a conscious lifestyle Some customers simply care a bit more than others. They make greater demands on quality, and they are hardly ever afraid to ask questions. In Trondheim, these customers have been swearing by Unikko for decades, as they are welcomed with open arms and often leave with outstanding Nordic design. By Eirik Elvevold  |  Photos:

In 1972, with minimalist Scandinavian design on the rise, Randi Voll opened the shop Unikko in Trondheim. Named after what later became Marimekko’s most iconic print, the shop was part of the extended Marimekko family at an early stage, giving Norwegians rare access to the popular Finnish design. Current owner and manager Wibeke Krohn remembers clearly what it felt like having Unikko in town. “As a young student in Trondheim, I went to Unikko to get my hands on a special tricot sweater,” Krohn recalls and laughs. “I also remember meeting the founder, Randi, who’s still going strong in the shop having turned 70.” To keep up with the times, Unikko has changed a lot since the 1970s. The selection, for instance, has moved far beyond Marimekko. The shop remains one of the 18  |  Issue 95  |  December 2016

very few Marimekko retailers in Norway but is now also home to other interior items, furniture, carpets and clothes from a variety of Nordic design brands, making it a colourful oasis for quality-minded Norwegians and tourists alike. “We have the privilege of helping very conscious and often highly educated customers from all around the world. Many of them are understandably concerned with the environment and over-consumption and ask us about sustainable design. In addition to Marimekko, I often recommend brands like Oleana, Bitte Kai Rand, Ritva Falla and Nygårdsanna,” explains Krohn, whose list does not stop there. “Rørostweed, Muuto, Woodnotes and Yager & May are other brands we sell.” Unikko’s overall goal is to always exceed the customer’s expectations; to offer something more than just quality design

– to offer an experience, the opportunity to think a bit more before you buy something. The chance to listen to someone with expertise tell the story behind a product – and the feeling of being welcomed when you are looking for advice and inspiration. “Customer service is truly everything to us. We’re adapting to the online market but never want to lose that special relationship with our customers and suppliers. By trying to create warm face-toface meetings, we assure ourselves that the customer will select the right products,” Krohn concludes.

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Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish skiing ace Charlotte Kalla.

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