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Scan Magazine  |  Attraction of the Month  |  Norway A warm ambiance is one of the many features that make you feel welcome at Vestkantbadet Spa.

Oxygen tank.

The details from the 1930s are abundantly present.

Attraction of the Month, Norway

The best kept secret in Oslo Vestkantbadet Spa is a humble, welcoming spa experience that offers a deep dive into Norwegian history as the location is a heritage site preserved by the Norwegian government. By Pernille Johnsen  |  Photos: Vestkantbadet Spa

Constructed in the late 1920s, it opened for business in 1932 and the original dressing rooms, tiles and layout are true to the time of construction. After decades under family ownership, Ole Magnus Kikut took over and started the meticulous process of enhancing and updating the spa without changing the layout or the core structure. And what a success it has been. Since the spa has been around for nearly 100 years, much of its clientele consists of families who have visited for generations and carry on the tradition of weekly visits. The setting and original structure make a more traditional alternative to what has become the standard modern spa experience, which is sometimes stale and constrained. Vestkantbadet Spa features a spa experience as it should be: a downto-earth experience focused on self-care and relaxation. The spa supplies towels, robes and slippers as well as organic 112  |  Issue 95  |  December 2016

beauty products; you can show up as you are without the need to bring anything. There are gender-specific days in the spa, with Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays being open to women only and Fridays and Sundays just for men. The two remaining days are open for all, but swimwear is required. During the holiday craze, Vestkantbadet Spa offers a Christmas special including 50 minutes of oxygen treatment, 50 minutes of floating and a 25-minute massage. The oxygen tank is the only one of its kind in Scandinavia, having been imported from Tokyo. It features concentrated oxygen in a pressurised chamber, and its mission to restore the body from the inside out can combat jetlag and general tiredness. You will feel incredibly refreshed afterwards at Vestkantbadet Spa. Every therapist and employee has a sense of calm

and care, making you feel serene and able to properly switch off for however long you spend at the spa. If you do not wish to indulge in a treatment you can enter the spa and enjoy the sauna, showers, cold-water pool and a private dressing room. Candles and fresh flowers are presented in abundance throughout, elevating the sense of care at Vestkantbadet Spa.

The heritage site provides a unique spa experience.

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Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  
Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  

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