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facilitate the contact to possible tenants. For both landlords and expatriate tenants, Housing Denmark offers the security and safety much sought-after when making big life changes. “It’s very important that all practical things run smoothly and that the proper framework has been set when moving abroad,” CEO Steen Lundsfryd explains. Housing Denmark was founded in 2004 by Steen Lundsfryd, and has grown bigger and bigger ever since. With a background in marketing and sales, Lundsfryd is welltravelled and has always had a personal interest in the housing market. Combining his experience and passion, he noticed a gap in an otherwise sleepy industry, and decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. With years of experience of working with internet domains, Lundsfryd knew the importance of creating a searchable, precise and memorable brand name, and soon Housing Denmark was established in a private villa in Espergærde. Uncompromising focus on security and convenience

Steen Lundsfryd, CEO of Housing Denmark

If you can't beat them... buy them! With an uncompromising focus on security and safety for tenants and landlords, Housing Denmark celebrates its 10th anniversary as Denmark’s leading housing agency following the acquisition of the former market leader. Providing their national and international clientele with one-to-one, year-round housing services, Housing Denmark makes moving abroad every little bit less stressful. By Stine Gjevnoe | Photos: Housing Denmark

Housing Denmark is a professional housing agency that helps companies, embassies and organisations find appropriate housing when relocating staff to

16 | Issue 61 | February 2014

Denmark. Typically, landlords are moving abroad themselves, and with no interest in selling or giving up their property in Denmark, they employ Housing Denmark to

When tenants contact Housing Denmark, they are allocated a personal housing agent who will initiate correspondence even before the tenant sets foot in Denmark. Together, they prepare a list of wishes and specifics, which point the agent in the direction of an appropriate property. Upon arrival, the tenant and agent meet and view the potential properties together. As Steen Lundsfryd underlines, Housing Denmark is not a relocation agency, but it helps its tenants with all housing-related issues. In addition to its core business, it recently launched a full facility management programme, which offers tenants and landlords an array of service options, such as cleaning, insurance, and furniture packages, because “we wish to make the process of moving as easy as possible for our clients,” Lundsfryd insists. In February 2013, what was Scandinavia’s leading housing agency at the time, Scandia Housing, went bankrupt, and many

Scan Magazine | Issue 61 | February 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Nina Persson.