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Finding tranquillity in chaos Sara Camre wanted to create an environment that was calming and comforting for her children. However, she soon realised that the products on the market would not satisfy this need, and so she sat down and started to sew. Starting with herself, then friends, then friends of friends, the popularity grew and she has since created Cam Cam, a company dedicated to soft and sophisticated furnishings and décor for children.

with new products being launched very soon. Cam Cam sells everything from duvet covers and pyjamas to hot air balloon lamps and bags. The emphasis is on young children, from newborns up to eight-year-olds, and the interior of their rooms.

By Josefine Older Steffensen | Photos: Cam Cam

“I believe that our environment and our surroundings have a huge impact on how we feel and behave,” Camre explains. She worked as an architect before setting up Cam Cam with her husband, and is therefore accustomed to thinking about how our surroundings affect us. As such, it was enormously important to her to be able to create a space for her and her newborn child where they could relax and unwind, contrasting heavily to the otherwise extremely stimulating world of children’s toys and design.

Road to success The designs she created for herself became very popular with others, and she 22 | Issue 84 | January 2016

realised that she had found a niche in the market. “I wanted to create something that was timeless, rather than something that followed the trends or copied others,” she explains. It was a tough start as she was creating and making products while still working as an architect, but in August 2013 it all kicked off. “It was a steep learning curve, having to change fields – the design bit was the only thing I could do from the get-go, the rest I had to learn,” she says. However, only two and a half years later, Cam Cam now has 28 different product groups, each consisting of multiple products. And the portfolio is only expanding,

“It’s important that it all fits together. What we’ve tried to create is a wellthought-out concept, rather than just lots of little products. Everything works well together,” Camre explains. “We want products that embed a timeless and poetic expression, which helps to create the calming environment we are looking to achieve.”

Production and inspiration Cam Cam is a GOTS-certified company and their organic products come from producers in India and Turkey and have been verified to have very high standards, both when it comes to the end product and the human angle during production. “We wanted to make sure

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Scan Magazine, Issue 84, January 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Ace Wilder.

Scan Magazine, Issue 84, January 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Ace Wilder.