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Hotel of the Month, Denmark

Comfort, convenience and care at The Mayor Hotel Best Western The Mayor Hotel is based in the centre of the City of Smiles: Aarhus, Denmark. You will be met with open arms at reception while your senses come alive in this family-run hotel. By Josefine Older Steffensen | Photos: The Mayor Hotel

antee a good start to your day. You can also enjoy the exquisite Italian-inspired cuisine in Restaurant GÄST, which is frequently visited by locals as well as hotel guests. Convenience

Freshly baked, organic bread in the morning, a soft bed, and food cooked by fantastic chefs are just some of the perks of staying at The Mayor Hotel. “We want our guests to have a special experience based on comfort, convenience and care,” says Dina Evar, hotel manager and co-owner.

just the right atmosphere and comfort. The focus is on awakening all the senses of the hotel guests and caring for them as soon as they step through the door, with high-quality experiences and homemade products that are both organic and sustainable.

The hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Aarhus, only a few minutes’ walk from the central station, art galleries and museums. For those looking for a productive stay, the hotel offers four meeting rooms where packages can be created to suit your specific needs.

Simple luxury

The Evar family

“We started by getting specially woven bed linen, which our guests often ask if they can buy, large showerheads and ultra-soft towels. Foodwise we chose to focus on quality, organic and locally sourced products both for breakfast and dinner. We try to make every experience as enjoyable as possible,” Evar explains.

Experience this beautiful city, taste the local delicacies, smell the coffee, enjoy the spectacular views from the rooms and revel in everything this hotel experience has to offer. At The Mayor Hotel you can indulge your senses while having a memorable stay in a cosy, comfortable and convenient hotel where your needs are always cared for.

The hotel has been owned by the Evar family since 1996, when it was bought and restored by Jacob Evar and subsequently leased three years later. In 2014 his children, Benjamin and Dina, and brother, Samson, took over the operation of the hotel and gave it a new lease of life. The new concept is based on many of the personal values of the family, who have worked closely with designers to create 102 | Issue 86 | March 2016

Breakfast is included and the selection of freshly baked, organic bread and cakes by the in-house baker, speciality roasted coffee and freshly squeezed juice will guar-

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