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Pearls and stones: the beautiful designs of Stars By P always add a little extra sparkle to their surroundings.

ish Cancer Society and asked if the organisation could use her star-shaped designs in its, then, new campaign for children with cancer, called Stars for Life and Breast Cancer. Skovgaard, who had previously worked voluntarily for the organisation, was happy to say yes. “Before starting Stars By P, I used to work in a

Autodidact designer Pia Skovgaard has achieved great success with Stars By P’s sparkly and broadly appealing jewellery and accessories.

major medical company that really made a difference, and even though this project of course does make a difference in the sense that it has created work for a lot of people, I felt the need to do something more, and I felt I could do that through my work with the Danish Cancer Society. I need to feel that I am making a difference,” stresses Skovgaard. Skovgaard donated her work for free, but through the campaign came an increased attention for the newly started brand. The success means that Skovgaard, whose financial background is involved in all aspects of her business, has been extremely busy over the last years. When she is not working on developing and distributing new designs with her team of five in Copenhagen, she is searching for new materials or visiting the company’s production sites in Asia. "I have a designer located in China, who ensures that the quality is perfect and that everything is running smoothly, but I also visit production sites three or four times a year. I am very determined to ensure that work conditions and production methods are proper. I have only chosen producers with top standards, and

when I go there, I can see for myself that they uphold them,” Skovgaard stresses. From mother to daughter Luckily, in recent years, the busy designer has received a helping hand from her 23-year-old daughter Gabriella, who is working hard to catch up with her fashion-savvy mother. “My daughter has always been very interested in fashion, but when she was younger, I bought many things from abroad that she just could not see why I would get, and then a year later, when it broke through in Denmark, she would realise why. But today she is catching up – designing her own brand Gipsy Love gives her a lot of challenges, and she is picking up more and more responsibility,” says Skovgaard, concluding with a laugh: “Hopefully one day she will take over. I am not a young woman anymore and if things carry on at this speed, I will have to pass on the baton.”

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