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Photo: Esa Siltaloppi

Dining with a view Located in one of Finland’s oldest summer pavilions, Strampen stands for excellent customer service and serves high-quality Scandinavian cuisine with plenty of local produce. The historical restaurant and terrace have one of the best views along the coast of Vaasa. By Malin Norman | Photos: Oliver Back

The summer pavilion Strampen was drawn by Swedish architect Carl Axel Setterberg and dates back to 1868. The octagonal building took its current shape in the 1930s and has a long tradition of serving excellent food with a spectacular view. These days, the restaurant can seat up to 300 guests inside and an additional 400 people on the terrace. Over the years the pavilion has had a few facelifts and, as of 2007, it is owned and managed by Robert and Caroline Ekman. The couple has renovated the building but has been careful to stay true to the cultural heritage. “We have tried to recreate the historical feeling of the pavilion,” says Robert Ekman. “Our 34  |  Issue 91  |  August 2016

customers appreciate the atmosphere and the beautiful view of the sea. It brings them back here again and again to experience our cuisine.” Ekman talks of the importance of maintaining a high-quality menu of delicious courses for the restaurant’s new and returning guest. “We use local produce as much as possible and develop menus depending on what is currently available on the market and according to present trends. Every year, we make sure to bring something new to the table.” Strampen is indeed a versatile venue, also hosting events such as live music and theme nights, company and private

parties. At the end of July this year, for the first time the restaurant hosted a one-off ‘Dinner in the Sky’ weekend in partnership with Vaasa Festival. The three-day special was situated outside the terrace with guests enjoying either breakfast, lunch, cocktails or a threecourse dinner served 40 metres up in the air. Not for the faint hearted, but most likely never to be forgotten. The pavilion is open daily from end of April to the middle of December. The restaurant serves lunch Monday to Friday from 11am to 3pm, and à la carte during evenings Monday to Saturday. In December, guests can savour the traditional Christmas dinner, but due to high demand early bookings are recommended. For more information, see: and Also follow @strampenvasa on Instagram.

Scan Magazine, Issue 91, August 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Danish actor Thure Lindhardt