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Photo: Magnus Bylund Designunit

Photo: Simon Sjörén

Worn by downhill skiing legend Ingemar Stenmark and recent Ski Cross Olympics medalist Anna Holmlund alike, Sätila’s hats are warm, well-fitted and loved by many.

Hat trick for function, design and quality knitwear Sätila of Sweden has made quality knitwear for almost 120 years. The combination of lifestyle, outdoor and fashion makes their hats and scarves the perfect choice for the active modern – and fashion conscious – customer. By Ulrika Kuoppa | Photos: Fredrik Schenholm

When downhill skiing legend Ingemar Stenmark took to the slopes in the late 1970s, Sweden paused. All eyes were fixed on the little man at the top of the big, snow-covered hill: the quiet man who ruled the pistes, his brown curly hair covered by the charming hat from Sätila of Sweden.

tainable, the work conditions are good and the quality of the product is of the highest standard,” says brand manager Lotta Persson. “Our customers keep coming back since our high quality artisan hats are so well fitted. Our goal is to be the number one choice for customers and shops when it comes to hats.”

Today Sätila of Sweden’s hats are found in many European countries. They are loved and used by everyone from athletes and outdoors lovers to trend-conscious people wanting to stay warm and dry through all seasons.

The secret of Sätila of Sweden’s success is, indeed, creating modern and functional wear. The exceptional competence, the quality and the Scandinavian design heritage make it one of the leading brands in this line of business.

“All of our products are made from scratch right here in Sätila in Sweden. This means that the production is sus-

“We’re really excited about our ongoing co-operation with major Swedish outdoors company Naturkompaniet and Glo-

24 | Issue 66 | July 2014

betrotter in Germany,” says CEO Maria Stockefors. “They are like-minded companies who share our values and outlooks regarding sustainability and the environment, which is of utmost importance to us.” Sätila of Sweden has provided athletes with sportswear for decades and is currently a partner of the young Swedish Ski Cross team. This is part of the brand’s development, and the young, fresh sport fits perfectly with Sätila of Sweden’s modern feel: “We’ve been partners for years. It is such an exciting sport, and we were so proud when Anna Holmlund won a medal at the Olympic Games. It is great to work with such a devoted team!” says Persson. More export is on the cards for the future, with expansions planned across the UK, Germany and the rest of Scandinavia. “Outdoors activities are part of a growing trend where we hope to be the ultimate choice for the conscientious customer,” Persson ends.

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Scan Magazine | Issue 66 | July 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Lars Mikkelsen.

Scan Magazine | Issue 66 | July 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Lars Mikkelsen.